15 Examples Of How Much Prettier American Girls Would Be If They Lost Weight

This web site has been a beacon of light in a dark world that tries to sell men and society on the idea of fat acceptance. This idea is in part predicated on the belief that beauty is a socially constructed concept and as a result fat women are beautiful as well. Oh course the fat acceptance movement conveniently ignores male sexual desire which is the only significant tool for measuring if women are attractive. To put it succinctly if a woman fails the boner test she is not beautiful.

The situation in the United States is dire for men as the number of obese and overweight women have never been higher. This chart below from the CDC shows the progression of obesity among adult women in recent years.


The reality is that as fatness increases among women there is also a precipitous decline in the number of attractive women in the population taking place. This is because every convert to the fat side represents a loss of a potentially attractive chick. Therefore it is important for men to take a step back and realize the potential fat chicks have under all of their layers of fat to become fuckable.































Most men undoubtedly fail to see the potential in fat chicks since their main thought is usually one of disgust. However when presented with pictures like those above isn´t it shocking how much more desirable these women become once they lose the weight? Fat women reading this should take note how drastically they can increase their value by getting a thin body.

The United States has the advantage of being a melting pot for generations which usually means many of the best facial/body features are passed down with each generation meaning women should be getting progressively better looking not the reverse. As the photos above illustrate, the US has no shortage of potential for attractive women if the large percentage of fatties which now make up the majority of women could manage to lose their weight. While it is all too common to hate fat women because they are an offense to the aesthetic senses it is important to never forget perhaps the most important reason to hate fat chicks: by being fat they are directly decreasing the number of potentially desirable girls in the population.

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327 thoughts on “15 Examples Of How Much Prettier American Girls Would Be If They Lost Weight”

  1. We’re worried about the looks of these entitled, stupid little princess with their shitty attitudes exactly why….?

    1. Because an entitled princess who has the looks to back it up is far more desirable when you destroy her fragile bitch shield with masculine ease than a fat cow

    2. Because the manosphere upsets feminists, and anything that upsets a feminist for any reason is a good thing?

    3. Because the manosphere upsets feminists, and anything that upsets a feminist for any reason is a good thing?

  2. Once they get thin, they will still be bitches. Ignoring everyone, content in the self-imagined superiority to men, anxious for any opportunity to attention whore.
    Empty vessels make the most noise.

    1. I disagree. If America had an fatty rate that was 20% instead of 70% there would be too many attractive chicks so that men would not accept the cunty attitutes of skinny women since they no longer would be the minority of the population and as such todays skinny women with cunty attitutes would be taken off their pedastal as they faced too much competition from other skinny women thus causing them to improve their personalities to attract/keep men. So by growing the numbers of skinny women would create a vicious cycle of more hot chicks with collectively better personalities.

      1. Amen. Notice that in other countries where chicks are on average thinner and more attractive they don’t find themselves to be particularly special.

        1. But in North America if she’s “not obese” she feels entitled to a top-of-the-market man. And pursues these kinds of men (and faces continual rejection and pump-and-dumps while shamelessly using and friend-zoning men in her league).
          And that’s why she’s got all these men running around her but she’s still f*cking miserable. Because she’s p1ssed that she couldn’t win the game, so she changed the rules, but still can’t win because mother nature doesn’t give a f*ck about feminism.

      2. This is true. With 80% of the female population too fat or covered in cellulite, the 20% who are not fat become incredible high in demand. The more (in general) women are in demand, the worse their attitudes and sense of entitlement tend to be.
        So yes, every time another woman grows into a land-whale, the gals who are fit (or just NOT as obese) get more swollen heads.
        Stop fat-acceptance now!
        The fat, like the weak, the drunk, the addicted and those who refuse to work, are a POX on society and should all be SHUNNED and RIDICULED! Let nature weed out the weak, fat, drunk, addicted and lazy! End feminism and let’s go back to what nature intended for us as human animals!

      1. A woman with a ruined attitude, fat or thin, is of no value. Men who will put up with a self-important psycho-b1tch simply because she is in shape or just “not fat” are emasculated pussies who are wrecking civilization by settling. Men who settle are the reason why women are getting away with such shameful sh1t.

  3. ROK is doing the lord´s work by putting a lens on how destructive obesity is for the US. After seeing these pictures how can any guy (yes, even betas) not be outraged about what a raw deal men are getting with so much lost potential to girls prefering being fat to getting thin.

    1. I was trying to complete a sale with a family man a few years ago and for some reason he brought his idiot brother along to the final meeting.
      The idiot kept asking really stoopid questions until even his own brother told him to shut it. Anyhoo after all the paperwork had been done we met with their wives outside.
      Dear. God.
      I simply do not understand why people make some of the compromises that they do. There is a world, a world of porn out there and this guy had settled, effectively for Jabba the Hutt.

      1. I would imagine a bit of your soul died inside to see it.
        I’ve seen it myself, and questioned “why, dear Lord, why”?
        It’s as depressing as watching a kitten die. Senseless, and crushes the soul.

  4. There are very few women that are born ugly. Most ugly women are ugly because of their life choices. If women took better care of themselves they’d be much more attractive.

    1. yea by just laying off meth and having a healthy body weight most women can avoid being ugly.

      1. Kudo! Eating and living healthy = likely attractive woman.
        That’s why I encourage fat gals at the gym. They are at least making the initial token effort, and maybe a little encouragement will give them the final nudge to follow through. Nothing too overt, just an admiration of their choice to put in the hard work making them better than others… if they follow through. Telling them it won’t be easy, but the rewards are great. Health, life fulfillment, and being happy with the reflection in the mirror.

        1. barney stinson has a great quote on this…”I invest in women who – How can I put this delicately? – They fat! I give them the attention they don’t get now, and when they get hot, who do they come to? The guy who gave them attention back when they weren’t.”

        2. You know who else is investing in fatties? American taxpayers.
          According to US Government records, the diseases fatties get for being fat (hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease) are the four most expensive medical conditions to treat.
          In Medicaid alone (not even counting Medicare or private health insurance), taxpayers shell out more than $43 billion each year for the right of the fatties to stuff their mouths and sit on the couch (and that’s in unadjusted 2008 dollars!).

        3. careful though, doesn’t always happen like that. You may still just be the “friend” when they get hot cuz that’s how you always were.

        4. I like that! It would be better if you encouraged them for other reasons than their future shag potential, but, at least its not entirely hateful.

        5. And, we always believe what the American government says now, do we?
          People are more likely to have heart problems from being too thin than from being too fat. And, guess what?
          I weighed with people that were much, much smaller than me, many times in my life and they picked on me for being fat and quoted statistics like that. But, when it came to measuring how FAT we were, many of them were mostly made of fat.
          They were slim and could squish into pretty clothes, sure; but, healthy? Not even close.
          Yet, every time I have been tested for diabetes, heart problems, etc. by the sort of physicians who believe statistics that are pulled out of someone’s butt over anything else, I have been found to be extraordinarily healthy in those ways.
          I am fat, primarily, from the stress of dealing with hateful men of one sort or another. The more I do my own thing and leave them out of my life, the thinner I get and the better I feel.

        6. Exactly right… see, our society has taught “fat acceptance” for so long that fat girls NEVER lose weight. If you get with a fat girl, you better expect her to get FATTER, not skinny.

        7. These facts are biased and intentionally misleading. Just because you spout figures as if they are scripture does not make them legitimate. The war on fat is clearly documented through the rise of the insurance industry in the 50s/60s. Just like our war on drugs and terror,this war was carefully designed for profit. If you pulled your head out of your ass and wer half as iintuitive as you pretended to be you could see that with your own eyes. I wont change your mind and am not trying to,like most you are clearly too arrogant and near sighted to see the trees for the forest(something plainly visible when you belive the bullshit you just proposed,caught up in false celebrity propaganda and mind set)

        8. Maybe you are one exception to the rule, but so what? Not every fat person will get heart disease, although the heart does have to work harder if it has more mass to pump through. But most will. Just like some thin people will get heart disease. Fatness is not the ONLY cause of these diseases. It is simply the LEADING cause. And just because you are not sick now, doesn’t mean it isn’t in your future. You are right, I don’t believe everything the government says. They lie all the time, about creating jobs, and fixing the economy, but they have no reason to lie and make up these facts. So yes, on this I do believe them.

        9. I can see with my own eyes that people are far fatter then they were twenty years ago. Especially children. It does’t taker much to see it. You can keep on saying every method of proving that people are getting fatter, and that it causes health problems is a lie. You can say that all doctors are lying, that the government is lying, that my eyes are lying ….but why do insurance companies would rather not pay for overweight people just like they don’t want to pay for smokers…but so what? It changes nothing.Talk about being arrogant. You can’t be reasoned with.

        10. Fat person dies long before a healthy slim person. Why do you think Europeans, who are slimmer than the people in the USA, live and are happier with their lifestyle?

        11. I don’t care what the statistics say, but men outnumber women here in the USA. It’s men that want women more, not the other way around. There are so many fat girls here that most men have to settle for ugly fat girls. The few sexy girls that are thin are in high demand and they are hit on by men all the time. It’s extremely difficult to find a hot girlfriend in the USA. Better go to a foreign country.

        12. People ARE getting fatter but the fact of the matter is that is not going to change if we keep trying to “make things easier”. We do not give people the time they need to be healthy, at the end of most peoples days (regardless of what their profession is) they are either mentally or physically exhausted…the answer to which is resting their damn selves, not further exertion at the gym etc. There are barely enough hrs in the day, or days in the week to make enough money to support the average person in America (but im sure you will argue otherwise, GAINFUL employment is becoming hard to come by). They are forced into the lifestyle many times. The idea that their weight is anyones business but their own is not only wrong , but a futile battle. Just like the size of the country , the mindset will adapt aswell. To be downright nasty to people because they are “over weight” is NOT right , and thats my point. We parade celebrities, who are barely of a healthy weight, calling them fat because they are not as toned as a super model…and that is wrong aswell. This is all powered by pretension. While the facts prove that being over weight is unhealthy , the same facts also prove that there are many other things that “healthy ” people do that are just as(if not more) unhealthy , we have just found it easy to target FAT. Insurance was designed to protect life, if you want to get technical if fat people are as ugly and undesirable as you seem to think , than being “fit” looking carries its own risks. At that point that would make the fit people more sexually active? which with the rise of sexually transmitted infections puts them at an equal or slightly greater risk to the insurance companies. This just so happens to be the battle that they chose, life comes with risks when you remove one , another comes around …thats life…your mindsets search for this utopia of balance is already at work , people are being extorted by these policies and thats the bottom line. BTW I can be reasoned with , you just really did not try.

        1. Why? Because he is telling the truth? Only people who tell you lies you want to believe should be happy?

    2. …” Fat women reading this should take note how
      drastically they can increase their value by getting a thin body.”
      They may….but it is NOT worth it!..it is simple math.
      If 90% of men are Beta/Omega (and WILL stay so forever)…..being constantly brain washed about feminism…..
      and how being “curvy” is just fine and if you don’t like “curvy” girls then there is something wrong with YOU and you are a misogynist….etc…etc…etc….
      So if they have 90% of men at their disposal to do with them
      as they please why should they give up the tub of ice cream, cup cakes and chocolate?
      They may not get the red-pill alphas….but so what? The
      red-pill Alphas would simply pump and dump them anyway!
      Is like seeing a FAT billionaire guy with 9-10’s….why
      should he try harder? Or start working out? Or improve himself at all?
      He is already getting all the prime pussy!

      1. Did it ever occur to you that people have different motivations in live then just getting laid?
        I lost 20 lbs simply because I’m into fashion and like to wear cloths that look vulgar on too-well-rounded-hips. What I don’t get is how these women can look in the mirror without being aesthetically disgusted by themselves. I get that there might be different preferences that vary between 100 and 130… maybe up to 150 lbs, depending on heighth, give or take 10 pounds. But 200 lbs? There won’t be anything left to look at in the mirror than cellultitis and flab. Even if you decide to ignore your body you will still have to look at your double-chinned face, your greasy skin and disappearing eyes. It must take a huge amount of self-deception to proclaim this as attractive. And what for? Ice cream? Really?

        1. “What I don’t get is how these women can look in the mirror without being aesthetically disgusted by themselves.”…
          There are counties where FAT people are actually seen as sexy and desirable!
          My point was that SOCIETY is the one changing…..to validate FAT women…being “curvy” is OK…you go sister!
          So why should they change?
          1. Society will no longer see the fatties as a bad thing.
          2. They can get ALL the male attention (from betas/omegas) and MONEY they want…..these FAT chicks ARE getting married! Believe it or not.
          Why try harder? Just to please ROK readers?

        2. How about you stop adding so many CAPS words on your POST?
          That would PLEASE me.
          Now to contribute: Fat girls should lose weight. The main reason being that its the body they will live in their whole lives, and its probably a great idea to do so in a healthy body. Not a fat-full, diabetes suffering body.

        3. 1. Your contribution is PRETTY LAME….there are a lot of things that we do in life that could be worse than getting fat….like for example: drinking…smoking….riding motorcycles….etc…..you missed my point completely.
          Besides being “fat” does not mean being unhealthy.

        4. Of course there are things worse than getting fat. That does not take away the fact that getting fat is very unhealthy and damaging for our bodies.
          Riding motorcycles is not worse than getting fat.
          The pleasing me part is a reference to your comment:
          “Why try harder, just to please ROK readers?”
          It seems to me that you are fond of big (wo)men, to each his own I guess. /Endthread.

        5. For the fans of Star Trek…this is what happens when the opposite takes place…

        6. She can get action, but can she get action from alphas? Or commitment from greater betas?

        7. I don’t know how and American girl like you is actually conscious about her weight, but please stick at it. My eyes have been burned looking at fat chicks.
          “It must take a huge amount of self-deception to proclaim this as attractive. And what for? Ice cream? Really?”
          Yes really. You have no idea how many delusional fat women I have met trying to get with me, a athletic, good looking man who plays baseball. And when I reject them I get a flurry of shaming language and I continue with the whole ” I do not date fat women, I only date slim women, you want to have sex or a relationship, go for him ” *points to ugly or fat dude* “or lose some weight and stop looking like a beachball.”
          I mean they have the nerve to be sexually direct to someone of my attractiveness looking like a beachball with cellulite ? Fuck you fattie. I would not get a boner for you even if I were high.
          I’m harsh as fuck with this stuff, but they need to lose the weight. I[m not scared of these white knights fatty loving beta faggots, me and my red pill bros can take them on.

        8. Right-the-F*ck-on FG. When men who are fat, ugly or visibly poor leer at decent looking women, these gals are repulsed and feel insulted and protest with horrible faces and insensitive remarks. But when us GUYS do this? We’re called shallow superficial a-holes because we don’t look at the WHOLE PERSON and not just her body. Uh huh. When fatties leer at us, we should have them charged with “unwanted sexual attention” and leering and give them a taste of their feminist bullsh1t.

        9. Myself, I use CAPS so that people can UNDERSTAND how I talk because how I WRITE does not adequately CONVEY my SARDONIC and SARCASTIC TONE. CAPICHE? 😛

        10. Myself, I use CAPS so that people can UNDERSTAND how I talk because how I WRITE does not adequately CONVEY my SARDONIC and SARCASTIC TONE. CAPICHE? 😛

        11. “She can get action, but can she get action from alphas? Or commitment from greater betas?”
          Have you seen Pierce Brosnan’s beachball wife, of Hugh Jackman’s menopausal granny wife, or Denzel Washington’s ugly wife ?

        12. FG, the reason why they think they stand a chance is because of the FAM – Fat Admiration Movement – which contains a lot of fit, decent-looking guys and no small number of fit, great looking guys as well. Seriously. I’ve been scouring the BBW blogs and videos over the last week and was surprised to find that most of the men into fatties are not fuglies like Matt Forney but actually quite attractive men and intelligent men. Previously they were in the closet so nobody knew about it. Now – thanks to the internet they are all over the place. This does not bode well at all for the War on Obesity as women are motivated by prospects for love. When fat shamers are comprised of mostly ugly men (with a spattering of hunks like you), but the FA world is comprised of average and above average men (including the world’s buffest, more masculine and sexually attractive men, i.e. BLACK GUYS) – do you think women will chose to lose weight to get an ugly guy or choose to gain weight to get at least a decent looking guy and possibly a hot Black alpha hunk?
          To ask the question is to answer it.

        13. i see your point, but i also think that being healthy, dodging health problems, and living a long, active are their own reward.

        14. chill man, i see your point, but as humans we are all equals and while we might be superior to one another in certain ways there’s always something that person has on you

        15. i see your point, though there are some women who dig guys solely for their feelings. (which is easier for them because they don’t need to get erect)

        16. Actually smoking and drinking are probably not as bad in the long run as being fat and how healthy are fat people ? How fast can a 5’6″ 220lb obese person run a mile ? they probably wouldn’t make it the entire mile. it is not healthy to be fat so don’t kid yourself being fat has only become possible since our society became civilized. If you look at very primitive tribal society’s in like New Guinea the people there aren’t fat because they are mobile and doing physical work to survive this is what the human body was built for.

        17. Yes, those are the right reasons, even if people aren’t motivated by the prospect of looking attractive and attracting good mates

        18. Getting laid is the primary motivation of most healthy humans courtesy of evolution. Relax, not everything is about you. However, to be totally honest that is EXACTLY why I stay thin. I like to wear mid rise/high rise jean shorts and a crop t shirt in the summer. No way I am going there if there is jiggle on the thighs. I wonder the same thing as you…once they can’t actually see their feet when they look down, shouldn’t they start to worry?

        19. What countries see fat women as sexy and desirable? None in Europe, Japan,
          China or the rest of Asia, USA, Central or South America, Canada,
          Australia. So which nations?

        20. Black guys? HAHAHAHA. That is why I see them all the time on the cover of so many magazines across the planet. You see them mostly on “FBI Most Wanted” posters than anything else. Thanks for the laugh.

        21. umm yeah thats why lots of black basketball players in the NBA and guys like tiger woods dont have fat girlfriends

        22. Fat people more often than not have no greater health problems than their smaller counter parts…deal with it . I know it rocks your entire boat and the foundation of the lies you hide your shallow beliefs behind but doctors admit this . It sounds like your one of those people who just wants things their way and no other…after reading you ALL CAPS COMMENT…you can read the letters and decipher the words yet you choose to bitch about it just like you bitch about fat people when it doesn’t affect you AT ALL.

        23. Ah, but there is nothing that makes a person unattractive and undesirable as fast as being/becoming fat which is sort of the point of this article is it not? Granted, fat isn’t the objective “worst” thing a person can be, but it’s probably top five. Murderer, pedophile, rapist, fatty, fat sympathizer. Yep, top five. Also, if we consider anyone with 20 extra pounds “fat”, then yes, it could be that they are fairly healthy. But if you take a narrower definition and say “medically obese” then sorry (no I’m not) but no way in hell you’re a picture of good health with 50 extra pounds of fat hanging off your frame.

        24. There are a few nations that have this view, no major players though that’s for sure. Mauritania I believe is one, they purposely send their thin and attractive females to “fat camp”, which in a polar opposite move to the rest of the world is a camp for BECOMING fat rather than BEATING fat. At least you guys down in the States and we here in Canada aren’t that deluded about fatness.. yet. Every victory for fat acceptance is a defeat for society.

        25. The world needs more people like you. And the fat chicks who hit on you can’t even complain. You didn’t tell them they were worthless and unlovable (even if you thought it), you simply stated a fact. “As a male who cares about his appearance, I am a highly sought commodity in this society. As such, I will only entertain people with similar worth and potential. You’re more than welcome to go after someone more your speed (gesture to beta male nearby) or improve your worth by losing weight and try again.” It’s a fairly basic concept.
          Side note: if these fat women are going for fit men to the exclusion of fat men, they obviously realise that fit > fat. So why should the fit man have to settle for a lesser female? All he’s doing is using her own logic that fit > fat. You’re not some special snowflake, honey. Play by your own rules.

        26. listen. I’ve been peacefully reading this blog until now. don’t you ever insult black men like that again bitch. you crackers get in a back room and devise ways to actively put us down. this have happened for centuries. why? because the black alpha male instill fear into the white alpha male. this ain’t a race issue and I think we should keep it that way. you wanna talk race, go to a racial blog. cracker bitch.

        27. You’re a woman and getting laid is your “primary motivation”? I call bullshit!
          Normal women have no problem “getting laid” and are more concerned with taking care of our children, who, after all, represent a much greater investment of time, risk and energy for us than they do for males (which is why we have no problem getting laid in the first place, and men do).
          If you were actually a woman you would understand that.

        28. Your absolutely right. An average person and a beached whale are both just as likely to get diabetes….

      2. Your argument once again is almost solely based on opinion/preference. Therefore what your saying has no REAL value to anyone but you cow boy.

    3. This is goddamn right and part of the reason I have no sympathy for fatties.
      Fatties have every reason to lose to weight—economic incentives, increased sexual power, health/longevity benefits. Losing weight for these women means gaining power and status but too many of these women are too lazy to do what it takes and prefer to just whine about it all on TV or agitate for “fat acceptance”.
      A fatty who doesn’t lose weight and complains about the consequences is like a guy who is smart but doesn’t apply himself and is pissed that he doesn’t have a high-paying job. That guy has so much incentive to get his shit together and doesn’t because he’s weak and lazy. Nobody would have sympathy for this guy and we shouldn’t have any for fat women who aren’t making an effort.
      Hats to the women depicted in this article and to all the fatties starting paleo and on treadmill. Years from now your knees, the taxpayer-funded healthcare system and the turgid cock of your grateful husband will thank you.

      1. I have three words for our “love me because I love me” fat-acceptance Beta male feminist-apologist North American culture:
        NO FAT CHICKS!

      2. “A fatty who doesn’t lose weight and complains about the consequences”
        There are no consequences. The buffest, most masculine and sexually attractive men (black dudes) like “thick gals” . On top of that more and more “Fat Admirers” are posting videos on Youtube praising fat women left, right and center – and these dudes are not ugly. (See below)
        So what consequences are you speaking of?

        1. Where you get all those lies about black men been the sexiest etc When a decent looking black man makes it big he dumps his fat girlfriend and goes for a hot slim white girl.

        2. I am a black male. I do not like fat women. I do not like fat women disguised as plus sized women. I do not like fat women disguised as curvy. But I do love sticking my dick in thin white pussy. and they love me.

    4. Hey, guess what asshole? Some men are ugly to. There is those men who are fat, have ugly features, and half a brain and I bet my next paycheck you’re one of those losers who feels so bad about themselves that they call other people fat and ugly. Women are expected to do more things in life but we don’t want to date assholes like you. Why don’t you grow a pair and grow up.

    5. Wow douche bag. Have you seen a person fighting for heir life with cancer treatments, exhausted from a hard life or loss?Are you bloody well assuming that everyone who is unattractive is a choice? If you are gen z please F off. I work with sick people and looks tend to go south real fast when you are fighting for your life. You’d not be able to tell if a woman was fat or ugly because of sickness or treatments. How about we factor in fat ugly men. I see so many that apparently made huge bad life choices by your science and DNA logic Westley. Ohh btw plastic surgery for some is the only “choice” some humans can make to change. It’s costly and we all know how surgery does not always get results deired.

      1. Right but now that they’re eights they feel entitled to only date 11’s. Oh wait, there is not a man out there perfect enough for her. Ex-fatties have the WORST attitudes. The hurt they got as fatties does not go away, and they are VERY harsh towards the imperfections of others. Trust me. Ex-fatties are not fat anymore, but they’re still often damaged goods.

        1. This has not been my experience. Those who are ex-fatties ALWAYS FEEL fat. Most of them seek the same kind of guy they got as a fattie, the sweetest ones. In fact, usually the naturally curvy or fat ones were the sweetest girls FIRST. Although I love this post, thank you for pointing out my flaw in my logic.

  5. Kudos to these women to actually getting their asses in gear and losing the weight. Too many people ust talk about it without doing anything

  6. A few tips to all people. 2 lifting sessions per week. 4 runs per week. 1 day rest. Each can take about an hour and you can still basically eat what you like and be thin.

    1. Sorry this just isnt true. At no point can you just “eat what you want!” This is the reason why so many women and men in general never see the results they desire in the gym. Your diet must match the body you desire to have. Thats why you have so many fatties that go to the gym regularly and still can’t seem to loose a pound. While there are others whom rarely go to the gym but eat right and maintain a healthy weight.

      1. I beg to differ. If you run over 70 miles (at aerobic fatigue) per week will require you to eat till you’ll feel sick to have a calorie surplus combined with the improved metabolism from lifting heavy you will not put on weight. Sorry to blow your world but that is just the case.

        1. Btw gyms in my opinion are not the place to lose weight. Gyms have an invested interest that you still have weight on to return to the gym. Going to your local park for a run is far more efficient. Lifting just do body weights initially build to lifting (maybe build person squat rack)

        2. Ok we are not talking about running 70 miles per week. Very few people have time for that and its actually extremely counter productive if you want to build any muscle and not just be skin and bones. We are talking about is what the avg person needs to do to be healthy. You haven’t blown my world one bit. I would happily submit my pictures against yours and blow whatever results you may think you ever achieved out of the water. Don’t be a jackass for no reason. You know my point is valid.

        3. Sorry champ but chances are is that I’m thinner and more “cut” than you. And you pictures of you looking like a wanna be hulk or body builder are not the physique that would be applicable to women. Women don’t need to build muscle. They should look for tone. Which still requires heavy squats and dead lifts.and yeh go for it what’s your email and we can trade Instagram accounts.

        4. Haha you are funny.One could almost think that you came up with that yourself. Regurgitating jokes lol you should do standup.

        5. Well thanks, l’il buddy! You’re pretty funny too, but looks aren’t everything. See there? Another old, stale joke. I try to keep it fresh, but God knows it’s tough. Tough crowd… lol

    2. No. Maintaining thinness is more about the foods you consume than the amount you work out. 90% diet, 10% physical exercise. However, I admit that they come hand in hand when trying to achieve the most desirable physique. Still–I know so many girls who talk about how much they “work out,” but they still somehow look pudgy and unattractive. Why? They grub on McDonald’s, Starbucks frappuccinos, chocolate, etc. on a daily basis. Instead, your advice to “all people” should be to stop being so damn gluttonous, and learn how to incorporate moderation into their lives. It’s not rocket science.

      1. No you can literally eat what you want just run 70-100 miles per week but run intense- have 2 interval sessions.You want proof try it for 8 weeks. You want proof look what top cyclists and marathoners eat. Tonnes of carbs.

        1. You REALLY think American women are going to do that? What you’re saying is true, but who the hell even runs that much a week? Just a little preposterous and unrealistic there, unless you’re speaking in terms of a professional athlete.

        2. That’s true, most people don’t take exercise professionally but not so long ago we had no choice( male and female) to run and walk over 140 miles per week in our nomadic existence. These people had periods of eating tonnes of animal fat because there were periods where they would not get to eat that much.

        3. This is an outdated idea. Besides requiring an unrealistic amount of effort, even if you run so many miles a week it will eventually wreck your body through wear and tear. Long distance running is NOT a good exercise for anyone. I lost count of the number of people I know who used to run a lot and ended up with wrecked knees and other problems. Besides, it’s even worse for men. I heard long distance running described as the least invasive gender reassignment surgery for men.
          A better recipe would be: For women – moderate exercise to firm up, focus mostly on proper diet and eating clean. For men – clean hearty diet that maximizes testosterone and heavy strength training. Men need to work on their strength and muscle mass to be at their best even hormonally. Short and intense is where it’s at, forget running a million miles a year.

        4. i’m trying to give you some credit, but you’re way off the mark here. long distance running is what h. sapiens is particularly good at. out lasting prey and predators alike kept man alive. sure, it’s damaging, but mankind took that niche to survive and evolved to do it best. run long. eat short. heal quickly. repeat ftw. i’m not saying that the other comments aren’t a bit nutty, but it’s essential to realize that runners who break are often doing it wrong in a lot more places than they care to see.
          that said, it’s trivially agreed that effort is unpalatable to most. people are lazy. they take short cuts and often hurt themselves. push a body too hard the wrong way on the wrong schedule and it will go outside it’s physiologic range (i.e. tear). long distance running will do this in the form of anabolic shutdown and joint sclerosis, again, if done with short cuts. women in particular pay this with an especially high price: their set-point includes endocrine shutdown quite early in the prolonged exhaustion process, and their recovery is much slower, tempting even more short cuts.
          don’t get me wrong. both burst intensity and time intensity are valid, but both have to be done well. it’s all about the goldilocks principle. and, of course, actually achieving intensity.

        5. Yes, humans are great travellers and have spread far and wide throughout the globe. But our preferred mode to do that was always long distance *walking*, not running. Groups of nomads, armies, and any group of people on earth ever have covered long distances by marching, not running (until they discovered that riding a horse and eventually a powered vehicle takes a hell of a lot less effort).
          The idea that humans evolved running as a primary strategy to catch prey and elude predators is absurd. A couple of common sense observations will show that clearly. First, it’s obvious that humans are no match for most serious predators out there when it comes to running. If you think you will ever be able to outlast a pack of wolves chasing you, or outrun a bear or a big cat, good luck to you. Secondly, it’s amply documented that humans were successful not through individual physical prowess, but through being able to cooperate strategically in groups and developing tools and weapons, as well as having the intelligence and creativity to exploit and change the environment to their advantage. That’s what made us successful, not being able to outrun other animals individually.
          You can say that an animal like the Gazelle evolved running as its primary defensive strategy, since it can indeed run like hell and it’s very hard to catch. Life for Cheetahs and the Thomson Gazelles is basically an eternal life or death speed contest. But humans? Never heard of humans being able to catch a Gazelle by outrunning it.
          The real point though is how wise distance running is as a choice for fitness exercise. I believe it’s not an ideal choice for the reasons I mentioned. It’s limited in the benefits it gives you, and experience shows it is too stressful on the body. I’ve seen statistics on sports injuries listing running as one of the most dangerous activities. Up to 65% (two thirds) of serious runners get injured during any one year. Only contact sports like rugby have a higher incidence of injuries. If you play a sport professionally you know the risks, are prepared, and get paid for it. But for an activity done by amateurs supposedly for fitness and health, that’s an unacceptably high injury rate. Again, I know many people who ruined their joints by running too much.
          Recently, a well known running enthusiast and sports coach in my area died of a heart attack during one of his morning runs. He was still in his early fifties. Ironically he seemed to believe that the key to a long healthy life was running as much as possible. His wife is also a running enthusiast and marathon competitor. She’s still in her forties, but looks so gaunt, worn out and wrinkled from all the running and weather exposure that she looks older than my mum who’s 75. And lest we forget, Jim Fixx, the man who popularized running as a health activity, himself died of a sudden heart attack at only 52 years old just after one of his runs.
          If your goal is fitness and healthy body composition, there are many better, safer, more effective and less time consuming methods of exercise than steady state long distance running.

        6. Thankyou tempus. It is what we are designed for and it’s the most cost effective method of getting fit.

        7. We evolved to run to hunt. There are still a few tribes in Africa that catch their prey by running them down to the point of exhaustion. We are designed for mega long miles. Homo Sapiens are from modern day Ethiopia needless to say great distances needed to be covered to go anywhere to find water, berries etc.
          Yes people do have heart attacks running but so do people while having sex. Do you want to say sex is a terrible activity. There are many lifestyle, genetic and hereditary factors at play. Nearly all cardiologists will tell you that it is an outdated idea that too much physical activity is the cause of heart attacks.

        8. I am of the opinion that walking and other elements you bring up are astutely correct. My only contention is that such are incomplete and not appropriately ranked in global importance. The winning strategy was both mental and physical: the adaptive, stubborn, long distance taunt. An inherently faster low-energy walk was definitely part of that. Kudos for making me work to refine my arguments.

        9. And don’t do “toning weight” in tonnes of reps either. Waste of time. Build muscle and lose weight, the muscle will look good and your body will become a fat burning machine.

        10. Only the bad hunters needed to run for 20 miles. And they died off from starvation…

        11. As Phantom said, it’s bad for your knees. I know a woman who jogged lightly-even though she’s fairly small in size-and now her knees hurt sometimes.

        12. Yes, Homo sapiens were great at running when they did not live past 28 to feel the pain of wrecked knees. They also didn’t have pavement back then that produces tremendous shock to the body while running. It would take a lot of intense running to burn off a can of coke. It’s smarter to just not drink the coke instead of running 25 minutes. Diet always trumps exercise for weight loss. ALWAYS. Unless your career is Olympic swimming. Cardio should be done to improve the heart and circulation, not to lose weight.

      2. Or try keto. Then you can eat fat and sugar free candy if you are craving sweets. But then you might poo your pants from the sugar alcohols.

      3. It varies from person to person.
        For me it’s 90% exercise, 10% diet. As long as I’m very active, I can eat pretty much what I want. But if I’m not, I could live on salads and still gain weight.

        1. If you’re eating like shit, it’ll eventually catch up with you. That 90% exercise might keep you looking fit but your arteries are screaming and the low level inflammation all over your body will get you at some point.

    3. 4 runs per week to total 70 miles while eating what you want.
      Almost 20 mile per run. ooook… that’s realistic.
      That’s not healthy and not even in the realm of being an efficient way to loose weight.
      Better plan for chics: Eat Paleo and do HITT exercise 30 minutes a day

      1. Uhm HITT training is not a new concept it’a been around and populatised in track since 1950s and is only effective if you can push yourself to get 180 BPM. Then rest it to about 120 BPM then get it back. Anyways I think people really tried to take an off handed comment to an extreme. Many of the reasons people fail to lose wait is that they think every meal they eat that is not overly healthy will turn them fat. This mind set is discouraging

        1. On the other hand, so many people who are always allowing themselves a “little treat” with the justification that it’s really no big deal, they’ll make up for it at the gym, etc., end up being flabby and moderately overweight. Then they show frustration at not being able to look good despite careful eating. My point is the crap adds up and people tend to forget how often they “reward” themselves over the span of a week. Really all it takes is to cut out the sugar and pasta/bread and you’ll end up lean and looking good. Too much to ask for most.

        2. Yeah. That “treat” two-pound triple-chocolate fudge cheesecake explosion desert at the burger joint. 3000 calories and four days worth of fat and trans fat. “Little treat” my @$$. And “once in a while is three times per week too… lol. And constantly snacking from small bowls in front of the TV all night. 100 small bowls of snack food = 50 big bowls = 5 big bags = same fat, same trans fat and same useless carbs and sweets loaded full of corn-syrop-based fructose. Or those little frozen food “convenience dinners” – with twice the fat and trans fat as a regular home cooked meal and full of sauces and SALT.
          People eat such crap food nowadays. It scares me just to watch people cramming it down at a food court. And you can TELL this is the crap they eat DAILY. I go out to eat at one of these places and feel ill for days afterwards, and need to drink 100 gallons of water just to wash the salt and other crap out of my body.
          YUCK! If a dog won’t eat it, neither should you!

    4. People who “eat what they like” are foolish. You can work out and run as much as you want, but if you put crap into your body you’re not going to be at your best and live a long healthy life. Some say diet is all you need. Some say exercise is all you need. Both are in a group of people I like to call wrong.
      FOR ME, I believe in strength training, cardio and watching very closely what I cram into my mouth (and even then I need to be very consistent to keep my weight down – thanks for nothing genes!). I just laugh at skinny people who cram back as much pizza and beer and Chinese food as they can and then wonder how a skinny person can end up with 140/100 blood pressure and look like sh1t all the time.

  7. Sure some fatties can lose weight, but how many can keep it off, especially after having kids? Don’t let a former fatty lure you into marriage, for you can be guaranteed she’ll pack on the pounds once again after the ring’s on her finger. Make sure you look through old pics of your hottie to make sure she was never a fattie. My exie was slim and toned when we married; while she’s not toned anymore, she’s just as slim as she was 12 years ago and fits into all her old clothes from back then (too bad about the thigh cellulite, vericose veins, and flabby ass though 😀 )

    1. The reason is because they want to be more like men, Feminism told us about diminish gender differences and fat women happen to be closer to the weight and size of men. Its all about equality.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZBsTsz1YJo
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  9. Its scary if you think about how many fat women choose the love of a sugar rush from candy corn oreos over love and commitment from a high value man.

    1. Being in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual shape for a relationship requires constant work – constant effort. Constant search for opportunities for growth. An entitled fat tatood modern feminist has “proven” she does not need to work, and is entitled to her every whim.
      This is why the fatties out there are so p1ssed off they can’t land a man. They want to force their damage on the opposite sex, and just by our nature we cannot accept it.
      These women are just physically and spiritually repulsive.

  10. Oi vey, what you are doing to fat girls’ feelings… it is like the Shoah, all over again!

  11. Almost every girl can be at least a 6 (usually a 6.5 or 7) if they put in just a little bit of work to take care of themselves. This usually involves exercising a couple times a week and not stuffing your face with a tub of ice cream every day after work.

  12. Thank you for posting. This exact topic has been on my mind for a few months now. It seems silly and almost trivial, but it is abso-fucking-lutely amazing how much of a difference it can make for a girl’s appearance if she is thin. Just having a thin body can put a girl with a busted face in the bangable category – that alone. Seriously, if any females are reading this and are fat JUST LOSE WEIGHT. You would be blown-the-fuck-away by how many more doors would be open for you if you just maintained your body and kept a decent figure.
    I can see the potential in women. It pains me walking around Anytown, USA seeing girls that would be so gorgeous if they just lost weight. Just eat better and stay active. Diet is honestly 90% of it. 90%. It would HELP THE WORLD. Ladies, by taking care of your bodies, you would be increasing the number of desirable women in the world. By extension, this would increase the number (and quality) of men you have access to. This is a win win for both genders – even beta chumps could snare quality looking trim if there were more to go around, and having an attractive piece on your arm builds confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and can generally help a man (who was not alpha to begin with) be a better person.
    America is at a point now where just NOT being fat gives a girl points. The bar is goddamn low.

        1. I doubt it’s even the same girl, but let’s say it is for the sake of argument: I mean her tits weren’t that large when she was fat so I’m sure they deflated more when she slimmed down.

        2. Looks the same in the face. You’re right though. If a woman loses the equivalent of a small kid in body weight, they tend to get the dreaded “slice-of-pizza” titties.

    1. I spent a few weeks working at a hospital on an IT project and got to know some of the staff. There was this really nice junior nurse who had a pretty face and a tight body. Unusually for me at first I actually resented her prettiness because I believed that she was the kind of person who would abuse the power she had over men.
      Eventually I got to know her and found out that she wasn’t like that at all.
      Six months later I’m back in the same town and meet the same girl in the street.
      Somehow she had managed to at least double her body mass. Tragically she was making little efforts to look good with improved clothing.
      I mean seriously, fuck a duck what is wrong with people?

      1. When you see extreme changes like that, you should think “birth control”. Specifically the shot form of birth control can make some women fat like that as a side effect.

      1. And Bush & Cheney recently became war crime lords too with Iraq.

    2. So true. Just being in good shape and having a reasonably pleasant personality increases a woman’s value immeasurably.

      1. “Just being in good shape and having a reasonably pleasant personality increases a woman’s value immeasurably.”
        Women today are so backward that our standards for decent women hits an all time low.

  13. This post provides an excellent reason to end food stamps and cut farm subsidies.

  14. Fuck me some of these girls have too much muscle showing.. an unattractive trait. If some think thats hot maybe beauty is more constructed that we imagine

      1. Women biologically have less muscle and more fat than men, it should be kept this way. This six pack bollocks to me, is unattractive

        1. Sure, but a thin muscly chick can still give me a boner much more easily than a disgusting fatso can.

        2. “be healthy, run marathons, abandon all the food you once loved just so you’ll have the pleasure of being in my presence”
          “EWWW too much muscle, too healthy, not allowed. God forbid you want to take part in professional sport and gain muscle. ugh”

  15. Just as important as their weight is their attitude. Fatness is offensive to look at, but a bitch is intolerable to be around. Nothing kills my boner faster.

    1. If they all had acceptable looks, the next thing they would change would be the horrible attitudes. It’s still about competition.

  16. Should’ve had this during Fat Shaming Week, when lots of beotches were paying attention to us. But oh well.
    Yes. Stop being so g-dd–n fat. And lose the g-dd–n feminist attitude. Go on exchange to Ukraine or Japan to learn how to be pleasant and to dress sharply. One major reason so many men devolve into “basement dwelling losers” is because they run into fat, bitchy women all the time and decide, like the Vogons at the end of the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie, “(mooaan…) what’s the point?”
    I even suspect fat feminasties are a major reason that English-speaking countries are getting overrun with Third Worlders. When thinking about stopping immigration, men look at the fat feminasties all over and say, “heck with it, just let them come.” Countries like Japan and Russia have better women, and so the men aren’t as despondent and more willing to keep immigration low, or fight back against bad immigrant behavior.

    1. I agree with most of this comment, but countries like Russia and especially Japan are having major issues with a worsen population demography and rising dependency rates. The only country in the developed world that doesn’t have the problem of a falling population is the US and that’s primarily because the US is so welcoming to immigrants. Don’t underestimate the role that demographics plays. You need to have people working to provide for the welfare state of others. Due to Japan’s worsening population demography and massive debts, I actually expect the Yen to crash in the next few years, but that’s a different issue/topic for a different day.

      1. Diversity just adds dead weight. Germany is kicking France’s ass
        economically, and its birth rate is much lower. But that’s because
        Germany hasn’t opened its doors to Diversity, admitting mostly other Europeans (Russo-Germans, Yugos, Italians, Poles) and aside from a few million Turks, not much else. And the Turks are less savage than other Muslim groups. France, OTOH, has opened its doors to French-speaking Muslims and Africans. Its fertility of 2.0 is padded by these fast-breeding but economically worthless people, but for native French, it’s not much higher than Germany’s fertility of 1.4.
        In Belgium, the French-speaking part has a higher birth rate than Flanders, but again, that’s because Brussels and Wallonia did as France did. But Flanders, again, is stronger economically.
        As far as the low birth rate thing goes, Canada is doing worse than the USA, even though its immigration rate per capita is three times higher.

        1. Yea, Germany isn’t kicking any ass. They’re fucked once it’s all over. Do you remember all that Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Irish, and Greek debt? Do you know who holds the corresponding asset? That’s right, it’s the German banks. Remember that a problem in the banking system is a debt problem. Once Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, and Greece all default (and they’ll have to), Germany is gonna be left to foot the bill. By the way, American banks have been selling Germans junk for centuries. Germany has basically been growing at the expense of its trading partners due to a super cheap Euro. Either Germany is gonna be forced to leave the Euro or the PIIGS will default and devalue. Either way, Germany gets killed.
          There’s actually a great story in one of Michael Lewis’ books that details a conversation between American bankers. They had a junk security and they needed to sell it to somebody. One guy said “who’d actually buy this shit”, the other guy responded by saying “Dusseldorf”. Sure enough, the bank IKB went bust and had to be bailed out by the German government. Don’t worry, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t make Germany out to be some place of fiscal responsibility because nothing could be further from the truth, even historically. Historically, Germany has basically been the sucker country of Europe. It’s no different this time around either.
          France has all sorts of issues, but it’s not related to diversity. What we’re seeing from the French is nothing new. We shouldn’t be surprised they’re going to default. They’re professionals. They’re just Socialist idiots.
          Also remember that when you look at debt, you have to include the costs of the banking system onto the national debt because we have a society where credit is socialized (ex. deposit insurance). The only countries that have actually helped buffer their banking systems with capital are the US and the UK. If we include the

        2. I’m living in Germany and I totally agree with this. Germans are plain stupid. The only thing they are good at is following orders. They slaughtered the only intellectual able part of their population or made it immigrate to other parts of Europe or the US. This country is basically brain dead and there is nothing that justifies its current success or arrogance. I can’t wait for it to finally go down.

  17. 23% for white chicks in 1988 – about when I hit puberty. It was already getting bad back then. I always wonder what it was like for guys 10 years older than me.

    1. Those who were born in the late 1960s and 1970s had fewer fatties, but the birth rate crash in the 1960s meant they had relatively fewer girls for a different reason: more male competition for a smaller number of younger women. This is also why Roosh found hordes of Spanish and Italian men prowling Eastern Europe, and why Korean men are really into mail-order brides from Vietnam and the Philippines.

  18. I’d fuck #6 before AND after. I wouldn’t fuck the Asian girls at all. Not my style.

    1. Asian girls (non westernized) are the only ones you can count on to not get obese though. They have the strongest fat shaming culture.

  19. I have been a supporter of ROK it is a genuine grass root alternative media however it is going the way of Instagram with 5 reasons for this 10 reasons for that 14 ways for this, it is all fluff and no meat. I would advice the editorial board to increase the quality of articles and not just cater to the 2 minutes attention span media made zombie amurricans

    1. Your point might me valid for some of the articles here but not this article given the context of its particular message. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and for me seeing the transformations of these women was truly mindblowing. This article has elevated my hatred of fat women to new highs all through the compolation of a dozen or so pictures.

  20. I can’t even recognize some of these girls in the after photos. Some are real cuties. The CDC link was staggering: a rise from 22.9% to 32.2% for non-Hispanic white women, and a rise from 20.3% to 36.2 for non-Hispanic white men. The other stats are even worse.
    The cost of obesity is not only loss of physical attractiveness but also of finances. My cousin’s 36 year-old wife has had in the last four years one gallbladder removal surgery, one umbilical hernia surgery, two colonoscopies, and one endoscopy, with a scheduled double surgery for a hiatus hernia and faulty stomach valve to be performed. She takes drugs for an eroded esophagus, spastic colon, cholesterol, arthritis, inflammation, nausea, insomnia, and crap knows what else. The lining of her stomach is stripped. Her eyesight is compromised. You don’t want to hear about the other stuff. Who’s footing the bill? Yeah. And even though he’s got good insurance, the bite is severe. This bloody idiotic woman ignores her husband’s and kids’ pleas to stop eating because her physical problems “make” her eat to “relieve” her stress. At the rate she’s going, my cousin will go broke and his wife’s surgeon can retire to play golf full time.

    1. Yeah. I wonder how much our jacked-up medical costs in this country can be blamed on obesity and complications therefrom.

  21. Plenty of simps who will throw themselves at them fat or no fat. Chicks are lazy too so whats the point of dropping the pounds and increasing SMV if they get validated anyways. More fat shaming is the answer! Especially of enabling simps.

  22. The better lesson is the reverse one. Doesn’t matter *how* hot she is now: put a ring on it and give her a baby, and she’ll look like the girls on the left.

  23. Not bad. Very scientific. I think its a great thing for women to get in and stay in shape. One question…what about the droopy titties that happen to chicks after they lose the weight. I know no one wants to discuss this issue but seriously. When a lot of big chicks lose weight their cup size goes with it and their tits are all messed up. A unfortunate side effect of big women losing a lot of weight. Or worse still, the overly muscular chick who’s breasts become pecs. I love an in shape woman as all men do. Ladies if you are in good to great shape and your tits are flat and droopy…get breast implants. It makes everyone happier. normally I’m not a fan of fake boobs but there are exceptions to that rule…this is one of them. It’ll make you happier and men happier.

  24. “”The United States has the advantage of being a melting pot for generations which usually means many of the best facial/body features are passed down with each generation meaning women should be getting progressively better looking not the reverse.””
    I don’t know if I’d agree with that. Do hordes of the worlds 3rd and 2nd world dregs and refuse pouring into the U.S actually increase attractiveness over generations?
    Libtards would obviously say “well of course”, but those fuckin idiots have been known to go to studios where some chick on stage shits in a cup and calls it “performance art” while they all clap like retards so I don’t know if they are exactly an authority on genuine beauty.
    I wonder.

    1. I dont think Bacon was necessarily making a race comment in the sense of mixing blacks,whites native americans etc.
      Consider a white american women who might be a mix of english, german russian etc. She is likely to not have the hard facial features women in england,germany and russian have since it has been bred out of her from all of the mixing. Skinny white american women can be very attractive on average assuming they have long hair,no tats and feminine clothing.

    2. Diversity is a huge edge. Also remember that the US is the only developed country that will have a growing population workforce size over the next few decades, which is a huge edge. All of the other developed countries are in a population decline, which is HUGE. People always underestimate the role of demographics, but remember that most of the major events in history are almost always due to fundamental economic factors like debt levels reaching tipping points, secular shifts in demographics, and other shit like that.

      1. No the diversity that is being imposed by the elites actually only benefits them while making the rest of the country a festering shithole. It has to be understood that different races are not equal(an obvious fact that is ruthlessly suppressed) and third world colonization of the west will only make it third world. Demographics is destiny and if the demographics is of a third world extraction then that is exactly what you will get.
        P.S. The melting pot worked because it was a melting pot of various localised strands of the White race making an American alloy, now black and brown are being thrown in it has become a trash bin producing filth.

        1. Yea, I think you may want to check your assumptions. When you’ve got the best and brightest come here to start businesses and work, it’s a huge advantage. I actually live in a wealthy area of the US which is diverse with all of the “black and brown” you’re talking about. They have a work ethic that’s unparalleled and they’ve also got a different way of looking at things. They’ve certainly added a lot to my society and it’s a thousand times better than growing up in some average town where 95% of the population is white.
          By the way, if you turn the clock back 500-600 years ago, the “white world” was effectively a shithole. This stuff is like history, it just cycles. I’m also convinced about 90-95% is controlled by luck. It’s really the laws of probability that control the world anyways (i.o.w. play the odds).

        2. USA is becoming an economic colony where people are replaceable and serve only to make the elites profit it is a sort of financial slaughterhouse. Also the “hard working” talents that you talk of are an infinitesimal proportion of de black communitay they in no way compensate for the wreckage the American African population inflicts just by their sheer worthlessness. Also you are(assuming you are white other wise you are just playing ethnic politics by advocating your kind’s interest) a typical example of a rootless individual who cares only for himself and not for his folk(cannot blame you for that you have been bred to be like that by the regime).
          Also 400-500 years back people in other places were eating each others and in Mama Africa they had not even discovered fire and metal works, Europe despite the intellectual tyranny imposed by the church(the same kind imposed by the current MULTICULT) was light years ahead of rest of the world.

        3. If we compare Europe to the likes of China, the Muslim world, or even India 500-600 years ago, it was nothing. The Muslim kingdoms, China, (and probably India too) were very advanced at the time and they had far superior technology and even weaponry. If you go back another 200 years, Europe was stuck in the dark age. Actually, in 1750, India was over 20% of world output.
          You’re talking as if some races are superior. I think the Russians may need a memo here cuz this is what they thought and they got destroyed by Japan. Actually, there was a gay mathematician by the name of Alan Turing and he was one of the guys that cracked a whole bunch of the German codes during World War II for the British. If we take World War II as an example, the US was far more culturally diverse than Germany and this led Hitler to think that the US couldn’t do shit to stop him. Here’s a quote that shows Hitler’s view on America:
          “I don’t see much of a future for Americans. It’s a decayed country. And they have their racial problems, and the problem of social inequalities… Everything about American behavior reveals a country that is half-Judaized, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a state like that to hold together.”–Adolf Hitler
          Actually, multi-culturalism and immigration was a huge part of Alexander Hamilton’s economic philosophy. I always see people on this page discuss the “conservative philosophy” that would, I guess, date back to Edmund Burke and a few others I can’t think of off the top of my head. Well, I’m much more of a Hamiltonian conservative than a Burkean one. Economically speaking, a huge and dominant part of the American School, which started with Hamilton, was set with high wages and when the Civil War rolled around, almost all of the “American School” was highly abolitionist.

        4. China was a stagnant shithole whose GDP was larger due to sheer size not due to productivity or innovativeness, India was under the Muslim rule and the average person lived far worse than those in Europe.(no roads, sewage etc). So the total GDP is a fallacy as they had huge population and Europe had been ravaged by the plague.
          Also there is no equivalent to colombus, Galileo, newton etc ever anywhere, west is so unique that its very obviousness makes it obscure.
          Don’t understand why you bring homos in the mix but the person you mentioned was white.
          Also Adolf Hitler was basically right he was just off with the timing,(He also predicted the Africanization of France in 200 years, well he was too optimistic with the time). Germany in WW was basically a poor nation with limited resources against the entire world, it was a bunch of hyenas taking down a Lion(after which the West collapsed).
          The Founding fathers wanted this nation for their posterity however our birthright was stolen in exchange for a mess of porridge(or Mc burger.)

      2. Growing population workforce directly conflicts with most companies that seek to increase profit margins by downsizing and increasing production via automation. So why the push from big business for more immigration? To lower wages both by direct competition and increasing the size of the labor force to discourage employees asking for more money.
        In theory, this economic policy should have produced a great depression. Oh, wait, it did! But Bush and Obama both bailed out the banks and wall street and chose to print up money which is a policy that will not work forever.
        The same thing goes for feminism which claims that women have “progressed” when in reality such equality is only being held up thinly by massive federal and state spending on various programs. When the money for those runs out, that’s the end of that.

        1. This line of thinking is rather flawed. You’ve got to understand that economies cycle and there’s really no way around that. You can’t fix that. That’s how it will be and it will remain that way. It seems like what you’re saying is basically Marxist shit, which is all bullshit (of course). Marx was a dumbass. Where else is better to be than the US right now? Europe (see my point about Germany above)? Fuck no. China? Hell no. India? Hell no. Russia? Fuck no. The US is, by far, the best place to be right now.
          You gotta understand that politics is a bunch of petty bullshit. What happens is a few people get charge of the government and run it for their own purposes. That’s the way the world works. The best political systems are the ones that can use the greed and idiocy of the political system to strengthen the country.

        2. The economy appears to be “cycling” into a death spiral. You can blame whomever you like for it, but it’s not going back up anytime soon. But sure, in answer to your question about Germany, he had a point. Keep in mind that Germany lost for a variety of reasons beyond his expectation that America couldn’t defeat him: Ultra (developed by the Poles and shared with Great Britain, BTW), The USSR coming at him from the East, and the success of Normandy which was due to dumb luck and brilliant spycraft from the Brits and Ultra. If not for that, he’d be right. Look, the USA is bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq right now. WWII was big, but short. But that’s something that could be debated for pages and pages. Moving on to the answer to your question:
          The non-European countries you mention are exporting their poverty to us and the capitalists are eating it up for short term profits. It’s the tragedy of the commons but on a free market scale. I hope when these various demographics go to hang the white male capitalist cronies, they sell me a ticket for a rupee. I’d pay to watch their children blinded and sold into slavery in Asia.
          It’s a complex issue but one thing is for sure that America is really starting to suck right now. Other places also suck but in comparison to the recent situation, not as much. Poland is a pretty good place to live. Even Germany is pretty good. Even the matriarchal hell of Sweden is not so bad.

        3. Did you really just say that Germany is better than the US? Germany is filled with a bunch of suckers. Do you know all that junk Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Greek, and Spanish debt? Do you know who holds that stuff as assets? It’s the German banks. On top of this, the German banking system is larger as a share of the national income and is not nearly as well capitalized as the US banking system. So when the PIIGS default, Germany will be left to foot the bill. Why does this matter? It matters because a banking system problem is a national debt problem since the socialization of credit. Germany is just a disaster waiting to happen. Don’t think Socialist Scandinavia is a whole lot better cuz they’re sitting on a huge, huge bubble right now that’s waiting to explode. Also remember that they’re Socialist, so they’ll fuck something up somewhere down the line. The US and the UK are the only countries that really have a well capitalized banking system while the banking systems in Asia are basically in full crisis right now. It’s only a matter of time before things implode over there.
          As for the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US military ran through those areas in a very short period of time. The problem is that the US military was asked to nation build rather than to go in, get the bad guys, and get out. Nation building is a completely different ball game than war.

        4. I appreciate your remarks but seriously, Germany is a pretty nice place to live. Great public transit, high standard of living, low crime rate, cultural things to do. There’s a joke many Russians have about the USA: It’s one big work camp but the food is better.
          Our banks are a paper tiger as well. Obama is printing up more money per month than the old yearly budgets. I’m also chuckling about you saying Germany is on the hook to bail out the rest of Europe. Obama sent over some of our money to bail them out too.
          Regarding Afghanistan/Iraq nation building. We did the same with Germany and Japan, remember (kind of, from history?) Germans were glad to be over Nazism and feared the Soviets and Japan was under orders by the Emperor to cooperate. I imagine that if the Emperor had ordered the populace to resist, they would have faced a similar situation to what we face today in Iraq/Afghanistan.
          Back to the subject at hand: A shrinking populace is actually good for business, and society, in the long run provided there’s no corruption either from government or from capitalists seeking short term gains. Resources are better distributed, technological progress allows growing output, the environment benefits from fewer people trampling over things, etc. But for those who want cheap labor and fast profits and take the money and run, they hate it. Also, socialists who want to win elections or power grabs want miserable populaces to manipulate. Crony capitalists and socialists have climbed into bed together on the welfare/immigration issue. They love seeing society trashed for power/money gain.

        5. The biggest problem with a shrinking populace is that it can create major issues with the welfare state and with public budgets. You have less and less people working with more and more people who are dependents. I do agree that populations worldwide will have to come down because for all sorts of reasons, including natural resource constraints.
          Also, rebuilding countries like Japan and Germany after wars is a different situation than trying to rebuild Afghanistan. You’ve gotta remember that both Japan and Germany were wealthy countries before the war and were just mired in depression. Countries that have been decimated by war usually reach their pre-war peak pretty quickly. I don’t know if comparing Iraq and Afghanistan to Japan and Germany is a fair comparison.
          I actually agree with you most of the things that you said. Your point on population decline is something I really didn’t consider a whole lot, but it does put a lot less pressure on the environment and other issues like that. I still think you’re underestimating how hard it is for countries to make changes regarding welfare states. I also agree with you on the banks and money printing to finance deficits, but if you think the US is bad, you should take a look at Japan right now. I think their deficit could be 15-20% of GDP next year and they’re printing about 80% of what we’re doing for an economy three times the size. The next 5-10 years will be very difficult for the world as a whole and will be tough economically for everyone.
          I really think you’re underestimating the German problem though. It’s much worse than it looks, but Germany is just being bailed out by the Euro. Germany has really only been okay because they’ve been growing at the expense of their trading partners. Those patters have to reverse and will reverse once Germany is either forced to leave the Euro or the other countries default and devalue. Once they do reverse, Germany will be in some trouble. As for the international commitments by Obama, Obama doesn’t have any legislative authority on the issue. Obama can’t really pass budgets or laws and can’t allocate spending. That’s all Congress and there’s no way the US is gonna bail out the PIIGS. I bet the PIIGS will default so the value of German assets in the banking system just take a nosedive.

        6. The public budget argument for increasing population sounds like a ponzi scheme. There’s no guarantee that the increasing population will produce more income since they may come to generate net losses over time. For example, illegal immigrants save businesses money but in the long run increase costs for schools, crime prevention, hospitals, and welfare.
          As I said, it’s rather amusing that businesses have no problem seeing the cost savings in “downsizing” and making a workforce more efficient but simultaneously often argue that immigrants and more people are needed to keep things going? What’s wrong with this picture? In addition, the welfare state tends to grow in size and generate a net loss as workers realize it’s more profitable to collect welfare than pay into it!
          Is the world insane or just me?
          All comparisons have their inherent flaws but in this context I was talking about the cultural differences between Iraq and Afghanistan versus Germany and Japan. The latter were ready to accept US occupation and nation building while the former are not. But that could develop into a long argument. The currency issues are legitimate but I’m looking at things as they stand now from the perspective of a normal person. If you’re living in a trailer park in Alabama working for $10 an hour at the slaughterhouse to feed your family, you might ask yourself if being a factory worker in Frankfurt with 2 months vacation and excelling public transit would be a step down or up.
          cheers, PK

        7. Agree Germany is a disaster waiting to happen. Once club med defaults they will be left with all the debt and worthless junk bonds they invested in to keep those countries afloat.
          The PIIGS have close to zero chance of recovering. I lived in Greece during the so called ‘boom’ period leading up to the crisis and i could tell something was wrong even then. The cultures are corrupt and lazy and families rely on overly generous pension systems that will be impossible to sustain even at their current reduced level given the low birth rates. The public sector is bloated and the private sector is small and ineffecient.

        8. Considering there are no attractive women to breed with the population should be shrinking even if the woman are not ~ Everyone raise your milkshakes and rejoice!

    3. White American girls could pass as natives in Eastern Europe if they decided to stay thin and dress and act like them. The obesity doesn’t help their cause, though. Plus, men in the USA are much thirstier than Eastern European guys so game is essential.

  25. Speaking of fat chicks, for some reason no one wants to point out that the zombie Jahi McMath’s parents caused her sleep apnea by letting her become morbidly obese. They indirectly killed their daughter through their own negligence in the first place.

  26. yeah too bad they’ll never learn, and it’s not my job to motivate them

  27. Thanks for the list! It’s really encouraging, though some of the women may have turned thin, but a bit too muscular for my liking. A friend of mine lost 100 pounds from Dec 2012 to Dec 2013 and is now bordering on gorgeous, but it’s always good to see that *everyone* can do it and not just some happy few.

  28. …” Fat women reading this should take note how drastically they can increase their value by getting a thin body.”
    They may….but it is NOT worth it…it is simple math.
    If 90% of men are Beta/Omega (and WILL stay so forever)…..being constantly brain washed about feminism…..and how being “curvy” is just fine and if you don’t like
    “curvy” girls then there is something wrong with YOU and you are a misogynist….etc…etc…etc….
    So if they have 90% of men at their disposal to do with them as they please why should they give up the tub of ice cream, cup cakes and chocolate?
    They may not get the red-pill alphas….but so what?
    Is like seeing a FAT billionaire guy with 9-10’s….why should he try harder? Or start working out? Or improve himself at all?
    He is already getting all the prime pussy!

  29. I’d really like to know where this „Mixed raced turn out more attractive“-theory is
    coming from. Looking at my brother and me it can turn out both ways.
    My mother is russian, my father is italian and my brother scrounged
    the good looks while I ended up with the bad features.

    1. It is not mixed race(they are both from the White race) it is mixed ethnicity. For example a person from shanghai marrying one from hong kong.(Only that Europe never unified like China)

  30. Did anyone else notice that once the weight was lost and the person got in good shape, their fashion drastically improved?
    They also seem to take greater care in other aspects of their appearance, such as make-up, hair color, and I’m pretty sure #14 got breast implants. Interesting observations.
    I wrote an article for my blog about obesity ( http://remysheppard.com/i-am-a-terrible-person/ ) and while doing research for it, I found that obesity is actually linked directly to IQ. That the higher your weight and body fat%, the lower your IQ and vice versa. What’s more, the study suggests that the two values actually shift with each other, so as you get fatter you get dumber, and vice versa.

    1. “Did anyone else notice that once the weight was lost and the person got in good shape, their fashion drastically improved?”
      Probably because it’s really hard to wear an XXL mini dress and still fool yourself.

    2. What about their attitudes? Now that they are “not obese”, do they have a normal attitude for a gal that size and appearance? Or do they think they are now god’s gift?

  31. #4 is the most drastic change for me. I mean, it doesn’t even look like the same girl she lost so much weight in the face.

  32. Many of these are not the same girl… also more likely the change was reverse… thin > fat. As through the propaganda the real (fat > thin) is a small exception.

    1. I’m thinking the same thing. A few of the examples are real though, and it’s true an obese woman can bring her SMV up 2-3 points by getting down to a healthy size. But that being said, yeah some of these are fake.

    1. Spot on! Had a buddy that always said “Meet her mom before getting serious” . . . a ring on the left hand seems to have the same effect.

      1. man I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen decent girls with fat ugly mothers..completely turns me off to see the girl as an LTR.
        Since I can’t see her as a LTR, he looks aren’t hot enough to warrant short term pick up game on her..

      1. I could see some of the feminist apologist beta-males living in their mommies basements face-planting in those grotesque double-J titties… so long as nobody ever found out about it. I just find people that large have this… SMELL. I can’t get close enough to a woman like that to touch her anyways. Ew. No fat-acceptance from me.

  33. I don’t know if number 8 is the same girl before/after, but I happen to like both of them. The more curvy woman is busty and has a pretty face. The skinnier one is petite and pretty, but flat chested. So they both have something going for them.
    Number 13 is an obvious example of losing weight being a winner. A pretty girl emerges from under the fat.

  34. All these girls would say the same thing – I AM A LOT PRETTIER THIN THAN FAT.
    its only the fat girls that get mad at this stuff.
    Remember- fat girls hate thin girls as much they hate men that don’t give them attention.

    1. Fat girls DO NOT have “nice personalities”. Biggest myth ever. They are all sweet to get that first date, but when you hate yourself enough to let yourself get that overweight you gotta be chalk-full of misery… This is how guys end up with miserable fat b1tches. They fall for the “fat but nice” lie. Most fat people are really really unhappy. About themselves, and about everyone and everything around them. Including the guy who invented the chairs that are TOO SMALL and hurt their over-sized a$$es at fast food restaurants. How dare they!

  35. If one does happen to know of a heavy girl who is attractive in the face AND a nice personality, it is always a good investment to be nice to her AND encourage her to lose the weight. If and when she does, you most likely will be the first in line to ravage her new body as she most likely will remember you as being the one guy who liked her “for who she was inside” (female hamster mind) and will want to please you with ‘Look what I did, aren’t you proud of me Daddy?”
    “Yup…now open up that pretty little mouth.”
    p.s. Push those Insanity DVD’s on them, that shit works wonders.

    1. Fixing fat or broken women? That’s what personal trainers, psychologists, priests, plastic surgeons and lipo-suction technicians are for. I fix me. I work on me. I be the best man I can be. My job is NOT to settle for a fixer-upper. I want a woman who works as hard I as do/will on myself and my relationship. Trust me on this one: fixing up a fatty or a psyco or a sad or an abused woman SOUNDS like a sneaky way to get an “8” (get a 6 to lose weight) but here is what you are missing my open minded friend:
      SHE GOT WITH YOU WHEN SHE WAS A SIX! So her “hamster” tells her you are six material – not eight material. So when you’ve loved your six into an eight she’s going to leave your devalued @$$ for a REAL eight (in her mind) even if you ARE an eight.
      Men willing to devalue themselves and “Fix” broken women. Just another way men try to cheat the system and get a higher value woman than they think they are worth.
      A happy integrated man will look at a woman who is a six and NOT TAKE PITY on her and try to fix her but say “not my problem” and move on.
      Men willing to fix fatties and depressed women and crazy women and put up with all of their sh1t is why feminism appears to be working. Well, if you call ruining women and making them miserable despite all these theoretical gains “working” that is…

  36. Wtf??? Are those for real??? Miracles do happen? No.14 major lipo and tucks and bolt on’s. I’d still bang her senseless, blow over her face, nose job, collagen injections to the lips,new tits, wipe my nob on the curtains and get the last bus home!
    Anyhow watched a show the other night about the damage meat and dairy does to the body. Love my cheese, BBQ n all, and worked in the meat business for nigh on 20 years. I’ve seen it all as regards treatment of animals, what goes into mass produced sausages (you wouldn’t like it!) and all the rest. Nothing surprises me when another food scare comes over the airwaves.
    Really thinking about cutting down on the animal protein and substituting for more veges. My old man has had heart trouble from age 52, he’s 80 now but has had major heart surgery 5 times. All the surgeons say he should be dead years ago. Its his will to live has kept him going but his eating habits totally contributed to his heart trouble. So I’m going to give it a go. The fatties will eventually die out don’t worry. It’ll just leave more rampant totty for the rest of us REAL men!!!!

    1. Oh and there are 500,000 coronary heart bypasses performed per year in the US costing 50 billion dollars!

  37. In 2014 America, gluttony is now a civil right. Calling someone out for being fat is considered to be on par for making fun of their race, in our culture. That’s all you need to know to understand the obesity problem.

    1. Where in America? I travel all across America and most of the fat girls I see live only in the USA. Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile dont have white fat girls like the USA. So why are all those American countries slimmer than the USA.

  38. I think some of them went too skinny , but I don’t know. Our girls are bigger but men seem to like them fine, except when they are too big. I think some of the men would have sex with both versions of some of the girls and not be bothered.

  39. I know why you focused only on the younger chicks here, but women of ALL ages need to hear this message. EVERY woman will look better for her age and feel better if she loses weight, and no women’s media sources consistently push this idea. Half the time it’s just man-bashing (“It’s natural to put on a lot of weight as you age and men are just pigs because they don’t appreciate mature women!”) and the other half of the time it’s pure denial (“It’s perfectly fine to shop at Forever 21 and wear wacky clothing with your ass hanging out when you’re 50!”). There’s so little straight talk or advice for older women who want to take care of themselves AND look good.
    I hit age 35 and figured, oh, I guess I’m invisible now and men really don’t look at or flirt with older women. I hit 40, changed my eating habits, started running, bought some sophisticated clothing in smaller sizes, and men came out of the freakin’ woodwork. I have a lot of female friends my age, but I can count the number who are not overweight (if not obese) on one hand. It’s sad.

    1. Annie, my former girlfriend who had just turned 50 at the time told me that men hit on her all the time because she dressed well and smiled and was in decent shape. Her frumpy daughters half of that age were often invisible because seething, unfeminine women are often ignored.
      If a woman puts in the effort, just as a man does, for a relationship then she can have it.

  40. Check out Seattle if you want to see a city full of fat chicks that think they are princesses that will end up with George Clooney if they just stick it out long enough on match.com.

  41. For some reason i’m singing “oOOOhhh~ ooOOOOhhoh shibbidy shibbidy shibbidy yeah yeah~yeah~yeah”

  42. Thank you, RoK, so so so so much. I am a really fat girl and this is just the thing I need to work harder. I have a bunch of feminist friends who tell me to accept my fat, even though they are well aware that I have polycystic ovaries. My condition makes it harder for me to lose weight than the average woman, but I am so sick of making excuses. I am going to turn over a new leaf and be thin, goddammit. Feminists fucked up society so much, that the least I could do to apologise for my gender is to rid the world of one less fattie (though to be honest, I probably still won’t be pretty, but hey, at least I’ll take up less space and consume less food. Sorry for my face, I guess.)
    To all the feminists who are reading this, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY TO WOMEN. To be strong enough to get off their fat asses and be fucking healthy. Even if you have “slow metabolism,” “bad genes” or whatever bullshit excuse you come up with, YOU WILL NOT BALLOON TO 200 FREAKING POUNDS IF YOU DIDN’T EAT SO FUCKING MUCH. FAT WILL NEVER, EVER BE BEAUTIFUL, JUST FUCKING ACCEPT IT. I’m sick of feminists making this such a huge issue, when there are other aspects of feminism that are more important such a female circumcision, or the fact that women in the middle east can’t drive, vote, own property, etc. STOP USING FEMINISM AS AN EXCUSE TO BE FAT AND REPULSIVE.
    RoK, thank you so much. I look forward to fat-shaming week 2014 because instead of being offended by fat-shamers, I will be laughing and shaming along with them.

    1. -Female Circumcision (is really FGM – female genital mutilation)
      -Gender-Selective Abortion
      -Rape, Rape tolerance, Victim persecution
      -Persecution, assault and murder of women fighting for basic rights
      -Tolerance of spousal abuse and murder
      -Forced prostitution and human trafficking
      -Forced marriage, forced marriage of minor children.
      -Rape of minor children in forced marriages.
      -Kangaroo street courts and beating, whipping, and stoning of women
      -Acid attacks on women (leaving horrific facial scars and blindness)
      -“Honor” killings
      Yeah, for a misogynist I sure seem to know a lot (and speak out about) a lot of REAL oppression of women in the world today…
      No, feminists are not fighting against the REAL atrocities against women. They are trying to get MEN to love their fat entitled selves even though they can’t even love themselves. (Fat girl nice personality is a myth. They’re sweet on the outside but miserable as all hell on the inside – and they have a WHOLE LOT of insides…)
      They are fighting for “modern feminism” – a lost cause, that will only further entitle them to be fatter, angrier and more miserable than they are even now.

    2. So true about PCOS not being a reason to balloon up to 200 lbs. I have PCOS, hypothyroid, blood sugar problems, but I eat healthy and exercise yet the scale won’t budge. Though I’m not too worried because it hasn’t budged from 140 lbs since I was 13 and I’m almost 30 now. Sure without the problems I would be 10+ lbs lighter, but that’s just it- these issues only cause you to gain 10-15 lbs before it becomes about your lifestyle choices and diet. It not an excuse to down a bag of cookies then whine its not my fault my size 16 jeans don’t fit.

  43. The photo of me (Green dress/purple shirt) needs to be taken down. You do not have the right to use it. I don’t want any part in your horrible website.

    1. Wow!
      I did not expect one of the girls I found a picture of to find this site. You
      should know there are a lot of young girls who read this site that are no doubt inspired by the positive body transformations as seen in the pictures above. I respect your wish to get the picture removed but since you have the potential to be a role model to many other young women would you be interested in an interview for this site? I think it would be inspirational if you shared with readers how much your life improved after losing the weight and the steps you took to make your weight loss happen. Just reply to my message if you would like to tell your story to a large audience and by doing so have the opportunity to help out other young women who desperately need guidance in attaining a healthy body weight.

  44. Fat bitches should be sent off to the concentration camps where they get worked to a normal weight and then rewarded with not being deported for being a fat bitch in the first place. Then they should be sent on a six week training scheme to learn how to give head and take orders. I am sick of these fat bitches and disobedient whores ruining things for hard-working men, by not serving them enthusiastically and with skill. Fucking whores better learn their place.

  45. haha, same thing for American men. Hope the author realizes being overweight is a gender neutral problem for Americans.

  46. As a single man I have ZERO TOLERANCE for overweight girls…
    DTB a 23 yo girl right now because she has a little belly, unacceptable.

    1. Hooohhh you’re fully fukkhin sick aye brou, a chicks gonnabe lucky to have a guy with a pea brain like yours ayyeeee?

  47. Ok, assume that you have the babe who has lost all that weight and is now hot. How long does a guy honestly believe that woman will keep thin and attractive? Odds are she will balloon up again in the not so distant future.

  48. You can forgettaboutit as long as fit, good looking men such as the one in the video below, are openly out about their “fat admiration”. When a chubby chick who’s a few dozen extra pounds catches wind of guys like this who actually prefer morbidly obese women, do you think she’ll lose or gain weight?

  49. The trouble is these women “on the right” are not used to being “eights”. They are used to be shunned as fours. Or threes. Tough gig, being a fatty. I’ve met a few of these “recovered fatties” and they seem to have an EXTREMELY bad superiority complex. In their mind, they have gone from undesirable to having goddess-like status. Even men who are 10’s should fall at their feet… Women who have always been slim are not as bad, but ones who are “recovered” are often like born-again smokers, drinkers, or any other born-again.
    Plus, they look like the girl on the right TODAY. If they lure you in with their nice bodies and good sexual relations today, imaging them five years down the road when they are back to being the gal on the left, with major attitude, self-hatred (that she blames you for) and no desire for sex or intimacy (because you are not turned on as a human when you hate yourself).
    As far as I’m concerned, any ex-fatty is damaged goods. She has a history of abusing food, being inactive and not loving herself enough to take care of herself. She can revert back to this “lifestyle” (sickness) any time she pleases, and will likely do so in the comfort of a relationship, even a loving one.
    Don’t do it. Foreign women are ALREADY slim and don’t feel entitled for dropping weight they should not have put on in the first place.

  50. Why do all women have to be slim and attractive? They don’t exist solely to decorate your world.

    1. They live longer and been fat isnt part of nature. Is a sickness and laziness. We all must at properly and exercise, walk or run 3 times a week instead of turning into a rolling ball.

  51. This is a positive article. Take care of your body and stop being lazy and un-driven to take care of your number one asset. There is no excuse. This goes for men and women. Eat right, exercise and give a shit about your body. You only get one, so take pride in how you look and feel. America is so f’ing fat and lazy when it comes to this concept, it’s just pitiful.
    The only downside that I’ve seen is when they shed their insecurities from being fat they become huge entitled bitches…Instead of accepting that they were not attractive and improved themselves, they spend all their time worrying about all the people that didn’t like them and talk to them (guys and girls) and just feel bitter.

  52. I don’t like fat women, but I prefer women that are not as skinny as the ones here… I like them to have a bit of meat on the ol’ bones. It’s no fun fucking a skeleton

  53. Absolute and utter bunch of assholes.
    People like what they like. If you want to loose weight…. Fantastic !
    If you don’t… Who gives a shit?
    Apart from dicks like you.
    Grow the fuck up, go outside and put all of this wasted energy into doing something productive instead of wanking off thinking about your own self importance.

    1. So by that logic who are you to call someone a dick over the qualities they find attractive, visually/sexually. Your born with your taste in what draws you, and there are general characteristics that the general population of men and women are drawn to. It does not make you a bad person because if you find a slug repulsive and want to cuddle with a kitten, or if you say infected open sores gross you out. It’s just natural feelings majority of humans share due to our own human nature. If your natural feelings of attraction and repulsion happen to not fit the general population, well you can’t help that either. Understanding on the specific biochemistry of the brain that causes these feelings is starting to become understood.It is stupid and childish to deny general facts about human psychology because you don’t like it.
      Majority of men find slim but hourglass shaped bodies to be most attractive to look at and find the most arousal from it. Most feel the same about clear skin, symmetrical faces, shiny hair, lack of disfigurement and growths. Take that fact as you will, alot of women looking to attract men may be interested in what most men are inherently attracted to. If what most men find attractive does not matter to you or your life interests, why would you even care? What your attracted to does not make you shallow, thinking the world owes you anything more that respect for your basic human rights is. No one has to like you, want to look at you/fuck you, want to be your friend, appreciate you, your talents, or your accomplishments.

  54. Half of these before and after pics are not the same woman. You can look and see she has different bone structure, her noise is different, her chin is different, the shape of her eyes.
    One of them is heartbreaking. The picture of the girl in the bikini, on the beach. Yes, she’s chubby. But she was adorable and beautiful. She looked like she was /happy/.
    In the ‘after’ pictures, you can see that’s she not healthy. I am a diagnosed anorexic, and you can see the things that are different between a healthy, naturally skinny girl, and an unhealthy one.
    Yes, women should be HEALTHY. Everyone should be healthy. But fact is, it doesn’t matter what weight your at if you’re eating healthy and exercising as much as you could. What matters is that you are happy in your body. Through all my recoveries and relapses, I can tell I NEVER gave a SHIT what guys thought about my body. I was doing it because I was unhappy with my body.
    That’s what matters. Is that you are healthy and you are happy in your body.

  55. This is bullshit. These women worked hard and had great success. They must’ve tryed very hard. This artical is making their success into something terrible and ugly. People should be motivated to lose weight because THEY want to not because other people will think them more attractive if they’re thinner. These women so be very proud of themselves. Unlike the author to this fucking stupid artical some people see that being attractive and fitting into socail standards isn’t the most important thing in life. If your reading this and agreeing that large women are “entitled” to lose weight you are a sinical and evil person. It’s okay to think one woman is more attractive than another but to say that American women are fat and need to lose weight is stupid. Maybe men should lose weight. Get your head out of your ass.

  56. As a fat woman I will lose weight.
    That doesn’t mean that the men that ignore me now, even the betas, will have a chance with me. Not any man for that matter.
    Its funny how you men believe that most men are betas but them say that fat and ugly women SETTLE for betas.
    The same as if a hottie ignored you now until you became rich ( even though you wanted to be with her because shes HOT).What will you tell her? To f*ck off right? Well, why can’t I tell men that?

    1. This statement is bullshit.
      I don’t want your fat ass. I’m not going to be with a fat chick on the premise that she MIGHT get skinny later. If you already have my attention & access to my resources via a relationship, what’s your incentive then for going ahead & losing the weight? I already know you’re lazy since you let yourself get that big in the first place. It’s unlikely you’d have the motivation to lose it at all.
      So in the end, I’m the one who’s stuck with a lazy girl. But in your rich man scenario, I was handsome before, and I’m still handsome after, no matter what the gold digger’s true intentions were so win/win for me.
      You’re comparing apples to oranges, except in your comparison, you’re altering the scenario to your specific benefit. They taught you well in feminist school.

  57. This commentary never once mentioned that being obese puts immense strain upon one’s heart, joints and circulatory system. That’s extremely disappointing because it shows how little thought he put into the women’s personal health and how much attention he lavishes upon his boner…

  58. I’m American, and my boyfriend is native German, living in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. I try to stay fit and I’m looking to lose weight, but he is absolutely against me doing so. I’m not heavy by any means (5’5″, 125 lbs.), but I could definitely get rid of some excess fat, and he’s even threatened to leave me once when I discussed it with him. I’m very confused… do the majority of men like slimmer women, as you guys imply, or do they like women “with meat on their bones”? I prefer the slim look myself, but from what I’ve noticed of most guys around me, they’re either ass-kissers looking to get laid easily through flattery, or they actually do like women who are more heavy…

  59. As I think about writing a response to all of this, I am not sure I even want to because most will not read it thoroughly and with an open mind. Which truthfully in my opinion is the root cause of most issues in society. People cannot think for themselves and are guided and misled by the media who is ultimately trying only to “sell” something… let’s face it sex sells. So, we are all bombarded by images of what is “attractive” and what is “healthy” and what is “socially acceptable”. Do most of you men even realize that even Victoria’s Secret models are photo shopped in order to have the most sexy and appealing image.. and this is in order to sell lingerie to make the company richer. It has nothing to do with saying these women are healthy or good at sex or good mates. I am over-weight from many things in life.. none of which is due to the fact that I am unhealthy or lazy. I just recently had a full physical… my blood pressure is 100 over 70, my cholesterol was at an amazing level…truthfully all of my blood work came back in the normal or optimal levels. And yet, I am still over-weight. I was a thin child that all of a sudden gained a huge amount of weight in 2nd grade (nothing changed in my diet per my parents), I then proceeded to lose a ton of weight and grow 2 inches the summer between 6th and 7th grade. All pointing to a thyroid issue. I played tennis, volleyball and softball in school… I did aerobics for an hour and a half a day and worked two jobs. Even still I was unable to maintain my weight and was considered fat by my high school friends when I was 125 at 5’2″. Now, I am not saying that now as an adult I could work out more and eat only vegetables and limit my food “enjoyment”. I work 50-60 hours a week, have a 3 1/2 hour commute each day .. get up at 5:00 am and home by about 7:30 pm. I simply do not have the time or energy most days to work out like I would like to. I see many stay at home moms that have the luxury of working out during the day to get rid of their “baby fat” all the time…and I do wish I had that luxury of a husband who would pay for me to stay at home, but I don’t have that luxury. All this being said, my main point to everyone (not just men) is at our base core all humans are flawed.. some wear their flaws where you can see them and some do not. Thin people who smoke, drink to excess, use drugs, are mean, lazy or uncompassionate are just as, if not more so, “ugly” than fat people. As a society we need to learn to not immediately judge anyone by first sight. No one knows anyone’s struggles or strengths at a first glance. Let’s also remember and what we should be fighting is the horrible FDA and big corporations that put chemicals and crap in our food all the time, just for bigger profits. That is really the reason – and has been proved scientifically – that the American population is getting more and more fat. Just saying that we should fight the right battles and realize everyone is in this society together.. no one is lower or less value than anyone else.

    1. Cut your fucking excuses and your rationalisation for your whale proportions and take responsibility for your weight.

  60. Yeah I’m one of those fat chicks most of you are complaining about and I’ll have to agree to a certain degree alot of women have let them selves go and sadly I have became one of them, and I’ve finally gotten to the point I’m sick and tired of being fat and eating a clean diet and working at least every other day, but what some of you seem to fail to realize that it takes a while for some of us chicks to loss weight I’m not going to be a size 0 overnight if I’m a size 18 now OK give a girl a chance damn, plus my main reason to lose weight is to be healthy and finally fucking happy, and yes to attract the men who I want not ones who’ll I’ll settle for. However my biggest and main reason to lose weight is for my daughter not just so I can be a referred to as an 6 or 7 or whatever reason why most men label woman as fucking numbers what the fuck is up with that anyways, I’m not a fucking number dude. Just call me like I’am either fat attractive or not but that number shit is something I’ll never understand. However women do that shit to oh he’s an 8 while this guy over here is a 4 WTF really. Anyways I do like this article and its a more motivation for me to get healthy and get my ass in shape once in for all.

    1. the 1-10 scale is just an easy way to quantify things. Yes, in pragmatic terms a person is basically either “screwable” or “not screwable”. Under normal circumstances you either want to sleep with them or not. But, when theoretically evaluating, what’s wrong with more refinement?
      You just have to define the scale for yourself further. I personally consider 4 and under to be basically unscrewable. I actually refine it further than that but in practical terms that is almost always good enough. I have no interest at all in someone who is a 4 or less. But, like this article says, it is very rare to find someone who, if they put in work, would actually be a 4. Most girls can be 7 minimum.
      5 and 6 six are average women. For the most part, to even be this low you have to just naturally be slim and thus do nothing to build an even better shape, like lift weights, do crossfit, etc. and keep the right body fat pecentage (20% range). I only elaborate because, hile I call it “average” most women would be higher than this if they put in work. Even a “butter face” can get a pass if they craft a hotter body.
      7, I’ve heard it descried, you would make out with her in public and feel proud if everyone saw you. Basically anyone can get to this level. The only reason for most women to be less than a 7 is if they put in no work to be otherwise. There are exceptions. Some people ARE ugly. But like I said, even ugly girls can get a pass with a hot body. Like it or not, a hot body will make your face seem hotter too.
      8 and 9 are obviously getting to be “very hot”. Really no explanation needed. And 10 is the so called perfection.
      Most guys consider 10s to be of poor quality personality-wise and thus don’t want to put up with their “crap”. So Ideally most guys want a 7 to 9, according to the way I define the scale.
      Then there’s he wild card. Every guy has personal preferences. He will think a particular girl is really attractive, even though, logically he would say she is not. Rating these girls is almost impossible. You really think she’s hot, but classically you don’t think she actually is hot by normal standards. They simply don’t fit on the scale.
      One example: though not the best one is #6 before pic (on the right, not in the water). I think she is cute. She is what I would call thick. But I can’t place her on the scale. She’s not average. I am attracted to her way more than that. But she’s not a 7, 8 , or 9 either. If she lost weight (and I don’t believe the after for her is the same person) She would easily be an 8 for me, if not higher. But as is in the picture I can’t place her.
      If you do not break the scale down into parts with more practical description of what each number means then it does become a bit arbitrary and more difficult to sort out.

    2. You are a number. Your dress size is directly proportional to that number. The bigger the dress size, the lower your sexual market value becomes. Hey, life’s not fair, honey – I didn’t make the rules.
      The huge number of fatties has over-inflated the value of the few skinny girls to the point where they are suffering as well. EVERY guy hits on them, they’re almost forced into becoming strippers or “camming” for money. Why should they not use their advantage for profit?
      For a guy’s sexual market value to increase, he’s got to WORK HARD, education, social status, etc. All a woman needs to do is not be a disgusting fat cow.

  61. “Increase their value”?! Their main thought is “usually one of disgust”?! Whoever wrote this is a conceited, condescending dickhead! I’m all for spreading an image of health, but what a cock sucker to say it “increases their value”!! Holy shit, I’m baffled that people can be suck fucking pricks when they’re hiding behind the safety of a monitor.. I mean, holy shit.

    1. Does a nice exterior not increase the value of a car? Would you date a car that was growing 25 – 50 POUNDS of fat in its trunk? Seriously, your gas mileage would be suffering, costing more for fuel, you’re stopping distance is hindered, your acceleration slows, and it’s getting harder to park as your car grows wider. What good does all that excess weight do? It lowers the value in every way.
      “Fat-shaming” should be like sex-offender shaming, or heroin-shaming. It’s not like race, where a person is born that way. It’s a drug problem, sugar highs are highly addictive, as are fast-foods and chemical puffs like twinkies.
      Women don’t need to be attractive, once they get child-support and alimony. They’ve become financially stable, while the man suffers to support their addictions and obesity. Fat women bring nothing to the table. What are women FOR anyway? To be aesthetically pleasing and loyal to her man. Without those attributes, their value is worthless.
      If a man’s value is determined by his social status, job, etc. What is the difference when we choose what is important to us? Have we (as men) no choice when it comes to having standards? Should we accept poor health and diet/laziness and sloth/gluttony after years of being emasculated to the point that we get slapped in the face for speaking and are supposed to “take it like a man” without retaliating? She better be bringing some good BMI to the table.
      A man takes a huge risk by letting a woman into his life, financially – or risks losing his freedom (jail). She can at least be bangable. Fat girls offer absolutely nothing, and are disgusting like Glenna stuffing her face with donuts in the “HORNS” movie coming out this Halloween (Joe Hill). Good book.

  62. This is good for overweight girls to see, because health is so important, and you should lose it for that reason and not just getting laid.
    However, this does remind me of being a teenager and noticing how many overweight girls had nice faces and how the only thing keeping them being hot was the weight.

  63. This is predicated upon the belief that men who want women that look like little boys are the only men who have an opinion.
    In fact, I have met hundreds of men who thought I was too thin, at my fattest, and too fat when I was a size 5. I also met several who really didn’t care, because, they were more concerned about things like personality, happiness, health.
    Being too thin is not healthy. Being too fat is not healthy. Neither is ugly, if not purposely done.
    Many older people, who love each other, find each other as attractive – having grown wrinkly and fat, and, in some cases, bald – as they did when they were both young and beautiful.
    All this is, therefore, ridiculous. Except for one thing –
    Yes, it behooves men and women to see the potential in each other, not just the current facts of a situation that might change. It might cause them to treat each other kinder, from the start, and, not alienate themselves from what may later be their ideal person.
    Case in point, my sister, under a great deal of stress and all, gained weight. She started going to the gym. She was picked on by several men for being overweight, while she was there doing something about it. She lost weight. They started hitting on her. She told them she is still the same woman, despite the size difference, and, remembers what they said and how they treated her like a non-human before.
    But, you know what? Men act like that, anyway, a lot of them, regardless of size. I’ve been picked on by men for being ugly as I walked one way down a street, then whistled at by the same men, a few minutes later, when I came back. Nothing about me changed. It was their mood that changed.
    There are some fat women who are not beautiful, to be sure. There are some thin women who are not beautiful. There are some who are only beautiful until you get to know them, and, some that are not beautiful until you get to know them.
    Pretty much none of them are interested in little boys who can’t accept them as human beings and put them to a “boner test”. These sort of men do not turn them on, and, therefore, have already passed the female version of the same test.
    Having failed to figure out how to deal with real women, they then resorted to writing sour grapes posts, apparently. The man doth protest too much. You are ashamed of your own desire, so, you seek to destroy what embarrasses you – not fat women, but, woman as human beings, of all sizes and descriptions.
    I’m sure this didn’t give you a boner. Good thing. No self-respecting female would want to give you one. Not until you become a real man, anyway.

    1. “Having failed to figure out how to deal with real women, they then resorted to writing sour grapes posts, apparently. ”
      I wasn’t aware one had to figure out how to “deal with” real women in the same way one would “deal with” a rabid dog. That’s a rather profound Freudian slip on your part, dearest.

  64. So, who are these men? Do you discount the obese men, while you are discounting the obese women? The men from the Middle East and Africa, and Mexico, and, oh, lots of other places, who like women who are bigger than I ever got?
    Do you even realize that the obesity epidemic is for both sexes? Do you know that many obese people look slim and you wouldn’t even notice it, since you are busy judging the bigger people, some of whom are made of less fat than you know and certainly less fat than some slimmer looking people? Do you know that a lot of the “obesity epidemic” is false? That it is more about the changing of insurance charts and social acceptance than it is about actual change in how many people weigh what?
    Do you know that, according to those charts, people like Arnold Schwarzenneger and Cory Everson would have been considered morbidly obese?
    Nothing is as black and white as you state it.
    I am all for health and happiness, and, people being attractive to each other. I believe that it all starts with kindness, not ugly judgments.
    And, you are either a very awful human being or a very lonely orphan. Seriously. A woman is only beautiful if she can give you a boner? Really? So, you have no mother, sister, grandmother, friend, daughter, etc that you think is beautiful because of who they are? Or, is it that you only find your female relatives beautiful if you want to commit incest with them? Think about it.
    Beauty is not just sex. It’s not even just looks.

    1. LOL. How many fat men did you hit up at the club in your moderately fuckable days, dear?

  65. i find it confusing to figure out the proper weight for a person and i also find it puzzling that some guys are chubby-chasers

  66. the consequences referred to are limited mobility i.e. too weak to function properly, and dying young.

    1. i think the comments here alone speak for themselves…this is all a matter of preference and it alway will be. FAT does not = unhealthy SKINNY does not = healthy … these must be looked at on a case by case basis if you want to make health a reason. other than that… it just comes down to what YOU like. The split is about 60 40 60 percent liking slim 40 percent for fat …get over it …the evidence is clear , its your mindset that is not.

  67. Most of these women have turned too thin and some have turned muscular.
    Please — If I (or most straight men) prefer very thin stick-like women who sometimes have more muscle, we rather be gays.
    We like fat, not excess but in plenty amount compared to men and very less muscle as compared to men and none of them has to be visible.
    Straight men who like skinny, muscular women are actually gays but they don’t know.

    1. Eh, I’m not gay, and I would know too. I love me some skinny women, but it could also be dick-size. It’s harder to get to the V when there are mountains of fat in the way, if you’re not long enough to poke past the fat.
      I’m not gay because men don’t have the waist-to-hip ratio I desire, their shoulders are too wide, and their hands and feet are way too large. Men are also gross, and they don’t have vaginas. They have these testicles instead, and I’m not into hairy balls like I’m into labia. Skinny girls are so hot, because they’re so rare too, here in the US. I’ll usually settle for batshit insane trainwrecks, with bag-worthy faces, just to get freaky without all the fat.
      I don’t like big titties though, so that just adds to your assumption that guys who like thin (healthy) girls are gay, but big-ass titties are like big bags of fat to me. I also like thin girls because I don’t want to reproduce, and big-titted-mammas with child-bearing-hips turn me off, because deep in my subconscious, I do not desire to fertilize fertile women.

      1. Waist to hip ratio has to do with fat. Fat accumulation on the butt is a sign of high estrogen and fertility. Lower fan in the waist and higher fat in the butt means she’s fertile. Skinny women don’t have fat.
        So all want you like in women are —
        1) Small hands and feet
        2) Hairlessness (notice — gay men can also wax, trim and shave)
        3) Vagina
        So effectively there are 2 points that you like about femininity. Normal men on the other hand love fat and the curves the fat makes which you don’t. You like muscle and bones — so that is a gay preference.

        1. You’re literally trying to convince me that being attracted to skinny girls makes me gay. I don’t like “muscle and bones”, I just don’t like obese cows. I don’t even like anal sex (with slender girls), but I’m a gay, okay. I don’t like things in my bum, and find the male anatomy very unattractive, yet I’m a big flaming gay. Nope, I don’t see how your argument makes any sense. You remind me of Stevie’s rant on “Coffee Town” the movie:
          Stevie: What’s more gay than having sex with a woman?! They’re all pink and girlie, ew! That’s so gay! Now, having sex with a man is all masculine and manly, now that’s straight!
          You like fat girls, I like ’em skinny. Doesn’t make me a gay, just different tastes. I’ll tell you what, I don’t think those muscle-building-women are attractive at all. Nope, I like small, frail, delicate, little women, with flowy dresses, narrow shoulders, long hair, soft skin, flowery smells, wet vaginas, small tits, just no fat rolls and cottage cheese cellulite and I won’t accept a girl who’s thighs touch when they stand with their ankles together. Must have a thigh gap.
          Also, no. Hip to waist ratio has nothing to do with fat, I’m talking about their skeletons. Their hip bones – but I don’t want them to be bony – I don’t like starving girls, just not fat. Men’s waists are no where near as small as a small girl’s. I like her butt to be bubbly, not fat. Guys’ butts are not feminine at all.
          Girls with perfect bodies are: Analeigh Tipton, Kelly Ripa, Jaime Pressley, Rose McGowan, Anna Kendrick, Rachel McAdams, Leslie Mann, Heather Graham, Vera Farminga, Krysten Ritter, Isla Fisher, Alexis Knapp, Anna Faris, Lindy Booth, Jaime King, Marley Shelton, Aleksandra Wozniak, PJ Harvey, Shirley Manson, Amber Stevens, Sarah Michelle Geller, Juno Temple, Mena Suvari, Taylor Momsen, Eliza Dushku, Ksenia Solo, Cher Lloyd, Brittany Murphy, Lacey Chabert, Michelle Trachtenburg, Dreama Walker, Jayma Mays, people who aren’t FAT. They don’t look like guys at all, so I don’t feel very gay. I don’t think you understand what gay means, seriously, Stevie.

        2. I don’t understand why you don’t like muscle and bones. That’s exactly what very thin women have.
          Of course I don’t like fat cows, but I don’t like masculine chest and butt either, which you do.
          So I stand by my previous saying that all you like feminine is small shoulders and limbs. All other features you like are masculine, so you’re more attracted to the male anatomy and pretend you don’t.
          How having sex with a guy is ‘manly’? Research has proved that masculine men like feminine features (curvy body etc…), were as feminine men are more likely to be gay.
          In case you were wondering, men can also dress feminine, treat their skin to be softer, have long hair with feminine flowery perfume. What they cant have is body fat distribution throughout their body and at critical parts like thighs, butts and breasts — that’s exactly what you don’t like. So you’re liking guys dressed as girls.
          The major difference between guys and girls is fat distribution and sex organs. You seem to like a male’s body with female sex organs. So you’re not definitely straight. As a result you like guy thighs — low fat content so when they stand their thighs don’t though.
          It appears you’re attracted to female skeletons (girls – fat) rather than girls. I find it hard to differentiate between girls and guys skeletons. So basically you’re claiming to like a virtual trait which only medical professionals can see. A wide bone on the butt structure means more fat out there. A bigger bum. So definitely you’re likings are strange and don’t exist. Furthermore a big butt means higher estrogen levels which gives a girl fat in the right places with the curves. Besides you’re claiming that a big butt is not feminine.
          You seem to like muscular and defined abs too. Another masculine trait.

  68. This article is hopelessly insulting and deeply-rooted in stereotypical gender roles and society’s narrow box of “beauty” that it tries to stick us all into. These women, no matter what their weight, are beautiful simply because they’re human, in my opinion. There’s nothing wrong with fat acceptance and loving yourself, and, if you think there is, you’ve got another think coming (I hope. This entire website is a sign that the second think’s flight was postponed by a hurricane or something.). Plus, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you don’t know any of these girls personally. I bet, if you (the general all-encompassing “you”, maybe not you personally) got to know them, they’re really beautiful on the inside, which shines through and onto the outside, as well. After all, and I know I’m typing this at the risk of sounding horribly cliche, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

    1. It’s not what’s inside that counts. Everyone looks the same inside, all guts and gross organs. You have no standards at all. FAT shows lack of self-control, addicted to sugar – no exercise, same as any other addict, fat is just harder to hide.
      Dating a fatty is similar to dating a junkie, but much uglier. I can’t even find the vagina with their huge thighs all in the way. Gross.

    2. “Plus, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you don’t know any of these girls personally.”
      I’m going to go ahead and assume you have not fucked any women recently, and that your porn selections contain fairly low BMIs.

  69. i don’t know if you realise that a couple of these images are actually pictures of my pro-ana members…

  70. Some of those chicks are more attractive fat. A few are not attractive fat or slim.
    I’d bet most of them are more attractive in “attitude” as fat chicks. So all in all, if I had to choose one from the bunch, it would likely be one from the “before” category.

  71. I don’t agree, honestly. I’m not the healthy weight for my age, being fifteen the weight is around 124. I’m 163 pounds and I’m slowly working my way down. It’s harder for some girls, even girls who aren’t lazy and they want to lose the weight. There are some people who simply CANNOT lose the weight, and if they do they’ll put it right back on. I have a hypo thyroid, and I couldn’t help but gain weight because the thyroid would add onto the things I was eating. As a teenage girl I do eat unhealthy SOMETIMES, it might be the spell chocolate has on me, or it might be my hormones, who knows. All I’m saying is that some people can’t help their weight, that does NOT make them any less beautiful.

  72. Your horrible people for even entertaining this article…why do you insist on arguing topics of preference as if they are fact based… only simple shallow people have the inability to see the beauty in a person because of weight. I garuntee around 50 percent of the people who veiwed this found the before pics more apealing than the after,if you want to talk about facts. Arguments of health and personal care are once again not only opinion ,but in most cases blanket generalizations.

  73. Some of these women ended up looking too muscular (masculine) or anorexic. And one of them got implants so of course she got hotter.

  74. I dated a chubby/heavy chick in 2008. She had a pretty face, I could see that, but she was heavy (def not obese). The sex was great but I wasn’t attracted to her, I didn’t want other people to see me with her. But that could be something that had more to do with myself then with her. We had radio silence for 1.5 years
    Then, almost 2010, she had lost a lot of weight and looked really good, feminine too. Always horny. I guess the only reason she wanted to see me again is to show she finally had lost the weight. All the struggling with the diets and the pills worked for her.
    Couple of months ago I look for her on facebook, just curious how she looked now. Because in 2010 she gained a lot of weight again. The moral of my story: some fat chicks look really good under their fat. You might want to keep an open line for when she looks better. Fat chicks are the easiest to have sex with, even when they lost 30 pounds and look stunning. Because mentally they still feel fat. And that is your advantage.

  75. As a fat chick, why do all you people think that being fat automatically makes someone miserable? Because it’s an impossibility for a fit chick to get the guy she wants? Listen here, I’m fat but I still have to deal with men (all builds, ethnicities, and ages) every single day, whether I’m going to the grocery store in jeans or out at the bar all dressed up. I have to act like a flaming b*tch to be left alone most of the time, which is totally at odds with who I am. I can’t recall ever being rejected by someone I had a crush on, either.
    (Before someone says that hispanic or black men like fluffier women and it’s therefore easier to date one, I wouldn’t know; I only date/sleep with white guys.)
    Sorry to not fit your stereotypes, but I don’t feel bad or weird hanging out with thinner women. I don’t have panic attacks when summertime and swimsuit season comes around. I don’t feel like I get passed over when cute guys are prowling (despite my wishes to the contrary). I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with me.
    I don’t shame or judge skinny guys, fat guys, muscular guys, skinny girls, fat girls, or ripped girls… it’s easy because I’m not a douchebag. Being fat does not automatically equal ugly/undateable. There are cute fluffy guys and cute fluffy girls just like there are cute thin people. Honestly, being a kind person counts more than being thin/fat/cute/ugly.
    ((Before anyone says anything about me being a super proud landwhale, for the record, I hate myself. Not because I’m fat, but because I’m brown, so there.))

    1. How many fat men have you been with? Simple question. I’d say, given the fact you’re already a racist, the answer is 0.

      1. At least 3, I think. Size doesn’t deter or attract me outright. Charisma counts. My boyfriend is three inches shorter than me. I thought I’d never find a short guy attractive, but I apparently don’t care about that either. Confidence and maturity is what catches my interest.

        1. ” Size doesn’t deter or attract me outright.”
          Race does, though, which proves you both a liar and a narcissist.

        2. I don’t see how I can be racist and a narcissist at the same time when the only person whose race I have a problem with is my own. So am I one or the other? Because I can’t be both.
          If you were Puerto Rican, Vietnamese, and Caucasian, but didn’t fit in with the white, black, Hispanic, or Asian community growing up you might hate your own race too.
          The fact that I’ve only dated white guys, and one Italian, is a matter of circumstance, not bigotry. I’ve found black guys attractive before, and Hispanics, though few Asians because there are hardly any where I live.
          I guess I don’t see how I’m a liar (when I haven’t lied), a racist (when I don’t care about anyone’s race but my own), or a narcissist (when my biggest vice is self-loathing). Might want to rethink your labels because they don’t apply to me.

  76. With the exception of one picture, all of the heavier versions were much more attractive. With make up and as much primping as the ‘skinny’ renditions had they’d be gorgeous. I can see why this man works in “developing countries”…he goes in for the emaciated, underfed, underpaid, look. Sad the bondage of opinion some men try to entrap women with, especially those who have little self confidence. You’d especially expect a ‘libertarian’ to like people to be free to be who and what they are and want free of indivdual or societal opines. As Seals and Crofts said….King of Nothing.

  77. I understand that you guys in north America are obsessed by obesity, being in contact with it all the time… it’s a good thing to fight this as a disease. In Europe the problem is also present, but not so extreme. When it comes to girls, don’t take it personally, but it is simply not true that every girl becomes prettier losing weight. The pictures above actually prove that… I personally liked many of the “chubby” versions too, sometimes even better than after. It’s subjective and it depends also on the rest of the body: it’s a fact that some types girls look nice when they are skinny, some simply other look better if they have more flesh!

  78. I would never ever date a man with this mindset nor find him desirable no matter what size I am! This is a completely ignorant post I will just leave it at that.

    1. And you would never date a poor man either. It’s all about what’s on the inside right?

  79. I know it’s quite an old article but I stumbled across it about a month ago and I just wanted to say thank you. My weight had got a little bit out of control through no one’s fault but my own laziness but after reading this and similar articles on ROK, I have now lost the excess 1.5 stone that I had accumulated and have found an amazing man that I love looking after and satisfying. There is nothing better than finally being slim and feminine and being able to make my partner happy. Thank you ROK!

  80. “Fat women reading this should take note how drastically they can increase their value by getting a thin body.”
    What a sick excuse of a human being you are. Increase their VALUE? Women were not put on this earth to strive to make themselves look beautiful to your shallow expectations. You’re fucking pathetic.

    1. If you only want desperate, insecure men hitting on you, stay fat.

  81. 你的體重百公斤荷爾蒙太少11歲男童雞雞僅半公分, 像女生般蹲著尿尿~~!”
    …如果你喝太多酒,雞雞自燃起火烧焦因為酒精是易燃的!!烤香肠啊! 小雞雞需磨練 ! 請你別在寢室裡烤香腸好不好整個走廊上都是你的味道 下次再 在寢室裡我烤香腸幹你娘, 吃烤小便池蛋蛋糕! 佛陀的屌屌( 小雞雞)勃起痛風, 請告訴你男友的奶奶去口愛佛陀的痛風屌!!!!
    1. 我是小便斗佛奶奶仙人!
    2. 我想通你的小便斗, 你的龜頭容易碰到我的小便斗
    3. 上大號, 大到你的肛門內!導致你梅毒蛋蛋, 大開花

  82. This beacon of hope ..is mental illness. It is an outline of the ridiculously powerful affects the mainstream media has on the minds of the public. It was not long ago (im talking a decade or two) that we used expressions like “people of all shapes and sizes” etc…but the shift in media portrayal has changed the thoughts of the public drastically. Its not about being right or wrong , im not here to tell you the preference for skinny women is wrong …but on the same token neither is the preference for fat ones. Those who like fat women dont sit here bashing skinny ones like the skinny lovers do , its just an example of the type of person who follows trends blindly, they usually dont care about anyone but themselves. Its all about portrayal , and the simple mind falls for these TV tricks,
    while the intelligent mind can see past the fake tan and lighting
    effects. It really comes down to how deep a thinker a person is. Most
    men who like larger women look at the women as just a girl ..then look
    at the ADDED layers , these added layer ARE found to be sexy , but are
    looked at as an accessory of sorts like clothing etc. A simple mind only
    sees the one shape as a whole and does not care to THINK about how sexy
    this all is , just how sexy it looks at a glance.People who come to a site like this believe that a majority of people want skinny…but the fact is its about 50/50…just a tad more people want heavier partners than do thin. I have watched men who love fat women lie and chase the opposite because thats what they think will make them look successful , but then they long for and cheat on their girl with a larger one. FAT FEELS WAY BETTER ON A WOMAN THAN MUSCLE… WHY DO YOU THINK WE LIKE TITS AND ASS… But this is just the same as people believing everything the mainstream news tells them …even if they see with their own eyes that it is not true “its on TV so it must be true”. Fat women can be very beautiful, but the only ones you see posted are ugly as hell. Even the pictures you have posted here , the skinny women are in flattering lighting and clothing , while the heavier women are in horrible lighting with their hair a mess. This is because its a documented government agenda to promote the programs that make the most profit FOR THEM AND THEIR SPONSORS…they set the tone and the people follow. The obesity charts are bullshit and made up by insurance companies in the 70s not doctors …doctors admit that being overweight has no REAL bearing on health and that one can be heavy and very healthy. Yet time and time again the health aspect comes up and is used as an excuse , citing lazy lifestyles or unhealthy ones. There are very active fat people and very lazy skinny people , the fact is you are just trying you best to make your argument sound correct ..but you just look shallow and unintelligent. Good thing stupid is right now!

  83. This is absolutely ridiculous. 1. The number of pounds someone weighs has nothing to do with how they look. Otherwise why would muscle weigh more than fat? And 2. The insinuation that women (“fat” girls in particular) owe it to men to be attractive is complete and total bullshit. This is why a lot of women hate men! Because they’re pigs!! And 3. Who says that the most important thing in this world is to be attractive? It’s really not. The most important thing in your life is to be happy with who you are. If people would stop being mean and judgemental of other people when it has absolutely nothing to do with them then they might have a chance to feel good about themselves. So if you think you have the right to tell another person how to live their life you better be damn perfect because I’m sure you’re screwing yourself over in one way or another.

    1. “1. The number of pounds someone weighs has nothing to do with how they look. Otherwise why would muscle weigh more than fat?”
      In nearly all cases, especially for women who are less likely to lift weights, excess weight is due to excess fat.
      “2. The insinuation that women (“fat” girls in particular) owe it to men to be attractive is complete and total bullshit. This is why a lot of women hate men! Because they’re pigs!!”
      What’s this “owe it to men” crap? Either you stay thin, or satisfy yourselves with ugly, desperate men with low self-esteem who don’t mind screwing fat chicks. We are as attracted to fat chicks as you are to unemployed losers. Men and women find different things attractive, and as soon as you figure that out, the happier you’ll be.

  84. This article is completely disgusting. I feel sick just thinking of the shallow and horrible people it represents. It is incomprehensible for me to to think that some people generally believe that overweight women are “a loss of a potentially attractive chick”. Not only is it completely repulsive in its view on people who are overweight, but it is also incredibly sexist. To the people that genuinely agree with the statement made in this article – such as “it is important for men to take a step back and realize the potential fat chicks have under all of their layers of fat to become fuckable” – you are the true ugliness here.

    1. Believe it or not, men find fat chicks repulsive in a way women would never understand. Because of this, the only men who pay attention to fat chicks are desperate, insecure losers.
      Do you want to have to settle for a desperate insecure loser? Then stay fat.

      1. You are a fucking pathetic piece of shit. The root of all this world’s problems can be traced back to people like you. Women find men like you repulsive in a way that someone like you could never understand.

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