5 Common Things Women Say On Tinder And What They Really Mean

Like it or loathe it, Tinder has become a major component of people’s dating repertoire in the past couple of years. For many people far removed from university, people who have moved to new cities and have limited social networks, people partaking in recreational travel across the world, or people who are just plain sick of nightclubs, the app is now their main tool for seeking carnal satisfaction.

Sexual dynamics within Tinder are exactly the same as pre-digital courtship. Or in other words, “the tools have changed but the trade is the same.” Obtaining sex is easy for gay men and women of all sexual orientations, while it is a constant battle and struggle for heterosexual men to achieve intimacy (at least by comparison).

Tinder can take the battle a step further, with heterosexual women often using a variety of confounding statements in their biographical profiles which makes them “seem” to be less interested in sex than many men were hoping. This article will address five of these (lying) statements which particularly appear far too frequently, along with translations.

Do not be fooled by this language, and don’t automatically dismiss these women as a result. Because if you are not going to sleep with them, some other guy who can read between the lines will.

1. “Not Into One Night Stands”

I am just putting on a facade in order to seem innocent and non-slutty (just in case my friends discover my profile), and hopefully to chase away as many “creepers” as possible.

Like any heterosexual female with hormones and desires, I will of course consider having a one night stand if we go on a date. However, you must be clean, smelling decent, and have a level of game which is strong enough to give me sufficient vagina tingles in order to agree going home with you.

When making the proposition to take me to your place, make sure you use subterfuge to mask your intention of wanting to have sex with me. For instance, say you would like to fix me some “tea,” just like in that The Wolf of Wall Street movie.

Therefore, I will not be made to feel so slutty after I have my one night stand with you. Because remember, you only invited me into your house to have “tea” before you made your move on me right?

Oh, and I will probably tell you that I’ve “never done this before,” even though it’s actually happened somewhere between 20 and 80 other times in the past.

2. “No Fuckboys”

woman thumbs up

YES fuckboys! While it may appear on the surface that the “fuckboy” label has negative connotations, you need to understand that us women in our early and mid 20-something sexual prime actually find the alpha male “bad boy” pump-and-dump types very attractive. We say we don’t like them, but we sleep with them all the time.

You give us ladies huge vagina tingles when we assume that you have options and are receiving sexual validation from lots of different women, even though we will never admit to this.

Therefore, provided that your game is tight enough, I will overlook this minor inconvenience and allow you to bang me while you also play the field with other women. Just don’t let me find out about them, ok? Oh speaking of which, I’ve got another annoying beta orbiter on the line… wish he could be more fun and exciting like you…

3. “Good Vibes”

Good vibes

“Good Vibes” = Good Vibrations

I’m looking for a “hawt” guy who can hopefully spit enough clown game to give me sufficient vagina tingles for no strings attached sex. Not being quiet, boring, or acting in a manner that I would consider “creepy” or “awkward” by my overly judgmental standards are vital components of giving off “good vibes.”

Entertain me and make me laugh without fail. I demand those tingles!

4. “Don’t Swipe Right If All You’re After Is Sex”

topsy turvy

Topsy Turvy that Muh’ Fugga

Swipe right if all you’re after is sex. That is, give off the veneer that you’re not just after sex, both in you’re text game and for at least the first two dates. If we have already had sex at least once (preferably twice), if I find you’re company enjoyable, and I have become quite comfortable that you are not an ax murderer, we can just go on autopilot and you can have me around for a booty call when time permits.

Just use subterfuge like “I’m making you dinner” or “Netflix and chill” as your excuse to get me over to your house. That way I won’t feel like a slut.

Also, every now and then I may occasionally shit test you with a “you’re just using me for sex” kind of spiel. Don’t worry, just maintain your frame and throw a topsy-turvy on me (witty comeback) and you will likely pass. Something along the lines of “are you just using ME for sex?”

5. “I’m Here For Friends”


I’m just giving off the veneer that I’m here for “friends” because I am actually in a “it’s complicated” kind of relationship, and this statement gives me a good alibi to potentially avoid a lot of trouble just in case my significant other finds out I’m on Tinder. Pretty clever huh?

Here’s the thing, I’m so unhaaaapy and bored that my partner is working 12 hour days for weeks at a time in the outback mines of Australia, while I’m all sexless and alone in the house he is paying for. Aren’t us women so oppressed? Will you be the one to give me enough vagina tingles to satisfy my desires?


Get it? The instant a woman signs up to Tinder, she is voluntarily putting herself on the sexual marketplace. It doesn’t matter whether she is single, taken, or just looking for “friends.” Don’t buy into her biographical shit tests.

Seeking intimate relationships, however casual they may be, is exactly what Tinder was made for. Deep down inside of her (pardon the pun), she knows this is true.

So maintain your frame, learn game, and develop that Eric Cartman sense of confidence before your dates. Because the “dating apocalypse” via smartphone applications has been around for several years now, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Enjoy the decline.

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375 thoughts on “5 Common Things Women Say On Tinder And What They Really Mean”

    1. Agreed. Have a 1000% better success rate with day game than Tinder. Maybe there is a pimp my Tinder app out there.

      1. Most of the guides I’ve found over the years are pure garbage. Those guys who do succeed on Tinder rarely know exactly how they do it.
        I’ve played with the app for a while and gotten a lot of positive feedback from desperate chicks, but rarely do I find someone worth pursuing. Real-life game still beats online.

        1. Good pointers. I’ll add a lot of these changes because my Tinder is only good for trolling the girls I work with because a bunch of them are floating on Tinder. In real life, I can score a lay roughly within an hour if I really tried so figured it was some passive game I was missing. Thus far my in person approach murders the 6-8 range but almost has an inverse affect on the 8-10 range. I’ll work on this for the next month or so and share if the results are wildly different.

        2. I find the 8-10 range more receptive to (the appearance of) genuine interest from confident guys. The few I’ve known tend to reject ONS and require a slower game.
          Luckily, they tend to be inwardly more feminine than the lower tiers in my experience. That makes it worthwhile.

        3. That range of girl doesn’t live on social media, as they don’t need constant validation, they know that they are “all that’ already. Which is cool because they do seem far more “real” than the snotty HB5 to HB7 who requires constant validation and who has a huge entitlement complex that is far higher than her meager looks can justify.

        4. Seriously! Just met one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen and she was very down to earth but clearly brimming with confidence and a zest for life. Might have bubbling with a few live specimens somewhere but that’s neither here nor there. She was an all around breath of fresh air and although didn’t cement the lay for the day or two she was down here, no telling if I won’t get the lay at some point down the line.

        5. I always heard that 8-10 girls are way more insecure and welcome the attention…from a guy with decent game. True?

        6. As a rule.
          Equally, if they say they have a boyfriend (midway through the exchange, showing no lack of interest), they probably do. They’re as hypergamous as any woman, but they also have a tendency to cling to good relationships moreso than others.
          Often make GREAT wings, if there’s no chance of scoring with them.

      2. Couple years ago, I used OKCupid for dating in foreign country. I messaged 500 girls; 250 replied. Kept winnowing it down. I ultimately met about 25 of them, and banged 6. BTW, I’m blessed with height, good looks, and tight game — and I STILL couldn’t convert more than about 2%.
        Day game is better, overall.

        1. And its still as relevant as ever! Fat single mom “strong and independent” wasteland, indeed!

    2. I really don’t get that experience..My day game limits me to getting 6-8 girls but with tinder I’ve gotten some serious 9’s simply out of exposure and availability. Some girls on tinder are hotter than anyone I have seen in my area because I’ve got 1000+ matches. Being a college baseball player helps too, but tinder is where I get the vast majority of girls to fuck

      1. Jesus….you might need to post a how to pimp your Tinder article. I imagine it has more to do with your pictures than anything. I came from a time before internet so Internet game is as foreign to me as VCRs are to you.

        1. My simplistic guide:
          Step 1: Be reasonably attractive
          Step 2: Be somewhere with lots of women (small towns are too much work for too little profit)
          Step 3: Get good pics (a few with you doing something social, a few looking nice, a few doing something skilled)
          Step 4: Pick your profile game
          – Jerkboy (works best if the pics reflect it and in college area)
          – Flirty and Mysterious (Few targetted lines to build intrigue)
          – World Traveller (“Looking to settle down” works here, if pics support it)
          – Tired of the game (analogue to “No one night stand” from girls)
          Step 5: Tweak your profile each week until you find a working combination
          Step 6: Be Selective (Tinder keeps a secret algorithm of likes to was-liked, and uses that to match similarly desirable people)
          Step 7: Use Chateau Heartiste’s advice for your text exchanges (current promoted opening line is, “How normal are you?” – works well for me)
          Step 8: Use as supplemental game, not main game (unless your profile takes off like a shot)

        2. Some good points. But I think it’s too much. I’m reasonably attractive. My profile says
          College baseball
          And that’s my bio. I just swipe right to anyone I would bang, left to anyone that looks like a waste of time, too far away, or ugly.
          I don’t even live in a large city. There’s 40,000 in my town. Now, I’m matched with girls in towns about 20 minutes away, so there’s that. I’m in the puget sound area in Washington state, about 40 minutes south of Seattle.
          I keep it very simple with my messages. I play it by instinct. I’ll sometimes just say “hey”. I’ll sometimes throw in a smiley face… I’ll sometimes write a few sentences about their profile if they look like they’ll respond well to that. I just do what I think will get a good response. Then I go for the phone number. I have success because I just don’t give a shit. If I get pussy that night, cool. If I don’t, alright. I’m into my high 20’s for this year and tinder is about 20 of those. Don’t waste your time trying to get pussy. Just relax and focus on yourself, it will come. Not bad for a 19 year old, eh?

        3. That’s the way, if you can swing it. You’ve got all the validation you need right there.
          I’m 5’7. I’m an engineer, writer, and amateur theologian/philosopher. I lift, but I’m still bouncing back from borderline-obesity (on the BMI scale). Frankly, I don’t have the looks or the social cache (in an online context) to swing your game.
          That’s why I wrote what I did. I know guys like you IRL, who get girls left and right with absolutely no thought into their profile. I also know hundreds of guys who can’t do that.
          But your attitude is spot on. Good on you.

        4. We are in the same ball park Taignobias. Same height even if I don’t look it or feel it, not sure what that is about. And roughly the same interests too. 6’2 and athletic just translates into fawning by women. And haven’t done any sports save for martial arts in years so feel your approach will be right up my alley.

        5. We are cursed by our interests and height. On the other hand, what we learn along the way helps other men like us.
          Which art, if I may ask? I’ve done stints at McDojos in several arts, so I’m always curious.

        6. Very true. On the plus while we can be considered deficient in height or interests, we can easily go through many worlds in without much questions or scrutiny. As writers, most people love the aspect of being immortalized in ink. And adding with women, your confidence is only inflated when you are shorter than them and they see you still want in. On my Martial Arts style it is close to Chi Lum Pai in aspects.

        7. I can’t believe you get this much play with women on tinder and don’t understand why. It has absolutely nothing to do with your profile text, your message content, your personality, your intelligence, or any of that bullshit that women always say is important to them. Women filter by age, height, and pics. That’s 90% of female decision making process.

        8. Yeah anyone who says women don’t care about looks have no real clue or are in denial.
          Women want hot, tall, athletic guys in their age range. It’s as simple as that really. If you’re lucky enough to meet those criteria, you’re going to be getting lots of pussy and lots of easy lays with hot women. If not, you’re pretty much fucked. You can try and compensate for your deficiencies in a very limited way by learning Game and all that bullshit.. which is really just learning to be confident and maximize your attraction by dressing well and trying to approach women.. but you’re never ever going to get hot, attractive women falling into your lap like Jonathan above. you have to work 100 times harder for 1% of the same action Jonathan is getting by pretty much doing nothing.
          The world is not fair and that’s how it is. You have to make your peace with that and try and do the best with the cards you’re dealt with. The problem is that in this current digital day and age of female sexual empowerment and freedom, women’s sexuality is constantly getting rubbed in a man’s face.. and it breeds anger and resentment when you see and hear about so many men banging hot, young things while you’re not getting any. At least before men who weren’t blessed with good looks and genetics didn’t have to live with women’s sexuality being rubbed in their faces all the time.. which helped for them to make peace with their lot in life.
          It’s a very toxic combination: a digital age where you can see and hear about women hooking up with guys all the time while at the same time you have feminism and women’s sexual freedom which results in women slutting it up with only the top 20 percent of men and sexually shutting out most men.

        9. I’m gonna have to disagree with you. I’ve been a baseball player since I was 6. I’ve been 6 foot since I was 15. I’ve looked about the same for a few years. Hell, I still have braces on and live with my parents…but until I was 18 I’ve only been with one girl. When I got onto tinder I had terrible luck. I only went out with ugly girls (in hindsight), and I was the one paying for dinner and paying to go see a movie…I spent my time and money on mediocre girls that I didn’t even fuck…and hot girls would talk to me for a bit and then ignore me..the only thing that changed was my attitude. I just got pissed off and started treating women like shit. And it worked..and my confidence went up, and I started treating hot women like shit…and it worked. And it just kept working and I kept improving. And if you just keep at it, eventually you’ll get the hang of it. And now I’m so confident I can approach any girl, talk to any girl, and try to fuck any girl. (Online or in person). It only took me over a year and a half but it’s totally been worth it. Women used to scare me and in turn, I probably scared them. But I’m only in the position I am today because I wanted to be.

        10. Congrats you finally learned how to get laid. But what’s the relevance? Anybody can create a test profile with model pics and tweak the variables, send out tard text, and watch females respond. Its not your text game that’s doing it.

        11. It’s a situation that shreds the social contract that lies at the very foundation of civilization. This is the contract between the 80% of men that women would pass up for ‘alpha fucks’ and the 80% of women who after they hit wall might as well be men with how low their SMV will drop. Following its dissolution the only foreseeable outcome is lots of frustrated young men, lonely regretful old spinsters, no healthy next generation being raised by an intact family, no incentive for those ‘beta Bucks’ (i.e. the engine of commerce,) in short a complete collapse of our civilization leaving us open to conquest and subjugation by a lesser civilization that at least wasn’t stupid enough to hand the reigns of a male-built society over to women who didn’t earn them and are ill suited to make the big decisions (either that or the 80% of men and 80% of post-wall women get successfully subjugated by the ‘alphas’ of society.) Western men need to man up in a big way or all is lost.

      2. “college baseball player” = male stripper. Whats your next career- “construction worker”? 🙂

  1. I don’t have Tinder because I don’t have FB but I’m curious to know if it works for middle-aged men who want younger girls. Is it also not exclusively about looks?

    1. If you don’t have the looks, then you’d better be standing in front of a private jet and a Ferrari, with a glass of champagne in one hand and an American Express Black in the other.

        1. Does Tinder actually REQUIRE Facebook? Never seen an app that NEEDS it, usually they make it appear that you must have facebook but there’s an option to create an account with a fake email address or something.

        2. I manage to pass this problem by doing as you say and do a false account. But in the end had to quit because it needed to send a SMS to me.
          Since I working at home I don’t need an Iphone so I cannot receive SMS and lost the tinder battle ( for PC) :/
          Anyway it was more to see the type of ‘creatures’ roaming in this country, and purely for cultural reasons 🙂

        3. There are sites that let you receive an SMS message for (search free sms verification). Ive used it for a couple of services that required that. No way am I personally telling facebook every girl I’m banging. I’m mildly curious about tinder, but it’s a little too grotesque for me (girls actually admitting they are sluts just looking for a new cock tonight). I suppose I would give it a try while traveling…

        4. If girls who use tinder are sluts, means men who use tinder also are sluts? If girls who use tinder are not for relationship means men who use tinder and other dating apps are not for relationship but only for using?

        5. Ho thank you I just found the site. My quest is still on finally 🙂
          Have you seen the Tinder video ?
          Click on the right corner.. everything is there..No chance woman do not consider it for finding one night.

        6. Does calling a guy who bangs a slut a male slut make you feel better? Go for it, cupcake. Doesn’t change the fact that these chicks are garbage.

        7. Hahahah. wow. Perhaps it’s just my cynical side, but watching that video really DOES make me think we are being trolled by a bunch of globalist elitists who want to destroy society.

        8. Ok. Thus what most of men who comment here do on tinder? Are they also garbage?
          In fact I don’t use tinder or other dating apps.
          But you in one of your posts wrote you will use it when you travel. Are you going to sleep with garbage? Or are you a slut?
          Have you never used dating sites or something like that?
          How people here can judge about all other people. Sluts there are everywhere. Doesn’t matter tinder or whatever. Do you know all men or women who use this app that you make such kind of conclusions?
          I agree that dating apps maybe are not the best way to meet somebody but it is possible.
          Who wants to see garbage will see only garbage. If you want to find slut for hook up , you will find.
          I wonder that men are looking for hook ups but after complain that women on dating apps are sluts. They are looking for sluts but not for good women! They get what they want.

        9. Well agree with you. The formula is easy as they say on ROC :
          1.Woman turn selfish and feminist, no children.
          2.No children no family.
          3.No family no tradition,
          4.Need more people because society is getting older get migrants
          5.. Migrants ask society to adapt to them so destroy society with the help of woman…
          I’m from Quebec. I began to understand separation would be impossible as long as the separatist would include feminists and since we are now too few as migrant do not want to leave Canada, we are fuck. That simple. Too late 🙁

        10. I’ve never used an app like tinder, and find it rather disgusting. That’s not to say I’ve never had a ONS and won’t do so again. Women are the gatekeepers to sex; men are the gatekeepers to relationships. Women are offering easy sex. Men will take it. I am not offering them a relationship. They are garbage. Rampant sex with multiple partners has a serious and damaging effect to women, ruining them for marriage if they have more than ~3 partners. The degree to which this effects men is far, far lesser. Look at the Teachman study and read up on some past articles here if you are interested. If you don’t want to have sex with sluts, don’t. If you do, enjoy the decline–there are tons of them out there and the price is lower than ever.

        11. How old are you?
          I read some of your comments. Mostly your comments are full of anger and negative.
          Your opinion is your opinion. You have right to think as you think. But you can’t generalize that all are sluts or something like that.
          I assume you don’t have a family or girlfriend.

        12. A slut is merely a woman who freely offers her body to multiple men, without any relationship or emotional connection. Calling a slut a slut is not negative or hateful, although sluts *are* harmful to a developed society. They are fun when you are younger, but as one ages and begins thinking of a family, they are a disruptive force. My girlfriend and family both generally agree that sluts are not something to be emulated, but to be looked down upon. And I would never date a girl who used Tinder.
          As to whether others do, that is up to them. They can be as happy or as angry about sluts as they wish. And I can understand both emotions. I suppose my question to you is do sluts trouble you or please you, and why or why not? If so, can you at least see the opposite emotion, and if not, why do you care what other’s feelings are about them?

        13. Sorry I didn’t understand which question did you ask?
          I don’t care what other feeling I just told that you can’t judge all people. I know some men that used tinder before marry. They are cool men and nice persons. I know some girls that used tinder , they are also good girls and don’t sleep around.
          Fact that they isn’t use it too much but just for fun , even not for dating.
          So as I understand you have a girlfriend but you date also other women?

  2. I’m a bit off topic here with this comment. But does everyone hunch over and grip the bars on the stair master machine in the gym on purpose or is it an insurance scam?

    1. I’ve noticed that as well. It reinforces bad posture and may actually do more harm than good. But the stair master still beats doing nothing I suppose.

      1. Every time I see someone use it its either some chick 18 to 20 hunched over for dear life, a couple doing the same thing or some dude with a weight belt and west straps.

        1. So many poser gym amateurs with their stupid slogan shirts (“BEAST MODE!” “EVERY DAMN DAY!”), so few Molotov cocktails.

        2. I just wear a shirt with a picture of Goku (NERRRRDDD!) to the gym. The way I figure it, the posers will shun me and the hardcore guys will laugh while they correct my form.

    2. LOL dont be that guy who uses the cellphone at the gym man! I hate those guys

    3. Set the stair master for highest speed. In ten minutes you will have run up the equivalent of a staircase of a 50 floor office building. Most people in the gym are fuck wits no matter the work out.

  3. “you need to understand that us women in our early and mid 20-something sexual prime actually find the alpha male “bad boy” pump-and-dump types very attractive” Is the author of this article gender fluid? It’s bizarrely written as if the author’s mind has become the thing he/she is criticizing…the tinder bubble? Perhaps he’s a bubble in search of a hard surface…. I’m glad that I’m too mature for this crap.

    1. He’s writing the translation as a “woman would answer it”.

    2. “A bubble in search of a hard surface.” That is poetic. This is why I read ROK. For the mental stimulation. And it perfectly demonstrates what makes the White male mind without comparison. Millions of Chinese students study for their national examination each year, unthinkingly regurgitating memorized classical Chinese texts. And here posted to an internet thread is such a vivid metaphor, delivered in such an off-the-cuff manner. Well done.

  4. Never tried Tinder, but it seems to me that women play the same shit tests there as in any other place.
    Ho im in to sensitive men, i like romanticism, i like good men with a good heart (this is the most deadly of all sentences a women can say to you, believe me) i just want a friend, im not into to sex…bla bla bla.
    I said and im going to repeat it till i die: women crave sex probably more than men. They just hide it and make it more subtle to us men, because of evolutionary rules.
    This reminds me of a documentary i saw a month ago, i believe, about a male tiger journey to rule a territory. He went after a female to mate and she made him wait 48 hours. She was indifferent but sometimes aggressive with him until finally she let him mate. She was just testing him to see if he had the balls and the patience to be a reliable male.
    There is no difference, apart from all the fancy names and the technology we use, from Tinder to natures daily fight to perpetuate itself. Women/female biology mo is all the same.

    1. women crave sex probably more than men.
      Nature says “no, they don’t”. Testosterone controls sex drive.

      1. Funny enough, I will agree. At times it is like an ebb and flow situation. Women are turned on by testosterone and ferocity that can be channeled towards her as brutal desire. And at times they instigate it out of men. But this may very well be because they control the sexual market place, and to be civilized and abide by freedoms doled out for both sexes, men don’t go savage. Our sex drive controls is so thorough that we have a very real potential to sate it through rape if not appeased. Just how men are built.
        But if society weren’t in play, and men were in control of the sexual market place, a lot more women would be getting fucked all of the time. Smoke breaks would be fuck breaks. Bathroom breaks would be bathroom and fuck breaks. It is our civility that keeps up the ruse that women are sexual and that is only because men can be so thoroughly controlled by sex, where women are not, that we lose semblance of logic.

      2. It looks to me like they enjoy sex, and perhaps some enjoy it more than men, but they can usually take it or leave it. Even the high-T lezzies I encounter are that way.
        Men, not so much. We thirst.

        1. Enjoying sex isn’t the same as a sex drive or craving sex. You’re exactly right, they normally can take it or leave it, it’s normally the male who initiates due to a high sex drive. Women will initiate occasionally, no question, and they do get horny, no question, but nowhere near the levels of men.

        2. Im not sure if i am the norm but i used to crave sex on the same days every month (3 days before the rag on average). I used to get drunk at a party and didnt plan on having sex or trying to pull specifically then it happening or i would call my casual guy and have drunken sex. Next day i would be like, WHHHY?’ Becoz i knew i needed to stop. I would look at the calender and without fail i was in that week before menstruation.
          I was such a mess. Yep.
          But my point is that until they have a baby, this urge is quite strong during ovaluation. Other times of the month the urge wasnt there.

      3. Biologically the sex drive is more complete and “rounded” in a woman’s nature. In men it’s detached, eruptive and periodic and a taste for other pursuits like sports or even intellectual interests can sate and satisfy in ways that rarely happens with a women.

      4. You are right, but i am talking from personal experience. I always have the exact opposite feeling, because they are usually very timid in the beginning, but if you create attraction, they loose their minds and go berserk. Probably i am using the wrong semantics or the wrong time period.
        We men crave sex all the time, motivated by testosterone, while women crave it in a particular set, after some conditions are met. Probably this is a better way to postulate it.

        1. “We men crave sex all the time, motivated by testosterone, while women
          crave it in a particular set, after some conditions are met.”
          Yes. Women do love and want sex.. but only with the “hawtest” guys.. the most alpha.. who they determine is worthy enough for their pussy. Women are far more sexually selective than men.. and they tend to sexually shut out 80% of men and slut it up only with the hottest guys who they mind most attractive.

        2. Another thing is social pressure. We men, do not begin to find a woman attractive, because some of our friends tell us she is.
          Women on the other hand behave like this. In fact, besides having already a woman, a men becomes a chick magnet by being seen as hot by the alpha female.
          In a job i had, there was this guy that was the chief of a department. He started visiting the University, and nobody gave much notice until…the most influential women began stating he was sexy. In the beginning, the other women did not seem to agree, but only a week latter, its all they talked about.
          The guy was a douche and a incompetent, but for them, it did not matter.

        3. Believe me, it was sometimes irritating. Once, a colleague of mine even told them to shut up about that, because they looked like little children. Its truly a pack mentality.

        4. I met a girl recently at a party. She was obsessed with my “mysterious” nature and the fact that I wouldn’t answer questions like what my occupation is. We were flirting and she was obviously in to me, and she actually took a break in the conversation to go inside the house and interrogate some female friends about my background before coming back out and offering me a ride home.
          We ended up making out, set up a date for a few days later. She proceeded to track down anyone who knew me, and interrogate them for info about me. Instead of getting to know me, she was more interested in what others thought of me. In the end, she got some raving positive reviews from some friends, but I was too disgusted at her attitude and no longer wanted anything to do with her. So shallow.

      5. That’s an oversimplification, since although mens’ brains are subjected to much higher levels of testosterone women are much more sensitive to its effects. There are also effects from the other female hormones that aren’t so cut and dry.

  5. Oh, this fucking thing! I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I’ve matched with a girl who was “just here for the weekend”, as in visiting family or attending a wedding. Fucking focus on your family or the friends you originally came here for instead of trying to eke out a small window of time to bang some “bad boy” while away from home, skank!
    Not to mention the handful of times I’ve been “Tinder baited”, which is when a girl does the classic take her selfies at obtuse angles to hide the fact that she’s fat or posts old pics from when she was younger and thinner to deceive all. Such a fucking shitshow circus!

    1. Here is the thing, hoes travel through their vaginas. They don’t see the Eiffel Tower. They see a French dick and then the tower. They don’t see the capital of the United States of America. They see the dick that coats their interiors and then they learn how the constitution shaped this land. For every state, country, province, island, a woman visits, it only counts if a dick entered her there. This is how women dictate the value of their travels.

        1. Know a girl who spends a few hundred every few weeks to hit up the Spanish 3rd world island/countries. She is on her 3rd year of doing this and only now started to learn Spanish words. I would put money on everything her pussy knows at least a 1000 Spanish terms and best practices for getting Latino schlong.

        2. Ah yes, the old study abroad cop out, gotta love that one! I’m sure a fuck ton of “studying” took place if any at all, Honey.
          Why on Earth would somebody need to go abroad to supposedly study the next easiest language for a native English speaker anyway, when you can quite literally learn it in your own backyard? This always baffled me pre-red pill and now the writing is on the wall in menstrual blood.

      1. As A.V. Yader once said, “passport stamps = pussy stamps”, no doubt! Nothing is more repulsive and shallow than an accent-chasing whore!

        1. I was just thinking that same thing. And how a lot of those sluts have a “sex on vacation doesn’t count” mindset.

        2. Haha yeah, their slaughter lists of “doesn’t counts” are truly comical. They warp and twist any set of circumstances to make them somehow sound mitigating add some bizarre “doesn’t count” twist to them. Having your vaginal walls (or apparently anus, which suddenly is trendy to boast about and think it adds some sort of allure to them) penetrated in any way, shape or form counts, Sweetheart.

      2. Good points, but I doubt they go learn how the Constitution shaped the land afterwards. Nice play on words.

        1. They see the Washington Monument and think “wow, does that mean that first president guy was well hung?”

    2. Hehe funny comment in some way. Not saying you’re incorrect, just that the way you wrote it is seething rage.
      I find that the further from home a girl is, the easier it is to get into her panties. Basically when a girl is away from her social circle she feels free to do all the shit she otherwise wouldn’t. Like cheat on her boyfriend, get piss drunk, flash her boobs at everyone, do a gangbang etc etc.

      1. It isn’t so much “rage” (although I can see how you would perceive that), it’s more that I really, truly hate clichès. When something gets predictable, as all of the points mentioned in the article are, it just gets boring and ordinary.

    3. I’ve fallen for the secret Internet [email protected] trap too many times. I’m just not heartless enough to walk away soon as I see them. In some cases I’ve even gotten drunk enough at the bar date that I end up going through with it anyway. I suck.

      1. I saw a guy meet a fatty from Tinder (I think he said they arranged it through that?) at a bar. He literally laughed out loud at her when she entered and snarked (amusingly I must add) “Looks like the camera subtracted thirty pounds on your profile”. She was in the bar for all of, I think, 30 seconds. Just enough time to react with horror, turn and stomp out. I knew it was a meetup because he immediately ordered a drink when she flew out in rage and started pointing to her profile (on his iPhone) and asking “Does this picture even vaguely look like the girl that came through that door?” He was a laugh riot (seriously, a real cut up type personality). I strongly suspect that he reads the manosphere by the way he talked. Will see him once in a while (like once every month or two) and he usually has a hottie in tow. It was great how he called out the chubb immediately, heh.

        1. I don’t know what these fatties are thinking. Like she’s going to to show up weighing 50 pounds more than she looks and I’m suddenly going to fall in love with her personality. Ha

        2. She should have started taking long walks and hikes, then running..and try to eat less. Geez!

        3. That’s what he did. It was a pleasure to witness. He also dropped a few terms that I consider manosphere-centric, but not enough that I was entirely certain if he actually read here or if he just picked them up from other men.

        4. I’ve only mentioned this site to a couple of friends, but it turned out both were regular readers. I think you might be surprised how widespread rok is. If you care to make it known, I’d recommend bringing it up with him, and I’d wager he reads as well.

      2. Well they’re heartless enough to outright lie to you about their appearance and somehow think it’s okay to do, so I feel your sympathy is misbegotten.

      3. If you reward them with attention and, God help us, sex, you are affirming that their “lifestyle choices” aka being a fatty, is perfectly acceptable and good. Be heartless, throw them right the fuck out the door and don’t look back. In the end you’ll be helping them.

  6. You’ve got to be crazy to want to stick your probiscus into anyone found on the internet.

  7. I agree with every point in the article, except the opening phrase, which is a generational perception, that is not true in the slightest:
    John Carver writes, “Sexual dynamics within Tinder are exactly the same as pre-digital courtship.”
    Not even close, not by a long shot, ask anybody that was successfully picking up women in the, 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s and they will clearly tell you that “Tinder Game” is nothing like Real Life Game that was done in the old days. I personally have predicted grave cultural repercussions for the invention and mass adoption of “race to the bottom”, digital dating and the current, over sensitized, female induced, mate screening trends.
    I’ll clarify further.
    The current batch of Millennial women are doomed and are actually, in a sort of “dead-woman-walking” scenario, that the general population and public health officials are completely unaware of. One day this situation will become a HUGE mental heath crisis in the West and will cost billions in healthcare treatment, as government officials try to mitigate the fallout across ALL classes and income brackets.
    I noticed what I call a “nouveau-ho” trend developing a few years ago, for example, back in the 90’s and prior, a female that had a “50+ notch count” was usually involved in a business where they could garner an unusual amount of attention, from higher status males, such as: stripper, model, stage entertainer or actress. Normal women, not performing those types of jobs, in those days, would have needed to constantly project their “availability” publicly, in order to garner a “50+ count”. Most sane women, back then, did not do such because they would have been labeled a “slut” publicly, by their peers and family, so their “notch counts” were significantly lower as a result.
    So, what’s changed in the last 15+ years? Due to social media, regular women, even fat chicks, can now get the same volume of attention today, that ONLY a stripper, model or actress could have gotten in the pre-social media era (note, however, that the status of the males paying attention to these normal women is usually much lower as well).
    In the 90’s and prior, men had to put in a decent, but not a herculean, amount of effort to get laid, in general. So, for higher status males, pursuing fat chicks was completely out of the question because that effort was better spent elsewhere (opportunity costs). But today, a high status male just needs to post a good Tinder profile and wait for the “fat chicks” to do all the work pursuing them instead. Essentially, the modern Alpha just sits back and waits for the “easy lays to roll in”. Also, the digital world, allows these women to have somewhat better control over how much information is released about their “slut activities”. At the end of the day, they can keep their “notch count” mostly a secret, by only seeing men that don’t know each other, are not a part of their current circle of acquaintances, whom don’t live in their localities and/or by “traveling the world” for sex tourism, etc.
    Back in the 90’s and prior, not many men would have thought it was a good idea to marry a former stripper, stage entertainer, model or actress, nor do many men think so today either. However, none of the younger men today have fully realized that a majority of women available, under 35 years of age, are currently living lives that are not much different from a strippers life, back in the 90’s and before. Its all disguised now because these women work in offices, at regular jobs and seem like normal people, on the surface, when in fact they are not because of the undue sexual attention that they are able to get via “social media”.
    The number of “high notch” women has exploded since 2008-2009, post, the mainstream acceptance of smartphones and social media. Prior to that time, “high notch” women were typically limited to the abused, mentally ill, strippers and/or celebrities (i.e. Heidi Fleiss & Kim Kardashian types). Normal looking chicks, due to this now mainstream tech, have access to something that they did not have in previous decades, the focused attention, of large numbers of thirsty men. In earlier times, that kind of attention was reserved for the best looking women only, particularly those that actually took the time to look good and put themselves out there, in public, in order to get noticed on a regular basis.
    The difference between today and the pre-smartphone/social-media era, is that Ho-ing, used to be a LOT of HARD work. Women had to dress nice, flirt properly, going out of their way to find the best clubs, beaches, universities and bars, that they could actually get into, where higher status men hung out, etc. In contrast, today, women simply get their phone out and wait for hits, choosing the men they like (and at the same time, avoid learning how to gracefully turn away those men that they do not wish to interact with). When these “nouveau-ho’s” meet up, with the man-of-their-choice, the woman doesn’t have to get dressed up, they give their selected men a hard time (shi*t testing both low and high status males) and eventually still end up getting laid, without putting in any effort. If any woman had taken this route in the past, they would have been barred entry into the goods bars/clubs, ostracized from the various college party scenes and/or rebuked by their peers/family. In the past, “Ho-ing” was not for the timid, in the “pre-smartphone world”, that was based on face-to-face interactions, coupled with good visual style and overt flirting, on the woman’s part.
    “Ho-ing” is the EASIEST its ever been and the laziness of women is clearly shown, by how poorly they take care of their looks, yet still are able to find sex partners, whom in the past would have rejected them for better prospects (again, opportunity cost for the Alpha Males).
    I suspect that there is also a HUGE mental health crisis looming on the horizon for women that are currently aged 15-30. When the “Carousel Ride” ends for them, they will be far less capable of begrudgingly accepting a “Beta Bucks”, for the sole purpose of securing a post-wall, survival position, in a stable nuclear family. I’d bet my house that suicide attempt rates for women, born in the early 1990’s and thereafter, will skyrocket, when these single women hit their late 30’s to early 40’s, ALONE, due ENTIRLEY to unmet, high expectations.
    Also, the success of online dating sites has baffled me from the very beginning because you need BOTH men and women to believe they work. When these sites first came out, I wondered to myself, “how in the world does this process benefit any average MAN using this new dating medium?” Note, I am assuming that most men, posting here, prefer to know in the first couple of minutes if they are wasting their time or not. In most cases that analysis can be done faster in person. Perhaps some of you somehow figure that out faster online, as opposed to doing it in person. I personally feel that finding positive hits online is much more time consuming and a sheer numbers game, as opposed to in person.
    Online dating is and always has been a “hamster wheel” for women, period. The BEST long term outcome would be for the number of males using these sites to drop off a cliff (the 80/20 rule, that we all know to be true, makes it impossible for the 80% to be successful at dating online). To a certain extent I believe that has already happened and is being kept a secret, to keep the gravy train rolling. Online dating has ALWAYS been geared toward the lowest common denominator, hence, all the “single mothers are great” articles posted on dating website sponsored blogs:
    For example, how many rejections does a man need to receive before he quits online dating cold turkey? 5, 50, 500, 5000? Note, I don’t mean how a man gets back into online dating after one successful hook-up, after a dry spell, I mean, how many continuous rejections are required, until they turn away from the method completely. We don’t know what that number is, but OkCupid, Match.com, Tinder, etc CERTAINLY know what that number is and they are NEVER going to let the public know. If Ashley Madison had 5 million accounts with only 12,000 real women using the site, what is the REAL ratio of men to women using sites like Plenty of Fish, E-Harmony, Match.com etc.?
    Since the “hamster” is easy to fool, I’d bet there are a LOT a male-bot profiles and male-sock-puppet accounts being managed by staff of the websites, in order to keep these women on the “hamster wheel”. I can imagine these companies ALL have some kind protocol for dealing with female accounts that get no interest from real males, where the bot or employee run account sends them messages to keep them addicted to the chasing of “what-ifs”. I’d wager they know the minimum number of message pings that will keep a woman on the site, even if they result in no face-to-face meetings. Note, I don’t think these dating websites started out this way, but they have had a long time to monitor user behavior and most certainly know that female interest is the key to their survival, even though men may no longer be interested in participating in the online dating process.

    1. I had to read this one over. You are a scholar and a gentleman. This comment should also be recommended comment to read on this article. You highlight all of what is wrong with regards to the sexual marketplace and current women as a whole.
      Many love the Internet and these apps for there convenience but neglect to realize not showing any value besides your crotch is not giving any value at all. It only displays your utility. And all tools break down. And to think, prescription drugs are already the leading cause of death over car accidents. This decline may be even bigger than the impending population drop and credit fallout that has been waited on since the 2008 market collapse.

      1. Man, I thought I was the only one waiting for that 2008 implosion to really take hold. From where I sit, I’ve seen no recovery… just more borrowing with the bad loans from 2008 simply shifted hands from the private sector to government.

        1. Man, the stories I could tell you about small and sometimes large businesses across America since the fallout might just break your belief in America. Ever sat across a former millionaire who had to hide assets because they would otherwise be seized? Truly heart wrenching what has happened in America.

        2. “Ever sat across a former millionaire who had to hide assets because they would otherwise be seized?”
          Yes I have. I also know businessmen who basically turn business away as once they hit a certain earnings target in the current year they know the majority of future earnings is stolen from them to feed the Beast. Easier to take an extended holiday or play with the grandkids than feed the people that hate them.

    2. I’m not that sure of this massive future problem you mention. Women carousel is extending in length. Just take a look at China for Comparison, in which single women below 25 are labeled as”garbage”. In the West a woman can be ho’ing until 40 without problems. The actual problems will come from the absence of children.

      1. @Better Dead Than Red
        Oh, you better believe its coming and its only going to grow larger with the passage of time. I can post supporting academic articles and new blurbs all day long.
        The end of the “digital CC” for women under 35 is coming, and when they hit the wall, with no Beta Bucks prospects, there is going to a huge increase in suicide attempt rates:
        Skyrocketing Suicide Rates Could Become a Public Health Epidemic by Lisa Chau
        The Lethality of Loneliness, by Judith Shulevitz

        1. What could be done, in our own lives, to encourage, incentivize, and thus grow, the number suicides you describe?

    3. In Northern Colorado, I set up a fake Facebook profile for a girl and created an OKCupid account for her. One picture, no profile information, and almost never online.
      In one week, I received 400 likes from local guys (in a five mile radius). Using the account, I discovered that some hundred guys were online in the past day.
      In contrast, my personal profile has garnered 47 likes over a year. Generally speaking, fifteen girls had been online in the previous day (in a twenty mile radius).
      So, using math for my region, I’d estimate anywhere between 8-to-1 and 36-to-1. Great odds, there.
      (Assuming, of course, that all the girls on OKC are real. I know for a fact that most attractive girls on Tinder are bots).
      ADDENDUM: Those guys are still online every time I log into that fake account. Few of the girls who were online last month are still there.

    4. I’m a father of two preteen girls and I’m well past the dating stage. However, I work with young men that are in the middle of it and I marvel at the technological tools at their disposal while staying informed on the latest so I’m better armed to raise my girls.
      I must say that your analysis is a fascinating tour de force. I don’t know enough to agree or disagree with the conclusion but the logic seems sound. Well done.

      1. Same boat, but I married late. Dating in the late 90’s and early 2000’s still required you to go the to the usual spots to meet women or the old fashion way (work, friends, etc..) and make an effort in appearance, conversation, manners and conducting yourself. I dropped out of the dating scene (work) and tried online dating for a year around 2007. Had some success, but it got boring quick and the amount of time you had to go through to weed out the undesirables or nut job (lot of them out there) was taking way to much effort, so I dropped it after year.

    5. I completely agree than in 10 years or so we are going to see a mental health meltdown on a massive scale. This has been one of my theories for years. Women now a days believe they all need to be treated like Disney Princess and yet are the most degenerate vulgar women of any generation in the Earth’s history. coupled with the fact women are meant to have children and many females are putting this off till they are 40 or simply not going through with it; something has got to give.
      On a side note I think one of the reasons for online dating with men is that men are now a days terrified of rejection so the online venue provides a cloak of anonymity for them to hide behind. Also it gives off the false impression of abundance.

      1. Good pointers in your last paragraph. The laws have men afraid and too many men believe the shit women say so they impose the men are savage routine more so than women do, thereby alienating men further. Vulnerability is the biggest missing component but everyone is afraid of it. Scared people create a dead end society.

        1. Exactly and not just the laws but everything in society, with a few exceptions, seems to be oriented towards this. We force our boys when they are kids to sit through 10 hours of government indoctrination in schools for 15 years and we deprive them of masculine and feminine role models through divorce and work. He’ll even our summer camps are such safety nazis kids can’t learn what it is to take a risk.

        2. The Abolution of Man. CS Lewis mentioned that ages ago.
          “We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”

        3. The Abolition of Man should be standard reading for everyone. It’s really his only not-explicitly-Christian work, and it’s marvelous.
          For Christians, add The Four Loves and Mere Christianity to the list. They’re short, but packed with wisdom and philosophy.

        4. Thought about adding it, but didn’t quite fit with the theme of the other books. It’s a poignant piece of fiction that puts the entire Narnia series to absolute shame.

        5. Stamina is required, but if one can make it all the way through That Hideous Strength, they will have a permanent, visceral disgust for any and all progressive causes and the people promoting them.
          First reading Perelandra and Out of the Silent Planet will provide context for T H S, and they are much more enjoyable.

        6. I actually read That Hideous Strength first and it’s doable, but generally you’re right. It was like a Christian Atlas Shrugged for me.

        7. “…a distant future in which the values and morals of the majority are
          controlled by a small group who rule by a “perfect” understanding of
          psychology, and who in turn, being able to “see through” any system of
          morality that might induce them to act in a certain way, are ruled only
          by their own unreflected whims. In surrendering rational reflection on
          their own motivations, the controllers will no longer be recognizably
          human, the controlled will be robot-like, and the Abolition of Man will
          have been completed.”

      2. When I hear it spelled out like this re “treated like disney princesses” it makes me feel so normal that I intuitively avoid so many women and am mainly happy with the more exceptional ones I seem to find.. Also definitely agree with the idea that having children is the natural course of things and to just not do it is going to cause something to eventually come unstuck.

    6. This comment is superb. What is the protocol here for using such comments in a blog post?

      1. Adapt it a bit, then submit it for review.
        Nothing guarantees it will be published, but so long as you don’t post it to another blog you’re good.

        1. That was my intent, to publish that comment on my blog along with my comments. But if that requires RoK review, I’m fine with that. Do note that I am an RVF member with a long history of overall Manosphere/Red Pill involvement, most recently as a fairly serious Tweeter.

        2. What I meant is that, if he wants to submit an article to RoK himself, it cannot be present on another website. This is according to the information on the article submission page.
          If he gives you permission to post his work yourself, then by all means do so.

        3. Send it in an email to the editor, his email is under the About link at the top of the page.

    7. I was in college in the 90s. What you say is true. I had a fuck buddy that was the biggest slut I, or any of my friends knew. This girl had by my estimation about 30 notches. Tops. I base that on not just her reputation, which was widely known, but on my own almost daily observation of her (we worked together in a bar where it was pretty obvious who she was coming and going with). Most of her notches weren’t new dudes, but rather dudes like me who were in her rotation, some more heavily than others. I may be wrong, but I literally don’t think I met a girl with a 50+ notch count my entire time in college. It just wasn’t done. Most “easy” chicks still had way fewer than ten.

      1. well, all this sleeping around has led to a comeback in syphillis, I guess that is a positive

        1. Those PETA types have a more radical, leftist branch that is struggling mightily to prevent STD extinction.

      2. Its a new day unfortunately. Most semi attractive girls have at least 20 notches by 21. The hotter the higher number.

        1. I find beauty doesn’t necessarily correlate with notch count when it comes to women. I’ve found the average to pretty but not gorgeous girls have been the most promiscuous
          With online dating now, a lot of women’s sex lives is hidden and outside their social circles, and they can do it from the comfort of their sofa with a smartphone. Some of the big count numbers I’ve been told have come from the women’s friends or the alpha guy’s they have shagged (on the downlow) and been open with their sex lives with them. If a woman has been single for a while and is ‘just dating around’, I’m going to assume a high count, these days unless she is quite conservative in demeanor. I’ve known some what I would call average and slightly overweight women who had notch counts well over 50. Quite a few plain girls will do it for validation with guys hotter then they would get for a LTR. Girls who like to do drugs or get drunk clock up the numbers going out a couple of nites a week (there’s 100 opportunities just in 1 year of guys hitting on them when intoxicated). Plenty of single mothers rack up big numbers too – Some because they are bad at choosing guys that will stick around but others that wont drop their standards for a guy that is prepared to get serious with a single mom, so they are happier doing the fk-buddy/fling routine for years.
          Times have changed for sure. I’m amazed the stats on average partner count for women have not tripled since the turn of the century. This article matches the experiences of good looking guys I know, who do well online – women who have had those 1-5 aspects in their profiles have generally been eager for action. Its just a cover for anyone that knows them + an image projection to the the guys they see as bf material + a filter for guys they don’t find desirable (especially on tinder).

        2. Notch count for women is about thirst. If a girl wants to swing from cock to cock she can. Some girls are better at seducing men than others but many of the triple digit sluts I know are very average looking. 6-7/10 at best but they are aggressive, dress scantily and approach alpha men with clear sexual intentions. It takes some pretty low self esteem to have this mindset as a female so they’re all damaged psychologically in some way.
          Gorgeous women only fuck gorgeous men so their numbers are probably lower. Most top level women seem to be content with attention from one top level male. No need to constantly prove their worth.

    8. Agreed that there are way too many low value chicks out there banging several dudes at once and bragging about it, but I can’t lay this all at their feet. Fact is, men are the ones showering them with love and affection. Whereas they used to have to work to get it, women can now get any kind of validation they want in seconds because thirsty fucks can’t just look away.
      It’s been said many times before: women take the form of the container you put them in. If men today weren’t so God damn thirsty for female sexual validation and instead found fulfillment in building the life and world they want while keeping an eye out for a good woman who ACTUALLY DEMONSTRATES THROUGH HER ACTIONS that she wants the same, women would not be acting like this.

      1. @Werkof rodann,
        Nope again, see the 80/20 rule.
        Are many men providing some kind of online validation to these women, in the form of likes, swipes, etc.? Yes, but its from the 80%’ers putting the feelers out, with little real emotional investment (also a big chunk comes from women validating other women). In fact, I would ague that the growth of MGTOW is actually decreasing the overall volume of “online male-to-female validation clicks”, but as we all know, that decrease will not have any effect on the “easy lays” that are provided to the top 20% of male specimens.
        On the other hand, whom do you think is creating the 50+ notch counts among these fat, average, women? The 20%’er Chad’s is who. As I alluded to in my post, Alphas aren’t “thirsty”, they just aren’t turning down “no effort lays”. To my point, “no effort lays” in the pre-smartphone era required some effort on the part of the Alpha Male, so his time was better spent pursuing the best looking women he could get. This is no longer the situation today.
        Today those low grade women require almost nothing, in regard to effort, for the Chad’s. So the Chad’s are basically “taking a sip” from every “public water fountain” that they walk by.
        The reason why I say we will see a mental health crisis of untold magnitude, in the future, is because historically good looking, aging hoe’s, could always pick up a Beta Bucks’, even a good looking one. However, an average, fat chick, with a high notch count, will most certainly not be so lucky and essentially will have a “Wine Coinsures” tastes buds, on a strictly “Beer Budget”, maybe even a “Water Budget”, hence, no Beta or Gama that they find to take them, will ever compare to the long line of Hot Chads that plowed through them via Tinder, OkCupid, etc.

        1. Why are the 80% so desperate that they validate these women? Who cares if anybody, alpha or not, fucks gross chicks? I assume any guy fucking a quality girl has earned it. I assume any guy fucking hard 3s is a loser who can’t fuck anything better. He is definitely not alpha.
          No respectable man fucks anything below a 7. And you can be a 7 as a girl by simply staying in shape and putting on some makeup unless you are crazy busted. So it’s men’s fault. Don’t validate chicks that are below your standards. Otherwise you deserve the women you get.

        2. @Werkof rodann plenty of top notch guys hook up with low value chicks, secretly, on the side, both in modern and ancient times (with plenty of current celebrity examples proving it). This concept goes well beyond simple “status rules” like “Red Pills” only date 7+ or “Blue Pills’ are forced to date 5-.
          What I’m talking about is evolutionary biology.
          Biology always trumps socially induced cues, despite what you may believe is a selection process based entirely on “good looks”. There is plenty of research that has studied body chemistry and the correlating survival of offspring from an evolutionary perspective.
          For example, how well does the offspring of your “7” hold up against smallpox? The offspring of that lowly “5” may fare better. Our instinctive draw to sexual diversity and body chemistry can partially sort this out. So, if you want to short circuit that biological draw, by rejecting a “perceived lower value females”, be my guest, because REAL BIOLOGICAL APLAHAS don’t give a hoot either way, they want a little of both, quantity and quality.
          With this concept in mind, high value males will sleep with low value women to increase the number of offspring in the environment and in turn, also not invest in the care of that offspring. AT THE SAME TIME, they will also invest directly in the offspring produced by high value females.
          Primate Alphas can and will pursue both of these strategies at the same time because it is beneficial to have both carelessly created bastards and perfectly crafted legacies in the reproduction game.

        3. It’s like having a steak in the fridge at home but having a craving for a hot dog so you eat that instead.

        4. “On the other hand, whom do you think is creating the 50+ notch counts among these fat, average, women? The 20%’er Chad’s is who.”
          I disagree with this. The 80:20 view on the market I feel is a bit too extreme though it is probably close to that with the guys in my social circles thanks to a handful of big count guys. I think 25:75 is more realistic. Its not just the alphas getting all the NSA. Splitting men up into just 2 categories is too simplistic. There are greater betas and lesser betas. The greater betas I know do alright in the dating market. They get decent looking gfs and dont go long time single if they dont want to. When it comes to nsa sex though they dont get those same quality of women. They drop their standards and many of these guys even though they do okay when it comes to women and are not desperate when it comes to gfs, when it comes to nsa sex though they are desperate. Quite a number I know regularly drop down 2 pts and even 3 pts for nsa.They are eating into the lesser beta’s market.
          The frustrated lesser betas (30% or whatever of guys) become desperate as a result…desperate for gfs and even more so for nsa fun. As you say the women in their category developed ‘Wine connoisseur ‘ tastes, maybe from the odd alpha fuck but more so with the better looking more outgoing betas.

        5. “And you can be a 7 as a girl by simply staying in shape and putting on some makeup”
          I think a lot of guys see things like that and I think that is a skewed perspective. I don’t think the majority of women view men the same way…just staying in shape and not dressing sloppy – makes the guy above average (7). With the modern west getting so fat over the last 40 yrs, its resulted in women who are slim being considered above average, even if facially she is plain, and same with her personality and her lifestyle and intelligence and ambitions and job, etc,
          Nature did a pretty good job of making the majority of young women desirable if they stay slim and have a feminine nature. For many horny guys if they hit it off with the woman personality wise & want to shag her that night its instinctive to to view her as above average (thats a good thing from nature’s pov), but objectively she’s not.
          I don’t think the average (not overweight) female should be considered better than the average dude (7 vs 5) though. I realize though that with the deception of makeup and the shortage of in shape sweet natured single women that its skews things.

        6. Dude yes, if you ever saw Hot Girls Wanted I was surprised that these girls were basically 5s if you take fat out of the equation. In 1960 they would have been dead average but they gained enough ground just by being trim.

        7. I’m going to check out that doco. This issue of slim woman with good make-up = hot, I feel is fairly widespread and its not just among single horny dudes, but women as well. There has been a few times when I’ve mentioned to a group of women that I was wanting a slim woman and got the annoyed reply ‘oh typical you want a hot woman’. Likewise I’ve found a fair few average to very average looking slim build women in their 30s have a ‘i have no time for you’ attitude and its because with NSA sex its really easy for them to bang well above their pay grade (so to speak) simply by being slim. I’ve seen some of the guys some these women have flinged with and the equivalent for me is ‘where is my sexy young air hostess’, Slim now = ‘I’ll do her’ for vast majority of men and ‘I’d girlfriend her up’ for a big percentage of men.
          With that porn doco – I’m not surprised with what you say from the what I’ve viewed of the girls doing porn or cam work now and comments from dudes on the pron sites raving over average to pretty looking skinny women (and even chubby plain housewives). Have you seen that article on pornstars without makeup. A number of the women at my work claim that the majority of female pornstars are some elite breed of super gorgeous barbie women that are freaks when it comes to sex flexibility. While some pornstars are quite beautiful that crap about porn setting massive over expectations is overplayed.
          The thirst for single slim & feminine & fun loving nature women is way more than the supply, especially once you hit late 20s up… and most those slim women know it.. Many guys will overlook a bitchy attitude or boring personality or ‘free spirit wild girl’ past for it. These days with online dating & hookup culture for a women 25up not getting overweight is the equivalent of a guy having a well built gym honed physique or a great well paid career imo, and talent with makeup just adds to the gap leap for these women its double bonus points. If makeup took off for young men at some stage I wouldn’t give them shyte for wanting to level the playing field.

        8. Oh yeah, it may have been unrealistic back when playboy was scouring the earth for the genetic cream of the crop (1 naked girl a month), but again it’s a great documentary. I also think that there is something to be said to the idea that the average woman in a normal environment is attractive; that’s how the species continues itself.
          Kinda OT, kinda on topic, It’s funny because I was just reading a book about the liberation of Paris and it said that Parisian women got a reputation for being super hot because by 1945 they had all spent several years on rations (cheap vegetables and backyard raised chickens), had to bicycle everywhere, and were wearing shorter skirt lengths because of cloth shortages. So you had near the entire young female population of the city get lean and firm at the same time. It was interesting to me because it was written by a Frenchman basically saying Parisians had no special sauce, a girl just has to eat right, workout, and dress well and bam world famous for being hot.

      2. I’ve been a witness to so much of this recently. We’re hosting a plethora of 3-6’s, and they are disgusting, embarrassing whores, and they take pride in it.

    9. Up vote that. When I read tinder sexual dynamics are exactly the same as pre-digital courtship I thought the OP was blue pill pretending to be red pill. That’s the bulk of ROK content these days. I can read blue pill in almost every effing ROK article now.

    10. You make some good points but omit some critical ones:
      STIGMA!! It’s the lack of STIGMA against hoing coupled with thirst and white knighting that enables this behavior

      1. @Rhyme Or Reason
        Werkof rodann had a similar comment and I answer with a rebuttal below.
        In quick summary, I argue that is mostly the 80/20 rule at work. “Acts of Thirst” from lower ranked males, as defined here, is only partially responsible and small part at that.
        This brief point goes back to the reason why I said we will see a mental health crisis, of untold magnitude, in the future, because historically, good looking, aging ho’s, could always pick up a Beta Bucks’, even a good looking BB. However, an average, fat chick, with a high notch count, will almost certainly not be so lucky and at the same time will have developed a “Wine Connoisseurs” taste buds, on a strictly “Beer Budget”, maybe even as lowly as a “Water Budget”.
        Hence, no Beta or Gama that they find, who is wiling to take them, will ever compare to the long line of Hot Chads that plowed through them via Tinder, OkCupid, etc., when they were pre-wall.

    11. You’ve hit the the nail on the head with everything you’ve said. The mental health crisis is already here. Every woman I meet over 25 is on some type of anti anxiety medication or has a laundry list of disorders (bipolar, BPD, codependent, etc.). The fantasy life women have been duped into chasing crashes at their feet after college and they can’t handle it. 80% of men are average and millennial women are so sure they are unique, special and too good for a regular good guy.

        1. In the mind of online females, yes they think 80% of men are average. That’s the delusional effect of the validation they get from social media.

        2. To women yeah. If you don’t have tattoos, over 6′ 3″ and make 100k you’re average to them.

        3. Don’t need tats. I usually say that it’s too conformist and that I’m an individualist who doesn’t go with the herd, insofar as I refuse to get ink when everybody else is doing so. Same effect.
          The 6’3″ and other stuff though, yeah, it helps.

        4. A man doesn’t need them to get laid but if he wants exclusive sexual commitment from a millennial women, the threat of some beefcake with a tribal tattoo plowing his girl is very high.

        5. Why would I want exclusive sexual commitment from a Millenial woman? Besides, I do quite well with the Western/Cowboy theme. Country (hot) girl types, even young ones, generally are not inked up terribly much and want a cowboy more than some goon pretending he belongs to a “tribe” with ink.

        6. I lift weights and muscles are probably better than tattoos honestly, but almost every girl I meet asks me if I have tattoos and suggest I get one. I just simply don’t want or need one.
          I kinda wish I had grown up in a rural, country setting. The girls seem to be more traditional and feminine. I mostly deal with Midwestern suburban city girls, the most brainwashed of them all.

        7. i know dude- just messing around. That sentence just reminds me of that old survey where like 75% of people thought they had above avg intelligence, and 80% thought they were better looking than avg

        8. I’m in central Ohio actually. The country music thing has been pretty strong here since the 1990’s, give or take, and we do seem to have an awful lot of women who like the country boy types. By that I mean the cowboy masculine man type, not the redneck in a ball cap and flannel shirt type (although they too manage to snag chicks now that I think about it).
          It does help that I’m quite tall, in extremely good shape and women seem to consider me very attractive (or so I’ve been told). That and throw in a motorcycle with steer horns mounted to the front of it and saddlebags in the hand carved brown Western style and basically I can write my ticket out here.
          How city guys fare and their tactics are alien to me. I don’t begrudge them anything, if what they’re doing works then good on them, I just don’t see it working out for me very well. The few times I’ve been asked about ink I told them what I told you and that seemed to satisfy.

        9. I actually don’t necessarily agree that this statement is wrong. If you think of it as a bell curve, the outlier 10% on either end are the dregs and standouts.
          It’s true that “average” is a specific point that most people fall above or below. But I tend to think that until you trend toward one of the ends, you’re generally average.
          What I think is a more true way to state this to illustrate female delusion would be to say “to women, 80% of men are average or below average.” I think that more accurately represents what they think.

        10. Yeah I meant 80% of men are average to women. A guy that invents a rocket that flies into space and lands on the moon is far from average to other men but to women he is just another beta male.

        11. I disagree. Muscles=dominance and dominance is the number one attraction trait for women. Girls don’t like tattoos themselves, they just know that aggressive, dominant men get tattoos often.

        12. 98% of all women I’ve ever known have expressed disgust for bodybuilders.
          98% of all women I’ve ever known have expressed total lust for Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

        13. Bulk muscles aren’t everything. It won’t overcome ugly face and wrong personality. It can even become an intensifier for negative things women don’t like about a guy.
          On the other hand, women will line up to suck the cock of a man with great abs and model face who isn’t jacked.
          Either way if you work out then a shirtless pic on tinder will probably help.

        14. I tell them the truth. “I don”t have one because I know the cops use tats as an identifier”.

        15. Dominance is more attractive than beauty. I know it from personal experience, as I WAS more pretty than I am now, and everything became a lot easier with women when I started to impose both my figure (tall, strong, well dressed) and my opinions to everybody. What age took away, experience, effort and personality more than countervailed (thank God for that).

        16. You’re right, that’s why I left Florida. It became yankees and hispanics. The midwest is better, but you have to go rural.
          I have scars, not tattoos.

        17. I’ve got a few tats, but the thing is nobody knows I have them unless I’m basically naked. I live a corporate life and women are shocked when I bed them and take off my shirt. Its basically an oxymoron for them that they cant get their heads around. Whats the point of having tats is nobody can see them right?

        18. What women say and what they want are too different things. And ironically Brad Pitt in fight club, would have had to hit the gym frequent enough to be labeled a “bodybuilder” by most.

        19. 6’3″, muscular, the 100k is meaningless to her when she’s getting drilled in the rest room at the club.

        20. Truth, buddy, that fag Pitt even admitted not only that but that he refused to be photographed before doing 25 pushups so he’d look “sweaty and ripped”. It was in an interview in one of those rags that broads like to read.

        21. The secret is to be ripped/muscular but having never stepped a foot in the gym. The less effort you can put in and still look good the more impressive it is.
          The thing that women find unattractive is a man that spends too much time on himself trying to look good, doing hair perfect etc. Spending 2hrs a day in the gym is pretty vein to women, so that is why they find the super buff dudes a bit of a turn off.
          Sometimes its a self disqualifying thing. Like they see a fitness model that they know they will never have a chance with, so They say something like, “Ewww, I hate muscles like that”. And it makes them feel better about never having a chance with the alpha. But giving the chance they would jump his bones in a heartbeat.

        22. You gotta find the damaged girls with short fathers. My preferences are 5’8-6′, slightly overweight, no tattoos at all, no sense of style at all, at the level of smart that you may suspect asperger’s, Aryan rejects, beta males with attitude problems. Jonah Hill in Wolf of Wall Street (that’s his best weight), Harry Crane from Mad Men pre Beatles haircut. But you are correct about how men seem to average chicks you need to be over 6′, make all this money, have tats, it’s so dumb. I’d actually also suggest Jewish girls, once they hit over 25 they know the wall is approaching because jewish mothers will tell them.So they are happy to accept anyone under 6′ as well, and tattoos are just unacceptable for a future hubby.

        23. I’m attractive, about 6’0″ even and lift weights often. I have no problem attracting girls but I have noticed that girls swoon over guys with any ink, no matter how basic or boring the tattoo is.
          Your attraction to men is weird though, but there should be millions of available men with those qualities. Have you ever been with a masculine man?

        24. If a woman considers you “average” you are basically placed in the same category as disfigured mutants. Being a 5 or 2 is irrelevant at that point. You’re either ‘hot’ or not, so yeh id say 80% of men are ‘average’.
          Its “current year” and her 4 deserves a solid 8+ man. #equality #Womensempowerment

        25. Just the other day a 23 year old broad who came over asked me why I dont have any ink. I showed her a pierced gunshot scar from a 22. ( I grew up in a low income area in San Diego) on my left arm. Then I simply replied ” I got war scars, I dont need tattoos”. Right away I saw the spark in her eyes. Anyway, back when I was a youngster, GSU ( gang suppression unit) always made my partners lift up their shirts for any affiliation ink. That and among other things made me neglet them. But I can vouch for myself that Ive done and been in situations that would lift up the tiny hairs off the neck of any tatted average hipster walking around. Too many men without a backbone with tats now a days.

        26. and I deal with West Coast SoCal suburban city girls. The worst kind. No way I am marrying one of these.

        27. I agree with you that weights will trump tatts. With young women though tatts are certainly a bonus, from waitress to female chartered accountant. Its instant pseudo badboy cred.
          There’s a been a few really skinny young guys who have worked out at my gym. They make slow progress gradually putting on a few kilos a year and getting better definition. Where their look really changes though is when they get an edgey hairstyle and some arm tatts and have 3 day facial stubble. That (coupled with the lean but defined look) is when they happily report increased attention from women.
          I think tatts are so trendy and mainstream now (even private school girls get them), but for a skinny or fat or not overtly masculine guy, its going to help them when it comes to getting positive attention from women. Its bogus badboy shtick but sucks in plenty of women if you dont mind getting inked for that reason.

        28. So many women I know say the same thing – they are turned off by body builders. When I’ve quizzed them more on it though I find its the 7 day a week gym rats or the guys with huge bodies & no necks with veins sticking out.
          If a guy is well built with a MMA type physique (bigger than BP in FC) most of those ‘I hate bodybuilder’ women if they met a such a big build tight t-shirt guy at a party/bar and he is not a meathead, are DTF for them..

        29. Muscles atrract women of all types. Tattoos seem to attract a certain type of slutty girl but AWALT is probably the case.

        30. And his muscles were quite small. The only thing was, he ate nothing but carrots and chicken breast for about six months before the movie.

        31. Agreed. But MMA dudes are athletes. Women love athletic male bodies. Bodybuilders are not athletes and will fail most standards of good health, esp in flexibility and VO2 max.

        32. I agree – a well built body is a hit with women right across the spectrum, just as a slender long haired feminine woman is popular for a broad spectrum of guys. I work with professional career women, and both muscles and tatts are a turn on for them. The tatted up look will put off a few when it comes to bf material (especially if the tatts are on the trashy look side), but its really only at the hardcore end of the bodybuilding spectrum (no neck, veins popping out, gorilla arm swinging look) that women will be put off.
          I think both lots of tatts or a muscular body will get the attention of the down to f*ck girls.
          In my opinion these days I think most women are DTF when they are single for a guy that gives them the tingles. I do think the ones though that look sluttier do go for the tatted up guys for sex and bfs more strongly. Having a well built physique doesn’t necessarily brand you you as wild/edgey/badboy. Numerous guys I’ve known who had great gym honed physiques lived very dedicated, healthy & focused lives.
          For women in their 30s up I’m finding that you don’t necessarily have to be muscular to appeal. Numerous guys I know who have the stocky endomorph build do well for pussy, and these guys dont go to gym, but they dont let themselves get too overweight. If they are over 6ft as well, so much the better for women making themselves easy.

        33. I agree. I’ve been going to the gym for numerous years (I’m an ectomorph), and I was not fit, though I looked it. My flexibility and stamina was terrible. I’ve taken up a bit of yoga and swimming laps each week and its definitely helped.
          I’d say most women don’t necessarily care or realize that though. As someone posted above, if you can look muscular without having to work hard for it, all the better. It appeals to women I guess from the genetics POV and also see it as less pressure on them to work out to try match the effort the guy puts in to looking good for her. That’s one reason why the beefy dadbod look is popular with women late 20s up.

        34. Tattoos signify “I want to show how much of an individual I am by doing just like other herd minded people.”

        35. Slightly OT but who a girls father is and how she feels about him means a TON. The only time my job got me cred with a woman was when I met this one daddy’s girl whose father was in the car business. She found out I sold cars and her body language changed like switching a light.

        36. Almost can’t believe what I’m reading “almost every girl asks me if I have tattoos and suggest I get one”. What is the world coming to. Don’t do it.. I had a few male friends try to suggest I do it at various points to help my game, they both got them in the end. Sure, if you feel it yourself… But no I’m also more for weights and body culture. Is becoming so widespread and on women too.

        37. wow.. should we be taking a tip from that.. Have never eaten carrots in quantity but have at times been on just meat and brocolli

        38. Tattoos have become a part of American culture. I think they’re gross but they do help with women alot. It goes to show how shallow Western women really are.
          Girls with tattoos are off limits for relationships. No exceptions.

        39. sounds like what was once an expression of rebellion is becoming more an expression of conformity. sheep following each other.

        40. Just read your comment. I was heavily discouraged by my seniores in my old army days about tats. We wanted to be low key as possible. DST… heh. Knew a few of you guys back in the day.

        41. Because 9/10 men are giving 4/5s the time of day. It’s on their backs. Stop slumming – you don’t need to.

        42. Muscle under fat is just big and cumbersome. Women do like lean muscle mass. And too much bulk is gross- if you can’t walk normally you got too big.

        43. Actually the OKCupid survey resulted in the women judging 80% of the men as below average and undatable.

      1. I honestly wonder if there’s any way to show women how much worse they have it now. This desperate bid for perceived freedom has been one of the greatest, if not the greatest failure in history.

        1. Its really unbelievable how great of an impact female emancipation has had on the world. The dynamic between men and women has changed more in the last 40 years than in the last 1,000 before it. I bring this topic up to people and they think I’m exaggerating but female sexual freedom=societal chaos. Men in the past knew exactly what they were doing by controlling their every action.

        2. There’s a reason why, over the course of millions of years, no societies that lasted beyond a generation or two implemented it.

        3. @La’darell Luthor
          I agree with you in spirit, but make note that there is NO large body of archaeological evidence backing up this claim.
          Just for your reference, modern Humans have been on earth for approximately 200,000-300,000 years, civilization has existed for 6,000 years and the “society” that we live in today, is a little over 200 years old.
          Interestingly, NASA has done a study that touches on parts of this topic. They even devised a probability of collapse for a few broad categories of “society types”:

        4. @BrockSamson
          Possibly, but the archaeological record is vast and largely untapped by modern science. There are mind boggling amounts of knowledge that is lost, waiting to be discovered or discovered but too costly to decipher.
          Like I said, I agree in spirit, but the reality is that no one here is qualified to even attempt to answer that question because there is evidence sitting somewhere, that is either for or against the premise, but not yet discovered or not yet analyzed (its very common for archaeological samples and evidence to have already been collected and archived, but still too costly to begin developing research on).
          Try thinking of it more like the “Drake Equation” and not as written historical, philosophical or political positions.
          Again, NASA has done a study that touches on parts of this topic. They even devised a probability of collapse for a few broad categories of “society types”:

        5. We’re coming up on fifty years — two generations — since the total emancipation of women. It’s interesting to see the results. The women my mother’s age (almost seventy) have little idea just exactly how much has changed.

        6. There are societies missing… and they’re missing for a reason. The vast majority of great societies are great because they’re long-lived. They’re memorable across the ages. There are no recorded Female-Lead-normalized great societies to ever be recorded. None. There are the occasional Matriarchs to rise, like Wu Zhao, but it’s always from non-normal circumstance.

        7. @La’darell Luthor posted the following comment: “There are no recorded Female-Lead-normalized great societies to ever be recorded.”
          I strongly suggest that you read the study that NASA has done. They even devised a probability of collapse for a few broad categories of “society types”:
          @codemonkey, when he say’s, “ever to be recorded” that is a pretty bold statement and comes from entirely an emotional stance, not a scientific one.
          I think you need a quick reminder, YOU are defending a guy that said the following, “There’s a reason why, over the course of millions of years, no societies that lasted beyond a generation or two implemented it”
          MILLIONS of years? A person cannot make a comment like this and expect to be taken seriously, nor can those in support of such a position. Modern man has existed for 200,00-300,000 years.
          I understand that you are BOTH emotionally invested in this idea, but very little of the 6,000 years of human civilization has been studied by science, especially when accounted for in terms of GDP spent worldwide on dedicated archeological research. They are not “missing” because of any of the “reasons” you may believe, they are “missing” because money has not been spent to discover or to flesh out the details of these societies.
          As I said many times already, your belief is certainly possible and I sympathize with it, but at this point it is ABSOUTLEY impossible to prove.
          For example, there are thousands of civilization noted to have existed by archeologists that have been sparsely studied. Pumapunku could have been run my women for all we know, the issue being, that not enough money has been spent studying those sites, period.

        8. almost seventy…..that would put her at graduating college somewhere around 1970. She knows much more than she is leading on. (although she may not have participated)
          My parents graduated college in 1967, one day I came across some old love letters that they saved. I about threw up.

        9. We can say by historical record that the civilizations more closely related to ours, namely, Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Greece-Rome, when faced with the feminization of their power figures (not necessarily women rising to power, but also powerful men behaving like women, like Elagabalus) soon became chaotic, unmanageable and risked imminent destruction.
          Virtue was always associated with feminine figures, like Virtus or Maat, who were meant to be “espoused” by men (gifted with virility), in a complementary system of genders we can also observe in the Taoist duality images of ancient China.

        10. My mother knows nothing about Tinder or social media or Dubai port-a-potties or modern “feminism”. Nothing at all.
          A year ago, I was visiting her, and Lena Dunham came on some talk show. I said, “Mom, that’s the face of modern feminism, right there.” She listened to the girl for a minute, tilted her head at the screen, scowled, and said, “Really?”

        11. for all we know
          But we don’t know that. And until we do know it, we work with what we have. And what we have is that Patriachal societies succeed, matriachal societies die fast.
          Your argument boils down to “we haven’t dug up all the information so you can’t make an absolute assertion based on what evidence that’s already been uncovered”.
          Saying that it is “absolutely impossible to prove” is nothing more than hysterical bullshit. By that standard, we would have to throw out archaeology as a means of determining anything. Based on the evidence that has been uncovered, he is correct. Feel free to go on digs and prove him wrong, until then you’ve got nothing.
          And one more thing, whether or not he is “emotionally invested” in an argument is totally irrelevant.
          The instant you used that rhetoric you demonstrated that you were biased and not arguing from an honest standpoint.

        12. @codemonkey post the following comment: “Based on the evidence that has been uncovered, he is correct”
          I think you need a quick reminder, that YOU are defending a guy that said the following, “There’s a reason why, over the course of millions of years, no societies that lasted beyond a generation or two implemented it”
          MILLIONS of years? A person cannot make a comment like this and expect to be taken seriously, nor can those in support of such a position. Modern man has existed for 200,00-300,000 years.
          Let me spell it out for the slow folks posting here:
          Yes, unbeknownst to you, there are some academics that do know the answer to this question. I chose not to try and answer it HERE because I didn’t want to dig through hundreds of subscription based articles, just to post a reply, WITH CITATIONS, to someone who is ignorant on the overall subject (i.e. its a waste of my time). The data is there and some work has been done, HOWEVER, its not my job to inform you or anyone else here about how to research that information (which you wouldn’t have access to, nor understand anyway). Remember La’darell Luthorwere uses the term “missing”, once again, these kinds of societies are NOT “missing”.
          I will assert again, that I agree with the premise that patriarchal societies have dominated the last 2,000-3000 year, based on the archaeological record. I commented in the way that I did, so that LAYMEN would be able to access the overall concept, without going into a lot of academic details (unfortunately both you and La’darell Luthorwere were too thick headed to understand the subtlety)
          However, you and a few others here also seem to have no sense of timescales either. I strongly suggest that you rethink your last reply to me, by doing a little math.
          I gave the timespans, 300,000 years for modern man, 6,000 years of civilization and 200 years for contemporary society. What I said, is not, “hysterical bullshit” because there is only hard evidence for around 2,000-3,000 years that supports the domination of patriarchal societies.
          So let me ask you a question…
          What percent is that 2,000-3,000 years, when accounting for ALL of human history, spanning 300,000 years?
          Can you do math?
          Your comment is actually humorous, when put into perspective.
          I stand by my point, that we only have firm evidence for .006%-.01%, of the total existence of modern man; where, as the evidence shows, patriarchal societies have dominated the last 2,000-3,000 years.
          My point was that people here should refrain, whenever possible, from stating that this has been true for “all of human history”, especially when we only PARTIALLY know, that its LIKLEY true, only for the last 2,000-3,000 years
          …and your response to that idea, along with my recommendation that readers take a more neutral stance on the topic?
          …that I’m stating “hysterical bullshit”
          When things are put into perspective, you need to realize that you BOTH sound like idiots that can’t do basic math.
          I will reiterate that you NEED to read the study that NASA has done. They even devised a probability of collapse for a few broad categories of “society types”:
          Again, think of the “Drake Equation” as a similar example and you MIGHT have a chance to get on the right track, in terms of BASIC understanding.

        13. Older women I know have generally responded in a similar fashion. They just can’t believe that the likes of Dunham and Lindy West are taken seriously as modern feminist icons. I guess it’s because in their time most of the prominent feminists were ‘intellectuals, whereas now the emphasis is on wannabe actresses and net bloggers.

        14. @codemonkey posted the following:
          “a lot of hysterical bullshit, very little real argument”
          from you, that is…
          I think you need a quick reminder, that YOU are defending a guy that said the following, “There’s a reason why, over the course of millions of years, no societies that lasted beyond a generation or two implemented it”
          MILLIONS of years? A person cannot make a comment like this and expect to be taken seriously, nor can those in support of such a position. For the last time, modern man has existed for 200,00-300,000 years.
          There is nothing “hysterical” about the figures, which I gave above, noting the limited number of civilizations, which have been studied.
          BTW, NASA did the math for you already:
          Here is a link to the peer-reviewed article, since you insisted that the basic framework of what I presented needed more evidence:
          In fact, they have devised a probability of collapse for a few broad categories of “society types”.
          I’m not posting here to teach you how to conduct BASIC research. So, READ the peer-reviewed article that I posted, then, READ a few of the selected cited references, then, GET BACK TO ME because, right now, you are not on an equal playing field, in regard to familiarity with the existing bodies of work.
          For the last time, my statement has a solid foundation in mathematics, with the “Drake Equation” being a similar example.
          So, its confirmed, you can’t understand basic math. AGAIN, I commented in the way that I did, so that LAYMEN would be able to access the overall concept, without going into a lot of academic details (laymen meaning YOU).

        15. I read up until the Nasa link when it became clear you were again substituting emotion and speculation for argument. Thanks for wasting 5 minites of my life that I will never get back.

        16. @codemonkey
          I think you need ANOTHER reminder, that YOU are defending a guy that said the following, “There’s a reason why, over the course of millions of years, no societies that lasted beyond a generation or two implemented it”
          MILLIONS of years? A person cannot make a comment like this and expect to be taken seriously, nor can those in support of such a position. For the umpteenth time, modern man has existed for 200,00-300,000 years.
          I have posted citations, while you have posted nothing. Future readers are free to decide which side to take.
          You don’t have to agree with my point, but you do need to understand the argument, which you clearly do not and have made no attempts to address, with counter points.
          Your negative response to me is actually quite humorous because John Sanders has taken a position closer to mine than yours, yet, you give his comment a thumbs-up. Take note, I am happy with that because he understands the nuances of my argument. However, it seems, that he just responded in a way that better fit your personal ideology, which I did not. Giving him a thumbs up is, in fact, a defacto thumbs up for the premise of my comment.
          You my friend, are the one appealing to emotion and rhetoric. Its as if, you hope, by saying “substituting emotion” as MANY times as possible, in the thread, that it will become the favored opinion.

        17. @codemonkey
          I did limit my argument and clarified the relevance of Patriarchy, to a specific time span. It seems you either neglected to read ALL my comments, simply did not understand the totality of what I said or did the typical TLDR, none of which surprises me in the slightest.
          You seem to be mistaken about how arguments are structured. I stated:
          “very little of the 6,000 years of human civilization has been studied by science”
          Which, I then followed up with the comment:
          “I agree with the premise that patriarchal societies have dominated the last 2,000-3,000 years”
          All this comment exchange does is confirm my choice, to explain things, as best as possible, in laymen’s terms.

        18. I wonder why Muslims have kept it under control. They are still following Patriarchy and having kids. Divorce rates are very small too.

        19. Your argument is that since we have not found evidence of a successful matriarchy, we cannot say that they never existed. LOL

      2. I agree that the mental health issue is already here (AD med scripts up 30% since 2000, schizo meds are up 350%) So many single women mid 30s up are on ADs or AA meds. I didn’t think it was that bad with the women in their 20s…who should still be in their prime of their life (their SMV might have peaked but still your 20s should be a vibrant & optimistic time), but I don’t know for sure, If it is its a sad indictment on modern society or women’s choices given they are living in the safest, most prosperous, most options era ever for women. Probably a big part is unfulfilled expectations.
        Spot on Article. Too bad the hotter catch guys they hook up with don’t stick around in their life to help them live up to their expectations. I think there are plenty of women today who would rather be a part time lover/ f*ck buddy of a desirable man than be the committed gf of an average man (until the first option runs out).

        1. If people lose sight of what’s really important in life (family, contributing to society, virtue, integrity) and focus on shallow, empty desires its no surprise they’re depressed. Women today put a lot of things ahead of their husbands and families, usually putting the husband last. An HR job, spending 50+ hours a week in an office never made anyone happy. Feminism is leading women right to the psychiatrist office and too many of them just give them pills.

        2. Everyone study R K theory. Then insert “government as endless resource” and you will understand what is going on with women.

        3. I actually don’t blame the women. It’s not their nature to make things happen, they are reactive, not pro-active. They are no more responsible for their actions than the murderous child soldiers in Liberia.
          What’s happening is that the common men have given up control. We’ve accepted the faggot platonic ideal of gender relations.
          I don’t remember the relevant passages, but this guy sums it up pretty well.
          All of this is implemented by the rulers of society to break down the lower classes of men.

        4. Our leaders “Men” have turned their back on men with these “Equal Rights”.
          Disgraceful sellouts harming their own kind. Do you think “Feminism” whom they supported fully would sell out their own?

    12. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
      whores, all whores.
      This is what feminism and giving women sexual freedom results in.

      1. As I drive and I see a nice looking girl in the other lane I always say to myself “she must love the cock” they all are s l u t s my man. The traditional whore gets paid for her service.

    13. Claps to you for a particularly insightful comment. I am an ex noveau ho. My no is high. I am 30.
      You hit the nail on the head with your description of girls in urban areas. Even I was surprised at the behaviour of the girls I was encountering. It has mostly certainly become scarily normal for girls younger than me to sleep around and have numerous casual sex or have a dude they are just ‘seeing’ and when the opportunity to bang another comes their way they take it. I thought I level I was doing this was unusual. I did not use social media much at all as tinder came about just after i found my partner. But i know for a fact i would of used it if it had been popular. I was lucky because i was working in the night life scene, event management and festivals and it was easy to sleep around with diffetent guys in a big city.
      I was extremely depressed and had a breakdown and existential crisis, especially when i realised i was becoming addicted to this behaviour and it wasnt what i wanted. So mental health prediction is real!!!! I will say that every month 2 or three days before the rag was due to start is look for a lay. It was like clockwork.
      Im not proud of my actions, but i nipped it in the bud and explored it in therapy robustly for a few years and the female red pill was swallowed. My partner was pretty much like me when he was younger and he knows my past. I am lucky to have him and he knows i feel that way.
      I also know someone who used to run marketing at match.com mid 2000s and another early dating site before that and he describes that market place as ‘the wild wild west’. 100% they used to use bots, not sure about now. It was how they lured people in.
      Reports from female aquintances suggest that the only sites worth using is tinder as it has real people.

    14. “I’d bet there are a LOT a male-bot profiles and male-sock-puppet accounts being managed by staff of the websites”
      I doubt it. The number of thirsty men constantly signing to dating sites outnumber the women 100/1. Even the bushpigs will get enough attention from men to stay on the sites, even pay for them.
      Your forgetting the power of makeup and flattering selfie angles, even photoshoping profile pics. Even a 1/10 women can raise her level up a few points with makeup and the right pics. And you have to remember even if they are getting slightly more attention of the dating site, then in real life at a bar etc, then they will stay online.

    15. I definitely agree there is going to be an explosion of mental health issues for today’s millennial females. I think the essence of the issue is this: women only get turned on by men who are better than them, but most men will just want to root anything that moves, whilst saving a serious relationship for a worthy woman. So that is why it is very common for say, a male 9 to fuck a female 6, especially since it requires far less effort than fucking a female 9. The problem with that is it creates delusions of grandeur for the female ‘6’. She then believes she is entitled to nothing less than a male ‘9’. However, being pumped and dumped is VERY different to securing commitment. The stupid women don’t realise this though, and hang out through their 20s and 30s for the man they believe they deserve. It all ends up in tears when they are left on the shelf, or marry a man on their own level or worse, who they inevitably grow to resent. Either way, these women are broken, bitter, resentful and mentally ill. Make no mistake, being a slut makes a woman unsuitable for starting a family with. You are a fool if you think otherwise..

      1. The overwhelming attention gets to their head, too. It’s a virtual cock-forest for women. If you have a vagina you can be a 4 and still wake up to a full inbox. Even vomit-inducing uglies can get sex at any time by simply spreading their legs; all they have to do is ask, and they will have dozens of suitors.
        With a thousand flavors to choose from you become incredibly picky, having to come up with the tiniest of reasons to dismiss each applicant while you whittle down the list.
        This attitude eventually becomes the norm in the outside world.

      2. “It all ends up in tears when they are left on the shelf, or marry a man on their own level or worse, who they inevitably grow to resent.”
        Hypergamy and options imbalance in the dating/hookup market often can impact through to the LTR market via the process you described. Its the poor dudes who end up with those women and not the women I feel sorry for. They usually go into the relationship blind to the women’s true feelings towards them. Some will view that as the men’s fault for not being more savvy and too desperate, though often I’ve seen/read it where the woman puts on a front and makes an effort in the dating period and its not till things get serious (marriage/house/baby) that she changes and the low love & respect becomes obvious (too late alas for the unfortunate man).

    16. I agree in parts but I actually think that its easier to get laid now than in the Nineties and actually what you’re saying suggests this is true since women are more promiscuous now. If a woman has a high notch that kind of suggests a lot of guys are getting laid right?
      That said, I think that what you have is a relatively small number of women servicing a high number of men. Still many of the women I come across have low notch counts.
      With respect to online dating, I think that as far as men is concerned, this is a massive con. I have tried it mainly to broaden my options but actually found it a wasteful chore. I have been rejected by maybe 20 women now and while women do approach me, as in real life, you do not want to mess with a woman who is desperate enough to approach you.
      Not only that, I actually find that I can a much better response just by talking to women in the street. Yes, it is a lot less comfortable than hiding behind a computer screen but you get results.
      Don’t waste your time or your money on online dating. Its a scam.

    17. I agree with the exception of your last paragraph. Thirst is at mind-breaking levels in the west, and while perhaps at one point they did have to generate bot profiles for the fat single moms, to “get the ball rolling”, I know fully expect anyone north of a 4 to receive loads of attention from thirsty males every day.

    18. Momo I thought you were some rough looking guy who wears a wife beater and who owns a garage somewhere. You’re a genius Momo. Your comment alludes to the mental health implications, it’s brilliant. This kind of statement you make can be palatable by even the hens in the PTA meetings. This is the kind of discourse we need to put out there that’s contagious. Comments like yours will spread wide and sooner will be the day when we can go for the jugular and rip the head off the bitch system.

    19. Datingsites seems to just consist of attention whores (I don’t want to date, just want you to like my photos), gold-diggers (single mothers who look for a new daddy for their kid) and fat whales who think they are entitled to men looking 1000 times better than them. I am not talking about Tinder since neither I or any friend has used Tinder, but a free dating site in my country.

    20. There is an upside, there will be a huge uptick in animal adoptions amongst these women. As for all the dating sites, I suspect huge numbers of fembots, even POF. The real women on these sites are subject to huge numbers of men playing the game. So in short, this OP is right on the mark. The real downside is women once subject to expecting and achieving such high standards tend to be able to cope with being alone better than men.

    21. We need to educate the betas to reject post wall or any sluts for that matter. Not just because they will benefit man as a whole but also just for the fact that they are men and inherently have more value than women. The unwilling blue pill betas that become manginas, male feminists etc, must be purged. On the other end – we need alphas to become benevolent alphas. They should be the ones who evangelize and lead other men to the truth of the sexual marketplace. Also let sluts know their place – that they should always appreciate any male attention and thusly should act so.

  8. I’ve been using Tinder for 2.5 years in both DC and NYC. I’ve gotten probably 50 notches off of it. I have travelled, and seen behavior like that described in this article, but it is typically limited to small cities.
    But, whatever. Girls like to bang. If they are on Tinder, they are looking for someone to bang. It’s just an app to get you and a girl in a bar drinking. Whether a chick types some shit on her tinder profile, or proclaims similar such nonsense elsewhere, the advice is always the same: never believe anything a woman tells you, especially when it comes to sex.
    Too many responses and the article don’t elucidate the reader that Tinder is the pinnacle of modernity. Never before has sex been easier or cheaper to obtain.
    Is day game better? Sure, meeting people in real life is always better. Certainly, meeting them in innocuous situations that don’t involve spending a fortune in bars is a good thing.
    But, overall, Tinder is a huge time saver.

    1. This. Yeah day game most girls give out their number compared to like 25% of tinder matches. However, can you approach 1000 girls in a day? Even so try it without getting a reputation or security involved.
      If you fuck 1% of 1% of tinder hoes, and swipe 1000 times a day then that’s 3-4 lays a month.
      It’s great if you work full time.
      I don’t know how many times I swiped but the first week and I already have more dates then I can schedule. And no I am not a top 10% man.

  9. I’ve pretty much quit using Tinder. I’m no Abercrombie model and my game still needs work so i have little chance. The last few times I’ve been on it was mainly to kill time and troll. There’s some of the most fucked up people on there as well. I was talking to an 18 year old with a three year old daughter who “just wanted to find a good man and settle down.” Last week, it was a twenty-something elementary school teacher that admitted to being a hardcore drug addict. It’s possible she was trolling me, but who knows? I had seen that feminist bitch Laci Green pop up as well. My plan was to super-like her and and find a way to screw with her. Then there was this gem that had pictures of her newborn while looking for a heroin connection.

    1. Don’t give up. I’m a 7/10 at best and maybe 10 lbs overweight, but I’ve managed to find dates regularly. For whatever it’s worth, here’s what worked for me.
      1) First impressions are everything. Take a picture right after you’ve hit the weights and project invincibility in your face and posture. Make that your profile pic. After reading the Gorilla Mindset, my game improved dramatically.
      2) Break one key edict of game and only when you are online. When online do not give 2/3 of everything she gives you. Send a brief message like, “Hey you seem cool, if you ever want to chat or meet up for a bagel let me know.” As soon as she responds, don’t wait or act aloof, try to get her phone number as quickly as possible to get her away from the sausage fest. What works for me is, “Getting to know someone via a dating app isn’t the best way, maybe we should exchange numbers.” That works for me.
      3) Make your profile description charming. I always use the I’m one part Joey from friends, one park Sherlock Holmes to one part Tony Stark. Use any mainstream references you want and it can be pure bullshit; it still paints a big picture without droning on and on. Then I simply make some vague reference to a job and stay mysterious.
      I’m still an incipient player, so take what I say with a grain of salt. Bottom line, adjust the strategy according to your strengths.

      1. I pretty much do the same i get results, get dates etc. Pity theyre all pigs lol and if they are hot usually disappointed with me anyway.But eh i dont want to feel uncomfortable anyway.

  10. #1 rule for tinder: treat every women like she is just some chick that is going to fuck you that night because you’re cool and deserve it, and that if she doesn’t want to do that, she’s free to leave, even though she won’t.
    Works more often than it doesn’t.
    Ignore everything else.
    “I’m looking for a real man”
    “I’m here for friends”
    “Not into hookups”
    If you don’t like what she says, just ignore it. She never said it. She’ll realize that you know she’s lying. She’ll stop the bullshit

    1. I think that’s a great rule not just for Tinder but in real life too. My mate is not a good looking rooster but he slays sluts left right and centre. He’s very red pill and says that the key is “acting like YOU would be doing THEM a favour if you were to take them home and fuck them that night” – sound advice

  11. 5. “I’m Here For Friends”
    No one goes on an online dating website to make friends (maybe if you’re over 60?). Huge red flag, be very careful with a woman who has this in her profile.

    1. Not a red flag, just a shit test! If you fail shit like that then off you go to the 2013 ROK archive.

      1. In my universe, God would in fact have weekly fighting matches between all of the greatest warriors in history, then we’d all feast and drink ale and mead and tell boastful stories of our exploits afterward as beautiful women attended to filling our cups and dancing for our entertainment. Truth be told, my version of Heaven seems more like Valhalla now that I consider it, than the Heaven described in the Bible.

        1. Halfway through your comment and I was thinking, “They already have a place like that, Valhalla”

        2. Yeah, from back when the Germanics were masculine and hard edged and amazing warriors. What a wonderful vision of the afterlife they presented. The only one I’d really enjoy going to, the other pantheons of other groups never really appealed to me.

        3. In heaven, God would rule Frazier won the third fight. God would also make Sonny Liston admit he threw the bout when Ali won the title from him

        4. Sure, that would be fine, as long as it featured battles, mead, ale, hot women and lots of story telling and camaraderie. Heh

    1. Women copy/paste profile text from other women’s profiles. Then they complain men don’t read them.

    2. Only when my dick is hard, and usually it’s only every other word I’m catching. So if the line reads “no fuckboys are welcome” I only get “fuckboys welcome” and fun ensues.

  12. The male to female ratio with online dating is about 2:1. This results in the “dating down” effect for men. If you are male that is very good looking, maybe ranks 8 on attractiveness in real life, then you find yourself dating women who rank 6. That’s not bad you say, maybe not dating a hottie but dating a cutie is still good. But the average men who rank 5 find themselves dating women who are 3s, the middle age overweight single moms with resting bitch face. While men who rank below 5 get nothing, 50% of the males who sign up for online dating won’t even get a coffee date.

    1. This is true. The adage I read someplace is “take your number on the 1-10, drop two points, and add 50 pounds, and that’s who will be messaging you / reply to yours.” On looks, I’m nothing special. Tall, reasonably in shape, but need to lose the few I picked back up and lift. So, say a 6. Add 50 pounds to the low end of overweight, and you get obese. Take two away from six, and you get 4s, and that’s what I get messages from….obese 4s.

  13. Tinder has been great to me. Once I learned the ropes and mastered the funny opener and closing game its been an easy way to meet 7s looking to be tossed around on the weekends.
    Watch out for the “open marriage” types also. She will claim that her and her beta husband are in an open relationship and that they don’t believe in monogamy but the truth is that she’s married to a man she isn’t sexually attracted to and is looking for more dominant men. The husband probably has no clue what’s going on. I met a solid 8 that was married to a guy way below her SMV. She gained a little weight (still not chubby) and was very self conscious about it. Sent me nude pics and banged her that night and the next 3 nights in a row. Her husband found the texts with several guys and they’re in marriage counseling now.

    1. I’ve literally never once gotten even so much as a meet up from tinder. Not once. And I’m not ugly. I just can’t be bothered to entertain these hoes via pm on some god damn app.

      1. I will admit I haven’t banged anything above a high 7 from Tinder. The girl in the open marriage was an 8 before she gained weight. My guess is that the 8+ girls are looking for 10s or not spending alot of time on the app. Its worse on OkCupid or Plenty of fish. Nothing above a 6 responds so I haven’t used them in years.
        I travel alot so I mostly use Tinder when Im in a different city.

    2. Open marriage equals divorce pending usually. She’s already made her emotional decision but convinced her simp husband to keep supporting her until she finds a better set up. The most common reason women give for being in an open marriage is that they are staying married “for their children”. They think it makes them sound less selfish. lol You have single hos, you have married hos.

    3. Once her tard of a husband did nothing to prevent “open marriage” it’s over. You didn’t break an egg, you just saw the thing cracked on the floor and went for the yolk.

      1. She was aggressive and initiated everything. Sent me a message 10 seconds after matching and came to my place the same night. She was sexually starving. Open marriage is the worst deal any man can agree to. She said they agreed to be open in March. She probably racked up 20 notches since then while he hasn’t talked to a girl yet.

  14. I’m amazed that in this day and age this article was even necessary! ALWAYS do the opposite of what’s she says she wants. ALWAYS ignore what she says and peep what she does…the fact that she is on Tinder should have already been your first clue.

    1. You’re right they say one thing and want the other, but I would be careful to extend that to “do the opposite of what they say”. In an age of entitled little feminazis everywhere, a cautious approach is advisable. Do what seems reasonable, ignore what they say is the way to go.

  15. Women have always been down to fuck pretty much anything with a pulse, because their sexual appetites are so incredibly voracious and they have no boundaries.
    Before Tinder, women would go out of town to get their freak on – or they would at least go to the other side of town.
    But since the dawn of time, women have always been willing to fuck pretty much anyone and/or anything (including the family pet) if they think they can get away with it.
    For those of you who need actual proof of this, simply utilize your favorite search engine, and do the following search – teacher +arrested +sex +state (for “state”, substitute “Florida”, “Ohio”, etc.). The sheer volume of female teachers arrested for having sex with underage students in recent years – some of them as young as eight years of age – is staggering.
    And if you actually do the search I outlined above, and read some of the attendant news reports, you’ll quickly find out that over 80% of all cases regarding allegations of teacher-student sex involve female teachers, which runs contrary to the mainstream media assertion that the numbers run 2-to-1 in favor of male teachers (what a shock, the mainstream media lies again, in order to make men look like evil rapists).
    Women were doing this sort of thing (fucking children, dogs, etc.) way before Tinder arrived on the scene. Tinder has just made their twisted sexual desires more obvious to the average contemporary male…
    In the end, as we are now seeing, giving women access to dating apps like Tinder is exactly like giving a drug addict the keys to the local pharmacy…

  16. Tinder is for losers. Most of men there , are losers.
    You say here , women in tinder or in other apps are sluts . You meet sluts and looking for sluts because you don’t know what to do with normal woman, with good woman have to make efforts. That’s why better to find a slut and after to write such kind of article .

  17. My favorite point is the fuckboy one, because it’s all projection. The only girls I’ve ever heard that word from have turned out to be major sluts who sleep around like crazy. The scenario is this: We’re about to get to my place/We’re at my place and in my bed making out. She’ll then stop me and go “You’re not a fuckboy, are you?” This is to deflect the fact that she’s a slut and is instead accusing you of being the promiscuous one. Then you deflect it back (“That’s what I put on my resume”, “I dunno, are you a fuckgirl?”, etc.) and they’ll fuck you (It’s really not that hard to deflect it because they were gonna fuck you anyway).

    1. That’s why you should always try to end the date at her place. Then if she asks you if you’re a fuck boy, you pull out her vibrator from her nightstand and ask her if she is a fuck girl.

  18. I think the “I’m not like that” trope got tiresome the third time I heard it back in college (I was too prudish and shy in high school to try anything with girls).

    1. Guessing by now you know that any woman that says “I’m not like that” any similar saying is exactly like that.

      1. “This doesn’t happen often” or “this is my first time doing something like this” I just chuckle now.

  19. Number 3 happens to me quite a bit on other dating sites. Been called “creepy”
    twice to my face and ugly.

  20. “Seeking intimate relationships, however casual they may be, is exactly what Tinder was made for. Deep down inside of her (pardon the pun), she knows this is true.”
    Most girls (and men) don’t want to answer the question of “so how did you two meet?” with Tinder. So if she’s on there she’s there to hookup, not for a relationship no matter how much she pretends otherwise.

    1. Au contraire, friend, she’s on there on behalf of her pussy who needs help selecting the coque-du-jour.

    1. Bullshit! I travelled a plenty when I was younger and single, mostly with my sister and frequently on volunteer type aid missions. Neither of us slept around, even when just relaxing and vacationing. Outside of morality, going home with a strange man is risky at the best of times, and downright dangerous in unfamiliar territory. That’s not to suggest all men are rapists, just that following strangers home isn’t a good idea. I still travel a lot, now with my husband. Sometimes we vacation and sometimes we volunteer. My traveling style hasn’t changed. Some of the most interesting people I’ve met are well traveled. I recommend it. Traveling gives you perspective.

    2. Visit a doctor! Normal people travel in order to explore other countries,cultures, see something new.
Idiots travel for finding sex. 
If you have such kind of thoughts means you travel for sex.

      1. Men travel for adventure, women travel to suck as many cocks they can put their whore lips onto without being judged by her friends and family.

      1. If a man is on Tinder he is a wuss who is too scared to approach women in person. You are wrong, sleeping with a slut doesn’t mean a man is a slut, just that he has dumpster dived.

        1. This is your opinion but all people are different.
          I think that Internet is not the best way to meet somebody but sometimes it works.
          I don’t sleep with sluts. I am a woman )))

        2. I am not gay, I am not bi. I am normal woman who likes men, who works, makes sport, enjoys life, trust in God, even can cook. Can you imagine?? LoL

      2. No, a man who sleeps around is not a slut. He is a stud, a cassanova, whatever you want to call it. Slut is a term applied to females who sleep around. The reason being that a female receives while a male penetrates.
        It is not unfair, unless you believe nature herself is unfair since she does not believe in equality between the sexes.

        1. The definition doesn’t matter. English is not my native language. Meaning is the same. Man or woman who sleeps around is slut who doesn’t have any self-confidence and self-respect.

    1. Agreed. I know average looking girls getting hundreds of messages online, men from remote muslim countries bombard them with praise. Their ego grows a thousand feet tall and they become unmanageable.

  21. A girl i was talking to lastnight said “then what happens?” after i said we should get a drink this weekend…I said, whatever you want to happen can happen and she said “i guess like everyone on here youre after casual..” with eye rolling emoticons i said “, no, i dont care if we dont have sex..”
    Because i dont actually give a fuck if we do have sex or not, if i meet a girl i pretty much expect it to happen rah rah rah.. so long as im not out of pocket from dinner…Im wondering if i should not saying i dont care if we have sex or say something else…

    1. Next time some smartass gives you that line, ask her, “Why, are you special?”, and take it from there.

  22. Timely article. I just saw the title of a piece of feminist garbage titled ‘How getting a smartphone raised my dating standards’. I thought to myself “If advertising yourself to be a whore is raising your standards then best of luck”.

    1. It raised her standards because it went from guys in her social circle and/or guys at the local pub/club to now encompassing tens of thousands of guys across the city, and as much as she would be loath to admit it, many of those guys will be dropping their standards for nsa sex with her or some of the desperate ones just to even score a date with her (or any ok looking woman who’d reply). This is why a lot of women get frustrated with online dating if their elevated standards based on the fling guys filter out the serious LTR guys.

  23. I’m sorry.. isn’t Tinder an app SPECIFICALLY for hooking up? Any girl that claims she isn’t looking for a ONS has no place on Tinder and is obviously lying. Ignore anything she says and proceed as usual.

    1. Tinder is so much so a hook-up ap the company felt the need to completely remove Teen-Tinder… because the 13-17 year olds were using it exclusively to hook-up.

  24. “while I’m all sexless and alone in the house he is paying for. Aren’t us women so oppressed?” – some Japanese women turn to doing the odd porn flick or two when her sex life is going no where married, dating or single.

  25. So why are you on tinder. If you want a wife, taking care of home, nice, sweet beautiful mother to your children Tinder is not the best place to look. And if you just want a easy fuck why do you complain the women on tinder are so slutty and easy?

  26. If all you can meet on dating apps are free but judgemental prostitutes then why do you guys even bother? Sex is good, but you’re not going to meet anything worth your effort there.

  27. Tinder is not for me. Only 2 matches in 1000+ swipes. Why? I really don’t know because I am good in daygame. Anyway, hiding behind a screen and worrying about rejection are weak beta behaviours.

  28. Me personally, I don’t like online dating, because it is too expensive, but I will take this knowledge in, in the event I meet a woman out here on the street.

  29. Totally agree with everything said. The one that I did not see listed on here, is the most common wording I see in almost every Tinder profile… “No hookups” or “Not interested in hookups”.

    1. They almost always do- just more positioning in case any friends are on the app as well. These women want it, and they want it bad. It’s up to us men to give it to em.

  30. In respect to Momosgarage, I suspect this is all part of the Global Elite plan to destabilize the entire world population, fracture it, and seperate us from each other. The end result being disdain and hatred between races, religions, sexes and families with sharp depopulation as an end game. Throw in wars, disease and pollution and the Elite easily obtain their 500 million slaves scenario within 50 years. For Goodness sakes we are losing our antibiotics as a starter while the gene pool gets weaker. Too many that should by nature, have died early due to inherent weaknesses are living and reproducing. I for one know that I should not be alive, I had terrible asthma as a child and should have died from it. My genes are not strong enough, and it was my birth mothers choice to fuck some random dude at a bar, get pregnant and not abort me. Women’s lib is a fucking bomb to the gene pool.

  31. I only get 1 match every couple weeks, and only 1 out of 5 of those becomes a phone number. Then 9 out of 10 of those numbers result in a flake out.
    Needless to say, Tinder is just something I do while I’m on the toilet.

  32. I don’t think I could touch an American woman these days with a 10 foot kielbasa. From their nasally vocal fry, to “…right?”, to the tattoo covered calves, backs, and stomachs, cellulite, smartphone zombie-ing, and the “me, me, me!!” attitudes. What is there to like anymore?!
    Looking back, almost all my hookups/mini-relationships in the past 15 years have been with foreign girls. Brazilians of German & Swiss descent have been particularly noteworthy…some of the finest mixtures of ideal phenotype and good femininity.

    1. The game is set against straight men in America. Once you leave NA meeting women isn’t much harder than breathing.

    2. I’m surrounded by all that on a daily basis, the vocal fry is like nails on a chalkboard.
      I’ve seen the dating apps from the perspective of 22 year old attractive chicks in their prime. On Tinder and Bumble, they match with every dude they swipe, and if for some reason the don’t, the match will come up in a short period of time. On the regular dating apps, OK Cupid, Match.com, etc, their mailboxes are filled with hundreds of emails…after being on there as little as 3 days. They don’t even take men seriously, because to them, they are a dime a dozen. They have heard every pickup line, get their ass kissed every place they go, free shit from the guy at Trader Joe’s, local hardware store, etc.
      Here in Los Angeles, the working class man’s competition is actors, rock stars, pro athletes, middle eastern princes, rich single older men, etc which are in abundance. A night out in Hollywood can cost $200 & up where said night out can be standing in a bar or club with a 70% men to women ratio, and some Saudi Arabian prince dropped $20,000 for bottle service in the roped off VIP section where the vast majority of attractive women congregate. The ‘regular’ bars, sports bars, gastro pubs, etc, where there is no door policy, are full on sausage fests, and the few women in these places split their attention between their friends and their phone. So I agree, there is nothing to like about them at all. The way things are now, it would make more sense for a man to take that $200 & head down to Tijuana, where he can simply cut to the chase & get the same hot 22 year old to satisfy their needs & most likely save $100 in the process.

      1. Who doesn’t want to use dating apps, doesn’t use. Everything what you discribe can say about men too. Men also get hundreds mails and this is the game. There are people who use these apps during years , they can’t live without it, are depended on it ( men and women). This is a mental harm of 21 century.
        To give the benefit of the doubt I believe that maybe 10% of people who use dating apps really want to find a life partner and love. I have some good examples.

        1. Congrats man, wish I could too. If it was not for the weather, house, business, & close friends, I’d be outta here immediately. Right now it’s the comfort zone. It’s the Hotel California – “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”. I checked out 10 years ago, but yet still here.

  33. I am starting to wonder about this site. It’s mostly a struggle for straight men to get intimacy in North America. Go outside and it’s very different.
    Most EE women I know don’t use Tinder.

  34. “while it is a constant battle and struggle for heterosexual men”
    While it is a constant battle and struggle for decent, honest, intelligent, quiet, clean cut, un-tattooed, hard working, white collar heterosexual men.
    There. I fixed it for you.

      1. decent, honest, intelligent, quiet, clean cut, un-tattooed, hard working, white collar
        Which one of those qualities sounds “borderline gay”? It can’t be “quiet” — those people never shut up. I am guessing “decent” isn’t it either.

  35. I used to get layed off Tinder, didn’t think anything of it. I was in revenge mode or maybe I was just experimenting. Plus try asking women if ” they are single?” out at the bar, and see what kind of weird, convoluted response it gets you. If they were on Tinder, I figured they were single. Haha.
    It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I realized every woman beyond their second relationship is in full on monkey-branching. Tinder, Facebook and all other social media sites are a women’s world. Ironically enough they are unable to create any of these environments.
    In the time that it takes me to write this response, I wonder how many women have been distracted by useless notifications, or have posted useless pictures of their food? I read an article once (on here I believe) about how most women rarely use computers. Have you seen the average woman’s phone? It looks like a fucking Christmas tree.
    My phone is all Black and if i get a notification it’s from one of my close Marines, or just a high quality dude with a good idea, or a Kratom meme. Sometimes the occasional monkey-branching woman on Facebook messenger checking in with me. I deleted Facebook but kept messenger for friends to reach out to me.
    Point being- It doesn’t matter what these vapid bitches are doing on Tinder. It has no value to men. But great article nonetheless, and great discussion material.

    1. “Tinder, Facebook and all other social media sites are a women’s world. Ironically enough they are unable to create any of these environments.”
      Fucking gold.

  36. Tinder like most dating sites are for losers if anyone had “real game” they wouldn’t need a dating site – I’m starting worry about the quality of the articles on this site.

    1. LoL, Are you starting worry only now? Articles on this site are nonsense. Seems they are writing by people without values, education and common sense. There are some good articles but very few.

  37. Everything in article is true. But so are the articles explaining how the IRS is unconstitutional and has no real legal authority.
    Both sources of knowledge give true info. And both will land you in jail.

  38. I didn’t think fuckboys were alpha bad boys though. I was always under the impression they were those skinny trendy hip hop looking dudes that were always saying things like “swag” and getting their ears pierced.

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