Taking Your Kids To Church Will Turn Them Into Degenerates

A phenomenon in Christianity in the last hundred years or so is ecumenism, the belief that Christians should be united despite differences in beliefs. This is especially ubiquitous today and is the major driving force behind all those smug non-denominational churches popping up all over town.

Yet churches today—at least within evangelicalism—are in fierce competition for membership, knowing that churches grow more by migration than by conversion. And a major marketing point for the church on your street corner is their children’s ministries.

The Story Of Suburban America



You grew up going to church, but you decided that you would rather smoke weed and have sex. So you gradually quit going, giving a reason like how we can’t know with absolute certainty whether God exists. But then you got married and grew too old for recreational drug use. Now you’ve got kids, and you don’t want them to grow up into degenerates. Plus it’s hard to make friends post-college beyond the idiots at work.

So you decided to start going back to church. You saw a billboard advertising the children’s ministry at a church in the area. You’ve met a few people that go there. From all you’ve heard, it sounds like an entertaining place.

The church is huge and doesn’t feel stuffy and outdated. What can it hurt to take your family to church? Seems like a good thing to do, and you’ve got nothing to lose but a few hours of sleep.

Fast-forward twenty years, and you’ve found that of the kids your children grew up with at church, the ones that were the most devout have the worst substance abuse problems and often aren’t Christians at all anymore. Your daughter turned into the church slut, and your son is a complete social retard. What the hell happened?

The Hell That Happened


Most pastors in any Christian sect have no marketable skills beyond public speaking. Protestantism in general has more candidates for pastoral ministry than positions available. So the pastor knows he has to be careful about which sermons he feels God leading him to preach or else he could easily find out that God’s calling in his life has suddenly changed.

People church hop regularly today, in part because of the competitive nature in evangelicalism. So people join churches like they join golf courses. This one is really nice, but that other one has a tennis court, so we’ll pay our dues there instead. You get out of people what you expect out of them, so if churches treat their laity like clientele, then the lay people will act accordingly.

The days of attending the same church your family has attended for generations is gone. This lack of commitment to individual churches correlates with the lack of commitment found in Christian marriages, as divorce is rampant in these nominally pro-family establishments.

Churches also measure their success by quantity of members instead of quality. And to outsiders, a large number of members is a sign of quality, much how people continue to eat at franchise restaurants no matter how awful they taste while ignoring the local restaurants, unless those local restaurants gussy up their atmosphere to look like chain restaurants.

My childhood church, one of the biggest in the area, was famous in high school for having the most back-stabbing youth group. Despite their business mentality, they never thought to judge the product based on its functionality.

What Your Kids Won’t Learn

Davis Aurini has said before that Christians raise their daughters like sons and raise their sons like maidens. The boys, believing in an objective morality, delay sex for marriage, and the girls, believing in the unconditional forgiveness promised, fornicate with the non-Christians. And God forbid a girl is ever taught not to pursue a career or to submit to her husband’s authority.

Teenagers at church are taught very little about the differences between men and women other than that only men have a sex drive, because the parents—who pay the light bills—are in desperate denial that their daughters experience all seven deadly sins.

And the kids must be taught about human sexuality at church, because parents want to outsource their job to the church. Parents want their kids to have a strong sense of morality, but they don’t want to put the effort into instilling that morality themselves.

Kids are never told that women lose their ability to bond in sex some twenty times faster than men. They are never taught what Biblical masculinity and femininity looks like, and the blatant sexism in the Bible is apologized for and argued around. Your kids will be told that sex is something sacred but that they should save it until age 25.

From Edward Thatch's "Why Christian Men Don't Deserve Virgins"

From the comments section of Edward Thatch’s “Why Christian Men Don’t Deserve Virgins”

But that much is obvious. Another thing your kids will never learn is moderation. Instead they will be taught that they are unable to have self-control and must compensate. This is why Christian girls are absolutely terrified of men even when they are ready to marry.

It’s also the reason many Christians will say, “I don’t think alcohol is a sin, but I would never drink it because I don’t want to cause others to stumble. My great uncle was an alcoholic, so it runs in the family, and I wouldn’t be able to control myself after just one beer.”

Secular music often encourages un-Christian behavior, so churches provide a cheap substitute, assuming that the definition of rock n’ roll is distorted guitars. Christians assume that if you encounter a message, then you will come to believe it by mere osmosis. This Puritan misconception is not unlike the contemporary leftist thought policing.

Jesus Has A Plan


What a beautiful fairy tale castle cathedral!

Our society in general doesn’t place much stock in the notion of consequences. It’s as though people think they have a human right to not have their choices effect the outcome of their life. Churches have bought into this secularism with their preaching of Jesus’s forgiveness. He’s got a free gift of salvation. It won’t require anything from you!

The implication in promising free salvation is that there is nothing required on your end. So your daughter can whore herself around and believe that Jesus will forget all about it just as soon as she’s ready for Him to. And she’s also convinced that part of Jesus’s forgiveness involves still providing the plan for her that He’s had in mind from the beginning—namely that grand fairytale wedding.

Likewise, your son will believe that God will provide him with his fun, kind-hearted virgin bride in God’s own timing. Maybe that timing is when he’s 35, but God knows better than you, so don’t be complaining about your blue balls. And maybe that bride that God provides is a bit less than virginal or less than feminine or less than not divorced.

Doesn’t matter. God has a plan, and you need to marry that slut with the crushing law school debt. Can’t you see the signs? You happened to run into her at the store twice during the week after you first met her. Coincidences are God’s astrology.

Some of you may be thinking, “I was never taught any of that growing up in church! We just preached the Word.” That’s because the most dangerous things in garden-variety Christianity are not the direct teachings but the indirect. Just because nobody ever told you the words “self-esteem is a Biblical virtue” doesn’t mean that you didn’t internalize it from the attitudes surrounding you at church. And yes, often the lessons actually consumed completely contradict the lessons verbally spoken. It’s a broken system, like all things American.

For the rest of you, all that may sound like something from a bad preteen dystopian novel. It’s not. And unfortunately, they are a huge voting bloc, although the only real power they have today is keeping America in support of Israel’s apartheid.

Cafeteria Bible

Another great disservice your church will do to your kids is that, for all the talk about the importance of knowing the Bible, they are given a very skewed understanding of the Old Testament. Old Testament stories were taught to us as though they are fun children’s stories, like a real-life Snow White.

Then I got older and read about Gideon’s polygamy and paganism and David’s casual genocide when fighting as a mercenary for the Philistines. Apparently the Old Testament, in its attempt to be a detailed history of a time and place where only the fittest survived and human rights was the butt end of a tavern joke, is pretty bloody and hedonistic.

Turns out that the draconian morality in the Old Testament was just trying to make a stable civilization in a corner of the world with casual rape, sodomy, and infanticide being the Monday morning grind.


Most adult Christians are vaguely aware of the rapey morality in the Old Testament, but few of them understand it, and pastors avoid the topic because it doesn’t mesh with the upbeat vibe of Sunday morning soft rock. Instead pastors just pretend it doesn’t exist, much as they do with the New Testament’s teaching about women shutting up in church.

Few Christians have read much of the Bible beyond isolated verses, and they are uninterested in reading any kind of Bible commentary or systematic theology because of the big words inside. Even seminaries have greatly watered down their curricula so that anyone with a call can change lives for the better or worse. I know more scripture blind drunk than most pastors do on a Sunday.

Christians today are panicking because that their kids grow up to dismiss the Bible as mere fairy tales, but they don’t realize that they themselves were the ones who taught the Bible like it was Dr. Seuss.


There are very few “good church girls” left, and even most virgin girls are drunk on modern secularist idealism. Meanwhile the boys buy into all the equality and soft feminism from their Sunday school teachers and thus come to believe that a real man is a kind and gentle white knight, someone who will sacrifice all of himself on a dime just like Jesus.

Therefore, if you want your kids to grow up with traditional morality, don’t take them to church.

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323 thoughts on “Taking Your Kids To Church Will Turn Them Into Degenerates”

  1. You could pretty much say the same about modern education. Basically Church and School teach you how to become irresponsible, unthinking, dependent babies that eventually become grown up babies.

  2. I think it’s wrong to indoctrinate your children with religion. How could you really tell them that they’ll burn in hell forever for eating a hot dog on Friday, or for doing something natural and healthy like masturbating? That seems cruel to me. Let your kids make up their own minds. Even a child has sovereignty over his or her own thoughts.

    1. My family is Muslim and when I was younger I thought I was going to burn in hell after I ate some meat that I didn’t know was pork.
      Now I eat whatever I want without any care. If God didn’t want us eating pork he shouldn’t have created pigs.

      1. A lot of the arbitrary rules in Christianity, Islam and Judaism were simply public health rules for living thousands of years ago that kept people from dying.
        IE Shellfish are the “cockroaches of the sea” and many people have deadly allergic reactions to them–better to prohibit them
        Pork has to be cooked to a specific temperature or else risks transmitting things like trigonosis and since it is white meat and cooks white, it is hard to tell by the color (unlike beef) so it’s safer to ban it in primitive societies cooking by fire.
        In early days, meat was a vital part of the diet. By forcing things like “fish on Fridays” it made all families eat more healthier, diverse meats instead of just eating mutton 7 days a week.
        Islam has some pretty specific rules about handwashing. But it’s basically what our local health departments tell employees to do in the bathroom–a good policy to reduce foodborne pathogens.
        Now I’m not sure about the rule against trimming hair or beards.. I think perhaps that is just to help identify with your group? I Mean you see a bearded Muslim guy and you know he is pretty serious haha.. but that’s just me speculating.
        What’s silly is all the modernizing of primitive rules. Like I had an orthodox Jewish guy in NYC tell me that they can’t ride the subway because you can’t light a match on the Sabbath and the subway is electric powered and when it begins to move there is a spark inside the engine when it starts to move… come the fuck on dude don’t be so literal. And certain leaders make special rulings on things like Sharks–do they have scales or not, are they ok to eat or not? Come on, stop it.

        1. I knew a guy that said you shouldn’t spray cologne during Ramadan (month of fasting) because some of the mist could get in your month.
          I’m pretty sure if a lil bit cologne flies into your mouth Allah is not going to hold that against you and send you to hell.

    2. You’re talking about Purgatory. It’s not hell, but still nasty. It’s basically a huge Catholic school run by 10′ tall nuns and everybody has to wear those stupid plaid skirts for added humiliation.

      1. Well, it beats Limbo, where millions of aborted baby souls are eagerly awaiting the day of judgment to get their chance at riding flaming chariots while armed with wire coathangers… 🙂

        1. Marcus, here’s hoping you do your thing an a YouTube video sometime real soon!

  3. The unholy collaboration of Christianity + Feminism is the reason we are in this mess.
    Modern day Christians are devout feminists and share most of the values and principles of feminists. Equality, women’s rights, age of consent, misandrist divorce laws, men’s duty to protect women etc. It’s only abortion and gay marriage that they disagree on.

    1. How are Christians devout feminists when the bible outlines the different roles between men and women? Doesn’t the bible explain how men and women differ and their respective purpose and role in life? Or have they changed Christianity to appeal more to liberals and feminists?

      1. >How are Christians devout feminists when the bible outlines the different roles between men and women?
        Christians =/= Bible.

        1. Nearly all “Christians” in the USA are Christians only in name. They do not follow the Bible. Few even know what the Bible says. The big churches are nothing more than motivational seminars with a soft rock concert, and some “Jesus” name-dropping.

        2. It is amazing in the least that you know all Christians and can come to this conclusion.
          Just out of curiosity, can you number all the Christians you know? What are their names?
          Face it. You are just some random person taught by public schools and your cognitive skills are in the shitter.
          You can’t speak for “nearly all Christians” but in some embarrassingly ignorant way, you think it possible.
          Do you speak for all Jews? Clowns? Ohioans? New Yorkers? Please tell us what other groups you have intimate cognitive associations with.
          Inquiring minds want to know.

        3. Belief in the corruption of the human soul by our sinful nature.
          (“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”)
          Belief that our sinful nature condemns us to hell for our transgressions. (“The wages of sin is death.”)
          Belief that we cannot redeem ourselves by our own actions.
          Belief that only God’s saving grace, in the form of his only Son’s sacrifice on the cross can serve as substitutionary atonement for our sins and thereby deliver us from damnation.
          Belief by faith through grace in Christ’s sacrifice as atonement.
          If a Christian believes this and loves God, his actions, by God’s grace, will reflect it. (“If you love me, keep my commandments.” & “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me. 25″For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.”)

        4. I don’t know about “nearly all,” but I would agree (as a Christian) that the group makes up a substantial majority in this country. And I’m not speaking of the 80% of the country that calls itself “Christian” on the census form. Even those “true believers” who attend church every week fail by the Biblical standard.

        5. The persecution that is coming will be a good thing making it more clear who the real “Christians” are.

        6. I’m an ex-Christian, now atheist. I was just as much a fake Christian as everyone else. I live the same way now. I live as a heathen, but I’m not trying to justify myself by rationalizationing my selfish decisions with twisted interpretations of the Bible. I’ve read and studied the Bible intensely, and know what it says, and I know the various interpretations, scriptures that were left out of the Bible, what various early Christians wrote (ex. Tertullian, Origen, etc.), what different sects believe, etc. The fact is, if people followed the Bible today everyone would think they were bat shit crazy. Christianity is not a pussy religion. It’s hard-fucking-core, but today it’s watered down to make it more accessible to the average Joe. The early Christians were radicals, even by today’s standards.
          Take Origen, for example, who cut his own dick off after reading Matthew 19:12, as well as Jesus’ recommendation to cut off body parts that cause you to sin (Mt.5:29-30, Mt.18:8-9, Mk.9:43-48). Those verses has often been interpreted by Ancient Christians as an endorsement of self-castration. Even Justin Martyr boasted of a Christian who planned to castrate himself. Mt 19:12 is so problematic that many English interpretations (ex. NIV) deliberately mistranslate it so males don’t read it and chop their dick off.

        7. Your post was non-responsive. You claimed to know the hearts of tens of millions of Christians.
          Please report on the millions of of Hindus, Atheists, Muslims and Jews.
          Tells us their hearts. Your insights to Christians is so perfect, please spread the news on all religions.

        8. I do know the “hearts” of tens of millions of Christians, and the lot of them are Leftist pussies who keep the parts they like, and throw out the parts they don’t like.
          P.S. Ancient people thought the mind existed inside the heart, and this mistake was recorded into the Bible and various other ancient works. You’d think God in the flesh would know people think with their brains and not their hearts. Oh well.

        9. I don’t. But I can see their actions. I can see their omissions. Surely you know that “you shall know them by their fruits?”

        10. When someone says Christ died for there sins they are aknowledging that every sin they every did carried a penalty of eternal hell fire. But when God himself came to earth he allowed himself to be put to death for my sins he payed my debt. All I have to do is belive it that my debt is payed for but what most people see is a lip service to that belief but no action at all behind it or the total opposite lots of meals cooked bills payed but no telling of people if they don’t belive they will go to hell

        11. that’s a huge problem with Christianity. You;re a christian if you believe, most other religions practice takes precedence over belief

        12. That’s why we need a Savior…that bit about ‘love God with all your strength & your neighbor as yourself ‘; I don’t have the capacity, if I live 100 years I doubt I’ll accrue ten good minutes total of either or both…I thank God that He provided a way through our Lord Jesus Christ. Someone once told me & I think it’s probably so, that ‘the only Christians who get any better are the ones who trust they’re His whether they get any better or not.’

        13. ‘Heart’ didn’t only refer to the organ pumping blood, but also as in the ‘heart’ of a tree trunk; where the sap, life, flows…the essential core. Ancient people weren’t stupid. They had less accrued technology, but also fewer defectives of all types in their societies.

        14. Whatever helps you sleep at night. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the heart, rather than the brain, was the source of human wisdom, as well as emotions, memory, the soul and the personality itself. Hundreds of years before Jesus, Aristotle incorrectly wrote that the heart was the seat of intelligence, motion, and sensation. The error was copied up through the middle ages and beyond the Renaissance, almost certainly due to the scriptures corroborating the theory. Arguing with Christians is worse than arguing with feminists.
          “For out of the heart come evil thoughts–murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.”
          -Matthew 15:19
          Jesus wasn’t being poetic; people actually believed the heart was where the mind existed, the source of emotions. After all, doesn’t the heart beat faster when the emotions are excited? Whenever Jesus mentions the heart he makes reference to feelings, thoughts, and emotions. He never associates those with the brain, nor does he associate the heart (correctly) with pumping blood through the body. A common mistake an ancient man would make, but not a God.
          From Strong’s:

          καρδία the heart, i.e. (figuratively) the thoughts or feelings (mind); also (by analogy) the middle
          Derivation: prolonged from a primary κάρ (Latin cor, “heart”);
          KJV Usage: (+ broken-)heart(-ed).
          1) the heart
          1a) that organ in the animal body which is the centre of the circulation of the blood, and hence was regarded as the seat of physical life
          1b) denotes the centre of all physical and spiritual life
          2a) the vigour and sense of physical life
          2b) the centre and seat of spiritual life
          2b1) the soul or mind, as it is the fountain and seat of the thoughts, passions, desires, appetites, affections, purposes, endeavours
          2b2) of the understanding, the faculty and seat of the intelligence
          2b3) of the will and character
          2b4) of the soul so far as it is affected and stirred in a bad way or good, or of the soul as the seat of the sensibilities, affections, emotions, desires, appetites, passions
          1c) of the middle or central or inmost part of anything, even though inanimate

        15. Pfft. Next you’ll be telling us that the bible categorises the bat as a kind of bird!

        16. The Bile references you make do not have just a literal meaning, but also a metaphorical one (or allegorical, à la Dante Alighieri, and similarly, a moral and an anagogic one).

        17. Perhaps. The Gospels were originally stories that were copied and shared from person to person. There are some things that we lose context of because we didn’t live during that time, but it’s not in the Gospel writers best interest to be ambiguous. When the Gospel writer thought Jesus was being too ambiguous he’d write that his followers didn’t understand him, and then Jesus would clarify what he meant. The Gospel writers didn’t know their works would be put into a “Bible” hundreds of years later. Their stories were meant to be independent accounts that stood on their own.
          I think Jesus probably meant it when he said you should chop off any body parts that cause you to sin. Not that chopping it off would be his first choice, he never says that, but if you couldn’t keep yourself under control… then it would be permissible as a last resort. Given the number of times he repeated that saying, there’s nothing to indicate that he was NOT being literal. The Kingdom of Heaven was on its way, so Jesus was saying it’s time to get right with God no matter what you have to do. This is certainly the way that many people who lived back then, who read and understood the original Greek, took it. Some followed the advice and castrated themselves, as we have records of them doing so. As I wrote earlier, pre-Nicean Christian was quite radical.

      2. “Or have they changed Christianity to appeal more to liberals and feminists?”
        Basically this. See my other comment for some more details. The tax exempt status churches have make them pawns of the federal govt. So they will never stray from the mainstream narrative of the times.

      3. Many Christians in the West typically grant lip service to the bible while hypocritically, yet devoutly follow mainstream feminist dogma.

        1. Shit, that’s been true of Christians throughout time. Plenty of them are Christian for one hour per week on a Sunday and then relentlessly pursue sin for all the others. 😉

        2. 21″Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. 22″Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many
          miracles?’ 23″And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’
          Matthew 7:21-23

        3. From above. You emote like a teenage girl.
          It is amazing in the least that you know all Christians and can come to this conclusion.
          Just out of curiosity, can you number all the Christians you know? What are their names?
          Face it. You are just some random person taught by public schools and your cognitive skills are in the shitter.
          You can’t speak for “nearly all Christians” but in some embarrassingly ignorant way, you think it possible.
          Do you speak for all Jews? Clowns? Ohioans? New Yorkers? Please tell us what other groups you have intimate cognitive associations with.
          Inquiring minds want to know.

        4. Wrong.
          Shit. Is the Return of Kings?
          Looks like return of pussy whiners.
          I’m done here.
          I’ve out grown you.

        5. Apostates and those who Christ will say on the last day: ” I never knew you”
          They are told to accept Jesus into the heart(which is unbiblical). Instead of repenting 1st then believing.

        6. This is what roman catholicism catechizes so well. They invoke all these rituals and “sacraments” which are supposed to be holy yet is just some practice lifted from paganism of times past in order to swell the ranks of Christendom.
          It is a nominal practice at best which allows for the average fucking idiot to feel like they are accepted and righteous by God just for eating some stupid goddamn wafer or confessing your sins to another sinner once a year or longer then POOF you are now forgiven by God!
          And I won’t even get started on the catholic affinity towards asserting man’s will over the will of God. As if we can conceptualize an infinite all knowing God who created time and existed before all things yet something He created He has no control over them whatsoever. LOL. Every person who espouses that doctrine has done so counter to the word of God and are blatant enemies of God.
          In the bible it clearly states that God almighty does NOT love everyone and the vast majority of the world are going straight to hell! Thats right, according to the word of God, He made most men for hell.
          Read it for yourselves sometimes fucking idiot chrischans.

        7. He emotes like a girl? You sure it’s not you? Ha ha. You’re in a blur of estrogen-based non-sequitir right now as if you got wasted on your GF’s period blood this morning.

        8. That’s it? That’s all you got?
          You cannot reason against my argument?
          Your menstrual fetish is odd, but hey it is here on the internet forever.

        9. HA HA. You’re either a genius troll or a BITCH OF A MAN. I hope you’re fucking around and trolling because you’re good to have around here sometimes, though not always.

        10. You need to leave Clowns and Ohioans out of this. There are guys on here that do something called Clown Game, and I’m sure there are some of them that do Ohio Game, which probably involves corn and wheat.

        11. But! But! Pastor Schmedlack says the law was done away with! Surely Christ was wrong about this. (I feel compelled to point out the obvious sarcasm in my statement)

        12. Yeah because heretics aka protestants are better or follow the bible. Btw the sacraments ARE in the Bible AND the Catholics were the
          First to teach most willl go to Hell, at least until the 20th century unlike Protestants who think all one needs to do is believe. Apply your advice on reading to yourself.

        13. Calling protestants heretics yet you erect statues of a mother goddess, pray to her and ask her to forgive you! LOL. You fucking hypocrite.

        14. Yeah we pray to the mother goddess and I need to go, tonight we offer a few babies as sacrifices./Sarcasm off
          Really, if Luther of Jean Cauvin were alive you and your ilk would be burned at the stake BY THEM because you do not even share their beliefs, having abandoned what for thousands of years was regarded as Christian basic tenets (after all Luther declared war on the Anabaptists for rejecting infant baptism and ordered assassination and torture of thousands other sectarians, offshoots of his wacky beliefs).
          You have substituted sound doctrine for nonsense (rapture, women pastors, rejection of infant baptism, rejection of Holy Trinity in some cases, rejection of the unity of Church, rejection of the fact that faith without works in dead and long etcetera) and yet you expect to be regarded as Christians…

        15. I’ll take that as a complement.
          Though I do believe I am neither bitch nor troll.
          You and I have crossed words together before and I consider you are a worthy opponent.
          The best to you sir.

        16. Salvation is available to all, but the grand majority will reject it, as it is written.

        17. Hell is no joke, my friend. Your friends might go down there, but you won’t get to “hang out”; loneliness will be another part of Hell.
          Don’t go there, please. Christ is knocking at your door.

        18. Catholicism didn’t exist until Constantine hijacked Christianity to use for his own personal gain. It was one of Satan’s greatest tricks.
          Idol Worship is NOT Christian, and yet Catholics do it!
          Nor is Mass Murder, (the Inquisition, between 1200 and 1808, more than 68 million victims).
          Acts 8:37 (which very likely won’t exist in your perverted Catholic bible) proves that you must first believe BEFORE you get baptized, hence why child baptism is wrong.

        19. (the Inquisition, between 1200 and 1808, more than 68 million victims).

          Where did you get 68 million from? Is that the number of people killed because if it is, that’s close to the whole population of Europe at this time.

        20. He got his stats from the same source the Feminists got theirs about the burning of witches, what do you expect?

        21. Don’t you get tired of outing yourself as an ignorant to the World?. BTW that figure is BS, otherwise the European race would’ve gone extinct since that’s roughly the population of Europe at that time (MIddle Ages after the Black Plague).
          And I got news for you, in Spain Inquisition executed <2.500 from the 15th to the 19th century when it was abolished. I don’t know what you are smoking but you should share 🙂
          I am not going to enter in a apologetics discussion, since this is not the place for it and debunking your arguments is easy (idols Exodus 25:18-19; Numbers 21:8; baptism 1 Cor. 1:16-…, Acts 16:15-…, Acts 16:33, John 3:5) but you could go to: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com which is a good place to start to know what is the Catholic Church, since the external organization died in the 60s after the Vatican Council II and just a remnant exists. Your salvation depends on it.

        22. You mistake my tone. I laughed after I wrote that. What pussy whiner does that? You’re right. Your king has been check-mated. No returning from that.

        23. It would seem that you failed to notice that the inquisition spanned over 600 years, in various nations.

        24. The Spanish Inquisition, one of many, lasted 350 years and killed 5000 at its highest estimate.
          Where did you get your number.

        25. Some sacraments didn’t even exist until 1000+ years after Jesus and while they are in the Bible, nothing in the Bible says they are the way to heaven.

        26. Might be the # of europeans at any one time during that period but hardly the # of Europeans over the 600 year period.

        27. I for one grew up in a devout Christian home. I had to the read Bible in its entirety by myself every year from 7 to 15 in addition to church 3x a week and 2-3 annual weekly Bible camps in addition to numerous other Church activities. If you honestly don’t see the insane amount of hypocrisy in the Church, you are either blind or willfully ignorant. The vast majority have nothing but lip service to God and hardly anyone of them actually know anything about the Bible short of what they get from the media and their pastor/priest on the weekends.

        28. Don’t play fuckin stupid with me boy. You know what the fuck I’m talkin about.
          Your criticisms of Protestantism are all issues I have spoke against on this very site. You only seem to chime in when your beloved pagan throwback church is critiqued. Yes I’m a Protestant because I’m PROTESTING your abomination of a church and I’m protesting all of nominal Christianity at this point so perhaps I am agnostic. You take that unholy Eucharist wafer and shove it up your puckered ass where it belongs.

        29. You take that unholy Eucharist wafer and shove it up your puckered ass where it belongs.

          Well I guess you have a lot of experience getting your ass puckered…
          Look I understand you run out of arguments hence resorting to insults is next. Whether you like it or not what you call Protestantism, especially American Evangelism would have been condemned by virtually all Protestant leaders of the Reformation. Reformation was caused by the abuse of corrupt clergy whose lust for power and riches corrupted and led away from the faith large swathes of Christendom and weakened the Church, however two wrongs don’t make a right and the abandonment of sound doctrine led to the shit we are having now (feminism, socialism, SJWs, corporatist dominance).
          You shouldn’t get so angry, catholics (not the V II variety) are very few, almost none, as was prophesied by the Lord in reference to the real believers by the end of the play…

        30. Impossible. By the 15th century ALL Europe (including Russia) had about 90~100 million people by most estimates. For the Inquisition to have killed 68 million in just 5 centuries (the INquisitions really started in the 14-15th century) a greater slaughter than those perpetrated by the Aztecs would have been necessary (upwards 100.000 per year…).
          Those made up numbers are nothing but fantasies from deranged minds, the same source the feminists use to state that “Millions of women were burnt as witches by the Church”.

        31. I said nothing about his #s just that there were around 60-70 million people in Europe at anyone time in the 15th century for example, to say nothing of the total # of people who lived from 1200-1800, probably well over 1B

        32. Agreed but was talking about the second guys response, which was almost as ridiculous (almost)

        33. Inflation. In today’s Christians, a few thousand from 1200 AD would be immeasurable.

        34. Hi Untergang,
          If you find “salvation slipping” unless you repeat calming words over and over, please cut out sugar and caffeine at the least. Maybe try the paleo diet or vegan. Get yourself a calm mind. Your preacher will make ZERO money when your mind is calm and confident. COOL!

        35. Good goyim, forget about the traditions of your forefathers and love the jewish god

      4. What is now called Christianity, largely is not. It’s that simple. That’s why the the Left cracking down on Churches, I believe will be for the best. If they can make it wholly intolerable for people to call themselves Christians and preach the Word of God in public, it will cull the herd.
        Those who are in it for ungodly reasons will depart, and only the genuine believers will remain. God speed it.

        1. yes to the first part, but the opposite to the wishful-thinking second.
          those that rediscover the lineage of fathers and sons, rediscover that meaning that churches have forgotten, will depart the now fictitious hollow meaningless institutions, leaving only the genuine leeches remaining. once corrupted from leading sons, the houses of fathers are simply not recoverable: they are now possessed by people who willingly choose their vapid selves over reality, thus departing reality, in a manic selfishness-driven revolt against what works. saving the institution always saves them more than it saves mankind, for they pay nothing, and eat everything, especially churches.

      5. The word is “Churchian.” Most churches are filled with people who own a Bible but only bother to read the drivel put out by the “Christian” publishing houses.

      6. “Christianity” has been replaced by “Churchianity”. The resemblance between the two is only superficial, but the latter now predominates in much of what was once the Christian West.

    2. Agreed. Modern christianity has bent over backward to appease feminists. Its a disaster.

    3. As an Orthodox Christian, there is some truth in there. But none the less, Orthodoxy encourages life and forgiveness but for no fact does it encourage a man to be stupid.

      1. forgiveness is stupid. stupid, not because it would be oh so nice in a world made of just you, but precisely the opposite: the world isn’t made of just you – far from it. the world today is made of a plurality of failures, afforded by the last two centuries’ excess productive might of industrialization – failures who’s entire trees of descendants would otherwise have all died long ago were it not for such provision that they themselves could never muster. fundamentally critically different from the world “back then,” the world today is made of endless seas of the afforded selfishly stupid, the emotional-think-feelers, the crying victim-toddlers who scream so deservedly for not only cookies, but for the best silver platters thereof. these ungratefuls would not otherwise have a chance for forgiveness, because they’d all be dead, too stupidly selfish to survive.
        in a world where only the humble-before-factual-reality survive, forgiveness is not stupid. but that is not the world now, nor has it been for quite some time. that rule of forgiveness is now a fossil preserved, not a mark of mightful perseverance. thus, forgiveness is stupid. forgiveness, given for free, is worth, by virtue of the harsh reality of trade, nothing. if you so value forgiveness, you would not give it away for nothing, not for free, not to those who, so unlike you, haven’t even paid the price of humility to leave childhood, and by righteous selfishness choice, never will.
        regardless, the endless destruction of forgiveness by giving it away for free into the black hole of inhuman masqueraders ensures only that forgiveness will run out. and not soon enough, since far too many still believe they can apply pious rules outside of context, in any setting they choose, and be free of consequence.

        1. Agreed. In order for lessons to be learned faster and sooner, forgiveness must be given with caution. If the subject learns nothing from his wrongdoings no forgiveness will be given to him untill lesson is learned.

        2. Forgiveness is to benefit you, not the trespasser. It is so you don’t walk around bitter for the rest of your life harbouring negative emotions.
          But it doesn’t mean you forget.

        3. once again rubbish bob, rubbish.
          trade, violated, becomes debt, which must be collected, or forgiven. behavioral agreements/contracts, broken, become loss, which must be remitted, or forgiven. if you eat, or expect pleasantries, and don’t return them, -you- are the bitter child trespassing on the patience provided by others, bitterness at reality that you must trade like every one else, bitterness that emboldens you to steal with wrongful righteousness. and you will either pay, or, if appropriate, be forgiven. i argue, forgiveness is not in order.
          each passing day, i am convinced you are a tresspasser here, bob.

        4. That’s fine man because with each passing day I am more convinced that you are a moron.

        5. You nailed the reasoning behind forgiveness. But damn…it’s a difficult thing. At least for me. I still need more development on the letting go & not raging too much part.

        6. It is tough no doubt. I’ll be the first to admit that forgiveness does not come easy to me.

    4. Modern Christians go on and on how Christian husbands are supposed to protect women, and be good husbands, love their families etc while they don’t ever mention how Christian wives should submit to and respect her husband, consider him her “Head”, as the Bible commands, and therefore let him take the final decisions in complicated matters and let him be the boss of the family.
      Moreover, as the writer pointed out, daughters in most Christian families are treated like sons. Instead of teaching daughters, to learn cooking, cleaning, and other housekeeping, homely skills, get married, be a loving, submissive wife, and raise kids, she will be taught by both the Church and the family to be a testosterone dripping career woman, pursue her career, and get a job. She will probably never get to hear the supposed “sexist” verses from the Bible, and will genuinely believe that metro sexuality is a virtue of Christianity.
      Then there is the much debated case of female priests, and alter servers. While the Bible clearly states that women should keep quiet in the Church, and men lead, one will find, women preaching and reading the readings from the Bible. This phenomena has in fact made me realize, that why it has been commanded so in the Bible. You see, whenever a woman goes up to an alter to preach, she kind of exudes a sexual tension among the men sitting in the pews. And the Church should be a place where a man can concentrate on holy thoughts, not on the sexy the girl on the alter is. But again, while all heterosexual men know this is true, they never speak about it openly. And if someone speaks so, he will be bashed by the Christian feminists, men and women alike. Looks like most Christians have traded Jesus, for the feminist ideology.

      1. Well shit. Best get some burqas on those goddamn sluts! Hell, who’s the fucktard that taught them to read?

    5. A statement from a top representative( a lesbian woman) of the Norwegian State church recently reads as follows; “I do not believe in the God of the bible, but rather the Divine feminine.”
      That pretty much sums up modern christanity to me.

        1. Woah great verse man! Here it is for all ROK readers, who want to read.
          Revelation 2:20-21
          20 But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond-servants astray so that they commit acts of immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.21′ I gave her time to repent, and she does not want to repent of her immorality.…

    6. It’s not Christianity at fault but the politics that policed it. It’s clear in the Bible that woman obeys man as man obey God. In return man takes responsibility. Women aren’t taking up on their role.
      Also you think feminists would follow a religion where rape is not demonized but is treated as a mere neutral action? Real Christianity is borderline anti-woman.

    7. We all know here at ROK what happens when men yield authority and power to women.
      I was brainwashed to either completely reject religion because it was “misogynist” and “homophobic” or accept a watered-down apologetic version. Years of red-pill swallowing brought me to the truth. The Bible is very clear and speaks for itself.
      “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him” Genesis 2:18
      “Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” Genesis 3:16
      “I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.” 1 Timothy 5:14
      “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” 1 Timothy 2:12
      “Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives;” 1 Peter 3:1
      “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.” Ephesians 5:22
      “Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.” 1 Corinthians 11:9
      “That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good,obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” Titus 2:4-5
      Churches that DON’T speak against feminism are endorsing this evil.

  4. “This Puritan misconception is not unlike the contemporary leftist thought policing.”
    That’s because they are the same movement.

  5. This is why the Quiverfull is great.
    Basically repudiates a lot of the blue pilled Christian teachings you see in modern churches.
    I am reading a book on them by a left wing reporter an many of their teachings sound like returnofkings articles.
    Women should be submissive, feminine energy is about devotion and empathy, if you’re not married by like 26 you’re less valuable. Men are portrayed more positively while women are shown as needing guidance to not be unknowingly destructive (cough Eve cough)
    I suspect they have some bullshit too but so far so good. Their goal is to counter feminism and outbreed the blue states.
    Hopefully they aren’t Israeli cucks

    1. Did you see the thing Cracked did on them about a year ago? What are your thoughts on is?

      1. Cracked is a leftist rag. What makes you think their criticisms are fair and balanced?

        1. Look fellow Christian. Ad hominem is not a civil mode of discourse.
          Argument and evidence.
          Even if you perceive them to be evildoers and even if they are do not compete with evildoers in getting back at them.
          This is the response to other comments you have made so far.

        2. No. Being a Christian does not equate to being meek. I’ve followed the inanity of comments here related to Christians and Christianity for quite some time. There are occasions where you punch back twice as hard.
          You have your way, I have mine. And my way is not inconsistent with…..

      2. I had not actually. I can picture the article already: misogynist, women are subservient (apparently working for a family is being chained to a husband).
        Czeching now.
        Most of what I know is from them and also this book written by a disapproving journalist.
        But she let’s them speak for themselves and reserves judgment while doing so. As such I find it a fair analysis.

      3. Reading it now
        1) It’s racist. It is, by their definition. But demography is destiny.
        2) overworks the women. The author gives no evidence beyond anecdotal. And the author of the book I am reading (It’s Quiverfull: A Guide into the Christian Patriarchy Movement btw, I realized I never gave the title) herself states that the women seem incredibly devoted to their families.
        I would need more evidence in either direction for this one.
        3) Online privacy is very puritanical. I was worried about that. Mark against them. They desire transparency because they have nothing to hide. That’s puritan speak.
        4) We don’t date we court. As far as I can see, this is a silly objection on the part of the author.
        As for arranged marriages, we know they succeed about as much as marriages where the partners are chosen by the woman (the one who does the choosing really) so I’m not swayed.
        5) Masturbation is evil. Sex is evil. The first I do buy that Quiverfull would think. The second I don’t since they want the babies.
        Ultimately it’s trapped by the normal flaw of low church Protestantism: puritanical about stupid things.
        But it at the very least is not inculcating blue pill beliefs.
        That said… I would like to see how the boys and girls turn out. That has not been addressed, and would be the sticking point I should think.
        Just as you article points out.

        1. They’ve been doing a lot of yellow journalism. I thought the accusation of racism was a low blow.

        2. Well that’s how you know you’ve made it.
          Count me as curiously optimistic for QF.

      4. is? Do you mean ISIS? or IS, whatever the term is.
        I thought that was a typo but now I am not sure.

        1. Oh okay. I thought that but others thought you were being contrary so I wondered

    2. I’d bet it’s not as much fun as it first appears. Quiverfull sounds a little like Quimfull. Maybe there’s something in that.

  6. New thought:
    Robbing someone of choice is abuse, therefore robbing someone of the choice to have sex is abuse.

    1. I don’t think having sex is a right. It says “to pursue happiness” over there. So you have to do it… pursue it, sex that is…

      1. Again, that robs someone of the choice to have sex. Because it degrades them. If someone is born with a sex drive, then it is there prerogative to have sex.

        1. Yes, that is what I am saying.
          I am entitled to have sex.
          Here are different ways of saying what I am saying:
          I am worthy of having sex.
          I deserve to have sex.
          I deserve love and affection, because of who I am, not what I do.
          I love/like myself.
          It is my birthright to have sex.
          I deserve a wife and/or a loving partner who will attend to my emotional and sexual needs because they want too, out of their own free will.
          Do you understand what I am saying now?
          If you do not, I am only too happy to copy and paste this again.
          Now kindly fuck off, sir.

        2. Why are you sending me go fuck myself? What you are saying sounds exactly like a woman: I deserve a good man regardless of how many cocks I gobbled before.
          She does not have the right to a good man. She has to be worthy of that.
          Now here’s something that might strike you: You don’t deserve shit in this world. If you want something, you have to make it happen. You want outcome independence just because you think you are the center of the Universe. Let me break it to you: You are exactly nothing until you prove otherwise.
          You have no birth rights, with the exception that nobody is allowed to take your life or freedom with no reason, and even these are arguable.
          In your mind, physical rape is probably justifiable too.
          You just sound like a little bitch that you are.

        3. Well this awkward. I was just about to agree with you before you edited your post to make it more venomous than it already is!
          Nevertheless, I agree, I am a little bitch, and what I said did sound like what a woman says.
          I apologize for telling you to go fuck off. I have to go now. Goodbye.

  7. Yep. Either find a good church that takes a more traditional take on things or make your own one if you’re a Christian.
    George Barna stated in “The Seven Faith Tribes” that Americans have two distinct Christian groups: Casual and Captive. The Casual Christians can best be described as cultural Christians, meaning they are Christians because that is the culture they were raised in. They make up about 66% of the population. The Captive ones are the ones who truly believe and strive to live as Christians and make up about 16% of the population.
    So when someone in America says they’re Christian, there is a good chance they only go to church and marginally believe in God. That even applies to pastors.

  8. The title should read: “Taking Your Kids to a Protestant Church Will Turn them into Degenerates.”

      1. What is your point Mark? Both girls and guys will on occasion break the doctrine of whatever their religion is. The point is that unlike most modern Protestant groups, the Catholic church has stood its ground against feminism, as well as in other areas.

        1. Being Catholic myself, I can attest to this.
          Since Protestantism has gynocentric Anglo roots, its bowing down to Anglo feminism should had been a given.

        2. “As well as Orthodoxy… some might argue even better than Catholicism.”
          Far better than Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholics are the original feminists. It started when their priests started shaving their breads off, then the Pope insisted on being the all powerful instead of being content as “first among equals”, then the Pope insisted on the priests being celibate so they’d leave all their money to the church, and Roman Catholics lost the ability to distinguish between emotional states and spiritual states, and they began unbalanced spiritual practices like the Rosary (40 or 50 prayers to the Virgin Mary to each Lord’s Prayer or Glory Be, or something like that), etc, etc, etc.
          Still, they’re not the Episcopal/Anglican church… yet.

        3. My point is that the Catholic Church in the US is in just as much the same boat as the Protestant groups. From nuns who go out on weekends to bang guys to more and more “dialogs” with homosexuals, it is in just as much trouble as the rest of them.

        4. ”the Catholic church has stood its ground against feminism, as well as in other areas.”
          From what I am seeing on Catholic Church Militant TV not so much.

        5. If it were not for certain incorrect teaching and practices from Orthodoxy I would have joined in a heartbeat

        6. But, keep in mind England is a major player in Protestantism, to the point it has the Church of England (Anglican Church).

        7. Far better than Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholics are the original feminists.

          Sorry that prize goes to Protestants. By the way Jesus (if you believe the Gospels) stated clearly that you would have abandon your family and follow Him if you wish the position of disciple and Paul stated that singles were better option for Ministry than married men whose priorities will always be divided….

    1. Most churches have been infiltrated by Leftists. They’ve come up with some creative ways to hamster away these verses:

      A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.
      -1 Timothy 2:11-15

      Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church.
      -1 Corinthians 14:34-35

      The Bible is pretty clear. In church women need to be silent and cover their heads (1 Corinthians 11:2-16).

    2. You really want to claim that the RCC is all that much better, post Vat-II?
      Or that the Orthodox churches would be any better if they were more than the ethnic enclave social groups they are at present here or the nationalist houses of self-worship they are in Eastern Europe?

  9. I agree with the message of the article, but not all churches are like that. Some churches, particularly many diocese within the Catholic church, have stuck to their guns in continuing to support their traditional doctrine, including the place of the man as being dominant.
    Traditional churches are an important bulwark against the ideological and demographic decline of the West.

  10. Church + today’s school= absolute disaster for the new generation of future men.
    I graduated from a catholic college. The ratio of sluts was almost the same as the ratio of beta guys. Let’s be honest, only a couple of alpha guys were fucking the whole campus. It’s insane the amount of brainwashing young boys go through. No wonder
    they gonna wake up in their late 20’s pissed off and angry against
    society, they were told to accept this lie of unicorn and prude virgins world since

  11. Christians and many atheists share the assumption that if you abandon belief in god, a whole world of sexual possibilities opens up for you. Christians don’t characterize it that way, but they send the strong implication when their pastors denounce atheists from the pulpit for our alleged sexual hedonism. The christian boy just feeling his oats hears this and wonders if he should explore what atheism has to offer.
    However, it doesn’t work that way, despite the ridiculous propaganda you see on atheist websites like Hemant Mehta’s. The sexually yucky christian guy doesn’t increase his sexual market value by becoming an atheist. Instead he just becomes one of those incel neckbeards who shows up at atheist gatherings and wonders when he can cash in on the sexual fulfillment that atheists supposedly enjoy.
    Ironically the secularization of sexual relationships has made rejection more psychologically damaging to men. In the Before-Times, when people shared similar religious beliefs and took them more seriously, the christian girl could reject the advances of the omega christian boy by invoking a higher authority: God forbids fornication. Because the omega christian youth shared this belief, it deflected attention from the real reason for rejection and spared his feelings.
    Now, in our “Jesus who?” age, girls can give more or less the real reason for rejection: You don’t make me wet, so go away and leave me alone. The secular omega man who receives dozens of these honest rejections must feel a lot worse about himself than his counterpart in a christian society. At least the omega christian can maintain the illusion that a god loves him and has a yet unrevealed plan for him, even if all the women he knows have turned him away.

  12. I never got into religion because I don’t believe in the supernatural. Simple as that.
    When I was young, my parents (really my mom) brought us to church, switching between Catholic and Episcopalian. What I hated about it more than anything else was that it seemed geared entirely towards young mothers and girls under 10. The music during mass was all children’s music played on acoustic guitars. During sunday school, they had me doing arts and crafts at age 15.
    As an outsider looking in, that seems to me a major reason why Christianity is in such a bad state in the U.S. There’s no place for males over the age of 5.

    1. “There’s no place for males over the age of 5.”
      And that’s for the fucking priests to molest them.

  13. AMEN on this article. You hit all the salient points regarding modern Christianity.
    Basically folks if you are going to your protestant or catholic church these days and you don’t feel the fumes of Hell singe your nostrils then you are one STUPID MOTHERFUCKER.
    Every church has 501c tax exempt status which makes them all complicit in shoveling down your bitch ass throats the suicidal altruism and PC sewage of the mainstream narrative that is fucking killing the country.
    Your pastor/priest is a piss weak fuck who won’t dare quote real scripture like where Jesus said to be my disciple you must take up your OWN CROSS and DIE to yourSELF daily. That you must HATE your mother/father/brother etc. That Jesus came not to bring peace but a sword…to divide a man from his blood family.
    No, your faggot preacher won’t ever tell you the truth because he wants your fucking money and you people are so goddamned stupid you give it to him or any other charlatan with a big smile and fancy lies to tickle your itching ears. You people are fucking DISGUSTING and you deserve the most horrible of deaths.
    Your pastor peddles lies and you fuckin ADD faggots with your multitude of neuroses will shun away any man who comes to you with the cold, hard truth. You can’t even pay attention to real biblical exegesis for longer than 5 seconds.
    A real true revival this day and age would be a man like Josiah in the Old testament whom discovering all the paganism within his church and his people went about and fucking SLAUGHTERED them all. Dragged the pagan priests out by the hair and cut them down like dogs then spent the remainder REPENTING to God almighty for such horrid sins the nation of israel committed against their God whom they entered a binding covenant with.
    I have no doubts that the vast majority of preachers and attendants to modern day neo pagan Christianity are going to be spit roasted for eternity and you fucking cowards all deserve it too.

  14. This whole “god’s plan for your life” idea started to break down around the time of the Reformation, when European men realized that they had the opportunity to go church shopping for themselves and their families. That happened concurrently with the growth of competitive markets where you could go shopping for and comparing the goods and services offered by various merchants, many of them visitors to your community from other places; and then to government shopping and even continent shopping if you wanted to get on a ship and try your luck in another part of the world. In the long run we have seen the emergence of a kind of entrepreneurial model for running your life, where you don’t let circumstances dictate your “place” in society, a situation formerly attributed to “god’s plan.” Instead more and more people have decided to run their lives like entrepreneurs, where they assume both the risks and the benefits of making choices from various alternatives with uncertain outcomes.
    So in today’s world, this idea of submitting to “god’s plan for your life” has become laughable. Instead you make and act upon your own plans and deal with the consequences.

    1. ”This whole “god’s plan for your life” idea started to break down around the time of the Reformation, when European men realized that they had the opportunity to go church shopping for themselves and their families. ”
      Isn’t if funny that it is basically a doctrine about and for “me” instead of what one can do for God?

      1. I don’t see the problem with that. Christianity as our European ancestors knew it died in the Enlightenment, and today’s christians engage in a form of Creative Anachronism. They can replicate the forms, but not the substance, because the background conditions for christian belief have pretty much disappeared.

        1. That’s pretty accurate but I wouldn’t blame on market forces. There has always been a market economy one way or another. And the substance disappeared because the people abandoned the belief completely after tje ” Enlightenment”….

    1. What about it? I am one of those. Church is bull shit everywhere. Believing, I agree. That’s a different story, although I don’t believe but that’s a choice people have.

  15. If the bible were presented completely accurately in the movies or TV series. It will be rated R.

      1. Lol. What’s your impression of God once you went through the whole bible?
        From what I read:
        It seems that the people that God chose because of his promise to Abraham were such idiots and rebellious that he was about to destroy them all in the desert if were not for Moses interceding.
        And since the people of Israel keep doing the same bullshit over and over again and God had to destroy most of them while preserving a faithful remnant who stayed loyal.
        So he promises a new covenant in the book of Jeremiah which is fulfilled in the New Testament.

        1. What’s your impression of God once you went through the whole bible?
          I did not go through the bible in detail, but from what I gathered all I see is God shafting people one way or another, and then he asks them to worship him… WTF is that about? Sick fuck…

        2. ”but from what I gathered all I see God shafting all the people one way or another, and then he asks them to worship him… WTF is that about? Sick fuck…”

        3. There is no God imho. It’s something else, and it has nothing to do with what the scriptures talk about.

        4. I simply don’t. I don’t have an explanation, just as you probably don’t have one for believing in God (if you do). Same thing, different side of the coin.

        5. Actually I believe in God because of the Kalam Cosmological argument.
          The reliability and trustworthiness of the New Testament and the Old Testament(the fact the events are historically accurate) .
          The evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. etc etc.
          Even if had believe at 1st irrationally. I would have been an Atheist now if evidence did not exist

        6. I am not sure about the evidence you mention.
          However, I do believe science and religion will ultimately converge into the ultimate truth. I also think it’s peoples’ choice in regards to what path to take towards such truth.

        7. Epicurus distilled the atheist perspective to its finest.
          “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”
          But suppose for a moment, that there is a God. Who created you, not the other way around. Go back to Epicurus’ line about God allowing evil, which would make him malevolent.
          Why would you suppose that your understanding of justice, is superior to that of the one who created you?
          “19You will say to me then, “Why does He still find fault? For who resists His will?” 20On the contrary, who are you, O man, who answers back to God? The thing molded will not say to the molder, “Why did you make me like this,” will
          it? 21Or does not the potter have a right over the clay, to make from the same lump one vessel for honorable use and another for common use?” Romans 9:19-21
          9″Woe to the one who quarrels with his Maker– An earthenware vessel among the vessels of earth! Will the clay say to the potter, ‘What are you doing?’ Or the thing you are making say, ‘He has no hands ‘? 10″Woe to him who says to a father, ‘What are you begetting?’ Or to a woman, ‘To what are you giving birth?’” Isaiah 29:9-10
          “Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind and said: “Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge? Dress for action[a] like a man; I will question you, and you make it known to me. “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding. Who determined its measurements—surely you know! Or who stretched the line upon it? On what were its bases sunk, or who laid its cornerstone, when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy? “Or who shut in the sea with doors when it burst out from the womb,when I made clouds its garment and thick darkness its swaddling band, and prescribed limits for it and set bars and doors, and said, ‘Thus far shall you come, and no farther, and here shall your proud waves be stayed’? Job 38

        8. For the sake of the discussion, sure. I might not reply to your argument.. have a 3 yo here that needs to go to sleep. If not, maybe I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

        9. I don’t believe for one, that faith is something one arrives at by reasoned evidence. Faith comes by grace from God, in my understanding. But then I’m not an evangelical. Whatever evidence that can be ascertained can only lead you up to a point, from which you must choose. For my money, that’s not faith, but hope. At any rate, reason can never lead to faith or atheism. It will lead you to agnosticism.
          But if you then still adopt the reasoned position, you are left with a choice; what kind of a world do you want to live in? One with ultimate justice, or one without? The reason for your choice, would be illuminating, as to what kind of world you desire.

          This video from Peter Hitchens is a great elaboration on that point.

        10. Did you ever think about maybe let’s say in a different Universe, people like us created a Super Artificial Intelligence that took a “life” of its own, far surpassed its creators, and went about creating us, here on Earth? Then how created who?
          According to some theoreticians we’re on the verge of creating exactly that in our lifetime..

        11. That strikes you as more plausible an explanation for life, creation and reality, then a Creator who exists beyond your limited understanding?

        12. I think so… We went from caves to where we are today, (technologically speaking) on our own. I think it’s a huge leap, and moreover, it’s all getting exponential.

        13. Well that’s similar to Francis Crick’s idea that aliens first visited Earth and created life here.
          Such that the stuff of comic books, is more plausible, for the simple reason that that answer is something we can fully understand (supposedly) and which is within our capacity to affect by our own efforts.
          The sole determinate then, is who has ultimate control; us or God? That’s why all other alternatives are sought, because people don’t want to surrender to the idea that there is something beyond their capacity to understand, and submit themselves to something beyond themselves.
          Seems a desired conclusion, which seeks any evidence for its support, no matter how absurd.

        14. It’s an interesting discussion, but I have to go now. Maybe we can pick it up over the weekend or next week.
          As to this..
          people don’t want to surrender to the idea that there is something beyond their capacity to understand, and submit themselves to something beyond themselves.
          there’s this guy’s blog (very intriguing overall actually), but read this, it might shed a light on where I’m coming from..
          and then this

        15. Faith is a knowledge of God and a gift from God but it is also faith that is based on understanding on knowing that God exists because of the revelation of nature that the believer is shown as well as the revelation of history and scripture.

      2. Just to be clear. I don’t want to insult anybody with this statement. It’s just my opinion.

        1. No insult taken. If there is an insult, it’s to God, but pretending you don’t feel what you do, won’t change anything. At least it has the virtue of honesty.

  16. I only go to church for weddings and funerals. Religion is for women. They are the most fervent, they’re the ones who teach children to believe.

    1. Therapy is for women. Faith in the God of the Bible is not for the faint of heart.

  17. I’m hoping the “Israeli apartheid” line was just a throw-away line to confuse the Jezebel primitives who troll this site. Such an obvious falsehood speaks extremely poorly of Mr Naso, who has earned great respect through his contributions here.

    1. It’s not exactly apartheid (Muslims live better in Israel then they do in the rest of the Arab world), but for there to be a Jewish Sate, it must have a Jewish majority, would it not?

      1. It’s not apartheid in any sense of the word. To call it such is to subtract from the very horrible and real evil those under apartheid regimes have actually suffered. Yes its “a Jewish State,” but non-Jews (including Muslims) serve freely in the Knesset and enjoy liberties non- existent anywhere else in the Muslim world (though, to be fair, that doesn’t say much, but still). A fair argument can be made for not supporting Israel, but not supporting it because of “apartheid” is an idea that belongs amongst the drivel of Salon, Huff Post, your local university’s social justice class, etc.

        1. Which is why I said it wasn’t exactly apartheid, and that Muslims fared pretty well in Israel. I’m familiar with every point you made. My point, is that for Israel to continue being, Israel, it must be Jewish. That can be accomplished without much oppression, if the non-Jewish population is relatively low. But check the demographics and birth rates, and it would appear that that Muslim population percentage is going to grow. At that point, it will no longer be possible to have equal treatment for all and still remain a Jewish state, Israel’s raison d’etre.

        2. That’s fair. My main beef was with Mr Naso making such an absurd statement. Demographically speaking, Israeli Jews are far from the only people not keeping up with baby-making numbers. In the same way illegals here in California wouldn’t trade the US for Mexico, it will be interesting to see if Israeli Muslims would actually proceed with receding back into the barbarity of their brethren. Probably so. Humans need to learn the hard way and they’ll probably not long for the cursed Jews until they’re half- buried having rocks pitched at their heads.

  18. There’s a difference between being a churchgoer and being a Christian. You don’t want to be a churchgoer.

  19. Sadly what he says is true of most churches you find. The first part is true about me I grew up in a church and was still pretty much an atheist despite the environment. I went my own way joined the navy and partied it up but I got no satisfaction from it. So I went further and further into drugs women and liquor. Finally this ended with me being ejected from the navy for cocain use, but some how I got online to my old church and listened to a pod cast. It was a old fashioned in your face sermon about hell. And I realized I was going so I accepted Jesus right then. Hey and as I read my bible more and more you start to realize that jesus isn’t some wimp most of these churches are not churches most pastor are not pastors at all they are con men. But I will say This there is a remnant of real christians out there. And I can’t blame any parent for wanting there kids to go to church but sadly they are caught up in the lights and drawn away. Real Christianity is being replaced by these effiminate saps like Joel osteen. It’s about admitting your a sinner and realizing Jesus the son of God died for your sins and is alive. As a Christian my job to confront you with that truth, not have a youth group and tallk about love and looks at the wimpy so called jesus on the cross.

    1. I still have no idea what it means when people say “jesus died for your sins”. What would be different if he didn’t die?

      1. Yes. The entire point of Christianity, is Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross (as the sinless son of God) as full atonement for the sins of man. Such that, the sinful nature of men, (lost on our own), and Christi’s divinity and sacrifice, are all integral to Christian belief. Without the sacrifice, according scripture, we would have to pay for our sin by our death and eternal separation from God.
        The sinfulness of man, is central. Without it, Christ’s message is just therapy.
        “And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain. 15 We are even found to be misrepresenting God, because we testified about God that bhe raised Christ, whom he did not raise if it is true that the dead are not raised. 16 For if the dead are not raised, not even Christ has been raised. 17 And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and cyou are still in your sins. 18 Then those also who dhave fallen asleep in Christ have perished. 19 If in Christ we have hope2 in this life only, ewe are of all people most to be pitied.” 1 Corinthians 15:14-19

      2. He came to earth to be received by his own people the Jews but they didn’t recieve him or recognize him and they put him to death. When I say he died for my sins I am aknowledging that I deserve hell for the first Sin I willingly commited. But he paid that debt and rose from the grave. If he hadn’t have chose to die I don’t know what would have happened at all

        1. If He chose not to die, He would have to destroy Adam and Eve the moment they sinned. He could have done that and still be a fair God, after all they chose to break the rules and they fully knew what would happen. And then there would be no more human race, ever. But at that moment He was able to allow them to live because He decided to come down here and pay the ultimate price. And if He ever sinned (and that definetly was a possibility), His sacrifice wouldn’t be acceptable and human race would have to face eternal death. Worse still, Satan would accuse God before the Universe that He was unable to keep His own Law, and the consequences for that are simply unthinkable.
          But thankfully that’s just a “what if” scenario, because He lives.

      3. The God of the Bible is a wrathful and angry god. Basically because Eve fucked up and ate an apple and wanted to stop being naked, now every human being since is wrought with imperfection, and because of this you can’t go to heaven, but must suffer in hell forever. But wait, then Jesus comes and dies in place of the suffering of all, so now we can all do whatever we want and just ask for his forgiveness and go to heaven. There are many variations because there are like 20 something offshoots of Catholicism but that’s basically it.

  20. I’m a traditionalist Catholic, and I endorse this message. In the mainstream Catholic church, they have done away with any sermons or discussions about death, judgment, heaven, and hell, going on with a meaningless, saccharine message about “mercy”. The take home: do whatever thou wilt, because mercy.
    Thus is “Churchianity”, a weak, SJW-infected mockery of what Christianity once was. The religion that once took on Islam with both balls in hand, and was unafraid at confronting whatever heathenism they ran into, from the Aztecs to Africa to India.

    1. As a Catholic, I sadly partially agree. One priest I see from time-to-time (he travels) is a welcome antithesis to the SJW disease that has infected the church. Hes a man from a Nairobi who tells it like it is – and gets applause each time. There is a thirst for the anti-SJW message.

    2. yeah like the Jesuits . Badasses right??Weren’t they called “Gods Marines”???

  21. This thesis of this article isn’t as all-encompassing as the author wishes it was. While he does an outstanding job of describing the typical “imitation christian suburbia” with great accuracy and realism, I disagree with this concept as an absolute. Not all churches are like this (although most sadly are). Some churches carry more classic and masculine ideals (things that pretty much everyone in the manosphere would like more of), although these are usually small congregations made up of the greatest generation. Claiming that all Christians are this way is analogous to claiming that all black people are “n*****s” or that all Hispanics are illegal immigrants.
    In conclusion, there are very few true absolutes, and the rest are just clickbait to rile folks up.

    1. I’m curious. When did absolutes become such a pejorative? I mean, it’s been this way for quite some time now, but when exactly did this approach really take off? Why are we conditioned to not think in absolutes?

  22. Jesus was a Middle Eastern carpenter, a guy that does hard labor, yet he’s portrayed as being frail, white and effeminate. Jesus would look more like I do but of course the masses wouldn’t accept that lol They like jesus being white and pretty.

    1. There’s no physical description of jesus in the bible. Everything you see is an “artist rendition”.

        1. Nope but if one can just use the a Default a Jewish male carpenter as an example one can picture what Jesus looks like.

        1. Jesus sure looks manly in this picture. Jesus is kind and gentle but he is not effeminate.
          Nothing in historical sources even indicate he acted effeminately.

        2. He’s depicted effeminate in some cultures to try to make him less threatening. The depiction is a reflection of the culture, rather than historical accuracy. Hundreds of years ago, the average artist did not have access to the geographical and racial phenotype knowledge that we have today. Due to time and money constraints Jesus was likely modeled after someone local, or simply copied from another church.

        3. And that attempt to make him les threatening made him look like a woman in a beard eventually.

      1. Not sure if it counts, but the Book of Revelation has a description.
        “…dressed in a robe reaching down to his feet and with a golden sash around his chest. The hair on his head was white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire. His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters. In his right hand he held seven stars, and coming out of his mouth was a sharp, double-edged sword. His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance.”

        1. That’s really just describing a metaphysical, luminescent being. Think “transfiguration.”

    2. That’s why I think the depiction of Jesus that came closes[t] to getting it right was the one where they never showed his face-Ben Hur from 1959. I mean, what actor could ever portray the face of God?

      All the other depictions throughout history are relative to their time and place. The early Roman Christians depicted him as a Roman. Later the Roman Christians portrayed Jesus as a derivation of Zeus, Apollo (w/o a beard), or some other Greek god. The Byzantines pretty much stuck with a younger version of Zeus, and that seemed to stick with Western & Northern Europeans depicting him as some blond hippie. I would have thought the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings might have portrayed him as a version of Thor but alas, at that time looting and pillaging was their forte, not art.
      I suspect that another depiction of Jesus that came closer to the truth was when Popular Mechanics tried to work from what contemporaneous Jews[in the time of Jesus) looked like and the qualities of a person who was capable of enduring a lot of punishment eg a physically strong person like a carpenter, to estimate what Jesus looked like. This is what they came up with;

    3. Depictions of Jesus changed over time and by place. When I was in Peru, for example, I saw Jesus depicted as a Peruvian. This helps the local people better relate to him as one of them, rather than a strange-looking foreigner. Because the modern world is so heavily influenced by Western culture, the modern world has inherited the European version of Jesus.
      Earlier depictions of Jesus had him beardless. This one is from 500 AD in Italy, and Jesus looks very Roman.

        1. There are some early written accounts of what Jesus looked like from books that aren’t included in the Bible. Their reliability is certainly questionable, but the overall description of Jesus is interesting. He was said to be about 4’5″, with a hunchback, and a unibrow.

        1. The second coming, oh master! What shall we do, oh leader? Please tell us where to send money and set up a cult for us where we can all fornicate with brainwashed women!
          Seriously dude, start up a cult, get people to do whatever you say, get to bang all the women, how hard can it be (Sorry just watched the scientology documentary on HBO).

    4. Exactly! And I’m not worshiping some hooked nosed swarthy Camel Jockey to be sure. Keep your Asiatic bullshit stories among your middle eastern bizarres and camel trading routes.

  23. The OP seems to miss the point that christians believe the teachings of jesus correct the barbaric morality of the old testament. But point taken, modern churches are full of born again sluts, and the divorce rate is just as high inside the church as outside.

  24. Christianity needs to be replaced with something much more in line with red pill teachings. The Semitic religions have done nothing but plague Europe for centuries. Sorry but i dont see the worship of a jewish zombie that ‘forgives all sins no matter how evil or perverse’ as healthy. People need to realise that actions have consequences.
    My own personal belief is that their may be a god or gods, but it is not for mortals to know. And judging from the fair amount of ‘ghost hunter’ documentaries that the essence of a human, aka the soul, can survive bodily death. I dont claim to have all the answers regarding this.

        1. Christianity is the bedrock of Western civilization, at least was for many centuries. Like a very clever commenter put it, in another article, the moment we abandoned the Faith, our civilization started to wither, like an uprooted plant . At first the plant seems to keep on but once uprooted is just a matter of time for its demise.
          This process probably started with the Reformation (due to the excesses and corruption of the clergy at that time) and finished with the Enlightenment, mostly a group of idiots who believed everything before them was bullshit and started a campaign of selective rewriting of history, (libeling and distorting the facts surrounding the middle ages when their age was the beginning of endless massacres that ravaged Europe for decades) and spreading mental diseases like equalitarianism (which is not equity) and laying the framework for the doctrines of the XX century (Marxism, socialism, feminism, SJWs…).
          The people in the 19th and early 20th century became in time cultural Christians and the illusion of faith was shattered with the World Wars. Hence the “greatest” generation was unable to pass on not only the faith but the Culture of the West to the Baby boomers. A perfect example of that condition is Spain, a country whose culture and natural spirit were grounded on the Christian tradition. Once the religion was abandoned completely the country has gone to shit (like most Europe nowadays) and in the case of Spain, in time will revert back to what it was, a group of weak city states without influence.

  25. There are great churches out there. They’re a lot of work to find but they are there.

  26. Between religious nuts and atheists who constantly post anti religion feeds on my timeline, Im not sure which one is more annoying at this point. The atheists think its fucking high school or something and always act like they are trying to be edgy and cool, while the religious nuts post Bible quotes 20 times a day knowing damn well they wont follow a positive message they quoted and be a hypocrite. I just want to say fuck off to both of them, just like the guy who wrote this article. Thats great you believe church and Christianity is bullshit and its great if you believe reality is an illusion and nothing comes after death, but I got news for you, I DONT FUCKING CARE!! Im going to wake up tomorrow, and nothings going to change. Beating my dick like it owes me money is more productive than this article.

  27. There is no place for Christ in the church today. It is remarkably difficult to find a church willing to teach the unvarnished Scripture, much less to teach the meaning behind the text (which requires insight into philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato, oddly enough).
    You’re more likely to find it in the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church or the Presbyterian Church of America than most other Protestant denominations, but it’s still a long shot.
    Source: Kicked out of Sunday School for teaching kids the full story of David and Goliath. Apparently ten year old boys aren’t ready to hear about how David took Goliath’s massive sword, lopped his head off, and held it up before his enemies. Dunno, I thought it was badass.

  28. I agree 100%
    “Churchianity” & it’s feminist influence is complete bullshit.
    When the truth is preached and people actually listen maybe things will change.

  29. “Most pastors in any Christian sect have no marketable skills beyond public speaking.”
    I knew two different churches that collapsed due to money problems. Both of them had real faith men at the helm. And both of those men, thrust into the world of regular employment, became used car salesmen.
    I kid you not. A smile and a handshake, a disarming but dominant manner and no patience with, let’s say, intellectuality gives you what? An unqualified nondenominational pastor or a used car salesman.

  30. Nietzsche was right: Christianity is a Sklavenmoral.
    It’s a religion which spread because it appealed to ordinary people. Unfortunately, it’s also an inherently egalitarian religion for the same reason, and an inherently forgiving religion, to such an extent that it tells its followers to just put down their arms and let their enemies walk over them. That’s one of the main reasons why Europe has such a problem with Islam: Europe’s cultures are based on a religion which says that generosity, solidarity and forgiveness are the most important things there are, while Islam is a religion that’s based on conquest and tends to be highly unforgiving.
    I fear that our struggle against Islam is going to fail now, precisely because our Christian cultural morality (even if our countries are secular) keeps telling us that we need to help these people at our own expense. It’s cultural suicide, and modern-day Christians tell us that we need to continue down this dark path.

      1. That’s more despite Christianity than because of it. In those days, people couldn’t afford to cling to their faith completely, because it would mean their immediate deaths. They couldn’t afford to say, “I’ll put my ideals first”.

  31. Christianty raises the level of human dignity. True, the current church has lost its direction due to secularist institutions.

  32. Cmon guys, lets stop acting like we don’t know why this has all happened, this is inherent in womens nature! unless they are governed by the strict control of a patriarchal society, they will whore them selves out and set double standards for them selves.. Its not the christianity failed, or catholicism failed, its that they were doomed to never succed, we cant control women, and we never will. This will always be a cycle in human history. Even in the muslim world if they set up a patriarchal islamic state with sharia law, it eventually would be taken over by white knights and man ginas and they would have the same BS western christendom has, in fact they are trying to export feminism and homosexuality in islam, they just created an all women masjid in los angeles.

  33. People see Christ as the wimp-in-chief. However, do not forget. He was capable of resurrection, but for now, Christ’s follows are not. Which is why he told his followers to sell their cloak and buy a sword. The crusaders listened to this.
    My own view is that Christianity has been psy-oped. Mostly by the left. Modern surrender monkeys to the cultural marxists are a disgrace to Christians like Charles Martel and later, the Knights Templar.
    (I think the latter were also corrupted later on, but accounts of the time I have studied make it hard to know why, when, or how).

  34. I must be lucky. Beyond the usual brainwashing, none of which the author described occurred at the church of my youth in the ’70s and 80s.

  35. Religion is like a power tool:
    Taught correctly, it is safe and will make your choices clearer and easier in life. Taught incorrectly, it can severely injure you and perhaps cripple you.

  36. Rock solid knowledge dropped here my friend. I grew up in youth groups myself and witnessed first hand the sluttiness of “good Christian girls.” Going to church from an early age probably had as much to do with my blue pill upbringing as anything else.

  37. Christianity is for punk bitches. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. My lunatic Italian mother had my ass in church every Sunday. I hated listening to them old Mother fuckers with the white collars on. It was like one big feminist cluster fuck even back then. (early 80’s) Half of the priests we had looked as though they took it up the ass for Christ sake. Weak men, who preached a weak philosophy of life.
    I could tell straight away that my father was far wiser than any of those Eunuchs. My father may have been a drunk Irish bastard most of the time, but even when he was tipsy he taught me more about life than any of the freaks who claimed to “Preach” the truth.

  38. This is all true because modern “churchianity” is an absolute complete and total joke, and most churches buy into it hook, line and sinker.

    1. Here’s an example of the distinction between churchianity and Christianity with regards to women:
      Churchianity – yes, while God doesn’t want you to sleep around, if you do, Jesus will forgive you and your life will be OK. Eventually you’ll find the guy of your dreams and get married! He won’t mind your kids. You’ll even get into heaven! The louder you pray the better it is!
      Christianity – yes, God doesn’t want you to sleep around. And yes, while Jesus will forgive you and let you into heaven, you won’t be exempted from the earthly consequences of that decision. You will have to accept that if you do want to get married someday, that most men won’t accept a bride who is not chaste. You will also run the risk of getting incurable STDs, having children you cannot support, and living a life of poverty. But you’ll get into heaven.
      Biblical citations for the above:
      1. The thief on the cross next to Jesus. He knew Jesus wasn’t going to take him down from the cross because he was being rightfully punished for his crimes. He asked for and received passage into Heaven.
      2. King David liked to fuck lots of women. But he went over the line with Bathsheba when he had her husband killed. While he did ask and receive God’s forgiveness, the first baby that resulted from that relationship died, and David had to accept this. David also had to accept the long term consequence of that decision that resulted in the Kingdom of Israel splitting.

  39. The minister at my family’s church preach White Genocide, SJW, third world is the real world, and social redistribution for everyone!!
    No Christianity. No sin. So identity and no freedom. The church is not the bride of Christ. It is the tool of social justice–let everyone who disagrees be ground down to dust.
    The Easter message was not on the resurrection– but how the third world is the future of the church—your identity is worthless— and that future is meant to be HERE. Too many white people for too long!!
    That’s sick. That’s evil. They are learning it in seminary now. They don;t seem to notice that all their political aims align perfectly with the government. Not a twinge of conscience or reflection on that.

        1. Talk about an ostrich with its head in the sand. You remind me of a child that covers his ears and screams to drown out something he doesnt agree with. Whether or not the universe was/wasnt created is not what I (or the book i linked to) am arguing. I am not talking about the possibility of a god. I am talking only about the existence of a historical jesus and the fact that there are no sources from his era that reference him. Zero. Quit being close minded. Your lack of objectivity should be an alarm bell that you dont have all the facts and are too emotionally invested to gain an objective view of the subject.

        2. Ah yes, wikipedia. The most accurate of sources. I might point out to you that there have been historians writing about the myth of christ for a very long time. Before amazon, before wikipedia. And if you read the wikipedia article carefully, you will find that none of it disagrees with any of this literature. There are only two sources that talk about Jesus outside of the Bible, and they do not mention him in any historical way. They were written long after his death. And they say nothing about him. Historians have figured out that the Jesus mentioned in Josephus’ writings is a forgery. And even if it weren’t, Josephus mentioned nothing specific about him, just that there was a group of christians that he knew of. Nothing about any miracles or crucifixion or anything. And it is not surprise that wikipedia makes the clame that most scholars think jesus existed. This is absolutely untrue, and it’s obvious that the main contributors to this page are christian, and have a christian bent on things. Even in 1910, religious scholars were writing books (yes, published books outside of amazon) on the subject.
          I think it’s laughable that the historians quoted on wikipedia are “New Testament scholars” such as James Dunn. Don’t you think that there’s a conflict of interest here? This has been pointed out before, so this is not my discovery. Most of these biblical scholars are CHRISTIAN! Go figure that their findings would tend indicate a historical jesus. How do you expect a “scholar” to be objective when his faith is riding on the line? Isn’t it interesting that all of the non-christian historical scholars hold an opposite view of the histriocity of jesus?
          I’ve read the Bible. I dare one of you christians to pick up a secular text and get out of your comfort zone.

        3. So amazon sells books that argue both theories. There are wikipedia entries that argue it both ways. There are scholars on both sides. The only thing that’s conclusive is you’re cry baby beta bitch throwing a tantrum on the net.

    1. The Bible is true. A few interesting about creation versus evolution: If evolution was true then we would see the creation of new languages and species. However, this is not the case. The bible said that when humanity united against God and built the tower of Babel, he scattered them throughout the Earth and created all of the languages to keep them from uniting again. This view is consistent with the fact that languages are being lost, not created. There is no observable proof of evolution, such as the creation of new species. Just some food for thought.

  40. The Church is merely doing what its always done-serve as an enforcement vehicle for gender and family norms,going back to ancient times.
    The reason for religion has always been to ensure politicial and population stability.Too many people fucking means too many kids-a death sentence in a pre-agriculture age civilization. The Emperor/Pharoah/King could just outlaw sex, but who would he be kidding?
    Enter religion.If you have sex-you dont answer to a human king 50 miles away.You answer to gawd, whos like ‘everywhere’. Better keep it zipped or youll burn in hell!
    That was the idea.Now , church is merely another channel on the Martriarchy network. Designed to socially engineer male servants; and to offer hypergamous women religious justification for being whores.The most self centered and entitled sexual freaks ive ever met were women who identified as being practicing Christians.

  41. “Churches also measure their success by quantity of members instead of quality.”
    Sounds like the same mentality as corporate gyms.

  42. Jesus did not exist, you fucking retards. I thought this was a site about the red pill, which is all about exposing truths? Has no one ever read up on the Jesus myth theory? Does no one understand that there is ZERO historical evidence for Jesus’ existence? Or that the Bible has been poured over by both religious and non-religious sources, and determined to be largely the work of Fraudsters? There’s nothing red pill about the Bible or any abrahamic religion.
    Read this book and get educated….jeez.

    1. And you seem to still ignore the fact that no serious historian supports your pet theory that has more holes than a swiss cheese.

      1. Such a clever reply. I wonder, did you bother to do any research before deciding that no one agrees with “my” “pet theory”? I challenge you to read the book that I posted in the link. It’s 6 bucks on Kindle (you can download the Kindle reader app for free). In it, you will find a LENGTHY list of citations to major historians from throughout the centuries. “My pet theory” is nothing new. Even third century religious scholars lamented the fact that they could find no evidence of Jesus from historical records. The four gospels and paul’s letters were written well after the supposed life of jesus, and are far from a reliable historical source. They are full of geographical errors, they disagree on the life events of jesus, and are obvious copies from other stories in antiquity. Indeed, it was obvious to any person in antiquity that christanity was merely one of a plethora of mystery faiths, all with their dying demigod that ressurrects three days later to save humanity. Christianity is just a plagiarized sun-god religion.
        Not to mention, the first century is the most well documented century in antiquity. We know the day Cleopatra killed herself, the day Julius Caeser ignored the ides of march, and the time Mt. Vesuvius errupted, killing the Pompeiians. And you (and all other christian apologists) mean to tell me, that all of Jesus’ supposed miracles somehow escaped being written about? Such as, the star of bethlehem, casting the planet in darkness for hours, causing dozens (maybe scores) of dead jewish saints to rise from the dead and walk around jerusalem? You think that all of the historians of the day would have passed up the opportunity to write of such events? Because, evidently, they did. The jewish, greek, and roman scholars of antiquity have nothing to say about this man. Even people he purportedly met have no mention of him. King Herrod’s personal biographer and historian Josephus says ZERO about Jesus or this encounter or any of the miracles.
        Check out the link I posted above. At the bottom you will find a hefty list of scholarly references, including many well known and respected historians. And don’t come back with anymore comments about “my pet theory” until you’ve actually done a little reading, rather then just putting your head in the sand because your precious worldview holds no historical weight.

        1. There are no originals from the Roman time. Let alone the Greeks. At most the oldest copies of the Great works and bibliographies of the Classical antiquity are 500+ years AFTER the events. The oldest copies available of the Gospels are less than one hundred years after the Life of the Apostles. By the way even the enemies of Jesus have references to Him in their Literatures (the Talmud libels Jesus and states He is in Hell being stewed in feces). Many Roman historians mention Him as a leader of a sect, a despised sect enemy of the empire. In reference to the book you mention another atheist (a rational one for a change) debunks that drivel and bollocks completely http://armariummagnus.blogspot.com/2011/05/nailed-ten-christian-myths-that-show.html.
          I don´t understand how come you, the purported rationalists are so irrational when it comes to religion and God if supposedly he doesn´t exist. I haven’t seen anyone getting mad at people who believe in fairies…

        2. So, because someone wrote some hate speech about a mythical being, it proves his existence? Why didn’t anyone write about his miracles? Why didn’t Kind Herrod mention him? Why did none of the dozens of writers who lived in Jerusalem at the time, pick up their pens and write about how the Jewish saints rose from the dead and walked around town? Why is there no court record of his execution? Why do the gospel authors offer conflicting accounts of his life? Even the day he was crucified, they disagree upon. Why does the Bible say that Jesus and his crew had to battle storms across the Sea of Galilee? It’s not a sea, it’s a 5 mile wide lake, and would never have had such meteorological conditions. Scholars have long pointed out that, if you plot Jesus’ travels on a historic map, they make no sense whatsoever. It is clear that the authors of the Gospels (written long after the supposed life of Jesus – even though they claim “eye witness status” really did not understand much about the geography of the place. Aramathea never existed anywhere on a map. Even the world “aramathea” is a pun. It means “Disciplesville” when translated correctly. It was a joke! There is no town called disciplesville in ancient judea.
          Even your precious wikipedia does not find the place in any written text outside of the Bible, a work of fraud.

        3. Wikipedia is not a bibliographical source in any serious institution.

          So, because someone wrote some hate speech about a mythical being, it proves his existence?

          Hate speech? Wow, nice touch, btw your panties are too wet honey, you should get back to your house and prepare sandwiches for your boyfriend. These discussions are too deep for you to understand

  43. I’m digging this article. I often thought for a long time there was this strange “pants on head retardation” disconnect between the way the religion and the Old Testament were perceived and the way they actually were.
    It seems like the entire old testament is making the best out of a bad situation.

  44. Thank you. We need more articles like this. The sooner that people realize that religion is just a placebo of empowerment and morality the better off civilization can evolve and move on from the myth of the boogeyman and the good guy.

  45. This is going to turn some heads, but this article is 100% true.
    Essentially we will have 90% of kids leave the faith who don’t want to wait till 30 to have sex – and their is no support group for that in church – or the remaining 10% will marry at a young age satiating their passions.
    Then you will have the few like me who are very sympathetic to the faith, still retain a Christian worldview, and aren’t willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but are willing to still engage in pre-marital sex. (Then we somewhat avoid going to church because we feel like two-faced hypocrites, of we let people know what we are doing and keep moving forward.)
    Once you start having it, you don’t want to stop. I’m almost tempted to do a marriage through the church that isn’t state sanctioned so I can’t get divorced raped to prove that our modern day idea of marriage is very flawed.
    Seriously, whats preventing me from getting “married” for a few months, then getting an easy divorce?

    1. Trading in a spouse like used car is considered not being in a state of grace, unless you really have bad luck and keep choosing women who go bat shit crazy. But why expose yourself to the legal risk and support payments as a divorced man? You end up paying for the rest of your life for a few years of sex. Its the woman who profits usually.

      1. That’s my facetious point.
        In all reality, I would be primarily marrying for sexual reason. Of course those aren’t the reasons you should get married to avoid your sex being “pre-marital”, but its either that or fornication.
        Even if I could stop now, I don’t want to.
        Paul actually suggests that young people who can’t controll their passion get married. However, people in the Church still frown upon that concept and shame men for their sexual desires.
        Throw in the fact that im not exactly adhering to the tenants of the faith and my heart isn’t either. This means the marriage pool of Christian women available to me is rather slim.
        Note, I was raised in the church since I was a young child and it was only about 14 months ago when I decided I couldn’t wait any longer for marriage.

        1. Modern churches are full of people who claim to only be interested in dating other people who are “serious” about marriage, so they only have sex with people who are marriage “potential”, which means sex within a long term relationship however they define it, and not casual sex…? Then they go in for “marriage counseling” before they get married, and try to clean up their history. I think most men would just consider themselves lucky to wife up a woman without the notch count of a porn star these days.

  46. The reason why the US churches are teaching feminism light and started massively focusing on the old testament vs the new testament was due to the manipulation of the Council of Churches.
    As far as “good” Christian girls are concerned – plenty of loop-holes exist for them to remain virgins and still enjoy their party years:

  47. This article is so dumb. Write some drivel, put a clickbait headline on it, and see what happens.
    Here’s the TLDR summary: some churches are bad, so don’t send your kids to church. Some church kids are bad, so your kids will end up bad if they go to church. Why not just extend that logic to everything? Some universities are bad, so don’t send your kids to college. Some girls are bad, so stop seeing girls. I’d continue, but you get the picture. That’s what happens when you have an illogical premise and take it to it’s ultimate conclusion.
    Granted, some churches are bad – lesbian/gay pastors, hip pastors, bad worship music, universalism, etc. I get that. But there have always been false teachers and problems in the church. Just read First Corinthians.
    On the other hand, there are many strong, biblical churches and schools that teach traditional Christian values and celebrate gender differences and don’t apologize for doing so. They typically have a traditional liturgy and don’t have a Christian rock band up front leading praise and worship. The quality/morality of girls you find at such a church are exponentially better than you find on the outside.
    Just lazy writing dependent on generalizations and cliche. Good job there, boss.

    1. Except those girls aren’t actually interested in most Christian men, who have been turned into fumbling bumbling socially awkward doormats who the girls end up rejecting.
      Yes, there are good girls in the Church, but their standards are so high, none of us sinners can match them – till they lower them once they hit their later 30s.
      “On the other hand, there are many strong, biblical churches and schools that teach traditional Christian values and celebrate gender differences and don’t apologize for doing so. They typically have a traditional liturgy and don’t have a Christian rock band up front leading praise and worship.”
      Except that traditional liturgy doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t actually effect the heart. I was raised Reformed – I know all about high church liturgy. Yes, it is though, far better than the nonsense contemporary “worship” for new converts.
      One problem with the churches teaching traditional values and gender differences; they urge my generation to wait till we are near 30 to get married after we have gone to school, established ourselves, ect while expecting us to remain “pure.”
      Once you end up losing your purity, leaving the church isn’t far away. Marriage is such a big deal to the Church, that it makes it a nearly impossible status to achieve. So much for marrying to address raging uncontrollable passions like Paul mentioned.

      1. Not interested in Christian men? I’ve known some to solely date Christian men. True, the church can sometimes raise social retards, but that’s more the responsibility of the parent than the church. Disagree that these Christian women have crazy standards that are unattainable. Excessive, yes… but that’s 100% of women.
        Whether the traditional liturgy affects the heart is kind of a matter of taste. I find it to elicit a tremendous emotional response, whereas if I’m in a church with a band I’m just irritated. Best thing about the traditional churches – whether Reformed or not – is that they hit harder; you don’t soften a hard heart with a feather duster, you do it with a jackhammer.
        I haven’t seen those churches saying to wait til 30 for marriage. I went to a major Christian university and saw them promoting marriage to 20 year olds. And good for them for doing so. The pressure on women to wait for marriage is societal. See Girls, Sex and the City, etc.

  48. Attended a wedding in a Catholic church this past weekend in New York City. Priest’s homily oozed with social-justice bullshit: women should be encouraged to lord over men. Glad I normally don’t attend church services, and I’m glad I wasn’t the moron up there tying the knot!

  49. I agree, and disagree. Let me explain.
    Christianity, in and of itself, is a belief in a rough, tough, masculine, all powerful, all Holy, Creator, Judge, and Redeemer.
    Christianity as pretty much lost out the former, and just keep the “redeemer” part. As though there is no possible wrongdoing, as a forgiving, loving God will keep them from the evils of the world tainting them (despite being fully involved in what is outlined in Scripture as wrong and immoral).
    This is why those of us who understand what Christianity means are falling away from this whitewashed, liberalized, feminized, excuse for church, and going back a few hundred years to a time when following God meant more than an hour a Sunday singing songs.
    Liberalism and the desire for money from “Pastors” has left the door wide open for all wrongs, for women to take over, for the absent-mindedness to be prominent, and judgement from the Father to be nullified.
    I hate where the Church has been led. I hate that it is now a weak shell of it was. However, following God does not a fool make. It just so happens a lot of fools are Christian.

    1. I agree with you.
      We’re called to be part of the Church and attendance in same. Keep looking for one that isn’t so femmy, one that doesn’t have “Jesus is my boyfriend (for male and female…) music”, one that practices expository preaching, etc. I think I’ve found one finally that meets those criteria. Took me a while.
      I hate where Churchianity has taken over from Christianity. Finding a real church that values men in male roles and women in female roles is the first step. Any church that has a woman higher than church secretary should be an immediate pass. No Anglican, no United. No Churchian radio stations that play Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin or the rest of their ilk. No tithing to any church that makes an effort to blame men for everything.
      There are still churches worth attending, just keep looking.

      1. I’m actually on the worship team at my church, and for the most part, I have qualms with anything, although we do play some “Redmanesque” music. We do beef it up a lot though. I play metal, and sing “Growly” (Think Scott Stapp- ish) and we tend to pick the more emotional songs referring to a powerful God, not so much about the “loving”.
        Besides that, my pastor is getting pretty involved with removing the damning effects of Muslim, feminist, and passive culture in our church. We have lost a number of the congregation, but it is definitely for the better.

        1. It’s a good start. Are the sermons expository or are they emotional messages? Is the church afraid of scaring people with doctrine?
          The church I’ve been attending is having a seminar on Christian Manhood that I’m waiting to attend in order to decide whether to pursue membership or not. Expository,
          Christ-exalting, God-fearing, male leadership, non-femmy music… now just to find out if it’s red or blue pill. The one true sign of a healthy church: there are LOTS of kids here.

        2. We have a really small church, maybe 50 all told, 20 of them babies/toddlers.
          The sermons are currently about changing the culture of Christian passivity, and the attempt to increase our ability for our voices to be heard and respected, without compromise or backing down. Fairly red pill stuff.
          My pastor has opened several churches, in our province and internationally. They all seem to follow this main goal of change. Not just being in the world, but actually having an effect to cancel out the degradation.

  50. There was this girl at church. When I was still going. Let’s just say something wasn’t very right. She talked about some very “interesting” things. Something to do with a Nazi and a Jew. Also made a 9/11 joke at at very wrong times. Then rumors started going around where she raped some kid. That same kid was the literal boy toy of anyone willing to use him. Unlike my friend who consented to everything for a price. It was a summer filled with memories of sluts, bisexuals, gays, and cheating. Just as I was becoming a Freshman at high school.

  51. The religious man is he who does not belong to any religion , to any nation , to any race , who is inwardly completely alone, in a state of not – knowing, and for him the blessing of the sacred comes into being . Krishnamurti

  52. Well, I was brought up Roman catholic. European Dad & Asian Mum but both very old school fire & brimstone Catholic. I’ve encountered good people who happen to have firm Catholic beliefs & i have met degenerates who profess to being Catholic.
    Ultimately I decided to not be one. Catholic that is.
    Haven’t gone ’round to doing the official ‘Are You Really A Degenerate’ official test yet.

  53. Marrying a Catholic girl in a cathedral, I had to do that “Marriage prep course”. And oh my god, what crap it was. Pure touchy-feely, pro-feminist garbage. They truly believe they are helping keep divorce rates down by essentially telling men to be feminists.
    To them, apparently an ideal husband is a shoe-licking, toilet scrubbing, emotionally in-touch gamma.
    And they’re wondering why their “good” christian men are complete failures with women.

  54. Christianity is losing more of their flock in record numbers at current time than any other time in history. I’m talking about bleeding members.
    The second you realize the Church (especially the Vatican) is a business, is the second your mind will be freed. The Church’s silence on the molestation scandals should have told you everything you needed to see what a sham it was. I visited Church the other day just to see what “The Flock” is doing about losing people in record numbers. Answer? Same old tired homilies, same old tired rhetoric, same old tired moves. Tired, Tired, Tired. If those of the Flock cannot recognize that The Dead Sea Scrolls tells us Jesus was married with a kid and the evidence of this is overwhelming, then it makes perfect sense why they would double down on a belief system that shuns other damning facts such as human remains with carbon dating in the millions of years found by archaeologists.

    1. Another of the loony ones who think British people is descendant of semites and the rest of that bollocks. Please at least be original and stop using Dan Brown as bibliographical source for God’s sake.

    2. “carbon dating in the millions of years” – by this we all know not to believe a word you say 😉 Carbon-14 dating *cannot* date anything more than 100,000 years old. On the other hand, dinosaur remains have now been tested for C-14 and have thereby been dated to 22,000-39,000 years old.
      Oh, and the DSS were written several decades before Jesus’ time so wouldn’t be speaking of him historically.

  55. can anyone confirm this of what i have in mind? Does modern christianity makes men beta? why do most christian guys remian single until 40 and christian girls wind up in the hands of bad guys? and why men don’t go to church becuase they are shamed becuase of their masculinity…………..they are told that they shouldn’t kiss the girl becuase that might lead them into sin (shaming men)?

      1. that is you but what about other men? most men who are christian for some reason tend to be beta especially if they were raised by single moms

    1. Not modern Christianity but modern Churchianity is what is doing the damage to men.

  56. So, ROK, are you purposely trying to send all Christians away or is this just a new type of clickbait?
    You know what the best part about reading pieces like this is? Having the entirety of your Faith confirmed in 500 words or less. Thanks, I appreciate that.

        1. First, Reformed Baptist.
          Second, no offense. “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” I think it’s pretty weak that there have been all these anti-Christian columns but none of these internet cowboys have decided to take on Islam. Typical.

        2. I do not think the article is anti Christian. It is anti – Church. Big difference.

  57. Saving myself for marriage was the biggest mistake I ever made. Thank god things changed after I graduated high school.

  58. “You grew up going to church, but you decided that you would rather smoke weed and have sex.”
    Yup. And I get to keep that 10% of my money.
    I never understood why any man would worship that emasculated jew boy anyway. Thor slayed frost giants with a hammer. Zues fucked every hot piece of ass in Greece. JC played captain-save-a-ho to a whore and feed beggars.

  59. um…..no. Been a while since i have seen a poorly written poorly thought out article here.

  60. I’m a Christian and my former church (who formally ex-communicated me in violation of their own rules) supplied my now ex-wife with contact information for a divorce attorney used by several of their members. Nothing in this article surprises me. It is the truth especially the churchian slut dynamic – this describes my ex and the advice I received to man up and marry that beast was also spot on.
    Becoming and staying a Christian meant leaving that place and not going back. Women are not saintly, the church of today has nothing to do with GOD or morality and is just another trap. The devil would fully support (and likely does) the churches of today.

  61. “Doesn’t matter. God has a plan, and you need to marry that slut with the crushing law school debt. Can’t you see the signs? You happened to run into her at the store twice during the week after you first met her. Coincidences are God’s astrology”

  62. This is only a problem if you go to a liberal church or an “evangelical” show church that’s just as liberal as the episcopalians. I went to a youth group with my buddies that had a summer camp were we played Paintball and learned argumentative skills. Supersesionist theology was actually taught right. We were taught that sining is spitting in the face of the almighty, in other words you repent in the same way you would if you did that to your dad. Also, we were taught that turning the other cheek is actually a way of saying “fuck you” as it shows that the persons strike wasn’t even strong enough to merit a returning strike.

  63. *Clears throat*
    After Yeshua told the whore, “Your sins are forgiven”, He went on to say, “Go and sin no more.”
    As for the unification, well it is clearly said for a True Christian to NOT yoke himself with unbeliever. Nobody can call himself a believer if he completely ignores the written word.

  64. Good thing the holy bible is as fake as Dr Seuss..
    I find more mortality on a McDonald’s napkin or a men’s room stall than in the child-raped, semen covered, supernatural bureaucratic manual that defends hard bitten males, such as yourselves.

    1. this article does not invalidate the Bible in anyway, this article is meant for us to stop funding the ponzi churches of the world.

  65. People or families who lack ‘structure’ outside of their wage slave trappings and in their absence of social game will claim that their church gives them a wholesome environment with the structure they lack. The beta think is enforced and policed heavily and is masterfully packaged into a whole program. For a church patron to launch out in dominant self determinant alpha course of action within the group whether it be gaming a church hottie or taking a stand against the bitch system is met quickly by church commissars with tough love to get the patron to settle down and be blissful and content with the official program. Catch the happy beta buzz of the group and accept it as your destiny.
    WORST OF ALL the women patrons who NEED FLOGGINGS THE MOST are pedestalized and white knighted to the max. Reminds me of the Simpson’s episode where Bart courts the preacher’s daughter who is no angel. Bart takes the rap for her stealing the tithe money and setting fires etc.

  66. The Churches, church system, are a giant ponzi scheme. The Catholics take your money to support Priests, Cardinals and funding Vatican businesses. The Joel Osteens of the world take your money so he can fund his wife’s Ferrari & Gucci habits. The feel good Churches are for the sinners so they can continue to sin and feel good about it as long as they accept Jesus. The Armenian Church (which I was formerly part of) is a place where degenerates and the eternally competitive Armenians can talk about themselves and rip each other off. The Orthodox Churches are for the nationalists. What do these INSTITUTIONS have to do with The Bible and its teachings? Absolutely nothing. Read the Bible, and you’ll learn why it is God has punished us. That’s all. Now lets get back to gaming chicks.

  67. I never understood how a strong masucline religion like Christianity was co-opted by feminism. The Catholics are among the worse, which is surprising because I simply assumed most priest where closet queers given their preference for boys butts.
    Why is it that boys fall hook line and sinker for this religious mombo jumbo whereas catholic girls will nod along but suck the first athiest secular bad boy cock that comes along.

    1. Western feminists went full frontal attack on christianity in the 1960s. They still blame christianity as the old original source of “patriarchy” even though its been diluted.

      1. Feminists want to throw ‘HIM’ off the throne and install their own feminine diety. They want to CHANGE THE SEX OF GOD.

        1. I’m glad you say that. Obviously you’re a self made human thereby relieving the Almighty of a horrible responsibility.

        2. Thank you for revealing that your intelligence level is in the single digits.

    2. Christianity was not co-opted. Christian societies were co-opted. Christian religious institutions resisted the change every bit of the way, but were slowly but steadily dragged along in the wake of the social change.

  68. the issue isn’t with religion. the issue is with the clergy. they have been asleep at the wheel for the last few hundred years, it doesn’t matter what religion, they are all losing the youth participation, except maybe for the Muslims.
    The fact is we humans need to be spiritually satisfied, and the usual places of getting our fill has been corrupted. You are better off finding virtuous sermons on youtube than going to a church.
    Connect with primary sources, study other religions for comparisons: see what’s different, see what’s the same.
    Your daughter will not turn into a whore if her father (from when she’s a little girl) is taught the value of being a woman by the first man she models her perception of men from-i.e, her father.
    Your son will not be a social idiot if his father is a real man, and you plug you son into role models of real men. men who get the job done, men who keep their women happy and in check. Men with honor, dignity and good work ethic.

  69. This is a fantastic article. Just completed a reread of it. Best article on ROK this year. Kudos, Blair Naso.

    1. Yes it was a great article and I’m using it to stick the knife into some of my own. I feel girly for saying this but it brought tears to my eyes when I measured it against my denomination. The Seventh Day Adventists are going to the dogs on this one.

  70. If I had the ability and the time, I would start my own church. I would call it, “Church of Christ, Militant” and we would be dedicated to bringing back Christianity with some fucking balls. No more Beta Christ and his metrosexual disciples, no more of this feel-good, everything will be find message. Fuck that. Even if we’re small and barely making rent, better than this mainstream, churchianity faggotry that passes for Christianity of the modern day.

  71. What they don’t (but should) teach Christian girls is that while Jesus may forgive you for slutting around, he’s not going to restore your SMV to what it once was, no matter how sincere your repentance.

  72. They worship a false god. Why would any man worship some skinny, effeminate Jew on a stick who turned into a Zombie. Yes, Easter, the most holy of Christian holidays is when our beloved Jee-bus turned Zombie. The people who believe this idiocy are not sentient beings.

  73. I live in an Evangelical epicenter. The competition for the idiot’s wallet is fierce. Whenever I encounter one of these grinning Rapture Bunnies I know I have to watch my back. They are duplicitous back stabbing faggots and cowards. Hey, Jee-boo has given them a license to sin…….once saved always saved is their motto.

  74. The only feminist Christians are protestants and modern catholics. Please visit a traditional catholic or eastern orthodox church. You will be amazed at the traditional values displayed here

  75. So many neo pagans in the comments as well. Your religion died out 1500 years ago for good reason.

  76. Following the Bible is HARD, and therefore, getting people who actually follow the Bible won’t get a lot of adherents… and therefore, a lot of charlatan pastors won’t have people filling up the tithing baskets. They deliver the ‘smooth’ form of Christianity that is friendly and money-garnering, when the Bible warns against these sorts of teachers.
    The greatest way to fleece women is to tell them what they want to hear, which is what a lot of modern pastors do, hence the ‘feminist’ style modern churches. Back in the day, sluts WERE shamed and having babies out of wedlock was highly looked down upon, but people wanted a ‘sexual revolution’ and they got the influx of sluts and whores that they wanted… ignoring the fact that today’s fun is tomorrow’s sorrow. We have a bunch of whores and sluts who we can ‘kick game to’, but very few wifeable women.
    If you read the Bible, it is full of ‘red pill’ knowledge on the nature of women. Adam and Eve, Samson and Delilah. Women were even the downfall of Solomon, the wisest man of his time.
    Proverbs 31:3
    Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.
    Corinthians 14:34
    Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says.
    There’s quite a few verses like these, and now we’re seeing what happens when we ignored their wisdom

    1. Let me go even further. The BIble commands YOU, as the man, to be the head of the household and the leader, and yet we have so many emasculated men who choose to ignore this advice.
      Genesis 2:18
      Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”
      The key word is ‘helper’. Most problems from women derive because weak men allow women to be their LEADER or equal and not their helper.
      1 Peter 3:7
      Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way,
      showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs
      with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.
      The Bible also tells you, that as a man, you are the STRONGER vessel, and we see what happens, when we, as men demonstrate weakness to women. They will devour you.
      1 Timothy 2:11-15
      Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she
      will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.

      1. In addition to all this one must observe in Genesis 2 it was Adam who gave woman her name, not God which means that it is Adam who has dominion over the woman rather than God. So manly authority over the woman has been there from the beginning.
        I can provide more detail if you’re interested.

      2. I find it difficult to understand why people take the words of this book so literally. It’s filled with fallacy.

    2. The bible itself and it’s teachings have caused more problems than enlightenment.

  77. Abrahamic religions are a big joke. I can’t believe people really believe that bullshit. I’m open minded when it comes to religion, but Abrahamic religions just don’t make any sense.
    It states that humans are created to worship God and to follow his rules. If you don’t do that you will burn in Hell forever. Which sick God would burn his own creatures, because they don’t want to worship him? Why even create humans with a free will if that same free will is hindering your purpose? Namely: obedient slaves that will worship you.
    I can understand people will choose the ‘wrong’ side, thus the Devil, because they don’t want to live like slaves that are only created to worship their Creator. Also, if humans are created in perfection, why the fuck do we need to cut the foreskin?

  78. A lot of the posts in here are clearly anti-liberal and anti-Democrat. How do we reconcile Republican values when so many Republicans are pro-church and fanatically pro-Christian?

  79. I could not disagree with you more. A friend once said, the issue is finding a church that is traditional and conservative. These churches do not cater to women.
    I on the other hand am a Muslim and a Turk, there is no way to make our boys weak. God has blessed us with testosterone and no fear.

  80. I went to a couple of non-denominational churches years ago. The pastors would usually drone on about such BS as “relationships” in their sermons until I was going to puke. A dumbed down theology that the women and effeminate males wanted to hear, I guess. Tithing was a big topic too, of course! One of them actually had a really good, sincere, man as pastor at first. Eventually he was driven out due to no fault of his own by gossiping women members. They left and went on to destroy other churches.

  81. I agree wholeheartedly with the article, and am a Catholic religious. I won’t even say that the Catholic Church is better, because chances are your local “catholic” parish is not Catholic, and is actually even worse than most any gathering of Evangelical sectarians.
    Back in my days working in a call center, the girl who sat behind me – who, as you say, was a degenerate, filthy slattern – would sing “Jesus songs” from her Sunday school days. They were all mind-bogglingly inane. One day I turned to her and said: “I’m glad my parents were atheists and never took me to Church, because if they had, I’d be convinced that Christianity was only fit for a toddler.” I also liked the “King of the Hill” episode, where Hank forbids his boy from going to the cool youth group pastor, and shows his son a box of forgotten toys from the fads of his youth. “I don’t want the Lord to end up in this box,” he says.
    My opinion: the Faith puts a great Mystery – the Greatest Mystery – before us, and this is something we should regard as terrible and sacred. Because it is terrible and sacred, it should not be minimized or reduced into a “kid-friendly,” patronizing format. Rather, children will only learn the real Faith if they see it being treated as something terrible and sacred, and rise to its level, rather than seeing it accommodated to their childish folly so that, as soon as puberty hits, it can be safely ignored as something childish. Go to a Catholic Church that uses the Tridentine Mass and does not pull your children from the solemnities of Mass so that they can sing silly songs about Jesus in “Sunday School” instead. Teach your children to attend the Sacrifice with holy fear and respect, and make it clear in your own home how much you are willing to sacrifice for this, and how much they lose, who sacrifice nothing for it. Then, your kids may have a chance.

  82. Salvation is free if you’re a Christian, but don’t take my word for it: ‘For by grace you have been saved through faith alone; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works…’

  83. Yeah I think the Church is well past its Best Used Before Date. Smart people tend to simply not buy what they are selling. I mean, come on, it’s really an insult to intelligence. It is dignified and nice to attend sometimes, but by no means is it the necessary part of life it once was. On the other hand I would never date a woman who would not go to church with me on the off chance I felt like it.

  84. Advice: Find a good catholic Church and teach your children through your actions.

  85. the failing of the modern church in America and probably the world over is one of the most misunderstood cultural blunders we make….it’s failings arent due to be outdated or wrong as most suppose….it’s failings are as pointed out in this article, the modern church ignores its own history and its own scripture and rarely asks the hard questions.
    any christian and I include mormons in this too as I am one….should look at their scriptures closely and ask themselves….is something terribly wrong? and am I too blame for any of this?
    anybody who claims to be a religious man should read their scriptures very closely….they will find a lot of tough questions they need to ask
    also I completely support the idea of believing in God but not going to those mangina services known as church.

  86. What I find strange and stupid is that you go on about how lame the church is. What goes on outside the church is equally lame so does that mean we should not let our kids go outside the church either? To point the finger at the church and say how stupid it is is totally pointless. The church is not perfect. The world is not perfect. There is as much confusion, hypocrisy and oversight in the world system as there are in the church. Society at large chooses to ignore said issues.
    A ‘well rounded’ person grows up with a range of influences. If a person grows up in the church and is not taught to question, explore, research and no be afraid to stand up for what they believe in, well then that is the problem cause by the parents who are responsible for these kids and teenagers. Not the church.

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