You Can’t Succeed In Night Game Without Blasting Through Rejection

There is huge value in pushing through rejection and other obstacles in night game. In fact, it is probably the only way you will get night game to work for you in 2017. You have to be prepared to roll with the punches and take the blows if you hope to be taking another sort of blow at the end of the night.

I’m not saying that game is just about numbers. There are definitely skills and techniques to be learned that will help you to be more effective each time you do an approach. These include the judicious use of cocky-funny humour, leading, being assertive, passing shit tests and so on.

Nevertheless, the reality of today’s market, particularly in nightclubs, means that you will need to be prepared to go through a lot of chaff before you discover the wheat. In this context, the core traits you need to develop to really ace your game are those of resilience and perseverance. And these should be served up with a huge helping of not-giving-a-fuck.

Ten Approaches

This became clear to me last Saturday when I went to a club in London. I really wasn’t it the mood. I’m not a huge fan of clubs these days anyway, plus I’d had a difficult week. However, I’d already bought a ticket and my friend gave me a pep talk so I went.

Once I got to the venue I still wasn’t it the mood. I was tired and irritable. I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to deal with the bullshit and the cockblocks. I wanted to go home and mope.

Then I made a deal with myself. ‘Troy,’ I said. ‘Do ten approaches. That’s it. Just ten approaches. It doesn’t matter how bad they are. Then you can relax and go home if you like.’

So I began. Ten approaches in a packed nightclub is not hard to achieve. Actually it’s pretty damn easy. Everywhere you turn there’s another girl. All you have to do is say hi.

In order for each one to count as an approach, though, I vowed to myself that I would have to at least make an effort to have a meaningful conversation. That meant that if I just said hi and she walked off or something it wouldn’t count.

To make things easier for myself, I decided to ditch any sort of fancy ‘game’ and go in with a simple compliment: ‘Hi, I couldn’t help noticing you’re really pretty. I’m Troy.’

Sod it. It really doesn’t matter too much what you say, as long as you open and say something. 

So I wandered around the club delivering my line. The first few times I was faced with stonewall rejections. But as I warmed up, so did the interactions. Even if I didn’t get anywhere at first, the girls became more friendly and receptive. (Funny that you may think that girls in the club are bitchy, but check your own attitude first. What you give out in many cases tends to be what you get back.)

About the fifth set I got talking to a still-sexy MILF in her thirties who was sitting sipping champagne. Again, nothing really came of it, but I was on fire. Outrageously flirtatious lines were coming to mind and out of my mouth with startling regularity.  Suddenly, despite my mood, I was in the zone. I was gaining traction, both with my environment and with the girls.

I’d spotted Sarah earlier on in the evening, a pretty, leggy blonde PR girl with large breasts. Without thinking, I stood before her now and told her she was pretty. I was fired up from all my previous approaches, fully in state.

‘Why, thank you,’ she said, all mock-giggles and faux-ladylike affectation.

A moment later and we were making out. Twenty minutes or so after that she had her hands all over my cock in a dark area of the club. An hour later and we were in a taxi heading back to her apartment.

Sarah was something like my fifteenth approach of the evening. I’d got into the mood after the ten I’d originally planned, and so I decided to carry on.

While all the others weren’t disastrous blowouts, it’s fair to say that I didn’t get any earth-shattering responses before Sarah.

So what if I’d have given up at approach 14? I’d have gone home cursing the night as a washout, and probably vowing never to go clubbing again. But because I chose to continue, not to give up, that fifteenth approach worked out well, and we had an enjoyable evening together. And it made all the other other approaches I’d attempted fade into insignificance.

The thing with game, as with so many other aspects of life, is that you really only need a few wins. You don’t have to score every time. You just need to score enough times to have an amazing life. And that is entirely possible for anyone, as long as they have the nerve and the fortitude to keep going even when times are tough.

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39 thoughts on “You Can’t Succeed In Night Game Without Blasting Through Rejection”

  1. I remember when I used to be able to do ten approaches a night pretty easily. Now I’m lucky if I get to 4. Once you lose the night game energy, it’s lost forever, so enjoy it while you can.

    1. Its not only that you are getting older, but its also the omnipresent feeling that time is ticking away also. if the reward was worth the efforts needed (as this society dives further into the progressive dumpster fire), then the energy sapping of the game would not seems so onerous. But really, having and practicing game on ungrateful spoiled princesses, even for a sweaty sexy encounter in the sheets, loses its allure because it is such a short duration prize for so much mental and physical energy expended to get it, and in some cases a lowering of personal standards to close the deal. Even if you compromise on just one of your standards to close the deal, it leaves you coming away feeling like you compromised something bigger of yourself to “win” in the pursuit. The reward and exhilaration goes away really fast, but a slow long lasting reward of doing something that is for you exclusively, by your hands, with your time (well spent time if you life matters much to you) will yield the largest sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I don’t think it matters where you hail from, what nationality or ethnic background is, or your particular interests are, anytime you “win” through a compromise of you efforts and standards the luster of “winning” and closing the deal in game, loses its appeal, solely because of compromises (cheapening your self and your outlook if only in your mind). When you look at what you have to play with on the board of game, you should weigh that surrender of yourself and your standards to be successful, because the board RARELY has a real prize on it that is worthy or worthwhile, the game is played solely to “win” even when the wins become pyrrhic one. Then what is the point, when a win is not a “win”? Does one play the game because one feels they must, even if their is no worthwhile reason or prize to be had? There is something to be said about having self respect self discipline and such, but at what price do we decide to give some of that hard earned persona do we lose (like an ante up on the board to start with) as every ante up to play is a loss to start with. Maybe the real question is not about the effectiveness of any game, but really measuring the value of the prize versus the real personal costs. Just saying.

  2. That’s statistically 0,01% success rate. Still higher than the chance of winning the lottery.

  3. IMO the line “you’re very pretty” is just a transition from silence to whatever comes next. Nothing inherently magical, but the more approaches one does, the better they deliver, and the more positive vibes they give off. This doesn’t even just apply to night game but to tinder, daygame, etc. Plus I am a much bigger fan of the direct approach as it gets you a yes or no faster.
    Indirect approaches I don’t even mess with. The girl needs to know I am into her right away because it sets the tone early and no transition has to be done later.

  4. A sexy milf is the equivalent of a 3 course meal from the dumpster of McDonald’s on the wrong side of the railroad tracks

    1. I rather fuck a young prostitute than some 40 year old MILF that cover herself with too much make up to look decent.

  5. To be successful in night game, also club game, you need three things: A thick skin, a boxer’s floating feet and a strong stomach.
    The set up is this: You get into a night club where a group of hot women are going to play, literally. Yes, they are going to play with men’s egos and resilience. Women are going to reject reject 99% of the approaches and shit test the rest 1%. They have the upper hand and they know it. So, you need to be ready for rejection and how to manage it. There’s nothing more embarrassing that being rejected in an approach and getting mute, stone faced, without knowing how to react. You need to have ready two or three lines ahead of the expected ‘no’ you are going to hear. Each subsequent line needs to be more aggressive, so, you can have a decorous exit or reverse tables and set your status. You need a boxer’s floating feet to keep alive for two or three hours of approach-reject-approach-success game. A girl just rejected you, fine. That was a nasty upper cut that hurt. But the game doesn’t end there. And you need a strong stomach to deal with drinking without getting drunk during some hours between approaches. You just cannot stand there with your hands in your pockets looking defeated or bored.

  6. The “not-giving-a-fuck” philosophy has been integrated into my life and I practice it everyday. It’s a great state of mind to be in when you’re chasing tail. Because if you do care… women will most definitely treat you like a stepping stone.

  7. Isn’t this something of a Pyrrhic-victory, you spent the entire night getting a rejection after a rejection then you got lucky, you spent a night with a girl you will (probably) never see again.. all that so you can “add a notch” and do it all over again next weekend till your too old or jaded to continue “the game”

    1. It can be, but it can also be very satisfying. I’m getting old enough that I don’t specifically go out looking to get laid anymore, but if I run across a girl who I find particularly interesting or attractive, then I’ll go for it. I usually keep in touch for repeat business unless something goes sour or logistics prohibit it, like with out of towners.
      That aside, when I was 21 the goal was to simply get laid at any and all costs. At that point I was just figuring out how to actually attract women. These girls give up sex easier than they go into relationships, so if a relationship is what you’re after then being able to attract them for sex is a necessary first step. After a few of those one nighters is when most guys tend to realize the nature of women, another necessary step in their development.
      A Pyrrhic victory though it may seem could be a crucial step for many men.

    2. Recreational, non-meaningful sex is like eating a sundae. All empty calories but a lot of fun while it’s being consumed. Nothing wrong with that.

    3. There will come a time when you rather do something else than wasting time approaching girls to get a one night stand.

  8. So wait, are there any “Special Rules” when it comes to dating girls with the Megyn Kelly haircut because they happen to usually be so smart and confident??? It just so happens to be my fe.tish and I’m wondering if Roosh or anyone else happens to have any experience with this. THANKS!!!

    1. Also, bobbed girls tend to be a lot more feminine and pretty many times, but not always, but they also seem to be less confident, more fickle, spoiled, and also tend to have more personality problems that stem from a bizarre mix of “princess complex” and tomboy tendencies from my experience. Has anyone else noticed this???

      1. And posing in a bathtub? Is that where she will be sleeping tonight, to avoid sloppy messes? Ugh. None of the women in those two pics are sexy. they look like failed attempts of women to appear mannish. Its not flattering, nor the tats and huge hoops, unless they are used grab handles for face f**king…

        1. She looks like Natalie Portman in that movie when she was still just a young child. This guy is a definite pedophile if he posted this shit!!!

    2. Women with short hair are at the beginning of their masculine spiral. They usually move very smoothly to weird tints in their hair, tats and then facial piercings. If you like that, smash that, but never wife a woman who is already sporting the menopausal hairstyle of rising T women in their 50’s. It WILL bite you.

  9. Damn.Some days ago i had an accident.I broke my finger and also lost my fingernail.Now there is a big bandage around my hand.Sometimes its very uncomfortable.I have to learn to do things only with my left hand.Everything is difficult and takes much more time.Even writing this with one finger on my tablet takes a lot of time.
    It really annoys me cause in November i usually have enough time for doing street and night game.But i just cant do it.Lying on the couch or sitting is fine.But walking more than half an hour and my finger starts to hurt.
    Life and Health is precious.So if you are healthy there is no excuse when you hesitate to approach enough attractive women.

  10. Confidence…physical health…dressing the part…grooming…knowledge on a lot of subjects…these are the virtues of good, solid, successful game. I’ve been around a long time…these characteristics have always worked for me…whenever I tried, I reached my objective. What was the point? The Challenge. Women are easy. I even developed a one word close, what is it? “Dinner?” Discovered by pure accident…it worked with my present girlfriend, too. Go figure, “dinner?” You gotta say it with aplomb, but once you got it down, it works. How hard is one word, anyway?

  11. Maybe I’ve become an old cranky man in my 30s or maybe it’s something that’s changed in recent years, but something that I didn’t notice only a few years ago that bothers me now are the nightclubs that crank the music up loud everywhere. If there isn’t a lounge area where I can talk at a reasonable volume level, then I won’t stay in the nightclub.

    1. JOHN
      Ryan my friend is stone-deaf (We are 43) and this is because he managed night clubs for a living.
      Indeed you’ll end up stone-deaf.

    1. JOHN
      Do you LIVE in the Philippines at the moment (I worked in Cebu for 3 years).
      I agree all men should spend a year in Asia. It gives you some perspective.

  12. I remember when return of kings used to have cool comments. Learn to bulldoze through rejection and stop making excuses. You guys sound like post-wall childless feminists.

  13. The 15th girl you approached was still attractive? Oha, please tell me where that club is because you can a have a wingman already on the next weekend!
    In any case, nice solid article about persevering. I would say that this could be extended to everything in life, as being an western man nowadays means you need to blast through rejection throughout the entire day. The only thing I do not understand here Troy, I and agree with some of the comments, is how you still have the energy and will to go out at night hunting, when the reward most of times is simply absent? I am 32 and I am totally fed up of night clubs, I almost only move my feet to salsa/dancing parties, because at least there you can really socialize, have fun and almost have no rejections, since most of the girls will tell you yes. The same as a whorehouse, but for a much affordable price.

  14. I blasted through all the rejections all night. Then, finally, at 3 AM, when most lesser men had given up and gone home, I hooked up with a FINE babe.
    What if I had just given up and left at Last Call?
    Last Call pussy is always the best.

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