6 Steps To Becoming A Good Male Feminist

So, you think white-knighting part-time isn’t enough and you want to be a full-time male feminist fighting for “equality”? Here is the only guide you’ll ever need to get started on your journey to becoming a feminist patsy.

1. Be a total loser

That’s too extreme; try castration instead.

First, before you even embark on your quest for self-degradation, be sure that you’re a total loser. A confident and self-respecting man reminds feminists of the patriarchy, so you must shed yourself of all masculinity and be a sniveling and groveling man-child to ensure that the feminists feel safe around you.

Remember: men who are drawn to feminism are human garbage by their nature. They don’t work out, they get bitchy and whiny, they’re poisoned with envy, they do nothing to improve themselves, women avoid them like rapists, they don’t ever accomplish anything worthwhile, they find glory in being friendzoned, and they have absolutely no value to the world. Deep inside, they themselves know that they’re low-grade shits, which is why they need to compensate for their worthlessness by seeking female approval.

Oh, sure there are few famous entertainers who pretend to be feminists to virtue signal, but you’re better than that. You’re not like them (of course you’re not, you’re a loser); instead, you want to be a genuine and humble every-day male feminist, right?

So, be sure to complete this step before moving onto the next. It’s mandatory.

2. Supplicate to women

All good feminist boys know that their very existence contributes to rape culture.

Now that you’ve established yourself as a loser, you must prove yourself worthy of being both a male and a feminist by supplicating to the womankind. You see, as a cis-scum and a potential rapist, you’re not welcomed in their terrorist movement. You must go below and beyond in your efforts to debase yourself to show that you’re not like those rapey, sexist men. No, you’re one of the “good” guys who does everything that women tell him to do, sort of like how a little boy does everything to win his mommy’s approval.

So, always do as women say and not as they do. Failure to accept women’s contradictory nature will lead to your failure as a male feminist.

3. Bash other men

Is this: A) Room full of women willing to date you for your valiant efforts, or, B) Room full of men you’ve converted to the feminist cause by bashing them?

Since women are clearly above men and completely free from criticism regardless of what they do (remember: any criticism of female behaviour is sexist), you have no one else to feel superior to than the other men. But since you’re a loser how can you compensate for this and feel good about yourself? It’s simple: bash other men for not being a good feminist dog like you.

It doesn’t matter how accomplished and decent another man is and how many women they are able to attract (unlike you), if they do not submit to the feminist dogma, you must shame and attack them with the same pitiful envy that you’ve adopted from your feminazi masters.

Are they giving tips on how to attract women? Call them losers and rapists (remember, projection is your weapon). Are they exposing feminist lies and double-standards? Avoid facts and just call them “misogynists.” Sure, you might piss them off and encourage more of them to hate feminism, but your goal is to earn female approval, right? Not to actually help women’s cause.

Perhaps you can even start your own blog and trawl through all the sexist manosphere websites like a stalker to look for all the mean things that are said (after all, you’re a loser who doesn’t have anything better to do with your time). Be careful though, try avoid reading all the self-improvement materials that are offered lest you accidentally improve yourself and reverse your loserdom (remember, you can’t be a male feminist without being a loser). Do your best to ignore those and cherry-pick all the things that make you feel good about yourself. You accomplished nothing in your life, so you might as well celebrate not being a “misogynist.”

4. Submit to your feminist overlords

Meet your feminist master. Maybe you can make the world a better place by volunteering to be her first victim.

Once you’ve completed the first three steps, you are now ready to present yourself as a useful pawn for the feminists. Always keep in mind that feminism is based on three principles: ignorance, lies, and double standards. You can’t call yourself a feminist unless you master those three principles, so practice them daily: Stay ignorant to the realities of sex relationships and the nature of women; continue spreading baseless claims of “rape culture,” wage gap, and other brainless hysteria; pretend to be tough and ridicule your opponents when faced with facts; and last, ignore all the double standards of feminism no matter how often they are brought up. Feminists can’t be sexists because they’re oppressed.

Also, remember that it’s not enough to simply show your support for feminism, you must completely submit your existence to it. For example, it wasn’t enough for Jian Ghomeshi to openly support feminism with his status, he was back-stabbed regardless because he didn’t give into the female imperative. And don’t try something stupid like questioning why the feminists are such hateful garbage that they are, because they will not hesitate to eat their own for heresy. You are to simply shut up and continue playing your role of the useful idiot.

5. Keep your faith guarded

Don’t bother being a male feminist unless you hate yourself and all other men this much.

In a dangerously patriarchal world like ours, it is imperative for you to guard your faith against the truth. Today, less and less women are identifying themselves as feminists as they are starting to realize how idiotic the entire lunatic movement is, and many are even openly opposing it. But you cannot lose hope!

Sure, the other sexist men of manosphere may be building businesses, traveling the world, broadening their wisdom, giving self-improvement tips to help other men, and actually dating and having sex with women (unlike you), but none of that stuff matters. YOU are the good guy in this war even though you do absolutely nothing to improve the lives of others (or yourself for that matter). You’re not some white knight who fights for female love, you do it for nothing like a pawn!

Self-deception is the key to maintaining your sanity and your sanctimonious sense of moral superiority. You have to constantly lie to yourself that you’re better than the other men even as you waste your life away trolling and spewing your hate for them all over the internet, knowing full well that you’re no match for them in real life. If you’re a loser, the best thing you can do is to attack other men who are more accomplished than you are.

6. Go reap your reward

A man who was finally awarded for being a good feminist dog. You can be like him too if you only try harder!

If you’ve been a good boy for a long enough time, you just might get rewarded with what you’ve been seeking the whole time: female acceptance. Heck, one of the fat and aesthetically challenged ones might even want to marry you once she’s done sleeping around with all the sexist bastards. You can then be her personal bitch-boy who serves her like a slave only to be cuckolded later on. But of course, it’s your job to continue being a faithful husband while she is free to experiment and “embrace herself” all she wants. Equality, right?


Being a self-loathing cuck with no self-esteem is not an easy task. You have to juggle between having the audacity to attack your own sex while putting yourself down far enough to get a pat on the head from the feminists. But, in spite of all the difficulties, I urge you to continue on. The feminists may get their fragile egos temporarily bolstered up by your undying support, but in the long-run, your efforts will expose exactly what those harpies have in store for us men. Both men and women of today will be disgusted by your toady efforts to spread the toxic ideology and be repulsed by it, thereby slowly killing the cancer that is feminism. You know, the same movement that is supposedly led by independent women who don’t need some lowly cis-gendered man like you.

So, please, continue being a miserable simp while the rest of us live our lives.

Have fun!

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338 thoughts on “6 Steps To Becoming A Good Male Feminist”

  1. This is a decent roadmap, but you missed the underlying condition necessary to implement these: give a shit about what women say or think. Unless you do that first, you won’t walk this pussified path.

  2. Number 3 is the most important.
    You have to understand that taking the feminist position as a man is actually a form of aggression against other men. It is a way of running over to the side of women, turning and pointing at other men, and saying “see! I’m not one of the bad ones!” It allows you to avoid having to compete with any of those men directly; instead you just try to vilify them in the eyes of women and pose as the only safe, decent man left.

    1. What’s funny too is that it doesn’t work. Women instinctively realize that cutting down other men is a sign of insecurity and weakness. Male feminism is like being that poor clueless bastard who is always trying to warn girls away from Chad, albeit with some trappings of intellectualism.

  3. Good Lord male feminists have no self respect. These men are so full of self hatred and weakness I think I’m going to start calling them Emasculists.

  4. “#1 Be A Total Loser”
    Indeed – I was throughout my 20’s and 30’sm

  5. How do #1 and #2 hold those signs up with a straight face?
    They make me gag (as does 5)….

    1. I saw a picture of Obama wearing what a feminist looks like shirt. Not sure if that was real or photoshopped, but repulsive as hell considering he is the head of the US military.

  6. It’s a good thing that these kinds of “men” are not a normal part of my real life experience.
    I have encountered maybe one openly emasculated male in the last year, and I opened up on him with pure threats.
    Dude was at a karaoke bar that I go to on occasion. I was up singing, and had my chair at the bar with my leather jacket draped over the back, tilted forward and with my drinks on the bar (well, my drink and a glass of water). So it was clearly a taken seat. This little emasculated pussball Millenial dude, about 5’6″, in Mr. Peeper glasses (ironic glasses!) who weighed maybe all of 90 pounds soaking wet, goes straight to my seat as I’m coming down off stage and walking to it. There was plenty of open room at the bar so he had no real reason to choose that particular seat. It’s important to note for clarity in the story that I am 6’3″ and lift weights.
    I go over, pardon myself and try to grab my drink and he gets all bitch prissy and sneers at me in that way that effeminate Leftist men seem to have perfected.
    I say (politely and with a smile) “Hey pardner, can you just move over a bit, this is my chair, there’s plenty of room just two feet to the right”.
    Bitch Boy: “I’ll move when I want, you’ll just have to wait!” *duckface* (seriously, he did a duckface)
    Me: (now not polite, quite and slow, low voice) “How about you’ll move now before I pick your scrawny Millenial ass up and toss it across the bar? How about that hoss?”
    Bitch Boy: [wide eyed stare] “What? What the hell is wrong with you?” (continues standing at my seat)
    Me:”What’s wrong with me? I got a short haired half woman Millenial bitch giving me shit. Move now, or I’m going to grind your teeth into the floor”
    Bitch Boy: “What the hell is wrong with you macho types in this bar! OMG! I’m moving! Go to hell!”
    This is a “cowboy” bar, btw, that features country music; and men who still have testosterone go to it, which means that it is 70% traditional/country/feminine women looking to snag alpha and 30% country boys. What the fuck he was doing there is anybody’s guess. Maybe corporate gathering?
    He retreats with a hasty walk, without any drinks in hand (I’m not even sure he actually ordered anything now that I think about it) and goes back to his little circle of girls (who were, actually, girls). He starts his bitch whining to them, using all sorts of nearly gay dramatic hand gestures. He turns and leaves the group and walks out with a prissy little stomp, and as he’s doing so one of the Millenial chicks in his group, who was kind of hot, looks over at me, smiles, and winks.
    So yeah, feminist guys, this is your world when you’re in my company and the company of other anti-feminist men. Girls don’t care about your position, your sucking up to them or your emasculation and will still only want to jump on my cock instead of yours.
    So stuff that up your flaccid arses. Heh. Grow some fucking balls and start acting like actual men, or you’ll get no action from women, or at least none from attractive women. Welcome to anti-feminism. Take a seat and start reading and shut your pie hole in the meantime.

    1. I think Im extending “a total lack of situational awareness” to men under 30- it aint just woman. To pop off at a much larger guy in a bar is insane- perhaps too much shittalking on Xbox Live is causing this problem?

        1. Did he though? His parting shot was “go to hell!”- lucky he didnt get rocked in the face

        2. It was just him trying to save face I think. I laughed at him when he said it.

        3. Nah, I know the bouncers there, but he didn’t know that.

        4. They actually have a security team. Fights are wont to break out from time to time at that place. What, being lots of men who actually still have testosterone surrounded by hot women. It’s like being thrown back to 1950’s in some ways, only the chicks are hotter.

      1. That has occurred to me as well. These types are so used to talking smack on the video games that they think it extends to real life. His body language was full defensive fear though, and he couldn’t have walked away any quicker or more effeminately. I guess that sudden realization that in real life the “big guys” are actually scary and sentient and aggressive has to really be startling to that type.

        1. A lot of these guys have never been in a physical confrontation. Having grown up in a nerf world they don’t really understand that people really do get their asses kicked on occasion if they mouth off to the wrong dude. No awareness.

        2. True, they haven’t been in a physical confrontation, but if they had been, I’ll bet they got a participation trophy.
          “You lost, but you did your best!”
          Actually, I gotta hand it to a guy who faces certain defeat, but decides to engage in fight anyway. That takes balls.

        3. To an extreme degree. I recall one incident where I was out with a buddy and a dude got furious over an acquaintance of ours making a dick joke to a girl(no joke).
          We later intervened to try to calm them down and …no shit, he came back with four buddies. It eventually reached the point where we just laughed at them and went back in the bar because the dude had gotten so mad he was crying and still hadn’t taken a swing.

      2. Yes it’s bizarre. I was at an establishment with adult beverages as part of a work thing and I noticed two gentleman getting animated with each other about 5 feet from our group. I try to shift the group and everybody is acting like I’m crazy, like they’ve never seen a fight spill out.
        One of the best ways to keep bad things from happening to you is to notice bad things and shift yourself.

      3. The size of the next guy isn’t an issue. 2 Alphas will generally get the others point or see the truth of the grievance initially and either nod or acknowledge without a further confrontation. It is however the xbox live syndrome for sure. Im in the process of getting my hs freshman son out of this habit. who is 6’2 and 210lbs. Even if the size of the person here was reversed. You gotta handle yourself the right way. Which Ghost did here. I’m sure most of us here who have been in a physical fight has beaten a guy bigger than we are at least once.

        1. It’s not easy. In his case not only is he in the habit, but the small stature of guys in his age range means he’s going to get a false idea of how intimidating he actually is. It’s not….the scariest guy I know is a small little dude with a quiet death stare that looks like it could stab someone from across the room. My pale imitation of it was what made the group ij my other post afraid to do anything.

      4. In my opinion, male feminists might as well be women when it comes to violence. Meaning they’ll talk shit, but when you threaten to put them in their place, they’ll try and get the cops involved as opposed to backing their talk up. These types will identify as men, yet claim that violence is “barbaric” or whatever horseshit indoctrination they heard in their gender studies class.

      5. Just young and stupid. Getting your clocked cleaned in a bar is a right of passage. Sooner or later if he’s lucky someone will baptise him.

      6. This millenial generation thinks that the “system” will save them. They feel free to act like idiots because they assume that you’ll be afraid of getting arrested or something. Totally irrational. No difference in the millenial/hipster guy and twinkie queens to me. Behavior of both is the same.

    2. “I’m showing the girls I’m brave enough to start trouble with a man who can easily kick my bitch ass while I’m also hoping I don’t get him pissed enough to do just that!”

      1. Yeah, but then he turned tail and basically left the bar because of me like the little bitch he is, while the women stayed behind and one actually flirted with me directly because of his antics. That ruins his whole game plan. Heh.

        1. Well, he DID paint himself into a corner by coming out of the gates so openly hostile. He left no room for a civil discussion and to make matters worse, he was infringing on the territory of someone nearly twice his size; not a smart move. If he didn’t turn tail and run, he would have had to fight. Both options were bad but at least in one option he would keep his teeth.

        2. True true.
          It was fun to go that aggressive and hostile that quick though. I used to fight a lot when I was younger, but haven’t gotten in somebody’s face that fast for a long time now.

        3. at that pt, he shoulda just gone into berserker mode, e.g. break beer bottle over his own head, threaten Ghost with it

        4. He would have chosen….poorly to try something like that. Besides I don’t think he honestly had enough upper body strength to break a bottle over anything, unless he dropped it on a concrete floor. He was literally a chestless “man”,

        5. Ill bred little bastards like him give me a pain, they’ve got more hang-ups than a middle aged HR divorcee.

        6. Even better, he could have chosen not to be an asshole to a total stranger. I mean you sounded like you were polite and he pitched a fit for no reason. Who does that?

        7. Apparently it’s all the rage with short skinny meterosexuals these days.

        8. “Even better, he could have chosen not to be an asshole to a total stranger. I mean you sounded like you were polite and he pitched a fit for no reason. Who does that?”
          A sodomite attempting to force an opening to game a man?
          “leather jacket draped over the back, tilted forward and with my drinks on the bar (well, my drink and a glass of water). So it was clearly a taken seat…. goes straight to my seat as I’m coming down off stage and walking to it. There was plenty of open room at the bar so he had no real reason to choose that particular seat.”
          And the below could an attempt to immediately frame the “relationship”/”encounter,” which would go a long way to determining who’s going to be the “top” (pitcher, man) and who’s going to be the “bottom” (catcher, the bitch), because the bigger and tougher looking sodomite isn’t automatically dominant.
          “I’ll move when I want, you’ll just have to wait!” *duckface* (seriously, he did a duckface)

        9. Bitches do that… All the time. A huge difference between men and others is that we can recognize right/wrong and come to a reasonable solution. For example maybe a girl is sitting next to that seat and you want to talk to her, huge guy comes over and asks for his seat back, you’d just look at each other and get it. If I hinted at her and he didn’t “get it” it still wouldn’t be a problem. Real guys don’t get hysterical. The quality application of violence isn’t benefitted by hysterics and guys in the trade know this.

        10. Hmmmmmm…would explain a lot. All sorts of creepifying but it would explain a lot.

        11. Good story. Enough with the macho posturing. Don’t keep us in suspense. Cut to the chase. What song were you singing?

        12. No posturing. It rather disturbed me that this type showed up in my realm.
          “I want you, I need you, I love you” by Elvis.

        13. I’m really disturbed by that. And really glad I scared the hell out of him.

        14. I’m bothered that this is even an option. I’m from another time, this shit didn’t used to be possible, at least openly.

        15. Decent. I bet he sulked to another Karoake bar more suited to his tastes. Belted out Cher and Lady Gaga to a throng of giddy superfreaks. It’d be hilarious to hear his take on the events, but I’d never scope out an SJW or trans feminist or whatever site that a millennial flake would linger on.
          At least you got a good story for your trouble.

    3. Normally I only threaten guys on trains but a cowboy bar is perfect…
      I’m only disappointed you didn’t put him on the bar and slide him all the way down it through all the bottles and glasses before tossing him out the window…

      1. If only real life were like a Clint Eastwood western, eh?

        1. “He retreats with a hasty walk”. Are you sure he didn’t sashay away?

        2. Damnit, that’s a much better word, I should have used that instead.

        3. G.o.j I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I’ve got visions of you looking and being like Sam Elliot aka beau from the ranch

      2. Are trains the preferred venue because of the possible train top fight that may ensue? if so, big props on this one.

      3. Gonna be London in the next few days. Please tell me it’s not everywhere. Finding masculine men to chitchat with is becoming nigh impossible

        1. Actually the trouble with guys on the trains is more of the “my dick is bigger than yours variety”. So you’ll be fine! 😉

        2. Haha thankfully none of that happened..yet. Btw, free to grab a drink or two between now and Wednesday?

        3. I’ll be in classes during the evenings but I can meet for coffee in the afternoon. How do we PM here?

        4. Would you believe that I just had one of those dick measuring contests this morning? Crazy!

    4. Hey you were polite with him at first.
      These Gamma males always seem to think that Alphas always resort to violence and threats first. In truth, Alphas are always polite with each other at first and only resort to violence and threats when being civilized falls apart.

      1. Very true. I know what I can do, there’s no need to go out and announce it to every dickhead I meet in real life if they’ll react to a polite request first.

        1. True. It’s a non alpha behaviour to feel the need to prove something. It’s due to lack of confidence. Confident men are the most civilised and peaceful men.

      2. This right here. Grateful I was raised Southern and genteel. Be polite right up till its time not to be.

      3. What you said is very true. I’m not a trained fighter, but I have some good friends who are, and they never resort to violence first — the even err on the side of being too deferential, but part of being a man is knowing that you don’t have to display your manliness at all times (it’s enough that you know the deal, so there’s no need to put on a show).
        That said, I know plenty of other fighters who aren’t so deferential, but they are actually the less talented fighters.

      4. In my experience, after the threats escort to violence you usually become buddies. Mutual respect and all that.
        I had a bit of a reputation in high school because that was my modus operandi when dealing with… difficult… folks. Pity I never took advantage of such a reputation.

        1. The place where I grew up is no Eden by any means, but when gentlemen had a strong disagreement, it was usually settled by the exchange of clean blows, after which —didn’t matter who won or lost— they shook hands and sometimes had a drink together afterwards. I’ve seen this happening a number of times too, so no, I’m not romanticizing the deal.

        2. Seen that a lot growing up Irish. Now, the guys acting macho who get into fights and then hold grudges, stand out by their cars and yell, all that shit, turn out to be the most woman-like in their personal lives.

        3. Hey, my three best friends?
          All met through a fist fight in school 😉
          Then we realize we`re similar, and become friends, lol..
          Women destroy each other`s confidence and bully people into committing suicide, dudes just kick each others ass, then kiss and make up.
          But apparently we`re all evil assholes..

    5. This whole story is just bizarre… I don’t even understand any of his actions. Why? I mean physiognomy is a real thing so little bitch boy gonna act like little bitch boy, but why confront you at all?

      1. Agreed, it doesn’t make sense. Weird showing of aggression from someone who seems to lack testosterone in any measurable amounts. I’d chalk it up to a general inability to cope with the world, a common millennial trait.

        1. Well I mean even women can act aggressive. High T doesn’t start fights – it ends them.

        2. and, rather than being humbled, using this as a life- lesson, he immediately posted the incident to all sorts of social media platforms, looking for rationalizations as to why he wasnt the bad guy(and Im sure he got what he was looking for). Social media is the devil

      2. I honestly had no idea what his shit was all about either.

        1. This reminds me of when I met a psycho feminist cunt at this bar. I started chatting to her 2 friends, before she came on the scene, dragging her henpecked boyfriend along. She was making him apologize for being male, since it somehow came up? It was like Christmas, a live one right there in front of me. She then started telling me how men were unnecessary and “We’ll be fine without you.” I could barely contain my laughter it was like tumblr had dyed its hair bright red, gotten a bullring and personified in front of me. Without giving me a chance to even respond she pushes her bag onto her cucked little mankin and goes off with him to get a drink. Silence from her 2 friends. When we do start talking again both girls try and make excuses that she’s really more of the other one’s friend. Thinking back on it now I almost wish I’d been quick enough to make a comment about how she was giving him his balls back from her purse, but she was like a whirlwind. Fucking crazy.

        2. These Millenials really seem to have no actual clue about real life and consequences. I’d have verbally shamed the fuck out of that guy when she was standing there, like she wasn’t even talking to me.
          “She acts this way because YOU allow it, pal.”
          “Nice handbag, does she let you wear matching shoes?”
          Or something like that.

        3. Its definitely a large proportion of them – I mean it makes me livid to have to admit to being in the same generation. Over the last 2 years I’ve almost run out of people in my age group to associate with due to these absurd mental proclivities. I was born in the wrong time.

        4. I hear ya’. I’ve found a couple of Millenial guys who are struggling against being effeminate. When I do find them, and it’s rare, I make an offer to mentor them (in so many words).

    6. Goddamn this “guy” sounds like the biggest cunt on earth.
      Would be funny to break his jaw.

      1. All it would have taken was one swing at me to have that occur. Fortunately it was an easy call that he was never, ever, not even if his life depended on it, going to take the first swing.

        1. Sounds like the kind of mangina that would have called Daddy Government afterward even though he clearly provoked the incident. You probably dodged a bullet by not striking him.

    7. That guy was an idiot. Going into the lion’s den trying to earn street cred with his ‘wimminz’ 😀 (shaking my head, man)
      I’m appalled at his stupidity. This wasn’t even a white knight situation where I might have some empathy for this loser’s actions.
      Hope he learns how lucky he was you were charitable enough to give him a verbal beat down instead of throwing him across the room with your little finger. Heh.

      1. What got me laughing is that he went and advertised it to “da ladies”. In his shoes I would have just walked out without saying anything. But no, he goes and confesses his stupidity to women, which builds me up in their eyes such that one of them openly flirts with me. Not a pro move on his part.

        1. He was writing pussy access checks he had no realistic hope of cashing with that behavior.
          I’m 5’10 with a fair bit of scuffling in my younger & dumber years plus some martial arts training as well.
          And i’m not going to get up in some 6 footers face without a just cause.
          I’ll reiterate that the guy was lucky it happened to be you dominating the entire encounter comprehensively.
          Some other big dude may have have had the inclination to teach ‘survival of the fittest’ to this loser 😀

        2. Yeah, some dudes would just shove him out of the way after asking one time. Some might not even ask him to move. I was almost a foot taller than him, I’m not entirely certain what his strategy would have been had a fight started; play dead? Shout ferociously into my chest as his spaghetti thin arms tried to flail about in a girly fashion? Dunno.

        3. Exactly. You took a civilized & educated approach with this little shit.
          Warms my black heart when I read about good ol’ masculinity winning in the arena of the real world
          Well played. Take a bow, sir 🙂

    8. Come to think of it, I had a similar situation with a woman a few weeks back…I’m out having a few drinks and some oysters when a friend of one of the girls I’m seeing decided to lay into me for not committing. She’s hammered and I laugh it off, which makes her more angry.
      I ran into her a week or so later and to her credit she apologized. I said basically, “fine, just remember if I had talked to a man the way you talked to me I probably would’ve gotten my ass kicked and I would’ve deserved it. Not everyone’s as easygoing as me.” Her eyes were like saucers, mouth agape. I guess when you grow up in a consequence free environment…

    9. I must apologize for my fellow millenials; I would have done the same, although I’m considerably smaller than you. I have to say though, I rarely run into men that emasculated either. I guess my hobbies/the company I keep just prevent me from actually running into many people like that

      1. Not your fault, hoss. I really have no idea why he was even in the bar, the men who go there more or less are big and scary in a country boy kinda way.

        1. I kind of figured that you had a secret hankering for skinny jeans.

        2. You were born in the late 80’s to early 2000’s? I thought you were one of the older ones?

        3. Alas my skinny jeans just rip right open due to my proportionally enormous quads. DO you have any idea how hard it is to find a pair of pants to fit a man who has a 28 inch waist and 22 inch thighs?

        4. In 1985 I joined the U.S. Army. Dang.

        5. Yeah, shun the millennial movement. The millennium was a big let down anyway.

        6. When Millenials Prank Millenials. I wonder if this encounter has shown up on YouTube, now that you put it that way.
          “Yeah dude, the espresso machine is right behind the chair with the 20 pound leather jacket hanging on it, no really, go ahead, go get a Frappachino….”

        7. I didn’t know they let the elderly into the army. By the way, what was Methuselah’s favorite color? Me and Lolknee have been debating this for a while now and figured we’d get your answer since you knew him personally. I think it was green but Lolknee insists it had to be red.

        8. Is he making another name? Or did they ban his computer? (Delete cookies)

        9. I’ve gotten weird messages from time to time from Disqus, maybe like once a month it won’t let me comment. It probably will start working again soon.

        10. I can’t fit in skinny jeans without them ripping open too, but it has nothing to do with my quads.
          Carry this around town when you do cold approaches by the way. 100% digit gathering rate.
          EDIT: This book is actually real, you can find it on Amazon, heh.

        11. You see I read that book, but nowhere did it mention what to do about living with a dick like a can of tuna. I’ve killed 73 women and a horse – somebody help.

        12. Age is just a number. For example a 23 year old fitness model chick, way too young for you, may say the same thing; “Age is just a number”.
          But don’t fret, maybe some day….

        13. Tell that to my probation officer. How was I supposed to know she was underage? I mean I probably should have realised when I picked her up from school… those pigtails and Dora the explorer backpack were some redflags too come to think of it…

        14. Bible Study gets boring, even though it can be deliciously interesting at times. I like Chess a lot, very laid back game, real easy to play, can spend hours at a time doing it and never get bored. Then I go to the library.

        15. They keep shifting the goal posts on that. For instance, I was born in the late 70’s and during the 90’s was considered part of Generation X. But because I graduated post ’95 I was suddenly generation Y. But since millennials are people who graduated after Y2K but were born after 1980 I’m suddenly back in Generation X.
          To call this mental gymnastics is an understatement.

        16. Chicks with talking maps freak me the fuck out.

        17. I find it difficult to tie my dick to my ankles with those jeans when i walk.
          Guess their market research budget didn’t cover guys like us. Haha.

        18. Let’s just say I was still learning to control my bowel movements when you graduated.

        19. I’ll have you know the age of consent in my state is 16 so I wasn’t that far off! I mean if you round it up I was TOTALLY in the clear.

        20. Don’t pay it any mind. The only ones who give a shit as if their careers depend on it are advertising execs trying to make a buck off the gullible consumer.

        21. If you start at 2 or younger it becomes prehensile. Talk about a conversation starter.

        22. Heh. Ghost might just decide it’s time to be less civilized & start knockin’ some smart ass around with his 6’3′ gorilla frame 😀

        23. It’s hard to catch Cleat Boy, no doubt.

        24. They were really shocked when I showed up.

        25. Coincidently enough, last night i saw an episode of archer where nearly tjis exact thing happened.
          A japanese soldier was lost in the jungle and thought ww2 was still occurring.
          Of course archer reminds me of our fallen comrade lolknee.
          Anyone heard if je will be making a comeback.
          This place isnt the same without him

      1. It’s hard to tell with Millenials, at least with a lot of them. Sometimes I think “Eh, he’s a faggot” and then he shows up days later with a “girl” friend. Other times I think “Eh, he’s probably ok” then discover through others that he’s a homo. I have almost no gauge with this generation.

        1. This can backfire. Friend of a friend had recently come out as gay and I had no idea and I jokingly told him “what are you gay?” and he was just like yeah. And drunk me said, “well enjoy all that cock you faggot!” They don’t speak to me anymore. Wait did I say this can backfire? nevermind.

        2. I think this muddying of the waters is somewhat intentional…
          “gay, straight, trans, asexual, incel…OMG WHO CAREZ you oppressive shitlord! we’re all the SAME!”

        3. I think they (we? don’t know 1983) are a cumulative result of feminist influence on our society. More boys raised by overbearing mothers, fewer dads around or they are cucks or betas, constant influx of external media indoctrination, “nothing’s your fault” paired with “you can do anything.” A sense of detachment from everything around them as real since everything is “relative” anyway. The odd method of forcing inclusion/tolerance/acceptance by excluding/shaming/extorting on a daily basis.
          The most noticeable things to me that they share with gays and women are speech patterning and hand gestures and it’s making it harder to tell:

        4. That’s what I think too, the speech patterns and hand gestures used to be a sure tell right out of the gate. Now I have no fucking clue most of the time.

        5. I’ve noticed feminists never stop brow beating even the most dedicated male feminists. Why would you want to join any movement or group that, no matter what you do, you’ll always be one step away from being a shitlord at all times?

        6. Omg wtf is wrong with that fruitcake? I’ve been out of the country too long, are they all like this these days?

        7. It’s hard to tell with Millenials, at least with a lot of them.

          That’s a scary thought.

        8. Eating minimal nutrition food has had a devastating effect on industrialised populations that have been unable to maintain organic farming (almost all of them) and unprocessed diets.
          This guy has a woman’s body and a woman’s mind. Men need to eat 4 or 5 times as much as women ((of good quality food) to be strong and capable according to historical standards.
          This guy undoubtedly eats little, and probably shoots it all out as cum over romantic sweet art porn.
          You are what you eat, and this guy’s been eating shit. One of the worst things I’ve seen is parents giving equal portions to boys and girls. 5’7+ girls serve little or no evolutionary purpose and are just a waste of nutritional resources.

    10. How many men by woman scorned
      Wouldst cut off their scrotum
      Or eat their first born
      Who would hang their fellows and gladly be damned
      To gain some small pleasure by their own hand
      How many men to women’s soles
      Wouldst lick from them feces
      Or drink from her holes
      Who would gladly be lashed by a virulent tongue
      To grovel for pity and permission to come
      Oh mistresses please we need to be fed
      See what we’ve brought you
      Our shriveled masthead
      Not quite a match stick yet burning with fire
      Put it out we beg you, stamp now with desire
      Oh mistresses please it feels so good
      We ache to be trod on
      And kept underfoot
      Not quite a carpet and not loved like a dog
      We’re more like the mud to your glorious hog
      Should ever a real man overwhelm you with charm
      Squeal right away, yes sound the alarm!
      Off we’ll be running, a cacophony of feet
      Hurling otiose insults
      As we flee down the street…
      When he leaves you cold; we both know he will
      We will come back
      For we can never be filled
      Not a rag near your loins but a sponge kept from water
      We are glad lambs and lust to be slaughtered

        1. I was starting to think he was an impostor until this post

        2. Just been branching out a bit, gauging different types of humor.
          But you have my personal guarantee that I am not masquerading as myself (except when I’m wearing my Billy Zane as “The Phantom” underoos, that is).

    11. Being short myself, I try to never enter into a confrontation without being in the right.
      A few years ago at work, I had a guy and his young son trespassing. The dude was probably your size but was built more like a tub of jello. I asked him politely to please leave and he gave me some passive-aggressive response and then I copped an attitude while telling him to leave. He approaches me, talking about how I have no right to talk to him that way and asking if I’m going kick him off the property myself. As he’s nearly belly to chest with me, I said to him, “dude, if you really want to rumble, we can do that and you’ll probably kick my ass but keep in mind, once the cops show up, who’s going to be in the wrong here? Do you really want to get arrested in front of your boy?” He got the message and walked off.

      1. Where I’m from the bigger you are the less likely you are to walk away, no matter how wrong you are. As A shorter guy myself you either have to shrug it off or be willing to throw down. I’ve lost much blood and many teeth but My pride has always remained intact.

        1. thats how it is, you can do a test on this walking down the street
          taller people do not move out of the way for others, shorter men (not women) have to move out of the way, women in general do not move out of the way walking down the street thinking they’re god’s gift or something

      1. That’s a shame too really, because he’s going to run into somebody who doesn’t lead with a polite request and then he’ll get his scrawny petite ass kicked, hard.

        1. He also not going to have someone step in help him when get in trouble with his attitude. No one is going to intervene for him if he is prick and his action are going to lead to beating.

    12. Haha, I see these types every week on the softball team I coach. Usually there is only one or two, but this year they are all doughy, soft-hand, limp leaves (lawyers – go figure). These little Nancys can’t throw a damn baseball. Picture the worst “throws like girl” example you can think of then double it.
      In a total feminist wet dream, I have had to start relying on the girls for the talent to compensate for the dudes and put them in the important positions.

      1. I really don’t get how they benefit from this kind of thing. Being weak and effeminate I mean. It appears to be a losing mating strategy.

        1. You would think as lawyers their critical thinking skills would be sharper and ask themselves is being an effeminate panzy achieving my desired results?
          When I started working out and dropped a bunch of weight 15 years ago, I immediately noticed an increase in women. Not a lot, but to go from basically zero to anything is a huge increase. Thus, I hypothesized and tested, will working out and continuing to be the weird asshole that I am achieve the life I want. It did and so I continued down that path.

        2. See, they are not basing their “strategy” on real world results, but rather, on all the lies they are told by all the forces in society

        3. Actually it is real world results! because they base this strategy on what women get away with… we are all “equal” after all, right? that’s how they see it in their distorted world view. Lets remember how irrational this mode of thinking actually is. We are embarking on a endless journey trying to rationalize the actions of crazy people. which they certainly are.

        4. They grow into it one challenge ignored at a time. Mention hunting/shooting to one of these people… It’s absolutely repulsive just how bitchy they are.

        5. Because they see it succeed on the TV shows and anime thwu watch.

        6. Lawyering is a profession that now exists to bastardize language and weasel around common sense. What did you expect?

      1. I wish. I really do wish. I wish there weren’t effeminate little half fag men wandering into places where actual traditional men and women hang out, and then getting snarky.
        Some people here have seen me as in for real. I’ve no need to brag.
        Go troll somewhere else, feminist male.

        1. yeah..but i’m 6 ft 9 in and I work out more than Arnold ever did, and once there was this tiny 6 ft 3 guy in my gym.. i kid you not, he sat on the bench i was using, so i asked him nicely to fuck off..but he didn’t, so i asked him less nicely.. he tried to act all big, saying some shit about taking a red pill, but i hissed at him, and he ran away – to some gay cowboy bar, apparently..

        2. Yes troll. You need attention. I get it.
          Contact me to come to Ohio and meet.

    13. Somewhere there is a prissy faggot still complaining about how the actor Ron Perlman almost kicked his ass.

      1. Ha! You are going to be so disappointed that I’m not Ron Perlman if we ever meet, Dok.

        1. Actually, I picture Ghost as the Dos Equis dude and that’s just unchangeable now….
          But if the reciprocal is also true then people must think I’m a middle-aged fat Brazilian TV host with a mustache called ‘Ratinho’ when I’m actually a slim 23 year-old with glasses.. oh well.. that’s how it works in the fantastic world of Internet anonymity..

        2. Cross a facsimile of Dwayne Johnson’s build and Tim McGraw. Basically what I’m told I look like. Sorry to burst the bubble hoss.

    14. “He turns and leaves the group and walks out with a prissy little stomp, and as he’s doing so one of the Millenial chicks in his group, who was kind of hot, looks over at me, smiles, and winks.”
      So perfect. It really shows the difference between a men and, well, something else.

    15. This story gave me a needed lunch-break smile.
      Funny how men are becoming much more effeminate. And people think Darwinism doesn’t apply to humans… “Survival of the fittest” doesn’t refer to being the fastest, strongest or smartest, but able to reproduce.

    16. Hey, what bar is this. It sounds like a good place. Aldo, what’s up with people not respecting the threat of violence ? We maintain civility as the preferred option, it’s not set in stone. There are two things that every man need to do in his life in order to be a man. 1.) Get your ass kicked (preferable for acting a fool) and 2.) Kick someone’s ass. 1 v 1 ONLY.

      1. If you’re in Ohio I’ll tell you. Email in my profile.

    17. That “chick” that winked at you could’ve been a dude if “she” was with a pole smoker like that in the first place.
      Other than that, good post. The few millennial types i have seen around in recent years do seem to have a nasty limp waisted way about them. A good old fashioned foot in the ass might help their balls finally drop.

      1. Yeah, that would be “problematic” heh.
        So many of these “guys” could be saved by a good punch in the face or a few days of adversity where they don’t have Google.

    18. man you used the word millenial so much you wore it out, otherwise lovely story from an old timey tough guy, bet you didn’t need viagra that night!

        1. Not all Millenials are like that, man. I’m one and I’m not.
          Just remember, though, that the reason there’s so many fucked up sissy Millenials to begin with is ’cause men in YOUR generation fucked up raising their sons properly. It IS, after all, a generation of young men raised by women. What did you expect us to be like?!

        2. Ah yes, the “it’s not our fault, it’s yours!” gambit.
          Bullshit. You are responsible for your choices in life. Suck it up, buttercup.

        3. That’s what I’m saying: You’re responsible for how you raise your children. So if your children turn out to be wankers then you’ve only got yourself to blame.

        4. You don’t seem to grasp the concept of “free will”.
          I was raised poor by working class people. I was also raised around very violent people.
          Turns out, I’m not poor and I manage to contain my violence in public. Because free will.

        5. I was raised by Gen X’s, so I was raised by people who were incredibly individualistic and told me ‘you can do whatever you want to do because it’s a free world’.
          I’m a millennial, and let me tell you: fuck that short-sighted attitude. Of the Strauss-Howe generations, Gen X is the worst of the ‘nomad’ type. But they were given a shitty post-modern world to exercise their individualism, and they bred their ‘Hero’ type children to be entitled SJWs, most of whom fight for rubbish individualistic ideals.
          I dunno if you’re a Gen X’er or not, sounds like it. Everybody has free will, but no one exists in a vacuum. You exercise your free will within the environment you’re born into, and for most millenials, it’s a retarded one.
          But to millenials complaining about being left with baggage: the only option is to say ‘yeah cool, whatever’. Then shut up and pick up the pieces. We’ve got a small time frame before the west implodes on itself, and we need to instill proper values to as many future torch-bearers as possible. Civilizations were rebuilt with only a few good bloodlines. One of us is going to have a new Charlemagne in our lineage, and it’s not going to be a whiner or a wanker. Literally, I might add.

      1. I really don’t care what you think. You’re free to come out and see this kind of thing yourself.

    19. You kept composure and solved the problem while giving something to think about. Situation solved A+.

      1. Drop me a line, email is in my profile, I’ll be glad to take you to it if you’re actually interested.

        1. I’m already in touch. Next state over right now, but my summer schedule just got dramatically accelerated. It might not be until fall….but It might be a good time. Lord knows you’ve got some good wisdom on here, and my favorite type of hangout (grungy biker bar) isn’t to be found in this college town I’m at.

    20. A recent survey in Britain tells us that British ‘men’ decline to be Masculine. Indeed they do not really know what it is.
      Decades of Feminisation by the Establishment

      1. the main reason these effeminate men decline to be masculine is because when they start having self-pride just for a second they’re placed into the competition of desirable mate for women and strongest fighter amongst males and they become afraid someone will seek them out and get into a fight with them or women will openly tell them how disgusting they are and they should stop trying to be masculine when they’re not
        even if all this happens a real man should just be able to take it regardless of how his stats stand

    21. Hey GoJ? If I were sitting there I’d have told you that you talk too much. Your self restraint is admirable, as I don’t have that much patience for that sort of horseshit.

    22. Millenial/Hipster guys are the same as the traditional twinkie fags who’re all drama and gossiping. Actually, most of the millenial/hipster guys I’ve met were bisexual, which means queer and mental illness.

  7. This is disgusting. Do these fools really believe that if they just hate themselves a little harder the world will become a better place? If anyone that fits the bill of these men (and I use the term VERY loosely) pictured above reads this, I implore you to step away from the feminist cult and begin loving yourself enough to have some self-respect and dignity.
    I guarantee you if you got out of your Twitter/Facebook echo chambers (and maybe out of CA), you’d soon realize Western Civilization isn’t full of all the crap you think it is (rape culture, etc). We’ve done more for women than any other culture in existence. If preventing rape and the mistreatment of women is just your thing, go to South Africa or the Middle East. Seriously, those are the places they actually have no rights.
    And lift some damn weights! For crying out loud, you all look like Pillsbury Doughboys yet WE’RE the overweight neckbeards living in our parents’ basements.

    1. Clearly those other civilizations were right in keeping women in their place. It is because we didn’t that we are dying.

    2. I’ve only ever known two straight male feminists:
      An overweight sociology student who was out of school for two years for attempted suicide and follow-up counseling. Has a neckbeard.
      A perfect hipster stereotype (problem glasses, waistcoat, feminine inflections, donated time to Bernie campaign despite having massive debts, etc.) who has been perma-banned from every bar I frequent. Hated by all the women I know.
      There is no talking to these people. “There is none so blind, as he who will not see.”

  8. Don’t forget step 0 – Absolutely hate yourself. None of the other steps will be doable if you put even one of your needs or concerns above those of anyone else.

    1. Looking at the pictures of “male feminists” it’s pretty clear that they intensely hate themselves. I mean that first picture in the article, that’s a prime recruitment tool for OUR movement. We can be like “Do you want to turn out looking like that fat fucker? No? Then get your ass in here and start reading and participating and hey, lift some fucking weights!”
      Hell even feminists have to, at least secretly, not want these pasty fat ugly “male feminists” going to bat for them, you’d think.

  9. In the late 70’s, the Hunt Bros cornered the silver market; theres gotta be a way we can corner the Sharpie/wipeboard/oaktag market- we could make a killing!

    1. I’ve been buying hashtags everytime I see them on sale, but there seems to be an endless supply of them!

  10. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m masochistic and have too much time on my hands, but I didn’t have to Google the people in this article.
    Clementine Ford recently proved feminism is a glorified shit test for Western men by writing a piece about how criticizing the rapefugee attacks in Cologne is racist.
    Arthur Chu is essentially a beta orbiter type who is friends with this post-wall D-list actress who is trying to cash in on the faux-nerd trend named Felicia Day. He seems to think he’s an important person because of this.

    1. I wish I didn’t know who Clementine Ford was. Hard not to living in Australia, fucking psycho bitch cunt

  11. Feminism is hard to understand, these guys are a little simpler to understand. Unable to muster any respect from women properly, they think they can get some action by being their little advocate. Perhaps there is a woman dumb enough. Considering they are catering to the feminist group, one shouldn’t be hard to find.

    1. Maybe what we need is a “men on strike” movement. Didn’t feminists use tactics like this? I forget, maybe withdrawing sex from men until they got the right to vote or something? Men just stop doing anything for one week and watch it all crash and burn.
      Hell, when you think about it that way, feminism is literally bringing about the apocalypse. Nothing would return us to cave dweller times faster than eliminating masculine men, which is exactly what they are doing.

      1. in 1968, the entire Montreal Police Dept went out on strike. Everyone is the city was like “no big deal, we are civilized” blahblahblah….well, in just 24 hrs, all hell broke loose, national guard was called in on day 2 lol

      2. Like in Atlas Shrugged, in other words.
        Though, of course, we have men, and then we have men. If all the white men went on strike, society really would grind to a halt. If all the black men went on strike, professional sports would suffer, but not the rest of the economy.

      3. If Dr. Helen Smith is right according to her book, it’s already going on.

      4. Maybe not “men on strike” but I’ve cut my lady off from my sex when she was stepping out of line. Not masturbation, no replacement, just two weeks of treating her like I’d treat a dude roommate I don’t care that much about. Polite but cold, direct.
        She got back in line pretty fast after the predictable meltdown, all the while keeping my frame.
        Good luck fellas.

      1. “And thats why you have malaria and I have pizza.”

        1. Perfect response to that graphic, absolutely agree.

      2. Funny post but I think there’s a balance of power in this community where the men hunt and respect the women and the women don;t dare disrespect them because they won’t get as much as a gazelles hoof if they do.

  12. If you google the images of male feminist you will see that they all look like they have a SMV of pretty close to zero. They don’t lift, have bizarre hair or clothes to garner attention but it’s not enough. They end up trying different shticks hoping something will get them laid. Some join church groups, yoga classes, and others try virtue signalling by supplication to feminism… A long time ago these losers could get a female of corresponding SMV but now even the female ug don’t want to settle for a beta provider.

    1. I’d have a hard time being convinced that most of them could even successfully fulfill the role of provider these days. Working at Starbucks or Whole Foods is not the path to riches.

      1. True, with the economy being a game of musical chairs for the coveted Good Jobs most men will have to take the part time or casual service sector jobs… Even the guys scoring 6 figure jobs are resorting to prostitutes. You need a lot more these days for sexual access unless you go to the ever fading Greener Pasteurs overseas.

    2. Interesting. So by supplicating and promoting feminism they are effectively setting the stage to where women of equal SMV won’t even date them. Cruel irony, but it makes sense.
      When they tell them fat is beautiful, they are telling fat women that they can do better than them.
      When they claim that women are strong and independent, those women will then feel entitled to the cream of the crop of men.
      In their efforts to pander to women for a chance at getting laid, they’ve essentially inflated the market to a level they can no longer be competitive in. Women that might have been a 3 now think of themselves as 7’s while those men are still stuck at a 3.

      1. Giving them too much credit. The market is already a penis paradise for Western women thanks to online dating, bars, government bailouts. These low SMV males have zero effect regardless of what they do. They are simply trying to tap into a social circle they believe is exclusive and think their chances are better in these target rich niches

      2. yeah, feminism is to lower standards of feminine beauty to ugly fat elephantine women so that strong alpha males would be attracted to them, these ugly feminists do not care about those weak limp wristed faggy male feminists

    3. I’d have more respect for these guys if they played sidekick game — openly following around an alpha male and hoping for whatever scraps might fall off the table.

    4. I just google imaged male feminist and it’s got a bunch of sad looking pussies holding signs. Here’s my favorite:
      “I need feminism because masculinity is not a measure of worth. (and if it were, I’d be screwed)”
      That pretty much says it all. I mean, have you ever seen a male feminist (aside from virtue signalling celebrities) that looks masculine? They’re a bunch of effeminate betas that are hoping feminism will change the game of sexual attraction.

        1. Or even know how to get to the picnic spot. You can’t type in the name of a place out in the middle nowhere on the GPS.

      1. “They’re a bunch of effeminate betas that are hoping feminism will change the game of sexual attraction.”
        This right here. Feminism is in fact a movement for ugly fat women or old women that suddenly lost all their beauty and realized just how much power they lost to try and change femininity and lower standards of attractiveness so they can get the same treatment by attractive women. This imperative is what drew beta boys to join the feminists hoping that the equality would also mean women would go for weak limp wristed men like them by changing the game for them they think they can appear resourceful and strong to the women
        alas this is not the case, the reason why this wont happen for the male feminists is because the feminists want to have strong alpha rich men to be attracted to their hideous fat selves, that’s their master plan, whatever the male feminists want they wont get from feminism so why the fuck are they still male feminists

  13. “Deep inside, they themselves know that they’re low-grade shits”
    I’ve noticed that my shits go up at least two grades whenever I use Kratom.

  14. There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING more pathetic than a male feminist.

  15. Our job is to help those through example.
    Here’s something common where I work. Obese guys wanting to drop the weight, occasionally having a road to Damascus moment, often asking me sundry exercise questions, then starting a exercise regimen. After a week, they find it easier to joke about their obesity, to me to everyone. It’s not funny anymore; I’m tired of it. I’ve stopped entertaining the inferiority complex humor now and try to get him to focus on his impending atherosclerotic doom. I’ve had some success.
    Wish me luck.

  16. These extreme cases are not the problem. The real problem is the 1000x greater mass of betas who adopt lesser but similar behaviors.

  17. Even after a 2-year-Kratom-Therapy these “guys” would be still beta’ fags.

      1. Don’t worry, it’s banned in your state!
        And yeah, this is probably one of those “enjoy the decline” things, and a bad idea overall. Although, I wonder if the sexualization of breasts is really a normal thing.

    1. Why is it that these kinds of activists are always mediocre looking at best? Well I know why, attention whore wish fulfillment, but I mean come on, why not a bevy of Hooters Girls doing these kinds of things (pun intended)?

        1. Oh, right, I was only commenting on her face. She is, at least, not fat per se. So that’s a bonus.

        2. I’d rather be more like no tats, but that’s progress I suppose.

      1. Because around here, it’s just the random feminist who gets an idea in her head. Now, in Russia for instance, you put a man in charge of the movement, like Victor Svyatski, who trains, organizes, and screens applicants, and you get this:
        Gotta love this quote of his:
        These girls are weak … They don’t have the strength of character. They don’t even have the desire to be strong. Instead, they show submissiveness, spinelessness, lack of punctuality, and many other factors which prevent them from becoming political activists. These are qualities which it was essential to teach them.

    2. For the young perky ones, a man can dream.
      For the old saggy bags…..
      Dear god no!

    3. Meh, not bad, but then every woman will want to do this, and then tits will get boring, just like anything that goes mainstream.

      1. I don’t know. I think it would help wipe out some of the American prudishness. In Europe tits are at all the beaches and on public tv every evening, and I think they still enjoy them 🙂

      2. Women would be embarrassed by the fact that some men’s boobs are larger than theirs and not display them.

  18. I have observed and had a few encounters with millennial males. They are either fat and frumpy or skinny and pale. There must be something in the food they eat, water they drink or estrogen in their hygiene products because all of them “act gay”.
    I was at my local grocery store, it has a restaurant attached to it and often tour buses and college buses with student musicians or athletes stop for their dinner or lunch. As I was having lunch I would watch bus loads of effeminate guys walking together like a gaggle of girls, snickering, displaying feminine body language, and I swear 2 of them one time were wearing eyeliner. Meanwhile the females off the same bus had masculine features, muscle and a look on their face of having to endure a roadtrip with the faggiest of guys in their school.
    I have come to the conclusion that when the shit hits the fan, I will have no problem becoming an unchallenged local warlord. Wolves will inherent the country, balance in nature will be restored.

      1. And likely appeal to the many “gender” oddities we now have thrust upon us (unlikely Playgirl became a thing due solely to female patronage, for instance) and serve to further deviate impressionable minds to create future murkiness/confusion.
        I think we’ve imported this particular band “fem-look” primarily from Japan/Korea, though bands have had such looks, mostly for shock value, for awhile:

        1. And a while back I posted this music video from Japan, and I might as well repost a similar video from this same band. The sad part is, this guy has one of the best death metal style growls I’ve ever heard. And yep, it’s basically promoting Nippon for what it is now.

        2. And of course, replete with ParaPara dancing. One of the Korean girls I knew was into that and K/J-Pop, (her sister was into a rock band called Syrup16g).
          Remember seeing these two videos at her place (the second one I have no idea):

        3. I’ve read about this group. I think the dude is an ex-pro wrestler who had to quit due to injuries. Was recruited by the group and now is stacking yen.

        4. And speaking of, candy passing Japanese lolitas in a commercial. That is all.

        5. AKB48 – (definition) Japanese for buffet line.
          Example Sentence: “I don’t know about that Puccho candy, but I would really like to eat some AKB48 right about now.”
          Synonyms: Girls Generation, Lee Hyori.
          Antonyms: Feminists, Cast of new Ghostbusters.

        6. Just don’t tell Vice. A whole back they did do a documentary alleging that pretty much ALL these girls were being sexually exploited. Now, in all fairness, some might be held against their will, but I doubt Japan is a giant sex sweat shop. More likely, there’s the possibility these girls are bumping uglies voluntarily with older men, anything from a Sony executive, a Yakuza don, or some American expat. And in another ROK article that talked about alleged Hollywood sex rings, I mentioned alleged Nickelodeon pedo producer Dan Schneider apparently banging all the starlets going through. Mind you, I still find him to be unsettlingly creepy as fuck, but what’s not to say Ariana Grande put out to make it to the top? Could explain why she left Victoria Justice biting the dust. Same with a notorious sex scandal case we had in Mexico a while back, the Sergio Andrade/Gloria Trevi clan scandal. And seeing the male material our society is putting out nowadays, these girls know where the sun rises and sets every day.

    1. It’s funny you mention their appearance, because I’ve noticed that the college-aged males of today look like their sixth grade counterparts from my day. And I was in sixth grade in the 90s. Conquering them will take little to no effort as their frail, vegan-fed bodies twist in fear at the sight of wolves.

        1. Punch it, straight in it’s smarmy mug. Rip that ring right through his lips, rub some dirt on his face and kick him out into the middle of the woods with a Zippo lighter and a buck knife. Somebody do something to help these pathetic weaklings out, for God’s sake!

        2. Uncannily successful attempt to imitate a female. For a second, I thought that was Emma Watson.

        3. And yet, this “guy” looks more, for the lack of a more proper term, “gorgeous” than your college age, pajama wearing, lazy bun, hair dyed feminist. Not a good sign when these boys know how to wear makeup better.

        4. Wanna lay a little bet that if femboy and I went into the woods, I would be the one coming out the other side? I really hate camping, but survival is something I like. Give me 24 hours with this pansy and he would be my bitch.

    2. “I will have no problem becoming an unchallenged local warlord.”
      Me neither. My only hope is that I can forge alliances with others like yourself for purposes of laying waste to the common enemy.

      1. Game recognizes game, alliances of our kind will be natural and effortless.

  19. I’m glad that where I live, in upstate NY, this isn’t much of an issue. Maybe if I lived in a more “progressive” city like, say, San Francisco, I’d witness more of this nonsense.

  20. No excuse for a man to be a feminist like legit how do u benefit from being a pussy?

  21. Remember that scene: “I am Spartacus.” “No I am Spartacus”
    “No, I am….”
    Now try to imagine the same, but substituting ‘David Futrelle” for Spartacus. Male feminists are roadkill on the highway to matriarchy

  22. In my few interactions with college-aged millennial males the past several years, I have noticed a disturbing trend of absolute weakness. They may not be out loud and proud feminists like the ones pictured in this article, but they are the antithesis of manly. They can hardly maintain eye contact; that is, if their eyes ever leave their shoes. They can’t shake hands with anything more than a limp wrist. They stand idly by as their girlfriends openly flirt with other men right in front of them. And then they backstab and gossip like women.
    A couple years back, I hung out with this young adult group. It was mostly late-twenties to thirty somethings, but there were some millennial-aged shits that infiltrated the group. One in particular went to a buddy of mine at a house party and said that he and the other guys needed to watch me because I was hitting on the women, and possibly making them uncomfortable. My buddy asked if any girls had complained and the guy at least answered honestly: no. In actuality, he was just pissed that I pulled the number of the girl he brought to the party (and didn’t even speak to the entire time). This guy always looked at peoples’ chests when he spoke to them because he was too big of a pussy to make eye contact. After that night, I always made an extra effort to make him feel uncomfortable by extending my hand to shake his and bending down to force eye contact (surprise: he was short and frail). He tended to avoid me. Good for him, because if his white-knighting ass had organized a mob against me, it wouldn’t have gone down so smooth for him.

    1. Skip to 2:02 when to see 2Pac’s conversion from nice guy to fuck this shit

      1. “Call 911” was easily my favorite. She was super tough until she got knocked to the floor.

        1. Yeah, that one and the bus driver:
          “You gonna act like a man, I’m gonna treat you like a man!”

        2. My favourite was the one where the man is sitting down doing his best to ignore the bitch screaming right in his face … until she physically attacks him and then POW! She’s on the floor. Reminds me of what my dad told me when I were a wee lad and he was teaching me self-defence: “Son, if I ever find out that you started a fight, I’ll spank you so hard you’ll be standing up for a week. But if someone else ever starts a fight with you, you’d better damn well FINISH that fight.”

      2. Break her ass and shake her ass! Fantastic stuff, hah!

      3. Here’s an old Polish video that jokes about chivalry taken too far. Hilarious because, in a way, it’s turned out that way:

    2. I don’t think we can write off the entire next generation of men as effeminate losers. There may be a higher percentage, but my sons are pretty capable and I suspect the one that was a wrestler could kick my ass.

      1. True. I’m not writing them all off, just noticing an upward trend in this sort of behavior.

  23. For those looking for summary on the reason why a man would be feminist, here you go: “I’m male feminist, fuck me my lady!” Its poor attempt of man to get a girl interested in sleeping with him. As the comments allure in below, stripping of masculinity out of culture, and lack of decent male role models and guidance has create group of men that would do anything for female touch. These fucks are the foundation for which the feminist twisted form is propping on at the moment. Donning their white armor and protecting their ladies, against the men their ladies would rather fuck. For any man with ounce of testosterone in their system, always remember at your lowest point of life you still better than male feminist.

  24. No joke, I minored in womyn’s studies in college. Freshman year, my female adviser told me I should take the intro class to fulfill breadth requirements because it was easy and had lots of girls in it. Then I had happened to have taken enough cross listed classes that when planning my last semester, I only needed one more course. Basically I spent classes playing spot the dyke and devil’s advocate. I even wrote a paper about how men could never be feminists. The professors knew I had no filter so would always ask me how guys typically thought about a subject. My responses did not toe the party line. I would probably be kicked out for hate crimes now. Total waste of time, but having that on my resume probably scored me more interviews than anything else.

    1. I like that.
      On paper it makes you look like a good lil boy that knows his place in t h is new world

      1. Usually puzzles interviewers when I walk in with a big beard and an actual physique.

        1. The problem now is neither of those hallmarks are indicative of alpha anymore. Hipsters ruined beards and gays muddied the waters with the physique. Although I suppose its still a lot more masculine than the alternatives.

  25. If the gentleman in #6 is not being ironic, tsk, tsk. If there are indeed men out there who would willingly act like this in public, they all deserve to be shot and/or castrated.
    The lad in #1 looks like my old college roommate…who turned out to be gay.

    1. If I wanted to give #6 the benefit of the doubt, I’d come up with a backstory involving the words “bet”, “lost” and “drunk”. Still wouldn’t really excuse his behaviour, mind.

    1. Never read either, but I do respect and admire the military genius that is Martin van Creveld. Never read a bad book by that man.

  26. The concept of chivalry has been warped by feminists; ergo, you have the “white knights” who will stand up to defend stupidity. I am all for standing up for a woman, IF their cause is just. These guys are just enabling further stupidity.

    1. I’ll stand up for a woman, assuming it’s to make room for her to change positions.

    2. If my son is giving my wife lip or some guy makes a pass at her, then the hammer will come down. If the neighbor gets after her for letting our chickens out and they tear up their flower bed, that’s her deal.

    3. I will only stand up for a few women in my life. My grandmother and step-grandma are gone. My mother and my aunt on her side. However, my aunt on my dad’s side and my sister have lost the privilege. My theory used to be you stood up for women who were: family, good friends, or lovers. Now, it’s women who are both family, good friends, or lovers AND who love you and appreciate what you do for them. Ungrateful family members are now flat out, and I guess it’s implied that good friends and lovers love and appreciate you, else they become EX good friends and lovers.

  27. First pic has to be a joke. No one can look that much like a total buttplug, can they?
    Second pic: “Most likely to shoot up a sorority house.”
    Third pic: No. He really doesn’t have to worry about any such contribution. Really.

    1. That second pic really does have that look of person you’d see on the news post rampage

  28. male feminists really are a sorry lot. They’ll talk all this shit about equality etc, but, I think it really comes down to harboring this misconception that being pro-woman (politically) will win them pussy. Its even worse when you see the rejects of the sexual marketplace jump into this. Its an obvious act of desperation and one that is entirely irrational and because of how women treat them. If someone is sexually a reject then, man-up, and, well, say “fuck women”. I mean…who rejected you? Patriarchs, jocks, alpha males? To a degree, yes, but if you were getting lots of pussy, you wouldn’t care if you weren’t on the football team or part of the cool crowd. No, you neckbeard fatass dumb fuck…its women. And you think they deserve more of your respect? If fact endless amounts of it? That hot or semi-hot or even average girl you think will be impressed with your passionate treatise on gender equality will wait a second after you’re out of scene and likely rip you to pieces over some superficial trait that you have no control over but very likely obsess over such as being short or big ears or ass face ugly whatever. My question to these rejects is how is that remotely respectable behavior? At least with Alpha’s we’ll be up front with you and tell you where you stand with us. Not pretend to be nice to you only to talk shit behind your back. We might do it to your face and that’s a real asshole, but honestly, dear rejects, is a noble thing. I’ve seen women do this to regular guys…guys who are not rejects and get girls. women have no honor.

    1. Hey Towgunner. Your final summation, that women have no honor, deserves an observation that if it wasn’t for men being chivalrists selling out other men to feel better about themselves or to beg for p*ssy, then this wouldn’t be an issue.
      It’s partly why I don’t feel sorry for frat boys who have a rundown old Delta house and kegger parties and get lots of young underage girls to show up while normal beta guys are stuck on the weekend. Sure, that’s great and all but now in the post feminist era, these alpha dogs are subject to all kinds of false accusations. Many of these alpha dogs come from good families and their daddy whose a senator or CEO doesn’t care about men because they’re part of the system, later find their son is getting kicked out of school because she slept with a buzzed co-ed at the frat party and she’s mad he “took advantage of her”.
      So who lacks the honor?
      Even as women are largely irrational beings, there is a kind of Zenlike logic to their thinking. They disrespect men who overly spoil them which makes sense in a fashion. At some point, when they can get away with anything, they TRY to take it to the next level. It’s like they’re minature CEO’s out to squeeze an extra buck. The average alpha prime male is of similar mindset to a sociopath. (Watch the end of “Horrible Bosses”)
      But yeah, what you and I refer to as alpha males, which are really beta primes, are largely “honorable” in that they talk trash to your face and “own” it. But women also seem to own it. If a male feminist hears feminists bashing men all over the place, and he buys into that worldview, then how does he expect her to want a relationship with him? That’s insanity and the women are sane enough to largely follow through and only keep such men around on a tight leash.

      1. Personally, I’m wary of frats and their hedonism and that probably these guys might end up being on society. Yet, girls still go to them constantly and don’t give two shits about the risks, whether real or imagined. Even underage girls will go, defying any common sense.

  29. I like to go about daily life pretending this shit doesn’t exist. I just surround myself with cool men and women.
    When I see comments such as those posted above. It physically hurts how someone could go that fucking low.

  30. My wife and I actually saw a classic case of this when I was in center city Philadelphia a few years back. He was screaming in front of Independence Hall “I’m standing up for women!” over and over again. I was stunned. I wish I had gone and asked him: “Are you straight? Why isn’t your girlfriend here to support you? If nobody is actually harming you, then how heroic can you be other than any other idiot screaming in the town square?”
    After decades of debating feminists, I agree that it’s counter productive to bother carefully and rationallly debating their stated reasoning because their motives are not dependent upon their stated objectives. It’s better to observe and deconstruct their motives: For women, it’s about being spoiled victim princesses who, when they realize that they’re just going to be ugly losers mocked by other women, quickly discard the feminist label. When it’s white knight men (more on this below), observing that they’re losers that feminists themselves don’t respect quickly shuts them up.
    But what’s missed here is the traditional white knight who doesn’t embrace the feminist label who helped create the problem in the first place: The “gentlemen” who protects women, without condition, because he’s a noble knight out to protect womenhood. This is what created the entitlement attitude that has poisoned western women and predates what is known as modern feminism. If I was on the Titanic and rich old lady wanted my seat, I’d tell her I have a family to support and protect and they’re coming with me and vice-versa and my wife wouldn’t leave me behind. What kind of women allowed their husbands to remain behind while rich old women were put on board and didn’t speak up?

    1. That last paragraph makes a good point. What kind of horrible bitch would support some other woman getting to survive instead of her husband? This is a starker representation of the study where the men said they would save their wives over their kids, and the women said they’d save their kids over their husband. Rough choice, indeed, but the problem with feminism, above all other problems, is that it is not what it says it is. It says it is about equality, yet it is about special treatment of a demographic, like all “equality” movements. This is exposed when you juxtaposition the “equality” with “something negative that you would have to do to have equality.” Those things are, for women, such as: the draft, paying for your dinner, equal chance at lifeboats, 50/50 custody, equal criminal punishment, etc. When you mention that, the excuses begin.

      1. Which is what makes male feminism seem so congruent with these noble “chivalrous” men on the Titanic. Many of them happily helped old, rich entitled women who probably had maybe a few more years to live onto lifeboats while their teenage boys died because they were technically “men”.
        They were the precursors to male feminists. Men who regarded having any balls when it came to women or thinking of themselves as people to be “selfish cads.”
        It then becomes like a bar bet: “I can stab myself in the hand to show how tough I am.” “Well, I can cut my hand off!” “I’ll show you! I’ll cut off both of my own hands by myself!”
        Feminism earlier portrayed being “maucho” as men being brutes and oppressing women but instead it’s been more about the men putting on shows for women or each other and feminism is a crazy extension of that.
        So in the end, it’s like this pathetic slob my wife and I saw prostating himself in center city Philadephia screaming: “I’m standing up for women!”

  31. I went to a very left-leaning university, so I have had the misfortune of crossing paths with a lot of self-proclaimed male feminists. The most outspoken one I know is in the process of majoring in gender studies, and runs a very active blog devoted exclusively to the analysis of feminist themes in the TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” I did not see a single one of them enter a relationship with a girl at any point during their college time, and it was no shock, as they are all very geeky, awkward and unattractive guys.

  32. Male “feminist” are such because its the only way they can stomach interaction with women. also as previously stated they figure the prolonged exposure to said females whom they are trying to troll with this ridiculous ideology will eventually become attracted to them.. in the meantime they begin to actually believe all the bullshit they are spewing and researching and blogging to empower women…. women had more “power” when they let us run things, as I read once the term is they were “the neck”. Now with wanting to be equal they are trying to be competition to the detriment of their own happiness and these weak ass dunce “men” are just making it worse which is why a women hardly ever become attracted to these guys by osmosis as thought to be the plan.

  33. I cant believe these pictures. It must be fake. Id fucking smash their heads in.

    1. These guys would have been bullied to death in my teen days, but I guess times have changed and now they reach what looks like a sort of “adulthood”.

    2. Just look at the second picture’s guy. His eyes are so red… Lack of post-masturbatory hygiene, for sure…

  34. Well, this list would explain science fiction writer John Scalzi’s feminism. He can’t write science fiction worth a damn, so he might as well become a social-justice warrior to compensate for his failures in life.

  35. #7 Grow a pair of manboobs… what’s up with feminist dudes and manboobs..?

  36. Be a Cuckold and accept it.
    Be a Eunuch.
    When you are castrated also remove the dick.

  37. I was this emasculated man who thought supplicating to women would get me laid. Its not a switch and it all changes. Its a continual change towards the natural order of things and getting what T-money wants.

  38. I can’t stand those emo fairy type guys with the female mannerisms. The sad thing is they aren’t even fags and the fags hate them.

  39. Going to Ghost’s comments about Millennials…
    I think that I am about the same age as you GoJ. Though you may be a bit older…I’m Gen X, barely. Anyway, I am married (14 years) to an Eastern European woman and have 2 children. I go out with my buds every once and a while to have a few beers, etc. When I am out, I make it a point to keep my skills sharp and take every opportunity to chat up women I run into. I find that your average 21-30 year old woman is very receptive to a man that exhibits masculine traits (opinionated, forceful, dominant, ZFG). When I was single, I was pretty successful with women, so I recognize the the signs of attraction…and I am sure that it would be easy to get about 30-40% of these women engaged with me in some manner if I chose to press the matter (I’m married so I don’t). This has the side benefit of boosting my confidence when dealing with wifey, with whom I play a low simmering Dread game going.
    Somehow, the current crop of guys has been taught the utterly WRONG things about how to interact with women. It is quite sad…I hear about male THIRST constantly, but it has been my observation that female THIRST is great out there as well. Hopefully, I can keep my son from falling into this idiocy….

    1. I absolutely agree that women are thirsty as fuck right now. Most guys don’t know it because precisely the reasons you noted. There are days which I call “most of them” when I have women literally falling out of the sky into my lap with hardly any effort on my part at all. Men really need to rediscover masculine traits.

  40. As a women, one thing I can say for sure is women despise weak, fawning, gushy men. The male feminist is the epitome of these traits. Oh sure, feminists will be all sugar and spice around a white knight mangina – all smiles and sweetness – all the while clenching their teeth to hold back the vomit. The reason being the male feminist is bowing and scraping to her every whim, doing everything she asks of him, and jumping through hoops of fire for her like a good little lap dog. But, rest assured, she hates his guts just like she hates any other male. I use the word “male” because “manginas” certainly don’t qualify as men. Once she has bled her mangina dry – out he goes like the piece of garbage he is.
    While a feminist is off screwing her violent and abusive “bad boy” her mangina will be running errands for her and finishing up her work at the office.
    “You have to constantly lie to yourself that you’re better than other men even as you waste your life away trolling and spewing your hate for them all over the internet, knowing full well you’re no match for them in real life.”
    Truer words have never been spoken.

    1. Ferris Bueller summed it up very well: “she’s gonna treat him like shit, because she will have given him what he has built up in his mind as the end-all, be-all to human existence. She won’t respect him, ‘caus you can’t respect somebody who kisses your ass. It just doesn’t work.”

  41. These guys are not men. They may be male, but they are not men. More like boys that never grew a pair and still follow around women holding their proverbial skirts. Hell one could even say they made it a fetish of being a mama’s boy. Either way, they are disgusting and make me cringe everytime see them.

  42. Can you tell me, why if a 40 years old male sleep with 14 years old girl – he will go to jail for 25 years. However, if a 40 years old woman sleep with a 14 years old boy – this is not even considered as a crime. Usually, they don’t even need to pay a tiny fine. Why do you call this “gender equality”?

  43. Good grief. I’ve seen some tragic men in my time, but never knew this sort of human misery existed. Once more reason to avoid social media.

    1. If ever there was a thing to make you sink into a depression it is the unmitigated miserable subhuman garbage that populates social media. These freaks are an affront to God.

  44. I am so repulsed and sickened by the pitiful display above in the article that I do solemnly declare that should I ever exhibit any such conduct I give my blessing for someone to put a bullet in my brain.

  45. If you needed proof about the fact that women don’t give a shit about weak, beta men, it’s in the response level to this article.
    Where are the hordes of feminists (female, that is) coming in to express their outrage at the way their supposed comrades-in-arms are being vilified?
    It’s the digital equivalent of tumbleweeds from the SJWs here. Compare that to the foaming rage from women on the “Indian girls” article or the “Don’t date dyed-hair dykes” article.
    Could it be the hate-reading tumblerinas who frequent this site don’t give a shit about the men who supposedly support them and aren’t willing to stand up for them?
    Male feminist hate-readers: where are your allies? If men and women are equal, how come they’re not standing up for you as much as you do for them?

    1. We know the answer, Imperator-women despise weaklings and will use and then kick them to the kerb once they have achieved their ends.

    2. Exactly right. The problem with the Betas was they weren’t ever taught to face confrontation. Facing off confrontation endears us to the part of a woman who wants to be protected physically. WOMEN LOVE DRAMA. When SJWs go around trying to make life easier for their overlords. They walk straight passed them and toward more confrontation, looking for drama, shit test after shit test. Female Feminists are just women looking to be put in their place, years of having the side walk paved for them and not being confronted properly either out of being too ugly for a man to care to or surrounding themselves with SJWs because of daddy issues, threw them all into this mental delusion they call Feminism.

  46. My motto, which I do repeat most of the time,: I hate Mankind !!! But I do love womankind !!!

  47. That sounds like an hard challenge to be honest. Poor male feminists have it hard.

  48. I feel sad for these boys, I really do. They have been a beta since well before puberty, probably have not been kissed. They have been rejected again and again to the point that they are giving up and projecting anger and the men who get it. Meanwhile, they see women run off with guys who treat them like women, instead of the fairytale princesses that are built up in their head by women. These boys are the sad victims of feminism.

  49. I am old enough to have seen the hideous decline of humanity in the last 60 years. The human race is an ape playing with a hand grenade. It is only a matter of time before the pin is pulled. I would not really mourn if 99 percent of humanity suddenly disappeared and nature took over again.

  50. Don’t know how long a phase like this lasts in a man’s life, but over the years I’ve met a ton of white knights who bragged about saving women from beaters and bums. Then after a few years, divorces and shit, they’re right up there with women haters. It’s all irrational.

  51. Under number 3, call other men “perverts” and “woman beaters” because they simply point out that a chick in a Youtube video is attractive. True story.

  52. I think the only solution for those “men” in the pictures is suicide. I want to suggest they could be saved, but ah fuck ’em.

  53. Australia’s Prime Minister and leading cuckservative Malcolm Turnbull is a self-admitted “male feminist” – another reason not to vote for him at the upcoming election! (I think ROK readers should vote for Family First and Cory Bernardi in the Senate)
    On a day in which the focus has been on Bill Shorten’s controversial remarks on women and childcare – which have been slammed as “sexist” and prehistoric” – Malcolm Turnbull has used his daily presser to declare his feminist credentials.
    When asked about his views on female empowerment, the PM was asked by a reporter in Melbourne if he considered himself to be a feminist.
    “I would describe myself as a feminist. As I often say, women hold up half the sky,’ he said.

  54. “everything with a penis must DIE!” “all men are pigs”
    etc etc..
    With all due respect, which is NONE, go fuck yourself, go to hell, and take your self righteous generalizing bullshit with you.
    You treat an entire gender as if everyone are the same evil asshole, so YOU`RE the problem, not us..
    Go fuck yourselves..

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