Why Her Past Is Better Left Alone

It’s a Pandora’s box that should never be opened.

Do not inquire or think about her past. Never. Don’t even think about thinking about it. It does not concern you and it will only gratuitously hinder your progress. The past cannot be changed, but finding out about it will ramp up your insecurities and ram your confidence harder than a tsunami washes cars off the Fukushima highway. Nothing good can come from nosing around a woman’s past (at least when this nosing is obvious to her). You only shoot yourself in the foot, since inquiring about it screams insecurity.

Your girlfriend might (un)consciously throw you some beta chum by revealing bits of her past as a test of your confidence. Don’t let it shake you, don’t show it bothers you. Ignore it. If she throws something like being in a threesome with two other guys just smirk and tell her that you are fine with threesomes as long as there are two girls involved. Now you have some insight into the dark side of your precious snowflake—milk it into a threesome with that hot girl friend of hers, but never give her full validation and don’t fully reject her when you’re in said threesome. If you can’t pull it off, then shrug it off, don’t give in into her drama, no matter how tempting it is.

What you don’t want to do is use her past to overtly gain the upper hand in your relationship. Using her past to get leverage will always work against you and she’ll harbor a growing resentment towards you. It will make you come across as needy and she will lose interest quickly.

The more women you get to know, the easier it will be for you to spot red flags without asking her about her past. Maybe she’ll blurt out of nowhere that she has slept with 10 other guys. Don’t make a fuss, take a mental note of that and multiply the number by a factor of 5 to 10 to have a somewhat accurate representation of the number of men she’s been with. You now know she’s not girlfriend material.

If she sucks a mean cock you should be thankful to the meters of cock she sucked in order to achieve the royal quality of service you receive. Maybe she cheated on one of her ex-boyfriends, that’s not necessarily alarming, most likely he was an insecure and whiny little chump who couldn’t handle things properly. However, if she cheated on most of her boyfriends, you have a case of flighty vagina on your hands. She is to be pumped and dumped, perhaps kept in orbit if you see it fit, but only if she is fun and her girlfriends are hot and willing. If she cheats on you she’s out. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Betas are always nosing into their girlfriends past like dogs smell turds because of their constant need for validation. Their egos are bloated, volatile, and fragile like the Hindenburg zeppelin. Confident men don’t have ego issues, nor egos for that matter. They have control over their mind, emotions and body.

I’m not saying you should take my advice to the extreme and be blinded to the fact that she has cheated on 9 out of 10 of her exes, she’s a single mom or a crazy stalker. If that’s the case, you most certainly should run like hell in the opposite direction. But as I said before, you don’t really have to ask about her past, just pay attention to the details and it’ll all be revealed in time.

All that you read here or elsewhere is pretty much useless unless you expose yourself to life. Be willing to go out, be bold, be ludicrous and make a lot of mistakes. Your own mistakes are the best way to learn (and even unlearn) new things about the world around you. Most men make the same mistake over and over again because said mistake never registers with them as an actual mistake, and they end up blaming their failures on external factors.

By failing to identify the problem, such men fail to find a path to happiness. They lack the social calibration tools and the knowledge you have at your disposal here on ROK. Society fears and bashes free-thinkers, and it thrives by emasculating men, turning them into easy to control mindless drones.


Here’s the thing: her past is just that, past. It cannot directly have any consequences over you as long as you ignore it. So, just leave it where it belongs: behind you, in the past. Use it to make decisions going forward, but never preoccupy yourself with it.

Your own past, on the other hand, is a priceless repository of both your successes and failures. Use it to learn from it, use it to unlearn what needs to be unlearned, but never ever live in the past. Keep in mind this ancient nugget of wisdom and make it a part of who you are: only a fool trips on what is behind him.

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338 thoughts on “Why Her Past Is Better Left Alone”

  1. If you’re reading this site I assume that you know women will lie about their past at a moment’s notice. If you have even a lick of game imagine all the ONS you’ve had and sit back and try to remember half of their names, if you can you’re doing it wrong. These chicks nowadays rack up astronomical body counts if you were to here the real numbers chancing are you would be to grossed out to even bang her…

    1. That could be a good thing. Who wants to chow down on a steak that’s been spewed by a dozen other dogs? Not knowing it’s poison doesn’t do you any favors.

      1. Don’t give these whores too much credit. A sweet an innocent face tends cloud a lesser man’s vision…

  2. Slut shaming is not insecurity but judgement. Feminists understand this. Why don’t you ? Don’t ask don’t tell is for fags not red pill men.

  3. Sorry, bullshit. You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing if it’s been wrecked, or if the frame is bent, you wouldn’t buy a house without checking out it’s history first, why the fuck would you waste time on a girl that’s been ridden more than the triple crown?
    Maybe if you are a desperate beta that will fuck anything with a sweet face and open legs, you can play by these rules, but if you are even remotely interested in a girl you need to get her chickfax.
    if you are pumping and dumping, the question will never even come up.

      1. Funny thing, this idea is bank! Guaranteed to change the global landscape if enacted.

    1. Chickfax is a great idea. It would have sexual history, std history, number of partners, psychological damage, number of children, age, ethnicity and of course nude pics

      1. It’s called ‘check with her exes and friends’.
        women tend to lie about their exes to exaggerate their flaws. Men tend to lie about their exes to deemphasize their flaws… that means, if her ex says she’s a nightmare, you can kick her to the curb before you lock up for the night. So you don’t wake up with your dick in the garbage disposal.
        Nobody’s saying you gotta check up on the local cum dumpster. Bag it and tag it and you are probably gold… but if you are one of those fools looking for a ‘relationship’, check it before you wreck it… and wreck it like a motherfucker if she’s got a typical whore history. She’s not “Mrs. Right’, she’s “Mrs Right now.”

        1. Yea. I heard about that app a while back. And my response was “oh great. Cock blocking just went viral”

        2. Maybe so, but that Scotsfag/Brigadon never misses an opportunity to bash women. Ask him how many times he’s been arrested… and how many of those times were for something against women.

        1. Fez is right. You don’t want to be that guy holding your girl’s hand when she runs into a couple guys she knows. They exchange superficial greetings and then they walk away laughing about the time they gang-banged and bukakked her. Now you’ve got a rep as a cuckold chump. All whores must be exposed. That’s why I always go for the lay quickly. If she’s easy I want to know WHO I’m dealing with from the beginning. Otherwise, you’ll probably find yourself humiliated, divorced, and paying child support on some other dude’s one night stand.

        2. Been there.
          The feeling is unmistakable.
          The greetings are different than casual acquaintances or colleagues or school mates.
          You brain might miss it. Sexual revolution, baby;
          Your gut will never miss it. It’s the puke revolution.

    2. I had a girlfriend whose past I found out about AFTER living with her and I found, mostly because she was such a liar her story was too good and I had to talk to other people and do detective work:
      – she ran away from home at 15 to become stripper and to keep her dad from finding her she made up a story that he was raping her and had a few white knight types trying to hunt him down and kill him.
      – she was caught cheating by her husband, who which her response was to trash the apartment by throwing her body around then make a claim that he tried to kill her and got him arrested. While he was in jail, she took the kid and left the state.
      – later returning to that state told the man she was cheating with that she was pregnant, but he told her GTFO, so she left again and had an abortion and lied about it.
      – then, still working on that lie, tried to get knocked up with me and snare me in her Penis Fly Trap but I was already onto her.
      I SHOULD have had a background check rule but 4 years later would hook up with a woman who, I would find out, had been in an institution.
      Yeah it’s time for “GirlFax” or something like that. I bet a fellow who is “good with computers” might come up with an online service, given the propensity for women to put everything on social media, and save a lot of other fellows a world of hurt. I’m an experienced programmer if anybody needs any help.

      1. tried to get knocked up with me and snare me in her Penis Fly Trap

        Gold. I gotta remember that one.

    3. This. A million times this.
      Listen guys: it’s time for a revolution. It’s time for men to stop entering serious relationships with broken women i.e. sluts. You might say “oh, but I love sluts, they’re fun and always down-to-fuck”. Yes, that might be true, but you wouldn’t want your daughter to become one of them. Seeing as women are increasingly more promiscuous (who can blame them, really), it is likely your children will be exposed to these “values” and perhaps live them out themselves.
      I could list several studies that prove why sluts are terrible relationship material but in general, a woman with a troubled or slutty “past” (it’s never truly the past) exhibits the following issues:
      -a cynic perspective on relationships: after being pumped and dumped, it’s no wonder she hates men and says “all men are the same”. AMATS is codeword for “I’m not relationship material, as I’m going to nag you all the time.
      -possible story of STD’s and even abortion: logical.
      -Possible history of drug abuse. At the very least a penchant for smoking and alcohol. Definitely not the kind of girl dad and mom want to see.
      -self-steem issues
      -Poor reasoning and decision-making skills: there is no reason why a woman should sleep with a bunch of guys before starting a relationship with one. You can assess someone’s aptitude for a relationship without having sex with them, or even making out with them.
      -Her previous orbiters might want to contact her and by doing so will affect the stability of her future relationships.
      -Higher likelihood of an intimate video of hers floating in the interwebs.
      I once dated a slut. I broke up with her as soon as I realized how much of a slut she was. Some people called me insecure. I wasn’t insecure. I know what I deserve in a relationship and I’m a man with options. Now I have a newfound respect and admiration for women who won’t have sex with a man unless they are in a committed relationship with him for at least a few months. I’m so glad I don’t live in a Western country. The chances of finding a virgin are close to none in a place like the USA or Western Europe. Stay safe, guys.

      1. Just recently I dated a girl who turned out to be a slut. She had no boundaries and let me do whatever I wanted. I banged her on the 2nd date, but probably could have on the first date. Hindsight is 20/20. She asked me, “isn’t my pussy tight? I haven’t had sex in 4 months.” And I was like, mmmhmmm, but it wasn’t tight at all. She looked good, but her sluttiness made me feel dirty. Those kinds of girls you keep in your harem. You hit it until she tells you you can’t hit it anymore, but never seriously consider her for a relationship.

        1. Girls like that I can’t bring myself to hit it more than once.. you said it.. their sluttiness makes me feel dirty. Blow and go, pump and dump, delete their number, move on.

        2. Agreed. Hit it till that bitch realises and finally accepts that you won’t be paying full price for her used goods.

        3. Be thankful that you are part of the dominant species on the planet. Homo Pilula Cerasinus.

      2. Unfortunately, the best way to be sure our daughters don’t grow into sluts is to be a father who isn’t a male slut himself. Children, both sons and daughters, take their impressions from the opposite sex parent. If a daughter sees her daddy as having had a lot of partners in his past, or if she ever catches him looking at porn or leering at women, then that little girl who does in fact idolize her pop, she will become those girls that daddy pays/paid attention to.
        And if you have sons, be sure his mother is of good stock. He will make his future choices based upon the opposite sex parent as well!

        1. So true…some have to learn that the hard way and see their son or daughter looks to a example of a bad decision earlier in life.

      3. You were obviously completely secure otherwise you would have stayed with her. Anyone who tells you otherwise is fucking stupid. Or female.

      4. I only waited six weeks to sleep with my husband the first time.
        Turned out he was used to getting sex within a week, so six weeks seemed like an eternity for him.
        I still think it was too quick but at least we were in a committed relationship when we went to bed.

    4. Another analogy is a ship. If a ship receives sufficient damage, it ‘breaks its back’. The skeletal structure of the ship is bent ever so slightly because of the pressure of earlier collisions. You’ll hardly feel a thing on board of the ship apart from the occasional slight list, but it can’t be restored anymore and any further damage the ship incurs is likely to wreck it entirely, no matter how fancy and strong the hull seems to be. So, if you’re looking to buy a ship, always look at the most basic skeletal structure, or you’re fucked.

    5. This was my reaction even before I clicked this article…
      In terms of LTRs I’ve been in, I could have saved myself tonnes of life-troubles if I looked into the girls’ pasts.
      The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour…
      If a chick has a history of getting drunk at parties and cheating on her boyfriends, what makes you think you’re so special that it wouldn’t happen to you? Kuz you’re obviously better than the last guy? Give me a break… Sloots gonna sloot as they say…
      If she has a history of lying about money, or a history of fracturing whole social groups, what makes you think you and your people are so much better? I’m sure the previous crew gave princess a few passes as well.
      Pump and dump is one thing… but if a girl’s history is that of a full-blown whore than do yourself a favour and move on.
      Leave these hoes for desperate losers… Give yourself some credit if you’re a hard-working self-respecting guy.
      I can’t believe this article got published on RoK.

      1. If you listen to a woman on a first date, you’ll get the entire resume and then some. Granted it’s painful, but, there is always alcohol. And other women!

    6. If he is talking about pump and dump, then yeah, ignore her past. But it sounds more like he is talking about a girlfriend, at what point I totally agree with you.

    7. I’m going to be in the tiny minority here, but the core of what the author is saying is correct. You can’t judge her by her past. Her past, and what you can find out about it, is too flawed an indicator. You need to judge who she is today, and predict how she will behave in the future.
      HOWEVER, the recommendation of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is crazy. Here’s why: Judging who she is today, and predicting how she will behave in the future, is extremely difficult. You have to develop an intuition. And how do you develop that intuition? By asking! By forming a mental database connecting kinds of previous behavior with current and future behavior.
      You ultimately can get to a place where you don’t need to ask, because your intuition has become good. But in the meantime, imagining that you can judge the present and predict the future, well, that’s the worst hubris imaginable.
      With that I agree with the majority: Find out just how much of a whore she has been, and you can safely assume that whatever drove her to be a whore in the past is still inside her. Doesn’t mean she’s still gonna be a whore, but those personality traits, once developed, don’t just disappear.

      1. Umm, this is a misogyny site… you can’t be sullying up the place with sensible shit like that. The only thing that might get your post not flagged and deleted is your liberal use of “whore” toward the end.

        1. Ahh, you misuse ‘misogyny’ again. Here, we do not hate women, we simply do not give a shit about their Drama.
          There’s a vast gulf between hatred and indifference. You should probably sue whoever taught your ‘english as a second language’ class, they fucked up your vocabulary something fierce.

      2. Totally wrong, you can ABSOLUTELY judge a girl by her past. You seem to assume girls can ‘grow up’, when that has been proven impossible. In a prior culture, you could send a broken woman to a convent, but she never STOPS being a broken woman.
        You can predict absolutely how she will behave in the future by how she has behaved in the past. Or as Macdaddy says, “Once she has a taste of whorin’, she’s a whore till she’s dead.”
        But you are right about one thing… Don’t ask. Or if you do ask, assume everything she says is a lie. Ask her friends, ask her exes, ask her old boss, hell, ask her brother or pop, but she will lie to minimize her own excesses… and if she spouts off something unacceptable, you can simply assume that she has done FAR more than that, and plans on doing so in the future.
        There’s a reason virgins were the only acceptable wives, and you could annul the marriage or kill the bitch if you found out she was a whore on your wedding night… broken women are worse than worthless.

        1. First of all, I’ve found most women, even the sluttiest ones, to be honest to the point of bragging, if you approach it right.
          Second, you’ve missed the point with your wishful thinking about virgins. The real problem is the personality traits that make women inclined to whore. That basic mindset of selling her sexual attractiveness starts very young. She can have never even seen a dick and still be a well developed whore. Remember how around age 12 you started to notice some girls flaunting their sexuality? I remember we called them teases. Later we called them prick teases. They were whores in the making. They were letting guys carry their books for them in school. That’s a whore.

        2. any tips on how to approach it right? intuitively, it makes sense to play the co-conspirator. that approach got an former ‘love interest’ to later reveal she liked watching male on male porn. next thing it was fag-hagging with her gay friends to gay clubs. next thing she was picking up carpet-munchers. conclusion: damaged goods. who knows if she’s back from her ‘voyage of self-discovery’ yet.

        3. Here’s the internal structure. Understanding this should help formulate the approach.
          Her sexual attractiveness is validated by her sexual encounters. Therefore she feels a certain gleeful pride that men found her attractive. One girl articulated to me the rush of pleasure she felt when the hottest guy in the room picked her.
          She also has a conflicting urge: She instinctively knows that promiscuity disqualifies her for pair bonding, and she has a powerful urge to pair bond.
          So you simply put those two together in your mind. Reassure her indirectly that you accept her for a pair bond despite her promiscuity. The easiest way to do this is to tell her that you have had girlfriends that were sluts and you accepted them and even respected them for it.
          The second thing is to subtly articulate to her that you empathize with the validation she got. This is another facet of saying that you respect sluts.
          She’ll be immensely relieved that she has found a guy that understands her whore nature, and that still accepts her for a pair bond. Like a child confessing to stealing a lollipop, her stories of sexual misadventures will pour forth. Sit back, enjoy the twisted tales, try to hide your revulsion, and stoke the process with occasional reiteration of the idea that you accept and respect sluts.
          I use the words whore, skank, slut freely, but of course, use your own euphemisms. Something like “sexually adventurous”. If she uses those words, then you probably can, too, but for most they will trigger defensiveness. Remember that women live in a world of slut shaming – that they inflict on each other – and it’s brutal.
          There is a third mechanism, which is that of sexual exploration (self discovery, as you put it), and it’s pretty much neutral. It isn’t as compelling as whoring, and it also is more justifiable, so it triggers less of the defense mechanisms.
          Yeah, it’s absolutely amazing what kind of sordid shit they have engaged in. You get them to spill the beans and it’s beyond entertaining. Be warned, though: This is beyond red pill. You hear a first person account of a gang bang and your mind will never be the same.

        4. We should compile the stories we’ve heard. It would make a great red pill site. There are sexual confession web sites, but I don’t want them – too likely to be fantasies. What I want are retellings of the confessions we have heard from girls. Ones with little or no incentive to exaggerate.

        5. The only time I’ve seen a woman ‘honest to the point of Bragging’ is with her gay friends and BFF of the week. I may be coming from a strange point of view here (Never banged a bar slut, never will, I get mine from places like stores, churches, and community centers) but for the most part, in my experience, if they actually want a relationship with you, they clam up damned fast about all their notches.

        6. I hear ya. In my experience it all has to do with you presenting yourself, well, kind of like her gay friend or BFF of the week. She finds in you a confidante, and man, she’ll tell you everything.
          To be honest, though, it’s not a game a lot of guys have stomach for. The first is getting over the stomach turning feelings of revulsion. It’s just sickening to think of a girl you care about writhing around in ecstasy while impaled by another guy’s dick. It’s so much easier to live in denial than to think about some other dick inside this pussy you’re enjoying.
          The part that’s much harder to deal with is envy. It still pisses me off that a pretty girl can command such a high price for her sexuality. An ordinary girl can crash most any party and be welcomed. A known slut always drinks for free. If she goes full on whore, she can get hundreds of dollars an hour for work that isn’t even all that difficult and is sometimes quite pleasurable. It’s kind of like ultimate red pill, facing just how much power women have. It’s a very uncomfortable truth.

        7. Well done, that is brilliant. That puts together concepts that I’ve seen PUAs write, about not making her feel judged, putting your whore/princess paradigm to the side so she feels comfortable being a slut for you, etc. But this IS for the purpose of judging her, which is very crafty. Thanks for the warning at the end – I’ve only heard male friends brag about them. And thanks overall for sharing your know-how. I agree that putting together a compendium of carousel tales would be a constructive move (by being de-constructive to the special snowflake illusions we tend to labour under)

        8. I much prefer the “I am at a munch and a new prospect is practically licking her lips at me” game. If you are a scary dominant, it’s nice to LOOK like a scary dominant. Even being ugly helps.

        9. Hey, thanks for the kudos, man. I love this shit. I guess the PUA stuff planted the seed, but I mostly came at it intuitively and with a quite a bit of evolutionary psych helping me along. I got a HUGE boost from reading Rosebudd’s American Pimp and watching the documentary of the same name.
          Yeah, it’s funny – your mentioning your friends bragging about gang bangs stirred up some memories. From my perspective, once I got past the Oh-My-God-Is-This-Really-Happening phase, it was dull. But I understand how from the girl’s perspective it’s pretty intense throughout.
          Read Hunter S. Thompson’s “Hell’s Angels” for a vivid description of a gang bang. This chick goes to a party the Angels are at, and decides to let three Angels have a go at her. Word spreads, and, in short, she is kept humping for hours in two separate go-rounds. Here’s the kicker: Her ex husband was there and ended up being one of the guys that fucked her. So in all likelihood, she decided to fuck a bunch of Angels to get back at her ex husband, and it just spiraled out of control. Her husband, being the good beta, ended up slow dancing with her later, after her second session.
          One chick told me she went to a party with the intent of pissing off her ex boyfriend by hooking up with another guy in front of him. She went into the basement with a mutual friend, got fucked, and then three of his friends fucked her, too. Oh yeah, another beta move: Her ex boyfriend picked up her sorry ass and took her back to her dorm room and spent the rest of the night with her.
          Yeah right, “her past is better left alone”. Hahahaha!

        1. Dude, this stuff is hard enough to understand without shutting yourself off like that. Listen to other inputs. You might learn a thing or two.

        2. What, being able to apply forty years of experience and immediately determine that a conclusion is based on faulty reasoning is ‘wrong’ is closing myself off?
          I suppose if I stop at a red light I am ‘closing myself off’ to the possibility of just running through the intersection.

        3. I dunno man, you’re entitled to your opinion, but I’m not going to justify myself because you say I’m wrong. It’s kind of a dialogue stopper, if you know what I mean.

        4. What else am I supposed to say? Women do the same thing again and again. any assumption that she can ‘change her ways’ while remaining in the same environment is ridiculous.
          One has only to go to NA or AA meetings. I have NEVER seen a crack whore successfully blow it off, although I have seen dozens of men do so. Sooner or later she will ALWAYS return to ‘pleasurable’ behavior, even if it kills her.
          That’s why I find the next article’s comments interesting. Physical punishment IS capable of training a woman out of bad behavior. But, since that is illegal, one must simply look at her past to see what she is going to repeat…again and again.

    8. I have to say, you ought to be able to tell a slut even by looking at her. Enough experience of women and you can. This is why if you do get married, you should do it after 40. You’ve seen every trick (and trick bitch) by then.

  4. I’ll inquire about her past on a specific point. Red flags will come out one way or another and an astute man can pick them up. But one of the first things I always ask about to same myself a ton of pain and hurt down the road.
    1) Her relationship with her father
    Then if it is to my liking…verify it by observing her actions with her father.

    1. So true.. I met a smoking hot latina this summer that I went crazy for, gave me the best sex of my life.. kept it going for a few weeks. But she has NO relationship with her father, who she says left her mom for another woman. Regardless of who was at fault there, it resulted in the bitch being crazy and unbalanced, jealous, flaky, unreliable and lacking in respect for men, including me. This is a huge red flag that I am going to watch from now on.

  5. No chance will I ever date a woman with a slutty past. What the fuck kind of article is this?

      1. Agreed…I want her to be sexually experienced because of practicing with me. Not thankful she got her practice in with other guys.

        1. A girl sucking 1 dick 100 times is the same amount of practice as sucking 100 dicks 1 time.
          God I hate feminism.

        2. thankyou i totally agree.there is whole different level of emotional detachment that occurs in the latter.

        3. If your dating anything other than hookers, your getting ripped off. No way I waste time on non-pros. Pay them and when your done they leave. Get back to my life until I need another.

      2. It doesn’t really describe girlfriends as such. More just bitches to fuck for a while. I don’t think that message was clear, although a bitch that sucks good cock is a major red flag in my book. I hope he was using the term “girlfriend” loosely.

        1. C’mon EB.
          2nd paragraph clearly advises if one discovers a girlfriend has been tag teamed then one should just shrug it of.
          Also in my experience the best cocksuckers are girls who have just gotten out of LTR. 2 blow jobs a week for a couple years adds up to a lot of mouth practice.
          Now sluts are ok cocks suckers, but their bad fellating habits keep them back.With all the drinking, fluffing, and partner irregularity sluts probably get 1/4 of the practice of a girl who had a boyfriend.

        2. lol… Yeah you’re right. I would never date a girl who had been tag-teamed, even if it was me and a buddy. That’s just nasty.
          I get what you are saying about BJs but what Tom, Dick and Hank might like, might be different to me. I have to say the best BJ I have had came from a proper nuts to the wall slut. She got dumped of course.

        3. Well some sluts just love sucking cock… I’ve had a few who were that way, but I wouldn’t say that blow jobs to completion is a slut favorite. I mean yeah. They let you grab them by the hair and face fuck them or will blow you till you are ready to pound them in the ass, but it’s not like most of them volunteer to lean you back and get you off with just their mouths.
          I have been much more likely to get a thorough oral servicing to orgasm from a girl who has been in LTR’s. They seem to take much pride in draining your balls with just their mouth than either the ONS or fling girls.
          For instance I’ve just started fucking this recently divorced real estate agent. She routinely sucks me off in a recliner in her home office. We now have labelled it the blow job chair. Sluts don’t do that. They may suck you off in your car or a bathroom and sure that’s exciting. But I prefer a back rub and then a “do you wanna cum in my mouth”

        4. Clear as day in the second paragraph! When I find out she had a threesome, I don’t just shrug it off, I shrug her into my immediate fuck, and forget file. Especially if I can get it with her hot friend.
          If not, she is kicked to the curb. For even if she is lying, I will never forget that. So if she wants to ensure she is rid of me, telling me that she casually had at least one threesome to “test me for insecurity” is a great tactic to ensure I don’t stick around after checking her future loser’s baby maker for proper oil level.
          Seriously, what the hell is up with the articles on this site any more?

    1. Who’s talking about dating?
      Be reactive, no proactive with her past, that’s what I got from this one.
      If the world gives you lemons you make lemonade, in the same vein if the world gives you a fucking slut you fuck her and dump her afterwards.

        1. All of you, of course. I, at least, got some insight out of this article.
          I, at least, got something out of this, which is precisely the point I wanted to make.

      1. Reactive means a step behind. Do you really want to be a step behind where beta orbiters, crazy exes, health and mental stability are involved?

    2. The problem is that MOST females have a slutty past. In fact I would wager that soon skandom / slutdom will be a standard trait across the board. Innocence is fast becoming extinct.
      You can be rest assured when you are fucking any female that she is serving number 5001.
      So indeed talking to her about her past will probably make you sick, best leave it be. The only real issue are all the strains of HPV and other diseases she has lurking in her cunt.

      1. Well most people are average. Stands to reason therefore that most females you meet will be mediocre at best.

    3. Every man likes a different kind of blow job. No matter how practiced she is, she’s not going to know how YOU like it. There’s nothing worse than a woman that tries to tell you she “Knows how to give a BJ”.

      1. Right up there with women who knows what an attractive woman looks like. Next thing you know their biting your dick because they think its sexy.

      1. Teen mother. You can groom them and because of their… status they often have not had a lot of guys. Naturally most guys run for the hills when they hear the words “my daughter” but knowing this single mothers will tolerate being your side piece.

    4. THIS. If you’re a guy who’s worth a damn, you’d BETTER dig into the broad’s past. If Paul McCarthy had done that with Heather Mills (who, it turns out, was a habitual liar and an ex porn star, among other things), he wouldn’t have almost been taken to the cleaners. What about the men who are murdered by their girlfriends or wives (Stacey Castor, anyone?) because they were schizos or were molested when they were young and the poor guy didn’t even know? What about those ex-boyfriends lurking in the bushes who are either lying in wait to bump you off and split the insurance money with your girlfriend/wife (who will tell the cops it was an “attempted robbery gone wrong” and sob alligator tears at the funeral) or spit-roasting her fifty ways to Sunday while you’re at work? I agree that you shouldn’t beat a woman over the head with her past, but YOU NEED INTEL IF YOU HAVE ANY SENSE OF SELF-PRESERVATION. Take the knowledge, and lock it away for your own future reference. If you don’t wanna end up fitted with a toe tag or with a bunch of pissed-off pimps and drug dealers chasing your ass halfway across the country, you’d better delve into the chick’s pass. I highly recommend that all men watch “Dream Lover” with James Spader and Madchen Amick at least once. It’s a cautionary tale that’s worth paying attention to. That and “Original Sin” with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas. Excellent examples of what happens when Betas (and even some Alphas) end up WAY over their heads.

        1. Naw, dude…I should’ve clarified. She was a porn star BEFORE she lost her leg. Of course, if you’re in Tijuana or some other backwater place, you’re likely to find pregnant strippers, one-legged/one-eyed hookers, and a whole lot of other sh*t you’d wish you hadn’t seen.

  6. Some post on the topic I once saved. Warning: long.
    ” “Why a girl’s past matters”
    When it comes to screening girls for the purposes of a committed, monogamous relationship in which you will be committing significant amounts of time, money and emotional capital to a single female, her past matters. A lot.
    You will hear otherwise from delusional women who have been pumped and dumped yet are still hoping to attain committment from a decent man, and from white knight feminist males who falsely believe that agreeing with an irrational female perspective might get them an ounce of pussy thrown their way. From these people you will hear that if you care about a girl’s past you are insecure, have jealousy issues and an inflated male ego. Bullsh*t. There are perfectly logical reasons why a rational, well-adjusted man would want his woman to have a clean sexual history:
    1. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. It’s not a perfect predictor. Some people do reform. But its the best indicator we have. If a girl has f*cked a lot of guys in the past, she’ll probably f*ck a lot of guys in the future. This means cheating risk, or the risk that she will end your relationship on a whim because she finds another guy she wants to f*ck. And it goes deeper. Has she ever cheated on a past partner? If so, you’ll get cheated on. Does she accuse her exes of abusing her, but is sketchy on the details? If so, she’ll be telling people you abused her when you break up. Past sexual dalliances and relationship problems generally predict a future of the same.
    2. For every sexual partner a girl has, her capacity to emotionally bond to her next sexual partner decreases. So the less sexual partners a girl has had, the more deeply she will be able to fall in love with you.
    3. Nobody wants to treat somebody else’s whore like a princess. If a store is giving away free milk to every one else, and then tries to charge you full price, would you pay it? Could you walk to your car after purchasing your milk, and see all the people who got free milk smirking at you for being a sucker because they got the same enjoyment out of the same milk for free? Simply put, a girl puts a price on her vagina. If it’s too high (no sex until marriage!) nobody will pay it, if it’s low then why would you outbid anyone else?
    4. A big one: Baggage. The more partners a girl has, the more likely she is to have baggage, aka lingering feelings, past lovers coming out of nowhere to threaten your relationship, conflicting relationships in social circles you have to deal with, etc. Its not a small amount of relationships that end due to issues like this. Even if you think all the other reasons are bullsh*t, you ignore this one at your own peril.
    5. STD risk (obvious). And don’t skim over this. Many people don’t even know they have herpes, as crazy as that sounds. Your slutty girlfriend could be one of them.
    6. A girls sexual past shows her general character and emotional stability. Did she rebound by f*cking guys because she had to feel pretty and wanted? Did she seek out a lot of bad boys, older men, rich guys, whatever? Does she use guys for validation because she has a hole in her soul? Is she f*cking only boyfriends, or does she have a history of f*cking cool guys who won’t commit to her? These things matter.
    7. To make a relationship great, you want to be the best she has ever had. We evaluate the quality of sexual experiences based on previous sexual experiences. It is unfair to both of you if your sex pales in comparison to someone from the past. Doesn’t a woman want to be the best her man has ever had? It is completely valid to want such a thing.
    When a girl starts racking up partners, even in the context of a string of (failed) monogamous relationships, you have to understand there’s a reason she either can’t hold a man long-term, or continually gives in to her own hypergamous impulses, or doesn’t WANT to hold a long-term man, which is totally fine and a reason you shouldn’t be considering her for monogamous commitment anyway.”

    1. Heartiste calls it five minutes of Alpha.
      Vox at AlphaGamePlan has demonstrated that statistically even one past partner can wreak havoc on a woman’s satisfaction with a relationship, let alone what your average western woman has collected in miles.

      1. If you were to stack all those inches end to end, they’d reach all the way to the moon.. and back!

        1. is this the one with the chocolate milk? you should get this guy to write a piece for this site- hes comedian- level funny, and this site is too heavy most of the time. Additionally, he cant spell and is dyslexic(he pokes fun at himself for this) so it would be rife with typos haha.

    2. #7 there’s only so good a woman can get at lying on her back and spreading her legs

    3. I agree you need to write an article your points are far more commonsense then the rubbish written above. I’d like to know how you got away with telling the truth like you have I had previously pointed out what a load of rubbish another article was and my comments were deleted.

  7. Wow. That’s just wrong. For any form of relationship (that’s more than a FB) you should try to find out about a woman’s past. Usually it wont take a lot of convincing. Bitches love to talk about their past lovers. A woman’s sexual history is your bet bet at determining potential for LTR. All the girls I’ve dumped had been for reasons hidden in their past. Would you take a woman seriously if she told you she had 23 different men by the age of twenty ?
    For women i have only one advice. Remember the rule of three. Never have more of three of anything (lovers, fingers, etc.).

  8. Modern feminized women have the idea that they can simply wipe themselves clean and be as good as a virgin. The RECTUM RULE applies only to the ass hole and really only a shower gets it shit free. Feminists have LOWERED their own vaginas then to the level of the ASS HOLE that expells shit. They promote sex ed to elementary schoolers so that girls end up being banged around by their immature classmates and hapless teen and pre teen male peers. This is all fine with the feminists because they actually WANT ALL WOMEN to know how to use her vagina early on. To know how to dump one guy and move on to another, or in effect to never fall as a virgin under the control of ANY MAN. They know most patriarchs consider used women as waste and they are burning rubber trying to waste as many females as they can in our faces. Before the label SJW hit them, the same cabal was busy working the system shaming or crucifying older patriarchal men with traditional proper virgin brides. The millennial youth seem now like an unknowing and unwitting army of SJW zombies.

    1. i think in all fairness Roosh should excommunicate this writer. it is the anthesis of all that he has promoted.In old times the church only needed to say the word heresy and people would discount their work in the same way liberals say RAYSSIST!. he should claim heresy on this writer.

      1. No. Let that fucker take his lumps until he realizes what a stupid viewpoint he has.

        1. fair enough but one of the key ways to stop feminism in it tracks and give men back ability to rationale choose their marital destiny and they can only do that by delving into a woman’s past. its not like its even hard. most girls with higher notch counts than guys struggle to fly under the radar. they parade it around in what they wear, how they talk and who they associate with. if that does’t work and she is in full camouflage gear. then talk leisurely about how you promote female sexual freedom and as soon as she opens up boom you’re out of there.i would honestly prefer to spend my life with a morbidly obese woman who was devoutly loving to me than with some porn star or high class prostitute that looks like a victoria secret model. and i think to a degree thats the essence of the red pill. BC the obese woman can change but its too late for thee other damaged women.

        2. Sorry dude. I had to ixnay reading your full comment due to lack of capitalization and punctuation.
          If you want to be heard in English, learn how to properly write the fucking language. We get so much schooling in our country that it ought to be outlawed to write the way you do. People in the 1800’s, who dropped out of school in the sixth grade, would roll in their graves reading your comment, which obliterates the language that once bound them together.
          How is the West ever going to rise again when the plebes can’t even bother to be comprehensibally literate?
          Punctuation and grammar have a real purpose: articulate communication. Without it, we are mere monkeys signalling that this stick is a better tool than that one. (Uggh! – Jeb beats his hairy but sexily muscular breast)

        3. A rational comment like this would never be found on a feminist site. They always ad hominem attack the messenger when they hear something they disagree with. A wise preacher once told me after every sermon “take what resonates with you, and leave the rest behind”. Always look for the good (Hitler gave us the Interstate system!) I’m sure this author has things I can learn from; indeed even in this article the following resonated with me:
          Using her past to get leverage will always work against you and she’ll harbor a growing resentment towards you. It will make you come across as needy and she will lose interest quickly.
          So one must be careful in how one reveals her past, and not appearing weak or hurt at her past slutty behavior.

        4. But I must ask… is it common for most men to feel weak or hurt at the details of a girls slutty past? Because I only ever feel disgust. And disgust is judgement. And judgement is a position of power. Which is why feminists screech so much about slut shaming.

  9. haha i hope your wife or girlfriend is one of the rarer humans that is a “bug catcher” her fetish being to catch as many STDs as possible. of course its her past she’s stopped before she was with you but you’ll never know that you joke!

  10. Yeah I call bullshit, so it turns out that she was a prostitute who specialized in condomless sex..best not to know? The future may not be a guarantee of the future, but a wise man takes a good long look at it.

    1. those who forget eh past are doomed to see it happen again more than likely before their eyes when they come home from a business trip a day or two early.

  11. For the guys going “WTF?” in here. Overtly asking about a woman’s sexual past is often taken as a sign of insecurity. It’s also often taken badly even if she’s quite ready to do the whole “lets fuck right now” thing with you. It’s another form of test and you can cut yourself out of some sex by coming across as too nosy and not letting her feel relaxed with you.
    I have found that quite often in a 1-on-1 a woman will randomly spout out little random factoids of her sexual past. She puts them out as little indicators, trying to gauge your receptivity to having sex with her and to see how judgmental you might be of her slutty past. If you act detached, like it doesn’t bother you much, you can be surprised by how much she’ll relax and spout more of her slutty past.
    From there it’s up to you what you do next. If she’s done stuff that you’d rather not get into, then pass her up. Try not to become Mister Shoulder-To-Cry-On.

        1. Read the fucking article dumb ass. The girlfriend got banged by 2 dudes at the same time.

        2. this guy is going through post traumatic stress disorder. i happened in my early stages of the dating world to me. you find a good looking girl that you can bond with over because they enjoy hang fun and are easy to talk too. they seem less judgemental and often stroke your ego like other “other guys never show me the respect you do”. first compliment from some girls and it makes you feel like a traditional man.they often say they “don’t want to rush things because it always leads to problems”. trust me there was no greater safety in my mind than being with virgins. nothing can compare. it gives you the safety of mind that you feel like you are navigating a pond with the ocean liner rather than the sea with a row boat.

        3. No fucking red pill man should overlook a woman’s sexual history… if he is interested in more than some pussy.

        4. the only time i want to hear that she has had a high notch count is if she’s out and trying to talk it up like she’s “one of the boys” i know then and there that i don’t need to bring my A game

        5. Well why the fuck didn’t you marry one of them? Coz they ain’t virgins no more, and no man is feeling like an ocean liner in these these scuttled ships

      1. thats the part of i don’t get. who cares about the ONS but i mean girlfriend. why make an investment in something that other men got for free.

    1. if you’re sitting at a restaurant and she inquires about your past. women love to do this and you’re like well i can’t say i’m king of the jungle but i do ok and she in more poetic terms says something to the effect “haha i got more notch counts than you”. then you kindly say thank you for your time but i don’t think you would be a safe long term investment.

      1. Take it as it is. Bang her, tag her, drop her. A woman’s past is a window into your possible future with her. Find about it as much as you can.

    2. I once had a date brag about some sailor she brought home to her apartment and fucked for three days straight.
      This was a first date.
      I didn’t fuck her.

        1. Shit, are you nuts? Send her my way. I’d tie her down and fuck her for four days straight. Give her an even better story to tell.
          Always seek to one-up her sordid past. It’s an awesome game.

      1. Sex math.
        Number of partners stated * 3
        Number of partners stated / 3.
        = Actual partners.
        “It is teh maths. heh.”
        Or so it seems from my general experience and observation.

    3. Ha ha! The fun part is talking to an ex-girlfriend who likes to point out, after the years, that she’s pretty sure she’s had more sex than you have had since splitting up.
      I’ve literally had this happen with all my ex-girlfriends I’ve talked to later in life.
      Talk about solipsism!
      First off, Toots, you should know that I never talk about past lovers… because future lovers will gauge you on that. They will do lots of naughty shit if they know their friends will never find out.
      If you are a man and want to cum in women’s mouths or fuck them in the ass, you’d better have a pretty tight lip about it. They want to do it, but they don’t want their friends to know about it… and once they know you don’t talk, that is when they show up after divorcing their husband later in life and want to have threesomes or do other kinky shit – with you, who doesn’t talk.
      But almost assuredly, when you start talking to an ex-girlfriend, she will try to mention that she has been more sexually active than you.
      Whether it’s true or not (and it often isn’t – it’s a shit test), what should you think about her apparent attitude to “the numbers”?

        1. Lol! I used to live in a town with under 8,000 people.
          You try to live your life without ever talking to an ex again under those circumstances and tell me how it works out.
          Btw, this has been the case in most of human history, given that urban/city development has been relatively recent, and most of our traditional morals are based upon small town or rural life.

        2. Also, Facebook has had a tendency to hook up old lovers with eachother, even though they’ve been years separated… or had you not heard of the latest cheating craze with ex-lovers on Facebook?

  12. Ridiculous article. It depends on the circumstances, for a fling or pump and dump the question wouldn’t come up. If you want to get in a relationship it is very relevant.

  13. The funny thing is, the past is one of the few things women are “allowed” by their collective to “reflect” on. Everything else of course is a solipsistic free for all so flake away!
    Until…. until it’s time to think about how they wasted their lives, when that wall cometh (usually).
    THEN they are allowed to be all emotional about it, like it all matters, as if all hail the world must yield to it!
    (which means more solipsistic total lack of reflection).
    Hence every last ounce of reflection (read: regret) must be channeled into “the past” while in fact she still does the things that makes her so upset about it whenever it comes up. And it matters not how mundane and non-eventful that past is. I’ve talked to women who grew up in war zones and anything a post modern western pampered privileged princess would have to say about her past is a complete joke in comparison.
    And since this only permitted path of reflection is a controlled environment, controlled in perception by the very thing that breeds feminism, everything in that past MUST be blamed on everything but the person remembering it.
    No thanks. I don’t want to hear it. I’m just a ship passing in the night.

  14. I was about to read this article, but the first paragraph just screams beta faggot. Why was this even posted? It’s basically affirming in a way what older beta men do who settle for the cum dumpster whore who is now a renowned christian girl in her mid to late 30’s. This is coming from someone in their early 20’s, always be selective in whom you find company with. The shit women do now absolutely disgusts me, why the fuck would you not want to care. Just so you can get a easy fuck?

  15. if you agree with this article you are tacitly agreeing with feminism. you are agreeing that men can be judged on there past as it the usual case. their work history,financial, educational history and their parentage which is often the case but you can’t judge them on the elements that men traditionally made sound long term investments in when judging who they would like to raise your children. a women of clear conscience who won’t pick up the bottle over the baby. sexual impulses are no different from any other impulses and the moment she can’t find them in you. it’s game over. but most importantly a woman or a boss would’t forgive a rapist for their sexual history and nor should they and that is the standard so why should a man forgive a woman if she were a prostitute. this is the lie that was sold to men and women in “pretty woman”.

    1. Have you read the whole article, dude? “I’m not saying you should take my advice to the extreme and be blinded to the fact that she has cheated on 9 out of 10 of her exes, she’s a single mom or a crazy stalker. If that’s the case, you most certainly should run like hell in the opposite direction”

  16. A lot of commenters here are hilarious, claiming outrageous sexual exploits, yet at the same time demanding non slut partners. Look, 95 percent of the men I went to college with were thirsty betas and meat head alphas … everyone wanted pussy, and I didn’t see any ethics involved.
    I’m not white knighting, but what exactly does the average woman get by holding out for the average Millenial man? Women are sluts partially because their potential mates are garbage as well.
    What about a man’s past? Endless hours of x box and a beer belly hardly equates to anything less shameful than a slut.
    Male excellence is a requirement for female loyalty … she will never respect a man child (the majority of American men) … even a good pua man child.

    1. i work out 3-4 hours a day, i read poetry and look for beauty in the world where it can be found, i work and will have an empire one day. For my part i’m an honourable man like Brutus and for her part she will be like Claudia a woman of great virtue or like Porcia where she would wound herself mortally and cut her rather than let other men have their way with her. Rome was known for its sexual debauchery and yet men like Brutus still had women that the world would envy.I expect nothing less.

        1. whenever a woman or man calls a man a brute you know there is something of his spirit left in men.

      1. mind if i ask what do you do for work? how do you have so much time in the day to work out for 4 hours?

        1. a mix of personal training and physical rehabilitation. so some of my work is training. i also have made the time since i’ve been about 12 years old to train.

        2. a mix of personal training and rehabilitation. so some of my work involves a degree of training while i’m already in an area that if

      1. Right, because defending man-children who spend most of their life following the ticker of espn or watching trash entertainment is white knighting. No, I’m calling out the very men who created this situation by being lazy pathetic garbage and letting our culture go to shit.

        1. Nice try cowboy and nice use of male shaming words too, feminists created the problem. Men are living in the world as it is.

        2. Not really, effeminate men corrupted by materialism created the problem.
          The post world war two beta providers were given way to much power and prosperity… which they handed to women. American men have been pussy whipped (willfully) for almost a century. Just recently, the tables have turned on the American man child.

        3. More man shaming words I see. Adult women outnumber adult men because they live much longer, this was especially true after two huge wars resulted in the deaths of millions of men world wide. Women elected the governments that gave them all those entitlements, but that is a straw man, that has nothing to do with red pill men who want to slam as much pussy as possible. Women are the gatekeepers of sex, men are the gatekeepers of commitment. Men can hold up there end of that equation by using sluts for what they are good for but never marrying or entering LTR with them. The men that commit to sluts will pay the price for that but tragically for guys like you it seems like fewer and fewer men are falling into the wage slave trap. Keep that white hat on Tex.

        4. I don’t support marriage, I cohabitate currently … and that’s all it will ever be.
          I would never date a slut, and if I couldn’t find a non slut I would go mgtow quasi celibate.

        5. Women wanted to fvk like men. Well they have it.
          We had a sexual revolution which was supposed to “free women” to do as they wished. Well now they can.
          What they didn’t account for, is that men are empowered to respond as THEY see fit.
          So why all of the whining and crying by women doing what they want and men doing what they want? Oh, because women wanted all of the fun and none of the downside. That’s just too bad and it isn’t going to happen. So stop shaming men when women are equally culpable.

        6. And I agree.
          We men will probably be taxed to pay for all these unmarried women with art history degrees and no skills, no provider.

        7. Yeah right, men created this situation. What are you talking about? Men have carried civilization since the beginning of time. We have our flaws, but in no way did we create a cultural demise.

        8. You claim to be very intelligent yet you act as though the common horde made some sort of conscious decision to give women more “rights”. If you don’t see how easily the collective is manipulated and used by the elite you need to stop reading old books and look around you. The breakdown of traditional values comes from the top > down in an effort to gain power and wealth. Think about the tiny # of people who control the institutions that make society go – Banking, Media, Military, Energy, Food, etc.
          The majority of the world are viewed as nothing more than cattle and used as such.

        9. I don’t disagree with your description of the world.
          But just remember, those american betas (the horde) sat by and did shit while times were good for them from 1945 to the 1990s or 2008 (estimate). They smiled and bought big houses for access to pussy … spawning children they were to busy to raise. They partied, shopped, and lived high on the hog … as their society disintegrated. Selfishness and petty greed predominated. Not very manly behaviors.

        10. That is simply predictable human nature; you don’t think previous generations were somehow better? The thing about exceptional people is just that, they are exceptional! Do you really think the WWII generation was the “greatest generation”? They were born into the circumstance of being perfect cannon fodder – the post WWII generations were born into the circumstance of being “beta”.
          It is silly to act as though entire generations of people are somehow defective compared to others. Humans behave how Humans behave. People are just as trainable as dogs.
          Ask yourself, who is directing the training of these people?

        11. I favor aristocracy as a form of government … we should celebrate exceptionalism, not the common man. In ancient times only the physically stongest, most intelligent, or we born had political and economic power.
          We have been on a dysgenic path for a full century… the effect is stupider and weaker breed of man who is more docile.

      1. Even if I am an omega male living in mommies basement, you should respond to the objective argument, not shoot the messenger.

        1. No apparently you aren’t getting it…
          People who make claims like this should be able to have live the life beforehand to state their case.
          What have you done to state that you aren’t like the many garbage men wandering around these days?
          These shouldn’t be hard questions to answer if you have results.

        2. Okay, I will play your game … but you answer the point I made above as well.
          I’m an engineer, I speak two foreign languages fluently, I have read the entire canon of western philosophy from heraclitus to heidegger, I teach martial arts and I’m in tip top shape, and I have a non slut girlfriend.
          That might not sound heroic, but it puts me above 95 percent of my peers.
          I also don’t drink, watch sports, or video game ….

        3. Yeah…I won ‘the game’.
          Bit of advice…if you can back up the talk…then don’t act like you can’t back it up when questioned.

        4. Only, around here backing up the talk is usually, “my dick is bigger” and “my notch count was at three digits in the second grade”.
          I’m not interested in personal vlidation, just objective debate about social reality.

        5. Yeah just to make you aware since you don’t seem to be: You ARE playing the “my dick is bigger” game by arguing and then finally announcing your man credentials concerning your skill sets and occupation.

        6. Look, no one who disagrees with the status quo can win on this site, ever. I get called out for playing my dick is bigger or refusing to play my dick is bigger. No win.

        7. You haven’t explained anything logical. You’ve only pointed out flaws in male culture and somehow correlated it to the problems of feminism.

        8. I would love to leave a detailed post with my thoughts on the historical shift from a sharply defined patriarchy run by alphas and the genetic elite, to a stagnant and declining matriarchal society. The fall of patriarchy is imminent as soon as the upper class (which keeps positive genetic pressure on the rest of the society) collpases into a mercantile arrangement (liberal capitlism) which favors less masculine men. My thoughts follow nietzsche and splenger … showing the genetic effects of industrial society coupled with an egalitarian social economy, corrode and distort masculine and feminine forms.
          The process contains cyclical linear elements, but is driven forward by granting increased liberties to lesser men over time.
          But clearly this isn’t the place for such ideas.

        9. That is actually a female/communist shaming tactic. By that logic someone says: ‘don’t shoot heroin in that baby’s arm to keep it placid, as it’s bad for its health’, the response will be ‘what have you ever done for babies’ health that you can preach on your soapbox?’. ‘well I minded a few children before’. ‘bullshit! I’m only going to listen to someone who has 50 years of research under their belt on how to prevent infant sudden death syndrome’ etc.

        10. Could you provide a recommendation for a coherent account of how society crumbled under influence of the elites? Some of Henry Makow’s stuff makes sense, but I have to question the angle and agenda of some social historians. I agree with and appreciate your analysis for the most part, but also retain the view that no man should be doing too much for anyone else in society today (women, bosses, banks via mortgages, etc). If he wants to do things for self-enrichment, and if it won’t cripple him, by all means. And of course, get dem nutz wet twenny fo sevenz y’allz. YOLOZLZLOZLZL

        11. The shift from an organic aristocracy to Plutocratic capitalism was catastrophic in terms of displacing men from their masculine roles, but it also coincided with economic prosperity, which masked it’s negative effects.
          The plutocratic elites favor whatever system renders them the most economic benefit through rent seeking and Central banking…. America was a cash cow, but it has served it’s purpose.
          Now that the wealth is evaporating men are left with no authentic role and no money …. and thus culture collapses, while monetary civilization can continue with automation, beta worker drones, and an obedient matriarchal under class.

    2. You are fucking idiot. There are at least 5 more important reasons having nothing to do with male behavior that allows women to be sluts.
      In between your male bashing… can you take the time to list a few?

      1. It has everything to do with male weakness, giving into the woman. Rome fell because men ceased being warriors and wanted to luxuriate instead of rule.
        Patriarchy is destroyed within, not without
        Women didn’t ask to vote, they were encouraged to by men.

        1. DR.orange is trying to cross over he is trapped in the spirit world. I’ve seen it a bit on this page. men who will white knight because they value noble and traditional values. which is good but fail to understand that the landscape has changed so much even within their lifetime

        2. The pill, access to jobs, short term thinking unguided by cultural restraint, media narcissism, and feminist encouragement.

        3. Personally a good well round bashing of society suffices instead of pointing the finger at one particular gender. Men became weak authority and women became tyrannical sluts. That’s what happens in a godless society.

        4. Dude, I hope you don’t take offense, but I think you ought to go off by yourself and collect your thoughts a bit before frothing at the mouth like this. You sound like you have the unfocused anger of, yes, I’ll say it, the beta male.
          Lead by example. Don’t tell others what to do or not to do. You figured out something that works for you? Share it. Don’t lecture others.

        5. See, now that’s exactly what I was talking about. You shoot off these dramatic little one liners, and no wonder people call you a white night or mangina or, better yet, accuse you of being female.
          To be honest, your scrambled thoughts seem kind of feminine.

        6. Feel free to counter my argument and I will respond.
          I’m not deterred by holding a minority opinion.

        7. Why would I want to do that? You’re annoying. Arguing with you would just elicit more annoyingness.
          I’m just trying to be helpful. Go collect your thoughts and turn them into a coherent position, particularly one that does not pointlessly attack large groups of people.
          If you want to continue doing what you are doing, fine, it doesn’t bother me too much.

        8. Really? In this day and age? When getting your dick wet 3 times a day with different women is actually feasible? Screw warriors. Why spend your life fighting the good fight when you can fuck to your heart’s desire?

        9. I understand exactly where it is you are coming from. And I agree with your premise in regards to the paradigm shift that has occurred in the last century or so. You are addressing the over all picture as you see it. And I believe you are for the most part correct in your assessment.

        10. Dr. Orange, do you have a blog or something? I think you are 100% right in your allegations on why culture is dying and there’s no earnestness anymore. Please don’t stop talking.

    3. The topic is a woman’s past as an information gathering tool. Easy, clean and free, it provides useful data on the prospect of a long time relationship with said girl.

  17. I would agree that asking can show your insecurities.
    I would also say that you shouldn’t feel too secure if you’re seeing a tramp.

  18. It is natural for a man to want a woman who has had as few previous sexual partnerships as possible.
    The reason for this, like all biological phenomena, can be explained by natural selection.
    A woman with many previous sexual partnerships either (A) has many children, and is less likely to devote as many resources to your specific offspring or (B) her previous sexual partnerships did not result in offspring, and as such your sexual partnership with her is less likely to result in offspring.

  19. this head-in-the-sand blue pill advice would work great when shes the only woman with you on a deserted island or a long term Ebola quarantine ward, but anywhere else it doesn’t hold up.

  20. Wow…if it weren’t for the quality of the good articles this tripe would have officially counted as a shark jump. Like Ebola, it will need to be surrounded by dozens of healthy articles to contain and destroy the infection.

    1. Had a friend that suggested something similar. Utter nonsense. I want to know early what patterns you have. It isn’t an emotional deal but a simple being aware of what you are dealing with.
      The equivalent to this article should be how to play Russian roulette blind-folded with a woman you’re interested in. Because a real man isn’t insecure.

      1. Would you rather go into business with a man who has a track record of integrity… or a dude who is known for conning people?
        Same shit…
        You think any high-level businessmen makes huge investments without back-checking the people he is giving his money to?
        Feminists claim it is a double standard but its been a tried and true method since the dawn of man.

        1. That’s the misnomer. They claim it is a double-standard but support sites like Man-Servant and the other trash that rates men on their facebook. On the plus it means penis is never far from mouth. On the minus they operate from a safe zone of hypocrisy. As men, we can ill afford to play those games.

  21. Her past CAN and WILL haunt you. The more c0ckas means the less ability to pair-bond and more likely to cheat or divorce (or break up).
    Never wife up a slut, and never make a gf out of her.
    Men with confidence have control over their lives and where they are taking it. That includes knowing what you are getting into with a woman BEFORE you commit.
    Now, that doesn’t mean asking her about her past, but there are plenty of red flags to give you all you need to know to decide whether you should give away your very precious commitment to her.
    Has she earned it? And what will she bring to you life that you cannot get from another girl?
    Key questions to always ask yourself.

  22. Knowing a girl’s past can tell a lot about the kind of person she is. Was she in a sorority? (getting banged every weekend by a frat boy) Did she go to the club every weekend? (drunken one-night stands)
    I don’t think it’s insecure to want to know about her past, especially if you’re going to invest time and money into making her your girlfriend/wife

  23. This article reeks of the fear of asking questions.
    If I’m interested in a girl I’m asking questions…she’s certainly going to ask them of me. All’s fair. And there are plenty of ways to tell if a person is lying…I suggest reading up on them.
    Celibacy, staying single, finding the woman you want, enjoying the company of
    good friends and family, developing a passion, getting good at a
    hobby…even playing video games are all better options than commitment
    to a slut. It is better to live in a corner of a roof, than in a house shared with a contentious woman.
    There’s your abundance mentality.

    1. Indeed, women are unhinged devils devoid of reason. Even the ‘nice’ ones (special snowflakes, mothers, relatives) are nothing but a pain in the ass on a good day, and an absolute nightmare to deal with when they aren’t on their best behaviour.

    1. Now why’d you dishonour the First Lady that way, you should’ve had the decency to post one of ‘her’ after she lost the weight…

  24. I think it that it can be directly correlated that the more women are allowed to dress like whores, behave like whores and encroach into the sacred spheres of manhood, that those men who allow for ‘equality’ are not as dominant as previous men in previous societies. Basically, women have been given absolute freedom or rather absolute licence and hate men for giving it to them. Why? Because women biologically crave dominant men. It’s like a see-saw, the more freedom she has, the less we have and that is usually a sign of society in decline. Weak males/independent females = imminent civilisational collapse. There is something civilisationally destructive about giving women absolute freedom and the vote.
    For the last 6,000 of recorded civilisation, men have placed steel chains around women’s uninhibited sexuality. Do these treacherous beta-manginas and feminists believe that was all for nothing? That somehow it was a mistake? That all those philosophers, theologians and other learned individuals were wrong and the dumb cunts of FEMEN are right? It’s good that this happening now, humanity needs a real life example of what happens to the family, state and society when women are given ‘equality’, the only sad part is, is that men who crave a real family life are shit out of luck aka real wives (virtuous women aka virgins upon consummation), a real state that fosters, nurtures and protects the family unit are non-existent and not even that, but the very concept hated. The chickens are only starting to roost, and the shit yet to hit the fan.

    1. That’s the fault of effeminate beta providers and degenerate hedonistic alphas for allowing society to collapse. In essence, fat men, the idle bourgeois, liberals, sports fanatics, and cowards comprise the lot of men.
      Women are merely relective.

  25. Complete utter bullshit IF you are looking for a LTR or Marriage. Otherwise don’t even bring up your own past and just dismiss her conversations if she brings up her’s (except if an STD or lying about being on the pill was the past in which case RUN)

  26. Really awful article. Why? Past is Prologue you fucking bastards!!! You absolutely need to know about your girlfriend’s past which will determine her future, especially with YOU! You’re an idiot with a divorceN’PovertyN’deathwish if you don’t examine her past. So, where to start? What questions to ask or be aware of to protect yourself? Let’s start;
    Where are her parents? Alive? Dead? Still together? Divorced? How did that play out? How did that affect her? What about her other family members? Sisters? Brothers? Are they Normal? Insane? Criminal? Is there a history of mental illness? How are their family relationships? Tight or dysfunctional? What about violence? Was the father the beater or the mother? Or did the mother take it out on the kids or the pets? Also, what does the Mother look like? Did she look hot when young, then porked out to a plump fatty post-childbirth? That’s usually a good indicator of what your girlfriend will look like post-children. If there are problems with her family, is your girlfriend self-aware to know she doesn’t want to be like them and goes out of her way to achieve this? That’s a huge amount of self-awareness most women, especially one’s from fucked up families who most likely don’t have that level of self-awarenes. Rather, it’s a huge blind spot for them and if not aware, they’ll absolutely bring that familial socio-psychological baggage with them into your relationship, and eventually the marriage itself. These women are typically broken, again, unless they have a huge amount of self-awareness.
    As for questions about her, never ask questions outright when you can snoop through her diary, yearbooks, and photobooks to get an idea of her past. No searching through emails is needed, the physical books and photo’s are enough. Women are freakishly anal retentive about documenting their lives and will have all sorts of scrapbooks, photo albums, et al. which will give you an idea of what she has done, where, and with whom. She’ll have alot of this stuff lying around so you can discreetly examine the evidence at your leisure while she’s on the can or when she pops out to the grocery store for tonight’s dinner she’ll cook for you.
    While that investigative process is taking place, you actually need to ask her questions about her past, but not directly. You don’t need to ask her ‘How many guys has she fucked?’ when you can get an idea of how many boyfriends she had from her photo’s. The best technique is to get her talking about a subject like where she vacationed? Her college experiences, high school experiences, etc. She’ll most likely blurt enough information out without thinking too much about it and you can corroborate it when you look at her photographs.
    The important part is to get her to start talking and prompt that conversation along when needed. She’ll provide all the necessary information, in its entirety or part. It’s merely up to you to put it all together.

    1. You Sir should be president of these states,and mentor to these confused boys.
      When Men speak boyz will listen.
      1 Family-if her family is fucked up 99% she will be
      Where I come from there is a saying paraphrasing
      When seeking a wife-girlfriend look at her mother

  27. Here’s some woman logic for you guys….awhile ago a female friend of mine (who is probably the only non-slut girl I know) asked me why do I go for sex so soon after I meet a girl, instead of waiting and getting to actually know her. I told her because most girls are easy to have sex with so soon, and if I don’t, another guy will.
    She was baffled at that concept, yet she’s also suggested to me that I should date one of our acquaintances, who “would be perfect for you, you guys have so much in common”, even though she is a certified slut that takes any dick in her mouth after a few drinks. I just bert-stared my friend and asked her if she was serious, and then told her “but that girl is a slut” to which she replied “but she can change” Girls just do not get it

    1. Female friend? Hope she’s fat or disfigured. Because if she’s bangable and you’re still in the ‘friend-zone’, you’ve been immediately demoted.

    2. The “A” Answer: “Sorry, I’m not running an ‘Outreach Program’ for [bitchy/slutty/defective/whatever] girls. Unless you’re proposing a threesome, in which case, I’m in.”*
      À bientôt,
      *Assuming that both are “ones” on the one/zero would bang/would not bang scale.

  28. Speaking of checking out a chick’s past…someone should do an article reviewing the movie ‘Gone Girl’…a lot of red pill aspects to that movie.

  29. In complete agreement, go digging through a woman’s past and it starts sounding like Messalina’s brothel competition. I’ve learned to err on the side of cynicism, and I’ve been all the better for it! Also, your replacement doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about her past. He’s in it for the bj’s, not the heart of a ho…who gives good jobbers.

  30. As ROK’s wise old uncle, let me drop some Knowledge:
    If you don’t lay down with a whore, you’re not going to wake up with a whore.
    It’s just that simple.
    If you want to pump and dump, that’s your business. You just don’t want to be the beta chump wifing up a woman whose Mouth Has Sucked Ten Thousand Cocks.
    À bientôt,

    1. what about getting a genetically superior “whore” pregnant so that your offspring is optimal? No marriage or anything crazy, it’s just that most of the time the women who have the opportunity to be “whores” are the genetically superior women. Most of the time.

      1. do you really want a whore to be the mother of your children?
        and what makes them “genetically superior”?

        1. genetically superior = beautiful (or whatever u want to call it, the shit that makes your motor run). The hard truth is that children from a beautiful woman will probably do better than children from an uglier woman – like it or not the world is a shallow place….
          Have you ever asked yourself the hard questions? Is my offspring better off coming from a beautiful “whore” or a chaste “virgin”?

        2. I think children will do better when their parents raise them with self-respect and values, not because their mother looks good. A whore mother will only pass her negative traits onto her kids

        3. If you haven’t noticed, beautiful folks have it about 100x better. Just a fact of life. So much of a person’s success really does coincide with physical appearance. And often they are just as intelligent too – life isn’t fair lol.

        4. True, but sometimes a person’s looks are a product of his environment. Successful people can afford to eat better and buy gym memberships, yoga classes, etc etc. There are still poor attractive women though. You’d be foolish to get a certified whore pregnant though, just to have good looking kids. I think I look good, so I’m not worried about my kids, they will also look good 🙂

        5. Hmm. 100x better? Not so fast, I think. Beauty certainly is the “EZ Pass” of life, but it’s no guaranty, and beauty fades. As I say to young women of my acquaintance, “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may….”
          À bientôt,

      2. Physically superior, if all you want is a tall or thin dumbass slutty degenerate for a kid.

      3. Hmm. Well first, I have to disagree with the underlying premise: a woman doesn’t have to be genetically superior to be a whore, she simply has to be indiscriminate about the quantity (if not also the quality) of her sexual partners. That should be, if anything, be viewed as a defect in a potential mother of your offspring–after all, the woman *knows* the baby is hers, the man must have *faith*, and whoredom should not be something that inspires faith.
        Even assuming you found a whore (and I notice you are using quotes around “whore” for some reason) who was, in fact, genetically gifted (beauty, brains, etc., and who simply enjoyed sport-fucking in the way a man would), one would have to consider what kind of mother she would be. Humans, unlike sharks, are not born as fully functional mini-versions of their parents and simply swim off into the ocean once they wriggle free from their mother. Do you want a whore raising your kids (assuming they actually *were* your kids…she is, after all, a whore.)
        Finally, regardless of whether there is a formalized marriage in such a scenario, unless you are going to pull and “Outlaw Biker” move and just knock her up, hit the open road and bail to parts unknown, then you’re going to have some kind of relationship withe her–the law will see to that. As whores at not known to be “drama free” that is another excellent reason to consider “begatting” with her.
        Thus, it would seem to me that, if one were going to start spraying one’s Population Paste around, one would still be better served by a good girl, of the type that misses you when you’re not around,
        You might consider these pieces by Raywolf:
        À bientôt,

        1. Of course there are some beautiful women who are not promiscuous, but MOST beautiful women are – it just kind of goes with the job these days. I also have to ask you, does a woman being promiscuous automatically make her an unfit mother? If she is intelligent,capable, and beautiful do all those qualities go out the window if she has fucked 20 guys? I guess i’m really wondering if the standards you suggest are realistic? The type of woman you suggest finding is so rare and typically are insanely religious.

        2. I think that perhaps you and I are hanging out with different crowds (entirely possible, as I’m in my 40s and most RoKs are in their 20s and 30s, I’d imagine). Where do you get this idea that MOST beautiful women are promiscuous?
          IME, it’s the girls who aren’t as attractive who tend to be sluttier as they have to put sex on the table sooner to maintain a guy’s attention. It’s the same reason that fat girls are so nice: they have to be.
          Does promiscuity disqualify a woman from being a good mother? Look, you’re not going to make a housewife out of a whore. You can try if you want, but I doubt it’s going to work out. *shrugs*
          The standards I suggest are not unrealistic b/c they are largely covered by the following minimums:
          1. Attractive to me.
          2. Intelligent enough for me to hold a conversation with.
          3. A warm person (this is NON-negotiable).
          4. Sane (also non-negotiable).
          5. Not sperm-burpin’ gutterslut.
          I think, these days, #4 is the tricky one. That said, I don’t date American girls anymore, so I don’t have such a problem finding women who meet the above criteria. If you are then I think you might benefit from a change of milieu.
          À bientôt,

        3. A lot of guys here claim they bang 9 and 10 all the time.
          Internet alphas. Laugh.
          The most attractive women are locked down by 25, if not 23.

        4. lol, yes #4 is not happening with American girls. I think maybe you’re right about generational differences; girls in my generation have grown up with being exposed sensationalized sex in the media basically since birth. The attractive girls all had “boyfriends” since elementary school and eventually they start having sex; anywhere from age 11-16 seemed to be when girls from my generation lost their virginity. Add in the influence of social media and even relatively good girls almost can’t help but reach a double digit notch count. Add in being brainwashed into not getting married until 28ish and you have the perfect recipe for a whole generation of double digit notch count women.
          The best shot a man from my generation has is to marry an 18yr old but often even that is a couple years too late. If you want an idea of the world women live in these days read the book The Key Logger – they are bombarded by attention from various men through social media and can’t help but perpetually spin plates.
          Admittedly my strategy of knocking up an attractive woman who is not ideal is based on the fact that I don’t plan on living her and the baby. It isn’t a perfect plan but based on the current environment it seems to be the best available option when it comes to having kids.

        5. Hmm. Well “Attractive to me” for most guys, is going to include 7s and 8s, as well as some 6s. 2&3 are found in nature, it’s just a matter of finding them in combination with the first one, and then, well, like I said, it’s #4 that’s the trickiest to find.
          À bientôt,

        6. I think that the “attractive to me” standard fro most guys is going to include a lot of 7s & 8s and probably 6’s, too. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or beer holder. Or whatever. You catch my drift.
          À bientôt,

  31. What I took away from this article is first off, asking about a woman’s past really isn’t going to get you anywhere early on. Their prime directive is to avoid revealing the truth at all costs. Naturally you can apply a reverse psychology to it and zero in, but nonetheless, what better way to fuck up an interaction than go there early on.
    And as stated, with some experience with women, the flags will appear anyways. Fact is, especially in US, most every fuckable woman based on looks has a past that would limp your boner. Ignorance is never bliss, showing you actually know the truth is damaging, and hands over all your power to a likely unworthy bitch. Pretending you’re ignorant is bliss however, and leaves you in control.

    1. your reasoning is half-assed at best… you probably r the best “connected” with women in the 1st place

      1. Yea, and women tend to be truthful. b.s. You have to dance around the realities of her past to get it to come out, and it will naturally over time as long as you pay attention. The ones that are hardcore whores can’t hide it easily and it may be obvious in 10 sec.., but there are closet whores who are way better at hiding their past to ensnare a good man to control. And when I find out the truth, my resulting actions will revel my reckoning.

  32. “It cannot directly have any consequences over you as long as you ignore it.” << I disagree entirely with that statement…”So, just leave it where it belongs: behind you, in the past.” You can’t change it so wtf anyways. “Use it to make decisions going forward, but never preoccupy yourself with it.” << bingo, this is the core lesson

  33. WOW how the FUCK is this clown allowed to be writing this article?
    IT’S DIRECTLY CONTRARY TO SCIENTIFIC FACT. The more partners a female has the greater the inability to maintain a relationship you may as well tell people to play Russian roulette with a gun.

  34. My sis has recently been bringing over one of her co-workers to our place. A very attractive 21 year old aspiring model/actress that works in her office. She however, has a very controlling boyfriend whom she has cheated on before in the past. Now he’s constantly asking who she’s talking to and what she’s doing. He even made her delete all her social media sites.
    My sis’s friend has been slightly flirting with me and emails me daily (seeing that we had something things in common). After reading this article and from what I’ve learned about her through my sister, should I flirt back or avoid any drama that might arise from this situation?

      1. I’d just say she’s a very attractive mixed girl. Black, White, and Hispanic. She could probably start getting gig once she hits the gym and drops a few pounds.

    1. if she cheated on him before, she’ll probably do it again, so it might as well be with you. If he’s very controlling and doesn’t trust her, they’re gonna break up anyways.

    2. Do a cost-benefit analysis & decide. What outcome are you hoping for? Risks & hazards? What’s your exit strategy when things go to hell?
      On a side note, i’m guessing you’re the nearest viable male in her current orbit. Keep that in mind. It’s no fun being the nearest branch she managed to grab when the Tree of Consequences of Past Behaviour has thrown her off.

      1. Thanks for the advice. What makes it weird is that her and my sister work right next to each other in their office. So she’s already been asking my sister questions about me. Also I’ve learned about her from what my sis has been telling me. What I’m worried for is that if I started something with her, my sis will have her nose in it the entire time. I would never hear the end of it from her.

    3. Be a Man and give it to her hard,
      Fuck her like you don’t give a shit,
      fuck her just for your pleasure not hers.
      Flirting is for pussies,grab her hand look her in the eye til she drops her eyes down ,take her to your room and nail her
      Whores gonna whore ,

  35. Don’t mean to be rude, was you having a blowjob when u wrote this article? Surely, u must check a potential mate’s past if u want something worthwile.
    Her past will give u an idea of who she is.

    1. Just as your will also paint an accurate picture of what she’s getting into. For instance, women love to know when a guy believes in first-date sex, and she’ll enjoy being impressed with your honest history of how often we push for that. Also they’d love to know how many of her friends we would pump n dump at the drop of a hat.
      Honesty’s just the best!

  36. “The past is just the past, ignore it, it doesn’t affect you.”
    “Shhh beta cuckold, submit to your cuckoldry. Don’t resist it. “

  37. I really hope another writer comes on board to write an article refuting this one. Seriously, what kind of horrible advice is this?

  38. I guess her past isn’t important. Until the your liver fails and the doctor tells you you have hepatitus C (confidence does not stop disease by the way), and she leaves you and takes everything you have ever worked for for a drug dealer. What a dumb article. I’d almost expect this crap on men’s health, not here.

  39. I think the author is correct that asking directly won’t help you learn anything good. A virgin and a slut will both give you the same story as they know there is only one correct answer to convince a man looking for something more than a one night stand that they are worthy. In the long run the slut will give herself away through sheer narcissism, but who has the time for that?
    The exception is if you own and can operate your own polygraph (lie detector). Available online, but requires a training course to be at all effective.

  40. “Here’s the thing: her past is just that, past. It cannot directly have any consequences over you as long as you ignore it.”
    Because you would go to a second hand dealer and get a luxury car without knowing its past.
    No matter how ignorant a man wants to be, he will be paying for her past, this way or that way, but in some way.
    similar to the law phrase, not knowing it was illegal does not make it legal for you;
    Not knowing the skeletons in her closet, does not mean they will come back to shit on your life.

  41. Never wife up a “reformed” woman. I found that out the hard way. Old habits die hard. Also, be extremely cautious of a girl from a broken home. If her parents have constant marital problems, she’s bound to bring some of those problems into any relationship she has.
    Fuck LTRs, though. Just get 2-4 women, flirt, tease, invite them over, fuck and keep doing that until they insist on knowing where things are going at which point you can either tell them the truth or string them along. It’s actually amazing/slightly disturbing how long some women can keep coming over and fucking you without ever questioning their status in your life. Always keep women ready to fill a position that becomes vacant. I’m enjoying the decline. Are you?

    1. If the mother is an ex-whore, the daughter will find it really hard to be a good girl, absolutely correct! I also found it out the hard way despite my father’s warning.

  42. This article is an insult to the MGTOW. Neglecting one’s past and projecting a future? Well there’s one way to ensure failure. The past must be known. If you’ve gotten too deep with a slut and find your self in love with her ( seriosly ) you better get your head out of your ass and start digging. If you find roses and doves and good deeds, than cheers to you, but if you find garbage, decay and putrefaction, well, at least now you know where it came from. I speak from broad experience when I say, stay the hell away from sluts man.

  43. This must be written by some US tool ,who bought all that alpha teasing pua shit.
    Smirk -when your girlfriend tells you ,she’s been fucked by two dudes.
    You are out of you mind.
    Lemme tell you what happens in rest of the world, where 6.7 billion others live ,
    when a bitch drops something like this on alpha beta gama delta epsilon etc etc dude.
    He’s gonna beat a living shit out of her,throw her out of his life,cut all connection with whore and make sure that everybody knows why he did it.
    This writer should be next like fakebook skank that suck your dick last night.

  44. This is a defeatist article – wrong, on so many levels. A man controls what he does in his life and what he ultimately puts up with or excepts. I wouldn’t hire someone with a sordid past and wouldn’t trust my romantic future with someone of shady character. You can try and work with what is clearly a damaged product but don’t tell me that I must.

  45. Hey Roosh, I am confused… are you really accepting this kind of entryism? Or are you just checking to make sure our bullshit detectors are well-tuned, and punishing the author for being an idiot at the same time?

  46. Nah – I prefer to know her past – at least and especially in a meaningful LTR. Sure – some guys cannot take it, that she was taking part in a foursome with 3 guys. But all that gives me is the opportunity to have her get a foursome with 3 girls this time (and her).
    I would give a girl the benefit of the doubt and maybe there are 1 in a 1000 women, who can get out of a slutty past unscathed and come to an epiphany in her prime – aged 18-23. Of course if you hear those same “born-again” rationalizations from a woman past her prime and approaching the wall, then you know that these are just empty words spoken by a drug addict, who asks you for a 1000$ loan to start his new “business”. Empty words spoken by an empty shell – still, I would like to know.

  47. why the fuck are you beta fags bothered who the bitch has been with before? you aint gonna find a virgin and if you do she will be as boring as hell.
    if you are really concerned go and get an std test together.
    its does not matter one iota if she has fucked 1000 men before you, get a fucking grip and grow up, everyone has a past. experienced women are much better in bed.

    1. 1 dick 1000 times is the same amount of practice as 1000 dicks 1 time.
      Sorry you are too fucking brainwashed to know which bitch is the keeper.
      Fucking limeys.

  48. The only reason why I would post an article like this, is to see how sharpened we are, and if we are at all.

  49. You know what all this sounds like to me (other than bullshit obviously)? It sounds like ”well guys, basically any woman you get is going to be a slut, so you just have to shut your eyes really tight, pretend not to know, bury your disgust and hope it goes away”.
    Yes, it sounds like simple surrender to me, guess we just have to up and accept it right? Fuck that shit.

  50. This is excellent advice if you don’t wish to have long term relations with the women in question.
    Otherwise, I’d disagree with it.

  51. While this may be a stupid question I will still pose it: is there a person who review articles up for publication on this site or are articles published willy-nilly?

  52. This article really hit the nail on the head for me. Being an alpha in the game and in the relationship is really living in the moment which is another way of being outcome independent.
    I am not interested in her past, only where her actions take me. If she is a good short term lay, her actions will carry me there. If she is a good LTR play, same thing. Being a player is going along with the flow. A beta cares about the slut’s past since he is married, and unfortunately will be, to the outcome that he wants independent of the girl he is gaming. Once an alpha defines his parameters, such as no marriage or other annoying commitments, the slut’s tells are not by wrote history but by how he observes. Watch everything that she does, ignore what she says.
    If a slut starts sucking me like a pro, yes, she has a high N. But I do not care. I merely track her like they would different ability students a long time ago. She is useful for some things, some not. Context matters too. We players merely adapt to the context and our wants. I have preferences and requirements for say, an LTR girl. Might differ from yours. I do not need to know her past, just whether she gives me what I want for this track or I place her somewhere else in my book and treat her accordingly for what I get. This is the hardest aspect of game for the new player. It is hard to say she is good for this and start treating her that way since so many of us are still in the mode of converting all fucks to girlfriend status. We probably do so unconsciously and/or habitually.
    If you want to change your approach and stop caring about her history, tell the next girl that you fuck what you want out of the relationship. You have to know this for yourself first. A good start is to tell her what day(s) you want to see her. Most do not have the balls to do this. However, you are not a player until you define the parameters of the relationship. Once you master this simple exercise you will realize that it is harder than making a lot of approaches. When you can size up a slut and tell her straight to her face that you are looking for something casual on say Thursday afternoons, you are at the next level. Many sluts actually agree to this kind of thing; it will amaze you. Just the other day I told a cute redhead seven that I have two mornings a week off and I was looking for a casual buddy for those times if she was not in class then. I am 20+ years older than her. My exact words were, “romantic partner.” If I care to think about it now, I know what her probable history is. I only care about my cold read of her as being free spirited and DTF. After some other game, TL, we closed the deal. Her subsequent actions will tell me what category to put her in, not her history.
    Live in the moment.

  53. Why stick to the past? Let’s expand it to the now – what Beta does not know, won’t hurt Beta:

  54. “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”
    ― William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun

  55. “Your own mistakes are the best way to learn (and even unlearn) new things about the world around you.” I went through school and into adulthood with a lot of views about women that were just plain wrong….I had to unlearn them.

  56. Get the car fax, that pussy is rancid. Don’t buy used merchandise. . You can’t turn a whore into a housewife

  57. When it comes to marriages, yes, the past is important. But dating?
    I guess there’s risk in that, but I’m not seeing it (beyond “crazy”).

    1. Hey bitch.
      A woman’s past is always important. No matter what.
      If a chick has taken it the ass, been filmed sucking cock and participated in a 3 some.. then by all means I expect no less.
      The problem with girls is because of feminism they feel entitled to romance without providing any of the sex acts that they so willingly gave up before.

  58. This article makes no sense. You have to inquire about her past to see if she worth any further investing. I don’t want to know the details. Just the information that’s relevant to my relationship. Females don’t break habits. If she did it once she is likely to do it again.

  59. this article is stupid. fucking multiple men makes women emotionally unstable and like radioactive waste.

  60. Code word in this stupidity is ‘girlfriend”.
    Girlfriend is someone you will pair-bond.
    Pair-bonding with broken whore is beyond idiotic and dangerous
    for any man,let alone castrated western boy.
    Your “frame” and smirk and clown posturing will not save you from ass raping that awaits someone who bonds with whore.
    It was dangerous 2000 years ago when the whore could be literally and legally executed for infidelity.
    Since Sumerians invented writing
    warning “Do not bring whore home’
    has been repeated in every language,

  61. This is a tricky thing, especially for men who are just starting out spinning plates and who might be looking for a girlfriend/wife. On one hand, past behavior indicates future behavior (you wouldn’t hire a convicted embezzler as your accountant). On the other hand, American women are mostly train wrecks littered with such unsavory pasts that it’s better not to know most of it.
    How I deal: I quietly judge while outwardly appearing non-judgmental. If a girl says things which indicate a slutty past, I silently downgrade her to fuck buddy, or even friendzone if the transgression is severe enough. No drama, but I do have my own standards which places a girl in an appropriate category.

    1. Darlin I believe you have hit the nail on the head with that statement. Please don’t be offended about the “darlin” remark it’s a force of habit.

  62. I do have to agree with the author of this article a little bit. But it should go for both genders as well. 90% of the population thinks that they are private investigators but they are not and run the risk of destroying a good thing they MAY have . If you really want to know about your potential partners past wait for them to tell you and if you think they are giving you a steaming pile of manure go to the source. Ask their parents.

  63. “From alpha douche to Captain Save-a-Ho”, and paternity fraud comes in mind… Ignoring past fuckups is a sure way to have them repeated over and over again.
    Had to read it again, to make sense. It is not that her past doesn’t matter, you just don’t get her past get under your skin.

  64. Let me tell you a story, my dear friend.
    I was cohabitating with a chick that my friend had told me about “she banged 2 of my friends”. I was at the time seeing a super hot single mom that had gotten pregnant to her first boyfriend and since then focussed on her child. I chose the crazy chick instead of the mom. Big mistake I see now.
    Somehow I got all tied in that, then found out she also had banged her 3 of her roomates friends, 2 of them which ended up going to the same gym as me.. awkwardddd. On top of that she ended up having BPD and claiming she had gotten raped by 2 dudes at a festival when she was 16. On top of that, she turned out to have bulemia. There’d also constantly be another dude here or there which I’d be like “who’s that guy?” and she’d be shady about it. She broke up with me because I was being “too good of a boyfriend” and inbetween claiming that I was cheating on her with a girl that was over 2000 miles away (i’m not kidding you), she joined tinder (despite being critical about her other friends using it) a few hours after she broke up with me (buddies sent me a screenshot). After the summer was over and routine was getting back into life, she tried to reconciliate – I told her to fuck off.
    Man, trust me – act as if you don’t care and you’re super cool about her slutty past and then judge it. That’s the only way. Otherwise, it’ll just be a bunch of lies you’ll hear.
    I went clubbing with a girl the other day that I was banging – she points at some bouncer and giggles, says she once ended up in a different city with the guy at her birthday. I was considering her for an LTR, but trust me.. even though I was like “haha, you had some fun last year huh” – inside I was [ [x] SLUT- Pump and dump ]

  65. I personally could give a shit about my wifes past. She is pretty conservative and I know she isn’t a cock muncher, so whatever happened did happen and it has no bearing on today.
    The author is right that only inescure guys obsess about her past. He’s wrong to say you shouldn’t care at all – after all, you can’t make a ho a housewife.
    You need to know what she’s been up to. but in an emotionally detached non obsessive kind of way. at the end of the day if you don’t know her well enough to trust what she says or believe her, you can’t really say she’s your gf yet anyway can you, so who gives a fuck?

  66. This article is fucking stupid…. Fuck this bullshit.. If the bitch has a body count greater then yours, don’t waste your time or money…

  67. Arguably, getting into a committed relationship/marriage is the biggest financial investment in a mans life. In many ways, it will determine his future wealth and success, or the lack of.
    Have you ever heard a wise financial advisor telling his customer to jump blindly and invest heavily in a company without checking it’s past history, credit rating etc? Out of fear that he might come across as insecure or might not be able to handle the bad news?!!! Absolutely ludicrous bit of advise there
    In marriage, A mans value is in his masculinity and ability to provide for his family and children. A woman’s value is in her loyalty, trustworthiness and sexual purity so the man can go fight his battles with confidence that his mate is at home looking after the house and not fucking his best friend and cockolding him with the burden of raising children that aren’t his!!!

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