Donald Trump Rushed Off Stage In Reno After Possible Assassination Attempt

Via Breitbart:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was rushed offstage at a Reno, Nevada campaign rally as a protester in the audience was involved in an extended incident near the stage.

It was not immediately clear what was occurring in the crowd, but several members of what appeared to be law enforcement or U.S. Secret Service jumped down into the area where the protester was, as could be seen on Right Side Broadcasting Network’s video livestream of the event.

Video of Trump being rushed off stage was posted online:

In the video it appears Trump pauses to look out into the crowd for the event disrupter. Two U.S. Secret Service agents can be seen rushing in to remove Trump from the stage and two other agents also facilitate his removal.

During his absence someone announced to the crowd that Trump would return. The protester was eventually seen being removed from the crowd, although there appeared to be a struggle with several law enforcement or Secret Service agents to secure the protester’s removal. It was several minutes before Trump was able to take the stage again.


As Trump returned to the stage, he thanked the crowd, which cheered him back.

“Nobody said it was going to be easy for us, but we will never be stopped, never ever be stopped,” said Trump.

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133 thoughts on “Donald Trump Rushed Off Stage In Reno After Possible Assassination Attempt”

    1. May you rot in hell, Troll! Oh wait, I should give you a little more abuse. Is this a freudian disclosure? Or do you not tolerate anyone who criticises Hillary?

        1. thank god, I hate fags, I miss those days when they walked afraid of oppression, at least we didn’t have to put up with their bullshit and feminine logic and their sexualy harassing us with their fag’s pictures

  1. From what I’ve gathered on Twitter and various news sources, it seems someone in the crowd yelled “Gun!” and the Secret Service reacted accordingly, and the one guy they detained was holding up a “Republicans Against Trump” sign. There was no weapon found at all though. I’m not sure there was danger, but it just shows that everyone on all sides are seriously on edge. No matter what happens this election, there’s gonna be hell to pay.

  2. They can’t beat our ideas with their ideas, so they are trying to use force… jokes on them when they realize that we win that fight too…

    1. It’ll be a scream when they realise just how out-muscled and out-gunned they are if they have the temerity and stupidity to try.

      1. “It’ll be a scream when they realise just how out-muscled and out-gunned they are ”
        Was thinking the same thing SJW’s are pussies and the only reason they talk tough is because the current system allows them and will protect them – the one heckler who jumped the podium during an early Trump rally comes to mind. This idiot pulled this stunt was then hailed by the media as a hero the next day.
        But things are getting pretty extreme. If Trump gets elected – I swear – if any SJW faggot so much as raises his / her / its voice I for one, am ready to pounce.

        1. The same is true with BLM. American Blacks think white men are pussies because we don’t use violence. The difference is they have nothing to lose. The white guy has to think about losing his job, his, family, and his retirement when confronted by a ghetto black (as opposed to a culturally assimilated middle class black). They will be shocked when the gloves come off. When the law is gone or stands with those opposed to ghetto violence and rioting they will see how they were wrong.

        2. “The white guy has to think about losing his job, his, family, and his retirement”
          bull . manosphere says white dudes don’t have this anymore. divorce, crap job market and replacement. etc.

    2. i think the feminist “jumping the shark” will be fat, short-blue-hairs, polar bear hunting(trying to play the knock out game) against straight white men…

  3. Media has his name as Austyn Crites. Apparently the guy claims to be a registered Republican, but is voting for Hillary (or, at least against Trump). He has already been released.

    1. “Austyn”?? Lol sounds hardcore. With a name like that he’s probably the product of a single mom, or has a totally cucked father.

      1. “product of a single mom, or has a totally cucked father”
        It boils down to the same thing, doesn’t it?

  4. There are a few ROKers who believe the globalists, feminists, and that evil witch are looking out for our best interests.

      1. I was watching the Blues Brothers last night is what made me think of that. Whenever I watch that movie it makes me want my own bluesmobile.

      2. With basically the whole establishment after them at the end of that movie.
        The parallels are strong.

  5. Who are Hillary Clinton Supporters?
    Working in academia and conducting research in a clinical setting, I have access to personal medical files. Now, I would never disclose
    identifying details of any patient: such a thing is both illegal and unethical.
    I will speak in generalities.
    One patient, a mid 20s man had marked on his intake form “VIP”
    which means he should be afforded certain special treatment befitting his exalted status.
    Out of curiosity, I googled his name and found his Facebook
    page which featured him shaking hands with Hillary Clinton at a fundraising event for wealthy contributors.
    His health file also revealed he was taking a specific drug
    that is used to prevent HIV infection.
    How debauched a life is one leading that he needs to take prophylactic retro-virals? How much receptive gay sex is one having?
    The Hillary supporters are financially privileged:
    they come from privileged backgrounds, attended the finest universities, and were born with a proverbial silver spoon in their mouths.
    They are also hedonistic, self-destructive, and live profoundly unnatural lives.

    1. Yeah, I don’t get that either. In other contexts progressives scold us about bad health habits like smoking, sitting too much and drinking sugary sodas.
      But then they turn around and enable gays’ self-destructive behavior. If male homosexuality emerged now as a new disorder, without the propaganda system in place to gaslight us into accepting it as a different kind of normal, it would really freak us out. These men feel a compulsion to shove their tongues into other men’s anuses?! Instead of watching movies about men turning into zombies, we’d watch ones about men turning gay.

      1. I used to think gay dudes took turns, because taking it in the butt can’t be enjoyable; the butt is not designed for it. Yes, apes do each other in the butt, but I don’t think the receiver is usually willing, plus, they throw shit at each other, so the “it’s natural” argument holds no water.
        Yet, that is not how the gays operate. Gay dudes are “tops” or “bottoms” as a matter of routine and preference. I cannot fathom how someone would WANT to be a bottom only, unless you are in prison and small in stature and status and the alternatives are worse. However, some gay men choose to be “bottoms,” meaning they enjoy the tearing, the bleeding, and the incontinence problems.
        Mental disorders are there for a reason. Just because everyone is not wrong in their judgments does not mean everyone is right, either.

        1. in todays porn culture even women are expected to be bottoms. invest in adult diaper stock.

    2. Note to self: Be sure and put VIP on all important documents.
      I’m sure that will help me get the treatment I so deserve!!!

    3. Poking through someone’s medical files for reasons that didn’t fulfill your job duties is unethical. You should be fired.

  6. In Hillary’s America, human dignity will be redefined to mean having the unalienable right to self-degradation, debasement, and wholesale self-destruction.

    1. BDSM is Le Chauteau domain. Roosh and Roissy parted ways years ago over a few issues; 1. racism, 2. religion, and 3. BDSM Sade Marquis

  7. The 2016 election represents a collision between opposing, incompatible morality systems.
    Trump embodies master morality: to be strong and to not be
    sorry for it. To be proud of it. He epitomizes master morality: a large family, 5 children by 3 wives, 8 grandchildren, a business empire. And worst of all: he doesn’t apologize for his success, for his power. He is unabashedly proud of his accomplishments.
    In the Christian faith, God forgives the repentant sinner
    but not the unrepentant sinner. And in a slave morality system, Donald Trump is a “sinner” for many reasons: he is white, he is male, he is successful financially and genetically, and he has his health. And his refusal to self-deprecate, to admonish himself for his success, to bend-and-scrape for his success makes him an unrepentant sinner.
    When asked how he had sacrificed for this country, he (in)famously replied, “I’ve build great structures.”
    To which the reporter replied, “Is that really a sacrifice?”’
    You could see the question being processed. There was a
    disconnect. It was like trying to play a betamax tape on a VCR designed for VHS tapes.
    In a slave morality system, having lost your son is a virtue.
    We saw this with Bernie Sanders: people liked him because he
    was such a pathetic character: the bedraggled appearance, the wispy unkempt hair. He looked like he could be on the street begging for change. Contrast with Trump, who despite being only a few years younger than Bernie, could easily pass for his son!
    People love to mock trump for his vanity: his tan, his hair.
    So much gossip about whether his hair is real or not. People like Jimmy Fallon want to tussle it like the scene in Miracle on 34th St where the girl gives Santa’s beard a tug and is delighted to find it real.
    It seems it really bothers people that a man can still have a full head of hair at 70. How dare he not be disheveled and bald and
    toothless. How dare he retain vigor and stamina into old age!
    Look at the guy! He has more stamina than today’s
    college-aged men. He’s debates non-stop for 90 minutes on his feet under intense spotlights until 10:30 pm and is up the following day talking with newscasters. He’s a dynamo. He has more energy than men 1/3 his age.
    Hillary is held up as a victim. First, she’s a woman and in today’s society, women are constantly portrayed as oppressed by the evil patriarchy. She is doubly a victim because she was cheated on by her husband. Third, she’s seen as physically weak and infirm, as unsteady on her feet as a weeble wobble, her tongue punched with biopsy punches so many times that it resembles a slice of mortadella.
    All her talking points are about what she plans to do to help the alleged weak, downtrodden, the victims of society.
    2016 is a collision of morality systems.

    1. Hillary is held up as a victim.

      She has to be held up because as we saw she can’t stand on her own two feet.

    2. Nobody helps the victims of society. Victims are victims. Nobody cares about them. That’s why they’re victims.
      Guess what. If people constantly try to help you and comfort you and be nice to you … chances are, you aren’t areal victim.

      1. [Guess what. If people constantly try to help you and comfort you and be nice to you … chances are, you aren’t areal victim.]
        -Quite right. They sense some benefit from ‘helping’ you.
        Assuming those trying to ‘help’don’t already have a history of pure altruistic behavior.

        1. Well … assuming you have a strong/trained mind, yes. But practically, especially when we are infants, our circumstances tend to dictate how we view ourselves.

        2. Probably just something.
          No I had a very strong father. His problems made my problems look like minor irritations.

        3. I guess it’s a matter of perspective. My grandfather hitchhiked from Mingo County West Virginia to Detroit when he was fifteen to work in a DeSoto(Chrysler) factory to send money home. Makes me feel like I had it easy.

        4. And I bet he never complained or told people what a victim he was. He just got on with it. As did my father. As do I.

        5. My white grandfather walked from just south of Minsk, in what today is Belarus, to Hanover Germany with everything he owned (not much) on his back at the age of 6. His entire family fled on foot from mass starvation in what was then known as the Pale. They journeyed all the way to North Dakota after coming with nothing they couldn’t carry.

        6. so someone breaks into my home while im on vacation and robs me blind im not a victim of theft?

      2. Only a few do so as their duty to God. But then such people if they really truly help would ensure a pathway to no longer be a victim for the victim.

    3. “a large family, 5 children by 3 wives, 8 grandchildren,”
      it may be too late for me but I endeavor to achieve this…
      Can sum up the deluded/evil nature of most feminists:
      Attack Trump’s hair and hand size, while simultaneously virtue-signal: “how dare he criticize the physical appearance of a woman”.
      I’ve been through this – and there is no possibility of a resolution.
      I call them a communist — which they inherently know is bad (and they are always good) — throws their hamsters around a bit…
      But cannot reason with them — mock and ignore…

      1. hes a seriel monogamist and seriel adulterer both. embodying the worst
        of gyno values (seriel monogamy) and outright immorality and
        anti-christian values (adultery)
        got it?

    4. About his large family. That makes him a true Alpha Male. A real King.
      How many of us on here say “I’m never getting married. I’m not having kids”.
      Trump found a way to do it.

      1. Trump is much older than many of us. My father also got a stable family with kids: it was a pretty normal thing 30 years ago. Now things have changed, a lot. Especially during the last 10 years (social media, smartphones, LGTBSBDRS laws, VAWA)

    5. What is everyone here going to do once Hillary becomes President in a couple of days? I’m thinking of heading to New Zealand or Iceland.

      1. I’m moving back to a small mountain town here in Colorado as soon as I can. Denver is cool, but I liked living in a town where people rode horses to the bar and hunted large animals. oh, and snowboarding. Mostly the snowboarding.

        1. Oh yes. Nothing like being blazed out your gourd charging down a big scary ass mountain with good tunes on. Makes me feel alive man!!!!

      2. Chant, meditate, juice, sprout and eat well and continue on my inner evolution like the self-actualizing man I am.

    6. Having 5 children isn’t all that impressively virile. People don’t make fun of Donald because he has a full head of hair – they make fun of his ridiculous hairstyle. Bernie Sanders dressed the way he did because he wasn’t a vain man, but even the most casual observer could see he had cleaned as time progressed. Standing in hot lights for 90 minutes then getting up the next day for interviews isn’t all that impressive. Ask a roofer about stamina. In fact, to say that Donald has more stamina than most college-aged men is an insult to men. Sure, Donald is healthier than most men his age, but he’s also a bit of a lard-ass.

    7. hes a seriel monogamist and seriel adulterer both. embodying the worst of gyno values (seriel monogamy) and outright immorality and anti-christian values (adultery)

    8. “In the Christian faith, God forgives the repentant sinner
      but not the
      unrepentant sinner. And in a slave morality system, Donald Trump is a
      “sinner” for many reasons: he is white, he is male, he is successful
      financially and genetically, and he has his health.”
      In the Christian Faith he is a sinner: divorce, seriel monogamy and seriel adultery.

  8. If Trump gets hurt or killed civil war would be a certainty.
    It doesn’t take much manpower, resources, and intelligence to cause complete anarchy with constant bloodshed. 1000 men? 100? Even 10 military trained men could cause gigantic problems. The police, the military, would probably have a schism and they’d mostly fight for Trump.

    1. A Civil War? That’s a good one. I can’t imagine the Silent Majority actually waging a fullscale war against Washington DC.

    2. Pfft why wait for him to die? If Tuesday doesn’t go our way let’s stop venting and start actually planning the revolution this country needs

  9. Good write up.You can be sure if the worst thing should ever happen vigilantes, assassins, etc. will take the law into their own hands and go after those particularly in the MSM who wished Trump harm. Wouldn’t surprise me at all, actually. Same thing if he loses. People despise the MSM and see them as the real villain in this election for being so one-sided and not reporting the facts thereby allowing their hero Hillary Rotten Clinton to win. Heaven forbid she does win, and someone at CNN goes full retard by mocking & gloating: “See? We told you alt righters Hillary would win. Stop your whining already!!” I bet you any money, some of these people won’t live to see the inauguration.

  10. What’s with the army guys? First I’ve seen in YT rally videos.
    (Or is that the Reno desert SWAT look?)

    1. If military it lends credence to the Pieczenik coup story (rival faction of govt. is behind Trump, leaking e-mails to reveal Clinton’s crookedness).
      (Wait up, no one’s talking about that stuff here. Pieczenik, Podesta, Spirit Cooking, Lolita Express, Orgy Island. Basically stories of satanic and pedophile tendencies of Clintons and associates. It’s wild times.)

      1. If you’ve been following the Savile scandal in the UK and before that the Dutroux affair in Belgium, you would know that quite a few of the elite consider themselves above the law and enjoy indulging in things like pedophilia.
        Here among others we have Jeffrey Epstein, the millionaire who was found guilty of sex with teenage minors but only got an 18 month sentence in his own private wing of the Palm Beach jail with days off. Among his crimes, it’s even been alleged a friend flew in three (sometimes reported as two) 12 year old girls from France as a birthday present for him to molest.
        The latest news is that Hilarity also visited Epstein’s private island several times, but this is not well documented yet, it’s well known Bill went there. Also a picture has surfaced of Bill aboard Epstein’s private airplane, attached.
        According to Erik Prince of Blackwater, his sources in 1PP of the NYPD had access to the 650k Weiner e-mails and were aghast at what they found. According to this account they threatened to reveal them if the FBI covered up, as they just did. So we will see. Will this come out? Will we have a Trump victory and ‘draining of the swamp’? Will Clinton ‘win’ but be dogged by scandal resulting in a Kain presidency?
        According to Anonymous they have a video of BC having sex with a 13 year old, that they threatened to reveal. It’s likely Epstein’s operation involved entrapment so it wouldn’t be too surprising if such a video existed. However as incendiary as it might be such a video would be illegal to possess and quite difficult to post.
        Trump knows Epstein and has flown on his plane and there was a suit from an alleged Epstein victim against Trump that was dropped that alleged DT was involved in underage sex also. I’m skeptical.

    2. Just talking to myself here. No interest? You guys would rather discuss lolknee’s latest sexual conquests?
      They have police badges, so SWAT.

  11. Come on Americans, all of us on the other side of the pond are counting on you !
    Give us hope and go vote that magnificient tycoon in !
    Not the old establishement back in thank you very much !

  12. Well it isn’t like Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife is above murdering people who stand in her way…

    1. if it is true it shows how people can be seriously stupid to the point of being dangerous, if you can’t beat people by reason then consider beating them up like a seriously retarded can’t hold a debate stupid donkey, what kind of world are we living in

      1. but how what happened didn’t make it on big news is beyond my reasoning if it wasn’t for my friend who shared with me the gif Image I wouldn’t have known, did the man you mentioned on trial or something ? cause what he did is an unprovocked attack on a defensless victim

  13. Early voter fraud in Clark County, Nevada; polls kept open hours past legal closing time, as people are bused in to vote for Hillary (of course, you have to use a news source outside the USA to find out about this one, in this case, the UK Guardian) –
    Early voter fraud in Broward County, Florida; officials caught ballot-stuffing, destroying Trump ballots –
    Screen shots of Chattanooga TV station’s website declares Hillary the winner, with all the states’ vote counts included on web page; screen shots taken way back on November 1st, seven days before the election –

  14. Early voter fraud in Clark County, Nevada; polls kept open hours past legal closing time, as people are bused in to vote for Hillary (of course, you have to use a news source outside the USA to find out about this one, in this case, the UK Guardian) –
    Early voter fraud in Broward County, Florida; officials caught ballot-stuffing, destroying Trump ballots –
    Screen shot of web page from WRCB Chattanooga TV station’s website declares Hillary the winner, way back on November 1st, seven days before the election –

  15. I’m not a US citizen nor live there, but I really support Trump. He is the last chance the US have for a decent President, but I don’t think he is going to win. The rig is on. They (the Global Elite) will never let someone like Trump as President, not because he is against them, but because he is not one of them and have some ideas that they don’t like.
    Even if we witness a miracle and he win, a bullet will do the job and the the cuck Pence will asume the Presidency. This incident is only a warning.

      1. I really think he is an outsider. Just look the frantic attacks against him……not even Hitler gets that kind of bad press.

        1. A billionaire celebrity who runs for office and gets this far (now he’s even prez), is nothing if not elite.

  16. At the end of the day, this only made him look cooler. He came back and continued as if nothing had happened. F* cking man of steel.

  17. It was like a non event. The SS made Trump look so . . handled. Trump should have pointed at ‘buckwheat’ and called him up on stage and let loose with the improv. Trump is a master at improv. It could have been soooo golden. There’s a lot of ‘could of’s’ and ‘should have saids’ in this campaign but there will be 4 more years time to get many many more good ones in. Here’s to 2016 – Trump

  18. Is there still chance of Trump to win? I just saw the polls and it doesn’t look very promising for Trump.

    1. Notice the play on words this morning on MSM. “droves of hispanic voters turning out in Fla” The media is blowing the horn for all undocumented numbers to stampede the polls as well. They’ll count the satellite tally of heads in Fl as all for Hillary. There’s real polls cast and then there’s their number crunch. People have been getting out with loudspeakers on their cars. Time to do your car up like a Mardi Gras float FOR TRUMP. Dancing girls in heels on top absolutely. Notice no women asociated with Hitlery can fit or balance on heels. Not even Chelsea with her mom’s bunions.×295.jpg
      ^^^ GET HER ON TOP of your car and drive around honking already!!! ^^^

  19. When can we start forming the RWDS (Right Wing Death Squad) units? And if there is an Augusto Pinochet around, maybe get the helicopters ready. Time for a cleansing of leftist and I might as well include the Churchian evangelical cucks who supported Bush and his stupid wars that we are still paying for dearly.

  20. US president Theodore Roosevelt once took a bullet and just kept going back to his speech afterwards.
    Just sayin….

  21. Shooting a man who is just playing the same game you are playing huh?
    He wins, so what. She wins, so what. Its a money game.
    His pockets will become bigger or her pockets will become bigger tomorrow. Then, they will die and their money will be pass down to their wives, husbands, and kids.
    They are no different than me and you. They shit, piss, fart, and will face death like us all.
    Why try and shoot a man who truly doesn’t even have REAL power like that. The president is basically no different than the manger at Burger King.
    Yeah, he runs the business but, he doesn’t OWN the business.
    Why kill a man who is just as tiny as you are on a planet that is a breadcrumb in the universe? This shit is all games and conversations.

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