Anti-Jewish Owner Of “The Daily Shoah” Podcast Mike Enoch Outed As Having A Jewish Wife

Mike Enoch, a virulent anti-Semite and proprietor of the popular alt-right podcast The Daily Shoah (via The Right Stuff web page), has been outed for having a Jewish wife. We have little interest as to whether Enoch, real name Mike Peinovich, beds a Jewish woman. What concerns us, however, is the rank hypocrisy of The Daily Shoah podcast, where Enoch has lambasted Jewish influence in Western society and decried “race-mixing” and the dilution of European races. There is even speculation that Enoch is Jewish himself.

Over recent months, the mainstream media has used men like Mike Enoch/Peinovich (often without naming them) to portray Trump supporters as unabashed racists who pose an existential threat to American democracy. Forgetting that around 50 million people voted for Trump, SJWs and liberals more broadly falsely claim that Peinovich and others are directly representative of those who put The Donald into office. It was, in fact, Peinovich who allegedly initiated a Nazi/Roman salute at last year’s NPI conference while media cameras were running, which caused media outrage against Richard Spencer and the alt-right.

Mike Enoch was the one who ran to the front of the stage at the NPI conference and did a “Heil Hitler” for The Atlantic’s cameras, which was then featured in the Jewish media, edited purposefully to make the entire event seem as close to a “Nazi rally” as possible. While Mike Enoch had his identity protected by NPI, The Atlantic, and the Jewish media – other people involved – the ones that did NOT pose in front of the cameras and “Heil Hitler” – were not so lucky, and many have lost their jobs and been slandered by the media for simply attending a conference – a conference that, up until that point, never engaged in anything close to “Nazi LARPing.”

While many major media outlets have deliberately and very consciously twisted the narrative to suit their pro-Hillary agenda, the presence of The Right Stuff and other incendiary publications continues to assist lying journalists from coast to coast. The exposure of Mike Peinovich’s cover raises the serious question of whether the creation and ongoing operation of The Right Stuff is really just an elaborate fiction to control and draw in real alt-right supporters. Strangely, his wife appeared in at least one of his Holocaust parodies on The Daily Shoah. Why would a Jewish woman do this if the whole project were not an instance of controlled opposition?

What is Mike Enoch/Peinovich’s motive?

4Chan users have revealed that Mike Peinovich’s Jewish wife is a strong proponent of LGBT issues and has worked for the Jewish service organization B’nai B’rith. She represents exactly what The Daily Shoah calls “degenerate” and “pozzed” behavior.

Here she is pictured with Enoch/Peinovich:

You could say that any human being is riddled with inconsistencies, contradictions, and even hypocrisies, but Mike Enoch/Peinovich’s double standard really does take the cake. The Right Stuff, Peinovich, and his supporters were thrilled at the threats to Roosh and his family’s safety in early 2016 after the meet-up furor. Here’s one of Peinovich’s top cronies seemingly applauding the outrage but wishing it was for another reason (Roosh banging European girls, most likely):

The above associate in particular has attacked Roosh and other writers for sharing the realities of modern dating.

Was his attack against game theory a way to vent against the card he drew in the sexual marketplace? Pictures of his wife that were revealed in his own dox, which we won’t reveal here, do point to that conclusion.

So what’s wrong with Mike Enoch/Peinovich?

Mike Enoch/Peinovich’s wife attending a LGBT party.

It is abundantly clear that Mike Enoch/Peinovich, whose podcast created the (((echo))) meme to identify Jews, either has substantial psychological issues or is controlled opposition. If the former is true, we genuinely wish him all the best. Perhaps his wife dominates their relationship and activities like The Daily Shoah were an attempt to contain frustration over her hen-pecking. Or maybe he, despite his own lack of physical conditioning, resents the woman he now finds himself with.

The real problem is that Peinovich’s unhelpful political posturing has scapegoated the rest of us for a very long time. Red pill or pseudo-red pill communities form a very broad church, but consequences for one corner invariably flow to others, assisted by a media very eager to be obsequious towards SJW interests. It does not matter that The Right Stuff hates Roosh for his Middle Eastern background, namely because Peinovich and Return Of Kings are seen by elites as pieces of the same pie. Any revelations of mental illness by Peinovich will not affect this conflation one iota. Moreover, it’s especially hypocritical that Peinovich’s podcast has criticized Roosh and other masculine men for “race-mixing” when he himself mixed with the very Jewish “enemy” his podcast claims is bringing down Western civilization.

The more sinister option, that Mike Peinovich is controlled opposition, is one we should prepare for. He could be funded privately by a Soros-style benefactor or perhaps he is an informer. Speculation will not solve the dilemma, but neither of these possibilities is far-fetched.

Just as so many rape accusations and poop swastika incidents have been debunked as hoaxes, the “Nazi” fringe of Donald Trump “supporters” is increasingly becoming the domain of liars and miscreants serving as the willing tools of both elites and a sensationalized liberal media.

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432 thoughts on “Anti-Jewish Owner Of “The Daily Shoah” Podcast Mike Enoch Outed As Having A Jewish Wife”

    1. I bet the bitch just got a slap on the wrist.
      See how they say they want to help her? What shit.

  1. From what I’ve heard, if they’re a leader and adamantly anti-Jew they’re most likely Jewish.
    It’s a question of framing the narrative. If you want to make all opposition look like insane rage machines, manufacture an insane rage machine opposed to you (in this case, we’re referring to the Neo-Nazi types). It doesn’t really matter how big the movement actually is or how many members there actually are so long as you talk about them a lot so people THINK it’s big enough to matter.
    Then, you can frame all opposition as if it were this insanity you fabricated. In this case, any criticism of particular Jews or discussion of the JQ is “anti-Semitism”, which conflates you with Neo-Nazis. In another, related case, any criticism of particular blacks or Blacks as a whole is “racist” and conflates you with the KKK (an organization that not only wasn’t nearly as powerful or evil as thought, but was run by the same Democrats that now point the finger).

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if more of these leaders were exposed for being disingenuous little cunts taking advantage of idealists and gullible alike. To be fair, however, I do think that being married to a jewish woman might be the absolute best reason for anti-Semitism up to and including thinking we should exterminate them as a race.

        1. I was with a couple of jewish girls and never had a terrible experience but they were all ONS. I wasn’t the guy they were brow beating, I was the one that was cumming on the nose job that the guy they were brow beating paid for.

        2. I’ve been with one Jewish chick in the past, but she was actually from Israel, Sephardic, and took her faith fairly seriously.
          It’s the mostly secular and Ashkenazi variety which are causing all the crap in the world

        3. I piped out an Israeli girl once. She was hot. She never mentioned religion. She was visiting NYC after having finished her army commitment. Poor girl, all alone in a big city…good thing I was there to help her find her way around.
          In the end, AWALT and there is very little difference culturally or religiously. I will say that the nature of jewish men tends towards being effeminate and because of that their women are never really kept in check. There are obviously exceptions to the rule, but I think that has something to do with their famous cuntishness.
          As for “all the crap in the world” I remain unmoved by the idea that it is a secret cabal of jews secretly ruining everything.

        4. per head of population, Jews are very much working hard at upending western civilization more than anyone

        5. I’ve never dated or been with a Jewish woman. They’re too domineering, too materialistic, and most of them yap way too much. I’ve heard they give great head, though.

        6. Get them when they have had a few drinks and are out without their boyfriends. All that pent up sexuality that they have been hiding from their wussy boyfriends or husbands will come pouring out on you. As for great head…I don’t think I could reasonably guess how many blowjobs I’ve been the recipient of in my life…however, few enough of them have been “great” that they all stand out in my mind. Not sure if there is any culture that sucks cock well.

        7. I have had some good bj’s from black girls and some mediocre ones. None of the ones that I occasionally think back on with real longing were black though.

        8. I am a fan of certain Indians…usually the very well educated ones who grew up in London.

        9. Ethiopians suck good dick but that’s just because they are fucking starving.

        10. because you don’t think it’s true or because you don’t rate western civilisation?

        11. While I do believe there are people who negatively impact society, I don’t believe that Jewishness is necessarily related. Further, while there are some troubling aspects of society I just don’t think it is all that bad.
          Every generation has its problems to deal with. There seems a lot of whining going on and meanwhile I think we have it pretty good

        12. well we probably do have it pretty good – in some ways at least – but I’m not sure that tells us very much. There are some traditions within Jewish history like sabbateanism which probably dp bear upon these kinds of matters – i.e. what is sometimes seen as subversion / overturning of values etc.. I just think it’s better to address them to the extent they may be in play. Doing so would only be following the lead of more traditional but concerned Jews who see those traditions as troubling for both the west AND judaism itself. But to the extent that doesn’t happen jews as a whole get the blame for the ‘trouble-making’ set trying to turn values upside down

        13. I had a Vietnamese girl who was great at it. She was pretty much the only one I’ve had that was.

        14. See, its not necessarily their “jewishness” thats the issue.
          As others have said, most of the troublemakers are the secular type.

        15. Youre not unmoved , youre a stupid result of their plans, as i can tell by your long comments on bjs.

        16. I had a female flatmate that brought an American jewess back home (she was touring the UK following Radioheads UK tour). Banged her within 5 minutes of my flatmate going to bed – total slut and alcoholic, but extremely weird, like fucking a schizophrenic or a psychopath. By far the most distrubing and weird person I have ever met, never mind fucked. My advice would be, if you meet a kike bitch, do her doggy and hard, then just go home/ kick her out, and have no other communication, lest you realise you have fucked a demonette. Be aware that you are probably penis#1000 and her furry hole is probably crawling with viruses too.

    2. It’s like “rape culture”. To prove it, you need a steady supply of rapists. If you can’t find rapists, just accuse random men of rape. To prove “anti-Semitism”, you need anti-Semites. If there are none around, become the anti-Semites yourself.

      1. Just go to Rotherham, and any other city/town with plenty of Muzzies in it…you’ll find all the rapists you want.

        1. Have a few young ladies and young men of a caucasian persuasion be seen there drinking beer walking through.
          There would be some trouble no doubt. Personally I would humiliate the aggressors in front of their own homes.
          How can european folks allow the neigborhoods to become so unsafe is beyond me.
          If they use force on people and rape show them worse. It’s all they understand.

        2. I agree….communal violence is something that happens in their homelands, We should be meting it out to them and making them suffer for what they are doing.

      2. I think part of the problem is they’ve been plying the anti-Semite angle for so long.
        Using the Holocaust (the magic of victimhood), they made outright hatred for them contemptible for a generation or three.
        Using the Judeo-Christian meme, they blended their moral and ethical principles with those of Christians, so any criticism of their ethical or moral stances was criticism of Christianity (unthinkable to at least one generation).
        Using media, they made themselves seem like one of the crowd, and while we may hate individuals we have more trouble hating the crowd (especially if we’re part of it).
        They so obscured any reasons to hate them that it became hard to find anti-Semitism. Without anti-Semitism, they lost the powers of victimhood, so they started to fabricate it.

        1. but, but Christianity has very similar moral principles to Judaism. Family values, belief in One Gcd, compassion and charity. It’s not a Jewish conspiracy, it’s really true that both have a lot in common.

        2. I find it important note that the highest authority of the Christian faith (that is, Jesus Christ) had himself a great many ill things to say of the Jewish religion, and most particularly the religious leaders.
          Now, this authority was himself of Jewish birth and was called Rabbi. However, his criticisms are not of the faith outlined in the Old Testament but of that which was compounded upon it through the traditions (now canonized among the Jews as the Talmud). The “teachers of the Law” are the problem, and this is the cornerstone of the Jewish faith (and has, consequently, become at least somewhat foundational to the non-believing Jewish culture).
          Matthew 23 contains the most clear condemnation of the Jewish belief that I have seen thus far. If our Lord, whose definition of loving him is to obey his teachings, taught something other than they teach, then surely Judeo-Christian can be no more than what C.S. Lewis called the Tao – certain near-universal tenets without meaningful particulars.

        3. Jews must always remind us of 6 million. Hollywood makes a mini series called “Holocaust.” To make sure you remember, they create “The 6 Million Dollar Man”
          and last month Jill Stein recount fund received (what else?) 6 million dollars!
          6 million: the Jews will settle for no less!

        4. Look, both religious Jews and Christians are anti-SJWs. We have common enemies. I would like you to elaborate, what is wrong with Talmud in your opinion?

        5. I will always be happy to have allies against common enemies, but that doesn’t make us friends by nature. When the common threats are gone, then is the best time for us to turn on one another.
          That aside, with regards to the Talmud my biggest problem is that I’ve not seen the evidences to disprove the allegations of Martin Luther, et al, with regards to the contents. Every book I find contains an incomplete collection of works, and those considered problematic by these critics are among the missing documents. Hell, I can find all the Islamic Hadith online in almost any language I choose, but for some reason I’ve yet to explain this is not true of the Talmud.
          Allegations or no, however, we diverge on many beliefs. It is true that we uphold many similar teachings, but we disagree on others. Jesus Christ and Saint Paul spoke of being unequally yoked, often in association with a Christian being married to a Jew (or a Greek of whichever religious sect). I rebel against the idea of Judeo-Christian primarily on this more solid ground, and secondarily along the grounds of the Talmud (unless I am persuaded by evidences, which I do stand ready to receive).

        6. The problem with Talmud is that to study it you need to know both Aramaic and Hebrew. The translations are not able to convey the meaning, as it’s not a traditional, linear Western text. Think about it as a heavily hyperlinked text. Our brightest boys spend 10h a day for several years to study only a small part of it. As you know Martin Luther was not one of them, and so all his accusations were most likely based on malevolence and ignorance.

        7. LOL. Talmud was burnt all over europe cause it says that Christ is(..cant even type it) and goyim are stupid animals to be manipulated by jews. This was before u took control of course. Now the Talmud is presented as not satanic at all
          Jewish agendas created Sjws so wt you talking about? Look, shoshana you need no explanations u already have them. What u need is Christ. Judaism is out of function after you killed Christ , thats why there are no Jewish saints for example, while the church has many.

        8. The Talmud is anti Christian and anti gentile. It exemplifies Jewish supremacism and is riddled with vengeance and hate.
          Jews keep the Talmud very secret and are happy to deceive the Goyim that its just an innocent version of the old testament.
          A Racial Jew raised and educated on the Jewish Talmud gives his critical take.

        9. I watched the video, but even if it was true, there is nothing really in it that is unique for Jews. I can quote hundreds of Christian writings that call for mistreatment of Jews and depict them as subhumans. Sadly, these writings were acted upon through centuries.
          Every single religion including Judaism tells its believers that it’s the bestest in the world and all the non-believers probably lack intelligence since they didn’t accept it. They also threaten the non-believers with all kinds of punishment eternal or not. No, what I wrote is not exactly true. Every single religion, but Judaism, has its clergy trying to convert infidels and not surprisingly getting angry when they resist conversion.
          Every single religion, BUT JUDAISM, because we not only do not force somebody to convert to our religion, but we also actively discourage converts.
          Judaism has the concept of a righteous Gentile (ger toshav). To be a righteous Gentile you basically have to be a decent human being, not persecute Jews, and believe in One Gcd. You don’t have to be a Jew to go to Jewish heaven. And we have no hell.

        10. With all the lies you read in the MSM these days how would we really know if it was 600 000, 2 million or their favourite number.. How did they count it so exactly anyhow

        11. ” I can quote hundreds of Christian writings that call for mistreatment of Jews and depict them as subhumans.”
          Find that in the bible.

        12. The Bible was written for Jews, and the Christian parts of the Bible were also written for the Jews, at least partially, as many of the first Christian were Jewish. Don’t you think it would be a bit nonsensical if it encouraged hatred towards Jews?
          Only after several generation, after Christianity was already a state religion, it become so profitable to incite violence against Jews in pious writings, so pious Christians could beat the Jews and take all their money without a sliver of guilt.

        13. No, we don’t exclude converts. We just don’t force conversion on others. It’s possible for anyone to become a Jew, but it’s just not easy.

      1. I suspect it’s a newer trend than all that.
        After all, we have no reason to suspect that Martin Luther was Jewish (although I suspect a few Alt-White papists would be happy to provide a case), and he wrote a scathing piece on the Jews.
        (As an aside, I’d love to get my own hands on the documents Luther cites for their beliefs. It’s damn-near impossible to get unedited Talmud to verify such claims, and what you do get isn’t the complete set by their own admission.
        If Luther was wrong, I want to see it with my own eyes. If he wasn’t, it’s dangerous to let me confirm it.)

        1. Anti-Jewish sentiment has existed as long as there has been Jews. Why do you think that might be.

        2. I read some of the table talk. I got the impression that he expected, or was led to believe, that once corruption, indulgences, idolatry etc had been rooted out of the church the jews would convert en-masse to christianity. By the time he wrote that he realised that that wasn’t going to happen

        3. Yeah, Luther’s scathing assault on the Jewish people was pretty much his last written work, and it came on the heels of decades of trying to convert the Jewish people.
          As I understand it, one of the few Jewish converts at the end gave him insight into the Talmud and the teachings of the Rabbis of influence in Germany. This triggered Luther’s infamous temper (referenced humbly and remorsefully in his “Here I Stand” speech), and the result was probably harsher than befit his station.

  2. HA! This is fantastic. What’s next? Anti-Semetic Podcaster and inventor of the (((meme))) is married to a jew and might be a jew himself. What’s next? Are we going to find out that billionaire playboy real estate moguls from new York city couldn’t fucking care less about middle class or making anything great again?

      1. I like him better than Hillary Clinton, that’s for sure. But not to put too fine a point on it, he is exactly the kind of insecure little shit that puts his name in 30 foot gold letters. I don’t think he will be a terrible president…or a really great one…He will be better than Hillary would have been (though, shit, most beagles can tout that distinction). In the end, a lot more of the same to come. The man has been known to be a snake oil sales man since the 80’s. Hell, he actually has his own brand of knock off Rolexes. That is our president. Might do some good. Probably won’t fuck things up too badly and life will go on.

        1. “He is exactly the kind of insecure little shit that puts his name in 30 foot gold letters.”
          Exactly. Also: If he were a job applicant, he would be unemployable due to his toxic presence on social media.

        2. Yes, if he had to interview for middle management jobs his online presence would be troubling, but if he were in that stage of life he probably wouldn’t have such an online presence. I don’t necessarily think he is a total moron nor do I deny that some of his methods are wildly successful….however, there is nothing anyone can tell me that will convince me he isn’t just a clown game simp with enough insecurity to dam a mighty river.

        3. Look at it this way, if nothing else he will certainly be the most amusing POTUS. We’ve had. He can be kind of an arrogant asshole but he takes no shit from the press which is a good enough reason to have him around.
          However if I had to hang around him all the time after a couple of days I would be like, “Trump, shut the fuck up….no, really, shut the fuck up”.

        4. “there is nothing anyone can tell me that will convince me he isn’t just a clown game simp with enough insecurity to dam a mighty river.”
          I’d push it further. Trump’s a psychopath.
          It’s hilarious that we elected a billionaire to appoint other billionaires to fix the system that made them billionaires.

        5. Which is why he has no close friends. That means none, zero. He eventually alienates everybody who meets him. That will soon include the *entire* world.
          The man is a toxic piece of shit.

        6. Oh, he will def be amusing and watching celebrities eat shit is worth the price of admission all on its own. My worry is that people will start actually believing that he is someone who really gives a fuck about things like American values, the middle class, blue collar workers — he was selling what the people were buying at just the right time and against just the right candidate. He will be fun. He probably won’t fuck too much up and he might actually do a few good things. That’s enough. But it is dangerous to see him as a champion. He is a fucking game show host.
          Meanwhile, the 92 year old Bush Sr. was hospitalized today. In my heart of hearts I really want to believe this happened
          Barbara: Ok George, get packed…we have to fly to DC for the inauguration
          George: Barbara, I am 92 years old. I don’t want to go to this fucking shit show
          Barbara: Well, I don’t thik we can get out of it
          ring ring
          George: Hello Doctor…can you admit me to the hospital for a few days?

        7. I’m already tired of hearing about it all. I’m not a fan of politics on the whole, because aside from voting and raising a tiny stink I have no power in that field.
          Now, I will keep a loose eye on what goes down and participate in the army of Almighty Kek from time to time, but there are other things I can do which have more value.

        8. I don’t think he is a psychopath. Honestly. He is a used car salesman. Sometimes a salesman can be the right person for the job. Doesn’t make them less odious. I don’t see any evidence in anything Trump has done or said over the last 30 someodd years (he has been a household name in New York since the 80’s…I had the trump board game) that shows any kind of psychopathy.

        9. I voted for him but, I have never thought he nor any other person running for office would be the great redeemer. I don’t trust any of them.

        10. I’m sorry Hiilary lost and BHO is out of there, hang in there it will get better one day.

        11. This is like typing symptoms into WebMD and thinking your wrist ache means rectal cancer. Plenty of people are charismatic, charming and lack remorse or empathy for others. I am like that. Most people at the top levels of business are like that across the board and so is almost every politician. Manipulative? That is a fucking job requirement. Impulsivity? Yes, psychopaths will have this trait. However, so will lots of people. Risk Taking? Well fuck…? What does that even mean? Was Evil Knievel a psychopath? Anti-Social behavior? Where is one of the key elements to the psychopath? Where is the violence? No, while trump (and nearly all businessmen and politicians) do display some tendencies in common with psychopaths, so do a lot of people.
          Psychopath and Sociopath are two of our most overused terms (along with genius). I think it correlates to Celiac disease. Symptoms of Celiac Disease are loose stool, inability to either lose weight or gain weight (nice huh), fatigue and anemia. Percentage of the population with Celiac disease 1%. Meanwhile there is an entire fucking industry making billions off of gluten free food.

        12. As an aside, I believe it’s more like 1% officially diagnosed with some degree of gluten sensitivity. Celiac is the most easily disagnosed gluten sensitivity, but the only reasonably reliable lab test for lesser forms of sensitivity is an intestinal biopsy – the blood test gives no false positives but all too frequently will give a false negative even to Celiacs.
          (Of course, there is the obvious test – stop eating all gluten sources for a few months, and see if you get sick when you reintroduce a bit.)
          All that said, 1% of the US is a big market. Add in the vegans and fad-followers and you’re up well past 3% – nothing to sneeze at.
          I, myself, avoid the stuff as a rule. It’s a great way for me to get fat again.

        13. To play devil’s advocate a bit, I can provide some likely counterpoint:
          1. It has been demonstrated that he has given personal assistance to a number of people without fanfare. While it is possible he was just playing a long-game, it’s unlikely given the number of people and the amounts.
          2. Stoics appear to have shallow emotions to the casual observer. The ability to control emotions does not necessarily conflate to shallowness thereof.
          3. Business mistakes do not translate to irresponsibility. While he was once massively in debt and he did lose four of over a hundred businesses (losses which were deductible from taxes…), he’s largely demonstrated responsibility in his businesses.
          4. Insincerity might yet be true. However, given how he’s largely kept his promises thus far, this remains to be seen.
          5. Overconfidence maybe. But, as Cassius Clay once said, “It ain’t bragging if you can back it up.”
          6. Perhaps, but his campaign showed his attention is less narrow than often believed. Time will most certainly tell.
          7. Selfishness comes in many forms. Trump seems to me to have the form that benefits himself by benefiting others. (Now, it may be specific others – again, we will soon see)
          8. Inability to plan for the future seems a sure stretch. What businessman cannot plan for the future? What grandfather has no future perspective?
          9. This seems like projection. On a smaller level, he believes in self-defense and hates to be attacked, but what man likes to be attacked without possibility of defense? Bigger picture, he seems opposed to war as a rule.

          All this said, you may be right. I may be projecting the hopes and dreams I’ve seen in others onto this list. But it seems pithy to assume he hits all nine without thorough examination of the degree to which these are true.
          After all, everyone’s at least a bit psychopathic. Doesn’t mean the world is nothing but psychopaths.

        14. 3. Overleveraging yourself is irresponsible. He nearly went under back in the early 90s because of his own greed.
          4. Dude. Come on. He’s a walking bundle of rotten false promises. “I’ll release my taxes after I win the election.” “I’ll divest from my businesses.” “I’m putting Hillary in jail.” The list goes on and on and on.
          5. He can’t back up 90% of what he says. “I know a lot about hacking.” “I’m an expert in foreign affairs.”
          7. Ask Atlantic City about his selfishness.
          8. He said back in the nineties that he makes no business plans, just takes each day as it comes. His presidential campaign was no different, totally winging it. His presidency will be chaotic; if it’s not, we know someone else is running the show.
          9. He physically attacked his high school baseball coach. The guy’s still alive, age 90.

        15. It doesn’t offend me at all. I do not see an inability to plan for the future or violence in trump making him, at best, 7 out of 9. The idea that simply checking these 9 boxes is a diagnoses for psychopathy is the worst kind of pop science. There is plenty to criticize trump on without resorting to this silly nonsense.

        16. Just looked into Robert Hare’s checklist….it is specifically designed for people in prison for violent crimes. That is, this check list is applied to people who have already committed violent crimes worthy of getting them put in prison (not a punch in the face). The test isn’t “are you a psychopath” the test is “is this murderer a psychopath” The misappropriation of scholarly work to make ones point is too common. Like I said, there is plenty about trump to complain about. The guy is an assclown. But I sincerely doubt he meets the criteria of psychopath by any reasonable standard. I have no doubt he falls somewhere on a scale of sociopathy but so do many, if not most people in business and politics….so do I for that matter. This thought that caring about the other people is somehow important or valuable is not something I think is particularly important.

        17. Again, you may be right in the long term. But let’s look at these a bit.
          3. Admittedly irresponsible, but does it represent a general pattern or a failure of judgment?
          4. I don’t recall the tax promise ever being a promise as such (what I’ve heard is more of a “definitely not until after the election, and not until the audits are over”). His most recent press conference seemed to largely revolve around his voluntary turnover of his company in its entirety. As to Hillary, he said he’s not pursuing it, but that’s not a “never,” either.
          5. 87% of all statistics are made up. Moreover, while it may be dialectically untrue that he’s an expert on X or Y, as a rhetorical device to make his (accurate) points more credible (especially when they encourage the media to cover it and report that he’s wrong in amount but not in degree).
          7. Again I wonder as to pattern versus single case. This one will be more easily demonstrated as the next four years go on, so I suspend judgment and concede this one.
          8. He is prone to hyperbole. However, as the Don of a major conglomerate, it’s more valuable that he be able to pick the right people to make those plans, and his overall success in this I find encouraging.
          9. Neat. In the ignorance of youth I choked out a bitch-boy for spreading rumors about me. That’s not a pattern for me (hell, I work out partly to keep people from thinking of violence around me), and I see no evidence as yet that it’s a pattern for him.

        18. The point I was trying to make, however, is that every time someone acts like a jerk someone calls them a psychopath when sometimes people are just jerks….and you know what, sometimes jerks are necessary. So what you say about 1% officially diagnosed with some degree of gluten sensitivity rather than celiac specific is actually helping my argument.
          On to the more interesting discussion of gluten, I don’t think I have ever been negatively impacted by it. I am in ketosis right now so obviously no gluten, but when I used to go for winter bulks where I would add 20 pounds intentionally power lifting and eating a ton of carbs I never had a sensitivity.

        19. Psychology is full of shit…sure they have a few nice working concepts going for them but much of it is trash talk.

        20. “Meanwhile, the 92 year old Bush Sr. was hospitalized today. In my heart of hearts I really want to believe this happened
          Barbara: Ok George, get packed…we have to fly to DC for the inauguration
          George: Barbara, I am 92 years old. I don’t want to go to this fucking shit show
          Barbara: Well, I don’t thik we can get out of it
          ring ring
          George: Hello Doctor…can you admit me to the hospital for a few days?”
          Or maybe Barbara just reminded him that today is the day CIA records older than 25 years get released to the public, and he thought she meant ALL CIA records.

        21. You’ve just described pretty much everybody in politics or senior management the world over

        22. So does every dumb politician invluded your beloved liberals. What was your point again?

        23. He is still butthurt that Hitlery lost hence no rational argument will get through his skull. Trump is no saint but objectively speaking no verdict on his administration can be rendered until he really starts doing something beyond talk. Talking and doing are very different things and there is a wide gap between them. Personally even though i am a foreigner I hope all goes well and he puts his detractors to shame. Since proving my fellow liberal friends and acquaitances wrong would be the most amusing part of his reign.

        24. Yea he got where he did by being irresponsible, violent and not planning for the future.
          Sit down and shut up.

        25. And a bright red corvette is a car. It doesn’t mean the person who buys it is any less of an obscure attention whore

        26. Oh jeez… Worse than hitlers psychopathy !? You need a blowjob and a slower internet connection.

  3. “The Jews should not be allowed to keep what they have obtained from others by usury; it were best that they were compelled to worked so that they could earn their living instead of doing nothing but becoming avaricious.” – Thomas Aquinas
    “But the Jews are so hardened that they listen to nothing; though overcome by testimonies they yield not an inch. It is a pernicious race, oppressing all men by their usury and rapine. If they give a prince or magistrate a thousand florins, they extort twenty thousand from the subjects in payment. We must ever keep on guard against them.” – Martin Luther
    “I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.” – Maria Theresa

  4. A good place for some Christian wisdom. For believers and my yet to be converted heathen brethren alike. The principle is universal:
    Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So then, you will know them by their fruits.” -Matthew 7

  5. Wife worked for NBC and chapter president for B’nai B’rith .
    “We have advocated for global Jewry and championed the cause of human rights since 1843.”

  6. I don’t know, it sounds as though something like that would be more trouble than it’s worth to be controlled opposition. I don’t know anything about this cat but, I would imagine he catches hell for doing that so, what’s in it for him?
    I’m not saying it’s outside the realm of possibilities as stranger things have happened it just seems like a lot of trouble for little payback.

    1. I’ve heard about The Daily Shoah quite a bit. I imagine there are enough followers to make it worthwhile.
      And, after all, if his family is Jewish it’s a reasonable bet that they know whether it’s a scam or not, at least on some level. That’s got to reduce the impact a bit.

      1. If he has enough followers does that mean he gets paid or makes money on some kind of advertising?

        1. How does that work? You mean if I got my own YouTube channel and talked enough trash about somebody they would donate me money? That sounds like easy living ….well,except for the death threats and such I would probably get.

        2. You can vlog from a forest retreat in Aruba,so all those threats would be like spam in your inbox.

        3. You have to have a message that people are willing to pay for.
          Suppose you have one thousand fans. Under the 1/10 rule, maybe 100 will be willing to donate to you. As a rule, expect no more than a dollar per month through a service like Patreon.
          So, with a thousand followers, you can expect around $100 in donations. Multiply by a hundred, and you’ve got $10k. Multiply by 12 months, and that’s $120k on hand.
          Now, if you’re the biggest or only name in your niche, people will likely donate a bit more. If you sell books, or get advertising money, or run a donation scheme (like the Invisible Children scam that went kaput in ’12), you can expect more.

  7. Jews are so smart they are better than non-Jews at leading movements that hate them. It’s like they are so annoyed at non-Jews for being incompetent at anti-Semitism so they just do it themselves and then proceed to make the best anti-Jew memes.

    1. Think about how many times they have laughed at their fanbase while creating content for the site…

    2. Don’t call it anti-semitism Roosh. Ashkenazi Jews are DNA fake “Jews” who converted to Judaism during the Khazar Empire. There is nothing “Semitic” about them.

      1. No. This is wrong. Read Richard Lynn’s book on Jewish IQ, The Chosen People. Ashkenazi Jews are a hybrid of Middle Eastern and European genes.

      2. Did an Ashkenazi Woman emasculate you? Poor thing. Way to be off topic. It’s like how leftists correct right wing news outlets about the brand of a car that a muslim terrorist used. Who cares about how much semitic blood they have? Their alleged Khazarian ancestry is largely irrelevant.

      3. Ironically, thanks to Mike Enoch, we can now suspect anyone who promotes batshit crazy Jew hatred as being a crypto Jew.
        So, does your mom make matza ball soup?

    3. Jumping on stage in front of cameras at an alt-right event and yelling “Heil Hitler” is not a “competent” thing to do, and obviously leads to misunderstanding.
      It’s a subversive and dishonest thing to do.

        1. Subversiveness does require intelligence, but it also requires dishonest character.
          I think people are still under the impression that peaceful solutions to European invasion are possible. But if these days come to an end, we’ll see how far competence will get you. Eventually people will just start to look through you.

        2. That day will inevitably come but who is to say that thats not part of the plan of the subversive elements at play though. One can always play both teams, problem, reaction, solution.

        3. Will be less peaceful than pulling weeds out in the garden on the weekend or fixing a whole in the fence where the foxes get in..

      1. It’s the sort of stupid stunt that gains you supporters, however; even the dissidents amongst the White population are filled with the same brand of narcissists who are more interested in feeling important than winning. If you can successfully gain control of that group, then you’re in the perfect position to ride the gravy train as it plunges into the abyss.

        1. I wish it were black pill; I’ve seen too much of this lately, though. People who behave disloyally and who act without principle. They just want to light a fire to watch it burn, and even if they start out as opposed to the global elite, their own flaws will make them prey to the exact same Hegelian co-option.

        2. The plot has definitely thickened.
          At first people were claiming Spencer was the controlled op, but now perhaps Spencer was just a dupe of a deeper scheme by (((Mike Peinovich))). Going by his physiognomy and his Jewish wife there is a strong probability he is Jewish.

        3. Coming from a mosque-shooter, I’m not sure how to take this, frankly.

          You’re right though. I was never a regular TRS listener, but Enoch drew some red flags from the get-go. I’m not sure if it was his rhetoric, or the manner in which he summarized political situations and how they could potentially play out. Something seemed so off.
          The only reason I listened to a few of their podcasts was because I got linked to the Chateau Autiste segments they were doing, and laughed my ass off: Even in their own platform though, Enoch kind of smothered that creativity with his rhetoric.
          In the future, I’m going to trust that instinct. I still trust RoK. I’ve checked out some of the stuff on your youtube channel, btw. You’ve got a unique thing going. It’s outside of the echo chamber and deliberately removed from many of the patterns that hold us back. I hope you keep it up, man. Great stuff.

        1. I’ve become so distrustful man…
          Normally I’d concede and admit that this kind of persecution and intimidation is wrong. But if this were true, I think I’d have heard about it on the MSM rather than the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

        2. No shit it’s wrong. And it has been broadcast across the MSM, that was just the first link I copied from the list of news sites.
          Kinda funny hearing of this on an article about a Jew posing as an Anti-Semite as an agent provocateur.

        3. I saw this story on the news this morning (OAN, I think). The head Rabbi was calling it “telephone terrorism”.

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        1. Lmfao, so the quote was paraphrased, that doesnt negate the original message. You can see it in your own source that the original writing still says that anti semites will be the Zionist’s allies. Gee I wonder why George Soros and the Rockefellers funded Hitler, and then suddenly Israel becomes a state after WW2, its almost as if “antisemites” were their greatest allies.

        2. the paraphrasing does appear to completely change the meaning of the passage which is clearly meant to be the opposite of self-incriminating

        3. Go read his plans about how Israel is supposed to stretch out from the
          brook of Egypt to the Euphrates river. This definitely ties in with the
          modern pointless wars such as the war in Iraq, the 2006 war in Lebanon, the 2011 war in Libya, the destabilization of Egypt, the war in Yemen, and the war in Syria which is ultimately the cause of the huge migrant waves currently destabilizing Europe.
          yeah, real reasonable.

        4. You don’t anderstand how things work.
          The more ‘ennemies’ they got, the more they have to submit to Rabbis or Zionists… It’s a way to bind their people to their ‘elite’. And to make this shithole they call a country to look like a safe haven.
          Secondly, the more ‘red flag’ nazis’ they got, the more they can pressure for guilt, protection, free-of-prison cards etc
          Israel can’t survive by itself. It’s too small. They need every leverage they can find to pressure the guilty conscience of the western world. And subventions from every Jew on the planet.
          Sooo, what’s best as an impotent Arch Enemies ? nazis.
          It’s a scam, guys.
          You find a guily white dude, you give him a mission and some protection, and when he discards himself…never mind, he was just an usefull idiot.
          Guess who invvented the whole SJW phenomena ?
          Ok, if you start to anderstand the ‘big game’ out there, i got a question.
          Syria is next to Israel. Why did ISIS concentrate all his efforts about a comon dictator like Assad, instead of attacking their Unholy sworn ennemies ?

        5. Cool story bro. Find a quote by Herzl that says Israel should strech from the Nile ot the Euphrates.

        6. Judging by the leaked HRC e-mails, deposing Assad is going to be incredibly beneficial to Israel. This was what HRC stated was one of her main incentives in using US/NATO resources in supporting the “peaceful, moderate rebels”, and why she shilled for these “””rebels””” when possible. Of course, Israel supported it.
          If that’s not bad enough, getting redpilled on Libya will really make your stomach churn. I didn’t know I would be able to feel such disgust and anger about contemporary geopolitical realities. I thought those days were done for.

        7. …The whole point of Israel is to take over the middle east, why else are the jews over there?
          Only an idiot thinks the jews aren’t going to nuke the shit out of everything in sight … lol
          Everywhere the jews go, there’s always mass genocides, atrocities, mass rapes, ie the 60 million white catholics jews mass murdered & raped in russia, you name it they do it, covered up by heaps of anti-semitism & muh holocaust …
          Palestine is another genocide over seen by the jews & the jews in the u.s, as they slowly torture the poor bastards & steal their homes & farms …
          Jews are walking psychopaths, jews are the mongolians of the 21st century …

        8. Yes, we are clearly trying to rule this region by handing over literally half of our territory to our worst enemies. That’s the plan. You’ve figured us all out.
          It’s not because of the extensively documented history of your oil men working hand in hand with the CIA and MI6 to topple every regime in this region so you can get better oil markets, no, it’s because some Jew somewhere had a pipe dream of taking over the area to the Euphrates river. Remember the Shah? Yeah, that was us, not the CIA, it’s just a magic coincidence that he got toppled right at the same time he wanted to nationalize the oil production of his country.
          And before the Shah’s it was the properly elected government of Iran who were also replaced when they refused to do oil deals with you people. And then there are the psychotic Wahabbi’s whose entire regime is propped up via American steel.
          And then there was Saddam who was openly encouraged by April Gilepsie that the US didn’t give a shit if he invaded Kuwait. Boy was he in for surprise. Too bad for all the Kuwaitis and Iraqis that had to get killed in that one. But I’ll bet the oil deals from Kuwait and Riyadh were a lot better when that war was over.
          It’s funny how all those coincidences work out directly for your oil men and yet it’s really all us, and you have nothing to do with it.
          If only we would take over this region, then the goddamn wars would stop and people would lead decent lives instead of being used as target practice for your filthy machine.

        9. Could you please link to the emails? I need to see them. Thanks.
          As an aside, Israel supports whatever the American government tells it to. If you tell us to give up half of our territory to mass murdering terorists who blow up school buses and throw parties for animals that butcher children in cold blood, then we do it. If you tell us to shut the fuck up while you engineer a coup against the one Arab regime that was selling us oil, then we do that too, (Libya)

        10. we’re talking about the accuracy of the quote. Whatever happened or didn’t happen will, was or wasn’t said etc, will be established on the basis of solid evidence or it won’t be established at all

        11. It may be that the individual doing the paraphrasing genuinely thought that that’s what Herzl thought but in terms of the passage in question it appears to achieve the opposite meaning to the sense of the passage. I am not making a judgement about Herzl here, but merely pointing out that misquoting ultimately undermines the case being made

        12. Sure. This was originally listed as from HRC, but the names and precise dates, names and addresses have been erased. I think Assange is scared for his life:
          HRC is certainly a puppet, but only inadvertently for Israel at times. That comment about Syria and Israel was slightly ironic, because though it actually would benefit Israel, and Israeli intelligence has been caught supporting the rebellion groups, the goal wasn’t actually to do anything for Israel imo. The goal was to depose Assad, for a complex series of reasons. It just happened to be convenient that overthrowing Assad would be beneficial for Israel, and Israel would be instrumental for them.
          I think that Zionism is so strong, both within geopolitical and the elite monetary ranks that she can say things like that. I don’t objectively think she gives a shit about Israel tbh. These globalist psychopaths use Zionism as a means to a separate, but (sometimes) mutual end. Those of them that are Jewish use their identity as a means as well, where they can, and have for a long time.
          Their end is the destruction of sovereignty. And the people who actively work within this cabal want this for quite a few reasons, but this is all a separate issue.
          “If you tell us to shut the fuck up while you engineer a coup against the one Arab regime that was selling us oil, then we do that too, (Libya)”
          There is some pretty interesting stuff about that in the e-mails as well. Gaddafi had about $7 billion in commodities, which were all apparently legally acquired. He was planning to establish a pan-African currency with it. A commodity-backed, pan-African currency with an African government in charge.
          This would have been incredibly damaging to the current monetary powers, as Africa is rich in various deposits and hasn’t been strip-mined of it’s natural resources. It would have mostly affected the Franc, especially initially, which is why so many theorize France being so aggressive in the “humanitarian cause”. They wanted to maintain monetary (neo-colonial) dominance in the region of north Africa.
          But it would have also set precedent for a geopolitical shift which favored sovereignty and monetary independence from the globalist banking cartel. And they talk about this shit, albeit lightly, in the e-mails, of how deposing Gaddafi was necessary in asserting French/NATO dominance in the region. All for bankers and the ultra-ultra rich to maintain psychopathic global control.
          HRC celebrated the deposition and torture of Gaddafi. Libya was her achievement. She wanted to use it as a selling point for her presidential campaign, amongst her other horrific deceptions. Libya is STILL in a civil war. Makes me sick tbh.
          Think about what Kerry said, “you have a choice to remain Jewish, or become a modern democracy”. I’m paraphrasing but not leaving out anything essential. I’m not at all trying to slander Israelis or people from anywhere. My beef is with these globalist psychopaths, trying to destroy sovereignty, independence, our identities, our cultures and our human dignity when I mention suff like HRC’s e-mails.

        13. if you only knew how much damage you did to us by doing that. But then again i suppose that would only encourage you.

        14. Ive heard some native Israelis agree with your take on Syria, I didnt. My policy is simple. Shut the damn borders down, stay out of it, but encourage legitimate government rule and stablity. Civil wars are trouble for everyone especially in this region.
          Anywya, thanks for the link, will see later.

        15. The image shows text surrounded by quotation marks. Quotations marks are not used to enclose paraphrasing. So as a quote it is inaccurate – a deception – however even if we disregard those incorrectly placed quotation marks the paraphrasing still appears to deliberately convey the opposite sense of the passage it draws from.
          It is doubly unreliable

        16. that’s news to me. Quote marks usually indicate a direct representation of speech / writing. Anything else is misleading

        17. No, Im not interested in doing hasbara. I think its gay and stupid. Instead, get yourself a ticket, and spend a few months travelling around the country living with the different groups of people in this region. Spend equal time with the Arabs and Jews on the West Bank, that will give you a far clearer pciture than any book or article. You can go on facebook and find Israeli nationalists who will be happy to put you up, and you will easily find Arabs who will take you in. You can also contact the American consulate, which Im sure would be happy to help you do it. Also spend weekends couchsurfing with Israelis in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem that way you’ll be able to talk to a wide variety of Israelis and get their actual opinions and perspective on things.
          The one requirement is that you must be genuine. Israelis can tolerate anything except fake people.

        1. Yeah, its time to “man up” and sign all your possessions over to whore because shes white lmfao

        2. Christian tradcons even worse, Vox Day has a man up find that unicorn & marry those whore’s speech every two weeks on the dot …
          Vox Day acknowledges divorce rates are absolute shit, he calls it running into the line of fire … lmao
          I was also accused of being an undercover jew, when i refused to say MGTOW causes white men to marry chinese chicks …

        3. As a Christian man, I can confirm that the tradcons just use the faith as a bs excuse to push their gynocentric rhetoric. There is actually a verse in Revelation expressing pity towards people who start families during end times.

        4. You ‘re the first masculine christian I’ve seen in a while. True hardline, orthodox salt of the earth christians, are some of the best people.
          It’s a pity they dont realise forcing man to marry one woman, instead of as many as he can afford, destroys populations.
          The entire bible is filled with men having harems & having as many children as they want. Everyone from king david to king solomon, to moses & all of his children had multiple wives with thousands of kids.
          Monogamy isnt mentioned or stated in the bible, its unbiblical & unchristian.

        5. Well to be fair, the bible was strictly against adultery in the context of marriage. Traditional family and marriage is important for preserving society and culture, there wouldn’t be enough women for men if every man had a harem, look how shitty the middle east is while western Christian society thrived for thousands of years.
          The bible mentions people like King Solomon and David because it shows that even flawed people who commit murder or adultery can be forgiven by God. We are living under special circumstances today, the world elites have taken away men and women’s natural roles of preserving society, so hooking up is all you can really do in order to fulfill that natural desire to reproduce. Its not an ideal situation, think of it as Mad Max eating dog food in a post apocalyptic world, because as men all we can do is survive, while the women continue to fall apart.

        6. Having multiple wives isnt adultery.
          & nowhere in the bible does it teach monogamous marriage.
          Also EVERY major figure in the bible has multiple wives, from moses every single one of his children, ALL the way down to the lineage of jesus.
          Proving monogamous marriage is heresy & unbiblical.

        7. Just because something happens in the bible, that doesn’t mean God automatically condones it.
          There is actually several times where God encourages Monogamy, and where the Bible shows problems caused by Polygamy.
          Genesis 2:24 “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” Notice the singular term wife instead of the plural term wives.
          1st Timothy 3:2 “A bishop then must be
          blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior,
          given to hospitality, apt to teach” Here its describing that monogamy is a good example for a Godly man to represent, I don’t think God would ask for this if it was unbiblical.
          Deuteronomy 17:17 shows God discouraging the kings of Israel from being polygamous, because later when the kings disobeyed, it lead to problems such as King David’s sons having a blood thirsty rivalry over their women in 2nd Samuel 13 and 1st Kings 2. Solomons hundreds of wives lead him to commit Idolatry in 1st Kings 11:1-3.
          Divorce and Polygamy is a result of our fallen nature, we can’t escape from it, and especially in the times were living in now which heavily encourages it. I pick up a gym bunny or bar slut every few months when I need to let off steam, I know its not right, but getting married today would punish me a lot more.

        8. Genesis 2:24 isnt proof of monogamy, this is another lie ALL christians trot out. Adam & Eve were the only two people alive, which is why the verse specifically references only two people as one …
          How many christians are bishops?
          Deutronomy & Kings, reference’s kings
          I’ve argued this point many times with christians, all you’ve done is proven my point the bible does not support monogamy. Proving monogamy is heresy & unbiblical.
          Man isnt fallen, man is perfect, there is no proof man is imperfect …

        9. The first sin is what got us knocked out of paradise, man is not perfect otherwise we wouldn’t be prone to things like lying, theft, murder etc.
          If you truly believe that God is pro polygamy, then show me where he encouraged it. Pointing to a Christian’s flaws doesn’t mean God condones it, this is why God asked leaders and bishops to remain monogamous in order to set good examples for other believers.
          You haven’t proven anything yet, I gave you biblical proof while you continue to shove a circle peg into a square hole.
          Trad cons are just stupid because they use marriage as an excuse to preach works based salvation.

        10. The more genetically superior a man is, the more perfect he is
          This phenomenon is visible even today
          God expelled original man for disobeying him, not for being imperfect
          God told moses & abraham to go forth & multiply, also god never condemned moses or abraham or any of their descendants for having multiple women
          Also god condemned solomon & david for idolatory & taking up the customs of those he commanded to destroy, not having hordes of multiple women

        11. An astronaut which requires insanely high IQ and athletic abilities, can still be prone to committing sin, there is no such thing as a sinless person other than Christ. Even a white lie is worthy of going to hell.
          Phenomenon? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I see more and more women hitting the wall and passive beta males being produced.
          Multiply means to reproduce, God said the exact same thing to Adam and Eve, so how would the only two people on earth at the time do polygamy?
          Polygamy is what lead to Solomon and David’s problems, no where did it benefit them. If they remained with one Godly woman, there wouldn’t have been the temptation to commit idolatry.
          Again, you have no scriptural proof showing that God condoned or ordered polygamy, lets not forget Sodom, the best example of sexual liberation gone out of hand. Cheating on your spouse is literally one of the only exceptions God makes for a divorce.
          There is a reason why men don’t settle with women who have slept with more than like two guys, its because polygamy has been scientifically proven to destroy a person’s ability to pair bond with their spouse, which can lead them to a never ending journey of thrill seeking, thus destroying any potential for a successful marriage.

        12. Superior genetics leads to less crime, violence & a superior civilised peaceful society
          Most crime in 1st world countries is virtually neglible, if you look at the real crime stats, instead of media sensationalisation
          Proving man with a sufficiently high i.q, can be superior to god
          Also we’re not talking about your religions constraints of sin, we’re talking about genetic superiority, & the inherent morality & ethics of a high i.q render god obsolete
          In fact 1st world societies have so little conflict, its having a net negative effect, with the rise of leftists & feminists, parasites & leeches, as well as pussified men, none of which would exist in a true conflict zone
          Also you have yet to find a verse which directly prohibits polygamy, all you’ve done so far is provide circumstantial verse, & a backward rationalisation of adam & eve

        13. Genetics was never the original debate, youre just moving the goalposts now. I was talking about our natural driven instincts, even if you’re a 7 ft tall Aryan prince with the IQ of Dr. Spock, you’re still prone to behaviors worthy of hell, which proves that we all fall short under the glory of God.
          Its impossible for a finite being to even comprehend what infinite looks like, so how in the hell does a finite being surpass the infinite force responsible for the creation of our infinitely expanding universe? Thats some singularity transhumanist propaganda the elites use to turn God’s children away from faith.
          First world countries such as America are currently fighting in many pointless wars in the middle east while being on the brink of an economic meltdown and possible civil war. The reason why SJWs and feminists exist is because they have been tricked through the elites propaganda to reject God’s morals and laws, SJWs don’t even know that by celebration the death of babies and rise of homosexuality that theyre all being subconsciously initiated into a Caballistic Masonic like cult.
          I showed you several verses where God directly refers to couples as one man and one wife. Now please show me where God condoned or forced Polygamy.

        14. All you’ve provided is one verse about adam & eve, the rest are circumstantial nonsense
          Man doesnt have to be infinite to be superior to god
          The fact man has been witnessed & verifiable, & god has never been witnessed or verified, proves man is superior because he is verifiable & known to exist, while god is unverifiable & not known to exist
          Something unverifiable & not known to exist, cannot be superior to something verifiable & known to exist
          Also the parameters & syntax for an infinite & omnipotent being, would actually preclude god existing in all states, including a visible state at ALL times
          The fact god has not been detected in any state, including time & space, proves he does not exist
          This is because, for a being to be omnipotent it has to exist in all states at all times, otherwise it cannot be omnipotent
          An infinite being cannot turn off its infinity, as the very act of infinity is to exist at all time

        15. There is enough circumstantial evidence pointing to intelligent design. Things like our biology or the solar system can’t be permanently altered without any catastrophic results, even top astrophysicists like Michi Okaku had to admit that there was a higher being who assembled everything we know, because even the destruction of an insignificant planet like Pluto can cause the end of Earth itself . This proves that man can’t be like God and just create life in his or her own image the same way God did. Even the elites who socially engineer the way societies think and act are just mere piles of decaying flesh, their Godlike reputation is completely illusory.
          I don’t know 100% if God exists, but thats the power of religion is the faith. If i die as a believer in God, there will be no consequences in the afterlife. I have yet to be convinced that Humanity is progressing to Godhood and that the universe itself was a complete accident.
          Anyways, philosophy was never the point here. Im still holding you against your main argument, show me the scientific benefits of Polygamy, and show me where God himself strictly ordered it.

        16. Intelligent design is completely different from infinity & omnipotence
          Theyre completely different concepts, my point is god fails the proof as an infinite being
          As for god existing, it still doesnt prove a christian god exists, merely a god in the singular

        17. Either way, I’m putting my faith in the Christian God, if Atheists turn out to be right, then were left with an infinite multiverse instead of hell, so I don’t see the harm in putting my best bet on God.

      1. Can you say anything more about the psychology / motivations behind that? Obviously there are left / right wing divisions, including over zionism etc., but what exactly is going on in the mind of some like this who appears to have a foot in two diametrically opposed camps?
        In your opinion is there some truth to the idea of controlled opposition – allowing for the fact that Peinovich / Enoch may not be Jewish himself?

        1. Left wing “Jews” are not Jews in the religious sense. They worship their god, Liberalism.
          These types go to great lengths to keep the average Jew from being heard. Most Jewish people (I know, personally) are like me: Close borders, one language, (English), Jews marry Jews, Christians marry Christians, etc.
          Supporting Israel in itself is fine but wanting another nations $ to support them is bad.
          Re. Peinovich: A person who is in 2 camps is a person that wants to be friends with both and it does not work that way. Peinovich should just stay true to himself and not align with groups. I never do.
          When an ideologue makes friends with an enemy, that person will bend every which way in time. Like David Duke who wants closed borders for EU/USA but has made friends brown palestinianists who murder/beat/rape whites in EU.
          The controlled op comes in when you have made friends with an enemy. Why? Because the enemy of your enemy will require you to keep silent about HIS/HER shenanigans.

        2. thanks for your reply. I agree with a fair bit of it but from what I understand I’d say it was more complex than just about atheist left wing jews, not least because the history of left wing / liberal jews tends to be anti-orthodox more than strictly anti-judaic, particularly with respect to the Sabbatean legacy (which found its way into reform and even conservative judaism if I remember correctly). I get the impression that jews don’t really enjoy feuding too openly – but I think conservative could do the world a favour by bringing more of this out into the open.
          You may be right about Peinovich, or he may be genuinely conflicted etc.. Clearly the imputation that a form of opposition may be ‘controlled’ is that in doing so it may effectively undermined – that’s what is being suggested with respect to the nazi salute. I don’t necessarily agree with that but I do sometimes wonder whether there might be something in the idea that Jewish thought leaders are both committed to the idea they serve but also committed to staying in control of the discourse with respect to delicate areas etc. I think there’s a bit of control freakery there. Not sure whether Peinovich is an example of this though

        3. ‘but I think conservative could do the world a favour by bringing more of this out into the open.’
          We DO. THEY make sure we are not heard. I have had my own blog for almost 10 years. When people look me up on google, left wing “Jews” make sure it is keyed in as: “the Mad Jewess, racist”. All I did was report black on white crime and tell off left wing “Jews” and leftist insanity for the most part.
          I think, by nature, Liberal/Left people are all a bunch of control freaks no matter what religion they hail from.
          The problem is: Left wing “Jews” have the biggest mouths.
          Peinovich should just branch out on his own. He was with a group that didnt like all Jews. He should have known this and stayed away.

        4. well that’s a start I guess. I think it has to be more than right wing versus left wing though. From the outside it can seem like divisions are superficial rather than deep-rooted. In fact I’d probably be inclined to think that way myself if it wasn’t for the work of various dissenting jewish voices (and not only from the right). We have people like Rabbi Antelman to thank for the fact that we know anything very much about the sabbatean influence on modern judaism. As far as I’m aware the latter was profoundly worried about the damage being done by the sabbatean influenced left (it influenced the right differently, but still influenced it) and while some of it amounts to what some would describe as conspiracy theory, that isn’t necessarily the only way to approach the matter – i.e. the issue of the sabbatean influence on modern judaism. If the purpose is to protect tradition and a way of life then one has to face up to the nature of the threat to that tradition / way of life. Promoting greater transparency with regard to what have often effectively been historic internal tensions – dirty laundry that doesn’t normally get washed in public so to speak – could increase hostility / anti-semitism, but done right it could also promote understanding and even generate a degree of solidarity.
          With the left also you have concepts like Tikkun Olam which seem to be meaningful to those who are culturally jewish even after they’ve lost any real sense of religious identity

    4. I really wonder what the world would look like if Marx had died at a young age and his political thought never made it into the social fabric. My best guess is Europe would still be partially ruled by monarchs and the US would be completely different because we would not have had to spend 50+ years investing into a standing military.

    5. Brother Nathaniel is a good example…very insightful and likeable.
      Also, jews are smart yes, but just as importantly, they have no shame pursuing fame and fortune…obnoxious, aggressive and shameless…like him running up on stage yellling ‘HH’.

    6. Lol, but it’s not Jews per se that are throwing all of western civilization’s accomplishments down the shitter, it’s the secular atheist Jews (I wouldn’t call them real Jews) running all the international conglomerates who are descended from Khazarian fiends that supposedly converted in the 8th century. A long line of Mongoloid behavior permeates their every day decisions, as can be seen by their subversiveness, deceptiveness, and all out usurpation of everything that was meant to carry forth the world of men.

      1. Yes I just explained this, but its lower down.
        This of someone saying, “I was raised Catholic” and then doing horribly unGodly things, its not the Catholics, its the Anti-Theists.

    7. Jews arent smart, they’re a corrupt occult funded by the elite, they’re cultural footsoldiers for the elite with ludicrous amounts of funding
      Theyre movements have insane amounts of funds, from the elites
      How many billionaires fund the alt-right or nationalist movements?
      Jews are elite & military funded, theyre sanctioned by the elites to fuck entire countries over, which is why they seem to be in all the key positions in EVERY country
      Theyre put theyre by the elites, their i.q has nothing to do with it
      Go watch nigel farage tearing jews apart at the u.n, & try & claim jews have any sort of i.q
      Israel is a PRIME example of just how incompetent & parasitic jews as a society really are ….
      If jews were so smart, how come they’ve never funded their own country, technically financially the u.s owns israel, & they managed to get kicked out of every country, not very smart & typically jew
      Jews are subversive, precisely their religion is so despicable, the talmud, they have to be subversive because their religion practices child sacrifice, which is what circumcision REALLY IS. AND they practise animal sacrifice which is what the lunacy of kosher really is.
      Jews are subversive, because they have to be, theyre occult religion & culture is too despicable to practise in the open
      Theyre nowhere near as innovative as white people, chinese or the russians
      Jews OWN most of the large publishers, so of course theyre going to pump out books about high i.q jews, they are the same people who created an entire book calling themselves the chosen people
      High i.q jews is a myth, just like the out of africa myth, we all came from monkeys evolution idiocracy, & vaccines …

        1. If you actually read my comment, instead of drive by spamming, you’d know jews are put in places of influence by elites, the elites are from the last great surviving empire Rome, known as the vatican today

        2. Oh, so Jews aren’t the elites they are put in high places by elites. But who are the elites exactly? The Vatican? You must be joking.
          Also, you got it backwards. You said the US owns Israel. More like Israel owns the US. Most of the big donors are Jewish. And if they donate millions to politicians in exchange for the politicians giving Israel billions of taxpayer dollars, then how is it that we own them and not the other way around?

        3. I just told you, the vatican is the Roman empire.
          The Roman empire is basically a collection of occultic schools, dating back to Babylon. Our entire calendar is named after the occultic schools of Rome.
          The Roman empire, changed its function from a ruling empire, to a ruling religion.
          The wealth of Rome is infinite, because the occultic schools of Rome are hundreds of thousands of years old.
          The occultic schools of Rome have had over 100,000 years to amass massive amounts of wealth & science & technology.
          These occultic schools, practise the teachings of Akhenaton, the creator of monotheistic religion
          Jews, christians, catholics, as well as the freemason & factions of the illuminati, are political factions of Rome.
          Jews are ALLOWED & given shekels, because they subjugate the people for Rome.
          Jews are the cultural subversives for Rome, christians are the pacifiers for rome, muslims are the street foot soldiers for Rome.
          Look up the most ancient mosque’s & you’ll find statues of mary in moslem mosques. Look up ancient synagogues & you’ll see symbols of the vatican.
          The symbols of Rome is satanism.
          Look up ANY catholic church & you’ll see symbols of satanism EVERYWHERE, satanic pentagrams & symbols all over the walls of ALL catholic churches.
          We fight an ancient evil, who has had over 100,000 years of preparation to enslave us. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

        4. Their parasitic nature has found its ecological niche, as it were. White naivete and egalitarianism create the perfect environment for Jews to thrive.

        5. Everything you wrote is correct from what I gathered – but you forgot to include one important part – the true tribe of Israel (believers in the masiach) have already known this, for it was written. Read the book of Revelation if you haven’t already.

    8. Roosh,
      I get what you’re sayin, but they are acting out of paranoid delusions (not annoyance) that the majority of non-Jews are raging genocidal Antisemites, lying in wait (like the eggs in Alien). So perhaps they think they have to pre-empt the genocidal rage of Non-Jews by creating fake Nazi orgs which will then act as magnets to lure in the dormant or potential Nazis in the population. The problem is that their wacky behavior can create self fulfilling prophesies. Once enough Non-Jews get ticked that Jews are always accusing them of intolerance, they’ll start to say, hey, I am starting to get intolerant of you accusing me of intolerance. And I’m also getting intolerant of your thinking I can’t ever be trusted as tolerant (and therefore you help unleash migrant waves into Europe to make whites a minority).

    9. I would not say that they are that smart (I have been to Israel and I have seen how jews are jews in a Jewish country) but I would say that when jews are in a non-jew country, they behave extremely corporatistically, creating very effective networks with eventual public impact. Secondly, just being jew is a reason to associate between themselves and do stuff. It happens similarly with immigrants, which tend to be more “successful” than locals.

    10. Example: David Cole a.k.a. David Cole *Stein* who was one of the biggest and best Holocaust revisionists

    11. Mike Peinovich wasn’t leading anything, LOL. I attempted to listen to one of their shows, but it was far too obnoxious. Based on that alone I would say he’s a Jew. Jews are usually the most obnoxious people in the room.
      It’s not necessarily about smarts, but about white naivete. Jews are naturally better schemers and liars than your typical white person no doubt about that. You have classic Western fables like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Jews are the exact opposite, they cry wolf every day as a profession.

    12. A less fantastical explanation is that people who blame The Jews™ for everything under the sun are easy prey for charlatans. If you can simultaneously believe that the Holocaust never happened and that the Jews are responsible for it, you’ll buy anything — as long as it’s from an “anti-Jew” swindler.
      Despite what many Jews and people who exoticise (and demonise) Jews believe, we are not quite so special. We are just as heroic — and fallible — as anyone else. The only difference is that Jews tend to be smart and talented in ways that lead to becoming famous and influential, and thus subject to the same corrupting pressures as apply to anyone else in that position.
      Let’s say certain prominent Naziboos are controlled opposition. So what? The whole 14/88 movement is a scam, just as their “Totalkrieg” war-mongers of Germany were before them. Should it come as a surprise that a rotten movement attracts unwholesome characters?

  8. Speaking of fake news I couldn’t help but noticing on CBS news this morning that more than once they referenced “Trumps feud with civil rights icon John Lewis”.
    So Lewis says Trump isn’t legitimate and for the first time he (Lewis) won’t be attending the inauguration. Trump fires back and also points out that Lewis didn’t attend GWs inauguration and now it’s all Trumps fault.
    No wonder they call that shit “programming”.

  9. Things are becoming scary when Skinheads, Pro-Rape Advocates, and Fat Shamers appear more honest and reasonable than the media and its followers.
    As for Michael Eunuch, the fact that he instigated the “Heil Hitler” that may have compromised Richard Spencer’s public image is already enough to distrust him. That and he looks and acts like your average loser leftist trying to start random pointless shit. All this incident proves is that you gotta be mindful when interpreting any media, and you gotta show respect for those who actually show their face when talking truth to power.

    1. “You say the Holocaust never happened. Where are six million jews??”
      What a nice argument.
      Hey guys, did you see 500 million japanese people? Oh, there aren’t 500 million of them? So half a billion japanese were slaughtered by their greatest allies – the nazi germans. It’s the zippercaust! Oy vey!

    1. 16 million Jews, 80 million Germans.
      That’s 5 browbeaten Germans for every worldwide Jew.

      1. Remember that the Germans turned most Jews into lampshades.
        There once were 6 billion jews living in europe.

    1. Is this good or bad for you bob? Legalizing it will probably marginalize the mob

      1. It’s great for me and it’s great for the mob. I’ll be able to bet anywhere in the USA at a sports betting parlor, instead of just in Nevada. This will be an awesome development, because the mob will make 10 times what they make now – at least. Connected guys in the know can take a nice piece of the action as long as they don’t get too greedy. It’s like fucking Christmas for me, in terms of my situation and long-term plans. In a couple of years (or less), I can go to NY City and rake a ton at the casinos that already exist there. And get prime tail for cash while I do it. Or anywhere else. This was planned out years ago. Trump is the guy who is going to bring it all home…think about it. Prostitution and gambling. Who runs it. Yep. It’s the perfect storm at the perfect time.
        As for marginalizing the mob…the mob runs the government, too. The elite, the mob, same deal. That’s why it’s all going to be legalized.
        To extrapolate a bit, who do you think Trump’s main allegiance is for…he used to own casinos, right? Who runs and oversees all gambling and casinos – the mob. That’s right. Trump is a “homie” for the mob in the truest sense of the word.

        1. Methinks that prozzies, liquor and gambling will rejuvenate a lot of dying towns in the ole west!

        2. The sooner America can un-fuck itself the better we are all counting on it and the unrest will grow out of hand if we do not see real progress soon.

        1. That certainly explains a lot (and I have absolutely no doubt that there are trump mob ties…I am a construction exec in NYC I see what goes on and I can’t even imagine how many times that is multiplied when it comes to casinos. That said, I still don’t understand if legalizing sports better will be good, bad or indifferent for the mob.

        2. It will be great. Nationwide, legal, cash-grabbing, sports-betting casinos. The overall handle will explode. Right now it’s Nevada, offshore companies, and other non-U.S. countries only who offer sports betting. Expand gambling to casinos, horse tracks and eventually restaurants and bars in all 50 states, and the handle jumps even further, until it grows to dizzying new heights, and the mob gets a cut out of every bet…makes sense, right. I can draw diagrams next, if necessary. (Heh.)

    2. Not a gambler myself, but I see only upsides to legalized prostitution.
      As a profession, it would necessarily encourage prostitutes and managers to ensure their customers received a safe and enjoyable experience. That means training (business opportunity!) and healthcare are a must.
      Plus, I’ve seen what removing the legal prohibition on marijuana has done to the marijuana business. It’s cleaner, better controlled, and better considered.

      1. Exactly. The mob runs both – gambling and prostitution. Or let’s use “the elite” instead. It’s going to be nothing but great for us men. Levels the fucking sexual playing field – boom. Eliminates beta orbiters having to orbit attention whores, because they will be able to get laid, instead of buying cars for hot girls. It will reshape feminism, and the new-wave feminists will consist of women who sell their ass for cash. Old-school feminism will die. Sweet stuff, for sure.

      2. Yeah it’s good now but the prices are still kinda fucked up for top shelf dope. Can’t grow my own right now but yes the industry is good for taxes and cause fuck the cartels.

  10. The bitter truth that many would not be able to swallow is that even White Supremacist movement is also controlled opposition created by bankers. The same bankers who threw ordinary Jews under the bus and it seems they are going to do it again.
    When I say that even the fake today is fake, the “sane” people on this forum call me paranoid but the truth is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate through the muddy waters of our modern times. The only way to make sense of what is going on today is to try to find out what really happened in the period before, during and shortly after WW2. The same forces are in play today, only under different names.
    Ask yourself: Who financed Hitler?
    The ex-German Chancellor (1930-1932) Heinrich Brüning wrote the following in a letter to Churchill:
    “I didn’t, and do not even today for understandable reasons, wish to reveal from October 1928, the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany.”

        1. This picture doesn’t give me much useful info other than that it is a coin with a Star of David and the word Nazi on it.

        2. In cahoots, both the International Zionists and the National Socialists had one goal in mind…the expulsion of Jews, This is why Zionists funded Hitler. The jews were an upperclass in Germany so they had no reason to migrate to Palestine..therefore Hitler was a Crypto- YKW

        3. The coin was issued to celebrate the Haavara agreement between the Nazis and the Zionist. If you’re ignorant, at least don’t make a fool of yourself.

        4. Why would the Zionists want the expulsion of Jews? Were they simply traitors for money and social capital?

        5. No knowledge guess here, but Zionists are marked by their affiliation to Zion (Israel), correct? Expel the Jews from their comfort in Germany (such as it was in the Weimar), and Israel became a reasonable option for them.
          Of course, the downfall of their plan is that most came West, not South.

        6. The Zionists needed incentives for Jews to willingly go to Palestine as they acquired unprecedented wealth in Europe, so the Zionists used German Jews as sacrificial lambs to attain their goal of a Jewish homeland

        7. can’t you just make the implication clear. I’m familiar with Sutton’s claims, but have no idea what the coin connection is

        8. Otherwise stated as “Vampires can’t feed off vampires” in regards to jews moving to Israel.

      1. One of Hitler’s original ideas was to move all the Jews to Madagascar! Just give them a gigantic island with temperate weather and they can do their own thing and be done with it.

        1. That actually would be the best place for a Jewish Homeland. One thing for sure is that the Geo-political climate wouldn’t be as fragile as it is

        2. I thought he just wanted to make that left turn at Albuquerque, not castrate the state of Georgia.

        3. Sweet bugger all people lived on Madagascar back in the 1930s as well, considering the space. It’s current population is 22 million while back in the early 1990’s it was only 12 million.

  11. You call them “anti-Semites.” I call them “Goys Going Their Own Way” (GGTOW), namely, white guys who want to live free from elite Jewish meddling in our countries.

  12. Hey Roosh and what about Trump, whose portrait hangs on your wall btw? He’s been surrounded by Jews all his life, his whole family now has intermarried with them and it looks they are going to be over-represented in his new government.
    How come a smart guy like you can not figure him out?
    p.s. Just don’t give me the popular excuse that he’s better than Hillary. Better how?

    1. If you’re hostile to Jews you will not get very far in real estate, especially in NYC. It pays to make nice.

    2. A blanket criticism is defeated by small examples. If in any way he can be shown to be superior to Hillary, it is not an excuse but an observation.
      For one, Putin has stepped back his overtures of war.
      For another, business indicators are up. Not just the news about plants moving in or the market, but people I know are starting to look at their savings and think about starting small-businesses.
      For a third, and to me most amusing, CNN is still crying. That alone is sufficient for me, but I do thrive on schadenfreude.
      For a fourth, he represents an experiment that Hillary never could. Given our massive budgetary issues and management problems at the highest levels, could a business-oriented mind be better for a country than a career charlatan and lawyer?
      And, finally, he represents an aspirational ideal that Hillary never did. “Make America Great Again” is aspirational not only as a presidential campaign slogan, but for the average person. We can each do something, and the sum of all those somethings is a great thing.
      By themselves, each of those might be questionable in their own way. But the little bits we can ultimately agree to be true are superior to Clinton, no?

        1. Hitler would have succeeded in restoring Germany if he wouldn’t have wasted his resources with:
          1. The whole Final Solution bit
          2. Invading USSR.
          And maybe conquering France was a little anti-social too.

        2. Equally baseless counterpoint, but at least it was booming first.
          I haven’t seen, as yet, any indication that Trump will maneuver in a way that makes war inevitable.

        3. Come on..don’t be disingenuous…Im critical about every aspect of National Socialism, but what was undeniable is the efficiency of their economic practices. It went ‘BOOM!’ not from internal machinations but losing a war…To the victor goes the spoils…

        4. If, there are no ifs in history. Don’t be lazy ask yourself why he did what he did?

        5. Do you know what made the incredible Nazi war machine possible?
          The American know-how of turning coal into gas.

        6. “Say what you will about the tenets of national socialism, but at least its an ethos…”

        7. He’s not even in office, of course that you won’t see any indications. Obama seemed like a softy intellectual type but he went down in history with being the president under which term the USA was most days in war.

        8. That the National Socialists rebuilt their country after WW1 so quickly always stood out to me as an amazing thing. And I still wonder if the magic ingredient there was the fact that the people actually believed in themselves and their country.

        9. With one major difference – Obama didn’t say jack shit on his campaign trail. Sure, he spoke a lot of words, but he didn’t say jack shit.
          Furthermore, we have a history for Trump that we still don’t have for King Barry. From what little we do know of Obama – that he was a “community organizer” (i.e. a thug) – his penchant for violence and encouraging the same is pretty obvious.

        10. That is of course the stimulus, but like any Great Idea, it gets fueled by speculators, investors..

        11. Trump has a big mouth, that’s his unique selling point. He’s already made quite a few u-turns on what he’s said.
          His words are empty and his vocabulary limited.

        12. I wish to remind the court that the question we are debating is, “How is Trump better than Hillary.”
          If I’m taking the pro-Trump side of this thing, and I’ve provided anything that could in any way be superior to Hillary, is it not incumbent on you (the pro-Hillary side, as the argument is framed) to demonstrate Hillary’s equality or superiority on these points?

        13. Without the raw materials, know-how and finance, enthusiasm and patriotism are only a good excuse for a party.

        14. Here we go again, the kindergarten argument: If you’re not for Trump you must be for Hilary.

        15. Correction: I am taking the question you yourself have posed and reaffirming it.
          Please reread your p.s. on the initial post of this thread and demonstrate the ways in which I have erred. Because it seems to me that “How is Trump better than Hillary” is the question, and the two logical sides in this comparison are Trump and Hillary.
          You have amply demonstrated that you are not on the Trump side, so please show me the ways in which we can have this particular argument without addressing Hillary’s value in comparison to Trump’s.

        16. But the problem here is that you have made assertions without arguments.
          I am happy to concede that you do not like Trump. It’s fair enough – you don’t have to have a reason to dislike anyone. And I get that you fear he is a bad case for America – again, absent actions as President it’s hard to refute the possibility.
          But have you any arguments related to the question you posed? If not, this is fine, but it does not a dialectic debate make.

        17. why he didn’t doesn’t matter…it’s how he did it…and I heard it was with the candlestick in the conservatory

        18. Actually, I quite like him as a character in NY mafia thriller. I watch his speeches for information as well as entertainment. He does not come across as evil as Hillary does. But still, I’m not going to fooled about his real intentions and limitations.

        19. you are arguing with a guy who claims that having sex without intending procreation is a sign that you are gay, and that sex itself is physically painful. punch out maverick,

        20. The Germans as a people are some of the most productive people in the world, arguably THE most productive. Their greatest weakness, however, is that they don’t seem to be able to do anything in moderation. It’s either one extreme or the other. From far right (Nazi Germany) to far left (Refugees welcome!) in just about 70 years.

    3. I am pretty fucking sure that Trump already gave us all he will ever give.
      He is not our leader, we must not view him as our leader.
      He is not the Second Christ, nor the New Adolf.
      He gave us our first taste of blood and winning and an example that winning is possible and our enemies are just humans, too.
      He kicked open the so-called overton window regarding Political Correctness, and it is open to the point of no return if we do not let the enemy close it.
      Maybe he will follow common sense in a few political fields.
      But Great Saviour of the White Race he isn’t.
      He is surrounded by Jews, his main advisors are Jews, his daughter married a Jew. Maybe the goal of the Jewish Elites was to convince us that the new leader will be one of us who will act against White Genocide, so that we may think this problem will be solved on the highest levels, so no worries or actions are required from us. Possible. Probable. Those Jews are clever.
      But the Culture War is on, the renaissance of White and Christian identity is on. Who said the fight will be easy?
      Keep on winning.

  13. Look, every so-called “American” Jew knows in the back of his mind that Israel will always take him in if things go to hell in this country. This gives Jews perverse incentives to treat the United States as a throwaway.
    We Old-Stock white Americans, by contrast, view our country as an inheritance and an asset that needs careful management to maintain its value. We don’t have backup countries to flee to if we fuck up this country.
    As economists like to say, incentives matter. This difference in incentives determines which group – Jews or Deplorables – has the best, long-term interests of the established American population in mind.

        1. Yeah, there was some kind of protest about using a jew rather than a Mexicans (btw I do not believe there is a singular form of the word Mexicans. Mexicans is always plural.)

        2. lol, ghost of @ghostofjefferson if memory serves he has changed his ico

        3. Lol. I forgot about your mexicans thing.
          What about the language?
          Is it mexicans too?
          Or, you being in nyc, puerto ricans?

        4. Yes speaking Mexicans
          No, I don’t acknowledge different Hispanic ethnicities. A person who speaks Spanish and is not from Spain is a Mexicans

    1. This is the bottom-line, and extends farther than just America.
      Unchecked globalization and multiculturalism have the potential to lead to true hysteria and chaos around the world.

    2. This is not entirely true. Most Jewish people are oblivious like the rest of us of what is really going on and do not want to have anything to do with Israel.
      Their main problem is that they have been taught from early age that historically the Jews have been persecuted in every country for no good reason and so they have strong victims complex. They also do not realize that they are being used and their religion has been hijacked by the Talmudists.

      1. There’s Talmudists and then there are outright Zionists. Some are Satanists. Reform/secular jews that are satanists are bad news for the west. Ashkenazi are imposter jews from the Orient which migrated and intermarried to some degree with the Sephardics and mostly with the bloodlines of the host countries – Part of China’s 5000 year plan to dominate the globe and likely the brainchild of the ancient Chinese secret societies eg: the ‘White Lotus’ and the ‘Triad’.
        Genuine Hassidics have big hats and beards and are known for being admirably patriarchal as best as they can towards their jewish wives while lacking 70% of the nerve endings in their penis. The beard helps accentuate the patriarchal control in a cerebral way and perhaps compensates for the desensitized dickhead. But it’s still not as good as having a FULL POINTED DONG and a beard both. Men need big bushy supersonic motherfucker beards and fully sensitized unchopped dicks to develop and maintain the full patriarchal presence amongst their bretheren and especially over the shebeast. The full circuit neuron loop between beard, brain and beefstick must remain continuous at all times, never severed nor broken. We are electric neuro machines and the most desensitized people will fall under the control and become overridden by those with the more intact sensory spectrum. Without foreskins, your tribe supplants the information into your brain that would otherwise come from your dickhead receptor. You’re not getting your own personal source ‘dicksense’ info. You’re getting info from whoever rules your tribe instead. Are tribe bitches telling your brain what your dickhead should be communicating directly? Audultrated information fed into your brain. . and if dominant jew bitches run your tribe . . see what I mean?
        Jews are such a mixed bag. A degree in red pill should include a concise critical awareness of the jew in all its forms. Elites and ‘secret societies’ need broken down and deconstructed as well. Jews are one fucked up people with their chopped off foreskins. You don’t know who’s pulling the strings, the ‘strong’ jewish mother or the man. Things would be a lot different if no western men (jew or non jew) were dickchopped.
        With a full dong but no beard, you can still always get your beard on, unfurl your neuro limbic end sensory node and rule your castle like a king. But with a nervechopped dud dickhead you might as well clitorectomize your woman. Or be a simple pussy eater.

        1. I don’t remember if it was you or someone else but I read this theory once already. I’d say – I won’t be surprised if it holds some truth in it.

    3. The way things are going over in Israel I doubt I will make aliyah any time soon.
      Getting nuked here or there makes no difference.

        1. If I push play and this guy doesn’t say “We ain’t found shit” I am going to be disappointed.

        2. now that it is uncovered that the guy who made the ((( ))) popular is married to a jew don’t you have to say ((((((Jews))))))

        3. Yes
          I’m a secret plant for the oven dodgers
          Should keep your fucktard thinking for Thernovich’s baboon mindset website

  14. “It is abundantly clear that Mike Enoch/Peinovich, whose podcast created the (((echo))) meme to identify Jews, either has substantial psychological issues or is controlled opposition. ”
    lol yes, because there are always only a few limited options, and the world of human motives and actions is very simple.
    “hey maaaan, jesus was either a retard, a psycho nigger or a fookin gawd maaan. thems yer choices”

  15. Off topic, but interesting shit anyway. Imagine if a white football coach had been accused of doing what the new Denver Broncos’ black head coach was accused of (twice) – rubbing his erect penis on a woman; he’d never be considered for the job, let alone get in the door. Ha. Women get the Pussy Pass, black men get the Black Man Pass, and white men get the shaft –

    1. Except “Ray Rice” is the poster child for domestic v. And Roman Polanski gets a standing ovation.
      Liberals do whatever is convenient.

  16. And here we go again. Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.
    Bomb Threats Called Into JCCs Around the Country
    Eighteen Jewish community centers nationwide received a slew of bomb threats on Wednesday, with police responding to calls from locations in Florida, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Arizona and New Jersey, among others.

    1. Yeah, nobody wants to talk about Hitler as an immigrant and a carpetbagger in Germany. His career suggests a cautionary tale about the kinds of people you should let into your country and then allow to run rampant politically.

  17. The easiest way to spot Jewish Cointelpro is this:
    If the alleged anti-Semite is the caricature Nazi that Hollywood is peddling, a goose-stepping idiot screaming stupid things about gassing 6 million Jews again, then rest assured, he is either of the Tribe or a paid shill by the Tribe.
    A sensible, normal individual recognising the conflict of tribal interests existing between his own White, Christian people and the Jewish people, giving ”anti-Semitic” voice to this problem and looking for a solution, is the real deal, a real person who is one of us.

    1. Yeah, no one wants to talk about Hitler’s background as an immigrant and a carpetbagger in Germany. We hear all this propaganda about how our immigration policies – really more like negligence, refusal to enforce the law and sabotage – will keep America refreshed and vital. But the people who advocate this nonsense don’t have Hitler’s sort of refreshing and revitalizing of Germany in mind, even though he did seem to have those effects on the German people for a time in the 1930’s.
      In other words, Hitler offers a cautionary tale about the dangers of immigration and letting the newcomers participate in national politics after they naturalize.

      1. But I thought Hitler was the greatest white advocate who ever lived? That’s what the (((alt-right))) keeps telling me.

      2. Whether we like it or not Hitler was no foreigner, he was an ethnic German. Very different from your “naturalized” immigrants…

    2. Its not only the neo nazi, fire the ovens, kike this kike that trope you have to watch out for.
      The worst are the army of trolls taking over social media, forums and comment boards pushing Jewish/Zionist agenda and working together to destroy any threats or real conversation taking place. All the while dishonestly posing as commentators of various backgrounds and invented persona’s.
      Always observe and ask yourself. Why does a so called ‘White Catholic’, ‘African American man’ or ‘Nihilist’ for example care so strongly for Israel, gets so offended at critical questions directed at Jews or feels the need to downplay and distract a message board away from such a topic.

  18. I’m fairly convinced that most “hate crimes” are just engineered hoaxes. There were about six “pro-Trump hate crimes” in my area that were widely reported for about 24-36 hours. After investigations started it was all crickets. No follow up by the MSM. So I decided to do a little citizen-journalism and called some friends who worked for the police departments in those jurisdictions. All I was told that they were dropped or no conclusions were reached. Huh, so you have someone who says they were assaulted and the response is nothing. Me thinks that someone was lying. Finally it came out last week that at least one was a pure lie. It was just a drunk chick that fell down and needed a convenient lie to miss a college exam. Maybe in the deep South there are still crimes committed where the major motivator is race, etc. but I suspect that 95% of these crimes are a hoax.

    1. I’m fairly convinced that most “hate crimes” are just engineered hoaxes.

      You’d be right. There’s even a database that documents them.
      Google “fake hate crimes database” and you’ll find it.

  19. Is it just me or Mike Peinovich name is strangely similar to Mike Cernovich name. Coincidence :^)?

  20. Does not surprise me at all, these self hating clowns just have an itch to do these things, maybe it is bad parenting or somebody slapped them wrong when they were born your guess is as good as mine.

  21. Is this dude perhaps a self hating jew? He’s not the only Jew that will sell out his own people for a buck.

  22. This POS sounds like a leftist agent provocateur who wants to paint the alt-right in a negative light.

    1. Could be that. I think it is more likely that he is pussy whipped by a hostile jew wife and he has spent years walking on egg shells so he doesn’t upset her and his podcast is how he gets all of that out…..he probably makes them while she is at her personal training / deep dick down sessions

      1. I really don’t think it’s him acting out . If he was that whipped he would fear her finding out. Which she would really easily.

        1. You would know better than I. I never even heard of him until today. JUst mentioning that guys who are whipped do tend to lash out by being internet tough guys quite frequently.

        2. I don’t know this guy either. But the pussy whipped guys I do know from work are too scared to be rebellious even when their women would never find out.

        1. To be fair I’ve never heard of this guy outside this article so I am only guessing based on what a simple explaination of this behavior would be and without any knowledge of what could very well be pertinent specifics

  23. Damn, and I was gambling on the Daily Stormer being the first alt-right outlet to be revealed to be controlled opposition.
    I still predict that pipe bomb will drop sometime in the future.

    1. While listening to Enoch’s podcast once a while back, I heard him defend Andrew Anglin vehemently enough (against those exact allegations, I believe) that I have no doubt that you are right.

      1. A couple of his [ripped off from 4Chan /pol/] memes and macros are kind of funny, but c’mon: the guy and his audience are basically the walking stereotype of what the media wants to push as “white nationalism”/”alt-right”: ugly juvenile skinhead manlets screaming GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW.

  24. Basically, the alt-right must become MORE decentralized. Popular figures must not become “leaders” We need to start flexing our muscles individually online and putting our voices out there with our own websites. The eternal juden will keep trying to shut it down if we continue to be reliant on their platforms. Places like patreon and paypal need to be replaced with an alt-right friendly or any politcally incorrect causes in general. The Juden LOVED to shut down funds to TRS and TDS. They can only accept bitcoin now!

    1. I agree fully and wish it would happen. All banks are likely not the same, but there is a certain concern that funds applied to politically incorrect causes might come under scrutiny or lead to doxxing. Don’t really trust most banks to offer adequate impartiality for their customers transactions..

  25. At least, he didn’t bomb King David Hotel.
    Or attacked USS Liberty Under false flag…

  26. One has to wonder if a lot of these alt-right sites that propagate Antisemitism are controlled by Jews.
    A lot of the things you read are so cartoonish and just rehash ridiculous Nazi caricatures it is hard to even believe they are credible.
    Also, if I were a Jew leftist who wanted to destroy a resurgent right, that is what I would do: create a fictional enemy.
    Jews need to fundraise. I don’t see a better way of doing it.

  27. Mike Enoch did not give the salute at NPI. He did that at a private dinner for the members far away from the Cameras. His part Jewish wife was a member of B’nai Brith, i believe, in her college years.

  28. his lady wife worked for the b’nai b’rith. Isn’t that the organisation behind the ADL amongst other things?

  29. whoever this Eunuch is – good job on exposing retards who don’t have their own brain and will smoke every syphilis-infected cigarette butt they find on the internet. how those (((triple brackets))) worked out for you? it was such a great idea.

  30. Game on boys-lets crush this sorry fucker. If the Regressives can do it imagine what real men are capable of-praying for death won’t be refuge enough if we harness our collective abilities to name,shame and obliterate these provocateurs.

  31. This is all getting really effing confusing. So Cernovich is apparently the degenerate who doxxed Enoch/Peinovvich, but in reality Enoch is the true villain? So Cernovich is our hero? Or they are both villains?
    Not having seen much of TRS or their Daily Shoah podcast, my first impression is that it was targeted at marginal types who liked the simplest of world views. I agree w/ the consensus that a signif # of Jews are Leftists who promote 3rd wave feminism, and promote western dissolution, but it is a step too far to think all Jews are this way. And it is downright moronic to start playing with WW2 Hitler memes, images. That just make the movement look like a pack of adolescents who need to stay at the kiddie table

  32. Is it a Race or Religion?
    This is a horrible miscarriage of justice, confusing race and religion. There are two Jewishnesses, the belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and an inherited racial identity. Its the anti-Theists that give the whole bunch a bad name, think of someone who says, “I was raised Catholic,” and then draws The Virgin Mary in human feces and calls it art, that person is obviously not revering The Holy Virgin
    Here we have someone who inherited a name, but hates everything that their ancestor’s name stands for, its not uncommon. They are the ones Rabbi Jesus referred to as the ‘sons of Satan’ John 8:39-47, claiming Abraham as their father, but rejecting the righteousness of his God.
    Its not people who go to temple every Sabbath and pray for peace that you should worry about, the Torah specifically forbids cheating even a non-believer. It is God-Haters that stir up trouble and misdirect it at God’s servants.

  33. Maybe being married to the Jewess is what made him antisemetic? Lord knows that my ongoing divorce and preceding marriage has very nearly made me hate White women.

  34. So, will we see a movie in 20 years about the hidden black figures who really created the Alt Right?

  35. I don’t give a crap about Enoch’s personal situation. He looks like another weak man married to a “strong woman” who doesn’t respect him.
    Our enemies want to attack the Alt-Right’s personalities instead of addressing the Alt-Right’s ideas, namely, its tragic view of man: “Social progress” simply cannot happen because man has an enduring nature that doesn’t change mysteriously in The Current Year. We have inequality, hierarchy and patriarchy because of this obdurate reality. And no amount of white-shaming, politics and progressive-utopian fantasizing can change this reality.
    Progressive utopians know their position has started to implode because it denies man’s nature and demands the impossible, and they can’t hide this reality any more. They have to confront a new world where people admit, perhaps grudgingly, that the so-called sexists, racists and xenophobes had defensible views the first time around.

  36. Is it possible she has Jew heritage but is an atheist? You can support lgbt while opposing Jews.

  37. He’s probably Jewish himself. Looks it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
    But while on the subject, does anyone remember that Jewish guy who was pretending to be an anti-Jewish Islamist on the internet and spreading “anti-semitism”? Mike “Enoch” is probably playing the same game.
    It’s all just psy-ops. Manufactured hate to collectively play the victim card while profiting from it all.

  38. So doxxing Millennial Woes = bad but doxxing this guy = good?
    Even if his wife is Jewish, does that invalidate his efforts?
    Josef Goebbels looked like an alien with a club foot but did more for the white race than any dumb blond surfer with a crew cut.

    1. A good number of Nazis were married to Jewish women. Remember that. Hell, many half and quarter Jews served and fought for Germany. What about Field Marshal Milch? If anything, it was the old order blue blood Prussian military brass who hated Hitler. People like Count von Stauffenberg.

  39. This nonsense about jews having high i.q’s is ridiculous … I.Q tests are formulated & the tests judged by israeli intelligence & freemason jews, infesting our education system through insane marxist curriculums such as common core …
    So of course theyre going to give themselves the highest i.q scores.
    There is no such thing as unbiased science & stat’s …
    For further proof …
    All you have to do is look at the incompetent, over funded jewish leftist radical groups, pushing white male hatred, radical feminism etc., so incompetently we’re seeing a resurgence in nazism, booming klu klux clans & complete take over by far right groups …
    Does the leftist movement, jew created feminism, the sjw’s, look like the work of a high i.q race? Or the handy work of a race, genetically damaged through years of cousin fucking inbreeding … lol
    FACT, it is impossible for a genetically damaged, inbreeding race to have a high i.q
    ALSO, intelligence isnt determined by i.q, its determined by how little genetic damage a race has. The less damage the more stable the gene pool leading to higher i.q.
    Africans are violent because of waves of damage to their gene’s, from years of low i.q outbreeding the high i.q & charity from catholic cucks & christians
    In order to determine the i.q of a race, measure their genetic damage & historical mating practises. Measure the dysgenic & eugenic effects of the high i.q, by how well they outcompete the low i.q & how well they outcompete violent thugs & criminals …

  40. I hadn’t even heard of this guy til now. The article does make a good point that the alt right is being subverted. However, all it takes is one individual to do a hitler solute or something similar and the (((media))) will latch onto it as a way to portray all of those with our values.

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  42. Watch these. It is evident the spiritual forces behind Judaism is satanism. The political ideology driven by Jews is geared towards overturning the natural order of God and the Bible whilst pushing the world towards global government to bring forth the Jewish Messiah-Satan. The AntiChrist. Nationalism is a trap like Roosh said. Wars will be fought, and like at the end of WWII another attempt at world government will be tried, and perhaps this time achieved. The Bible is moving right along with current events. Always has, always will. Must be true.

      1. Fail. Human logic. If Jesus was God manifest in the flesh, was he really a Jew? Hey may have been born a into a “Jewish” family to fulfill the messianic prophecy but nothing more nothing less. It’s like Catholics who think Mary was the mother of God. She gave birth to Jesus physically, but that’s it. If Jesus was God, and God had no beginning nor end, can God really have a mother?

        1. Christianity is a fake satanic babylonian religion, created by the vatican & pharisee’s to combat uprisings by pagan christians …
          The cross is an ancient symbol for the sun, proving christianity is based on the cult mithra
          Jesus never died on the cross, he died on a pole or steak, the cross was inserted into the bible centuries after Rome collapsed, by the vatican to turn pagan christianity into a sun cult
          When christianity failed to pacify pagan christians in africa, they created a horrifically evil religion directly based on the kaballah & talmud called Islam
          Do your research …

        2. Actually christian historians & scholars were the ones who stated, Jesus never died on the cross, he died on a pole or steak, the cross was inserted into the bible centuries after Rome collapsed, by the vatican

        3. If you deny that Christ was fully human as well as fully God, then you are a heretic. And in his fully human aspect, he was a Jew.
          A Jew that you worship.

        4. Since where did I deny that Jesus was fully God and fully human. I don’t deny that for a second. Like I said, he was Jewish by birth to fullfill the messianic prophecy. Jesus was God. Is God at this very moment in time a Jew? No, he is God.

        5. lol. Ok dude. You live in a world where the sky is red. So you’re saying that every “Christian historian” so called agrees with what you just wrote. Sounds pretty broad to me. Who are you talking about? Latent left wing fags like Bart Ehrmann who are pedastilsed by Muslims? Next time you read so called historians, check their political beliefs and you’ll find their true motivations. If you want to learn about history from the lens of little leftists then like I said, die your purple while you’re at it.

  43. I saw this myself on a long ago defunct discussion forum. A nasty feud existed between a jew and an anti-semite. As the site administrator, I took a look at the IP addresses. They all originated from the same small pool of IPs. Interestingly the IPs were from Goldman Sachs in NYC.
    Another notorious anti-semite on the site … I learned later was a jewish kid in Chicago.

  44. His explanation makes sense to me. He got married 10 years ago, became a hardcore libertarian 7 years ago and a hardcore white nationalist just 2 years ago. It was just a bad situation, it does not mean he was controlled opposition.

  45. Great find, never heard of this till now, but it makes sense same with that mike cuckovitch guy. Its kind of like alex johns, say stuff that is 80% true but then misled the final 20%. Say stuff alt right agrees with, then derail. Controlled opposition all the way.

  46. It’s not just Jews. I was just watching the live stream of the Deploraball, which is the big Alt-Right party in DC tonight. They brought this little Jew Faygele called Lucian or Lucius or something onstage – apparently, he’s going to be a white house correspondent. He looks and sounds 12. But he’s clearly been studying his Milo because he made over the top gay jokes (about wacking it to Trump).
    He was annoying and offensive and is perfect proof of the kind of harm someone like Milo can do. Like attracts like. This kid is an exact clone, and based on the crowd’s response he isn’t the only one.

  47. Jesus was a Jew, Hitler was part Jewish, Ahmadinejad has a Jewish last name, I can go on and on, Jew haters worship self hating Jews, nothing new, move along.

  48. Here we go — all the so-called enlightened and tolerant posters here at ROK will immediately apologize and proclaim, “It’s not the Jews…”. Well, a very large proportion of ALL OUR PROBLEMS is orchestrated, financed and manipulated by people who identify as Ashkenazi Jews, who aren’t actually related (at all) to the Israelites or Hebrews of Biblical times. And furthermore, they don’t really give a shit about mainstream Judaism (Torah / Mosaic Law / Synagogue worship); they are more into the Talmud / Cabala / Zohar mystical-occult bullshit that promotes hatred, lying, manipulating, killing, and false-flag terrorism. Top level Zionist Jews have a long history of killing other types of Jews, with the WW2 era being an excellent example. These peoples “religion” and those of other controlling Elites is best described as Satanism. Isn’t it obvious by now? Forget the term “Jew” — it’s too non-specific and politically charged — but consider them evil fucking psychopaths who really hate the rest of us. Know thy enemy red pillers.

    1. white people are so brilliant and have accomplished so much but somehow they keep getting played by the jooos.

  49. All of this would be irrelevant if these people were actually fighting for Western Civilization. They equate the west with skin color and ideas with DNA. And so, they constantly fall on their face when the contradictions catch up with them.
    A true Jew-washer would go live in a forest (that a Jew hopefully didn’t own) and cleanse themselves of all the technology and material comforts that are somehow connected to some ashkenazi DNA-person, somewhere.
    The true enemy are BAD ideas. Marxism / Post Modernism / Critical Theory. And it makes sense that some of our smartest people would do great damage when adopting those ideas, Jew, Asian and so-called White Man.
    Any cursory examination of a 23&ME / WEGENE overview and it’s quite obvious that many of us are infected with the cursed devil genes ourselves. Are we DNA hunters or are we advocates of Western Civilization, Reason, Individualism, Capitalism and common sense?
    Zionism / Holocaust Worship / Victimhood Worship is bad for non-Jews and bad for Jews. In fact, the very idea of defining yourself with a tribe is bad for everyone. Hyphen-Americanism has to go. So should we attack someone using the very same identity politics mentality that we’re trying to fight? As (((Ayn Rand))), the evil one blessed be she, once said—you do not fight an evil by adopting and practicing it. And she was right.
    The true enemy are all those who want to push us back into the dark ages, intellectually and physically. All those of brains and integrity that still exist should cease the great (((hunt))) for the Jew behind every corner and start attacking the ideas that some (even most) Jews, Non-Jews and tons of our stupid friends and relatives have accepted as fact.
    Lastly, there is a presupposition made evident by the great Jew hunt that I have always found very insulting. And that is pointing to this idea that the average or even above-average white male is impotent when faced with the awesome power of some 0.5% Jewish cabal controlling them. How rude to all of us that at least appear white in the mirror. Moreover, these genius Jews keep getting themselves killed over some of their terrible ideas like Marxism or belief in a supernatural being that controls reality. Not all that bright, after all. Other than Rand. And a few others. Like the polio guy.
    Save Ferris!

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