A Step-by-Step Guide To Set Up A Date Through Texting

You had an amazing time with a girl. The two of you hit it off, exchanged some banter and laughs, connected with each other, and she gave you her phone number. You planned to meet up some time in the next week or two.

You feel refreshed and exhilarated, confident that you’ll see her again soon.

You text her a few days later and ask, “Hey, how’s it going?”

But she doesn’t respond. Or, if she does respond, it’s not the response you hoped for. You ask yourself, “What happened to the fun, receptive girl from the other night who was excited about going out with me?”

There’s a reason why this happens…and it’s the same reason why most guys fail when they text girls. You forget why you get her number in the first place. You get her number because you want to go on date and potentially move things further—NOT because you want to stay up all night texting her or asking how her day is going. And most of all, NOT to get validation from her.

Keep this clearly in mind: your #1 goal when texting girls is to set up the date. Every text message should get you closer to that goal.

So, how do you do this the right way? Well, it all starts from the first text message. And, as a side note, you should ALWAYS text her the next day. The first text should jog her memory of who you are, and induce some of the emotions of your interaction. This reminds her of why she gave you her number in the first place.

Here’s an example from a text exchange that led to a date, starting from the first message:

Me: Almost had a nervous breakdown today. Overwhelmed with self-consciousness over my abundance of plaid shirts.

Her: I literally just laughed out loud at my work.

Me: I can’t be held responsible for your valley girl laughing antics.

Her: Hahaha stop! I’m laughing, it’s inappropriate. What are u up to?

For some context, I met this girl the night before. During our interaction, she teased me about my plaid button-down shirt and I teased her about sounding like a valley girl. So, I made a few funny statements based on those topics. She responded well.

You can craft a text like this easily, too. Just think of something from your conversation, or the environment, and make a slightly sarcastic statement about it. This kind of text is much better than the generic, boring texts that guys usually send.

Once you send the first few texts and get the conversation going, it’s time to push for the meet up. Now, there’s two different ways you can do this—it will depend on how responsive the girl is to your previous texts.

If she’s responsive and the text conversation flows, she’s already interested in hanging out with you. You can be more casual with this text, but still lead and set the logistics. The key is to suggest a plan, and give her two different time options. For example:

Let’s grab a drink this week. There’s a bar on Comm Ave with $4 margarita specials. What works better for you, Tuesday or Thursday night?

This is a little trick I learned from my days as a door-to-door salesman, The time option shifts her thinking. Instead of a “Yes, I want to hang with this guy,” or a, “No, I don’t want to see him,” she’s thinking about which time works best. This text signals that you assume the date is happening. If one of the time options doesn’t work, she’ll usually suggest a time herself.

But if she’s a little cold to your texts, then you need to push the envelope a bit. Whenever you are about to give up on a girl, and basically think there’s no chance she’s going to talk to or hang out with you, you have to lay it all on the line.

How do you do that? Well, the text I’m about to give you has gotten my friends and I more dates than I can count. But, I recommend only using it if it’s congruent with how you really feel about the girl. Here it is:

Hey girl. I’m going to cut the BS. You’re one of the sexiest girls I’ve met in [City Name] and we should get together soon and either get a drink, or rob a bank. Whatever you’re in the mood for.

The point is, don’t ever leave anything on the table. That rule can apply with really everything in life, but especially with girls. This way you’ll never regret not taking that extra chance.

Another side note: I recommend grabbing drinks with a girl on the first date. Why? The bar is a social environment and it’s low pressure. Unlike dinner, where you’re forced to commit to a 1-2 hour ordeal with a person you know nothing about yet, drinks are much more casual. If you hate each other, you can leave after the first drink—no harm, no foul.

The other benefit? It’s easy to bounce around. You can grab a drink at one bar, then hop to the next. It’s more of an adventure.

To quickly sum up how to set up a good date through texting, use these four rules as a guideline:

1. Start with a short, funny statement that jogs her memory of you and your initial interaction.

2. Be playful and self-amused. Ask yourself, “Is this text getting me closer to a date, or adding value to her day?” If not, don’t send it.

3. When setting up the date, give her two time options so she shifts her thinking from “yes” or “no,” to “when.”

4. Get drinks on the first date. It’s simple, requires little investment, and allows for an adventurous night.

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96 thoughts on “A Step-by-Step Guide To Set Up A Date Through Texting”

  1. This is good advice but remember…these tactics only work if she is interested to begin with.
    I’ve done similar things to try and set up a date. if she doesn’t want to hang with you…nothing you do will trigger her to want to hang with you.

    1. And so what? You’ll still look good at her 40+, her… Must I even elaborate further?
      “To keep you is no gain, to destroy you is no loss.”

  2. This all might work of course. But I don’t like to waste time “getting” girls to go out with me. If we’ve had a conversation, laughs and a number exchange, then if she’s not already excited to see me, I don’t want to see her. The best situation is where _she_ texts me first. Too often a girl will say yes to a date just because she had nothing better to do that night or because the wind happened to be blowing in the right direction at that moment. And then flake later. Or worse, you end up on a crappy date. But then I’m not just trying to laid. Nor am I trying to get a LTR. I just can’t stomach spending a couple of hours with a chick when I’m not enjoying it.. getting laid or not.

  3. I didn’t even read the article. I just came straight to the comments to say that if you want to differentiate yourself from the 10 other guys that are texting her, then call her. I’m not sure about you guys, but I can’t stand texting girls. I’m not into having full conversations over text. Maybe cause I’m old (I’m 35, but young at heart) but to me texts are for short and to the point messages. If I’m setting up plans then we’re gonna talk about it over a phone call

    1. I was just typing a comment saying the same. Just call. If there’s any wavering, indifference in all situations always the best approach. If it has to be a text and no response or a maybe, don’t respond at all. A too busy on the phone call? Ok. Bing bong goodbye. Cut em off and continue with your others. Abundance mentality always. You’ll be amazed how being indifferent keeps most of them coming back like boomerangs.

      1. There’s a certain point where the abundance mentality as a mindset will help you out with your game, but I feel like some people on here are REALLY overdoing the indifference thing. She didn’t respond without 10 seconds? Cut her off and go NC. She broke eye contact with you one too many times? Cut her off and go NC. Put too much salt in the scrambled eggs? Cut her off and go NC!
        I mean honestly I get it and I agree that you should have an abundance mentality even if you don’t have an abundance yet, but at a certain point if you don’t ever even try and persist a bit you’ll be missing out on perfectly viable lays.

      2. I have found that while being indifferent does keep the plain or needy girl coming back, high quality girls don’t respond well to indifference. They have more abundance mentality than me or any guy out there, so if you ignore them they just move on to the guy who shows his desire more directly. Most girls I’ve really liked have been a little bit of work to get, but I don’t mind if they’re worth it in the end.

        1. This is true. It also doesn’t work with foreign women in my experience (well I suppose that would be high quality, in comparison).

        2. Latin American women, in particular, will not hesitate one bit to talk to you if they think they might like you. They’ll stop you in your tracks to talk to you. But if you’re indifferent to them they’ll probably just walk away because they are so used to an extroverted culture.

    2. Some people dont answer their phone. I feel like with cell phones, nobody wants to answer, but I guess if they cant make the time to answer, they arent worth it. I dont even have a cell phone.

      1. “Some people dont answer their phone. I feel like with cell phones”
        Chicks especially are like this. I know this may sound fucked up but many females today think a guy calling is ‘creepy’ . Being old fashioned won’t change this.
        unfortunately dating and classic romance is dead. It is now hookup culture. It sucks, I know, but that’s the way it is. That said, your first message “Hey how’s it going?” Should be sent to a group of your female potentials, and see what comes back. It’s a numbers game to see which vagina responds so you can dump your load.

        1. Correct. YOU’RE the prize, not her rapidly-aging, weight gaining, low-hanging fruit ass.
          As a result, it is never YOUR loss!

    3. Whenever I’ve gotten a number, I will do text game for a bit. Rekindle the attraction first. THEN you call to set the meeting.
      Even if you’ve met the girl the night before she won’t remember you. She won’t recognise your name even if you saved it in her phone. She simply won’t pick up if you just call her. Sure you can leave a witty voice message, but even if she listens to it (she probably won’t) you’re still back to “messaging”.

    4. You mean there’s people who actually call and not use whatsapp still??!? That’s incredible to hear! Lol
      But yeah maybe I should give calling a try. Problem is that I’m so used to sending whatsapp msgs, I kinda sound weird on the phone.

    5. Have you been around college campuses? Young girls don’t take phone calls from anyone. If their father were on his death bed and about to cut her off she might take the call. Outside of emergencies they don’t call. And calling can come off as desperate and sketchy to them. Even if they do like the guy. Think about it this way, the difference 15 years ago between someone writing a letter instead of calling. It’s the same way now with modern sluts.

      1. “Have you been around college campuses? Young girls don’t take phone calls from anyone. If their father were on his death bed and about to cut her off she might take the call. Outside of emergencies they don’t call. And calling can come off as desperate and sketchy to them. Even if they do like the guy.”

        1. It’s simply not realistic to think you can hook up with the same number of girls without texting. I am 100% certain I have hooked up with girls using text only that wouldn’t have happened if I tried calling.

      2. I said this to a guy on another post, and he couldn’t get it. It’s not only a US thing. I don’t live in the US and girls my age do not respond well to calls. I don’t mind, because I hate phone calls myself. Most girls just use WhatsApp. I never call girls I’m trying to smash unless it’s their birthday. Then and only then a 30 second call is done. Otherwise, you just look try hard and needy.

        1. I’m not going to speculate on environments I don’t have enough experience on, but I know in the US, calling is not something that is optimally effective on young girls. They can rationalize it all they want on “I’m the prize” approach and dictating interactions on their terms, but if you take a girl outside her comfort zone, she is less likely to respond favorably. And most rarely, if ever, call on phones anymore. If you set all other relevant variables as equal as possible, the guy using texts will pull more girls than the guy eschewing texting.

    6. Just call? That comes off as way too eager. People don’t call random people they don’t know anymore, at least it wont work on girls 18-24. Sorry man, they cannot carry a convo on phone until you have built enough comfort. I think you need to keep the buying temperature high for a bit over text for some banter and light chat, just don’t overdue it and become her texting buddy then call to setup the date.

      1. It’s not too eager by any normal human standards, but yes this is what a phone call will be interpreted as. It’s hilariously sad how hard it has become to simply get a girl on the phone, it’s like they’re allergic to actually talking

      2. Right, and if you dare call (akin to shooting a woman’s dog these days) shit hits the green “Answer” icon on her iLifeline device, then a few seconds of pause as she remains incredulous you had the audacity and nerve to call and occupy her phone as she was busy selfie-ing herself in her new dress to her Instagram schmuck brigade, then finally a VERY askance and suspicious-sounding “Helloooooo?” manifests, setting the tone of utter awkwardness for the duration of a conversation that can’t end soon enough.
        Try blocking out The Sun with your hand or resurrecting the dead instead, you might actually have better luck with those!

        1. “… she was busy selfie-ing herself in her new dress to her Instagram schmuck brigade, then finally a VERY askance and suspicious-sounding “Helloooooo?” manifests, setting the tone of utter awkwardness for the duration of a conversation that can’t end soon enough.”
          So eloquently put!

        2. Simply amazing how ordinary, trite, banal, and straight-up predictable the whole dating sham has become when we ALL have experience we can relate to! Speaks volumes!
          It worth repeating yet again – go out in public and put on a blindfold and use just you ears and you won’t be able to tell one woman apart from another from another from another!

    7. I don’t believe in the whole calling the chick. It doesn’t work. Many chicks follow the new age notion of “ewwww, I don’t use my phone, I just text, it’s soooooo much easier.”
      Chicks from the ages of 18 to 36 are saying this dumb shit, and yes, some late 30 and 40s, too.
      Thank corporations and marketing for making consumers believe that bowing your head to a small screen, tapping wildly is the “IN” thing to do.

      1. It’s funny, because a cell phone is just a radio. If you look at the evolution of radio, we had morse code, then one way voice, then two way voice, then satellite / video / high quality audio.
        It would be easier technologically to create a morse code type device — that is essentially what texting is. A huge leap is allowing voice or video, which we can now do, but people see the texting as the most advanced, preferred method.

    8. Agree. I’m 43 and when, in my early 30’s, after a LTR, I had to start using text it was a nightmare. I started with girls when all you could use was the landline or house phone – you HAD to talk to them, both in person and on the phone (not mobile).
      Women love text because they can hide behind it – it is not a conversation ‘in person’. It’s a responsibility avoidance thing.
      BTW CamelJockey, dig the fact that you actually have a photo of yourself up. Shows a lotta balls.

    9. If you’re a stranger to them no girl is going to pick up your phone call. It puts them on the spot and makes them uncomfortable.

      1. What do you mean if I’m a stranger to them? I’m not dialing random numbers and hoping a random girl answers the phone. If she gave me her number that means we’ve conversed before and we’re no longer strangers. If a girl doesn’t want to talk then she shouldn’t give out her number. Today girls will give out their number to anyone just to have another person to text with

        1. If you’re not friends. If she’s comfortable enough with you she’ll pick up but if you’re just a random guy she spoke to one night then she won’t pick up the phone.

        2. She won’t pick up the phone to talk to a random guy, but she’ll text all day with a random guy? Ain’t nobody got time for that

        3. No need to text all day. My routine is as follows: get #, wait between 1-3 days depending on the context, msg her something witty/funny, end convo. Wait another day or 2, msg again, a few teasing/flirty messages back and forth, suggest meet up then move to logistics. No long conversations apart from finding out about her sex life if she seems frigid so I don’t bother meeting up with her. I’m 22, I game girls 18-24 usually and this method works for my friends. Calling a girl who just gave you her number in my age group and demographic is suicide. I prefer text/WhatsApp in any event.

        4. So let me get this straight… you get the #, message her after 3 days, wait another 2 days to message her again, and she still remembers who you are?
          “Calling a girl who just gave you her number in my age group and demographic is suicide”…… have you actually called, or are you just assuming?

        5. I said 1-3 days depending on the context. The warmer the approach, the longer I wait. If I met her randomly it’s no more than 24 hours. Also depends on how busy I am. The best thing about WhatsApp over calling is that you can’t always accept a call, but you can always answer a WhatsApp msg at a later time. If you call and she doesn’t pick up, do you call again? Waste of time. Send 1 msg, if she replies, you reply in a commensurate time.
          I’ve never called a girl I’ve had sex with (apart from on a birthday) and I do pretty decent. Guys who are even better than me in game don’t call girls either. I’ve witnessed 1st hand girls who ignore calls from guys and say they just want to use WhatsApp and “why is he calling me, I don’t like talking on the phone” etc. Girls 18-24 think calling is try hard. If it works for you then great. I won’t be doing it.

        6. What country are you in? I don’t know anyone that uses WhatsApp besides foreign Asians & Europeans

        7. All my Hispanic ladies (and friends) use whatsapp. It’s the universal iMessage for non-Apple users.

        8. Whatsapp is owned by FB – keep an eye on it for growth. More of my US contacts are picking it up. WeChat is mostly non-US and east Asian, though.

    10. If you read the article, you’d see that I don’t advocate continuously texting. I know that for me, I never answer random phone numbers, so I don’t expert her to.
      But a short, situational text reminds her of who I am, and induces some of the good emotions (not to mention takes VERY little effort on my part), and then it’s easy to quickly set up the date from there.
      And even just exchanging a few quick texts makes it much more likely that she’ll answer the phone, if you do decide to call her.
      In terms of differentiating yourself, most guys send terrible first texts. So by sending the type of first text I mention in the article, you do differentiate yourself. That’s the whole point.

      1. Texting is much more efficient and lets you maintain control of the message – you are less likely to talk about shit that doesn’t need to be discussed as well as having an easier time controlling the conversation, which should be very short and to the point. Phone calls too easily lead to drifting, never ending exploratory sessions where she can find reasons to reject you. If they find actually talking on the phone “creepy,” great – consider that an advantage.

    11. 100% AGREE WITH CAMEL
      Holy shit this thread is an invasion of pussified excuses.
      Can I give you guys a small reminder of a few points
      1. You control frame
      2. You control medium
      3. You are high SMV so leverage is in your favor
      4. A masculine voice is 50x more powerful than a text
      “College girls only text”. See #1, #2. I’m sorry if you have to work around a tiny obstacle, that’s what GAME is.
      As a reminder of #1-#4 please see this video:

    12. I agree with calling; texting girls makes me feel less masculine and more of a douche. However, I always send at least a courtesy text (“Hey, this is __ from the party yesterday. What’s you’re work schedule like this week? Let’s grab a drink”). This is to be followed up with a phone call to work out the details, but many women will not answer a strange number so I like to text them first so I can be added to their address book.
      Incidentally I sent the exact text above to a woman a few days ago who I met at a party– she directly approached me, engaged me for about 20 minutes as everyone was leaving, until we were left alone in a room, then later had her friend who I know pretty well text me and ask what I thought about her.. went by her work a few days later, asked for her number, texted her, and no reply. Strange as I was more interested in another girl there, but this one directly approached me and I thought.. wow looks like an easy lay-up. Women are strange.
      I will say that in order to game younger American women you have to resort to text, facebook, whatsapp messaging, etc. This should only be done for a woman you do not care about, as it is demeaning to any man, but can be tolerated for a pump and dump. These women do not value real interaction and conversation. Just look at how they will interrupt an in-progress social event to text or use social media. At same party above, I was initially very interested in another girl; we were all playing a game and when it was not her turn, she whipped out the cell phone to talk to some stranger instead of interacting with the people around her. Huge turn off. There is actually a picture of us on social media that someone took that shows me laughing, kicking back around a campfire, and she is right next to me engrossed in her phone! These women have no respect for your time and do not value interacting with you directly; they will not take your phone call.

      1. “These women have no respect for your time and do not value interacting with you directly; they will not take your phone call.”
        Thanks for sharing your field report. Thing is with smart phones and social media, most guys think this technology has destroyed women, but in my opinion all this technology and toys have simply shown women’s true nature. They have choices; they are not being forced at gun point to keep their noses in their cell phones and ignore men.
        Women have never liked men outside of material resources.

  4. Can we have ideas that arent alcohol? Everything is “lets go grab a drink”. I think Roosh or someone put down coffee dates, which are kind of hipster and doofy, but there have to be other ways to have a date that can be used as examples.

    1. Some other good date ideas:
      -Improv show
      -Comedy show
      -A casual sport like bowling or pool
      -Ice cream
      -Simply a walk around the park/town
      -Arcade dates can actually be epic if there’s an arcade nearby

      1. “An arcade nearby”? Don’t I wish! Did you call Doc Brown to take the DeLorean back to to 1990 or something?

    2. Yeah, need some new date ideas too, especially for the winter time when there’s not much to comfortably do outside. Grabbing a drink is fine and casual, but at this point I’M getting bored of the drink in a bar thing and kind of turning into an alcoholic. Comedy show sounds like an interesting idea that I’d enjoy myself regardless of how the date goes, but it’s not like you can have a GOOD comedy show always ready to visit whenever you want

      1. Most major cities will have comedy nights every week. I’m from Rhode Island, the smallest state, and there’s a regular comedy night almost every night, in most cities. And they’re usually pretty good. Hit up Google and try to find one in your area.
        My dad is a comedian, so comedy shows have always been a good go-to for me. Yes, I take girls on dates to see my dad tell jokes, and it turns out to be hilarious.
        The same goes with improv. I might even say that improv dates are better– because they can be more interactive.
        I’ll always prefer drinks on the first date– that’s just my style. But yes, there are certainly other good options as well. It comes down to what suits you and your style.

      2. Check out meetup.com. Even if you don’t go to any of the group events, it will inform you of things going on in town. You can show up on your own without joining the meetup group, or just keep it in mind for a date on another day. The “I’m new to ___city” groups can be good for this, but just pick whatever your interests are. You want to be doing things you enjoy, the chick is just along for the ride. I like to laugh, so comedy is good.
        Some other ideas for winter: Ice skating rink, arcade (I’m in my 30s and have had a blast going to the arcade/roller rink / go cart track / putt putt type places, and yes there are a few of these in any decent sized city), take a road trip to nearby winery or liquor manufacturing place, alcohol is great to warm up a cold body, art museum (often have singles type events too), coffee shop (I much prefer caffeine to alcohol), movies, shows / theater, or here we have these art things where you go for a couple of hours, get some art instruction, paint something, they have wine and music, its pretty fun. Or just go try out a new restaurant. Go for lunch, its cheap and usually the same food.

    3. Invite her straight to your place if those logistics are favourable. Here’s a trick I’ve used. Suggest a date at a bar, then when she accepts wait a while and then pretend you’ve come up with a better idea: drinks at your place. Works for me. I avoid dates at all costs.

  5. Roosh wrote in his “Bang” book that texting a woman should be done solely for setting-up dates. I’ve tried both ways (albeit in far less numbers than he has) and can confirm that you should be terse on the phone. Escalating attraction cannot be done over the phone past a basic level; your physical presence, touching and vibe are required. This article gets it half right in saying that texting is done to set-up dates, but don’t waste your time with irrelevant conversations that don’t involve the next date (apart from the initial greeting of “hey its so-and-so, hows it doing”).

    1. I don’t know, if you have a good “Barry White” kind of voice and lingo, you might end up having phone foreplay, causing her to need to wring out her panties and hang them out to dry before she just has to see you in person, pronto, (without the panties, of course) to get a hold of that big bass tool she figures you must have down there.

      1. Just talking to women won’t escalate their attraction to you past a point. If she’s so attracted to you that she’s creaming herself just texting to you, then you should just organise a get-together and do it already.

        1. I wasn’t talking about using the voice on her in a text, I meant in a phone conversation, that was my point.

        2. Girls are more likely to respond to text-messages than phone calls. The young ones especially get all giddy and nervous about having to call back, so they’ll put it off and sometimes even forget about it. Texting is much easier for them. Maybe once you’ve banged her a few times would it be okay to call, but text is clearly the strongest option.
          Besides, I see talk and text over the phone as the same thing: for setting up a date. There isn’t anything you can do over the phone that isn’t more effective irl besides setting the date up. At best, you could have told that joke irl. At worst, she takes your joking the wrong way (because she can’t pick-up on social cues) and then drops you because of it.

  6. Whether texting or calling it’s so important for her to be proactive in providing a solution if the times you’ve offered don’t work, it means she’s actually interested.

  7. Personally, I was never really into “texting” I started to text like 10 years after it was popular. I don’t really like to play games. I basically send a message to the girl if she is down to fuck, what hour and what place. End of story.

  8. I skimmed through this article. Those pick up lines are by far the cheesiest and will squander an opportunity for a date… Like what CamelJockey said- You need to differentiate yourself.. Make yourself different.. or become mysterious (not reveal too much about yourself). And if she’s not feeling it, on to the next broad

  9. Setting up a date through texting is more likely to work if you already know the girl and she knows you than if you don’t know each other. Anyway, getting a date texting is like playing roulette. There are many external factors that you can’t control.

  10. For you guys telling me that calling doesn’t work, are you speaking from experience, or you just think that calling doesn’t work and you’ve actually never called to confirm?
    Because it works for me. And if a girl doesn’t answer my call, then it’s on to the next one. I’m not here to provide entertainment and attention to a girl by texting with her all day.

    1. Personally I find super minimalistic text game works best for me. When I loosen my literary wit I usually turn them off for whatever reason. Short and to the point. Who What Where When How. I guess it maintains the mystery or something.
      I usually do phone calls after the first meeting if there was a bit of chemistry. I almost always find them saying “Wow… no one ever calls me anymore.” It seems to set me apart from the beta-hordes trapped in her iPhone. It is almost like chicks capture beta males in Pokeballs.

    2. Calling a girl is always the best route over texting.
      She’ll either answer immediately or ignore you until she finally answers and then you can ask. She will either say no or give you the excuse and you can move on. It saves time.
      I’ve learned if she doesn’t answer and doesn’t call back 9 times out of ten you aren’t going anywhere with her.

    3. My wingman (the biggest man-whore I ever met in my life) and I experimented extensively on this in college several years ago. And we both came to the same conclusion that minimal texting to keep the interest without being demanding was the best method. Calling won’t work with younger American girls. A huge percentage are uncomfortable with it, and some refuse to do it entirely. That is diminishing the number of girls your game can attract and eventually fuck. It comes off as being “needy” and “sketchy” to them. If you want to reinforce abundance mentality and indifference to the girl, calling is the wrong move with younger girls. They perceive it as a significant investment. It also takes them out of their comfort zone, which is counter productive to getting laid. It doesn’t matter how much they might have liked you when they met you, there are plenty of other guys they are going to identify as being more comfortable, and consequently more likely, to meet up with. Maybe it works for older girls/other countries but I’m currently only interested in American women under 25. I’m not justifying their opinions on the matter and I agree with you that calling girls is something I would recommend IF you are trying to weed out the worthless ones versus LTR material (good luck with that), however my approach is simply to get laid as effortlessly as possible with as high quality women as possible.

    4. Forget all of this fornication nonsense for a second. Isn’t it sad that a girl today deems talking – the thing that humans do – as ‘creepy’. The whole situation is just sad and pathetic IMO.

      1. I highly agree with you. It’s beyond pathetic. Which is why I choose to disregard women that only want to text

  11. Another reason not to text to set up a date: during a live call, you can’t just suddenly mysteriously vanish for hours and drag the whole planning process out indefinitely with just a vague excuse that “you were busy”. When you get her on the phone, she’s there 1 on 1 with you. “Tuesday evening?” “No I can’t” “Thursdays?” “Hmm no” “Ok tell me when you can” and she can’t run away from just telling you some date. Of course she can still give you some vague “I don’t knoooooow, so busy” bullshit over the phone, she’s a woman after all, but at least it’s way more uncomfortable to stall or flake when you have to speak it out loud than do it through texting.

    1. I’ve had girls give me the “omg I’m so busy” excuse, and I just tell them to hit me up whenever they’re free. One girl I didn’t hear from in 2 weeks texted me and I replied back with “who’s this?” and she was like “wow you forgot about me already?” I usually clean out my contacts list of people I don’t stay in touch with. There’s no need for me to have a bunch of random numbers in my phone

  12. First of all, she IS talking to at least ten other schmucks, even if she is mediocre-at-best looking. Don’t kid yourself. This is as much of an absolutism as The Pacific Ocean is wet. And every single one of them is vying for her attention, seven days a week, provided that she still has an intact pulse. And she will pick her most favorite suitor based on the usual cookie-cutter petty and shallow female bullshit you can invent out of thin air, guarantee you that. If not for his (or his Daddy’s) money or car then his social standing (popular DJ, bartender at a hip spot, local politician, sports team icon, etc.) or even something EXTREMELY superficial like his height, skin color, or accent (basically, nothing he actually worked for but inconsequential bullshit he was born with that women somehow let matter). Doesn’t matter if you’re fit/physically imposing, smart as Einstein, have a good job you got on your own without corruption courtesy of a relative or friend, are as chivalrous as a Templar during The Crusades, and are dashing and handsome to boot. She knows from the go who out of her options she favors most without barely even a piss-trickle of logic or an iota of rationalism. That’s today’s iPhone/Instagram/Snapchat/selfie/Like-collecting addict Americunt that never looks up from her device that is her lifeblood and would probably commit suicide if she broke both of her thumbs doing her half-assed exercises that she has to always post spandex mirror selfies for her schmuck brigade to comment on while doing an incorrect bicep pose, because then the selfies and nonstop thumb-jockeying would come to a screeching abrupt halt.

  13. Alphas don’t text, they call the chick on the phone, and if she doesn’t pick it up, then you text her and say something like this, I don’t normally SMS but maybe you can’t talk right now, I’m blah blah from the other day ( add some bullshit humour), let’s organise for coffee/drink, please call back and let me know. Give her a couple of days to reply. If she doesn’t reply, delete her number. If she does text you a few days later, respond by saying , ” who’s this?”.

  14. That bit about changing the frame of the question from “do I want to see him?” to “what time works best for me?” is fucking brilliant. This is some subtle, psychological shit that absolutely works.

  15. fuck that.. u are giving her a compliment = bad. this never fails me…
    “so what are u doing for the next couple nights?” (i like to build a little rapport first)
    when u find a night she is free u say. ..
    “cool, we will hang out on [day] at 6pm”
    if she say no (9/10 success rate for me), find another day she is free and REPEAT!
    same with getting a number
    “give me your number so we can hang out sometime”
    “i have to go, give me your number”
    “before i go, give me your number”
    ask (20% sucess rate)
    tell me (90% success rate)
    strong the beta talk, start talking like an alpha where she has to get your approval!

  16. Wyald still goes down the street and knocks on honey’s door to see if she is home on a sunday 😉

  17. the covert vaccination campaigns that started in 1979 has resulted in the modified brain structure that makes generations born after this date adverse to touchy, feely, emotional bonding all these women/girls have a form of Aspergers / autism the destruction of our society has been planned for decades and now here is the result. social / herd programming finishes off any not jabbed when they were kids…

  18. If a guy texts me, I assume he doesn’t have the balls to call…like he’s afraid to hear my voice or something.

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