12 Ways Danish Women Are Different From Brazilian Women

1. Danish girls act like guys.

After feminism had it’s big triumphant waves rinsing the Danish countryside, we were left with some excellent female friends who want to be like us. Unfortunately they threw their feminine side out in the process, cutting their hair short, burning bras, and growing distinct male characteristics. This has not happened in they same way in Brazil, where the women kept their femininity, even if they are well educated and career minded.

2. Brazilian women are clean and take showers up to 5 times a day.

Danish women only shower once a day. This has obviously something to do with the different climate, but still it’s nice to know that the “sweat spot” has been through several checkpoints during the day 😉

3. Summer dresses, high heels and bikinis are, not surprisingly, a huge part of the Brazilian wardrobe.

As a man I can only say: “It’s awesome!” In Denmark the weather doesn’t allow for such boner-pleasing outfits except for the occasional two days of summer in July, where Danish women show off their white marble columns.

4. Danish women have cold attitude.

When Danish women venture out doing their daily tasks like grocery shopping or whatnot, they grab the nearest potato sack, put in the classical white iPhone earplugs and tramp/bike down to the local supermarket with a “Don’t talk to me!” attitude. Brazilian women simply do some quick adjustments to that already perfect look in front of the mirror and slide gracefully down the sidewalk with an open minded, positive look in their eyes.

5. Brazilian people have a natural, healthy relationship with their bodies.

This makes sense in a sunny nation with an acute beach culture, but this can not be said about Danish people which has resulted in an awkward bed culture with lights off and blinds down during mechanical intercourse.

6. When asking for directions in Brazil, the women will kindly explain how to reach your destination, or even walk you some of the way.

In Denmark women will give you a suspicious look before unwillingly pulling out the earplugs to find out what your are rambling about and if you are a potential threat.

7. Brazilian women have for the most part really nice teeth.

Even if they don’t have their father’s extensive health plan coverage through Petrobraz or similar corporations, they brush their teeth 3-5 times a day and go to extreme lengths if correcting need be. Danish women brush their teeth only twice per day if you’re lucky. In addition, those straight pearls granted from above are quite random, although not as random compared to the British royal family.

8. Danish women are honest and raised with that circle pedagogy where everything should be debated in a friendly manner.

This is actually good and bad, because sometimes it’s just nice to have a good old fashion fight. Brazilians have a tendency to give white lies and are masters at yelling each other to pieces, making up afterwards with big emotions and aggressive lovemaking.

9. Small talk combined with a genuine interest in new acquaintances are some of the trademarks in Brazil.

You can in many cases walk up to almost anyone and initiate a conversation about the weather, traffic, or football without it being weird and intrusive. Needless to say you will be regarded as a pervert doing that in Denmark.

10. It takes a long time to claw down the defenses that a Danish woman surrounds herself with.

Once you are in (after one or two years), you might just have a friend for life. The same can be said of the Brazilian woman, but in addition, after ten minutes you can be kissing her like you’re a teenager again.

11. Brazilian women are jealous as hell.

If you are hoping to continue talking with your female single friends and ex-girlfriends while in a relationship with a Brazilian, which is not uncommon in Denmark, forget about it! A Brazilian woman will methodically make you go through each one of your female friends, putting you on the witness stand as she hammers down the verdict by which you are to comply.

12. Brazilians are a mixed race and you can recognize all kinds of characteristics in the faces when you walk down the street.

Out of that equation has come some of the most refined curvy women on the planet, with which Danish women simply can not compete. But, if you’re into those slim hips and boyish behinds, you will certainly not waste your time in Denmark.

There are other aspects that these twelve points don’t cover, like Janteloven (Jante Law), influence of beta and alpha males, structure of society, etc. They should be viewed as slightly caricatured observations. There is always that one exception in both cultures who doesn’t fit in here, and thank God for that.

And thank God for Brazil!

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134 thoughts on “12 Ways Danish Women Are Different From Brazilian Women”

    1. Really? What if I tell you that Brazilian girls can also speak English? I am a Brazilian girl, lived in Denmark for almost a year, and I can assure you that I speak better English than any danish girl, boy, transvestite or anyone born and raised in Denmark, as they usually have a strong accent and get extremely confused with the grammar.

      1. Come on. Do you really have to get so mad? You just have to realize that generally the Danish girls speak better english than Brazilian girls. I am from Denmark, but I live in Brazil at the moment, and so far only 10% of the girls I’ve spoken to speak english. The english here is horrible compared to Denmark, and you just have to face it.

      2. what if i tell you brazillian girls can always speak english….. ahahahahahaha nice one

      3. Brazilian women are extremely spoiled, arrogant, boastful and self proclaimed world’s best woman. Definitively brazilian girls are overrated. up to be spoiled, they do not accept any opinion that does not say they are the best.

    2. Nonsense. Most Brazilian women speak portugese and Spanish fluently and English very well. Danes are as heavily accented but 1/3 as interesting.

  1. Denmark = Eastern England.
    As with England, I imagine that were it not for booze, the race would have died out.

  2. The Danish girl on the left is pretty attractive. And honestly the icy personalities don’t sound much different than the girls here in Iowa.

    1. There is no such thing as “Jante Law”..Its just the whole world cockblocking you, like it does in every country. It’s not better or worse in Denmark

  3. Awaiting the chorus of haters who will claim you’re just bashing Danish girls because you’re a loser who can only get laid in third-world countries… even though Brazil isn’t third world and the haters have never left the U.S.

    1. GDP per capita in Brazil: $11,640
      GDP per capita Botswana: $14,746
      GDP per capita Iran: $11,508
      GDP per capita Denmark: $40,908
      GDP per capita USA: $48,112
      Dudes definitely are finding success in Brazil because they can spend more than the local dudes, and the women know this. Western guys also know this, but won’t admit it because it destroys the fantasy that they really ARE the big bad alpha male that Western women just can’t find a way to appreciate. Acknowledging the fact that they were simply born in the right place at the right time of history would be a tacit admission that they’re no better than the lowly john buying the time of a quasi-prostitute.
      So, sorry fat man, but you’re just gonna have to accept the fact that pussy-beggars like yourself are exactly what detractors label you: losers looking to leverage money/status in countries where the competition is less intense.
      It’s like a grown man dropping out of a pick-up game against dudes his own size to go play against third graders. Look, if that’s what you wanna do, then do it. Nobody’s stopping you. However don’t come on the internet thumping your chest as if you’ve cracked the secret code to life, or act like you’re more special than anybody else. Any mediocre dude from NA and West Europe can venture to the third world and find moderate success if they stick around long enough.
      You can call me a “hater” now to assuage your narcissism now.

      1. @Empty
        Your argument doesn’t really hold water because American women are some of the easiest in the world. Even though they are wealthy you will not have to spend any money on them to get laid. So obviously people are going to Brazil or other countries for different reasons – perhaps the warm, feminine and sexy women?
        As for the countries you selected – Iran, Botswana, and Brazil – these are some very nice countries with educated populations and relatively wealthy as far as GDP per capita goes. For example they are over ten times wealthy than shitholes like Haiti and Afghanistan, and wealthier even than places like Ukraine, China and Thailand.

      2. You probably are proud of your predilection for middle-aged single moms because they are so “sophisticated”.

      3. Ten-to-one you’re the same hater who keeps coming back here to get banned by Roosh; you make the exact same arguments again and again and again.
        And I know for a fact that you know absolutely nothing about living abroad, as evidenced by the fact that you can only speak about other countries in terms of Wikipedia stats, like the keyboard jockey that you are.
        I couldn’t care less if you call me “fat,” seeing as I’ve been striving to lose weight for months now (and have) and I just successfully hitchhiked more than 3,500 miles across the U.S. from New York to Oregon (where I was nearly killed by police, handcuffed by border patrol agents, and kidnapped, among other things), and I’ve generally seen and done more in the past year than you’ll ever accomplish in your sad, trollish little life. And “Matt Forney” is my real name, too!
        I don’t claim to be a pussy-hound or a player, though you’re welcome to project whatever fantasies you like on me. But when it comes to info, who do you think is worth trusting:
        a) An online columnist who has lived in Denmark and Brazil, has a name and a rep, and has his picture online, or;
        b) An anonymous commenter with no name, no accountability, and no life experience or evidence to back up his claims?
        Thought so.

      4. Well Mr.Empty certainly knows how to argue 🙂 and I would be inclined to agree with him if it wasn’t for the fact that: I have a Brazilian girlfriend living with me here in Denmark who absolutely agrees with me on this article, although it is somewhat exaggerated.
        The GDP argument is pretty weak, unless you go hunting in the favelas.

      5. I am brazilian and I can tell you… Brazil is a third-world coutry
        our salaries are 3x smaller and our costs are 3x bigger (because there are taxes over taxes,absurd profit and governamental corruption)
        girls here go for easy way
        foreign or not, obviously women here don’t charge you, but almost it… they will get every benefit you can afford and every effort you can give, then they will move on without you
        15 years ago we didn’t have this problem
        people here are really friendly and more open to relate with stranges, but used to be commited to a relationship… now things are different
        cellphones and internet became popular, so there’s lots of interaction
        nowadays almost everybody can buy a car (your not a man if you don’t) so there’s more options on all next cities
        with better access to universities, after school young people move to bigger cities to study, and there’s way more options
        it all change so fast and started a process that results on several options, so young people relate at random with no commitment at all, then they go to the next one
        our youth always had alcoohol problems and now they are bigger
        the way you drink and the drugs you can pay will tell how high is your social level… girls over here wants a guy who can afford it all and make then looks like a rich person
        just adding, this morons refuse to listen to a music with a good lyric
        their loud trunk speakers play musics about expensive cars, expensive drinks, easy girls and quick affairs
        that’s a idiocracy!
        it’s almost impossible to find a woman that’s not part of these patetic circus
        if you foreign come here, our girls will be proud to show you as a trophy

    2. @Empty
      Ok I get the fat comment.
      On the other hand, If you lived in America, and you were objective, you’d realize that men aren’t traveling to third world countries merely because the women have no money. My rather successful aunt who is an entrepreneur from a third world country I might add, came to America for the first time and was asking me why I wasn’t married yet. She said that I was at an age where I should be getting married based on our culture. I giggled and said that she’d have to live here to understand why marriage wasn’t on my mind.
      Later that day, I dropped her off at the mall for a couple hours so she could go shopping. When I picked her up, she came into my car laughing hysterically. She then told me that she understood why I wasn’t enthusiastic about getting married, and proceeded to show me pictures of all the fat women she had observed in a couple hours walking around the mall buying stuff; she said she wasn’t even aware that women could become that fat and she was going to show all the pictures to her friends when she got back home. She had at least 20 pictures and this is the state of Mass., one of the thinner states in the country.

      1. Except, you just used a straw man fallacy to back up what you just said. No one ever said that America doesn’t have hot women.
        We could go on, but it’s clear that you don’t want to be objective or intellectually honest; and look, if I had a pu$$y that I could use to leverage most guys into submitting to my own POV on reality, I probably would see no necessity in being objective either.

      2. Chasin down poor 3rd world pussy feels dirty n disgustinf like iran(its prettty poor)ukraine is richer just infrastructure sux an weather is depresin.but broke girls in decolped countrys like vbrazil is fine…nsouth is heavily devolped while north is lil shawty but devolpin fast
        like to see a comparison of slavic women with otjer women

      3. “So many fat females in America” =/= No attractive women in America. If there were two lotteries with the same jackpot and you had to buy a ticket to one of them which one you choose? The one with 1/10 odds or the other with 1/100 odds?
        You’re also misunderstanding that notch count isn’t the end all, be all of this site. This site is actually promoting lower notch counts with higher quality women, and the odds of finding these higher quality women are better outside the western world.

      4. Yes, you’re male but you have a pu$$y POV, which is worse…I’d have more respect for you if you were a woman.
        Also you are once again using a straw man argument because I never pronounced my philosophy, nor did I declare a world view in any of my comments. You’re creating your own points, saying that I made them and then attacking me on those points.
        However the point of calling someone out on logical fallacies is to point out contradictions in reasoning, not to label someone else as an idiot or a hypocrite; which is why I said you lack intellectual honesty (you don’t want to have an intellectual debate). Clearly, you don’t like Roosh and others; clearly you are sympathetic and agree with the women who “call him out” i.e. feminists, who I generally refer to as people who have a pu$$y POV.
        As for the reason why men are going to Brazil, I gave you my answer above, and I’ll repeat it again: “It’s very simple: American women aren’t likeable, they’re very fu*kable though” being fat is just a part of it.
        And for the record did you just use the word “chump?” My God, what a passive aggressive douche.

      5. Iran!? You’d have better luck in India. At least in Mumbai there are some decent night clubs were singles can mingle.

      6. @renee
        even india ..chase 3rd world girls not my thing feel like im takin advantage of national geographic.. But broke in good nations in eastern europe an latin america is where its at.
        Besides latin girls dont have cultural hang up like mena and south asian nations,thy have better looks n curves an not hairy like middle eastern n desi girls

      7. “even india ..chase 3rd world girls not my thing feel like im takin advantage of national geographic”
        ” But broke in good nations in eastern europe an latin america is where its at.”
        There are more rich people in India than in EE or LA.
        Besides at the clubs in Mumbai I’m talking about, only upper middle class people go there. You wouldn’t be taking advantage of national geographic. They’d be feeling sorry FOR YOU.

      8. @remmee
        still they have that 3rd worldesqay about them
        like puttin a caveman in a suit…somethin dirty about those girls like aids malaria o some shit like that…country is devolopin cant help but feel like a sex tourist i n thailand
        besides we get indian international students at my campus an they aint hot but the ones born here …much better….an those are upper middle class comin here…not every person from that class will look like bollywood

  4. >Kris is currently studying Arabic language and culture, modern history of the middle east and Islam at the university in Copenhagen.
    Now THIS, is something i’d like to read an article on. we all know how great brazil is, and don’t need another one on the subject.
    Are arabs a patriarchal culture. is it possible to be red pill and muslim?
    Or is it more off a clash of civilsations type deal

    1. Arabs are patriarchal. Depends on what you mean by red pill on whether or not they will swallow it. Amongst Arab devout and orthodox Muslims, they are unwilling to swallow any harsh truths about their religion. But this goes for most religious nuts. They can’t see the forest for the trees.

      1. Theyd only swallow when it comes to western women.someone on the manospee was sayin at least islam respects men an keeps the natural order goim…while xhristianity is feminized an blames men..mainly in the west…not the case in georgia armenia n italy
        Naughtynoomad an Erd milenuin men link soomewhere…dunnnobhe site for the respect part though..oit was a red pill site

      2. There are so many more religions than Islam and Christianity to choose from. Neither Islam nor Christianity has a developed philosophy. They are shallow and were created by low IQ people without an abundance of natural resources like water and food. Hence brains were not very developed. Multi generational cousin marriage does not help either.
        The West’s metaphysical future lies with Buddhism.

      3. @renee
        Cousin marrage across the globe needs to go
        budhism quite deep indeed well except for the monks an other people in myanmar/burma
        Otherwise sinless followrrs

      4. How low in the IQ score does one need to be to accept an inferior culture and religion that has produced no advancement in the history of mankind, just good “feeeelings”?

      5. And that comment was about budhism, practically an anti-patriarchal culture, that due to its inferior and semi-matriarchal tendencies, is one of the most easily accepted by females.

      6. @JM
        least islam created stuff durin its golden age and at least it respects men it has patricheal culture that keeps the social order(women always want everything an still be unsatisfied…kids is what keeps theri hamster busy)
        now 60 yrs of feminism now we got population aging and crazy datin culture
        kids born outta wedlock raised by single mothers and those kids usually have some sorta issue , get inot trouble do drugs more likly to be overwieght(mom isn there all the time)
        the old family dynamic with dad takin an active role was ideal when women became aggressive …men started wlalkin away

    2. I am going to spend March and April in Beirut, so I will be doing an article on some of the things you’ve mentioned. As for arabs being a patriarchal culture, only the few would disagree with that. The whole red pill blue pill issue is something that I feel does not apply for many muslims living in europe, but I think the term should be defined better, before having a discussion about it.

  5. I agree, you can quite easily replace the word Denmark with British and the article would still remain relevant.
    Not an enlightening article, however, theres nothing wrong with being reminded that such character traits exists in women from different parts of the world, making choosing correct travel destinations a no brainer!

  6. @ empty
    I agree with your general sentiment that Roosh’s success overseas is largely due to increased relative money and status, rather than “game.” Though I do think the mechanics of game help increase quantity, but passive things like money and status and looks determine quality.
    I think “game” is very misunderstood. If you read Bang, you see that Roosh basically is explaining how to talk to women, and the simple logistics of getting her into your bed. I hesitate to call this “game.” It’s just socialization and having the basic ability to relate to people and model their behavior. People tend to blow this ability way out of proportion, when it really is nothing special. They tend to overattribute their success to game, and underattribute to passive characteristics like looks, money, and status. It’s a way of bragging, of flashing the e-peen, I suppose.
    Roosh is correct that women overseas in South America and FSU countries tend to be more approachable and feminine. This is because the gender ratios are more favorable toward men, and women make less money than their male counterparts, making them reliant on provider men. The situation is reversed in America. Men are plentiful with no wars or famine to wipe them out, and women make enough money to support themselves comfortably. They are holding out for the high genetic value guys when they are young and under 25 (good-looking, tall) or elite providers when 25+ (250k+ income, doctor/law partner/finance types) that can elevate them and their spawn in social class. The value of women in America is extremely high, and feminine and sexy women command high market value. You need to be a high value guy here, either in status, or money, or extremely good looks, to get the best women.
    I think Roosh’s Galt approach does work, and may be one of the better strategies for average men if they want romantic success. But ultimately expatriating from your country, from your own culture and all the people you know and love, is not a happy solution to the problem.
    Remember, studies of mitochondrial DNA have shown that through most of human history, half of men never got to reproduce. It’s always been a struggle. Average guys were never supposed to get women. If they did, they did well. Women have always been the domain of the high value guys.

    1. PUA culture has led to more genuine self betterment among men than any other self help wave in history.
      You continue to dwell on this straw man that it is easier to get laid in “third world countries” when no one has ever said that at all; to the contrary in fact. If notch count was everything, none of these “famous” PUAs would ever leave USA/England/The West. Those who have absorbed the idea of “rape culture” so much cannot get over the fact that some men might want to fuck hotter women or more women. How dare they want to fuck women! That shouldn’t be what being a man is about! DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME WHAT BEING A WOMAN IS ABOUT THOUGH!
      If you can get past your bullshit preconceptions you’ll realize that ROK is focused more on an idea of finding happiness in “higher quality” women. The idea is that “higher quality” is going back to a standard that was in place 50+ years ago and maybe this isn’t the way to happiness at all. However these guys got off their asses and in EVERY SINGLE CASE they threw away the guaranteed weekly lay in their home country, which was metaphysically unsatisfying, and traveled the globe to seek something that actually makes them happy.
      At ROK, the ability to have a lot of sex partners is assumed. THIS BLOG is not about scoring more sex partners. It is occasionally about increasing the variety of one’s sex partners, but you seem to totally dismiss that as a complete waste of time. I guess if you idiots can’t admit that men and women are different you will never get around to admitting that products of different cultures are different. But again, this is not about having more sex. That you can do that is assumed. This blog is about options, and the option it encourages is actually having FAR LESS partners, but going to a culture in which the women have less partners, in the broader goal of achieving satisfaction in with one’s life.

    2. @Empty
      Even if everything you say is true whats the problem ? Women in the West leverage their inflated value to ride the high horse..men use their ,money to ride the high horse, where ever their money is worth more. Women in the west are simply using this kind of shaming tactics to discourage men and eliminate competition.
      The western woman is extremly arrogant and in behavior vicious toward 90% of all men. Why is it so hard to understand that some men like to go where the grass is greener ?

    3. Its true that having more money makes it easier for a man traveling to Brazil or Poland. But that’s not the entire story. The polish girls are nice even if you have no money. They are family oriented meaning you can actually start a family with a young women, instead of the used up 35+ cock carousel riders we have here in the western countries. Men simply go where women are friendly, feminine and reliable. It’s not even important that their are easy to bed because that’s not what matters.

  7. Yeah, where are your citations to all the peer reviewed scholarly articles about how Danish women are different from Brazilian women.

  8. it’s a latin thing. i’m mexican and cajun. there’s a reason i prefer mexicanas, they are VERY feminine. the above description can be applied to all the latin countries i’ve lived in or visited. lived in spain and italy and the above could be applied to the local girls.
    swear to god, in italy i fell in love every 10 minutes. had 2 LTR’s with local girls- almost married one. and girl didn’t care if i stared or noticed other girls. but i KNEW that if i messed around. DEE-ZAM!!!!
    but since the girls were so giving, nurturing, and feminine- i didn’t WANT to mess around. i was content.

    1. Noticed in europe that south side and east side its femine.but northetn n western europe gets more masculine women

  9. You think nice girls in Ipanema have boyfriends who make $10K a year ? hahaha !
    Rio and São Paulo are more expensive than any American city. Salaries are higher here than on the US for the same function. Tons of Europeans are coming to Brazil to work.
    Unless you go to the poor countryside of the Northeast, to meet ugly women, you will be the poor dude here.

    1. True. Brazil has middle class people, wealthy people, and super wealthy people. This notion that Brazil is all poor is total nonsense.

  10. I’m a girl from Brazil, and the author is totally right (about brazilian, I don’t know danish), especially about #11, haha!
    About #12, yes, it’s right. But the more north you go in Brazil, the more dark faces (and features) you’ll see, the more south, the more european faces will be.
    Brazil is very mixed race, but not in away that turns all people alike. I mean, in Colombia or Venezuela are mixed race too, but all population in both seems to have the same features. Here in Brazil, some people are very different from people in their own family!

  11. Empty is Megaton. Got it.
    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Mark Twain
    When looking at GDP in the US, where income inequality is among the highest, it’s very misleading to discuss access to cash money in those terms.
    Empty really fails to understand that the entire ‘1st, 2nd 3rd world country’ concept has too many problems to use coherently (city/country and core/periphery’ discourse might be better), but let’s note here that enough people have dealt with any number of the fallacies in this method of categorization. Just google those terms and read some stuff if its interesting to you.
    Some of these problems with the ‘1st world/3rd world’ concept have to do with income inequality and also PPP, puchasing power parity. They also have to do with quality of life factors which aren’t counted for much in the so-called 1st world countries precisely because they are so lacking. These have to do with hours worked, housing costs relative to food costs and income, quality of friends, the amount of free time, and the lack of credit/debt slavery.
    Let’s face it, most women don’t understand money the same way men do. On average they can’t understand or visualize the abstract concepts of ‘flow’, ‘amortization’, ‘scale’ and other key concepts relating to spatial and abstract thinking.
    Women on average understand ‘things’, ‘products’. What you can put into their hands. In Serbia, with a nominal GDP of 5k and a relative PPP GDP of 11k, an amazing phone plan with nearly unlimited data on a sexy 4G phone is about 12 euros a month. The top end HTC phone with a large touch-sceen display is included.
    Women also aren’t car experts. A very sexy and clean 2003 model year car (5 series BMW etc.) that’s got racing or crusiing rims, tint, touches of carbon, and a little dropped looks like some very brand-new and very DHV to the average woman.
    Point here is that many many Serbian guys can meet the lifestyle expectations of even a greedy-ish Serbian woman. Especially if his goal is raw ‘game’ and numbers or even quality team building with no real strongs. Foreigners don’t exactly have an advantage in raw economics of the woman’s perception.
    Countries like Serbia have tons of engineers, dentists, doctors, government bureaucrats, and even more entrepreneurs owning several small businesses, and able to build quite nice and large homes 20 kilometers outside of Belgrade. They inherited a communist culture which actually valued these things. Now that these have been unleashed into the open market, a lot of human potential has been unleashed too.
    But let’s grant that in many parts of the world there is still the post WWII era mentality that Americans are prosperous and high status by virtue of their Americaness. After all, female desires and wants are at least as much fueled by perception as they are by reality.
    However, women in a lot of countries seem interested in practically ANY foreign guy regardless of any GDP (non)correlation, unless that country is a culturally embedded ‘enemy’ nation.
    America is often one such enemy nation. And while there’s definitely a thin line – if any – seperating prostitutes from ‘regular’ women along a spectrum of sex-motivators, lots of ROK readers are looking for or have found high quality stable life partners in other countries, even fi the shoter-term or long-term goal is serial monogamy or team building. Despite their Americaness at times as much as because of it.
    This has to do with cultural attitudes which are prevalent in lots of places which do not suffer from the sort of Imperial Ego that 1st world men and women, especially Americans, have.
    Truth be told, women in other countries were raised differently, grew up around different types of men and women who had different *preoccupations*, not just different occupations.
    The point here is that charts showing GDP might help us demonstrate that there is a material foundation to this perception among foreign women, except that there isn’t. There is, practically speaking, just the perception.
    Fine, but now this is making lots of presumptions about the culture and attitudes of foreign women which have not yet been really examined.
    On top of that there is an interest in foreigners for their foreigness. This has to do with a combination of biological factors which indicate a woman’s attraction to foreign-ness and mystery as a category, and an open-ness to foreigners that isn’t straddled with xeno-phobic or out-right racist conceptions that many anglo-american women have regarding ‘foreigners’.
    Many of these are probably rooted in US’s history of slavery and west-ward expansion. Propertied white families in the west also have the most to lose, economically and in the power/prestige hierarchy in relation to the Jones’s if their white daughter runs of with some filthy Paki or Sand-nigger. So the idea that Pakis are filthy and so on is imbedded deep into the western white woman’s psyche.
    For ‘women of color’ or other ethnic origin who become assimilated into the US’s cultural (and feminist) paradigm, there is an internalized hatred of men who are also from their own, or other, national or ethnic origin. For Latinos and Blacks, this happens when they ‘pull themselves out of the ghetto’. They become potential, albeit temporary, bed-chamber mistresses for in-the-box thinking betas who have alpha-like qualities in sole sphere of income. Fast-forward 2-7 years, then they serve divorce papers.
    There is also a deep anti-intelletualism among Americans, especially women. This makes them much less interesting, and also a little harder to chat up unless the conversation is kept super basic or cliche. After all, they have few things to chat about.
    I really enjoy the entire process of seduction, and I just personally find the women of the Balkans and the MIddle-East to be better human beings. The men, like their fathers and brothers, are often better human beings too. This isn’t genetic, its cultural.
    Far from being a ‘player’ with some grandeous illusion that I had any ‘game’ which – fine – is a marketing buzz word, I knew exactly what in the US it was about me that women liked. I appear young, I’m confident, talkative but not blabby, covered in tattoos, and I hit the gym. I drove a hot Lexus and I had a lot of hot ex-girlfriends on display on my FB pics or was able to include in conversations as DHV’s.
    I’m open minded and I actually care about people. I don’t see women as opponents or ‘bad people’, but I am aware of some very real gender differences which stem from a number of biological and cultural determinants.
    I’m not tall, I’m not anglo, I don’t come from an established Polo wearing east-coast family with property in the Hamptons or a summer house in Martha’s Vineyard.
    But I could always put a little work into it and build a good team when I wasn’t in a committed monogomous deal. Wasn’t opposed to those either. I was never into numbers since swallowing the Red Pill, I handled the numbers thing in my teens and 20’s when handling 6’s and 7’s (and the occasional 5 that you told no one about) was still fun.
    Team building – because in my experience sex improves as the sex continues and the friendship builds – was a better goal. I had variety, and quality, with the right balance of familiarity and comfort-zone. Sure I might tangle the prospect of something more serious in front of them. But I wasn’t lying either. With the quality of women in my team I had developed, the chance with any of them was more probable than just even. Until I swallowed the red pill.
    The fundmental problem with my American team was their Americaness. I had some pretty great team members that had urban, alternative, or post-modern ideas about what constituted an Alpha. Sure they were hypergamous. Women are. And sure I make in the mid-to-high 5 figures which is enough nowadays, given the US situation, to be seen as a really viable candidate. But just appearing like someone who was particularly violence prone and marginalized, while having a warm heart and cash, was enough for most city dwelling american women to bone. They liked me for the wrong reasons, and I knew it.
    What Empty Megaton fails to really understand is that ROK brings together a lot of different perspectives from a number of different men in their dating experience. Its hard to even characterize it as a PUA website, because its really just filling in the void that magazines like GQ and Maxim created when their editorial perspective became increasingly feminized.
    Reading Maxim articles about how to please a woman gets really old. Its Beta world too. What about an article about what men want from women, or how to get into women’s hearts and minds without just buying them stuff or buying into the dominant femanesthesized narrative? Reading GQ articles about which products to buy in order to ‘look desirable’ to women just strikes me as a perpetual incarnation of the old Bernayean stuff we’ve been force fed for decades, both trad-con and fem-conned.
    What also got me about what Empty Megaton said was crap about IQ. It is granted IQ correlates with modernization and industrialization, but the arrow of causation seems to show us that as modernization and industrialization are introduced, IQ rises. On top of that its known to anyone from the western world that its possible to ‘study for’ an IQ test in more ways than one.
    I live in Serbia now which has an average IQ of 89. Yeah, I was drawn by the women. If you like Russian/Slavic AND Mediterranean/Iranic types in the same place and sometimes in the same woman, then Serbia is for you. At the same time, I haven’t met a single idiot who would strike me as a Forest Gump type. The 9 point difference in spread between Serbia and the US is hard to attribute to brain drain. Everywhere I turn I meet lots of brilliant people. And what does IQ indicate anyhow?
    My IQ is in the bottom of the 99th percentile, but this hasn’t made me a million bucks or motivated me to ‘succeed’ in life in ways dictated by US culture. I certainly was much less interested in ‘success’ when I saw what ‘success’ did to people like my father, who were eaten away alive by workaholism and an entitled ex-wife, and the sad paradigm-trapped idea that he had to replace the old wife with a new wife. There went my inheritance.
    For me, success and the application of my IQ has taken the form of life-style perfection, which includes doing business, but isn’t enslaved to it.
    Now living in a post-communist society which is much more business friendly than the US, for small to medium sized businesses, I’m able to put ‘that part’ of my brain to use. Corruption is managable because its so popular and localized.
    The women here are extremely fit, unbelievably beautiful – 35-50 9-10’s every time you leave your flat (I counted with a clicker a few times) with absolutely graceful and charming personalities, outlooks, passions, and dreams.
    Finally, Empty Megaton’s ‘arguments’ are out of scope and entirely off point.
    The real question is why so many men find foreign women more desirable. It isn’t mostly because they are desired by them, though certainly this is part of it. Empty also makes the mistake of equating income with desirability. This is true universally in the same way that all women have vaginas, but to varying degrees. Some pussy is tighter than others. Some women, regardless of factors like age and class of parents, see income as a determinant of desirability in differernt ways.
    Women like to have a little bragging rights about their boyfriend. They want to say where he comes from, what he’s doing now, and where he’s going. If he’s from another country, that makes the story more interesting. But that country could be the US, or Mexico, or Brazil, or even Cuba. Its not so important if that other country is wrongly associated with prosperity per se.
    If that weren’t true, EACH 8+ woman on earth would run away from home and become a prostitute in the west or Japan. So many thousands do, sure. But so many millions upon millions do not. That’s an extreme way to show that lots of other factors go into a given woman’s decision making process. Being close to family, friends, and having values not seen in the US for 40-50 years are a big part of it. Lot’s of guys seeking sex and/or romance in other countries have absolutely NO problem at home. They just can’t stand American women and their attitude and familial problems.
    Let’s say I wanted to get married some day, have a kid or something. I certainly sure as hell would never do it in the US or any country with family law that resembled the US’s.
    But fine, let’s say I get a great lawyer to design a great pre-nup. Let’s say I choose the ‘right kind’ of American woman since NAWALT. I am good at telling people, so let’s rely on that. This is still going to be a woman who is going to have dumbshit american women friends even if she’s smart, a dumbshit American family even if she’s in love with me, and dumbshit pressures and expectations which are way out of line from my own. Women are comformists, so if the culture is totally ill, even the ‘best’ of American women will ultimately become ill.
    Then there’s the schools, the TV shows, and all the toxins, carcinogens, pollutants, and mandatory vaccinations and ‘school/behavioural performance’ drugs your American kids will be subject to. That has to be a form of child abuse and neglect unto its own.
    Why do men prefer ‘foreign’ women? This isnt’ the 60’s-80’s anymore where even every arab oil baron thinks the US barbie-blonde are the end-all-be-all and is willing to travel to the US to bag one or 1000. Even Arab guys are prefering their native Haifa Wehbe’s, Nancy Ajram’s and Amar’s over the worn-out prematurely aging US ‘blonde’ windbags anyhow.
    Its because on average the ‘foreign’ one is in better shape, has a better mentality, and tends to be just a pleasure ot be around.
    Without romanticizing, othering, or falling for ‘noble savage’ discourse; people, like all products, from different places are actually different.
    American women are an inferior product. A whole lot of different reasons are involved in why a ‘foreign’ woman is able or likely to be into a guy who is foreign to her. These are not necessarily or even mainly economic, even if they do have a lot to do with status as understood in different ways.
    GDP tells us so very little, American women are very different from foreign women, and Empty Megatron so widely misses the point.

    1. ” Being close to family, friends, and having values not seen in the US for 40-50 years are a big part of it.”
      Values like what – having 1 night stands with foreign PUAs?
      A woman close to her family and with “values not seen in the US” will not do this. They might slowly befriend, get to know and date a foreign man over the period of a couple of months, if their family approves of him, but you won’t find those women trolling bars looking to get “picked up”.
      And this site is not about “dating” over a period a months. Its about getting laid as fast as you can. Let me assure you that any woman who sleeps with you soon is NOT the “family oriented woman with values” that you write about above.
      ” Lot’s of guys seeking sex and/or romance in other countries have absolutely NO problem at home. They just can’t stand American women and their attitude and familial problems.”
      That’s fine. But again, those sex seeking guys should not delude themselves into thinking the foreign women they have easy sex with are “family oriented, high quality women with values”.

      1. So what are you saying? This blog IS about dating and long term relationships? Women who have ONSs are not sluts?

    2. @flores
      nnot all foreign women are in better shape than usa women. Arabian women have highrr obeisty rate since its the standard of beauty around the gulf even north africa has manyy chubby chasers(egypt morocco libya etc)iraq afghanistan bangladesh an pacific islands also perfer fat women an theyre obeisty is highet than usa.appatenty for 1 obese man u see in saudi ull see 2 or 3 obese women…plus they not good at metabolizin weight(prolly adaptation to dessert) even indian women have problem with weight after the first kid…they get bigger than husband…only asians slavic an latin girls seem to stay slim for whatever reason….cia world factbook to look up obeisty by nation

    1. Cognitive Dissonance: thinking an American woman is an easy slut for sleeping with you on the first or 2nd date while a foreign woman is a “feminine high quality woman of conservative values” for doing exactly the same.

      1. Well, I have to say Reemee that you are correct, it seems like some of us have a rationalization hamster. Maybe that’s why Roosh, subconsciously, chooses not to have a long relationship with them. By the way I admire his writings and have helped a long way, but he commits this rationalization in most of his writings.

  12. You can get laid easily in Brazil, but not because of money, more because of your exotic European look…and not with the best girls. The competition for the hottest girls is more intense than in Western Europe or the US. The SWPL and beta factor is restrained. You have a bunch of guys with ripped, tanned bodies, who do martial arts, and have good game. Hot girls from the good neighborhoods are not going to pick you over them just because you have some dollars (probably less than the girls who live in these neighborhoods have) or because you can speak English. In Rio you actually have very intense competition, which is why it’s a good training ground.

    1. Roosh doenst have a “exotic European look”. He seems more a typical white guy from São Paulo or

  13. ‘In Denmark women will give you a suspicious look before unwillingly pulling out the earplugs to find out what your are rambling about and if you are a potential threat.’
    sounds like Parisian people

    1. Sounds like a smart woman who doesn’t slut around. This guy wants all women to be whores. You think we want women to be horrible for family values? Cause we can’t have sluts as mothers of our kids. Sad that the majority of women worth making a family with come from the south or east. They are destroying our people in the west. Wake up. Dr David Duke, Dailystormer.com

      1. Ridiculous. Danish women aren’t marrying and making babies. The polar opposite of what you describe.

  14. This is so True. And only people who experienced the 2 cultures will understand that. It’s just an opinion anyway. You may or may not agree with it.

  15. at least you’re unlikely to get a gun shoved in your face in Denmark…. with the debt levels in the US under President O’Buck Banger….. pretty much the entire American continent looks set to become lost in the mire……good luck in Latin America, you’re welcome to it and it’s Matriarchal sexy honey traps……..

  16. HELLO CRIS. DO NOT KNOW YOUR NATIONALITY BUT SEEMS YOU KNOW VERY WELL on Danish Girls. I know and I tried to be a friend of a Danish girl, but it was very difficult. And when I told him my age I was 10 years older than her. She was in shock.! behaved as if I were a psychopath Or pervertido.por be 10 years older than her HERE IN BRAZIL kept friendship with Brazilian women from across the country without any problems. WHY our girls are open and easy to relate to. I really think the girls Danes have a pretty face, but unfortunately they think too complicated. Not because I’m Brazilian, because I lived in European countries. But the most beautiful face and body that Brazilian girls for me has no place better than no.mundo Brazilian girls. Brazilian Girls I Love I live here in the middle of them and I’m in heaven. God blessed this country

  17. this is the most stupidest thing i’ve ever read
    -sincerely, brazilian-danish girl

  18. this is the most stupidest thing i’ve ever read
    -sincerely, brazilian-danish girl

  19. Hi Kris,
    I found very interesting to know that someone made ​​a comparison between Brazilian women and Danish women. Of course it is an empirical personal view and based on a limited number of Brazilian and Danish women you have found.
    I must also say, that as a Brazilian girl I do not agree with everything that you written.
    Anyway, I accept most of the claims as a compliment. 🙂

  20. Man whats with your war on the danes man? my experience danes just really arent into americans, the moment i said i was canadian instead i got way better results.

  21. Hahaha OMG guy you defenitely dind’t have any good time with a danish woman. But I can understand. You are talking about to pick up womens in the street, yes, brazilian women will be warmer than a danish but it doesn’t mean she’s a whore or she will be kissing you in ten minutes, if you just think to pick a woman in the street and get her in the bed, well, you will find that danish women will be harder because they don’t go to the street thinking in pickin up anyone and I’m sure not all brazilian women will threath you so warm, I mean, if always is that way so you’re saying brazilian women they are all easy bitches

  22. Well, f*** you! Im a danish man, but I have lived in Brazil and I absolutely love both countries. What you write is true about some danish girls, Im guessing about 5 %! Denmark is full with smart, openminded and beautiful girls and for you to imply that all danish women are cold, manly, without curves, has bad breath, bad teeth and “only” showers once a day (brazilians shower a lot because of the heat, now Denmark is a cold country no need for more than one shower a day, trust me everything will still be clean!) is just downright upsetting. i could go on forever but i am simply too mad to do so…
    This is not an attack on brazilian women! I myself feel like Im half danish and half brazilian and could definitely see my self settling down with either a brazilian or a danish woman. I love brazilian culture, just like I love danish culture. Oh, and by the way, english is pretty much every danes second language, which I believe can not be said about Brazil (thats not criticism, thats a fact).
    Just me, sharing my opinion.

    1. No need for a shower more than a day? really? Im sorry, I am brazilian, I lived in Denmark and here is some good news for all danes: YOU DO HAVE THE NEED TO TAKE MORE THAN 1 SHOWER DURING THE DAY in Denmark too. Specially during your 25 degrees summer. Trust me, you may think everything is clean but sometimes IT’S NOT. And open your eyes if you’re fucking around in Brazil or with brazilians, because girls might not tell you, but they will surely feel frustrated if you don’t take enough showers.

    2. Man, I’m brazilian and this article is perfectly compatible with the few months I’ve been in Denmark, and of course at least generally speaking is the perfect description of brazilian girls.
      I didn’t stay enough time on Denmark to be sure of anything, but it was a big coincidence that this article is compatible with my experience, don’t you think? And many other descriptions of danish girls that I saw around the internet are also compatible with this article. For now, I’ll still believe in my experience, until someone proves me the contrary.

    3. Hans, you sound like a chick. I hope you are, because if you are a dude, you are screwed.

  23. If you shower “up to 5 times a day” you have OCD or a severe BO condition in which case you should see a doctor.

    1. jaja many times is for the sand or fot quit the sea water or normally for the hot wheather

      1. This is nonsense. I’m brazilian and I never heard about someone showering 5 times a day. We usually shower twice . One before going to work/school and before sleeping, that’s all.

        1. I’m also brazilian and, sorry, but I disagree with you. The number of showers changes from person to person. 2 times a day, in my opinion, is only the minimum of our culture, but when there is a really hot day, I take many baths I can (if I have time).

    2. did you grow up in a hot and humid environment? generally people have to shower more often in those environments.

    3. or maybe the weather is really really really hot and no one likes to be with stinky people. Try to say that its OCD when you’re in a crowded bus in bangu at noon 🙂

  24. Brazilians are probably the most promiscuous people (after the Cubans). Just don’t expect any fidelity from them and you will be fine.

    1. people like the sir above are the most idiot people (after the ones that believe him). Just dont expect him to say anything intelligent. yea.. prejudice everywhere [Brazillian speaking].

      1. Mark is full of shit. I lived in Brazil. They kiss very quickly, but if you are talking about fucking, there is NO WAY they are as promiscuous as say, American, English or Australian girls

  25. I like both women except that most Brazilian women have too much black in them! I wouldn’t want my children to look ghetto!

  26. Oh no, is the OP a Danish neckbeard? Has the fedora-clad bro-sqaud crossed continents and infected Europe? I thought we were safe outside of Murica! The horror, the horror!

  27. Hmm, I actually do agree on some of this, and I am a danish woman. Yes the weather leaves much to be desired if you like the summer, and yes I also feel danes (also the men) are pretty cold. Its not danish custom to greet strangers or go out with anyone you don’t already know – people are very suspicious about talking to strangers. You will need some tactics here 😉 You should try to approach someone with a topic (like where they got their bike from or whatever) and perhaps a little joke. The other choice is alcohol – most danes only really let loose after drinking.
    However I disagree with some of the other things mentioned. Brushing your teeth that much will damage your enamel a lot and could cause receding gums. There is a reason why every toothpaste company on earth only recommend you brush your teeth a MAX of three times a day, two being more than enough for most people.
    According to keeping clean. In Denmark people are really concerned with the environment, we are constantly told not to use more water than we need. Unlike Brazil, we don’t shower in saltwater – we use drinking water. So showering 5 times a day would be immensely wasteful! Besides I highly doubt what you are saying is true, humans get really dry skin if they shower that often (but maybe Brazilian women use heaps of moisturiser?) anyway if you as a woman wash your private parts that often, you will irritate the delicate lubrication system of your vagina. Women have a thin layer of moisture that coats their vaginal walls, and you can cause immense irritation from removing this natural lubrication that often and it will cause irritation than can lead to yeast infection etc.
    You have a right to your opinion, whatever that might be. Although I feel like you could have done a better job at getting your points across. The comment section is a war between Brazil and Denmark, which is a shame since you could have started some constructive dialogues if you were more respectful and less judgemental in your post.
    Anyway I wish you all the best and I hope you get one of those Brazilian women you dream about.

    1. I’m brazilian and I never heard about someone showering 5 times a day. We usually shower twice. One before going to work/school and before sleep, that’s more than enough here, the light’s bill is very expensive. We don’t shower in saltwater. After getting into the sea we usually take a “ducha”, which means a quickly and superficial shower to take the salt and sand out of the skin. And at home we take baths with drinking and warmed water.

      1. I should rephrase myself, I am sorry if I offended you. I know Brazilians don’t shower in “salt water” I meant purified or filtered water, of cause. My point was, in Denmark we shower in natural subsoil water (don’t know what its called other than that in english, in danish its called “grundvand”) which is water that is naturally purified.

  28. I don’t know about the danish girls…But you are certanly right about brazilians girls. I had to laugh while I read your text because it does sound like us. And yes, if you date a brazilian girl, say goodbye to your female friends and ex-girlfriends 😉

    1. I am NOT directing this personally at you, and it’s good that you found this all so amusing, but you were NEVER in my shoes.
      Long story short, I have been turned off Brazil, as well as all things/people pertaining to it, due to the evil, jealous, psychotic, and petty two-faced person my brother married. I was forced to live with them during grief/hardship time for 9 months….9 months of HELL. That #11, “goodbye to your female friends and ex-girlfriends,” apparently applies to the biological sister as well. She showed me nothing but contempt and a “get the hell out of my husband’s life” attitude…passive aggression, overt aggression, ill perceived slights, delusions, which led to attacks on me, usually followed by door slamming so the house shook. God knows I tried with her, and suffered. I have flashbacks, that is how bad it was. My parents sacrificed a lot of money and signed themselves over legally for her to get to the States as soon as possible, because my mother thought she’d be “such a good DIL,” and my parents (deceased now) were educated (father an MD and mom RN) so yes, the government let her in quickly. She comes from a poor family. My mom had terminal cancer and this controlling, jealous Brazilian woman would not let my mom see her grandchild; living in her home! Mom was SO HURT over her antics that she ended up throwing her out. I was out of state then and just found it sad, and thought “can my brother’s wife be that bad?”, but my mother was a good, kind woman, so she must have had good reason. She told me that this woman cause a lot of conflict in the home, and as with me later, instigated conflict by using my brother and placing him in it.
      As I said, once I was forced to come live with them, my brother so happy at first and thinking she and I would be like sisters (I thought this too), that is when I got to know the b**(&^ that he married. He was also shocked at her reaction and treatment towards me. BTW, she trapped him by getting pregnant out of wedlock, with the blessing of her “Christian” parents, under their roof. She sits on her ass all day while my sucker brother works himself to death 60+ hours a week, will not, and has not, learned ANY English going on 6 years now of being here. She’s too good for that.
      So, as I said, it is not attacking you, but just my personal experience as a SIL and the sad, unfortunate experience I’ve had with a Brazilian woman that is married to my brother. Everyone I’ve spoken to tells me what I already know, that she is very insecure, and feels threatened by me. Threatened by what? My brother and I lost our parents within a short time and we needed to talk and comfort each other, and this “woman child” was too selfish, etc. to understand that? Sick. Couple that with her pathological jealousy, (I recall mom told me one time she was at a store with my brother and her, and my brother was paying, and the pretty cashier just exchanged a couple of friendly words with him, and mom said that his wife “was standing there, with a look of such hatred and thought that she may actually physically attack this girl at any moment” for nothing. That is not normal; that is not cultured, but it is insane, primal and doesn’t leave a good impression….and it is NOT cute or funny, especially when you are an innocent recipient.
      I now have had to separate myself, and do not see her, nor want to as I told my brother. This is heartbreaking because I have two lovely nephews I love, but due to their mother I don’t know if/when I will see them. That being said, I have to protect myself and deserve love, respect and kindness from others as I give it. I WILL NOT demean myself anymore concerning my brother’s unfortunate “choice” for a wife. I just pray for his health and strength so he can provide and raise his kids. I also hope this entitled dead weight of a wife won’t be the end of him.
      Oh and btw, I am Polish, raised in America, from good hard working parents that struggled here for years before dad got to practice medicine; he spoke 8 languages, and mom 3. My father, a doctor, and mom a nurse, had to do every dirty job imaginable to survive; no one helped them. Imagine scrubbing the toilet of a county jail, and a convict in the next cell is masturbating to you? Mom had that happen to her! My mother learned English on her own upon immigrating, and quite quickly, kept a clean home, etc,. What is my brother’s sorry wife’s excuse? Six years, no English; not one sentence? Yet you sit day and night on the web, making Facebook “friends” all over the place! Why not put that effort into learning the language of your new country, get a driver’s license, your citizenship maybe? Work on building some sort of relationship with me? Even he is starting to resent that and other things about her. Glad I could now be on my own and good riddance to her, I am finished!

  29. “Brazilian women are clean and take showers up to 5 times a day.” how was this idiocy even submitted.

  30. i don’t give a fuck about this article, I’m going to denmark again, because they hand cookies out like girl scouts. Soooooo no emotional attachment and all that bullshit….. I’m sorry I’m a dog I’m only in it for the bone….. oh and englad rules.

  31. Yeah, he’s right! Please, danish men, take all the brazilian women away from Brazil and send us your “horrible” danish women for us! I’m brazilian and I don’t give a shit for brazilian women. Danish girls, in the other hand, are blessed angels, I would definitely like to marry a danish girl (:
    I just don’t care if danish girls shower more than once a day, they haircuts or anything you wrote. Brazilian women only cares about money. If you have a fancy car, you can have any brazilian women you want. I doubt danish girls are like this.
    So, danish womem, if you men don’t like you, don’t worry. We do like (:

  32. I’m curious.. just how bad are Danish women? Are they as bad as, say, Australian women? Surely not?

  33. Only a simp marrys a Nordic woman. Nordic men like their women to hit and spank them and treat them like babies. I prefer Brazilian girls. Its a no brainer.

  34. And you folks at ROK whine about multiculturalism. Well, thanks to that, Brazil has produced some of the hottest women around.

  35. 5. Brazilian people have a natural, healthy relationship with their bodies. …
    that is an understatement…They have such a healthy relationship that they place Brazil at place nr 7 among the 11 Countries with the Highest Plastic Surgery Rates in the World…But now that I think about it..who am I to talk, my country is number 2 in that list… Anyway at least Danish women are natural beauties.

  36. I’m horrified about this article, from such nasty, obnoxious asshole! The way he writes shows a lot about him, and shows a lot about how he sees women in general· Typical asshole who just sees women merely as vaginas with legs· I don’t even need to be a woman to feel offended at this, nobody needs and anyone with some sense will be· But I didn’t expect much from a shallow muslim man, and such trashy, misogynistic blog anyway that even let someone writes an article like «How to bang *nationality* woman in 5 easy steps»· These pieces of shit just knows to look down upon women·
    Disrespecting women this way is disrespect more than half of human population, disrespect your own mother· That’s not how a civilized, human man should act/think·

  37. I’m a brazilian girl and I find that article used such stereotypical concepts… i.e., I’m not jealous, summer dresses and bikinis are things I only wear when I go to the beach and high heels only in very special ocasions like weddings or parties, and most of that apply to my female friends as well. We do take care of or dental health in Brazil and take many showers, but that’s cultural. I’m sure danish girls are clean as well, according to their climate (which is far from the hot brazilian weather), and I’m sure they’re also very beautiful.
    You danish girls don’t be offended by this article. It’s complete bullshit. You have beautiful traits that we brazilian girls don have (and vice-versa). Also, not everyone has that perfect beach body here, far from that, actually. We’re normal people with normal bodies. Please don’t idolize brazilian women, neither compare us to other women around the world. It’s just unfair, unrealistic and inaccurate.

    1. Sorry, Isadora, your feminist bent is showing. Danish women do not compare favorably to Brazilian women. They’ll live. You don’t have to spare their feelings.

  38. Hey, wait there, brazilian girls don’t take 5 showers a day, at least not the ones I know. I’m brazilian and we generally take 3 showers a day, and it’s more only the days when we go to beach, forest trail and things like that.
    We not live in the beach, if that’s what you think.
    But about the brazilian girls, only 1 in 10 cities will have all that beautiful girls you imagined, the rest will be filled 90% with ugly girls.
    If wanna find good girls in Brazil stay on the big cities or in the southwest region (however southwest region is the “european piece” in Brazil, so I don’t think people go to Brazil to see Europe-like cities and girls).
    Another advice, most of brazilian girls are gold diggers, and most of them do this unconsciously, making difficult to notice in an early stage. They are taught since childhood to marry with rich guys. The more rich, the best. That’s one of the reasons they purposely make a easy game for gringos (to us brazilians brazilian girls are not so easy, in most of cases), because they think you are rich. Keep that in mind if you wish to have a serious relationship with a brazilian girl.

    1. True for all 3rd world countries.
      Pretty women go to the big cities to make money from their looks and bodies, ugly girls stay at home in the village and farm.

  39. Can Danish women really be that bad? I doubt it. I always get a hard-on when I watch Borgen. I doubt any culture takes showers five times a day. Who has the time? What do you do at work?

  40. I had a conversation with a Brazilian woman I met on holiday. She complemented me on the superb quality of my fishing equipment and said I must be a wealthy man. I was dressed in a pair of dirty cut off’s and a T-shirt i bought in 2004. It struck me as interesting as a European woman would have taken one look at my ragged clothes and rejected me for being too poor. She was also impressed with the 4 star hotel i was staying in…..

  41. I think I’ve never seen such an offensive arcticle (if that can be called an arcticle) for both cultures. I bet you have not done a single research to write this sh**. You seem to be nothing but a sex frustrated guy who only does dream about brazilian women. This is RIDICULOUS! Go read something useful and/or see a therapist to try to solve your problem.

  42. what??? brazilian girls are more confident to her bodies than the danish girls???
    can you explain me Roskilde than?

  43. Just clarifying some stuff:
    Brazillian women are not jealous as hell and absolutely: you cant be sure if she’ll kiss you after ten minutes; brazillian women are still women, not prostitutes. Brazillian people most of times dont have a ”healthy relation with their bodies”,if u’re too fat u’ll be ashamed and if u’re too thin and slender u’ll be too. Actually black girls are specially teach to hate their bodies and hair, this has been changing now but’s still strong in here.
    If you walk up to most of women initiate a conversation you’ll still be regarded as a pervert.

  44. I would say that 5 baths per day is a little lie… at summer isn’t unusual to take 2 or 3 baths… maybe 4, depending if you have or not access to air conditioning and how many times you leave home to do something out on the streets
    but the truth is that, on the south part of the country, most part of the year 1 bath per day is enough
    but there is someting you didn’t mention, maybe because you don’t know about it
    the major current youg brazilian women are gold diggers… they are interest on what you can provide, because here in Brazil people worth what they dress and what they ride… the actual young generataion don’t want to commit and worry to much on how they look like to other people
    although I really want it, I don’t know any danish women, but I believe that they don’t need to submit to men, so they really don’t care about this silly things
    I think it’s way better to know that a girl stay with you because she really likes you, and not just to suck all your efforts and saves
    as things are really difficult here, is easy to say that I prefer danish ones 😉

  45. The only important consideration, and you missed it.
    Brazilian women don’t get welfare, Danish women do.
    You could go wider …. Latino women don’t get welfare, Western women do.

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