How The Establishment Will Shut Down Donald Trump

Skewed polls aside, “the people’s choice” Donald Trump has a serious shot at wining the Presidency, especially if Clinton’s weaknesses appear in the debates in a month’s time and his ongoing re-tooling of his campaign is a success. People really don’t like the old harridan, and there’s still a lot of campaigning left. Despite media smear campaigns running in overdrive from day one, Trump is still competitive with Crooked Hillary in most polls.

Trump is our “Hail Mary” pass as we watch the nation, our freedoms, and our culture melt down. Our fingers are crossed as we inch on towards decision day in early November. However, there are four ways Trump could be eliminated from ascendance to the Oval Office. Here are a few ways the globalists’ dirty trick book could stop Trump from fulfilling his stated mission to Make America Great Again.

1. Assassination

Trump's assassination would be convenient for the elite

Trump’s assassination would be convenient for the globalist elite

Whether by CIA Jackals doing the job at home they’ve been doing for 50 years abroad, i.e. killing presidents and other world leaders and then making their deaths look like accidents, or a “lone gunman” mowing him down in RFK fashion, an assassination is a distinct possibility if Trump is the real deal.

His presidency could make Brexit look like a sneeze in terms of his capacity to be a wrecking ball tearing down the elite’s well-laid plans for world domination. Reaffirming America’s sovereignty flies in the face of plans to flood the country with so many immigrants it will be unrecognizable in a generation, and to redistribute its wealth to other nations while forcing its citizens into unending debt servitude.

Trump’s campaign represents a repudiation of 30 years or more of globalist policies. The Silenced Majority is finally having their say, and globalist psychopaths do not like it one bit. Why? Trump’s presidency could mean an end to the military-industrial complex gravy train that runs on endless, imperialistic wars brought to us by the neocons, an end to the fiscal policies that are ruining the middle class and creating a greater divide between the rich and the poor, an end to insane immigration policies that are really a program of ethnically cleansing native citizens from their own countries, an end to trade policy that suppresses wages at home and shifts manufacturing abroad, and the transformation of an economy in which people either work their asses off and have nothing or lay around and wait for a government check and get everything handed to them.

Perhaps a more likely scenario would be the easiest to pull off with just the right sleight of hand.

2. Voter Fraud

Many nations - including Mexico - require voter identification but not the U.S.

Many nations – including Mexico – require voter identification but not the U.S.

Make no mistake, the demographics of America are being changed with an end goal in mind. If it weren’t for those pesky white males the Democrats would already have a lock grip on political offices in the country, and no doubt would move the nation even farther to the left towards Communism. Changing demographics are how leftists take one state after the other out of the red column—permanently—and put them into the blue column.

We’ve all heard the accounts of everyone from illegals to dead people voting. But this is only one way democrats tilt the table.

Outright voter fraud has been common in much of the world, even though the sanctity of the ballot box has been taken for granted in the U.S. until recent years. In the last Presidential election, news emerged of a company called Scytl in Spain counting American votes from Barcelona. Imagine, the leader of the free world someday being selected by a little known company in another country. The company brags about how it has “transformed the global elections industry in only 15 years” and is gaining influence

In the U.S. As anyone with common sense knows, when vote counting is consolidated under one corporate entity all sorts of fraud are the likely result. Just this year, “Scytl successfully supported 3 states and 24 local jurisdictions during the 2016 Presidential Primary in February and Super Tuesday.” The company recently put out this press release about a conference it had in Florida to push its wares:

The conference presents an ideal opportunity to exchange best practices, discuss the future of elections and leverage how the voters across the US continue to benefit from the ramp up of the successful deployment of Scytl election modernization technology, proving the use of more secure and scalable technology is the way forward for a more efficient 2016 Presidential Election in November 2016.

The company is actively working to gain more even influence over U.S. elections. The press release reads like typical PR pap designed to fog the mind as they move to put your vote in their hands. In short, Scytl wants electronic voting, and the problem with that is algorithms can be devised to surreptitiously sway elections to the outcome desired by the vote counters in much the same way slot machines screw gamblers out of billions of dollars.

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." -Joseph Stalin

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” -Joseph Stalin

News also emerged of a computer programmer and former employee of both NASA and ExxonMobil testifying under oath before Congress about “election hacking.” Clinton Curtis told members of Congress how he was hired by Congressman Tom Feeney to build prototype software that would secretly rig an election to sway the result of a close election to one side. He built the software in 2000. Imagine what coding has been written since then.

In more recent years, hackers even proved Diebold election machines can be remotely hacked. Then there are stories of people selecting one candidate but the election machine changing it to another candidate in the booth. This could especially be a concern for older voters, who are not as tech savvy as younger voters.

Vote rigging is a real possibility, especially in a close election.

3. Right Wing “Terrorist Attack”

The media used the Dylan Roof shooting to take down a historical symbol

The media used the Dylan Roof shooting to take down a historical symbol

Could an October Surprise from the elites and their marionette Hillary come in the form of a False Flag “terrorist” attack from a crazed “right-winger”? It is plausible a false flag from one of the “patsies” of undercover operatives could be an effective public relations maneuver to destroy Trump’s campaign. Especially if the gunman happened to be a flag-waving, patriotic American, and a Trump supporter, or labeled as such in the media. We’ve all seen how quickly the mainstream media was able to get the rebel battle flag torn down because of young gunman Dylan Roof going on a rampage in South Carolina.

Logic matters little in the media echo chamber. It’s all about emotion, and generally what they sell is fear.

Right-wing groups will not get the carte blanche far left groups like Black Lives Matter did when they burned down cities and killed police officers. All it takes is one nut to ignite a firestorm the media will use to label all conservatives and Trump supporters on the alt-right as racists and every other pejorative in their boilerplate playbook.

4. Getting Bill Cosby’d

Character assassination is a convenient political tool that happens to work

Character assassination is a convenient political tool that happens to work

Character assassination is a favorite of the left and the drive-by lamestream media. Regardless of his innocence or guilt, one must realize Bill Cosby was a convenient target for the Marxist left since he regularly promoted family values and criticized young African American men who didn’t appreciate the values of education, self-respect, and self-improvement. He encouraged African American families to teach their children moral values at a young age.

In short, Cosby was promoting the very things that go against the left’s playbook, as he railed against black crime and degeneracy in certain segments of the population. He frequently spoke about the breakdown of the family being responsible for many of the problems in the black community (problems that are now making their way into white communities as the family continues to break down and fathers are banished from society).

When rape charges surfaced, it was convenient for his enemies that his credibility on these issues was destroyed, and that women began to dogpile him with spurious accounts about sexual encounters from decades ago, perhaps seeking settlements on par with the large, undisclosed amount of money one women got out of him in the case of Andrea Constand v. William H. Cosby, Jr. When speaking of the events, Cosby told the press:

I have been in this business 52 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. Reality is a situation and I can’t speak.

An incident from Trump’s past could be dug up and used against him in a similar manner. He surely has a lot of enemies being a successful businessman who has been involved with so many deals. Big media smears have little to do with reality and a lot to do with semantics and agendas. Everyone has a person lurking in their past with the desire to see them brought down. The difference with a figure like Trump is there could a a lot of money and power in the deal for a woman who comes forward with a similar account, whether true or totally fabricated.

Stand Guard

The psychopathic thirst for wealth and power cannot be quenched by a mere country, only the entire world will do

The psychopathic thirst for wealth and power cannot be quenched by a mere country, only the entire world will do

Whether it’s these four means used to bring down Trump or another dirty trick from the globalist playbook, rest assured these or other calculated moves will be made against him the closer he gets to winning. There are those who stand to lose fortunes and stature if he becomes president. Worse, their plan of dominating Europe from Brussels and later the world from Washington is at risk. We are at a crossroads in human history. From here forward the world will continue with the nation-state, or the entire world will be bound together by “democratic” socialism, all true “diversity” and culture sacrificed in service of enriching an elite who will treat the rest of us like cattle on their world plantation.

If Trump goes down either in a rigged election, by character assassination or a literal assassination, we will be headed into uncharted territory. We can say goodbye to the America we once knew and loved, forever.

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430 thoughts on “How The Establishment Will Shut Down Donald Trump”

  1. Globalists won’t give up their power easily so they will try something. So far, the white “racist” narrative hasn’t worked (usually that ends every white man whether true or not). Not only that, he’s survived all other character attacks. The stakes are getting higher as he becomes increasingly popular with EVERYONE — even blacks and hispanics. He looks and sounds like a president now. This has got to put a scare into the global elites. Trump is hated by a media that answers to global money. Anybody hated by the media THAT MUCH is a threat to their power. Anything could happen at this stage in the race.

    1. This weekend, while Drudge was running stories about Trump visiting Louisiana and helping unload supplies while Obama refused to leave his golf vacation at Martha’s Vineyard (all unreported in any major outlet), the Washington Post was running stories about how Clinton was developing her first term strategy and basically developing her plans to move into the White House. So the latest tactic seems to be ignore Trump and pretend Clinton has already won. I think there will be a big surprise in November. And if that surprise is anything listed in this article, I fear that we are sitting on a powder keg.

      1. When Obama finally did do something it was to lob a weak, race-baiting threat that all of the assistance in La. better not have any element of racial discrimination to it. Louisianans are furious and rightfully so.
        I hope that kind of shit finally wakes up Af-Ams. All those Af-Ams who were either out helping anyone they could regardless of skin color, and all the Af-Ams whose lives were saved by non-blacks should be absolutely livid with Obama for taking the opportunity to race-bait in between golf swings. Of course he had to see race first and foremost in the situation. What a joke.

        1. Let’s also be honest here – if you’re a black person caught up in this shit, are you a bad evil racist person because you might want to help your family and friends, who probably happen to be black, before you help white people? It’s fucking retarded.

        2. Ha ha. No worries there if you’re black helping black. I think he had other combos in mind. Too bad though because I bet there is a lot of colorblind goodwill among those people right now. He won’t get his dream of a case in which some whites flip off some drowning black kid. He wishes that would happen. That’s why I hate liberals in a nutshell. They WANT terrible shit to happen so that they can steal the spotlight with their heroic reaction to it.
          I want to hear Louisianans react. There should be united outrage directed at Obama for politicizing their hell. He just laid a huge turd on all that they have done for each other down there. Just like how Michelle got handed the keys to the White House and she has to shit on the country because it was “built by slaves” (not even true). What a couple of total assholes. If you want a laugh about how racist Michelle is then google; “Michelle Obama with students” Try to find her interacting with a white boy directly. Out of hundreds of images you won’t find it. They are the two biggest racists of the last 50 years of our history.

        3. “They WANT terrible shit to happen so that they can steal the spotlight with their heroic reaction to it.”
          This is about the most basic distillation of liberal politics that you can make. The only clarification to make is that the “reaction” is almost universally confined to virtue signalling only. There is never any concrete action beyond some statement or policy memo, which is itself just virtue signaling.
          If it was revealed that whites were discriminating against blacks in relief efforts in Louisiana, how many of these smug effete liberal do-gooders would deign to leave the safe confines of their metropolis echo-chambers and actually travel down there to “flyover country” and get their hands dirty trying to right the ship? My guess: approximately zero.

        4. Obama golfing through it all says you’re exactly on point.
          Abraham Lincoln; “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”
          Barrack Obama: “Fore!”

      2. I actually saw an article on the NYTimes titled “So here’s why Obama isn’t going to Louisiana” just patheticly defending the government and writing stories explaining why it is *not* doing things.

        1. I saw something similar in the WP. It basically said that Obama rejects political theater because it is stupid. That’s pretty funny. Ever since the beer garden summit, I was pretty sure that all we ever see out of this administration is political theater. Moreover, the article I saw happily glossed over the fact that Obama has been happy to demand political theater from his opponents when it suits his purposes.
          Personally, I don’t care if Obama goes to Louisiana. What is relevant for this election cycle is whether Hillary Clinton goes, and so far, she has also been completely silent on this issue. But yeah, she fights for the poor workers and blacks….

        2. She’ll go only if focus group polling shows it will increase her chances of winning there.

    2. “Globalists won’t give up their power easily so they will try something. So far, the white “racist” narrative hasn’t worked (usually that ends every white man whether true or not)”
      Brexit proved this point. The Left really needs to come up with better things to call us than “racists” because we don’t want rapugees and potential terrorists in or countries.

  2. Bill Cosby is a perfect example of how to make up a story.
    Have you read that he confirmed that he drugged one woman? Well, guess what, what he answered “yes” was the lawyer question about whether he brought drugs with the intention of using them.
    So, basically the same that every couple that uses drugs has done: somebody has to bring it, and of course he or she brings it to use them. So, nothing out of usual: bringing drugs is not the same than drugging someone.
    But in the mainstream “bringing drugs” has become “drugging” and this is now the narrative. It’s straight-forward lying, since it takes a couple of minutes to check the declaration (I did). Mainstream media knows the truth, and they lie on purpose to bring him down.

    1. You’re correct, but it’s even more foolish than this. In the 60’s and 70’s, everyone was getting high and fucking each other. It’s not like Cosby was some outlier predator. What he has “admitted” to is no different than if you admitted that you keep some liquor on hand to take the edge off when a girl comes over.
      But the thing that is really retarded about the Bill Cosby case is that even if the guy did drug women and rape them, this was not illegal at the time that he is alleged to have done it. Date rape did not become a crime until the late 80’s at the earliest, and in most places it did not become illegal until the 90’s. So even if Cosby was a bad guy by today’s standards, so what? He didn’t do anything criminal by the standards of his time. The Constitution prohibits ex post facto laws, which is exactly what this is. Ooops, there I go again, relying on the Constitution to mean something….

      1. Not only was it not illegal.
        Quaaludes was very popular in the 70s, and it has been sold like it was some kind of rape drug.

        1. It would be the same as someone saying that ecstasy is a rape drug. Sure, you could use it for that, but all those ravers don’t think they’re being raped.

        2. Exactly. And forcing somebody to take ecstasy would be a crime, but… bringing it to a party? is that rape now? are we nuts?

        3. fast forward 50 years.
          Er, did you have a penis in 2016?
          Yes, I did.
          Ok. You are now guilty of 3 billion counts of rape.

        4. but don’t you know? Just having a cock means you have already raped all women

        5. And if you haven’t then it just means you intend to, ergo you must be convicted!

      2. ‘Ooops, there I go again, relying on the Constitution to mean something….’
        It is indeed a little foolish. The Constitution had been meaningless for a long time after its declaration until people digged it up to support their cause.

        1. Oh come now, I thought we’d cleared up the misconceptions you’ve gleaned from that book that you read. Your are utterly and entirely wrong.

        2. SCOTUS, first, is not empowered by the Constitution to judge the constitutionality of any law, that is a power that they extralegally granted themselves out of thin air. That being said, that SCOTUS rules or doesn’t rule on something doesn’t mean that the Constitution holds no sway or power, that’s simply absurd. Everything is held under a microscope in politics with regards to Constitutionality. Sometimes things go wrong and are clearly unconstitutional, but more often than not that is usually corrected in the long run.

        3. How can you say that a law holds sway or power when the court rulings do not reflect that?
          When on paper, freedom of speech exists, but people regularly get sued and imprisoned for sedition, the law is just that: A piece of paper.
          It may not apply to the entire Constitution what I say, I grant you that. But as for the freedom of speech, I consider the evidence very convincing.

        4. How can you say that a law holds sway or power when the court rulings do not reflect that?
          Because eventually those rulings get overturned or otherwise disregarded. There were tons of laws on the books for a very long time that were highly contrary to the 2nd Amendment, yet we’ve managed to wipe nearly all of them out via the 10th Amendment, as well as courts suddenly doing an about face and saying “Why yes, those laws are unconstitutional”.
          Sedition is clearly outlined as an exception (treason/sedition) directly in the Constitution, Article III Section 3.

        5. You say it is outlined as an exception. And yet, these days, the US are a lot less strict about these things than they used to be.
          In other words, my point was correct. The freedom of speech as you know it today came by during the 20th century.
          You may say that it was intended to be like this from the very beginning, but firstly, there is no evidence for that. Secondly, it is irrelevant. You may in hindsight say that the Constitution ‘won’, but until it won, a lot of people were punished anyway for stuff that is no longer considered punishable.
          Besides, if the constitution did ‘win’, it simply won because people wanted it to win, not because it is somehow a sacred divine document.
          Had the Constitution, or, the First Amendment in particular, not have been useful for some people in its current interpretation, we would not have it.

        6. Oh come now. What do you mean by “freedom of speech” anyway? The modern Leftist “freedom of expression” aka – rolling around on a bedsheet in the public square covered in feces and paint, is a 20th century thing, clearly. But you could write any ol’ political treatise or criticism or satire that you wanted in, say, 1890 with no worries.
          Your argument basically boils down to “Since the Constitution has not consistently applied perfectly at every single stage in American history, it’s irrelevant”. That’s basically “It’s not Pure, ergo, it doesn’t exist”.

        7. I like freedom of expression, even if you don’t. I find a lot of it disgusting, but that doesn’t mean I want to make it illegal.
          You could write any political treatise you wanted? Really?
          Look here:

          Quote: “Before this decision, there were nearly US $300 million in libel actions from the Southern states outstanding against news organizations, as part of a focused effort by Southern officials to use defamation lawsuits as a means of preventing critical coverage of civil rights issues in out-of-state publications.”
          That is a ruling from 1964!
          As for your ‘Its not pure, ergo, it doesnt exist’, you are strawmanning me hard.
          My argument is simply that a law is only valid if there are people who consider it valid. The law gains force only through the significance it has in the minds of people. And as long as a law is not respected or heeded by anyone, it may as well not exist.
          As an example, it is forbidden to use a bicycle without hands here in Munich (or even Germany). But! Most cops rightfully do not see this as a very relevant thing. Out of a 100 cops, there will be 1 asshole who will ‘obey the holy law’ and fine you for it. But most will simply ignore it, because it is ridiculous.
          That is NOT to say that I do not appreciate what the 2nd Amendment does today, as you seem to imply. I am simply saying that before it was vehemently supported, it was nothing more than a ‘good intention’. And you can’t buy shit with good intentions. Yes, it is a good thing today. But it has not always been.

        8. I wasn’t implying you don’t appreciate the 2nd Amendment. My observation was that trends change. Even though they tried to heavily restrict it for about 70 years, they still couldn’t officially take our guns due to that amendment. So even then, it prevailed at least insofar as we retained our firearms.
          Courts and court cases are set up precisely to rule one way or the other regarding a law. They get things wrong, being human, but that is not some grand proof that the Constitution is “just a piece of paper”, Tom.

        9. Well, what is it, if not a piece of paper that is respected by people? Take away the respect that you have for it and the appreciation you have for it and it is nothing but that.
          If the Mullahs were to march into America tomorrow and overtake the government and introduce Sharia law, how many people would go around screaming ‘But it’s unconstitutional!’? Nobody. Because they would realize that in the eyes of the invader, the Constitution does not hold any sway.
          We refer to the Constitution because as a society, we are conditioned to respect it and bow down when it is mentioned. Hence it is effective to call upon, because you can reasonably expect almost any American to value it.
          But in the end, it is nothing but that: A conditioning.
          If it was anything more than that, every country in the world would have a 2nd amendment. And yet, we see this is not the case.
          The American public was allowed to keep their weapons because the majority was/is convinced that this is a good thing. Try introducing such a law in Germany and you will meet fierce resistance. People would openly say: No, having weapons is dangerous and not good, therefore I vote against it. You may shake your head, as do I, but so it is.

        10. Dude, all you’re arguing is that the law only works if society at large, or a sufficiently large majority, buy into it. Well no kidding. That’s not even debatable. But the large majority do and have bought into the Constitution since its being written down, it’s never been “just a piece of paper”. Eventually things get ironed out that go bad, at least in many cases.

        11. So we are only debating whether people really respected and valued it that much from the get go in all its aspects. I doubt it.
          You say things were ironed out. So you are implying that the people at the time were already aware there was a need for ‘ironing out’ instead of being complacent with the law as it was. The latter seems, considering the herd mentality of most, to be the more realistic perspective. Later, a couple of men with balls came around and said ‘Hey, let’s expand free speech’ and people said ‘Yeeha’.

        12. It’s a different country, different laws. And while the culture is very similar, laws in Germany are heavily influenced by the ww2 aftermath, which doesn’t happen in Austria.

        13. Of course they were, or there would not have been court challenges brought to SCOTUS almost from the moment its doors opened.

      3. What I don’t understand is why all of Cosby’s accusers agreed to go to his home or his hotel rooms alone with him and then played the victim card.
        A woman should not be in a private space with a man unless she wants to have sex with him. Of course, my opinion comes from the novel idea that women should we responsible for our actions. Strange, I know.

        1. Sorry but NOPE.
          Anyone has the right to change his or her mind. A girl going to your house is not a contract that obliges her to have sex with you. And while you have the right to feel annoyed (she would have wasted your time, after all), being annoyed is not an excuse for anything.

        2. While I agree that people have the right to change their minds, it makes sense not to put ourselves into precarious situations. There is no contract stating that a woman has to have sex with a man she goes into a private space with. However, that voluntary action gives the suggestion of being open to sex.
          Here’s an article that describes what I mean:

        3. Even more bizarre than going home with him – why would you willingly take drugs from him? When you read these stories, it’s not like Cosby was surreptitiously spiking their drinks. He was openly offering them drugs, and they were like, “OK, cool.”

        4. What’s really weird is the number of them who moved in with him after the “rapes” and / or contacted him for financial help several times.

      4. If only he could of pulled a Polanski and only rape children, then he could be a celebrated hero of the left instead!

    2. “did you have drugs at a party in the 70’s”
      For crying out loud, what they are doing to him is shameful.

      1. Yes, it is. The black man got too uppity and forgot his place, so he had to be brought down by the Leftist media. It amazes me to this day that nearly 95% of blacks are staunch and loyal to the party that routinely keeps them poor and “in their place”.

        1. Sometimes I consider it amazing too, but consider that most blacks alive today have never lived in an environment where they have been told that it is possible to reject the status quo. This IS their reality. It’s a testament to the power of suggestion. A large portion of the black population thinks that they have no other choice. And, truth be told, they basically don’t. If you’re a poor black right now, you have signed a deal with the devil. Don’t vote democrat and your life, miserable as it is, could literally be made worse by a factor of ten if benefits are cut.

        2. The insane thing is that he is exactly the kind of person that the American black community should be listening to. He was pro family and lashed out against this idolization of thuggery.
          More than that, I will say this without exaggeration: Bill Cosby did more for American blacks with the Cosby show that Martin Luther King and every fucking civil rights activist combined. It was Cosby who gave white America a look at a run of the mill upper middle class black family as part and parcel of a community without specific reference to their race.
          Meanwhile, his crime was going to a party filled with celebrities and models and getting high….in the fucking 70’s…I think that was a law in the 70’s

        3. “Bill Cosby did more for American blacks with the Cosby show that Martin
          Luther King and every fucking civil rights activist combined.”
          And that was why he had to be brought down.

        4. Do you really think so? I mean, I don’t know enough about it. I know that rather than making a fortune off of the black community by getting his face in front of bullshit protests like Rev Al he worked over the course of decades to try to convince black youth that there were better things in this world than being thugs while trying to get black celebrities to be more positive role models. I just don’t understand why this would make people want to bring him down.
          In the end he must have been taking money out of someone’s pocket. This is the only reason, but I don’t see who or how.

        5. I know you;re not particularly political, but the Democratic party relies on blacks as a voting block, and one of the ways that they keep them reliably Democratic voters is to keep them hooked on welfare-state handouts (with the threat that these handouts will be taken away by Republicans). Cosby was a voice in the black community telling blacks to reject violence and victimhood – the precursors that feed the welfare state. Race hustling is big business in the political arena, and there are plenty of actors who would want someone like him – a successful black man respected by people of every color – to shut up, or at the very least be completely discredited.

        6. Makes sense to me. If I didn’t see Cosby get railroaded with my own fucking eyes I would say no way, but there is the effect and this is as likely a cause as I have heard.

        7. and when he was lashing out at thuggery and promoting the family almost 20 yrs ago, he was trying to buy a stake in nbc…

        8. Sounds like a good investment from a smart man who had the best interests of his community in mind to me.

        9. it’s not like he was a pediatric gynecologist (this is the career I give when women I am not interested in ask me what I do)

        10. This is probably the most frustrating thing I’ve had to deal with in life. Trying to convince other black people I know of this.
          The indoctrination is so strong that all reason goes out the window.

        11. With the young ages that girls are starting to have sex, that is actually a viable career choice in this day in age.

      2. just sending him a message. rumor was he and other investors were attempting to buy cbs news. cant have an outsider owning a major news outlet

      3. I’d be more concerned if you were at a 70’s party and didn’t do drugs.

    3. I never understood how someone who’s rich and famous would bother to drug women – surely he could cut a slice using traditional methods (game).
      Doesn’t make sense, but then again – hollywood….

    4. My husband has bought bottles of wine for us to share during romantic dinners. Dear Lord…I think my husband was trying to “drug” me so he could have his way with me! Call the police! hahahaha

  3. Assassination and voter fraud are my two biggest concerns.
    It’s crystal clear ‘they’ don’t want the Don in the white house. The tricks we’ve already seen them try and pull have proven that.
    Voter fraud seems like the easiest/least problematic way for them to go about it. It’s the route I think they’re going to try and take considering we haven’t heard many other rumblings other than the constant media slandering.
    If they were to out-right try and kill him, and they succeeded, who knows what type of reaction the public would have… which is why I think they’ll rig the election.
    Why not let his supporters enthusiasm, as well as his campaign, get as big as it can before anti-climatically pulling the plug from the behind the scenes and slowly letting it fizzle out?
    I’m not saying I want that to happen… just saying I’ll be quite surprised if it doesn’t.

    1. I think you’re probably on to the correct answer. Voter fraud is probably viewed as the least inflammatory option, especially when the media is providing cover that all the polls show Clinton winning. Regardless of whether that’s bullshit or not, it allows them to claim that there is nothing to see here.
      In this vein, last week, I noticed several stories claiming that voter fraud is practically impossible. That’s an interesting conclusion to reach since it almost always happens to some degree. But this is part of the plan too – make it look like Clinton is popular, convince the sheep that it’s impossible to cheat, then cook the books secretly and dismiss all evidence as a wild conspiracy theory.

      1. We’ve witnessed voter fraud with the Democratic party with Sanders. They’ve basically “admitted” they do it, and it doesn’t even phase them.

        1. That’s the funniest thing about this recent string of articles. Erase your brain regarding what you saw in the DNC wikileaks. It’s impossible. IMPOSSIBLE!!!! WDATPDIM?!?!!!!!!!

  4. All plausible of course, but one should also entertain the possibility that even *if* Trump is elected ‘the establishment’ may still shut him down.
    We are now two months into the so-called ‘Brexit’ with no sign of any real movement here in the UK, just a lot of silly people playing ‘politics as usual’ (™).
    Yes Trump look great (especially compared with sick and senile Hitlery), but don’t pin all your hopes on him… plenty of signs of Trump accommodating to the establishment program in many places already, and just like Brexit being ignored in the UK, constant reminders the majority of people don’t like the EU being ignored in the EU, don’t forget the ability of the entire political machine to carry on regardless….
    The Presidency does not have unlimited power – even a Trump not watered down to be acceptable to a big enough group of voters would not get his way on everything.

    1. “We are now two months into the so-called ‘Brexit’ with no sign of any real movement here in the UK, just a lot of silly people playing ‘politics as usual”
      BINGO! That’s just it. What the powers-that-be are doing is slowing the process down soooooo slow to a snails pace that eventually the British people (like all people in the west), who have the attention span and memory of a housefly will forget they voted to leave. I’m not kidding – with so much “information” i.e. tv, movies, news, retarted junk on youtube, blogs, social media, that I am certain that the Brexit, as a major event that it is, will be forgotten. This is absolutely plausible.

      1. Exactly right… Look at how many results show how many Europeans can’t stand the unelected EU, and yet they ignore it and carry on every time.
        It’s not just massively violent action that breaks people’s will…. the modern way is long, slow, drawn out boredom, coupled with hedonistic distraction, until sheeple’s will is broken by resignation…

        1. “the modern way is long, slow, drawn out boredom, coupled with hedonistic distraction, ”
          Precisely. It’s a very clever method applied – and would not be possible at any other time until the avent of smartphones and the Global Village (Mccluhan) to distract us.

    2. A Trump presidency might still serve an important cultural purpose.
      Whatever the outcome of Brexit, it means something that the English people still have a sense of sovereignty and pride.
      This is an important message when any criticism of the establishment in public is essentially forbidden.
      The real importance of a Trump presidency might not be his accomplishments as president per se, but rather sending the message to ordinary people that they still exist.

      1. Yes of course I agree! Whether he wins or not, whether he is subverted or not, masculinity and willpower is not yet gone from the world…

        1. It’s not yet gone, but new generations don’t give me much hope at all. It’s sad, but we have got to face the reality: waking up new generations will be harder.
          There are countries like Spain which are, on my opinion, almost ruined completely. Why? Time ago, like a couple of years back in time, I talked with a girl from there and we got into the topic of post-modernism and all the shit that’s going around. She told me that some of her friends were planning to raise their sons as gays. Can you see the degree of madness in here?
          And the worst part is that new generations in Spain are brainwashed, like everywhere I think. But there you only have to say you are right-wind or against the promotion of homosexuality by the State and media, abortion, etc and you will get bad looks everywhere.
          Time ago I discussed with a relative of mine who has lived most of his life in Spain. And man, he was so brainwashed. I just mentioned how the Left is destroying the West and he went all over me, insulting me and calling me a fascist (just like it was an insult).
          It will be hard task to wake up new generations. Sometimes I feel like a lone wolf, because I have a hard time finding people in my age range who share similar views.

        2. I find more at my age, but suspect most of us here are in a similar way. Makes sites like RoK an Oasis to refresh and renew ones soul amidst all the insanity…

        3. This i have found as well in Spain. A country that used to proud of its heritage its contributions to the European civilization whose population is demoralized and brainwashed into hating its own culture and history. Talking to persons from that country is excruciating to say the least. I’d rather speak with South Americans than with many Spaniards.

        4. Here you have a South American haha. Speaking to people from Spain nowadays is a real pain. Every fucking thing you say triggers them.
          Of course, not all of them are like that but an increasing majority of young people, who are the future of a nation, act just like that.
          Lately I’ve seen many teachers from Spain arrive to universities in Lima. Of course, of all of them are leftists as fuck. They are complementing perfectly the scum we have teaching at our universities, infecting people’s mind with their sickening ideology.
          South America has also been infected by this plague. I live here in Peru and things are just going down and down. Now we have these feminist organizations funded by foreigner money infecting universities and planting hate everywhere they go.

        5. I understand what you are saying . Spain have always had a love-hate relationship with one of the basis of their nation: Catholic religion. One of the big differences between Spain and say Russia or Germany is that Spain wouldn’t exist as it is today without the Catholic faith. Once the faith was abandoned everything came crashing down, one of the raison d’etre of that nation was gone, maybe forever. Also this is one of the reasons, they were able to transmit their culture to the places they colonized (mostly), without wiping out the natives first unlike the English and other settlers.
          Hispanics (those with admixture and some relationship with their culture) are really sons of Spain but that country, I am afraid, is gone.
          And yes, the higher classes in the region (South America) are buying and drinking wholesale all the poison they can, from Europe and U.S.A. and the idiots think they are cooler the less manly and stupider their men become and the sluttier their women get. A real tragedy.

        6. Yeah, obesity has skyrocketted here. Young men have started to develop these chipmunk-like voices, pretty annoying in fact.
          I’d like to point out something very interesting. First off, I’d like to say that I fully support the idea Spaniards came here, otherwise I’d not exist (my heritage principally comes from Spain and Italy). They introduced western values here, which a lot of natives accepted without problems.
          Happens that the Inca empire was defeated not only by the Spaniards, but also by the Cañaris, Huancas and Chancas. The Incas were pretty brutal with the cultures and civilizations which didn’t submit to them. They planted a lot of hatred against them, so when the Spaniards came here they were in the middle of a civil war, that’s why they were already weakened.
          They requested help to the Cañaris, Huancas and Chancas, but only a very small percent of them accepted to help them. The other majority decided to ally up with the Spaniards. It’s always interesting to revise history.
          The real problem here is Peru is that they have demonized colonization, therefore we have not been able to fully appreciate the heritage brought by it.
          We have been infected by the same cancer as the West. It’s spreading faster than before with gender quotas, LGTBQI community pushing their agenda, a continuous attack on Army and Police forces, etc.
          It really saddens me man. Spain used to be a great nation as you say, but once it lost its faith, everything started to come down. They abandoned their faith for something new new, which is especially secular, stupid, disgusting, sickening and disappointing.

  5. “and to redistribute its wealth to other nations while forcing its citizens into unending debt servitude.”
    The Global Warming Climate Change swindle comes to mind…

  6. Hillary has some major health issues that the MSM is not reporting. What would be interesting would be to see her go into convulsions in the middle of a Presidential debate and collapse on live TV. The media would then go into technical difficulties and go to commercial.

    1. ” What would be interesting would be to see her go into convulsions in the middle of a Presidential debate and collapse on live TV. ”
      They’ll either blame Trump or the patriarchy or just throw a bunch of innocent white guys in prison.

    2. I’m betting the lefty media sites (but i repeat myself) will have a 30 second broadcasting delay in case this happens so that they can shut off the feed before her collapse is sent to the airwaves.

  7. “If Trump goes down either in a rigged election, by character assassination or a literal assassination, we will be headed into uncharted territory. We can say goodbye to the America we once knew and loved, forever.”
    The signs of loss of freedom in America vary from each individual – some even make the argument that even in the early 1970’s America wasn’t a free nation any more (Harry Brown: “How I How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World”) – and others could argue that America became unfree after 9/11. But I would wager that seeing Trump lose the election could very well be the most distinct marker between two eras of the United States.
    But let’s pray this does not happen. Not that having Trump get elected is a garuntee of restoring America to its constitutional state, but a dystopian America is definitely garunteed and awaits us if the opposition gets elected.

        1. Thinking the same and Ragans daughter criticised Trump at the same time. Guardian seemed a bit too happy with the whole release of a mentally hallenged individual.

      1. That would be waaaaayy too on the nose.

        It would be the cockiest move ever.

    1. I have a hard time seeing how it would get much worse than it did In 2001. I mean already the government can kill citizens without trial or accusation of a crime–it’s just not DOING it to regular white guys, but it DOES have that power.

      1. “I have a hard time seeing how it would get much worse than it did In 2001”
        I hear what you’re saying, but still my instinct tells me things are going to get waaay worse, so bad that we could be referring to 2001 as “the good old days”.

  8. I wonder how often these concepts come up within Trump’s campaign, and what they’re doing about it. Heck, flying in his big jet airplane would make me nervous as hell. Hope he survives – because I don’t want to get sick to my stomach if something bad happens. Sick world we live in.

    1. “If anything happens to Trump between now and the election, there will be blood.
      This is not a threat, just an observation”
      Not that I want anything to happen to Trump – but I’ll believe the whole “there’s gonna be blood!” BS when I see it. I’ve been hearing the same soundbite for years about other important issues that effects our constitution – to no avail.

    2. I don’t think there will be blood if something happens to Trump. What I think there will be is a massive surge in gun sales.
      What will bring this country to bloodshed faster than anything else is a move to seize private firearms. Gun control proponents would do well to remember that the Revolution turned into a shooting war when the British moved to seize civilian weapons and ammunition at Concord and Lexington.

  9. Democrats have become masters of voter fraud. My guess is on #2 happening this November. We know it and Trump knows it. He’s already alluded to it in public statements.

    1. As stated in another thread below – the DNC wikileaks showed that voter fraud has ALREADY happened this election cycle. It’s very amusing to see people try to pretend that it’s impossible in the current climate.

        1. You mean all 103% of registered voters in that Philly precinct did not vote for O?

        2. Please also ignore all those dead people who managed to cast votes. The election was so important that they found a way to do their civic duty from beyond the grave!

        3. Vote extra hard. Make sure your chads don’t hang. (Also make sure there is a “lost box” of ballots that can miraculously appear when an election is close, and that the ballots in this lost box just happen to heavily favor one candidate in an otherwise nail biter election).

        4. It really has become blatant hasn’t it? The election of Al Franken was nearly an SNL skit on corruption and fraud, yet everybody just yawns and accepts it as normal. Fucking disgusting.

        5. It’s pretty unusual that I get riled up about a Senator, but Franken is one of the special ones. Not only is he a fraud, but he represents a veritable laundry list of everything I hate about leftist politics too.

        6. I had to google. WTF? The I’m good enough I’m smart enough and gosh darn it people like me guy is a fucking Senator? I mean, come on, why do people gang up on me when I tell them that national politics are totally fucking meaningless and voting is an absurd waste of time. I mean, come on.

        7. You googled his election I’m assuming, or just confirmed that he’s a Senator? He lost the election until boxes of ballots mysteriously were “found” in cars that, by golly how about that, were all in his favor. It was revolting to the core to see happen, and smarmy Leftist mug on the camera afterwards sneering at us was unbearable.

        8. Here’s one you’ll like that happened just in the recent primary.
          Day of voting, a non-designated local gov employee was given several boxes of blank ballots to move from the main voting precinct to another one miles away. Even though the law is posted right there in the hallway stating that only pre-designated individuals may handle ballots. And no ballot is to be moved from polling place to polling place.
          This was reported to the state AG, and is still pending, likely forever.

        9. I googled to find out who he was. I didn’t even bother looking at the election. The last I remember him was doing a skit with Michael Jordan where he is telling Jordan not too be down on himself and it was funny because Jordan is a super confident guy.
          I had no idea this guy was in politics, let alone a US Senator. That is fucking absurd. How can anyone tell me that national politics are something that matter with a straight face.

        10. About Al Franken? If we have I was drunk because I didn’t even recall his name.

        11. Im pretty sure he cast the deciding vote for O-care. met him on the street once, “not a nice person”.

    2. Instead of voting we should just have a big party and do that thing where we say if you want one make some nooooiiiissseeeeeee and some comically oversized meter goes from “loud, to extreme to OFF THE CHART” and then pick that way.

        1. Ha. It seems to absurd and crooked that if we used your excellent tug of war election they would manipulate all the hipsters to ironically voting for trump just to weaken the side.

      1. Is there ANY recent picture where this women doesn’t look and sound like some kind of demon possessed witch?

      2. But Trump is the enemy of the first amendment. Don’t you see that?!!
        Leftards forget that Citizens United was a case about a movie that criticized Hillary Clinton in an election year. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a clearer example of the type of political speech that the first amendment is supposed to protect. But Clinton calls for the reversal of Citizens United and democrats cheer. Hooray!!!!
        Democracy is retarded.

        1. If they say that Breitbart and InfoWars do not have a right to exist, you can bet they will censor ROK as well.

  10. Everyone has a person lurking in their past with the desire to see them brought down …unfortunately.

  11. Not based on any facts, but has it occurred to you that Trump may very well be acquainted with the elite and possibly has a deal with them? I mean, he is a businessman. I can’t imagine he wouldn’t think of something like that. I don’t see him as the kind of person who would risk his life for ideals; he does what he does because it profits him. Which is fine, of course.

    1. He’s a billionaire already. I doubt he would shit on his own name with that kind of evil act. People like Trump. He’s a good guy. To be a billionaire already and run that kind of scam on the world is pure evil. He’s way too honest to be that evil.

      1. ‘Evil’ is just a word. I think you are idealizing him here. I think that you see him exactly the way he wants to be seen.
        I am not saying that this is not who he really is, because frankly, I have no way to know. It’s just that my gut tells me he would not attempt anything foolish.

        1. Incidentally, I sometimes read a blog by a psychopath (
          In his newest article’s comments, somebody asked him whether he thought Hillary and Trump were psychopaths. This is his answer:

          Vaknin and I agree about most of the people he writes about. And i this case, Hillary and Trump, yes, so absolutely.
          Though I normally abstain from saying I think anybody is psychopathic who’s career or who’s family depends on their reputation, I have no quarrel about saying what I think in the case of these two individuals.
          Contrary to what I expect many would think, in my mind there is no doubt that Hillary is the more psychopathic of the two while Trump’s narcissism is more visible and probably influences his behavior more than it does for Hillary.

        2. Thousands of people know him already and like him. He would have had to have been planning this huge Doctor Evil bullshit for decades.
          I’m not idealizing him at all. I’m actually worried about my status as an expat with him in office. I’m right wing but for the first time in my life, I feel like a president’s philosophy could hit my life very directly. He’s extremely nationalistic. Career expats might be on his shit list. So I’m not idealizing him. I just don’t think he is pulling some behind the scenes/switcheroo deal like you’re suggesting.

        3. Why would he have had to plan it for years? I don’t see that.
          I am not saying he is a puppet necessarily. I just don’t think he is oblivious or unknown to the elite. He must have a plan regarding them – how exactly that looks, I don’t know!
          And it’s no Doctor Evil. That kind of belief is what makes the citizens so gullible. We think of conspiracies as something ‘ultra evil’ and it becomes a taboo to speak of it or ‘accuse’ someone of it, because it is ‘sooo evil’.
          As I see it, conspiracies are simply a fact of human life. There is nothing ‘evil’ about it. It just is what it is.

        4. Whatever. If you’re scared it’s some big plan then you can always say that about anyone who ever runs for office. You can always go down this route if you want. Hillary is who you’re talking about and it’s right in your face too.
          Trump is the least likely of anyone in the last 40 years for being this evil puppet that you’re getting excited about.

        5. I am not scared about it. It just seems like a logical observation to me. It’s not really emotional to me, partly because I am not an American.
          I would still vote for him, because Hillary is definitely a terrible choice in any case.
          And yes, you are right. I would say it about anyone who runs for office. There is simply something wicked about big politics.
          Besides, I was under the impression I clarified myself and did not simply accuse him of being a puppet.

        6. I see what you’re saying. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility but it also may not be so self centered.
          He’ll most likely do things in his favor and at least try to do things in the name of those who wanted him as POTUS.
          He’s actually been talking about this for a long time, issues with trade, etc. I saw him say as much in an interview when he was much younger.

        7. It would not make sense to him to fuck his voters completely, agreed. He would have such a bad reputation that he would be next to unable to make real good business again afterwards.

  12. Seems pretty simple to me…if Hillary wins, they hacked the electronic voting machines; if Trump wins, they didn’t.

    1. That fact that Brexit actually happened makes me think it wasn’t so close as 51-49 but more like 60-40 in favor of leave: too big a difference to pull off rigging it.

      1. Absolutely. ABC News had Trump up 83% to 11% not long ago. Trump’s rallies are packed; Hillary gets crickets. I have to figure she’s getting blasted by at least 66-30, with the rest going for independents…

  13. Donald Trump is what happens when large chunks of the population have their views ignored or classed as racist for decades.
    I don’t trust him, I think Trump possesses a certain kind of cunning that has allowed him to get to where he is now. He has exploited the lack of trust people have with the media and politics in general to gain control of the Republican party.
    If he wins the election he will almost certainly go back on his word. He has been ambiguous and many of his policies lack detail. He will have to be flexible as president and that means his policies will be watered down.
    If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

    1. He’s already backing down on immigration. So there’s that. Maybe he doesn’t want to piss off his industrialist buddies by deporting all the cheap immigrant labor and replacing it with useless hipsters.

      1. He’s a populist. He even styles himself as ‘your voice’ They always come about when a political system doesn’t function or people feel wronged in some way.

      2. Folks that stick to their guns too much will always be eliminated in favor of ‘flexible’ candidates. Hillary has changed her views more than Kerry or Trump ever did, yet she manages to avoid being stuck with the flipper label.

      3. People are trying to trip him up by asking if he’s going to literally deport 11 million people. Anyone with common sense knows that’s impossible. Their numbers make them an overwhelming force to deal with.

    2. To be honest, can you think of anyone’s policies that have ever “not” lacked detail when they’re campaigning?
      They all say what you want to hear to get elected. Obama is a prime example.

  14. #5: Hillary will refuse to debate Trump
    She has no reason to debate him: She knows he would demolish her in a public debate. She will take the moral high ground and claim that she will not engage a racist, a bigot, a woman-hater etc. She will claim that she does not want to give Trump more opportunity to spew his hatred.

  15. A big part of the reason we find ourselves in this desperate hail mary pass type situation is because of complacency: all the “good ‘ol boys” were too complacent drinking beer and fishing while the Leftists were busy occupying every position of power no matter how lowly: city council, school board, etc.

    1. So if Trump does manage to get in, all of us had better get involved, taking any position of authority, and not breathe a sigh of relief and rest on our laurels.

  16. If Brexit taught us anything, its that anything is possible. Trump getting in the White House is possible, but I don’t think its very likely. It will all come down to voter fraud.

  17. We see how thugs are harassing Trump supporters at rallies. I expect them to be out in full force on Election Day to harass and intimidate would-be Trump voters.

    1. Not looking forward to that.
      Luckily, I live in an area that seems to feature more Trump supporters than usual, hopefully the ‘protestors’ will be few and far between.

        1. Soros is a dancing monkey. You stack his wealth up against the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, et al – he’s a cartoon cutout doing the bidding of the men behind the curtain…

        2. He may be a behind the scenes front man, but that doesn’t mean he’s a lackey. The guy has been interfering in world affairs for half a century and I doubt he’s taking orders from anyone. He’s a globalist. It’s a shared aim amongst the super-elite. He’s not on a leash

        3. Oh he’s on the team, no doubt. But he isn’t calling the shots…the elite always put a fall guy out front. And they stay behind the curtain. But they’ll be stepping out from behind it soon. It’s that egomania thing…

        4. Soros has quite the ego. He likes a little limelight. He’s so old now that I don’t think they mind him demonstrating his Emperor Palpatine act in public. Just as soon as he croaks they’ll proclaim that normal democracy has been restored

        5. Probably. The cutout, the dancing-monkey thing. It’s just like with Israel. They are going to be a major fall guy, taking much of the blame for the world’s ills. That’s why back in 2012, Henry Kissinger made the statement, “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel. I repeat, in 10 years, there will be no more Israel.” Kissinger is NWO all the way. The elite covet Jerusalem for the headquarters of their NWO. They created Israel, in 1948, via the U.N. (their spearhead organization), for just that purpose. These guys think ahead. Way ahead.

        6. You know where I read that statement? In the gossip/society page buried in the middle of the newspaper…youd think thats headline news right there…hes talking aboutt ww3, isnt he?

        7. I heard about that prediction, although I didn’t remember it was Kissinger who made it. Of course, since deception, misdirection and keeping people off balance is the name of the game he might not have been forecasting what he believed, but perhaps what he feared . Can you see Israel being yielded up within a matter of years? I can’t imagine the American public let alone the Israelis and world Jewry allowing that to happen, short of course of something akin to a major upheaval or war.
          Kissinger is certainly NWO, more demonstrably than Soros in fact, and yes they do think ahead; almost as though they think they’re putting on a drama or movie. Still it might be possible to overstate that perhaps

        8. Oh absolutely. It’s just one option of many. I can see Israel being gone in eight years. Who knows what will happen though…

        9. only if there is a full-scale third world war, I reckon. At the moment pretty much the whole world revolves around Israel, middle-eastern oil and the petro-dollar. If all three are on their way out the new world order could get a little dull

        10. Ha! Dull for sure. I think one of their overall goals is to make life dull for everybody except themselves.

  18. 3. Aside from Timothy Mcvaugh (OKC bomber) every on of these mass shooters(terrorists) is either a registered democrat or in a limited number of cases an independent. Not a Republican.

    1. That only comes out after shouting smears stop and the public’s attention has moved on.

  19. I think Trump’s going to be elected. With all the outrageous bias against him in the media, it would be too much for the proletariat to take if Hillary got the gig. Trump will probably eke out victory by a very slim margin. You know, just to make it exciting.

  20. Trump will have a YUGE amount to do just unfucking all the damage done to this country.

  21. Future Economy under Hillary: We’re all part-time Uber drivers and all rent our apartments out on AirBnB

    1. AirBnB is not a going to be an option, it will be a mandate. You will have to allow airbnb to rent at least part of your home and 80% of the proceeds will go to the government. She will get around the 3rd amendment by disallowing military personnel, active or retired, to take advantage of the inexpensive housing.

      1. Interesting. Like the Quartering Act but specially designed to address the “homeless” problem and perhaps packaged as an “opportunity” for us to learn how privileged we are to have an apartment…

        1. that’s what I am thinking. Get the homeless off the streets….let them live in your house.

        2. They already have student loan forgiveness through Peace Corps, Teach for America, etc. So it’s not so hard to imagine this policy being extended. Can’t make your student loan payments? Well, meet your new bunkmate. Enjoy.

        3. They also already have “mandatory / compulsory volunteering” as part of high school graduation requirements.

        4. I did that in high school. I had to do some amount of hours somewhere. I worked at an old age home after school. It wasn’t terrible. GOd knows what they do now.

        5. This isn’t much different than what is already happening with developers being required to set aside a certain part of every development for low-income housing. When you buy into the development, you’re buying into that. And, of course, your tax dollars fund it.

        6. Our school didn’t (my kids I mean, my son graduated last year and my daughter graduates in June of next year). In fact I don’t think any of the schools around here mandate such a thing.

      2. And most likely, you’ll have to make your space available to immigrants on a seasonal basis, like is happening in Europe.

        1. yes. Your tax money will pay the airbnb bill for refugees and the homeless to sleep in your house.

      3. It will be mandated that YOU provide quarters for all the migrants they promise to bring in.

        1. Yes, they will bring them in, you will quarter them and your tax money will go towards paying you for the quartering, though you will be taxed on that too so you will take a net financial loss. With any luck they will leave you a few bucks after they rape your daughter but you will probably be taxed on that too and it would just come out of the hand out they get from the government anyway.

    2. Future Economy under Hillary: We’re all part-time Uber drivers who pay extra double-plus un-good taxes to support the taxicab unions and all rent our apartments out on AirBnB with 100% of the proceeds given to fund free college tuition for homeless people who can’t afford housing.
      Fixed it.

  22. Or maybe those Benetton people on the left holding hands and singing kumbaya really are the billionaire globalist reptilian elites. If you ruled the world wouldn’t you too be happy and

    1. I read about this, but am still getting my head round it. This doesn’t look good for free speech on the internet at all but I can’t claim to really understand the rationale either

      1. It means the price of a domain name is going to shoot through the roof – just like the price of everything else will shoot through the roof.

  23. out of interest, anyone have any thoughts about china’s inclusion in the IMF’s SDR reserve currency which is happening on oct 1st? Zero effect, mild ripples or dollar Armageddon? Just wondering it might have any impact on the US election

  24. A Modest Proposal: Should the Alt-Right Support Hillary Clinton?
    In suggesting that members of the Alt-Right may want to reconsider their support of Donald Trump and instead entertain the notion of throwing themselves in league with Hillary Clinton, I am not trying to be deliberately provocative but rather earnestly propose that they reevaluate their motives.
    In trying to save Western civilization, the Alt-Right finds itself in a position similar to that of Chinese zookeepers tasked with trying to keep the Giant Panda from going extinct. Zookeepers in China have to go to absurd lengths to get pandas to breed. To combat the complete indifference the pandas have to the continuation of their own species, zookeepers have to cajole them in a myriad of ridiculous ways, including enticing them with panda porn and most often resorting to artificial insemination. This begs the question: if a species is so disinterested in its own survival, should the zookeepers step in and interfere? Similarly, if Western civilization has a death wish, should we interfere? How many times must
    we swat its wandering finger away from the electrical outlet? How many times must we grab away the bottle of aspirin? How many times do we have to tell it to not stare directly at the Sun? I think we would all agree that Western culture as it currently exists is not worth saving. Therefore, the only thing we are fighting for is an idea, an abstract notion, based on what it once was and what it might one day be.
    My fear is that if Trump is elected, those on the Right will once again grow complacent. Content that the collapse has been averted, the Right will once again withdraw from the public arena and resume its insular, myopic approach to life, not concerning itself with anything beyond its immediate family. The Left will not be routed and extirpated but will instead be allowed to lick its wounds, buy its time, and gather strength in the shadows until it is strong enough to finish what it started. Might it not be better to give the system a good sound kick and have the whole rotten
    edifice come crashing down once and for all? Instead of momentarily arresting the collapse with Trump, might we not rather wish to accelerate it under Hillary? Perhaps only then will a Right that advocates for control over the educational, economic, and entertainment components rise. A tepid, disinterested, introverted Right is doomed to failure against a Left that seeks total control over all aspects of society.
    Instead of fighting the importation of Syrian refugees, let’s demand more of them. Instead of 100,000, why not make it 200,000? After all, what allegedly separates Hillary from Trump is her compassion and empathy. So let’s throw open the gates. We saw in the primaries how the lily white Midwestern states like Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Idaho voted against Trump. These states haven’t yet been culturally enriched and haven’t gotten to experience diversity firsthand; consequently, the people there still desire
    to appear progressive and tolerant and virtue signal by voting against Trump. Maybe when his 16-year-old daughter gets raped in the high school bathroom by a 25-year-old Syrian man masquerading as a 15-year-old, Joe Six Pack will finally think of something other than the Vikings / Packers football game. Maybe that is what it will take to rouse the complacent from their slumber. Until life is uncomfortable, unpleasant, and downright unsafe, the majority will not wake up. So long as they are swaddled in their cocoon of sports, beer, and superhero movies, there will be no meaningful change.

    1. First, it’s not that simple. Second, even if it were, I’m not particularly fond of the Surrender Option. I’d rather just go full Pinochet on the Left and have the problem solved without having to drag our own families into some Syrian-Mexican Invader hell as you propose.

    2. Wow. Interesting take for sure. The most disheartening thing I’ve ever heard in regards to the cultural war is that the right can simply never turn back the direction of Wes. Civ, but only delay its decline. Much like what you’re saying.
      I’m an official dropout. Sometimes I think it’s the most valuable thing I could do. (I know…rationalization but hear me out). If I’d been a Navy Seal turned doctor or teacher/coach or something admirable then that only hastens the degeneracy. Why? Because the Left is allowed to go to the lengths they’re going in their shitshow because they know that, at the end of the day, there will always be the whiteboys to bail them out. There will always be a nation made up of half-heroes, half-mooches. That’s why they are free to become the trash that they have become. No matter what, the white boys will ‘Man Up’ and bail them out. Always. Every time.
      So a generation of a sizeable amount of white boys just flying the bird is about the best you can do for the culture. It’s the only thing that will turn people around. Just blindly ‘Manning Up’ and saving the day (again) only allows the degeneracy to flourish.

      1. The most disheartening thing I’ve ever heard in regards to the cultural war is that the right can simply never turn back the direction of Wes. Civ, but only delay its decline. Much like what you’re saying.
        That’s a Leftist conceit that they’ve taught us to accept. The “inevitability” of socialism. They deem it fated, it simply will happen because it’s the end goal of all civilizations over time, yadda yadda yadda. It’s what fuels their idiotic refrain “It’s the (insert current year)!”. It’s also absolutely bogus. There is no fated future, and it can be anything we want to make it, if we have enough will power and gather enough support. In fact I’ll go far as to say that if we had a mass movement large and powerful enough, we could reinstate the 1950’s by the year 2080 and everybody would be peachy hunky dory.
        There is no inevitable, unavoidable socialist utopia. Purge that kind of mindfuck out of your system man.

        1. I agree partly. It is obviously propaganda to a large part.
          Then again, if you take a look at stuff like the rat civilization experiment, it is kind of the conclusion you arrive at.

        2. I don’t see it that way. First, we’re not rats, we have higher thinking processes and aren’t obliged to act as a brute animal without free will.

        3. No doubt that brainwashing runs deep: I noticed it just recently in that old song by Doris Day, “Whatever will be, will be.”
          Preaching acceptance of fate rather than actively shaping and molding the future you want.

        4. The current intonation of that phrase is “It is what it is”. Accept stupidity. Accept mediocrity. Accept failure in others that you’re forced to pay for. It is what it is.

        5. Observable reality also contradicts this conceit. The Chinese, while not exactly the type of society we would want to champion, are moving away from Socialism. Once people figure out that you get richer faster by ditching Socialism, it’s pretty amazing how quickly the concept of inevitable Socialism is abandoned. Western Countries adopt Socialism, not because it is inevitable, but because they are victims of their own success. When you have it very easy, it is easy to look at the have nots and think that you should do something to improve their lot.

        6. And if there was ever a society where Socialism may have worked, it was in an ethnically and culturally homogeneous one like China.

        7. There was an infrequent commenter on this site who was living it up in China. He said his effective tax rate was 10% or so- what are you guys paying??

        8. Way more than that. Close to 50% if you add in state and all other non-income taxes.

        9. Right. But realistically, look at most people. After 20 years of kidnergarden, school, law, university, media etc. they are so extremely conditioned that it would take most of them another 5-20 years to completely shed that conditioning. That is, IF they somehow felt a need and motivation to do so AND had the opportunity, for example by deciding to live off welfare to clean up the head.
          Also, free will or not, I think that certain social dynamics simply happen, whether you think it’s ‘good’ or not. Now, I am not scientist in this field, but categorically denying that such forces may be very compelling and inevitable is like saying that through free will, you can prevent group dynamics like the automatic forming of hierarchies etc.

        10. I’m not stating that the outcome under discussion couldn’t happen. I’m just noting that, unlike lower order mammals, it’s not a given.

        11. Well, unlike lower order animals, as you call it, I see how a handful of individuals like the gentlemen on this site, could come together and maybe form a new little tribe or even a little country with those who are interested. But altogether preventing the collapse? I think that’s unrealistic, unless you found a way to take over the media and start pushing different ideas through conditioning. But you would likely be unable to do that, as the already existing conditioning would meet you with fierce resistance.

        12. I don’t buy into an inevitable collapse. That’s the whole point.
          Buying into the media is also no longer relevant. The Internet is sucking away huge shares of the mainstream media’s power, even for the average apolitical person. You don’t fight a current war by using the assumptions from the previous war.

        13. Mh, you may have a point. I just don’t believe it applies to Joe Average. Joe Average loves the MSM despite the internet. Joe Average … well you know what I mean. If this wasn’t so, Hillary and Obama would hardly enjoy as much success as they do.

        14. Not obliged to perhaps, yet
          I find the propaganda employed by the leftists to be amateurish, but it is still effective because civilizations have historically and provably followed a cycle not dissimilar to life/death of organisms.
          Birth and formation – characterized by hard work and toil, framing existence and early stumbles. Shared common objectives and hardship/background.
          Productivity – characterized by building greater and greater economy, towns, infrastructures, etc. Exploration, testing, invention, etc.
          Prosperity – characterized by more people in the well-to-do category than otherwise due to both established livelihoods becoming more successful and through new venues as well, but also the beginnings of complacency and desire to move away for the past as antiquated (socialism favoring and “diversity” starts as well). Much like a person basing the household budget on the necessity of receiving a bonus check annually with no heed for what happens regarding maintaining that lifestyle should the bonus be cut during lean times.
          Degeneracy – characterized by the rapid deterioration of the foundational principles, more open excesses/extravagances and taking everything for granted, the constant fetish/instant gratification, lack of understanding much of anything beyond the superficial and no ability to think critically/deductively, avoidance of reality and accountability in favor of fiction and mental deviance. Usually the point when socialism/communism have gained their greatest footholds and many times under the banner of unification and revolution to stop and correct the current state (which is the fault of the past obviously for leading us here, not the fault of ruinous modern policies meant to erode that past /sarc).
          Last gasp – characterized by the totalitarian overtaking “what was” through force under the guise of “the greater good”, in the case of the US, the complete anathema of liberty and earliest death rattles.
          Death (through Conquest or Transformation) – characterized by nothing remaining resembling the original structure.
          But sometimes we see “Resurrection” instead – characterized by the re-emergence of nationalism and patriotism and realism wherein the structural rebuilding is modeled after the original blueprint rather than something different.
          The left would like us to forget about resurrection and realizing that now is their greatest potential time to gain absolute power before a truly civilization-altering event wherein their own continued existence becomes uncertain (transformation and conquest after all, are generally short-lived as the populace rise up to overthrow their tormentors) and even more unlikely. They would also like us to think the stages proceeding them can’t be prolonged. They can, we could also skip the totalitarian takeover completely, but I suspect in our soft world, most people will have to see it get “truly bad” and live under it even for a few generations to ever gain the toughness inherit in living under such conditions to be able to rise up. Then it will all start over and repeat long after the lessons learned are lost again.

        15. I don’t think it’s necessarily inevitable that we’ll wind up in some socialistic Brave New World style society (although it’s quite possible). But at the same time the 1950s are never coming back. It sucks, but that’s the simple truth. And contrary to popular belief, demographics are only one small part of the reason why this is so.

        16. Nothing is “never coming back”. We’ve been going through cycles throughout history. The Roman empire even had its version of the “1950’s”. I’m just using that as a weird example of course. There is nothing inevitable about history, nor is there some kind of mystical timeline that prevents something from happening again.

        17. I would like to believe in some of your ideals but I’ve spent time with millenials. The culture has been disintegrating steadily, in one direction only. All the telling stats are heading in one direction…decay. I like your spirit but as Rush L said (loosely); “You’re start out laughing at the Left’s pathetic ideas but 15 years later, those same laughable concepts will be culturally entrenched.” This is a cultural virus. More “man up” heroics just serves as meat for the virus to feast itself upon. Starve it out. That’s the only option now.

      2. Yes, it’s been said that if every White man just refused to show up at work for 1 week, society would collapse.

    3. I never understood the insane obsession with keeping the panda non-extinct. It’s one of evolution’s biggest fails. just let it disappear already.

        1. Could not agree more. Seeing idiotic hippies out trying to roll beached whales back into the water always made me laugh. They’re the first to scream about “Evolution!” then go out of their way to ensure that survival of the fittest doesn’t happen to the cute, cuddly animals that they worship.

        2. “Seeing idiotic hippies out trying to roll beached whales back into the water always made me laugh.”
          WAIT! I thought that that was feminist day at the beach.

        3. Right. And you never hear about them trying to save some ugly maritime deep-sea creature that looks fucking scary.
          Besides, what’s the point of saving a species when it only lives in the zoo any longer? I was to the Munich zoo a while back and it was depressing. Those are not free animals that you can enjoy watching. They are not living; they are just surviving.

        4. Either way it’s an evolutionary dead end. Tomato-tomahto, burrito-burrahto.

        5. Nice. Still, it’s not ‘natural’ by any means. It is probably commercially motivated. They wouldn’t want to risk that some species gets just eaten up, ‘because evolution’. 🙂

        6. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. It’s a beautiful setup, and by God I hope it was pushed by commercial sponsors (in fact, I believe it was specifically and even advertises as such at the gate). That’s a good thing, capitalism can and does provide good value to the world, despite its imperfections. The notion that “only non-commerical does good” is silly on its face. People do not suddenly become altruistic saints when not working for a profit. Usually, quite the opposite most of the time.

        7. I did not say ‘good’. I said ‘natural’. ‘Good’ is a fairy tale I don’t believe in. ‘Natural’ is simply the way of the jungle.
          Sure, capitalism does enable a few good businessmen to provide real value. No doubt about it.

        8. If somebody is taking an axe to your leg against your will, is that good or bad?
          You can argue Good and Evil in a religious sense is not your cup of tea, but you’re still prone to judge things as good or bad, if only in relation to your own self. Can’t be helped. It’s how we’re wired.

        9. Sure, I’ll let you have that. There are things that I’d like and things I’d rather avoid. But that does not generally make them ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

        10. It’s not. One reason is that this excludes the notion of generalized moral laws, because everyone has different perceptions of pain and pleasure.
          Consider the monk who burned himself without moving a muscle. He was so in control of himself and his pain that he managed to pull this through.

        11. You have a thing against abstraction that I really have a hard time understanding. There’s nothing wrong with generalized moral laws. You can have your own moral value set and determine good and bad, just like I can. A person cutting your leg off with a bloody axe, without your consent, no matter how you cut it (pun…get it?!), is bad. There’s just no getting around it.

    4. I think the problem with what you’re saying is that, although there is some facial appeal to what you say, it presumes a positive outcome if collapse were to occur. In other words, you presume that the Joe Six Packs of the world would reclaim western civilization and restore it if only it collapsed in a way that they could feel on a personal level. But it is equally possible, and given the stupidity of the average voter, probably more likely, that these same people would just embrace something worse than the current leftism.

  25. Yes, the elections are rigged and the whole process is just a theater. Which is precisely why they gave you Donald Trump’s in order to restore your faith in the democratic process and in the two party system.
    It seems to be working …
    His presidency could make Brexit look like a sneeze in terms of his capacity to be a wrecking ball tearing down the elite’s well-laid plans for world domination.
    Not many people understand what Brexit was all about but it was NOT tearing down the plans for world domination, in fact it is according to it. But that’s a different subject.

  26. Not unrelated, some black guy who badly beat Dylan Roof in prison was released from prison (he was arrested on charge of armed robbery). When word got out that he had beat Roof half to death, there was a campaign to raise his $100k bail.
    So instead of facing additional charge of assault or attempted murder, he’s free on bail.
    The system is a sham.

  27. GhostOfJefferson, this article reads like a bunch of conspiracy theories. I don’t see you having an issue it. Why?

    1. I’m on record as not being fond of Trump. And I do think the article fronts a lot of conspiracy theories. But there are conspiracies, and then there are conspiracies. Burning down the Reichstag was a clear conspiracy. Alien lizard Bilderbergers, is more of, oh what would I call it, oh, right, fucking insane.

      1. How about Alien Lizard Build-A-Burger. That would be a great fast food chain.

        1. But-but-but GOJ! They’re all (((Joos))) and all the (((Joos))) are in on a big scheme to destroy the world!
          By the way, why don’t Jews use Facebook?
          Because there’s a Share button!

        2. that’s why the alien lizard build a burger offers free bacon. If you accept they know you aren’t fully committed to the cause.

        1. Dude, you really are trying too hard. Your “superior wisdom” schtick has been probed and found to be wanting. Give it up and accept that while you may think you have everything figured out, generally speaking, you don’t.

        2. Some people are so far behind in the race that they think they are winning.
          This is not the first time I have used this quote for this useless food bag and, I suspect, it won’t be the last.

        3. Just remember our conversations. Article like this one will confirm what I say and will become the norm as more people are waking up.
          Do you want to be left in the dark? It’s your choice.

        4. I’ve encountered “you” on the internet for decades, and on BBS’s before that. You’re never around when your grand conspiracies fail for me to point at and laugh, so just in case, when your conspiracies don’t come true, rest assured that I will be somewhere years from now, pointing at you and laughing.

        5. The problem with “people” like him, GOJ, is that the conspiracy nonsense he believes isn’t just because he believes it. It is tied up into his fragile ego and acts as a defense mechanism. I can’t say against what without knowing the specifics and lord knows I have no desire to delve into the mind of this babbling fool, but that said it is always something.
          Like feminists, blm, most toxic lefty groups actually, as well as the stormfront people and much of alt-right, he has this compulsive need to feel like a special snow flake. This comes from some kind of lack in his own life. Whether it is financial or social or an inability to get laid or play sports or his wife is cuking him or any number of a million other things doesn’t matter. He creates an alternate reality in which he is much better, smarter, more important, etc. than he is in real life.
          It if for this reason that no amount of absurdity is too much and no amount of seeing their ideas not come to fruition will ever force them to admit they are wrong. The phenomena is called reaction formation and for someone like @disqus_fi8qKe7Hwd:disqus to admit that his idiotic nonsense is just that would cause the house of cards that holds his ego together to crumble as he is forced to confront what a pathetic little dweeb he is. For this reason you can’t rationalize with him.
          There is exactly 0 difference between him and trigglypoof.

      2. Say what you will, but the whole idea of lizards is starting to sound more and more believable to me.
        You can argue that people see what they want to see. But that may be precisely the reason why people do not see this kind of stuff. The rabbit hole may go deeper than assumed.
        Not to say I believe it. Just to say I do not categorically discard it as an option. Some of those people in power are really weird scary creatures, lizard or not.

        1. I will categorically deny something as absurd as lizard people. I will not however categorically deny, for example, things like groups of people trying to rule the world or what have you. Those conspiracies are almost laughably wrong (almost), but they are surely not out of the realm of plausibility at a meta level.

        2. The lizard brain is the oldest part of the human brain and is responsible for primitive survival tactics – fear and aggression.
          There’s nothing fantastical about the idea that some people’s brains function would be dominated by the lizard brain.

        3. Yes, that is a possibility that I would absolutely not discard. But I am not sure if it is nothing but ‘fear and aggression’. That would imply that alligators know nothing but these two states.

        4. Because there is zero evidence of it. Show me an actual lizard person, and then we’ll speak. The very biological dynamics of lizards/reptiles is such that it is not quite plausible for them to evolve beyond their environment anyway. You might be able to make a case for at least a semi-plausible theory of, dunno, dog people or gorilla people (hence the popularity of Big Foot mythology), because they have the same type of environmental reactions evolutionary wise as we do, just to a lesser extent. Lizards? Laughable.

        5. Fear and aggression are only two of the primitive survival instincts. The cerebrum is what makes us human and it’s the largest part of our brains.

        6. You are partly lizard as we all are. It’s possible that the feature is more pronounced with some people. Logical.
          Go back to school.

        7. Okay, I have to chime in on this one. I read Icke’s lizard stuff. Pretty interesting. Didn’t believe it, but pretty interesting. So I went to Canada about 14 years ago. I’m standing in a train station in April in Calgary, Alberta. Snow on the ground, but it’s a warm day, the snow is melting. This guy walks up to me. Start grumbling and complaining. And he lets loose with this stream of the most vulgar obscenities I’d ever heard. So this guy, he’s about 5′-5″, little fella. And there’s just something wrong with him. And he asks me what time the train is coming. And then I look at his face. And I swear to fucking god, he blinked, and transluscent, see-through eyelids, came down over his pupils – very slowly. And then I looked closely at his pupils, and they were vertical green slits. And then I noticed he was all bundled up, with a scarf covering most of his face – even though it was warmish outside. And then I looked closer at his face and I saw these fucking scales on it. Now, I know, the average guy will say, “What kind of acid were you taking?” Or, “Heh, I knew you were fucking insane.” Well, I saw what I saw. It was right in front of my face. Now maybe he had some weird genetic problem. I don’t know. But when I saw his eyelids, and his pupils, I started laughing out loud. Nervously. Make of that what you will, but I’m not the only person in the world who has seen similar things. And I’ve actually never told anybody about that episode. Here it’s okay, because it’s online. In the real world, if somebody asked me if I saw something that might be construed as Reptilian? No fucking way…

        8. Indeed and thank you. Which is why it is being promoted as it stimulates the lizard brain.
          And which is why the elites initiations always involve sexual perversions.

        9. Can you, for just one day, not be such a flaming asshole? Think you can manage that?
          We evolved, no shit chief, big news there, thanks for enlightening us. But lizards went down a different path than we did. Reptiles went one direction, pseudo-reptiles went to mammals, dinosaurs went to birds. So if there are “lizard people” then show me. Otherwise, they’re mammals.

        10. I was counting you as the exception, of course.

        11. Yeah, that’s the thing. You read about this stuff all over the internet. But your conditioning and the way you are used to think tell you: Meh, bullshit. They are fantasizing or mentally ill or took drugs or whatever.
          But the more I meditate and shit, the more I realize that this view is quite narrow-minded. Why did I discard every experience that does not carry the ‘scientific’ label as unreal? Maybe because I am meant to…
          So while I have not personally experienced anything like it, I am becoming quite open minded to the possibility. And my gut tells me there is something to it.

        12. Nobody with a sound mind would claim that they are 100% lizard people as they would be lizards not humans. Logical.
          And I’ve already explain how the lizard part of the brain is more dominant with some people, who, for example, are into perverted sexual practices.
          If you get impressed by childish theories like 100% lizard people it speaks more about you than anyone else.

        13. “lizard part of the brain” is a hell of a flimsy branch upon which to hang your hat.
          I really don’t care about your conspiracies, hoss. They are absolutely your own problem to deal with. There’s enough actual bad happening in the world that i don’t need to invent more of it out of whole cloth. If, come the “revolution”, we break into a deep dark room buried a mile below the earth’s crust and find lizard people pulling levers, ok, fine, but “they” are not necessary at all for me to want to get problems solved up here above the ground.

        14. Hey, I know a doctor in medicinology who specializes in the lizard part of the brain.

        15. You could be right but logically the neocortex would get traumatized not the lizard brain.

        16. I don’t know enough about brains to say such a thing. But I like the chakra system, where the more ‘reptilian’ functions reside in the root chakra and the higher and spiritual functions are higher up the ladder. Since all really rooting and strong life energy comes from the root chakra (or what you might call reptilian stuff), damaging this chakra basically turns the entire personality into shit, because it is layered on top of it.

        17. I think it’s funny, is all. It’s called “the lizard part of the brain” not because it’s actually “lizard”, but rather because it controls the basic things like fear, aggression, fornication, etc. that lizards (and really, most all animals) have as their sole brain function. It’s an analogy, nothing more, it just caught on because it sounds funny/strange/unique.

        18. If a caterpillar saw another caterpillar turn into a butterfly, and he told another caterpillar about it, who had never seen it, that caterpillar would say, “Get out of here with your crazy conspiracy theories…” Caterpillars turn into butterflies. But a person could never change into something else. Why? Because…because…that’s fucking scary and I want my mommy.

        19. Why do you consider it invalid, though? I think the consensus is that the root of our brain is indeed what you would find in reptilians, only that there is simply more on top of it? Do you take issue with the fact that it sounds like mysticism or because it is factually wrong?

        20. It’s fantastic however that powerful elites would have become powerful elites by using that part of the brain. I think it makes better Ted Bundy material than Rockefeller material.

        21. Why not insects Tom? They have the same shit going on.
          It’s just a shorthand analogy. What it is not, is evidence supporting “lizard people”.

        22. My default is disbelief until evidence when it comes to grand things like this theory. If it’s in the realm of plausibility (burning down the Reichstag, rigging the vote, shady smoke filled rooms with an evil cabal trying to control the world) I’ll at least give it a hearing though.

        23. No shit, man. I noticed that, too. Almost had a cow when I first learned the name. Some people milk shit like that for all its worth. Me? I’m not in the moo-ed, etc.

        24. Anything that promises you lots of quick and easy money automatically triggers a variety of reptilian brain responses. Most notably, greed, aggression and compulsive behavior.
          Why do you think the elites hordes on money and are never satisfied. Some of the them are now trillionaires and yet want some more.

        25. You asked why I considered it invalid. Since I was speaking of the term in relation to “lizard people”, whether you personally believe or disbelieve it was never in question.

        26. Well, I am not trying to convince you, because I myself am not convinced. I just say I like to keep an open mind. But maybe this time we are really talking semantics. After all, you say you only disbelief until you see evidence, not on principle.

        27. Reptiles are not greedy.
          “Lizard brain” generally means “fight, flight, feeding, fear, freezing-up, and fornication” but not necessarily “things I don’t like about other people”.

        28. That does not make much sense to me. I don’t think that a primitive part of the brain is able to grasp the concept of money. Rather, they probably want the money as a symbolic compensation for some real unmet need.

        29. I’ve already explained to you that we’re not talking about reptiles here but the reptile instincts in HUMANS. A lot more complex.

        30. Yes it is actually called the amygdala and has nothing to do with lizards. It would be like claiming that eating French fries with your hamburger signaled some kind of Franco-Bavarian conspiracy you were taking part in.

        31. In the monetary system money creates the illusion of security i.e. less fear from the dangers to our survival.

        32. Btw, why no insects? Because I have heard no stories or experiences regarding insect people. I have read lots of reptile stuff, though.

        33. Reptiles do not have a greed instinct.
          They eat what they eat and not one bug/monkey more. I’ve kept a bearded dragon for around 8 years, and snakes before that. You’d be hard pressed to find a less greedy type of animal on the planet.
          Greed seems to come from higher processing, insofar as it is a consideration of future resources not being available. Hardly something a lizard would have the mental CPU to even conceive of.

        34. So you are saying that eating French fries with my hamburger makes you suspect that I am part of the Franco-Bavarian conspiracy?
          Damn. I need to warn my fellow conspirators. Kneeman has caught the scent.

        35. No, yet we make them into wallets nevertheless.

        36. The way you control large groups of people is to convince them that you don’t exist. Because those people can’t protect themselves from you, if they don’t realize you are there. Thus, the mass indoctrination of human beings into the mindset of feeling instant revulsion towards anyone who utters the “C” word. And I don’t mean cunt. It’s explained in-depth in Wilhelm Reich’s, “The Mass Psychology of Fascism.” Reich’s books were burned in NYC, back in the day. A coincidence, I’m sure.

        37. There’s a lot of fear mongering nowadays and it is perhaps the reason why people like GoJ are afraid to touch the so called conspiracy theories – he admitted himself down below.

        38. Simplistic answer. I am greedy too, very greedy but I don’t have the talents and acumen to make it (wealth) come true, neither do I have the social network. Reptilian knee-jerk reactions are useless to help me achieve that.

        39. Because insects have tiny brains and don’t play as important a role as human brains do. In fact, an insect can live for several days without a head.

        40. Then you’re not greedy but lazy as lazy people want a lot more than they can reach.

        41. Nah, I don’t think he’s afraid. He just thinks it’s bullshit. As I used to. And frankly, from my experience with many ‘truthers’, I absolutely do not blame him. Most of them are total manipulative assholes. As for you, I get the impression you are more reasonable than those I used to encounter, but I am not taking sides here. I am just saying I like to be open, that’s all. Whether conspiracy theory or not, I still have to be convinced to actually believe something.

        42. The crazy ones are infiltrators who try to muddle the waters and discourage more people from researching the subjects.

        43. That’s the trick, I think. Not being sure of anything. Reserving judgment. Keeping your mind open. Because everything changes – whether we want it to or not. I always try to think, “This is how I feel right now, but that’s definitely open to change.” I’ve been sucker-punched too many times by firmly believing in shit, that only benefited other people. You know, like the lies of ex-girlfriends, etc.

        44. Maybe. Would need to research that. But even then, you could argue that the physical presence of a gland is just a material representation of an underlying energy field.

        45. I’m the same way. I think everybody is. We feel strongly about things, and we feel certainty – and about others, not so sure. I think it’s the Playing Field of Appropriate Thought and Behavior. And it’s a definite construct. Imagine a group of people, huddled in the middle of a large football field. There are boundaries, sidelines. And whenever somebody walks toward the sidelines, away from the group in the center, the people discourage it, en masse. Inside the boundaries is fiction. Outside the boundaries is truth. Fiction approximates truth, and truth is stranger than fiction. It’s a normal human reaction to want to stay in the middle, right where they are, where everything is understandable and normal. Wow, I think I’m having acid flashbacks…

        46. The premises of the article are correct. Hence all the ridicule I get by some members here. They’ve been programmed to disregard all as crazy conspiracy theories.
          It’s best to control your opposition as you know how to defeat it.

        47. Haha, nicely said! Yeah indeed. Acid flashback… I had an acid trip some time ago where the sole lesson seemed to be: Surrender and stop analyzing and trying to understand.
          Basically, the drug distorted my entire reality. And whenever I accepted it, my mind started to form ideas about this new reality I had accepted and then I started feeling good about myself for being so clever. And EXACTLY in that moment, the drug completely and utterly shattered this reality and replaced it with something entirely different. Seriously, there was nothing, not a single thought about life, myself or anything or any form of feeling or perception that seemed fixed anymore. And the lesson was: Let go.

        48. I think we are on to something here. Either that, or drugs are really fucked-up…
          This might explain the whole thing a bit better. It’s a little story by the mystic, G.I. Gurdjieff. It’s called “The Magician’s Tale” –
          “There is an Eastern tale that speaks about a very rich magician who had a great many sheep. But at the same time this magician was very mean. He did not want to hire shepherds, nor did he want to erect a fence about the pasture where the sheep were grazing. The sheep consequently often wandered into the forest, fell into ravines and so on, and above all, they ran away, for they knew that the magician wanted their flesh and their skins, and this they did not like. At last the magician found a remedy. He hypnotized his sheep and suggested to them, first of all, that they were immortal and that no harm was being done to them when they were skinned; that on the contrary, it would be very good for them and even pleasant; secondly he suggested that the magician was a good master who loved his flock so much that he was ready to do anything in the world for them; and in the third place, he suggested that if anything at all were going to happen to them, it was not going to happen just then, at any rate not that day, and therefore they had no need to think about it. Further, the magician suggested to his sheep that they were not sheep at all; to some of them he suggested that they were lions, to some that they were eagles, to some that they were men, to others that they were magicians. After this all his cares and worries about the sheep came to an end. They never ran away again, but quietly awaited the time when the magician would require their flesh and skins.”

        49. Yup. The thing is – and I say this without committing to it – I sense that most people here see something in your statements that is not actually there. They project the crazy nuts on you. Well, partly you probably are a crazy nut, like anyone else, but I often think you have quite plausible ideas.

        50. The thing is, I feel the drugs simply exacerbate reality. (Talking strictly psychedelics, though!) In other words, you may get away with some stupid ineffective coping mechanism or arrogance in normal consciousness, because the negative effects would be only mild. But try resisting during a trip and the drug (or reality) hurts you. Hurts you bad. Until you learn the lesson, it keeps punishing you. And in a way, life is exactly like that. It keeps hurting you and hurting you, until you stop resisting and accept things as they are. It just happens in a ‘less crazy’ way and over a longer timespan.
          Haha, brilliant story. I wish I could add anything of value to it, but I can’t, it’s very well written.

        51. You’ll go nuts for Castaneda’s work, if you haven’t read him. Trust me on that one…
          Here are his major works:
          The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, 1968. ISBN 0-520-21757-8.
          (This book talks heavily about how hallucinogens open up gateways to…um…how should I say it…butterfly-like experiences, in comparison to one’s caterpillar-like state. Each book lays out a blueprint of sorts, to experience more and more of the totality of infinity. They’re all great, and based on what you’ve written in our exchange, I know they are right for you. I’m certain of this…well, while keeping my mind open about the matter – wink.)
          A Separate Reality: Further Conversations with Don Juan, 1971. ISBN 0-671-73249-8.
          Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan, 1972. ISBN 0-671-73246-3.
          Tales of Power, 1974. ISBN 0-671-73252-8.
          The Second Ring of Power, 1977. ISBN 0-671-73247-1.
          The Eagle’s Gift, 1981. ISBN 0-671-73251-X.
          The Fire From Within, 1984. ISBN 0-671-73250-1.
          The Power of Silence: Further Lessons of Don Juan, 1987. ISBN 0-671-73248-X.
          The Art of Dreaming, 1993. ISBN 0-06-092554-X.
          The Active Side of Infinity, 1999. ISBN 0-06-019220-8.

        52. Tom, I’ve been in this game for ages. I’ve narrowed my sources to the bare minimum – I don’t make a claim lightly.
          Contrary to what most think, I claim that Trump will be selected as the next puppet in the WH.

        53. Thanks for the suggestion. When I get my next welfare check, I’ll head over to my English book store and ask if they have it or can order it. (Amazon blocked due to outstanding invoices)
          The thing is, I generally don’t like to read so much, rather find out and experience myself. Why after all read much about another’s experience when I have my own life? That said, you sound fairly certain I will like it and I give a damn about intuition, so I will check it out. 🙂

        54. I hear ya. More than one way to skin a cat…
          Below is a link to a website with all his major works (free is a good price). The drawback is, some of the dialogue from the books has been left out. But that’s cool, you can still get the gist.
          The books are also available in MP3 format at the site below, which you can click and download. Scroll down after the page loads to get to the goods…

          Enjoyed our exchange. But I think it’s a Hooters day, and I am off to look at tits and ass…talk to you later unless I get hit by a truck driven by an illegal alien with no driver’s license and a rap sheet that contains 15 murder charges…

        55. I do as that would be too easy and you would not appreciate it sufficiently. You will get there by yourself.

        56. Which would be really interesting, given as Hamburg is a northern city and not in Bavaria.

        57. ugh Franco-Prussian honky. Just let a good joke be sometimes.

        58. Every day, every time I see your comments, I am always shocked to find out that you manage to get fucking dumber. You are really an amazing fucking idiot. Keep on idioting.

        59. Broca’s Brain…the lower you go down the higher the preservation instinct is, it probably explains why greed and gluttony are functions more of the primate brain as they are products of the higher social brain, which could have impeded the more biologically immediate needs of reptiles, which aren’t clan or tribe creatures. All vices and virtues are probably the result of leisure and a detachment from the immediate hand and fist stuff of pure survival.

      3. I agree. If Trump backers want to make their candidate viable, they should make reasonable arguments, not absurd assertions like this article. The truth is that Trump does have a reasonable shot at winning, despite getting crushed in the polls right now.
        And don’t be idiots, he *is* getting crushed in the polls *right now*. That doesn’t really mean a whole lot. After all, he said a bunch of really stupid things after the RNC which, for once, people seem to have taken offense to.
        I’m not sure why, because he really didn’t do anything he hadn’t been doing for months. I am mystified at the things that do and don’t offend people.
        Bottom line is there is a *lot* of time till the election, and a lot of things can happen. He’s churning his campaign staff and experimenting with his messaging style. All of these things could radially change the polls by election time.
        But the points being made in this article are absurd. Voter fraud has been debunked over and over again. It’s not going to be a reason that Trump wins or loses.
        And character assassination? Are you kidding me? The man has been married three times, declared bankruptcy a half a dozen times and openly ogles his daughter. Nobody cares. He’s got a big R on his chest so most Republicans are going to vote for him, even if right now they may not like it.

        1. But it’s more nuanced than that. Trump said the same stuff for months. It was no big deal. Then during one week, all of a sudden people got offended. I’m still not sure what was different about that one week. I think it’s some bizarre aspect to society and groups of people that we don’t fully understand.
          In fact I would say that the very fact that Trump is the Republican nominee is evidence that people are not *fully* controlled by the media, but rather heavily influenced. Trump and, to a lesser degree, Bernie Sanders are evidence that the powers-that-be don’t have it all figured out.

        2. Heh. Well, did people really get more offended suddenly? Or did you simply read more Facebook posts / online articles claiming that people are offended? In other words, how do you know they are more offended now?

        3. I think the real evidence is in the polls. Trump was running neck and neck with Hillary up until that week. Which, quite frankly, makes me believe that these numbers can still change dramatically.
          I didn’t really notice any increased posts or articles on Trump. I mean, he has gotten all sorts of press since he started running. In fact at the start of his campaign he was even getting flack from Fox News! But throughout the campaign he has been in the spotlight on all the networks. He’s been great theatre, and above all the mainstream media seeks to entertain their viewers, truth be damned.
          So I really think that, for some reason, the post RNC week resonated negatively with the public. Again, I don’t understand it, but we see over and over again that human behavior can be unpredictable, especially when we start to think that we have it all figured out.

        4. I believe it’s not really a secret that AP and Reuters and CNN are/were deliberately fudging their own polls. I recall a story about such just a couple of weeks ago. I’m not saying she can’t be ahead, I’m saying that I don’t trust leftist news organizations.

        5. “despite getting crushed in the polls right now”
          I have to ask every time this is brought up. Who is putting these polls together? And how many people are they polling?
          Polls are generally quite worthless unless you’re looking for website clicks.

        6. Whoa! 15%?
          But then, the percentage of winning is not the same as the relation between the actual votes. I am not sure what it means exactly, but I would guess it is an estimation of how probable it is that it still gets turned around.

        7. I’d be interested in knowing the integrity behind the polls. There has been instances on certain polls removing specific demographics or polling twice as many Democrats as Republicans to make it look like Hillary is winning by a landslide.
          Not sure how good Real Clear Politics is but I trust the Huffington Post about as far as I can throw them.

        8. Yeah, but be careful. That is a statistical probability of winning, and you can see just how dramatically that changed around the time of the conventions. If you look at voter %’s, the popular vote is 49% to 42% in favor of Clinton.
          But the analysis takes a look at how these %’s play out in a state by state basis. At one point in time, all Trump had to do to guarantee a win was to take Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida. I don’t think that is still the case, but it shows that you can be getting killed in the polls and still have a reasonable chance of winning.
          My whole point is just to not ignore the stats or pass it off as being untrue. Clearly the Trump campaign believes it (despite statements to the contrary) or else they wouldn’t be changing their strategy.

        9. I try, as much as I can, to stay away from partisan news agencies like Fox or MSNBC. CNN I just see as incompetent, so I avoid them as well. Who can say for sure what agendas are being pursued behind the scenes but I try to seek out sources that strike me as non-partisan.

        10. And wasn’t there talk recently that polls taken with anonymity showed Clinton losing? Something about people being more comfortable and honest when they aren’t in fear of retribution.

        11. I think there were two big things, one which involved the RNC, and then the biggest one being the DNC. The RNC, if you ask me, was so over the top negative it left a bad taste in my mouth. For a centrist like myself, hearing the country portrayed in a light that was so fundamentally opposite to what I experience every day was a turnoff.
          But the biggest negative turn is probably the battle he got into with the Gold Star family from the DNC. And, again, I don’t really get it, cause I wouldn’t place his comments towards that family as being any worse than anything else he’s said, but it definitely had a negative affect.
          I actually think his reaction to the soldier who gave him his Purple Heart was much worse. But again, I don’t understand people.
          Anyhow I can’t explain why Trump’s comments in that week resonated so negatively with the public, but they touched a nerve, and it doesn’t help in any way shape or form to deny it.
          The good news for Trump backers is that he’s probably at rock bottom, has nowhere to go but up, and has a reasonable chance at winning (still) because Clinton is, fundamentally, unlikeable.
          It will be a fascinating thing to watch this play out over the next few months. Will Trump change the tone and messaging with his new campaign staff? How will the Breitbart guy and Roger Ailes direct him and will he listen? Will those swing voters stay with Hillary or can they be swayed to Trump’s side? How will the statistical predictions evolve?
          Interesting stuff.

        12. Yep, sure. And frankly I haven’t delved deeply. The whole site is geared more towards statistical models across all sorts of fields, including sports, so I feel like they are less likely to be political hacks. In any case, we’ll see how things play out.

        13. I read about the joke he made about the purple heart. I found it funny. So did the Veteran who gave it to him.
          Seriously, why do people get offended over everything these days?

        14. I don’t get offended about things. I didn’t get offended over this. I thought it was kind of a dick way to react. If the vet was happy, that’s good.
          My only point was that I would have predicted people getting more offended over this than what they actually do find offensive. I’m just not good at predicting how people will react.

        15. Yeah, I mean it’s frustratingly hard to predict what is going to offend some people and not others. How some people will see things as a dick move and others not. So much to learn about what makes us all tick.

        16. Let’s say for the sake of argument that you’re correct. That there is an undercurrent of support for Trump that is not reflected in the polls and that he is even if not ahead.
          If that were the case, would Trump be shaking up his campaign, or would he continue doing what he is doing? Cause if I put myself in his shoes, if I have confidence that the polls are lying and that my message is resonating enough for me to win, then I keep doing what I’m doing.
          Instead he *is* shaking things up and trying some different strategies. I think, given the polls, that this is smart. But if you discount the polls, then it’s not really smart to change what you’re doing.

        17. The Germans in my private sphere have been calling the upcoming US election as the plague vs cholerea. Very apt. I will vote for the loud mouth clown over the criminal old dyke. We will all continue to suffer but the question remains how long do we endure until the ship is righted?

        18. If those polls are accurate, and thats a yuuge if, how many are actually going out to vote? Young people are notoriously absent on voting day thank god. I would think a majority of them are on the left. Not to mention there are a ton of middle aged white men and women that are awakenow that will be turning up biggly. Not sure why that isnt represented in these polls.
          I know 1 frickin person voting for her. One. Tons who are voting Trump.

        19. Ok, but is he The Plague or Cholera? LOL. There was another post that compared this to a choice between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich. Too funny…

        20. Hard to say. I will be interested to see how closely the polls and projections track reality, as well as how they change as we get closer to the election and Trump changes his strategy (or not, as the case may be).
          The circle of people that I know, which is primarily family and co-workers, is split, but the majority are reluctant voters for Hillary. I only know one person who is actually pro-Hillary.
          In my wider circle of facebook acquaintances and extended family, it seems like Trump has the edge.
          However, one of the things I believe is that there is a silent majority that is not necessarily vocal about their politics. Hard to say what those people are going to do.

  28. Has it occurred to anyone here that Trump might lose the election because not enough people voted for him, with no fraud?
    This article stinks of making excuses for a Trump loss.
    #1 Reason Trump Might Lose: more people voted for someone else than voted for Donald Trump. No fraud, no assassination (character or otherwise).

    1. Actually, no. I don’t know any Democrats outside of my wife’s aunt that think that Hillary is an acceptable choice. They may vote for her, but I get a sense of a very depressed Leftist turnout, especially after Socialist Sanders was destroyed by the DNC (which is fraud, but I like that he was taken out, since I hate commies).

      1. I am against Hillary and voting for Trump. However, it would be narcissistic of us to assume that if Trump loses, it HAD to be due to malfeasance of some kind.
        This is very close to saying “If I lose the baseball game, it has to be because my opponent cheated. It couldnt possibly be that they are a better team than my own.”
        I think it is more likely Hillary will win than Trunp winning. However, it is mostly because America has bought the egalatarian/equality lie. This isnt cheating, they just have better messaging than us.

        1. Clinton won the Democrat nomination through fraud. Is it so unlikely that she would attempt the same against Trump?

        2. Its very plausible. Lets just make sure we have some evidence of it in the General before we use it as an excuse for Trump winning.

      2. ” I don’t know any Democrats outside of my wife’s aunt that think that Hillary is an acceptable choice”
        How many fat women, faggots and transdoodles do you know?

        1. I tend to avoid those types. Of the few I am even vaguely aware of, they were all Socialist Sanders supporters (I think?).

    2. Of course, but your hypothesis hasn’t occurred to Hillary supporters, ironically.

    3. Sure it’s occurred to me.
      Has it occurred to the average Clinton voter that this woman has been in positions of authority for two decades, and yet the country she and her ilk have presided over is in the worst financial and social shape of its existence?

    4. That’s entirely possible, however Hillary already stole the election from Bernie, so why shouldn’t she try again? Bernie got more votes, but lost the nomination.

    5. I agree Fitzroy. you have too many stupid deadbeats in this country that listen to the media and don’t have a brain to think for themselves. I see them every day…People who don’t have a clue on how they got to work or why they are there. Just a lump of stupidity. The uneducated liberal masses that believe shutting the border is “hate” while 48 million are inpoverty. Trump is evil because he told some rag head lady to go blow herself up. Big deal. They have no logic, no reason and certainly no sanity.

  29. With information traveling at light speed, a Trump assassination would spark a civil war with many dead SJWs.

  30. Whoa now, these methods are unnecessary. In JFK ‘s time, assassination was an option, but that was because he was already president. Nowadays, he wouldn’t have been allowed to get that far. #2 is all they need. It worked for Bush.

    1. Bush wasn’t voter fraud, no matter how dad Algorians want it to be. There were fifty bajillion recounts, all coming up in his favor, and you know it.

      1. What I always find interesting is that nobody ever brings up that if Gore had just won his home state of Tennessee, he would have won the election. Amazing to me that he could win a statewide election to be a Senator for the state but not carry the vote for President.

    2. Lie. Sorry you believe the old hungover myth, but Bush won by 500 votes in FL. Several recounts were done by leftist funds with the same result. Amazing how a state supreme court(all democrats) want to start reintepruting electoral laws in a middle of a recount doesn’t raise an eyebrow though. Laws are for chumps apparently.

  31. I recently watched Soros on YouTube say Crooked Hillary is a done deal for the white house. He also said Trump will get the popular vote but would lose the electoral vote. This got me worried that a fix was already in.

  32. I confidently say: Donald Trump hasn’t raped a single woman, ever.
    If such a woman existed, she would be on every news channel across the globe, and billions upon billions of people on multiple continents would know her face and her name. They would look upon her and say “That’s the woman Donald Trump raped.”

  33. Number 3 almost happened in the 2000 election. Eric Rudoph (the Olympic Park Bomber) planned to bomb one last abortion clinic right before the election, presuming Bush would be blamed, Gore would get elected as a result, once moderate voters ran away from Bush and changed their votes out of guilt/fear over being associated with anti-abortion extremism. His motivation was that the country needed to be broken down even more before true reform could happen, and all a Bush presidency would do was postpone the inevitable versus eight more years of a leftist president like Gore.
    He almost pulled it off, but for the inability to secure a reliable vehicle. That election was a very narrow victory for Bush – had things gone differently for Rudolph that night, his actions against a left wing shrine (any abortion clinic) would have changed the course of history.

  34. I’m not convinced Trump is not an elitist, nor that he will be allowed to fairly win an election. However, instead of doing one of the extreme acts mentioned here, what about just utterly sabotaging things during his term? Order the federal reserve to take some irresponsible acts which cause another big crash, and allow some billionaires to benefit at the same time, hell maybe even some of Trumps buddies and Trump himself can be in on it. And then the people will be so ready for change they will accept an even worse candidate in 2020.
    Even if he is a good, positive guy that wants to change things, he cannot do so without the machinery of government, including the Dark State, as well as Congress, who is bought, paid for, and controlled, cooperating. And they despise him. So he would be powerless to do much but talk up America, be our cheerleader for 4 years, which really would benefit both the elites and the proles, so maybe they just let him do that.
    Trump is not a terribly bright guy, and has shown little interest in actually governing, so I think he would either be powerless to change most of the important things, or could easily be sabotaged if he tried. Remember, he can’t count on his party to support him because he’s not really a Republican.

    1. “Even if he is a good, positive guy that wants to change things, he cannot do so without the machinery of government, including the Dark State, as well as Congress, who is bought, paid for, and controlled, cooperating.”

  35. On a funny note, has anyone seen the South Park episode where the new nomenclature for rape is a ‘hot Cosby’ and love is a ‘slow Cosby’?

  36. Whatever happens, I predict the lowest voter turnout in US election history.. which is ironic, considering the Trump/Clinton rumble has polarized the US (and the world) populace like no other in US election history. But the fact is, too many people who hate one candidate simply loathe the other too much to vote for him/her.
    At any rate, #2 above is the most likely scenario.. after all it’s been tried before. #4 is a possibility, although the litany of Hillary scandals has probably poisoned the well on that account.. any cries of “rape” from some skank emerging last-minute from the woodwork would have the stink of Democrat desperation about it.

    1. I think it will actually be high- but no matter who wins; after the election. There won’t be any “glad your on board” ceremony. It will be- crooked hillary and lib hate media against trump. I will opt out of listening nor add anything to a positive societal discourse- aka – deadbeats and the rest need not apply.

    2. Disagree. It will be more like the highest turnout in voter history, if not the highest ever. The hate you speak of will drive the voters to the polls. To vote against that which they dislike.

  37. #5. Media blackout. His twitter will get shut down and he will not be allowed to debate hillary.

    1. would be my #1 guess. The onslaught will be tough to overcome. Leftist hate media has gone bezerk right now.

  38. I don’t get how so many are stupid and naïve enough to think globalism is about ‘harmony’ and not totalitarian enslavement of the human race one little step at a time.

  39. The Trump situation might be similar to the case of Anton Drexler: if he and his political compatriots doesn’t get into power, they will become what their opponents fear.

  40. From my point of view- do you want 1.7 million people to enter the US per year when 48 million are on welfare? Its really a simple question. Liberals do-poverty pimps and I and most rational people do not. There are no other arguments. Its about the size of the pie and how many to feed……More people does not grow the pie or china,India, brazil would have the most wealth on earth. In fact, its the opposite- most of the people in these countries live in sewage. Its the end result. Its not about tax cuts or minorities or any other baloney the left would have you believe. This is the problem.

  41. Possible scenario… Fraud perpetrated at ballot boxes… Hitlery elected ?? right after declaration of polls & Hitlery declaration of Martial Law & confiscation of all guns from the people all who object, destination FEMA camps for extermination ! Possible ?? Yes !

    1. But those who oppose Hitlery have most of the toys. As they ain’t “progressive”.
      So I foresee a problem with this scenario.

      1. Humph…. But what about if those that opposes the harridan turn out to be as brave as the Swede ??

        1. Rednecks reside only in Confederate States, bu they are undermined by the SJW, SPLC fifth columns ?? Now if you have in mind Kalifornia, Oregon, Washington State & East Coast, then only Swede reside there ???

  42. Not sure why Rok pushes forward Donald Trump so much. Are they receiving money from his campaign in order to promote him? That said I don’t dislike the man. I think there is a better way to run this world, do we really need these parasites like Lord Rothschild with there sphere of influence. I can’t see Trump changing USA to much, the people need to start making the world a better place. I think we should stop relying on politicians to solve all our problems. They won’t and they never have done so. Rant over.

  43. I am not American so I cannot vote, but I am sympathetic for Trump and his campaign goals.
    Although I said that, I do have opinion based on years of research that we shouldn’t trust ANY candidate for either Oval Office or in other countries for example office of Prime Minister.
    What I learned over the years that Establishment are not actually concerned with elections.
    They are not concerned as they know whoever goes to the seats of power around the world, that they are under complete control.
    Trump could easily be a play where he appeals to the silent majority of the USA, with cleverly created persona of Clinton which is on the first glance a polar opposite.
    You get what I am saying? They could be two sides of the same coin, a coin in the pocket of Wall Street financiers, or some organization whose function is to cleverly orchestrate events, while appearing to be humanitarian in nature.
    So whoever becomes President, they are bound to dance how their masters tell them, as real rulers of USA have not ever been presidents, but people masquerading as “advisors”, “non government agencies” and such.
    I think we should keep open mind to this possibility.

  44. If Hilary wins, our movement will grow like a virus!!!
    The west NEEDS to hit rock bottom (another 5-10 more years). Any longer and there will be 2 many dysfunctional people (Gen Z, A) which have the option to vote!!

  45. If Trump is taken out by any of these methods stand by for civil war, which will follow directly on the heels of an economic collapse and foreign policy/military disaster. Count on it. China and Russia have no intention of allowing Soros, the Clintons or anybody else dominate the world. They will challenge us in a limited fashion in the South China Sea and Eastern Europe. We will suffer major defeats and then be faced with using nukes to “restore balance”. Won´t happen. End of the so-called “empire”.

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