3 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Your Next Pair Of Shoes

An American hospital is a business—nothing more.  Some may be subsidized by our socialist-leaning liberal government, but for the most part, hospitals need you there to get paid.  And the longer you stay, the more money they make.

Sometimes a hospital is 100% needed (i.e. a heart attack or compound fracture to the femur), but it’s how they manage those numerous “gray-area” issues that makes them a total racket.   If you know how hospitals operate, you can avoid their scams and avoid getting ripped off.

1. They rely on “urgent care” centers to generate their business

A few weeks ago, I went snorkeling in the Florida Key’s with some friends.   I accidentally inhaled some sea water, and a few hours later, started coughing up liquid from my lungs.  The next morning, I decided to drive myself to an urgent care center just to get checked out.

The doctor at the urgent care took an X-ray and an oxygen sample—paid via health insurance.   I was feeling better and my oxygen count was good, but the doctor told me that my lungs “looked really ugly” and that I should be admitted to the hospital.  When I asked him why, I was told that the hospital had “the proper respiratory equipment and medicinal treatments” for my condition, which he insisted was life threatening.

Now at this point, he’s got me a little nervous and believing (naively) that I would drop dead on the street at any minute from pulmonary edema.  I’m not old, but being far from home and thinking that I was going to get some crucial respiratory therapy, I complied and checked myself into the local ER.

2. They will try to sell you on staying overnight for an “observation”

Um…you guys wanna put ANYTHING into this?

Once in the ER, all the staff did was take blood samples and urge me to stay overnight so that they could monitor me—there was no respiratory treatment at all.  When I asked the nurses and doctors why I wasn’t receiving any medication or treatment for my lungs (as the first doctor implied I would get), they became irritated and kept changing the subject back to how “important it was” that I stayed overnight.  Straight answers here were in short supply.

Four hours later, I was still in the same place – and there was no treatment of any kind.   The entire time I just sat there, being sold by nurse-after-nurse on needing to “stay overnight.”  It’s appropriate that most nurses are female, because the badgering just went on-and-on.  Unfortunately for me, the only thing my body received during this time was a Cuban sandwich—not oxygen or medication.

I decided to leave.  I was fine, and I could tell my doctor knew it too.

3. They don’t want you to know how your health insurance works

Out-patient is when you slice your hand, get patched up in the ER for a few hours, then go home—you are not at the hospital overnight.   In-patient is when you stay in a hospital room overnight, and piss-and-shit into pans.

What hospitals don’t want you to know, is that with health insurance, your out-of-pocket expenses SKYROCKET once you become in-patient and spend the night there.  The room costs money, the food you eat costs money, and your presence overnight allows them to literally charge you $12 for an aspirin every few hours.   Then, you wind up paying off your $5,000 deductible for the next three years—all for an “observation.”

When I started asking the staff what my insurance costs would be and how it worked, they began to “disappear” to assist other patients, so I Googled it on my phone.   They don’t want you to know how much extra in-patient costs vs. out-patient—and it’s why a lot of people get blindsided with ridiculous out-of-pocket hospital bills just for a cough.

5. They use scare tactics against you

A hospital wants you staying overnight—and their arsenal of fairy-tale bullshit scare tactics to make it happen is absolutely endless.  Scraped your wrist?  You need to be observed for a potential life-ending blood clot.  Got mild indigestion?  You could shit yourself to death from that possibly e-coli ridden hamburger.  Your blood-work isn’t back from the lab yet, but let’s get those pillows ready anyway.

At the end of the day, the hospital wants their money, and it is in their best interest legally and financially to “keep an eye on you just in case” under the guise of “care-giving.”  This creates a win-win situation for them every time—with you at the disadvantage.

6. Their nurses are overly-dramatic corporate lackeys

Aww…you POOR thing! You could, like, totally die!

ROK readers know that most women are drama queens and actresses, but I found that hospital nurses are turbocharged drama queens.  Their minds and emotions are very chaotic—just like their jobs are.

Even worse, nurses attempt to play with their patients’ emotions, and this is easily accomplished because most people are already in a vulnerable emotional state while sitting in an ER.   They are corporate lackeys that serve their masters by manipulating you into excessive hospital fees that you don’t really need to pay.   Considering how overpriced the health care industry already is, their behavior is as predictable as it is abhorrent.

Of course, the nurses then get vindictive when you don’t go along with their corporate ruse.  The second I told miss man-jawed plumper that I was leaving the hospital, she literally grabbed the IV stuck in my arm, and violently ripped it out like a 90’s feminist taking back her borrowed Melissa Etheridge CD.  Yeah, very mature.

6. They rely on gullible and emotional patients


Hospitals don’t want critical thinkers as patients.  They have their own agenda, and want gullible morons who will swallow whatever opinionated BS is spoon fed to them.  When you are faced with a less severe ailment like mine, ask cold hard questions to the doctors in order to help sort through any potential BS.  Don’t accept vague statements, and always seek to clear up any gray area.  What is the name of my condition?  How is it treated?  What specific equipment does the local hospital have to treat this?

In a lot of cases, hospitals rely on gullibility, raw emotions, and low IQ’s as a means to prosper financially.  According to Trusted Choice, over 60% of all bankruptcies are due to medical expenses.  Hospitals don’t care, and because the average Boobus Americanus has the IQ of a toaster, this is a very convenient racket for them.


I believe that the condition of my lungs was bad, but also believe that the severity of my ailment was exaggerated in an attempt to take advantage of me.  I was BS’ed by a series of agenda-driven medical professionals, and my lack of respiratory treatment or medication in the ER was the smoking gun.

If you feel fine overall and you are not getting direct answers or treatment specifics from your arrogant and egotistical academy award winning doctor, get the hell out of there and save yourself the $300 copay. Don’t be a beta hypochondriac and buy into a hospital’s BS.

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65 thoughts on “3 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Your Next Pair Of Shoes”

  1. Fashion is betamale strategy and shouldn’t matter. Let the betamale bemoaning begin below.

    1. Fashion = buying the latest “trendy” thing.
      Style is timeless. The James Bond look hasn’t significantly changed in the 50 odd years the movies have spanned.

    2. Fashion, style, swagger, charisma, romance, insert other abstract B.S. here. = Betamale stategy.

    3. What’s alpha male strategythen? Finding a girl, killing all her male protectors then raping her? Fashion has been a part of civilization since forever.

      1. Having good genetics is Alpha. And in nature this is what females would go for. Alpha genes are expressed by the physical traits, phenotypes and attributes you posses. Clothing was invented for protection from the elements, not to be a fashion statement or status symbol. When females are socially conditioned to go for abstract shit like a man’s fashion, this is error and leads to the dysgenic trend we have today.

        1. Here’s a reality check. Humanity doesn’t live in nature. We created civilization to get away from nature. Unless you want all men to start killing and raping to show their dominance then, the only way to show high status is use use abstract concepts like understanding of fashion, money, art, i.e. things that sophisticated people do and not brutes.

        2. Spoken like a true omegamale. those memes must be screaming in yout head for survival, “must have women going for abstract b.s. being I don’t possess good genes to provide.” Yes civilization is important and the only reason we have it is because the intelligence that produced it evolved in the harshness of nature. In fact the cro magnon man had larger brains and were more intelligent than contemporary man. To maintain civilization we need the best quality genetic men mating with the best females. Fashion is not important for civilization. Clothing is important for the purposes it was Invented, protection and hygienic ones. You guys love to spout this quote, “strong men produce great societies and good times, which in turn produces weak men” and so on and so forth. This cycle occurs because of dysgenics.

        3. good genes are ones that survive and selected for. There’s no real objective standard to say what genes are good or bad. Go out and tell the ladies what good genes you have. I’m sure that will get you laid. lol

        4. Females are not conditioned to anything. They have a hard wired instinct to find certain things attractive. Most of these things have to do with a male’s resources. A male with style shows them that he can afford more expensive things and also has taste and discrimination.And may also show that style to him is as natural as breathing and that from a young age he possessed this and is from a better class and background.
          And btw, that’s just an ad from some shoe co. trying to sell their stuff, you don’t need to buy it to have style.

        5. I hope you don’t consider yourself red pill when you lack rudimentary knowledge of evolutionary biology/psychology. Why do you think that women with a certain hip to waist ratio, facial symmetry, full breasts and clear ski are desired by men? Because those phenotypes show healthy and good underlying genes. Wonen also desire men that are not short, have broad shoulders, athletic build, facial symmetry and clear skin, because these show healthy and good genes. No I don’t have to tell any women I have good genes, they can see it.

        6. @Dr Dumbass, If men had evolved watches on our arms or shoes on our feet then women may have had evolved some reason to care or desire them when selecting a mate. But of course they didn’t. man made shit like that is only important due to social conditioning. There are two things women evolved to care about, good genes and resources
          In nature good genes would always trump resources.

        7. I feel the need to point out what an alpha male in nature is. It is the top dominant male. All other males dare not go against him. Since among animals females have no option of no the alpha male gets most of the females, with a few beta but up and coming alphas sneaking in a poke or two. Wealth and a display of style, education refinement are human alpha male traits.

        8. @Cavalier, The dominant Alpha male is only dominant because he possesses the genes that give him the phenotypical attributes to be the alpha. You dipshits are to indoctrinated with this GAME B.S. Most Game gurus are genetic trash beta bitches like Niel Strauss. These guys teach that any Pee Wee Herman can follow a blueprint by dressing a certain way and engaging in certain behaviors, essentially become a good actor, fake the funk and they can get women. Game only works by exploiting the social conditioning that has women going for these abstract things. Again anyone can dress up and pretend to be high status. It’s BS!

        9. You do realize I hope that human beings are born as blank slates in most respects. Although sexual preference does seem to be the one thing that’s hard wired (that’s why when things like hormonal balance go wrong in utero, the little one becomes a homo or dyke). But the good genes business is just silly. That’s for critters with blind instinct, like birds.

        10. Mate, I agree with you on the power of reptilian instincts, but some of your views are outdated and simply do not apply to the current world. You could have the most genetically-gifted and physically-attractive alpha male Chad ever. But, if you threw that guy into an A-list afterparty wearing a graphic tee, cargo shorts, and long socks with Crocs, he wouldn’t get a single lay from another high-value female. Yes, evolutionary programming is an inescapable part of our brains, but the factors that drive attraction in modern society have been disfigured by rampant social conditioning. Nowadays, a man’s value and alpha presence is conveyed by all of his genes, situational awareness, AND his presentation, the latter being partially expressed by his choice of clothes.

        11. @Persian Pete. You get it. I’m glad someone else has some brains around here.

    4. None of those shoes looks very practical for running in the jungle or cycling.
      You can keep your corporate cubical lives, I live outside.

      1. Oh look! Some geezer who went to some 3rd world country and lives on his SS pension lol
        Ever notice how many of these losers post on the Net? If you want to go native and live like they do then it looks good to them with their SS pension money.The problem is that if you want to live like in the US many of these poor places are even more expensive to maintain that standard.
        These benefit boys are not living in the expensive areas of Thailand or Mexico etc etc but in the one donkey towns and backwaters so take it with a grain of salt when they extol the virtues and cheapness of their new found paradise lol
        Most of these boys couldn’t get a good female in the US or Europe (there are plenty) so they end up marrying some middle aged Mestizo, and even she only marries them because that SS pension money looks good to her and the most she will ever see at her age.

        1. Dr. (((Benway))),
          Quite difficult for a 60-year-old man to find a decent looking 20-year-old wife in the Western world (quite a lot of hard-working young men can’t seem to manage it). We don’t all want to live with a fat, elderly woman.

        2. The expensive part of Thailand is pricey for SEA standards but it’s still quite a bargain comparing to the US or Europe.
          If you substitute Thailand with the Philippines, you might have a point though as the latter is a way more primitive economy with basically just a few overpriced condos and an ocean of slums plus a plethora of taxes and distributional inefficiencies jacking up most consumer goods
          Oh and screw Euro and American pussies, some of them might be good yes but the price/quality ratio remain quite poor. Those who possess both physical beauty and less than abhorrent personalities are still way too expensive for what they provide you with in return. North East Asian chicks are as high maintenance (if not higher) than Western cunts but at least they bring sterling quality to the table.
          I don’t know about you but personally I wanna at least get what I pay for.

      2. You live next to the jungle ?? I thought you were in a major urban center or something.

      3. Men of substance have numerous shoes.
        You have your dressier shoes. Then your sportswear(or what you newbs call ‘casual-wear’)
        And your athletic shoes worn for duh athletics unless you live in the ‘hood
        And if you need any special shoes for mountain climbing etc you have those too. Or boots or whatever…
        And of course your house slippers and bath slippers.
        I guess that you just wear dollar thongs from Walmart all of the time.

    5. Q1 = q2 = q3
      My game is so tight that bitches don’t have time to care about the fuckin shoes I”m wearing.
      Save your money. Buy Keds.

    6. BS
      To chicks, looks and modest looking attire is a basic requirement.
      Even Tom Brady and David Beckham dress well. If you want puss, you should too.
      I said dress decent and modest. One needn’t go overboard. But that doesn’t hurt either.

  2. Apart from looking very girly, I find that these kind of shoes (as shown in pics) make my feet feel imprisoned in them. In summer, I wear leather sole sandals or go barefoot and in winter, I just wear proper boots.

    1. Probably because they don’t fit well. I wear a 14 for athletic shoes but fit to a 13E in Allen Edmonds, and the fit is on the money.

      1. You’re right, people who complain about shoes are wearing the wrong size and width. AE is good because they make a wide range of sizes and widths and will even make for you really big or small sizes if you have an unusual foot.

  3. These guys have nice shoes, I always get compliments.
    Not needed, but a leg up.
    Just sayin’.

    1. If you’re gaming for compliments, then by all means. But if you’re fishing for pussy, well then, don”t worry about your fucking shoes.

  4. Being well-dressed shows a sense of culture and social savvy. Some girls are into that. If you’re trying to get laid – it can’t hurt to look your best.
    What’s with all the negative responses?

      1. Oh look! Some geezer who went to some 3rd world country and lives on his SS pension lol
        Ever notice how many of these losers post on the Net? If you want to go native and live like they do then it looks good to them with their SS pension money.The problem is that if you want to live like in the US many of these poor places are even more expensive to maintain that standard.
        These benefit boys are not living in the expensive areas of Thailand or Mexico etc etc but in the one donkey towns and backwaters so take it with a grain of salt when they extol the virtues and cheapness of their new found paradise lol
        Most of these boys couldn’t get a good female in the US or Europe (there are plenty) so they end up marrying some middle aged Mestizo, and even she only marries them because that SS pension money looks good to her and the most she will ever see at her age.

      2. We know that it’s all about envy. If they had been brought up from when they were kids with a certain style it would come so naturally to them that they wouldn’t even have to think about it. It’s not about shoes, they’re just envious of their betters which is why they waste time writing retarded comments.
        It’s like they are trying to justify their poor taste and wretchedness.

      3. You can dress with class for cheap if you have good taste. I agree with one of the previous posters – if you were raised like that it just comes naturally. You can get $1000 suits (for those who need to dress formally) for $350-$400 on sale, and you can buy cheap stylish shoes that will last a year or two with proper care.
        But the best advice I can give you is to buy a decent blue blazer that fits perfectly. Find a real tailor that can make it fit right and you can wear this 9 days out of 10 and look right. It’s really hard to fuck up a well-fitting blue blazer and the girls’ with daddy issues will come running.

  5. Just a bunch of trolling fags in here. There’s nothing “un-manly” about a nice pair of shoes for an occasion. With that being said, you don’t need to spend a fortune to look right in a suit.

  6. I usually don’t care much about shoes (that’s like a ghetto negro thing) but I still want them to be presentable if I wear them in public. I usually judge my shoes based off of how they look while I am eating cereal. I like cereal.

  7. All the successful people that I’ve ever met, they were all wearing top notch shoes. Period. You can judge someone’s personality and success by checking out their shoes and the way they are dressed and the way they carry themselves, unless is a PUA or a player. Nobody wears quality clothes with shitty shoes.

    1. I usually wear Nike or Reebok trail running shoes, probably because I’m often out trail running.

    2. I have 4 pairs of high quality shoes (and 4 suits of similar quality) I got over the years from some of the best Italian artisans for when I have to look the part.
      Other than that I dress in a civilized and bland casual way, I wanna feel comfy in the clothes I wear and I don’t wanna look like a clown, of neither the hobo nor the Gucci pimp variety.

  8. The fgt author spends his whole day preening like a bch. what a fuckin loser guys like him are. imagine a real alpha male putting on fagey shoes and uncomfortable costume to put on appearances, they are fake people really pathetic.btw my english is not the best but i try to express myself.

    1. You know wealthy men, such as are in management or are business owners usually wear nice suits and shoes. I think such men would be considered alpha, definitely more so than a low paid worker at the bottom who’s only claim to masculinity is he lifts everyday and dresses like a slob.

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  10. Three questions I ask when I buy shoes
    1. What’s wrong with the old shoes ?
    2. Are these new shoes Red Wing ?
    3. Are they steel toe ?

  11. The most overlooked aspect of shoes and how to wear them properly is how far I’m would bury mine up the ass of whoever wrote this puff piece.

    1. It’s an advertisement for a shoe co.
      Not a guide written for the proles on style. Men of substance don’t need guides so what you see on the Net is mostly for the lower classes who want to mimic the look of the upper class alphas.

  12. Question 4: Are you the kind of man who spends much of his time and energy and money keeping up with the latest in men’s fashion? Are you reading ROK because you’re having problems getting laid by women? If you answered yes to these questions, then you might be a closet homosexual and maybe life would be easier if you came out of the closet.
    Nothing but Belleville 600’s for me. My 30 year younger HB10 Ukrainian escort doesn’t care what I wear outside, as long as money is on the table when she visits my apartment. She dresses very nicely herself but looks even better naked, in my opinion. Faggots might prefer a woman with beautiful dresses and shoes to one with a beautiful body.

  13. What a man needs for shoes.
    1 pair black penny loafers
    1 pair brown penny loafers
    1 pair brown docker oxfords
    1 pair black docker oxfords
    1 pair of black wingtips (for interviews, weddings and funerals)
    2 pairs of canvas boat shoes (one tan and one blue)
    1 pair white reebok walking sneakers.
    You’re welcome.

  14. One critical question the leg model must ask:
    “why are my pants so fucking short”

  15. What? No comments about “joos”. You vapid motherfuckers have really let me down. Surely only joos care about shoes.

  16. Relax, it is just an advert from a shoe company hawking its merchandise.
    I’m not interested in argueing for correlations between what kind of man wears what kind of shoes. On the other hand, by
    the pictures I can assert an objective description of the setting where these shoes are made to be worn:
    -The surface is fairly clean, even, non slippery.
    -The surface is completely dry and you do not walk under the rain.
    -You are not required to walk long distances.
    -You are not required to remain standing up for long periods.
    -You are not required to run , climb or jump (otherwise a high risk of foot or ankle injury).
    -Nothing heavier than a book might fall on your toes.
    -Nothing sharper than a pencil might press against your foot.
    -No risks of being mugged by someone who resells fancy footwear.
    -Your feet will always be exposed to temperatures over 20 degrees celcius.
    -You will not have to kick open a door, window or obstacle in case of emergency.
    -You will not need to crack the shins or kneecaps of an individual with immediate murderous or psychopathological intents.
    -In short, they are only made to be worn in the cleanest, safest, most predicable environment you can imagine.

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