Tag The Sponsor Exposes The Depravity Of Modern Women

Have you ever wondered how popular Instagram models can afford their lavish lifestyles? All of them post selfies in which they’re showing off expensive sports cars or vacationing in exotic locales, yet they all work low-paid jobs as bartenders or waitresses.

You probably figured some chump was paying for their Louis Vuitton purses and trips to Cabo, but you didn’t know the sheer depths these girls would sink to just for a few bucks.

The man behind the curtain has been revealed, and it’s not a pretty sight. Say hello to Tag the Sponsor, a blog that exposes Instagram models for the craven whores that they are:

In 2015 we should stop gassing up these Instagram “Models” like they’re godsent. We are putting them on a pedestal for just showing ass. Too many #CaptainSaveAHoes defending them, like these bitches got some special skills to satisfy you… Instagram model means prostitute, they might as well start to put their rates under the pictures because they won’t be fooling anyone for much longer. We are pro-prostitution. But we are against women who sell pussy and try to put down those who actually work and make a decent living calling them #Basic. We are against fraudulent hoes, pretentiousness and bigotry…

As it turns out, most if not all Instagram models make their living by being “sponsored,” meaning they get paid to fly to Dubai and have sex with an Arab sheik and ten of his best buddies. But these hoes don’t simply rent their pussies out for cash: they engage in some of the most disgusting sex acts you can imagine. Tag the Sponsor reveals just what these girls are willing to do for a little extra spending money:

Yes this **** is real, I know a guy who is a “model recruiter” who gets paid to find girls who are basically willing to whore themselves out to rich Saudis with oil money. The Saudis pay anywhere from $10,000 to as much as $50,000 per girl for each trip which last anywhere from a weekend up to 2 weeks and they basically **** the **** out of the girls multiple times a day with with just about every fetish you could imagine including **** and pooping/peeing on the girls. The Saudis take pride in pooping/peeing on the girls and more often than not they make personal bets and hold contests to see who can get the most liquidy poop to drop on the girls faces, the winner gets to choose the next vacation spot and gets to pick his girls first.

That’s right: the girls you see on Instagram with hordes of orbiters proclaiming how they would “suck a fart out of [her] ass” are getting paid to have Arabs squirt diarrhea in their faces. There’s even a colloquial term for these tarts: “Dubai porta potties.”

If Tag the Sponsor doesn’t convince you that we’ve slid all the way to Gomorrah, nothing will. Here we have an entire class of women who are so lacking in decency that they’ll shove salmon up their vaginas so they can afford to shop at Saks Fifth Avenue. A civilization where women sell themselves—not even to survive, but for frivolous luxury items—is a civilization in terminal decline.


How Selling Sex Corrupts Women

Absent from the debate on pornography, prostitution and the like is the spiritual element. The central problem with sex work isn’t disease, degeneracy, or the Bible’s disapproval. Transactional sex inherently ruins the souls of both women and men. I witnessed this first hand.

The Philippines, where I lived for part of last year, has a large and visible sex industry. Beyond the seedy strip joints and freelancer-filled expat bars in Manila, there’s a sizable number of “normal” Filipinas who will accept money for sex if you proposition them the right way. Morons assume that Filipino girls are selling themselves out solely because of poverty, but the reality is more complicated than that.

The typical Filipina prostitute is a working-class girl, poor but not destitute. She lives with her family, doesn’t have a college degree, and is a single mother more often than not. She whores herself out not out of desperation, but avarice. By Philippine standards, prostitutes, particularly young ones, make a damn good living. One girl I talked to at L.A. Cafe told me that she made up to 7,000-8,000 pesos a night (about $160-180) sleeping with tourists.

While it’s true that most retail-type jobs in the Philippines pay horribly—say maybe 5,000 pesos a month (about $110), and you’ll be working twelve hours a day, six days a week—these girls have a social safety net in the form of their family. They’re not in danger of becoming homeless and they live in a society that values chastity and traditional morals. They whore themselves out because they’re greedy, because money is worth more to them than virtue.

And frankly, it catches up to them quickly. The girl I talked to could charge so much because she was both young and cute. To give you a comparison, a few days later, I was at a club in Malate when a fat, thirtyish hooker offered me “boom-boom” for 1,000 pesos. She was ugly enough that I wouldn’t have let her pay me. At the same time, I felt sorry for her: charging foreigners discount prices on blowjobs has got to be a depressing existence.

Other examples abound of how sex work degrades women. For example, Miriam Weeks, who became famous last year as the “Duke porn star” Belle Knox, recently admitted in an interview that the porn industry had made her “cynical” and “bitter.” This is why it’s incredibly irresponsible for the media to hold up women like Weeks as heroes. While not all women who end up in the sex industry will be ruined by it, enough do that it’s not a choice any sane society encourages girls to make.

The Instagram models getting trolled by Tag the Sponsor have sipped from a poisoned chalice. Their souls are being warped by the repulsive acts their sponsors make them do. Even if they luck out and manage to find a chump who will marry them knowing what they’ve done, the memories of the sick acts they’ve committed will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

I wager more than a few Instagram models will become drug addicts (if they aren’t already) and commit suicide before they turn 40.


How Paying For Sex Corrupts Men

There’s another aspect to Tag the Sponsor that hasn’t been discussed: the men who are blowing obscene sums of money so they can use pretty girls as outhouses. Again, observing the Philippine sex industry allows me to see how sex work degrades the men who partake in it.

Women like to flatter themselves by thinking that all they need to do is show up, look hot and men will be turned on. It’s not that simple. Men need an emotional connection to the women they bang in order to enjoy themselves. I’m not talking about twoo wove, either: booze-fueled lust is more than enough.

If a man tries to bang a woman who is clearly not into him, who isn’t giving off those pheromones of lust, his own body will revolt against him (this is why rape, despite feminist claims, is so rare).

There’s a reason why whoremongers in Southeast Asia have to pop Viagra in order to get it up with hookers, and it’s not because they have erectile dysfunction. It’s because their bodies know that the hookers don’t like them and are only sleeping with them for the money. Using artificial drugs is the only way they can trick their dicks into overcoming their innate repulsion to having sex with an unwilling girl.

In the specific case of these Arab sheiks, these are men who are wealthier and more privileged then the kings of old. But instead of using their fortunes to advance science, culture or philosophy, they pay women to have sex with German shepherds. They are degenerates in every sense of the word, fools who have squandered a great gift on pointless hedonism.


Get Those Girls Off That Pedestal

If there’s one good thing about Tag the Sponsor, it’s this: it’ll help countless men stop sucking up to women.

Here’s some cold, hard truth: there are no snowflakes. There are good women out there, yes, but as a whole, girls do not deserve your worship or praise. They are just people, nothing more. And in the case of the Instagram models, there’s no reason to be intimidated by beautiful women. That drop-dead gorgeous girl you’re crushing on is likely getting paid to have a Saudi sheik shit on her nose and watch it drip down her chin.

The next time you’re tempted to Like a girl’s selfie on Facebook or write a slobbering comment about how good she looks, just think of the “Dubai porta potties” and smile.

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577 thoughts on “Tag The Sponsor Exposes The Depravity Of Modern Women”

  1. Now I understand more why ignorance is bliss. Now when I see sexy girls (not even on Instagram), I just think of the Dubai porta potty. Yup. God knows what sick and disgusting things she had done with that degenerative punk bad boy she slept with in her teens.

  2. “That drop-dead gorgeous girl you’re crushing on is likely getting paid to have a Saudi sheik shit on her nose and watch it drip down her chin.”
    I usually assume as much. Then I let her try to surprise me by proving me wrong. It works better that way.

  3. Perfect description of why I never got into hookers. My body has zero interest in woman who isn’t into it as well.
    For the rest of this – I don’t care. Whores who bang for greed have always been around.

    1. Women are always lying. Guys are always surprised when a girl coldly dumps them because the warmth was mostly a deception.

  4. Excellent point on Hookers.
    Yes, I used one once back when I was 21, and the experience of having sex with a woman who wasn’t attached to me (at one point she was watching the news whilst blowing me) was truly damaging to my ego. A hollowing experience I’ve never wanted to repeat
    The only thing I’ll disagree with is this:
    “You probably figured some chump was paying for their Louis Vuitton purses and trips to Cabo, but you didn’t know the sheer depths these girls would sink to just for a few bucks”
    I guessed it

    1. Why didn’t you grab the remote and shut off the TV or tell her to get her head in the game?

      1. Q. How do you make a hormone?
        A. You don’t pay her.
        For the TV watching whore (been there done that) you don’t give a tip. The negotiated amount is always less than she expects.

  5. Lets not kid ourselves men.The only reason the women we see in public are even standing next to their husbands is money.Prostitution is prostitution, whether its in Dubai or a wedding chapel
    If youre reading this thinking “Holy Crap, gender relations are cold and vacant” youre right.
    Welcome to the Desert of the Real.Ive heard too many women in too many circumstances verbally tell me they view men the way we view a loaded Brinks truck .Women dont care about “debasing” themselves ; they care about advancing their reproductive mandate by hook or crook. For most men born in the Matriarchy , theyre basically told to buy sex during courtship and be satisfied without it once she’s walked the aisle. Whether you do it on a street or in a wedding ceremony ,buying negotiated sex simply changes price and the venue.Perhaps married sex and prostitutional sex have more in common then may meet the eyes….

    1. That is the exact opinion that feminism promoted from the 1960’s forward. That honest, virtuous, moral relationships with men by engaging in marriage instead of random sex with strangers was “prostitution”.
      Desert of the real, indeed.

        1. Seriously! Every time some one brings a deplorable truth out in regards to hypergamy, it gets related back to prostitution as if that is the end all be all of all interactions. With prostitution the product rendered is the use of a body/orgasm outlet. You literally feel and see what you are getting. With marriage, the product is future based. All acceptance in a marriage is based on the value continuing at some point in the future. Fantasy enacted vs fantasy hope are completely different affairs.
          A man doesn’t fantasize about his future wife’s body breaking down in front of him, no more than a woman fantasizes about her husband’s wallet breaking down for her. Even if you think a marriage for a woman is about a man’s wallet it isn’t. It is about the future expectation of success.
          Prostitution/ now vs marriage/future/later. Big difference.

        2. Thank you. It is the same mindset that drives the thinking of PUA-Hate douchebags like Eliot Rogers. They figure they just aren’t offering enough loot to engage the quality whore they want, so they get mad.
          Red Hood Assault’s summary concisely points out the exact reasoning.
          It’s a poisonous way of looking at things, which is why it was invented by feminism in the first place.

        3. Blind rage is a very satisfying emotion: it is very cathartic, and it is also easy to express. It takes no effort; when you express blind rage against something you need not put any actual effort into analyzing what you are condemning. That fact that the object of your rage exists is good enough. Its a crutch for the mentally lazy.

        4. Wait…pointing out that women only involve themselves with men if they can get something out of it makes one a Crypto-Feminist now?

        5. All relationships are based on an exchange of some kind. The classic male/female exchange is one of fertility and resources: a young woman exchanges her fertility for a man’s labor. Once her fertility disappears (around 40ish) her value plummets. Female beauty only exists in the male mind. Men evolved to interpret signs of female health/fertility as “beauty.” It’s hard-wired in our brains, passed down and honed over the generations because men who preferred healthy and fertile women produced more and more successful offspring.
          Back to the point… without an exchange there is no relationship. Sometimes the value a man provides (if he’s “alpha”) is simply the titillation of her evolved hard-wiring for a dominant man. Still, an exchange it taking place.
          Even in non-sexual relationships there’s an exchange. For example, a friend might support your goals or simply provide entertainment, which is value. You provide value of some kind back to your friend, and a friendship is formed. If there is no exchange of value there is no friendship.

        6. All human interactions are about getting some kind of value or need met. All of them. From the first wail as you are born til your last breath.
          By that standard, one can call a man a whore for walking up to a friend and saying “Hi” and expecting to be met with warmth and comraderie in return. He’s looking for “something”, a value, ergo, hey, he’s a whore.
          This is the destructive rabbit hole that has created a generation and a half of atomists.

        7. An exchange of something does not make one a prostitute, a whore nor is wanting something from a relationship necessarily the mark of a whore. As I noted above, that would make all social interactions “acts of prostitution” according to the OP I was responding to, which is absurd.

        8. On the subject of whoring: I don’t give friends blowjobs in exchange for whatever it is I’m looking to get out of the friendship. And a friendship isn’t something that can happen with women, since any woman that’s even marginally aware of her value behaves as parasitically as she can with all involved.
          Women don’t do egalitarianism, get off that cloud.

        9. You really ought to contribute articles to the site. Very astute commentary, my friend.

        10. >any woman that’s even marginally aware of her value behaves as parasitically as she can
          What is this supposed to mean? That you would become a porta pottie if you were a woman? I assume you consider yourself aware of your value. Why would being aware of one’s value lead to degenerate behaviour? Women have plenty to offer their man, their children and others in the extended family.
          What this is has been suppressed in Western societies because of the employers’ drive to get women into the work force at all costs. Fuck children’s social development (“autism”), fuck women’s mental health (“feminism”), 9 to 5 for everyone.

        11. “you would become a porta pottie if you were a woman?”
          To answer this question as honestly as possible: I have no fucking idea. The state of the female mind is such that my current position is extreme skepticism of its existence. I observe and measure behavior and go from there. I don’t do something as stupid as assume that a human female’s consciousness, if it could be called such a thing, is ANYTHING like mine or any other man’s, or that she values the same things that I or any other man may value. That is folly born of Romanticism.
          “Why would being aware of one’s value lead to degenerate behaviour?”
          Do yourself a favor and go read up on the so-called “war bride phenomenon”. Females are more likely to suffer from “stockholm syndrome”, faster to recover from things like PTSD, and as has been documented throughout history, merrily go and lay with the victors after all of the men in their tribe/group have been killed by the enemy, to include their own children, siblings, husbands, and fathers. (It is an adaptation that makes sense, in context.)
          So, if you’re a very attractive, hormonically typical female (I’ll get to that), getting gangbanged by hairy sand niggers, shit on, pissed on, etc, for half a million dollars or whatever, when you will easily recover psychologically, I’d be surprised if more don’t do it!
          Not all females would, of course, and why? One possibility: Because some female have more testosterone than average in them. (Some more than some males.) So they either turn out too ugly/masculine to be able to fit what these men are looking for, have a slightly male-like brain that makes them incapable of agreeing to be degraded in such a way, or a mix of both.
          “Women have plenty to offer their man, their children and others in the extended family.”
          They have little to offer (hands for low skill, low intensity, risk-free work), and when do they offer it? Oh, right: After they’ve gotten enough of the cock-carousel. So now, some provider beta will forgive/ignore their past behavior and put them up in exchange for completely silent, missionary sex with the lights off once a month for the first year and much less as time progresses.
          Get a fucking grip, dude. Take the pussy off the pedestal, and stop blaming the choices that women have made themselves on The Man, The Marxists, or whatever other conspiracy you’re currently subscribed to because you can’t stand the idea that women just don’t give a fuck about you, the “nuclear family”, or civilization as a whole.

        12. “After they’ve gotten enough of the cock-carousel. So now, some provider beta will forgive/ignore their past behavior”
          This does happen but it needn’t concern any self-aware man. Studies that I’m too lazy to look up now have shown that the more promiscuous a woman has been the less she can bond with a partner. You can’t have a stable marriage with a “former slut”, or rather there are no former sluts. Once a slut, always a slut. Women who have been on the cock carousel are unfit for a real relationship, their marriages don’t work out.
          You seem over-eager to find some sort of “essential femininity” that explains all the degenerate behaviour many women exhibit, especially when you suggest that atypical women must have high testosterone. In reality testosterone plays a key role in female libido and low-test women are unlikely to become sluts because they don’t get horny as easily. Fucking a bunch of different partners in quick succession before settling down with “the one” (your idea of sluts on the cock carousel) is the MALE imperative, not the female. As a man you can be promiscuous now and committed later, no problem. As a woman you can’t. Fittingly, I don’t hear women complaining about their man’s sexual past. Only men worry about this and we do so for a reason.
          If modern women won’t comply with this expectation it is our duty to reject them once they come knocking. Sure, it sucks because it means my pool of potential partners is reduced tremendously, but at the end of the day why get upset over something you can’t change? I allow women to act like sluts around me (don’t scold them for it) because my priority is knowing. Contrary to your implication of conspiracy theories I don’t believe women have been brainwashed into becoming sluts. I think they were suppressed before and now they aren’t any more. It’s genetic, hence there’s no point in trying to correct it.
          Women at large have always been like this and yet there have always been happy marriages as well. The mistake was acting like marriage is for everyone when it clearly isn’t. In a way you have a better chance to build a stable marriage than ever before, because all the sluts that would been pushed on you by their fathers a couple centuries ago are now out and proud and you can dodge them easily.

        13. “Women who have been on the cock carousel […] their marriages don’t work out.”
          They work out well enough when they involved easily fooled, delusional purple pillers without the capacity to see things for what they are, nor the capacity to author original thoughts from the data available.
          Here’s an idea for people like you that take researchers’ conclusions at face value: What if women that’d had a bunch of cocks in them aren’t shit at monogamy BECAUSE of all of the cock they’d taken, but because of *the reason* they’ve had as many cocks in them in the first place? I’ll give you a break to think about that one…
          *Jeopardy melody playing in background*
          Ding ding ding! Correct: Because they’re attractive, and they have a ton of options. Hypergamy, have you fucking heard of it? Stop believing everything you read, man that believes that monogamy is a male “imperative”. (LOL. I’ll get to that in a bit, if I’m still entertained enough by then.)
          “You seem over-eager to find some sort of ‘essential femininity’ that explains all the degenerate behaviour many women exhibit”
          But I’m not. I’m just taking what I see and accepting it for what it is instead of trying to explain it away or lay the responsibility on anyone other than women themselves. Women all do all sorts of “degenerate” shit for personal gain (small or large), and it’s all dependent on the relationship between their current economic status and how much they’re being offered (the latter being depended on how beautiful they are). You’re correct when you say that society’s permissiveness is the reason women’s true nature, in all of its ugliness, is coming out………but how do you hold that believe and the belief that employers are at fault at the same time?
          But…you seem to have taken my statement about HIGH testosterone females (with masculinized neurology, physicality, or both) and conflated it to mean LOW testosterone females. How strange. I’ll leave that one for you to figure out.
          “In a way you have a better chance to build a stable marriage than ever before”
          Yeah. Marry a lifelong fatso that’s also ugly….though…even they give it up to even more desperate beta males longing for someone to provide for in exchange for them pretending to love him (80% of females breed, while only 40% of men do)….or they may give it up to slightly more attractive men looking to pork them for a laughs! Hell, I just read that fat women have the highest rates of anal sex. It’s obvious that they’re allowing greater access because their options are low. 😉

        14. “how do you hold that believe and the belief that employers are at fault at the same time?”
          I didn’t say employers were “at fault”. I traced back women’s shitty situation half-way between a proper career and a stable family to employers pushing for more workers doing more hours. Obviously it didn’t start there. Fuck do I know why it ultimately had to happen this way.
          “you seem to have taken my statement about HIGH testosterone females
          (with masculinized neurology, physicality, or both) and conflated it to
          mean LOW testosterone females”
          I don’t think so. You were speaking favourably of high testosterone women, suggesting that they thought more like men and would therefore not choose to become sluts. I pointed out that the opposite is more likely. Having high-test means having high libido and that makes it way easier to feel good about yourself while being promiscuous. I think the atypical women you’re looking for, the ones who don’t whore around, are more likely to be low-test women.
          “Yeah. Marry a lifelong fatso that’s also ugly”
          This is not part of the plan. Why would it be?
          “I just read that fat women have the highest rates of anal sex”
          Easier access maybe. ba dum tish

        15. I thought I already answered this but I can’t see my answer… weird.
          “Because they’re attractive, and they have a ton of options. Hypergamy, have you fucking heard of it?”
          Researchers have found no correlation between attractiveness and cheating. Also:
          Ignore the social science bullshit and just read the facts. The more attractive a woman is the fewer her partners and the longer it takes to seduce her.
          You’re going off gut feelings and your gut is wrong in this instance. Having more options makes MEN pick MORE, but lets women pick BETTER. If an attractive woman picks you she really likes you. If an unattractive woman picks you she just didn’t see a better option at the time. You’re more likely to be dumped/cuckolded by low self-esteem women who are desperate enough to settle for a man they don’t really love.
          “you seem to have taken my statement about HIGH testosterone females
          (with masculinized neurology, physicality, or both) and conflated it to
          mean LOW testosterone females. How strange.”
          You implied that more masculine women (= high test) would be more rational and less likely to cheat. But test levels are key to libido and what else would promote cheating if not libido? I can’t find a study on this so let’s agree to disagree.

      1. As I’m sure you know, that’s marxism 101. Good is bad. Marriage is slavery. Sluttiness is chastity. 2 sluts + 2 sluts = 1 slut, because they’re all the same

        1. You may be over-thinking it, and it’s merely a case of some man coming to the realisation that relationships between men and women are transactional. Extremely transactional, in this day and age. Not every commentator who notices the shocking trends and comes to a hasty conclusion is some sort of cultural marxist/crypto zionist shill.

        2. True enough; but I was commenting on GoJ’s post about 2nd wave feminists claiming monogomous relationships were prostitution while slutting it up for 12 years is empowering. I’m no doubt inclined toward seeing marxists behind every bush, but sometimes they really are there

        3. Got it, that is a lie the feminists were sold all right. And the rumour is that Betty Friedman was a CIA shill. ‘Reds under the bed’ paranoia has been around a while and is undoubtedly warranted nowadays when you see the stuff they try to (usually successfully) slip by us. I observe a lot of seemingly OTT criticism of some pretty reasonable comments on the manosphere, and I wonder if their shilldar is gone into overdrive, or if mine is out of whack.

      2. I tend to wonder what came first. That dogma or the family courts. The courts have us seeing prostitution as a more honest arrangement.

      3. Yup, its pretty twisted. Feminazis have ruined generations of what oculd have been decent women.

      4. Not sure about the person you are responding to but I don’t necessarily disagree with the feminists about the overall theory that marriage = a form of prostitution (in general)- However, where I disagree with them is that it doesn’t mean its a bad deal for anyone involved. In fact, evidence suggests it produces maximum societal efficiency and happiness.
        Please note I am not agreeing with them on the cock carousel is a good thing. In fact, I think just the opposite.

    2. -The only reason the women we see in public are even standing next to their husbands is money.-
      Men and women are into easy money yet their favorite methods of acquiring money are vastly different :
      Men : Get firearms and rob some banks whilst risking being killed in the process.
      Women : Go to Dubai to eat shit whilst risking condemnations from, as far as they’re concerned, butthurt misogynistic loser men who, unlike those rich Sheiks, don’t know how to treat a lady…….LOL!
      -Perhaps married sex and prostitutional sex have more in common then may meet the eyes….-
      Men will still pay for sex no matter what the currency is but prostitutional sex is much safer so far as the prostitute can not take you to the cleaners and loot half your shit with the full weight of the state behind her.

    3. Your comment kind of reminds me of a recent video Aaron Clarey aka Captain Capitalism did, where he touches on the attitude of woman-hating MGTOWs. Check it out.

      1. I look forward to the Cathedral trying to take the MGTOW movement and tell everybody what direction it’s going in.
        It’ll never dawn on them what they are trying to do.

    4. by the same argument, every business transaction is just a bunch of cutthroat thieves trying to rip each other off…. even the restaurant, the vineyard, the brewery, the computer programmer, the airline pilot, no one does anything for the love of it, for the creative satisfaction, for the accomplishment of a worthy goal… no they just do it to thieve from the other person…..
      next time you eat that take away, be sure they’d serve you shit on a stick if they could…. that beer you love… piss in a bottle for sure…. there is an element of that…. but there is also a satisfaction that comes from doing things well….
      being too cynical sounds like hell to me.

      1. Welcome to the real world. This is no civilization we live in, it is simply a concrete jungle and it always has been.

        1. yeah, I’m sure that Metallica only get up on stage for the money. I’m sure Da Vinci only painted the Sistine Chapel for mollah and to buya new rolex… I’m sure those Nasa scientists are only in it for the cash….. and hey, no one ever cooked a good meal for anything other than financial rewards…..
          take your sick ghetto culture back into the hood where it belongs….. jungle bunny, poverty mentality….
          When poverty comes in the door, love sneaks out the window and then you are in hell.

        2. I agree with you ray. Except for the Sistine chapel was painted by Michealangelo not Davinchi

        3. The truth is you are both right. Plenty of transactions are done for strictly “concrete jungle reasons” and plenty are done for other reasons. A smart person thinks about both and adepts to the person you are dealing with as desired.

      2. Yeah I have met a lot of people like that. Everything is tit for tat, weights and measures.
        But one must wonder, if the individual like that when encountered is that way because they are douchebags or because they have dealt with people like that before.
        I’ve seen entire families of these cunty vindictive types who keep mental track of everything you do for them and everything they do for you. And yes this would get into their world view. Charles Dickens even addressed this kind of world view in Christmas Carol (this was, ultimately, Scrooge’s problem, NOT being a tightwad as the more Americanized idea of the story goes).

      3. “being too cynical sounds like hell to me.”
        I think that’s what I suffer from sometimes. Perhaps I should tune out of ROK for a little while. You can’t be too negative and always look for the bad side of things..

      4. The cynicism is why I’m thinking of shunning the internet. It’s kind of like a cesspool of people’s darkest ideas and sometimes they stick to you. It’s one contagious negative hivemind ho ho ho

    5. What’s the difference between a wife and an escort?
      With an escort you pay for sex.
      With a wife you just pay.

    6. Can you fall for a gold digger and get married to her? Yes. Is this the way marriage has to be, and the way it is for everyone? No.
      Modern “liberated” sexuality is in no way superior to honest relationships. Some people are certain their relationship will fail before they even start it so they act all casual about it and deny any feelings until it inevitably is replaced by something new. That’s what promiscuity really is. Fucking loads of people never even considering who might be serious partner material. Knowingly choosing the wrong mates, if you ask me. Just because choosing a mate is difficult and success is not guaranteed you choose to give up on finding a genuine mate altogether. I wish you the best but I think you’re on the wrong path.

  6. Yeah I never heard of these girls before and honestly couldn’t give two shits about them or the men that (over)pay for them. Let them all continue their miserable existence while I toast their warped minds.

  7. I may have red-pilled hard, but damn, there’s some things you should never know though. Of fucking courses those rich fucks in Dubai are extraordinarily racist as well. They have massive overly-inflated egos, and believe they are the Kings of the world and control everything (And in some cases, they are right).
    At a job interview I was talking with a Chinese man who did construction work in Dubai. He told me that his contractors were incredibly racist to him (since he was a different race, obviously) while he worked, and his living conditions were sub-par compared to some others. He also didn’t get payed as much as he thought he would be.
    Chinese railroad all over again.

    1. dont worry about their ego man.
      100 yrs ago, they rode camels
      50 yrs ago, they rode in mercedes
      25 yrs ago, they rode in lear jets
      25 yrs from now, they will be riding on camels again

      1. Correct. Once the desert is bled dry of black gold, the place will shrivel up, because they are pissing away their money on junk. Good.

    2. Chinese – truth be told – not exactly the least racist themselves. Somewhat imagine the Chinese get better treatment in Arabia than Arabs do in China.
      Whitey is liable to get screwed over by both.

    3. Can’t wait until their oil reserves run out. Then we’ll withdraw all of our investments in one year’s time, and we’ll stop sending ridiculous amounts of money there for oil, and they’ll all go bankrupt, and before we know it groups like the Islamic State will be on the outskirts of Mecca, Medina, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. And do you know what we’ll say to those governments when they send their sons over as diplomats to beg us for help?

    4. Arabs are fucking ruthless. Ex) burning this nanny’s fucking face off with scalding water and not paying her for work.

  8. I say, let the whores and betas feed off of each other. Any man that would wife up one of these depraved pieces of trash is a complete fool. Instagram is shit anyway.

        1. “Here are the facts from your requested hoefax- shes a whore.”

        2. Lots of money to be made there. There is no need for any kind of investigative department. You can just assume she is a Ho and 99% of the time you will be correct. This is a viable business plan.

    1. I reckon a lot of the Betas get off on their potential wives’ sordid pasts

      1. God, that is disgusting. We are dealing with quite a sick bunch of individuals.

      2. The ultimate way to stop putting women on a pedestal is to talk to them, make them feel safe and secure and have them open up to you. Without fail I have found that every. single. girl. has a sexual history that would put a porn star to shame. Not necessarily in number of partners but in sordid depravity.
        See if you can still pedestalize these hoes once you’ve heard miss angel-face admit to slobbering her own assjuice off of her older boyfriends dick/getting pissed on/being triple-teamed back when she was 17.

    1. I cant believe they legalized banging animals in denmark

      1. Probably had to since most of the “women” in the world are acting as such anymore.

      2. I’d rather bang an animal than a danish femcunt; at least the animal won’t sue me later

        1. yeah man…wouldnt surprise me if this hit US within the decade

        2. I read the article and they actually have “animal brothels”. WTF is this world coming to…..

    2. I can’t believe that anything that doesn’t cause harm to another human directly, is illegal.
      Malum Prohibitum is bullshit statist control.
      When you take off the blue sunglasses, it becomes appararent that in America we do not own our own bodies, male or female.
      We are property of the state. Period. Think you own your house (if you have no mortgage — latin for ‘deathnote), try not paying your rent to the county and see how long it takes before men with guns show up and either take you away, kill you, and take your house for the county.
      Think you own your car? Try driving it without the state’s express permission.
      We don’t own anything in this country if we can’t carry it.
      The ‘state’ owns us and most of our real property.
      Denying that is blue pill at its finest.

  9. You say we’ve slid to Garmorah but I haven’t slid anywhere. I am begining to resent being lumped into a declining society just because of crap on the internet and on realty TV.

  10. Take away christian grey’s billions, make him a garage mechanic instead, and do you think women would have any fantasy to enjoy? The whore is right under the surface of western women.

    1. Broke beach bums with loads of charm bang more and better quality (looks wise) women than most thirsty rich betas could ever hope to.

      1. This is true. I have mates much less successful than me in all domains but much more successful with women.
        BUT, they aren’t marketable in the same way a billionaire “businessman” is.
        If you’re casting the net far and wide like this book does, you have to make him filthy rich.

        1. So then money is not necessary as a component for all women, but might be for some, thus including it doesn’t hurt to attract the largest audience? Ok, I can buy that actually.

        2. It’s a bit more than that
          RayWolf’s article earlier, the supercar pickup technique …

        3. If you think it’s all about being rich and looking rich, you’re missing a major component of women’s attraction psychology.
          She WILL want your resources. She will NOT be particularly attracted to you and she WILL fuck the poor but hot alpha biker when you’re at work. Fantasy and reality rarely coincide.

        4. Just forget it. The guy DOES NOT get it! Let him try and become a millionare, then he can wife up some post wall hag who will “love him for him”

        5. You’re caricaturing my argument.
          I’m talking about the nature and conclusion of western feminism.
          I’m not for one moment denying the biology you’re writing about

        6. I hit the gym and was an enlisted member of the military for four years. Got tons of pussy, very high quality nice pussy.
          So basically, it can get you far.

        7. Agreed. A guy with a job at mcdonalds who works out at the gym will get more pussy than a guy who works for ronald mcdonald and doesn’t hit the gym.

        8. I hit the gym 4 times a week, for the last 15 years and that may be true at an extremely limited level.
          Extremely limited
          Your post indicates a lack of experience in the real world.

        9. Your post indicates a self fulfilling prophecy. You seem to have all the aspects that would make a guy at least moderately successful with women but your preconceived notion that you must be rich as fuck to bang hot sluts is getting in the way of growth.
          I personally know a ripped dude who works as a lifeguard getting minimum wage and still has bitches out his ass.

        10. Working at McDonald’s doesn’t signify low money, it signifies low status.
          Working in a DIY bike-shop and demonstrating high social value within the hipster crowd shows a totally different vibe to a woman, even if they’re making the exact same money.
          A woman interested in the hipster scene, who thinks it is hot to watch this guy get all greasy fixing bikes and using his muscles in the Sun on a hot day, is gonna have a completely different response to this man compared to the McDonald’s manager.

      2. What difference does it make if a woman gives it away for free now and then while she’s waiting for the next pay day? That doesn’t invalidate anything I wrote.

        1. Because whoredom depends on a monetary or asset transaction for sex. If she salivates over the blond hunky pool boy who makes minimum wage and fantasizes about him, there is nothing monetary at play whatsoever.
          Not all women are whores dude.

        2. She will drop the chippendale dancer in a heartbeat when the price is right, even let that beta shit in her mouth. This is where alphas are delusional. Alpha’s believe that if they just maintain frame or some such fiction, the woman will always be under his thumb.

        3. Some will. Most won’t go to those extremes.
          You do realize that Eliot Rogers had the exact same viewpoint you’re espousing, right?

        4. Interesting debate this – seriously.
          I see both sides. But I do think in the modern world it’s all about the money.
          Look at the difference between 50 Shades and Lady Chatterly’s Lover

        5. I understand. The “beta shitting in her mouth” ain’t exactly batting 1000 when it comes to alpha either. He just has cash.

        6. Another fake “alpha” response, compare anybody who questions his alpha status to eliot rogers.

        7. And they will cheat on their rich husbands with the servant at the party in a heartbeat.
          It’s not all about cash. That’s my point.

        8. Yeah, but which girl flies to the Middle East just to have sex with a ripped pool boy?
          Ripped pool boys are ten-a-penny

        9. No, not fake, it was exactly his viewpoint. It’s why he drove such a nice car to impress them, by his own words, and why he whined and lamented, all the time, about women only wanting money and being whores.

        10. The ones who feel all Eat, Pray, Love or who are all about sitting under the Tuscan sun, or who take trips to France or Italy conveniently without her boyfriend and “sample the goods”.

        11. Because its all about their “YOLO” garbage. If its paid for, they are in.

        12. Don’t do steroids, but thanks for the insult.
          Some men though, even being muscular isn’t enough.
          Charm. It all comes down to applied charisma. Other things can hurt or help you, clearly, and money doesn’t hurt. But it’s not necessary to get women to drop their panties.

        13. Rare? Not really. Hit social media and you’ll find all kinds of selfies in front of some historic marker and “I heart traveling!’ posts.

        14. But who’s to say they’re not hunting for rich mugs either.
          Yeah sure, some girls definitely fuck the waiters and hotel staff. But all of them would trade-up given the option.
          Marrying up is what it is. We’re no longer hunter/gatherers. They marry up for cash, but yes many will fuck the pool boy on the side too

        15. You’re talking about beta bucks. I’m talking about alpha fucks. These are two different things.
          Do women want a man’s provisioning at maximum when she has marriage in mind? Yeah, clearly. Does she sit at home and fantasize about her pastel shirt wearing suburban hubby though? Hell no. But that construction worker over there who looks like Thor and who seems to have a cocky attitude, she wets immediately. Every time.
          Two different things.
          The Grey thing seems to play on the fantasy of a man being both.

        16. The construction worker isn’t selling 50 shades though. Neither is the pastel shirt beta, granted.
          But Christian Grey Billionaire mystery business dude – the proof is in the sales figures. Hard evidence right there.

        17. So your contention is that there is only one female fantasy?
          There are more books out there that women read for fantasy, than 50 Shades of Grey. The turn on is the taboo and desire to be dominated. The money is just nice icing, not the main component of the attraction.

        18. I disagree nowadays.
          If 50 Shades was about a ripped, Thor-like construction worker, then yes, it would sell a few thousand units and basically occupy niche housewife fantasy on amazon
          But it wouldn’t be a best-seller among millions of women
          50 Shades is literary shit, but its genius is its open acknowledgment and normalisation of hypergamy
          Here’s a test, an average girlfriend will like it if her BF hits the gym, sure.
          But she’ll gush if he tells her he’s landed a $500,000 position at a new company.

        19. It is because of DOMINATION. This is the rebellion against feminist telling women that they’re strong, they’ve repressed women’s natural yearning to be dominated.
          If it were about money, there would be no need for the BDSM.

        20. Because it wasn’t. But it could have been, if properly presented. It is about domination and submission. Rich men are featured in countless novels, usually as the dupe that the chick cheats on with the stable hand.
          It’s domination. Submission. Basic female sexuality bursting from a pent up expression denied by feminism. Nothing more. Nothing less.
          We’re probably done now. If you consider money the main sexual lubricant that gets women going, you’re going to be in for a world of surprise when you get rich and drive around alone at nights.

        21. Not the main.
          But it’s more complex than people on this site present it.
          You think just hitting the gym, juicing up but not learning to read and working a shitty job and having no status will have rich housewives getting moist.
          It won’t. You need all those things.. You need status. And pool boys don’t have shit.

        22. What does not learning to read have to do with anything?
          I’ve stated it a lot. Charisma. Applied charisma. What they call “game” here.
          Worked for me for a long while.

        23. Yeah, charisma.
          Unless you’re born a charming muthafucker (and you may well be for all I know), charisma comes with confidence, experience, knowledge. Success.
          Game alone is a poor substitute.

        24. I read the summary of the 50 shades book and I dont think its the money that women are attracted to in hjs character. Its his mystery and charisma. She is just a regular girl and this guy with a helicopter wants to be with her, out of all the women he could have.
          Plus just because women are attracted to billionaires, doesnt mean she wont fuck a broke drug dealer. You shouldnt live with the mentality that you dont have what it takes to get it done. Money is not a determining factor in who women want to fuck. Stop lying to yourself.

        25. I think social status counts for more than straight money.
          A man with a gang or social dominance is worth more than a “loser” with an extra 50gs in the bank.
          Until she really needs a bailout that is.

        26. That’s very true. So much more at play than “money”. It doesn’t hurt, and it can help if you’re auditioning for the role of “take care of some other man’s kids” in her life, but eh, never needed it much when I was younger and did great.

        27. I prefer to refer to it as ‘applied dominance’.
          All hypergamy triggers… celebrity, money, ripped muscles, ‘bad boy’, a go-to-hell mind, violence, warrior, serial killer, clever speech, stockholm syndrome, humiliation fetishes, they are all simply clues that signal ‘dominance’ to the minds of women.
          Frankly, I loved the movie ‘sleeping with the enemy’ because it’s such ridiculous fiction… because she had it all, a man that loved her enough to dominate her every action, wealthy, strong, handsome, amazing status….No woman would have ever given that up.
          Game is nothing more than helping men build a framework of dominance. Helping to give them the guidance in ‘being a man’ that their fathers never did. The true game is all on the inside, BECOMING that man instead of simply simulating it.

        28. Not really. Most women seem to like the social status that comes with the money more than the money itself.
          Also, many women have fantasies about fucking the jobless badass with tattoos on a motorcycle. Its not the money that made the guy in 50 Shades attractive it was his mysterious, alpha vibe similar to a badboy biker.

        29. When it comes to money, it’s simple.. It’s not about her, it’s about you. Money make YOU feel alpha and everything goes from there. This is the point missing from the discussion, I think.

        30. And it takes time to build that true dominance.
          Personally I interpret “dominance” more as “independence”. Its not that I need to be at the top of the hierarchy (it takes too much work to be The Prince), but rather to have independence and self-determination.
          This gives one equal standing with the hierarchy but also fewer commitments to it.
          My best game is when “my house” is in good order.
          When I’m worried about where my next pay-cheque is coming from, or busy making my next career move, my game is shit. When I’ve got momentum in my life, game comes naturally and I am a lot less likely to develop oneitis and give off neediness.
          Women are evolved to sense when a man is doing well for himself. Just like you can tell a fake smile from a real one, they can figure out whether your machismo is bullshit or genuine.

        31. That’s why men were referred to as ‘the king of their castle’ and that was what was the strongest goal of the founding fathers was… to give men a place where the hierarchy was preserved against all comers, where property rights were paramount. Where a man could be the ultimate authority, and the ultimate dominant within his own domain.
          That’s one area where libertards actually have it right… property is paramount. All other rights flow from your ability to own property and have the ultimate decision over that property… but their ridiculous insistence that everyone DESERVES property without the ability to control or take that property, and the ‘nonviolence principle’ that ensures that you lose dominance of your own property, is where they utterly fail.
          Women are not dominant. They cannot control, defend, or enforce property… therefore they ARE property. and extending the right to ‘own’ to women or others that are unable to control that property means that someone OTHER than that woman has to enforce her ownership… which violates the fundamental concept of ownership. You own what you can keep.

    2. 50 Shades is ALL the proof you need of hypergamy
      Simple question, would that book be as popular if he was a supermarket cashier?
      No, because Sadism at the hands of a handsome man isn’t any good at all … unless he has a few billion in the bank.
      Even the leftwing, pro-feminist Guardian pointed this out

      1. I’ve personally known blue collar wage level types, especially in the military, who have their wicked way with absolutely gorgeous women. Money? On an E-2 salary, who are you kidding?

        1. And the fact that so many romance novels feature the Lord’s manly stable hand isn’t an accident either.

        2. True
          Lady Chatterley was a long time ago though.
          A time that valued masculinity. The back of the 1950s
          Now it’s mystery and massive amounts of money that count across the west

        3. E-2? try E-1. Even boot camps with just a hint of confidence are awash in pussy at every port. It was a real eye-opener.

        4. Yes, exactly. I can’t recall who, but some amazingly gorgeous celeb from the early 2000’s was on record as saying that she had lived near a base growing up and spent most of her teen years fantasizing about “all the magnificient men and their amazing bodies” that she’d see.
          Money? Fuck no. Hard body and uniform, which conveys authority, which as mentioned, women strongly desire to submit to. Works every time.

    3. He would do well with the women in rural Arizona, especially if he has some prison time behind him.

      1. One also has to consider the biker bad boy fantasy that loads of women engage in. Bikers are not known for their truck loads of cash. But they are bad boys, and modern women will line up and take a number just to get a whiff of a hard ass biker alpha most days.

  11. stories like these make me wish for an EMP large enough to short out the grid for a few decades.

    1. Hmm, hijacking CERN, re-wiring and reprogramming it, I fancy a try… much more useful than discovering the secrets of antimatter, don’t you think?

      1. My brain doesnt have the horsepower to understand antimatter.
        What is cern? Is that where they are trying to find the “god particle”?

        1. Oh, it’s not so hard to grasp. It’s just like matter, except anti.

        2. no, theres more antimatter than matter in the universe somehow, thats why I cant understand it, would make the grey matter liquify… a layman would assume 50/50 split right? nope!
          I cant wrap my head around that…

        3. I like the way it sounds :
          Nothing is more manly than that. And I ain’t even kidding.

  12. This article it total rubbish. There always has been and will always will be prostitution. People will always have weird and disgusting fetishes, so dont judge all men who have to pay for it.. This article is obviously written by a moralist who would otherwise prevent a man from having temporary enjoyment with a willing young lady in a legal environment. This is about as beta as it gets, pedastilizing and assuming all women are virtuous little saints being despoiled by bad men. He assumes men need viagra to be sexually stimulated by a beautiful woman. Maybe if he set his bible aside and tried it himself, he might have another outlook.
    Why not let men do what they will, with willing partners as long as they are not hurting anyone? Jesus will understand, he made us this way.

    1. Is this trolling 101?
      The article is 100% relevant. Not least for the betas who defend/get off on this debauchery

    2. ‘all women are virtuous little saints being despoiled by bad men’? Where did you pull thatn out of? Not the article, surely. Ok, ‘john’, we get it; you whored yourself out when you were younger, and hate that people see you as a useless skank now that you have become a haggard, dead-eyed piece of human garbage

    3. Aye bro you got a hot sister or girlfriend? I’d be willing to give her $324.12 to let me piss down her throat and then have my dobermans run train on her asshole if she’s interested

    4. GTFO you statist troll. Jesus didn’t “make” us “this way.” He came *because* we are “this way.”

    5. Lol! Yeah, because Matt Forney is the minister of The Church of Holier than Thou and is never caught without a Bible in his inside pocket.
      Matt fucking Forney???
      I strongly suspect you made your comment In Mala Fide.
      Even the Devil will condemn Matt to centuries of purgatory before letting him enter through the fire and brimstone gates.
      (Lol! You go, Matt! Piss them all off!)

    6. He’s mostly judging the women, not the men. Did you even read the article?

      1. If you look back in my comments, I said you and a few other writers should be running a country.

    1. We?
      Got a mouse in your pocket?
      You can keep your totalitarian leftist world, thanks.

      1. Relax, I’m fucking around. Though it wouldn’t have to be a leftist state. Just a state with a leader who gets shit done and clamps down on leftist degeneracy.

        1. Nah, I’ll stick with restoring a Constitutional Republic. No man has a right to decide whether I need clamped down on or not.

        2. Like Hitler? Or Stalin? Or Mao? Or Franco? A bunch of murderous socialist states with murderous leftist leaders.

        3. That would be nice, but feminism, gay propaganda, and every other degenerate thing that exists today will still exist. If you want that gone, you need a dictator or a right-wing state.

        4. None of those things existed in an impactful cultural form in 1880’s Constitutional Republic America.

        5. Yes, but the social dynamics and movements that eventually led to today, did.

        6. Franco and Hitler were not leftists by any reasonable definition, if you can’t accept that, that’s your problem. I’m not going to waste time discussing something that’s clear as day.

        7. All societies are fluid and change. So your dictatorship would, ultimately, be just as “successful”.
          A band called Pussy Riot exists in Russia, for goodness sake.
          I say again, no man has a right to dictate over my life and decide whether I need “cracked down” on or not. No dictatorships for me, thanks.

        8. I knew you would repeat that nonsense. Hitler was a National Socialist, that’s what Nazi stood for. Key word: socialist.
          They were both socialists by definition. If you can’t understand that, then you have no idea what socialism means, which is why you proposed the idiotic idea of creating another socialist state when we have the clear examples of them collapsing in the previous century.

        9. Yes, very true. Fascism itself was an offshoot movement of the anarcho-socialist movements that were all the rage in the late 19th to early 20th centuries. They even called each other “comrade”.

        10. Stalin was a promoter of feminism as was his wife. Feminism is a key plank of Soviet Socialism.
          You are really clueless aren’t you?

        11. The feminism there was nothing like the feminism in the West. I’m from an ex-soviet state, all you know is what you’ve read on the internet. My whole family is from there. Women were allowed to work, but they were still expected to act like women.

        12. I respect that, but that makes complaining about feminism and all the other shit pointless.
          If you’re free to act as you like in a system based on profit chasing and consumerism, then expect some people will act in a degenerate way, like the women mentioned in the article, for example. Gays, transgenders, feminist women, etc. etc. are all consumers. Profit is reduced by excluding people like that from society, hence why all the big corporations are supporting social justice and all the other garbage. They’re not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, it’s profitable to do so.
          Russia is like any other liberal state, they’ve been filled with American companies since the collapse of the USSR and they’ll allow almost anything if there’s an opportunity to turn a profit. Though they have some baggage.
          Everything in life has a trade off.

        13. When you make assumptions you look like an ass. You have no idea what I have read or where I get my information.

        14. So…it’s all because of the free market?
          Um, ok dude.
          Changing culture is what will eliminate feminism. I don’t need some thug with 1,000 fake medals on his chest to effect change, all I need are receptive ears in a bar, or at a restaurant, or wherever.

        15. Why do you think places like Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine have the most traditional women in comparison to the West?
          It’s because they were protected from the brunt of Western cultural influence until the Soviet Union collapsed. I’ve seen the transformation myself, every few years that I go back, it’s becoming more like the West.

        16. North Korea is called the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Does that mean North Korea is a democratic state? It has democratic in its name, according to you, that must make it democratic.
          Hitler threw around the word socialist to appeal to the workers and steal them away from the socialist and communists. At that time the Socialists and Communists were a political force to reckoned with in Germany and having the working class on your side could determine victory or defeat.

        17. It probably has more to do with economics than socialism per se. Feminism is feminism regardless of its actual form or how extreme it is. It is however, a socialist concept. It cannot exist in a free society because it must be imposed top down – by a dictator.

        18. In a sense it is, as was Nazi Germany. Democracy refers to the theoretical structure of a political system. Many so-called democracies (like Australia) force you to vote at gunpoint and others (like Iraq) had a pre-determined result (Suddam won again).
          I have not looked at NK closely but I imagine it has all the trappings of a typical democratic state such as various ministries, government run police force, compulsory education, national healthcare and the main thing that all democracies have – a meaningless vote.

        19. This association of fascism and socialism is just nonsense put forth by Fox news and tea partiers as a pejorative. No serious scholar of 19th and 20th century ideological movements conflates them as the same thing.
          First of all, ”comrade” was used in the French revolution. And has been used in many contexts, not just by Communists/Socialists.
          Anarcho-socialism or social anarchism is a far-left anti-statist movement. All socialists and communists believe in the destruction of the state, but they have a theoretical disagreement on exactly how to achieve this.
          The difference is this. Upon the working class seizing control of the state in a revolution, the anarcho-socialists, influenced by Bakunin and Kropotkin, believed the state should be destroyed immediately, whereas the Socialist/Communists influenced by Karl Marx believed the state should be used by the workers to destroy the capitalist class and then used to benefit the working class, but eventually, the state will disappear, though Marx was never clear on this.
          Lenin believed something quite similar to Marx. Because of how backwards Russia was at that time, the Bolsheviks would have to use the state to improve the economic situation of Russia. Lenin called this phase Socialism. Once Russia had become prosperous, the state would disappear and Communism would be achieved. Lenin, like Marx, was not clear on exactly how this was going to happen. Prior to Lenin, Socialism and Communism were used interchangeably to mean the same thing.
          Khrushchev, one of the Soviet Leaders after Stalin, had a famous slogan of ”Communism in 20 years!”. Meaning they would be prosperous enough to do away with the state and achieve Communism.
          Remember the political context in which Fascism arose. All the regimes from around 1850s to 1930 had an either a growing or influential communist/socialist movement. The ruling classes at the time feared this. Fascism arose in 20th century as a response to this fear, hence why it was supported capitalists and large proportions of the ruling class.
          Fascism was primarily supported by the middle class, as they believed (rightfully so) that the Communists would take everything away from them and threaten their livelihood. But the Fascists also had to co-opt the working class, as mentioned above, they were of key importance to getting control of a country. The Fascists appealed to working class by imitating some socialist tactics, slogans, etc.
          The goal of any fascist movement or party was never the creation of socialism/communism. They wanted to create an organic society in which everyone knew their place, where all classes would get along for the good of the whole. All fascist movements wanted to achieve some form of national revival, hence why Mussolini appealed to Roman history and used Roman imagery in his propaganda.

        20. Amen brother. When I hear someone say “xxx must be stopped” I stop listening and walk away.
          You can’t fix a statist control freak (usually women or manginas).
          They prefer security over liberty at all costs.
          A very feminine trait if I do say so myself.
          Women’s suffrage was the end of liberty in this country.

        21. Ever read Richard Evans’ exhaustive trilogy on the Third Reich? Its been a while since I had, but I seem to remember that after the author analyzed voting returns from the elections that brought the Nazis to power, a lot of their supporters came from fairly conservative middle class areas, the civil service, and right-wing nationalists. Labor and the Left bitterly opposed the Nazis as well, and they had no love for the Left either.

        22. Well its obvious that the capitalists always look for how to sell their shit, that is why they target the primal needs, promoting materialism and sex makes money.

        23. actually, I am pretty sure pussy riot got banished to france and then french prisons…
          Or am I thinking of Femen?

        24. Unrestrained ‘anything’ corrupts. Whether that be unrestrained socialism, unrestrained feminism, unrestrained capitalism, unrestrained anything.
          The key word here being restraint. Whether imposed from within or without, ‘freedom’ is nothing more than a buzzword for lack of restraint.
          Men have freedom. It’s always at the tips of their fingers. nothing is stopping you from standing up, putting your shoes on, walking out the door, and into the nearest woods to live like an animal. You may die, but you will have your freedom simply by grasping it. The fact that you do not choose to do so proves that you have self-restraint.
          THAT is why men have self-restraint. Women do not have this freedom. any man that chooses to can eliminate their freedom with scarcely any effort. They are enslaved by their nature, their emotion, and their passions… These are not bonds they choose, they are bonds endemic to their very nature.
          The thing is, like women, EVERYTHING man creates is designed to be subject to his restraint. We cannot create anything that we cannot restrain, but that it goes bad. That applies to civilization, organization, social groups, movements, technology, and anything wrought by our hands… If we cannot control it, we have no business creating it.
          Sorry, little drunk, I had a point, but I think I lost it… Moderation and restraint in all things? That sounds about right.

        25. http://www.oodegr.co/english/filosofia/nihilism_root_modern_age.htm
          The spirit of violence has been most thoroughly incarnated, in our century, by the Nihilist regimes of Bolshevism and National Socialism; it is to these that there have been assigned the principal roles in the Nihilist task of the destruction of the Old Order. The two, whatever their psychological dissimilarities and the historical “accidents” which placed them in opposing camps, have been partners in their frenzied accomplishment of this task. Bolshevism, to be sure, has had the more ” positive” role of the two, since it has been able to justify its monstrous crimes by an appeal to a pseudo-Christian, messianic idealism which Hitler scorned; Hitler’s role in the Nihilist program was more specialized and provincial, but nonetheless essential.
          Even in failure–in fact, precisely in the failure of its ostensible aims–Naziism served the cause of this program. Quite apart from the political and ideological benefits which the Nazi interlude in European history gave to the Communist powers (Communism, it is now widely and erroneously believed, if evil in itself, still cannot be as evil as Naziism), Naziism had another, more obvious and direct, function. Goebbels explained this function in his radio broadcasts in the last days of the War.
          The bomb-terror spares the dwellings of neither rich nor
          poor; before the labor offices of total war the last class barriers have had to go down…. Together with the monuments of culture there crumble also the last obstacles to the fulfillment of our revolutionary task. Now that everything is in ruins, we are forced to rebuild Europe. In the past, private possessions tied us to a bourgeois restraint. Now the bombs, instead of killing all Europeans, have only smashed the prison walls which kept them captive…. In trying to destroy Europe’s future, the enemy has only succeeded in smashing its past; and with that, everything old and outworn has gone. [45]
          Naziism thus, and its war, have done for Central Europe (and less thoroughly, for Western Europe) what Bolshevism did in its Revolution for Russia: destroyed the Old Order, and thus cleared the way for the building of the “new.” Bolshevism then had no difficulty in taking over where Naziism had left off, within a few years the whole of Central Europe had passed under the “dictatorship of the proletariat”–i.e., Bolshevist tyranny–for which Naziism had effectively prepared the way.
          The Nihilism of Hitler was too pure, too unbalanced, to have more than a negative, preliminary role to play in the whole Nihilist program. Its role, like the role of the purely negative first phase of Bolshevism, is now finished, and the next stage belongs to a power possessing a more complete view of the whole Revolution, the Soviet power upon which Hitler bestowed, in effect, his inheritance in the words, “the future belongs solely to the stronger Eastern nation.”[46]
          But we do not yet have to do with the ultimate future, with the end of the Revolution; between the Revolution of Destruction and the earthly paradise there lies a stage of transition, known in Marxist doctrine as “the dictatorship of the proletariat.”

        26. Perhaps he might have been… Hell, if Germany had won world war 2, perhaps Stalin and Mao might not have murdered millions of their own people. Perhaps there would have been a united Europe, and peace across the pond.
          We will never know. That Bastard Churchill won the war, and created the world he wanted… and right now, Churchill’s world looks like shit.

        27. What are you copy and pasting for? This person isn’t examining facts, he’s just spewing an unfounded opinion. The relationship between Stalin and Hitler was one of pure practicality. It was never Hitler’s intention to leave a strong Soviet Union to take over Europe, the military blunders of the Axis powers led to that. Yes, the defeat of the Axis left a power vacuum, which was filled by the Allies. That’s a normal occurrence in war. If Hitler would have won, there wouldn’t have been any Soviet style socialism in Europe.

        28. At least one of them had some kind of legal problem that I’m aware of. Their status now I do not know. The thing is, they were created there and, for a while, seemed to have some level of popularity.
          Depravity will overcome any strong arm government. It is only through instilling a strong set of morals at a cultural level that you contain most of this rot (though obviously you can never entirely eliminate it).

  13. Haters wanna hate
    Loves wanna love
    I don’t even want
    None of the above
    I want to shit on you

  14. When Facebook was new I set up a profile then deleted it and have forgotten about it. I never did bother with Twitter or Instagram, am I missing something?

  15. “The Madonnas and the Whores are the same women”
    This phrase should point you in the right direction towards understanding these bitches.
    What the article doesn’t mention is that after taking a shitty facial from an arab and getting paid these girls will fly back home and pretend they’re goddesses after some firm rationalization.
    They rationalize everything – Hamsters are truly remarkable.
    She’s the same girl you will meet next week and go out to dinner with and withhold sex from you to convince you she’s a treasure.
    I still have trouble mentally grasping the depravity of these women and how lacking in morals they are – they’re true pragmatists with not a moral remorseful bone in their bodies.
    So after literally getting shit-faced by Abdul and Ibn Waleed she pretends like it never happened.
    I won’t go into the exceptionally low character of these Arab men ’cause that’s for another debate but the takeaway point here is that these women are low-lives

    1. I will no longer be telling people I got “shit faced” after a late night out anymore…

        1. I made $999/hr letting an arab pig shit on my face. Ask your mom and sister how easy it is.

        2. I work from home, doing various basic jobs which only requires from you a PC and internet connection and I couldn’t be happier… 6 months have passed since i started this and i earned total of 86,000 bucks… Basicly i profit 80 bucks/h and work for 3 to 4 h on daily basis.Best part to whole this thing is that you can manage time when you work and for how long as you like and you get a paycheck weekly. -> ———>READ MORE INFO HERE <-

    2. It seems to me that women–probably because of their simplistic thought process and extreme selfishness–can just shut down those memories of her sluttery and forget it ever happened (until she’s being poorly fucked by a beta). Maybe this evolved in females because they were so frequently raped in ancient times. Or maybe they are, for the most part, scumbags whose self-respect only goes as far as the nearest man’s line of sight

      1. “….It seems to me that women–probably because of their simplistic thought process and extreme selfishness–can just shut down those memories of her sluttery and forget it ever happened….”
        But at the same time they can miraculously remember a “rape” that happened 25 years ago vividly.

        1. I’ve never heard so many ignorant, arrogant, disgusting and filthy words used to discuss peoples children and daughters. You lot make me sick! You should all go fuck each other because any how ( God forbid )you are blessed with children…. They will never make it in this world. Your children for sure will be the ones to grow up and get shit on literally. You teach your sons to view women like this, you teach your daughters they are worthless. You disappear and leave the women alone to struggle with the kids you helped create then have the cheek and audacity to drop by when you can be fucking bothered, once a month or year, with a pack of sweets and some fucking trainers and think that’s ok?!!! Then you wonder why the boys of our generation are increasingly selfish, rude and useless and the girls are lost and insecure. On top of that you want to say Women are less intelligent.. really, get a fucking grip please. YOU are the reason the world is fucked up like it is!! This is a Mans world right?? So quick to declare that FACT so own it! Look what the fuck you’ve done! Wow, aren’t you just Gods almighty shitting gift huh! Go get yourselves sterilised and do the world a favour. Maybe when you BOYS grow up and find a way to become real GROWN MEN, you’ll find a REAL WOMAN! Be a man who works though problems and fights for their women and children. Try sticking around and be loving, giving women the strength they need back to hold you up, love and support you and look after your best interests in return, the way most good women want to! It’s a partnership it takes 2. instead of cheating every 5 minutes and talking to her like shit, putting her down instead of raising her up in the right way and all in front of or worse …to the kids (and the list goes on). Then wondering why you don’t get the respect you want. (You don’t deserve it from anyone!) you’re just repeating the cycles that left you fucked the way you are today. I’d slap the teeth out my sons head if I heard him talk like this about women. You are the men who’s daughters are looking, searching to replace you with these fiendish devilish cunts, and that’s scientific fact! What does that say about you? It’s you she’s replacing/ hurting/ getting back at/ trying to find love from/ support from, some self worth. It’s you she never had there to say you’re beautiful darling don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise but no… you’re slack. Talking about “ahhhh I can’t make it this week, next week maybe” and that’s if the child is lucky. “Here I bought you a nice dress instead of spending time” humm sound familiar? WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT IS TEACHING HER? I look at some of my friends and I thank God my mother and father found each other when they did because you can tell the difference between one who had Daddy and one who never had him or very little of or an abusive one (all the same thing). Mum struggling to be both parents sometimes works out but for most it becomes too much. lets face it boys say what you want but the stats are there to show it’s YOU fucking up the program. Where are you??? Whys everything Mums fault when it’s her paying for everything taking the babies to school feeding them bathing them where the fuck are you? I was so ashamed of the men I usually speak so highly of (thanks to my Father) to then come hear and read you all saying things that make me physically sick!!! I now look at you like the biggest shits on the planet. You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Rounded up and shot! Go and show your Mothers (probably the only parent most of you have) what you just wrote on here I fucking dare you!! You’re the Filthy, Disgusting, Depraved, Whore Bitches… not dogs! BITCHES! That being said… bless the small percentage it seems of beautiful REAL MEN who love their children and Women, none of whom are on this page. AMEN!

      2. Dude. Muh triggers!
        You see I’ve been the beta simp shlub who gets hooked up with the ex gang bangee who ( in addition to no longer being hot, no longer being a cock addict, etc.) tried to make me bear the burdens of their flashbacks and panic attacks.
        You wanna know what they try to do? It’s predictable…. here we go:
        She claimed she was gang raped. In fact every time she mindlessly chugged a cock became rape.
        I was not buying it once I found out about it – one of the reasons why I don’t put women first now is because I need to find out about them and if that takes time, well, the dick can wait.
        What I found out, and from getting the skinny on her youth, was that she spent her teens years being a slut and running away from home and making up stories about men. I found this out from her dad. When his daughter was 15 she ran away from home but did not want to get reeled in by her dad, so she made up some stories about him raping her and all that and for a time (after the police were done finding out nothing happened) there were a small group of beta chumps out to kill him.
        (Of course this was a fellow who slept with at least one AR-15 so good luck with that).
        Needless to say I kicked the cunt to the curb and then spent a year in a facepalm over 1) having met such a horrible person and 2) having allowed her into my life. I still feel dirty when I think about it.

        1. That poor father…Jesus fuck, imagine your daughter doing that to you? He is lucky that the police didn’t bring him in anyway, because, you know, girls would never lie about rape.
          I’ve thankfully avoided THAT level of psycho cunt, though it seems over half of the women I’ve had a relationship with were either molested or raped at some point in their life…though curiously enough, not a one of them reported it. Asking why they didn’t go to the cops is, of course, being a rape-apologist. I find the whole ‘she was ashamed’ defense to be lame; every woman on the planet obviously knows the power of victimhood, or they wouldn’t go around talking about being a ‘survivor’ with such casual indifference. Fuckin sickening.
          You should be writing articles for this site, man, your commentary is always on point.

        2. If your daughter has done something like that then you as a father have failed her in her upbringing.

        3. IN most cases I agree with you; the reason we have a society of sloots is because their father was himself a bitch, or he wasn’t around thanks to mommy’s access to government funds. Sometimes tho, women are just psycho cunts, regardless of their father

        4. lol @ having daughters. so they can later get fucked by chads , betray you or become porta potties.

        5. Nah, kids do stupid shit despite their upbringing all the time. My brother and I are a year a part, were raised identically. I’m 33 and make 200k/year and rising rapidly. Worse I’ve ever had with the law is 2 speeding tickets. My brother, 32, has been in prison for most of his life and has over 50 felonies. Parents play a big influence but are only one of several (friends, teachers, media, genetics, etc)

        6. That’s harsh, mang. If you’re not ready to have a daughter you’re not ready to have kids.
          Maybe you are not ready to have kids, your choice.

        7. There are limits to what a man can do, when he’s out in the world trying to make a killing for those same kids.
          I travel a ton. I often have to leave at 5 to be back at 10 or sth like that. I have career goals. Where do I get the time?
          I’m doing my job as a man, as many men on here are. When women fail to step up to the plate, what can even an Alpha man do?
          It’s the woman’s job description to raise feminine and non slutty daughters men can be proud to walk down some aisle.

        8. You see your kid once a week until they’re fucked up at which point mom dumps them on you… I can’t judge without knowing how much access he had.

        9. Them kids need your time!!! Why do women have to do everything? Go to work and look after the kids and the house and you for the matter if you’re even around! Then you can’t even watch the kids for two minutes before you’re crying for help like a bitch knowing full well you spend no time with your children FIX UP! Daughters depend on daddy to truly understand love. They learn from how you treat mummy and them. Waste of space men you all are loosers through money at situations (if the woman is even that lucky) then you wonder where all this behaviour develops from. I gotta post my 1st message again up here cause you lot are ridiculous!

        10. Only 1 in 10 me are convicted because the courts are run by men. That’s why a lot of women stay quiet. Others blame themselves. Maybe do some research and see a therapist to find out why you are attracting or looking for this type of woman! Foolishness

        11. Forget the punctuation love! That’s not fucking up the lives of our children the way you are. Do yourself a favour an fix up. Please don’t come here with such a bullshit, lame ass comeback. Stick to the point. It just shows you really have no sense and not a fucking leg to stand on. That’s great for me though! Shows you might have actually heard me and will be on the way home to see your daughter very soon:-) or so I hope. Did you show your mother what you said here? Seriously have a think about the things you do and say before coming here to tell the person who’s washing the shit out of your eyes to correct their punctuation. Hahaha jokers .

        12. You’re one shrill persistent chick. Thanks for correct punctuation marks this time though.
          Now to your point. My argument is that, my job is to make the killing, so to speak, the chicks job is to make as savory a dish as possible with it.
          I like to think i’m meeting my end of the bargain, and i’m still going strong. You women need to, in your own words, “fix up!” Stop aiming to ride the cock carousel till the rivets fall off.
          Do more things to get better at the things you are expected to do, daily. That is what I do. I don’t mess around. On the drive to work, I listen to audio books by respected people in my field(business strategy and development), daily.
          The effect of that is that, I’ve become one of the best at what I do, where I am, and generate tons of value through it. I’ve sped far ahead of those we started together, even though I possess no special talents.
          Just a commitment to be better.
          The balancing act you ask of, is not an easy thing in the ruthless business environment we work in.
          That’s why you women need to step up your game.
          But I get your point, frankly, and must grudgingly concede to it, theoretically.

        13. You guys are obviously a bunch of bitter losers who can’t get laid. The level of hatred you have for women reveals how small your dicks must be. Wah, wah cry me a river.

        14. Hellllo! Long time no speak, sorry i’ve been away but I’m back! Not really shrill as such just very passionate about the really important things. So glad you agree:-)…. all be it grudgingly lol. It’s all good, and I hear you on the female responsibilities side too. I’m an old fashioned girl with a new school edge so I understand that there are some women who are not holding up their end of the bargain and could quite frankly burn boiling water haha. That being said sadly what i see 90% of the time is women having to do both jobs, being mum and dad I see it allll the time and it’s really disheartening. The woman had to provide the finance and cook the food to put on the table and go to the parents evenings alone and stay at home watching other people get to live their lives while their x partner (or current in some cases) runs around like a child still going out with mates constantly talking about I have to work so I can’t do a dang thing, can’t find time to spend with the kids but has time & money to book a lads holiday because HE needs a break….SERIOUSLY! I could go in further but there’s no need, you’re quite obviously not that guy because you do your best to provide and I can’t tell you how much I respect that. Guys like you are few and far between these days but you can’t afford to leave the raising of your children solely on the head of your other half because if you want the children to be fully rounded they will need your influence too. I understand the difficulty in doing a heavy demanding job and trying to balance that with the kids but thats something single women and some men even are doing on a daily babe and you have help! So hard it most certainly is but.. can you do it? Hell yes! You just need to be smart about it and work as a team. My mum and pops worked alternate shifts so mum would get us up, washed, dressed and fed then off to school she would make breakfast for Pops most mornings also. Then my dad would be off to work( Credit control) then mum would tidy the house do washing prepare dads dinner etc. Then she would get us from school feed us and when dad got in Mum would go to work in the evening. Occasionally Dad would grab me from school in the car if it was raining and he’d left work early enough( made me feel very special). So then all dad had to do really was watch us until bed time, but he also often bought work home with him. This is why i say i totally understand the juggling that is required but what i’m saying is there are simple ways around some things…e.g Dad would play a couple of games of hide and seek with us then he would get me to help with his work:) I loved it because it made me feel closer to him and like he trusted me to be grown up and help him. I was learning and helping and spending time with him all at the same time( even though it was only high lighting dates etc) it didn’t matter! I knew he cared about and loved me just from those little things, and I thought he was the best! Then he would put me in the car and we would pick up my mother from work and we’d go home together. Babe…team work makes the dream work;-) So long as you can admire how hard it is to be a mother (cause working or not.. its a full time job on it’s own) and your partner admires how hard you work to keep your family comfortable you’ll be good! Be easy on each other try to make things even remembering that kids are full time so if she’s home all day with the kids she doesn’t have adult interaction (which will drive anyone crazy) don’t expect a 24/7 catering service etc. Be aware that once or twice a week she might want a take away, or for you to cook:) or even better get a sitter and take her out of the house and just you watch what you get back in return. Spending time with the kids doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be constantly booking tickets to alton towers, kids are mostly happy with the simple things they just want a bit of your time, even if you’re just secretly getting them to do your work for you lol. Also your sons need you even more because… a women may not need you for much else… these days we’re taught to be independent due to circumstances of the world, but she still needs you to show affection and to help her son become a man that’s one thing we can try to do but it’s truly a mans job. I hope you have a great woman and that you learn to truly appreciate her and vice versa. There’s not enough of what i had growing up around. Stay blessed and grateful and good luck with the babies it doesn’t take much for them to grow up truly believing you were the best dad in the world! Or that you didn’t really care for them and never had time. it’s your choice at the end of the day. Best of luck to you hun truly:-) p.s sorry no time to proof read but i’m sure you get it all lol.

        15. Thanks babe. You can pm me anytime you want. Very nice conversing with you. Inspirational story you got there ’bout mom and pop. I’ll call you Cherize.

        16. Both father AND mother failed, but I increasingly think the mother is more at fault in cases where she was the single mom.
          I mean a mature woman should be on the look out against this sort of depraved opportunism, unless of course she herself was a gold digger whore (most probably true)

        17. If u don’t want women to be sluts, quit being sluts yourselves, u asshats. U complain about whores , though you’re the one whoring around with them. Doesn’t that make y’all hoes as well. Gotta love double-standards, huh? Try telling what u just said to the modern woman. Chumps like u isn’t gonna bring the world back to the 1950s, but nice try though. If anything, women r just going to keep progressing in the workplace. If u want them to stop riding the cock carousel, then why don’t u stop providing it for them. Y’all literally shake your wallet in front of them, boast about your job and wealth, so of course there r women that will ride it for the money. Once y’all stop acting so sex-depraved, there won’t be “sluts”. This isn’t just limited to women. There r guys on Africa, Cuba, Turkey etc. prostituting themselves to rich white women who r pretty middle-aged. This isn’t just limited to women, guys do it too, so stop being so htpocritical.

        18. You’ve obviously swallowed too much of the shite from this site. While I do enjoy and agree with some of the content here (above article being one), this idea that you have to make a “killing” and be some caricature of an overdriven, work-addicted fuckwad is bullshit.
          Your family is your legacy. Daughters need fathers around as much or more than sons do. Your paycheck isn’t going to make a damned bit of difference.
          Take heed, I am over 40, married to the same great woman for 20 years, with two intelligent and moral daughters. I’ve chosen to live a simpler life rather than earn big bucks without actually being in my children’s lives.
          Scrub that (((materialism))) out of your head, with a bullet if necessary.

      3. Yes. Women’s solipsism is very adaptive.
        They’re more likely to “suffer” from Stockholm Syndrome, get PTSD less often than men, and when they do get it, get over it easier.

    3. I’ve slept with a few pros in my time, mainly for the experience and experiment…. never knock what you haven’t tried…. one i found was a qualified massage therapist and half the time she’d have me falling asleep with deep tissue massage…..
      I always made an effort to treat them well, and even get a little sexual spark going on….. you can apply game with a pro… and you can have good sex with a pro…. since most guys won’t bother you can even surprise her and have her glowing and smiling at the end….. Then she’s happy to see you next time, because it’s not just a transaction, it’s something she takes pride in and that you both enjoy…..
      I’d guess, the problem comes when you’re bored, tired, don’t like the girl, the girl doesn’t engage she just offers you her holes…. then it must be shit and then you probably do want to piss in her face…..
      It’s all down to the attitude and the psychology….. Take the frustration far enough and dismembering her is probably more fun than fucking her… It’s all in the mind.

      1. It could have all started with a bet on just how depraved western women are.

      2. I like the asian massage parlors that just give prostate massages and hand jobs. Even if they are old and ugly hags they know how to touch you just right

      3. Yep, many women and men think you’re a chump if you fuck a pro, not necessarily true. I just fucked one last night and it was worth every penny. Got dressed up nicely, looking sharp, went out on the town, literally didn’t see 1 fuckable girl after two hours of bar hopping, was horny as fuck so made a decision: either fuck a fat bird that I’ll regret in the morning, or fuck a hot 18 year old vietnamese chick. Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions.
        But going back to what you said, I take a special pride in trying to make a prostitute cum. It’s the pinnacle of fucking. If she cums with you, after having been fucked between 5-10 times that night (I assume), then you know your shit.
        Back to my Vietnamese experience, we’d booked an hour, but she was hot so I came after about 20-30 minutes. So we had a shower and I rolled a joint, which we smoked, and then I gave her a full body massage for the heck of it (she couldn’t speak English). And you know what, that’s how you should treat a lady after she’s done everything in her power to give you a good time.

        1. Now all the Viethottiez call you “Pletty Boy Froyd”… you’re such a gentleman.

      1. Dishonest girls. It reminds of a girl’s profile I bumped into on OkCupid a long time ago. At least she isn’t fat but she’s covered tattoos, piercings, smokes, has a slut face, bisexual, and a wannabe model. I bet she’s lying about not being a slut when there are signs that she is.

        24 Signs She’s A Slut

        26 More Signs She’s A Slut

    4. > they’re true pragmatists with not a moral remorseful bone in their bodies
      The proper term is ‘psychopath’ – which a large fraction of modern women are. But of course we all know that women can never be psychopaths because women are angels.

      1. Imho, the hamster and psychopathy are pretty close to each other. So it is not necessarily psychopathy that afflicts these females, but an overactive hamster. Psychopathy isn’t that widespread.

      2. Soooo….. the Saudi guys that came up with these vile fetishes aren’t psychopaths? U say it like the girls r the ones who thought of this

    5. There is no proof of arabs shitting on pretty white girls presented in this article or on the tagthesponsor site; its simply not there. You shouldn’t believe shit this ridiculous without evidence. If you have seen proof that this is actually happening, please share it.

      1. Of course there is no proof because nobody bothers to learn Arabic.
        The people in the West are incredibly closed-minded and think they live still in the 19th century and can cannon-boat everybody they bloody like. But now the power relations have been shifted.
        People who adjust to present times know they have to learn Arabic, Chinese and other languages, just to get by. Everybody who refuses to learn at least Arabic and Chinese is a toothless hick and a redneck hillbilly. Have fun in West-Virginia, you country-bumpkins!!!

        1. Arabs live on oil reserves, otherwise no one would give two fucks about them. The Chinese, on the other hand, are deserving of the world’s respect because they have a scientifically literate populace and continually come up with new, cool shit.

        2. Go ahead and waste your time learning arabic, the entire region is going to be a radioactive wasteland of glass and sun bleached skeletons. And which Chinese language are you planning on learning, cupcake, since there are more than one?

        3. Both. Mandarin and Cantonese. Those two are far more important than e.g. Hakka and Amoy. Wo shuo and ngo sü.

    6. This is why I can’t bring myself to care about things like rape. It’s one thing if it’s a wholesome girl that’s a victim, but some whore that will have sex with a dog for money, I don’t care. Or even be willing to sell themselves for money. At best, it’s petty theft.

    1. Modern day feminists are sex positive whores who blame all their unhappiness in life on men. If it wasn’t muslims paying them it would be someone else. I actually don’t blame muslims for this, they are only peeling back the surface of something that’s already there.

      1. It only makes sense, I guess; women do absolutely nothing outside the realm of sex, so men are responsible for it all in the way that architects are responsible for inner-city crime because they designed the cities.

      2. Like y’all aren’t sex-positive whores? The muslims r ficking skanks for what they’re doing and these girls need to be taught some self-worth.

    2. Muslims and other super conservative religious fanatics have their sexuality suppressed to a point that sex becomes associated with dirty, demeaning behavior. When all the women have only their eyes and feet showing, a man has to find outlets for his sexual energy; add money and narcissism and you get a disgusting combination.

      1. sex isnt considered shamful if its with your married partner…pre martial sex is considered bad.
        either way, its seems even the most conservative of nations know how garbage western women are.

        1. Garbage? For being the lead in feminism? I agree that what these girls did is unnacceptable, but so far white women r the more progressed when it comes to feminism, getting rights in the workplace, sharing house work with the guys, and to some extent, ignoring gender roles. U can’t base a whole groul off of a couple of girls.

      2. The guys that are paying these women have not experienced sexual repression, they’re loaded and started fisting 10’s before they even reached puberty.

      3. I call bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure those guys get up to some fucked up shit. I’ll even believe that that happened, once. But no one can possibly get off to that. Why would anyone do that?
        People do disgusting shit in porn, because other people are watching it, not because they are enjoying it.
        Also, you’re projecting. When you talk about suppressing sexuality. People in conservative cultures do not have their sexuality suppressed. People in liberal cultures have their sexuality inflamed, artificially – way beyond what nature provides for. Aziz Ansari has a joke about going from a trip to India back to New York, about how ridiculously oversexualized everything was when he got back. That’s how I feel too.
        That is a product of two things – unrestrained female vanity, and capitalism.
        If you combine that artificially over-inflamed sex stimulation with a conservative culture, yes, you have a recipe for perversion. But that’s combining things that don’t normally go together.

        1. > Why would anyone do that?
          You want to know why? Because they CAN.
          Go watch “8mm”.

        2. “People do disgusting shit in porn, because other people are watching it, not because they are enjoying it.”
          But those other people are enjoying it, and if they have money to order hookers…? Well, there you go. How is that not plausible?

    3. It could be a paradox but not when the truth is women like the abuse so it’s more like a match made in heaven

    4. This has nothing to do with “Muslims.” Saudi royalty ≠ Muslims. We are not to blame for Saudi royalty. You are. Muslims across the world despise Saudi royalty. As the article rightly points out, they are burning money with a vengeance while the rest of the Muslim world descends into chaos. They treat Muslims from the subcontinent like slaves. Everyone knows that radicals are the result of their home-grown Wahhabi ideology which they fund and spread all over the place.
      Even al-Qaeda was mainly about trying to take down the royal family. They are held in place by US support and nothing else. So it takes a lot of goddamn chutzpah to blame that shit on us.

      1. Easy, buddy. I’m not trying to convict all of Islam, just the hypocritical elements of it. Suffice it to say, someone who claims to be a faithful Muslim, but would then shit, literally, on another person for sexual gratification is not pious, but is instead a hypocrite. Similarly, not all feminists are necessarily hippocrites – some actually believe their nonsense and march in lock step with it. But any woman who is willing to literally eat shit so she can drive a shiny car can shut the fuck up about what an empowered feminist she is.

        1. Yeah, I don’t disagree one bit! Although honestly, as an aside, I doubt the veracity of the original story. I looked at the site and there appears to be one “entrapment” sort of text message convo, and one internet rando’s say-so.

        2. let’s face it…….any woman who would behave that way for any amount of money is a few fries short of a happy meal to begin with…….let the arab freaks have her

      2. So the enormous rape rate in islamic countries is also the fault of the west, right? That would follow the same theme of victim-complex that you are exhibiting. Plus, it’s to be expected of a religion founded by a perverse paedophile.

        1. Where did you read that it was founded by a pedophile? I’m guessing it wasn’t a reputable source. That’s a myth propagated by – well, people like you, who get off on it.
          I don’t know about the enormous rape rate you’re talking about, but Muslim rates of other violent crime are far lower than the rest of the world.
          In the United States: 190,000 people have been murdered since 9/11. In that same time period 26 people have died to jihadist terrorism. This is a minority even of terrorist acts committed during this time (39 died to other kinds of terrorism).
          Average murder rates: the average murder rate in Muslim countries per year per 100,000 people is 2.4. In non-Muslim countries, it is 7.5. In the world’s most populous Christian country, the United States, it is 6. In the world’s most populous Muslim country, Indonesia, it is 1. Of course, in the US, the suicide rate is about double the murder rate, so you should probably worry more about that.

        2. In general you are right about the US Murder rate, but the US murder rate is down to 4.5% as of 2013 (and probably lower, now) and is drastically influenced by the drug war and inner cities. If you remove gang violence in inner cities of major metros, our murder rates are around 2-2.5% which is 95%+ of landmass in the US.

      3. Al Qaeda was stopped and splintered by the US in the end so why wouldn’t Muslims blame it on the US? I’m honestly asking.

    5. Yeah, sure, when the world doesn’t revolve around u ,it’s hypocrisy, isn’t it? Feminism is just getting started, and the face that women r offering themselves for these acts is one of he reasons they need it, to teach them some self-worth. Feminism is about telling women that they’re actually worth 2 shits, and I’m sry that is too radical for u.

      1. “Feminism is about telling women that they’re actually worth 2 shits.”
        You obviously didn’t read the article. If you had, you would have written “feminism is about telling women that they’re actually worth $10,000 if they let two Muslims shit on them.” Hence, hypocrisy.
        That this goes over your head is not a selling point for your assertion that women are actually worth two shits.

  16. There’s a flip side to this of course; eventually culture and tradition dictate that these guys will have to settle down and marry a virginal Muslim girl who probably doesn’t know what a bj is. This after having experienced foursomes involving anal sex, donkeys and coprophilia . The moral and spiritual corruption goes both ways.

    1. Most of them are probably already married and if they’re not, their future wife is not going to have shit to say about their little activities on the side.
      No pun intended.

      1. You’re probably right but it would be hard to go from indulging in every perverse fantasy you have to the girl (or cousin) next door.

  17. Forney shows the problem with the advice that male virgins should see prostitutes first.
    One, prostitutes don’t teach men how to get into sexual relationships through dating, what I call the Adult Man’s Skill Set (AMSS). Two, prostitutes teach men to respond sexually to things that regular women usually don’t offer to do, and they give men the wrong sort of learning experiences for dealing with women in general. And three, women generally don’t respect men who get sex from prostitutes. Basically the whore-chaser fails to develop the proper sort of male presence and authority that women naturally recognize and value.
    It has taken me awhile to figure this out, but I can see clearly now that the AMSS doesn’t exist in isolation: It plays a major role in men’s ability to deal with women successfully in the rest of life. It even plays a role in your adult relationship with your mother, ironically, because mothers show more respect towards their sons starting in their teen years when they can see that girls find their boys sexually attractive.
    If you haven’t noticed this already, you need to pay more attention.

  18. I already looked down on whores but after reading this, they’re gonna be jokes for all eternity. I hope every woman above a 6 isn’t this degenerate.

    1. They all are man. So when you talk to one of them keep these in the back of your mind… It’s unbelievable. And you know what? The arabs just earned my respect. They know this and they treat them as such, i.e. like the shit they are… literally.

  19. This “Dubai porta potties” thing has been going around for a couple years now. I’m going to chalk it up to being another Internet urban legend for now.

    1. Its real. Before instagram, the sultan of brunei (tiny oil rich country in south east asia) used to fly his bodyguards to LA and Las Vegas to hire strippers for one month assignments in brunei. Rumored pay was $100,000 per month.

      1. I’m sure they pay money to fly women over for sex, and sometimes the sex could be a bit degrading. But not to the level of “Dubai porta potties”

        1. Keep telling yourself that. Most men won’t allow themselves to think about what the cool chick they’ve been dating would do for $10,000, if nobody was ever going to find out about it.

  20. Horrible. There is also another name for what this type of girl does. It’s called “rinsing” where a girl will date/have photo taken with her in exchange for a material good she wants such as shoes, rent, a trip. Apparently, there is no sex involved. This to me is incredibly disgusting and degrading to both men/women. Here is a documentary that gives a more in depth explanation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgC9Z3uzPgY

    1. Disgraceful. If you are one of the males doing this and reading this: Drive yourself off a bridge immediately, preferably with all these assholes in the backseat. Dummies.

      1. Some guys find “unreachable” beautiful girls to be attractive, even more than “accesible” beautiful ones. To these men, the fact they are “unreachable” is what makes them extra attractive. It was only a matter of time before technology made it easier for these men to meet with beautiful girls willing to get lavishly pampered in exchange of basically nothing.

        1. Its disgraceful of them. They have no brains. If I was an old ugly rich fuck and that hard up Id fly somewhere for legal prostitution. This is a disgrace.

        2. But a prostitute is not “unreachable”. These “rinser” women appeal to a different kind of fetish. This “ugly rich fuck” you talk about might be hiring prostitutes too. But the women featured in this documentary satisfy to a different kind of fetish, a very expensive one only a few can afford. If their customers found out they were selling sex to other men, they would lose interest in them.
          The whole Asian Idol industry is partially based around this concept. Female idols are worshipped to the point their fans will throw money at them just because they have such an overwhelming crush. Why would people buy a physical music CD in a country with such a high rate of torrent download? I will tell you why: their fans want to support their idol, so any excuse is good to spend money on her. There is a reason why asian idols are not allowed to publicly date anyone. They would lose fans. When a female idol gets a basket full of goodies sent to her by her adoring fan club, how is it that different from this?

        3. There are omega males who can’t get laid with money, because they’re intimidated by women. They skype with a woman and pay her with an amazon gift card, which she uses to buy high heels and lingerie, which she then wears for her beta males who pay her in cash for actual sex. The “documentary” is going to be limited. Women won’t admit on camera to the extent of the activity for legal reasons. Don’t think this is something only the most beautiful models get away with. The market covers the entire spectrum of average and ugly women for men of all budgets.

    2. ^^^ what gullible saps^^ I wish I were uber wealthy I would “out ” these bitches.

  21. But how can you prove any sex is actually happening? Just because a rich sheik is paying some beautiful model to go meet with him, that essentially does not prove anything unless some of the people involved talks about it. You can suspect what is going on, but nothing else. It is not unheard of men blowing large amounts of money on gorgeous women just for the pleasure of their company, without sex. How can we be sure this Tag the Sponsor’s source is not just “figuring out” on his own what happens between the model and the sheik? How do we know these women are not just “rinsers”, like the above documentary explains?

    1. And when mommy and daddy are in their room on Sunday morning and the door is closed and locked, it’s because they’re reading the newspaper and having coffee.
      No, really. We can’t prove they aren’t.
      Common sense deductions are common sense for a reason. A court of law and three reels of video are not required to know that, given circumstance ABC and person of quality XYZ, that a certain outcome is happening 99 out of 100 times.

    2. Don’t need evidence or due process. That’s what feminists taught me with the false rape allegations. If I can think it, it must be true.

    3. Why do you want to maintain plausible deny-ability for them? Don’t want your cover blown?

  22. Prostitutes don’t bother me, but this is all just fkn revolting. Even if they are not being shit on–which is no doubt happening on some level–these girls really are just garbage. But thanks to feminism, social media, a broken society and thirsty men, their disgusting antics are considered ‘smart’ because she’s ‘making her own money’, lol. Every day, I wake up with renewed hope for humanity and its dumber ‘fairer’ sex, telling myself it’s not so bad. Then I see attractive woman who drop out of college (paid for by the state, daddy, or her future husband) because they don’t want to actually WORK through a career when they can just get fucked by scumbags for their pretty years. THIS shit is why women are different than men; a lot of men have pride that prevents them from engaging in demeaning acts of sex for money, but the pride of women only goes as far as the easy road…at least, most women.

    1. Would you let a old wealthy skank like Donnatella Versace drop a deuce on your pecs for 30k? No thank you.

      1. Hell no….I wouldn’t even let a wealthy YOUNG skank like Scarlet Johannsen drop a turd on my chest. Being shit on is literally as low as a human being can ever let themselves get. Seriously. What could possibly be more demeaning than some asshole throwing money at you then shitting on your face? And when you read the posted exchanges between the ‘hunter’ and the ‘mark’, that she might be shit and pissed on doesn’t even phase her, provided the money is in the bank

        1. ok, but for me, I would be worried about picking dingleberries outta my chest hair…a man has gotta draw a line in the sand…

        2. Reminds me of the double dildo scene in Requiem For A Dream really. All for drugs and money.
          It’s all rather depressing.

        3. Or fake boobs or Prada accessories or trips around the world. Any time a woman has a lot of nice things or a lot travel brag stories, it is ALWAYS suspicious. It usually defaults to two sources of money: Daddy or Sugar Daddy.
          Or in this case, Sugar Shit Daddy.

      2. Make it 60k and we have a deal. Remember, all women’s shit smells like roses right?

    2. They are called “sex workers” now ; not prostitutes . No whores. Sex workers sounds less bad no?

      1. ONly for another year or two, then they’ll have to change to a less ‘offensive’ phrase like monogamy-challenged or intercourse intern.
        Reminds me of the old George Carlin schtick, when he talks about how shell-shocked becomes battle-fatigue-becomes PTSD.
        From the same Carlin special:
        “Another women’s issue, prostitution. I do not understand why prostitution is illegal. Why should
        prostitution be illegal. Selling is legal. Fucking is legal. Why isn’t selling fucking legal? You know, why
        should it be illegal to sell something that’s perfectly legal to give away. I can’t follow the logic on that at all.
        Of all the things you can do to a person, giving someone an orgasm is hardly the worst thing in the world.
        In the army they give you a medal for spraying napalm on people. Civilian life, you go to jail for giving
        someone an orgasm. Maybe I’m not supposed to understand it.”
        He goes on to say they call it a ‘blowjob’ so it sounds like she actually was working for a change. Lol, I miss that fucker

        1. hence sex ‘worker’. next up: sex ‘careerist’ or ‘yes’ worker.
          diction chosen to (1) make opening up your legs and letting the wind blow in dick equivalent to building pyramids, and (2) replace all stigma and truth with ambiguously concrete ‘redefinitions’.

        2. Exactly what i had in mind, i love that shtick, George Carlin was ahead of its time, rest in peace old fella.
          Women are delusional by default, when a generation take these chicks for role models you can imagine the bleak future we’re going in.
          “A civilization where women sell themselves—not even to survive, but for
          frivolous luxury items—is a civilization in terminal decline.”
          -Matt Forney

    3. It’s another example of “strong and independent” women…as long as a men are around with money.
      Women always rationalize (lie, make up excuses, stories, etc…) to one up the other woman or to make herself look better. You’ll never get the full, straight story.
      I don’t care what they do with their lives just don’t feed me the equality bullshit.

    4. Woow, I see u have so much contempt for women, huh? Is this how you’d talk to your mom or your daughters and sisters? Btw, I love how u said guys wouldn’t engage in these acts, considering the majority of them have a coprophilia fetish. So yeah, there r ones outh there that would like to be shit on. Dumber “fairer” sex? Women wake up everyday being told of the past of how men were considered smart and how women r dumb. They’re exposed to gender roles telling them they can’t do certain jobs, so they end up in lower-paying fields. It’s funny how u call all women the dumber fairer sex, grouping us all as one, as if everyone of them would engage in these vile acts. Lol when u said that most women take the easy road out considering more women r in college than men statistically and more of them have advanced degrees. U call this “dumb”? And yet, they r still discriminated against in the workplace and earn lower than guys who don’t have the same education level as them. U act as if only female prostitution exists. There’s also something called female sex tourism where females r the ones paying for services. Before u say anthing, female sex tourism has been happening for generations.

  23. There has always been whores since the dawn of time, nothing new here, the internet is just a new tool for an old business.

    1. Difference here though I think. Whores generally are straight about their line of work. These chicks seem to be doing selfies and telling everybody how fantastical they are, not as advertisement, but as attention whoring.

        1. I can avoid therapy by not engaging in such antics. Plus I won’t have to worry about recurring nightmares the rest of my life. So it’s a win.

    1. Not me, dawg. Jesus, how much money would be required to make you wanna eat shit??

  24. The author, obviously, hasn’t had high-end Escorts.
    Trust me on this one, you won’t need to trick your dick “into overcoming their innate
    repulsion to having sex with an unwilling girl”.

  25. Prostitution really needs to be legalized… it would solve so many problems and allow both males and females to see the world the way it really is.

  26. I just want to ask one of these girls what 10k will buy me, then when she answers, hand her a five dollar bill and say “I’ll take 5 dollars worth please”.

  27. OK so the Instagram “models” are really prostitutes.
    Because we live in a gynocracy where there can be sperm banks everywhere and gay marriage everywhere else but prostitution is still illegal, should this be a surprise?
    They will always find a way. Always.

  28. sites like the thedirty.com exposes the whores who like to get pooped on by rich Arabs.

      1. a great reference manual for men who happen to cross paths with some of these women after the whores “leave the lifestyle”.

        1. One of the stories said 25 women are being flown in every 5 days. What we can see above the surface of the water is just the tip of a very large submerged iceberg.

        2. I know a few in Dallas who claim they are “models”. It is sad to see this spectacle play out with women who at one point had some potential other than being a portable toilet for wealthy middle easterners.

        3. Dallas must be full of them with its oil industry connections and non-stop flights to the mid-east.

        4. id love to know the final disposition of these broads as they get older…who they marry, what their lives end up like. Probably piss.

  29. I haven’t heard of Instagram models before today.
    Still, if a woman wants to eat Arab shit for money, I guess that’s her problem.

    1. it becomes our problem when she leaves the lifestyle and pretends she is a born again Christian. I’ve run into a few of them at Church and in bars.

        1. symptoms include:
          1. Muscular Calves – Strippers are in those 12 in heels 8+ hours per night
          2. A drawer full of anti depressants or they drink a shot of Nyquil along with their Merlot every night.
          3. They cannot account for any actual work experience from 18-29 years old.
          4. they tell you they’ve had a “bad past” . Remember women can’ keep their mouths shut. I also bait them. I tell them how cool strip clubs are and I make jokes similar to “escorts get to live the “high life”” That usually lowers their guard and they admit to being a stripper, escorting for “just one week”
          5. Bustedmugshots.com – DWI’s or possession of drugs in their 20s.
          6. They are employed as an executive secretary but own $2000 purses.

  30. Whores or former whores should be tagged or implanted with a microchip so they can be tracked like wild animals. This is where the NSA can truly be of some use instead of monitoring gun sales.

  31. And this is why Arabs marry virgins, to have kids and raise a family, while shitting on worthless whores.

    1. Why do they shit on them though? Is it popular thing you arab guys do to whorish women back home or something? Honest question.

      1. infidel whores dont count. so allah snackbar sanctions then similar to war brides
        can you feel the love from the religion of peace yet? (not applicable to infidels)

      2. This whole “shitting on girls” thing is news to me. I’ve never heard about this until now. My only guess is because these rich Arabs want to degrade these whores to the lowest levels of degradation they can, by shitting on them. They see these women as inhuman trash.

        1. hahahahaha! They deserve every bit of the shit that stains their faces. I just gained some respect for the Saudi’s

        2. Thats how arabs close a business deal. We play a round of golf. They shit on american women.

    2. Y’all don’t deserve virgins if you’re not virgins yourselves. Y’all r the ones paying these women to come over which obviously makes u desperate to do these types of things.Y’all WANT to do these things to women because YOU’RE the ones searching for these women, not the other way around which makes YOU the most vile disgusting pieces of filth to ever walk this Earth. If y’all weren’t desperate, u wouldn’t flee to Europe and start raping their women such as what happened on past New Year’s Eve in Germany. They held out welcoming signs out to u, and u filthy creatures raped them. Now, these European women r afraid to walk out of their homes and live up their youthful years as they did before because of u guys. U call them sluts for wearing T-shirts.

  32. Matt, I stand by my original statement. Alphas pay for it. Not always. But you cannot be at the pinnacle when you are chasing, it is impossible. The buyer always has the most power, because he can walk away and does the choosing.
    These guys are shitting on girls literally, and fucking them in every sick twisted way their minds could imagine and you are trying to spin it that they some how are not living the dream when lets face it, every man would want what they have, beautiful women fucking them in sick perverse ways.
    Plus women never truly like the man, they really only like themselves and the concept of love and how they are made to feel. It is why they can move so easily on from one man to the next and pretend you never existed. The only time a woman will continue to feen for a dick afterwards, if she thinks she was ripped off or he devalued her pussy. Then it is really just pay back not true love she desires.

    1. Every woman I fuck wants something in exchange i.e. Security, attention, my home, etc. I really doubt any of them have truly loved me. I grew up thinking “paying for it” was shameful and for the weak. I now doubt that assertion.

      1. Yup, I grew likely a similar middle class background as you. I was largely shieled from game and females perverse nature going to a catholic school where everything is far more conservative. University was the real eye opener and I realized that women who genuinely love men was the EXCEPTION, not the norm.
        Women will never love you, just the things you have or at best feelings you can generate in them. This is why young betas have so much trouble getting laid. They don’t have money yet, can’t generate those feelings and have nothing a woman can use. a beta is basically like a fat chick without a vagina or tits. USELESS in the eyes of women

        1. football players in high school and college got the girls not because they were more attractive than the average Joe but because they had high social status and potential resources. Even the third string special teams guys had a revolving door of pussy at the dorms @ my university while the rest of us got the scraps.

        2. Correct. There are numerous bullet points regarding attracting a female, looks, money charisma, etc…in this day and age the #1 bullet point is popularity/social status, celebrity, albeit actor, singer, athlete, even politician.

        3. Men love women.
          Women love children (the ones feminism has not made incapable of love).
          Children love puppies.
          The only people that love men are gay men. Accept these truths and you will navigate life much more smoothly.

        4. Men can love each other without being gay.
          gays are the ones that twist that love into sexuality… but male love has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with brotherhood and loyalty.

        5. Heh, yup. Here in Canada, where hockey is the king, we have a sub-professional league called the WHL (Western Hockey League). These are kids between the ages of 14/15 and 18/19 years old – they are JUST underneath the pros. The scouts come to their games to recruit for the NHL draft for the next season… so you get the picture. Here are kids making about $150/mo, while billeted out to host families, and attending high-school part-time (and also doing correspondence while on road-trips), but, about 10-15% of them will be scouted/drafted into the NHL by the time they graduate highschool, where, of course, a signing bonus is over a million and they will probably earn a good $10-$15,000,000 as an average player’s 10yr career and $50-100 Million for a top player’s career.
          I worked with a guy once who was very involved with the WHL – he was in charge of setting up these kids with billets to live at while they “took their run at the game.”
          He said to me one of the biggest problems they had was all the young girls in highschool trying to bang these boys and get knocked up by them before they made the big-time. Heh, he told me of one kid (who is now in the NHL), who had such a hard time of it – all the popularity and pussy that came along with it – that he was constantly sneaking out of the house to party and fuck this chick or that. His hockey greatly suffered. That kid nearly got booted from the league for his behaviour.
          The next year, my buddy got this kid billeted out to an RCMP officer’s house, and he ran the place like a fricking concentration camp. But… the kids smartened up, attracted a scout’s eye, and now is playing in the NHL.
          According to my co-worker, the biggest problem getting these kids into the NHL was the pussy factor. That much pussy offered to you at 15/16 years old can corrupt you pretty damn fast!

        6. I don’t know. Men who temper the love they have for their women, if any, typically stay with them longer. Men who express rampant love typically end up divorced, broken, and destitute on the shores of another failed relationship.
          Kids like things as long as they entertain them. Exactly why adults have to monitor kids. If the puppy isn’t entertaining it will have to feed itself.
          Women have kids, kill kids, use kids for welfare checks and child support, subject kids to cuckholding while they sleep with new men, drive kids off a cliff if the new man hates them. In fact unchecked many women weaponize kids for utility and resources. Or did I miss something?

        7. Yup, although I’ll admit there were no popular teams like that in my high school so the bar was very low to getting a girl with decent looks.

        8. That stinks. Men get the shitty end of the stick. So if you are a heterosexual man no one cares if you fall of the face of the earth. Its just a shitty deal. No wonder some men choose to turn gay.

        9. I think most men can reasonably agree that a man can perceive love from a woman. Rather the love is real or not is debatable, but it’s perception is undeniable.
          I know that when I have mother and daughter, naked and kneeling, kissing each side of the spanking paddle I just used to bust their asses, incestuous hebophilic kiss being held in check by the 1/8 inch thick wood paddle…I feel loved. Especially when I stand and hold the paddle at about my crotch. To each his own, when it comes to love.

        10. Does any kind of sex count as “making love? ” or does everyone just get fucked? Honest question.

        11. Men get fucked, women get love. No woman who is fucking you will love you.

    2. Women believe they are psychologically equal in status to the men they have sex with. They’re kind of a joke that way. Very few men would consider it an accomplishment to have sex with a woman just because she was wealthy.

      1. True, but with western women, you’d be foolish to fuck a poor one if she has any chance to locate you or identify you.

    3. Sadly, I think you are correct.
      guy: “wow, I really think I love this girl!”
      girl: “wow, I really think he loves me!”

  33. the following hashtags are keywords a hooker uses:
    #gettingit #success #hardworkpaysoff #Dubai #livingthelife #livingthedream #Loubs #MaterialGirl

  34. Well if these women weren’t getting shit on by arabs, they’d be dating a drug dealer or be spit out the bottom of the porn industry.

  35. Goddamn.
    There are few things that make me feel absolutely revolted when I hear about it (I’ve just come to expect any kind of degenerate depraved thing imaginable), but this is one of those rare times.
    Whoring has always and will always exist, but there’s something inherently sick and depraved with this shit. Civilization cannot perpetuate itself with these women and the fool betas that marry them at the helm.

  36. My browser is out so i could not see too much of the relevant thread on rooshvforum, but I gleaned that Sheiks and Dubai were involved and guessed from there.
    It exposes the degeneracy of two civilizations as Forney pointe out. One too liberal and supplicating towards women, and another where women are often so segregated the men turn to homoeroticism (referring largely to Saudi Arabia).

  37. I feel nothing after reading this article. Looks like my innocence is completely gone.

  38. That page fuckin rocks lol nice write up Matt. 👍
    Interesting sociological angle.

  39. Found out about this site a few days ago so it’s amazingly convenient that this article show up here now.
    I spent a good hour reading through the whole site.It’s…refreshing. Unfortunately, now every time i see some #blessed #curvy #fitnesschick #dubai whore on IG or real life i immediately flip to visions of her being shat on by Sheik Ahmed II. I can’t help but sneak a giggle.
    ‘You always see the guests, but you never see the owner’
    All hail the economy!

    1. check out the top 35 articles link. so much wisdom in the comments and articles, shit you wont find on any other site

      1. Thanks,I was talking about tagthesponser, I’ve been a lurker here ever since Athlone McGuiness used to post. I’m old enough to make ‘remember when this site used to be good’ arguments. Fat-shaming week, all that good stuff.

  40. I have a business contact that works out of a luxury resort in Dubai. I showed him that site and asked if he could verify the claims. He said that it’s all true and has seen men spend up to 30.000 in a night on these girls. Sometimes even flying out top name Porn Stars for weekend sex parties. A lot these women sign intense contracts stating that they can’t ever say there were involved or have any association with these men. But they’re more than happy to take their money.

    1. that’s why the women call these guys “Go-Pros” . They take all the pics but are never in them.

  41. If women paid you a lot of money to fuck them, would you accept it as a career?

    1. Only if I could Elmers Glue some porn on their fat asses while I bone ’em.

    2. Men can’t fake it like women. How do you do it? Double dose on viagra and close your eyes and imagine you’re with an attractive woman? Male escorting might be more gay male thing.

      1. Completely agree. Which is why women get messed up in the head if they can’t get you hard.

      2. Completely incorrect. There are men who work as gigolos, and they’re able to do the job for any woman who pays the price. A quick search and you’ll find the memoirs of a gigolo, their techniques for success, etc. It is the internet after all.

        1. Are they providing companionship, or are they actually having sex? Again, if its sex how does the man get it up for a woman he’s not attracted to? Does he just decline the woman right up front when he meets her the first time if he doesn’t feel it?

        2. In the Dominican Republic there are men that serve the white whale looking for vacation romance tourism market. They are usually male resort workers that entertain women and tour them around the island. They are called sankies and indeed do swing both ways (from what I have heard. The warning usually given to the women involved in this pursuit are twofold: insist he wrap up as he was in some gay guy’s butt last night, and don’t try to take the experience home with you; enjoy it for what it was and then go home and back to reality. I have seen them in operation and all I could say was whatever they were being paid it was not enough. I assumed Viagra was involved/necessary but what do I know about the power of greed to overcome distaste.

        3. Whatever the woman wants. Women’s sexual arousal is different, so the gigolo puts on a performance, as the dreamboat alpha, who does a striptease dance, etc. That’s the key to it: they’re simply able to get it up on cue (like a lot of porn stars). I read a whole book by a gigolo that’s active in Ibiza, and at first he struggled with the attraction element, but after taking advice from older pros, he developed techniques to focus on uglier clients’ more redeeming qualities. After a while he couldn’t care less whether or not they were attractive. These guys are generally horn dogs, and will have all sort of techniques to get it up. You’d be amazed at the amount of 100% hetrosexual escorts in operation, but of course there are those who go both ways. Given that it’s such a seedy business, these guys of course become emotionally damaged, like female hookers. Female clients tend to be different than the male clients that female hookers service, for obvious reasons. Less physically abusive, generally richer, etc.

    3. Depends on which women, the woman below already hit the wall quite hardly but I’ll be more than thrilled to fuck her gratis if she allowed me.

      1. Nope she hit the wall a long time ago. She is wearing tons of make up and covering a lot. She has tons of stretch marks.

  42. What a lot of you don’t even realize (and why the saudis are almost never satisfied with the looks of the models and often don’t rebook the same one) is that these girls are masters at photoshopping their photos. Seriously. DO NOT believe a girl is beautiful without video evidence. You’d be surprised how good these girls are at making themselves look hot with makeup and photoshop.

  43. I served 5 years in the Marines. Traveled all over the world. I went to Bahrain and had sex with the most beautiful Russian girl I’ve ever seen. This girl, who was model good looking let me and my buddy tag team. This girl most guys jack off to let me and my buddy nut on her face. Lol. That was probably my red pill awakening. I no longer saw beautiful women as snow flakes.
    Those Arabs are real hypocrites by the way. They are some real deviants. Don’t let all that Islam bullshit fool you.

      1. Probably $150. It was 10 years ago. I don’t remember exactly. It couldn’t have been more than that. I was 20 years and spent like I had no sense. I was always broke.

  44. Excellent – I was hoping for an article on this subject after the depravity witnessed in the forum. Makes Caligula’s time look like a day camp.

  45. Who really gives a shit. I wouldn’t know this was a market until I read this and my life is completely unaffected by it. You can get a prostitute anywhere in the world and have always been able to.

  46. Meh.
    Women can corrupt themselves all the way to hell.
    As long as I’m not affected, big deal.
    But I wouldn’t touch today’s outhouses with tits with a ten foot pole made of penicillin!

  47. “As it turns out, most if not all Instagram models make their living by being “sponsored,” meaning they get paid to fly to Dubai and have sex with an Arab sheik and ten of his best buddies”
    Haters are gonna hate. Fact of the matter is some of the hottest girls on the planet are on modeling on Instagram and it’s terrific. Hookers have always called themselves “models” – even when it was an exclusive profession in the 1950s. The rise of social media has fundamentally changed modeling by removing homosexual men from the selection process of who can be classified as a “model” and the result is that instagram now allows for commercial models that men might actually find sexually appealing. They’re also encouraging women to act and dress more femininely, and to maintain low body fat and This fundamentally encourages women to be thin, feminine, and sexually alluring.
    “Most, if not all,” does he actually believe that? In the year 2015, most attractive women under the age of 30 that I know take photos all day long. It’s annoying, but it also makes them have to admit their flaws physically – which is a good thing.
    Virtually all of the “perfect 10s” that I know (i.e. excellent genetics, reasonably educated, obsessed with appearance, work out every day, use weights, BMI below 20 – basically 0.25% of the population) have an Instagram account and would love to make money as a “model” without having to actually go to cattle calls and deal with the hours of commercial modeling. Traditional fashion modeling sucks, pays nothing and is stressful.
    Most of the girls that I know who are “perfect 10s” have usually figured
    out some combination of job / family / boyfriend that keeps them at a
    higher standard of living. They constantly get free stuff from men, family, etc. Their lives have been easy because ever since they were a little girl people having been helping them out and giving them free stuff and they usually are pretty well-provisioned with guaranteed low work employment if they want it (receptionist, PA) or work where they are highly compensated for working very hard (bottle service girl, etc.) Most of them don’t need to consider prostitution to make a living. They’re not dating geriatric sugar daddies either. They’re targeting the “Alpha Provider” types that are also about 0.25% of the population in their own age cohort. They usually get it.
    For one of these women and 200k followers, she can make $2k a month being a brand ambassador for some skinny tea or another product and just taking pictures with it. Hell, she’s probably making $500 an hour doing that as opposed to the slavery wages of most modeling. It’s not a bad second income. Just like being a bottle service girl at EBC is a pretty good gig for the summer…
    Those girls usually have rich guys who are maybe 6-10 years older than
    them happily footing the bill and buying them tons of expensive stuff –
    because if you’re an investment banker who makes $2million a year, or
    the billionaire’s son, or just a good salesman of some kind, buying a $6k handbag is like buying coffee is for
    most guys. That’s their form of prostitution. Their plan is to marry some rich dude, or perhaps they have some delusions about their own business ventures involving “fashion and saving the world” or some crap. But, mostly they talk about wanting to be a mother. If you manage to get pregnant with the child of a Alpha provider, he still has to pay alimony…
    So, no, the kind of girls who can get 1million followers – they aren’t going to get sharted on by some arab freak for three days for a measly $40k. They’re planning on marrying some hedge fund manager or professional athlete they can entrance with their beauty and then spend that guy’s money for the rest of their lives – one way or another.
    None of the girls I saw ‘outed’ on Tag the Sponsor could I describe as “perfect 10s.” They were generally very skanky 6s and 7s that wouldn’t have much chance being paid to be a brand ambassador, and honestly, I don’t think most of those uggos could have made a living hooking in the states. These girls were in some cases fuckable, but I doubt that we’re ever going to hear about Svetlana Bilyalova drinking some Saudi prince’s urine. They aren’t in the same quadrant of the pussy galaxy. I feel sorry for them. I don’t feel sorry for Svetlana.
    Matt Forney is so eager to assume that all “instagram models” are depraved, repulsive whores because his chances with a girl like this are about as good as a snowball’s in hell. He needs to stop having this envy torture him. It’s not going to happen. He’s too ugly.

    1. So you get some kind of ‘booking fee’? Why are you an apologist for porta potties?

    2. Holy fuck, you’re such a white knight. How many perfect 10s do you know? You know so many 10s but do you even hook up with them, or you’re here to just protect their character?

      1. Nope, not a “white knight.” I have no illusions about women’s nature. I’m just a guy who wants girls to focus on their appearance and I’m both good looking and rich enough that I actually can attract this women without a whole lot of work. (I have game, but I don’t really need it. Professional success, family money, good breeding, etc.)
        I’m not looking to protect anyone’s character – most women have none to speak of (“character” is more of a man thing.) I’m just not a frustrated fat loser like Mr. Forney, or a frustrated little immigrant who wants to punch above his weight like you.)

        1. Post your pic so we could see how good looking you really.
          I’m not an immigrant, I was born and raised in North Carolina.
          You remind me of this keyboard warrior I know, he brags about his looks and career online, but in real life he’s socially awkward.

    3. So you’re all about epic levels of depravity of the kind which toppled the Roman Empire and is destroying ours. Great. Thanks for your input.

      1. You are a delusional idiot if you think that there is anything you can do to prevent the decline of our civilization, and even more of an idiot if think that this has anything to do with women modeling.

        1. Civilization is not declining because of the modeling, modeling is one of the signs of the declining of civilization.

  48. There are so many way these days where women “sell” themselves. I never realized Instagram was stained by it, but I’m not surprised. Wealthy, generous men use “sugar dating” sites such as tempted.com to hook up with classy, younger women for mutually beneficial relationships. The men treat the women by paying their college
    tuition fees, living expenses, and buy them luxury gifts.

    1. Whores have been using Instagram for a long time, it’s not a recent thing.

  49. Good lord!! No amount of money is worth getting shitted on .. that’s some Fear Factor shit. N it’s sad that it is not with good reason but for pure avarice. Fuck that!

    1. Of course there’s no good reason. Is there really any good reason to have some fat old Arab take a dump on your tits?

      1. No no good reason but I’m saying not even for survival or anything. Just to be able to get the latest purse or clothes. It’s sad.

      1. Lmao!! No what’s the point of that there’s no sexual pleasure I can derive from getting shitted on. I would let him eat my ass for free though Hah

        1. Lmao..a man will eat your asshole for an hour and get no sexual pleasure out of it. He does this to make you happy..getting shitted on is just a way of making your man happy..you only live once. LMAO.

  50. The real story is the celebrity angle. Enty (over at CDAN) just completed a five part series based on his interview with a Saudi prince. Google Celebrity Sex Broker @ CDAN. Basically confirmed my suspicions that most Hollywood actresses (and yes….high end…..think Oscar winners) are on the Saudi payroll.

      1. So that would make Kim Kardashian the Hummus Ho. She’s always in Dubai. You know, endorsing energy drinks & weight loss supplements. Wink, wink.

    1. There’s an open allusion to this in the movie The Dictator by Sacha Baron Cohen. Basically Hollywood actors pimping themselves out to the ultra-wealthy.
      What your average pleb doesn’t get is that there are obvious barriers to entry in Hollywood that have nothing to do with acting talent.
      To get over those barriers you either need to be related to one of the insiders, or you need to meet the conditions to get over that barrier.
      You have to be a complete naive idiot not to recognize what gets attractive young actors and actresses over that barrier.

      1. Exactly. I can’t believe I still haven’t seen that. Mental note for this wknd.

  51. What’s funny is that I was taking a shit while reading this. The smell just set the mood to what these whores are like.
    Now I worry that these bitches will become carriers for unfounded diseases from abroad. This isn’t funny these bitches need to be quarantined because for all we know they may carry new strains of level 4 virus or bacteria only found in camel shit that would be all over their faces and orifices.

  52. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tinder, and all the rest are just levers in the cultural Skinner box. The sheeple wander around inside begging for stimuli, hungry for their narcissistic supply, desperate for some invisible hand to deliver when they turn the right trick.
    Keep pressing the bar. Send the pellets down the chute. Then wonder why all those hamsters are so fat.
    Keep hammering away on your $600 “smart” phone Tinder app while you deride some beta sucker for putting these whores on a pedestal.
    Women are sellers of sex and buyers of male utility, aka gluttonous consumers of attention and resources. The former will never change; the latter will only get worse as long as 90% of men continue to voluntarily debase themselves by supporting the skinner box, by supplying the pellets via these “social” media masturbatory chambers.
    The pedestal problem is much bigger – and is fueled by much more than merely those “thirsty” betas who get to buy these whores dinner upon their return from the Kingdom.
    Want to contain the pedestal problem, starve the hamster? Then this should read: “What the hell is this Instagram thing and how to avoid it.”
    Full grown men who have time to play social media have a flimsy case for complaining about some pedestal or hyper-inflated SMV’s, or these entitled bitches, or whores who don’t play nice, or flaky women, or unbridled hypergamy.
    I know, I know. But Tinder game is tight and the poosy is all over these things. Fine. But complaining about the outcome and consequences of these base derivatives of real life is rather feminine. Play it: Own it.

  53. Jesus H. Christ…. I’m literally speechless. So this is how deep the rabbit hole goes…

    1. No, it goes much much deeper than this… This is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg.

  54. I can wholeheartedly agree about banging women who don’t really like you. On a dare I (in Amsterdam) spent €100 on a hooker in the window. Fuck it, bucket list: buy a sex encounter. While I didn’t need chemical augmentation, it wasn’t nearly as good as the girl I picked up in a Breda brassiere two days later. The hooker in the window looked “hotter”, but the sex was better with the college girl.
    Mind you the Russian hooker was really polite, and definitely had skills, even wasn’t terrible at feigning emotion, but it was all an act and I knew it. On the contrary, little Dutch girl wasn’t half as “good”, but made up for it with heartfelt enthusiasm. I can tell you, I enjoyed the average little Dutch girl in bed much more than the Russian hooker — without question. Maybe part of it had to do with “winning” her rather than just flat out paying, I don’t know, but I’ll wager that’s part of it personally.

    1. I lived in Amsterdam for a time back in the 1990’s – a student exchange program with the Vrije Universiteit.
      There was a guy from Baltimore who lived across the hall from me in our international student housing dorm building, and every weekend, he would head down to the Red Light District to bang a hooker.
      “It’s only USD$50!” He would exclaim, as if it were the cheapest pussy on earth. (At that time, $50USD was worth about $100 Dutch Guilders).
      However, after grilling him a little, he told me how it went.
      You go up to the girl in the window (I’ve been there with him when he did it… I waited outside), and negotiate the price. Then she closes the curtain and takes you to the single bed in the back of the place, so you can do the deed. However, he told me a few times he took too long (over 15min), and a bouncer would come in from a door in the back and tap him on the shoulder while he was in the middle of the act, and tell him that he took too long and would have to leave or pay another $50.
      Still, paying USD$50 for pussy while in your early twenties IS pretty cheap, when you consider how much money you waste on cover charges and just drinks on yourself to sarge chicks in a club where you have no guarantee of banging anything but your hand at the end of the night.
      From what I learned about prostitution in Amsterdam was, avoid the hoes in the Red Light District and contact some of the call girls… because that’s where the true action and dollar value happens.
      But I never paid for my poosay while there (and still got a fair amount of it), so I am only giving second hand info. Heh, heh, I hooked up with a Swedish chick who was 26 and believe it or not, had just graduated as a dentist! She wanted to “explore” her sexuality while away from her home… and that was an awful lot of fun when I was 22 years old and living on another continent.
      The very concept of her wanting to do things “for fun” made it much more spectacular than if I would have “paid her to have fun.”
      Ah… Amsterdam… the mammories. I’ll never forget them.

      1. So true about the cost of a whore vs bagging one. Ive done that math before. It comes out pretty even. Damningly even.
        ive found a niche in phone app dating. My personality actually works in my favor given the context of online dating. All i need to do is be completely normal and sane amd it usually works out pretty well.
        regular sarging is a bitch and a waste of time to me (but i need to do it again) whether in a club the beach or coffee shop. So many obstacles and things you dont know about that can affect her reactions. With online dating its pretty clear, not that shes dtf that day but we aint laying down any just friends bullshit. At the very least shes there to see ME, and i can work from there.

  55. Has anyone brought up the question of how unbelievably wrong it is for Sheiks to even want to do this?

    1. Why, because they’re Muslim? Let’s not talk about the hypocrisy of religious people. Every Muslim guy I know drinks and fucks sluts. They won’t touch pork though

      1. No. I was talking about dropping a deuce on a model. Who in the hell would do that or even want to do that or even ever think of doing it even on LSD, Shrooms, Bath Salts and Meth all at the same time?

    2. I wouldn’t expect anyone here to admit to it, but I bet a fair number of RoK readers would get up to antics like that too, if they had the necessary fucktons of money and were in positions to get away with it.

  56. Oh shit. I just read Tag The Sponsor.
    “If I like the guy then the sky is the limit”
    Imma remember that. If the girl likes me the sky is the limit.
    Come to think of it, it makes perfect sense. Everyday of these womens lives they have worshippers and men who would eat shit just to talk to them and on the flip side these girls are being warned about being shat on and they’re ok with it. She’s pumping up her friend too in straight forward language.
    Can I deficate on him too? Its different from what Im used to. So she’s been shat on before!? WHORES

  57. I read that thread on Roosh’s forums. Tactical nuclear red pill in 16 pages of depravity.

  58. I read this horrible stuff and all I think of is the verse in Revelations where it says that in the last days “the earth will groan for Christ’s return”

  59. We can thank Nixon for this – he’s the one that took us off the gold standard and created the petrol for dollars exchange with OPEC. This gave the barbarians of the Middle East wealth -at such unprecedented levels- that any vice they fancy is affordable

    1. ‘We can thank Nixon for this – he’s the one that took us off the gold
      standard and created the petrol for dollars exchange with OPEC.”
      Nixon had no choice, it was LBJ’s Vietnam War and Great Society that did it.

      1. Everyone is at fault for coming off the gold standard. I dont know much about brettonwoods but fiat currency was halfway there. The Federal reserve was around in 1913 and I’ve had an old timer tell me that he saw federal reserve notes in the 60’s and ask “wtf is this?”
        as for the petro dollars. Oil has a market value. Theyd be rich no matter what. A fiat currency lets the rich get richer. It allows all technological advancements dollars and power go to the top. If there was a gold standard the economy would be slower we would have more real jobs and not bs jobs the middle class would be larger and wealthier and there wouldnt be a war every 10 years.

      2. He had a choice. He could have vetoed every Great Society program’s funding and gotten us out of Vietnam a lot sooner than he did.
        There is always a choice, but perhaps not always a politically expedient choice.
        Your point does stand in its own right of course, and proves that the gold standard indeed prevents such diseases as a welfare and warfare state in the modern world. Which is why they had to get rid of it.

        1. From what I read, he made the most money during a presidency than any president up to that time(he was owned by oil,defense and construction interests). He was enriching his benefactors as well as himself, so let vietnam drag out a bit.

      3. petro dollar = forcing every country on earth to hold dollars, bc then
        ooil was sold in dollars only. oil is more important to our global
        economy than shiny metal

  60. I’ll never look at another Western woman in Dubai the same way again….
    Before: “Wow…..Hmm, she’s probably here with her rich American hedge fund manager husband.”
    After:: “Wow….I wonder if she’s been poo’d on yet.”
    All jokes aside, I 100% agree that the “FB/instagram twitter models” are just prostitutes with a free advertising ap. Let them whore, I say. Eliminates the marriageable from the herd publicly. If you’re dumb enough to marry one up with her exploits on full display….enjoy the suffering buddy.

  61. Damn good posts. Instagram models are not models. They sell no products. They dont do printwork. They walk no runways. They dont even get payed for photoshoots. They feed their own narcissism and live for pictures…a pathetic existence.
    Ask youself…when have smoking hot women ever traveled by themselves? The answer is fucking never. Somebody is taking those pics on her instagram of her in a bikini on a balcony. Its her sponsor.

  62. I remember speaking with this hot girl once while waiting for my plane and I still don’t why she brought it up but she told that some rich guy in Saudi (she was not alound to say) pay her to get on a glass table and take a shit while he was under it. I can’t understand it, why you would pay for something like that?, what kind of gratification one could get?. Also it is girls like this that help the confirm their views (people of the outside the west) that western women are whores.

    1. Cuz ur fucking rich. Missionary sex is for peasants. When u got oil money…fuck, id pay then to fuck goats and horses while drinking anither womans breast milk.

      1. But why? There are kinks, then there are perversions which have nothing to do with our natural drives or reproduction or even unsociopathic pleasure.
        To want to watch some chick shit from below, for pleasure and sexual arousal, is a sign of a mental illness. In nature these kinds of scum would have been culled from the tribe by spear point. Today we’re supposed to shrug and pretend not to notice that they are deviants.
        Rich or not, I don’t care. Lots of rich people are not like this, and there are plenty of poor and middle class folks into scat and other deviancies.

        1. Personally i dont like to play the mental illness, sociopath, or psychopath card. I try to empathize with people and understand why they think that way.
          im a saudi prince born into oil money. I can have 100 kids with 100 different women who know about eachother and still would be loyal to me. Plain old sex bores me. I wanna see a girl shit on glass above me because its new.
          Decades ago a bikini was risque. Now its like big fuckin deal.
          Decades ago people tap dancing was entertainment. Now its $100million movies and cg. You can tell me those movies are crap all you want but you cant tell me the matrix LOTR and others werent great.
          Im sure there was a time in your life kissing a girl was great then heavy petting then sex.
          like i said. Saudi prince. Oil money. Harems on top of harems. They are the law. They answer to no one but a revolution. They make like honey badgers and do what they want. I cant say i wouldnt do the same.

        2. I understand what you mean. Like celebrities, as much as you want of anything becomes a bit dull after awhile, thats why a lot of them struggle with substance abuse, always looking for the next new excitement.

        3. I suspect that these oil rich people, who earn so much money everyday we can’t even imagine and basically run the country (and to a good extent, also the world), just lose touch with normal reality. I guess them paying thousands (which for them is peanuts) to literally shit on the same broads which legions of orbiters world wide salivate over, is just a power trip. “Look at me commoners .. I’m so powerful that I get to shit all over your favourite ‘goddesses’ if I want to”.

        4. Think of it this way GhostofJefferson: These perverted, sociopathic scum with mental illnesses and unnatural sexual desires are fucking and shitting on the women of your race. Not just the normal women, they dont bother with peasants, but the highest SMV women of your race. Can you really say all these things and not look at the women who are complicit in this?

        5. I think a lot of their mental illness comes from the way they were brought up. The type of mother and father would be a different thing for west in general. To have a father who has more then one wife and more then just one child. A mother who was probably abuse herself as a child would more then likely be abusive to her child and would be similar to that of a single mother. I would recommend lloyd de mause work on war and child abuse.

    2. A good majority of Dubai whores are russian so why are the western women getting the bad rap ?

  63. Surprised about the reactions here. In eastern europe, this is a well known fact. The hungarians even invented a word for it: “Dubaikodni” – to dubai.

  64. I have no sympathy for these instagram,facebook or twitter whores. Almost every place has women running around promoting slut behavior. Look at the way women dress which is almost next to nothing anyway. Women like these always say, “I am a lady and I deserve respect!” Never show respect to whores men. Never.

  65. I guess this brings new meaning to the term: “getting shit faced”
    Dude: me and my Buddy are gunna get shit faced later
    Bro: you mean you’re a hooker going to Dubai?
    Dude: ahh…shit.

    1. Hey baby, how was your business trip to Dubai?
      Whore: was soo fun omg. We got shit faced all day all night!

  66. Whores are good for men.
    They help men to have sex with quality females the average guy could otherwise never fuck. They also keep the price of sex down.
    “Even if they luck out and manage to find a chump who will marry them
    knowing what they’ve done, the memories of the sick acts they’ve
    committed will haunt them for the rest of their lives”
    -> If they DO marry some beta dentist sucker, they may enjoy a good live but they will MISS (!) i repeat MISS these acts they have commited. There is joy in women to obey an alpha male (even if half black desert nomad) and please him, whatever it may be.
    Once they go a taste of the real thing, the average beta (even if reasonably wealthy) wont ever cut it again.

  67. Spengler’s Universal Law #9: A country isn’t beaten until it sells its women, but it’s damned when its women sell themselves.

  68. Bravo! Great read!!!
    This article should be required reading; it shows the true nature of the human animal.

  69. These women would get $1000 as hookers in vegas, but they get $10,000 in dubai. I’m guessing non-muslim women don’t have the same rights as muslim women. There’s little or no legal penalty for prostituting a non-muslim woman because she’s already considered ruined anyway, that’s why they pay extra to import their hookers.

    1. No need to get into deep sociology. The simple fact of the matter is, everything can be had for a price, especially in a place like Dubai built on decadent luxury tourism. If what you want goes against the prevailing social norms, well, that just means it’ll cost you extra for the discretion involved.

  70. Luciferian cabalist pieces of shit from hell have historically always had the ‘shit’ fetish. The shit eating, shit worshiping and shit obsessed behaviour indicates MOMMY ISSUES. Children play with their doo doo, tasting it ONLY ONCE or so, and are thereafter revolted by it. ‘MOMMY TOLD YOU SO’ – she told you it was nasty.
    Children who find that they LIKE the taste of their doo doo will likely reveal that they either have a mother who is cold and has no soul, or a mother who is domineering and serves NO MAN, the mother who raises boys who are not genetically predisposed to be gay but who TURN FAG from the constant bitch brow beating. I always thought fags had the worst case of SHIT TASTE PALATE, but these Arab desperados . . . WHOOEEE!
    Bossy single moms already have a taste for their own blood. The blood of their own kind – their own species. They KILLED OFF DAD didn’t they? And the legacy they impose on their poor sons is the opposite of life, THE CIRCLE OF DEATH which is basically dining on the blood of your own kind and topping it off WITH SHIT SAUCE. That’s where the shit comes in. Make sense?
    Just like the wild bitch mothers in the jungle. A woman with ‘death breath’ who would under the right circumstances drown her baby in the tub or EAT HER YOUNG as the wild bitch mothers in the ANIMAL KINGDOM do. When women live by the same rules that govern the animal kingdom, from the whoring to the eating of the runt, then those women become JUST LIKE DUMB ANIMALS WITHOUT SOULS. Peel away the onion of any vagabond wild woman single mother and you discover she’s nothing more than a blood drinking SHIT EATER FROM HELL.
    Only the golden rule of the patriarchy can save the woman from herself and her sons from becoming shit clowns with compromised souls.

      1. It’s so fake, paying someone to let you shit on their face. It’s like paying someone to let you beat them up. You haven’t proven your superiority in fighting by paying for their stand down. It’s as omega as riding around on a moped and proudly showing off your inflatable doll ‘girlfriend’ strapped to the back seat.
        The Aztec indians took degradation of their enemies to a whole new level. Homes of wealthy Aztecs had staircases with the steps decorated elaborately and IMBEDDED with THE FACES of their defeated enemies. The actual skin from the peeled faces was varnished or shellaced into the step surfaces so that the family members, children and all, would actually WALK ON THEIR DEAD ENEMY’S FACES each time they went up or down the stairs in their home.
        Napoleon was just a heavy duty mop job at best compared to the Aztecs.

  71. American Woman, keep away from me…. American Woman, mama let me be….

  72. I usually read ROK articles to be ,,in the know” to learn some new things, but I haven’t had this much laughter sincer reading one of AV8R’s articles about ,,Doctor Princess”. This shit umn, article is gold !

  73. I know that from talking to Arabs working there.Thats not a big surprise to me.Make the best out of it.BTW i dont need an emotional connection to have sex with women.Its quite the opposite.Women simply work that way.Dont fight it , enjoy it.

  74. There was a point in history when women like this were actually respected. Not the shit-on-my-face type women but Geishas for example. Before colonialism, the Devadasis in India. There are numerous examples throughout ancient Persian, Greek, Roman and Chinese cultures. They were considered entertainers and artisans and for a price, would offer “other services”. These women require a number of skill sets to be successful, particularly in networking, business, charm, and sociability. I’d have to agree that these women don’t nearly compare to the classiness of the women of old but the amount of success and money they have managed to garner for themselves is impressive. Seems like the more haters they have, the more successful they get. Kim Kardashian of note. Regardless, I fail to see why they fuel the amount of mouth-foaming, vile hatred as they do. They’re using their assets to their full advantage, something everyone aspires to do. But for whatever reason, when a hot chick does it, she’s akin to the scourge of the earth.

  75. ‘The Instagram models getting trolled by Tag the Sponsor have
    sipped from a poisoned chalice. Their souls are being warped by the
    repulsive acts their sponsors make them do. Even if they luck out and
    manage to find a chump who will marry them knowing what they’ve done,
    the memories of the sick acts they’ve committed will haunt them for the
    rest of their lives.’
    No they wont… they will rationalize everything they did and then convince themselves nothing crazy happened at all.
    In the movie, “As good as it gets”, Jack Nicholson, who plays a
    writer in the movie, is just leaving the publisher. The young female
    receptionist asks Nicholson a question.
    “How do you write women so well?”
    “I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability.”
    And there you have it… women explained down to a T!!!

  76. Look at the Instagram profile shadesofjoy.co and tell me that isn’t one such case.

  77. If she has solo travel pictures from Dubai on her facebook, DO NOT TOUCH HER!

  78. I read about this on the forum. I knew that instagram whores were exactly that. I though some beta simp was paying for all of their useless shit. Little did I know of the hedonism these whores were engaging in and with who.
    And it doesn’t stop with Dubai Porta Potties either, you also have the Cannes sluts, porn starts banging athletes for cash.
    It really reveals the rotten core of female nature, and what price women will go to ensure security.
    After reading this and the responses on the RVF I will never be afraid of an 8 or a nine again, just think of some Arab Sheikh dropping deuces on them.

  79. these disgusting gulf men don’t just seek to ‘degrade western women’ because they think they deserve it. it’s not unknown that during the syrian war they’ve been buying syrian girls from poor families (no older than 16 usually) to have sex with, making the most of the bad situation there to use syrian girls, because levantine women are coveted in the gulf.Gulf arab sheikhs are disgusting through and through.

  80. I can’t take credit for the insight, but I read an amazing comment elsewhere on the subject;
    These men aren’t just shitting on women – they’re shitting on the West. To them, the ultimate insult is to degrade your enemy’s women. And we enable them to do so because we are an entire fucking Beta society.

    1. I believe it was writen in this same blog, in the second part of this text.
      So true.

    1. Female monkeys push lil tiny monkies out, that doesn’t mean they could do absolutely anything.

      1. Yeah women are so fucking equal, they need their own special day where they are pedestalised by thirsty betas telling them how special they are.

  81. I can see the plot for the next “Sex and the City”/”Girls” whore flick.
    Lena Dunham lookalike (only fatter and fuglier) answers dream ad from Saudi oil sheik, goes to his palace and gets shit on, puked on by multiple arabs while fish gets shoved up her vagina. She poses naked, covered in shit and puke, Lena Dunham style, with her mouth wide open, Sarah Jessica Parker coke orgasm style. And she gets hailed as a feminist in all the media.
    Mark my words. The film comes out sometime in the next 5 years.

  82. this post and blingthesponsor or whatever its called is pure bullshit.
    there is zero evidence either here or on that incoherent site that girls
    are getting paid by brown people to get shat upon. if someone can prove
    the claims are true then by all means, bring it. to the rest: caveat

  83. this post and blingthesponsor or whatever its called is pure bullshit.
    there is zero evidence either here or on that incoherent site that girls
    are getting paid by brown people to get shat upon. if someone can prove
    the claims are true then by all means, bring it. to the rest: caveat

    1. Can we contact you on Instagram, and what’s your going rate for three weeks in Dubai, princess?

      1. resorting to ad hominem? really? name calling / projecting your
        homosexual fantasy on to another man is not evidence. i don’t have an
        instagram acct btw.
        so where is this evidence? bring it if you got it.

        1. There’s no point in trying to convince you of anything. What we can and will do is laugh at your attempt to rattle the cage.
          And here at Return of Kings, laughing is a way of life.

        2. How ’bout a nice bottle of cream for your hurting butt and a whetstone for your Internet Sword, O Mighty White Knight.
          P.S. Upvoting your own comments is rather amusing. To others, that is.

  84. A attractive woman gets approached by 5 guys a day,this can be either in the public space (point of origin her home to her destination or at her destination example grocery store /night club/bar/work etc)or the internet domain(social media example facebook/twitter/instagram/datting apps/dating sites ect) so thats 7 days in a week 5×7 = 35 .. So 35 men approached her in 1-week It’s 52 weeks in a year 52×35= 1,820 men try to get at her every year(this number can be higher it depends on the amount of men that try to approach her)
    Now that you understand the simple equations you will understand the following:
    Men are NOT single by choice
    Women ARE single by choice
    When their is abundance of men that she can chose from
    (1,820 men a year ) she will always try to upgrade to get the next best thing (SMV =higher Sexual Market Value) that is female nature at its core
    This is why I can safely say women aren’t sluts but whores if women were sluts that implies that their a abundance of women for men to chose from in other words men would be drowning in pussy which is not the case in realty

  85. They call me Allah of for reason
    I am that sandnigga of the season
    I defecate on these bitches for dam fucking treason
    -Sheikh of dubai

  86. Big bloated fake-assed tits. Who gets off on those chemical-stuffed foreign intrusions?

  87. It’s a bit unfair to put these womens instagram pictures with their instagram names on this blog, did you ask their permission?

    1. They’re perfectly capable of making a case for defamation and/or libel if they want to. On the other hand, truth is an absolute defence to defamation, so, good luck with that.

    2. So, the fact that these girls let men defecate all over them doesn’t bother you at all, just the fact that their public profiles have been posted on this blog? If someone goes to such depths to make spending money, their privacy becomes totally irrelevant. These girls make themselves public either to become famous or to take lavish trips on someone else’s expense, in trade, they willingly subject themselves to treatment like this. Yet, feminists and women’s groups scream to the gods thay this is all a man’s fault, yet, somehow don’t see that these women are putting themselves out there willingly, the other side of these issues.

  88. An apology is required….
    After careful consideration, I’ve changed my mind, based on reading Tag the Sponsor, this article and the comments in this thread… I’ve come to the conclusion that, at least a significant percentage of “Instagram models” are, in fact, hookers – at least when they go to Dubai.
    My apologies.

  89. “Even if they luck out and manage to find a chump who will marry them knowing what they’ve done”
    I know a lot of sex workers with husbands, fiances etc, and more often than not the guy has no idea what she does or has done. These girls are very good at lying and creating almost separate identities, completely secret lives, often with many levels to them. The guys are suckers who find something too good to be true (a really hot chick, who is extremely talented in bed, who is totally in to him) and refuses to question it, both of them live a delusion. I wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen/heard if someone told me them a few years ago, so won’t get in to details. But the bottom line is if you or a buddy run across a girl that’s too good to be true you need to do some serious digging in to her claims. You would not believe how far their lies can take them!

  90. I’m subscribed to this page on Instagram, and the things these girls are willing to do is absolutely horrifying. The owner of the page poses as a billionaire sheik to “inquire” about the “model” and offers to fly her out to Dubai, in turn, pay for flight, lodging, shopping money during her stay. This is literally what the exchange looks like:
    “Shiek”: I’m (name goes here), and I think your beautiful, I’ll give you 20K to fly here for 3 days, and an additional 10K to shop while your here.
    IG Model: 10K upfront, the rest on the day I leave.
    She then proceeds to give her checking account number so he can make the deposit. He then starts asking what are the limits, even going as far as beatings, slapping, simulated rapes, defecation and urinating, and most of these girls don’t object. They just up the price. He then drops the bomb that he isn’t a Shiek, and she needs to be ashamed of herself for going so low, she was willing to let him use her as a toilet for 3 days for a couple grand, which then she gets defensive and tries to talk to HIM like he’s some type of horrible person.

  91. I fear for the next generation of youngsters. Year by year the western world gets more depraved and shameless. Where will it end? People have lost all self respect and morals. People have become sexually immoral, greedy, shallow and vain. You turn on the TV and there’s dumb programs like ‘Keeping Up with The Kardashians’ a bunch of talent less bimbo’s who young girls look up to, for no reason, other than that there pretty. (Which is mostly enhanced by surgery) Looks are not anything. But because they are ‘celebs’ they’re looked up to by the young and youngsters will mimic them and look up to them and copy everything they do. Society always put the wrong people up top like greedy, talent less whores who possess no morals or decent qualities. Then there is the music industry which is now starting to look some what more like a porn industry, it appears that women can’t sell a single unless they sexually exploit themselves by shaking there asses, dressing like prostitutes and acting like sluts, so called ‘shock factor’. While the average American slags off the ‘depraved’ in the middle east, there is 70% of men in USA who watch porn monthly, while the East is stoning women to death the west is whoring them out. People need to take a step back and look at what were doing to ourselves, were going backwards like it was before biblical times people! not forwards!

  92. I’ve never heard so many ignorant, arrogant, disgusting and filthy words used to discuss peoples children and daughters. You lot make me sick! You should all go fuck each other because any how ( God forbid )you are blessed with children…. They will never make it in this world. Your children for sure will be the ones to grow up and get shit on literally. You teach your sons to view women like this, you teach your daughters they are worthless. You disappear and leave the women alone to struggle with the kids you helped create then have the cheek and audacity to drop by when you can be fucking bothered, once a month or year, with a pack of sweets and some fucking trainers and think that’s ok?!!! Then you wonder why the boys of our generation are increasingly selfish, rude and useless and the girls are lost and insecure. On top of that you want to say Women are less intelligent.. really, get a fucking grip please. YOU are the reason the world is fucked up like it is!! This is a Mans world right?? So quick to declare that FACT so own it! Look what the fuck you’ve done! Wow, aren’t you just Gods almighty shitting gift huh! Go get yourselves sterilised and do the world a favour. Maybe when you BOYS grow up and find a way to become real GROWN MEN, you’ll find a REAL WOMAN! Be a man who works though problems and fights for their women and children. Try sticking around and be loving, giving women the strength they need back to hold you up, love and support you and look after your best interests in return, the way most good women want to! It’s a partnership it takes 2. instead of cheating every 5 minutes and talking to her like shit, putting her down instead of raising her up in the right way and all in front of or worse …to the kids (and the list goes on). Then wondering why you don’t get the respect you want. (You don’t deserve it from anyone!) you’re just repeating the cycles that left you fucked the way you are today. I’d slap the teeth out my sons head if I heard him talk like this about women. You are the men who’s daughters are looking, searching to replace you with these fiendish devilish cunts, and that’s scientific fact! What does that say about you? It’s you she’s replacing/ hurting/ getting back at/ trying to find love from/ support from, some self worth. It’s you she never had there to say you’re beautiful darling don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise but no… you’re slack. Talking about “ahhhh I can’t make it this week, next week maybe” and that’s if the child is lucky. “Here I bought you a nice dress instead of spending time” humm sound familiar? WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT IS TEACHING HER? I look at some of my friends and I thank God my mother and father found each other when they did because you can tell the difference between one who had Daddy and one who never had him or very little of or an abusive one (all the same thing). Mum struggling to be both parents sometimes works out but for most it becomes too much. lets face it boys say what you want but the stats are there to show it’s YOU fucking up the program. Where are you??? Whys everything Mums fault when it’s her paying for everything taking the babies to school feeding them bathing them where the fuck are you? I was so ashamed of the men I usually speak so highly of (thanks to my Father) to then come hear and read you all saying things that make me physically sick!!! I now look at you like the biggest shits on the planet. You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Rounded up and shot! Go and show your Mothers (probably the only parent most of you have) what you just wrote on here I fucking dare you!! You’re the Filthy, Disgusting, Depraved, Whore Bitches… not dogs! BITCHES! That being said… bless the small percentage it seems of beautiful REAL MEN who love their children and Women, none of whom are on this page. AMEN!

  93. “The next time you’re tempted to Like a girl’s selfie on Facebook or write a slobbering comment about how good she looks, just think of the “Dubai porta potties” and smile”
    Fuckin’ Gospel.
    I can’t remember the last time I saw a photo of a young, really attractive female and thought to myself “gosh….I wonder what it takes to get that hot chick?”
    As much as the communication technology has done a lot of damage to society, it certainly has pulled the mask off females and exposed them for the virtueless parasites that they are. Nobody is forcing these women to go to various parts of the world to be a human toilet.

  94. Tag the Sponsor finally caved out of litigation. When you expose the wrong gently-driving whore, she sics the lawyers on you.
    Sad my favorite site on the web has been taken down

  95. “Women like to flatter themselves by thinking that all they need to do is show up, look hot and men will be turned on. It’s not that simple. Men need an emotional connection to the women they bang in order to enjoy themselves. I’m not talking about twoo wove, either: booze-fueled lust is more than enough”
    I don’t think that applies to all men – but it certainly can apply to many men. That said, there has always been the debate on gaming vs. going to a professional with regards to getting one’s dick wet.
    I think it is safe to say that women do not care for men outside of material resources. So then why with this now being common knowledge do so many men still choose to game females instead of outright pay-for-play? Why do men still frequent retarded nightclubs when they can simply find a cum-bucket for hire via social media?
    Esther Vilar wrote in her book “Manipulated Man” that women who sleep with men without discussing payment do so on speculation that the guy she’s fucking will put in the highest bid – that he will propose marriage to her, thereby giving her access to at least 50% of his reources when she cashes out at divorce time.
    I think ROK author summed it up best in his article “Why Man Needs His Myths” :
    “Man cannot live by bread and woman alone. He also needs a myth to sustain him, to console him in his bereavements, to provide a code to anchor his life, and to impart a sense of meaning to this brief mortal existence. Snatch away his mythos, rob him of his ideal, and you banish his spirit to a rudderless drifting in life’s expansive ocean. It is a cruel fate, and one that is far (…) the myth truly is the last thing to die. When that goes, so goes the man”
    Even though men (those who are not stupid anyway) know women do not care for them, the notion that a female could actually care about him plays very heavy in the male psyche, and he’ll pursue any chance that this myth might turn out to be true.

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