What It’s Like To Use Online Dating In Russia

There is an ongoing debate concerning the utility and effectiveness of online dating. Quite often the opinions tend to generalize the advantages and shortcomings of this type of tool, forgetting the specifics of local context. A good example of that is Russia (or Russian speaking countries), which is on a league of its own concerning online dating.

Over there its use is widespread and considered a normal practice for meeting people as any other. While in most Western nations many of the dating sites are used by girls with the single purpose of getting validation and a legion of beta followers, in Russia they deliver the real deal: if you follow some simple rules, your chances of meeting a beautiful sexy girl are pretty high.

There are indeed some pre-conditions to be successful in the use of these sites, especially if you are a foreigner. Most of the websites (like Mamba.ru, for example) will have an English version, so to navigate them wont be a problem. Still, one of the most important factors to grant an unprecedented rate of success for a non-native is to have a good command of the Russian language.

Don’t get me wrong: by using English you will still be able to talk and engage with a significant number of Russian ladies. You will also be able to score with a considerable number of them. However, the scope of girls that you will be able to reach out to will be significantly reduced and, believe me, there are girls on those websites that you would hate to miss out. So try to grasp at least the basics of Russian language before trying this approach. That investment will pay you back big time.

Russian girls from Penza looking for an online date

The other important factor, when you sign up for one of those Russian dating sites, is to have presentable photos (either displaying some wealth or taken in exotic locations). Don’t be too shy to display your material assets.

Girls find well-to-do men very attractive, even if physically you will be out of shape. Lastly, try to disguise, as much as possible, the fact that you are just a passing by tourist (if that will be the case). With the easiness of renting a flat nowadays, you can effortlessly make up a story that you are an expat or a frequent business traveler to Russia. It’s important for the girls to feel that there is a slight chance of continuity or of a relationship, in order for you to be able to seal the deal faster. They are tired and wary of sex tourists.

What to expect

The quality of the girls in Russian dating websites is way above average. If you exclude the unavoidable attention whores (they are everywhere nowadays), your difficulty will be to chose where to start. The possibility that you will get a phone number and even a webcam chat just after a few minutes of conversation is really high.

From then onward, you can pretty much decide on how fast you want things to happen. A good example of that came out recently when some Russian youtubers decided to play a bit with online dating and literally push the boundaries of what kind of results you can achieve.

Another day in the life of a young couple in Russia

These quite popular Youtubers are a couple that lives in Penza, a city 600 Kms southeast of Moscow. They became well known in Russia with a series of weekly comical sketches that are called “The Beauty and the Beast”.

Basically they portray the life of a young Russian couple, with a comical twist and a blunt depiction of how relationships work in that country. Needless to say that most of the episodes would be considered by Western feminists “appalling and outrageous to the female condition”, which makes it for another good reason to actually follow them. The other detail is that the girl in the videos is, actually, quite sexy.

Caption from one of their episodes

A few weeks ago they posted something different in their YouTube channel. With a mix of humor and a touch of social experiment, they decided to test the boundaries of online dating, while filming the whole thing.

The plot was quite simple: a user profile in a dating website was created, using one of the guys that plays a minor role in their sketches. Since he didn’t look exactly like a movie star, they dressed him up and made a couple of photos of him, next to a friends car. The car, although of a recent model, was not from any of the top brands that Russians appreciate (usually, of German manufacturers).

In a matter of minutes the profile was live and they started to chat with girls. Initial success was quite easy and, as they show on the video, one of the girls even sent them a photo in her panties, after just a few messages. Interestingly enough, one of the first questions she made was: “Is the car yours?”

The whole thing was funny but, by itself, not worthy of an YouTube video. They decided to push it forward and test the willingness of the girls to meet their guy. The challenge proposed was one that no male would try in a Western society: the girls were asked to meet the man, in the doorstep of his building, bringing four cans of beer with them. At first, they were not sure if any girl would be willing to do such a crazy thing for a guy they had never met.

That mood quickly changed when three girls accepted the “invitation”. Soon enough dates were scheduled (for that same day) and the Youtubers set their cameras in the flat balcony, wondering if they would really show up.

Flowers in exchange for beer. Fair deal.

The first one didn’t take long to appear, with a plastic bag full of beer cans. As they watched her from the distance, they could see a perfectly normal good looking girl approaching the building. When she arrived downstairs, all the crew came out, with the guy in the profile holding a flower bouquet.

She was surprised and extremely embarrassed, asking not to be filmed. They ignored her request and posted the video anyway. The second girl had a similar reaction but she seemed to be alright with the prank. She took the flower bouquet and they kept the beers. Fair trade.

The third girl acted differently: as soon as she saw the camera crew coming out of the building door, she immediately dropped the bag with the beers and ran away as fast as she could. Although her face was hardly visible, she was good looking and attractive. In fact, all of them were.

In the end, one question is unavoidable: would it be possible to achieve a similar result in a Western society, just in a matter of a few hours? The answer is clearly no. Western girls’ mindset is one that leaves all the effort to the man, with a an unpredictable (if any) payoff.

Russian girls also have their requirements (lets not be naive, shall we?), but they are willing to put the effort, even if that means to bring beer to the guy’s doorstep. And,that’s what “gender equality” should be all about.

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    1. Gwahaha, that’s hilarious! Online Russian snatch may be on fire, but I daresay you guys posting on this article are moreso!

    2. You’re starting to cross the line into SJW territory, since this is definitely a leftist meme. We don’t allow SJWs to post comments on ROK.

      1. Isn’t criticism of Donald Trump allowed? 65% of the American public currently disapproves of his job performance, including a significant number of masculine men like myself. I was out drinking with two of them on Saturday night, in fact, and all three of us are pretty freaking far from SJWs.
        Would you prefer the criticism in original words rather than copied memes?

        1. Would you prefer the criticism in original words rather than copied memes?
          How about none at all. This has nothing to do with the article and subject being discussed.

        2. If you continue to hijack comment threads to spew leftist propaganda, you will be permanently banned. Go to Washington Post to share your emotional Trump hatred.

    3. C’mon, Jammy….CNN just got busted for fraudulence over this story and has more or less admitted that it never happened. They may even end up getting sued for millions.
      It’s a tired meme, man. Give it a rest.

  1. Obviously the masculine/traditional gender roles culture is what enables this kind of wonder in that part of the world. But I’d go a step further and say supply and demand also works in male’s favors. There are far more females in Russia than men, so naturally the men treat women like replaceable novelties and the women are forced to suck it up. Eastern European men have done it all right as the traditional family has a fighting chance in those parts.

  2. This article nails it on the head. Online dating over there is no joke, and I prefer it above all other methods. Leave the bitch clubs to the loser Turkish and niggers. If you’ve got the basics of game and can follow the 16 commandments, you’ll net a massive body count in Russia and EE with just your smartphone.

      1. I’ll welcome trying a Russian woman any day over trying American women any more. They’re so bad I’ve nearly given up altogether.

        1. I really think that there is something mentally wrong with American women. I don’t know what it is but my worst period of dating was when I lived in America. They are completely neurotic.

        2. Point in fact. I was studying in Spain and there was one American girl in the class. Of course she was chubby and the least pretty in the group. We were being given a tour of the city by one of the teachers. It was quite informal and she (the teacher) did not seem concerned by people diverting or having a quick chat while she lectured.
          I noticed that the American girl had a brand new Sony DSLR camera, of which I have quite a bit of experience. She seemed to be struggling with it (frankly she had no idea how it worked). So I good naturedly began giving her some advice on how to use it.
          I got the sense that she was a bit uncomfortable but I didn’t think it had anything to do with me especially as she was responding normally.
          Now at one point the teacher was talking but the American girl was fiddling with the camera and she mentioned she didn’t understand aperture and shutter speed. I began explaining it to her when suddenly her eyes rolled in her head in panic (like I had two heads) and she yelled “SHUSH!”
          I looked at her like she was a crazy woman (who shushes anyone these days?) shrugged and just walked away.
          After that I just began talking to a nice pretty blonde German girl and we got on just fine and still talk to this day.

        3. I lived in Europe for over 20 years, in my experience, the least attractive women speak English and are familiar with American culture. The most attractive ones usually speak no English and have no familiarity with American culture. I spent a decade in Germany, and it was easy to pick apart the good German women, the good ones usually spoke little to no English.

        4. Not ruling them out. I’m still partial to them but sometimes a man should satisfy his curiosity.

    1. Except you have to pass a 500-question test just to GET into the dumpster (Cuz you know…that 300-lb tub of goo with 6 kids ain’t gonna put out for just anyone!)

  3. Fuck the West, seriously. And shame on you white-Americans for not wearing the pants in your country. Can’t wait to escape the USSA and go back to EE for a while.
    It is unbelievable to see what the average EE woman is vs. the average Western cunt. And this happens because I am surrounded by betas and nihilistic “alphas”.

    1. Have fun over there. Talking to EE girls is more pleasant too. Never had a bad conversation with one of them.

      1. They’re a breath of fresh air. The last relationship I was in was with a Russian girl and I haven’t dated an American girl since… strictly pump and dump. I’m not pedestalizing Russian women but by comparison I could never go back to the dumpster for scraps again.

        1. Why does female personhood matter to you?
          A woman’s IQ is about as important as her work resume to a man.

        2. Maybe so but dealing with a retard can be an object lesson in frustration. My experiences with EE women have been uniformly bad.

        3. Out of curiosity in what way would you say they are retarded?
          Just employ the screening techniques this site is full of how figure all that stuff out. Leave the retards alone if you don’t like them.
          I still find them more pleasent then talking to American chicks. There’s alot more flow.
          EE women act like how you would expect a woman to as far as I know.

        4. I don’t need your advice man I’ve been doing this a long time. I screen EE chicks out by not messing with them. Waste of time. I’ve messed with a lot of them in the past and to a woman they are retards. And my impression of Russian women is that they are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to EE chicks. Even the Polish girls laugh at them.
          Sure they are better than the average American woman but that’s a pretty low bar.

        5. You probably make a good point but I’m not going to doubt what you say until I get over there.

  4. Yes, the russian women are pretty sexy and ok, but MOST of them are alcoholic, aggressive and doesn’t respect their men at all. Also, they’re cheaters. I can tell from my own experience, I had a russian girlfriend and she cheated on me with my best friend then when I tried to talk to them and ask them why they did that to me, they both beat the crap out of me and called me a loser. Russian women SUCKS, I’m not going to date with another one anymore.

    1. AWALT, deal with it. At least EE are not fat and stay fuckable and attractive.
      Fatness, fatness everywhere in the West.

      1. Yes, you’re right. She was pretty good looking and slim. So, I guess if I’ll ever meet another russian woman, I’ll just fuck her and that’s it. No more long term relationships with russian women, it not worth it. And neither with romanian women. I’m from Romania (sorry for my english btw), and while romanian women are attractive, they’re HUGE BITCHES (not all of them, but most of them). Trust me, they don’t make a good wife material.

        1. Hey buddy I eard romanian women don’t age well is that true ?!
          At 50 some of them start looking like old Russian babushkas

        2. I know pretty solid Romanian couples. But as always, they met very young. As I said, AWALT, but at least EE women stay fuckable and attractive. In the West is not even that.

        3. Right, for example my parents married young and they respect and love each other even now, after 28 years of marriage. Its not a really traditional family (in a sense that my mother worked and payed equal with my father for house and me) but they never had big fights, as many couples have and they both gave me a good education.

        4. Yes, some of them. This might happen because Romania is a poor country (poor compared with western countries) and women don’t have enough money to take care of themselves (they’re a lot of families with women who spend all the day working until they’re too tired to care for how they look like and their health, plus they’re payed very low (the same happen with their husbands as well) and…you know, if you don’t have money, you don’t age very well either.

        5. You answered your own question. Meet and fuck. DO NOT get attached right away because the pussy is on fire. Review the 16 Commandments of Poon over at Heartiste. As soon as you feel weakness or doubt, review the Commandments again. Single best article on the Internet.

        6. wow. i heard that russians are violent. i would just have fun with them girls nothing more. they are also very cold people too.

        7. I don’t care how much a woman is a huge bitch. If I could treat her like the bitch she is and not get socially outcasted for it, it’s a deal. I have no problem putting a bitch in her place. It’s when the culture enables the PC police (aka actual police) showing up that it becomes a problem.

        8. I put women in their places whenever possible. They always seem so shocked and its apparent they have never been called on their bullshit. There’s no repercussions for their actions so they become bitchy little monsters. It’s our duty to set them straight. Fuck being outcasted. I’d rather lead the pack than be consumed by it.

        9. Let me correct that for ya.
          “So, I guess, if I ever meet another woman, I’ll just fuck her, and that’s it. No more long term relationships with women, its not worth it. ” AWALT.

      2. Yes Obesity is popular in western countries, the girls try to make themselves as ugly and fat as possible on purpose, its like revenge ugliness or something to scare men away from them.

        1. I’m jealous, would love to visit both (definitely will at some point!!)
          I can’t handle the walking beanbags called women here in the USA.

        2. Duterte not duerte. My wife is a Filipina and from Duterte’s hometown. she adores his politics. We were recently flying from Manila to Davao and were surprised to find Duterte’s son in the row behind us. We were in the last row of first class and he was in the first row of coach. Also, I had my Barong Tagalog made for me by the same tailor that makes Duterte’s (friend of the family).

    2. If you want to date Russian women, you better know what you’re doing and bring your A game. Slightest hint of weakness and you’re done.
      Better yet- have 3 more Russian bitches on the side.

      1. I’m friends with a Ukranian woman and she was pretty direct about not wanting a weak man and pretty much verified what you said.
        You are so right. At least they aren’t bullshitting about it like American women, who are walking contradictions and couldn’t be direct/straightforward if their lives depended on it.

      2. Due to the men being in the gulags, women had to run everything in the home. Even today they expect to do so and the man to do what they say.
        If you bring your A game and show you have balls, they will be submissive.
        One of the best ways I’ve found is to get their clothes off, and then simply point to the floor. Most Russian girls will simply get on their knees and start sucking.
        Then you know she is willing to be submissive.

    3. Russian women aren’t the magical unicorns everyone hopes they are but it’s much easier to find an attractive considerate Russian girl than it is to find a western woman with positive traits. I’ve noticed a lot of Russian girls tend to be alcoholics but you gotta put a bitch in her place. If she doesn’t like your demands chuck the her ass.

    4. Hold it-you tried to “talk to them and ask them them why they “did that to you?” WOW-They called you a loser because you are a loser. Woman have a built in beta sensor. They can spot one from 50,000 ft.

    1. I’ve never been to Russia but the Russian women I know say that Russian men in general are unemployed drunks whom sponge off their girlfriend’s. I just assume they’re angry that Russian men don’t kiss their asses the way American men do.

      1. Russian men who did not, or could not, emmigrate, had to rebuild a wrecked economy from Yeltsin’s policies and through the 90s it was tough times. Little employment, no wealth, lack of material goods, implosion of the old regime…chaotic times. Cannot start a family if you do not have means or wealth, so the women simply looked elsewhere. AWALT.

  5. I banged one polish and one Bulgarian women.
    I never saw better milky giant firm tits in my life 🤙🏽🙀
    also they got those big strong bodies with heavy bones they look more healthy then disgusting, wobbly malnourish eu women, like: France, England, Spain, Italy.
    those EE women are Human sex dolls. you can’t get bored fucking them it’s like a routine

      1. Spanish or latina? The espanas I’ve met didn’t impress me, but I can’t really say from such a tiny sample size. I’m sure some Spanish ladies are great.
        Latinas in general, hell yeah!

        1. Los dos! 😉
          It depends where you are. In general, I find Latinas in Spain more accessible than the españolas but I think the Spanish girls are generally more beautiful. In Andalusia you can find the hottest Spanish girls (and few Latinas) but in the North, the girls generally are not attractive. Seville in particular has the most beautiful women in all of Europe in my opinion. They dress elegantly and have that perfect voluptuous
          figure, beautiful long hair and pretty faces. So pretty it hurts. And they are very friendly. Poosy Paradise.
          In Madrid you can get the best of both worlds although I think you can find the prettiest Latinas in Valencia. Stay away from Barcelona. All you’ll find there is trash and expensive hookers.
          Nice to see you back GetItGoing.

      2. Really interested by your comment comrade brother.
        Since I live in France 🇫🇷 and like other Latin eu countries likes Italian or Spain 🇪🇸
        I find Latin European women ugly.
        From what I see everyday in Paris they don’t dress feminine most of them have short hair with jeans an Allstars.
        Bad attitude because they are delusional thinking that the they are the prettiest women in the world, sigh.
        Strange bodies conversely to EE or north Europe, their bodies don’t have any shape no muscle skinny fat.
        And they don’t work out because “they don’t want to get big”
        Paris is a nightmare I game tourist or Arabic women fuck that shit.

        1. I find that you don’t necessarily find the best women in capital cities. In the north of England the women are far better than in London. Likewise, the best women in Spain are found in the south. The worst you can find in Barcelona or San Sebastián.

    1. I never saw better milky giant firm tits in my life
      You, good sir, are my hero lol. I’m daydreaming about it now. Must have been awesome.

  6. I hate my life… after reading this!
    In Greece for you to even deserve some attention you need:
    a)the money of Onasis (a famous Greek millionaire of the Jet-set era, he married Kennedy’s widow)
    b)be as handsome as Bradd Pitt
    c)Have the good manners of Prince William of England…
    We are starting to experience a spinster epidemic because women here are constantly refusing to throw down their standards! Oh, and the average one does not bring anything in the relationship, due to westernisation… If a girl here brings you a beer and even tries to learn to cook she is a keeper for life no matter the looks.

  7. I bang all girls, and will hopefully die of aids. A dirty fucking womanizing monster from hell kings death. Die of a heart attack inside a Thai whores ass…or a Russians.

    1. “and will hopefully die of aids”
      bloody hell mate, not the attitude we want to hear round these parts.

      1. “die you son of a… BOOM!”
        on a more serious note, love the saying “plenty more fish in the sea”
        but as your brilliant pic shows, sharks are fish too.

  8. This is proof simps need mass genocide in the West. This is not a female thing but one that is male-cultivated.

    1. I would say we should shame them into changing their behavior but I guess if they had any dignity to begin with they wouldn’t allow themselves to be whipped by their Bitches.

        1. I’ve heard women in moscow were terrible. I wouldn’t mind visiting though. Is it safe for American men to visit?

  9. If the women in Russia are anything like the ones in the article I don’t see the point in learning Russian to speak to them. They are PFA at best.

  10. “In the end, one question is unavoidable: would it be possible to achieve a similar result in a Western society, just in a matter of a few hours? The answer is clearly no”………because a Western woman would have drank the beer, never considered to even bring you beer and absolutely would not be able to run her fat ass away.

  11. That’s because those poor Russian girls are desperate to improve their lives. I feel bad for the pranked ones. I can’t stand pranks.

  12. I lived in Hungary for almost 10 years, and Germany for almost 10 as well, never used any online sites in either place. Germany was very different before Angela Merkel showed up and changed the place.

  13. This is just amazing. I have had women come to meet me, but none of them ever exchanged any kind of gifts of any kind with me upon first meeting. Those women have class. Anyone have a recommendation on which sites to use to find Russian women to date that are possibly free or at least, worth the money? Any recommendations on a book or audio on speaking Russian? Anything would be appreciated.

  14. Thats what youll find in many non-western countries..women who have thought hard about how to please men.I joked once to a colombian girl about bringing beer and showing up naked being a guys ideal. I don’t even remember if she brought beer, but she was waiting for me naked the next time I saw her.

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