How Not To Deal With High School Bullies

In one of the ten largest school districts in the State of Texas, a particular document has been circulating through the email space of public education: “Ten Cost Effective Strategies for Bullying Prevention,” from the Texas School Safety Center.

The document highlights expectations and procedures regarding bullying, which relies upon the definition of “bullying” according to the United States Department of Health and Human Services (the food stamp bureau), which itself launched the initiative in response to efforts by the Obama administration.

The very first problem with the initiative is the definition of bullying to include both physical and emotional abuse. Bullying literally means “using strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.” This refers to actual physical harm or the threat of physical harm.

Emotional abuse, which includes shaming, is very different from physical intimidation or violence and is therefore NOT actual bullying. You can read through the strategies for yourself, but I’d like to point out three that I selected in particular and interpret them with that important distinction in mind.

#3: “Create a Safe and Supportive School Environment”

Translation: Make a promise to all students that the place where they spend most of their waking life will be completely devoid of any real-world consequences for being a mediocre human being or being different from the overwhelming majority of their peers.

Bad Idea Because: Members of the current generation of high school youth need to understand that the world will pay more mind to their merit, appearance, and self-portrayal in regards to what it has to offer. Mediocrity does not realize dreams.

#7: “Create and Enforce Clear Rules Pertaining to Bullying”

Transation: Criminalize the behavior of students who either insist upon higher standards of behavior from their peers or seek to define and protect the boundaries of their own social/cultural sphere.

Bad Idea Because: Without the phenomenon of shaming, entire civilizations would have crumbled by now, for they would not have had the means to prevent threatening levels of social deviance. Imagine how world history might have turned out if bullying had been prevented among the youth of Sparta.

#9: “Infuse Bullying Prevention Education into Existing Curriculum”

Translation: Indoctrinate all students, even at the cost of academic achievement, to the belief that all forms of bullying or shaming are wrong and can even be legitimately eradicated.

Bad Idea Because: Bullying has been a reality for millennia and will continue to occur as long as our species survives. Convincing our youth otherwise destroys one of the fundamental motivating factors for self-improvement: the perception of mediocrity within oneself.

Bullying vs. Shaming

This aforementioned credo, like many others circulating the public sphere, confounds two distinct terms under one blanket definition, i.e. “bullying” and “shaming.”

At ROK, “shaming” often refers to fat-shaming, slut-shaming, LGBT-shaming, wimp-shaming, loser-shaming, nerd-shaming, and so on, without all of which American society would descend into a pathetic, diluted version of its former self. School districts, feminists, liberals, and society at large consider verbal shaming to be on the same level as physical violence that needs to be addressed in the same way as actual violence. However, bullying by its true definition (physical violence) is not only already against school policy but is actually against the law.

What is not against the law is shaming. In fact, any attempt to prohibit one person from shaming another is a violation the First Amendment, or sites like ROK would not exist.

We had a saying when I was growing up: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” It meant that our caretakers were responsible for protecting us from physical harm, but before punishing perpetrators of verbal insults, they taught us to stick up for ourselves and develop thick skin. Under the current social paradigm, being made fun of or feeling shamed in any way is emotional abuse and is therefore bullying. Are there laws against emotional abuse? Does it matter? Only if shaming is emotional abuse.

But it clearly is not.

to shame: to make someone feel ashamed; to cause someone to feel ashamed or inadequate by outdoing or surpassing them

In other words, excellence = shaming. This idea is what lies at the heart of American Mediocrity. Don’t do great things, because your greatness is going to make me feel uncomfortable, therefore emotionally abused, ergo you should be punished for being awesome.

Shame should inspire greatness. When someone does better than you and either points it out directly (verbally) or indirectly (through their achievements), those feelings of inadequacy you’re feeling are supposed to motivate you to do push harder. Shame also helps people obtain awareness. Not only by perceiving greatness but also by—gasp—getting made fun of. But instead of seeing it that way, school officials and the federal government want to replace the “Sticks and Stones” philosophy with a victim mentality.

Shame Is Good

By their rationale, students who become aware of their own inadequacy—be it through verbal notification or simply by perceiving those who outdo them–are victims who need to be protected. Who are these victims? What type of behaviors or characteristics lead to feelings of shame?

In males:

  • being physically weak due to lack of involvement in athletic activities
  • claiming that marching band is a sport (but it’s got P.E. credits!)
  • wearing t-shirts that depict cats, rainbows, or cats on rainbows (you’d be surprised)
  • bringing a My Little Pony lunch box to school
  • reading books intended for pre-teen Japanese girls (Manga)
  • going out with fat chicks
  • white knighting for girls

In females:

  • the obvious: being fat, slutty, loud, obnoxious, or rude
  • wearing pajamas in public
  • taking too many selfies
  • bad hair
  • addiction to Starbucks

Pussy. Nuff said.

People who engage in the above listed behaviors would raise their standards if they were made fun of. With the support of school staff and wise parents, they would learn to overcome the ridicule by improving themselves. Teaching them that they are victims only results in more of the bad behavior

As to the physical abuse, I have a solution for that as well.

How To Really Deal With Bullying

My father often tells amusing stories about how his school dealt with bullying between boys. First, violence was strictly prohibited in his school, and the punishment was severe. On the other hand, fighting was sanctioned, as long as there were supervisors present… and boxing gloves.

In today’s world, the high school bully faces a punitive response to his unchecked alpha tendencies, leading him down a path of prison-like discipline placements. Conversely, the one being bullied begins a path towards complete and total pussification, since he never learns to really stand up for himself.

In my father’s day, the boys would work out their differences in the gym. The bully would get checked by a real challenge, and the bullied always earned a little respect, even if he got walloped. Am I advocating that kids get into fights? In a way, yes I am.

put 'em up
Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker

If a bully beats the snot out of another kid, they both look bad. The former is a heartless jerk, and the latter a spineless wimp. On the other hand, if a bully picks on a kid but meets a fight that ends more-or-less evenly, they both still look bad, but in a good way.

A couple of guys working out their alpha aggression on each other may be billed as “macho pigs,” but they automatically look tougher and manlier than the chuckling idiots that stand off to the side and watch. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, getting into a scuffle where both people walk away can actually raise a man’s value.


Bullying is going to happen, just like premarital sex among teens is going to happen. We can’t stop it or eradicate it, but we can teach those involved with it.

In my youth, I had to deal with bullies. I was short and thin as a rail. I wore glasses and had braces. I knew more about Lord of the Rings than I did about getting in shape. People picked on me. I fought back. I won. I lost.  I learned.  I grew up. I graduated high school. I became more confident. I got active and more fit. I banged girls. Hooray.

We need to understand that bullies have always been and always will be a part of life and society. Instead of treating recipients of mild “physical abuse” as helpless victims, school districts should try the following three strategies:

  • Teach bullies to use their strengths for leadership and self-improvement.
  • Teach the bullied about physical strength and true confidence.
  • Teach young men how to fight, and give them a safe space to do so.

Another viable option could be mandatory castration of all males. Just cut off every young man’s testicles so there won’t be any problems with testosterone and therefore aggression. It’s the feminist approach, and it’s already happening figuratively in schools and homes across America. It produces meek, sexless boys and Amazonian, overachieving girls—Harry Potters (but without magic powers) and Hunger Games heroines.

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170 thoughts on “How Not To Deal With High School Bullies”

  1. Pack dogs fight all the time, it’s how they bond and establish constructive internal competition. Denying males the ability to work out their petty squabbles and raw aggression against each other is something only a woman would do out of pure ignorance of all things masculine. There’s nothing wrong with a good sparring match as long as neither party can get seriously hurt.

    1. Seems like they are mostly concerned with female victims. Oh, and the gays. The ugly unfeminine semi-autistic girls who were picked on in school grow up to work in education and government, and they want to get back at the mean kids. Funding for “bullying-prevention” also buys a lot of cat food.

        You must be talking of yourself right?
        Well anyway so you know, those girls that you see as “ugly unfeminine semi-autistic girls who were picked on in school” actually grow up to become models who then break hearts and balls with their high heels, while milking you all dry for money. Truth! 🙂 Karma is a major BIATCH!

        1. Now if emasculated, semi-autistic, ugly boys who were picked on got ripped and rich then proceeded to treat women like disposable cum dumpsters would that be an empowering dose of karma as well?
          Also, the overwhelming majority of male to female wealth transfers are done at gunpoint by other men, not women.

    2. “But every dude I fought became a friend after the fact. And it was usually the other guy who approached me to apologize for being an ass.”
      You just brought back a ton of memories. In elementary school, the boys fought every day behind the soccer field. Usually just for fun but every once in a while, it was to settle beef.
      Once a kid almost crippled me and had me laid up for a week. Even once I was well enough to go back to school I had to wear a neck brace since I could barely move my neck. It was cool because the girls treated me like a wounded puppy but as soon as that neck brace came off, I fought him everyday behind that soccer field until one day I beat the dog shit out of him. I didn’t lose too many fights after that and he never bothered me again. In fact, we’re still friends to this day.
      Those are some of my fondest memories of my life and it breaks my heart that future generations are being robbed of those memories by people who don’t understand that boys need those moments to become men.

      1. Fighting as a guy at school usually goes like this…
        1) Dude picking on you, you ignore it while you can plausibly deny you’re being disrespected.
        2) That only works a little while, because dude escalates, so you stand up for yourself.
        3) You fight. The instant your first fist starts moving toward him, only one thing goes through your brain, “Nothing good can come of this day.” Because you know you’ll either be sent to detention, or hollered at by your parents, likely both.
        4) You win or you lose, the fight ends at some point, usually someone runs off or you get separated.
        5) When things cool down, unless there’s a woman involved, you will most likely both have more respect for each other, even become friends.
        That’s just how it goes for healthy boy interaction. It’s only bad when it’s gangs of boys on gangs of boys, because then, as Anchorman says, “That escalated quickly.”

        1. My kid will never get hollered at for beating the shit out of someone who deserves it. Rewarded more like.
          The headmaster at my school told you “well done” if you beat up a bully. Then he would punish the bully.

        2. I have also seen cases were the asshole bully will pick on someone and shove him etc right in front of a school official, yet said official does nothing, but if the victim fights back it is the VICTIM that gets in trouble in school.
          Say what you want about the fuckers in this pic, but they knew exactly how to deal with bullies because they were able to grasp a universal concept: that fear is the only true form of respect among the human animal.

        3. I was a victim of this. Ever marked as “trouble” because I was larger than my peers, first sent to homeschooling for the first two grades and then put into the “special” class (that had some proper neanderthals in it, too). The best part was in grades 7-9 (junior high, I suppose) where there were three roughly 150 cm tall scrawny little shits that had a free pass to abuse me because “smaller party can do no wrong lel”. I finally snapped and chased a faggot around the classroom with an iron chair in my hand. He jumped out of the window.

        4. No. This is a serious post. I’m not condoning the shooting, but in today’s America if one is perceived as a psycho he gets more respect, doesn’t get bullied , and has probably a good choice of female classmates to date. It sucks I know, but it is the sign of the times.

        5. I still think it’s likely that you’re trolling but for the sake of argument let’s take what you’re saying at face value.
          Klebold and Harris were nerds that lived marginal and angry lives. They cocooned themselves in a media saturated fantasy life in order to escape the pain of their situation. This type of situation is also usually accompanied by delusions of grandeur. There is a vicious cycle between a nerd and his escapist fantasy life. A nerd initially becomes a target because he is not fully and properly engaged with reality, often because of a crappy home life, being raised by TV, video games, etc. The more he is picked on the further he retreats into escapism which then further stunts development and this process repeats itself indefinitely. The irony of course is that the nerd escapist culture idolizes power and violence, so really they’re just admiring the jocks but in a different form, in order put safe conceptual distance from their bullies. The problem with these drives is not that they exist but that they are being applied unproductively into a fantasy world.
          The way to deal with bullies is for boys to develop physically and socially towards proper masculinity. Rather than being in some fruitless and bratty rebellion against the jocks, they should have joined them and becomes jocks themselves. Shooting up a high school wasn’t brave, heroic, or “exactly how to deal with bullies.” Behind the false bravado such an act reveals total desperation and defeat.
          As a I wrote elsewhere:

          Boys are intrinsically drawn to images of power: wizards, knights, scifi or fantasy warriors in television, movies, video games, etc. The most important thing to do is to take that drive to power and direct it towards things that can actually be realized. If you lived in ancient times you could be a knight or a viking or a hoplite. None of those things exist now and mass wars are fought with guns and machines. Being an actual viking is no longer a realizable option. The closet thing we have to being a warrior in real life in our time is playing physical competitive sports.

          Finally, let me point you in the direction of Jack Donovan.

        6. Your points are well taken. Donovan’s book is indeed a good one. Your suggestions are definitely practical and worth implementing for the long term. But for the short term any boy in school today better to at least come across and give off the impression that he is some sick fuck, while your long term suggestions are put into action.

    3. Not sure what the message of the article is though. Bullying is a legitimate concern in that there are kids who are psychopaths and cause disruption to the school environment. Should normal, healthy kids get into fights? Definitely. They should get the fighting out of their system while they’re still young and incapable of doing much damage, so that they don’t carry their violent tendencies into adulthood. But we shouldn’t be encouraging and cheering on violent sociopaths dishing out pain to others. The best way to deal with troubled kids is swiftly and with a heavy hand.

  2. America is more concerned with solving the fabricated school “bullying” issue than problems with disastrous consequences like childhood obesity. Yeah, these kids won’t have to worry about bullying since whatever emotional pain they have will pale in comparison to their diabetes and heart disease.

    1. That is probably the best point made in this whole discussion.
      And to take it a step further, and point out in most western countries the hypocrisy of negative attitudes to corporal punishment (my favorite topic).
      Give your kid a spank, for running across the road without looking, and you could well face prosecution for child abuse. The big hand of the left-wing PC nanny state will fuck you up.
      Feed your kid sugar, carbs, soft drink, donuts, KFC, and all the other total shit that makes up 95% of the average supermarket… make them obese, give them diabetes, depression, no confidence, terrible skin, a host of auto-immune diseases, and a future of heart problems and terrible fitness.
      But thats all ok, because its up to the parents to look after their child.
      Pure hypocrisy.

    1. Thats some great advice, but if you fight someone in school (especially if you are a boy) its game over. They will choke you with medication and do some bullying of their own.

      1. Agree. Very good video.
        And the guy has the intellect, wisdom, and physique to back up his advice.
        But the emasculation of men in marriage and parenthood, means that the woman usually has the final word in the discipline of the kids. And thus the “real men walk away from fights” line is going to be taught to the kids by mummy.

      2. Nobody can force medication down a kids throat if the parents do not consent to it.

  3. I don’t agree with every point in this article, but I like how it focuses on the students and long-term strategies and practical ideas for conflict resolution.
    The primary issue with how schools handle bullies is the strategies were NEVER intended to benefit children. The rules are in place solely to protect the school district and administration from litigious parents.
    Having the kids fight it out in a controlled environment would work well for the boys. Though you’d have to come up with something different for the girls. There is a level of animosity among preteen girls that’s vicious, and I suspect they’d continue to go for the jugular and draw blood in the ring. Entertainment aside, there’d be bad reactions from the parents and that would destroy an outlet for the males.

  4. “Bullying” and “Anti-Bullying” is just about creating an entire generation of beta males who are dependent upon the government for protection and have no idea what being truly independent means. The moment I realized I was a free man was when I cracked a baseball over the head of the neighborhood bully after tolerating his antics for the first three months of junior high. You know who bullied me afterward – no one and not only that same bully but anyone else I that attend the same school or a neighboring school once they heard the tale of the time I put the bully in the hospital. You know who got in trouble for putting said bully in the hospital? No one. Everyone knew he had it coming and a lot of people, including parents, were glad to see it actually happen.
    Standing up to a “bully” is the first step in becoming a man and realizing you are free. Remove this developmental step and you will have an entire generation who, absent discovering the red pill, will never have such an important realization.

    1. Exactly, Mad Max. If you do not stand up to bullies, you WILL be their bitch for the rest of your time there.
      [joking]Out of curiosity, do you know where I can find those Mad Max biker outfits with the spikes on the shoulders? Those look cool. [/joking]

      1. I would like to add that bullying ends after elementary school. They get replaced by dicks, douches, and assholes. They are more controlled but the same aggression is there.

      2. But you still need to stand up to these people in middle and high school. It is necessary for growth.

  5. Being fat shamed was the best thing that ever happened to me. I got my pudgy ass in the best shape of my life and have never been happier. Thanks, fat shaming and “bullying”.

  6. “In males: reading books intended for pre-teen Japanese girls (Manga)”
    That’s flat out wrong, Vic. There is manga for every age-group: boys, men, girls, and women, as is the case for American comics:
    If you are going to take shots at a medium, at least do some research on it.
    Also, why leave out American comics? Anyone could argue that the fans of those are just as “weak” as manga fans and that both sets of fans need to be “shamed” into improving themselves.

    Apart from that, I agree with the rest of your “in males” points.

    1. All comics, no matter their origin. Comics are fine for boys, but “men” who still read “graphic novels” are absolute wuss bags who cannot muster up the intellect to aspire to higher literature.

      1. Speak only for yourself, idiot. I’m not going to stop reading comics just because a neanderthal like you is too fucking stupid to understand anything about them.
        And claiming that comics are for boys is ridiculous. I’d love to see you telling that to Herge, who drew some of manliest comics around (Tintin).
        Really, there are whole lot of great, manly comics, but i guess you are too ignorant and stupid to know it.
        Just stick to porn, at least then you don’t have to even try to use your braincells (all both of them).

  7. Here’s how I learned to deal with bullies. When I was about 7 or 8, a big kid named Ronnie Coleman came to a friends I was at. We were in the backyard. I had never seen Ronnie before…for no reason, he didn’t like me and punched me hard in the stomach without warning. If felt like his fist went all the way to my spine. I doubled over and gasped for breath. When I caught my breath, I ran home.
    I was upset and crying some and my dad asked me what happened. I told him. He said, hit my hand. And in a few minutes taught me how to throw a good punch. He said, you need to go and punch that kid until he doesn’t want any more. In my mind, my father…who was basically GOD to me at that time in my life…had given me divine permission and a MISSION to do something. When someone of this stature give you permission and tells you what to do….there is no fear…no doubt. At that moment, I had absolute certainty of purpose.
    Alone, I walked back over to my friends. Now they were all playing in the front yard and there was a bigger group of neighborhood kids there. About 7 kids total. Ronnie was there and saw me and said ‘what are you doing here punk’? I walked up to him and punched him as hard as I could in his mouth. His head flew back. He was slightly taller. He grabbed his mouth and looked at me shocked. He lowered his hands and I punched him again in the mouth. I continued punching him in the face over and over. I remember, I could feel his teeth, through his lips, on my knuckles. He staggered back almost falling grabbing his face …tears in his eyes. “Please stop” he whined. ” You’re going to knock all my teeth out” I continued to look at him. He ran back home crying.
    The other neighborhood kids shouted jubilantly and clapped me on the back. I was the neighborhood hero for a while. All because a strong father figure gave me permission to do what I must. I was never bullied again in my life.

  8. We were always told in school that it took a REAL man to walk away from a fight. But, the fights I had were cathartic and extremely gratifying. Nothing like standing up for yourself and kicking some asshole’s ass in front of all the other kids.

    1. ya they say that but people will mock you for being a spineless pussy..even the girls do it. you just wanna slap em for it but theyll cry and say “im a girl you cant hit me you coward”(though coward means someone whose afriad of fightin not same as jerk). but thatll be hypocritical on their part cuz they wanted you to fight but afraid of fightin themselves and bully u by socially shamin you.
      but if you do fight back aganst the guy after giving into peer pressure(social bullying) you have more problems to worry about. if you lose the whole school will rip on you. if you win in brutal fashion you can look like a bad guy and people will say you are a jerk and shouldt use violence espically females(guys typically wont). best case scenrio is to give a goid fight and jussssttt win it by enuff so you get respect.
      worst case scenrio would be if a gang jumped in and beat or even killed you since fights durin my time esculated fast. a suspension expulsion and cops bein called in will happen regardless. and what does this teach kids that we have to by any means no matter the punishment we have to show we deserve respect. and those kids that pushed are not gonna support you when you heal up from your injuries.
      at least with our fellow man we know u fight back you get respect or you start fight an show ur tuff u get it. but female approval is different they condome u for being spineless and being violent. u wonder how it works for them. then again they dont fight cuz they cant afford injury so have no chouce but to only miuth off and be passive aggressive.

    2. “Real man” I came to realize sometime in my early twenties when the phrase started to pop up meant “weak and does what women want man”.

      1. Yeah, and then you got the Red Pill and realized that women always want the guy that others see as dangerous.

    3. Worst advice EVER to give a kid. They grow up accepting that cop-outs are a great option and become mentally weak. I’ve known black belts who worked at tittie bars, and they would walk away from a fight, and it was with a sense of mercy for the other guy. That’s the only reason to walk away from a shoving match that someone else started.

  9. Punch them in the face, repeatedly. If you can’t beat them head on, grab them by the hair from behind and punch them until they go down. Bullying troubles solved in two easy steps.

  10. The government efforts against bullying have zero to do with bullying, they are all about control.
    Mostly the government wants to control speech over the Internet.

    1. It’s also about removing anything which might even remotely teach young boys the value of properly applied dominance and violence. The last rung of fully emasculating men really.

  11. funny isn’t it…. bullying is bad…. but then take a look at what happens on Navy Seal Hell Week….. if that ain’t bullying and also the most effective training program ever devised, I don’t know what is.

  12. How do they deal with social isolation, rumor spreading, backstabbing, and the other passive-aggressive, covert ways that females bully?

    1. With some social isolation, rumor spreading, backstabbing, and the other passive-aggressive, covert ways of their own.
      After all ‘they’ are all-female themselves.

    2. Social Isolation – find different groups to hang around with unconnected with the chicks
      Rumor spreading – Agree and Amplify. “You know, I heard that Mere shoplifts.” “Damn straight I do, not only that but on weekends I steal cars, fucking Porches bitch!”
      Backstabbing – pick better friends
      Passive aggressive – indifference

    3. Don’t work on a female workplace or destroy them with logic publicly, simple.

  13. I was picked on from the 4th grade to the 10th grade. My whole life I blamed it on the other kids being jealous of me for being smart, when in actuality it was probably more related to me being an asshole about being smarter than them (also I was 4 foot 6 85 lbs in the 7th grade, easy target). And I hate to admit it, but bullying may be the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m not saying I’m a fully reformed alpha male right now, but I’m definitely not the pussy I was back then.
    That’s the crazy thing about kids, they are willing to tell you or show you that you’re doing something wrong, whereas parents and adults spend so much time trying to teach you that you’re perfectly fine just the way you are. They’re willing to give you a participation ribbon for everything, not try to help you be better than you are. I’ve noticed during high school I’ve always learned better from teachers who were “assholes”, who told me I was lazy and was wasting my potential.
    But back to the point, I’m not going to say that bullying should be completely ignored. My sister has autism, and she was bullied all the way through school because there was no point where she could just “get it.” That always bothered me. Kids with disabilities get bullied as well, and there is no realization that “Oh, I should stop being retarded” or “Oh, they’re making fun of my wheelchair? I should just start walking instead.”
    Return of Kings puts out some quality articles, most of the time, and I agree that they’ve helped me work on my game and overall well-being. But I feel like shaming only does work on people whose goals are to score with women and be in great physical condition, but don’t have the motivation to get there. The other men who are perfectly happy with their shitty girlfriends/wives and average careers won’t get anything out of these articles. So can you really shame somebody who is happy being a beta?
    Great article by the way, this and the Golden Rule article really hit home.

    1. Dude, no one was jealous of you. You were a little bitch in fucking school. And besides, if you were being shamed in 7th grade they were not bullying you. They were doing you an indirect favor. Be fucking greatful for that.

    1. In high school I knew a few boys that were bullies. Each of them had a gf or had a girl that crushed hard on them. The thing about bullies is that to the girls they exert power.

    2. No shit. That;s why they get weeded out after elementary school (after 5th grade) by the real alpha bad-ass motherfuckers.

    3. Bullies are the whetstones upon which actual dominant men are honed.
      Put enough bullies on the ground and you naturally become bad ass as a result. Your entire outlook on life changes, you harden up and you stop caring about what people think or say about you.

  14. When I was in high school this girl I dated ended up cheating on me with a boy who bullied me as a child. I ended up dropping out and going to another school. I really regret not fighting him. I shouldve lifted weights. That mightve helped but then again maybe not.

    1. The girls name is Nancy L. Calderon
      Do not hook up with this whore she fucked David and his 2 buddies at the same time.

  15. Pretty solid article except for one point:
    “It produces meek, sexless boys and Amazonian, overachieving girls—Harry Potters (but without magic powers) and Hunger Games heroines.”
    No, it doesn’t create Hunger Games heroines. The whole concept of a “heroine” is freaking absurd. I may not be as knowledgeable about history as Quintus Curtius, but I am enough of a history buff that I can discuss it and the ONLY woman I know of who was a conquering “heroine” so-to-speak was Boudica, but she managed to get her and her followers (some 100,000+ of them) slaughtered by a single Roman legion, so I gotta say that kinda negates the whole warrior princess bullshit.

      1. Her basic tactic was to show up on the battlefield in armor, proclaim her “vision/dream” of the defeat of the enemy to the enemy, and basically try to shame the enemy into backing down. Her primary role on the battlefield if the armies did not leave was that of standard bearer and moral support. She also gave some council to the field generals, but many times was simply excluded from their meetings.

        1. THAT was her tactic? She sounds like more of a glorified cheerleader than a soldier.

        2. Exactly my point. She was a cheerleader who likely had very severe mental issues.

      2. I thought about her, however after doing a quick bit of research, it’s up for debate as to whether or not she actually did any fighting or not. From what I read, she appeared to be mostly a military adviser.

  16. “reading books intended for pre-teen Japanese girls (Manga)”
    You’re a dumb fucking imbecile, you know that?
    I’d hate to be that guy, but how can people state such filth while manga such as Berserk, Vagabond or Monster exist?

  17. Also, I’m not suprised that schools have become pussy central. What do you expect an institution led by women to be like?

  18. “wearing t-shirts that depict cats, rainbows, or cats on rainbows (you’d be surprised)”
    10 years ago such a comment would get the laugh track. Now it seems like a majority of boys in school are wearing tshirts that depict cats with rainbows.
    Good article. Yes fight. Fight like a man.
    One major problem in schools nowadays is there is no distinction between “self-defense” and “starting a fight”. Stand up for yourself and fight back…suspension. Curl up like a little baby….and you get picked on by everybody. That was not the case 25-30 years ago.

  19. I do wish someone had have said to me, “You won’t be bullied as much if you’re strong and can fight”. Instead my parents and teachers encouraged me to tattle. In hindsight, what the fuck does that solve??

    1. Tattling makes it worse on the person being bullied. Tattling gives you a rep as a “Snitch” and a pussy or the bully will beat on you MORE. In the days when bullying was common , routine and expected we had no school violence. Now with over the top anti bullying measures, counselors, PSA’s we have spree killings and mass murders. Bullying , like all adversity is part of life. Expect it and deal with it….

      1. The reputation is not a bad thing. It is the fact that tattling is a cheap and more importantly ineffective solution.

  20. bullying is part if daily life even outside of school. this time from those that have authority or status over you. such as cops flexin thdir muscle over you. your wiener boss or coworker whom tries to socially bully and emmasculate you. you in this situation would poserless since what you say will get you in trouble. fightin it out aside when u have a nonviolence culture the witty person can bully the dumber guy even into suicide like we see in girls bullying. a punch or a slap is not thrown among them but bullying exists and so does tension. least guys we can fight it out and shake hands after..asssumin it doesnt turn into a gang thing.
    bullyin in relationships occurs too not just the romantic kind. people that are socially disadvantage get authority. if an altercation occurs and you have strength and size on your side you will look like the bad guy by default. the weaker u are the easier it is to win the court game. a lil old lady can be your boss and can give you shit an insults and if you react youll be in ton of shit. she uses her authority and social vulnarbilty to push u around.
    bullying isnt always physical espically here in the western world outside of school since there is no tolerance of violence espically if you are the more threatening then your oppenant such as being male stronger younger even ethnic.
    the tongue is the new bullyin not yhe bicep. the meek geeks will be gettin cocky when they can out mouth dumbys with no repurcussion. or the wheelchair old female or superior(boss parents officals) can also do the same.

  21. I have to disagree. Producing weak, sexless boys does not produce Amazonian girls. Where is the evidence of that?
    We do not have evidence of that. In fact, we have evidence right before our eyes to the contrary. Our society has already produced meek, weak, and sexless boys in abundance. And what did we get from the girls? They mostly all got fat. The few that do not get fat by college all go into orbit around one man that somehow escaped becoming a weak and sexless dolt, they have their vaginas abused, then they get fat.

    1. “Producing weak, sexless boys does not produce Amazonian girls. Where is the evidence of that?”
      I would suggest the whole of modern Australia is evidence of that.
      A generation of metro-sexual, pussified, hipster-beta men, who spout politically correct nonsense to placate their ultra-feminist women has produced a demographic of super masculine women.
      I put it down to the the way Australian female culture interprets feminism.
      I believe that the majority of the women think that the way to beat the patriarchy, is to act like the most aggressive male they can imagine.
      This is made easier by the fact that many Australian men have slid to the left, and become more feminine.
      Don’t be fooled by what you see on TV… the images of happy, tanned friendly Aussie girls, frolicking around summer bay in their bikinis.
      As soon as most of them open their mouths, a fire-breathing femen dragon appears.
      And most Australian men won’t challenge them… because they are too fucking scared. Or are too busy making sure their ultra-trendy hipster beard is exactly 3.5 mm long. Or they are down at the tattoo parlor getting their next tribal tat, despite the fact that they never have, and never will, belong to any tribe. (except perhaps the tribe of pussy-whipped betas).

      1. “Or they are down at the tattoo parlor getting their next tribal tat, despite the fact that they never have, and never will, belong to any tribe. (except perhaps the tribe of pussy-whipped betas).”
        I kinda of blame Zyzz for the whole tribal tattoo thing. However, Zyzz was no beta. Just inspired some dumbasses that copied him directly instead finding their own style.

      2. co-sign to the fucking max. I live in the hipster capital of Melbourne, and what you said was 100% true! that’s why i dont even fuck with aussie chicks anymore, only bother with FOBs and euro backpackers.

  22. This whole “bully” obsession is very unfortunate.
    When I look back on my childhood, I was bullied a lot. I am white and went to a mostly black school. I got my ass kicked almost daily for obvious reasons. In high school, I was a year younger than everyone else, plus I went through puberty late. Bullied again.
    Do I regret any of that? Hell no! I can’t say that bullying taught me to be a bad ass. I mostly got my ass kicked until I grew to a big enough size that I was no longer a target. I didn’t heroically learn martial arts to save myself. I just grew bigger, which is one thing nature does for you if you don’t let yourself become a fat loser. I’m probably no better in a fight now than I was when I was 10 years old. Hell, I’m probably worse in a fight now, because I have a hell of a lot less practice. I just LOOK like I am not worth the trouble of tangling with.
    That bullying taught me very important lessons. Among many things, it taught me to approach the world with realism. I knew from a young age that the world owed me nothing and I would have to fight and work hard for anything and everything. That has served me incredibly well as an adult. It also taught me that, once I have wealth, anyone with more power than I have (such as the state) will attempt to take everything I have. That’s also important to know and has saved me from, for example, getting married to a rapacious bitch.
    Thank God for the bullies I experienced as a child.

  23. reprinted my own article from father’s day 2011:
    “Violence never solved anything” my mother would say.
    “Fighting hurts you more than the people that pick on you” said the
    school assistant principal, Mrs. Greally, as i sat in her office waiting
    for detention that I had not earned.
    “if you ignore them they will get bored and go away.” said the school
    nurse as she put disinfectant on my eye, and my busted lip.
    “Never forget you are better than they are.” said the bus driver as she
    pulled away the curb to leave me to the attentions of three bullies.
    “You are bigger than they are, and fighting back would make you a bully.” said my neighbor Mrs. Clarke.
    “What the fuck is wrong with you? you are like three times the size
    of those little bastards! Hurt one of them so bad everyone is too scared
    to fuck with you ever again!”
    Thank you Mister Brock. Junior high school phys ed teacher. Your ways
    were rough, but you were the only one that ever understood or truly
    cared. You were the closest thing I ever found to a father.
    And to my blood father, whom I only met once- I understand. I forgive you. I never truly understood until it happened to me.

    1. Typical women and/or progressive educrat response: Punish you if you defend yourself, dismiss your getting pummeled as “Oh, boys will be boys!” if you ‘tell an adult’ (them) instead like they tell you to do.

    2. Violence solves lots of things. Unfortunate but true. Mister Brock would’ve been fired to telling you that today.

  24. Article translation: the Spartans had the right idea with the agoge: weed out the weak boys to make only the best made it to the next level in being a Spartan warrior.

  25. This article completely misses the point. Bullying can be prevented by active parenting. The kids I saw that got bullied had parents that were out of touch with reality. They didn’t know how to help their children develop socially and ignored the signs that their children had issues fitting in. It doesn’t take much for a child to develop, they absorb like a sponge. But if they aren’t given the right guidance many will be lost.
    Also, many parents only support fighting in the case of self defense. But sometimes you have to fight even if there is no immediate danger. If a dude is picking on you to no end, you have to stand up for yourself. Because there’s no serious repercussion to children fighting, one must be willing to do so as a child. But many parents make it seem like it’s the worst thing in the world and will beat their kids for fighting (or at least make it appear like they will).

    1. Your observation about parenting is astute, but it doesn’t relate to the point of my article, which is to address flaws within the public education system, independent from parenting trends.
      Schools can correct what children do not learn at home. In fact, it is the only hope many children have, considering the total lack of support or consistency many children face.
      I had the support of my father any time I got in trouble for fighting and/or standing up for myself. He drove me to court and stood with the school’s policy, but he refused to punish me and even voiced disapproval with the way things were.
      True that not everyone has support at home, but today my issue to address is the role of school and government in the pussification of boys. I made my point quite well, than you.

      1. That is not the point of public schools. They are, at best, extremely expensive day care centres where vampiric, unionised pubic sector workers bleed the tax payer dry.
        At their worst, they are institutions whose designed is to crush all human spirit and churn out slave worker drones that must be told their entire life what to do by others, and then they die.
        Some relevant links:

  26. I remember being bullied a decent amount in middle and high school. Unfortunately at the time I was incredibly blue pill when it came to looking out for ones self interest. My dad (good man, did not beat me/ drink etc) took a “turn the other cheek” mentality to life and that is what I had instilled in my mind. What I learned from this is that if you turn the other cheek your probably just gonna get slapped twice.
    I say to any young men on here still in high school/middle school etc. DO NOT TURN THE OTHER CHEEK. Things that happened to me a decade ago to this day bug the shit out of me.
    Lift weights, learn to fight. do what it takes to look out for number one (you).
    When I have sons they WILL NOT be learning this “Turn the other cheek” mantra.
    Is bullying fun when your on the receiving end? of course not, but do not expect anyone else to take care of you except for you. (Handle your business).

    1. For the ‘Turn the other cheek’ mantra, it’s just that it’s been misinterpreted. This is a reflection more so on our pussified society than the actual teaching.
      What he was trying to convey is to shrug off insults and don’t give a fuck.
      Seriously. Not to let someone beat your ass. And that is also the correct move in gaining social dominance. Hold the frame and genuinely don’t care about insults as they are ultimately meaningless. Don’t be reactive to others’ frame.
      Phaggot beta teachers taught it wrong.

      1. What about when the insults are repeated again and again for weeks on end only to be replaced with new ones. To me there is a point where you should start cracking skulls, but I was taught not to and so became an easy target who would not defend himself.

        1. I mean that is one solution but it can lead to some trouble.
          Seriously, if you just have a true genuine ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude and you simply dismiss them, it will stop because you’re being truly unreactive to their frame. There is no reward for it for them.
          This is not the same as no responding but giving off butthurt vibes.
          Basically when you actually give up your insecurities, it’s game over for them.
          Once you can internalize what Tyler is saying then you’re set:

  27. Yeah my parents were pretty old-school. If I got bullied or beat-up, they actually got mad at me, saying I must fight back to avenge my loss. If I was physically unable to beat-up the kid then my parents encouraged my older brothers or cousins to go jump that kid with me. I rarely got bullied, beat-up or even got in a fight during my public school years. But the few times that I did, my gangsta-minded old-school parents ordered me to fight back. “Tattling”, “creating a safe space”, “cooperative dialogue” and all these liberal PC bullying advices were completely shunned by my parents, to them there was no other way then through violence. What do I think? Fight back with violence. If you physically can’t beat the kid up, muster up some forces (brothers, cousins, hell even sisters) and beat the bully’s ass. Sometimes reasoning just doesn’t work, violence is respected because it gets great results.

  28. I remember growing up as a kid I got into fights all of the time because i was a ginger. Some people that came to respect me were the ones who I fought back against when they tried to bully me. I was never good with shit talk, I was just upright honest with people.
    As an adult I feel somewhat disarmed. You can’t fight back anymore physically because you’ll go to jail for it. So often times I had to learn how to walk away from things, which still aggrivates the fuck out of me. I felt that fighting was a great way of expression and I hate having to walk away all of the time.

    1. I often wish there really were a ‘fight club’. Not an anarchy organization like in the movie, but a place where normal guys… not MMA fighters, not celebrities, could go to get the crap kicked out of them and kick crap in return, with no lawyers or cops or any of the rest of that crap.

      1. I’m sure they are around somewhere. Closest boxing/mma gym is 30 miles away from me.

  29. 1. unisex schools are better. More testosterone for guys and more estrogen for girls. Both genders can be themselves without all the feminist ideas shoved down their throats.
    2. Give the boys a boxing ring and let them wrestle. I remember in my high school our sports teacher would put a ring every PE class and let us fight. There was no bullying in the school, no gossip, no words. It was all just “if you gotta a problem I’ll see in the ring” and after the fight everyone bonds.
    all of these politically correct strategies to fight bullying are a joke.

    1. I went to a unisex school with a skewed gender ratio (~75% male/25% female). The guys (myself included) were extremely catty and were in a constant state of one-up-man-ship in front of the girls, mostly achieved through undermining and/or humiliating other males. Eventually I just gave up.
      And what country do you live in where young women aren’t exposed to feminist dogma?

  30. I was hated on hard in high school by all sorts of people. Buff dudes who wanted to show off in front of girls, tall guys, fat guys, skinny guys, short guys, soccer players, racist Black guys, wannabe cholos, guys I thought (wrongly) were my friends, and even nerds. I was definitely not a pussy magnet. On the other hand I did do some crazy shit so Im not completely innocent. But the way the government takes on bullying is a joke. For example I hear stories about girls killing theirselves because they were bullied in Facebook. How the fuck do you get bullied on Facebook?! Everytime someone says some shit on Facebook all that has to be done is just block those idiots so you dont put up with their bullshit. Personally I find it impossible to be bullied on Facebook. I today today the government treats “bullying” the way feminists treat “rape”. And this is coming from someone who really did get bullied. And look at me I never had any suicidal thoughts. Im still alive. What gives?

  31. Boys are intrinsically drawn to images of power: wizards, knights, scifi or fantasy warriors in television, movies, video games, etc. The most important thing to do is to take that drive to power and direct towards things that can actually be realized. If you lived in ancient times you could a knight or a viking or a hoplite, but mass wars are fought with guns and machines. The closet thing we have to being a warrior in real life in our time is playing physical competitive sports.

  32. This one brings back a lot of my memories too. I could never stand up to bullies in elementary and middle school, although fortunately it was almost all verbal. The only time I got some balls was in high school and college, and even I was astonished at how it worked. Most bullies later became friends or at least we were on friendlier terms. Men will be friends when they see another strong personality, and now I realize they have justifiable contempt for the weak, or weak-looking. Or, even as we say girls do (on dates, etc.), they do push their boundaries with other girls and boys and see how far they can or can’t go.

  33. Bullying made me.
    I was skinny as a rail, uncoordinated, and when my voice was changing…. it decided to jump up and octave for about a month before making a permanent giant step down.
    I got called faggot, twig, and everything else.
    It taught me to diffuse situations verbally, make people laugh, talk to groups and manipulate them, made it wherr nothing anyone said could bother me, and got me started bodybuilding years before any of my peers.
    Shaming my faults made me fix my faults.
    Always knew I was great, had to prove it to the fuckers.
    All my friends benefitted from bullying.
    Tubs got fit. Beers sobered up. I fixed all of the above and got off drugs. We all broke up with long term controlling girlfriends at once (pussy whipped… the insult that saved us all from betadom). And we are all better friends for it.
    Nerfing the world just makes weaker students.

  34. There is valid shaming and invalid shaming. The type you mention is valid. Valid shaming is actually for the person’s own good. However the other type of shaming is for someone to shame you into doing something that is specifically advantageous to them or their own agenda, and does not contribute to the improvement of the person being shamed. The classic being “man up and marry that slut”.

  35. The author’s view on bullying and bullies is… interesting.
    First off, shaming: There is nothing admirable about teasing people about their perceived shortcomings (as perceived by you). Do I think cats and rainbows on t-shirt are clever? No. Do I have time to waste teasing you about it? Absolutely not, couldn’t give two shits what you have on your t-shirts. Believe it or not, teasing someone about their appearance is not done from altruism but rather for the pleasure of the mocking crowds. Its actually quite immature. I might smirk inwardly about your funny shoes but I’m not going to give you a hard time about it.
    Secondly: Bullies are not people with alpha tendendances. They are usually cowards, hence why they pick on the weak and isolated. There is nothing alpha about that. Bullies are usually making up for some shortcoming of their own by terrorising someone weaker than themselves. And bullying goes well beyond physical violence. Its a power relationship where one person (or group of people) can use their authority in a situation to make life difficult for another. Bullying by a boss towards his employees for example. Obviously the boss isn’t beating his staff and taking their lunch money. Sadly, this can only usually be dealt with by quitting your job.
    The way I dealt with it at school though was simple. I would just take it to your face. However, that doesn’t always work because once they realise you’re ready to fight they can get real sneaky, going behind your back, sabotaging your works, etc. Fundamentally, this one of the major problems of schools. They put diverse people together in one place and they make it compulsory. I can quit my job if my boss is on my case but I can’t quit school.

    1. If bullies arent alphas then explain why bullies I knew had a girlfriend (or got laid) when I was in high school….

        1. Its complicated but this is how I see bullying. Girls think its “hot” when they see a guy show power over a weaker guy. Bullies are violent by nature.
          Look at the animal kingdoms in africa. The Lion that gets to father cubs is the most violent one, driving out all the male lions. The biggest gorilla is the one female gorillas look up to in the pack because he can intimidate predators. The most violent chimpanzee is the one getting laid. A weak male chimpanzee scared of getting pecked by birds doesnt just frequently get beat up by the leader. Even female chimps pick on him.
          Women are attracted to evil men (nothing new).
          Of course Im not trying to say Bullying is a good thing. Its not. Ive been bullied myself. But girls love seeing a man get humiliated by a stronger looking guy. Of course the only time bullying is seen as cowardly is if a guy is bullying a girl. In high school Ive only seen male/male bullying not male/female bullying because then the bully would look like a pussy for picking on a female.
          And the government protecting kids from bullying?! Bitch please they only want to protect females and gays from bullying. They dont give 2 shits about a straight guy being bullied.

        2. Ok I see where you are coming from. I guess we view bullying and bullies differently and this probably is based on our different life experiences. My personal experience of bullies is that they are cowards. Either because they only pick on those who can’t fight back or they operate in groups. Catch one of them alone and all of a sudden they don’t seem so tough.
          I had a issue at school with such people. After I beat a couple of them individually they changed their tactics. Less confrontational and more behind my back stuff so I couldn’t identify who was doing what. My response was to foul them repeatedly when playing football and eventually spread the word that I was going to kill them! That got their attention and the problems stopped. Essentially, I had to become so scary and raise the stakes so high that they decided it was better to be my friend. This is why I view bullies as cowards.
          I understand what you mean by the dominance behaviour of apes. I think its a little different with humans because we have a much greater range of dominance behaviours and responses. A much weaker guy can just ambush a bully and eff him up (my Dad used to deal with bullies this way). Also, one human male can dominate others (not necessarily in a negative or threatening fashion) just by being a great speaker.

        3. The author only talks about 1 on 1 bullying. These days in high school its actually worse (at least where I live). Most bullies operate in a gang. I guess thats why you said they were cowardly. I’ll agree in this case. Every guy that bullied me (in high school) usually had a guy with him or was with a group.

        4. I see no distinction between a bully operating alone or with a friend. The strong bully the weak not the other way round. Cowardice is built into the definition of bullying. And lets not forget the insecurities that bullies often suffer from.

        5. I was just telling you this because having been bullied in Middle School it was 1 on 1 bullying. When I got in high school I was bullied by packs of dudes.

  36. How come every author on here talks about self-improvement and shit but they’re all bouncers or personal trainers? Half the reason you guys have to do so much legwork to get chicks is because you honestly don’t have a cool job.

  37. There’s only one thing bullies understand and that is physical violence.

  38. Growing up in the burbs, bullies were always the heavy set kids. They were stronger for their age because their legs had to carry around those extra pizza rolls they were always eating. They weren’t “alpha” at all; they were actually real pussies when it came down to it. They just knew they possessed a size advantage. All it took was a little resistance to get them to back down.
    I imagine bullies haven’t changed much in the past 15 years. All the kids with real fathers don’t push kids around in school. Sure, they may snicker in the back of the class about the fruit in the front row, but I never knew a kid with a decent home life that would instigate fights.

  39. It’s all true in this article.
    I’ve been “bullied” for being fat and got myself in the best shape of my life.
    I’ve also been “bullied” for being a weak liberal sissy and I’ve since changed that as well, and have never felt better.
    If someone intimidates or hurts you because they’re an insecure asshole, don’t take it from them, man up and fight them!

  40. Part of the problems with bullying is that schools are making it against the law to fight. When I was 11 and growing the Intermediate, Junior, and High School would give tickets for fighting. Truth being told I couldve beat 60% of the bullies, and if not im pretty sure I couldve at least put up a good fight. My parents werent any help either. My Dad was like “Youre not gonna bring any tickets in the house” and my Mom was like “Just tell a teacher or the principle”. So my Dad was basically telling me not to fight while my Mom wanted me to be a snitch. The bullying was a bit easier in intermediate most people just talked shit but I didnt care as long as they werent getting physical with me. It did get physical in Middle school but I did nothing. It got worse in High school because people would bully me in packs. I remember wishing that id grown a pair and kicked some ass in Middle school so the High school drama wouldnt be happening. Most bullying on tv is portrayed as a big boy bullying a smaller boy but that wasnt true in my case I was always a tall guy. Skinny too. In my last 2 years of high school I was 6’1 145 lbs. Truth be told I dont think I ever did get over the bullying to this day.

  41. I remember being bullied for being poor… Which just goes to show how kids will antagonise each other over the most inconsequential differences. The best method I found to deal with it was by adopting an Israeli mentality to anyone who attacked me physically or verbally and retaliate in kind. Needless to say the bullying stopped and I managed to turn a lot of people on a former bully who broke down like a complete pussy which was a massive bonus.

  42. i dunno i haven’t ever had a problem with bullies… then again i am homeschooled….

  43. There were other instances but this is one I remember. By the time I was a senior in High School, I had lettered in football, track, and wrestling, I had fought in my neighborhood a lot growing up, and I was the executive officer of my high school JROTC program. I was generally well known and well liked, definitely too blue pill in a lot of ways.
    A pack of four boys started harassing me because, ostensibly, I had been seen talking to one of their girlfriends. I had talked to her,but she insisted that she had broken up with him, whatever. As long as they stuck to goading me, I had no reason to fight, yapping dogs do nothing but yap after all. I was bigger than all of them. When that didn’t work they started making a scrawny freshmen that wanted to be a part of their group to harass me. Their aim was to get me to attack him so they could pretend to be rushing to his aid.
    I didn’t bite. One day this kid came up to me in the locker room with his “buddies” standing behind him. Yelled at me to throw a punch. I looked at him and said, “If we fight, I am going to hurt you, and I don’t want to, I have nothing against you. You’re friends are putting you up to this. You need better friends.”
    I turned to step away and he struck me in the back of the head. I wheeled around caught him by the front of his shirt and landed a right handed haymaker, He was already going to the ground when I stepped past him to make the ones who caused it pay. I upended a wooden bench to seperate the two of them and give myself a few seconds. The first one, the “boyfriend”, caught a fast punch to his solar plexus, and as he doubled over I rammed his head hard into a locker, he wound up needing 13 stitches in his cheek. I knew from his scream that he was done. The last one had just enough time to realize what was happening as I lunged into him tackled to the floor and pummelled him for a good fifteen seconds.
    Two coaches pulled me off of him. There was blood everywhere. I found myself handcuffed by the school resource officer. There were fifteen witnesses outside his office saying that they basically got what they had coming.

  44. This reminds me of when I was in middle school and if you were “bullying” someone or talking shit you had to get in full pads and get in the circle with the biggest guy in the class and it was inevitable you were going to get hit and get hit hard.

  45. #1 cost-effective bully response tactic of progressive liberal educators: Punish you if you defend yourself because “all violence is wrong,” dismiss a bully beating your ass bloody as “boys will be boys” when you “tell and adult” (them) like they instruct. (Requires doing nothing– highly cost-effective!)

  46. I made a previous post but Im posting again: This article reminds me of when I was 17 years old. I was dating my 2nd gf. We never had any any arguments (well she talked to a guy who bullied me as a child. I didnt like it but she said she found him annoying and honestly I believed it). We dated for 6 months. Near the end i got sick and stayed at my house for 4 days (Serious case of strep throat). My cousin cuts peoples hair at his garage. One of the customers shows him a porn video. It was my gf in a gangbang (happened the 2nd day i was sick) with the guy who bullied me as a kid and his 2 buddies. I confront her about the gangbang. We argue and she tells me to get over her. She tells me if i had any balls to beat up the exbully. Sadly i never did since I felt my chances of winning were slim. She was innocent but turned mean and started makes sex jokes. She was telling her friends how good David (the exbully) was in bed. All her female friends laughed at me as well as her white knight supporters for the cheating. I dropped out of high school 4 weeks later because of it.

  47. When I was younger I was a bully. I am not proud of it. My mother left my father when I was young. She loved cocaine more than she loved her family. My father liked to drink and then kick my ass on a semi-regular basis. As a young boy I learned that if your strong that you can dominate the weak. I also learned that if you are weak, then beware those that are stronger than you. I was able to smell fear in people. Bully’s can smell fear like shark’s smell blood. Later on in high school I got involved in athletics and excelled big time in both football and track. I boxed for a few years as well. These were invaluable to me as they let me blow off aggression in a way that was productive. In my opinion most bully’s only understand aggression.
    Those who control the School system (Women and effeminate males) really have very little understanding as to what creates male aggression, or the solutions to that aggression. When I look at the so-called experts and their various solutions I just shake my head.
    Society in every respect has grown unbelievably soft.

    1. The whole drugging boys is a form of genocide if you ask me. Indeed, the school system has little understanding of male aggression or, for that matter, anything else.

  48. Is it just me, or do do all the anti-bullying tactics the school system come up with intentionally avoid dealing with the bully himself, as a person?
    It’s like they want to disassociate anyone from individual responsibility or something

    1. I’m convinced that the main reasons schools do almost anything, is to not get sued. Follow the money.

  49. My oldest son was 5 years old when he was bullied by 3 boys at his kindergarten. My son is a meek gentle boy, and his mother told him that he needed to tell the teacher. I decided as his father that this was not good for him. So I gave him the 3 step rule: 1. Ask them to stop it, nicely. (the boys were hitting him with this toy.) If it continues, 2. Ask them to stop it in a firm and slightly raised voice. If it continues, then 3. say stop it while pushing them away. When he gets older I would have added a punch perhaps or something else, but as a 5 year old a push was enough. My son was also the biggest kid in his preschool, but really gentle boy. Anyways, just like R bere says below – my son was picked on until I told him that it was Ok to to this. He followed my advice, and the next day he pushed the boys toy so hard it smacked the bully in the face. They all went to the principal’s office, and the parents were called in. The mom of the bully was very understanding and said, it’s boys being boys. After that, the bully and my son became friends. He learned at the age of 5 – that a man (even a little man, a boy) needs respect! I will be sure to tell him this many times over as he becomes a man. (He’s 10 now.)
    Sometimes all it takes is an older man to say, “It’s OK. This is how you do it.” I’m a new Red pill guy, but this is what was lacking in my life and in the lives of many men under 40 – a male mentor (father) to say “It’s OK. This is how you do it.” Nice article.

    1. Finally. Someone with common fucking sense. Bodybuilding isnt foolproof against bullies anyway. I saw a guy try to stand up to a bully only to get a front tooth knocked out (probably what stopped me from standing up for myself). “Some bullies are too big and too tough to physically contend with.” Also true. There is no way in hell a 5’7 guy could ever beat a bully of 6’1. If you are 5’7 120 lbs getting bullied by a 6’1 175 lbs guy and you wanna bulk to 150 most likely wont be enough (140-160 is the required weight for a 5’7 man). The bully will still torture u in the meantime and if the 5’7 guy wanted to bulk up to 175 lbs that will take him 2-3 years to pull off. Even being buff wont help if youre 6’0 180 lbs while your bully is 6’2 230 lbs.
      Because of my experiences in junior/high school, I will have my child homeschooled and have him learn TKD just in case shit ever hits the fan. (I also agree about letting small kids having Mace and Tasers in school)
      P.S. you should do your own article about bullying. Vic doesnt seem to have a clue about how badly a bully can fuck you up in a fight.

    2. You took words out of my mouth.
      It’s absolutely hilarious how many guys here in RoK think they “Alpha”, while being as far from it as possible.
      I also a agree that the worthless “male pride” is not worth a shit. Health and safety -especially safety- are vastly more important.

  50. When I was in elementary school I was the shortest and smartest kid in my class and therefore subject to a copious amount of bullying. I had bullies make fun of me and steal my stuff and usually play the game of keep-away with my stuff. I asked my Dad for advice and he basically told me to not take shit from anyone and to initiate fights with those who bullied me. One particular bully, named Carl, was the tallest kid in our class and I was a favorite target of his. So one day after absorbing my father’s advice I was being harassed during recess and a crowd of students were watching and I immediately punched him in the face twice. We both got tangled up on the ground and he punched me a few times and I got a black eye. had gotten him pretty good a few times as well because he got a bloody nose. While were being broken up by some teachers I yelled at him and told him to NOT mess with me again EVER. I was suspended from school for one week. While my mom was pretty pissed about me getting into a fight my Dad basically commended me on taking a step towards being a man. I would get into several more fights until high school when I hit my growth spurt. In middle school I had one year where I got into three separate fights and was sent to anger management counseling due to my “dangerous” tendencies. One thing can say about these fights is that I NEVER started a fight with anyone who wasn’t messing with me and that I never worried about “winning” or losing a fight. I can say with no shame that a few fights I got beat up pretty good but I always gained the respect of my opponent.
    I cringe now at the anti-fighting campaigns being pushed by the media these days, kids need to know how to stand up for themselves and not rely on overworked and underpaid teachers to police and protect them. I’m 25 now and my fight with Carl was over 14 years ago and I can still remember the sense of masculine pride I gained for having stood up to someone who was taller and stronger than me.

  51. Try growing up in socal and dealing with the public school system. In elementary fights were one on one. When you got to middleschool and highschool you were dealing with gangs. Kind of hard to deal with shit talking bullies when they have 9 or 10 of their essays or brothas backin them up. This was in the 90s though and it was worse back then. You didn’t see individual bullies peeps rolled in packs and if you got targeted and didn’t have a crew you could get hurt bad. I got targeted once by a little shit talking Mexican and couldn’t do shit because of his crew. There was no honor or reasoning back then and you just roll with it and hope for the best while trying to avoid confrontation. There is no honor when you’re among jackals. Got jumped twice for holding my ground & stabbed in the leg. Be safe kids people don’t do one on one anymore.

  52. The bullshit is strong with this.
    I was one of those kids who was bullied most of my school years. Had the shit beaten out of me multiple times because I was small, scrawny, and very severely asthmatic.
    Finally managed to fight back by the time I hit puberty, and in a couple years I could thrash all the bullies even when they ganged up. You know what that got me?
    Instead of attacking me physically those fuckers would start badmouthing me everywhere. I was almost expelled because one of them spread rumors of me dealing drugs. My books were stolen, my desk was vandalized, and most students would believe whatever shit they made up about me because hey, if 20 people say it then it must be true.
    Even through all that I was an honors student and athlete, but none of that mattered one single bit. If some entitled assholes think they’re better than you for whatever reason, and the fucked up society around them allows them to go on thinking that way, they will find a way to make your life hell. And that can be enormously scarring for kids growing up.
    I didn’t end up with severe psychological issues, although it took me years to stop seeing myself as a worthless shit, but a friend of mine literally ended up with PTSD. At 17.
    So please, take your self-important posturing, your socially beneficial shaming, and your dog-eat-dog views, douse them in gasoline, shove them up your ass and light the whole fucking thing on fire.

  53. Anyone who is against the gay movement or feminism are the ones who are “bullied”.

  54. I love the idea of sanctioned boxing matches though that doesn’t work for physically deformed, sick, or genetically weaker boys. I must also add:
    Bullies should not be ones to teach boys to “stand up for themselves” because in reality they can’t teach them. They are merely tests of a boys’ current ability to face fear. The responsibility of teaching how to face fear falls on the shoulders of the father/grandfathers/trusted elders. Dumping a kid off at school and expecting him to figure it all out (which may not happen without proper guidance) is just poor guidance, which is the case for most American children nowadays.
    If boys are never given guidance and initiation by male friends or elders then they may fall into the trap of developing a severe beta mindset and learn avoidance strategies rather than face confrontation. This will hurt him in later life.

  55. My two cents of living in a world of thinking these kind of past experiences and being relatively able to contribute to society as a semi-nerd.
    A) Pick your kids’ school wisely, if you see nerd tendencies, put him/her into a school that nurtures those talents. Don’t think twice, take debt, best solution for all. He/she will become a happy succesful person with a few of those honestly good girls.
    B) If not possible, teach him/her becoming grey and getting into a minority group (goths,scifi nerds whatever), in which he/she has the group protection and not the threat of being isolated. Afterwards, get a scholarship ASAP.
    C) Teach basic sport skills, sport skills are the most important “nuke” against being bullied to begin with, regardless of frame.
    D) Music is a good way of being a wus nerd and not get bullied, teach music. Not trumpet; guitar.
    The fighting skills are good, but you will still label yourself as a bit deviant if you get into a fight. There are ways to be a nerd and not to get bullied and get girls (music, special interests groups).

  56. Welll, I’m not entirely convinced. See, picking on the weaker is a sign of cowardice. How should we approve of that? As a kid, I was an easy target because of my severe asthma – any athletic activity would eventually cause me to almost suffocate. Good medicines were unavailable in Poland back then. Abuse someone because s/he has health issues? Dumb and cowardly. And then there’s this bit: “consequences for (…) being different from the overwhelming majority of their peers”. You at ROK have always stressed being different, being yourself, following your own goals is a GOOD thing. How in the world should it be ok to bully those “different” ones – which usually prove to be the ones who push the world forward? “Without deviation from the norm there is no progress” – Frank Zappa.

  57. Some of the bullying I witnessed in my large public high school seemed to almost have the tacit approval of the teachers. The bullies were very large, meatheaded members of the football team, who traveled in groups. I dare say almost anybody would have been somewhat intimidated by 3 or 4 six foot, 220 lbs guys circling you like jackels. I remember being relieved it wasn’t me that was their target. I think the teachers themselves were intimidated by their size and social/athletic status. Nobody wanted to confront them. All this occurred in front of large numbers of students. Most of the targets were harmless. Quite, bookworm types, yes socially awkward, but so what?
    What makes you a real man? Well, one indication is the ability to treat people over whom you have power with kindness and respect. Absolute power corrupts and all that. You can surpass them with achievement, both athletically and academically, and if you can manage not be an preening alpha jerk, they will admire and remember you fondly. And everybody still knows who the alpha really is….

  58. I remember the stupid and unjust “justice” of teachers.
    I have been target of the bullies for my childhood and early teen years. Note that this bullies were not the alpha types that is popular and respected, nor I was totally out of social system. I had my fair share of friends.
    I know violence doesn’t solve “everything”, didn’t give me much solutuion either. But I am glad about what i did about bullies instead of leaving my pride to the mercy of these PC whores who were my teachers.
    Instance 1- Two kids who were bigger than me was bullying me.Throwing insults and me then running away to see the fat boy sweating and unable to catch them.When i did catch them they were overpowering me 2 to 1. Then one day, when i was chasing them, i decided to try something new. ı grabbed a big stone and threw it to the head of one of them. He stopped running,touched his head and see the blood in horror. The teacher whore of course got mad at me.And ı was crying in rage and fear of punishment. But İ liked it nonetheless. Guys continued bullying for a while but stopped later.
    Instance 2- I was in 6th grade. I was new in school, had no friends and it was school much lawless than before.In first day of school the teacher-whore decided who would sit in the same desk with whom. I was in the same desk with two society parasites. They were trolling me,bullying me, throw lies around me and stopping me from listening to courses (the ones i liked at least). I talked to the teacher, she dissmised my arguments, ignored the problem and treated me like i was trying to break a rule for the joy of it. So much for female empathy and kindness, these are all show business for these teacher whores.
    One day i lost my temper totally, beat the hell out of one of these motherfuckers. He stopeed messing with me for few weeks.Then started again. I beat him again. Peace for one month and beating again. Cycle continued for a year, without no intervention from the teacher whore. It was my misfortune that these parasites were masochistic and broken in the mind. But I got a relaxation after every fight.
    No need to mention how these whores treated female students. One girl in my class would cry after every “composition writing” session because she couldn’t do it ( a fat retarded whore she was) and teacher-whore let her friend do it for her. And another girl cried in homework control because she didn’t do it. Teacher whore screamed at us for not doing it, we asked why she doesnt treat her that way, she said “she is crying, she at least regrets it”.
    Fucking teacher-whores.

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