Why The U.S. Should Rethink Its Ebola Aid Policy In Africa

A lot more Africans are going to die from infection with Ebola. At least tens of thousands, maybe even millions, before the virus burns through the most susceptible parts of the West African population.

Do you really care?

I didn’t think so.

The do-gooders out there sense that lack of empathy. That’s why the op-ed pages are filling up with their dramatic depictions of the oncoming disaster, and demands that we—we rich white people, maybe behind the fig-leaf of the UN or something—just do something about Ebola, right now, before it’s too late…like this guy in the NYT the other day:

What is not getting said publicly, despite briefings and discussions in the inner circles of the world’s public health agencies, is that we are in totally uncharted waters and that Mother Nature is the only force in charge of the crisis at this time . . . .

If we wait for vaccines and new drugs to arrive to end the Ebola epidemic, instead of taking major action now, we risk the disease’s reaching from West Africa to our own backyards.

What—you didn’t find that convincing?

I admit, though, that I paused to sort of ponder and admire the boldness of that stupid claim, “Mother Nature is the only force in charge of the crisis at this time.” As if Africans were just passive savages—and as if their culture were irrelevant to all this.

What really is not getting said publicly, even though it is really true—because saying it would seem insensitive—is that the Ebola epidemic is preying upon the particular vulnerabilities of certain African populations. Those vulnerabilities include a relative lack of hygiene in burials and medical settings, overcrowding, superstitions that impede sensible policies, inability to manage quarantines, lack of strong civil infrastructure, and so on.

ebola pr

The Obama Administration, sagging in the polls, is leaning on the CDC to look like they’re taking Ebola seriously—a big banner about it screams from the top of the agency’s home page. But click onto the CDC’s main info article and you read almost immediately that: “The outbreak does not pose a significant risk to the United States.”

I agree that the virus might mutate significantly as it grows in all those human hosts. Conceivably strains could emerge that infect via respiratory droplets. But that jump in transmissibility is widely considered unlikely, and in any case, as the virus passes through more and more human hosts it is likely to become less virulent—because natural selection tends to favor strains that stay in their hosts and keep them ambulatory (i.e., not very sick) and infectious for longer. If African hospital and burial practices were not such strong enablers of transmission, the virus would have far less evolutionary “incentive” to sicken and kill its hosts.

Another thing that is not getting said publicly—and probably will never be said by anyone in the MSM—is that the vulnerabilities of Africans to epidemics like these owes something to the short-sighted “compassion” lavished upon them by the West over the past several decades.

There has been a huge amount of aid to Africa, including medical aid—remember those American hospital workers in Liberia that almost died of Ebola a month or so ago? And yet what has all that aid achieved, other than to stunt Africa’s growth? Paul Theroux once wrote a great essay on that subject, among other things remarking of Malawi where he had been a teacher with the Peace Corps:

If Malawi is worse educated, more plagued by illness and bad services, poorer than it was when I lived and worked there in the early 60’s, it is not for lack of outside help or donor money. Malawi has been the beneficiary of many thousands of foreign teachers, doctors and nurses, and large amounts of financial aid, and yet it has declined from a country with promise to a failed state.

How has aid hurt Africa rather than helped? Among other things it has probably given an artificial boost to the population without improving the culture that, in the long run, must sustain that population—thus making it vulnerable to shocks like the Ebola epidemic. But perhaps the worst impact of all the busy Western do-gooders has been on Africans’ belief that they can grow and manage their societies on their own. “The patronizing attention of donors has done violence to Africa’s belief in itself,” Theroux wrote in his piece.

In this sense Ebola is the West’s responsibility. But if the West were to learn its lesson, it wouldn’t go charging in to try to save the day—it would stay away, now and for the foreseeable future, and let Africa develop on its own, or at least without continued Western meddling. It may be hard for people to think in this coldly logical way now, but—as was the case for the Black Plague in medieval Europe—Ebola could end up being a hugely important motivator for African self-improvement.

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    1. There already are. Chronic diseases. Our health care system can’t prevent the deaths, but it prolongs their lives. They are still dropping like flies. Chronic diseases account for about 60% of all deaths.

      1. A black plague for fat asses that killed them quickly would be great. Sure the US would lose at least half its population and suffer an immediate economic shock, but after the value of not having the direct and indirect costs of obesity would make productivity and median income increase dramatically. I’d be a vector for that cause.

        1. Just think, we could walk down the main aisle of Wal Mart without being impeded by a wall of massive buns in front of us!

        1. Personalities can’t be defined by one comment on Disqus. If you think they can be, then you are supremely ignorant.

        2. Generally speaking that would be true, but you comment was repugnant enough to be the exception to that rule. You said something pretty despicable. Quit arguing like a child and own it.

        3. I have no problem “owning” my comment. I am applying logic to the obesity epidemic. The US as a nation would be better off without the obese. Why you would come to ROK to defend the obese? You realize there is literally a fat shaming week on this site correct?

        4. So you agree with every viewpoint expressed by any given site you frequent? That’s some powerful groupthink there.

        5. Yes it is. You are deliberately creating a misrepresentation of my argument by claiming I “agree with every viewpoint expressed by any given site.” It would be tantamount to me saying you think fat people are better than the non-obese because you disagreed with my original post. Quit arguing like a child and actually formulate and argument for why the US would be better off with the obese. That is if you are capable of doing so.

        6. First of all, you’re wrong, what I said is absolutely not a straw man argument. The closest it comes to a logical fallacy would be argument ad absurdem but it doesn’t reach that level as its a completely logical extension of your belief. Second, our argument is not about whether or not the country would be better off without its obesity problem, there is no argument there. My problem with you was the vile ‘solution’ you wish to see for this problem. You have no defense for that. So piss off, and go crack a book. Come back when you learn something.

        7. It is not a logical extension in any way of what I said. As it was only brought up after I told you this web site is very pro-health/anti-obesity you morphed that into a slippery slope that I mindlessly espouse any opinion on the web sites I frequent. Either you deliberately did amend what I said to meet your straw man argument (which is what I suspect), or you are entirely obtuse and don’t realize you are doing it. Regardless, you have conceded that my argument that the US would be better off without the obese. Due to your whimsical nature I’m not sure if that was intentional or not.

  1. Darwin theorised that only those most adapted to an environment would survive. This definition is very broad. It could mean that a faster animal in a plain will have better chances of living than a slower specimen.
    It could mean that an animal that can blend in better with the environment by means of natural camouflage can have better chances than one that stands out, etc etc
    When we look at Africans in Ebola regions, the fittest are those that have “common sense”, earlier this month the BBC reported that a group of religious fanatics broke into an ebola ward and stole blankets covers in ebola blood because they believed that “the ebola threat was a lie”.
    Evolution is just doing its work

    1. That and they will hate us no matter what! Blame us for every ill in Africa. Where’s the African aid to European countries I might ask. Which countries throughout history gave aid in the trillions to countries and people’s they wanted to oppress? I would have thought is was common sense to not have sex with animals and create apocalyptic diseases by now but I guess I thought wrong!

    2. To further prove my point. 8 WESTERN aid workers have been found dead in some remote shit hole. The police said that they were likely killed by the very people the aid workers went to help.
      If this isn’t asking mother nature to kill you off, I don’t know what is.
      Also this serves as an example to all those Gapya wanabes that you cannot help Africa, only Africa can help Africa. The best we can do is not to interfere because we do more harm than good.
      @disqus_mLUOEQwrzC:disqus You GTFO, I am an author here and you aren’t even a commenter. The best rebuttal you can make to my statement/opinion is gtfo. GTFO , BTFO

      1. Who is to say the “aid workers” aren’t spreading the disease themselves? How many US doctors have come back with Ebola? If the people who are supposing to be curing the disease are getting the disease, it would stand to reason they may well be passing on the disease which has a 22 day incubation period.

        1. Aid workers are kind of hippie we can save teh world people, they are kind of an advance SJW that actually make a difference in real life and not on the internet.

        2. Yeah, they spread diseases to poor people in Africa, better they stay home than make the situation worse.

        3. Now, where do you think the expression “Missionary Position” comes from?
          [Hint: from the position the Missionaries prefered for fucking the natives]

    3. Europe (and America) did not get to where they are now by asking other nations for the infinite AID pump. We worked ourselves out of poverty and propelled our nations to economic prosperity through innovation and hard work.
      Africa needs to develope by its own means.
      The Asians got the hang of it pretty quick. Korea (S), Japan, PR China, Taiwan, from rags to riches in 10 seconds.

      1. Europe, America, and East Asia all have geographic advantages over Africa. It’s easier to think and evolve when it’s not 125 degrees and humid outside.

        1. Tell that to Singapore. Great place, but 100+ and 99% humidity as I understand are pretty standard there.

      2. Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China all got tonnes of aid from america. Japan was bombed flat and so was korea, these countries are built all entirely off american money.
        America cannot realistically give $50 billion a year to every african country like they do to israel. The logical thing to do would be to send such an aid package to one large country who is already somewhat stable and have them build their neighbours.

        1. Listen, friend, you make good points – Japan and Germany were rebuilt using TQM techniques and plenty of cold, hard US cash, after being bombed into the ground.
          But why the hell do you keep puking that 50 billion a year shit regarding Israel? Educate yourself a bit more.

        2. Israel gets $80 billion in aid a year from usa, ukraine gets $35 billion in aid. People want me to shut up about the aid they get but it is actually quiet significant.
          “A recently published economic analysis has concluded that U.S. support for the state of Israel has cost American taxpayers nearly $3 trillion ($3 million millions) in 2002 dollars. “The Costs to American Taxpayers of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: $3 Trillion” is a summary of economic research done by Thomas R. Stauffer. Stauffer’s summary of the research was published in the June 2003 issue of The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.
          “Support for Israel comes to $1.8 trillion, including special trade advantages, preferential contracts, or aid buried in other accounts. In addition to the financial outlay, U.S. aid to Israel costs some 275,000 American jobs each year.” The trade-aid imbalance alone with Israel of between $6-10 billion costs about 125,000 American jobs every year, Stauffer says.”
          Why should I remain quiet about these facts?

        3. From 1949 to 2014 the U.S. has given Israel a total of $83 billion according to http://www.wrmea.org/congress-u.s.-aid-to-israel/u.s.-financial-aid-to-israel-figures-facts-and-impact.html. Congress itself reports that since 1949 $121 billion has been granted to Israel http://fas.org/sgp/crs/mideast/RL33222.pdf but there’s a problem with this figure.
          Congress includes in its internal amount of how much has been given to “Israel” the US aid to the Palestinians in Israel. Including what US gives through UNRWA, which was $130 million in 2013 http://www.unrwa.org/who-we-are/frequently-asked-questions This is a whole other controversy, http://weeklypresspakistan.com/2013/10/9534
          Israel usually receives about 2% of the $53 billion US foreign aid budget, but special military grants for the Iron Dome anti-missile system may increase that to as much as 5% for 2014. http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/12/19/us-usa-aid-idUSTRE7BI1KO20111219
          If you’re really interested in how the US spends its foreign aid, consult http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/208292.pdf

        4. The problem is your numbers are incomplete, they aren’t look at ALL the aid just aid from a SPECIFIC department in the government.
          “Support for Israel comes to $1.8 trillion, including special trade advantages, preferential contracts, or aid buried in other accounts. In addition to the financial outlay, U.S. aid to Israel costs some 275,000 American jobs each year.” The trade-aid imbalance alone with Israel of between $6-10 billion costs about 125,000 American jobs every year, Stauffer says.”
          Alot of the aid is “aid buried in other accounts”.
          Hence you cant just look at the direct aid figures.
          And even if your figure is right, why are we giving $83 billion to Israel when we could use that money to cut taxes at home or feed the poor or improve our schools and healtcare. Israel is rich as you claim, they don’t need our money.

        5. “People” don’t want anyone to do anything (even if so, who cares, that has nothing to do with my question).
          I asked you WHY you keep banging out that foreign aid crap, you actually answered, so thanks.
          But, two points – some figures here (and that’s as much as I care about that non-issue): http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/myths3/MFUSpolicy.html
          Second, let’s assume that you’re wrong, and so am I – it’s even “worse”, Israel gets $500 billion USD a year from the US.
          Whose problem, exactly, is that? US taxpayers, maybe, if they aren’t in favour of it. Besides them, who else has a right to even give a fuck? If it’s a country, let them conquer America and make it stop, or wipe out Israel (if they can). Otherwise, BFD, cry me a river.
          The point of this article was about the wisdom of dumping aid on a disease ridden cesspool filled with backward degenerate cannibals, not about a small, wealthy country filled with brilliant human beings surrounded by the other kind of degenerate cannibal (if you need it, we can put up some links of Moslems eating human livers , etc.)

        6. Right, even one dollar should logically be too much (seriously, and I mentioned in other comments, plenty in Israel can’t figure this out either, and even tried to stop it).
          So try to figure out WHY so many consecutive US Congresses, Senates and Presidents all participate in this – what’s in it for them? Who or what’s “making” them do it?

        7. Israel is full of Jews who have bribed American politicians to give away America’s economy. That’s the incentive. Israel is a criminal empire.

    4. this is a brilliant article, well written and worthy of a hard hitting newspaper like FT… good stuff…

  2. This article reminds me of our own racial politics back home. The most sinister racist on the planet couldn’t come up with a more effective way of holding the black man than LBJ’s entitlement state. It’s so ridiculously effective in destroying families and communities, i wonder if it isn’t intentional.

    1. It WAS intentional.
      The Moynihan report detailed exactly the program that the government could adopt to destroy the black family, and that’s the program that was adopted.

    2. Planned Parenthood was originally Eugenics, mostly aimed at keeping the Black people from reproducing in wedlock – their main enablers were co-opted Black clergymen.

  3. The “do-gooders” love “helping” Africa because it appeals to their Moral Vanity. They are virtually *bursting* with pride in their own altruism–plus they get to give the rest of us tiresome lectures about how “good” they are b/c of all the stuff they want to do for Africa—and meanwhile, Africa gets sicker and hungrier and dies.
    End Transmission.

    1. How DARE someone want to “do good” or “help”? Especially when it offends someone who can’t imagine writing those words without scare quotes : P

      1. How has all that “helping” been working out? Or am I not supposed to ask that? 😉
        And I don’t mind what someone wants to do, On Their Own Time, On Their Own Dime, but I would just as soon skip all the tiresome lectures about how we need to “save” Africa.
        Sorry, the score remains: zero fucks given.
        End Transmission.

      2. If it helps, replace the word ‘do gooders’ with ‘busybodies’.
        I’d prefer a psychopath to a busybody… at least the psychopath KNOWS he’s doing horrible things.

    1. Its truly amazing how fast stupid people breed.They are the disease so maybe a Nuetron bomb would be the cure imo for the sake of all of us.

    2. You are an idiot. Population always DROPS when poverty is reduced and better healthcare is introduced. Population always GROWS when extreme poverty persists and death is likely.
      It’s an iron law of demographics.

  4. This is why Africa shouldn’t be developed, particularly West Africa. The place should be tribal so diseases like this die out quickly while the costs stay localized.
    You just gotta make sure no one gets out of West Africa into other parts of the world in order to contain this thing.

      1. It’s not just development, it’s geography. A tribal society with villages of 150-200 people won’t carry the same risk as one country with all of its population on a sole river delta that as 100 million people (ex. Nigeria). I’m making a risk argument (something you didn’t grasp).

  5. So … we are sending 3000 troops to be exposed to Ebola?
    Almost as stupid as Liberians looting an Ebola quarantine ward.
    Maybe the troops can shoot at the virus with loads of 5.56 NATO ammo. Might be hard on the patients, though.

    1. Has it ever occured to you the troops have medical backgrounds? You know like army doctors and nurses?

        1. Yeah most likely that is who it will be. And it seems logical as most military in basic training are trained how to deal with protecting themselves from biological weapons. Although ebola isn’t a bio weapon, the dealing with it would be similar.
          The army has alot more branches than just killing people. You have engineers, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, barbers, priest, nurses, analyst hell its just like any normal city.

        1. Doctors, nurses, likely engineers and a variety of other workers. Bare in mind these are military people, they all have basic military training. There likely will be a security detail in there as well, but these are most likely going to a majority of medical staff.

  6. And here I thought Ebola was the cure?
    This in reality is natures way of “thinning the herd” of a people who can’t understand you don’t shit where you eat and that bats are not the “chicken of the cave”.

    1. Who do not make an open fire in the living room of an 8 story apartment building because the chicken tastes better.

  7. This is spot on. We have nothing to fear in America, all thing being equal. A pandemic will only come to America if our medical system implodes or our sanitation fails. Ebola has so much to help it along in Africa because of ignorance and superstition.

    1. Guess who is best positioned to fight that ignorance? Local health workers, who are underfunded and underequipped. Hence, aid.

  8. but but but… where is your compassion?… where is your humanity?…. the statists want to spend your money on their charities and you won’t let them!…. what kind of human being are you??

    1. The religious church groups are the worst bringing all the 3rd worlders into the USA. Money for the till and saps for the pews…

  9. to imagine, this is pretty much where aids came from. If people just left shit like this the fuck alone, we would be better as our own country, and we would get rid of most of the fucking dead weight on this planet.
    heartless? Maybe. Necessary? Absolutely.

    1. Agree 100%, why we want to in the West facilitate a population which is currently INCAPABLE of sustaining itself at it’s current level is BEYOND stupid.

        1. What benefit does the West get from Africa??? It’s China who is reaping the benefits of Africa as they are not constrained by the cancer called “white guilt”.

        2. what benefit does the west gain by keeping Africa a massive Shitpile?
          Let’s see… just for starters… food control. if Africa were well-governed it could seriously compete with America in world food production.
          if you really think about it for a bit there are a million reasons to keep it a fourth world monkeyfest.

        3. Ummm no my friend, you are wrong, Im sorry but you are wrong. For starters, America doesn’t gain anything keeping it a shitpile, it also gains nothing by fixing it up without getting it’s resources which is what China is doing.
          Africa COULD compete for production of food, you are right about that, just NOT with Africans. Genetics plays a HUGE role in Africa’s condition, it’s in it’s current condition BECAUSE of Africans. All the once successful white ruled nations in Africa are now shit holes and America played a huge role in the end of South Africa.

        4. The Chinese are pragmatic. They are going to rape the shit out of Africa, far worse than the bleeding heart Europeans did 100 years ago.

        5. Possibly true. With the exception of North Africa, it is an isolated continent that is easy to contain…and exploit.

        6. It’s more complicated than that. Africa is not a shithole simply because it’s inhabited by primitive blacks. While that is certainly a contributing factor, it’s not the only reason why Africa is a mess. It’s being deliberately held down.

        7. Well, essentially, Africa requires competent leadership.
          It is being held down, sure, and that is clearly because if, entirely left alone, Africans seem to be only capable of forming cannibalistic tribes of violent guerillas. The ‘Warband’ is pretty much the ultimate pinnacle of black leadership ability (as evidenced pretty much everywhere)
          Blacks are perfectly capable of forming a stable societal backbone, as they did in the Congo… The congo was well known as one of the most rapidly advancing third world countries in the world, with standards of living up to european standards, while they were under British leadership.

        8. I have a two African born acquaintances and they despise white Europeans and blame them for Africa’s ills. They view the Chinese very favorably for some reason thinking they are developing the country.
          As bad as colonialism was, what reigned prior to it on the coninent wasn’t pretty either. African leaders today have sold out their own people and are easily corrupted, making prosperity impossible.

        9. European colonization was the high water mark of civilization in Africa. What kind of progress, if any, have most African nations made since the end of colonization?

        10. Some Africans understand that China won’t fly troops in there when africans are butchering other Africans with blunt machetes. They are spoilt by the west and like any spoilt child expect services and goods without gratitude. By the time the Chinese and Indians have displaced these clowns it will be too late for any real change.

        11. Their ancestors probably thought highly of the white europeans when they had some kind of economy generated for them.

        12. I guess you’re half wrong, I cant tell from your post. Africa can’t compete with America for food production because it’s full of Africans, I guess thats the best way to put it.

        13. That is absolutely retarded. It brings no incentive to keep these people down. At least in the eyes of new school economists. A developing market = future prosperous market.

        14. Which is why liberals who are part of the charity industrial complex rage about the Chinese working in Africa.
          Chinese people aren’t trying to rape or kill the Africans, they’re just trying to make a buck.
          But they’re not trying to impose their religion, language or politics on them either, unlike historic European powers.
          And the fact that they’re not “pissed off at the dictators” is what riles up some Westerners, who see it as their mission to ‘convert’ the world to democracy.

        15. Sure, except that anyone with a brain recognizes that building infrastructure is far more expensive in the short run than using existing infrastructure to make more money.
          Right now the world food market is more-or-less saturated, despite the protests of the ‘feed the hungry children’ con games. Africa is currently, in essence, soil banked, and building the infrastructure to turn it into a productive agrarian economy would be extraordinarily expensive… better transportation networks, Canning plants, distribution centers, training maintenance, managers, and distributors… and what would the end result be? a food glut driving down the existing costs of food so that the very companies that would finance the infrastructure would wind up losing more money.
          It is much easier to keep the food saturation going, and destroy any self-reliance developing agrarian nations could create by shoving excess disposables down their throat.
          And I would point out that ‘new school economists’ are well aware that training and maintenance are long-range goals…. why bother when they can make so much more money in the short run, by squelching competition? corporations don’t give a fig about long term profits when short term expenses are calculated each quarter and any shortfall will result in a mass exodus to the unemployment line, and possibly never working again.
          Chinese workers are immigrating to do exactly that on an individual scale, and economists are raging about it… not because of any cultural manifest destiny, but because it reduces the reliance, and profits, from American food imports. The infrastructure is building slowly, but the Chinese have ever been willing to look at the long term even at the huge expense of short term freedom and lives. And they are not relying on local labor, since they know local labor in Africa is more or less useless both genetically and due to long-term dependence on foreign aid, but by importing their own workers who have been trained and gained experience on a well-honed existing chinese infrastructure.
          Also, to put it bluntly, it’s a hell of a lot shorter distance between Africa and Asia, reducing the need for expensive infrastructure… Trucks are cheaper than trains, and trains are cheaper than ships. One can notice easily that the Chinese are thoroughly encouraging existing and growing Foreign aid to africa, profiting off the desperation of the dependent locals to purchase land at thief prices while utterly ignoring local labor.

        16. Congo was a belgian colony. shows how little you know. Belgian congo was a hell hole, and more people were murdered their by the belgians than people in WW2. The “Advancement” was from enslaving 20 million and murdering another 20 million. Something not practical nor moral in today’s world.
          When was Congo ever left to its own devices? its very first president patrice lamumba was assinated by the us government with co-operation of french forces, and they publicly admit this, because they feared he wouldn’t expot uranium to them.
          Left to its own devices, Congo would probably look something like Angola, a rich country free of europee-ons.

        17. History not high on your skill list. Congo was never colonized by Britain nor under its leadership.
          “Blacks are perfectly capable of forming a stable societal backbone, as they did in the Congo… The congo was well known as one of the most rapidly advancing third world countries in the world, with standards of living up to european standards, while they were under British leadership.”

        18. Would replacing it with “White” matter? Or are you just nitpicking so you can ignore the gist of the comment?

        19. So now all “White” people are the same just because they are white? That sounds kind of rayyyciss, maybe you should put down the crack pipe.

        20. It’s highly racist, and yes, I know that whites come in various flavors, and I am willing to even admit my version of white, scotts gaelic, is at the bottom of the barrel intelectually and it’s top disorganised-violence wise.
          But seriously, if you read some time magazines from the 60’s, the colonized (read occupied by whites) Congo was the greatest up-and-coming second world county to ever rise up from the plains of africa. It was closely followed by all the other colonies in Africa.
          Now it, like every other occupied country, is at the bottom of the barrel. The thing is… you cannot point at ‘colonization’ as the cause, because the handful of african countries that were NOT colonized are even WORSE

        21. That is called nostalgia, like people who think that the colonial period in America, or pioneer days or medieval times or wild wild west were the best when they weren’t, it is why people changed them.
          The truth is people in pioneer times were starving and eating each other and dying of stavration. Congo was never up and coming until recently. What you had was a foreign slave owner based system with a few people enslaving the majority and getting rich off them. Such systems are always inherently unstable and doomed to fail because predictably, those enslaved revolt against the slave masters and kick them out. The colonies in Africa only made money as a slave based system would. Enslave the locals, have them produce for free, and then sell the good they produce for money. Such a system cannot work in the long run.
          Certainly the white slave masters were getting rich, but to try to portray rich slavers as proof of good economy for the majority who were paid nothing is really backwards thinking.
          There exist no example of a colonial government in Africa that actually created sustainable economic growth where everyone could have a good and decent standard of living and a soverign wealth fund was set aside and people were well educated and good schools were built for all with a decent infrastructure.
          In otherwords, there existed no colonial country in Africa, where the AVERAGE person had a standard of living as good as the average american. In post-colonial africa there are many countries who are up and rising and whose citizens enjoy a much better standard of living like pre-war libya, northern somalia, kenya, south africa, angola, equatorial guinea, gabon, botswana, mauritius, cape verde, ghana and so on.
          By WW2, all african states ended up being colonized. What are you going to say Liberia (an American COLONY) was not colonized? or Ethiopia was not colonized, after the italians invaded it, bombed it, destroyed the infrastructure and destroyed the trade routes and stole eritrea?
          Colonization made entire empires disappear. Entire civilizations like the Aztecs or Kilwa destroyed by european invaders.
          In 1505, Kilwa was sacked by Francisco d’Almeida, another Portuguese explorer, and by 1506 Portugal controlled most of the coast of E Africa. The Portuguese did not cooperate with the local people, and their impact was mostly negative—trade was disrupted, towns declined, and people migrated from the region.
          This is what colonialism was, european invasion and theft of resources,d estroying any civilization that was in its path.
          If the Chinese invaded europe and America what do you think they would look like? O wait, they did that, and it brought on the dark ages (attilia the hun)

        22. Herman: Thank you for pointing out to this individual that Congo was a Belgium colony. So many people lack knowledge of African history and try to talk like experts. Always quite laughable.

    2. Aids does not come from africa it was created by whites in a lab.
      Countries with high death rates tend to have higher borth rates. Poor people with no parents get married young and have more kids and can’t afford borth control, you get more kids not less.

      1. Got to agree with McBuckets and hernan on this – aids was injected into the white fag population in the northeast US by one of the Nazi scientists imported by “operation paperclip”, under the ruse of testing a hepatitis vaccine (which fags were rotten with, by the way, but oh well, fuckers of butt both male and female anuses, put your penis in feces and you might just get ill).

        1. So what, the whole thing about finding HIV as a standard passenger in Chimpanzee intestinal virii was just made up? The close link with SIV, which has existed for (at least) hundreds of years has nothing to do with zoonosis?
          Face it, fur-fags are responsible for aids.

        2. No, you fool. Obviously, it’s necessary to use an existing agent for ‘weaponising’ (don’t know of any tech that can make a novel virus, yet).
          Look up the history of HIV, even in the ‘sanitised’ public domain – with particular attention to HTLV feline leukemia retrovirus, and feline AIDS – connect the dots.
          Gallo was working with Fort Meade studying animal virii that can transfer/infect humans (or can be mutated to do so).
          Incidentally, that ‘african green monkey’ with HIV (Simian?) had been used in Fort Meade research, and was discovered by a different researcher on a different project that was using the (dead) monkey for some other purpose.
          And recall they used to call HIV/AIDS “GRIDS” – ie, Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome”, until PC stopped that.
          HIV was made to kill Blacks, and males that engage in sodomy, whilst you and most people think it’s a threat to the public at large (it is not, except through transfusions, tainted needles, and bisexual men). Just peruse the CDC statistics.

        3. You might want to go to the doctor and get your tinfoil hat adjusted, it’s cutting off the blood flow to your brain.
          There are dozens of diseases throughout history that have crossed the animal/human barrier, often creating a plague. It is nothing new.
          As for the idea that HIV strikes exclusively at blacks and fags? I would like to point out that there are dozens of diseases that are exclusive to those who practice extraordinarily risky sexual or sanitary practices.
          Saying it’s ‘targeted’ is fucking retarded. It’s like saying trichinosis is ‘targeted’ by muslims and jews at the rest of us cause we eat more pork.

        4. You’re a fool.
          Of course an existing virus (or more) is needed for weaponisation, no tech right now to “make one from scratch”.
          No big deal if some tools who aren’t the “target demographic” get wasted on the way, you never heard of “collateral damage”? And is it really collateral damage when the goal is to reduce humanity to no more than 500 million cattle (with few-to-no darkies left)?
          You’re an ignoramus.

    3. “This is pretty much where aids came from”
      Um actually it came from a gay white guy who went around fucking 200+ people (men and women)…. but nice try attempting to pin your problems on the black man.

    4. AIDS exists because developed countries did not give a shit about Africa when it started, back when it could’ve been contained and eradicated forever.

      1. lol it is what it is man…I can’t see what we in america have to gain out of it, but then again I am ignorant to what they are doing

        1. None of us know what our rotten govt is up to. I suspect they are sending US troops over there to expose them to Ebola, then bring it back to their families. Obama hates the military. He loathes it.

      1. I will someday die of something, however it won’t be the result of superstitious beliefs and disdain towards western medicine/sanitation as we are seeing in this outbreak.

  10. I am going to say it: I don’t give a shit about Africa. Europe has hotter women in more varieties and features far less dysentery.
    If anything ever seemed to help, I’d probably feel like helping them might be worth it, but doesn’t seem to happen. We did Live Aid, MFers keep starving. We did Live8. Still Starving. Make Poverty History? Global Call to Action? Still starving away.
    You can’t turn your TV on here w/o seeing commercials featuring kids who are basically aircraft carriers for flies, with Pernell Roberts saying “Go ahead, change the channel” (which is actually a fine idea; the one time I made it that far into the commercial, I thought, “Hey! Why haven’t I changed the channel?” and clicked over to ESPN). I don’t know if they still have the other commercial, with Sally Struthers BAWLING away, but that one makes me head for the hills, too.
    And the NAGGING. If I put some fancy-schmancy mustard on my sammich, those kids are going to starve anyway. Same deal if I forgo the sammich and have gruel instead. Put on a hair shirt? Kids still starve. Take it off? Yep, you guessed it, still starving. But the MFing do-gooders won’t leave you alone.
    The starving (like the poor) will always be with us. Not the same ones, b/c they will starve to death, but they seem to be able to replicate themselves pretty well before hand.
    À bientôt,

    1. Poverty, disease, and starvation are the result of bad government. A hallmark of all tribalist cultures. A competent government would just deal with it themselves.
      Throwing money at them will not fix this.

    2. George W. Bush dumped $30 billion into Africa and all it did was make a bunch of dictators rich.

      1. Exactly. I’m of Ethiopian descent and the dictator in power there took tons of aid money for himself. He lived in a fucking palace and had several billions of dollars from US aid while people were starving to death in the streets.

    3. Yep this^^^ I’ll go a step further and say these do-gooder missionary docs are nothing but attention whores. Fucking “faux” heroes who’ll do the talk show circuit and are writing a “tell all ” book as we speak. It’s the “helper fetish”….

      1. No. These people only get famous when they contract Ebola or are killed. Not much of a trade off. There really are people trying to help out of the goodness of their hearts, but too many are unwilling to help themselves.

    4. Check the world birth-rates juxtaposed with poverty rates. You can do it on wikipedia easily. Many African nations are churning out 6-9 kids per family while being beyond destitute. I’m supposed to pay for this irresponsibility in a roundabout way through taxes while I’ve decided to forego children due to my finances. It’s very unfair. They need to cut down their birth rate.

      1. The 6-9 kids is likely an r-selection vs. K-selection problem. If your environment sux and it’s unstable, etc., you may want to have 9 kids and hope 3 make it to adulthood and take care of you when you’re old. You know, like when you’re 49.
        À bientôt,

        1. Check wikipedia and you’ll find birth rates per ‘woman.’ The family rate would be higher. You’re nitpicking and you know it. If Niger’s birth rate is 7.6 per ‘woman’ then you can see that my 6-9 children per family rate is completely reasonable. Now what’s the mean between 6 and 9 again? Are you arguing that Africa’s birth rate is not problematic? Is that your argument?

        2. You can change wikipedia numbers. Check cia factbook, no country fits this criteria. yOU HAVE A clear propensity to lie and exaggerate. No country has 8,9,7 kids per woman. Cia factbook says no more than less than 4 have 6 .
          Africa is grossly underpopulated. A single country like india or china has more people than an entire continent large enough to fit both countries. If anything europe is overpopulated and overcrowded.

        3. hernan, look up “real map of the world” and you will have even more firepower for your arguments regarding population density – Africa is actually so huge it could fit N. and S. America, all of Europe and China, etc., but the maps in use are out of proportion.

        4. Africa 11.6million square miles population 1.1 billion
          N America 9.6 million square miles population 528 million
          S America 6.9 million square miles population 387 million
          Facts are a bitch to deal with…

  11. I just feel like there has to be something in this to gain that we are all missing. I have a hard time believing good ol us of a is going to do anything and we don’t stand to profit. we are THE capitalists.

      1. if I knew enough about this all I could provide another view point. but I am literally ignorant to the risk vs reward in usa for this shit

  12. Ebola is a lot like terrorism. If we don’t import the carriers (whether carriers of the virus or carriers of the Islamic faith), then we will be fine. Neither Ebola nor terrorism will get a foothold here.

    1. “Said therefore so.” Can’t wait to see your amazing new theory published in major journals of public health.

  13. As a side note, how frequent are stds or std scares if you bang let’s say on average two different women every month? I’ve been exclusively in Ltrs since I was 17 so I’m curious.
    A lot of you guys here talk about ‘putting it in her ass’ constantly and I’m guessing that would lead to a high exposure to disease.

        1. I’ve seen it posted here many times about how anal sex is some gateway to dominating a woman. I doubt most guys do this w a condom but I have no idea. I just find the idea of casual anal sex to be troublesome.
          Hsv 1 is probably common to all high level gamers with the mouth to genital thing as well.

        2. I read this comment from one guy that was on a trip through Africa last year; “AIDS was so common that I was afraid to take my condom off to pee.”
          I was in a Naval Reserve unit years ago that had a medical unit attached. One of the nurses had been working in Africa as a nurse. She quit and fled back to America. She said something like 80% of the hospital patients she worked with there had AIDS. This was 30 years ago. I have read reports that AIDS rates have reached 33% in some African countries. Ebola is the least of their worries.

  14. The funniest part of this is that this is more direct medical help that was provided for in all of 0bamacare… and Americans can’t even get it.

  15. The Ebola scare/coverage is just another distraction and fear campaign so you don’t focus on….gaza,militarization of police and police brutality, missing/shot down planes, corruption and financial fraud, petrodollar collapse, e.t.c

    1. Right, let’s not forget Gaza, that shithole corrupt thugocracy self-ruled by foreign mobsters (a quote from some of my Muslim friends who escaped there).

  16. When the last outbreak of ebola hit nigeria, they had a simple public health solution. They put everyone in a village who they thought had ebola into a hut, then set it on fire, those who got out, did not have ebola. Strange, the ebola outbreak disappeared. We should ban all flights and ships from africa, and let ebola hollow out africa, and then we should go and civilize it, and then it will flourish. Racist? Nope, just darwin at work.

    1. Didn’t happen, but why let that get in the way of you being a smug piece of shit on the internet?

  17. as a german who has worked in africa for a many years, i’m surprised how littel the average american knows about africa , a lot of ROK commenters sound exactly like sarah palin when it comes to their knowledge of the world, plus the overt racism, it’s best to keep ignorance to oneself than talk grandiosely with it

    1. And yet it is only the US government that is being wasteful enough to dump more money into various African aid programs. What do other western countries know about Africa that we don’t?

    2. Tomas, I worked for 3 years as 3rd mate on a ship carrying ‘handshake grain,’ food aid from the US. While there’s plenty of ignorance and bullshit here, I can’t help but notice that, from my experience, Africa, outside of South Africa, at least, is 100 times worse than most of these kids cold ever imagine.

    3. You sound like a textbook shitlib desperately trying to wring out the last drops of Western white guilt.

  18. You can’t do shit about Ebola generally. It is only supportive care. You get Ebola and you just hope for the best. These new treatments are bullshit and are minimally effective. This is nature at work. Africa is overpopulated . This is nature culling the herd. Folks there eat bushmeat ie monkeys , leopards..anything that moves. This is where these crazy viral infections come from. AIDS/HIV likely was mutated form of SIV/Simian Immunodeficiency Virus from folks eating monkey and bats for fucks sake. These poor soldiers will have to be quarantened when they get home. Madness. The USA could do more for the world if we got our economy booming and invented a clean renewable energy ( e.g Fusion).

    1. Wrong, might want to get a refund on your PhD in epidemiology. The outbreaks can be contained and there is a decent survival rate for those who receive decent
      care in time.

  19. You know, it’s worth noting that Africa used to be self-sustaining, with
    relatively stable governments in several places. Rhodesia, now
    Zimbabwe, has the second-most fertile soil on earth, courtesy of it’s
    idyllic location and weather for farming, and, in fact, is second only
    to some small valleys in France, though much more massive. “Africa’s
    breadbasket” supported a thriving economy and stable government, being a
    net exporter of food for well over a century. Then Mugabe got control
    of Zimbabwe, gave the Native white Rhodesians (descendents of the Boers)
    the boot, and ‘redistributed’ the wealth by giving farmland to his
    cronies, destroying southern Africa’s already-limited ability to support
    itself in the process.
    But why was it already limited? Food aid. You
    can’t compete with free food. If a farmer wants to sell rice,
    meat/poultry, root vegetables or greens at a market, enough to pay for
    the next crop, he has to sell his current crop. And when the US shows up
    with a bulk carrier with 30,000 tons of rice packed in 100lb bags at
    the seaport 80 miles away (bearing in mind that 90% of the world’s
    population lives within trading distance of a seaport), which they give
    away for free, the African rice farmer is shit out of luck.
    then the ship leaves, goes back to the US, reloads, and comes back to
    another port nearby with another 30,000 tons. No more rice farmers. A
    few years later, no more farmers at all. And then you’ve got today’s
    situation, where a massively-overpopulated region is dependent on food
    aid, and starvation and disease are the principal forms of population

    1. Anti-white racist Robert Mugabe screwed his country straight into the ground. Land re-distribution from makers to takers resulted in massive famine, and meanwhile Zambia and Nigeria rolled out the welcome mat to Zim’s evicted white farmers, and what happened? Nigeria had the biggest crop of corn that they’ve had in forty years, and Zambia’s “hoe and rake” level of farming got jump-started from the 18th Century into the 21st. Of course, nobody is supposed to notice this b/c when the truth is “Racist!” or “Incorrect” it must be suppressed.
      End Transmission,

  20. Tropical diseases like Ebola go through periods of being active when running their course and then returning relatively dormant in the jungle. When the virus becomes aggressive is when outbreaks result. The DNA lives on forever, but the outbreaks ride peaks and dormant lows. Ebola is common in tropical Africa, but it usually never spreads faster than the speed of FOOT TRAVEL. Only with mass high speed transit can such diseases HIT THE FAN. There has never been an aggressive Ebola outbreak in northern climates and I’m not sure who can say if it would peter out and dissipate or whether it would become aggressive and surge to a peak if imported to cold climates.
    It is said that the lion was the king of the jungle, the massive feline who kept the order of nature and species in balance in the rainforest and the savannah. This was obviously before MAN came along. Before MAN, the lion WAS the top of the food chain in tropical Africa.
    Then BLACK MAN became the REAL king who dominated the jungle. His unique sickle cell trait guarded him against tropical diseases like malaria. It was the aboriginal and the Bantu Zulu who ultimately ruled the jungle. HE KEPT THE LAND IN BALANCE.
    Far to the north, were cold weather Asiatics and Caucasian Indo and Finno Ugric Celts, Aryans, Teutonic and of course the Basque who never cease to amaze them all. The biggest crime was taking ANY blacks from their homeland and transporting them thousands of miles northward to end up working in sweatshops in Detroit? WTF? Or working ag fields in the south? Outsourcing all local jobs to CHEAP THIRD WORLD SLAVE LABOR? They had a SPECIFIC PURPOSE keeping the balance of nature in the jungle. They should have LET THEM BE.
    DON’T STIR THE POT. LEAVE EBOLA BE and it will run its course. I don’t believe it can take hold outside of equatorial Africa without nurturing and help from malevolent cabals in science and government and finance.
    Only in the midst of feminist madness would we see our best and brightest take the most Machiavellian efforts devoted to self destruction. The great bitch force once again attempts to EAT HER YOUNG.

  21. I was five or six, I remember, sitting on the floor watching the news.
    They showed a starting African kid, and then the usual starving mother with another football team of kids in tow.
    I was five or six, I remember thinking,
    “Why does she make so many babies when there is no food”
    I wonder what the doctors think when they are risking their lives in order to heal people who break into ebola quarantines… What is the doctor’s limit where he says “Fuck this. I’ll help people who actually want to be helped”
    Let to its own devices, Africa would find ways to stop this epidemic, ways that would possibly be called barbaric by the do gooders of the west, but effective.
    Is it not Mother Africa, in the end?

    1. Exactly. So the question for me is;
      At what point do world gov’ts simply have to let the famines, plagues, run their course? They have 7 kids a family and the west is still obligated to save them. How about 11 kids per family? Then do world gov’ts finally start going; “Hey you all have to do some thinking too.” How about 16 kids per family? At what point is human life not sacred anymore? It’s kind of an ugly sounding question but it’s an honest one. Our own culture is bringing up its own questions. Illegitimate births are coming up on 80% for Af-Am’s. At what point is it not the responsibility of taxpayers anymore? I say it never should have been but when is there a breaking point? Even for progressives in their zombie-like world savior mode, is there a breaking point?

      1. Death is only allowed if it is in name of Marx.
        Otherwise, “for the children” is thrown out the window.
        For example: Is it really inhumane to sterilize a mother who is on her way to having ten kids when she can’t feed herself or who’s had ten kids when she can’t even feed herself.
        Progressives will shout evil crime, but is it really?
        Are the same progressives not claiming abortion is a-ok; except sex selective abortion?
        So if killing an unborn is ok, why is it not ok to sterilize a woman who clearly will have the death of multiple borns in her hands?
        If she has no control because of rape, is this not even more humane?
        But no. I’m intolerant, bigot, animal, pig, racist, sexist and all that.
        For the progressives, there is no breaking point as long as it makes them feel good.
        Millions of kids starving in africa. Sterilization bad. Food aid good. Empowering women to make twenty instead of ten babies, good. More hunger not good but sending more food good. Look more cute babies. … crickets… but even less food for each baby…
        It is happening close to our homes too. Parents realizing they get a bigger house if they make two more kids, more welfare etc, suddenly you have 4 instead of 2 kids to parents that are tax parasites. But hey, we need to cut costs to the only government bureaus that are doing any good, office for helping entrepreneurs navigate the fucked up bureaucracy, police, fire dep, emergency call centers, street lights at night, because mom’s need financial support of up to three years when staying home, on top of the paid pre school etc. (compilation of recent news)

      2. You are an idiot. Population always DROPS when poverty is reduced and better healthcare is introduced. Population always GROWS when extreme poverty persists and death is likely.
        It’s an iron law of demographics.

        1. What’s up Hernan. The ol’ two-handle offensive, I see. The guy who spends his life defending Africans’ rights to have unlimited children while have no command of the resources to raise them. Keep fighting that good fight. You couldn’t have a more pointless existence.

    2. The vast majority of people want help. If some are skeptical it’s in part because aid workers have sometimes spread diseases. For example a cholera outbreak in Haiti that may have killed 20,000 came from foreign aid workers.
      Of course they’re wrong but they’re freaking out and feel like the end of the world is upon them.

  22. Personally I think the Ebola was man made to keep the African population under control in Africa. It’s always more than a strange coincedence that these mass viruses (Before there was Aids-HIV) tend to have this uncanny knack of killing large numbers of black people
    I’m a black man and I know if I was to go back 600 years ago before white intrusion, slavery, apartheid, colonalism. I would not one person dying or AIDS/HIV, Ebola nor would I see mass starvation, drought, malnutrition (Not that all or even most of Africa is under these conditions but parts are)
    Is this just a coincedence ?
    I think not

    1. Completely wrong my friend.
      When you look at African population it was at about 50 million to 75 million for most of the years between 1500 and the late 1800’s when there began to be colonisation by Europe.
      What exactly do you think kept the population at these levels?
      I will give you a clue, it wasn’t ancient natural birth control methods.
      It was disease, famine and war. And the wars between those tribes were brutal.
      The population boomed from the late 1800’s so that by 1950 the population was over 200,000,000 and now it is over 800,000,000 and estimated to be 4 billion by the end of the century.
      What do you think caused this boom?
      I’ll give you a clue – something that was not present in large numbers between 1500 and 1850.
      Western medicine, Western farming know how, Western know how that allowed rail lines to be built and mines and industries to be created that allowed more food to be produced or imported.
      I don’t think Ebola or HIV/AIDS has been created by anyone, but I do believe that a man made or a disease distributed by man has the ability to cause massive destruction of populations. It is far easier to create and isolate viruses than to build nuclear missiles for example.
      Also new types of biological weapons are a possibility with our knowledge of dna:
      Of course if the pc crowd is correct an ethnically targeted biological weapon is impossible to create as we are told again and again that there is no genetic differences in the races and race is a figment of our imagination.

    2. A few decades ago a black editorial writer decided to trace his ancestral roots back to Africa. He found the general area from which his ancestors had come. When he got back he wrote about his experience. The first thing he said was; “After touring Africa all I can say is thank god my ancestors were dragged here in chains.”
      BTW I am of lily white Irish ancestry and my ancestors were also brought to this country in chains to work as slave labor in the southern fields. I have no white guilt about anything, so go peddle your anti-white racism elsewhere.

      1. Also, by being dragged here in chains in the 1600s my ancestors avoided the mass starvation of the potato famine. So, I guess I can agree with the black editorial writer about my family’s history as well.

      2. The Irish are white.
        Sure, when the Iish immigrants came to the United States they had had almost no experience with blacks, and as you have had said, had had centuries of overt oppression, virtual enslavement and state terror
        It would have made sense for the Irish to join the fight against
        slavery. But in fact, after a very short time in the states,
        Irish immigrants were rioting against blacks (as with the New York draft riots during the Civil War), joining the KKK, joining in the barring of blacks from labor unions, and seeking to “become white” by assimilating to the white WASP system that was firmly in place.
        The Irish recognized the status differences between those who were white and those who were not, and, desiring to be
        closer to the top than the bottom, swallowed their pride, joined the
        club of whiteness.
        Getting white people to acknowledge the humanity of a group of white people — however much this group may differ from most of them in terms of religion and certain cultural traditions — is a far cry from convincing them of the equal value of non-white immigrants, who don’t look like them, who might not speak the same language, and who are routinely viewed as taking white jobs and soaking up welfare.

        1. …And meanwhile those nasty Jews were at the front of Civil Rights movements – look up what MLK had to say about Jews and Israel.
          Now the Jews get shit from Black hatred, and many a whitey hates the Jew for helping the Black.
          Isn’t that ironic.

    3. People would be dying of AIDS, etc., but you just wouldn’t know it was AIDS. AIDS has likely made the jump from chimps to humans a number of times, but only from the early/middle 20th Century have conditions been in place that would allow it to spread out of a few villages in Africa. The current virus, which is a mutated form of SIV (AIDS for chimps, although they don’t seem to have the same mortality from it that humans do) can be traced to a relatively isolated community of chimps in Cameroon. It made the jump to humans through the improper preparation/butchering of a chimp by a local Bantu man (it is believed) who made his way down-river to Kinshasa and the virus spread from there. Back in the day, it was a lot easier for blood-borne pathogens to spread b/c, well, not many people were wearing rubbers, and even doctors were re-using needles. Oops.
      So if you were in Africa 600 years ago, if you avoided bush meat, didn’t bang anyone who did, you’d probably be fine…at least you wouldn’t die of AIDS.
      À bientôt,

    4. Unfortunately my friend, you disregard many epidemics of smallpox, malaria, anthrax, syphilis, gonorrhea, cholera, dysentery, famine, drought, internal warfare and slavery, etc. that occurred in Africa and controlled the population mightily before evil whitey got his fingers into the plum pie… Not to mention cannibalism and general stone-age level of ‘culture’ and ‘civilisation’ with appropriate ‘technology’. Is this just a coincidence? I think not.

    5. Blacks get these diseases because they are filthy. Have you ever seen aperika? They live in huts made from shit, they never wash their hands or anything. Their are N0 developed countries in Afrika. The only country’s that are not shitholes are in north Afrika where the muslims run thangs gurl and south Afrika which obviously used to be a beautiful country – now it’s a shithole and we know why… When you are constantly around animal shit and blacks shit and you never wash your hands diseases will happen. Animals living in the hits made from shit and the animals shitting in the hut made of shit that the blacks live in. I mean you really never thought of this? Oh rite, it’s just easier to blame whitey for everything. That way you never have to get off your ass and actually do something constructive.
      Have you ever noticed how blacks are very skinny in Afrika? It’s because they are so lazy they refuse to get off their asses and do work and farm and make food. N0, let’s just sit here and wait for the giant bags of food that say USA on them then we can eat. If it wasn’t for the billions of dollars a year we spend feeding blacks -blacks would die off because we basically hand feed the lazy pieces of shit.

  23. We all know that giving a hobo money will do neither you nor the hobo any good unless that hobo has the correct mindset to turn his life around. The goal/result of these quick injections is not only to appear altruistic but also to preserve the hobo’s way of life.
    In exactly the same way the hobo receives cash injections, Africa receives aid from foreign powers. The goal of this aid is to appear altruistic by saving lives and sustaining a culture that does not support the longevity we expect to see in Africa. Anthropologists talk about preserving primitive cultures by preventing everything that comes with popular culture from infiltrating these societies, but still expect to see lower mortality rates. Their attitude has to change to bring about a better change in lifestyle. What Africa really needs is a little bit of capitalism; J.P. Morgan, child labor, and etc.
    Oddly enough, the person that has his shit together the most in this department is an actor, Matt Damon. While I’m not entirely familiar with the details, he supports a group referred to as water.org. Essentially they provide third world communities with micro-loans to be able to afford the overhead for installing plumbing into their homes. Win-win scenario that forces the population to work in order to pay off the loan and makes the loan givers a profit.
    What the hobo really needs is a job and desirable shit to spend his money on.

    1. Africans who work all day in the fields and mines do not equal hobos who are homeless often due to drug abuse and mental illness.

  24. An excellent article saying something that is logical, but in today’s pc world, the unacceptable.
    The population of Africa is forecast to rise to 4 billion by the end of the century. The whole world is forced to take the consequences and pay the price of this by being forced to take illegal immigrants that force their way across borders into countries that are managing their own population growth sensibly.
    That would spell the end of the African rain forest and a multitude of animals across the continent. (Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Chimpanzee, Gorillas etc).
    Ebola is a self inflicted disease. If you choose to eat bats, monkeys and other inhumanely killed bushmeat then you have to take the consequences.
    Ebola is the natural world’s way of saying ‘No’. The natural world is not pc and influenced by pressure groups. An Ebola that rapidly spreads across Africa, maybe followed by waves of other diseases could well return the African population to an acceptable and sustainable 200-300 million.
    I advocate that the rest of the world should not provide any vaccinations or healthcare for anyone in Africa and let nature take its course. I would also advocate that anyone of African ancestry who feels unfairly treated and who continuously moan and complain they are unfairly treated in the world should have their airfare covered and a bonus paid to be returned to ‘their continent’.
    It would be wishful thinking to think that Ebola could spread to the Middle East and solve a few problems there too, but it is no coincidence that the parts of the world that cause most of our problems are experiencing fast population growth and as a direct result low living standards and discontent – followed by blaming everyone in the world apart from themselves.

    1. You are an idiot. Population always DROPS when poverty is reduced and better healthcare is introduced. Population always GROWS when extreme poverty persists and death is likely.
      It’s an iron law of demographics.

  25. So, let’s get this straight: wars against groups that pose no threat to the United States are entirely necessary, but humanitarian aid to people in a disaster that doesn’t directly affect the U.S. is a bad idea?

    1. Are you retarded? A woman? Both?
      “wars against groups that pose no threat to the United States are entirely necessary” –the article did not suggest this at all, and as I read it the author’s sentiment seemed to run in the opposite direction.
      “humanitarian aid” — the article gives REASONS why this kind of aid has hurt Africa and is against its long term interests.

  26. As John Rambo said in his latest movie, “You have guns?” The woman said, “No.” Rambo said, “Then you’re not going to make a difference.”

    1. There is really nothing the west or the US can do for the victims of Ebola. It is an incurable disease. The epidemic will run its course just like the Black Death did in Europe and Asia. BTW sub-Saharan Africa was protected from the Black Death because the virus could not survive the trip across the desert. The only way that this spread will be limited is by a brutal quarantine. Some of the local governments have started to implement this policy; with volley fire into crowds attempting to flee the infected area. What may come to pass with limp wristed western aid worker gumming up the works is a softening of this policy resulting in a much more wide spread and longer outbreak.
      Compassion can be fatal to a lot of people, and not always only those who are foolishly compassionate.

      1. I just read in the newspaper that Sierra Leone has ordered the entire population of the country restricted to their homes for three days. During that time biohazard suited troops will search every home for Ebola victims that are hiding. I seems like someone there has their head out of their ass and is doing what has to be done. Compassion has nothing to do with it just hard reality.

      2. That’s not how public health works. Yes it can be contained and then eliminated. “Letting things take their course” means it will spread all over and thousands to millions will suffer and die needlessly.
        Worth staying on your high horse?

  27. This is the most ridiculous thing I have read here thus far. Even if you are completely devoid of empathy, compassion, or humanity, I would think the pragmatism of attacking the rise of an extremely deadly disease as early as possible (with far less cost than delaying a response until after it legitimately poses a threat to the U.S.) would overcome your satisfaction with the idea of Africans dying. It’s clear that this community not only has no sympathy for Africans, but are actively wishing harm on them, but regardless of this, this isn’t just a case of humanitarian aid. It is in the direct interest of every person on this planet to prevent these diseases from becoming global pandemics, and in our economic interest to do so now. You can still be a total racist and understand epidemiology.

    1. “David”–The argument presented in the article isn’t racist. It would apply if the outbreak were in Albania (though I doubt that there would be as much political value in US intervention, in that case). Also, you show no understanding of epidemiology, hemorrhagic fever virology, West African cultures, or even the logistics and practicalities of a US intervention. In short, in this intervention there will be no “attack” on this disease worth the expenditure (to US taxpayers)—the real attack is going on already in the labs where new vaccines and treatments are being developed. The point of the argument is that US Ebola policy is a product not of enlightened public health concepts but of a feminized, compassion-driven, and in the end, stupid political culture.

  28. Eight ebola aid workers murdered in Guinea. When is Africa going to go extinct? I remember my mother always telling us to clean our plates because “children are starving in Biafra”. That was 50 years ago.

    1. Life in Africa is actually improving for most people, and the aid workers under attack are mostly African. Why let that stop you feeling right about stuff you don’t understand though?

  29. The best thing we can do in most situations is to mind our own business. I’m trying to think of an example of a case of when our meddling– with the best of intentions– didn’t backfire with dreadful unforeseen consequences, and I can’t think of one.

    1. Dozens of hugely harmful diseases have been eradicated or severely reduced thanks to medical aid to the developing world. Just because you’re too fucking stupid to Google it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  30. Hi, just to be clear on this. The fact that this matter is over exagerated world-wide, internationally made known, plus the fact that there are many holes in this story, makes a skeptical person wonder: ,,what’s the end result, and who would have to gain from this” and it just becomes incredibly – simply obvious. Not that I don’t recognize a potential threat, but I’m extremely doubtful that any current government does any substantial good for any people (from my point not all human beeings are people). I go by the saying: ,, question everything”. And here’s a solid source among many: http://thesilveredge.com/colloidal-silver-and-the-ebola-hysteria.shtml#.VBymcmadLtR
    Don’t follow the flock, become a lone wolf.

  31. It depends, the countries being sent HIV drugs have a higher disease rate because more people are alive to spread the disease. But if you are actually talking about eradication ala Polio..thats a worthy cause. Ebola could eventually make it to the US in a modified and worse form, then its too late.

  32. Article is garbage through and through and inaccurate in every way.
    All of Africa as a continent receives less aid than the SINGLE STATE OF ISRAEL. 6 million people getting more aid than 1 billion. If the average African state got 50 billion in aid like Israel or 35 billion in aid like the ukraine they’d be rich like Israel as well.
    The Ebola threat is real and serious and will and has spread across international borders. The idea is to combat and stop Ebola in North Africa before it spreads to other countries and goes from a regional problem to a global problem where it will be much more harder to combat. As much resources need to be poured in to stopping Ebola so it doesn’t come to America as we put into propping up the corrupt government of Ukraine.
    Ebola has nothing to do with lack of hygene, western doctors from the usa, practicing western medicine dressed in suits covered from head to toe, still caught ebola.
    These are people who are sprayed head to toe in anti-bacterial and anti-microbial sprays before taking off their gear. There is no overcrowding issues that specifically contribute to Ebola, nor overcrowding in general. The new modern infrastructure is actually believed to have made the Ebola crisis WORSE. This is because people from rural areas with ebola can jump in a car, drive on a highway, and show up in another country in 3 hours, when 60 years ago they’d be stuck in their village which may have been isolated.
    Superstitions are not impeding policies, at least not on the african side. No one is saying we don’t need medicine because Ebola can be cured by waving sticks over your head. Superstitions are impeding the authors judgement, his superstitions about african culture is blinding him to the truth. That being said, when there is no cure for a disease and someone is telling you, you must come to die in a centre full of sick and dying people, and its the same people who had lied to you in the past, and spread diseases in your community in the past, there certainly is good reason to be supersitious of anything they claim.
    There are few people with tumors in a cancer ward are beliving in radiation treatment, and if you think other wise, go down to your local radiation centre and ask patients. Why not look at America’s own problem with enforcing quarantine. andrew speaker, a atlanta lawyer, was given a quarentine order from the CDC. He had a deadly form of tb that was highly contageous, and trvalled and refused to even wear a mask to not spread his tb. He then sued the government and challgened there quarantine order.
    The cdc decided to downgrade his tb rather than continue the lawsuit, because they didn’t want it to become widespread public knowledge that you can challenege a quarantine order in court (Court moves really slow as in years) so the challenge of a quarentine makes them virtually ineffective because someone with a deadly disease would literally be dead before the trial even began.

    1. Pure ranting idiocy.
      Much of the US aid to Israel/Egypt is so they can buy expensive US-made military hardware, so that’s apples/oranges. Much of the aid to Africa comes from non-USG sources (missionaries, Bono, Brad & Angie).
      “Ebola has nothing to do with lack of hygene, western doctors from the
      usa, practicing western medicine dressed in suits covered from head to
      toe, still caught ebola.”
      Well, those western doctors (i.e., missionaries with medical training) would say that, wouldn’t they? Do you think they’ll admit to having been sloppy? And if Ebola has nothing to do with cultural practices, why has the CDC been so relaxed about the prospect of it coming to the USA?
      “Superstitions are not impeding policies, at least not on the african side”
      Jesus, read the f***ng papers. For example: http://theweek.com/article/index/265758/the-superstition-that-is-dramatically-escalating-the-ebola-outbreak
      Quote from that article: “‘What is actually creating the greatest problem is the behavior of the
      population,’ said Fabio Friscia, UN children’s fund (UNICEF) coordinator
      for the Ebola awareness campaign in the three countries.”
      Some people, like the commenter, just seem to become indignant automatically if they read anything that puts Africa in a bad light or suggests and end to the Western coddling of that continent. They are Africa’s true enemies.

      1. I didn’t even get into the reparation and free money Israel gets from European states like Germany. No its not apples and oranges, Israel sells much of that military equipment and is making billions just of that, not to mention the $50 billion they are receiving from the usa, not to count all the other donors.
        These are not missionairies with medical training who are in the cdc centres in atlanta, they are us doctors. Its not an issue of sloppiness, its most likely they are dealing with a mutated form of ebola that is airborne. CDC is not relaxed, they publicly pretend to be relaxed so people in the public don’t panic, so they can stock up on vaccine and anti ebola gear so when it hits they can sell it back to the public at 10 times its real value. Also when the public panicks they tend to do dumb things like break into pharamcies and steal whatever they think will cure or stop them from getting ebola.
        Yes but the article doesn’t state which population’s behaviour. Its no surprise that people are going to kill “missionaires” and “doctors ” who are spreading the ebola disease all over the place. How many westerners have come back with ebola? And they claim they are stopping it? Please. The people certain have a valid reason to distrust the “missionaires” who are spreading all the diseases all over the world.
        Some people like you, seem to become indignant automatically if they read anything that puts westerners in a bad light or suggest an end to the African coddling of the West. They are the West true enemies.

    2. Nonsense. Folks over there eat bushmeat for fuck’s sake ie any jungle creature is eaten for food. Monkeys and bats are eaten commonly. This CULTURAL practice is likely how Ebola got into the human population…

      1. Bush meat being….
        People in different regions eat different food. Is it any surprise someone who lives in an area with Monkeys eat Monkeys. Americans eat all kinds of forest bush meat. Your comments are getting really silly at this point. Hell they eat alligator, snake, skunk, pig, cow, horse, they even eat aborted human parts in drinks like Pepsi and cough drops like halls.
        Bats are not commonly eaten, but the comment is silly because lets pretend it was true. People in America eat chicken which is a flying animal as well. So by your logic west nile virus is caused by Americans eating chicken.
        Ebola comes from bat shit, bat shit is used in nuclear weapons. Most likely the ebola infected people were people working in an low budget mine for some westerner digging up guano for resale to the west, without a mask and some guano got in his eye or nose or ear that was infected.

    3. Quite the ignoramus you are, buddy (the figures are yearly):
      “Africa receives a greater share, at 36%, of total global aid than any other part of the world. Over the
      past four decades, aid to Africa has quadrupled from around US$11 billion to US$44 billion, 1 with a net
      increase of almost US$10 billion during the period 2005-2008 alone (Figure 1).” (http://www.un.org/africa/osaa/reports/2010_Aidbrief.pdf)
      The US aid to Israel [$3 Billion USD in “loan guarantees”] is nothing more than a scam – some politicians in Israel tried to stop it and ended up dead. Israel gets US “aid” which are usurious loans [that actually Israel repays] that can only be used to buy shit from America, which Israel doesn’t need: GDP of Israel in 2013 = $291.4 Billion USD. The US forces it down their throats so dickheads like you can whine about it, and so that Israel won’t start charging the US for all of their (the US) military storage facilities in Israel, etc. The “skim” from that “aid” supports all kinds of corrupt political assholes whose “policies” just cause more trouble.
      Compare that with a shithole continent full of cannibals sucking down 36% of all of the aid money in the world, not loans, charity, yanked out of the pockets of hard working taxpayers all over the world.
      The Africans themselves started slavery, the Muslims increased the profit motive and became the international merchants, the Christians in Europe and then the “new world” provided huge demand, and the rest is history.
      Meanwhile, Jews kept themselves hygienic, educated, hard working and ethnically cohesive [whilst teaching their daughters to read and do arithmetic]. No wonder 0.2% (less than 14 million) of the world’s population (Jews) have an IQ that’s 8 points higher than their closet competitor (Northeast Asians) and 40% higher than the global average, with 22% of all Nobel Prize winners being Jewish (in 2013 6 of 12 winners were Jewish).
      Malcolm X (shortly before he got murdered) and Eldridge Cleaver (wrote in Soul on Fire) got it right when they advised Blacks to emulate Jews instead of hate them.

      1. All your stats prove is a single country of israel gets more aid in a year than africa has gotten over 40. What country getting $50 billion a year in aid like israel COULDN’T have a gdp of 200 billion. Jews do not have higher iq test, the BITCH test proves this

  33. The response was wrong from the very beginning, ebola outbreaks have been commonplace in Africa for while. Yet suddenly everyone wanted to stick their fingers into this shitpit of an continent… not only we have lost dozens of doctors, resources and money but the disease is spreading unhampered by these ineffectual “efforts”.
    It was unnecessary, all of this was a waste, these monkeys are only good for making myriad of new diseases or causing trouble at civilized countries, their lives literally have no value, they don’t contribute nothing to the civilization at at larger and haven’t done so since the dawn of mankind.
    This will get worse, the further people get involved in this and possibly it might become global once a mutation occurs…

    1. Not only a piece of shit but a self-contradicting one at that. “We shouldn’t do anything” but “it might become global” and one day reach you there in your mom’s basement.
      Might want to rethink that logic.

      1. That is why we shouldn’t had gotten involved, you stupid shit.
        I know reading comprehension is hard for you niggers but try to grasp simple meanings. Read literature, I know it’s not rap and that there are difficult words for your rather primitive mind, yes being a negro is hard but you can do it, just like obamey!

  34. Sub-Saharan Africa is in need of a Malthusian catastrophe to keep their population in check. According to the Population Reference Bureau that area of the world will record the largest population increase over the next half century. Access to clean water, food, and unemployment are already major issues affecting the area, and inevitably there will be mass emigration to Europe and North America due to this population increase. The only aid we should be giving these countries is in the form of contraceptives.

    1. You are an idiot. Population always DROPS when poverty is reduced and better healthcare is introduced. Population always GROWS when extreme poverty persists and death is likely.
      It’s an iron law of demographics.

  35. malcolm x was right about you racist piece of shits you crying bitches running overseas trying to fuck. even the white woman knows how fucked up a lot of you guys are

  36. When you give someone something, they become self-helpless.
    The Western culture has already given to the point that the recipients have achieved perfect self-helplessness. The Western culture has given to every other culture on the planet, to the point where it is destroying itself – and has achieved nothing of worth. All it has created is a lot of self-helpless scum.
    You see it. Build a massive system for desalinating water for the masses in parts of Africa (massive bribes and loss of equipment during construction). Turn it over to the locals. Six months later: there is no water. All the copper and anything of worth has been stripped and sold for cash. All that’s left is a waste of broken equipment and empty buildings, with maybe a few squatters having a shit in the corner of a room and living in the next room.
    Yet the West still attempts to give, to the point of sickening our own culture, despite these worthless excuses for human beings having proven that they are of no worth. That they will never be of worth. That they are nothing more and will never be anything more than an endless sucking vortex of “me, me, me” (sound familiar?)
    Triage. It is time to let the incurable patient die. It is time to try and heal the curable patient.

    1. Nope, the West has taken far more out in interest payments to debts given to African dictators (maintained with Western help) than it has given in humanitarian aid.
      Also has taken many times as much value in natural resources that local populations rarely see pennies on the dollar from.
      Far be it from me to interfere with your “self-helpfulness” though!

  37. Are you aware where a lot of mineral ores come from? You are always going on about how clever you guys are – engineering and mining etc – but never display any of that knowledge beyond professing how you white guys (well other guys who may have been white like you) “made” Western Society. You never display one iota of real understanding of how global economics works, ever!

  38. Wrong. The interest on debts given to African dictators alone is much greater than the amount of aid the West has given Africa. Africa has been a great source of wealth for foreign companies and powers who do not give a shit about African people.
    There’s nothing “masculine” about saying we should let suffering people, including kids, die, because “they deserve it.” That makes you a piece of shit, while wanting such vulnerable people to receive help is a manly impulse.
    And just for purely selfish reasons, ending ebola is in the interest of rich Westerners. If there is any virus that could evolve to become an “apocalyptic” one, it is ebola.
    Relative to military spending it costs pocket change to fix this.
    Fuck this ignorant and vicious excuse for a human being writer.

  39. Guys, please learn a bit of science before making the “disease will lower their population” bullshit arguments.
    Population always DROPS when poverty is reduced and better healthcare is introduced. Population always GROWS when extreme poverty persists and death is likely.
    It’s an iron law of demographics.

    1. You have been making great points!! Many of the replies to your commentary is tainted with underlying Hatred or disdain.

  40. Unless we wall up Africa, treating Ebola at the source is the best method to contain it.
    I don’t argue that too much foreign aid, like too much welfare, isn’t corrosive. It is. But we are treating Ebola for us as much as we are for them.

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