Why You Must Raise Your Son To Be A Warrior

Every culture that ever held masculine virtues as the cornerstones of morality has been focused on the strength of the family unit, or clan. This unit takes the form of two parents and their children, but can vary from culture to culture in how much influence the extended blood family have within the unit. Grandparents often take the role of the clan elder, with the younger generations looking to them for wisdom and assisting with the transmission of norms and values to their children.

On the other hand, you might have found that horizontal family branches may have less direct contact with each other, instead revolving around a common ancestor for family gatherings. No matter what the peculiarities of the family unit structure, they have always been at their greatest in leading the youth to a functional role in society.

Your Family Is Under Threat

The globalist elite hate the power of a strongly bonded family, because they know that this cohesion is what prevents their victim-empowering, self-hatred encouraging propaganda from taking root in the minds of impressionable children. They struggle to overpower this with every institution. Schools ram their twisted ideology down the throats of children the instant that parents leave them at the gates.

Those children who do not begin to parrot the insanity back to their handlers fast enough are diagnosed with some form of disorder, and forcefully medicated to dull their minds and sense of independence. Signs placed in bus stations warn of the consequences of “hate crime” for those who would dare to defend their own kind against foreign invaders. No mention is ever made of what rights, if any, you have to protect yourself from unprovoked violence from minority groups.

All of this and more is thrown relentlessly at you, your spouse and your children. If you stand by idly, eventually you will begin to hear these same pathetic sentiments emerging from their mouths. If you are particularly weak, then you will join the chorus. As soon as you do, you will find yourself forced to your knees, and everything you held dear taken from you. Your money, property and actions are no longer your own to control. You are merely given access to these things in return for doing as you are told.

I understand this is a bleak image, but it is an image that is increasingly blocking out all others across Western Civilization as a whole. Thankfully, there is a way to fight back against this. You may be afraid to join mass protests for fear of retribution. You may be afraid to take a stand against the established political players that offer a choice between being robbed from the left or from the right. You may be afraid, but unless you want this to become a daily reality with no way out, you must fight.

Your Fight Begins At Home

I do not mean that you should slap your children if they mimic the other indoctrinated children they share classes with. Victory comes, not from violence, but rather from ideological superiority.

If you have heard of the concept of frame you will know that, in a debate or argument, the person with the strongest frame is the most persuasive. In order to hold a frame strong enough to protect your family from moral corruption carried out on a global level, you must build your family around masculine virtues. A patriarchal core, drawing inspiration from history, philosophy and warrior-ethics, insulates the minds of the next generation from the insidious propaganda machine blaring at them from every other angle.

Your home must be a safe space. Not in the sense of a safe space for women and their feminist allies. It must be secured against all angles of attack. TV viewing habits should be controlled in terms of content and also how frequently. An easy way to establish the expectation that TV should not interfere with family time, and therefore with family ties, is to ban any use of the TV during meal times.

Likewise, all other media, digital or otherwise, should be completely restricted during meals. You must lead this by example. You cannot expect your children to respect your law if you will not adhere to the same standards. It is your job as the patriarch of your family to stand as a shining example of what they can be if they embody the same principles.

Have you ever noticed how stunted and awkward social interaction becomes when everyone involved has half of their attention being sucked away by screens? Teaching your family that they can have meaningful existence without these distractions is beneficial on multiple levels. Your sons will be better equipped to deal with the complexity of human interactions. You may not wish to start introducing the concepts of game until your children are older, but being able to take part in face to face communication will put them at the head of the pack when their time comes, in both business and pleasure. Whilst you will be teaching your children valuable life lessons, the true benefits of this are immediate.

Bonding as a family is an intensely rewarding experience, and infinitely more so when each member of the family takes a genuine interest in each other. There is nothing worse than enthusiastically asking your son about his day, only to have him demand to play with your smartphone in response, and cry if refused. Do yourself, and your family a favour. Keep the damn screens away from your shared time, and don’t let them turn into spoiled princesses.

Don’t Hide Your Children From Harsh Realities

Many of the parents I know praise their children endlessly. By now, this should come as no surprise to you. This type of willfully blind parenting results in weak, narcissistic and “woe is me” adults that are incapable of taking care of themselves. Their children, if they are ever able to gather the balls to approach a woman, will likely be so damaged beyond repair that they will forever be dependent on others for the most basic needs.

If you value your genetic legacy, it is your duty to prevent things from ever reaching this stage. Let others destroy themselves if they are unwilling to open their eyes to the world around them, but do not let yourself shuffle meekly into the same inter-generational suicide that they have allowed themselves to be railroaded into.

Begin by teaching your children basic masculine values through the use of stories. They can be ones that you have crafted yourself if you possess the creative skills, or could be written by another (preferably from earlier times). The fundamental values you must show to be worthy of pursuing in a man’s character are: honour, duty, and strength.

I do not mean these in their modern, corrupted understanding of the words. If you think of honour as being synonymous with putting the desires of others before your own, you are mistaken. It is essential you seek the truth of what these words mean first.

Praise Their Strength And Determination

When your children are older and are ready to begin competing with their peers in various ways, they will be driven forward to their own victories by these values. Those who gravitate towards the field and sporting achievement will make excellent members of any team, whether it be as a visionary captain or as a loyal, hard-working defense against their opponents. They will struggle in the face of adversity, and come out the other side standing tall. Whether they win, or lose, they will learn how to keep moving forward, whilst others cry at the first sign of hardship.

Later still in life, these same values and early scuffles will form the inner essence of the man that was once a young boy who needed your help to tie his shoes, and teach him the language of your people. This is the man who you will one day stand, shoulder to shoulder, against the hordes of leftist parasites that seek to take from you what you built. If you have raised this man in a masculine manner, and given him the mindset of a warrior, then neither your son nor yourself will be afraid of those who come for you.

With the whole of your clan standing beside you, you are untouchable.

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107 thoughts on “Why You Must Raise Your Son To Be A Warrior”

  1. Great article. This is needed so badly. Raising strong sons if the only hope that any civilization has. Keeping them away from the insidious propaganda of the schools and media is no easy task in today’s world. I see so many parents complaining about how things are yet not doing jack shit about it or even participating in the things that they complain about as well. A weak father will rarely produce a strong son. And then it’s only if the son takes it upon himself and he will resent the father for being weak (as everyone resents a weak man). Sons must be prepared for war and hardened for that is what is coming. It would be cruel and dishonorable to do anything else. Hope to see more articles from you Leo.

  2. Well written and solid article. Young men can benefit from advice like this even if they don’t benefit from an optimum home environment

        1. Is that how it works? Like leaving a newborn at the fire or police station? pin a note to her chest, knock on the convent door, run away?

    1. Have 2. It’s a very similar process. Keep them busy, provide a positive example, don’t over-inflate their egos, and supplement their education with practical skills, the Classics, and non-cucked history lessons.
      One thing I’ll warn you about is that they’ll be masters at manipulating you by the time they can walk. And they will probe at boundaries just like a boy would. You might think you’d prefer your male children or that you’d be able to easily be stern and objective with a daughter, but you’ll fall in love with her at first sight and laying down the law will be harder than you think.

      1. Plus it should be noted, women with great relationships with their fathers just plain turn out better. Don’t buy into the whole “women are pure evil” the most extreme MGTOWs push. Women raised right can be great.

      2. CAN SHE SEW??
        That’s one of the most important criteria in determining a woman who’s worth her salt. If she can sew opens a window to a whole schedule of other related tasks and mental fitness ratings that she’ll either pass or fail on. One of the first three questions a man should ask when meeting a prospective mate is ”Can you sew?”. It’s a litmus test or ‘thump’ test that answers alot about the whole package you’re looking at.
        Every woman I’ve known who told me ”I can’t sew” or ”I’ve never been good at sewing”, every one of them was a complete nerve bag and a mental basket case.
        DAUGHTERS need to be taught to sew early. Any girl that’s not severely speddy and that has opposable thumbs can learn. If their mom is a damaged dingbat who’s too lazy to sew or if she’s a professional prude who mentally blocks her natural role to sew, the daughter still has the ability to hardwire the part of the brain that sews. A young girl can still learn.
        Sewing (especially needlepoint) basically requires a multitasking thought process (hands, precision, repetition, matrix/lattice design logic). A woman whose brain developed a hardwiring to sew as a youth will have the ability to multitask. She’ll mature into a woman who can multitask the necessary domestic skills like monitoring the stove while tit feeding and keeping a carousel of other domestic duties in rotation. She never misses a beat. Teach your daughters sewing and they’ll be worth more and have much much higher value than a non-sewing woman.
        BUT if you marry a woman who ‘can’t sew’, then you’re in for test after test after test and she fails fails fails. She’s afraid to go places by herself or she can’t think or she just plain freaks when she has a child and even if she has every amenity laid out before her, she flops. We’ve all probably known one mom who totally flopped, whether it was pills or stupidity or insanity. She couldn’t sew either could she? Riiight. We probably also remember the dufus in kindergarden who was too stupid to live. The ‘special needs’ kid that stuck a fork in his eye at lunchtime. So they made sure he only had spoons from thereonafter. So the woman who can’t sew – – she’s a piece of shit that can’t do shit domestically. Any four foot mexican housekeeper can cook and run the washer and dust, but CAN SHE SEW? The real test of any woman is the sewing. If the big lady of the house can’t even sew then take a deep look into her eyes. I’ll bet a dollar to a donut you’ll see what I saw when I looked into the eyes of a ‘non-sewing’ woman. She’s EMPTY in there. No one home. She may go around animated and moving but there’s nothing appreciable in there. She doesn’t compare in any way to the woman who sews. It is the truest quality test and litmus test of a woman. Sewing is to womanhood what math is to the engineer.
        So DADS make sure your daughters learn to sew. ‘Lighting a spark’ of interest in youth refers to neuron hardwiring taking root. Get them going at sewing young and they evolve into real women in a whole category of qualities that are lacking in the ‘non-sewing’ woman. Basket weaving is also a related aptitude that blends multitasking and logic. A pygmy woman that can basket weave, you notice can also juggle tit feeding eight babies, changing diapers with her teeth and cooking with her feet while she services her master with her poot. Now THAT’S multitasking buddy. Let’s get our white western women where they can boogie at it like a pygmy, but leave out the saucer lips of course.

        1. <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be357p:….,…

    1. Has it changed your way of thinking? I wonder how much different men are from women when children are born!

      1. Somewhat. I’m now more mindful of certain things. Also it’s made me nearly as paranoid as I was when I came back from Iraq.

        1. Congratulations. Best thing that ever happens to a man is having and raising your own children that look like your forefathers and are steeped in your culture. Teach him/her to be critical thinkers and the rest will fall into place

        2. Makes sense. As a father you’re now going to have a lot of guns pointed your way.
          Congratulations and good luck.

  3. On the boob tube and kids watching the propaganda – eliminate MSM from your family’s menu completely. Some young kids, even toddlers begin watching tablets with youtube. They watch clips that are ‘indie’ vids made by other kids playing with toys and playing games. Probably millions of these kid material are on youtube now. The important thing is that they are ‘indie’ and are not always PC like the MSM. Many kids are out there watching and searching for kiddie stuff to watch. It would be great to see real red pill, pro patriarchy themed vids amongst all the Elsa and GI Joe stuff kids watch. Make some of your own. Make drum beating patriotic and patriarchal nationalistic themed vids featuring your favorite superhero or princess figurines and put them out there. When it’s ‘indie’, then YOU’RE THE PRODUCER. Reach out to the young youtube boobers out there.
    Flash 10 mins ago. Police scanner: 3 Baton Rouge police ambushed & killed outside of police headquarters. This is sunday. Stock up at walmart. I’m sweating like a dog cutting grass. I carry a salt shaker in my pocket. I eat a swig of salt & guzzle 1 pint water every 10 mins. You need electrolytes when you’re working & sweating like a motherfucker.

      1. Let’s take guesses how MSM is going to spin this one. If more shit’s going down in BR, record all transmissions. I’m way the hell far away from there. I’m just listening on my scanner.

        1. Listening to a BR radio station, I heard a guy bring up the black panther party and call them a racist hate group and terrorist organization. No mention of BLM, and local radio isn’t exactly MSM, but it’s surprising to hear anyone in the media call a black supremacy group racists and terrorists.

      2. This stuff is going to really get out of hand. Several of those BLM morons were praising the Dallas shooter on Twitter.

        1. a talking head just mentioned declaring martial law- never thought I would hear those words uttered in this country

        2. Me either.
          I can’t picture that going over very well in the U.S. though, at least not out in the boondocks.

        3. If some BLM morons think it’s a good idea to shoot up a bunch of cops “cause whitey keepin us down”, how long will it be before they decide that since cops shoot back so fast why don’t we go shoot up a bunch of white suburbs since it’s their fault anyway because we suck at life?

        4. a mayor cant declare it right? It would have to be the LA govenor? Would that apply to the entire state?

        5. Not sure how it works but my guess it would have to be the governor to do it by calling up NG.

        6. What’s the ‘talking head’ motherfucker’s name? Those MSM shills piss me off. Martial law over 3 cops?? That talking head is the asshole who’s starting shit by saying ‘martial law’ here in the land of the free where the buffalos hump. I’d tell that talking head that ”You don’t be talking that punk ass ‘martial law’ elitist crap ’round these parts boy”. That’s like trying to start a fight in itself saying that. I just got done dealing with a stupid in-law henpecking bitch who’s going through menopause. The old crazy bitch won’t stop trying to start a war. Fucking bitch is saying ”I’ll call the law on you” like every ten munites when we visit. The bitch can’t stop starting shit and trying to instigate a bluff to get someone swatted.
          I just stared at the stupid bitch and told her to take her head pills or else we’re never visiting again. And that ‘talking head’ calling for martial law, whoever he is, is a stupid woman-brained shill. I bet his hook nose is so big, he needs wheels on the end of it just to get around corners.

        7. Cleveland’s BPA just asked Kasich to suspend open carry for this week due to the convention. Kasich said no….

        8. Not sure how exactly it works. I’m temporarily living in LA for work right now (luckily in bumfuck nowhere, hours from Baton Rouge). Haven’t heard anything about martial law being declared, but I do get BR radio stations, they’re all urging everyone to stay home and lock the doors. Seems to be a bit of fear mongering going on, if nothing else

        9. Its only a matter of time before those assholes come out to my neck of the woods…good luck with that, Dindus…you may get your ass shot off real quick by rednecks that do not fuck around like scared urban dwellers.

    1. “They watch clips that are ‘indie’ vids made by other kids playing with toys and playing games.”
      This sort of vicarious living/voyeurism weirds me out. There’s a whole cult of losers who watch videos of other people playing video games. And they think they’re actually friends with these people. Or those Korean men who pay women to eat on webcam. Strange times we live in.

  4. From what I’ve read on child psychology its best to praise effort, not ability. Praising ability can actually be discouraging because children fear embarrassment. If you praise effort, they are willing to go through difficult/embarrassing situations to get to their goal(which usually means being more skillful).

    1. I’d say praising both effort and achievement independently is probably the healthiest… Sure trying your best is slightly praiseworthy, but trying your best and succeeding far more so.

    2. Math is the most unfairly graded. Miss one decimal point and all your scratch work is rejected as incorrect. Math is graded all or nothing like a bitchwoman grades a ‘honey do’ list. Do everything or it’s bitch flambingo. Fuck that. The scratch work is most of the solution but the stupid robot buzzer time limit forces you to turn in your math quiz like a rat in training for the rat race work wheel. Math should be graded like an essay giving credit on a gradient scale for construction of a solution. But you get a zero if it’s not exact. That’s a bitch grading system like a honey do list that’s not fulfilled 100%. The beta culture that entraps many men into the honey do hell is reinforced by the swat team hotline network and and the divorce rape industry. Every drop of blood a beta coughs up is under threat. It’s extortion. The bitchsystem needs to be dismantled, pulled up by the roots and burned. I hope Trump is up to it or at least I hope he turns the other cheek when American men rise up with their hoes and weed the garden.

      1. Where did you learn mathematics? When I was learning it, you lost points for not showing your work, and if you showed your work the teacher would ignore an obvious typo and/or give you credit for the parts that you got right.

        1. It’s the bubble tests. ”A,B,C,D”. I’m 25% psychic so I always get half the ones I don’t know. They want to see your scratch work. That’s personal. Never should you give the borg a glimpse into the inner working of your mind. They can’t decipher my scratch work anyway. It looks like prehistoric annunaki doodling

  5. Since the 60s much of child rearing has been based on the work of Dr Spock, no spanking, always tell them how special they are, praise them for everything.
    Spocks son committed suicide, just saying.

    1. I’m not certain this can be blamed on Dr. Spock. I’m of the original Dr. Spock generation (born in the mid 60’s) and, for the most part, my generation and I turned out OK. It is worth noting that the Gen-X’er (those who came right after me) are the most entrepreneurial generation since the late 19th century.
      Rather, I think the problem is the rise of “helicopter” parenting, which started in the late 80’s. The kids I saw coming of age in the early 00’s were all hard workers and self-starter types. They were all OK. Admittedly they were all engineering students and, by virtue of such, were likely a cut above the average.

      1. I was also born in the 60s. It’s just the same stuff piled on Spocks recommendations, that is to say it keeps,getting more extreme with each generation. Until television came along there wasn’t a “generation gap”,by the time one was a teenager they were expected to act like adults, now they are expected to act like spoiled kids forever.

        1. What I am saying is that young people in the 80’s and 90’s were perfectly fine. Most of the people I knew were either career-oriented or entrepreneurially driven, and these were “white” poeple both in Southern California as well as the expats in Asia (I lived in Asia during the 90’s). They tended to be somehat conservative, not religious conservative but rather a “get your shit together” libertarian conservative (which is what I am). What I don’t understand is how young people have become so far left, just in the last 5-10 years. I never expected this.
          Also consider that the GenX;ers turned out to be the most entrepreneurial generation since the industrial revolution of the late 19th century and the Gen-X’ers were FAR more entrepreneurial than the WW2 generation you guys seem to worship so much. Now does that sound like a screwed up generation to you?
          Look at the plus side. Crime, drug use, and teen pregnancy are significantly improved over the past 25 years. Does that sound like social decay to you?

        2. Teen pregnancy is down because they have birth control pills thrown at them and are encouraged to “have fun”so they go out and whore around until they are thirty five before “settling down” and having kids. Crime rate went down in the 90s because of three strikes you’re out and mandatory minimum sentence along with similar laws and states started building prisons as fast as they could in order to keep criminals off the streets therefore they couldn’t commit more crimes, we have the largest prison population in the world along with a fast growing police state and surveillance capabilities. We have the lowest workforce participation rate since the 70s, we have a record number of people on food stamps,we have states legalizing drug use does that sound like a healthy society to you?
          As far as the gen x generation you seem to worship so much those are the ones I notice where they are stay at home dads and Mom runs the household. They are the ones that started the SJW movement the millennials just picked it up from them and ran with it. They are the left wing retards that were going around in the 90s yelling ” meat is murder!”.

        3. You might say that it had it’s start in mandatory education and that this, along with Spock’s contribution are part of a continuum.

        4. My assertions came from news reports over the years a quick search can find it all.
          The state of Georgia went on a prison building binge in the early 90s after 3 strikes you’re out was passed to make enough room to house them all. They are beginning to run out of room again at present. It has definitely had an effect,some good,some bad.
          Mom wearing the pants around the house is a personal observation that one can see just by going to a shopping mall or restaurant and watching. Mom shops while dad watches kids or mom plays on her phone while dad watches kids.

        5. So quick that you haven’t had time to find them all? Sorry mate I don’t have time to do your research for you, especially if you don’t.

        6. I don’t have time to do your research for you either, if you don’t believe it, it’s cool with me I’ve got other things to do besides send you links that you can find yourself.( no offense intended)

        7. I get it man but a fundamental rule of argument is “he who asserts must prove”. So if I make an assertion and then tell you to go prove it, well that’s not very convincing. It tells me that you actually don’t know for a fact that you are right and that you have no confidence in your argument, hence why you won’t even research your own argument.

        8. I apologize for giving you the impression that I give a damn whether or not you believe something.

    2. We do not hit our son, and he is respectful and obedient about 85% of the time….time outs make him really sad so that is the major punishment we use-isolation. Works for us…

  6. The pen is mightier than the sword. Teach your kids to think critically for themselves, and how to express their ideas clearly. That will carry them a long, long, loooooong way.

  7. Raise your sons to be tough and self reliant but not to be an asshole with a chip on his shoulder, there IS a difference.

  8. And finally, 3 things
    1)Own guns but keep them locked away as if he is curious, he WILL take them out to try them out “in the woods” like my son tried to do when he was 13. Gun safety is very important.
    2)Take him shooting and teach him about guns. (After the incident of him trying to take my guns,, an old retired 1st sergeant I know told me, traumitized, not to get rid of guns. As he said, “He tried to take your guns because you never take him shooting”.
    3)Once you start taking him shooting, he will be happy to do somiething cool with his dad. (Along with playing the guitar, shooting a gun is the only cool thing a dad can do in the eyes of a teenager. Or mAYBE working on a car. I am so jealous of my Ukranian buddy who has built three cars with his son using junkyard parts. Both father and son are our shooting buddies at the range.
    My son is 19 now, very much more adept at shooting than I. I am still going to make him wait another couple of years until I let him get concealed carry. I still do not think he is ready. If he gets his army commission as a 2nd lieutenant, I will say he is ready. And that he is formally a man totally free of any paternal authority.
    Very competitive to be an officer these days. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Would love to see an officer and a gentleman step through the doorway of our home.

    1. Your #1 is very interesting. Gun control should exist, but not from the government, but from the community itself. You have to make sure that your kids or others don’t get quick access to guns. Especially considering modern guns, nowadays any idiots (i.e, me) can shoot a gun.

    2. Although I grew up in a city, my father was a country boy. I was shooting a shotgun at age 10. I learned how to hunt, fish and camp. I dont think I knew one other kid who did the things I did.

    3. Keep the woman from watching women’s channel. There’s some subliminal shit in women’s channel that makes housewives go apeshit stupid when the man want’s to break away from the henhouse to do manly he-man stuff. She’ll try to run interference and strap the man to some leaky faucet shit. When it’s time to break out with your son and do some shooting, just barge through the old hen’s riggamaroll like an icebreaker ship in the arctic sea. Crunch her ice into a sno cone and snap your fingers for her to hurry up with the sammitches so you and junior can shoot and camp for the weekend. The hamster needs pulled out of her ass and the woman’s channel shit deprogrammed from her about as often as I need an enema, but it’s gotta be done.

    4. Is not a more prudent approach to get him a CCW permit now to protect him from liability? Suppose he is taking a gun to the range, an officer pulls him over but the gun is obscured by his jacket even though it is in a holster on his hip.
      The officer determines that he is illegally concealing a weapon which can be a felony meaning a) your son faces potential prison time and b) will have his privilege to own a gun permanently revoked.

    1. I must add. A while back, I mentioned an anecdote where my ex’s male children flocked to me whenever I was around. I mentioned how male children look up to male adults in general, not just fathers. Well, this is a good example. Not only does this baby look goofy and cute imitating Rocky’s training montage, but clearly something drives him to want to imitate him. Instinct maybe?

  9. i think small children should be spanked when wrong , i think grown women should be spanked when wrong. Both children and women have the same mentalities.

  10. 1. Homeschool or die. It is easier when they aren’t infected for 8 hours a day by feminist teachers so you have to deprogram them. There are all kinds of online inexpensive (and most accredited) homeschool courses, and the Mother can guide the child.
    2. Move away from the dystopian discordia. I know, you’d rather pay $3k in rent or mortgage than move where you’d pay $500 to have the “diversity”. But you may find “Going Galt” with your family leaves you with more in the bank at the end of the month. And Amazon Prime is 2 days in the middle of nowhere too.

    1. Absolutely on number 1, being homeschooled the right way is like mind disinfectant. Outsourcing your kid to a combo of the state and whichever idiot kid they sit with is awful.

  11. In my personal opinion, having kids in this age is a mistake. You can try to educate them, but it is you vs. the world. It is an unfair fight and the world will win eventually.
    I have seen cases of kids coming from traditional families, with strong values, religion, , etc. turn into whores and sjw’s.

    1. Who cut your balls off?
      M raising two strong sons and daughters. All will kick ass.
      We camp, shoot, do archery, hunt and read together. They are also red pulled

        1. They’ll commute for two years and get a career/ associates degree to pull in $25-30 per hour.
          Work through school.
          If they want a bachelors after that it’s on them.

    2. My 12 year old is being raised by his mom in Toronto. I get to see him 2x a month. This last visit we were trying to de-program him from his belief that “homosexuality is just fine, its only a choice!”…we tried to tell him its a sin and he was like “why do you hate gays, why are you homophobic?”. We explained we hate the sin but not the sinner. He would not clearly explain where he got his values. I told him to ask his more red-pill grandparents what they think about gay marriage…they are more conservative and may have an impact…

      1. I’m sorry to hear that. Canada, and Toronto in particular, is like a giant brainwashing camp.

  12. You can keep the MSM and feminist teachers away from your children. The real challenge is stopping their mother from turning them against you.
    The last thing you want is for their mother to enjoy all the benefit of the effort you made to feed, clothe and house your flesh and blood while she takes her sweet time dying, leaving you to blow your brains out in a bedsitting room because you’re too old to work, the firm has stiffed you on your pension and your children’s mother taught them to hate you.
    Children will be an asset to their fathers again when women are no longer necessary for child-rearing, and children can be counted on to be loyal to their father throughout his life. Till then, they’ll remain a trap set for us by women. No sane man should have one.

  13. TV viewing habits should be controlled in terms of content and also how frequently.

    You are already well behind the curve. Kids are watching their media on smartphones now, quietly in their bedrooms or on the bus to school. You will struggle to control their access to content.
    That said, do you think “prohibition” is the way to develop a critical mind in your child?

    1. You raise an excellent point.
      You can’t be there every second of the day to make sure that subversive media is kept away from your children until they are wise enough to make their own decisions, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t even try to set boundaries and teach them masculine values.
      Developing criticial thinking skills is a crucial element in raising a man. However, whilst they are still very young your children must rely on you to set boundaries for them until they understand the underlying rationale of these rules. Simply shouting, demanding or using physical punishment may work for enforcing rules in the short term, but this authoritarian style of parenting rarely has a lasting positive effect.
      With regards to the issue of smartphones, there is no good reason to give you child a smartphone until they have a job and can afford their own. At this stage you may wish to monitor their usage (which can be easily accomplished) or give them the benefit of the doubt.
      (Edit: Ultimately, the exact methods you choose to raise your son are up to you of course. With this article I really wanted to emphasise the impact you can have as a role model for your children. There are an infinite ways to actually do this, some of which will suit you as a father and your children better than it would others. This is where your own judgement comes in.)

      1. I think that part of the issue is that children are protected from reality by child protection laws which prevent them from maturing as they should by getting a job (for example). I have worked since the age of 12 and was able to get my hands on any subversive materials I wanted (at this time D&D and NWA, etc.) because I could pay for them myself. My nephew is 16 and has never worked, doesn’t seem to have any subversive materials but also, sadly seems to be a bit of a dolt.
        My father was big on trusting me to find my own path. He stepped back and led by example. His example was being a tough “go fuck yourself” son of a bitch. It worked.
        So when watching He-Man for example, as a child, I saw right through their early SJW bullshit.
        If you teach your child the right lessons in the right way he will take them on board because he wants to be like you.
        In the future, a smartphone may be an indispensible learning tool for your child. Rather than prohibit it, I personally would trust him to use his head unless he behaves irresponsibly. And also consider, kids are really smart and experts at getting around adult locks, etc. I did it, my brother did and I know other kids did it. They will then lock it again so that you don’t know that they’re doing it. So be careful not to encourage deceptive behavior in your child. The locks were set by my mother.

        1. Being present is important. We cant always be there but some exposure is good because they need the opportunity to see what’s bad so that they understand what is being told to them when you contradict the media narrative. Being present is the best tool along with boundaries, I keep my oldest downstairs when I’m home, I quiz him on the goings on of the world to see his point of view or if he is even paying attention and the phone charges downstairs in the kitchen at bed time, no computers in my house. Only mobile devices that can be confiscated if need be, no cable, only Netflix and the like which displays all viewed content.. so no hiding.
          No way to know “everything” but like with you and your upbringing with your parents, lead by example and just don’t be naïve of what’s going on, basically. AND yes, be careful not to induce deceptive behavior, its hell to get them back once that starts.

        2. Well said. Sounds like you’re doing a good job.
          I have to say, when I was growing up there were much worse things than smartphones. Not an argument against you but today people worry (for example) about sexual predators targeting kids online. When I was growing up I had to worry about predators doing this in the real world. Honestly though, for me this was a small worry. It was the gangs and others roaming the streets trying to beat my head in and rob me that really concerned me.

        3. Yea, fortunately physical harm or being prey isn’t a huge worry for me yet, my 15 year old is 6’2 220lbs. Not a guy most would want to screw with, plus we live in a pretty tight nit community where he is well known for volunteering etc etc. My youngest is undersized to normal sized kid and a little bit of an introvert with a temper, so ill have the worry of predators and gangs and such with him for sure as that is the issued I dealt with growing up, as with you.

        4. Looks like that diet of raw meat paid off!!! Incredible!
          Sadly, I was about half your son’s size at his age. I had to make judicious use of a nasty temper or street smarts depending on the situation.

        5. I hear you on that end too. My tiny 8 year old (size of a 5 or 6 year old) has a hell of a temper. Gotta make sure he uses it well.

      1. I get where you’re coming from but I have an issue with protecting kids from reality. If you get it wrong, you make them weak not strong.
        In some cultures, kids would be off in the mountains alone, living off the land at age 12. But our kids can’t handle the dangers of a smartphone until 15?

    2. I will think long and hard before we ever get our child a smart phone. We should get him a dumb phone.

    3. Att at least, not sure of other carriers, let you shut off the data on their phone very very conveniently. Yes there is wifi in the High schools, but at least it helps curb any app hidden texting or media view during idle times like to and from school etc. shut off the data when I wake up and put it back on at 530 once he is home and done with HW.

      1. Let me ask you this. Wouldn’t it be better for him to be using his idle time to for random surfing and texting rather than when he’s at school or doing homework?

        1. His data goes back on after homework, and at school there is a level of risk to surfing and looking at random stuff. Id rather he communicated will his fellow students when he is on the bus or idle before school than head buried in his phone.

  14. One big reason you should have kids younger is so you can take them outdoors. Backpacking is one of the better ways I have found to instill values like intuition, self reliance, and grit. Come springtime, discuss with your kids where they want to go, pour over maps and help them make the decision (explain benefits and consequences for choices). Chances are, they will come up with something that will push themselves.
    From age 6 or 7, we do about 2 trips a year. My wife will stay home with the babies. I carry the sleeping bag for the youngest, in addition to my own. Most every time, we go in the wilderness and camp at some virgin site. We will make a fire ring, or use a camp stove if wood is unavailable. We go to mountain lakes or peaks. They are usually whiney by the time we get home, but in a few months, they are excited to go again.

  15. Same thing goes for girls (sort of). Need to teach your daughters that they are not precious little princesses. Otherwise, they will exhibit snobby and/or slutty behavior until their world comes crashing around them at 30.

  16. Warrior, and not only that-a hard worker, an intellectual and a smart person, a person who will value simple, manual labor (e.g. DIY attitude or simply farming) as valuable spiritual exercise even if they can be avoided through our modern technology. An honest man, a simple man and a modest man. Faithful to his folk and his family.
    Basically, anything that can’t be seen in the modern brat empire the West has become.

  17. Warrior is too vague methinks. A vandal barbarian could be a warrior.
    Perhaps a French, English knight of the high middle ages (Bayard, Saint Louis, Robin Loxley)or a officer and a gentleman (Charles Gordon…).
    Warring ways on their own is like pure energy : if it doesn’t serve any purpose, it is squandered or even misguided.

    1. I agree that a ‘warrior’ can mean a lot of different things, all the way from barbarian to a highly disciplined knight.
      In a modern civilian sense, we can take inspiration from any number of these. We are unlikely to go into a battle with a shielf and warpaint on our faces. For the ordinary man, we can take inspiration from historical figures to help guide us in an increasingly feminised and sick society.
      In this sense, I recommend a ‘warrior archetype’. Rather than focussing on martial readiness (although a combat sport, hunting, etc are all good passions for a masculine development) we can focus on developing the inner attributes of a warrior.

      1. The term warrior denotes the “class” of the individual. Hence the warrior caste in India, the warrior noble of samurai and Knights. Their “profession” is soldiering. We must attain the spirit of the warrior “class”; reach their pantheon. The U.S. Military instructs this in their basic training called “the warrior ethos”. We may not be Spartan hoplites, Viking berserkers, Paladins, shaolin monks, samurai, French musketeers, Pirates, British dragoons or Navy seals, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t adopt heir masculine virtues.

    2. Yup, SJW’s, feminists and other liberals think of themselves as warriors. The trick is to fight for the right cause.

  18. You Must Raise Your Son To Be A Warrior?? Only if the SJW piece of shit don’t get their paws on him at preschool & school ??

  19. Look to the past, to make a better future.
    I believe that our country should have frozen in time in the late 1950s. No good has come from changes that occurred afterwards.
    Media does have a deep effect on children, and especially teens.
    My husband and I have chosen not to have cable tv. Instead, we let our kids watch old tv shows such as Leave it to Beaver, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The Adventures of Superman, The Lone Ranger, Lassie, etc.
    They also watch old movies, such as Roy Rogers, and anything else that is age appropriate from the 1930s-1950s.
    They are allowed to watch select Disney movies, and modern movies, such as The Sandlot.
    These old shows and movies are shaping their view of the kind of men they’d like to be, and the kind of women they’d like to marry. They get to see traditionally feminine girls and women who are scolded if they try to act too headstrong or masculine. They also get exposed to Christian faith and values, which are much more common in old films.
    If you want to protect your kids from the immorality and insanity of modern society, then you need to kindle a love for the old days in their heart. That, along with faith in God, will help them see for theirselves how society has gone downhill, and traditional values need to be revived.

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