5 Quick Fixes For Your General Social Anxiety

I’m a firm believer that social anxiety is really a manifestation of an underlying cause, or a series of underlying causes. Social anxiety, in my opinion, is so common nowadays due to multiple dysfunctional aspects of our culture:

  • Men have no strong male role models
  • Male-female dynamics are blurry at best
  • Men are trained to be ashamed of their gender
  • Cultural nihilism and a complete lack of genuineness is now the norm

Despite the fact that the causes for social anxiety run so deep in our culture, I still believe that any man can overcome it. This article is not meant to be a “cure all,” or some sort of panacea for the most depressed of men—fixing these deeply seeded issues will take more than a quick fix.

“Magic pill” solutions, however, are very useful, because they get the ball rolling. Having a few quick fixes for social anxiety up your sleeve can boost your confidence and give you the small amount of momentum that will eventually lead to greater changes. So, with this in mind, here are some of my favorite quick fixes for social anxiety…

1. Meditate

Bitches love the Dalai Lama's presence

Bitches love the Dalai Lama’s presence

A large amount of social anxiety is due to overthinking things. In fact, I’d say that simply overthinking things is the biggest factor causing you social anxiety right now. If you think about it (haha, not funny), usually you have the following thoughts in a social interaction:

  • “Am I saying the right things?”
  • “Am I acting weird? How do I stop being so creepy?”
  • “Should I do this? Should I do that?”
  • Etc.

If you’re astute, you’ll notice that the root cause here is your thoughts. How many times have you tried to approach a gorgeous woman, but then at the last minute veered away, because you had self-doubt? Learning to overcome approach anxiety, is in large part, simply learning to stop over-thinking things.

I can think of no better way to stop thought than meditation. I realize that I talk about meditation a lot, and at this point I may just be beating a dead horse, but meditation is by far one of the best habits that any man can have.

Meditation, is not, some weird spiritual practice that only Buddhist monks do—in fact, some of the most successful people in the world meditate on a daily basis. Why? Because it trains you to detach yourself from thought. When a thought pops into your head, rather than attaching to it and getting all worked up about it, you simply train yourself to ignore it.

When you’re at the club, rather than thinking: “Oh god, what if that guy tries to AMOG me?!” you won’t even think at all. You’ll just be completely present, in the moment, and focused on taking his girls.

2. Change Your Underlying Beliefs

Go from "something's wrong" to "everything's alright"

Go from “something’s wrong” to “everything’s alright”

A lot of self-development stuff out there is extremely surface level. What I mean by this, is they teach you to fix the surface level issues, rather than the actual cause of the problems. With this in mind, one of the root problems of social anxiety is the belief that something is wrong.

I see this in guys that have social anxiety very frequently; they always feel like they have to be DOING something. There’s something wrong with the situation, or with them, and they have to say something to break the tension. They can’t just relax and enjoy the interaction.

This stems from the fundamental belief that something is wrong, when in fact, nothing is wrong! More often than not, when you think that something is wrong, you’re really just tripping yourself up. As an experiment, I want you to try something out the next time you go clubbing.

The next time you’re at a bar, a club, or just interacting with friends, take note of how you feel. Do you feel an underlying sense of anxiety or worry? Again, the underlying belief that’s causing this is that “something is wrong here.” Half of the time, simply acknowledging and understanding the cause of your social anxiety can in fact, cure it.

When I first discovered this in myself, I was shocked at how often I felt like something was wrong—even when I was lying in bed next to a girl, I felt like something was wrong. I had to say something, because I was anxious and worried; I didn’t know why, but I just felt that something was wrong.

Learning to recognize this annoying little trait in yourself will begin the process of you distancing yourself from it, and recognizing how stupid it is.

3. Use The “Genuine Opener”

Broken man game at its finest

Broken man game at its finest

There’s a concept known as congruence in game, and despite its importance, I only think I’ve talked about it once or twice. Congruence is basically being aligned in your thoughts, words, and actions. It’s simply being who you are.

Despite its seeming simplicity, congruence is actually one of the most difficult parts of game to master. In addition to this, it’s also one of the most important components of verbal game, and without it, girls will chew you up and spit you out. Girls want to know that you’re okay with yourself, and congruence is how you convey this.

This is the biggest thing for chicks; they want to know who you are, and anytime they sense that you’re changing your personality for THEM or for another person, they’ll secretly resent you for it. “But Jon, what if you’re a depressed loner?” I can hear someone ask.

That’s fine, and in fact, it’s often times even better. Whenever I go to the club and I’m in a bad mood, I always use what I call the “genuine opener,” or the “congruence opener.” This is basically just being COMPLETELY congruent with what you’re feeling. If you’re depressed, then just be depressed.

Women would far rather be with a man who’s genuinely depressed, angry, bitter, or jealous, than a man who fakes happiness. Women respect a man who has the balls to put his emotions out there, rather than constantly wearing a mask, because he’s too afraid to be himself.

Here’s an example of me using the genuine opener a while ago. I was feeling depressed for some reason, so I just expressed how I felt:

  • Jon: “Hey.” [Intense eye contact, slight frown, *sigh*]
  • Girl: “Hey…” [twirling her hair] “Are you alright?”
  • Jon: “No. I fucking hate my life.” [Intense eye contact, sad expression]
  • Girl: “I’m so sorry! Can I give you a hug?”
  • Jon: “Yeah, sure.” [Completely indifferent]
  • Girl: [Gives me a hug] “Why are you so depressed?”
  • Jon: “Honestly, I don’t want to bring your mood down, just forget about it. What’s your name?”

And like that, I was in. Often times if I’m experiencing a lot of social anxiety, I’ll use the genuine opener as a way to segue into gaming the girl—use it to get some social acceptance (because who would flat out reject someone so puppy-dog comical depressed), and then work your way up from there.

4. Utilize Semen Retention

Or, in layman’s terms, do no fap. As ridiculous and over the top this may sound, doing no fap has literally been life-changing for me. Others before me, such as Napoleon Hill, have noted that very successful men often have high sex drives; this is not coincidence.

There’s something in psychology known as transmutation. This is the process of turning sex drive into other, more practical emotions, such as ambition, confidence, motivation, assertiveness, and “masculine drive.”

So basically, when you stop jerking off and looking at porn, you’ll have all of this pent up sexual energy that your subconscious mind will use to turn you into a badass. I realize that this may sound ridiculous, but here are some of the things I noticed after around a week of utilizing semen retention:

  • Less social anxiety
  • More confidence
  • Deeper, more relaxed voice
  • More assertiveness
  • My game “magically” increased (this is what testosterone does)
  • And more

Doing no fap, is in my opinion, the most effective way to permanently overcome social anxiety. I mean think about it: every time you masturbate and look at porn, you’re literally flooding your brain with an unnatural level of dopamine and re-wiring it to favor instant gratification over long-term rewards and pleasure. How do you expect to have the courage and will power to learn game if you’re a weak little drug addict?

I could write an entire article on the benefits of no fap, and I will in the future, because it is literally so incredibly life-changing that I believe if every single man in America did it, we could bring back the Patriarchy. In fact, no fap has been so utterly transformational for me that I even made it one of my “7 Strategies to Develop Your Masculinity.”

I highly urge you men struggling with social anxiety to stop masturbating and viewing porn altogether. There’s a reason why Reddit’s no fap community is literally over 200,000 men. The stuff works, try it. You won’t be disappointed.

5. Use Game-Enhancing Drugs

The beloved plant of ROK

The beloved plant of ROK

Ah, yes—we can’t have a post on social anxiety without mentioning good old kratom, can we? Most of the men of ROK are already familiar with kratom, however, so I’d like to focus on some other game-enhancing substances. But first, I’d like to explain the underlying philosophy behind using them.

Recognize that game-enhancing drugs are a very powerful quick fix, but you don’t want to use them as a crutch. Rather, you should use them to get over the initial period of approach anxiety that a newbie encounters when he commits himself to improving his game.

Don’t ever use kratom (or any of the other game-enhancing substances I’m going to mention) as a crutch. This won’t fix the underlying problem, but will only mask it. With that being said, don’t be afraid to use them as a way to get over the initial hitch.

Aside from kratom, I’ve personally found phenibut to be PHENOMENALLY powerful—when I’m on phenibut I find myself opening women with literally no approach anxiety. I don’t even have to warm up, either; I just find myself permanently in the zone.

In addition to phenibut and kratom, I’ve found GABA and Kava to be helpful. For GABA I take 500-1000mg about an hour before going out, and for Kava I prefer two teabags of Kava tea. I would be careful with these two, however. Depending on your brain-chemistry, I’ve found that 50% of people have phenomenal results with GABA and Kava, while 50% find it makes them more anxious.

Ultimately, you’ll just have to experiment for yourself. Phenibut is the safest place to start, because 99.5% of people have very good results from it. Remember though, use it as a tool; ultimately you’ll have to develop the emotional and social tools necessary to feel at ease in a social situation, and this can only be done through repetition.

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  1. JA always like your articles and this one is a return to the type I like best but Broken Man Game / Cobain Game really is just insidious and horrible. I’d say better chin beard virgin than that.

    1. I don’t think the dialogue in the article would necessarily work often, but what I took away from it was “honest man game” hence the Costanza clip I posted above. Just remove your filters and stop any sort of façade and just be brutally honest.

      1. I am attest to this. Hi I’m joe-wanna take this back to my cousin’s couch?? Works most of the time

  2. Don’t ever use kratom (or any of the other game-enhancing substances I’m going to mention) as a crutch.

    Generally decent advice, although I’m not a big fan of “just be yourself”. Especially if you’re being a Dan Downer. No faster way to chase people away from you. A man projects, for lack of a better word, an aura around him based on his mood. Going to a club depressed because your brother died (or whatever) is a bad idea, if you’re depressed, then stay home and remain “congruent”.
    Besides, it’s not that hard to get happy even when you’re feeling depressed. It’s the fucking happy kingdom out here, there’s something, somewhere, that amuses you and causes you to crack a smile, even at a funeral. Find that, and start bucking up.
    I have never, ever seen a Dan Downer get anything out and about outside of some feigned pity and then the girl’s eyes scanning the room looking for somebody who is more fun and cheerful.

    1. Kratom is like having rocket crutches.
      Dan Depressed will score on the high school chick with green hair and a little chub who might be cute if she puts some effort into it. That girl will do one of two things. Either graduate high school, go to college and do the full Tai from clueless make over and then ignore Dan Depressed forever (she only comes to her “senses” and realizes she loves him in movies…in reality she just levels up and never looks back” OR she marries dan depressed and goes from being on the chubby borderline to a land whale, knocking out some kids and screaming at Dan Depressed to pick her up some bounty for her fat bleeding gash because tampons are too small and keep getting lost until he has his first true moment of happiness which occurs exactly 1/8th of a second before he dies knowing it is all over.

      1. I really don’t even pretend that < 6.5 even exist in regards to pickup, so that is what my advice was based on.
        But yeah, sure, if a guy wants the green haired chub….um….Cobain it up I suppose.

        1. agreed. I am going on observed phenomena that I have witnessed since the early 90’s. People talk about how bad politicians have been for the world. I really think that the grunge scene and Cobain in specific have caused just as much, if not more harm to the world than technology, politicians and the commies combined.
          We could make great use of technology, (as we spoke of yesterday) a two party system with people who have similar values does in fact work regardless of whether one party is consistently wrong so long as it comes from genuinely optimistic and good natured attempts to solve problems that both sides agree exist and need solving, and the commies can only get a foothold into a society that isn’t upbeat and optimistic ….. American optimism, even more than American military, defeated the soviet union……but in ingrown sense of misery and defeatism and meaninglessness that came from the cultural movement of which Cobain was the vanguard has truly been what kicked us in the balls.

        2. The “kids” who live today have no idea how generally happy this nation used to be. They’ve grown up their entire lives in Cynical Depressed Ironic world, which is really, really sad. People used to be so freaking optimistic and “can do!” that it seems like an alien world compared to what exists today.
          So yeah, agree on Cobain.

        3. I never liked grunge. For one, I’m a redneck, we wore flannel long before it was cool. Second, we were into punk. Punk was all about DIY, building a scene, and in our minds making a positive change. Minor Threat was a PMA revolution. Nirvana was a crappy depressed high school art project.

        4. I was always not sure about his “music”. I mean I guess I maybe liked Smells Like Teen Spirit a little, but only if it was one song in a large mix of other artists, but when I tried to sit down and listen to his LP’s they were majorly fucking awful. The funny thing was watching other people listen to the non-music “music” that never showed up on the radio and watch them force out “so artistic” to what was basically bashing guitars against stuffed trout. I used to laugh at them openly sometimes. Heh.

        5. Totally. Compared to other “grunge” bands like the Melvins or even Soundgarden, Nirvana couldn’t hold a candle. At least punk bands knew they sucked and embraced it. It was more about comradery than art.

        6. I feel the same. I loved MInor Threat and before them I loved the Business and before that the Sex Pistols and Ramones, Dead Kennedy’s. I also really liked the intersection between new wave/rock/punk where the lines blurred. I was one of those dopey 20 year olds in a black suit, white shirt, black skinny tie and hair slicked back at CBGC in a mosh pit. lol. Those were the days.

        7. and now I am blasting never mind the bollocks in the office. No Feelings baby!!!!

        8. hard to tell with Sex Pistols. I would say just for shock. But it could go anywhere.

        9. Finding the Descendants blew my mind. Unabashed nerds totally slaying and not giving a fuck. Heroes to dorks like me.

        10. gotta call bs on sound garden, but yeah the Melvins and Sonic Youth Mother Love Bone were all a lot better artists. Punk was the real deal. A lot of the guys who played punk were actually talented.

        11. loved the Descendants back then. I went to a bunch of Social Distortion shows as well…..and Reverend Horton Hear and other rockabilly jams.

        12. Haha, you get surprisingly good when you play in your room for hours at a time because no girls will talk to you.

        13. Ian McKaye should be the goddamn businessman we elect as president. A career in music never charging more than $10 for a show. That’s just cool.

        14. I met him. Not like buddy buddy but outside a show back in the 90’s. He would get off stage in between sets, walk to the bar and smoke a cig and just hang out with everyone…this was at the height of his fame.

        15. familiar? not really but I know who they are. I went through an Oi phase back in the day

        16. You spoiled New York City boys with your CBGBs and NYHC and girls. We thought life was good when twice a year there was a show an hour away at Penn State. There may have been all of five women there.

        17. I went through a regrettable psychobilly phase. Then like a year later, bowling shirts were in every mall in America.

        18. Hold the damn phone. Are you telling me you witnessed the king of straight edge smoke a cigarette?

        19. I went to a show where Tom Petty played for $10. He even had a good opener I would have paid to see. He didn’t even have a corporate sponsor. Just said this tour is brought to you by me. It was a blast.

        20. yeah we had all the nyhc chicks at CBs and Bond Street and the Continental, Joes Pub and all those cool places. I bounced between those joints and the more new wavey places like Tunnel, Palladium, Lime Light, Studio 54 (though this was mostly done by my day) and Webster hall. I had it pretty lucky. I used to go into Spiral Bar on Houston or Lucky Strike on West Broadway around 9, order a drink and meet some girls and then go to a club. No plans, just knew that if I showed up I would find some girls pregamming for a club. At the end of the night we would hit Mars on 1st and 1st for a few whiskies. It was a great time.

        21. not sure if he smoked or not. It was a long time ago and everyone was smoking in doors but he was at the bar

        22. Compare that to me and four other dudes drinking PBR we stole from our dads in the forest around a fire. Ahhh, the great diversity of the USA.

        23. He is one of the few that stuck to low ticket prices for his entire career. I believe he also held back the masters from a record company that was planning on hiking up the price of records using his new release. Cool dude.

        24. Don’t forget about Black Flag and Henry Rollins. I directly credit him with getting me into exercise/lifting. I still read his essay The Iron every now and then for inspiration. A few years ago I found a folder of all my high school writings and in 8th grade I wrote about him as somebody I admire.

        25. Black Flag was great and great lifting music. I still listen to the Misfits when I lift. I am told that Rollins has gone sjw wuss and I find it hard to believe but don’t know for myself. For my part I loved him back in the day.

        26. Yup. Even the pop punk of the 90’s about disenfranchised boredom had balls.
          And don’t get me started on riot grrls and women coming to punk and basically destroying it.

        27. Women really started screeching and destroying most good music around the mid 1990’s. Some of it was decent, but most of the music sucked hind tit and wiped out guys even bothering to try to get into rock. Who wants to play lead guitar for some whining bitch screaming about her period?

        28. From why I’ve seen he’s middle of the road. He’s got some pretty liberal views (the usual social stuff) but there is also a great video of him ripping hipsters a new one.
          I can’t lift without some angry dude yelling over loud guitars.

        29. I’m openly pretty sexist when it comes to music. I like a few female artists w smooth voices (Neko Case, Dolly, etc), but for rock and roll I want a gravely throated dude singing about women and whiskey.

        30. I’m O.K. with Joan Jett and Blondie, sometimes, but only a song or two. Most of the time I’m in the same boat as you.

        31. That would have been epic to see. He’s one of the few old timey artists that I’ve regretted never having seen live in concert.

        32. I forgot the bands name but they are from russia and all I see is them getting the shit kicked out em by russian cops for protesting something stupid. Makes me chuckle everytime

        33. Saw his spoken word not too long ago and can confirm he is SJW. It sucks to because between Early flag and rollins band I was a fan

        34. yeah. I mean I don’t really care about his beliefs, early flag and rollins were and still are great especially in the gym. I guess sometimes it just goes that way.

        35. I’ve got to dig my old cassettes up or simply take the time to download to my mp3. Have listened to any punk classics since the mid 90’s. DK’s Holiday in Combodia was always a fav.

        36. I mean… I loved Mother Love Bone and all, but there was absolutely nothing punk about them. They were cock rock with a dark edge.

        37. Yeah, I really couldn’t embrace anything they put out after “Louder Than Love” album wise. They had a good song here and there of course. Cornell is obviously a powerhouse vocalist but his showing off his vocal range with the screaming gets tired pretty quickly for me. We get it Chris, you can scream really well!

        38. I see the slack-jawed, edgy ironic types almost every day in class. The ones who made saying “Really?” a thing a couple years back. whose greatest aspirations in life are to out-victimize and have more learning disabilities and psychological “issues” like anxiety than their peers. You just want to shake them and say, “believe in something!”

        39. That’s why we have millenial libs saying stuff like “America never was great” they have no frame of reference. They don’t remember going to the moon, defeating communism, the economic growth in the 1990s.
          They only experienced, endless wars in the middle east, terror attacks, and staggering national debt, flat job market, college tuition increases, etc.

    2. ARG! You know what happens when I get on a fucking Cobain kick. Christ I hate that mopey motherfucker If I could bear to be in Seattle without spontaneously combusting like the drummer from spinal tap I would go there, dig that fucking faggots grave up and kick the crap out of his bones.

      1. Wherever he’s at, I’ll bet he’s wishing he could come back to life just so he could kill himself again after learning of your opinion of him.

    3. I’m not sure about anything right now, still processing “semen retention” …
      “WTF is this white sticky stuff that just erupted from your boxers?”
      “Oh shit! My semen plug just broke!”
      “What does that mean?”
      “Stay away from it or you could have a baby!”
      “Should I call the hospital?”
      “No just lap it up! Hurry, I think its about to come again!”

  3. “no fap” – implying sex is okay?
    “Semen retention” implies it’s not.
    So which is it? Because in context of game, retention seems contradictory.
    And don’t give me the line about sex being different from fapping because it’s less frequent – that would just imply that fapping every once in a while is fine.

    1. Don’t have sex either, that way your ability to attract women will be amazing! uh…

      1. Yes, I know. My question is whether that is the necessity for the increase in test and energy.

    2. I think no fap/no porn is a great suggestion, but as you point out, no sex is an *awful* idea. No fap/no porn and your brain stops being rewired to be some over stimulated zombie.

      1. But what happens if you don’t have sex either?
        Specifically, if you’re still unable to get any.

      2. I think the porn is what gets people fucked up. Jerking off to a memory of you fucking some girl is way different than watching 10 guys piss and shit on a Japanese girl with tentacles coming out of her twat.
        A wank here and there wont hurt, but the porn is toxic. I think its part of the reason this cuckold shit is so popular. We have a generation of guys who grew up jerking off to another guy fucking a girl he thought was hot.

        1. I think its part of the reason this cuckold shit is so popular. We have a generation of guys who grew up jerking off to another guy fucking a girl he thought was hot.

          You know, that’s a pretty interesting hypothesis.

        2. So. What qualifies as porn?
          Litterature/erotica? Classical paintings depicting nude women, Picasso nudes, copulating cave-paintings? The memory of porn? Fantasized shitting dick-nipples?
          And that’s just the medium, there’s also the question of subject, like furries, of varying level of furry. Or feet. Bared ankles. Or tiles.

        3. Playing around the fringes for definitions is one thing, but I think we all know that when you hit Pornhub and watch a video of two guys pounding a woman anally, that this is porn.

      3. I am with @swami_salami:disqus here. I don’t think there is anything wrong with cleaning the pipes but I do think porno is fucking poison.

      4. Yeah, exactly. And then there’s the fact that most people who fap/porn, do it every day probably multiple times a day if possible. It becomes a replacement for actual contact with a living woman. It becomes a cop out. On top of that, if you’re not trying to attract actual women, why would you bother engaging in other productive activities that would increase your likeliness of attracting said women? It’s a domino effect of sorts.

  4. Quit picking on Kurt Cobain. Yeah he was a fucked up guy, as many artists/musicians are, but you don’t have to like him personally to appreciate his music. He was actually a funny guy not this depressed death-rocker, Krist and Dave have said so many times that he has been falsely portrayed by the media. His biggest mistake was marrying that psycho hosebeast, otherwise he might not be dead now. Even if you dont like NIRVANA theres no denying their musical significance and cultural magnitude. If you think NIRVANA sucks and Kurt was a crybaby bitch, at the very least you can thank St. Cobain and the momentum he created for preventing rap from taking over way sooner than it did.

    1. His music was utter shit and he wasn’t “a fucked up guy” he was an unrepentant pussy who popularized the idea that it is ok for boys to grow up and be total faggots

        1. I get the fascination. He told a bunch of pussies that not only was it ok to be a pussy but that being a pussy was totally awesome…..and so all the pussies loved him and all the people who were on the border of being a pussy just sunk down and within a few years most of the people who weren’t pussies adopted at least some pussy traits in order to get the alternachicks who spent a few years going after pussies.

        2. best things to come out of that seattle scene were cornell, staley, and lanegan, not necessarily in that order.

      1. I was a kid in the 90s and didn’t discover Nirvana until I was in 8th grade in 98. Before that, I had no idea what I liked. My friends listened to late 90s pop.
        Before nirvana, I listened to N’sync, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys etc. because that’s what everyone liked. I had no music identity.
        One day I was driving home when smells like teen spirit came on the Radio and completely blew my fucking mind. Compared to Backstreet Boys and aqua and Christina Aguilera that song was so raw and angry.
        From then on I knew that pop was not for me. I’m not saying nirvana was the best ever, but it was my catalyst to pick up and learn guitar. First song I learned was smells like teen spirit. 4 power chords. Simple, girls loved it.
        I like nirvana, not all their stuff, but a lot of their music. Nirvana led me to like heavier music. I then found the offspring and pennywise.
        Punk rock was my shit. All I did was listen to punk rock in high school. Everything from blink 182 to sum 41 to pennywise, to the deviates, to Thrice to Strike anywhere to Rise against.
        Now, I listen to everything that appeals to me. Hell, I even have a jazz pandora station I put on when it rains or I’m driving at night.
        Still hate pop, can’t stand country but some songs are great. Hate ragae with a passion. But give me metal, hard core punk rock, even some screamo shit. Heavy chunky guitar riffs with palm muting and alternative picking patterns any day.
        So I see where you shit on Nirvana because you’re older and had something to compare them to, but as a 14 year old in 98 with nothing to compare them to, nirvana totally changed my world and brought me to love music in a new way. If it weren’t for that song.. I might have found my love for punk rock eventually or… I could still be one of those fags that listens to Ariana grande, Justin brieber, Beyoncé and whatever the fuck these sheep listen to on the radio.
        Their soft, un offensive, soft shitty pop.
        Nirvana was my gateway drug to music.
        Nirvana saved my life.

        1. I am totally get that. I still think the mood that Nirvana left the world in is dangerous but as a gateway to better music I can see it.
          Funny thing, as I get older I have come to appreciate pop more and more. Stuff like the Kingsman and the Monkeys from back then but even pop like Hanson from the 90’s.
          As for beiber I usually cut him a break. Believe it or not, despite the stuff he does to get stupid rich he is actually an incredibly talented musician. I mean, if he turned down the money and went his own way he could have grown into the next Zappa. But I don’t blame him for being a pop tart or for letting money go to his head. If I could sell any talent of mine I would in a heart beat and if I was rich and had every teenage girl in the country wanting to suck my cock I would be a much, much bigger asshole than him

        2. I’m all for being a rich asshole whom at a whim can get his dick sucked by every girl in a 20 mile radius.
          Pop is fine for those that are it’s primary demographic.
          All I’m saying is that I am happy I go to shows where people wear a lot of black and start circle pits rather than being in a stadium full of screaming women and their gay best friends who have to listen someone lip sync to songs while wearing that massive head gear from those 1800 dentist commercials back in the day.

    2. Feminists killed Kurt Cobain
      Who’d rather die than bear that blame
      That curse he carried from the womb
      Still with him laid out in the tomb
      He screamed onstage & pierced his flesh
      Put on make-up, wore a dress
      Numbed the pain when he could score
      Then shot his face across the floor

        1. My guess is, his hosebag wife. That’s where my money is.

        2. I always found it Ironic that Hemingway died blowing an Abercrombie and Fitch shot gun. Can you imagine if Hemmingway came back to life and saw who was wearing Abercrombie and Fitch stuff? He would shoot himself in the head. Oh, wait…funny thing there.

    3. The problem is that he was the spearhead of a cultural and musical movement that sucked the life out of the entire nation. The reason you live today in Cynical, Ironic, Sneering, Depressed Hipster world lay directly at his feet.

      1. Yeah I get it, however the slacker poseurs who idolize him for the wrong reasons, reasons more created by the media than Cobain, are absolutely nothing like him. As a musician he was alpha as fuck, at least until his kamikazie daredevil streak lured him to the worst possible woman who preyed on his personal weaknesses and the two of them caused a feedback loop of reckless self-destruction which resulted in his doom, one way or another. In 1991 NIRVANA was absolutely seething and KC was an incredibly vibrant young man, but almost immediately after consummating with Courtney he rapidly went downhill and fucked off for most of 1992 being a junkhead and he never recaptured the same energy.
        I was a 90s teen. I never liked most NIRVANA fans, they were all a bunch of slacker/goth/stoner/freaks. I didnt appreciate NIRVANA until I was about 16 and I could not resist the adrenaline rush of their music. I was a hard working, smart, talented kid, class clown and teacher’s pet, show-off, competitive, funny, loved by the ladies, and I absolutely deplored the stereotypical NIRVANA fan, and had nothing in common with most of them. I just love the music. And there is much more to NIRVANA than Smells Like Teen Spirit and the image of Cobain on MTV Unplugged that is the limit of most haters’ knowledge of NIRVANA. Of course though, people who hate the music they do know aren’t going to go listen to the rest of the band’s catalogue.
        The cultural decline you speak of IMO came after Cobain’s immediate influence had worn off, I’d say around 1997 music went to shit. When KC died all his musical peers doubled down for a couple years and put forth their best efforts and there was this huge bloom of innovative music which I call “alternative”, immediately following “grunge”. When that wore off, rap started taking over, and ugly, shitty, crappy rock music at the same time, as well as a resurgence in mindless corporate pop, and a generalized erosion of culture went along with it. So to that end, as a 90s teen, my perspective was once Cobain’s influence had worn off, THEN music and culture went to shit.
        Further, any of you who deplore KC for blowing his head off and turning an entire generation of teenagers into depressed slacker mofos, I invite you to watch the movie Soaked In Bleach. I was on the fence 50/50 about whether he committed suicide or whether it was conspiracy/murder, but after having watched that I feel strongly that he was dealt one of the greatest injustices of the 20th century, and that all the negativity surrounding him and his demise is in fact, not his fault. He was a career stepping stone and sperm donor for a wretched rotten careerist cunt and when he was about to bail she had him assassinated.

        1. Ooooh, no way dude, the whole depressed grunge thing was in full swing around 1993 or so, when everybody was getting all stoned and stupid to Alice in Chains “Dirt”. I was in my 20’s at the time so I probably got out to more places than you did at the time. People went from optimistic happy face all the time to standing around emoting how life sucked. The transformation was shocking I felt at the time.

        2. Haha I fucking love Dirt. I think those years were far less worse than what followed, when creativity and innovation were replaced with ugliness and thugliness. Around 97-98 the bottom fell out of what I see as a creative time in music and then everything started to suck musically and culturally. I never bought into the depressed slacker BS, I shunned and rejected those people. I just loved the hell out of 90s rock and I feel super lucky to have came of age at a time when music in general was so good, it was an exciting time to be a teen, swept up in a scene with so much good shit to choose from that I could call my own. The classes of kids after me all envy not growing up with such a good soundtrack to their youth.
          When music went to shit in the late 90s, I got back into the music I was raised on, oldies, classic rock, prog, 80s, etc, and learned to re-appreciate that music as a young adult.

        3. Yeah, I do believe, with respect, that you are suffering from what all people do….the sheer amount of dopamine you produced when you were 16 years old made anything you listened to seem like the best. As you get older and dopamine production dies off the memories of what you liked at 16 seem better than anything else. This is why every generation always, without fail, thinks theirs was the last generation that produced good music. To step back and take an objective view point on all this and see things more clearly is very hard…I mean Buddhist meditation hard. I am not even sure it is worth it either….but if it is interesting to you it is one of those times when you simply need to forget what you know and look out into the world and relearn everything.

        4. Yeah I’m aware of that potential bias, however like I was saying to GoJ below, there was a sudden marked change in music in the late 90s and I hated it. And I have heard from many kids younger than me how most of them think the 00 years were fucking junk and they wish they would have came of age in the 90s, and they listen to 90s over “their” music. I don’t think the 90s are the best shit ever, I would give that distinction to the creative peak of the mid-60s to early 70s. And I love me some metal and new wave and 80s pop, but I’m very satisfied and thankful for the scene I came of age in.

        5. I know what you mean but that is EXACTLY how I felt in the early 90’s. When Kurt Cobain did teen spirt on SNL I was like “dafuq is becoming of modern music this is bullshit”
          There were some talented groups in the 90’s for sure. Squirrel Nut Zippers, Fishbone, hell even pearl jam. But I have to think that Nirvana’s “greatness” is purely nostalgia. Even if you take away the fact that they epitomize an attitude that did more of a disservice to this nation and the world in 5 years than communism was able to do in 5 decades, they simply were not very good musically, lyrically or vocally. The captured a certain feeling that was in the air at the time, that is true, and because of that the people who were part of that generation, you included, will remember them as being great.

        6. My thing is, that I wasn’t particularly fond of music in the 1980’s. Sure, a couple of songs here or there, maybe some AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses on occasion, but most of it was bubble gum nonsense. I only made it through the 1980’s with my stacks of Led Zepplin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Yes, Genesis, Rush and Pink Floyd albums, and of course, Doctor Demento.

        7. See I liked Rush and some Pink Floyed. I didn’t like skynyrd and I just didn’t like zepplin (though I understood they were talented). You know I loved Genesis and Huey. And I fucking loved Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston and Talking Heads and all that other stuff you probably hated lol. Much of it was good (young whitney is objectively one of the best singers who ever lived and Michael Jackson was so good I can look past the whole kid touching thing) and some of it was bad but I liked it as a product of my generation.
          I never liked AC/DC. I think it was the little shoes that bugged me.

    4. Nirvana was all the worst parts of hardcore punk rolled into one. If you think his music was groundbreaking you should listen to similar lesser known bands around his time and before

  5. Kratom and Phenibut seem to work for me better than liquid courage.
    But when it comes to a supplement to treat generalized social anxiety, nothing beats L-Theanine for me. It’s a protein whose natural properties in the body reduce anxiety and stress.
    And we missed a great fix – go out right after heavy lifts. You won’t give enough of a fuck to be anxious when your brain is basking in that blissful high that only comes from intense exercise.

    1. Explain? Learning how to not be so socially anxious in order to approach women is a skill some men need to learn. Think of the shy beta who is a wallflower because he’s scared to death to talk to women.
      There’s nothing wrong with pursuing women and teaching men who have no father figure and experience to go by, how to approach and interact with women. Getting laid does not make on a “pussy slave”.

      1. A man should live for himself first, and women will follow. The traditionalist philosophy is putting the onus on men while not considering women need men more than men need women. This culture brainwashed us into thinking the reverse is true, and that’s where most problems come from.
        And so men jump through hoops, totally watch their language, get themselves medicated, etc. just to trip some woman’s hypergamy wires. None of these are necessary. The natural order of things is men lead, women follow. That’s pretty much what everything comes down to. All else is waste of time.

        1. Living for yourself has no relevance to the discussion here. It’s about approach anxiety. A guy who lives for himself, but folds up like a cheap deck chair when a woman “follows” will have the same exact issue as a guy who folds when he approaches a girl. And in what freaking world is it somehow weird to approach a hot chick? Or even more generically, a guy who is socially shy will be socially shy around basically anybody, not just women. Teaching men to get out of that funk is not a bad thing. Whether you find the advice the author gives relevant or not of course can be a matter for debate, but sneering at helping men overcome social anxiety just because it means that they may, oh my God, learn to walk up and talk comfortably to a girl or even a group of mixed company, is not “pussy slave”.

          And so men jump through hoops, totally watch their language, get themselves medicated, etc. just to trip some woman’s hypergamy wires. None of these are necessary. The natural order of things is men lead, women follow. That’s pretty much what everything comes down to. All else is waste of time.

          So what do you do, wait for one to walk by, then you unzip your pants and tell her to drop to her knees and suck you off? Is that it? Or do you have to keep a sharp rapier on hand to fend off women who are lunging towards you as you walk through a bar?
          Your advice will get men like we have today, who are alpha in business (the infamous CEO) but who are total cucks who bow before their women. The world doesn’t need any more Zuckerbergs or Bill Gates.

        2. “So what do you do, wait for one to walk by, then you unzip your pants and tell her to drop to her knees and suck you off?”
          This was my strategy for a long time. Problem is that it worked too well. Girls kept running up to suck me off in pairs and bumping their heads together rendering both of them unconscious. So I would stand there waiting but pair after pair the bodies would pile up. So now I use the same method but wear a Richard Nixon mask. Without my handsome face to correspond with the mighty genitals I am no longer getting two at a time rushing over and knocking each other out while trying to fellate me…it is only one at a time.

        3. That post could only be improved by noting that when their heads clonked, that it sounds like two coconuts bonking each other, Three Stooges style.

        4. It’s about approach anxiety
          Why is that? Because they think they’re not worth it, and in most cases they’re not actually. This is a much deeper problem and it’s not treated with vitamins or learning a few lines.

        5. I would be that what you say is true for some percentage of people…maybe even half. But there are also people who are truly excellent people who freeze when they talk to girls. People have different anxieties. I have always been a natural public speaker and comfortable talking to women, but I have other things that despite being fully equipped to do I simply can’t. I have OCD in spades and the idea of having a fork in my sink when I leave my house will incapacitate me all freaking day.
          I have known many people in my life that were handsome, successful, smart, funny…..and a lot of the genuinely good guys….who would be the life of the party when the guys went out and then basically turn into a drooling moron the second a woman would come over and say hello. One I am thinking of in particular we used to tell “just fucking sit there and don’t say anything we will say that you have PTSD and don’t speak anymore” (he was a marine).
          An article like this will seem absurd to people who have a natural ability around women. I am with you 100% work on yourself and let the treasures follow because I have always been comfortable with this. But there are people who legitimately have social anxiety, often focused around talking to women, who have a hard time over coming it and articles like this are good for them. Further, it fits right in with your suggestion as overcoming that social anxiety is, in fact, just another club of self improvement you add to your bag.

        6. Or maybe they’re just socially awkward. Most guys are like that actually, at least at first. This isn’t an article for a 40+ year old upper management top tier executives, it’s for young guys, I’m assuming high school through college age ranges.
          Again, debating the merits of his advice if perfectly fine. Saying that getting over social anxiety means “pussy slavery” is, frankly, ignorant. Learning social skills is invaluable across many fields in life, outside of “OMG, he talked to a girl first! pussy slave!”

          Why is that? Because they think they’re not worth it, and in most cases they’re not actually.

          As to “deeper problem”, how would you know? You do understand that you just said that the vast majority of young men are worth less than women. Good job indirectly pedastalizing broads there, hoss.

        7. Funny that you say that. When in competition with some other guy the best thing you can do is sit there and let him talk.

        8. This isn’t an article for a 40+ year old upper management top tier executives, it’s for young guys,
          Maybe that’s my problem being an old timer.
          No I didn’t mean they’re worth less than women. I meant they aim too high, and they know that. Would you be anxious talking to a 6 or a 7? Probably not.

        9. agreed 100%. I mean it. There is no truer statement. But how about when that guy talks himself into a loss and then you smile at the girl, have a panic attack, say something stupid, try to take it back and then trip over your own feet.
          Fuck, I have seen people just fuck things up. Not only that….sitting and letting someone else talk themselves into a knot is not something that people who lack social skills can usually do — especially if they are generally energetic go getters. They will keep trying. I’ve seen it it is terrible. I agree that chasing a skirt is a bad idea and then changing your very being just to placate her is even worse. However, there are really people out there who are scared to death to talk to women and it is important for those people, in their pursuit of a good life, to get over that fear.

        10. Maybe that’s my problem being an old timer.

          I had a feeling that you were older than the average man here. I resist the impulse to make the kinds of post you make all the time, for the same reason (I’m in my late 40’s).

          I meant they aim too high, and they know that. Would you be anxious talking to a 6 or a 7? Probably not.

          The only 6 or 7’s I talk to are barmaids to order drinks, or the help when I’m out on the town. Heh. But yes, they’re not even a challenge, in fact, they’re kinda boring.
          In all reality, I don’t believe in the concept of “aiming too high” or “out of my league”. It’s self defeating. You’ll miss some prime 8.5 to HB 10 tail by thinking that they’re out of your league (not you, you). Lots of HB 10’s are absolutely alone most of the time, in a romance sense, as they intimidate the living fuck out of even guys with pretty good game. I say fuck it and will treat her like a 6 and wouldn’t ya’ know it, it works. Heh.
          Or to put it more briefly, if a 20 year old Jennifer Aniston were to walk into the room, I’d be chatting her up and calling her “baby girl” within 60 seconds of her arrival. To hell with “leagues”.

        11. The more you want something the less you’re gonna get it. And it’s most true when it comes to women.
          I don’t know what to say about certain medical conditions. I am not a psychologist but just relax and try to enjoy your time wherever you are and let everything else slide. What if you’re going back home alone? Who cares?

        12. I liked her 20 year old form. If it doesn’t work for you, then Jessica Alba or the 19 year old Heidi Klum, or whoever makes your socks roll up and down heh.

        13. again, you and I are in agreement. Shit, I can’t remember the last time I went home alone without it being a conscious decision and at this point I go home alone more often than not simply because I am cutting back. But if you are not naturally a social person and you didn’t learn how to fake it before you were 18, it is something that you should work on…..my thoughts anyhoo

        14. you and Jennifer Anniston. I will never understand that obsession!

        15. Yep. Most of my son’s contemporaries think he’s got some kind of magical spell with women his age. He doesn’t, he just grew up not being afraid of them and learned how to be a social young man who knows his own value. You’ve seen his current cutey, and there’s more like her in his past, so I think he did pretty well. But his contemporaries? Christ almighty, they need some serious help.

        16. Well not the current one. The one at the very beginning first season of Friends though? Oh hell yeah.
          And I’ll not have any more lip from you, Mr. “I’d Fuck Chelsea Clinton”, heh.

        17. You can’t blame them. A lot of them just didn’t learn which is why articles like this one are good to be out there even if they may seem bush league or silly to us. I have what can be politely described as the gift of gab. Think John Goodman’s bible salesman character in O Brother Where Art Thou. I have been like this since I was old enough to talk. My mother tells me I used to talk to my teachers and the life guards at the beach when I was 8 or 9 as if I was just another adult trying to pick them up. Some people aren’t born that way but learn it either from their fathers or friends or just pick it up. But some don’t. That is why it is good that these articles exist.

        18. “they need some serious help”
          One of the problems I was alluding in our chat before is the fact that this is the first generation that was never told the world NO. They simply implode at the sound of it. Sad…

        19. I would fuck her because she is a freak show not because she is hot.
          I never got the Anniston thing.

        20. It’s not obsession, I just thought that the twenty something her was eminently fuckable.

        21. this reminded me, and GhostOfJefferson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ will absolutely love this too, I am pretty sure this is the funniest thing that has ever been on tv

        22. Agreed. That and they’ve been conditioned in school all of their life, as well as in the media, that they are inferiors to women, that they are useless, that they have to atone for the simple fact of being born with a penis, etc. It’s done some really bad damage. My boy (well, 20 year old man) grew up in a healthy two parent household with both love and rules and the word “no” when necessary.

        23. It is exactly what I was saying before. These kids are fighting the wrong battles. Game, memorized lines, etc. will never work in a gynocentric society. I really don’t remember needing any of these in my time.

        24. It’s not memorized lines, that kind of “Game” went away in the late 1990’s. Real game is little more than strategic self improvement these days, not just with social skills, but also across the other facets of a man’s life. If you read a lot of the non-PUA articles here you’ll find health and fitness articles, hobby articles (guns, surfing, whatever), articles on canonical Western literature or ancient heroes and why they stand out from other men, etc. The days of “Go up and tell her to buy you a drink first” are pretty much in the rear view mirror from what I can tell. Now it’s “How to improve every facet of your life”. Getting over social anxiety is one such area of improvement.
          We didn’t need a lot of this stuff in our time because, if you’re my age or older, there were actual decent women who wanted nothing more than to marry and settle down, or if you were just dating, they were not into putting out on the first, second, third or even seventh date, and never before a “commitment” (however stupid that was defined, like a class ring or whatever) and even then you probably weren’t getting past third base.

        25. figured, but I always like mentioning goodmans bible salesman character

        26. What this tells me is that you don’t talk when you eat.
          I really like that movie.

        27. I believe it to be the finest retelling of the odyssey since Homer his very self.

        28. watch him when he was Jerry in Riding in Cars with Comedians. He laughs but not as hard as this. Short was just the master.

        29. That’s hilarious, I’ve never seen that before now.

        30. yeah, ever since seeing this I am pretty sure that “I have aids” is the funniest line in the world.

        31. Chelsea Clinton. Jeezus. Just no. There are some jobs even the best of men MUST have the courage to say NO to :p

        32. Lol even better is act like your in awe of the guy and keep asking him questions so he keeps boasting how amazing he is. More often then not the idiot will start buying you and her drinks with his pimp ass fly credit card.

        33. I’m a little late to this conversation. I’m 27 and for vast majority of my life I had approach anxiety. It wasn’t until I was about 22 that things changed and I stopped caring. I dated a very pretty girl for about 3 years and we had sex on the regular for 2 of those 3 years. I approach girls every day and have no anxiety having conversations with them, but, and this is just anecdotally, I’ve noticed a recent trend at the school I go to that is troubling and might partially explain why young guys struggle so much.
          You said you didn’t need a lot of stuff in your time because women genuinely desired commitment. I’ve been at this school in Milwaukee for over a year and I can tell you of the girls I’ve approached, they’ve all been terrified of commitment (or they didn’t like me, but I’m in pretty good shape and have a solid sense of humor). I plan on asking this girl out, who in my opinion is a 7.5-8 who I think is nice and exhibits traditional characteristics. But it’s still in the back of my head that she’ll be hesitant to accept an invite out because of her ingrained fear or disinterest in commitment to authentic dating. Ive heard a lot of stories from people I know, as well as people I don’t know, who have had the same issues. The girls just want to fuck around or are just not interested in finding a good genuine high quality man to date.
          I think this is the reason guys are discouraged (at least on campus) to approach women, because the success rate is so low. It is fine to work on yourself and not care what women think, but when they still don’t date you when you have solid game (and I know the counter argument is going to be that perhaps the game isn’t that solid), it becomes tedious and a complete waste of time. So I’m curious what you think about that.
          Personally I’m not the type of guy who really cares about boosting notch counts. I desire to find a high quality woman to date who will be loyal and fun to be around. Unfortunately I have yet to find anyone who meets that criteria……

        34. You’re in the wrong environment on a college campus, at 27. The girls are all holding out for frat-daddies and athletes. I don’t know what you’re specific college is like, but college requires a ton of social circle game, and status.
          At most colleges, the only guys that are swimming in pussy are fratters and athletes, or those that are connected to local nightlife.

        35. That seems to be what it is out here. I basically call it the void lol. I have one semester left and then I’m getting the hell out of there. Taking time off dating and working on my life and where I’m going for the foreseeable future.

        36. low success rate really! I’m also realizing that almost every girl will only really pay any kind of attention to you if you are in her social circle. I think the reason dating/relationships is very hard for a lot of guys is the absence of an already existing social circle

        37. Yeah I agree with that and for most of us we just cant stomach having female friends due to the drama and petty bullshit that comes along with being friends with them. I think it also has a lot to do with people being indoctrinated to fear each other. im going to take one more attempt at asking a girl out from class. Found out she’s originally from Russia, so I’m hoping she hasn’t been too westernized at this point. I hope she appreciates the gesture of being asked out, exudes a lot of traditional values and wants a masculine man who has had red pill training for a little over a year now lol.

        38. I stumbled upon this comment and thought I would add that this is a good example of how a “sex therapist” or prostitute can provide significant value to young or inexperienced men. Until I got laid the first few times, I was an emotional wreck and women could “smell” it.

        39. girls have especially been indoctrinated to fear guys in the West. Sad state of affairs especially when you consider that college/college cities have massive amounts of eligible girls but 95%+ have been feminized. Dude I wish you the best with the Russian girl and hopefully she is a traditional girl and cherishes traditional values !

        40. Thanks, yeah it’s not going to be easy. She shouldn’t make it easy if she’s worth the time. But from my experience, women just make it impossible so they dont have to deal with settling down in their 20s.
          It is interesting about the social circle. I’ve made plenty of guy friends who are pretty cool and even that has led to nothing. I know a guy who was in the marines, pretty good looking dude and has a lot going for him career wise. Even he struggles to get girls to date him. Just seems like you have to be the perfect level of clown in order for most women to give you a shot and it’s pretty ridiculous.

        41. Yes, and even after an initial brief conversation a lot of girls will still make it hard for a guy to succeed. From my observations, social circle with girls goes a very long way to ease the whole dating thing

        42. UPDATE: Unfortunately this one looks like a dud. She gave me her email address which I was a little leery about from the start. But after that we had a solid conversation and everything seemed pretty normal. I messaged her yesterday early in the afternoon and have yet to hear from her. I wont contact her again and I assume she probably won’t be getting back to me. So she’s definitely in the “next” category and I am moving on.

        43. That’s sad to hear, however, don’t count it out completely. Sometimes it takes certain girls a little while to come around, for a variety of reasons. Don’t pursue tho, just keep on with your life as usual – working on yourself. Only reply if she messages you first. Good luck man, we’re in this together 😉

        44. Definitely. thought about messaging her one more time just so it doesn’t look as if I gave up at the first sign of difficulty. Then if she doesn’t say anything, I’ll move on as if nothing happened.

  6. The main thing that most men of character have, considering their social anxiety or awkardness, is the disgust against most people’s materialism (all is sex, food and other-people’s-money) and mania for short-term gratification over long-term results and a near complete lack of character…
    In a few words why one should bother with the average person: he has nothing to say or to do or to think… Also, most people today are not trustworthy so be done that to the boat.

    1. It’s classy too treat everyone as equals. They don’t have too know the limited time and consideration internally you give as bounce to the next. If gravate towards better enviroments, less stress from uncouth types. Honestly in reality, I never have a issue with the type and more you bring up. Those are the backfoot laughing stocks in decent circles.

  7. Any suggestions for dealing with spam-phone-call anxiety…now that is an article I could use.

    1. hahahah ask GOJ. He is the king of it and I don’t often give others royal titles. I am stingy that way.

    2. If you have a quick comedic mind and good talking skills, you can turn them into your evening’s entertainment. If you can do passable accents, it’s even better.
      In fact, I think I’ve been put on some Do Not Call List in India, I punked the fake IRS people quite a few times. I haven’t gotten a fake IRS call or fake Microsoft Technical Support call in over a month now.

      1. Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep that in mind. I just want ’em to go away. Made the mistake of putting my phone number on a web page a few months back…doh.

        1. The last fake IRS call I got, I posed as an Irish newly minted U.S. citizen, with a full ethnic-slur level brogue. I managed to get out, in the course of the conversation, references to blue stars, yellow moons and green clovers, and of course, Saint Francis’s Holy shealeigh. I also pulled my standard “see if they’re paying attention” joke where I tell them that I no longer file taxes, because my accountant died. I figured that I only have to pay taxes if the accountant files them, is the line of reasoning. It’s hard not to laugh out loud and blow my cool on the line with that one.
          The calls usually don’t go to far before they figure out that I’m playing with them, but I was able to keep one particular set going for 2 hours, with callbacks, directions on how to fill out iTunes cards to send them as payment (yes! really!) and such. They got really irate and told me, at the end when I let them know that I’d purchsed 250 $50.00 iTunes cards (or some absurd combination like that) (ha!) and was ready to read them off, that they were going to send a “nigger over to fuck you in the ass”.
          Ahhhh…good times…..good times….

        2. I still think you need to put those recordings up on a pod cast. I was crying when I listened to them

        3. If it’s a legit marketing/sales call, all you need to do is say that you don’t want your call recorded. No recording = no contract. They will hang up on YOU.

      2. It’s funny you say that because I have a sharp, sardonic wit and can dispense with a couple of accents-I can do a great Russian one and because I am of Greek extraction I can do one which is largely based on my uncles and other relatives and here or there I might try an upper class English accent and on occasion work on my American accent (as in a more generic one that a regional one). It’s hysterical some of the things I say up to and including being a former FSB member who would find them and so on.

  8. Not much of an expert on game, I know what works for me, but being yourself is way down on the list of what works unless you’re a stud. I just use the same tactics i used being a bouncer and let the women come to you. You keep the conversation light and escalate through little sexual innuendos here and there. I am 5’8 and built like a stalky wrestler, have the cauliflower ear and everything so it may not work for different builds but who knows. So to all you younger men hit the weights and pick up a martial art if your physical frame is lacking. But back to being myself..well being myself consist of talking about World war 1, how fast you can physically maim or kill a man, and whether or not you can rep your back squat @400lbs and no woman really wants to talk about any of that.

    1. “well being myself consist of talking about World war 1, how fast you can physically maim or kill a man, and whether or not you can rep your back squat @400lbs and no woman really wants to talk about any of that.”
      Fucking brilliant. Well said.

    2. Nah man I’ve just got back from a leg session and did 300 lbs. I could feel my knees in a bad way. Just enough to put me off. Any tips?
      Also ww1 was a war that the British empire did not need to get involved with, I don’t think that Germany would have been able to do anything besides hold territory and the alliance between Germany, austro Hungary and the ottomans would have lasted.

      1. I would have to see your form. Do your knees track forward beyond your feet? That’s usually what leads to knee pain. If you practice pushing through your heals and imagining your sitting in a really small chair that usually helps. Also if you’re a woman major props on 300.
        As for world war won I saw it as the last great attempt at land grabs and power moves. The war was inevitable with oil becoming such a valued resource. Shame that a lot of the worlds accumulated wealth and men were used up for essentially nothing. Alot of great empires were ransacked and blown to the wind. But thats they way she goes I guess

        1. Being red pill means knowing that war is a part of nature. .. and there’s always some son of a bitch stronger then you!

  9. Quote: “This is the biggest thing for chicks; they want to know who you are…”
    In all my years, with all the chicks I’ve been with, I’ve never found that statement to be true. None have wanted to know the real me. They all want you to maintain the image and status that they perceive of you.

    1. same.
      I tell women I meet as little as possible
      Girl: Where do you work
      Me: down on 34th street
      Girl: what do you do
      Me: get paid to talk about work ::::smirk:::::
      conversation over.
      I find that women really do not WANT to be filthy fucking slut bags. They will look to justify their own depravity at least to their own psyches so the blanks you leave when you omit information they will fill in with stuff that gives them the tingles in the morning when they are showering your dried cum off their eyes and listerineing your balls from their mouths. They will assume you must be great because they think they are great and they fucked you. It is a crazy kind of circular reasoning that women do, but that is the way it works. As long as you pay for the night out, give them the tingles and smash their cervix they will fill in the rest of your crazy mad lib to tailor fit you to their likes.

      1. Yeah keep them talking about themselves and wondering about you. KGB style, answer every question with a question.

        1. Yup. I’m sure if I wanted to marry or even go LTR I’d have to change it up but for an 8 week long plate? KGB game!

        2. Girl..so what do you do for a living?
          Boy…you like gold or silver?
          Girl…so where are you from?
          Boy…have you been to the grand Canyon?
          Girl…you like kids?
          Boy…do you think the moon landing was real.
          Girl…where do you live?
          Boy…have you ever been blindfolded before?

    2. That’s true. And it’s the reason to be yourself, and if yourseslf is shit, make yourself awesome.

  10. I wouldn’t recommend broken man game unless you’ve got the looks or status of a Chad.
    Before lifting and being red pilled, I fit the description of this articles definition of a broken man. However, it just resulted in women expressing pity in sterile and mother like fashion, while my guy friends thought of me as a mopey beta not worth bringing along to social gatherings.

    1. “….of a Chad”
      Man, this article is bringing out the excellence!

    2. I feel like women get alot of there archtypes for what a man should be from popular culture. If you look like leonardo dicaprio you can be the emotional sensitive guy with the tough side or just the emotional goofball. But if you dont really have it in the looks department you either fall into the creepy desperate nerd (archtype jon cryer) or the robotic super alpha male with no emotion (jason statham keep in mind if stathem wasnt ripped he would be an average looking guy). There is really no in-between anymore like say a bruce willis in die hard or a danny glover

      1. Very good analysis, the propaganda can only go so far, until nature takes its course and demands that a woman be attracted to alpha qualities(Youre never going to see a Leonard and Penny from TBBT scenario in real life)
        The best most guys can do is become the Jason Statham type you described, because not everyone can be a Zack Morris prettyboy goof, or Leo Dicaprio romantic.
        The Bruce Willis and Danny Glovers only succeded in an era where women’s standards werent through the roof, and when men had it much easier being men.

  11. If you carry lots of cash and are really adept at handling it – like the dudes you see flick-flick-flicking their chip stacks with one hand and a thumb, at the World Series of Poker – you possess the ultimate aphrodisiac. If you are adept at the art of locating a bill within a huge stack of cash, in a nanosecond, and then whipping it out to pay for a drink at a bar, you immediately become a top-drawer target in a female’s eyes.
    If you can then whick-whick-whick through your stack, and put the change you get back after paying for your drink, directly into the right slots, amid the groups of 100s, 50s, 20s, etc., and do it in the wink of an eye, exactly like a con man running a shell game, as he moves the shells around with blinding speed and dexterity, you will have all the hot girls’ panties wet from that moment on.
    And then you won’t need Clown Game, or Broken Man Game, or any of that crap. It’s the ultimate panty-soaker. Practice it. Get good at handling cash, try it out in public after you’ve sharpened your skills, and you will open up a whole new world of Instant Pussy.
    I used this unbeatable technique only two nights ago. The hottest waitress at the saloon down the street (she was new meat), came right up to me, point-blank asked me what my name was, point-blank told me she wanted to hang out with me, point-blank asked me for my cell phone and then put her number right into it – and I didn’t have to ask her for a damned thing.
    What, I’m a young, hot dude? No, I’m just an old man with a good body…but I can handle money like a magician and I have ready access to it and I don’t give a flying fuck that I have it because I can always get more of it whenever I want it, and that was all conveyed via my actions at the bar when I bought my first beer.
    Sell the perception. Embody it. The rest is easy.
    I’ll be submitting an article to ROK about this pretty soon. Whether or not they publish it is another story, which is why I thought I’d post a condensed version of it as a comment, in case some of you guys see the undeniable wisdom of it, and can put it to your advantage immediately.
    Cash is king, and the guy who carries lots of it and knows how to handle it is a god (in a woman’s childlike eyes)…

  12. broken man game ?
    That Florence Nightingale Syndrome went the way of the Cardigan and Balaclava decades ago.
    Women don’t give a shit…They want fun and excitement…
    Kurt Cobain type is mystery, curiosity…that’s all -But I’m not a chick so I don’t know shit…

  13. Men – there’s a difference between “being yourself,” and “being yourself.”
    Being yourself does NOT mean to interject your pro-Trump, #MAGA, anti-feminism opinions into the interaction (although I have all of these leanings).
    It simply means to be yourself EMOTIONALLY. If you feel pissed off that she did something, then express it. If you’re upset over something, express it.
    Ever wonder why girls go for guys who are bad boys and psychos? It’s because they don’t have an emotional filter. If they get mad they fucking snap, if they’re sad they express it, if they want something they go for it, etc.
    Women are attracted to emotional congruence, not necessarily intellectual congruence.

    1. I think you were looking for Jezebel. That’s that way ———————>
      Now fuck off.

    2. Why do you give a shit what women think? There’s literally over three and half billion of them. If she doesn’t like my opinions, she’s free to fuck off.

  14. The ‘congruence in game’ aspect . . hmm . . I wonder if that was Robin Williams’ achilles heel with women? Dana Carvey is another great impressionist. I don’t know how he is in real life with women though. He floors it with the impressions. – – auditioning in the 80’s for the SNL spot:

  15. Just make sure that the Kratom you buy is a stable isotope. I live within an hour of Three Mile Island, and that my friends is what happens when you go for the cheap stuff. Also, use cadmium rods rather than graphite to stop the reaction if you take too much. Wouldn’t want to have to build a concrete sarcophagus around your neighborhood if a meltdown occurs.

  16. My advice for this has always been. Just get a job waiting tables for a few months. You will get socialized real quick. You have to approach anyone and everyone, small and large groups. Have to anticipate needs, juggle multi people. Have to keep composure regardless. Tips show if doing it wrong or right. It all becomes automatic and you simply don’t give a shit. You will start playing with people and experimenting with how much can get away with. When start telling people how much they should tip…mission accomplished.

    1. Good advice, I took a job at this bistro on a golf course. Flirt with the grannies and you can get a huge tip………I feel like a whore.

    2. I’ve often fantasized about leaving my current field of work and doing exactly this, just for lols. Or working at a resort.

  17. Social anxiety is a big obstacle for me, but I think hopelessness is an even bigger one. I’ve pretty much never had any success with women. As much as I would love to have a relationship with a quality woman, I admit I’m too scared to develop feelings for one, for various reasons. My friends say “just have sex then.” I can’t bring myself to though. Casual sex seems like such a sad and empty thing somehow, as well as not having enough reward to make it worth the trouble (though I’m sure it feels great on a physical level). My body wants it very badly, but my mind is repulsed. I’m convinced game works, but I don’t know if it’s worth it, or how I want to use it. It’s a shame I can’t ask my dad about these things.

  18. “Phenibut is the safest place to start”
    Shame on you for touting such reckless nonsense. Jesus…

  19. G-d isn’t definable, He is the One to Whom you open up when you tire of all partial identifications and want to relate to something big enough to handle all of you.

  20. This was good article. I strongly agree with Meditation and finding joy in living in the moment. But I think the no fap thing is a myth. You can jerk off sometimes and still have a strong libido (if you are at least physically and mentally healthy). It’s what you jerk off to that motivates your sex drive to work to certain triggers.
    Lets say you met a girl in the book store, tried asking her out but she turned you down because she has a man. She was flirty and had a body that has been on your mind all day. Rubbing one out won’t kill your sex drive because it will program your brain and cock to trigger whenever you flirt with a girl.
    It works the same way when you decide to not even speak to that girl or any girl and instead get on your laptop at home and skin the cat on pornhub. Your libido will only be trained to fire up under those exact specifications.
    Jerking off won’t kill your libido for days on end. Every regular guy has droughts. Just limit your spanking to days where you know you aren’t gonna have time to be around your girl or any girls because of other life obligations for several days.

  21. Approach more. That’s how you kill social anxiety. Approach more and more until you become desensitized to everything and no fucks are given.
    Like you no longer feel shame, embarrassed, fear… Just dull feeling and nothing else.

  22. Rather than no-fap I would urge you to try ZERO-NET, at least for a week or two at first.
    It’s the internet that saps your energy, motivation AND TIME, more so than jacking off.
    You can jack off to the max, go out with an empty ball sack and still interact with women successfully.
    If you get bored because there is no internet or smart phone to steal your attention then you will find the motivation to get out there and entertain yourself in the real world!

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