The Importance Of Money

Money dictates the flow of human living in the modern world. Without money, life is often difficult and painful, and even more for a man. It helps to create freedom. I’ve seen both want and abundance of money in life, and I can say one of the most depressing times in life was when I was without money.

The importance of money

Money is a non-negotiable, indispensable commodity in every person’s life. The possession of money is itself a resource and the usage of it can help to acquire resources. All the things we use in our lives have monetary value, whether directly or indirectly. Money’s power is indisputable after the power of faith or self-belief in human life.

Money can buy you happiness


With money, you can often rule today’s materialistic world. If you have enough money, poverty will never approach you. Contrary to what most people think, it is not money or the love of money which is the root of evil—it is greed, a love of power and authority, poverty, and a fear of want which are often the roots of evil in this world. Money is just a humble agent in this scenario, because money helps to create power and authority. Money helps to eliminate poverty. Money helps to eliminate wants in life, especially if the wants are related to commercial and even human interaction, as most human interaction in the modern world is now commercialized.

Money can buy you health

You can maintain your health even though you cannot rule your health. Money helps you with that. With modern healthcare increasing human longevity, money can help you to improve your health by letting you lead a comfortable, healthy lifestyle if you spend money on healthcare, whether it may be spending on diet and nutrition, working out, or just taking medication. A lot of people globally postpone health checkups because they don’t have enough money to pay for health care bills. Again money’s role in health maintenance is irrefutable.

Money is an aphrodisiac


Women and money are often inseparableMoney often helps to create power and reputation. Reputation creates authority. All chicks dig authority.

Money may not always be able to get you or retain the women you want, but it will definitely get you the women who want you for it. And there will always be women who will want men for cash. Whores have abounded throughout human history. Hell, whoredom is the oldest profession in humanity. The oldest profession itself is a proof enough how women gravitate to resources (cash), and offered and offer sex in return. Resources often open a woman’s legs faster and more easily than game.

Even if your woman says she doesn’t need cash and she loves you for what you ‘are’ as a man, the question to be raised is: are you a naked man living in a jungle using nothing? You’re using the internet to read this post. Who’s paying for it? Even if you’re not, someone is.

Your identity as a man is your personality. What is your personality? Your personality is the cumulative accumulation of your wisdom, skills, character, education, upbringing, talents, career and style. How were these acquired? For free?

You acquired an education. Whether you actually went to a university or you studied at home, you are still ‘paying’ for it, or someone is ‘paying’ for it.

You go to the gym to build yourself, or you work out at home. You adopt the perfect diet to build yourself up, with the right supplements.  Who’s paying to buy your meals and gear? Or is someone paying for you? Either ways, money is still working in the background.


You’re taking care of your body using the latest items for male grooming. You’re getting the best wardrobe to accentuate your style. You’re reading online and learning from someone on how to develop your style and game. Either ways, either you’re paying for it or someone has already paid for it which they’re passing onto you. Money again works in the background.

You developed your talents and skills. You might be a carpenter, a writer, a sculptor, a sportsman, a hunter or what not else. Either ways you needed the tools to practice to develop yourself.  Those tools could be a computer, a book, a gun or whatever else. Either ways, someone paid for those tools which they passed onto you or you paid for it. Money’s presence in the background again is indisputable.

After all this self-development of your persona, you met up a chick who liked you for what you were. She was attracted to your game, your haircut, your looks, your conversation, or your style. You gamed her and bedded her without spending a dime on drinks or what not. Do you think this was free? You may have not spent cash to fuck her, but you have spent cash to develop yourself which acquired the ‘free fuck’ with her. Money again talks in the background, and plays an important role in your ‘free fuck’ with her. That’s why there is no such thing as a ‘free fuck.’ The fucks you get without spending cash are actually what I call as ‘bonus fucks’.  But it is the ‘bonus fucks’ is what you should concentrate on getting from women (i.e. the bangs without spending cash).

The fact remains that women are essentially attracted to resources and are hypergamous, and often transactional when it comes to intimacy. The barter system of interaction between the genders right from antiquity is a proof that resources were the key to securing women, even if resources were not often the key to securing them forever. Women will naturally gravitate to cash.

Money has a strange effect on the libido, both male and female. While money makes women wet, money also makes men rediscover their mood for sex.  One of the worst bummers for most men when it comes to sex is financial stress, whether it may be for self or for your partner. Money is thus an important but underappreciated aphrodisiac.

An important sign of a keeper


One of the important signs of a woman that you should consider in a keeper is the woman who doesn’t waste your cash and ferociously saves it like it’s her own. An economical girlfriend is the one who should be considered to for a long term relationship or possibly commitment if she has other signs too. An endearing quality of a woman is her parsimony, when she stops you from spending for her, out of a sincere concern for your financial health. These women are the women you actually feel and want to spend for, because of their thoughtfulness. A live-for-the-day type chick who expects you to blow up cash, to get access to her holes is not the type for a LTR, unless if you’re rich enough to afford her. The fact is that all women have a price, so focus on the one who gives you the maximum returns for the least amount of investment. Better game her to fuck her.

A great wingman


The best wingmen in your life are not only the ones who help with your game, but also those who save your cash for you. I’ve had financial parasites in my life (both chicks and buddies) so I’ve learnt it the hard way. But I’ve been lucky to have found great buddies with whom I have gone pussy hunting. One of the qualities of a great wingman is not only in helping you with your game, or helping to eliminate rival cock blocks, but also to determine which of your targets are the gold diggers, or the flakes looking for free drinks and the ones who can actually be converted into bangs with minimal spending. I’ve had these buddies who’ve stopped me from going overboard from spending on drinks on myself or girls or even them. In retrospect, I think such wingmen are a great asset for any guy to have.  Sometimes your wingman can be the greatest leech that you have, rather than the flaky bitch you’re trying to pick up.

Your real family or tribe

The real family in your life is not the people whom you’re born related to by blood. They are rather the people who love you unconditionally for what you are as a person, no matter how you are and not conditionally for what you have. My own relatives have ripped me off at times. Money (or the lack of it) in your life thus is the litmus test that you must consciously consider every time when you’re selecting the people to build your own family or tribe.

Since the world today is primarily a commercialized jungle, where emotions, feelings and attachment are often primarily a commercial investment, understand that money can be your best friend in sorting out the pearls from the pebbles among the people in your life.  Money is an indispensable friend in your life, right from the cradle to the grave.


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140 thoughts on “The Importance Of Money”

  1. Good article. How I wish I could find an economical minded gf or a cool wingman like that. Some guys have all the luck. Im stuck with mediocre cunts and bluepill faggots surrounding me on every side. Sigh…

  2. F’ the BS, people that say money doesn’t buy money, never had any. period. Source: a successful male

    1. I couldn’t agree more. The only man who can’t buy happiness with money is a man who lacks imagination.

      1. Most people suffer from lack of enough of money than the worry of having excess of it. The people who hate money are the ones who have either been born in it so they know its value, the ones who have gotten money at a time in their lives when they can’t enjoy it anymore, or people who don’t know shit about responsible money management.

      2. Exactly. Money buys you time. Time to do whatever the fuck you want to. That´s happiness right there.

  3. Money doesn’t buy happiness. I’ve seen millionaires in America who are unhappy and full of anxiety and depression, and I’ve seen rural people living in 3rd world countries who do not even have running water or electricity, and yet they are happy and their souls are shining through their eyes.

    1. I think the article is still practical, but wouldn’t apply to the ones who want to renounce the developed world. It’s solid practical advice and knowledge for men who want to understand the thinking of the average person in the developed world. Money is important for everyone. Money doesn’t have to be in form of paper money. But there is something which still defines the things which help to buy these less materialistic people food, shelter and clothing,without which these people wouldn’t survive. That is what the barter system is all about. People need money to pay for healthcare. Tons of people in America don’t go to hospitals simply because they can’t afford to pay health bills. So money does buy you happiness, because health is wealth, and you need money to maintain it. Unless if you’re a tribal living in a loin cloth whose idea of happiness is the banquet you’ll be having a the next meal time, money won’t make much a difference. But again the tribal needs money to pay for healthcare.
      The rural or tribal people don’t have access to wisdom, books, or learning as much as an average person in the developed world does. Ignorance is bliss. The lesser you know about the world, the more you’ll be contented with little.
      The person living in the developed world will think otherwise. The average person wouldn’t want to renounce a developed society for a tribal one, even if he wants to leave a materialistic one. That’s why most men would love to travel to less materialistic societies, but not less developed ones.

      1. “Developed world”
        Oh yea, you rich westerners are so fucking developed and civilized. That’s why your women act like disgusting filthy whores, that’s why your countries have the highest mental illness rates on earth, highest suicide rates, that,s why the men are all a bunch of effeminate chickenshit pussy ass coward homosexuals, etc.
        The real savages are the people living in the “developed” countries. The real human beings are the poor people in 3rd world countries.

        1. “The real human beings are the poor people in 3rd world countries.”
          When I go to a third world country its very easy for me to make friends. People are sociable and friendly.
          Here in the USA, everyone especially bitches are just out to prove who is the most arrogant stuckup asshole.

        2. How did poor but ‘real human beings’ in 3rd world countries access this website? Through the internet. Was that free?

        3. Americans are not even human. They are robots that are satanically possessed.

        4. I seem to have pissed off a lot of people by daring to suggest that the modern financial system which creates the artificial paradigm of poverty is evil and that we should evolve to a more humane system.
          I won’t be bothering you guys with any more of my “insane” radical ideas. I won’t be commenting here anymore. Goodbye RoK!

        5. Guys, we really need to stop responding to these NSA trolls/agitators. Someone is probably paying them to stir up shit on these forums. Must be for a good reason.

    2. John’s right. People with lots of money oftentimes spend a lot of it on treating the health conditions that arise from worrying about their money.
      God blessed my finances last winter in a big way (six figures), but it means nothing without Him, family, etc. Money is just one piece of the puzzle.

      1. Natural herbs like turmeric can really do wonders for your health. Consider drinking 2 or 3 cups of milk a day with a teaspoon of turmeric mixed in. It’s pretty much the most powerful spice on earth and has literally thousands of health benefits.

      2. “Money is just one piece of the puzzle”
        An important piece of the puzzle, that too. Money can’t be ignored.
        The homeless man who doesn’t have proper food, shelter or clothing due to a lack of money would think otherwise. It’s only when you have abundance is when you actually feel full of gratitude. The ungrateful ones who don’t show gratitude, are of course the black sheep.

        1. A reminder that a million MRAs aren’t equal to even one Mother Teresa:
          “You, in the West, have millions of people who suffer such terrible loneliness and emptiness. They feel unloved and unwanted. These people are not hungry in the physical sense, but they are in another way. They know they need something more than money, yet they don’t know what it is.
          “What they are missing, really, is a living relationship with God.”
          You guys are bitching and whining because you can’t get laid. Meanwhile, people are literally starving to death in 3rd world countries.

        2. You can also feel gratitude when broke, in fact some people claim that that is the first stepe to get out of poverty…but what do I know?…I am still broke.

    3. I agree. Ive often thought about that. Sometimes I feel I would trade my big house, my cars, all my toys, everything – just to have a nice circle of friends and family. Unfortunately, thats not going to happen in this lifetime for me. So I focus on my career, my health and nutrition, reading, music, relaxing and making more money – to use the money to buy more of the materialistic garbage that helps me get through life and forget the fact that the best things in life money cant buy.

      1. Yes, even though I grew up in a rich family in America, I do not know if I will ever feel HUMAN in this lifetime. I sometimes wish I had been born in some poor village in North Korea or Pakistan or something, because even though I’d be living in a shithole, at least I’d be a fucking HUMAN BEING.
        When I first saw real human beings in a particular 3rd world country, it shattered me on a very deep level. It was like that guy in Brave New World going to those “savage” reservations and seeing that the “savages” were far more human than the so called “civilized” people in the Brave New World countries.

      2. You still need money for your health and nutrition, don’t you? I think the article doesn’t promote materialism, but rather promotes the importance of how money affects us on a daily basis. if you complain you don’t have friends, then you know that the people around you love you for what you have, not what you are.

        1. Do you really think all those expensive pills produced by Big Pharma are healthy for you? If so, I pity you.
          You can buy a month’s supply of turmeric for 4 dollars. Take a teaspoon of turmeric with a cup of milk 2 or 3 times a day. Turmeric has thousands of medical applications and can even CURE cancer.

        2. Yes. But as John Doe said, there would be alternatives. The Ayurvedic diet has been around for thousands of years for example. I spend a lot on organic meat, vegetables and fruit, supplements and nootropics and have never felt happier and healthier in my life. I sleep well. This on top of having an extremely stressful albeit high-paying job and not much in the way of friends or girlfriends.
          People are usually attracted to others for two reasons. Their looks – or their money. Anyone that tells you otherwise is just spouting the same old bluepill myth/fuckery.

        3. So, what’s the point? Is 4 dollars, still not ‘money’?
          The funny part is when people talk about money, they think that money is meant to imply riches. Money, whether it may be from 1 dollar or 1 million dollars – is still money.
          A homeless man begging for money doesn’t ask you for a 100 dollars. But when a rich man talks about money, it’s a different ball game.

        4. You can buy a month’s supply of turmeric for 4 dollars.

          Yet according to all this ignorant propaganda about the Federal Reserve System, the Fed “destroyed” the value of those U.S. dollars decades ago.

        5. “I spend a lot…”
          What do you spend? Time? Effort?
          You need money at the end.

        6. I seem to have pissed off a lot of people by daring to suggest that the modern financial system which creates the artificial paradigm of poverty is evil and that we should evolve to a more humane system.
          I won’t be bothering you guys with any more of my “insane” radical ideas. I won’t be commenting here anymore. Goodbye RoK!

    4. Keep not reading the article, and focus on the exceptions to the rule. Keep complaining about the rich as you do your work you’re not passionate about every day. With a few trillion dollars (in a variety of currencies), you could make global change instantly. You words say you want to keep the whole world as it is.

      1. “The greatest disease in the West today is not TB or leprosy; it is being unwanted, unloved, and uncared for. We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread but there are many more dying for a little love. The poverty in the West is a different kind of poverty — it is not only a poverty of loneliness but also of spirituality. There’s a hunger for love, as there is a hunger for God.”
        -Mother Teresa
        Does this not describe Elliot Rodger?

        1. And the teeming millions of the poor of the Third World have a lesson to teach us in the affluent West, Mother Teresa declared.
          “They can teach us contentment,” she said, her leathery face gently smiling. “That is something you don’t have much of in the West.
          “I’ll give you an example of what happened to me recently. I went out with my sisters in Calcutta to seek out the sick and dying.
          “We picked up about 40 people that day. One woman, covered in a dirty cloth, was very ill and I could see it. So I just held her thin hand and tried to comfort her. She smiled weakly at me and said, ’Thank you.’ Then she died. “She was more concerned to give to me than to receive from me. I put myself in her place and I thought what I would have done. I am sure I would have said, ’I am dying, I am hungry, call a doctor, call a Father, call somebody.’ “But what she did was so beautiful. I have never seen a smile like that. It was just perfect. It was just a heavenly gift. That woman was more concerned with me than I was with her.”

        2. “The increasing wealth of the order she founded became yet another grievance. On the one hand, large sums accumulated in checking (non-interest bearing) accounts in the United States, and large sums were being spent on opening new convents and increasing missionary work; on the other, her Home for the Dying continued to maintain the same austere ethos with which it had been founded, that is to say, as a place for those who had nowhere else to go – a point even hostile sources conceded.
          “Critics complained that she did not apply donors’ money on founding a modern medical facility in Calcutta, or transforming her Home for the Dying into a western-style hospice. Two writers in the Western medical press in the mid-1990’s commented adversely on an approach to illness
          and suffering that disregarded elements of modern medical care, such as systematic diagnosis and strong analgesics.”

          Where did all the money go?

        3. Criticizing an old woman, what a bad ass alpha you are!
          There’s corruption in all organizations, yes. That still doesn’t discredit the logic of what she has said.

        4. Mother Teresa was a corrupt, self-aggrandizing specimen radically divergent in many of her actions in contrast to her saintly reputation. She’s no role model to be quoting from.

    5. Uh, haven’t you paid attention to the news lately? Why do these beatific paupers in Central America want to send their children on a dangerous trek across mountains, deserts and rivers to try to enter the U.S?

    6. A lot of these “millionaires in America” are severely overleveraged and deeply enthralled by the soulless materialistic profoundly disconnected and isolationist culture that surrounds them. Take that away and keep the millions and life improves on an incredible order of magnitude. Add to that a sense of belonging at the familial and communal level and living can really become paradise – though that last part is very heavily dependent on them keeping their privileged financial standing under tight wraps, as such knowledge, when it leaks out, unfortunately tends to destroy that which we would like to hold dearest as inherently social beings in need of genuine companionship.

      1. I seem to have pissed off a lot of people by daring to suggest that the modern financial system which creates the artificial paradigm of poverty is evil and that we should evolve to a more humane system.
        I won’t be bothering you guys with any more of my “insane” radical ideas. I won’t be commenting here anymore. Goodbye RoK!

        1. Money is not evil as much as poverty is.
          You think materialism breeds inhumanity and indifference. You forget that poverty breeds exploitation and destruction of principles and virtues.
          Men kill men for the sake of money to feed their families. Women sell their bodies to support families dependent on them. That’s why charity is encouraged by different religions, to restore balance to a world where money transfer and deposits are itself unbalanced. Charity is not encouraged to destroy riches, but to destroy poverty, which is the greater evil.

        2. So we’ve had a couple of millennia of the practice of religious-driven charity in the Judeo-Christian realm. And it’s been nearly 50 years since the advent of Johnson’s “War on Poverty” program. One might reasonably suppose that by now poverty would be mostly eradicated if the theory – that giving unearned money to people who have a deficiency thereof would solve the problem – was sound.
          So how’s that been working?

    7. Those would be the exceptions that don’t disprove the general rules: 1) Having money is better than not having any; 2) Having more money is better than having less. 3) Having enough money to secure our lower needs – food, shelter, sleep, safety – allows us to spend more time & energy obtaining the higher ones (love, belonging, esteem, self-actualization) which greatly increase the chance for and amount of happiness.

    8. the appearance of wealth, house, cars, successful business etc. often hides the reality of tremendous performance pressure, large debts, legal issues, complex taxes, little time for ‘fun’ and etc.
      money can buy happiness but it depends what you spend it on, and how free and clear your assets are from performance pressure etc.
      most wealthy people are caught up in the game ….
      those that step out often find themselves bored or going broke.

      1. Great quote with “wealthy people are caught up in the game”. So often true, rich men working jobs that they don’t want, gigantic mortgages enslaving them to a life of corporate mediocrity, all for the validation which comes with material possessions.

  4. “Contrary to what most people think, it is not money or the love of
    money which is the root of evil—it is greed, a love of power and
    authority, poverty, and a fear of want which are often the roots of evil
    in this world.”
    Nietzsche (free translation):
    “Happy times those in the past where a people would utter ‘I want to be the master of other peoples’ and is it, my brothers, the superior should dominate and the superior also wants to dominate. And where it is thought otherwise is because the superior is not there.”
    You miss the point of wealth; the men who accumulate wealth simply to indulge in physical pleasures (like the easier access to females) has himself a ‘feminine’ soul, the lowest of souls according to Plato: it has its center in the stomach, intestines and sexual organs (we can clearly see it is women’s center, where them complete their mission too – giving birth), it concerns itself with being fulfilled by material, a beasty soul… and it is represented by… the market (the other two souls being the palace and the temple). And the market rules today in the west.
    The market, being the center, “materializes” everything; it materializes and put a price on everything: in love, honor, loyalty. It breeds nihilistic men, with shapeless and fat bodies and soft souls, men who sell their own people for temporary wealth and ‘peace’ – men that don’t care about nation, or family, or blood… men that just care about ‘feeling good’. These men don’t want to seek power, because their nature is to be “confy and enjoy”, they are generally classified in that category that has equalists, anti-gun freaks and feminists in it… let the big daddy, the state to have the power… you don’t need to concern yourself with those things… just enjoy your life: sleep, eat, fuck, want some more fiat money while we rape your nation? Here is some T.V. shows which are going to liberalize your women and make it even easier to fuck them. Here is some tasty food which is going to kill your will and your spirit.
    The manosphere has a split personality between those who discovered the truth and want to use it to indulge in temporary pleasures of the flesh for the sake of it and those who want to reach higher levels, I will say I’m not better than the author and struggle myself everyday with my lower soul, my sheep soul.
    The only reason for acquiring money is to develop yourself and later seize power from the hands of those who are destroying our nations.
    “To breed, to bleed, to lead.”
    Motto of the imperial aristocracy of a old England

    1. Very good comment only do not make the mistake to think that the higher the energy center the better (or more masculine) it is.
      The highest seventh energy center for example is quite feminine too. It is concerned with one’s connection with the higher planes, spirituality or God. These are mainly young women, although a few young men fit the description as well. Many are more hippie-like or counter-culture types. Some are essentially drifters.
      They often are somewhat sexually loose, but not because they like sex that much. It is more often because it is a way to connect and “be loved”.
      The tough masculine guys reside at the fifth center.

    2. Plato sucked. Plato was a tool of the state, trying to say socialism and the denial of material wealth where virtues. Plato also was forced to suck on the dicks of the religious fruit loops of his time. He helped the government of his time control and oppress the masses.
      This was because his predecessor Socrates stood up against the fallacy of religion and was not manipulated by the priesthood and the state. Thus he was forced to drink hemlock, and he died because he would not admit there was a God. No philosopher worth their salt tries to prove there is a square circle, and the same way no philosopher would try to argue for the existence of God.
      Talking about souls and unicorns and rainbows makes you sound like some religious idiot. But quoting Plato, would put you in that category too. There is no virtue in feeling bad about having more than others.
      Also, the market does not breed nihilistic men. Your logic is severely flawed. The market allows people to exchange goods and services. Those that are able to provide more value to others are able to earn more. There is nothing immoral about that.

    3. essentially agree with you, but it doesn’t have to be elevated to be masculine. Actually the first center is the most masculine one. Related to survival and procreation. The problem is the second, related to pleasure and relationships. Feminine women have the second one more active, faggy men and feel good hippie losers and softies as well.
      But I have to agree, a true sage, a wise man, an enlightened, has all of them active and regulated. But the first one is the most important one as it governs, health, vitality, strenght, money, raw sex, procreation, the will to live and to pass on life. Only a “soft”, comfortable, lazy feminized society and the way of life it promotes can produce this current shitty breed of male. Hopefully caveman and emperor DNA still lingers and can be awakened.
      Great article

  5. An economical girlfriend is the one who should be considered to for a long term relationship or possibly commitment if she has other signs too.
    This kind of girlfriend does not exist. The woman in fact tries hard to make you spend more cash on her as it is a sign of whether you are a keeper or not.
    An older married woman might be economical with money as she’s already got a hold on your resources and so that you don’t share the resources with another woman.

  6. There’s an easy test you can do with a girl to gauge her thoughts on (your) money. Bring up a prenuptial agreement and see how she reacts.
    Gold digger will give you a bullshit response like, “It’s not about the money…. it’s the principle behind it, blah blah blah.”
    You gotta be smart now-a-days if you decide to go the distance with a girl knowing that over half of all marriages fail. I’ve never been married and I’m not sure I’m going to go that route every in my life. If I do though, I’ll be damned if I’m just going to hand over half of my software company to a girl who had no part in building it just because we exchanged vows.

    1. Money is a bad thing
    2. I do not deserve abundance
    3. Being spiritual or being a wonderful person and having money do not mix
    4. I am ignorant about money, and people who are selfish and scheming will always take advantage of me, so there is no use trying to have money
    5. There is not enough money to go around, and I feel sorry for the poor, so I will remain poor to be in sympathy with them
    6. Money is the root of all evil
    Notice any of these negative thoughts without resenting them. Begin to replace them with the opposite thoughts.

    1. There is not enough money to go around

      Otherwise known as “the gold standard.”
      Seriously, the gold standard conflicts with the goal of creating a society with a high standard of living. It incorporates the Malthusian assumption that we simply don’t have enough resources to go around, so most people have to live in poverty and die early as the cost of having “sound money.”

      1. And that is why fractional reserve banking took care of that little problem quite well. Now, if we could only ban usury again as had been done during Biblical times we could really get on board towards solving this global financial mess quite nicely don’t cha think?
        And… wait hold on. I think that would be very bad for my securities portfolio. Back to your credit cards, car loan, student loan, bank loan, mortgage, and home equity loan you go. We wouldn’t want to ruffle the feathers of the majority shareholders of the financial industry providers with this silly nonsense now, would we. Don’t worry about it. Everybody’s indebted so why don’t you just hop right on in with the others now like a good little fishy. You do wanna be popular don’t you? Don’t wanna stand out among the crow as a sore loser now do we? You know you can’t escape. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down pronto don’t cha know. It is the way of things.
        Imagine that, interest-free money. What utter inanity these millennials will come up with next I have absolutely no clue. What a bunch of spineless pussies.

      2. don’t confuse money with currency
        money is a comodity of exchange, you can use anything from tobacco, sea shells, gold or pieces of paper…
        currency is what the government creates, it’s not true money, because they tamper with the supply of it, and manipulate the interest rates paid to borrow it.
        if the governments created real money, and didn’t tamper with the free markets, obviously the gold standard would be obsolete…. because govts. can’t be trusted and tamper with money all we have is stupid currency that’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

    2. The majority of people that say money is the root of all evil tend to be rich white girls. This hipster chick at university used to rant about it all the time until I told she should be the expert as her dad was raking in close to a million a year.

      1. Money is the root of all evil. This is a misquote from the Bible. The actual quote is “the love of money is the root of all evil”. This is also not true, but it is much closer to the truth. The proper translation is probably that the love of the material or physical world, represented by a love of money and what money can buy, is the root of all evil.

    3. About point number 3. The very nature of money is to corrupt by it’s influence.
      Either way I seem to have pissed off a lot of people by daring to suggest that the modern financial system which creates the artificial paradigm of poverty is evil and that we should evolve to a more humane system.
      I won’t be bothering you guys with any more of my “insane” radical ideas. I won’t be commenting here anymore. Goodbye RoK!

      1. Money and currency are two different things. The way the currency is issued
        today as a debt with interest corrupts redeemable money.

    4. I have none of those attitudes and I still barely make any money…maybe because I only want to make money doing my art? (as I have always have), maybe because I don´t kiss anybody´s ass? maybe because I don´t do “social media”?, could be that my subconscious mind sabotaging me? what do you think?

  8. Money is a quantifiable guarantee of cooperation from your fellow man. The guys who need a bare minimum of it tend to be either dropouts or studs that know how to get shit done for themselves.
    Great points about women and wingmen who are good caretakers of your resources.

  9. The real value of money is not in the possession of it, but the use of it. The use of money is what creates happiness on account of possession of it. The rich who are unhappy even if they have money don’t spend it for themselves, because they hoard it.
    Look at Larry Ellison. The man spends all his cash that he has accumulated. His lifestyle is what that average people hate. Some call him a narcissistic demon, a extravagant megalomaniac. Fuck haters, he’s enjoying his riches. He’s risen from shitty circumstances in his life. No parents, he has built his wealth from the scratch.If he didn’t enjoy his money, they would label him as a miserly power-hungry hoarder. The same applies to men like Tom Cruise or 50 cent.
    On the other hand look at Bill Gates. He basically stole the concept for Microsoft from Steve Jobs, and built his empire on it. Microsoft basically destroys competition by buying over its competitors. Yet he is the ‘good’ one – because he spends on ‘charity’. As long as you act like a Robin hood by giving back to the public, you are still ignored by the mob of today’s public. That’s the fickleness of society today.
    In today’s world, it’s not money which is the evil. It’s the envy of those who have it which actually is one of the evils. If you have money, you have to spend it carefully in private on yourself to avoid being labelled as a demon. You buy an expensive meal for yourself, while your colleague is dieting, you get black looks from everyone. For fuck sakes! Look at Charlie Sheen. He spends his money on prostitutes. Yet the tabloids screw him. Why the fuck? He’s spending his own money! If he trashes it all down a toilet can, or in the cunts of whores, why the fuck is it someone else’s problem? It’s his money! He’s not spending someone else’s money, is it?
    As long as people hate money, or have a love-hate relationship with it, you can’t understand the value of it. Money is important and a blessing of God. How you acquire money is what determines whether you’re good or evil. Even more so than how you spend it. The opposite however, holds true in today’s world.

    1. There is a popular old French saying that states “if you wish to live happy live hidden” (bad translation I know but you get the idea). The underlying principle is that you may enjoy your wealth but don’t ever flaunt it. No need to explain where that idea came from, though I guess the fake gold-chain Rolex & counter-fit Armani wearing rented-Ferrari driving uninvited cocaine-party attending Ryanair flying one-day Monaco visiting douches failed to get the memo along the way.

  10. Every true redpiller should read “The Ascent of Money” by Niall Ferguson. Probably one of the best accounts of the highly intricate nature of this much coveted though oft misunderstood element of human civilization, spanning its earliest appearance in primitive societies right on down to the modern global financial infrastructure. One thing’s for sure, once you end up with a full genuine grasp of what our present-day “money” REALLY is beyond its commonly perceived role as a simple medium of exchange for human labor units, you will never look at your Benjamins the same way ever again, much less at the deluded fools believing they will somehow magically become rich by following the standardly prescribed bluepill path to financial success.
    That said, though it never hurts to occasionally pray to Midas or Mammon (and take some key inspiration from them), take care not to let them become your overbearing masters, lest Yee too risk enduring starvation of the body and soul, followed by eventual transformation of your being into a golden memento to man’s folly with riches. Even so, only a fool would likewise claim that money does not bring happiness. Perhaps for the unexperienced and trashy nouveau riche who hastily overindulge and end up suffering the effects of jadedness and even withdrawal after a while sure, but tell that to the well-grounded Baron with his fine wine, great food, leisurely schedule, and splendid view out of his Bavarian castle. You will not soon find him in a state of profound depression at the local pub musing over his “terrible fate” and envying the squeegee boy taking a cigarette break on the local street corner I can assure you of that. He will simply be too busy preparing his hunting team for their next outing on his extensive private Tiergarten.
    Beware though, as becoming the bearer of great riches can forment a profoundly dehabilitating suspicion or even paranoia in the worst of men vs. a highly-refined laser-like sixth sense intuition in the best of them. To quote Hugo Drax addressing his assistant Chang in Moonraker – “Look after Mr. Bond. See that some harm comes to him.”
    You can expect many “Mr. Bonds” to be coming your way…

  11. The wingmen part was correct, and awesome. A lot of guys forget that at night outs at bars, because guys are often thinking to save cash on women, than realizing that they actually spend more on their wingmen. A lot of wingmen say the ‘bros before hoes’ thing at the bar, and make you end up spending cash on their drinks as well as their bitches’ drinks. Such fuckers need to be kicked to the curb. These wingmen are no worse than pimps.

    1. Men actually do that now? Sheesh, what a bunch of shameless douches. No wonder “going Dutch” was invented in the first place. It filters out the slimy lamprey from the system and fulfills a crucial function in maintaining healthy social dynamics.

  12. My advice is this. Money is power. Power, like a sword, should be kept sharp, but hidden in its scabbard until the time to reveal it is needed. Simply put, do not show off your accumulated wealth but use it to hone your edge and to acquire power in society.

    1. Perfect advice. If you flaunt your cash, you’ll attract fair weather friends and financial parasites – especially women. Stay low profile at all times, unless if you’re Larry Ellison or Tony Stark.

    2. Yes, and how difficuly that must be…”you can´t hide wealth or beauty”…but I hear you, how wonderful must be wealthy but not ostentatious…and how wonderful must be to use money to create jobs and to make a difference, not to be just another show-off…

  13. supply and demand is the most important thing to learn if you want to retire early. Go try and become good in something that doesn’t have a lot of supply and making money will be a lot easier. You often have to dig a bit to find these area’s. If they were well known it wouldnt exist in the first place.
    A lot of people are under the impression that the world and markets are efficient and fair. That is not true.
    The best way to do this is combine skills, that way you don’t have to be stellar at one thing. You have good social skills? Learn programming.
    Or move to those fracking oil fields. I hear of 19 year olds who do a 1 year course and make 100k$+ in year 2. Yeah your life sucks for a while, but save your money and invest it wisely and you sacrifice a few years but the rest of your life will be much easier.
    There are a lot of underserved niche areas that are not too hard to get into.
    And dont blow it on things. Blow it on experiences if you will. And learn what compound interest means. Einstein didnt call it the 8th wonder of the world for nothing.
    Oh and whatever you do, don’t blindly waste 50k-100k$ on college.

    1. “Or move to those fracking oil fields”
      Not that easy even if you wanted too. Those places in North Dakota are so overpopulated you won’t be able to find a home, so you’ll have to get a company that has shitty man camps. (The good companies like Halliburton aren’t hiring people without degrees rofl). Also, most companies will toss your resume in the trash if you apply online and aren’t even from the area. The only option is to drive up there in your car and live in it until you find a job.
      Even then, have fun with 100-120 hour work weeks and colder winters than you’ve ever imagined. Is that really worth it? For most, it’s not. Hardly anybody lasts a year much less a “few years”.
      But +1 on the programming. Overall, sound advice. But joining the fracking fields for a few years is a lot more difficult than it looks a lot on paper.

  14. In Chinese metaphysics of Bazi, women and wealth are the same thing.
    It says that a person’s destiny is influenced by 3 things: Bazi, Man luck, and Heaven luck. Each of this influences the path of your life in 33% each continuously.
    Bazi represents the 33% luck you are born with in your life. This is determined by your birth details (hour, day, month and year of birth, the four pillars of Bazi) all consider the code of your destiny. The next 33% of your life is dependent on the luck cycles you will encounter, called as Heaven luck. While the remaining 33% is called as man luck, the things you can do to change the bad things in your Bazi to good.
    There are five elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Metal and Wood. Your date of birth shows the weight-age of these elements in your personality. The day of your birth is the most important pillar, for the element of your day of birth is the day pillar.
    For example you were born on 24 June 1979. The day element of that date (24) is water, which represents you, or the self. The wealth prospects in your life is seen whether fire is present in the other three pillars of your birth (month, year, hour).
    The element your day element overcomes is your wealth element, say if you are born on a water day, your wealth element becomes fire, because fire is extinguished (overcome) by water. Similarly fire overcomes metal, metal overcomes wood, wood overcomes earth, and earth overcomes water.
    Wealth is also considered as women in your life. Men ‘overcome’ women.If you have the wealth element in your chart, you can attract women easily. Even if you don’t, the elements of future 10 year luck and annual cycles, predict when women enter your life.
    Even though this may appear as hogwash, the fact is that even the ancients understood the correlation between women and wealth. Where women are, money is. And where money is, women are often there as well.

  15. The legacies of communism and capitalism; all human activities is defined economically. Money is necessary for civilization and has a long history, but turning it into the central driver of life is an absurd, soulless concept and is a recent development.

    1. No man wants to turn money into the central driver of life. But money itself becomes the central driver of life is because civilization itself runs on it, as money is the most important form of resource, apart from health. We all need money to live and survive, to pay for the day to day things we eat and use to live. Sex is a form of resource. Women ‘pay’ or give sex to men to get men to do things for them. But everything in life one uses in life has a value.

  16. Men who don’t value money, will eventually be devalued by the world which values still values it.
    Pragmatism when it comes to money management is the sign of a man’s wisdom. RoK has time and again emphasized this to men that they shouldn’t be living paycheck to paycheck. A man on red pill understands the value of the freedom and power that money can bring him in a world which seeks to subdue and dominate him on account of his views. Financial management is a must for every man on red pill so that he can live the free life he so desires.
    Hating money will not serve any purpose, actually it would be playing into the hands of the opponents of red pill. For they’d love to see red pill men tied in a financial vicegrip from which they can’t free themselves.

    1. Agreed. Fortunately for us they have not been able to disable outright (suspected) redpillers from participating in the labor and capital markets. Money still talks and BS walks. We must not forget this and make good use of the opportunities presented to us in order to secure our material future for the uncertainty of the times to come.

  17. New form of socialism is coming disguised as feminist economy.
    Feminist economists say that mainstream economics has been disproportionately developed by European-descended, heterosexual, middle and upper-middle class men, and that this has led to suppression of the life experiences of the full diversity of the world’s people, especially women, children and those in non-traditional families.

    1. How adorable! That will surely convince the Russian Oligarchs and the Chinese Triads to let go of their mean masculine ways and simply share all of that accumulated goodness with everybody all around so that this latent alternative life experience just waiting to flourish may come to be release from the thralls of their phallocentric bondage.
      But I guess if believing in Santa Clause and the Easter bunny makes you sleep better at night then why the hell not.

  18. Real skills, real friends, and family are money.
    When this fiat scam dies(most have no idea) your country club membership, you Izod shirts, your BMW, and your “digital wealth” will not be there for you.
    If you can create. You will survive, and maybe have the opportunity to build wealth.

    1. Easier said than done. The fact remains that most friends and all women are mercenaries. You pay for pleasure and companionship usually with both.
      It’s only later that you ‘grow’ on them, that they might begin to value without your moolah. But at first, money makes the first impression. No one usually befriends anyone below their economic status, in society which itself hypergamous.

      1. I like to call it accumulating resources. Anyone with half a brain, a plan, discipline, and focus can do it. For some men that is enough. Some like to do it in a way that has a deeper purpose tied in. At least in their mind, which is all that counts. Your resources really are not that “secure” in this technological dependent world. Turn off the power, shut down the ATM, loose the internet connection for your biz, close the bank, and your pecker is on the chopping block. Men should really have some basic survival skills to fall back on.

  19. Trautman: John, what do you want?
    John Rambo: *slurs* For our country to love us, the way we love it. That’s *slurs* is what I want.
    Trautman: Love? Rambo, you deserve Mambo No.5!

    John Rambo: *slurs* A little bit of Monica by my side, a little bit of Rita what I need…

  20. The cliche that money doesn’t buy happiness is the original rationalization hamster.

  21. In a world where even families value a member on how much they could contribute financially, that’s how money becomes powerful. It’s the corrupt family which itself sets the tone for materialism.

  22. Being poor sucks but it has one benefit , if you are poor take a look around anyone who is there is your friend. When you have money take a look around , do not trust anyone there.

      1. It means that you have to master the art of solitude. And extract all your power from that.

        1. I am currently broke, and 3 months already solo in a small mountain village. Having no money sucks, there is no way around that, but having lots of uninterrupted time can be a tremendous blessing in disguise. Basically you stop dealing with other´s people bullshit to deal exclusively with your own.

    1. If you start poor and hang on to your friends once you get rich, there is about a 99% chance of those friends either becoming jealous or bad influences.

      1. 100% true. Even Robert Greene mentions it in the 48 laws of power.
        Never invest too much trust in friends; they are quicker to betray you and more easily aroused to jealousy. Either ways, money helps you to determine and uncover people’s true colors.

      2. That depends on whether your friends are poor or self-sufficient, confident men who are happy with their lives. If your friends become jealous, you know they are insecure with their lives.

    2. I´d love to be rich for many reasons but one of the main reasons would be to deflect all the “appearing-from-nowhere” new friends…where were you when I had nothing?

  23. Money can keep you from being miserable..but it can’t buy you happiness. It can help with health and a little diversion. However, If you’ve ever tried to buy a woman with money you would know it really isnt an aphrodisiac..she is tolerating you to enjoy the money..something I would suggest to no man. A wealthy man once told me, money is a tool nothing more or nothing less to help you get what you really want. Viewed that way the men who dedicate themselves only to acquiring money seem absurd. Would you spend your whole life energy just to get the best made hammer ever then never use it?

    1. The line of thought that money can’t buy happiness came about for the benefit of women. Society wants you to think that unless you have a woman in your life to share that money, youre not “happy”, but lonely and unfulfilled. I’m of the opinion that money can buy happiness, and it does.

      1. Superbly said. The whole myth of women being responsible for a man’s success is nothing but also a ploy for men to part with their resources with women. A lot of men are happy without women in commitment, even though they may be stringing them along. A man’s money is his true trump card. And women will first seek to relieve him of that, to gain control over him. Society also supports women by shoving down the ‘without women you can’t be happy’ shit to enslave men.

      2. Yes, and on top of that you can extract happiness from turning down bitches that wouldn´t even look at you if you were poor.

    2. If women are ‘tolerating’ you because of money alone, doesn’t it signify that money is itself a slut magnet or aphrodisiac? It’s because of money that she’s tolerating you to fuck her or enjoy her. That’s the same way an aphrodisiac works. It helps you to get into the mood even if you are not.

      1. If I hold a gun to her head she will tolerate screwing me too,should we add that to the list of aphrodisiacs? I’ve had girls madly in love with me..and I’ve had girls who tolerated me..there is no contest between the two. But maybe you should try money once,just to find out..then you will know.

    1. Yep. It always was, it always is, and it always will be.
      Even if women deny and society denies it.

  24. People throwing change for a wish!!?! No wishing here just swimming for my lunch and gas bill!

  25. I don’t even know where to start here. Money is incredibly, unbelievably important. It is independence, power, efficiency, convenience, privacy, control. It’s the difference between arriving at the end of a journey rested and ready to go and exhausted and needing a day to recover. It’s the difference between wasting your time with idiots, and working with people who are efficient, expert and help you along. I am working out and I am starting to have trouble with my feet, from the pounding of cardio. Money enables me to go online, and in ten minutes, order a new pair of running shoes and have them show up in 48 hours, so I can keep working out, and not have to spend two hours going to the mall.
    And women gravitate to it, and — this took me decades to understand — they will genuinely love you more if you have money. They are wired to seek security, power, all the red pill stuff, and experiencing it will cause them to love you more. It just will. I wish it was different, but it was.They really will love you more if you can provide money.
    This matters more and more the older you get. By the time you reach middle age, women are obsessed with financial security, whether or not they admit it or realize it, and money becomes increasingly important, too. Incredibly smart, sexy, sexually skilled women who can cook, fuck, everything are VERY interested in being with a guy who can provide for them, and if you can do that, you will have a noticeably higher quality of woman.
    Finally — and this is HUGE — do not ever, ever, ever give control of your money to a woman, for any reason, ever. This is my big argument against marriage. Once you do that, you have handed a loaded gun to someone and invited her to aim it at your head. You have lost your independence, or at least, you have given it away. Don’t do it, ever. Stay independent, make damn sure you know exactly what’s going on with you rmoney, and do not ever lose control of it, no matter what.

  26. I’m starting to get a feeling that Oracle Z is a New York/New Joyzee Italian saying words like “either ways.”
    These Yoots today, these Yoots. (Said in Joe Pesci voice).

  27. It’s only people who don’t have it, don’t value or waste it, that say it’s not important. Money is not just important, it’s everything. Treat it with respect, and will respect you right back…..

  28. Money is needed up to a point, but I rather have less income but with a location independent job, than a high paying 9-5 slave job.
    I want freedom to travel, and work from wherever I want.

  29. Money is human happiness in the abstract, if you follow sociologically, areas with more money, you find a happier population, and also a higher life expectancy. Monaco, which is a tax haven for the rich of Europe, coincidentally has the HIGHEST LIFE SPAN in the world of 90 years. When you say the world “wealth” You also subtly hear in it’s shadow the word “health”. Try it, W-health .

  30. My personal rule: salary, income, net worth should never be discussed. Any questions about my job is skirted aside. FYI I am making a phenomenal wage for my age bracket. I’ve adamantly refuse to discuss money with males or females especially. Hardly anything that can be gained from it.

    1. exactly, and if women are so true to their “I want love” philosophy *falls off chair laughing* its of no consequence. but we all know the truth so ill leave it at that.

  31. Quote: “Since the world today is primarily a commercialized jungle, where emotions, feelings and attachment are often primarily a commercial investment, understand that money can be your best friend in sorting out the pearls from the pebbles among the people in your life.  Money is an indispensable friend in your life, right from the cradle to the grave.”
    Indeed you are correct. Whereas a woman is judged based on her youth and beauty, a man is judged on the resources he commands. This includes money and tangible assets. It kinda sucks because every man is raised and is told that he will be loved as a human being. This borders on child abuse IMHO because this sets him up for an ugly awakening later on in life. The only men who are exempt from this are guys who have truly scraped the human tribe off of their shoe and live by themselves alone in the wilderness.
    Yes, as a man you are stuck having to create operational income and the more you create the more respect and ahem… *cough cough* “love” you get.

    1. Yeah, this is sadly true, no matter what other values you possess, if you are broke very few people will respect or take you seriously (let alone women).

  32. Money transforms your life from being a sequence of things you “have to do” to a sequence of things that you “want to do.”

  33. Make plenty of cash. And move to poor places, like Greece or EE etc, or even places in Latin America. Start a company and hire chicks. And then see the power of money.
    The most important thing which every rich man should realize when he becomes rich is never to fall into oneitis – which applies to all men. When you become rich, you don’t even have to demand sex, girls will actually cajole you to fuck them, they’ll suck your cock, bend over and spread their ass cheeks, etc. Now rich here bears a lot of meaning, for a developing country to a developed country.
    Always change your women. That’s the secret to enjoying women when you’re sufficiently rich. You must make it a goal to fuck at least 100 women in a year – when you can afford it (even if it appears hedonistic). And never repeat them.
    The more you fuck around, the lesser you’ll value women. And you’ll realize, a beautiful sexy woman is nothing – after all. And all women are cash digging whores.

  34. Money is a unit of time, and it is TIME that is the real currency, not dollars, not euros not yen. Money is what allows us to spend out TIME as we wish–traveling, learning a new language, putting a young, dewy, lissome hottie through her paces. As “MoneyPeaceOfMind ” correctly points out, money is not worth much without health. So take care, keep fit read and study and strengthen your mind as well as your body, and find your path through the Greater Mystery to Manhood.
    À bientôt,

  35. It is incredibly refreshing that we finally now have a space where we can talk about things like money openly and honestly.
    Case in point, we can finally speak of the reality that women are driven by the desire for money more than anything else. In fact, for women, nothing comes anywhere close to money. They want a man that has money, as much as money possible, period.
    The old saying that a man gets the best looking woman he can afford, and a woman gets the richest man her looks will buy her, is true. It is a universal law throughout all of human society.
    Just look around, you can see this reality all around you.
    It’s a waste of time to lament this fact. It has always been this way and it always will be this way. But what you can do is use this fact. And, finally, learn to keep your money for yourself. Dangle it, tease women with it, let the tingle of getting close to it get her to spread her legs. Then, dump her and get another vagina.
    Never, ever, ever, get married. Marriage is a tool that has been used through the ages to get men to give their money to women. In recent decades, laws have been stacked increasingly against men to ensure that they will loose their money in a divorce, to the ex-wife. Because, for her, it is always about the money. She will deny it from beginning to end. But when she met you, it was about money. While she is with you, it is about money. And when it ends, it is about money – she wants your money in the divorce, and she then wants to go find a man with more money.
    Keep your money. Use it on yourself, for yourself. Always.

  36. I think that money doesn’t buy happiness (although its a misnomer and subject to interpretation). Money buys freedom – freedom in and of itself can be considered the path to happiness, the freedom to work by YOUR terms, not someone elses, the freedom to do what you want, the freedom to not look at your daily or monthly expenses without doing the sums in your head and devising the incredible juggling act that can be budgeting. Even as simple as the freedom to eat out rather than having to cook for a night is where money is essential to happiness.

    1. The secret to getting rich is to make your vocation into your vacation

      1. Disagree – because once you turn something you love into a source of income by which means you base your survival, it becomes more of a chore to make it viable. notable exceptions being things that you have on the side that generate income. personally I obtain my primary income through; work, investments which allow me to do my hobbies on the side without pressure on income generation.

        1. Well, there are many paths, Right? some people enjoy the war of business and are savages, like a sport, to them. Some get there by saving a lot of money over a long period of time, some turn their hobby into a money maker, there are numerous paths, as napoleon hill once said: everyday when you wake up out of bed, you make a decision, to be rich, or to be poor, times that by 365 days a year and you can either be a real bad loser, or a big winner. So when you get up in the morning ask yourself, today iam choosing to be a sore loser, to let all my past determine who iam, or fuck it, iam gonna be a BOSS and i’m gonna chose victory! and do a little warrior dance.

        2. of course, I don’t deny that there are exceptions to the rule where people have turned their hobby or great passion into something that is hugely successful as a business venture just like there are many paths to happiness.
          that being said; I am a firm believer in rationalism and realism – and the brutal truth is as simple as; “not everyone can be an astronaut” just like in an Olympic competition there is only ONE Gold medal winner per event/category. Now while the optimist would say that any business idea can be made successful and ANYONE can be wealthy, at some point statistics will show that it is almost the opposite – and some people for one reason or another are not monetarily “wealthy”. The Realist view is that if you take an idea; mould it, market the hell out of it and have the perfect blend of timing vs. niche demand then you will have a successful venture be it product or service. Sadly however even then these things take time and gambits don’t always pay off and suddenly what was someone’s hobby has become their sole source of survival, and its failing. Doesn’t mean it cannot or will not work but you have to admit it will take its toll, and even the strongest men can break, albeit temporarily.

  37. Advice needed!
    22 years old, living in Orlando, FL. looking to either move to NY,NY to become a stock broker, I have sales experience, no license, no degree.
    Or work in oil industry in ND, TX, PN, CA, OK…anywhere really, no skills just a hard fucking worker.
    Or start an internet business with NO Tech savvy whatsoever!
    I have a few grand saved up and would really like some advice.

  38. Alpha: Use money to improve yourself.
    Beta: Give women money to “earn” their love.

  39. Having enough money to live comfortably is laudable; wasting your life pursuing ‘endless riches’ or ‘dreaming millionaire dreams’ is a sucker’s lot in life. Earn enough to support yourself and enjoy your life, but don’t bother chasing after more. MGTOW holds the key.

  40. Money huh? Tell that to the loser with three neck tats and a nose ring who’s fucking an 8 and has two 7s always hitting him up to come hang out.
    Around my area there is a ton of money. Yet I always see the hottest, youngest babes with dirt poor guys. Just yesterday I saw a guy pull up to the coffee house I frequent in a new M3. He was decked out in a expensive looking GQ outfit. The girl he had with him was a 4 at best…. I see this ALL THE TIME. Rich dude, nice car and gear… Oh look ugly chick close by. Piece of shit car with tatted up loser living at home? Oh snap look… Young sexy babe next to him.
    Fuck all this dumb ass money and pussy talk. In America having a good job and a fat wallet is almost anti-game. All that really counts is looking like a cool dude and having balls of steel. No girl I’ve ever gone out with except for FOB Asians have gave a single fuck about my money.
    Get money to gain freedom and choice in life. If you want money so you can get pussy than just forget game and move to Manila. Those are the only girls I know who care about how fat a dudes wallet is.

    1. You’ll end up where what your name is: POOP.
      With no money in the end, you’ll be buried in a pile of poop.
      A man’s life is not all about fucking women. It’s also about being self sufficien financially which contributes to self reliance.

  41. “One of the important signs of a woman that you should consider in a keeper is the woman who doesn’t waste your cash and ferociously saves it like it’s her own. An economical girlfriend is the one who should be considered to for a long term relationship or possibly commitment if she has other signs too. An endearing quality of a woman is her parsimony, when she stops you from spending for her, out of a sincere concern for your financial health”
    Never really thought about this before – a great, very underrated quality to be on the lookout for.

  42. Wealth=freedom
    Just take a look at the world dynamic, richer countries subjugate poorer countries with through the imf. Get them in debt and u have have them by the balls

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