7 Brilliant Songs To Make Love To

Below are my favourite songs to hookup to. Put them on your playlist the next time you’re in the bedroom and watch the magic happen as they inspire sensuality…

1. Diva Mea

This is THE sexiest song EVER created. It is totally sensual and ethereal. Make sure that bass is up to bring out that loving. The whole album is worth getting, but this song reigns supreme.

2. Blackmill – Friend

A totally suave, smooth song. Absolutely beautiful.

3. Blackmill – Rain

Powerful beat which will inspire sexxyyy times.

4. Explosions in the Sky – Your Hand in Mine

Gives off a great atmosphere.

5. Ellie Goulding – Hanging On

Incredible beat. Make sure you listen to the version without Tinie Tempah, as the rap lyrics are not conducive to mood!

6. Lady Antebellum – Need You Now

The only mainstream song on the list, and I was hesitant about putting it in. However, from experience that beat and refrain work magic.

7.  Lowland – Children (Orchestral Version)

A surreal and stunning 90s song that was a pioneering track of dream house. Another album worth getting.

Those are some of my favourites but I’m always open to more suggestions. Put yours below!

50 thoughts on “7 Brilliant Songs To Make Love To”

  1. When does music ever get played for sex? The last things I got laid to. Twilight, Mall Rats, Think Like A Man, Talladega Nights, Pitch Perfect. Actually basically any movie I watch with a woman works.

  2. Lady Antebellum? Ellie Goulding and Explosions in the sky?
    The inner rainbow I never knew I had just about had a tizzy of an epileptic seizure reading this. Thanks for that.
    But the fact that they don’t make size 13 high heel shoes is NOT the reason why I don’t cross dress.

  3. I am going to make a mix cd of all these songs and play it when my next girl comes over. If I don’t get laid I am going to be very angry 😉
    PS. Don’t forget to add song number 8: “Outhere brothers: I Wanna”

    1. Oh man. THAT’S why we need quality control of threads. DO NOT MAKE A MIXTAPE, it’s fucking gay.

      1. I suppose having good drinks on hand and dimmed lighting means I’m a faggot, too?

  4. You forgot Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”. Now for your penance, watch this:

  5. Aerosmith’s “Dont Wanna Miss A Thing?!?!?!” How could you forget that? Bon Jovi’s “I Will Always Love You.” Even if you don’t love her, she’ll always remember you fucking her to that song. Field-tested. She stills texts me and she’s engaged 😀

  6. A couple of favorite CDs for lovemaking are “Chillounge” and “Lovers’ Lounge”. They are both compilations and not all of the tracks are great but mostly they really hit the mental/emotional spot.

  7. Did not read this entire article (besides the heading) as I didn’t want to be corrupted by gayness.
    When I was a virgin I thought people should fuck to a soundtrack – thank you hollywood.
    Now I know better, the only soundtrack I need is the sound of my cock slooshing inside her dripping cunt.

  8. gay as fuck x 10
    Bust out some Isley Bros, Al Green, & Black Moses. Even white girls will ask for a replay.

  9. no one makes love any more grandma… it’s now called fucking…..and better to do it to the muffled sound of the bass bins and the roar of the AC units in the alley way at the back of the club… than any of this utter shity music…(although blackmill is quite cool, if not rather predictable and samey after 1-2 tracks)

    1. nothing like cumming on a girls face while r kelly’s singing about flying

  10. There’s this girl at work I really like. If I make her a mix CD do you think she will let me take her out to dinner and will I get a good night kiss afterward?
    Blue Pill

  11. I GET IT!!! IT’S A SATIRE!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!! Anyone who thought this was real should cut their tiny testes off.

  12. Most of these are just gay and/or cheesy, the decent songs would still be “trying to hard.” Imagine the awkward conversation for explaining THAT playlist.

  13. sounds like a magina infiltrated rok. please ban any future posts from this fag

  14. I think the key element here is that it is to lube up a woman’s response.
    I note carefully that this post was not labelled “Best Songs of All Time”, or “Exemplary Works of Modern Music”.
    I suppose none of you keyboard alphas would be caught dead making a Cosmo for some chick at your place:
    “Dude, that drink is kind of pink, gay as fuck, bro!!!
    The comments section of some of these threads is starting to look like a nasty game of dodge-ball, complete with pregame trash-talk and coordinated uniforms.
    What a bunch of fucking ingrates. Start your own blogs since you’re so goddamn alpha.

    1. Dead on – the point is not what YOU, the peach-fuzzed stud wannabe wants, but what gets your target in the mood to willingly submit to your lust.
      Like Mr. Bridle wrote, YOU don’t have to like Cosmos, but getting one or two down into the belly of your target gets you where you want to go. Disdain her wants at your expense.
      Frankly, once we get stroking, the music no longer matters because we just don’t hear it anymore. It’s all in the set up.
      “The comments section of some of these threads is starting to look like a
      nasty game of dodge-ball, complete with pregame trash-talk and
      coordinated uniforms.”
      I agree completely. Be constructive and contribute and you’ll be read and respected. Talk trash and you’ll be ignored and skipped over.

  15. 70’s…Ambrosia, England Dan, etc. Love Songs circa 1980 – At least for us over-40’s 😉

  16. I wouldn’t be caught dead listening to any of that, let alone with a girl. Frankly, I believe you get action despite these songs,they’re not helping

  17. The only song I’ve ever had sex to (really, made love to) is that Nine Inch Nails song with the line, “I want to fuck you like an animal.” That was kind of hot, I must admit. … But, for the most part, who wants music to pull them out of the moment, anyway? It’s a distraction.

  18. Nauseating!
    Any downtempo or ambient chill groove is much more suitable for fucking this cira 1970’s Love’s Theme crap.
    That’s why I love lounges that play that genre. It sets the mind’s tempo to FUCK setting more than just about any other type of music I can think of.

  19. Brother, you are in error. Nine Inch Nail’s “We’re In This Together Now” isn’t on here.

  20. I don’t find any of these particularly suitable for sex but that’s because I don’t like having sex while any music is playing.
    I had to comment on the songs one by one because I don’t find most of them good at all.
    1. pretty nice at times, but mostly kinda pretentious and sleazy
    2. well made, but nothing stunning or very beautiful about it
    3. this is a great song, one of the best I’ve heard in the last couple of years
    4.don’t see anything special about this… seemed pretty repetitive and boring to me
    5. nothing significant about this… run-of-the-mill song with bad use of her vocals
    6. slightly more emotional pop trash
    7. quite depressing and nowhere near the beauty of the original song

  21. To each his own, I guess. For me, I’m using Pink Floyd for fucking years – absolutely years. Some girls prefer Enigma; and some (the introverted ones?) prefer solo piano like George Winston or Keith Jarrett.

  22. I haven’t taken the time to hear what was suggested in the article. So I won’t judge those tracks. Some of the commenters suggests to play some lounge/chillout music which sets the mood right. I agree. In fact, let me propose you an excellent CD that is the perfect love making ambiance generator. Gemini from Sven Van Hees. To give you an idea, here’s what the first song “Matrass Mambo” hears like: all the long of the song, you can hear some kind of French conversation, spaced throughout the song between a man and a woman. Probably an excerpt from a movie:
    Translated at the end.
    The man:
    “En huilant la peau, je descend, je descend de la cuisse, la où la peau deviens déjà plus tendre. J’effleur ton sexe.
    Tu sens? ma peau caresse tes lèvres. De l’huile.. [inaudible]…
    The Woman:
    Patience. Tu pleurera un jour avec une autre en te souvenant de moi.
    Si tu pleurais, je prendrerais toute tes larmes,[inaudible]. Est-ce que c’est pour moi que tu pleure? Ou tu pleure pour toutes les autres?
    Patience. Tu peux te retenir prisonnier à l’intérieur de moi?
    She ends up saying inaudible things.
    Here’s the translation:
    The man:
    Oiling the skin, I rub downward, downward to the thighs, where the skin gets softer, I effloresce your sex.
    You feel? My skin touches your lips..[inaudible]
    The woman:
    Patience. You’ll cry one day with another, remembering me.
    If you’d cry, I would take all your tears.[inaudible]. Is it for me you’re crying for? Or are your tears for all your previous ones?
    Patience. Can you make yourself prisoner inside of me?
    The mood is set right off the bat. “I’m touching
    your labia… feel me out.” With the music
    behind.. sex can only kick in!
    I know it sounds like she’s framing the discussion later on, trying to have total emotional control of him. But nevermind that. He doesn’t respond. .. so fuck away…

  23. If you are <25 years of age there are basically two artist you should consider: Trey Songz and The Weeknd

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