The Russian Opposition Leader’s Girlfriend vs. The British Opposition Leader’s Wife

The wild west of Russian politics

This week the Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was shot four times by gunmen at the Vasilyevsky Spusk bridge leading to Red Square, home the Kremlin. Whatever one’s view of Putin and Russian politics, Nemtsov was a man willing to put his balls on the line.

Driven to reform latent Soviet structures of governance, the one-time deputy prime minister of Russia was to be the great liberal (in the true sense of the word) heir to Yeltsin. In later years he campaigned against corruption and recently against the war in Ukraine.

Agent of American imperialism or not, he was opposition in a country where being the opposition can leave you with polonium in your breakfast. Many of his peers cashed their chips in and fled to London, to live in paranoid luxury.

Boris Nemtsov, who "loved women"

Boris Nemtsov, who “loved women”

The key witness to the murder is Nemtsov’s 23-year old Ukrainian girlfriend, Anna Duritskaya, who was in the car with him when he was shot. Nemtsov was 55 when he died—more than twice her age. Duirtskaya is a model—flawless-skinned, high-cheekboned, long legged Slavic beauty.

She is currently under arrest as a key witness in the killing and is, like any good woman of the Eastern bloc who puts family first, upset about not seeing her grandmother.

The Mr. Bean-ization of British politics

Ed Miliband sporting a ‘This Is What A Feminist Looks Like’ T-Shirt and spindly arms.

While a Russian opposition leader is murdered in the streets of Moscow by the side of a lover half his age, his British opposite number cuts a more pedestrian figure. Ed Miliband is the privileged son of a Marxist academic who grew up in the leafy North London suburb of Primrose Hill.

His political career has mirrored that of many other comfortably-off British politicians: graduation from Oxford, job in the media, bottom rung position in the Labour Party apparatus followed by progress into the current leadership of of the party and a shot at the Prime Ministership.

Ed Miliband is married to Justine Thornton, a lawyer who, when not appearing in court, spends her time visiting girls’ schools for the purposes of instilling feminist indoctrination in girls. The Evening Standard, owned by the Lebedevs and often pushing feminist propaganda, reports her as telling these young women to get their priorities straight:

…it is ‘really important’ that women are able to have a successful career and a family.

She is also a dutiful militant for the reversal of gender roles, and:

…hopes that in future there will be more ‘political husbands.’

Justine Thornton appearing at a school in Camden, , London to convince girls to become lawyers.

Justine Thornton appearing at a school in Camden, London to convince girls to become lawyers.

Mrs. Thornton, or Ms. Thornton, as the equalist naming convention might have it, will certainly have brushed up to a 7, maybe even an 8, back in her Cambridge days. However, the single-minded pursuit of a legal career has left her with with the deep furrows and sallow skin of a woman that spends inordinate amounts of time in deep thought surrounded by books.

The Milibands would certainly have put lots of cash in the pockets of East European nannies over the years.

Worlds apart

A brief snapshot of two leaders of political opposition and their conjugal arrangements, in two historical hearts of empires 1,500 miles apart, one dead and one living, one cavorting with girl in her sexual prime half his age the other hitched to an austere scold with a monk’s haircut, tell us everything we need to know about modern Britain, its politics and its values.

First, the men themselves. Boris Nemtsov is eulogized as follows by, Anna Nemtsova (no relation), a Newsweek correspondent:

He was a revolutionary, a walking storm, sometimes rude and rough in his comments, but always an optimist and a free thinker.

She goes on:

If Nemtsov believed in something, he was never hiding behind anybody’s back. He shot his ideas out without any self-censorship, or demonstrated them with a banner in his hands out in the street, bravely, no matter how many times police arrested him for his anti-Putin protests, no matter how many death threats he received.

Following another arrest, Nemtsov had told the same journalist: “Why should I leave my country? I love Russia. Let them, the thieves and criminals, leave.” Like a man of valour, he stuck to to his principles, and as we saw  this week, he paid the ultimate price.

Ed Miliband, on the other hand, is a politician from the age of perception management. British comedy legend Alexei Sayle told in a 2012 interview of being approached by him at a function to be mechanically told by Miliband that it was 25 years since Sayle had released his top 20 comedy single, ‘Ullo John! Gotta New Motor?’

The politician claimed “they’d loved it in the Miliband house.” Sayle said even this chunk of party small-talk seemed contrived:

Later, I did think that his knowledge seemed a bit…fake. And I wondered if he’d just said to his assistant, ‘Google some information about that —-, will you?’

In May last year Miliband managed to look a pillock again when, in desperate need of a photo-op that would make him appear like a man of the people, he agreed to eat a bacon sandwich. A couple months later, he declared that “photo-op culture” demeans politics, but by October was back at it again, dutifully posing in a “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” t-shirt.

Ed Miliband in a cynical attempt to appear like a 'man of the people', which backfired,

British men, know your place

Just as men like Boris Nemtsov should be free to pursue political change by fair means in the societies they live in without being murdered for their trouble, so should men like Ed Miliband be free to marry a careerist who decides to sacrifice their femininity in pursuit of a transient career that nobody will want to remember.

Ed Miliband probably is who he is—a left wing politician hell-bent on pleasing everybody and offending nobody—as a result of some innate biological feature or an overbearing Jewish mother. It’s not for us to fix that.

The question British men should consider is “What would happen in Britain if a 55-year old politician was had a 23-year old Ukrainian model girlfriend?” Or conversely, “What is different about Russian society that makes it acceptable for a 55-year old politician to have a 23-year old Ukrainian model girlfriend?”

The answers are: to the first, he would be hounded out of public life forever, or consigned to the dustbin of bizarre, tolerated weirdo politicians like Lembit Opik or other sexual miscreants from the UK Liberal Democrat party.

To the second: Russia is a society where traditional values have not been utterly usurped by Cultural Marxism. In Russia, pressure yet exists for men and women alike to conform to traditional gender roles. How many Russian women have you seen lately with the side of their heads shaved?

A man of any age pursuing the romantic and sexual love of a young woman in her sexual prime is natural, positive thing, and only a sick, demented society overtaken by the cult of equalism will rule otherwise.

I only found the mention of Nemtsov’s girlfriend’s age shocking because I, too, have been slightly indoctrinated into the mores of such a society—Britain. This weekend, I’ll try to reverse some of this brainwashing with a shot or two of Russian vodka—in memory of Boris Nemtsov.

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  1. Anybody watching the new season of House of Cards? Episode 3 was pretty funny with a Putin like figure visiting Frank and Claire at the White House. Russian hilarity ensues.
    And, no, Yakov Smirnoff was not in it.

    1. I think Yakov just changed his name to Vlade Divac once the wall fell

  2. The photos of Miliband eating reminds me of sitting in Sheremetyevo International Airport back in the late 90’s. There was a Russian man eating and I thought to myself; “He eats like a pig at a trough!” I see the Limey Brits are no different, and I thought it was supposed to be Americans who have no manners…

      1. Not true! After I kicked out your teeth I would be gentleman enough to pick them up and stuff them in your pocket as you lay there unconscious and bleeding.

  3. frankly who cares Boris Nemtsov was a cultural Marxist, who promotes things like feminism, it’s better for everyone his ideas are not broadcast openly in Russia, I guess the author wants Russia to become a degenerate shithole like west Europe and u.s

    1. “Agent of American imperialism or not, he was opposition in a
      country where being the opposition can leave you with polonium in your
      Wikileaks: Nemtsov advises American Embassy, Russia needs a crisis to topple Putin (2010-2011):
      Nemtsov Murder: Putin Warned 3 Years Ago That This False Flag Might Happen (Video):
      Note: the Russian word “provocatsiia” is often translated as
      “provocation” which is not incorrect as long as you are aware that in
      Russian “provocation” can mean “false flag”, as it does in this
      context. Putin is clearly warning about a false flag “sacrifice”.
      Boris Nemtsov getting instructions at the American embassy in Moscow (2012):
      Did the US Murder Boris Nemtsov?
      They will point out that, if chased by Kremlin assassins, Boris Nemtsov would have died in a car crash, or from a heart attack. It is considered far too sloppy for anyone in the Kremlin to think of shooting him in public, with witnesses ready at hand. The CIA experts would surely agree.
      Recapping: such clean methods would actually seem to implicate the Russian state, whereas the rather sloppy way Nemtsov was actually killed would force us to rule this out. But by that same logic, if a hit of this sort were to be carried out, then it would make perfect sense for the state to use an “amateur” looking method. In the case of the US, a different objective must be served. If the US was behind this, the murder would have to be “obvious”, messy, ugly, leaving behind few doubts.
      Indeed, if the Russians had wanted Nemtsov dead, the value of killing him would have been in his absence. But if the Americans were to kill him, the value would be in the spectacle of the killing itself. This killing is loaded with spectacle.
      “The key witness to the murder is Nemtsov’s 23-year old Ukrainian
      girlfriend, Anna Duritskaya, who was in the car with him when he was
      shot. Nemtsov was 55 when he died—more than twice her age. Duirtskaya is
      a model—flawless-skinned, high-cheekboned, long legged Slavic beauty.”
      Don’t forget the Dubai elite call girls like the red hed below:
      Odessa Massacre organizer comes to Moscow to “pay his respects” to Nemtsov, gets arrested:
      On May 2, 2014, Right Sector nationalists and their supporters attacked the Anti-Maidan camp on the Kulikovo Polye, then set on fire the Trade Union House where the protesters took refuge. 48 people were killed, over 200 were wounded; those who managed to escape the fire were cruelly beaten by the nationalists. Ukraine’s investigation has not identified the guilty parties, even though it acknowledged it was planned. However, no nationalists were arrested.

      1. What kind of fag just sits there getting his tits sucked on? Fuck him. That’s so Eastern Civ. “Mm, yeah, suck my tits, woman!”

      2. Makes sense actually. Why would you publicly assassinate your opposition leader when the path would lead directly back to you?

    2. You are right. We should censor all ideas we do not like. This is the path to true freedom.

      1. If you want to get rid of cultural Marxism, you’ll have to curtail freedom and ideas. There’s no other way. That’s the trade-off.

        1. You will never get rid of cultural Marxism. As long as these people do not infringe on my property rights, they can say what they like.

    3. Russia is fucked in every possible way at the moment.
      They have the european-istas trying to pry crimea from putin’s ‘cold dead hands’
      They have opec which has been goaded by the US to lower the shit out of oil prices to punish Russia (sure it makes things cheaper for everyone temporarily but not only does it fuck up Russia, it fucks up the oil sectors in the US as well. talk about cutting your nose to spite your face)
      Russia’s currency is not being traded and is fucked.
      The liberals and ex mafia billionaires in moscow (and bare in mind its only moscow thats liberal) want champagne socialism that elites in europe have but conveniently forget how it would completely destabilise the country.
      I know what old Barry O’s trying to do. he’s trying to see if putin will blink. except the thing is, putin won’t.
      To quote varys on littlefinger: “he would burn the entire realm down if it meant he could be king of the ashes”
      i think that applies to putin here.
      No doubt i respect the guy from his strength and alpha characteristics. I respect him for his two finger salute to the rest of the world, and for bringing back traditionalism and getting the youth involved through his excellent tactical genius of an advisor, Vladislav Surkov
      but ultimately he is going to be the loser because everyone is against him. And he won’t back down quietly. He’d go all out.
      The winning scenario is a status quo of sorts. split ukraine east and west.
      Europe’s a bit screwed anyway given that Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain are most definitely going to end up having to form their own quasi federation when germany and france get sick of paying for europe’s bills.
      Britain is in a bit of a weird situation. We act like we’re the big man on campus, when that just has not been the case for what 40, 50 years now?
      Britain wants to renegotiate the EU but it has no leverage.
      It wants to cosy up to the US but forgets that its biggest trading partner is and always will be its direct neighbours of europe.
      Geography matters a hell of a lot.

  4. I just hope my country won’t be overrun by Westerners trying to steal our women.

    1. Seeing as how many Westerners are mostly simps, there’s not much of a competition to worry about.

    2. fsyevelod – Im learning Russian, I plan to troll Russia for pussy one day.
      Ivanovo, specifically. But there are few men willing to put in the effort I am.

  5. I was having a conversation with a woman who knew a friend of mine. I had just met her, and she was about 38 or 39. She had gone through a divorce and a custody battle and said to me, “you might not agree with this, but I think the woman should automatically get the kids 100% of the time.” She was basically saying that men shouldn’t have the right to see their children. Her comment kinda pissed me off, so I decided to troll her. I nonchalantly replied, “I actually agree. Women evolved for the purpose of raising children and it’s the only thing they are naturally good at.”
    You should have seen the shocked look on her face, the awkward silence, and then picking back up as if I had never said anything at all. Haha. What a bitch.

      1. I’m banging a 24 year old. What use is a 39 year old with baggage to me?

        1. Obviously, none, but that has nothing to do with *her* needs, patriarch.
          You heartless people, if some filthy degenerate panhandler asked you for a dollar you’d probably be charitable and hand it over.
          Some poor, old, ageing wench needs to borrow your cock, and you don’t even want to hear about it.

        2. Dumbass. If a panhandler asks me for a dollar, I suggest they sober up and find a homeless shelter.

        3. And if only a dumbass like you could panhandle a sense of humour off of a good comedian. But the comedian would probably be busy donating his cock to some wench (or at least getting accused of it).

        4. Preach. You can’t have a really bonded relationship with someone who has been through miles of dick. The shamelessness is great and all but no one can have it all and the skill will come in time.

    1. That’s the victim/victor axis of the feminine mind.
      100% custody because women are superior. Supremacy tingles.
      Shocked look when you say women are made for child-care. Indignation tingles.
      Back and forth and back again.

    2. That’s what they mean when they want equality. 100% all to woman!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lets not kid ourselves though, behind the façade, both these guys ritualistically buttfuck other men, little boys and drink their blood too.✡

    1. Because they are politicians with Jew in their blood, or because you know something about these two men specifically, that no one else does? And drop the drinking of the blood nonsense. There are plenty of reasons to be critical of the Jews, but they don’t drink blood.

      1. He has probably paid the likes of them handsomely to do those things to him, first hand.

  7. “I only found the mention of Nemtsov’s girlfriend’s age shocking because
    I, too, have been slightly indoctrinated into the mores of such a
    Say what? I don’t think dating young women are against the mores of any western society. The problem is that the majority of us that read ROK have little perspective because we are mostly millennials that have no idea how the world really was before the 80’s. We mostly get our information from the media such as movies and TV and in this age of cougardom, young men get conned into believing that May-December romances are wrong.
    But if you look back at the great romance movies of the 80s and early nineties what’s the age difference between the actors? The man was around 40 and the woman in her 20s. Remember “Pretty Woman”? Actor Richard Gere, who did a million of these films, was 41 at the time. Julia Roberts was only 23. “When Harry Met Sally” paired a 41 year old Billy Crystal with 28 year old Meg Ryan.
    So are any of you 30 something men reading this now feel guilty kicking it to a 20 year old?

    1. wolf of wallstreet Leo is 39 I think margot robbie was 22 or 23 when filmed.
      quite frankly, you dont even notice an age difference in the movie because it is natural for an older succesful man to smash hot young broads..

  8. This weekend, I’ll try to reverse some of this brainwashing with a shot or two of Russian vodka—in memory of Boris Nemtsov.

    Or better yet, bang a woman who is young enough to be your daughter (if that’s legally possible).

  9. Wow, she spends time in deep thought, surrounded by books. She’s not 21 any more. Let’s shoot her!

    1. You so clearly project your murderous hatred of the unattractive here. That’s how women view unattractive men; disposable. The writer was just basically saying, ‘He doesn’t have a hot girlfriend. Too bad for him.’ You projected the hate.

    2. Why shoot her? Let’s empower her, with a crowd of Muslim or Indian immigrant gentlemen after 9 PM, who shall prove she is still a woman under that aged veneer of an asexual boy.

  10. That was instructive, and the main point made. I’ve no idea of Nemtsov’s character, but at least he wasn’t a full-on groveller like Ed Millipede.
    The main benefit of politicians like Ed, Barry, and VAWA Joe is that their mass elevation and empowerment are a daily insult to masculinity, and to whatever men remain in their nations. They have sold out to the hive, to easy ideology and smooth lives, and expect other males to do likewise. Whatever Nemtsov’s life was like, it didn’t sound smooth and easy.
    Not so long ago, Russia survived its own poisoning by Bolsheviks, some of whom doubtless remain. The pain of that deceit and deprivation still lives in the people. So they aren’t eager to embrace Socialist Goodthink again, even under the cover of ‘helping women’.

    1. The majority of people in countries like Russia view the old USSR as the golden days.

      1. Then they should drop a few lat-lines and move to New Amerika, because the PC Politburo has been running the show here for decades. The U.S. Emperor is a staunch Marxist-Feminist that gleefully has ‘transformed’ America into Little Soviet South, with the mandate of the Wonderful People of Vote-i-stan. So come on down! lol No Siberian Gulag here. But baby we got LOTS of mancages. For profit!
        Not that I believe that anybody knows what the ‘majority’ of people in any nation want. Shit even the Almighty People themselves don’t know what they want!

  11. Lmao. The 21st century will spell the end of men. Women already hold most of the college degrees. It won’t be long till men become showpieces. Revenge is sweet.

    1. (rofl) Indeed it is. College degrees are essentially worthless in most fields. why? because women hold the majority, and women are worthless.
      You cackle gleefully and revel in your hatred, secure that the gravy train will forever run. 6 years, honey, before you are dead or on your knees to any man that is willing to feed you scraps or protect you.

      1. I’d love to see a society teeming with “women’s studies”, “psychology” and “media” degrees try to function. When every member is so consumed with their own smugness and self worth holding $20,000 pieces of paper, who will build houses, clean sewerage pipes, build infrastructure, collect rubbish. Men actually RUN society. Men built society. Men alone have the motivation and drive to fix what is broken and innovate and improve on all other aspects (instead of sitting around and just complaining that “my iPad isnt water proof and it fell in the bath while I was reading the huffington post and now it’s broken. Stupid useless men!”)

    2. No Linda.
      Your foot shall slip in due time, you little whore.
      All feminists will burn in Hell.
      Forever and ever.

    3. “Revenge” against men for freeing you from the bonds of your biology with modern medicine and birth control? Without men you’d be living in a cave, little girl. Never forget that. You need to be on your knees thanking men for your cushy, privileged life and innumerable comforts, such as that computer you’re tapping on and hiding behind. Come on, bite the hand that feeds you, little doggie.
      Concerning your college degrees, they’re more worthless than ever…

    4. Yes that’s the point, its about revenge for perceived offences, its nothing to do with equality, its just women showing their true vindictive nature for no rhyme or reason any sane person can surmise.

      1. There are no winners in the gender wars. When you “win” you go extinct.

        1. I hope I go extinct in Bangkok when I’m in my nineties in a haze of viagra and weed and some little money grubber who looks great in a bikini. That’s a win.

    5. When men in a society become weak next to their women, they don’t become show pieces, they die and are replaced by a society with strong men (aka invasion). The women return to their normal station.

    6. Who cares if they hold most of the college degrees…people don’t learn shit in college anyways and most of those degrees are in useless low wage majors. Women will never create and build. That is what drives society. Not a degree in Transgender studies.

    7. Linda – Women dont invent or start companies.
      All the new tech companies are mostly male dropouts. The rest are educated males. Women loading up on liberal arts degrees isn’t going to improve their station in life.
      It seems men have caught on to what a scam college is while women gleefully go 100k into debt for a psychology degree.
      The fact that you think doing what a teacher tells you makes you ‘smart’ just shows what a herd mentality women have. You’ll do whatever youre taught without question.

    8. college degrees? you think they make you smart? it would be fun if men would drop what they are doing just one day, let alone disappear. you would be extinct in no time.
      now troll somewhere else. its not our fault youre not attractive and thus get mad on men who dont want to bang your worthless ass

    9. Yes and I’ve seen women with engineering degrees who can’t even design a flat square plate.

    10. Degrees won’t make me want to fuck you. And that’s the only power a woman can have in her life that’s relevant to a man.

    Defender of Russian children against homosexual propaganda aimed at minors.
    And Defender of The Russian Faithful against the whores of Pussy Riot.
    And Mr Putin, since you are a hero and thus probably reads Return of Kings, I would like to state the following for the record:
    If those Goddamned harlots of Pussy Riot ever makes another sound, even the slightest, you have both my permission and my blessing, to hang them.

    1. we need to get Putin to write a guest article on here. No doubt he’s an ROK reader

        1. Is it possible for Obama to look even more like a total ineffectual faggot who loves muslim cock?

      1. “we need to get Putin to write a guest article on here.”
        They should try contacting him. Worked for Outdoor Life.
        One-on-One With Vladimir Putin: In a rare and exclusive interview, Russia’s Prime Minister speaks out on fishing, hunting and why he loves the outdoors.
        The Secret American Subculture of Putin-Worshippers. The Russian president has his fans here—who see him as the very epitome of macho manliness.
        He called the Russian consulate, flirted with the right secretary, and went through “hoop after hoop after hoop” until, one Friday, a press attaché called and told him the president wanted his questions in the next 20 minutes.
        Young scrambled and sent something over. Six weeks later, Putin replied with an almost unbelievable 8,000-word missive—covering everything from tiger conservation to his favorite works of Hemingway to the innate frailty of human life. He lectured on the similarities between Russians and Americans, and demurred from answering Young’s friendliest questions. (“Are you the coolest man in politics?”) “People really liked him, at least on our comments section on Outdoor Life,” Young says. “Given the demographics of the readership, most are die-hard Republicans,” and when they saw Putin hunting, he says, “they were like,’Obama wouldn’t do that.’ ”
        Putinphilia is not, of course, the predominant position of the conservative movement. But in certain corners of the Internet, adoration for the leader of America’s No. 1 frenemy is unexceptional. They are not his countrymen, Russian expats, or any of the other regional allies you might expect to find allied with the Russian leader. Some, like Young and his readers, are earnest outdoorsy types who like Putin’s Rough Rider sensibility. Others more cheekily admire Putin’s cult of masculinity and claim relative indifference to the political stances—the anti-Americanism, the support for leaders like Bashar al-Assad, the oppression of minorities, gays, journalists, dissidents, independent-minded oligarchs—that drive most [Democrats/progressives] mad. A few even arrive at their Putin admiration through a strange brew of antipathy to everything they think President Obama stands for, a reflexive distrust of what the government and media tells them, and political beliefs that go unrepresented by either of the main American political parties.
        …the Obama’s-so-bad-Putin-almost-looks-good sentiment can be
        found on plenty of conservative message boards. Earlier this year, when Putin supposedly caught—and kissed—a 46-pound pike fish, posters on Free Republic, a major grassroots message board for the Right, were overwhelmingly pro-Putin:
        “I wonder what photoup [sic] of his vacation will the Usurper show us? Maybe clipping his fingernails I suppose or maybe hanging some curtains. Yep manly. I can’t believe I’m siding with Putin,” one wrote. “I have President envy,” another said.

  13. Milliband is a fucking homo who wants everyone else to be a fucking homo too.

  14. “What would happen in Britain if a 55-year old politician was had a 23-year old Ukrainian model girlfriend?”. Nothing would happen.Plenty of british politicians have hot girlfriends.Plenty of Russian/Ukrainian politicians have ugly wives.Just check Yanukovich’s wife picture, and then his girlfriend. Nemtsov has always been with hot women.Since when he was 18.Check a picture of his last wife, she is tenfold hotter then the ukrainian prostitute who got him framed and now hiding from reporters. Miliband on the other hand is a homo and a weirdo.So what?
    It amazes me how far the writers of this resource go in order to justify the fact that their chieftain is unable to get laid with women,other than poor and desperate green card hunters.Every fucking world event is being scrutinized in order to find “proofs”.

  15. One of them is a charismatic rebel, the other an establishment politician. The comparison is about as relevant as one between Che Guevara and Brezhnev.

  16. “Russia is a society where traditional values have not been utterly usurped by Cultural Marxism”
    “Traditional values” (church, family, etc) have long been “usurped” by communist government decades ago. And they were far worse than cultural Marxists(Social-liberals would be more precise) will ever be. Today, Russia has one of the lowest fertility rates in the world, neatly contributing to it’s demographic disaster, it has one of the highest abortion and divorce rates in the world, an AIDS and drunkness epidemic, corrupt politicians that will make Obama and Co look like saints. So much for “traditional” values. It’s economy is also highly protectionist and fully dependent on oil and gas with no technological innovations to speak of. The bureaucracy is ENORMOUS with hordes of government officials, so it is no libertarian paradise. And the only reason why Russian women( famous in Soviet Union for their incredibly bitchy attitude) are not as ball-busting feminists as their Swedish or American counterparts are, is very simple: it does not have to do with family, Orthodox Christianity or other traditional values. Rather it is lack of money and the number of males being significantly higher than number of females. That’s it.

    1. HA! HA! HA! ~ “Rather it is lack of money and the number of males being significantly higher than number of females. That’s it.” ~ Lack of money has nothing to do with it and women out number men like 5 to 1.

    2. Exactly. Russian women were working in factories on the same positions as men, decades before Spanish women could open up a bank account without their husband’s approval and Swiss women could vote. I seriously don’t understand this talk of “traditional” women… What especially makes me laugh is when some people on this site talk about Czech women as being traditional, when in fact the Czech Republic is one of the most atheist countries in the world and women in Czechoslovakia got to vote in 1918, way before most other countries…. People are seriously mixing up things… and Russia is culturally Marxist, you don’t wipe away 70 years of that so quickly…

    3. “Today, Russia has one of the lowest fertility rates in the world, neatly
      contributing to it’s demographic disaster, it has one of the highest
      That’s the results of 74 years of atheism as government mandate. All those demographics have turned around now. Russia’s future is looking a lot brighter than that of the ultra-bankrupt USA/EU.
      1. Russia’s population is “shrinking rapidly”
      This might be the most common error in Western reporting. In reality,
      Russia’s population is marginally higher now, at the start of 2013,
      than it was in 2006. Russia’s population was declining rapidly
      during the late 1990′s and early 2000′s, but this decline has leveled
      off and the population has stabilized. Russia’s population could very
      well start declining again in the future, but at the moment it is
      actually growing (albeit at a glacial pace).
      2. Russia’s economy is in “serious decline”
      The idea that Russia’s economy is somehow “imploding” or “turning in
      on itself” is encountered most frequently among right wingers, but was
      also a favorite trope of centrist outfits like Newsweek or The Economist. While Russia is hardly an economic hegemon, its overall economic performance over the past decade has actually been pretty decent, especially when you compare its performance to the horrible post-crisis performances of many formerly communist countries in Eastern Europe. It is possible that Russia’s economy might implode at some unknown future date, but at the moment it is experiencing modest growth.
      3. Just like the Soviet Union, Russia ”spends all of its money on the military”
      The Russian government’s bombastic pronouncement that it would spend
      $700 billion on procuring new weapons in the years leading up to 2020
      led a lot of people to think that Russia was returning to the garrison
      state it had been under communism, when military spending was 30% of GDP and the entire country was impoverished by the insatiable appetites of
      the “metal eaters” in the defense ministry. While I would agree that
      Russia’s defense spending is marginally higher than it ought to be, the
      actual level of spending as a percentage of GDP is modest in comparison
      to Russia’s own tortured past and even to the United States (the data is from SIPRI and ends in 2010 because that is the most recent year available)
      4. Russia’s alcohol epidemic “continues unabated”
      Russians drink a lot, there’s no arguing that. But, mercifully, they are drinking themselves to death a lot less frequently than they did in the past. The death rate from accidental alcohol poisoning has been shrinking rapidly over the past decade, and is now lower than it was even during the height of Gorbachev’s anti-alcohol campaign (when the Soviet government was doing things like bulldozing vineyards). Russia’s death rate from alcohol is still very, very high when compared with Western countries, but it is improving.
      5. Russians “have more abortions than kids”
      This was true for a very long time, from the early 1960′s until about 2007. Abortion really was Russians’ the preferred method of birth control. But with almost no fanfare the number of abortions in Russia (while still quite high in comparison to Western countries) has been plummeting.
      [Orthodox Christian women don’t tend to murder their children. A baby boom is coming as all the atheists die off. According to the World Bank it rose from 1.34 in 2009, to 1.54 in 2013 and is currently at 1.60. This rise is almost unique in Europe.]

  17. I only want to point out, that Nemzov was a criminal and a russian mobster.
    His political power as opposition was very small. Nobody knew him, if then only as that curropt ashole of Jelzin and the Oligarchy. And everybody hates the 90s in Russia, and foreso the Ideology and the people of that era.
    This is emopolitics. Someone uses emotionalized facts to support a certain world view in the west. Becouse I can asure you, in Russia most of the people are happy that this traitor is dead.

  18. Miliband eating that bacon sarnie – should an atheist marxist still evidence jewish hang-ups about non-kosher food?

  19. I’m glad Putin took care of him. He’s another Western liberal who wants gays parading around Russia and adopting kids.

  20. She put family values first ? Really ? You people are so delusional about the so called ussr unicorns . This model was leaving a high dollar restaurant called Bosco in Moscow with Boris moments before he got killed. She, like his supporters, knew he was a marked man, yet chose to be seen publicly with him. He has been connected to all the thieving oligarchs of Russia yet complains that Putin is corrupt ? I have said this 1000 times , former ussr chicks don’t love you for your penis, they love you for your wallet . She could care less about her mother . Clap clap , it makes for a good show . She would sell her mother for a pair of Christian Louboutin heels and a BMW.

    1. All politicians are basically gangsters. The Russian are just more open about it.
      And I have experience of Ukrainian women (to your point). One aging hag told me “you couldn’t afford me”.
      Generally my experience of Russian and Ukrainian women is that they are some of the worst money grubbing hoes in the World. And how they convince wealthy men to date them when frankly, they are not that pretty, is beyond me.

      1. I’ll wife up a horny, Mexican or Central American woman over a Russian any day of the week. If you don’t give a Latina your penis when they want it, then they go after your wallet !

        1. Hell, I much prefer Spanish or Italian women (to Eastern European women). They are classy, beautiful and don’t expect you to pay for everything.
          And mate… they are amazing in bed! Similar in many ways to their Latina counterparts.

    2. And some of them would sell their mother just for the heels and a handbag.

  21. Yeah Justine Thornton was never a 7. Ever.
    And Milibrand? He is a waste-man. He literally has nothing to say. Nothing, nada, not a sausage. And you can tell he’s a totalitarian because he uses the word “we” in every sentence.
    Never trust a man who tells you what “we” must do.
    The irony of those “feminist” t-shirts is that they were made by impoverished women in sweatshops. Love it.
    I want a fur coat with an animal rights patch ironed on.

  22. Sorry, no sympathy for Nemtsov. He’s the same kind of guy who makes a living complaining about stuff, but is otherwise worthless himself. That’s not courageous. There are plenty of people like that in Western countries, and around the world.
    If anyone has the balls here, it’s the man who put HIS life on the line by ridding the world of Nemtsov.

  23. This looks like a politicized article.
    [quote]he was opposition in a country where being the opposition can leave you with polonium in your breakfast.[/quote]Point of view without backing it up with facts.
    And author don’t know facts:
    [quote]The key witness to the murder is Nemtsov’s 23-year old Ukrainian girlfriend, Anna Duritskaya, who was in the car with him when he was shot. Nemtsov was 55 when he died
    She is currently under arrest as a key witness in the killing and is
    [/quote]They were walking. There were no car. And she has been in Ukraine since 2 – 3 of march.
    Ok, that is fine anyway and if author wants to put it this way – fine.
    But i stopped reading after:
    [quote]like any good woman of the Eastern bloc who puts family first, upset about not seeing her grandmother.[/quote]
    Seriously this myth about some magic eastern women here ? On ROK site?
    Sorry, don’t know how to quote.

    1. She was probably just upset about not having access to her Jimmy Choo shoes…

  24. “…hopes that in future there will be more ‘political husbands.”
    Like Denis Thatcher? Oh, no – since Margaret Thatcher didn’t buy into all of Thornton’s communist bullshit, the Thatchers don’t count.

  25. Both Nemtsov and Milliband are cultural marxist spreading jews. It makes you wonder why there are so many jews involved with politics and big business in the western world and FSU states.
    At least Nemtsov was manly looking. This compared to Ed Milliband who is a scrawny and dorky looking leftist with an ugly face. If he was a small timer in politics he would for sure have had to pay for sex.

  26. “Justine Thornton” -> This is what a male feminist can hope for.
    I would rather not taste her. Thank you very much.
    Anna on the other hand -> thats what you get when you show balls.

  27. lol you can’t compare a pure bred russian model and hard 9 with an ageing british (read: shit) woman that happened to marry the son of a prominent marxist.
    that’s like asking muhammed ali to fight a small ugly socialist child
    sure its entertaining for a minute, but all you do is feel pity for the child its an unfair matchup

  28. Nemtzov was simply of more value being killed to his CIA friends than being alive and a looser.Those famous liberals are hated in Russia.Life for average russians for miserable during the yeltzin era due to exactly these free market and free trade crap.Putin didnt kill him because he was such a non entity.Of the oppositon in Russia is being fed tax payer money by one way or the other.Either by half state NGOs or with the money George Soros ripped you off. and thats why he can buy himself such A Class hookers.I like Putins girlfriend much more btw.Nemtzov was simply a sucker.He wont be given power anyway.The plan for Russia is being destroyed and dismembered.Being an ally of Wallstreet doesnt pay out.They always stab you in the back.Its better to be an enemy.

  29. How about comparing the wife of Dennis Kucinich, the Democratic Congressman from Ohio,who could practically be his daughter and the wife of Viktor Yanukovich?
    Ohio Congressman
    ex-Pres of the Ukraine
    You can make endless comparisons like this… Hot wives or girlfriends of old politicians in the “West” and ugly wives or girlfriends of politicians in Russia. How about Berlusconi having bunga bunga parties with 17-year olds?

  30. Neither of these jews has any business existing in Western civilization.
    And that will soon be made abundantly clear to the rest of you jews.

  31. Almost all of the wives of British politicians are hideous.
    Karen Danczuk is meant to be one of the hottest; Google her and you’ll find she’s a psychotic narcissist who also is a 4/10.
    It says a lot that only a handful of our politicians have attractive wives, but then again, it’s hardly surprising given their total absence of any charisma and charm.

  32. Sorry but he was a Jewish pig, and traitor. not some hero.
    The women with him was a Urkanian , not a Russian, not his GF .
    He was not shot while in a car. They were pedestrians .

  33. what is the actual point of the first paragraph of this article. The author is an imbecile. I have actually never seen a good article on ROK it’s a moron website.

  34. Good comment. Except the part about the women in Russia is about thirty years out of date. Look around the towns and cities of Russia and, mostly you will see the women looking scruffy, with ripped jeans, masculine, dirty and behaving how they were brought up to be- that is selfishly without any Christian values. That’s the truth, whether you or I like it or not.

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