READ NOW: Free Speech Isn’t Free — How 90 Men Stood Up Against The Establishment And Won

As I announced on my blog this morning, today I’m releasing my newest book, Free Speech Isn’t Free, which tells the inside story of being a target of censorship and violence at the hands of the media, political establishment, and social justice mob. The book is intended for men in the Western world who are concerned about the restriction of their rights. It gives them key knowledge of the cultural climate so they can better protect themselves against degenerate forces, and even fight back.

The cover


Official synopsis

Free speech may be your right, but unless you fight for it, you’ll lose it. That is the message of Free Speech Isn’t Free, which chronicles how organizing a lecture tour for masculine men inserted Roosh Valizadeh into an unexpected free speech fight spanning several continents, putting both him and his family in danger from the globalist establishment and their mob of deranged social justice warriors.

After becoming activated by mass-scale media distortions and mayoral denouncements, the SJW mob in Canada rose up against Roosh and his followers to halt his tour. Roosh refused to cancel and set out to hold the lectures in secret.

He shares how he fought back against the mob while trying to come to terms with the globalist agenda that they’re controlled by. The well-informed men he met throughout the tour were critical in sharing hidden knowledge that put the agenda’s puzzle pieces into place.

Even after the lecture, when Roosh tried to conduct happy hour meetings for his followers, a bigger worldwide outrage befell him, leading to the doxing of his family and threats to burn their house to the ground. Free Speech Isn’t Free shares that story for the first time in a special epilogue, and what was going through the mind of a man who was the number one target for a 1984-inspired “two minutes of hate” that took place worldwide.

How far will you go if the establishment attacks you for what you believe in? Are you ready to defend yourself if they come after your reputation, your job, and your family? Free Speech Isn’t Free shows what one man did when powerful groups tried to silence him, along with everything he learned during the most momentous months of his life that will help others be able to identify and defend against attacks within their own lives.

Video trailer

Early reader review

Free Speech isn’t Free is a watershed work detailing the (mis)adventures of Roosh and his followers during his book tour of 2015 and the February 2016 RoK meet ups. Being a part of the forum during both of these events only revealed a quarter of what was going on to the man himself. Getting a glimpse of Roosh’s inner world during these harrowing events showed us that even under great stress and pressure, a strategic win is never impossible.

Unlike Roosh’s previous works that i’ve read (Bang & Day Bang), Free Speech isn’t Free departs from the older scientifically detached writing that we’re used to and changes into something that spoke from a more emotional place.

Being so close to these events made this a nail biter. Much to my shame I wasn’t able to attend, but now knowing what was going on in the background made me disappointed with myself for not being more focused during the war time measures. How can Roosh fight effectively if we’re all just being misfocused kittens over here?

The beginning took a bit of time to get into. It almost felt like the beginning of Bang with that familiar analytic approach. Once Reggie hit the scene, things started to get real. Roosh was no longer an internet blogger but a full on media sensation.

This fails to mention the spiritual journey we also find Roosh embarking on as he attempts to hold a private discussion with a few of his followers. I’m a casual reader of Roosh’s blog, but some of the things revealed in the book show a deeply spiritual man who has worked hard to learn about himself and seek the truth. In that quest, he found meaning in the strangest of places.

This story has the potential to be one of those books for a generation like The Diary of Anne Frank and The Catcher and the Rye that others in the future can read to get a cultural cross section of what life was like for men in the early part of the 21st century.

By far the strongest book Roosh has written to date. Highly recommended.

Receive two bonuses with the book

Bonus #1: An important new article explaining how to keep yourself safe from social justice attacks, especially by attackers who are already enmeshed in your social and professional circles.

Bonus #2: Full transcript of The State Of Man, the “dangerous” speech that initially created the hysterical censorship crusade. Here is a sample of what the speech contains:

  • The paradox of modern women
  • 11 problems that Western culture is facing today
  • How to mentally approach living in a degenerate world
  • An examination of three different time periods men faced in the past
  • What today’s man has gained and lost compared to his ancestors
  • The unique sacrifice that modern men have to make that historical men didn’t
  • How women are creating a generation of men who are eager to drop out
  • How to construct a win-win lifestyle where you come out on top no matter what
  • 7 tips on how to meet women and experience intimacy in 2015
  • Examination of the sustainability of game for men who aim to use it for the long term
  • The overall benefits we can expect from women in the pursuit of relationships with them
  • The two things that will allow you to enjoy life to the fullest
  • One important need that all men require in life
  • Three mental processes to use when you’re feeling beaten and hopeless

Both of the above bonuses are embedded in the main book file.

Order my new book today with bonuses

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Free Speech Isn’t Free is my 18th book, and the first one that doesn’t have a sex scene, representing the general change in my writing over the past two years. The download package includes pdf, mobi, and epub files so you can read it on any device.


If you’re new to my work, I’m offering a bundle special where you can download all 18 of my books and two audiobooks for only $37.



Email me if you have a question or an issue with downloading. I thank everyone who supports this book and also to those men who came out to see the lectures last year and became a part of the story. The book could be my best yet, and I eagerly await your comments about it. I hope it helps masculine men who are beginning to find themselves a target of censorship and other types of attacks from the establishment.

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  1. I’ve been looking forward to this.
    I just hope Mike Cernovich’s “Silenced” comes out around the time I’m done reading. Get that free-speech enthusiasm flowing.

        1. Kitt, you bought Roosh’s book! How else could you have read it? I’m sure he appreciates your financial support

        2. I guess Happy Gilmore wasn’t the inspiration of that post after all. lol

  2. I had the pleasure to stand along-side the men at the Roosh tour.
    It was a life-changing experience, no joke.

    1. Did he get you drunk, neg you, then rape you on private property? Now THAT is the real babyRoosh experience.

      1. No, instead we went to a bar where we manspread and started objectifying attractive women. You would have been safe though, rest assured.

      2. Roosh, please don’t delete her posts. These SJW’s can be great comic relief.

        1. she’s probably a fat slobby bitch and you know what, you can be a fat slobby bitch and still be a nice person…go figure..

  3. C’mon loyal wankers, pony up the $$$ for your darling’s latest literary crapfest! Basement boys gotta eat too. And laugh at your sheeple arses all the way to the bank.

  4. I’m surprised the feminist/SJW trolls haven’t flooded the site yet. This would seem to be a prime opportunity for them to attack, just like right before the meet-ups. Perhaps they learned their lesson in your anti-fragility. A lot of lurkers and newcomers showed up in support during the meet-ups and if they raise a lot of cane about this book, you’d probably see another surge of support; this time with the added benefit of sales.

        1. Like I said, need higher quality trolls. This one is pathetic.

    1. “I’m surprised the feminist/SJW trolls haven’t flooded the site yet. This would seem to be a prime opportunity for them to attack”
      They are busy defending Islam on social media after the latest attack.

        1. Gotta take out #2 before they can absolutely crush #1-8. (#9 and #10 were effectively killed by Lincoln and following legislation).

        2. They can kiss my ass if they think I’m going to quarter British troops in my house!

        3. Don’t they already permit police officers to squat on public property in service of investigations or raids? Same thing, really.
          EDIT: Thanks, Unabashed. I meant “private”, but I type stupid shit.
          Though, it does raise the question of how much of “public” property should be privatized…

        4. I am with you. I absolutely refuse to quarter British troops. That said, despite being post wall and a bit of a cunt, I will quarter Elizabeth Hurley if necessary. For crown and country.

        5. Yes, English and Scottish. Doesn’t mean I’m going to let my damned family sleep in my house. Screw them. heh

        6. She was a smoke show, in her prime. Still ain’t too shabby, although of course my tastes run more…youthful (in a legal sense, mind you).

        7. Saw it once in person when Biden went by in a motorcade. Every home had officers on the property (often blocking the front door) along the entire route, in a region of Texas where people take their rights very seriously.
          Easy money says they were never compensated for said quartering.
          EDIT: Oh, and I saw a few men on roofs.

        8. I am with you in youthful tastes, but liz hurley gets an exemption and I will quarter her anytime……

        9. I’m kind of the same way about Jennifer Aniston. She’s aging *way* better than all of the rest of the GenX women. Ol’ Brad ditched her for no-titty-axe-face-bitch. Bet he’s regretting that decision now.

        10. Especially ones that take Gender Studies courses.

        11. That’s why men are afraid of them.

        12. One doesn’t like to downgrade. It’s sexist.

        13. Brad has terrible taste in women. Back in the 90’s after fight club he pretty much could have had any woman in the world. In fact, even today, for the most part, I think he could walk up to any woman and just finger her and all she would do is smile and he just keeps letting himself get locked down by low value shits. I guess it is some small consolation.

        14. What in the fuck is Billy Bob wearing? Is he a general in the Hindu army or something?

        15. He’s only alpha on screen. He’s clearly a beta chump in real life, based on what I’ve heard about him in the news.

        16. He looks like he comes out of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, PotC V: henpecked men tell no tales.

        17. looks that way to me. I think he is one of the best actors of our times. Think of all the amazing roles. Fight Club is just a small one. Snatch was awesome. River Runs Through It? The Mexican. Inglorious bastards. Ben Button. Devils Own. Shit…hundreds of movies…even crappy movies where he was just spot on. And no one, I mean no one plays alpha male like him.
          That said, yeah total beta chump irl

        18. Maybe it is from the Bond Villain Collection that HIlary gets stuff from.
          Man, she is a POA

        19. all pile on the wabbit, all pile on the wabbit.
          All things considered I think I handled the situation very well.

        20. The knee-man dodged a big ole bullet this weekend with a total fucking degenerate psycho who had me fooled for a bit. Fortunately, everything came out prior to meeting up with her and it will stand as a funny story rather than the disaster it could have been. The messages pretty much were RL confirmation of things we read here all the time.

        21. I can now rest my mind. The ‘ comedian’ epithet makes her sound like a batman villain. Well dodged

        22. The thought crossed my mind. But I have way too much to lose and women have way too much power without any responsibility. I think Roosh sets a good example about what to do with batshit crazy women who are on the attack. Be polite, ignore, remove yourself from the situation.

        23. that is exactly what I was thinking. By the end of the summer if there is nothing I will post the screenshots with the story.

        24. I’ve heard from way more than one source that he may be gay and his wife is actually a beard. Don’t know what they base that off of, and I generally can’t give two shits about celebs so I haven’t bothered to look into it further.

        25. Probably the only good Amendment to be passed after the BOR came out. The rest, eh, we probably could have done quite well without.

        26. which is the one that made men stop wearing hats all the time? I assume that was passed in the late 50’s

        27. No idea. Such a loss too, hats have a real charm to them (outside of baseball caps, which are basically the “wall mart shopper” of hats).

        28. “Don’tcha know”? They remind me every five feet, as if I could forget even if I wanted to!
          Maybe one day they’ll finally learn that some things are better left unsaid and actually shown…

        29. No worse than today’s “strong and independent” and “focused on my career” woman is. Why I get called the ever-clichè douchebag all the time for merely standing 5′ 6″ and no other reason! Breaks my little heart! Oh, what all could have been with such a strong and independent woman with an expensive piece of paper framed on the wall and so many other credentials!

        30. Angelina Jolie looked great in her prime. I’d take her over Aniston any day.
          Hurley looks ok but I wouldn’t want to see her without makeup.

        31. AJ > JA for sure (if we are talking about primes. I have never been an aniston fan)
          As for Hurley, I think she is so on point. And, why would you ever want to see a woman without her makeup.
          True story, my grandmother used to put makeup on before she went to bed so when my grandfather would come home late he wouldn’t find her disheveled.
          The minute a woman lets you see her without makeup you know she doesn’t care about you anymore.

        32. Hurley definitely shows signs of decay nowadays, but she is still decent I suppose. Nothing to go crazy about though. She is one of the few ‘celebrities’ that is still fuckable at 50+. Salma Hayek is another one, although technically she is still in her 40’s.
          Hayek has aged better than Hurley, but she is a bit of a freak. Monica Bellucci seemed to be aging really well until around 4-5 years ago when she hit the wall.

        33. They say Aniston is boring and not that into sex. Maybe you could turn her around mate 🙂

      1. After they buzz their head and dye the stubble blue and saying “Who are to define beauty standards?” for them being fat.
        Who am I? The target demographic.

    2. rest assured, they’re lurking around the commentary sections; going to meetings and discussing with their fellow men colleagues –
      girls : ,,he said women have red flags like died hair, how can you be such a fucking asshole ?!”
      guys (thinking we might be right): ,,yeah, a bunch of assholes”
      the next day at their next meeting :
      girls : ,,you guys coming or what?”
      guys : ,,maybe later…”

    3. They are like sleeper cells that need to be “activated” and instructed by their media and government controllers. When the next outrage comes, then you’ll see all manner of attacks.
      Also, Donald Trump is taking a lot of heat that would normally go to us and other groups. If he loses this November, the attacks against us will ramp up.

    4. We all dissected them completely. I was there. We were all in on the action. 😀

      1. It was truly an enjoyable time, but I left the experience mentally fatigued and a little frazzled. Possibly because of the fact I was leading one of the meet-ups and was operating on both the virtual and real life fronts. We wound up postponing our meet-up to the following week to avoid any issues.

        1. Keep fighting the good fight! 😀 Congrats on making it through the maelstrom of madness.

    5. Maybe the title my have something do with the SJW’s radio silence; I guess attacking a book about free speech doesn’t look good but then again that never bothered them before…

    6. But what could they do? Flood us with negative comments in the forum? There’s literally nothing they can do but throw a temper tantrum.

    7. I’m proud to say I was one of those newcomers when a feminist posted an article about a pro-rape group on Facebook. All I could think was, “now that just sounds fucking stupid,” and I was right.

        1. I was already tuned into alternative media, just hadn’t heard of ROK at the time. When I saw a MSM article stating that a pro-rape group was trying to meetup, I called bullshit. So I checked the site out for myself and haven’t turned back 🙂

  5. Great video. I know on a small scale. After becoming alienated from many members of my own family after standing up to them from a cultural libertarian perspective. Funny thing I have noticed is this. Liberals tend to carry things to a level of personal vendetta much more than conservatives and libertarians. I think that is due to the fact that a group enforced ideology relies on bending people to its will.
    Cultural libertarians operate on a philosophy that is anathema to that approach. The challenge for a cultural libertarian is dealing with 1000 Liluputians, to borrow an image from Gulliver’s Travels

    1. They invest their identity in their ideology. This means that if you attack one of their ideas, they perceive it as a direct assault on their person. This is why they act the way they do most of the time, they have no real personalities independent of their ideology.

      1. That’s astute. They have no stories to tell. No sports, no fights, no arrests, even no siblings, it’s been a constant safe space since they were born. Only thing they can say about their trials, and trials build character as the Bible says, is about that time they were”raped by the male gaze. “

        1. Yes, exactly. Their “trials and tribulations” always relate directly back to attacks on their ideology-identity. The only non-ideology thing I can get out of most of them involves their obligatory “pit bull” or cat talk.

        2. Yes. It’s one of their big things. They do it, I think, because they want to “bust stereotypes!” or some bullshit like that. It’s basically a nod towards their racial politics, although few will come out and admit it.

        3. I would like a huge dog and a very small one. Like a Laurel & Hardy duet.

        4. yeah owning a pit bull is total fedora territory. you also have to lecture anyone who gets a dog from a breeder about how they should have rescued a pitbull instead

  6. Veteran reader here :
    I’m proud of this movement stepping out of the internet layers.
    With the proper knowledge, the proper push, within 5 years we will all be meeting.
    CHEERS TO YOU GENTLEMEN, as Roosh did not do what he did for himself.
    God loves us!

      1. “Free speech isn’t free”? No, as you all can see. Guess
        that’s why the author removed my awesame video link.
        Let’s tell it like it is: This must be an arrogant arsehole.

  7. Roosh, I’m confused. How can you be such a full-throated supporter of free speech – going so far to write a book about it – but then turn around and endorse Donald Trump, who has repeatedly shown a blatant disregard for free speech/freedom of the press? Trump has repeatedly pulled credentials vaguely for “being very unfair” (his favorite cop-out), including the Washington Post most recently, and has previously said he wants to loosen libel and slander laws so people can sue with impunity whenever their feelings get hurt. Trump’s platform seems to run contrary to the values you profess to hold dear.

    1. While I don’t speak for Roosh I see no issues with it. Trump seems the better option from any and all perspectives compared to Billary. And by wide margin.
      The world is not black and white, you have to pick from the possible options.
      That said I got banned under another nick for saying people should not be banned for making offensive jokes in comments. Also IP ban lol.
      So there is that.

      1. I don’t think Trump is the better option in regards to the First Amendent. Hillary may enable the SJW who attempt to shut down many aspects of conservative thought, true. But through Trump’s words and actions, it seems more likely him attempting to use the law (or power) to imprison people for what they say. That’s not a behavior that we should be promoting just because we can get away with it, and it seems you may have been the recipient of some of that, unfortunately.

        1. I don’t trust Billary one bit, she minimized the death of those at Benghazi and that is just atrocious.
          She should be ashamed of herself. And I frankly think so should anyone supporting her.
          She says trump isn’t qualified? Well that seems unproven one way or the other at this point to me but she is provably disqualified.
          Are you going to tell the military to have as commander in chief someone whose comments on the deaths of people serving the government were “what difference does it make? “.
          Good luck with that.

    1. It does in Daryush’s case.
      Look, he isn’t able to eke out a living on the rape guides anymore after the “five star” recommendations on Amazon were found to have been fraudulent. He isn’t smart enough to begin a new movement to bilk desperate loners out of their money, so he has to drum up some $$ tangentially. This book is about what we could expect.
      The funny thing is that the same nutters who would put $ into Daryush’s sweaty pockets are also the same nasty xenophobic, racist Islamophobes who would set the above-mentioned Muslim on fire and boast about it on Facebook if Roosh weren’t famous in the misogyny circles. Life’s funny that way ☪

      1. Retard. Racism is the logical consequence of biology, Mother Nature doesn’t give a shit about your feelings. Neither does plain reality.
        Xenophobia is a healthy and constructive sentiment which has allowed human society to progress this far. Different doesn’t equal good.
        Islamophobia? So you like the bearded barbarians raping, murdering and pillaging away do you? The. Why don’t you fucking move to Saudi Arabia and see how well your SJW retard shit flies there.
        Europe has been at war with these goatfucking raghead paedophile sofar over a thousand years, just to be able to have some semblance of civilization and you want to give it all to them?
        The rest of your shit isn’t even worth farting on.

        1. Thank you for warning everyone what level of stupid your post will be with that use of “retard” as your label.
          Secondly, if you claim to not care for “bearded barbarians raping, murdering, and pillaging away and goat-fucking raghead pedophiles”, then why were you able to pounce upon my post on one such Muslim’s website? You perfectly described ol’ Daryush perfectly (which is stunning because you introduced yourself only as “retard”).
          Also, I am not going to correct your many fallacies of thought, you are what decent, civil society would call “a lost cause”. If you manage to grow up a little and gather a modicum of good sense, you can write me again. But no more “full retard” mode. I know Daryush’s usual audience appreciates your special retard speak you use amongst yourselves, but I have a three-digit IQ and consequently don’t think as any of you do.

        2. I despise Islam and see it as a death cult and have lived in muslim countries and know from experience,I know you have not. You should go live in an Islamic country before you open your mouth and pretend to be an authority on Islam.
          Xenophobia is normal, there is US and there is them, US are the ones inside your perimeter or culture and follow your rules, THEM are the ones outside your perimeter who don’t follow your rules, so its healthy to be cautious and cynical of an outsiders motives and character before you know them. xenophobia is common sense and you can’t escape it.
          You seem to suffer from the SJW left wing sickness of rationalizing everything to deflect responsibility away from yourself so you need to rationalize our dislike of Islam by JUST blaming us instead of also looking at Islam itself. Islams destructiveness speaks for itself.This rationalizing is also what feminists do with all men, a guy screws a feminist over she has to rationalize the blame away from herself and just place it on men in general. You are doing the same thing here.

        3. I live 300 feet from a Mosque. Mosque-goers (if that’s what they’d be called?) pass by our home every day, we see them in our markets, theaters, parks, and schools, etc. No, I have not lived in an Islamic country, and having lived in one does not make you an expert either (see Dunning-Kruger Effect — because that’s what you suffer from). My first PhD was in Christianity and World Religions though, but I know how little ROKers bother with learning silly facts before spouting off opinions.
          The rest of your screed is in fact just opinion and himsterical name-calling, and you are welcome as heck to hold those opinions and attitudes unperturbed by me. To bother showing you where you are wrong only wastes the time of an employed person, and makes the other one only become more himsterical — basically, doing neither of us any good.

      2. A little quiz about Carrie: She is over 25.
        A) years old
        B) kg overweight
        C) number of cats
        D) days without sex (with a human)
        E) months without a BF (who is not a cat or dog)
        F) all of the above
        My vote goes to: F!

        1. Did Maldek know that responding to someone in the third person is a sign of advanced psychopathy? Does Maldek know there is help for people like Maldek?
          For instance, speaking to someone named Carrie, you might refer to Carrie as “Carrie” in your discussions directly to her. This is not what psychologically well people do. What people with a clear and healthy psyche do is say “you” and “your” when speaking to individuals.
          I tried lowering myself to your fractured psyche in my first paragraph. It made me feel awful, perhaps as though my life revolved around fabricating false allegations about someone whom I’d never met and certainly have no sense of their life or existence, yet I was determined to fail at guessing anyway. Darn, I haven’t felt this bad since Elliot Rodger made this site famous.
          I’ll tell you what I would tell any other person who so sorely needed the mental help: GET HELP. There is no shame (or, there ought not be any shame) in seeking help when you need it. If you had a broken leg, you would see a professional; if you had a cavity in a tooth you would see a professional. Your psychiatric troubles are NO DIFFERENT and whether you feel it or not, you are actually worth the help. Maybe no one cares about you now, but if you improve, you might actually garner a circle of loved ones, and you won’t feel the vituperative need to project against others online like your posting history illustrates.
          Namaste. Or as Muslims like Daryush might tell you, “the worst of our faults is our interest in other people’s faults”, Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib. Maybe Islam has found its newest convert in you.
          p.s. you were actually correct about choice ‘e’ — my husband hasn’t given me the time nor the inclination to get a boyfriend in ages. So buck up, kiddo, ya actually said something accurate.

  8. Freedom of speech = the freedom to repeat the ruling opinion as loud and as many times as you wish

  9. Hi Roosh. You have beautiful eyes, lovely sculpted cheekbones. nice thick hair and sensual lips.Yet you hide your face with a repulsive muzzie-like beard. For goodness sake’s please trim that wild bush of yours..please?

  10. Just wanted to let you know that the Paypal Button didn’t work for me to buy the 7$ PDF Version. Tried it with Google Chrome and Firefox (no adblock).
    Bought it now from my phone.

  11. Does the book discuss how he pussied out and cancelled all the meetings while literally staying at his mom’s house?

  12. Damn Roosh. I made coontown to troll the free speech shit out of reddit to damage them for reasons similar to your FPH video, and I wasn’t interviewed 🙁

  13. My Amazon review: 5 stars
    I’m NOT giving Roosh’s book 5 Stars, because the writing is brilliant, or compelling, I’m giving his book 5 stars, because I’m a man who’s witnessed the DESTRUCTION of MEN by the forces of secular collectivism from a front row seat, and I’m worried about how my son and future grandchildren are going to survive. I followed his progress to entertain and educate a few kindred spirits at a few cities, last year. I also wanted to participate in his international meet up this year, and I was personally threatened for saying I was going to attend the event in Tampa. (ohhhh, I was so frightened)
    His Canadian experiences shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s familiar with Canada, today. It’s a socialist paradise, and led by the son of the first national SJW adherent who’s wife publicly shamed him when she left him for Rock Stardom and Mick Jagger. It’s so bad there that they haven’t had a Canadian hockey team in the NHL playoffs for something like 20 years, and Roosh’s experiences, and how he handled the miscreants of the Left are to be applauded and encouraged by all men.
    If you’re a young man in your 20’s you need to read this book, if you’re in your 30’s you need to read this book for your progeny, because Roosh has identified our enemies, and why this collectivist crap is happening.

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