Top 5 Contrary Venues To Meet Brazilian Girls in Rio

In my recent forum thread about my brief recon mission in Rio de Janiero, I mentioned a friend of mine who has been living there for the past year without any intention of leaving anytime soon.  As a place with many conflicting reports and inaccurate characterizations, solid boots-on-the-ground-intel about Rio has been desperately sought in the manosphere for some time.  Sensitive to this clamoring for information, I decided to pick my friend’s brain to gain an insider’s perspective on how to pickup chicks in Rio. Here is what he suggested:

1. Samba Schools On Weekends

Samba schools are built around a local community. The people who go to these sorts of schools are normally members and have been members since they were kids. As a result, the bitch shields are lower and people tend to be friendlier than in the complete stranger environment of places like Rio Scenarium in Lapa and other bars and clubs around the city.

2. Shopping Malls

Must speak Portuguese for this one, but pretty much every hot girl in the city is in the mall AT LEAST once a month. Why not go to the places where the ladies frequent? Tijuca shopping and Barra shopping are golden.

3. Funk Clubs

You won’t find women of high quality here, but if you are looking to get your dance on, this is a great place to go for an easy pickup. Not frequented a lot by tourists.  I recommend the grown and sexy ones like Rei do Bacalhau and Ilha dos Pescadores, not the ones on the favelas.

4. Extension & Continuing Ed Courses

Great place to meet high quality, educated women.  Bitch shields will be near non-existent.  There are often more women than men in these classes, but knowing Portuguese is a requirement.


Great tool for pipelining.  There are chat rooms where you can strike up convos with chicks…my girl knows several Brazilian couples who have met through here.

Happy hunting! :hump:

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Contrary Venues To Meet Brazilian Girls in Rio”

  1. Great article, Hencredible! I like your ideas and they even gave me thoughts about things to do here at home (ie Continuing Ed courses). Also great RVF post. Keep inspiring us.

  2. I had some luck just walking around in “centro”. Tons of cute business women. Especially, around lunch time. Also, lots of chicks on the subway train, forget what it’s called? Especially, around commute time.
    If you like foreign chicks on vacation, don’t forget to check out the hostels.
    There is a big university in Rio, go there. Forget the name?
    Don’t forget the gym. Bodytech?
    Also, go into the big hotels and hang around the lobby and walk around.

  3. As a brazilian i aggree with that list. Pretty accurate.
    Some extended notes worth noting:
    #1 – Not only in Rio de Janeiro, but São Paulo has samba schools and other cities who make parades during carnaval, and also Florianópolis. Other cities like Joaçaba, Santa Catarina (4th tier city) has tons of pretty girls, girls who are 60% european with samba in their souls. Who crack this city will be in heaven. I lived there, i know what i’m talking about.
    #3 – funk clubs, great place, it’s not top quality. With some body dominance and atitude, you might bang on the bathrooms, but great chances to get a rly bad std too.
    #5 – UOL it’s one of those chat-rooms who you get good (and sometimes bad) surprises in the chatting process. Open them differently, open wise, in portuguese. You might get some sex-texting with the other side in a couple of minutes.

  4. Good looking wealthy girls don’t go to UOL chat, trust me. Barra Shopping is alright but lots of weird people go there as well. Rio Design Barra is much better for hot people and so is Fashion Mall or shopping Leblon.
    Barra beach (specially Pepe area) and Prainha on weekends are also a must if you wanna see hot girls.

  5. You guys need to find another cities in Brazil, come on.. Floripa is way much better than Rio.

  6. That chat from UOL is mostly used by weirdos, for an equivalent better option try badoo where you can see the pictures

  7. The mall option is a given in any Latin American country. Just go to a mall in an American border city or one near the border like El Paso or Tucson. The Mexican girls who are actually from Mexico going there are gorgeous and well dressed unlike the dirty Chicanas with their booty shorts and flip flops. Not to mention a hell lot nicer.

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