Modern Movies Suck: A Tale Of The Two Total Recalls

Everyone knows modern movies generally suck. Everything is a remake, and a bad one at that. It seems that movie producers today don’t ask, “How can we make a great movie for a great price?” That’s what they asked in better movie eras such as the early 90s.

Movie producers in that era asked that question with the assumption that great movies would draw crowds. Keeping the movies relatively cheap would further increase the profits. Now however, movie producers seem to ask, “What films are proven to bring in crowds?” If they repeat those films, presumably the producers would repeat the earlier film’s successes. The logic sounds fine on paper but when you realize how modern films are being made you can easily see why they fail.

To illustrate how these films fail we’ll compare the 90s classic Total Recall with its modern crap shoot.

Special Effects

The first thing you notice when revisiting the Arnold Total Recall is the lack of CGI. There are some cool special effects to demonstrate they are in an advanced society such as this famous scene in which Arnold removes his old-lady mask;

A classic Arnold moment

But otherwise there aren’t many other special effects. Now contrast that with the horrible 2012 Total Recall where just about everything is computer generated;

The whole movie looks like this

The 90s classic used special effects sparingly. The 2012 remake relies heavily on them. The entire setting is computer generated. The fight scenes are computer generated. And the plot is so horrible it too is probably computer generated.

The Plot

The plots of the two movies are generally similar but differ in important ways. Both films consist of the protagonist going to a recall facility where he tries to have the memories of being a secret agent implanted in his brain. It turns out he already has those memories.

In the 90s film, Mars is inhabited by normal people and mutants. The antagonist controls the air supply of the living facility. The film involves the protagonist’s efforts as an agent of both sides as they wrestle for control over the oxygen supply on Mars.

The 2012 film has no Mars and no mutants. It involves a worker class that uses an elevator that passes through the earth to go from Australia to the British Isle. There they build the robots that help oppress them. What happened to the rest of the world? Something stupid is the short answer.

Colin Farrell then goes on to aid the rebels with some secret knowledge of a kill code for the robots the haves use in the British Isle to oppress the have-nots of Australia. Couldn’t that be fixed with software thereby eliminating the whole conflict? You’d be saying that a lot if you sat through it.

One of the most iconic moments of the 90s classic is the the scene where the mutant with three boobs shows them off. Despite being on earth, without mutants, the 2012 disaster also tries to show off a three booby mutant. It makes no sense. I like thrice-nippled women as much as the next guy but if that’s what the film makers wanted to show they should have written a plot where that makes sense (like the 90s Total Recall did).

The prosthetic guy did great job

The Rating

There is a scene in the 90s Total Recall where Arnold wrestles a suitcase away from an old lady. The old lady yells at Arnold as he walks away, “Fuck you, Asshole!” There is a later scene where one of the central characters is seen fondling the breasts of the three-booby girl. Think the producers cared about having a PG-13 movie when they decided to make the film?

The 2012 film, on the other hand, is tame. The PG-13 rating suits it. If the characters were changed from adults to 16 year old kids, nothing would need to be changed. They behave and are written like teenagers (though with a bit less angst). Think the producers cared about making a great action movie or a mediocre movie with a PG-13 rating?


There is a scene in the Arnold film where he has to beat up three guys including someone he thought was his friend after going to the recall facility. Arnold takes some punches but ultimately beats and kills all three before making his escape. It’s reasonably believable though clearly meant to be extraordinary.

The parallel scene in the 2012 film involves Colin Farell at the recall facility surrounded by a dozen armed men with guns pointed directly at him. Colin single-handedly beats all of the armed men and makes his get away. This is not believable in any sci-fi universe. They just don’t even try in this film. It not only takes you out of the film to see something ridiculous but when you have the 90s film to show how it should be done you have to ask, “What were they thinking?”

Believe it or not Colin fights his way out of this

One last point about proportion. Look at Arnold and look at Colin Farell. Which looks like he could beat-up armed soldiers and which looks he spent more time in the bathroom than the gym? The protagonists are a perfect representation of how the films were made. Arnold represents his cast and crew in a way that says everyone decided to work their butts off putting effort and man-power in to making a great film. Colin represents his film by showing that the cast and crew threw their hands up and said, “They’ll make it look good with CGI.”

Arnold looks like he whoops dude’s asses

Sure he looks strong, but I also highly suspect that make-up painted some ab definition on him

The flaws in the 2012 Total Recall are indicative of so many films being produced today. The only good thing they do is remind us of our former glory. Our society used to be filled with artisans, experts, work horses, and talent. Films today represent how much of that we have lost. In its place we have computer nerds directed to do the bidding of Hollywood billionaires.

As a society, and as consumers, we have to identify more with Arnold than Colin. Maybe then we can regain some of our former glory.

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93 thoughts on “Modern Movies Suck: A Tale Of The Two Total Recalls”

  1. Sick of (((Hollywood)))? There is a solution. SOUTH KOREA.
    This eastern nation has a very high quality film industry which is 100% tribe-free. Great films with no social justice, no black male-white female cuckery, no endless superhero bullshit, and no fat/dyed hair feminists cast in any kind of role of note.
    Highly Recommended
    “Oldboy” (2003)
    “The Man From Nowhere” (2010)
    “New World” (2013)
    “The Wailing” (2016)
    “Train To Busan” (2016)
    “The Handmaiden” (2016)
    Notice how contemporary those dates are? It’s a new golden age and they just seemingly keep getting better every year while Jewlywood is in a tailspin.

    1. Nice that you have taken an interest in SK films. However, I have to say that K-dramas generally are pretty lame compared to the best films. First of all, the episodes are generally too long (60-70 minutes) and there is too much melodrama and female crap.
      Still I would say that it would be a net good if Westerners started to look more at K-drama, since the characters dress much more modestly and behave better. No tatoos and naked bodies.
      Some decent shows:
      1. Winter Sonata (show that to your little sister or mother rather than watch yourself). First big melodrama that became really big, especially in Japan.
      2. Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jaeng Geum). A few episodes are good but to watch the entire show is just to damn time-consuming. There are a few more costumes dramas which take place in the Choson dynasty that I haven’t seen yet but this was the first that became big.
      3. The Stranger – crime drama with some thriller and action elements. Well worth seeing, even for a man.
      4. The K2 – a hybrid between action, thriller and melodrama. Perfect to watch with a girlfriend. Pretty high quality. Never becomes boring.

      1. Nice that you have taken an interest in SK films. However, I have to say that K-dramas generally are pretty lame compared to the best films. First of all, the episodes are generally too long (60-70 minutes) and there is too much melodrama and female crap.
        Still I would say that it would be a net good if Westerners started to watch more K-dramas, since the characters dress much more modestly and behave better. No tattoos and naked bodies.
        Some decent shows:
        1. Winter Sonata (show that to your little sister or mother rather than watch yourself). First melodrama that became really big, especially in Japan.
        2. Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum). A few episodes are good but to watch the entire show is just too damn time-consuming. There are a few more costumes dramas which take place in the Choson dynasty that I haven’t seen yet, but this was the first that became widely popular.
        3. The Stranger – crime drama with some thriller and action elements. Well worth watching, even for a man.
        4. The K2 – a hybrid between action, thriller and melodrama. Perfect to watch with a girlfriend. Pretty high overall quality. Never becomes boring.

  2. We’ve also forgotten our ambitions…fly to and colonize Mars, the Red Planet, make a new home for humanity. Things won’t be perfect but in the end we will conquer and persevere, with a little help from some ancient alien benefactors. My friends and I swore that the alien hand print on the reactor at the end of the original was a Predator’s! (What better way to ensure fresh game than to encourage them to colonize other planets).
    The new one sounds more like the colonial history of the old, old world rather than something brave and new. Seriously, Australia??Killer robots?

    1. I really like your insight. it cuts to the philosophical defect of the second film, and what made the first one so engaging. The first one is about the problems that come up with realizing masculine ambition. The second one is about a broken society merely trying to get by.

      1. Yes, the fundamental message of the original was a line of Arnold’s:
        “Get your ass to Mars.”
        My wife and I still say that as a joke to each other when it’s important for one of us to be somewhere with the other, pronto.
        The message of the new one seems to be the liberal schoolteacher fantasy of: “We shouldn’t even try to colonize other worlds until we solve all the problems of this one, including inequality, real or perceived, in all of its forms.”

    2. I can’t think of one remake that was better than the original.
      There is something wrong with Hollywood.

      1. Which one. I would say the Jack Black King Kong was better than the previous Jessica Lange version, although that was itself a remake of a 1930s original

      2. Judge Dredd, methinks, remake was better than original.
        But generally remakes are nothing but an attempt to make a quick cash

        1. Not to split hairs but Dredd was more of a “reboot”. It wasn’t trying to tell the same story as the Stallone flick. It was a damn fine movie though says I.

    3. Exactly. And “an elevator that passes through the earth to go from Australia to the British Isle” is one of the stupidest fucking things I’ve ever heard of, obviously created by some Hollyweird boob who has no idea what a monumental (and absurdly pointless) undertaking that would be.

  3. I guess in a bout 50 years movies will be entirely made by a computer program.No directors, no actors needed anymore.Only stupid hypnotized audience will be needed.

    1. It’ll be a lot sooner than 50 years. It probably won’t be done with no human involvement at all, but I’m sure there are already many people in the entertainment industry dying to get rid of most of the troublesome humans involved (e.g,no #MeToo with CGI actresses!).
      Of course, the Star Wars prequels were basically the vision of one man, as many such CGI-centric movies would be, and look how terrible those were. Imagine 95% of films being the equivalent of some shut-in’s slash fic. Think what a lecherous dope like Weinstein would produce if given a completely fee hand.

    1. I actually think that might be round the corner. Not right round the corner. It depends on how long Hollywood can survive while producing communist propaganda when its useful idiot actresses are rebelling against its ‘hands on’ movie producers. JJ Abrams & Disney & co. are still pulling in the numbers but there’s growing disillusion and there’s never been such widespread hatred and contempt for what Hollywood is producing. At some point a new generation of film makers are going to spring up and shunt the progressives and commies out of the director’s chair and when that happens all the preachy PC propaganda films are going to get remade. It might not be red pill productions but it will need to take on board the spiritual exodus from the Soviet Republic of Hollywood

      1. Yep. The “Dialectic” is in EVERYTHING! It’s like a mind virus that perpetuates itself. I can’t watch most movies and TV anymore.

  4. The 2012 movie also lacked Arnold’s tongue in check humor, which made the original “Total Recall” so great.

      1. Yep!
        Or “what about the guy you lobotomized?” It went on and on through out the movie. It was great. You see, Arnie knows he’s not a good actor. But having been a good man, he knew his limitations. Thus his movies were full of his tongue and cheek humor (Commando and Raw Deal come to mind).
        Furthermore, Rachel Ticotin was way hotter in the original movie than either of the two ladies in the remake. Rachel was so unbelievably hot at that time.

  5. In the 1968 Charlton Heston version of The Planet of the Apes, we learn that a virus wiped out cats and dog which were replaced by monkeys as pets who learned to talk by living in our homes. We discover at the end that Taylor is home all along. The final scene with the Statue of Liberty in shambles was spellbinding and mind bending. The 2001 Mark Wallberg version had astronaut Davidson return to earth in his spaceship, but he arrives on an alternate Earth. In the 2011 James Franco version, the big, bad pharmaceutical company’s make a smart pill that they test on a chimp who becomes super smart. Both remakes fell miles short in character development, story arc and creativity as compared to the original.

    1. “You Maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you all to hell!” –What modern Hollywood has done to good film making.

  6. Watch the 1932 movie “Two Seconds” – It’s full of redpill wisdom, particularly about the true nature of women. It’s long since fallen into the public domain, so feel free to look it up on the free “movie sharing” sites.

    1. “…the true nature of women.”
      Check out “The Last American Virgin”. It hould be required viewing for all males.

  7. Can’t remember the last modern movie I’ve seen. They’re just that bad. I could save myself two hours and just glance at a college brochure or a career page online.
    Gangs of New York is a great movie. It’s old but I saw it for the first time a few years ago. Bill the Butcher may be the best character in a movie. Di Caprios character provides a realistic demonstration on how to succeed with a hot woman.

  8. I can honestly call out two remakes that top the originals. (My humble opinion.) And both are western operas. True Grit with Jeff Bridges. And Monte Walsh via Tom Selleck. No disrespect intended to The Duke, but the remake followed closer to the book. And John Wayne is every movie is just John Wayne. Selleck’s score did, in fact, capitalized on exceptional character development, made the cowpokes someone we could all identify with, and ended up with one wholesome story of a vanishing heroic time.

    1. Not a remake, but I find that anything by Peckinpah is seriously red-pilled. Most especially the Wild Bunch and Cross of Iron (personal favorite). The actors he chose to play his protagonists are all gravelly voiced, whisky-drinkin’, take no shit womanizers, but often with this extraordinary philosophical depth. He didn’t have much patience for pussies or desk jockeys.

      1. Straw Dogs is one of Peckinpah’s most fascinating films and in my opinion the apex when it comes to his examining of masculinity and/or what it means to be a man, which is a common theme throughout his catalogue.
        What’s interesting is though is a lot of people who knew Peckinpah, especially the women he was in relationships with, often referred to him as being soft, or having a sensitive side. I think one of his girlfriends even once quipped that he was “a woman in a mans body.” He was also an abusive drunk. Sure his films were soaked in blood, whiskey and gritty brutal violence, but I do believe that underneath that, privately, he was a contemplative and tender soul. He was also a WWII veteran who had claimed to had seen some horrific acts of violence and torture which had a profound impact on how he wanted to depict violence in his films. In his own words, “Killing a man isn’t clean and quick and simple. It’s bloody and awful. And maybe if enough people come to realize that shooting somebody isn’t just fun and games, maybe we’ll get somewhere.”
        I do think that whatever happened to Peckinpah while disarming Japanese soldiers in WWII, made him somewhat of a pacifist or at least someone who couldn’t wholly embrace the kind of senseless violence that’s often associated with being a man. And that’s what Straw Dogs is about. It’s def autobiographical to some extent. Fear of the manlier man taking his girl because the guy understands that embracing such a violent code of masculinity can lead to devestation and ruin.
        The Wild Bunch is great too, One of my favorite scenes, which yet again shows Peckinpahs sensitive side, is when William Holden, before doing the final walk to his death, is finishing up with a prostitute and dressing himself. He sees that she’s poor and bearing a child. Since he know’s he’s going down, he throws her whats left of his pocket money. He’s empathetic towards her plight. Scenes like that, to me, show that Peckinpah was much too complex to be labeled a misogynist. His films often explore themes of loners and losers just trying to be honorable, but forced to compromise because they live in hostile, nihilistic environments.

    2. I’ve tried often to think of movies where I liked the remake more than the original. About all I can think of is Oceans 11, as cool as it was to see the Rat Pack in the original. Maybe Thomas Crown Affair. I may be biased though because I saw the remakes of both of those first.

  9. CGI was supposed to be the great savior of blockbuster films. No longer do you have to spend millions building expensive sets and FX, or roping off city blocks for days, just do the whole lot on a bunch of cheap(ish) computers with a lot of Korean sweatshop labor. Simple right?
    And then for no reason at all, a modern blockbuster costs upwards of US$200m. Because guess what, a building full of nVidia Titans and hundreds of modellers working 20 hour days for 2 years isn’t so cheap after all. So with that kind of outlay the studios have to push the film HARD if they hope to recoup the costs. The resulting promo costs push the dollar figure out even further to $350m+, along with the media circus and embarrassing attempts at social media hype. Little wonder they take the “safe” road by doing nothing but awful pansy remakes.
    Fuck CGI, fuck modern film making, and FUCK Hollywood.
    Besides which, NOTHING can top Ronny Cox’s eyeballs exploding out of his head 😉

    1. The costs have always been blown out of proportion, it’s to give the impression of quality. I knew some of the guys who helped make the aussie movie ‘Undead’, reports in the media were it cost upwards of one million dollars. Truth is, it cost around ten thousand dollars, mostly practical effects. Not a bad movie with some funny parts. Same with the wages of these ‘stars’ If you can locate it on Youtubes there some guys who recreated a scence from the new Bladerunner, total cost? A few hours on their PC!

        1. Light Horseman
          Water Diviner
          Odd Angry Shot
          Mad Max (original Australian English – not dubbed with American Accents)
          happy Feet
          Then – Not: Striclty Ballrom, Prisciall, Muriels wedding etc….

        2. How could I forget Crocodile Dundee? My inspiration for emigrating to Australia. Mick, why do Aussies pull tall poppy on Hoges’? The best product to ever come out of Oz! Oh yeah and why do Aussies insist on calling us English POMES? You know, Prisoner Of Mother England.

  10. 3 Days of the Condor, Network, Capricorn One, love all those paranoid, conspiracy themed 70s and 80s movies. Hope they remake them all and push people to check out the originals. Would fully expose what a vapid, souless, self-absorbed hellhole Hollywood has become, hang on, it’s always been that way!

    1. Dont forget all time classics, such as Peter Pan. The first version was a film of the stage act, where a girl plays a guy, (which explains today’s confusion) and they simulated flying by yanking them around on ropes.
      We get Mork, the Fork.
      Ever watch Snow White, the Huntress? Or, The All Powerful Wizard of Oz?
      Bimbo movies. Totally destroyed from what made them great, so that some aging crone can show off.

  11. Keep in mind, a lot of Hollywood movies are remakes of foreign films in the first place.
    However, the Arnold Total Recall was not that great, but I liked it. And haven’t seen the remake, because I knew it would suck. Just like the I knew the Fright Night remake would suck too, also staring Colin Farrell. However, the thing that occurred to me while reading this is, how Arnold had a lot of input during the story conference phase.
    It looks like, not only is Hollywood missing Arnold’s brawn, but his brains too. So let’s just hope they don’t try to remake True Lies. Also a remake, of a French comedy. So thinking now, maybe it’s the gosh darn foreign’s fault. lol

  12. Total Recall was based on Philip K Dick’s novel, along with a heap of others including Bladerunner, Minority Report, The Adustment Bureau, A Scanner Darkly etc. Most movie adaptions are not as good as the source material. Hollywood likes to put it’s own spin on things. I guess more effective at programming the masses to accept certain agendas. I had to stop reading PKD, it was causing me to think too much…The Empire Never Ended!

  13. the funniest thing about the Arnie movie? it was directed by an actual, honest to God Communist. Verhoeven is the idiot that turned ‘Starship Troopers’ into a fascist fantasy land.
    modern day SJW Hollywood is so bad, they can’t even approach the quality of the card carrying Commies of yesteryear.
    1990 Total Recall, gross; budget : $261 million; $65 million
    2012 Total Recall, gross; budget : $199 million; $125 million

    1. I wouldn’t even trust the gross incomes as reported, if they lie to you about the budget, why wouldn’t they lie to you about the profit? If the name of the game was getting paid theymight put more effort into making good movies.

      Then ‘Two weeks…. twooooo weeeeeeks….. twweeoooooooweeeeeek…. SUPRISE!’
      ‘So, what have you been feeding it?’

  14. “Verhoeven is the idiot that turned ‘Starship Troopers’ into a fascist fantasy land.”
    Never read the book, saw the first ST movie, then stopped. The movie was alleged to be a satire of a futuristic dystopian militaristic society. In any event, still laughably dumb as far as sci-fi flicks go. THX 1138 was much more watchable, despite its abysmally low budget.

    1. Thats exactly how Verhoeven filmed it. To parody the whole military complex system and propaganda machine that exists now. Is it a grade a blockbuster? No. Is it a funny ass entertaining movie? Yep! Does it deserve to be crapped on? Nah.

    2. THX1338? Well its a time waster and a half decent first effort for lucas but its really not much better than slightly above average.

      1. Sure, but what could be more red -pill than the story of a man who has had enough to escape a pseudo-totalitarian society where drugs are freely distributed and all sex (hetero, anyway) is banned?
        Kind of like where American society is now, in a way…

  15. Yeah. But here are some ’17 movies that didn’t suck:
    1.) Good Time
    2.) Sweet Virginia
    3.) Bladerunner
    4.) Phantom Thread
    5.) Brawl in Cell Block 99

  16. Never watched that new crap, cause I knew 100%……there was no way they could top the midget whore blasting that machine-gun while standing on the bar.

    1. If you liked the original Blade Runner you ARE missing out. I hate reboots and was skeptical but im absolutely giving this three thumbs up.

  17. WOW! Another (((Hollywood))) movie remake is proven as garbage… what a complete shock! Why I thought the ZioGeniuses of Lost Angel Es were so far superior to us all? Then again who is left to actually watch this tripe,.. let alone pay for it? 🙁

  18. 100 percent disagree. Both were great movies as they were. The new one just brought it closer into Phillip K Dicks world that Verhoeven didnt (it was still awesome not panning it) and you could almost imagine him setting down near Recall and running into Deckard chasing after Pris or something.

  19. Arnold used steroids and committed adultery on his wife with a Mexican maid . Not exactly a moral compass to be used by men

    1. Guatemalan maid with a last name close to beaner. She wasn’t very attractive, more of a convenience.

  20. Arnold used steroids and committed adultery on his wife with a Mexican maid . He’s a hero ?

  21. Recall 2012’s link to the original was tenuous at best. It seemed liked they aquired the rights at the last moment of writing the script and quickly wove in three titted women and memory chairs and added the name to capitalise on the former’s success- which wouldn’t surprise me with most of these remakes.
    I thought it was good actually, and I can’t say that about any other remake from the last 10 years. Entertaining, good CGI, had callbacks but wasn’t derivative of the original.

  22. Once you see the poze. you cannot un-see it.
    Blondes with Blacks.
    White men are stupid, bumbling, weak fools.
    Mad Max? beaten and outsmarted by one armed strong and independent womyns…
    Best thing about Arnold is an impersonator calling into a Radio Station when he was Governer. And stating that we are going to blow up the Moon – “because it fucks up the tides, and makes women bitchy”. believed and taken up by MSM – hahahha

  23. A lot of these new writers suck; juvenile, redundant points stating the obvious in their essays, all while perpetuating a self-aggrandizing mythos. I like this guy, though…

  24. someone – somewhere mentioned a manosphere taking the piss on all modern femized movies from a redpill perspective such as mystery science theater 3000 (I have not seen this but imagine …).
    lot of scope for fun and profit there….

  25. “Yeah. But here are some ’17 movies that didn’t suck:
    1.) Good Time
    2.) Sweet Virginia
    3.) Bladerunner
    4.) Phantom Thread
    5.) Brawl in Cell Block 99”
    Brawl in Cell Block 99 was enjoyable as either a cheap Redbox or Netflix deal. I think a more apropos title to the movie should be legend: “Tall skinny white guy with inexplicable superhuman strength goes to prison (despite assisting law enforcement and saving cops’ lives) and beats up several inept guards”.

  26. This is a good article because it points out how we have declined artistically as a society. Ironically, computers have made us LESS original and creative. Why? Because when all of your art is generated by sitting in front of a screen, the kinds of vivid, and complex physical problems you had to solve with real FX are now just one dimensional in nature, all just on a screen, with a computer program that is limited. It’s all theoretical, not practical, which makes it less relatable to the audience as well.
    I hope things go back someday.

    1. It’s even more fundamental than that. Even the scenarios / plots are more outlandish now than they used to be. In the movie “Bullitt”, Steven McQueen only takes his gun out ONCE, in the final scene at the airport. Or watch an older movie when men are in the outdoors camping or hiking. They are much more realistic than what is portrayed today. Why is that? I suspect it is because most soft-handed writers have never spent a day of their life in the outdoors, or if they have it’s been as part of some bizarre EXXTREEEME event like a mud run or something.
      The exception I suppose is the way fist-fights used to be portrayed in movies. If you watch a fight from the 70s or 80s you’d think men could take (and give) multiple bare-knuckled punches to the head and just shrug them off. That’s totally insane.

  27. I didn’t see the remake, but judging from the description, it stinks. Sniff, sniff, sniff…I smell a Marxist Dialectical Plotline.

  28. Hellywood is full of sjw who pursue the feminazi agenda to ruin all those masculine movies, first they banned all those male tv series (here in Italy i recall McGyver, A-Team, C.H.I.P.S., Dukes of Hazzard and so on) then they made remake of any male movie blockbuster and litterally RUINED it!:
    1) ironman, in the last film Stark abide to his wife’s rules and move along
    2) spiderman become a beta male who needs help by her girlfriend who even refuse to stay with him despite she already knows he is spiderman
    3) ghostbusters? well let’s skip this sad remake feminazi mess r.i.p.
    4) mad max? also known as Cuck Max, busted by a feminazi
    5) star wars become star whores, the return of the feminazi, they litterally destroy one of the most iconics male movies.
    ..and so on, now, the question is why MEN (not doormats who abide to vagina rules) MEN, still goes to cinema to pay and see this trash??
    is behond beliefs! i refuse to pay to see this nosense spreading around the world, helping feminazi propaganda!
    boycott HELLywood today!

  29. As long as I eat my popcorn bucket and my extra large coke, I don’t care what movie they project on the screen, it’s all gooood !

  30. I think it is telling that I didn’t even REALIZE Total Recall had been remade six years ago. It must have been an absolutely horrible movie. In fact, I can’t say it has even popped up on my DVR or Netflix recommendations despite the fact I get occasional other Arnold movie recs from that time period.

  31. (Austrian accent) “I don’t know anyting about Mahhs!”
    Ahem. Watched about 5 minutes of the remake and gave up. Can’t swear that this applies to this movie, because I didn’t see much of it, but Homowood isn’t just bankrupt of creative ideas–when they decide to ruin a good script by remaking the movie, they have to drown it in their Marxist faggot feminist messages and tropes while they’re at it.

  32. Come ahnn, dis puny asshoal Colin Farthole or whatever, and that dried-up bitch Beckinsale, who’s only in da movie because she’s fucking the directah? They will never get their ass to Mahhs. Mahhs will get it’s ass to them.

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