Feminist Senator Demands End To Filmed Rape Scenes—But Dogs Eating Babies Is Okay

After the Sansa Stark rape scene in Season 5 of Game of Thrones, über-feminist Senator Claire McCaskill and other feminist head honchos went into overdrive and lambasted the show’s producers for featuring the off-camera act. Now, in only the second episode of Season 6, a baby has been mauled to death by his brother’s hunting dogs. Moreover, the brother deliberately let the hounds eat his stepmother and the infant. What was McCaskill’s response? Absolutely nothing.

If ever we needed a single piece of evidence about the brain-dead and narcissistic selectivity of feminist media complaints, here we have it. McCaskill sought every microphone and media outlet she could find when she promised to boycott Game of Thrones after Sansa’s rape. Mind you, the threat came into 46 episodes into the series, after nearly two days’ worth of graphic television footage.

All of it has been replete with blood, guts, penis-severing, people being skinned alive and immolated, and other niceties. Unsurprisingly, when tiny girl Shireen Baratheon was burned alive a few episodes after Ramsay Bolton violated Sansa, McCaskill did not rear her geriatric head to complain. This is despite her having every interest in keeping abreast of the show’s developments, just so she could complain about sexual assault again.

Ramsay Bolton is about to take his baby brother and stepmother to the kennels, where they will be ripped in half by giant-sized dogs.

To be blunt, feminists believe that nothing, whether it be run-of-the-mill murder, the bloody butchering of children, or gratuitous torture, comes anywhere close to the victimhood associated with rape. Even the mere sight of a nude woman on television is equated with “rape culture,” all while other unbelievably cruel acts, like countless ones on Game of Thrones, are ignored. The worst part of all is that Game of Thrones‘ pussy-whipped producers, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, caved in to all the feminist shrieking. Far from only promising to not have future rape scenes, they changed already written scripts to accommodate the SJWs.

Where did everything go so wrong? When did the fictional but painful murder of an infant matter one thousand times less than a pretend rape?

Enter the very cucked Alfie Allen

Alfie Allen, celebrity cuck, pictured with a member of the gender that owns him.

One could expect that singer Lily Allen’s brother would be a little ball-less, yet the actor playing Theon Greyjoy went above and beyond in supporting the tripe spouted by Claire McCaskill and others. His own character had had his penis cut off but, no, the worst moment of his time working on the show was the Sansa Stark rape scene!

Continuing the plain sad trend of male actors doing everything they can to be utterly obsequious towards feminism, Alfie Allen waxed lyrical about actress Sophie Turner’s “bravery” in filming the made-up sexual assault. He gave no such praise for Pedro Pascal sucking it up and acting out his character Oberyn Martell having his eyes gouged out and head crushed. We should not keep any hope that Allen comes out with half-tears about the violent death of Ramsay Bolton’s baby brother.

Combined with the pathetic surrender of the producers, Allen’s sycophancy illustrates that sexual assault is the only truly no-go zone in modern television and film. Only obvious exceptions like Law and Order: SVU, which support the claimed existence of “rape culture,” are allowed. Even if we dispense with the argument of permitting very wide creative expression, a refusal to feature rape scenes can only be justified if equally or more repulsive acts are also quarantined from television shows and films. For Allen’s position to make any sense, he should be speaking out more stridently still on the fate that befell Theon Greyjoy. At least Sansa Stark so far has her entire body together.

At best, Allen, Benioff, Weiss, and Claire McCaskill have given a massive middle finger to most real-life victims of serious violence. If you take what they say at face value, only those who have been through sexual assault can ever be “triggered” and “traumatised” by what happens on television or in film. Had your skull smashed or fractured during an unprovoked attack and then see the same thing happen on Game of Thrones? Grow up, princess, it’s just a show! Gone through the murder of a family member? Get over it, son, it’s fiction! These are the patronizing messages SJWs and their celebrity slaves are making abundantly clear.

You should feel no shame whatsoever in buying quality films and watching television shows that have rape scenes

Either get pissed off at everything violent or shut the hell up.

If the acting, story and visuals are good, purchase or view any movie or series you wish, either ones with rape or without it. In fact, you should arguably buy items from the first category more eagerly than from the latter one, just as you might buy books and other material because the creator stands for free speech. Films and television series should be consistent in showing or not showing certain forms of violence. The alternative is bizarrely cordoning off certain pet topics of feminists and others from being portrayed onscreen.

Provided you are paying for a quality violent film or television show, or at least recommending it to your friends, you are promoting free and reasonable artistic expression. Until such time as society has a common sense approach to acceptable versus unacceptable violence, we must actively support realism in acted-out stories, most of all in narratives that parallel history itself. Game of Thrones is nothing but a loose representation of medieval society, remember.

In the meantime, Claire McCaskill should get off her high horse. She is both too fat for the horse and undeserving of any platform for spitting out her putrid brand of politics.

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161 thoughts on “Feminist Senator Demands End To Filmed Rape Scenes—But Dogs Eating Babies Is Okay”

  1. “Game of Thrones is nothing but a loose representation of medieval society, remember.”
    Very, very, very loose. In fact there is very little medieval in it ; to the point it’s just modern people wearing chain mail and fur.

    1. It’s more like half a dozen different themes, even in the much more consistent books. A pastiche of everything from the fall of rome to the Renaissance.

    2. I think it’s just a very elaborate Renaissance festival where all the dorks has decided to just stay there rather than return to the real world. We have a Ren fair going on right now a short drive from me and it looks just like what I’ve seen of GoT.

  2. When the fuck did we give elected legislators the green light to meddle in media and other past times, e.g. sports? Make a few laws regarding actual harm to individuals, maybe set some fiscal policy that allows people to earn some bank, and shut the fuck up and let us live our lives.

    1. As long as there has been the arts and government, there have been attempts at censorship.

      1. The boys at Fontanka 16 were at least honest about it

        1. To this day I think the funniest attempt was the Parental Advisory sticker.

        2. I remember when that first came out. They might as well have said “buy this and you will get laid and rich”

        3. Yep. In typical fashion most artists looked at that as a badge of honor.

    2. “When the fuck did we give elected legislators the green light to meddle in media and other past times, e.g. sports?”
      The American mainstream media has always been censored. The problem with the USA is it eventually didn’t “meddle” (protect) enough and the media was weaponized against the nation.
      “Whether America has ever had freedom of speech or a free press can be debated. Until roughly the Sixties [when America peaked and began its decline], free expression was limited by a combination of national consensus, governmental censorship, cooperative media, and lack of lateral communication. In the Fifties, television meant ABC, CBS, and NBC which, then as now, were almost federal departments. Communism was the hated enemy and nobody with any circulation questioned this. HUAC, the House Un-American Activities Committee punished dissent. Access to information that the government didn’t like barely existed. Minor socialist papers existed in New York, but people in Farmville, Virginia had no access to them. Any sort of sexual content was quashed.
      “Crucially, there was no lateral communication: You could write letters to editors—vertical communication—which would be censored according to the editors’ whims. That was it.
      “The aggregate effect was a manufactured unanimity, or the appearance of one. In the post-war prosperity, Americans bought washing machines and tract houses and were content. Television was wholesome, sterile, and not very informative. Superman jumped out of window to promote truth, justice, and the American way, then thought to be related.”

    3. maybe set some fiscal policy that allows people to earn some bank
      Whoa. Someone is an idealist.
      Fiscal policy seems to be centered on a particular goal, and has been for a while, to keep the majority of people just barely above subsistence level. Progressive taxation of personal income is one method that helps enforce this.

  3. Killing is okay, but not rape! We allow buffoons like this in office? Our nation deserves everything it is getting?

  4. I watch the show, and I can’t even remember who raped Sansa (probably because it did not even occur on camera but was implied)! But I do remember Joffrey abusing her in every way except raping her, and honestly his behavior towards her was far more sick, humiliating, harmful, and twisted (not going to protest it, just pointing that out).

  5. Having a hell of a time telling which one is the male and which is the female in that pic, think that says something about those two. Honestly without the lipstick they’d be indistinguishable.

  6. Oddly enough, Ms. McCaskill hasn’t mentioned the fact that one of the program’s actresses, Suoad Faress, falsely accused a man of sexual assault for brushing up against her on a subway platform.

    1. She’s just mad that in her heart of hearts, she knows she would not be APPROACHED by any man even if she was naked masturbating at 1am in the middle of a street in the slums of Mumbai.

  7. I say we go for the jugular and take the George Romero route.
    Put so many rape scenes in films and television (even when it’s unnecessary) so people become numb to it as he did with violence and gore in his Zombie anthology.

        1. “We shall rape on to the end. We shall rape in France, we shall rape on the seas and oceans, we shall rape with raping confidence and raping strength in the air, we shall rape our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall rape on the beaches, we shall rape on the raping grounds, we shall rape in the fields and in the streets, we shall rape in the hills.”

        2. I have a rape that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the rape of injustice, sweltering with the rape of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of rape and rape.
          I have a dream that my four little rapists will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the rape of their skin but by the rape of their character.
          I have a rape today!

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        -Rapin’ Bird, by The Trashmen

    1. You’re raped if you do and you’re raped if you don’t

        1. It looks like an innocent can of peanut brittle but when you open it, bang you are gang raped

        2. She was asking to have her box opened. Did you see what she was wearing?

        3. Nothing written against it in the Scriptures. I think you can give it a try.

        4. And lo, The Lord sayeth “For thou shalt not rape neither the oxen nor the kine, nor the deer upon the plains, yea thee however, the panda thou mayest rape as one would rape an ostrich and be without sin” – Makeupthis 4:31

        5. I’ve been wanting to ask you : what is your philosophical, anthropological and psychological take on the return of pre-ripped jeans among the western european female youth ?
          (don’t know if it happens on your continent)

        6. Actually, if you remember the story of Elisha who was like Elijah’s nephew or some shit, after performing a miricle and giving water to a town in a draught some of the local children made fun of him and called him “baldy” his response to this was to summon 2 she bears to kill and eviscerate the children who made fun of him for his hair line. (Man the bible has some fucked up shit) anyway, it doesn’t explicitly state whether or not Elisha raped the she bears after they tore the children to pieces but I think it is implied

        7. Oh it happens. I believe it is closely related to the female desire to seem worldly, intelligent, experienced and capable without doing any of the things that leads to it.
          The ripped jeans say you have a story to tell. The women don’t actually have anything to say but that doesn’t matter, you can buy salvation, intelligence and gravitas now

        8. Actually I’ve been seeing it more and more here. Maybe it’s trending with college girls now, and I’m just so close to that ground zero?
          Not that I’m complaining.

        9. Thank You. This is satanic and goes against everything French civilization stands for.
          Ripped jeans wearers will be shot on sight when I take the power.
          Also, there are the disturbing hipsterish too short pants, worn by both female and male creatures, with a hemline at the end of each leg, making them looking even shorter, usually worn with ironic cheap sneakers and the hitlerjugend haircut.

        10. Yoga pants on fine college girl ass is a gift from God above.

        11. Hmmmm…I will investigate further. It really does seem to be something I’m seeing more and more around these parts. Which is great, that was the trend when I was in high school, always thought it could look hot, with the appropriately placed tears on a girl.

        12. I think it’s way more simpler than that. It’s her way of saying “I wanna be fucked so hard that my pants come out looking like this”.

        13. That is possible, but I’m like the anti occam. I never settle for a simple solution when there is an insanely convoluted explaination available

        14. NAAALT
          Also, I bailed from the academy back in 2006 and have been on the corporate side of construction and real estate management since lol

        15. Nothing too easy is worth the effort. That’s what the whole charade is about isn’t it?
          And that’s why they put a zipper where the right hole is. If anybody has figured out how that works on a woman’s jeans lemme know.

        16. I thought we were a part of the same club until I realized one of the “A’s” in my club (NAAALT) stands for something else heh

        17. Nononononononono. No. Nothing. Everything is nice. Everything is lovely.

        18. NO, NO, NO, NO. I Look away and I keep calm. I look away and I keep calm. I look away and I keep calm. I look away and I … is it gone now ? … NO ! Keep looking away … keep looking away…

        19. That’s why pandas are only found in communist China, because no Abrahamic religions. They fucked off from the Holy Land leaving the locals the second best thing after pandas,goats. Now why do goats live atop of mountains? Probably the same reason.

        20. Yes, I think getting mauled by two she bears was a perfectly valid response. I am team Elisha on this one.

        21. Just realized that about the zipper. Why do they make jeans for women with zippers ?

        22. because not all women pee through their jeans like in those youporn videos

        23. I don’t want to know what you’re referring to. But when she urinates,the woman takes the all thing down, am I right ? So why zipper ? I think the presence of the zipper on woman’s pants is a satanic invention meant to confuse the sexes.

        24. it is a satanic invention. But perhaps its just a new world order future proofing for when women acquire the necessary equipment. First frontline soldiering, and if they can handle that, urinals.

        25. Indeed..but god damn when fatties wear them….my eyes.
          Fat women wearing workout gear….you have to laugh.

        26. I really don’t know why fatties wear them, they are the *least* complimentary thing you can put on a woman with thunder thighs and a muffin top. Worse than when fat chicks used to wear tube tops even, and that was a horror show unto itself.

        27. I see older women pulling this stunt as well. You can, usually, tell that it’s all an act because the workout gear is pretty new (no wear and tear), the shoes are clean (new) and not worn…plus they look like they haven’t done anything at all as far as a workout.
          It’s simply just another avenue for these women to get attention that’s been lost over the years….especially for the older ones who have hit the wall.
          Why the fat ones do it beats the shit out of me…..maybe a sale at Target?

    2. I walked past a local apartment rental place in my neighborhood this weekend. In the window they had plastered up some hand written rape messages like “Don’t let it happen!” “Prevent it in 2016” etc. My first reaction was shock, and I stopped to see what they were protesting, thinking perhaps something bad was going down in my neighborhood.
      If I was renting a prospective unit, I would be legitimately concerned about this, asking them… have you had a problem with crime in your apartments? I don’t feel comfortable renting from a place that can’t protect its residents. In reality, it’s probably just a SJW working there “doing her part” to fight the patriarchy.

  8. If there’s one area where politicians have consistently failed to push their retarded will on the populace, it’s been in attempts to restrict or dictate content to the entertainment industry. I welcome Senator McCaskill’s complete failure here. It will be amusing to watch.

  9. One: Sansa was not raped. In no way can it possibly be construed as rape.
    Two: Sansa hasn’t been hot since season one.

      1. She accepted him as her husband and lord in front to the weirwood tree in front of people. She is a noble lady and he is her lord and husband.That Tyrion didn’t take her like that was sometjinh he was mocked for not just by his father but by everyone. Her sexual compliance is assumed. There is no “I have a headache”

        1. weirwood tree
          A “man tree”? Seriously?

        2. Just did a quick Google search and apparently there is so much outrage about this sex scene that GoT is revising what they are doing for season 6. My only thought is this…
          These chumps don’t have anything better to do than get outraged at a TV series? First fucking world problems.

        3. I think he uses it from the German verb meaning to defend. I am guessing that though and if anyone has evidence to the contrary I’d be interested

        4. Lol right?
          Unrelated but I sometimes thing I want to get Facebook just so when people announce they Are pregnant I can say #thirdworldproblems

        5. Proto-germanic and early pre-branched Germanic had “weir” as a word for man. Hence “weirwulf” and “weirgeld”. Werewolf (man-wolf) and “man money”, the price you paid for killing a male of any age, which was paid to the family.
          Yes, my depth of knowledge on honky shit is extensive. Guess I read too much as a kid.

    1. On your first point, yeah that was my impression too. She married him by choice to produce an heir between the two families, and it looked more like she was complying with that plan rather than being raped. Of course she didn’t love him and found him repulsive, hence the miserable look on her face, but she knew what she was signing up for.
      On your second point, I respectfully disagree.

    1. Pull out a bottle of Canola oil when you watch them.
      Do you know why? (not talking masturbation here)
      Wait for it…….
      It’s made from……….
      Rape seed! (look it up)

      1. There’s a small town in Saskatchewan Canada who’s billboard bears the town motto: land of rape and honey. Because rape seed is one of two major industries (one guess as to the other). The sjws of course are going crazy and may have already forced them to take it down.

        1. I used to travel across the continental united States taking pictures of myself in front of those kind of signs, weird, strange, funny. SJW’s are the most humorless bunch of twats on the planet, bar none.

  10. Anyone is permitted to say just about whatever the fuck they want, whenever the fuck they want. Why do authoritarian leftists think that’s not the case.

  11. It’s not that she’s against rape per say, she’s fine brining in thousands of Muslim rapists. She’s just against it when white people do it. #StopRapeRacism #RapeEquality

  12. Suck 1st Amendment dick, bitch.

    1. When the first Amendment was introduced, it was pretty much meaningless. It only later gained significance as – if I recall correctly – it was used by one of the two parties in order to be able to criticize / mock the current government.

      1. Meaningless? Is that why all of the divergent and different religious groups flocked here and then didn’t go to war with each other, then?

        1. 1st Amendment is more than free speech.

  13. Look at that first picture…
    Unless there is something genuinely genetically wrong with her, no woman or man in wintertime, in the world that “Game of Thrones” is set in, will ever get that overweight.

    1. The Walking Dead had some faux “doctor” chick who looked like a fat SJW. I was like “Are you fucking kidding me? Like eight years into an apocalypse and this fattie would have been buried for seven years, eleven months and twenty nine days, not here waddling around!”

      1. Oddly enough that fat chick fell in “love” with the girl with the biggest titties on the show. Just another reason to think that fat, ugly women turn to women because they can’t get men. 😉

    2. Keep in mind that she just moved north, her being fat is actually a plot point, and her male benefactors are some of the richest men in the country. It’s not the most unrealistic thing in the show.

    3. The female walrus is known to pack on weight when it is time to hibernate for the winter. Oh wait that’s bears, I’m sorry she just really looks like a walrus I guess.

    4. Her weight is a plot point. Her husband Roose Bolton was allowed to choose between four daughters for marriage and his dowry was the girl’s weight in silver, so he chose the fat one. Plus she’s of noble birth (i.e. has access to more food than the average peasant) and she’s also known as “Fat Walda” which suggests her size is unusual in that world. Of course nowadays she’d list her weight on OKCupid as “average”…and she wouldn’t be wrong.

    5. Those dogs must have thought “damn this is some good eatin’”. For a good delicious steak fat marbling is an important factor.

  14. They have the same stupid belief that if you don’t see it or hear it…..It doesn’t occur.
    PC Speech/Thought Police…..Denial of Reality.

  15. Anyone seen Monica Bellucci in Irreversible? Now that was a rape scene! Up the arse no condom! Also a scene in a Fag club that is quite juicy….. you’ll have to watch it to see!

    1. Holy fuck, how did that get released, that was fucking brutal.
      It was fucking brutal, because, that’s what a real rape looks like. No way that woman was waking up tomorrow and wondering “did he rape me last night”. Rape is a violent crime, as evidenced by the perp in that clip bouncing her head off the floor a few times once he finished. If you “wonder” if you’ve been raped, you have not been raped. Once again, for the SJW lurkers; if you wake up in the morning and think “did he rape me” the answer is “NO, YOU DUMB FUCK”. Take a look at this scene, this is what rape looks like. It’s not something that happens in a college dorm with your friend who you “kind of like, but not that way” after too much to drink. That’s called “being a dumb kid” not “rape”.
      Here’s the scene; you have to do a click through, but it seems to be safe. Its brutal. As you’d expect a rape to be.

      1. Yes. A course needs to be taught to our slutty youth about the difference.

  16. It’s funny because when the main male charachter from the Outlander series was raped by the English commander of the Dragoons, people(read=women) said everywhere and everytime that their perfomance was great, that it was the right way to present rape and that they were oh so brave…
    And I was thinking, you hypocrites…

    1. GREAT wife-spanking scene in Outlander, too! 10/10, have watched again.

  17. Last night’s child-hanging scene that ended with a lovingly-lingering shot of his dead, distorted face was a non-issue, too, I’m sure.

  18. For some reason, and I do not watch the show, or follow th books, feminists all treat those little stark girls as their proxy, and project their own issues on them. They also love rape. They also love to lie. So, I think the Senator’s objections are code for “I’m hot, bothered and moist, and OMG , last night was so hot, did you see it!?” but since they need to virtue signal constantly ,it has to be rephrased as “I’m offended!”
    SJW’s always lie. We know this. So always think the opposite of what they say.

    1. Great comment. You’re right, SJWs and feminists all project quite a bit. Severely dysfunctional people.

  19. Just one of the reasons I no longer watch the show. I also boycott male oriented shows that insist on showing penis. Especially if there is no pussy on display to offset it. Big Deadpool fan, but not watching the movie. No hateful 8, no eastern promises and never again, watchmen (still haunted by dangling blue balls).

  20. More proof that feminists derive sick pleasure from seeing hoards of males gutted, burned, crushed, hacked to death, mauled, and emasculated

  21. Why does this article about a feminist bush pig have a picture of a bleached deformed Pug at the top??
    Ohh never mind. Mods that pictures hard to look at can you blur it out or something?

    1. Well I guess she really wouldn’t have to worry about being raped that’s for sure!

  22. TV sucks ass anyway. Not surprised a silly piece of shit like this show is heavily watched.
    After I use a profile using a cartoon character, go figure. That show turned into a liberal crap circus also.

  23. I agreed with this article from the start, but it took until:
    “You should feel no shame whatsoever in buying quality films and watching television shows that have rape scenes”
    to realise just how insanely, utterly ridiculous this whole mess is

  24. Just wanted to mention George R.R.R.R. Martin here, who wrote the novels and thought all of this up. He’s a huge, flaming, nuclear liberal and he f–king loves rape. There’s more rape in the first 2 chapters of a George R.R.R.R. Martin novel than during Greek Week at all American colleges combined. Turns out his full name is actually George Raping Raped Rape Rapesalot Martin.

    1. A song of ice and rape. A dance with rapey dragons. A storm of rape. A clash of rape.
      Your right. The dude has a rape on the mind

        1. Beware the White Rapers. If they take the wall, they’ll rape every goddamn thing in Westeros

        2. Rapebert Barapetheon could save it only if he wasn’t raped by a bunch of boars.

        3. It’ll probably come down to a battle between the White Rapers and the Dothrapy.

  25. The problem with the scene is that it was unnecessary. Sansa had been building into what she was in the books, and the scene absolutely pulled the rug out from under that. Now, once again, we have Sansa the Wretch. It didn’t enhance Bolton’s character either, we know he’s a sadistic freak. The scene was nothing more than gore-porn for a season that through that point was very weak. Gotta have something to keep people talking/interested amiright?

    1. “the scene absolutely pulled the rug out”
      that sounds more like a lesbian rape scene

  26. I watched a few episodes of Game of Thrones because several people recommended it. Other than that hot blonde who shows her tits a bunch, I found the show dumb and boring. South Park’s parody was much better.

  27. Be honest. Old women with 200,000 miles on their odometers only care about this kinda shit because, it reminds them that no one has the motivation to stick it in them at all costs anymore.

    1. Exactly. “Nobody wants to fuck me anymore, so i’ll go out of my way to bitch about something. Maybe if I pretend like I care about women, they’ll look up to me and I won’t just be an irrelevant old wench with a moldy twat”.

      1. That’s her fantasy so of course she won’t say squat about banning it.

    1. You’ll never see it or hear about it.
      It’s the same argument (or non argument) that feminists use when talking equality. They don’t want real equality…they only want selective equality. You only see and hear from these types as they cherry pick their examples. The wage gap myth (but only certain types of jobs because women don’t like to get dirty…or die) or our court system with divorce and child support.
      This politicians is only playing to her base…she’s not really concerned. If she were concerned about rape, then why doesn’t she call out Muslims (and Islam) for their continued practice of raping women (and young boys) in their culture. It’s selective….that’s why….and she’ll tune in next week for the new episode.

  28. You’d think with the penis-severing scene, she’d give ’em credit towards the rape scene.

  29. The ‘man making the booty call’ is what’s under attack. Establishing who is allowed to make the booty call is the cornerstone of either matriarchy or patriarchy. Let’s assume it’s impossible to rape a woman under patriarchy, but it is still a severe crime to violate another man’s property or to deflower a post pubescent virgin outside of wedlock and without her father’s quitclaim and dowry note. Before spousal rape laws swept the western territories and states, a legally married wife was your property. No man could be charged with raping his own wife. Marriage amounted to a life of FREE PUSSY for the husband. Yes it was the same old poon day in and day out, but it did the trick and the man barely had to wipe. He knew where that thing had been – no place.
    NO PLACE BUT HOME. Domestic patriarchy is cemented when the man makes the booty call. The woman doesn’t come disrupting and pulling the man away from his study when she’s horny. NO her pussy doesn’t flare up after days of dormancy right when the man is running late for a flight and he’s dressed clean with a final splash of ‘Hugo Boss’. He corked her stinky the night before and it was HIS CALL. The patriarchal house doesn’t reveolve around a pussy. NO the tick of the DICK CLOCK determines when the shades go up and down. A house that runs on DICK TICK time is a man’s castle.
    Feminism is time warfare. The booty call is the grail. THAT IS WHY feminists want to stamp out and eradicate the tick of the dick clock. The place either runs on pussy time or dick time. Patriarchy runs on the clock that goes ‘DICK TOCK’ . . If you have a choice, go with the time standard of the patriarchy. Go with the TIME THAT RHYMES . .
    ‘dick tick’ . . cock tock . . dick tick . . cock tock . . heh . . I made a rhyme, lol

  30. Yeah if I was king of Earth, that McCaskill fatty wouldve been lion food.

  31. So long as she confines her demands to the status of suggestions and not laws, she can demand for more Kratom in tv shows as far as I care.
    On the other hand the people of Missouro should be embarassed that they voted in the old bat.

    1. Sue for costs only?! Go for punitive damages and name and shame that disgusting ball of filth who tried to ruin these poor guys’ lives. I spit on her.

  32. And yet its a common laugh line in the U.S. about men being raped in Prison. “Don’t drop the soap!”. I guess men deserve it so it’s ok to make jokes about that.

  33. No man should be watching this bullshit on TV.
    These types of shows are solely for women (it’s chick crack). They cry foul at these rapes scenes yet they’ll tune in, again, to watch the show every week, every season. I’m sure this Senator watches every week and then cherry picks events (for political purposes) to push her agenda.
    I can’t watch this bullshit. It’s, subtlety, filled with too much PC nonsense, feminism “you go girl” stupid shit and only the bad leaders are usually white men.
    Ask yourself this question: As a man, would you follow any of these leaders on the “good side” into battle? Probably not…they are all pussies (or women).
    If not, then turn that shit off…..you’re watching a soap opera.

    1. It’s such utter horseshit. For me a good barometer of whether I invest my time in anything is if women like it-if they do I avoid it like the plague; if they loathe it then that is a promising sign.

  34. I fucking loathe this cunt. She is the reason I spent 6 months in bull shit rape classes instead of preparing my Marines for a combat deployment

  35. Game of Thrones is entertainment for the lowest common denominator. You can tell by watching the first episode it is SJW bullshit that panders to losers in general.

  36. Babies don’t mean anything to feminists. The aren’t considered human. A fetus is an inconvenience if other forms of birth control don’t work.

  37. That old cunt is an idiot. Let her continue to show her stupidity In what she choos a to be outraged over.

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