The Many Ways Education Delays Adulthood

Education keeps people in a constant state of childhood by virtue of its very nature. Just think of your stereotypical frat or sorority, partying and living for the now. Going to classes you hate, doing assigned work without pay, and hearing moral lectures about character development. Does that sound like third grade or college?

Add in how people now take six years for a four-year degree and then go back for graduate degrees, and we have a society of 30-year-olds who have never functioned as full adults.

Almost everything I learned in college I could have learned on the internet. Nor did I even do much studying or socializing. I just wanted to get my degree and be done while hating every person who asked me, “What are you going to do with that?” It was a waste of a liberal arts education, something to check off of life’s list. I had (and somewhat still have) no idea what adults do for money and wasn’t very interested in finding out.

But this doesn’t begin with college. It starts much earlier. For most of human history, when you hit adolescence, you were an adult and were expected to act like one. Today when you hit puberty, you have at least another ten years left of childhood, and you find yourself in this weird mix of adult maturity and idealistic juvenility.

The Value Of An Education

PC Re-Education Camp

The worst part of it all is that there is little actually learned from all the education. I had maybe three outstanding teachers in all of primary and secondary school who made a difference in the way my mind works. The social studies teachers were the worst, since they all seemed to only be there so they could coach sports. It takes a special kind of imbecile to make something as interesting as history into a rote chore.

The math teachers taught to memorize the formulae, but they never taught why the formulae work, which is the whole purpose of learning advanced math. You will likely never use most of your high school math, but it’s important because of the way it rewires your brain to think logically.

But they robbed that from us, not just at the high school level but also at the elementary. So we have a whole generation of people who think “I’m just an English person” and take pride in their ability to not be able to move numbers around in their head.

Yet my school—like most public and private schools—strangely did not offer any logic or philosophy classes while having a plethora of science, fine arts, and leadership electives. The most important classes that taught you analytical thinking were never offered, but you could get credit for computer typing class.

In fairness, my state had the third worst public schools in the country. But I get a strong impression that most of this is present everywhere in public schools.

Shoehorning Teenagers Into The Liberal Arts


Just up until my freshman year, the school offered two paths to graduation—the vocational path and the university path. But they got rid of the vocation path, and now the kids who wanted to study a trade despite the incessant shaming and lack of support had to go to a magnet school. The magnet school of course didn’t have many staples of high school like athletics, because society has decided to limit funding on programs that teach kids the possibility of failure.

By some miracle my high school offered Latin, but most schools have cast it aside because “You’ll never speak it,” as though your two years of spoon-fed Spanish made you anything close to proficient. Again, the administrators and teachers misunderstand why a subject is taught. Foreign language is important not so that you can speak it but so that you can better understand how the English language fits together.

The English classes were rudimentary and heavily politicized. We read all sorts of boring poetry about carpe diem, which was the teachers’ way of telling us to go to college. We read Shakespeare three of the four years, but I never understood how to appreciate him until George Orwell taught me. And despite a childhood full of college prep and English classes, ask any freshman-level college adjunct professor how bad the students’ grammar, spelling, and general rhetoric is at their own native language.

A Better Solution

It’s clear that high school has become a babysitting service for biological adults. Wouldn’t it be better to skip the whole thing and transition 14-year-olds into being productive members of society? Or if you insist they must go to school, have them learn a money-making trade?

If kids learned a trade at that age, then at least they could financially support the babies they keep making. Despite the propaganda and pleading to delay, most teenagers will have sex because that is what teenagers do. Teenage girls are especially fertile compared to women just five years older. It would be better to channel that energy into something useful for society instead of repressing it.

Instead they spend four years being coddled and entertained while draining tax dollars instead of generating them. Think of how much money the government could save if we cut all public secondary schools. And if only the very few rich kids had high school diplomas, then employers would no longer expect them out of applicants. So someone explain to me why we insist on perpetuating this money hole, because it’s clearly making young people dysfunctional.

Shooting For The Bottom


Part of the issue is that people insist all education must be equal, at least within an individual school system. But there are many demographics spread over a single county. Completely equal education must meet the lowest common denominator, or else those from a lesser socio-economic background will either flunk out of high school or make too poor of scores to go to a good college where they can flunk out.

Another issue is that kids are taught to always every time defer to the authorities instead of solving their own problems. I get that kids shouldn’t beat the absolute shit out of each other on the school playground, but today any amount of mild violence has severe penalties, often even when in self-defense.

And this does not merely cover physical violence, but also responding to insults with other insults. This teaches children that they cannot and should not try their best to work through whatever difficulties life brings them. Instead, just file a complaint and wait for it to work.

An Alternative Family

They tell you that you go to school to learn, but the parents also expect the schools to teach a moral agenda. I had abstinence week three times, two of which were school-wide. Not abstinence day, but abstinence week. They never technically lied to us, but they heavily implied that condoms and pills were worthless.

And my Christian mother thought it was wonderful. What, you thought this was just a leftist thing? It’s the Christians who think their kids will grow up to be atheists if they don’t waste two minutes of every morning teaching prayer in schools.

But whereas the Christians make a desperate grab at what little influence they still have, it is the left that dominates the narrative. Remember in the 90s constantly hearing about the rain forests? I suppose they figured a group of eight-year-olds could save the world by donating their allowance.

Whatever happened to the rain forest? You never hear about it anymore. I’m assuming they either finally finished cutting it all down, or the left found a new pet cause like global warming or breast cancer. I’m just glad that I was born after the AIDS fad.


Not that any of the propaganda worked. We had more anti-smoking education than anyone else, but my generation has kept the tobacco industry alive and flourishing now that their old consumers are dying off. Frankly, it’s the best anti-depressant on the market.

Most generations in human history had a mother and father to parent them, but instead we had television and public schools. Notice how excessively motherly elementary school teachers are, which I find totally inappropriate. They build a close relationship with the (female) students for a year and then suddenly disappear.

There are less professional ethics in the school system than in what young white liberals assume is the average police force. And nobody calls them out on it because, remember, the parents want to outsource their own job.

Hmm…I wonder why homeschooling has become so popular lately?

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  1. ” So someone explain to me why we insist on perpetuating this money hole, because it’s clearly making young people dysfunctional.”
    The question answers itself – money.

  2. English & Geography were the ONLY classes I had in High School which have come to good use in my adult life. Even then, they have not really made me any money.
    Honestly, a 14 year old has all the wits and relative maturity to make it in the world as long as they are being financially provided for (for a couple more years) as they learn their trade skills or a job-ready vocation. We spend so much of our young adulthood in academia it is rather ridiculous.
    With the Internet, people can be self-taught in SO MANY fields of knowledge & research it’s truly mind-boggling. How many more decades will a brick-and-mortar system of high schools and colleges last?

    1. Since MOOCs it’s been clear schools are now purely giant nurseries.

  3. Education is a means of Zionist indoctrination whilst hiding the unemployment numbers so more jobs can be off shored in the falsified economic recovery.
    Goldman-Sachs and their ilk are rubbing their hands with pleasure.
    Bring on the government-corporate troll haters with snarky comments selling snake oil lies, who seek to usurp God and be as him whilst everyone else toils under them, for they are the common enemy of the human race and always have been – our ancestors knew this well.

  4. I really liked the article and think so much of modern academia is a joke. The only problem I see is that even now we expect these kids to decide what they want to do for the “rest” of their lives at 18 and that fails tremendously. Good luck Having a 14 year old.

    1. An emphasis on vocational training is key. Apprenticeships are a good way for people learn skills, gain real-world experience, and get a better idea of what they want to do in life.
      Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don’t bother with these. They want their employees to come in already educated and possibly with experience.

      1. Everybody have an off-the-shelf expectations these days. Wanna a good worker? Demand a grad degree! The economy’s down? The Fed will fix it with an even lower rate! Don’t feeling God in your life? Repent, there is no god but Uncle Sam and Bush/ Obama are the last and the greatest of its prophets! Want to get money? Vote! Feeling afriad of life? Bomb, bomb, ah bomb bomb bomb ah!

    2. Not to mention going into a monstrous debt called student loan they’re on the hook for the rest of their lives.

    3. They delay the choice out of an idiotic notion that every other kid out there who was going to be an electrician, will on a dime, flip and decide to become a scientist, who will eventually cure cancer. It’s idealistic nonsense that does most kids wrong. The old grammar school route in the UK used to solve this problem, by identifying early on those kids who would most likely go down the professional/academic route, and not wasting everyone else’s time pretending that we can all follow the same path.

  5. This article is spot on. Hopefully it will keep some young whippersnappers from neglecting their personal development and maturation during high school and college.
    Some of the worst offenders are the universities, who offer liberal arts degrees and bullshit programs like entrepreneurialism (why would you learn about creating a business without first getting good at something or having a good idea!?) Not only do universities offer these programs, but they lie to students about how marketable they are.

    1. 500- plus schools may close in the US in the coming years…enrollment waaaay down…

  6. School is an utter waste of time and taxpayer money. I understand that society needs to educate the next generation of chemists and actuaries, but it’s clear by grades 8 or 9 which kids are capable of doing mathematics, science, or any advanced subject at a high level.
    High school should be replaced with skills based career training. I consider myself a pathetic excuse for a male due to my lack of welding, automotive technology and homebuilding skills which were replaced with forgettable subjects taught by public education drones.
    The way I see it, education is a bunch of hoops to jump through before becoming a corporate slave. Teacher writes on the chalkboard, takes notes, regurgitate information on test day.

    1. Except they wont even be able to be corporate slaves anymore. Nowadays even dishwashers need 5 years of experience and a BA in Advanced Dishwashing Mechanics. They are all jumping through hoops to end up unemployed or in menial jobs.

    2. Good points but worth noting “education” has also become another avenue in which to enrich/empower the Communists and further our own destruction.

    3. My great-grandfather thought my grandmother shouldn’t go past 8th grade; that women didn’t need to go further. I used to think that was backwards……but that fellow’s looking more wise in retrospect. (He also married a much younger woman when my great-grandmother passed…..another thing that I’m beginning to admire the old boy for!)

    4. This site is world class and is a great place to keep your red pencil sharp. There is powerful and great writing style on here that you couldn’t get even at a top tier school and mortgaging your best years away for it. It oozes with power points on here. Likewise you can also hang out at the junkyard or welding shop to get a better grasp of how tear down an engine with your bare teeth than you could spending thousands at Lincoln Tech.

  7. I have no sympathy for anyone who goes to University and College in this day and age unless they actually need the degree (Computer Programming, Engineering etc.) The unemployment and job market statistics are easily accessible and right in front of you. This is especially true for guys. The internet is full of stories about left wing insanity in these places if you are too lazy to research stuff like the Frankfurt School. There really is no excuse to avoid exercising due diligence when it comes to academia. This video is basically Uni in a nutshell.

    1. I’d say only 15% of college students have the brain power for degrees like those- so what to do with the rest?

        Liberal Capitalist Cultural Marxist society purposefuly destroys the
        minds of children and young people with a deliberately confused disarray of mixed cultural, social, sexual and economic signals, so that the cornerstones of natural human hierarchy such as the male gender or the dominant ethnic culture, can be intentionally retarded, broken down, pathologized as a primitive mental illness and ridiculed to the point of total collapse.
        Male brains are designed to absorb and collate more information than female brains, this is why this mind control program adversely effects males more than females, but the degenerative effects are still present in both sexes.

        1. Not sure what you are getting at- are you implying IQ is irrelevant? Thanks!

    2. One tear just went down my cheek (think of that old tv spot with the native american who was upset about our polluting the wilderness).

    3. A year or two ago I would double check that this clip was actually real. But today, I believe it, as unbelievable as it is.
      What a far, far cry from the debates I used to watch on PBS with William F Buckley.
      I never heard one word about “presidential war powers” in that clip. Only nigger this white that.. I’m sorry I’m not even that old and was a high school debater and can’t imagine saying “shit” in a debate, even at a small rural school tourney, much less a national debate.
      This clip would fit *right* in to the film Ideocracy, but just a few years later it is real. I am rather removed from pop culture, don’t have kids, couldn’t identify Beyoncé in a lineup, don’t watch TV, and so when I see glimpses like this of how quickly society has changed, it is shocking. I mean, most of the teachers in my high school are still there. And this is how bad it is. What happens when people like those in that video grow up and become the teachers?

      1. Wait, you like sex AND money? We gotta hangout sometime.

      2. “A year or two ago I would double check that this clip was actually real. But today, I believe it, as unbelievable as it is.”
        Good line. Things are degenerating at an extraordinary pace. This shitty babble reminds of those horrid millenial SLAM poetry fests that are equally nauseating. A bunch of absolutely brainless people hide their lack of capacity for thought or ideas by employing an infuriating, stilted, spastic meter to their speech. That’s probably not news to anyone but I see the same overcompensation mechanism has invaded debate. They are simply hiding the fact that their ‘thoughts’ are juvenile (if that) by this bizarre delivery. Don’t criticize them either or it’s racist!
        Yeah, these idiots will become teachers or judges or city council etc. The rails are greased for any non-white female to assume positions of power. Seattle has a confirmed, self-identifying socialist on the city council for example named ‘Kshama’.

    4. Most teenagers aren’t concerned about that sort of thing, nor have they ever been, nor should they be. They’ve been systematically screwed over by generations before them; by parents and institutions that SHOULD have been there to guide their path into adulthood. They are now pawns for the social experiment of the Left.
      Don’t blame the pot, blame the potter!

      1. ^^^agreed^^^ we are not mentoring our kids. Certainly not living by example. Parents want to be “friends” with their kids…

      1. Me too, about 20 seconds. If that doesn’t have you reaching for your passport then I don’t know what could.

        1. Ha ha. The persona endures. Good work, man. I’m not sure what the payoff is for you to maintain this internet facade but I respect your devotion regardless.

  8. Being self-referential and a go-getter, one who can work up his own drive, narrative and think outside the herd, this is what “they” are tirelessly working hard at to breed out of future generations.
    They want you stupid and confused and addicted to iphones.
    They want you disconnected and atomized. Absolutely docile and incapable of analyzing anything to its root cause, this is what they want for you.
    Now what do we have? Millions of scholars being churned out of schools without a bright idea to save their life, let alone solve world problems.
    Watered down education. Is it any wonder the majority of graduates now are women? Ever wonder why men are opting out?
    There’s a natural male impulse to want to know rather than be appeased by bullshit logic, so we have women and feminine men dominating the education system, thinking they’ve accomplished something only to be snapped up by corporations and government bodies for their ability to just “go along”, be passive, don’t rock the boat.
    I’m ranting on several fronts here but back to the main point – we’re in some sort of transition to an Orwellian-type future. Read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley – that’s the blueprint for the future.
    This is why books like fight club are becoming a sort of dark archetypal inspiration for the real man – its anarchic spirit is what we need. At the very least its respite for all the bullshit going on

    1. That’s right. The founding fathers of the USA were a bunch of radicals who did not conform to the way things were. They even bet their lives on it.

      1. No, they were conservatives. Tom Paine and Jefferson aside, the motivation for the average American was to maintain their traditional rights as ENGLISHMEN that the Crown was denying them. It wasn’t to remake the world. That rhetoric only came later.

    2. Very insightful. Current American schooling is essentially just indoctrination. Don’t think outside the box, just listen to what we say and tell you.

  9. Art of manliness had a great article along the lines of 10 things I do other than go to college. A good read.

  10. US education is nothing more than a factory designed to produce imbecilic lifetime voters for the DNC to bail them out of their self-inflicted dysfunction.
    That The State tries to make home schooling a crime should tell you everything you need to know.

    1. /bow spot on IvyMike
      Shool is there to make you a good servant to the goverment.
      The more time you spend in “public education”, the longer you are in shools – the better of a public servant you become.
      You will loose the ability to life without the system and for that reason alone you will defend the system to your last breath.

    2. Not just the Demo-rats, it serves the Republi-cons too.
      Anyone who thinks that there is a real difference between Democrats and Republicans has been effectively educated by the government.
      There are plenty of “conservative Republicans” who are members of teacher’s unions and think that they are helping the children.

      1. Precisely. Because then, if you don’t like what your (R) government is doing, the solution is to vote (D). And vice versa. The effect is to keep political change confined to two very small boxes labeled D and R which sit next to each on other on the road to hell.

  11. The mere fact that 4 years of English literature is required in high school to graduate but not one class on personal finance shows you that our educators have their collective heads up their asses.
    We have effectively made learning a chore and a bore in the West and we haven’t encouraged children to pursue their strengths. Education is a lot of fun when it is something you care about. Instead we make children focus on everything that is deemed important and effectively make them mediocre morons.

    1. Because learning (as they did in the 19th century) would undermine the Left’s vision for the perfect world.

    2. In his autobiography, Frank Zappa said that was deliberate. He said they want to educate you just enough to be a pawn for the corporate world, but not enough so you’re actually smart. Lack of financial knowledge = easy enslavement by big business. It’s deliberate — as is the fact that society shames those who want to discuss money as “materialistic.”

  12. There’s a lot of work on this by J.T. Gatto that a person can refer to.
    Basically, there’s a difference between schooling and an education, which we, in our time, take for granted. Schooling, similar to how fish are taught, by default, requires a pedagogue and more importantly obedience to authority figures. The whole purpose of schooling is to reinforce authority, whether it’s at the elementary level or the PhD level.
    Education on the other hand is something that you pretty much take on your own, whether as a child or as an adult. You read whatever books or works that you deem beneficial, and then you use it to develop life skills that increase your chances of thriving: whether it’s as an engineer or being a philosopher. Such an approach to education was what made Benjamin Franklin the renaissance man that he was, and what inspired the American forefathers to help lead the most literate people in the world in the 18th Century to take on the British Empire and eventually win.
    And thanks for pointing out this isn’t just a leftist thing, it’s about a desire for modern parents and society as a whole to waste the time of children and delaying their entrance into the marketplace of production and ideas. Children who learn faster, are more creative and more energetic, who can hack the most secure IT Systems of fortune 500 companies, have to sit back and take orders from a group of people who don’t really want to be there, and usually rationalize their presence in schools, as being a way of escaping materialistic greed. We shouldn’t be shocked by the generational gap, widening as it does ever so often: children might not know it consciously, but emotionally, they know they are getting had, in the name of love and security.

    1. Excellent post.
      J.T. Gatto weekend interview in five parts. Please bear in mind he suffered a stroke some time prior to the interview.

    2. And before Gatto there was John Holt and Ivan Illich. In ’69-’70 I was living in Mexico to avoid the American school system. While there I spent a bit of time in Cuernavaca where Illich was writing this:
      Deschooling Society
      And before Holt and Illich, there was Stephen Leacock. Leacock is important because, unlike Holt and and Gatto, he wasn’t a disgruntled former teacher, and unlike Illich he wasn’t a defrocked priest and socialist. He was mainstream. Not only was he a popular humorist, but more importantly in context he was a professor of economics at McGill University, who wrote this in the 30’s:
      Too Much College or Education Eating Up Life

    3. Tried to post a couple of Gatto videos earlier today; they didn’t show for some reason. Any-who, here’s some goodies.

    4. The world according to some Brotha lol Get out of the clueless ‘hood and off the Net fantasy world occasionally.

  13. Vocational training… good one. Most jobs that involve lifting a finger has either been outsourced or relegated to being performed by immigrants. So go to school for cubicle jobs where you’ll feel like killing yourself everyday and get hooked on antidepressants just so you dont kill yourself. You can be an addict just like everyone else in this country. Pick your drug, antidepressants that’ll kill your sex drive, legal speed like adarol or be a junkie and use norcos, oxycontin ocycodone etc..Dont be a pussy everyone else you know is on some drug pimped out for big pharma. Its all about making you dependent, divided, docile and defeated.

  14. Yes it IS babysitting!
    You can stay in the NYC public school system until 19. So if you are born in the second half of a year, you could conceivably stay in HS for six years. Now they propose 2 free yrs of community college, so now you are 21, havent worked, no closer to a BA. This is being done bc there arent enough jobs anymore and it keeps kids off the streets causing trouble (hopefully).

    1. Keeps unemployment figures down, doesn’t it? After all, where would the illegal immigrants work if those kids weren’t sitting in classrooms?

  15. I was college in the late 80’s. What I learned was not the subjects and facts for engineering, but you need to figure shit out on your own. The professors didn’t care whether you learned the material or not. They got your money already. This was before the availability of the internet.

  16. Oh don’t even get me started on they way history is taught: “Uh, so, Greeks beat The Persians, so that’s probably how and why we have democracy. Fast forward to 1492. Christopher Columbus comes here and he’s very bad. He kills the natives. They all got along so well so he and his White skin just tore through them all like butter. Then other Europeans come here with Africans they probably captured with nets in Africa and are really mean to them. We fight The British for freedom to create the bestest country ever. Germany randomly decides to blow up one of our naval ship so World War I starts. We win! Russians are bad people. A few years later Hitler and The Nazis are killing nothing but Jews like crazy and their friend Japan bombs us so we fight in World War II. We win! Russians are bad people. The we fight communists in Korea because communists are bad. We don’t win and the country is split. JFK is shot by some redneck. We try again in Vietnam to beat bad communism and we lose again. Russians are bad people. Hostages are taken in Iran by crazy Muslim students and finally get released after more than a year. Russians are bad people. Oh wait, now they’re suddenly good people today! Saddam Hussein is bad and we kick him out of Iraq. Crazy Muslims attack us on 9/11. We attack them in a country really far away from the country all 19 terrorists even came from because that country only makes terrorists anyway. Saddam Hussein gets more evil so we kick him out of Iraq. Russians are bad people again now.”
    Why the fuck is this photo not shown throughout school, to shed a bit more truth on World War II and the course of history after?:

    1. The Soviet flag in Berlin, after the Red Army had captured the Reichstag building. Your point?
      p.s.: I teach history.

      1. “I teach history.”
        Hey that’s pretty great! My “point” is I don’t remember learning about that in school, I found it out on my own. If you tell that to your kids, then that’s super badass! All I remember is (in a nutshell) “We won World War II” with nary a hint of The USSR’s sacrifices.
        I also remember seeing Nelson Mandela being freed by F.W. de Klerk and the execution of the Ceausescus on television and each time asking “Daddy, who are they?” because our winning K-12 education system’s history program didn’t touch up on them prior to the events.

        1. You obviously attended some lower class or ‘hood school.
          Didn’t your teachers in addition to the textbook material also assign other books on history or assign reading from a reputable newspaper like the NY Times?

        2. Yeah sure thing, pal. Because “obviously” ANY schooling in this country outshines any other? Somehow I doubt it!

  17. The purpose of government school is to create children of all ages who depend on government and believe that their vote counts.

  18. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
    I LOVE that generations of modern womyn will have $80,000 in debt, a useless degree, and will be weighed down by a financial albatross for their entire adult lives. They went to college because…well, who knows? They got pissed off watching “Mona Lisa Smile” one night. You go, guuuurrrrllll. Ha! Rock that degree in General Studies, dear.
    Meanwhile, their hypergamy now prevents them from dating 80% of men, who are no longer “equal” to her. She will forever be pining away for Tom Brady/George Clooney, but she will have to settle for Toothless Tom who works at Shell Gas. The reality of her shitty life will sting as she goes to bed at night.
    When it’s all done, she will be alone, a single mother or be in a loveless marriage. Plus, she will have a shitty job, and be weighed down by student loan debt. Shitty private life, shitty public life.
    All I can say is..score one for the Manosphere!

    1. Eventually they will vote in politicians who will make taxpayers pay off their loans, along with all their other expenses. Before this is over EBT will cover Gucci purses.

        1. Yeah, Our Brown Lord is doing the wedgebreaking. He probably won’t get it through but idea will circulate. He’s doing the same thing with gov’t access to 401k funds. Wedgebreaking, getting it on the table.

        2. He might not, but Hillary will. Expect to hear “Student debt hits women hardest!” soon.

        3. Yeah, that’s what I mean. He won’t get it through in a few years but the discussion is here and that was his role. Give it 5-15 years. It’s all there; The disproportionate amount of school debtors being female, so chivalry will kick in and the damsels will need saving. Remember they can’t pay it back because of ‘patriarchy’ and the ‘pay gap’ and we kind of owe it to them because they all got raped every other day in college. We need to compensate them for that. It doesn’t matter how irrational and unfair college debt forgiveness is—In 15 years (max) it will have been laundered through the average mind and be accepted as the fair and right thing to do. People who chose not to have kids in order to be financially responsible will be taxed insanely to pay for it because ‘they should have paid for a kid’s college expenses anyway instead of being so selfish’.

      1. Exactly. MGTOW is bullshit. People need to read “The law” from Bastiat.

    2. They will not have this option for much longer :^) We are on the cusp of a major tide change. All I can say is, it’s time for all conservatives to start registering as democrats – the trojan horse is a coming en masse.

      1. It’s time for you omega losers to use trojans so you don’t knock up any more stupid fat girls.There’s going to be a real ethnic cleansing all right and that means YOU.

  19. The difficulty in raising young males is that on one side they have to work within the institution to meet the required criteria to pass classes and complete school. All while, they need to have a clear understanding of the system and how to not let it grind them up, saddle them with debt and make them slaves!
    Dads need to spend as much time teaching their sons how to be free men as they do teaching them how to play sports. I coach and learning to play a sport at a high level has many benefits, but never forget the Matrix and the earlier our sons take the redpill the better they will be in the long run.

    1. lol. the father figure is actually proud. yep, he is right though. education is useless.

        1. Nope. Education does that.
          There is an actual difference between education and knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment.
          Education IS indoctrination. Education is a conveyorbelt, which is used by the system to distract people from the truth which is, there are no jobs for the vast majority of graduates, while sucking all the money out of these people.

    2. HAHAHAHAHA!!!. I remember watching that scene, couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks for the memories.

    3. Its true. I know guys who don’t even have a high school diploma, and banking six figures. Don’t let anyone tell you that an education is way to a better life. Its all bullshit.

        1. Work hard, take some risks, constantly work towards the next 2-3promotions, learn your industry inside and out, take a lot of initiative

        2. I dropped out of college after my first semester. I always loved cars, so I got a job at a local auto repair shop and started at the bottom. 18 years later I have my own shop. It’s a combination of hard work and paying attention to what the successful guys do. Why pay for an education when you can get paid to learn!

    4. Great video!
      I am this father (a little short on the millions still) to my kids. I’ve told them to pursue something other than an institutionalized education so they could escape being institutionalized in the future.And, I’ve encouraged them to take big risks and fail, as I’ve done in the past. Success doesn’t depend on what a college says you’re good at (meaningless academics) by their grading system. You are what you make of yourself — boys and girls alike.
      NOw I’m headed to Singapore to make those millions. The kids have already had their European trip so to speak. They still have much more failure ahead, but they’ve also got their youth, and are enjoying it to the full doing their thing — not doing the bidding of The Man.

    5. Nice little joke, because that’s all it is. Now come down from planet Stupid and face reality.

  20. Can someone explain to me the requirements of home schooling? I don’t have kids now, but when I do I’d rather teach them useful things about the world and life, and not have them waste their time in public education. My kids will definitely not be going to college.
    I know a lot of people are against home schooling because they say your kids don’t learn social skills, but that’s what little league sports and the YMCA is for.

    1. You’re better off not raising them in the US. Think of who their friends and societal influences will be. Also, I seriously doubt the liberal rules on homeschooling we have now will remain in place by the time your future children reach schooling age, but it depends on which state you live in.
      The problem is you will probably be socializing them with other homeschool kids, sporting events, field trips, etc. and these are full of ultra right wing religious types.
      The Harry Browne idea of not asking for permission would be simply not to tell the state anything at all about your children or how you are raising them. My experience with most bureaucrats is they can only make your life miserable, not helpful. As long as you are following some reasonable method of courses, you should be fine. But look into “unschooling”

    2. It’s just a matter of time before the same requirements that affect public and private school standards will be forced upon parents to teach their kids. Totalitarian stuff no doubt.

    3. “I know a lot of people are against home schooling because they say your kids don’t learn social skills”
      That was true thirty years ago. Today there are many co-op programs and the like. Homeschool kids don’t miss out on much of the social interaction.

      1. There is a huge confusion about social interaction. You don’t want the kids to interact only with their peers. It’s like an isolated perri dish. They will profit more by interacting with many kinds of people, the older men who can mentor them or model the life choices, the younger kids who can be tutored (pride will prove a better motivation than any gold star in mastering your subject you are teaching), and people from all walks of life. Peer grouping tends to create an inward outlook.

      2. Homeschool kids will get plenty of social interaction. Remember, you can draw upon the whole community to teach them. Field trips, relatives, neighbors, informal internships, etc. They can also join organizations like Boy Scouts and non-school affiliated youth sports programs. Tim Tebow homeschooled; I don’t think anyone would say he suffered socially.

  21. Still though, what does adulthood even mean? if it means slaving 60 hours a week for a wife and kids that don’t respect you, i’m glad it’s being delayed. Things started to go downhill when the nuclear family, nationalism, morality and religion were undermined by the government and media, modern feminized education is by-product and also a driving force of this at the same time, and at this point i’d say neglectful and bad parenting is a bigger issue. The state of the family is a shambles, sadly, school is the only love, discipline and real social interaction many kids are getting.
    For me adulthood is about being free to do what you want, unbeholden to authority or expectation other than your own, it should be everything we subconsciously wish our childhoods were.
    So whilst I agree modern education system is a sham, and i’m serious about my business/job, I don’t want to hear even the slightest of shaming language that we should be “adults”. An adult is what I am, not something I need to try to be. And sure enough one day soon I will be old, and then dead. All concept of duty is done and dusted as far as I am concerned, life is for me, and If I so choose to live it as a child it is an informed decision. The education system aside, many guys have little to become “adults” for, other than to be taken advantage of.

    1. “what does adulthood even mean? if it means slaving 60 hours a week for a
      wife and kids that don’t respect you, i’m glad it’s being delayed.”
      Here is your response to any woman accusing you of having peter pan syndrome

      1. Lol it’s ironic when women act more like children always coddled by the state and looking for a second daddy.

    2. This is because the purpose of education, has become obscured over the last century. Even before the Left took it over as a means of social indoctrination, we had come to confuse training with education. See, Albert J. Nock’s essay (1932), On the Disadvantages of Being Educated…(the whole essay is worth a read.)
      “The difference seemed to be that while education was still spoken of
      as a “preparation for life,” the preparation was of a kind which bore
      less directly on intellect and character than in former times, and more
      directly on proficiency. It aimed at what we used to call training
      rather than education; and it not only did very little with education,
      but seemed to assume that training was education, thus overriding a
      distinction that formerly was quite clear. Forty years ago a man
      trained to proficiency in anything was respected accordingly, but was
      not regarded as an educated man, or “just as good,” on the strength of
      it. A trained mechanic, banker, dentist or man of business got all due
      credit for his proficiency, but his education, if he had any, lay
      behind that and was not confused with it. His training, in a word, bore
      directly upon what he could do or get, while his education bore
      directly on neither; it bore upon what he could become and be.”
      “Curiosity led me to look into the matter a little more closely, and
      my observations confirmed the impression that the distinction between
      training and education was practically wiped out. I noticed, too, that
      there was a good deal of complaint about this: even professional
      educators, many of them, were dissatisfied with it. Their complaints,
      when boiled down, seemed to be that education is too little regarded as
      an end in itself, and that most of the country’s student-population
      take a too strictly vocational view of what they are doing, while the
      remainder look at it as a social experience, encouraged largely in
      order to keep the cubs from being underfoot at home, and reciprocally
      appreciated mostly because it puts off the evil day when they must go
      to work; and that our institutions show too much complacency in
      accommodating themselves to these views.”
      “Education, in a word, leads a person on to ask a great deal more
      from life than life, as at present organized, is willing to give him;
      and it begets dissatisfaction with the rewards that life holds out.
      Training tends to satisfy him with very moderate and simple returns. A
      good income, a home and family, the usual run of comforts and
      conveniences, diversions addressed only to the competitive or sporting
      spirit or else to raw sensation-training not only makes directly for
      getting these, but also for an inert and comfortable contentment with
      them. Well, these are all that our present society has to offer, so it
      is undeniably the best thing all round to keep people satisfied with
      them, which training does, and not to inject a subversive influence,
      like education, into this easy complacency. Politicians understand
      this-it is their business to understand it-and hence they hold up “a
      chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage” as a satisfying
      social ideal. But the mischief of education is its exorbitance. The
      educated lad may like stewed chicken and motor-cars as well as anybody,
      but his education has bred a liking for other things too, things that
      the society around him does not care for and will not countenance. It
      has bred tastes which society resents as culpably luxurious, and will
      not connive at gratifying. Paraphrasing the old saying, education sends
      him out to shift for himself with a champagne appetite amidst a
      gin-guzzling society.
      Training, on the other hand, breeds no such tastes; it keeps him so
      well content with synthetic gin that a mention of champagne merely
      causes him to make a wry face. Not long ago I met a young acquaintance
      from the Middle West who has done well by himself in a business way and
      is fairly rich. He looked jaded and seedy, evidently from overwork, and
      as I was headed for Munich at the moment, I suggested he should take a
      holiday and go along. He replied, “Why, I couldn’t sell anything in
      Munich–I’m a business man.” For a moment or two I was rather taken
      aback by his attitude, but I presently recognized it as the
      characteristic attitude of trained proficiency, and I saw that as
      things are it was right. Training had kept his demands on life down to
      a strictly rudimentary order and never tended to muddle up their clear
      simplicity or shift their direction. Education would have done both; he
      was lucky to have had none.”

  22. Home schooling is probably the best way to go. Even Universities today are just liberal think tanks indoctrinating clueless kids.

  23. “Hmm…I wonder why homeschooling has become so popular lately?”
    Because it keeps kids from being subject to the social indoctrination programs that the chronic left has subliminally (and sometimes overtly) inserted into the school curriculum. Nowhere is this more apparent (or disturbing) than in California, the mecca of liberal policy.
    Kids as young as kindergarten age are now being programmed…excuse me “taught” LGBTQXYZ issues ostensibly to promote cultural understanding, but what this really intends is to reinforce the groundwork for a mass production of next gen useful idiots in the social and especially the political arena.
    That 19 something troll that calls himself straight but argues for gay marriage with a passion that you ran across on some conservative page? If he is from California chances are good that he was inculcated to be an effective tool thanks to the efforts of the lavender mafia and their straight gimps in office.
    This kind of pernicious phenomena is by no means isolated to California. Indeed, depending on the region you will find some sort of left sponsored mind numbing curriculum designed to teach kids what to think instead of how to think.
    A teacher has no business telling a student what their opinion should be on subject A or B, they are supposed to be helping the student refine their mental processes through the presentation of objective material and helping the student cultivate their opinion on issues involving perception (interpretation of history, for example)
    All too often however, what a teacher does (especially in schools of so called higher thought) is tell the class what his or her opinion is on an issue and then ask the students to give a presentation supporting that view, or gives out materials that reinforce his or her biased view and grades the students on how close in proximity their view is to the teacher’s…bias at its worst, and it’s almost always for leftist philosophy.
    In Texas you have Spanish teachers teaching their students that Whites “stole Mexico” from the Mexicans, or otherwise forbidding their students from celebrating the US flag. Then there’s common core, the idiotic curriculum that has kids give “inspired” responses to questions involving a black or white answer, so that something as simple as 2 + 2 = 4 ends up becoming the equivalent of Egyptian hieroglyphics to the average student subjected to the bs of CC.
    You can read horror stories online all throughout the country regarding this. Teachers everywhere are trying to push left wing bs in schools with the assistance (and sometimes, demand) of politicians predominantly on the left.
    I saw traces of this even when i was in school…i remember in 10th grade a social studies teacher would go off on Rush Limbaugh because he said something they didn’t like. I didn’t even know who Limbaugh was at the time, but i made it a point to find out and decide for myself if he was bad or not.
    I can thank the teacher for making me a fan of Limbaugh’s tv show, which was probably not what the teacher expected lol
    Bear all this in mind when you send your kid to school.
    You can’t pray, or pledge to the flag, or talk about God or pray to God in class (or on school property even) but you CAN talk about:
    how we are destroying the environment (story of “stuff”)
    how gays are oppressed, are normal, deserve marriage, adoption, etc (California especially, but increasing in blue states like Massachusetts and encroaching on red states)
    how allah is wonderful (wait i thought religion was forbidden!)
    how capitalism is evil (colleges)
    how Men are evil (feminist courses)
    how Whites are evil (Texas, or areas with a large and concentrated non White population)
    how White Men are evil (feminist and or black study courses)
    how the Founders were evil (revisionist history college courses)
    and so on and so on…
    THIS is why more and more responsible parents (with enough time and money) are turning to home schooling as a viable option. Studies show HS kids perform far better than their PS counterparts, due to a circumvention of many of the issues listed above.
    and THIS is why the leftist government has taken steps to make home schooling harder…with the intent to make it illegal in the near future. Count on it.

    1. Hmmmm…. Should today’s children be indoctrinated by brainwashed teachers with 12 plus years of public school or should they be indoctrinated by brainwashed parents with 12 plus years of public school? Tough call.

      1. Whether you agree with what a parent teaches their child or not is immaterial and secondary to the FACT that the State has no true right to teach a child WHAT To think, their purpose is only to teach the child HOW to think.
        Parents > State.

    2. When kids are growing up in grade school they are all susceptible to conformity. If you tried to be that kid that took a right wing answer everyone in the classroom gives you the evil eye like you’re a plague.

      1. Critical thinking isn’t encouraged in schools anymore, it’s condemned.

  24. ‘We want you just smart enough to know how to do your job but too dumb to question those of us in authority, got it? Now get the fuck out of here & perform, you factory unit!!
    – Establishment

  25. I agree, and told everyone after I finished my Master’s program that, yeah, I learned some useful things, but it was nothing I couldn’t have done on my own in 6 weeks at the library. I did it only for the “piece of paper” that you are paid for in the west.
    While I agree with the bulk of the article, more should be said about the complete annhialation of the trade schools and community colleges that used to prepare you for agriculture, mechanic, truck driving, etc.
    Also, I met a guy the other day who is in his late 30s I think. He is in school for his 4th degree. Let’s face it, college is pretty fun, chill, hang out with young people, set your own hours, only in class a couple of hours a day, you can take classes you are interested in. He is postponing payment for it all through grants and loans, which can all be deferred while one is enrolled. I say, embrace the culture. If that is how things are, then just become a lifetime student, fuck all the college girls you want, then in your 50s join the peace corp and have your debt wiped out. haha

    1. I came to college for an engineering degree because I knew I was too lazy to look it up myself. I stayed so I could “wear the tarp, walk up on stage, and receive the magic paper that gets me hired.”
      Glad to see I’m not alone, here.

  26. I was home schooled until I was 18, so I have no actual experience of elementary or high school. I wonder how different I would be if I had gone.

    1. You would have at least been able to feel up a few females under the bleachers.

  27. Manufacturing and skilled labor jobs are vacating the west for cheap labor in asia at record pace. The vocational route is noble, but is the road to long hours and back breaking work.
    I read “liberal arts” and “useless”. No shit, I guess the idea that a soft skill degree is not directly usable in a stem field is a surprise. If you go easy early, you get what you get. That said if you busted your ass in that libral arts college, chances are you will land a better job than not.
    Bad parent’s not crushing stupid dreams early and allowing kids to gloss over difficult subjects becuase jr is a left brain thinker, is the same thing as letting a kid slide for being lazy, and lazy never earned a nickel.
    Education is strongly correlated with annual earning potential and free time, even if the degree is not a stem major. Every factory worker and laborer I have ever known has worked to send there kids to college to avoid the hell that is shift work.

  28. Disclaimer: if you take medical advice from a stranger on the internet whose pseudonym is Beefy Levinson, you deserve whatever happens. That being said, I wonder how many more people would still be alive and feeling much better if they took up cigarette smoking instead of other pharmaceutical cocktails.

    1. Tell that to a diabetic. Smoking deaths may take longer but they are an excruciating process that I wouldn’t wish on the most ardent feminazi… no, wait I take that back :^)

  29. My wife and I are seriously considering home-schooling for our youngest in light of these very circumstances. We are both tired of the over-sexualised, liberalistic, idealistic, useless information being shoved down the throats of the young. Even my wife was stuck in that cycle until she met me, and realized the reality in a red-pill, “conservative” assistance.
    We are tired to death of kids learning more about communism than our own political system, more about abstract maths than the ones that are needed in convention, works of homosexual or mentally unstable writers being promoted for “equality”….Mein Gott, the list goes on. Canada is getting pathetic.

    1. Don’t forget the element of being exposed to the other kids and their bullshit. In a nation where 70% of kids come from ‘means-tested’ homes, you are talking about a lot of utter trash surrounding your kid. Maybe there’s more influence there than with the teachers and curriculum anyway. I see now that you’re from Canada. I actually re-read your post thinking you’re American (okay, I’m patrio-centric) but when I saw the last line I really had the phrase, “Oh..Canada” play in my head in a subdued way. Ha. Maybe Canada is similar though. Yeah, you can’t shelter your kids too much, but c’mon, right? 70%!! That’s why I’m done with America. It feels to me that one has to excel in what is usually a somewhat dry field (lucrative stuff isn’t usually fun) in order to get into the 5 percentile, in order to have decent schools with decent peers, decent communities. One has to make it far into the category of international elites just in order to have a normal, decent family life. I’ll pass, with a genuine nod of respect for people who can pull that off.

    2. Get a good program. Worst thing I did was go back to public school (homeschooled 3.5 yrs). Made me go back 2.5 yrs in math and a year on every subject.

  30. Any liberal arts degree is pretty much worthless unless you plan on getting a masters, then a PHD, or you plan on law school. Other than that, go for science, or engineering. (a REAL science…… i’m looking at you psychology).

    1. The shame about things like history and classic literature is that they are noble pursuits, and worthy of study. They have just been dumbed down to the point of requiring absolutely zero academic rigor. As Good Will Hunting put it you would be better off with a library card to which I would add and an internet discussion board.

      1. I agree. I got my undergrad in Political Science/International Studies. Considered grad school for History/International Studies. Very interesting stuff. It was dumbed down at the undergrad level, which is sad. Political correctness as usual gets in the way of truly understanding a subject.

  31. There was this guy in my High School. He would get paid to do special favors for any student willing. Didn’t matter if it involved sucking someone off or taking it in real deep. From being a Freshman to a Senior and not giving a damn at every second if you were a guy or not. He got a lot of money from doing it.

  32. Nobody ever told on the guy who did favors. He apparently did such a good job at “relieving” them. There was a rumor that some of the teachers were getting on him.

  33. Humans never really grow up. All childish aspirations you had will define your life. All our inventions center on our childhood. Adulthood is merely following the childish rules society made to fulfill your own immature desires. Women are the only ones exempt from society childish rules and can follow their true childish ambitions.

  34. I never really liked school because I like to learn. When I finally got to university and could study what I wanted rather than what was required for a generic high school diploma, my grades actually shot up; second semester I got straight A’s.
    After second year I went to Australia for the summer on a working vacation. I did a fair amount of travelling but it was only towards the end that I actually got a stable job that would allow me to travel more. I wanted to stay for the full 13 months of my visa but my father – who had largely funded the trip – told me to stop whining and get back to school.
    Maybe it is ironic or maybe completely apropos: my father never got a degree. He became a Chartered Accountant (and later Fellow Chartered Accountant, sort of like your QC if you are a lawyer) by going through the “5 year program” (apprenticeship – hired directly out of high school) supplemented by some correspondence courses from Queen’s University.
    Anyways, when I returned I just wasn’t into “higher education” and I ended up dropping out. Over the next six years I worked with the army, returned to Australia for another summer, and started my own business. It was only then that I decided to finish what I started.
    When I finished my undergrad I decided to attend law school, for a number of personal reasons. It was eye opening in a number of ways. Not so much for what I learned about law but what I learned about the way our social engineers think. The best outcome was honing my own research and learning skills.
    Since then I have been self-educated in history, philosophy, pop-science, politics, religion, and a number of areas. If I was given a syllabus, a copy of the text book, and a week to brush up and/or focus, I could probably “challenge credit” just about any first or second year social science course. Not that I would get 90% or anything, but I could probably pass.
    The thing is, education is not about learning anything; it is about having some credential that says you know something. Business is largely to blame because most businesses won’t take chances on an 18 year old out of high school. They would rather let society and the candidate waste 4 years and tens of thousands of dollars so it make it easier for some HR shithead to cover their ass when they hire a 22 year old.

  35. What is more revealing about this article and the comments is that through all of these posts I have yet to read one comment about John Taylor Gatto. An article on the evils of public education and no one knows anything about this incredible man? This very fact alone speaks volumes. Damnation I wish I had fellow Kings and Courtiers to converse with instead of commoners and swains.

    1. Well what can you say? This guy was right and he is spot on.
      You do not send you kids to public shool if you want them to rule, lead or found.
      Public shool is for public servants, corporate servants, worker drones, social security-needers, public healthcare wanters, leftoids who love the goverment, people who are 18 and countdown the days until retirement and so on and so on.
      We know all that. The elite does not use public education for their children, never did and never will be.
      Problem is that the majority is not elite, nor will they ever be, so public education is just right for them.

  36. I went to school in the evenings while working full time in IT. Took 11 years, but I graduated with zero debit, and a career that was already underway. While partying through a 4 (or 6) year degree would have been fun, the price tag is too damn high.

    1. Right now I’m going through night school studying plumbing. Wish so badly I had done it at age 18 when I was eligible for scholarships.

      1. Same here. Third year in a plumbing apprenticeship in San Francisco. It’s hell over here culturally, but the wages are good. Funny how we had men around here at one point that built the Golden Gate Bridge, and now all we have are transgenders and homosexuals that stare at it and wonder how the hell it was built. Wish I had skipped the college thing and engineering degree and went straight in at 18…

  37. Since western culture has little to no regard for natural law, it’s no wonder that the public at large refuses to address the elephant in the room when it comes to educating women. Per the dictates of anatomy and physiology, they’re supposed to be procreating from age 13 (not 31!!!!!!) on. They menstruate for a reason. Biology has no need for a woman to achieve/do anything but spread and serve like a damn cheese platter. This article is spot on. Student loan bubble, anyone? First politician to suggest the ridiculousness of higher education for women would have the world on a string. All men (even libtards) know this as infallible truth. We just need to get past the initial taboo of this concept being introduced to the public lexicon. Just one mainstream, right wing reporter to yield the golden copy that calls for a total cessation of educating women beyond junior high or high school (tops). For those who would argue that there’s no harm in women pursuing an education – you don’t put that carrot on a string!! There’s no reason to taunt them with what they can no longer have (professional opportunities and prestige). This is an excellent article. It would be nice to see education come full circle and once again hold value for men and it aint happening until we excise our daughters from the process.

  38. He’s right. Don’t go to school and when you’re a man at 13 begin studying at a trade school so that you can become a bicycle repair man lol Or even a higher degree to qualify for a job changing oil at Jiffy Lube.

  39. To be fair, conservatives are also to blame. When you’re scared that Satan lurks at every corner, you will coddle your kids as well. To that I say: Fuck Satan!

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