The Power Of Laser Eye Contact

With the worthy exception of touch (kino), eye contact is without doubt the dedicated poon-plunderer’s weapon of choice in his quest for vaginal Valhalla. It turns out that all that dating advice of yore – from magazines, problems pages, and so on – was correct in this particular way: strong, confident eye contact is exceptionally potent in producing pantie tsunamis in public places. Just not for the reasons that earlier proponents thought.

Eye contact, we were always told, demonstrates confidence. Chicks like confident men, therefore strong eye contact will get you laid (or at least a date) right? Partly. But the devil is in the detail, and and it is really the quality of your eye contact that makes all the difference. This isn’t about staring random girls down like a loon – your gaze must have attitude.

The  important thing about steady, sustained eye-contact is that communicates male-female polarity. To put it crudely, when you look at a woman, your eyes must tell her that you are thinking about fucking her and that you are not afraid to do so. Your eyes, in other words, must be a man’s eyes, not a pussified wimp’s.

Laser Eye Contact Works In the Day


The great thing about laser eye contact is that it works in all contexts—during so-called day game or night game.

In the daytime, you can use it on girls you encounter naturally, such as shop assistants and baristas. When she serves you, simply take care to ensure that you are consciously looking her directly in the eye for a little longer than is usual. Deliberateness is important—after all, you are trying to communicate, just non-verbally. If you can, you should smile lightly as well.

This can be harder than it sounds. If you’re unpracticed you’ll be spending so much energy concentrating on your eyes that there’s a danger you’ll end up looking like a grinning madman, but persevere. What you’ll find when you hit a sweet spot with this is that your gaze will genuinely communicate something that she picks up on—your desire for her—in a secret and therefore sexy way.

I used this technique once over several weeks with a girl in my local coffee shop. When I eventually got her number and took her out for a drink, we slept together quickly and easily. It was as if all the communication necessary had taken place already, and so the leap to sex was far less steep than it could have been.

…Or At Night


Laser eye contact works equally well at night too. Here, though, the technique is slightly different. Rather than concentrate on one individual girl you should aim to “get into the zone” so that you are hitting every girl you see with laser eyes.

Here’s how to go about this. If you are in a club, or busy bar, then you should walk around the venue a few times deliberately aiming your eyes at those of passing girls. Again, try to smile a little as you do so, but in a cocky, slightly dismissive way.

After a while you will start to get a few smiles back, and a little sustained eye contact, and your confidence will rise. This will mean that your eye contact will then become more bold, more invasive – and much more effective.

Basically the aim of this is to banish all timidity so that you end up looking at girls like the dashing high-value man that you are (or that you need to demonstrate that you are, anyway). Once you’ve warmed up you’ll find that eye contact becomes a devastatingly effective part of your game arsenal, akin to touch in its ability to sexualise a situation and create erotic tension between you and the girls you meet.

How To Practice Laser Eye Contact

A way to practice this is to go out and maintain eye contact with as many people as you can (men and women) without relinquishing it first. Very quickly you will become more confident, and you will find women gazing at you for longer, blushing, dropping their shopping bags and walking into walls and bus-stops.

A useful tip is to think sexual thoughts as you appraise each girl. Doing so will help to get you in the zone, focus your intent and help you communicate just the right degree of slightly outlaw sexuality.

If it takes time then don’t despair, just keep going. Some guys—myself included at the beginning—find eye contact difficult, but in reality it’s one of the easiest ways to start interacting with girls with very little chance of rejection. OK, she may look away, but trust me, no one’s going to come up to you in the street and complain because you looked at them for half a second too long.

It Makes Game And Closing Much Easier

When you become good with laser eye contact, you will find that in many cases it pretty much shorts out the need for tight verbal game. Why? because the sub-communication is already down. “I am a man and I want to fuck you.” Once this is established the chit-chat on top is secondary, an exercise in comfort-building. If you have this kind of vibe with a girl, then ask for her number or take her on an instant date, and chances are she’ll be amenable: eye-contact alone has done the heavy lifting for you.

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93 thoughts on “The Power Of Laser Eye Contact”

  1. This is my go to strategy. It essentially allows women to extend an invite to approach. And it immediately establishes all of the masculine traits that women are attracted to. Confidence, dominance, and male-female polarity as the author stated. It’s imperative that you work this out with your smile.

      1. Right you are. You see gents, it’s all about how YOU look and it matter not how “good” you look, but how mainstream you look.
        If you look like the guys you see modeling briefs on the subway wall poster advertisement – all mainstream and “normal” but handsome you can probably use this eye stuff and get tang like a fiend.
        But if you are not a mainstream looking model-ready Whitey McWhitebread and try this, if you are a foreigner, or older than 30, or simply do not look like the kind of men that women are conditioned by mainstream media to want, cops or bouncers will be called.
        (Or bouncers first, then when you are in the parking lot, cops will still show up even if you didn’t cause any conflict and left when asked to because the cunt who complained to the bouncers will have cunt friends who said “that’s not good enough” and call the cops ).
        Maybe in England where people are more homogenous this would work but in the Cunting States of Acuntica where it’s a polygot mix of class warfare, gender hatred and statism (look at me, I’m calling the police! I’m so empowered!) I would not recommend this article.

        1. England is barely any better. The fact that they still have a Queen makes it a place worthy of contempt and ridicule. Plus it is full of statism with spy cameras everywhere and hate speech laws that punish people for telling the truth.

        2. Being open and affable during the day helps. Just be care if the girl looks like she might be under 20.
          And at night, well fuck going out at night where females and alcohol intersect.
          Basically I have noticed with an venue where alcohol is served you don’t have basic rights. Any dipshit who has a modicum of authority in the establishment will have the ability to act like fuck head if someone ‘complains.’
          Double with the cops, have any alcohol in your system, or smell anything of booze and it’s “fuck you, you’re drunk” bullshit time.

        3. But if you are not a mainstream looking model-ready Whitey McWhitebread
          and try this, if you are a foreigner, or older than 30, or simply do not
          look like the kind of men that women are conditioned by mainstream
          media to want

          I am all of these things. But you know what? Women love that shit. They don’t want Justin Bieber they want Jason Statham.

        4. She’s a ‘Moby’ I think. Look it up at TheOtherMcaindotcom or at captain capitalism (Clarey)

    1. “Stop looking at me you creep!”
      -Typical Americunt’s reaction to any guy who they aren’t attracted to.

      1. Except if it’s Mr Grey himself looking… Interestingly enough, he is not considered as a creep…
        Hamster’s logic 101:
        – if you don’t look at them and try to flirt, 1) you are a faggot, 2) you are a beta pussy little boy
        – if you dare to look at them, 1) you are a creep 2) you are a disgusting pervert

      2. Yep. She feels her SMV is higher than his, and he shouldn’t even be thinking about it. Destroy a beta male to reassure herself she’s hawtttt.

      3. That’s when you find out what car she drives and slice all of her tires. Hopefully she’ll get attacked and raped while being stranded for completed justice.

  2. “…maintain eye contact with as many people as you can (men and women) without relinquishing it first.”
    This kind of shit could risk you getting expelled out of gyms, clubs, offices and in public places security could escort you out. And that’s assuming nobody stronger than you beats the shit out of you. Not that it would always happen, but our instincts can interpret eye contact as aggression (even if it isn’t).

    1. With guys, eye contact and a simple nod acknowledging him as to imply what’s up is usually ok and doesn’t come off as aggression.

    2. I do it regularly – and have for over a year . Not once have I ever had someone throw me out of anywhere or start a fight. In fact Ive had many instances where repsect and deference has been shown when in the past it may not have been. Its all about how you hold yourself and the “vibe” you give off. My posture is always straight, I keep myself very fit and strong and I cultivate a spirit of “peace” combined with “don’t tread on me”. In other word Im not looking for fight – but don’t try and start one with me. These factors enable me to confidently hold eye contact until the other party blinks

  3. Two points:
    With Women
    If you are an older guy or someone looks-challenged, maintain eye contact with women with a bemused look, one eyebrow raised, like the way Santa Claus might regard a naughty girl. Like you know her secret, but won’t tell.
    With Men
    Prolonged staring at a man by a man is an invitation to either (a) violence or (b) a homosexual encounter. I trust that’s not what anyone here is going for, particularly the latter.
    À bientôt,

      1. Ignore them. If they come over, just say, “I’m not gay.” Keep it simple, there’s no need to over-complicate things. Fact is, even though you don’t want the attention, it’s still a compliment.

        1. And make sure the order of the nod is up then down, NOT the traditional submissive down-then-up nod. This is another incredibly simple piece of body language that should be practiced to the point of routine.

    1. Steve Jobs was known for the intense eye gaze thing, according to many. Their general impression was that it was a controlling maneuver.

  4. It works like a charm. On normal women. I actually scored two girls back in college with the eye trick without saying a word.

  5. I clicked on this thinking it was a sponsored post offering corrective eye surgery

    1. I thought it said “Laser Eye Contacts. That would be something!

  6. Here’s a top tip, I do this all the time: think of something that made you laugh (I think of Dave Chappelle, that dude cracks me up) and walk around only thinking about that while checking out chicks. It gives that Ryan Gosling or George Cloony happy eyes, plus your mind is elsewhere, so it makes you intriguing.
    Also good to have a song in your head (doesn’t have to be a good song, just something upbeat). I often have the opening lyrics to Tyler the Creator’s “French” on loop in my head, “Got all the black bitches mad ’cause my main bitch, vanilla, got her groove back like stella, grab the umbrella.” I get the full joker/jock attitude on when I walk along with that song on repeat.

    1. Are you my doppelganger or something? All of what you just said is identical to what I do.

  7. Good article. In my opinion, this is sound advice that young men would do well to take on board. I can only speak for myself, but direct/flirtatious eye contact has definitely produced good results for me with women through the years. Eye contact also serves as a good filtering mechanism. When a female locks eyes with you, their desire for you, (or lack thereof) can often be detected.
    I think maybe the most difficult element of the “gaze” is trying to add just the right combination of lust/edginess in indicating your desire for her, without coming off as a “creep” or a “psycho”. I am of the belief that a slight grin that denotes both arrogance and dominance is the way to go.

  8. Great article! If you put aside seduction and pickup, I believe eye contact still remains important in everyday’s social interaction. People don’t listen to each other and they don’t look at each other. It amazes me the amount of people staying the whole time on their cellphone at restaurants, bars or even clubs… Being bored is something, showing it is another thing but having such a lack of respect for someone speaking is beyond words. It happened to me a couple of years ago on a date, this girl was staring at her phone every 2 minutes, so I asked her if she was waiting for an important message. She said no and kept on taking and putting her phone back on the table. I left. Yes, I took my jacket and I left without saying anything. Within the next hour, she called me 5 times and left 2 vocal messages. I never picked up the phone and I blocked her number. Funny thing is that I saw her again a couple of months after in a club and she actually remembered me, she almost begged me to go on a date with her to “make it up”. I declined and walked away once again without saying shit. Bitches can’t handle rejection.

    1. I make mental notes about bars / restaurants that have bad reception for smart phones. Its amusing to watch some broad poke at her phone for a few minutes and give up.

    2. One of the Beige Phillips Rule is: Always be willing to take a L(loss)- meaning you must be able to walk away from any girl and never look back. Thus putting you in a position of strength(her behaviors can result in losing her access to you)

      1. Another way of putting it, is avoid loss aversion. In other words, avoid staying in a losing position in the hope it will turn around.

        1. Exactly. A good sports analogy, is that you play to WIN. You don’t play to NOT lose.

    3. Came up with a new trick tonight. Was chatting with two girls and the conversation was shit, so I said, “This is a boring conversation so I’m going to stand over there,” pointing to a quiet corner. They raised their eyebrows and looked like they’d just been slapped. So I fucked off to where I said I would go and finished my beer and smoked a cigarette. About 10 minutes later I got a tap on the shoulder and it was the girls and they were all humble, “I’m sorry if we gave the wrong impression…” no shit, that’s the first thing they said. And the conversation went from there. Got digits.

  9. People rarely hold eye contact these days because everyone is staring down at their smartphones, wear sunglasses, and avoid all kinds of eye contact. People don’t like looking at strangers. You literally have to approach some people face on to at least have them look at you in the eye.

    1. Victims all over the place really. I’ve often wondered what would happen if you ran past and grabbed their phone as an experiment. Would they learn to be more vigilant in general or continue walking around like possible mugging victims or worse?
      One thing I often like to do is stop and stand still if I see one coming towards me with head down on their phone. They only realise at the last minute that a solid object is in the way and almost fall over themselves trying to get around or alter their trajectory.
      Never gets old.

  10. I’m going to keep driving it home guys: Asia, boys. I’m telling you. Get on the fucking train before it leaves
    the station. Asia is full of literally BILLIONS of amazing women surrounded by profoundly, impossibly
    shitty, petty, omega, inferior men with small dicks. Let these Western gold-diggers rot in their own filthy bed. Look to Asia gentlemen. You’ll thank me later.

    1. That’s real about china. Same for japan and korea. If you’re western male tired of dating overweight middle age single mothers in america, east asia is like bachelor paradise. Hitting 29 y/o slender asian women. But disagree on the asian male bashing. One of the most built guys at my gym is asian, does chin ups for hours like some guy in prison. Be careful about generalizing.

        1. Yeah. Most Asian males (in Asia) peaked emotionally at around age 6 when they realized that their culture is built around them (sound familiar?). They are fags 90% of the time. Some random protein shake hobbyist doesn’t reverse that. I would love to see these momma’s boys meet their match with spoiled, fat American girls. Let’s SWAP!

      1. Yeah but Korean women are often so racist that they would rather be leftover than marry a whitey. A lot of Koreans are just staying single. China is the goldmine. I haven’t been to Japan in awhile but my guess is that it’s good, like China. Japanese women age very well and they are horny too. Koreans, meh, kind of chilly in comparison to Japanese women. In 3,2,1..some guy with a Korean wife is going to spit fire at me but I’ve been in Asia for a long time.

    2. Don’t let yellow fever fool you into thinking Asian women are so great.

      1. Yeah there are things to watch out for with Asian women, like your new in-laws, the materialism, and the difference in attitudes for how to raise children. Not ideal because life isn’t perfect but why not try to struggle through life with a 125 pounder instead of a 190 pounder? That is if you must marry.

    3. I’m amazed at how candid these women from the video are about their situation. I could never imagine an American woman admitting on camera that she wants a man but can’t find one.
      These Asian chicks are learning game, North American women just get fat.

      1. Because in the feminist anglosphere, women are taught that they don’t need a man to be happy.

    4. Dude, it’s your country that is full of beta fags where feminism runs rampant. Asian men aren’t the ones running around demanding equality and diversity and letting their countries get overrun by a bunch of dirty immigrants. These Asian women you speak of sound like a bunch of rejects and the men probably consider you a dumb ass desperate white guy for going with them.

      1. These ‘rejects’ you speak of are often very attractive and that’s Spooner’s whole point. It helps to have VISITED a continent before dropping all that knowledge about it, like you tried (and failed) to do. You’d know that ‘leftover’ 27 year old Chinese girls often have bikini model bodies and the reason Asian males don’t want them is that most Asian males are comically latent momma’s boys who would rather cuddle all night in a karaoke room with their buddies than spend time with a woman. It’s the Eastern Hemisphere. Male worship Eastern cultures turn the guys into total fags though they don’t admit it to themselves. Spooner knows. He’s just trying to help. Here’s the formula;
        1. Lift
        2. Eat right
        3. No nightcap (good sleep)
        4. Throw on a toupee if necessary
        5. Marry a 27 year old ‘leftover’ girl when you’re 55.

        1. China has the highest population in the world. They’re obviously fucking. I would never marry an asian whore, I don’t care how hot she is. I’m not stupid. They only want you for your money (They only say you have a big dick because they know you’ll fall for it if they play to your ego.)

        2. Who the fuck is Moby? I hope it’s not your gay lover, I wouldn’t like to be called that.

    5. If alphas desert the west to go where the yellow cup floweth over, they’re abandoning their duty – TO POUND not only their dick, but pound some SENSE into their own disposessed women. Virgins are born every day. It is western man’s duty to lay down the crack control and patriarchal order wherever it lacks. Leave the west and the garbage collectors and betas become the pets of the western cunts, thus completing the plummet of the west into the toilet. The western bitches with their jaded leashes will have the awesome nuclear apparatus of the west at their helm. This must be prevented. The spanking must begin. War is sport to the true alpha. It should be then FUNNER THAN HELL for any brawler when the whistle blows and the GREAT MANBALL march is on. The most vapid western cunts will squeal like little piggies when put back in their nature destined roles but nature screams for those who have ears to hear. Men and women alike.

      1. Ha ha. “Man Up” on steroids right there. Go to ‘War’ then, hero. Remember, you can be thrown on jail on her word alone (psssttt…the war is already over).
        You’re just talking about kamikaze insanity, not war. The best move now is to deprive the fatties of your money and go follow your self-interest. That’s what America is anyway.
        So the women will squeal like ‘little piggies’ eh? At least you got the pig part right. What are you going to do to get them under 200 pounds? Just beat your chest and demand it? Good luck dude.

        1. Where’s your asian whore at right now? I bet she’s at the mall spending all of your money or sucking off some guys she barely knows. Meanwhile you’re a fool who thinks he has it made. Cunts are the same everywhere. There is nothing special about an asian whore, you simply have a fetish for ching chongs and are a traitor to your own race.

    6. This Chen chick is a fucking idiot who is helping to destroy her own culture. Cute girls though, if I didn’t have kids I’d consider flying for one of their airlines.

    7. Asian women have lots of bad qualities, they still have cunts, have fake voices and they ain’t all that. Who’d pay for asian pussy when you can get white pussy for free?

      1. “Who’d pay for asian pussy when you can get white pussy for free?”
        Someone who doesn’t have a fat fetish.

    8. This best part about this video is watching the stunned butt-hurt with these women that are being told that nobody wants them because they are old and had the wrong priorities. Hahahaha!!!!

  11. Mostly good advice. But there are some women who are freaked out by “the male gaze” whatever the hell that means.

  12. Hey good article Troy..But on some real shit, what happened to AV8R boss? And what the fuck happened to all the really good articles this site used to offer? I think i speak for everyone when i say this site has been wack as fuck lately…And im disappointed because i love it.😔

    1. the past 2 weeks of articles have been solid. putting out 2-3 new articles every day with little to no budget isn’t easy.

    2. Seems to be going for quan tity over quality for google ratings/max exposure. It’s no problem, just skim till you find the gold. Like panning for gold.

      1. Sometimes I even think that deleting an old quality article and simply re-posting the same article would do the job because (a) not many people dig all the way to the end of the blog, (b) you can only write so much about the same thing before it becomes silly and (c) it’s a good reminder to read over older material and most new visitors would not know or notice that it’s an old article re-posted.

  13. The look or laser projection can be overanalyzed. Don’t get hung up on her looking at you looking at her looking at you and so on. To stop and ponder if your laser is on target and what she perceives it to be and the laser goes ‘boing boing boing’ back and forth and out the window like a house of mirrors.
    JUST DO IT and learn to do it by doing it. Let it flow and ‘let it all hang out’ in your mental projection to her, secrets and all. She’ll only pick up on the aura or color of your inner secrets so you’re not compromised. Don’t focus on one eye or both eyes of hers or you’ll get cross eyed like when you try to look through a pair of overly wide adjusted binoculars.
    FOCUS ON HER THIRD EYE located right above the nose bridge. This is good for lie detecting as well. You stare intently at the person’s ‘third eye’ like you’re burning a hole in their forehead and amazingly you can see right through them. Focus hard enough and you can see straight out their asshole. Hindu women put a big red dot to cover their ‘third eye’ as a distraction or a defense mechanism, so their spouse can’t play the sleuth and tell if they’re lying.
    BUT WITH PICK UP you’re not trying to bust anyone for lying. Just focus openly and friendly and YOU’RE IN THERE.

    1. Are you for real about the third eye thing? I don’t want to feel awkward doing it.

      1. Bridge of the nose, focus there. When you look away, look to the side briefly. Don’t look down that indicates submission.

  14. Many people are bringing up the “creep” factor.
    Uh, working on being affable, bemused, and make small talk. All the while giving a “I would bend you over this counter right now” kind of look.
    Unless you get an obvious “no” look most females are open to flirting with most guys.
    Now if she is a tattooed, dyed haired freak lesbian femicunt manhater, raise an eyebrow and cop a James Coburn attitude.

  15. OK, staring at women would make you a creep unless you’re really hot, so you have to make eye contact with breaks in between.
    Eye contact is essential in asserting dominance and confidence towards women. They love it when you do it because you show intense interest and validate their good looks.
    Once you get in a habit of making eye contact, then you can use it for useful things such as job interviews, meetings, and impressing new people. I was in an interview a week ago and smashed it with the eye contact.

  16. Eye contact has always worked for me with women, except in Toronto, unfortunately. Women here freak out when a man makes eye contact with them.
    Anywhere else though, it works like a charm. NYC is one of the best places in the world to utilize it.

  17. Great article. Eye contact is so crucial in both professional and personal settings. I was lucky enough to to learn this at a young age and it has benefited me tremendously, particularly professionally.

  18. With these articles I always ask myself certain questions.
    1) Was the topic relevant
    2) Was it compelling and presented well
    3) Did the article not only make a suggestion, but carry through with why it was valid and offer practical advice for those who do not already understand the tactic
    4) Does my experience show that the author is in fact correct.
    For all four of these things Troy Francis has not just hit the nail on the head but smashed the hammer straight through as well.
    Super article. Especially good advice for people who lack confidence because it doesn’t just talk about how to fake confidence, but how to build it….and that is what eye contact will do.
    Also, starting strong with an awesome line like this will always grab my attention:
    “…the dedicated poon-plunderer’s weapon of choice in his quest for vaginal Valhalla.”
    Well done.

  19. I was under the impression that after you had laser eye surgery that contacts were no longer required?

    1. So funny GoJ, I initially thought this was a sponsor post about laser eye surgery giving a guy better game. Ha!

      1. That was nearly identical to my first take when looking at the headline on the front page.

  20. Any tips for doing it towards men? I’ve gotten better at it with women. Still have a ways to go but with men I still have trouble. Mainly because it can become hostile. A staring match. I don’t have a problem with guys I know. Usually. But if I’m walking by another guy I usually pull contact first because I don’t want any trouble.

    1. Well, don’t think sexual thoughts…
      But in reality, I find that people refuse to look in my eye on the street. Could be that I’m big, bald and angry looking. But if I do make eye contact with a guy, and he returns it, I just give a brief nod of my head – usually a chin downward movement, not a chin up “what’s up” thing – and never lose eye contact.

  21. Being really horny helps a lot with the eye contact. You are able to eyefuck everybody.

  22. Sustained eye contact is the gracious thing to do, as it demonstrates your true desire to a woman, which she will appreciate, even if you and she never talk. Eye contact will also save you tremendous heart-ache and wasted time, as it gives women an opportunity to demonstrate their desire for you. If a woman returns your gaze with a submissive smile, then she is inviting your approach. Maximize gains by rewarding friendly women with your attention. Don’t squander precious time, attention and validation on women who will only inflate their own egos at your expense. Lastly, never break eye contact first, as this is more insulting than indifference, and women are more fearful of and traumatized by rejection than are men. Be a good guy and let her be the first to look away, if possible.

  23. When I do this, I like to think dominantly sexual thoughts. “Hey baby ever had your asshole licked by a guy in an overcoat?” is a favorite.

  24. Great article. And remember her body language too. When a girl won’t look at you, or keeps looking away, she’s not interested. At least that’s what I’ve found. It’s like when you hold a piece of candy up to a gorgo-blob fat chick. . .She’ll keep staring at it. Same way with dating. If they watch you while you’re talking you’re already halfway there.

  25. Good advice except for the “sexual thoughts” part. Be careful, our minds are flexible and potent. I would NOT thing sexual thoughts unless there is a person you really find attractive AND charming. There is energy exchange through the eyes, believe it or not. Also i would not look people in the eyes who are obviously mentally deranged. Same reasons…

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