8 Essential Rules For Banging Married Chicks

It’s been said that as many as one out of ten children weren’t fathered by the man they believe to be their dad. There are studies out there to counter this statistic (1 out of 25 is still too many) so nobody really knows for certain what the real number is. But the trend is disturbing nonetheless.

With or without paternity fraud we in the ‘sphere are well aware that cheating is rampant among today’s wives and unfortunately many of us have fallen victim to this epidemic—myself included. With glorified mainstream sites like Ashley Madison as well as countless forums women frequent to assuage their cheating ways leading the way in commercialized infidelity, it’s become clear that the number of unfaithful wives grows daily and they aren’t feeling the least bit guilty about their indiscretions.

Too many men have been down this road

What this means for you pussy pirates out there is that today’s western wives are some of the easiest targets out there. Years of devouring salty loads from dozens of donors who couldn’t give less of a shit about her has made it impossible for her to sexually pair bond with her husband. She may be attracted to him for his ability to provide and care for her children (Beta Bucks) but her loins will always yearn for the men who aroused her in her party years (Alpha Fucks).

This is where you come in.

Now before you manginas start crying about being a home wrecker, violating the “sanctity of marriage,” or preaching morality from on high, save it. Marriage is a joke and we all know it. When a woman decides to cheat, she is going to cheat whether it’s with you or someone else. So grab your balls, get off your white horse, and quit being a pussy.

Somebody will fuck these broads…guaran-damn-teed. It may as well be you.

Don’t act like you wouldn’t smash this

That said, there are landmines-a-plenty if you commingle with matrimonial madres. Having slayed a handful myself there are strict rules I have always followed when engaging in the cardinal sin. I learned these rules through friends and acquaintances who had to learn many of these lessons the hard way.

I am very fortunate not to have been bitten in the ass by one of these trysts. Though I’ve had close calls on more than one occasion because of a few minor slip ups, I haven’t suffered any major consequences. I was happy to soak up the knowledge without having sustained any of the collateral damage that came with acquiring that wisdom.

Banging slutty wives is easy. It’s the getting out clean part that trips most men up. No endeavor with a woman, married or single, is risk free. But the edicts below, when followed to a tee, will drastically minimize, if not completely eliminate your exposure to the potential perils of paramourdom.

8. Never meet her in town

This is non-negotiable. Meeting your vow violator anywhere close to where either of you lives, no matter how large the city, is a huge mistake. You run the risk of running into someone either of you knows and if that happens, it’s a mathematical inevitability that it will get back to her husband and things only get worse from there.

Always meet up with her a town or two (or three) over and never ride to your destination hotel together. Show up in separate cars and make sure she understands that this is an ironclad rule in your arrangement and that any deviation will result in the end of your affair.

7. No dates

Going out for dinners, movies, or anything that resembles a date is off limits. You don’t want her getting the idea that you might care about her. This arrangement isn’t about romance or feelings. It’s about sex. Nothing more.

Any time she suggests going out, tell her you two are ordering out and renting a movie. Not only does this keep her in check with regards to the status of your arrangement, it minimizes any risk of being seen in public together. If she objects, cancel the meet up.

I’ve had to do this with nearly every wife I’ve banged. Half the time they fall in and half the time they stop calling. That’s the way it goes.

This is a no-no

6. Never fuck the married co-worker

The pitfalls here are obvious but the main one is that she could end your employment rather easily by filing a sexual harassment claim against you if things go sour. And even if she didn’t, you would both know she’s got that ace up her sleeve that can be played at her discretion.

Office romances rarely stay under wraps, if ever. Messing with married chicks is playing with fire as it is. Fucking your married co-workers is just begging for a world of hurt. Any man who swims in these treacherous waters deserves what he gets. The warnings have been drilled into our skulls since we were young in the form of the old adage “never mix business with pleasure.”

Abide by this rule and you’ll steer clear of this life-altering booby trap.

5. Use a fake name

This isn’t always possible but it’s a good practice to get into if you spot a ring on the finger of your target. Using a fake name makes it very difficult for her to stalk you (e.g. on Facebook, where she can get familiar with the names and faces of your friends and family), dig into your personal life, or anything else she might do when she starts catching feelings and begins entertaining thoughts of a long term relationship with you.

The less she knows about your identity the more easily you can disappear when the time comes.

Pro Tip: A throwaway prepaid phone comes in handy here. You can get the service put in whatever name you choose which further throws her off the scent and reduces her accessibility to you…so long as this is the only number she has to reach you.

4. NEVER tell her where you live or work

A friend of mine broke this particular rule and saying that it cost him dearly is a gross understatement. Aside from having to find a new job and new residence, damage was done to his and some of his co-workers’ vehicles. His jilted lover also used spray paint to let everyone know who was responsible for her rampage which dug him into an even deeper financial abyss.

Revealing where you hang your hat or swipe your time card is an egregious mistake of epic proportions. Keep this information under lock and key at all costs.

3. Always use protection

One would think I shouldn’t have to put this on the list, but believe it or not there are a lot of idiots out there raw dogging married moms (hence, the paternity fraud epidemic).

Things can get pretty messy if she decides to carry the pregnancy to term. Paternity testing drama, child support hearings, awkward visitation, complications with custody arrangements, the list goes on and on. Not to mention your kid possibly being raised by her slutty ass and her beta husband.

Nobody wins in that scenario especially the kid.

It’s bad news to knock up a a random girl but impregnating another man’s wife will complicate your life like nothing else. So unless you’re shooting blanks, wrap the fuck up…

…and you’ll be as carefree as this guy

 2. Do not get attached

Now before Captain Obvious(es) hit me with “well of course not!”, this isn’t as easy as you may think. The sex you will have with married women is some of the best you’ll ever experience. Dick-deprived spouses are experimental, insatiable, and every kind of debaucherous adjective in between. She’ll dress as slutty as you tell her to and will channel her inner porn star that has been begging to surface since she tied the knot.

Believe me when I tell you that it is very easy to get caught up in a woman who willingly satisfies your every sexual need every time you meet. Your brain grows more addicted to the dopamine rushes she faithfully delivers with every encounter, and before you know it you’re entertaining crazy thoughts about running away together or whatever other ridiculous scenarios your mind stupidly thinks up in the midst of a sex-fueled psychosis.

The best way to avoid this is to limit your time with her. It won’t be easy to cut back on her ball-draining techniques, but the less time you spend around her, the less likely you are to get attached.

1. Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em

Being ready to walk away at any time is standard game application, but it’s magnified tenfold with married women. If you get the feeling things may unravel get the hell out of there. Females are unstable by nature so be prepared for her implosion at any moment.

Don’t freak out if she starts calling you more or demanding more time. That’s perfectly normal and always happens in the beginning. You’re dicking her good and she wants more—that’s part of the gig. Handle it.

But when she starts talking about leaving her husband or getting careless with the covertness of your affair, hit that eject button immediately and disappear. When she starts exhibiting this behavior it’s only a matter of time before she self destructs and if you’re anywhere near her blast radius she’ll take you down with her.

Bonus: She had better be attractive

There is way too much risk involved in these affairs to be fucking around with a fatty, an ugly, or both. Make sure this high risk has a high reward.

Not even close to worth it


Gaming married women is easy and difficult at the same time. On one hand they need alpha dick in their holes because they aren’t getting it at home. If your game is tight she will respond. She can’t help it.

But they don’t want you or anyone else to see them for the cheating sluts they really are, so they can make it very difficult to interact with them depending on venue, mood, and situation.

Often times they unconsciously run push-pull game on you (this happens all the time so be ready, fellas) because they want you to pursue but they want to keep up appearances. A tricky proposition indeed.

But once you build attraction, trust, and most importantly create plausible deniability for her to fall back on, her anus is yours for the taking. And when you take it she will take you on a magic carpet ride you won’t soon forget.

Bridal bitches will show you a whole new world

All the same, a lot of men aren’t willing to take assume the risks involved with matrimonial meddling which is understandable. If a man falls into any one of the pitfalls of these affairs his life can go sideways in a hurry. I can’t blame the man who wants to avoid these piranha-infested waters. This isn’t for everyone and that’s okay.

If you do decide to take the plunge, follow each and every one of these rules to the letter. Nothing is completely bulletproof but assessing and minimizing your risk with these techniques is very important. If you get the feeling that it’s not worth it, walk away and regroup to fight another day. There’s too much pussy out there to get in too deep for just one piece of ass.

I’m living proof that you can get in and out of these escapades unscathed, but it takes unflappable discipline not to deviate from your plan. Stick with the program and you should be fine.

I said it once and I’ll say it again: Spare me the morality narrative. We all sit here and talk about how slutty women are and share stories about cheating wives and tales of their cockoldry. The fact of the matter is that you’re not going to change anything by not banging that wife who’s shooting off IOIs in your direction.

It’s saddening that western marriages and relationships have been in the toilet for so long that infidelity is not longer shocking. But doesn’t do any good to sit around crying about it either. So ignore that ring, get her number, and enjoy the decline.

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316 thoughts on “8 Essential Rules For Banging Married Chicks”

  1. I’m predicting a civil war in the comments section. On the one hand there will be “Team Man” who find this article and the type of guy who fucks married women immoral. On the other side there will be guys who use the excuse that “they will just cheat with someone else anyway” and that morality is “beta” and that having a conscience just means that you were successfully conditioned by the Feminine Zeitgeist.

    1. If you have to smash them, do it, but then shame them and when they start begging you to be with them call them a slut and tell them that you would never be with someone that would cheat on their husband, then tell their husband. If guys did this, we would benefit off the cheaters as well as stop cheating in the long run (by making it really risky to the female)

  2. Marriage is a joke and we all know it. When a woman decides to cheat, she is going to cheat whether it’s with you or someone else.
    Rationalization, the male hamster laid bare.
    Non-violence is a joke and we all know it. When a woman decides to kill her husband, she is going to kill her husband, whether she hires your gun or someone else’s.
    Wow, see how that works? You can be a hit man with a clean conscious! You go maaaannnnnnn(tm)! And spare me the morality narrative!
    The “but somebody else will beat you there first” argument is lame. It’s not even good sophistry.
    Forgetting marriage (and morality) entirely. A girl who is so whorish that she’ll abandon all pretense of doing right in order to participate in a cheap ONS that may well financially and psychologically destroy another third party human being who was in no way party to her sluttery, and she knows it and doesn’t care, is entirely unworthy of your cock. If she’s so flippant about being able to destroy another man she’ll have no problem *whatsoever* crying “rape” against you if her hubby discovers her daliances. And if he’s a beta boy, and he is, he’ll have no problem getting the law involved, or his own revolver. Pray that he shows up with the revolver and does it quick, because the law is going to drink your milkshake but good.
    Have some fucking self respect as a man. Don’t go there.

    1. The idea that “her husband isn’t giving her what she needs anyway” is also the male Hamster at work.
      Also, she’s not necessarily going to cheat with someone else. Perhaps you catch her in a moment of weakness in her marriage and she would usually withstand temptation. Or maybe the other guys who try to game her aren’t as attractive as you and you are the only one she wants to forsake her marriage vows for. There are lots of possible scenarios where her fidelity depends on your actions. But none of that matters because the guys who are for fucking married women will always find a way to rationalize it. All the justifications should be translated to, “I do what I want because I only care about me.” According to the more bitter half of the guys who swallowed The Red Pill, doing otherwise is “beta.”

      1. Yes, quite. It’s the sexual male blame mentality. If a woman doesn’t want to fuck a man, it’s because he’s inferior. If a man doesn’t want to fuck a woman, it’s because he’s not man enough.
        Eh, not even sure I want to participate in this thread any longer, to be honest.

      2. And therefore the guys who screw married women are in a way being women themselves.

    2. You beat me to the revolver point. We live in a nation with almost as many privately owned weapons as there are people. Given the willingness of the average female to fuck, is it really worth your life to fuck this one married female? To me, that’s beyond thirst, that’s parched in the Sahara during a drought.

      1. Lots of guys think of the “enraged lover” and say “Ok, but that’s rare”. It’s not really that rare (hear about a bar shooting this last weekend? If it was not gang related I’ll bet it was a fight over a woman or a domestic fight carried outside the home to the bar), but even if it was, we’re also talking about the man who, three weeks after discovering, takes the life of his cheating wife, and/or the kids, and/or himself or, in some cases, decides “Hey, fuck the world, it’s time to shoot up the USPS office down the road”. Or, the wife is so distraught at being caught that she just offs the innocent poor sap to collect insurance and run off with a now absent lover boy.
        Emotions fuck hard with men in this kind of situation. They’ll either go full stupid silent and give up all hope, where they then get divorce raped and finish life staring into a glass of whiskey not ever knowing what the fuck they did to deserve their fate, assuming they don’t kill themselves (some men will), or they’ll decide it’s time for a little payback.

        1. There’s a reason for many years killing your wife and her lover was called a crime of passion and many times was knocked down from murder to manslaughter (or even dismissed).

        2. I believe (not a lawyer, may be wrong) that the entire premise behind 3rd degree murder was based on that assumption, or was at one time. To distinguish it from manslaughter or something, though I think some states have gotten rid of 3rd entirely and press for 2nd or just fall back on manslaughter.

        3. the enraged husband trope is seen as a joke in modern entertainment. I can’t think of how many movies have the alpha playing with other mens wives and the husbands find out then he makes threats and lose to the guy who did the cheating. I enjoyed the movie “Gangster squad” when mickey found out his girl was cheating he was going to have acid thrown on her face but white knight moment later and she is all his. this trope within he entertainment industry gives men the vision that they are saving women from bad marriages especially within the modern domestic violence movement and that if they white knight enough they will be the ones that these women pledge themselves too. nothing could be more dangerous for your average man.even if one of these men win its a pyrrhic victory at best.

        4. this is still the case in france. however the woman if left alive (courts look favourably) and only the courter was killed. usually the woman can remarry while the husband is serving 5 years. wasn’t all too uncommon in the 60’s in france when they were having their hippie movement. although it often gave the beta a few more options when he was out of prison too.

        5. What always helped me was an old indian saying “The best way to get revenge on a man who takes your woman is to let him keep her”.
          And I have enough experience with guns and knife training I can kill most people I meet.

        6. Helen of Troy is the most infamous example of stupid males fighting over a piece of ass.
          How many Men have lost their lives fighting for someone else’s female?
          How many Men have lost their lives willingly because his wife made him feel less than a Man?
          A Man can afford to keep his guard up around everyone, but around his Wife he should feel confident enough to lower it, to the point where he can trust in her and confide in her and believe she wont’ screw it over.
          Today however you are just as apt to getting screwed by your Wife, and not in the way we would all prefer.
          Sampson got screwed over for a moment of weakness, and this cycle of vaginal treachery continues unabated, to this very day.
          The moral of this story is:
          Do not let your guard down around your girlfriend and especially your Wife, unless she has been your Wife for years and you are certain she deserves it.

        7. Cardinal rule number 1: Never invest in a woman more than she invests in you. Cardinal rule number 2: Never accept there to be a resting period between a man and a woman. Even in comfort, drama is always at play for women because they feed off of desire.
          That is why game is important. You must beat her challenges again and again and yes again. And yet still again. Women who find this won’t cheat because all the desire she needs is coming from one space in several ways and she can never win. Women hate losing which is why most don’t play video games or mess with men in sports.

        8. He’ll get tired of her shit and she’ll have to live with the fact he most likely is a bigger loser than she imagined.
          Seriously, this article is stupid, worthless advice. Why bother taking yourself through her shit, hearing about her husband and using you as a fulcrum to fuck 3 or more people over over a piece of ass? Regardless of the morality or sanctity of marriage. Why waste your fucking time?
          Who writes this shit and why is it even here? I’d expect this crap to be on Jezebel.

        9. It would fit right in there, as it clearly endorses the Feminist goal of breaking up families and alienating men and women.

        10. And if they do play, they will cheat if they can. Their imperative is about how others perceive them, even if undeservedly, and not about self improvement and rising to a challenge for its own sake.

        11. That’s where you can see the rationale behind the people who claim that Wes. Civ. is based on pedestalization of the female. It’s even in the myths. It’s in Disney, everything. Once you can understand that and get past it then Bob’s your uncle.

        12. I’ve seen this myself.
          Subtract the alcohol, the drama, add in one or two shit-tests or real-life situations and the girl is praying to god that her husband never finds out that she fucked a total loser.

        13. I once discovered my ex fiance cheating with a guy i knew.
          Luckily i was in another country and it took six months to get back, by which time i had cooled off, but i can attest to the murderous rage that overcomes you in the moment.
          Having been through that before, and now married with a child, i can honestly say if it happened again i wouldn’t get at all worked up. I think I’d just shrug, say adios and walk. Then immediately initiate a threesome with a few girls I know want my cock, and travel to some exotic places.
          The lesson is – it aint worth getting all hyped up and pissed off about. If she’s gone, she’s gone and that’s it. It iswn’t worth killing some poor bastard either who maybe knew and maybe didn’t. Whatever way you look at it, from the moment she cheats the situation is OVER and it’s all in the past. cut your losses and walk. Life goes on, and new adventures, women and fun awaits.

        14. That’s why red pill mindset is so important. These days men should not treat their cheating wives as some precious diamond that was stolen away from them. No, she was not stolen. She chose to desert him. Men should accept the truth for what it is and not go crazy for a woman. I know it’s fucking hard. But men are men. We have the potential to separate emotions from rational action. Never should we do anything stupid to let our lives suffer because of a woman.

      2. Most husbands being cheated on are pussies. That’s why their wife is spreading her legs for strangers in the first place. You can live a life of fear, and refuse to sleep with any woman who other men are interested in if you want to. Personally I’d rather take someone’s woman and bend them over. Why? Because I can.

    3. yeah, you can apply the same rules to stealing someone’s car keys, wallet, robbing their house while they are on vacation… If I don’t break in and load up the truck some other hoodlums will…. etc. etc….
      playing for team psycho is not a great idea…. a real man can keep his head and avoid these things…. they are unnecessary vices at best….
      if you do…… then at least include the caveat to train her up in the bedroom and send her back to service the husband… you’ll be doing the world a favor….
      like a bank robber who gives money to the poor, you have to give a little something back somewhere….

      1. “train her up … Send her back to service her husband”
        Seriously, does that ever work?

      2. It’s only “playing for team psycho” if you consider marriage not to be a dead. I give zero fucks about marriage as an institution. Feminists’ have changed it from a contract in which both parties have legally enforceable rights and responsibilities; into a way to enslave men.

    4. If she’s so flippant about being able to destroy another man she’ll have no problem *whatsoever* crying “rape” against you if her hubby discovers her daliances. And if he’s a beta boy, and he is, he’ll have no problem getting the law involved, or his own revolver.

      And what better way for a beta to show his unsatisfied wife that he’s a real man than by killing her rapist. It’s just like an action movie.

    5. Yeah, one day RoK posts a well-reasoned article “(Most) Red Pill Men Are Not Adding To The Moral Decline” and then the next day it posts shit like this. I can’t figure you out, RoK.

      1. PuAs are to men with morals what feminists are to feminine women.
        Roosh, and a few others, at least write useful stuff that can be of benefit to the rest of us. Immensely so for those who care to look into things. But they still push the pump and dump agenda at the same time, because that is what they do.

    6. I was once propositioned by a married woman who was in the role of hiring me. She had children too which made it all the more sad. There is an ancient concept of being the magnanimous man. What matters to another person namely the man (who is married) is of higher importance than my short term needs. There is no point dividing between beta or alpha. It’s divided between those who engage in the spiritually destructive and those who want to build themselves to a higher level of expectation. Now if there was no way of knowing that she was married then i would a) either advise you cut all strings b) do the right thing and leave a message to the boyfriend or husband. -however this too can put your life in danger as it did for a close friend of mine so take it quite seriously.

    7. “Have some fucking self respect as a man. Don’t go there.”
      You just slam dunked it with that one.
      *nods slightly in affirmation to your Alpha badassedness*

    8. Imagine if we lived in a society where such a woman would be told “Hey, you’re married. What the fuck? Go the fuck home and sort out your life”.
      But nooooooo
      How many times have I mentioned that in Western society men are raised to put the pussy on the pedestal NOT only in the manner of worshipping it such that if you “can’t get it” you are a loser, but the other prong to the multi-pronged indoctrination is to make it so that if a man put anything else ahead of the pussy, like self respect, or respect for the other fellow, or whatever (as long as it’s in the way of the pussy), then it means he’s gay or something. It started in the 80s with that “you might be gay and don’t know it and if you don’t like that it’s not because you are not gay but because of family or religious oppression”.
      So.. this turned an entire generation of men into sharks ready to take a chunk out of other sharks in 2 seconds because, well in this context, if you DO NOT fuck the neighbors/best friends/brothers wife who wants you to screw her, well… you just broke “the law” laid out by the think tanks, academia, and the media, and now you have to suck huge cocks even if you don’t like it and you’ll be crying the whole time but hey that’s the “rules”.
      Feminism has only fed the hamster, not in any way did anything to help women control it (all while claiming no man is in control of his violent and sexual animalistic urges and that’s why if the cops come for an argument the man must be arrested, why there must be shelters for women everywhere and tons of laws comprising a legal minefield for men).
      The other front to that attack was to give men their own hamster and set them on rationalizing it. And that’s what this article is all about.
      Well said, Ghost.

      1. “Imagine if we lived in a society where such a woman would be told “Hey, you’re married. What the fuck? Go the fuck home and sort out your life”.
        This reminds me of the scene in Raging Bull where Joey LaMotta (Pesci), pulls his sister-in-law out of the Copa to save his brother the embarassment of having his wife traipse about town with other men.
        Then he throws Frank Vincent’s character a vicious beating. Haha.

      2. “but the other prong to the multi-pronged indoctrination is to make it so that if a man put anything else ahead of the pussy, like self respect, or respect for the other fellow, or whatever (as long as it’s in the way of the pussy), then it means he’s gay or something.”
        Years ago when my ex was away I had a previous lover try and come back into my life. She pressed her bosom up on me, wrapped her arms around my neck, gave me sex-eyes, and started to slowly descend like the credits of a classic feature-length film.
        Like the naive fool that I am I grabbed her by the shoulders and told her I wouldn’t cheat on my girlfriend. She knew my ex… And I didn’t want to disrespect my woman like that. I’d sooner have a fling with some random bird at a bar then cheat on my ex with a past lover of mine who she freakin’ knew personally.
        Anyways… My ex found out through the grapevine what had happened… with a twist. Did I get any credit for standing up for what I thought was right and literally peeling this girl off my body? Nope. Did I get labelled the manipulative jerk who tried to cheat on his girlfriend with an old flame? Yep.
        Pretty much every time I’ve treated women with respect it has backfired on me. And people wonder why I don’t take women seriously.

        1. Kent, just remember – both the skank who tried to seduce you and your ex are both whores, not you.
          Did it ever occur to you that they arranged the scene to “set you up”? That maybe the only thing that saved you from a “rayyyp” claim or similar was your balls in just saying no?
          Just analyse these women – what kind of family life did they have/lack?

    9. Now here is a question. Men have a hamster, yes, but it is developed to different degrees in different men. Is the same true for women? Are there some women who are, as far as they can be, rational and with morals? And if so is the cause genetic or environmental or something else?

      1. Hamster is just a word for rationalization I think, so we all have one to some degree, however since women are emotion based primarily, their hamster plays a vital role in all of their decision making. Men can usually override their hamster if necessary, women I think it’s nearly impossible hence why men have learned game, to manipulate that little bastard to best effect.
        Rational and logical women with morals can exist in theory, and probably do to some extent. We’re all human beings, no matter how jaded some commenters on this site are about them. But I’d say that outside of mental defect type women (with stunted, hard psychological problems) they’re always going to default to emotion first. The few outliers, to me, would seem to be rather obvious and unfeminine. Every female science type I’ve met seems rational on her surface but is easily plied and becomes emotional quickly once you push the right buttons.

  3. Marriage is a joke and we all know it. When a woman decides to cheat, she is going to cheat whether it’s with you or someone else.
    Indeed. However, there is little reason to knowingly engage in sexual intercourse with another individual. Why provide her with self-justification for her infidelity? Not to mention other, more serious pitfalls.

  4. I completely agree with this article (I would never bang a married woman myself but if you would this is sound advice) and the conclusion is great! Although I have 1 beef with what the author said in the conclusion…”But once you build attraction, trust, and most importantly create plausible deniability for her to fall back on, her anus is yours for the taking.”
    Build TRUST with a woman who is cheating on her husband?!?! I don’t care what sort of “trust” the author is implying here but I’d say there would be no way in HELL I would ever trust this woman, ever! Or in any way you would define the word trust in this relationship. You are banging a woman who is married. Protect your self at all costs and use his examples in the article to do so, but do not under any circumstances, I repeat, do not put any “trust” in this woman. She has already proven by cheating she can not be trusted.

    1. “She has already proven by cheating she can not be trusted.
      Indeed. It is rather extraordinary that anyone could suggest otherwise.

      1. But really in the grand scheme of game its just not worth getting involved with a married woman, it will end terribly, with unneeded drama, and its just not a cool move.

        1. Agreed. In my view one of the most troubling aspects of engaging in sexual intercourse with a married woman is how this injures the husband. Why cause trouble for an innocent man one has likely never even met? Additionally, it also provides self-justification for the woman to engage in such behavior.

        2. Precisely, try to rationalize her decision anyway you want…he’s a beta male, he is lousy in bed, he doesn’t pay attention, or whatever reason the woman suggests…she still ultimately decided and acted on that decision to injure and hurt her husband by cheating on him. No man deserves to feel that pain and agony and I am not going to be a part that, to make that hurt happen. And ya I also would not bang a married woman more for the fact that I would never give her the satisfaction, like Max said… “provides self-justification for the woman to engage in such behavior”

        3. Unfortunately, I irresponsibly forgot to include the possibility of children in the equation. One is not only injuring one third party, the husband, but also the well being of any children he has fathered.

        4. so true, its just such a messy situation and such an uncool move I just stay clear of married women.

    2. Seems easier to just go to the huge uncountable pool of easy, pretty sluts that are not married. They’ll put out just as fast, just as well and there’s no need to make all kinds of tactical decisions about subterfuge.

      1. Seems easier to just go to the huge uncountable pool of easy, pretty sluts that are not married.
        Significantly so. Why add to one’s troubles while simultaneously injuring an innocent third party (the married man)?

      2. This.
        According to all these “pussy pirates” and alpha males running rampant, there are easy, unattached sluts are everywhere. Why not just get one of them?

        1. The mindset just makes no sense on a logical level.
          I’m in a land where fine alcohol of any variety I want flows from fountains unbidden and free. So I’m sitting there one day and say “I think I’ll break into my next door neighbors houses at noon in plain site to steal his case of Miller High Life.
          Because I need to be livin’ The High Life.”

  5. Pretty ironic that the same people who lament the decline of western culture will defend this article. You might as well get your piece of the “pie” right? Intentionally interfering in marriage is fucked up. It’s also a good way to tempt fate and get killed.

  6. so now this site has become like “them” let’s just match “their” behavior. By advocating this, we are no better than modern day women. I am not judging just comparing. However there are consequences for this behavior.
    No matter how meticulous you are with hiding this affair, sooner or later, you or her will get complacent, mess up, and give away your identity.

    1. Excellent observations.
      Women are notorious for leaving out “clues” in order to get the husband mad once they finally decide they’re done with him. To “get back” at him for the sin of working and providing and being boring and not giving her alpha tingles all the time.
      If they slip and do not do it on purpose, then you get to be accused of rape if she does a financial calculation that it’s better for her to stay with beta boy than to risk ending the marriage over some non-producer type man. Happens *all the time*.

      1. Simple forensic investigation will uncover the “lover” :
        1. Cell Phone
        2. Credit Card Bill
        3. ATM withdrawals (cameras at all of them)
        4. Hiring a detective to follow the couple
        5. Husband taking the law into his own hands
        6. Mileage use on the vehicle
        7. Calling her friends and asking for an explanation of whereabouts.

        1. Places advertise for this service all the time. And all the guy needs is a gut feel. What do we say around here, always trust your gut when it comes to a woman? Lots of non-manosphere men, lots of them, follow the same maxim.

        2. a rich beta who has money at stake will fear losing his $$$ and spend a few $$$ to follow her ass just to know if she is fucking around. A beta becomes emotionally overwhelmed, like a woman, and will do anything to disrupt her activities.

        3. 8. or a private eye
          9. a tv show based on catching cheating couples.
          there are whole industries based on catching people who cheat. the two biggest are the marriage counselling branch of psychiatry and the family divorce courts. these people need to pay off 250 grand of student debt plus all the conspicuous consumption that they have bought to look the part. their life is based on the imperative that you get found out and they still post profits year in and year out.

        4. Heck you beta, I say any man. It takes a cold man to keep his feelings in check when his time and investments were proven to be a waste. People have died for less. Somewhere in the world as we speak, someone is in an altercation because they looked at some person the wrong way.

        5. They now have semen detection tests. Just grab a pair of her panties out of the dirty laundry and they’ll swab it for man DNA.

      2. Totally agree with “match their behavior” idea, I had an opportunity once but never acted on that opportunity to sleep with a married woman. Seems like a such a chick thing to do. Not realizing the consequences of your actions and how it will affect actual lives and possibly destroy people and families.

        1. Aye, throwing aside all reason in order to be governed by our passions puts us out of the realm of men and into the realm of women. There’s just no two ways about it.

        2. a chick who has been deprived of sex , or alpha sex, will not want a condom or do anal either with the lover. She wants the whole thing to be some kind of Lifetime Movie Network / Playboy channel passionate love affair.

        3. What better way to prove that you operate from a scarcity mindset that to go after married or LTR females. To walk past scores of available women to meet a haggard, married one, hiding in the shadows like a character in a cheap spy movie, waiting for the day when the repurcussions hit you.
          How can it end well? You decide to end it, and she uses leverage to blackmail you. She decides to end it, and she leaves you feeling miserable, or uses preemptive measures because she fears your potential blackmail. Or she leaves whoever for you, and now you are paranoid, knowing its only a matter of time until she does to you what she did to him. What a mess.

        4. Or… I know of someone who just vanished…just… vanished. Wifey’s attitude changed quite dramatically too just after said disappearance of the paramour. One might get by with such in ‘Metro’ areas…I think it can be a lot more dangerous in the rural or small town South…alligators don’t leave much evidence.

        5. Happilly, this year’s romance movie is 50SOG. Being herd creatures, they will want what the movies tell them to want.

        6. If a married woman sleeps with another man she’s the one destroying her family. Not me. I never vowed nor signed a contract not to sleep with anyone else, she did.

      3. Women love drama.
        By cheating with the married woman you are basically manufacturing it for her, and then bringing it upon yourself.

        1. because if the cat gets out of the bag, it will always be your fault. You led her on. Her beta husband shares the blame. He was too busy working his ass off for her, and did not give her enough time. She is completely blameless, a victim, wronged by both of you

      4. A guy I work with had an affair (he was married) with my married secretary (bad form). She “got caught” by her husband after leaving her cellphone on the kitchen counter, password unprotected, during a session of sexy text. The guy was infatuated with her, so I didn’t have the heart to explain to him that as far as women are concerned that was a billboard directed to her husband actively trying to get caught. She of course disappeared from the office one day given the employment hassles involved and a few weeks later dumped the guy she was cheating with. He was basically her way of initiating a divorce and ending her marriage, nothing more.

      5. Fucking with a man’s wife is like fucking with a man’s car. Both are ill-advised and likely to lead to homicidal outcomes.

        1. Striking that people don’t realize this, though to be fair the comments on this particular piece give me some hope since they are overwhelmingly negative against the article.

        2. Yeah its a hard sell. What bothers me is the pain that would cause the guy who likely has done nothing wrong to you. It just sounds evil to me man.
          I wouldn’t even mess with a man’s girlfriend. I did this once as a 20 year old and made the guy cry. It was not a proud moment and not one I have repeated.

        3. Yeah you can’t really complain when a red-eyed husband marches your way with bloodlust.
          What are you gonna say to him?
          “If it wasn’t me it was gonna be someone else!”
          That may be logically true, but wait and see his reaction.

        4. I have respect for this attitude.
          Messing with a man’s wife is basically saying that you’d be cool with it if someone got some from your wife behind your back.
          Unless you’ve never invested anything in a woman, you don’t understand what it can be like to have so much time, hard work, and honest feelings wasted. You basically just took a shit on that honest man’s entire life.
          Is a pump-n-dump potentially worth that man’s sense of self?

        5. As the article says, once a woman has decided to cheat, she will cheat. If its not you, it will be someone else.
          Her man, therefore is doomed to cry. But it would be better, for me as a man if I am not an accomplice in making him cry. So yes, like you, I would never do that.
          Respect you for your opinion dude.

        6. Yep bummer that we have to worry about prison for killing someone that deserves it

        7. The other side of the coin is – after you fuck her , out yourself and her to the guy in question so he can offload her ass. The article is right, she is looking to cheat. The guy most likely is better off without her, be willing to fuck his stupid wife and then testify on his behalf during the divorce proceedings.

        8. Now she becomes a property of the man, eh? And you’re guilty of equating a living being to a non-living one. What about her if she herself really wanted the fling. How can you be sure that her husband isn’t involved with someone? They both may be in open relation as well. You’re making it sound like the law here where in case of adultery only the man involved gets convicted. Is there any point to hold on to someone when she/he really doesn’t want it? If the husband can’t earn her loyalty, the fault lies with him, his choice of the woman and possibly that he isn’t able to satisfy her needs (emotional and/or physical). True Love should liberating and not putting restrictions on someone or constrict something.
          BTW as a matter of integrity and consistency, if fornication is fine then adultery must be as well. After all you aren’t following the rule of putting sex within marriage only anyway. But people can’t just get over their jealously and competition and therein lies the problem. When a working wife who spends more time in office than in the family with her husband she might deviate a little but as long as she still showers her love and respect for her family, things should be fine, I think.
          Just google ‘the future of marriage’ and you’ll find the results indicating a future where sex is bound to get released from within the folds of marriage and that I think is natural and logical outcome to the prevailing conditions today unless we are going to reset everything and put sex within marriage again.

        9. I wouldn’t say anything. I like to fight! In fact I pay dues at an MMA gym to legally fight multiple times a week. If some beta wants to have a broken arm along with a broken ego I’m fine with that.

      6. That’s exactly the process an ex did with me. When she had to clutch for the false rape allegation it was a new all time low in my perception of women.
        And forget the guilt is correct. I once lived on a street where an awful lot of the wives were fuckin’ around.It was usually common knowledge with everyone but the husbands..

    2. “However there are consequences for this behavior.”
      Amen. You reap what you sow, or doing dirt gets you dirty and gets dirt done to you later on.
      We shouldn’t be screwing over our brethren figuratively by screwing over their wives literally. It’s bad form and it can lead to problems of biblical proportions.
      Cuckold enablers are the sand tigers of the Y world…they will devour their own for the chance to get something to eat, or “meat.”

    3. They’re just taking the absurd idea of Masculine hyperagency/ feminine hypoagency that we are fed and switching it. “Women are the ones responsible for the SMP and marriage being what they are today, we’re just adapting- we have no choice but to be just as depraved as they are.”

    4. I agree
      One reason I never went down this path is no fuck is worth an angry, jealous husband with a shotgun/speeding car/hired muscle coming after you.
      Cheating wives are the fucking lowest. A lot confess to their husbands out of spite for him (being a beta) and you (using her)
      Stay well away. They’re mostly psychopathic anyway

    5. The woman in that picture with the baby above is Maria Kang. We need more women like her. Quoted from her FB page:

      I’ve been getting an influx of new followers, emails and comments (on my profile pic) recently. Some saying I’m a bully, I’m fat-shaming and I need to apologize for the hurt I’ve caused women. I get it. SO here’s my First and Final Apology:
      I’m sorry you took an image and resonated with it in such a negative way. I won’t go into details that I struggled with my genetics, had an eating disorder, work full time owning two business’, have no nanny, am not naturally skinny and do not work as a personal trainer. I won’t even mention how I didn’t give into cravings for ice cream, french fries or chocolate while pregnant or use my growing belly as an excuse to be inactive.
      What I WILL say is this. What you interpret is not MY fault. It’s Yours. The first step in owning your life, your body and your destiny is to OWN the thoughts that come out of your own head. I didn’t create them. You created them. So if you want to continue ‘hating’ this image, get used to hating many other things for the rest of your life. You can either blame, complain or obtain a new level of thought by challenging the negative words that come out of your own brain.
      With that said, obesity and those who struggle with health-related diseases is literally a ‘bigger’ issue than this photo. Maybe it’s time we stop tip-toeing around people’s feelings and get to the point. So What’s Your Excuse? – Maria Kang

      1. She seems to be a good traditional woman. And I never mind a bit of vanity in a woman if it inspires her to keep in shape and pretty.

        1. For sure. And I like how Maria’s “apology” is basically a “fuck you” to all the Krispie Kreme eating chubbsters who tried to redirect their feelings of shame onto her.
          Its good how she eliminated all of the typical “fatty” excuses (its my genes, etc.) in one paragraph.

        2. And her picture doesnt belong in an article about screwing modern feminist hambeasts.

      2. Many hamsters went into overdrive following this. Hopefully some will turn into roadkill once their little Ferris’s wheels fall off their axis…

    6. I totally agree. This kind of behaviour only makes us as pathetic as they are. Honesty and upright living make a man, not debauchery.

    7. Agreed. Fuck this article.
      Why would I want to fuck a married woman when I can fuck an unmarried one? Makes no sense. And if she’s had a child, she can forget about it, no stretched cunt-flaps thank you.

      1. Regarding stretched, just look up Kegel exercises if your woman ever has a baby…

      2. Because married women can provide the opportunity to have a no-strings-attached sex.

  7. Hi Donovan,
    I really like how slimy this article is. I am a certain kind of scoundrel, not the wife-banger, but I understand the affliction. Thanks for trying to help out us guys navigating the minefield of the western female . The honesty about you is refreshing.

  8. This society has literally become a pure dystopia with too much promiscuity i.e womens liberation. Never forget these number 75% of all divorces are initiated by women and 51% of all marriages end in divorce. Men need to better themselves not become part of the lame “in” crowd who continues to be part of the problem. Having an affair with a married woman is a waste of time and not beneficial to creating a better society. Quit giving hoes a pass. More proof with a quote below:
    “Marriage has existed for the benefit of men; and has been a legallysanctioned method of control over women… We must work to destroy it.The end of the institution of marriage is a necessary condition for the
    liberation of women. Therefore it is important for us to encourage women
    to leave their husbands and not to live individually with men… All of
    history must be re-written in terms of oppression of women. We must go
    back to ancient female religions like witchcraft.” (from “The Declaration
    of Feminism,” November 1971).

        1. the times seems to have done away with commenting; cnn only lets you comment on articles not worth commenting on.

        2. I saw some libtard social engineering site the other day that charges money to comment, WTF?

    1. “Liberation of women” = doing what they want whenever they want without consequences.

    2. Please correct me if I’m wrong but it was NOT already marriage 2.0 in November 1971, was it? That’s why the femcunts were vehemently against marriage back then. But not now, no Sir, there’s much for them to gain from it and hence the femcunts howl & vilify you as manchildren who desperately need to “man-up” and wife-up their worthless brethren.

    3. In a way, it is worse since another 10%-15% of divorces are initiated by the men at the wife’s instigation, so that is almost 90%. On the other hand, I’ve seen guys do a lot of fucked up things and be oblivious, willfully blind, or simply apathetic to their wife’s reasonable needs.

  9. if you even have a tiny conscious and this woman has kids with the beta husband already, you will soon regret your decision to be part of the breakup of a family. Regardless if someone else would have done it, kids will eventually cry over the fallout. Don’t be THAT guy who makes innocent children cry. The beta husband is still a human being. We don’t hate them. We should not advocate ruining a family.

    1. A favorite pastime of feminists is to egg on men to humiliate other, ‘lesser’ men. Feminists love it when men, especially weak men, are humiliated.

  10. “We all sit here and talk about how slutty women are and share stories about cheating wives and tales of their cockoldry. The fact of the matter is that you’re not going to change anything by not banging that wife who’s shooting off IOIs in your direction.”
    “Now before you manginas start crying about being a home wrecker, violating the sanctity of marriage, or preaching morality from on high, save it. Marriage is a joke….”
    I don’t think the author knows the definition of “mangina.” Respecting another man’s territory and not inserting yourself into his romantic life isn’t being a mangina, it’s being respectful of other men.
    Look, by fucking married women you just make yourself part of the problem. You know the old saying, it takes two to tango. Nobody here would think its ok to steal another man’s gun, so why should it be ok to steal another man’s wife?
    Have some personal integrity.

    1. Its always assumed that a woman cheats because her husband is a beta and it leads alot of men to believe that alpha men dont get cheated on. Its very hard for any man to maintain an invincible alpha frame for 40 years. Agreeing to have sex with 1 person for the rest of your life is a risky gamble in 2015.
      This is why marrying sluts is so dangerous. The thrill of chasing new men is like crack cocaine to them and even the most alpha man on earth cant provide that level of dopamine for decades.

      1. Its a myth that only ‘sluts’ are prone to cheating. Even the ‘nice’ girls who only had a handful of partners before marriage cheat. Women cheat because: 1) they are bored 2) they think they can get away with it 3) they don’t respect their husbands. In that order of priority. Failure to maintain frame by the husband (loss of respect) is only one of several reasons and it isn’t the most important reason. Women cheat because they can. Society allows it, society encourages it. There is no social stigma to divorce any more. Divorce laws favor women, she still gets to keep the child, the house, and support payments.

        1. The key is that they think that they can get away with it. Unfortunately, women tend to get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to infidelity issues and they use that to their advantage big time. No one should ever trust their wife. Marriage is a business and your business partner is not always going to do what you would like. The person may be a great business partner but they will always do something behind your back at some point.

      2. The downside is that non-sluts balloon up to 300 lbs so it’s either sex with a woman who cheats or no sex at all because she’s a big fat fucking slob

      3. Amen. Even alphas get sick, go through hard times when they are crushed emotionally (loss of a father, for example) and their finances, fortunes and strength can wane. A good woman will stick by you through these times, a shallow slut will up and leave.

    2. I’m sure the author would just save time by sucking her husbands cock since he’ll be chasing that dick when he meets her, only separated by time and space.
      Jesus what a pos article. How about an article about character and self respect?

    3. It’s less about respecting other men and more about respecting yourself and having some morals and ethical standards. My mentality is “I don’t screw with your woman, you better not screw with mine.”

  11. That’s it, I no longer take this place seriously. RoK shot itself in the foot … AGAIN!
    I will never support this site in its current format and I urge all current sponsors to withdraw their support until the editorial cleans their act.
    I also urge Roosh to come forward and share his view on this article and why they decided to publish it.

    1. Some articles at RoK can indeed be quite irresponsible, in my opinion. However, I cannot find a single website where I have found myself in agreement with everything written within it. Simply discard the information that is not useful or even downright absurd while absorbing the useful ones.

      1. Never abandon your critical thinking even more so when you find yourself in agreement with everything written here. It’s how one becomes religious and indoctrinated.

        1. HA! HA! HA! Take the moral high ground and defend marriage (a religious institution) and then warn against becoming religious. Good one! The removal of religion from marriage is why it is not taken seriously anymore.

        2. You are free not to believe in marriage and choose not to marry but what gives you the right to destroy other people’s way of life?
          If I catch you cheating with my wife you’re dying first, she second!

        3. Actually, historically there are many more factors beyond religion within the institution of marriage. Things like securing kinship and alliances between families, having heirs (and making sure they are really yours), tapping the maximum productivity of men by providing them with a family to motivate them (at least it used to be that way), providing a legal structure for a man to pass on his inheritance, and a hundred more. Don’t reduce it to just a religious issue, it’s way more complex and sophisticated than that.

    2. No need to over-react, you sound like a feminist. “I don’t like this article so I want the whole site shut down.”
      I don’t agree with this at all but each man has a choice of how he is to conduct himself. If a man wants to bang married chicks, thats his business and he will have to deal with the consequences.
      Some men here think one night stands damage women, should they ruin a damn good website for the rest of us? Get over yourself.

      1. You preach moral relativism and yet you have the audacity to call me a feminist. The pot calling the kettle black.

    3. These articles, in most cases, are only someone’s thoughts or opinions.
      I look at them as the catalyst for the real meat & potatoes… the comments.
      – Here is where the validity of the article is determined.
      Our comments here may encourage or dissuade those who have not necessarily given any thought to such matters.
      Even if the subject of the article is disagreeable to some, the site will police itself intelligently and respectfully.

      1. This is true but the reputation of the site for the outsiders is ruined and these articles are then used to ridicule the manosphere as a whole.
        You know what they’ll say now: these people in the manosphere are so sex obsessed, they’ll shag anything that moves!

        1. I understand you. I’m not sure the manosphere can be cleansed in such a way. There is a lot of information to be combed through, and a lot of it is opinion. People will always find something objectionable when they go looking for it. This article seems to be more in the strata of PUA than RP, which are not the same.
          Maybe Roosh should post a comment on his position, this is his site.

      2. “I look at them as the catalyst for the real meat & potatoes… the comments. ”
        I see it the same way. The real gold of ROK is from the comment section. Often I just skim the article….

  12. What if the woman says she’s ‘separated’, or the divorce isn’t ‘finalized’, or she’s no longer living together with her husband, or her husband has already ‘moved on’ with another woman, or she’s not wearing a ring? How do you verify? Is that game on?
    The average marriage in america now lasts seven (7) years, and there are many women pre-marketing themselves for becoming single again. Just an observation of the social landscape, I’m not trying to debate.

    1. Ive been there, verified it, and it was game on for me, and it was fucking hot.

  13. I’ve never hit on a woman I knew was married but I’ve been hit on by plenty of them. It’s easy to call someone a sleezeball for fucking another man’s wife but if you’ve been in that situation you know you will go into man mode and flirt back especially if she’s a looker. Not saying it’s right but when a good looking married woman flirts with you I seriously doubt you would say “hmmmmm this woman is married! better not talk to her and disrespect another man’s property and contribute to the decline of this fucked up country!” No you would return the favor and flirt right back because you’re a man. I used to feel guilty about flirting with married women but that guilt has subsided because they’re sluts anyway.
    I agree Donovan! Enjoy the decline!

    1. How are “flirt” and “stick your dick into, bringing her entire family into potential legal play” analogous, precisely?

      1. They’re not. But sex almost always starts with flirting. Yeah, it’s bad to fuck another man’s wife I’m not saying it’s not. But I’m not a sleezeball for having done it a couple times. To each his own.

  14. I fucked a married co-worker which, according to #6, is no bueno. But … she had a boyfriend too. So she was cheating with me on her bf and husband. Vowed to never marry because of that.

  15. Sadly, left handed rings nowadays scream “game on” as opposed to “off limits”

  16. Glad to see that GhostOfJefferson and DavidFunShip are providing a serious voice of reason here. Whether she wants to or whatever, you are now directly involved in hurting people, and most likely children, by engaging in this behaviour.

    1. He didn’t (successfully) advocate; maybe this was a sophisticated parody of modern western society…

  17. It’s interesting how on one hand this site purports to portray men as the ones with principles, honor, and the ability to conduct themselves as more than animals succumbing to and controlled by their baser instincts, and in the next minute can advocate and excuse any sort of action, no matter how stupid, illogical, or even dishonorable under the umbrella of “enjoy the decline”.

    1. This is the schismatic nature of the synthetic paradigm called “alpha/beta”. It’s not a real identification, it’s the result of living in a feminist society. It appears that one can be an “alpha” in the old sense and utterly have nothing but contempt for this article’s mindset, or you can be the faggy, panty sniffing pussy-at-all-costs (including potentially getting oneself jailed, killed or at least beaten the hell out of by surprise behind a bar) type that sneers about “fuck your narrative!” and honor and being a man of principle in order to “enjoy the decline”.
      In a world of plenty, when it comes to women, why put yourself at that kind of risk, unless you truly, truly are that fucking desperate and pathetic? Knowingly put my life, my freedom or even my un-fractured nose on the line for a piece of untrustworthy, skanky cheating ass who will turn on me the moment she gets tired of me or the hubby finds out? Are you shitting me? How desperate would I have to be to do that when pussy does in fact fall from the skies for free these days?

    1. Stop it with the the moralfaggotry allready 😉
      jokes aside i disagree as well.

  18. i’m sorry, but this article is BS when it says you should just do it anyway. If even half of the good guys out there shamed the shit out of a girl that was cheating on her husband they would all but stop doing it. Women judge themselves by what others think… If you just have to smash them, do it, but when done, shame the hell out of them. Tell them, you are disgusting and I would never be with you. Tell their husband what they did. Teach the slut a lesson so she doesn’t do it again. If there was a 50% chance every guy a slut has an affair with would make fun of them and tell their husband, after he got his, they would stop that shit. I’m sorry, but I’m a good person and I will not have sex with a married woman, not because I don’t want to, but because it is wrong and I don’t want to reward a chick who is like that either. I have turned down a married chick several times and in the instances where I know her partner I have told her partner. In EVERY SINGLE instance the guy was great full.

    1. Even back in 400 BCE the Arya witnessed the same problems that we are faced with today. Soṇa Sutta (AN. iii. 221-2), where the Buddha describes the five ways in which dogs are better than brahmins, owing to the latter’s discarding of their ancient customs. It’s one of a series of suttas where the Buddha decries how the brahmins of his day had degenerated. To paraphrase;
      1. Dogs only have sex with other dogs, whereas brahmins, though formerly having sex only with other brahmins, nowadays will do it with women from any caste.
      2. Dogs only have sex when the bitch is in season, whereas brahmins will do it at any time.
      3. Dogs don’t buy and sell bitches, but rather, will mate according to mutual affection. Brahmins do buy and sell lady brahmins.
      4. Dogs don’t hoard silver, gold, grain etc., but brahmins do.
      5. Dogs go looking for their evening meal in the evening and their morning meal in the morning. Brahmins stuff themselves silly and then keep the leftovers for the next meal.
      “Verily, bhikkhus, these are the five ancient brahmin dhammas that are
      nowadays practised by dogs but not by brahmins.”

  19. If you have to smash them, smash them, then shame them and when they start begging you to be with them call them a slut and tell them that you would never be with someone that would cheat on their husband, then tell their husband. Let everyone know what a slut they are! Ruin their self esteem, make them feel worthless instead of hot and desired. If guys did this, we would benefit off the cheaters as well as stop cheating in the long run (by making it really risky to the female)

  20. Is there such a thing as marriage insurance, or divorce insurance? Sounds like a huge market opportunity.

  21. Inevitability is no excuse for being an accessory to injustice. I love many of your articles, but this is such blatant rationalization. For crying out loud, how is this site and it’s readership EVER going to lose its stigma as long as as we use other people’s degenerate behavior to excuse our own

    1. Agreed. This will inevitably end up on some bs feminist newsfeed as yet another example of how ROK feeds into the bottom of the culture barrel.
      On a related note, i think Matt Forney should have been released ever since that rape article, but this is not my site and i don’t make the rules.
      I like this site overall, but every so often i come across an article that makes me shake my head, or makes me disgusted. This one did both.

      1. “This will inevitably end up on some bs feminist newsfeed as yet another example of how ROK feeds into the bottom of the culture barrel.” – well said

      2. Same here. I visit this site every day, and I feel that it has helped me. I actually have enjoyed some of this writer’s articles, I just heartily object to this one.

      3. Same here. I visit this site every day, and I feel that it has helped me. I actually enjoy most of this writer’s articles, I just think that no man should take any part in such behavior.

  22. I may not agree with the article writer’s intent, but i respect his opinion and understand ROK’s intent for giving a forum for every kind of male out there…no matter how lacking in character they may be.
    Using this as an excuse to attack ROK is bs though. I wouldn’t want them to be a filter for information, no matter how unsavory that info might be. We get enough of that from the MSM.
    ROK doesn’t represent any one static view, except the view that we are all united in our disdain and opposition to the militant feminist agenda.
    Just like every kind of guy, from the naivete noble to the murderously inclined, is able to sign up for military service if he meets the basic requirements, ROK allows any kind of writer to write if they are able to meet the basic requirements as set by Roosh and the editor. They shouldn’t be held accountable for the hodgepodge of Y articles and their corresponding views which the majority of its main readership may find distasteful, myself included.

    1. Ashley Madison is owned by a married man who says there is no infidelity in his marriage. The women who use that site are unbelievable. The single most active day on the calendar for women to register a new profile is Mother’s Day. Instead of spending the day with their own kids, they’re out trolling for new cock to suck. They will freely admit to screwing around with a dozen or more men “on the side” because it felt exciting. They aren’t doing it because they were looking for a deeper emotional connection, or whatever bullshit women use to justify their behavior. Now go back to blaming men for the behavior of women like a well trained mangina.

      1. “Ashley Madison is owned by a married man”
        I didn’t know that, Champ. Still, thanks for enlightening me, oh Great Didactic One.

    2. That’s your solution? And what Muslim village are you from?
      We do things differently here. If a married woman wants to step outside of her marriage, we hope that her cucked husband grows a pair and dumps her ass on the curb.

      1. Tikrit. Duh.
        I speak in rather extreme figures of speech here all day, fucking relax.

      2. Agree, the only problem is that with our legal system today, all the consequences will borne by the husband. In other words, he finds out that she is cheating and dumps her, but if they have children, he will lose them and will have to take care of his ex wife through child support and alimony.
        There is a simple reason why over 75% of divorces are initiated by women; they face no consequences, moral or financial. This is all one needs to know about women, they will do whatever they can get away with, no matter who gets hurts, as long as its not them.

  23. If you care about men, you don’t bang other men’s wives as it feeds the feminine beast and lowers male value. Grow the fuck up.

    1. Not a well thought out article, crimes of passion are some of the most common, There is no quicker way to create divides and turmoil in peace between Men then sleeping with wife.

    2. ^ Wisdom ^
      Last straw. She already screwed Joe1 and he is going to make Joe2 pay for it, he forgave, but didn’t forget.
      Yep, you have NO fucking idea who he is, what he’s capable of. Could be a veteran with PTSD. Could be a closet homosexual with AIDS. Could have got out of Jail for murder.
      Could be a stand up guy with character. Someone in any other venue that could have been a great friend. She could be fucking someone else for all you know.
      Go ahead gamble your ass away over a piece of ass. Empower that skank, hand control over to her. She’ll have the opportunity to mentally and physically fuck over two men and perhaps several children. Besides, her story will be applauded over at Jezebel.

  24. “I said it once and I’ll say it again: Spare me the morality narrative.”
    Couldn’t agree more.

  25. These “alphas” who want to bang wives, would probably think differently if there was such a thing as “range justice”. Sure, bang that guys wife, but don’t run to the police when he shows up trying to kill you.
    It is a total bitch move, to start banging someone else’s wife. In my opinion, you get whatever you have coming if you start fucking with a man’s family.

    1. There is no range justice here. We wouldn’t be in this mess if there was, stop talking crap.

      1. That is my point!
        You either have honor or you don’t. If you are knowingly banging wives and effecting families, you are a shitty person and get what you deserve if that man comes to settle the score.

    2. It was like that back in the 1950s in places like texas, if a man caught his wife in bed with another man and shot them both, the court would probably hand down a minimal sentence. Now the judge will say you should have filed for divorce, so you get max sentence.

  26. There are several problems with the morality behind this article.
    First, this helps convince the wife she has options outside of her husband. Normally her friends have to convince her of that, but the affair seals it. That it is pure sex probably makes it even worse, because now she will begin to delude herself that she is so sexually desirable that a hot alpha turns into an animal for her. She will immediately begin to despise her husband and plot an exit, or at least a couple more affairs. The more contempt she has for her man, the worse the divorce is going to be.
    Second, yes marriage is a joke, but it’s a joke for a reason. And that reason is that while the husband is held completely liable, the wife is not held to any standard at all. That means she can sleep with a train of men, and he is still going to be financially wrecked in court. The rationalization that marriage is a joke, is actually a reason NOT to engage in adultery.
    Bro, you are killing these men. This goes past killing families (unfortunately the situation has deteriorated to the point where that’s already been killed), those husbands will be destroyed by the women you are fucking.

    1. cant believe an ashley madison spot was cleared for tv use. disgusting.

  27. You mention they love to use push and pull on you to make you chase? do you chase or do you become aloof and make them wonder?
    Currently I have a married plate who was pulling me in and we were having great sex. She’s obviously into me. But the month of February she came up with a couple reasons to not hangout. Car problems. Lots of homework. I took it as her just pushing. Do I pursue or now lay back?

    1. you are asking typical beta questions regardless of a woman’s marital status, but because you are asking about a married chick; makes the questions that much more desperate.

      1. Maybe I read what he said wrong and I misinterpereted it. But he said they push and pull to be chased. I normally don’t chase ever. If they flake a couple times I either go no contact till they hit me up or I’m done with them. But him saying they want to be pursued makes me wonder if it’s fine to keep pursuing or to be aloof still
        Edit:not sure why you’re answering because it’s quite obvious with how often you’re in this thread, that it’s clear you’re against fucking married women. So you won’t be helpful no matter what. And instead you’ll keep shaming me and saying I’m doing beta shit just because of the sole purpose of me being “unmoral” and fucking married women

        1. If your sleeping with a married broad and she stops communicating or seeing you, let…it….go. It’s actually a good thing she’s doing the work for you. Enjoy for what it was and bing bong goodbye.

        2. lol once again. That’s not the question I asked. I’m fine and I’ll keep fucking her. My question is how often to pursue and when to pursue. But because you’re so against fucking married women you will just keep feeding me with shaming.

        3. me neither…he’s sounding desperate which I have done plenty of times in my life.

        4. I’m not desperate, just curious lol. I have 3 plates currently. One is married. Just figuring out married chick game is all.

        5. the point is NOT to figure it out. If you have to figure it out, better to just walk away now while you are ahead.

        6. Lol so suddenly because its a married plate its a problem. If I asked you for advice on a single plate I bet you would have no problem helping. Curious did you get cheated on or some shit?

  28. Some of these comments are whacked, almost like they are blaming some other man for their wives infidelity.
    75% of divorces are initiated by women. If women really wanted to give their marriages a chance and reconcile, that statistic would be 50%.
    Women are adults capable of self responsibility. Don’t ever forget that.

  29. ….and then comes the minute you get the phone call from the married bitch who tells you this:

      No motherfucking wonder non-Angles naively think “cuckoldry is a proud British tradition, starting from Arthurian England.”

  30. Women are the first cause of violence. Before money. But killin another human being over that kind of bullsh*t ? In fact he mad you a favor. He exposed the slut you wifed.

    1. a beta who staked his ENTIRE existence on the slut doesn’t think that way.

      1. If my wife cheated on me I wouldn’t care or be mad at the guy. It’s the dumb broads fault

        1. You would if you had a family and saw what it did to your children, especially if the guy is some smug douchebag who laughs in your face about it.
          Plus, real life situations are rarely as pat as they seem and rarely do we act in real life as we think we will before they happen.
          Emotions are tough things, and even if you can be Captain Cool Cucumber, your average man won’t be.

  31. All this effort to fuck one bitch? Fuck that. Just pay an escort and be on your merry way.

    1. 10000000 likes If I could keep pressing up….or the ever “dangerous” porn is much more safer.

    2. The difference beween sex with a escort and sex with a girl who want to be fucked is like the difference between a grilled one pound steak and the shitty meet from a mc donald’s hamburger

      1. Which is which – steak or burger – depends on how good your suspension of disbelief is, I suppose.

  32. The rules about your identity and your localisation apply to any girl you fuck! I ve always been amazed how a nice girl could turn into a psycho when she findout you’re not the “one girl” kind of guy.

    1. The madonna and the whore are the same woman, likewise, the mother teresa and the jezebel are the same woman too.
      Which side of them you’ll see from one moment to the next is entirely circumstantial.

  33. A few thoughts:
    The article and some of the commenters on here have stated that having these affairs are simply a way of “enjoying the decline.” When I think of that phrase, I tend to think of hedonists, they look for the easiest thing in order to enhance their pleasure the most, easy sex, easy drugs, easy lifestyle. I would posit that having an affair is not a part of an “enjoying the decline” mindset because it is a minefield of epic proportions, so many things could go wrong and the effort that is necessary to prevent things going wrong is much too high.
    In fact, I would put having relations with other Mens’ wives squarely in the “I enjoy power over other Men” category. It is clearly an ego boost for the author of this article and some of the Men that have commented that they have slept with other Mens’ wives. It is clear that these Men feel superior to the husbands that the wives are cheating on.
    This is actually an attack on brotherhood. Feminists have used the innate competitive desire of Men to drive them apart. When you begin to feel that there are things that you do in life that make you superior to other Men, and in fact when you go out of your way to reduce other Men through your actions, such as adultery, you become dangerous. This community should be designed to facilitate quality cooperation between the many different types of Men. An article like this simply alienates the married Men in this community and perhaps the more moral Men.
    We are all at different degrees of our red pill exposure. What if there is a Man reading this who decides that perhaps the red pill is not worth taking after all? Because a Man like the author tore his family apart?
    I don’t claim to be a moral man, however, I understand being alienated from my peers and articles such as these only serve to alienate and disrupt any cooperative power that exists.

    1. ” It is clearly an ego boost for the author of this article and some of the Men that have commented that they have slept with other Mens’ wives. ”
      I’ve slept with prostitutes who have husbands yet I didn’t feel any surge of feeling of superiority emanating from the dark recesses of my soul, can only speak for myself though. But I’ve witnessed married (rich) men who could barely conceal their feeling of smugness over “lesser” men due to the fact that those lesser men could only afford plain or even downright ugly wives.
      ” This is actually an attack on brotherhood. Feminists have used the innate competitive desire of Men to drive them apart. When you begin to feel that there are things that you do in life that make you superior to other Men, and in fact when you go out of your way to reduce other Men through your actions, such as adultery, you become dangerous. ”
      100% agree with the sentiment of ‘going out of one’s way to reduce other men is an attack on the brotherhood’ but IMHO it is kinda silly if we applied such sentiment indiscriminately. Would I, when the opportunity presents itself, jump into bed with the bangable wife of some dick-head who made no secret that he thinks he’s much more of a man than I am because he presumes that I’m an unmarried manchild who sleep in my father’s truck and no girl would ever want me because I am a MGTOW misogynistic loser who don’t know how to treat a lady? I absolutely would, I even owe it to myself, heh.

      1. Married prostitutes are an interesting puzzle. One can ask themselves a few things: Does the husband know? If yes, does he care? Should he care? Should you care if he does not care? If he doesn’t know, but you do then what is your obligation to that man? The answer, personally, is that if I know a woman is married (whatever her profession in life) I stay away, it makes my life simple and there is a smaller probability that I will hurt someone.
        The ego boost comes from the idea (and realization of that idea) that you can seduce a woman that is not yours to begin with. I would say that you probably get no boost from copulating with a married prostitute because any man with money can do it, and you seem to have more self respect than that. I would go further and say that there are men out there who do seek the approval of prostitutes and may receive satisfaction from being her john even though she has a husband. This is very different than a man seducing someone’s wife.
        The article posits that it requires a certain set of skills and a very disciplined mindset to seduce and continue seducing a married woman. The satisfaction from doing so simply cannot just be sex. I would argue that there are single woman out there that are just as difficult to seduce, if not more so, that are more beautiful and just as wild in bed. Rather, the satisfaction comes from proving one’s superiority to other men. To make my point clear, imagine that prostitute’s husband finds out and forbids her to carry on in an absolute rage, but a few weeks later she contacts you tells you she misses you and loves her time with you and would love to see you in spite of her husband’s ultimatum, you’re the man she WANTS. Would you feel flattered at all?
        Your example of the married rich man looking down on poor plain married man and the fact that you would have an affair with a woman because her husband is a dick-head, are both examples of the same discrimination. You despise the idea that the rich man looks down on the plain man, but then you do the same to the jerk because he does not treat you with the respect that you think you deserve.
        The only control that you really have over any situation is how you respond. The poor man could respond by becoming an angry welfare recipient and a wife beater, or he could respond by being the best provider and husband he can be. I wonder which man lives with himself the best? I suppose it depends on the man.
        This is the crux of the entire debate here on this article. Do you choose what feels good, like jumping into bed with some dick-head’s bangable wife? Or do you take the action that improves your quality of life, and demonstrates to yourself and others the values that you hold?

        1. “The answer, personally, is that if I know a woman is married (whatever her profession in life) I stay away, it makes my life simple and there is a smaller probability that I will hurt someone.”
          I’d financially and perhaps emotionally hurt the woman if I declined to use her service – “why he declined, what’s wrong? Am I not hot enough?”. Well, technically I can just give her the money but it won’t be a fair trade and it will hurt me instead. A couple of times I did ask the prostitutes whether she’s worried her husband will ever find out and their answers invariably went along the lines of “that loser cheated on me first so…….”
          “To make my point clear, imagine that prostitute’s husband finds out and forbids her to carry on in an absolute rage, but a few weeks later she contacts you tells you she misses you and loves her time with you and would love to see you in spite of her husband’s ultimatum, you’re the man she WANTS. Would you feel flattered at all?”
          If she’s hot enough, I guess I would feel flattered a bit, I am only human after all but I won’t miss the bigger picture, i.e, non-sexual relationship with any woman other than my immediate kins is really the last thing I need if I wanna make my life simple.
          “You despise the idea that the rich man looks down on the plain man, but then you do the same to the jerk because he does not treat you with the respect that you think you deserve.”
          I am no Jesus Christ or some Saint who can turn the other cheek, I live by my own code.
          “Do you choose what feels good, like jumping into bed with some dick-head’s bangable wife? Or do you take the action that improves your quality of life, and demonstrates to yourself and others the values that you hold?”
          My quality of life will improve if I can bed the bangable wife and/or daughter of any dick-head who, not only content by simply looking down on me, but also actively tried to ruin me. Like I said, I ain’t no Saint, heh.

  34. Criminals rationalize everything like this. If I didn’t do it, someone else would.
    Well, on the rare occasions when they rationalize anything.

    1. Why is the man the “criminal” in this case? The woman is married, she’s the one who violated her wedding vows. The single man isn’t married, he didn’t violate any vows.

      1. You may not have taken the vow, but you owe it to yourself to honor that vow especially if you would honor your own vows. Just because you are not bound by a principle doesn’t mean that it is good to participate in another persons violation of their own principles. It is better to walk away.
        The girl who encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide is justified under the same logic. It wasn’t her life and consequently she isn’t responsible.

      2. He didn’t say he’s a criminal. He stated that this is the same rationalization that criminals use.

  35. The line must be drawn somewhere. Messing with married chicks has to be a no-no. One must have some sort of moral code.

  36. I’ll weigh in. When I first saw this article, I was eager to hear what you had to say, Sharp, as you shell out great tips on game. Upon reading the article, I will say you give out great advice. If a man is looking to sleep with a married woman, these are great tips to keep his own assets and well-being in tact. There is a bit of a discrepancy I have here.
    This is less moral and more factual. We humans aren’t capable of dis-associating from our actions. That said, much as taking 40 cocks ruins a woman for pair bonding, sleeping with married women might ruin a man for pair bonding. Here is why, we spit on honor.
    Removing honor seems harmless enough. A woman has a boyfriend and wants to sleep with you? Sure do it. You’re basically picking up a used cigarette but sure, maybe it is a damn good one. Sleeping with a hooker? Also fine but odds are high she has no interest in you and you will feel cheap for not winning the prize of her body. This is part of the thinking, along with societal shaming, which I don’t agree with, that keeps hooker use in the closet.
    The big Taboo is the married woman. Why is that? It directly spits on the vows of honor. As we are logical beings, we can’t take a married woman and then assume our game is not so tight that it won’t happen to us. Unless if you are the guy so soaked in pussy, say 50 women a year, some married women slip through the cracks, pursuing a married woman suggests a few things. You have the time to invest in pre-invested property. You’ll accept being a secret. You don’t mind sloppy seconds. And you’ll let the woman pursue you. Something in my masculine energy would eat at me from following through with this. I certainly would ditch marriage if I pursued enough and was successful.
    Choose your paths, of course. And life is about experience as we only have one. Just think while this is a great, back pocket, break in the case of no pussy emergency cards, we should opt so that we are so soaked in sex that we need never worry about some guy coming after you with a shotgun.

  37. Pure Omega Male advice. Fucking another man’s woman is dishonorable and low brow. This is not red pill advice, it is advice on gambling with your life.

  38. There is no way. Married women being humped by either single or taken men is just asking for trouble.

  39. What you guys need to get through your bluepill heads, women are hardwired to cheat. If they werent hypergamous, the world would not be populated as it is today. Also with Feminism and open hypergamey running rampant with divorce rape, there is absolutely no reason for a woman to be faithful. You are not “special” and different. She can cheat on you and still take half your shit and your house. Ask any 40+ year old married guy with balls, married women are the easiest lays on the planet. My buddy was telling me when he runs, he tells a girl hey theres a waterfall over here come check it out, 100% success rate while they are in the woods and the women love it. What you also need to understand is if they see an alpha, that ring on her finger means shit, she will chase/dance in front of him, even in front of you if you are there.
    This is the reality inside the matrix, you can choose to keep your eyes shut and be miserable or you can accept it.

    1. So basically, because women cheat, that means you should be a person who brings pain and suffering not only her man, but her children.

  40. No thanks; I don’t condone a 3rd Gregorian Millennium Private Citizen encore of Gwenhwyfar, Lancelot, and Arthur. It already destroyed a nation and a culture before, so why should I let it destroy my personal life?

  41. #2 happened to my father. 20 years later he’s in a miserable marriage with a child.

  42. Rules one through eight should all be ‘don’t do it.’ Just because a woman is a whore doesn’t justify being the loser that participates in her whoring. How does it make sense to abandon your principles because a woman is a whore?

  43. I don’t know how I feel about this article. On one hand I love fucking sluts. On the other hand, I’m sad that marriages no longer last because I’m fucking these sluts. Internet help me.

    1. Don’t feel bad, a cheating whore is a cheating whore no matter who’s dick she chooses to ride on.
      Such women will destroy their marriages regardless if you fuck them or not, too much moral-faggotry on this relatively harmless article.
      Perhaps the dudes complaining about it have been cheated on or are afraid their potential whore of a wife can & will do so, which says alot more about their insecurity in their relationship than anything else.
      Simple solution, don’t marry in the west.

  44. So the other day I read an awesome ROK article about the effect of fatherhood. I was all ecstatic about the article and this site. Then this crap comes up and pulls me down to earth again. The only good thing I have to say is that married men can use this as a sort of defense mechanism; i.e. know thine enemy. As for ACTUALLY doing this crap, if I knew that any man was committing adultery, I’d shoot him. That is VERY disrespectful to the husband, be he Omega or Alpha, especially since you are KNOWINGLY and LITERALLY screwing the man over. Even if the woman doesn’t tell you she is married, you should at least be discerning enough to find out BEFORE you knock boots with her, out of respect for other men. As the author even said, there is too much poon out there to get involved in one woman. I add: ESPECIALLY a married woman. ESPECIALLY one with kids. Hell, I live in a college town; there are thousands of single college girls out there to game, and they’re younger and hotter than your average married woman would be. Have some respect, bro.
    I though us men needed to stand together against feminism, not screw over each other. Stuff like this gets many men (and women) killed. Heck, less than this gets many people killed. I would say the majority of fights between men are over women in some kind of way, and men who practice this doggerel only make it worse.
    I call bullshit on your “marriage is a joke anyway” argument. Marriage, for a man, is most certainly NOT a joke. It involves him risking his financial life and sexual life at least. Jut because it is not taken seriously does NOT mean it means nothing. Imagine if all men had the balls to respect each others’ wives. Then it would be impossible for women to cheat, and would limit their hypergamy, and perhaps marriage wouldn’t suck so much. It would also take women a few steps down from their pedestal we have them on. However, punks like you make that just a pipe dream.
    I respect the right of the author to publish his crap (unlike feminists), because I can at least look at another person’s opinion, and there are some ways this article can be useful, but overall, the article is garbage (other articles cover basically the same game techniques), the author is a lowlife hack akin to Satan, and men like him are in desperate need of a solid, country-style a$$-whoopin’. Adultery is just plain wrong.

  45. Some points are just stupid. Here is an AM woman’s
    8 Only lovers from the same town. No business travelers
    7 At least 1-2 introduction “dates”. Don’t expect me to jump
    into your bad without knowing you.
    4-5 I know your name and your place of work, you know mine.
    I have absolutely no intention to friend you on FB but I’m not sleeping with a
    stranger. It’s also important for logistics of our meetings. I don’t need to
    know your exact home address and I’ll never tell you mine but the major
    intersection helps.
    And you don’t even need a burner phone because I don’t need
    to know your phone number. I will never pick up a phone call from my lover
    because I’m never alone. I’m either in the office with lots of people around or
    at home. Use email or some other app for communication. BBM is popular.
    Everyone has a smartphone now.
    You may still lie about 8,4,5 but remember that women can sense
    lies (also applies to wives). AM is a cock paradise. If something is off
    about you in my opinion, I have plenty of other choices.
    3 It’s the matter of trust. Because I invested lots of time
    and efforts to find and know my partner, I can afford not to use protection. I’m
    clear I don’t want or need his kids. So, his choice…
    1-2 You, guys, always think a woman is your enemy but the
    fact is that guys are their own enemies. My several lovers got caught by their
    own wives because of their own stupid actions. Their wives read and saw my
    messages / emails / photos. How is it even possible that a man allows his
    wife to look through his phone?? Remember that a wife can also sense lies? So,
    you’d better have a very good story why all of a sudden you have “business
    meetings” uptil 7pm.
    And other advice from me: Through away your iPhone. It syncs
    with everything. And If you’re over 40 years old, learn some basic IT stuff: how
    to create a burner email, how to make a recent photo and upload it into your
    profile, and how NOT to sync your burner email with everything else.
    Please forgive my English. It’s not my first language. I
    always was an excellent lover and kept my part of the sex-deal. I was just upset
    so many times because of stupidity of my male lovers.

    1. Why are you so offended by a fuck buddy lying to you, when you’re lying to your husband? Modern day feminists are sex positive whores who blame all their unhappiness in life on men. It would be fun to blow your cover in front of your co-workers and family. Want to hook-up?

      1. simply because I don’t lie to my fuck buddy at least on major points: name, age, work, family situation and expect the the same from him. It takes 2 people to cheat. And don’t bring morality into this discussion.

        1. No, in fact, we will bring morality into the discussion. The whole thought of not bringing morality into play is a cop out. If you’re an immoral whore, you’re going to get called on it.

  46. I won’t intentionally destroy another mans family/home. If a man can’t keep his morals/honor then what does he have?
    But, if the woman lies & plays single with me and doesn’t bother to tell me that she’s married until after I’ve fucked her, then it’s her fault.

  47. I thought this site was for men who wanted to be kings. Rok you suck for posting articles like this one .is this red pill destroying a marriege becuase someone else will speak for yourself .you will and thats how the author rationalizes destruction of a stable family. The author probably after hes finished with the mom will break in th13 year old daughter to becuase someone has to.

    1. This is a feminist ruse. Its the married woman who is violating her marriage vows that is destroying her family.

      1. Any man who would justify screwing another mans wife because he didn’t take a vow himself isn’t much of a man because he can’t even take responsibility for his own actions. He is just as bad as the feminists who are essentially little children.


  49. This whole post is absolute bullshit.
    I will never debase myself by becoming a Family destroyer. Karmas a bitch.

  50. If I find a man who fucks married women as a gig and encourages them to cheat on their vows, I call their husbands, and I go to the manwhores and shoot their dicks off with a shotgun.

  51. My moral instincts say that a man should not lower himself to participating in a woman’s perfidy. If the cuckold knows about it, what can you do? The ball is in his court to dump her cheating ass.
    I went on a few dates with a married woman. Apparently, her hubby knew what she was up to. I couldn’t go through with it because it creeped me out somewhat and she wasn’t that hot.
    But speaking of hot, the one time I did go through with it was with a fashion model whose husband was a sailor and their marriage was on the rocks. That was 20 years ago so I don’t remember all the details and it is very tempting to release the hamster to fill them in. Having said that, would I do it again? I think yes, as horrible as it sounds.

    1. ” I went on a few dates with a married woman. Apparently, her hubby knew what she was up to. I couldn’t go through with it because it creeped me out somewhat and she wasn’t that hot. ”
      The *she wasn’t THAT hot* is precisely and essentially the crux of the entire thing pertaining to this whole to bang or not to bang philosophical discussions we are having here. How many healthy straight guys do you think who will not yield in if the married woman in the pics below tried to seduce them into doing an ONS with her?

      1. Let me clarify: She wasn’t hot. The second example was 5’10”, about 125 pounds, gorgeous face, long hair, nice rack, pleasant disposition, yadda yadda yadda. I didn’t stand a chance.

        1. “I didn’t stand a chance.”
          Most men wouldn’t even stand half a chance if given the same opportunity afforded to you.

  52. I’m almost fucking proud how this piece has been dismantled below the line.
    Return of Kings returns

  53. Are they really advocating this? WTF! There are some really fucked up perverted ill-moralled alpha scumbags here. Nothing is sacred for them anymore. They are not any better than sluts and prostitutes.

  54. I’m guessing the reason why Roodh allows all sorts of controversial opinions is because it’s good for business.

    1. Or…to test the waters of his readership. The comments on this article seem to confirm that most men still have a sense of virtue.

  55. Hmm I’m divided on this one. Yes, some married hos can certainly be tempting. No, I’m no saint and won’t claim I would never ever do it under any circumstance. But in the end, I have to agree with the voices of reason in the comments. Besides the moral arguments which you may or may not subscribe to, don’t forget that the “Thou shall not covet your neighbour’s wife” commandment is there also for practical reasons. It can cause very serious repercussions. Heck, many people have been killed because of this shit. Tread very carefully if at all.
    As an aside, I’m happy to notice how the red pill men here are able to discuss difficult moral dilemmas while keeping it logical and sane and never (well almost never) descending into emotional or ad-hominem attacks. For this alone, I welcome articles such as these which force us to think about certain issues and see where we stand. They keep our community sharp and make us stronger.

    1. The more fucked up thing is, nowadays certain married dudes and women (probaby a tiny percentage) are genuinely into this “wife having sex with others”, there are websites for these things, one can verify it with the husband, etc.
      If one must, why the fuck do this the dangerous, mean, dirty, scummy, dishonourable way?
      There used to be a difference between being a pervy freak and being a degenerate.

  56. For all of those men out there looking to get your ass beat at some point…read this article and go out and practice. The Bible talks about men who roam around looking for weak married women to seduce. They are referred to as Wolves – who heap up coals of judgment upon their head.
    Any man with options doesn’t need to fuck married women

  57. I know of a guy who has spent the last fifteen years as a vegetable in a wheelchair all because he chose to fuck a married woman. The ex husband shot him up- but it didn’t kill him- just wrecked his entire life

  58. What a joke. Keyboard tough guys think they can mate guard their whore wives by typing something here. You can’t get more beta than that. If you married a woman who thinks with her cunt, there is no other man to blame but yourself.

    1. The real joke is that some people don’t even have the character to not fuck another mans wife. These people are the thirstiest people on the planet. They are willing to abandon all principles just for pussy.
      I guess if someone’s going to fuck your brothers wife it might as well be you; right? Who is he to get mad at you for fucking his whore wife? She’s the whore! He should thank you for revealing that she’s a whore.

        1. I guess she must have stuck her dick in you while you just got passively fucked right? it wasn’t your fault. You didn’t fuck her; she fucked you.
          She’s a whore. No one denies that; but you are just as bad. Sex takes two people and both are responsible for the consequences. Denying responsibility is childish. It is what feminists do.

      1. ” I guess if someone’s going to fuck your brothers wife it might as well be you; right? Who is he to get mad at you for fucking his whore wife? She’s the whore! He should thank you for revealing that she’s a whore. ”
        I won’t fuck my brother’s wife or my friends’ wife or any honorable man’s wife because I respect those men. NOT because I respect the institution of marriage which I’d regard the same way I’d regard those things which I’d have to wipe off my shoes after a careless walk in the dog kennel. So, if my brother or my best buddy wanna tag me along to gang-up on some 6’5″ alpha dude or even some 5’2″ rich beta who fucked their wives then I’d just shrug and say “sorry bro but this is 1 bullet I’m not gonna take for ya. Didn’t I tell you not to wife-up that bitch you call wife? Dyed-in-the-wool NAWALT believers just have to learn the hard way”.

    2. *yawn*
      Thanks for your comment, coward “guest” account.
      And a man who gets robbed has nobody to blame but himself for not installing 4 inch torch proof doors and walls. Because at no point does the robber bear responsibility.
      Fucking feminist. Take your situational ethics and cheering for lack of personal responsibility back to Jezebel.

        1. No one is defending whore wifes.
          But we`re not defending faggots who go after sloppy seconds filled with her husbands sperm.
          Your a joke, “guest”

  59. A man who gets a Women and puts a ring on her finger is a good man. that man and his family are like unto a country, another man who would come in a violate his wife is like a burglar or anyother criminal you are disrupting a family those guys come in violate the wife breakup a family or a women who would do the same. How can you claim your civilized if you do that your actions are the opposite of civilized on the most basic level. The consequences of that one fling could echo out over a century, man meets women is attracted but he doesn’t know that this women secretly is a whore the have kids and whatnot, then some guy who just read this article comes along quickly identifys Her and sleeps with her. The man finds out and leaves her she gets custody of the kids now bieng free from his shackles she goes out finds a boyfriend, he molestes the daughter or son. See a quick look into this matter would show hey this happens all the time the daughter having been molested goes out and has three kids by three different men or the son becomes a whatever. You just forever changed the destinys of those people’s children’s children all because what? And this is what the author is advocating and saying is ok because someone else will do it anyway, this is the red pill doctrine. I thought it was for family and for civilization his advice or rules is the whole reason we are in a moral decline now. See that one action affects a whole community and on and on and on.

    1. Blah blah blah… feminists always trying to find a loophole in the laws of morality that makes the cheating wife into the victim.

  60. Idk what to think of this. I dont think cheating is the right thing to do but then again some of my former bulllies are married and it would make my day if I found out their wife was cheating on them. Or that the former bully found out he was raising a kid that wasnt his. Id pay to see his reaction!
    And many of my female classmates were such sluts it boggles my mind that they got married. One girl in particular became a stripper(and sucked multiple dicks including mine) and snagged a beta around 2011. (blonde girl. I know her name but refuse to say it)

    1. ” I dont think cheating is the right thing to do but then again some of my
      former bulllies are married and it would make my day if I found out
      their wife was cheating on them. ”
      Better yet, their wives are cheating on them with YOU, consider yourself as the modern-day Edmond Dantès. I’ve got nothing against bullies by the way, some bullies ganged-up and beat me up in school but I ensured that I always had my vengeance either by means of fair or foul. Ah, those good old days when surveillance cameras were not ubiquitous!
      “And many of my female classmates were such sluts it boggles my mind that they got married. One girl in particular became a stripper(and sucked multiple dicks including mine) and snagged a beta around 2011.”
      True helplessly betas would rather die a thousand times than being a “loser” singleton, even if you showed him the footage of his bride-to-be sucking multiple dicks he’ll still go down on his knees to proclaim his undying unconditional love for her and then pop-up THE question.

  61. “Now before you manginas start crying about being a home wrecker….”
    Real men find their own women, maginas find sloppy seconds.
    This is a site ran by single-mom raised half-men.

  62. “…Now before you manginas start crying about being a home wrecker…”, no friend I will not start crying like a “mangina”, I will just tell you this:
    You, as a man, you have no honor.

  63. Wife cheats on husband, husband blames other man, wife cheats with different man, husband blames different man… restore harmony in the village by finding fault without… but the real problem starts at home.

  64. This article sucks. ROK is supossed to be all about the manhood and bros before hoes. Then comes this bottom level shit.
    Best advice is do not mess with married women. Thus, do not mess other man’s life.

    1. The comments section reflects self policing and is quite inspirational.
      Agree with you.

      1. Yeah I just skimmed through the comments section and it is nice to see that we’re not all a bunch of “PUA scumbags” as they would like to characterize us.
        By “they” I mean people who write and read articles about how “PUAs are manipulative psychos” etc.
        Seems almost everyone around these parts advocates for self-development over scrounging for scraps.

      2. I’m glad people stood up against this bullshit article… at first I saw the title and I was like, “WTF RoK, seriously, people are going to support this now?” Then I read the comments and heard the voice of reason and now I know this community is not a bunch of hamster wheel spinners like feminists are. Keep up the good work!

  65. Fucking a married woman hurts other men, it’s not red pill. it’s not alpha. It’s putting pussy on a pedestal.
    There are other better women out there, who aren’t committed for life to another man. Go fuck them instead.

  66. Many married women just live the alpha cock dream. They want it, badly, but they’re too far buried in their comfort nest to go out and get it. However, some married women and even more single women do sneak out of their cozy bubble and use sugar dating websites like tempted.com and hook up with wealthy, generous men.

  67. this article seems quite hypocritical coming from RoK. you guise promote patriarchy but don’t practice it. I’m not naive, I’m aware women can be whores, especially western females. i take marriage serious.

  68. Banging a married woman is not worth hassle. It’s as simple as that.
    But, if you must, how about doing the husband a favor? If you have followed the rule of not using your real name, and you have covered your tracks sufficiently, your dirty deed cannot be traced back to you. So, how about collecting at least one undeniable piece of evidence that the wife cheated, and passing that on to the husband?
    I realize that this will temporarily hurt the husband. Probably a lot. The inevitable divorce will hurt the children for a while, if there are any. But they are living a lie. His wife (and the children’s mother) is forcing the entire family to live a lie. This will make things even more miserable over time as she continues to withhold sex from the beta male husband/father and her twisted ways mix up the minds of the children.
    The husband is better off knowing the truth, so he can make a move to get out, and maybe, just maybe, find his way to either red pill or at least a woman that might treat him better. The children will be better off by they spending less time around a whoring, lying bitch. With some luck, the whoring bitch will find her standard of living drop by several notches very quickly.
    Think of it as a public service.

  69. You’d expect a real man, redpill, etc. to write an article explaining how to turn the tables on some cheating douchebag.
    With advice on how to mock, ridicule and perhaps even locate and notify the male victim of the succubus what she’s up to, without soiling his tool on the likes of her.
    If the type who posits the approach in this article actually cleanly wanted to play that game, all he has to do is tell the broad to let him ask her husband for permission first, then watch her call him a creep, fag, etc. as she flees in horror.
    If she calls her husband over (he was the guy leaning up against the wall outside the toilets holding a lady’s coat and handbag while she was in there with the janitor and a gram of blow) and he says he’ll hold her coat again if she needs to go in there again, fine, you pervert.
    All this talk by these studs about sluts, anuses and other people’s men leads me to believe it won’t be long before they start writing articles about how if they’re desperate and faced a long dry spell, it’s okay that some fag sucks their cock, cause after all, that cock can’t suck itself, and if the fag didn’t do it someone else would’ve anyway…

  70. What a fucking idiot you are, Donovan.
    What a fucking idiot.
    You don`t fuck other dudes wifes, you homo.
    Let me explain.
    First of all, what you suggest is treason to your fellow man.
    Secondly, as if that wasn`t bad enough, you don`t dip your cock in a pussy thats been filled with another dudes sperm.
    Unless you`re a faggot.
    So the next time you decide to write an article, don`t write for Return of Kings.
    Instead, get your own website called “Return of traitor faggots who like to dip their cock in used pussy filled with other dudes sperm .com”.
    Fuck off, Donovan.
    Roosh, fire this motherfucker.
    He`s a traitor to his brethren, a whore-enabler and most likely a faggot.

    1. You don`t fuck other dudes wifes, you homo.

      Most western women (16 & above) have some “dudes” semen deposited in them regularly; married, single or engaged.
      So what was your point again, exactly?

  71. Really, although the player advice is sound…. I would advise against this.
    In today’s society, you really have no idea who the husband is or could be.

  72. Freedom of speech is one thing, but this 2 Live Crew shit is just pointless. Should I tell you guys what time my neighbor goes to work one of his two jobs so you can break in and steal his stuff too? After all, if he work two jobs, he’s pathetic for being broke and he deserves it, right?
    I’m one of the guys that this fucking article is telling everyone to fuck over because I can’t keep a thankless Americunt satisfied. Anyone that buys this shit is just an addict bragging about his addiction.
    Fuck Return Of Kings.

  73. Poor Donovan thinks he is Alpha by fucking used up mommy’s or other guy’s wifes. How pathetic.

  74. I enjoy this site but I can’t endorse this article.
    Leave debasement to the SJW’s and hold ourselves to a higher standard.

  75. This article is fucked up.
    I was once seeing a girl for over 6 months on weekends before i found out she was married in another city. I immediately broke it off and told her to get fucked. I don’t sell my integrity for anything, let alone a filthy pisshole that another man is blowing his cream in.
    Only a man with no self worth or personal hygiene would fuck a woman he knows another man is fucking too. And if you do this and get your head blown off your shoulders, you deserve it IMO. Just my two cents.

  76. Don’t ever use a fake name. If somehow you are tracked down, you could be accused of rape by fraud. And don’t assume, you will never be tracked, She will remember what you look like, and with internet, technology, and uniformed beta knights desperate to hunt you down on the woman’s word, you could possibly be found, and put in jail with Big Bubba

  77. I got 8 reasons:
    1. Don’t
    2. Don’t
    3. Don’t
    4. Don’t
    5. Don’t
    6. Don’t
    7. Don’t
    8. Don’t
    Honestly, we are in a dark age if this is the kind of shit you promote.

  78. “The best way to avoid this is to limit your time with her. It won’t be
    easy to cut back on her ball-draining techniques, but the less time you
    spend around her, the less likely you are to get attached.”
    There’s also a fair bit to be said for having more than one, if yiu can handle the logistics. Or having a hard cut-off date.

  79. Wow. Great article. This is very true. I dated a married socialite in NYC for about a year. She was married to a relatively well-known much older LBO guy who reputedly made about $10 million a year. Whoa. Anyhow she was great. We had lots of car dates just parked right on the avenue I hadn’t read this article, but I instinctively knew not to tell her where I lived or worked. Talk about bringing out her inner porn star!!! Too too fun. I felt bad for her husband but I think marrying a trophy wife like that is a Faustian bargain no matter how you slice it.

  80. Sorry, but to advocate adultery and infidelity — the very thing that many here at ROK can’t stand about women — is inconsistent to say the least. Stop complaining about women riding the carousel if you’re going to encourage them to do it.

  81. I’ve banged close to twenty married women so far and i have to agree with the writer. Keep it up. Cheers.


  83. Its funny….Luke and Leiah think Anakin was their father……nope Obi Wan had accidentally produced the offspring, which is why Luke was able to defeat vader. Padme couldnt deal with Beta Anakin so you turned to Obi Wans light saber…

  84. LOL….this “alpha/beta” thing is hilarious.
    “Alpha” = manual worker bitch who cleans cars or mows lawns for $9/hr and spends too much time at the gym and/or in front of the mirror.
    Never ceases to amuse me all the losers proclaiming themselves as “alpha males” when the accountant down the road can buy and sell them ten times over….. 🙂
    Now, get back to work bitches, those floors won’t clean themselves you know !

  85. i have fucked so many women who cheated on their men, only a couple married women. I felt no guilt because these women wanted it. In the age of having to accept every alternative lifestyle, I accept that a woman that Im attracted to who wants to fuck will get fucked.

  86. I’ve fucked married women in the past and it’s just too much work unless she’s the one coming for you. I do most of my shopping during the day as I work weird hours so you meet a ton of stay at home types out and about. The ones you look for are not the ones who are looking for someone to save them from a miserable relationship. They’re looking to get fucked on the side and for someone to listen to their bs.

  87. For all those upset about the effect on the cuckolded husband, let me say this… One wife I banged for over a year was doing me because her husband was a complete asshole. He deliberately deprived her of orgasms, among other things. She had an incredibly beautiful wedding ring set. Both bands full of diamonds. He used to tell her that she had received all the marriage pleasure she was entitled to by getting those rings and would make her take them off when they had sex and would hold them between his lips so she was forced to look at the rings while he used her. So each time we fucked she would take the rings off and place them into a shot glass beside the bed. When I would cum she would take my loads in her mouth then spit them into the shot glass and let the rings soak in my cum. After that she said she would just smile at him when he was fucking her, knowing she having her revenge! Not every husband deserves respect.
    In another case the woman’s husband was unable to perform sexually due to complications from prostate cancer at an early age. She thought about divorcing him, but she loved him. So she would come to me for the sex and go home to him for the love. I imagine this is a very common scenario. Not all extramarital sex is disrespectful.

  88. i am of mixed race but consider myself a nigga a year and half ago married he is white at our party the most gorgeous black man was there

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