Do Women Become Irreparably Damaged After Allowing Arab Princes To Defecate On Them?

Matt Forney recently reported on a website called Tag The Sponsor. This is a site that pulls back the veil on the real exploits of instagram “models.” In short, good looking women are propositioned by rich Middle Eastern men (the “sponsors”) to finance their all-expense paid trips to Dubai and other exotic locations in exchange for their company.

Their company, however, is an extremely tame description. These girls are paid to be slutty trophies in public. Okay so that’s big deal right? We see this all the time all over the world. Men have been paying beautiful women to be their ornaments for ages so no harm no foul………………….right?

I’m afraid not. The real debauchery happens behind closed doors and it is outright nauseating to be sure. These girls are fucked by foreign objects, pissed on, shit on, violently and bloodily gang banged or whatever other nasty shit that comes to the twisted minds of these oil tycoons.

The obvious question here is why? Why would these young, pretty girls put themselves through these disgusting fuck-a-thons? I may be naive here but I’d like to think that maybe 25 years ago girls wouldn’t even consider these propositions. So a deeper question is what exactly is it that’s changed their mindset?

Understanding this phenomenon is important for men because this completely wrecks women physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Carousel riders are damaged beyond repair but we still game them because they’re still good for the occasional nail ‘n bail. We know how to get in and out of their panties with minimal investment and keep it moving.

Tag The Sponsor sluts, however, are ruined for life. The physical and emotional toll it takes on them is a cross they are ill equipped to bear. This makes them radioactive to friends, family, boyfriends, and hookups. Even the man unlucky enough to have a one night stand with her will be impacted by the mind fuck inflicted on her while abroad.

This article will take a look at the where this behavior originates as it relates to the sexual marketplace, what their motivations are, their real status-quo, how it truly damages them, and most importantly what this means for men.

Let’s get started.

Don’t hate…it’s just survival

In the city I reside it’s not uncommon to see a hot young female driving an expensive car with plenty of bags and boxes from a day of shopping at designer stores stuffed in the back seat. On it’s face we all might think “pssh…that bitch is livin’ off a man,” and we’d be right most of the time.

We have to understand, however, that women have precious few assets they can monetize—their youth and beauty being the two most valuable. We can hate on them all we want to, but this is the way it’s been since the dawn of time. Housewives, strippers, sex workers, sluts, and all pretty women in between have always had to use their looks to get by as a matter of survival.

Dubai sluts have been properly nicknamed “porta potties” because of their willingness to be used as human toilets. Anything goes if the price is right and so long as the girls are paid, they happily bathe in the bodily fluids of foreign men. This is a flat out stomach-churning way to make a living.

Bri 4

Nothing’s off limits so long as there’s money involved

“But you just said not to hate on them for shaking their money makers right?” 

Being a stripper, prostitute, or a trophy wife is one thing. Lying in a pool of blood, shit, and urine after getting ass fucked by half a dozen condomless men just to get a picture standing next to a Lamborghini wearing designer heels is quite another.

The clear difference between the two is the incredibly steep physical and psychological price they pay compared to their gold-digging or sex working sisters, and that’s where this lifestyle ruins these girls forever.

She would pull out a few photos that they would take as proof so they could recover the damages to the room. In quite a few photos, there were bedsheets stained with blood and feces, and quite often there was drug paraphernalia in the room.

-Veloce, Roosh V Forum

The price they pay


As far as strippers go, both parties know the transaction is strictly business. You pay the money, she takes her clothes off, rubs her tits in your face, grinds on your junk, shows you a little cooch and that’s that. The physical and psychological price she pays, though tangible, is comparatively low.

Sex workers

Escorts and prostitutes operate the same way in terms of the transactional exchange. Their psyches pay a higher price because sex is involved, but unlike party sluts who give it up for free, they’re getting cash out of the deal for giving it up.

Trophy wives

The trophy wife comes out the best, having exchanged her most valuable assets for long-term security and a lifestyle befitting a young, pretty woman. Her mental and physical portfolio is in the black due to her sustainable lifestyle which puts her mind at ease. Plus, the fact that her uterus isn’t a petri dish filled to the brim with semen from multiple donors (at least not lately) means that she doesn’t suffer the physical drawbacks that women in the sex trade are subject to.

Porta potty girls

Dubai sluts, however, pay the highest price of all and get the lowest return on investment. They participate in abominable acts for a few thousand dollars, a picture on a private jet, and expensive clothes—are of which are temporary and depreciating assets.

private jet


Whoring themselves out in the worst ways possible for frivolous, temporary, material items that will be all but worthless in a few months will use up their reserves (youth and beauty) quicker than they can imagine, meaning they’ll likely hit the wall a hell of a lot sooner than they would otherwise. This is what happens when they exchange their only valuable currency for useless material possessions.

Sure they make a little cash, but they blow it within months and before they know it they’re looking for another offer.  But how many times can a girl physically and mentally handle these gross, abusive, Arabian-style fuckfests?

Why do girls do this?

Simple Math: Females  Slut shaming x (brand worship + attention and validation addiction) = a ride on a cock carousel that costs a hell of a lot more than the tokens she’s used to paying stateside. It really is as simple as that, gents.

Every Anglo-slut’s dream

The entire culture tells them it’s okay to whore themselves out for designer sunglasses and shopping sprees rather than finding and locking down a man who can provide them with a solid lifestyle for years to come.

This mentality is the direct result of sluts no longer being shamed. The sad part is that although the traditional housewife is becoming an endangered species and often frowned upon by today’s modern woman, they all know it’s the pinnacle of true womanhood. Anyone who doubts this need only take a stroll through any social media site and see that attention whores take almost as much pride as declaring how great a mother they are as they do getting 100+ likes for their duck face selfies showing cleavage.

Women will always have the notion of settling down and having a family in the back of their minds because it’s what they desire regardless of what their Instagram or Facebook accounts say. Fighting this biology only tamps down these desires, but mother nature always wins out in the end.

The sad thing is that girls that engage in this porta-potty depravity think they can have their shit cake and eat it too. They believe they can live this adrenaline-fueled lifestyle then settle down and expect to live happy and fulfilling lives. Unfortunately for them it doesn’t work that way…not even close.

Girls like this are like recovering meth addicts who have fried their dopamine receptors to the point they can’t enjoy anything anymore. The exotic trips, expensive hotels, posh surroundings, and everything else they’ve grown accustomed to will make living a normal life all but impossible when their looks fade and they stop getting offers from pervs overseas.

Celebre-sluts like Miley Cyrus and Ke$ha who sing about “poppin’ bottles” and “gettin’ fucked up” don’t warn these girls about what awaits them when the high-priced party’s over. They crave the bright lights, the high-priced drinks, and the private jets they see on TV, so when they get the opportunity to actually live out what they see in the music videos they brainwash themselves with it’s no wonder they jump at the chance regardless of what they have to do to get it, long term consequences be damned.

It’s all fun and games ’till they hit the wall

Are they fooling anyone?

Not a chance. It’s amusing to see these girls with the typical self-serving hashtags underneath a photo of them sitting on a yacht or in a pool when they know damn well that everyone who “liked” or commented on their photo knows she doing ass to mouth later that night.


Everybody, men and women alike, know this isn’t the lifestyle these chicks lead on a daily basis. Their social media “friends” know these girls can’t afford this life. Yet these girls tout and talk about how their latest photo op is just “another day in the life” and delusionally think the fake praise they get is genuine.

A quick Google search or a visit here shows you how quick girls are to shame each other for this behavior. They all know the debauchery in Dubai is fundamentally wrong, even if they put on a good show by telling the world a girl can do anything she wants with anyone she wants for whatever reason she wants.

No need to speculate….we all know what’s really going on

The shaming is also hypocritical and that isn’t fooling anyone either. Most of the girls calling out these human waste dumpsters would gladly take a steamy shit to the face for a chance to drink expensive champagne in a G5 bound for a foreign land, and they know it.  If they had the looks they’d be entertaining offers as frequently as the scat porn stars they berate.

Most girls think this way

The real damage they suffer

There’s no doubt that the superficial effects these escapades has on girls is substantial. But they pale in comparison to the real damage that is done to her sexuality on a psychological level.

This article offers a front row seat to the pathological damage that genuine rape has on a woman and what it turns her into. Among the slew of mental hurdles she has to jump in order to feel normal, regular sex doesn’t excite victims of rape. Violent, abusive sex is what she wants because it arouses her the most. This leads her into relationships with dangerous, mentally unstable men which only accelerates her descent into cerebral torture.

In short, she is damaged well beyond repair.

Girls who take part in these feces-slathered gang bangs will be similarly damaged. Participating in sex acts such as this even once will render a female utterly incapable of having a normal sexual relationship.

The reason for this is that her body is not the only thing being defiled. Her mind and soul are also being violated by the filth she participates in. Girls with high notch counts have a shitload of mental issues as it is. But subjecting themselves to this level of depravity is psychological suicide. There is no coming back from this degree of degradation no matter how much they try to forget what they’ve done.

…the memories of the sick acts they’ve committed will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

-Matt Forney

They also become sexually numb. Like genuine victims of rape, the prospect of conventional sex won’t turn them on like it used to. This isn’t to say that the prospect of a diarrhea bath or getting a fish stuffed into their vaginas is what’s necessary to moisten their panties. But rough sex, which the vast majority of women with a healthy (ish) sexual appetite love, will leave a lot to be desired as far as a Dubai slut is concerned. As a result, she’ll have to engage in increasingly vile acts just to get off.

The bottom line is that these girls sell their souls to the devil and no amount of time, introspection, or contrition will ever buy it back.

What does this mean for men?

Not much as far as betas are concerned. As long as their blue pill upbringings continue to blind them, they’ll thank their lucky stars they’re able to wife up these shit stained sluts.

White knights will always be around to defend these women and make excuses for their behavior using words like “victim” and “exploitation.” Regardless of how many golden showers she’s taken, these idiots will turn a blind eye to her deplorable past and continue to be safety nets for these toilet whores.

What this means for red pill men, however, is much different. Granted, we’re not surprised by this at all. We’ve lifted the veil on the greatest con job in history (feminism) so the lengths women go to for useless name brand knick knacks isn’t going to change anyone’s perspective. If anything, it cements what we already knew to be true in the first place.

But now that we’re cognizant of what these “Instagram models” do for these luxuries it would behoove us to be even more selective than we already are…especially the really hot ones who are “well traveled.”

While it’s common knowledge that high SMV women are much more discriminatory when deciding who to let penetrate them, at the end of the day every girl’s pussy is for sale whether she admits it or not. So is her mouth, anus, dignity, or anything else that can get her money, gifts, or security. There is and always will be a price.

Whatever helps you sleep at night

If you’ve read a few articles or perused a few sites on this subject matter it’s easy to see that most of these porta potty girls are quite beautiful which is not surprising in the least. These rich oil princes aren’t going to throw $40,000 at women who aren’t in the upper aesthetic echelon. I think it’s fair to say that no matter how good a girl looks, men who have been unplugged will think long and hard before pursuing a woman who’s known to have been on one of these luxurious trips to Dubai.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only man who doesn’t want to swap spit with a woman who’s been served a shit sundae. Proceed with extreme caution and do your due diligence by asking her what countries she’s traveled to. If Dubai is on that list, vanish like a fart in the wind.

see ya!

If you see this on her page, make like a bad check and bounce

In the grand scheme of things this trend means that more and more young, beautiful women are opting out of the long-term investment strategies of old. These girls used to marry young and bear the offspring of high status men to ensure they were taken care of well into the future.

The hard truth is that the instant glitz, glitter, and social media attention the Tag The Sponsor lifestyle offers is more enticing to today’s females than marriage and motherhood…at least in the short term (no shock there). In their minds there’s no need to tie themselves to one man in holy matrimony to live a fulfilling life when they can get what they believe is something better without having to commit to anyone long term.

As far as they’re concerned this is a no-brainer and unfortunately for men this further shrinks the pool of viable (ish) options. Eventually the only option for a man who wants to pass on his legacy or have a meaningful relationship with a beautiful woman is to leave the country. And even that resource is beginning to erode.

In the end…

…this is an extreme case of the female id run amok. We know girls do anything and everything for status and material possessions but that doesn’t make the stories of their licentiousness any less stupefying.

The craziest part about all of this is that when girls accept these offers they are well aware of despicable deeds expected of them the minute they check into those five-star hotels but they do it anyway. This, if nothing else, shows the absolute degeneracy of today’s females. The fact that they do this of their own volition for short-lived status and attention hits on social media exposes them for the nefarious creates they are when left to their own devices.

Shit, no wonder Muslim men cover their women from head to toe in 120+ degree heat. They seem to know better than most men that women will run wild if given any measure of control over the sexual market.

What these women and their admirers fail to realize is that they are further confirming to the world what’s already proven to be true even though they deny it in public: that most women who live lives of luxury (real or otherwise) do so because of men. Every man, red or blue pill, knows the only real currency a woman has is her appearance.


She totally bought that jet and Ferrari

That’s not an indictment on women. It’s biology. Some women do the smart thing and consolidate on a man to ensure security, some women enter the sex trade to liquidate their assets for a faster ROI, and most use their femininity to gain minor favor and minimal status (or as much as their SMV will get them), tangible or otherwise.

Some women are literally dedicating their lives to looking as good as they possibly can — you can find them on Instagram, Tumblr, etc. but you shouldn’t. But those looks are all they have. Most of them still have to suck a dick to get by, and outside of being fuck toys, they have nothing to offer which is why most of them are constantly in and out of relationships.

It doesn’t take “Tag to Sponsor” to know that when women are on their “good look as hell” grind, that they’re about some money, and if they’re going to get money from men who have it, they’re going to have to suck and fuck for it”

-Jariel, Roosh V Forum

It’s a travesty that the best looking girls in this country are being used up like cheap gasoline. It wouldn’t be quite so bad if the majority of our women weren’t land whales. If most American women were in good shape the ruining of a few of them wouldn’t put any substantial dent in our meat market.

But the scarcity of beautiful women in the U.S. makes this trend all the more painful and further depletes our already limited options. Our highest value (not to be confused with quality) women are being grossly polluted by this lifestyle. Nobody wins in this situation…

…except, of course, for the men squatting over these girls and emptying their bowels. All it’s costing them in these transactions is a few bucks and maybe some linens.

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  1. Carousel riders are damaged beyond repair but we still game them because they’re still good for the occasional nail ‘n bail. We know how to get in and out of their panties with minimal investment and keep it moving.
    Male hamster on overdrive.
    They get shit on their faces, you stick your dick in shit hole. What’s the difference?

      1. Nor do I and I don’t care what some silly girl does to earn money. People clean toilets for money.

        1. “I don’t care what some silly girl does to earn money. People clean toilets for money.”
          It’s one thing to clean toilets, it’s another thing when you are caressing a pair of beautiful juicy tits with your mouth, knowing that they were once used to baste in excrement.

        2. It’s one thing to clean toilets, it’s another thing when you are caressing a pair of beautiful juicy tits with your mouth, knowing that they were once used to baste in excrement.

          It’s vice versa. The toilet woman BREATHES shit in, day in day out. She’s probably full of infections, and her sweat is browner than what it normally would be.

    1. She’s an exceptional example and symptom of the decline.
      And the reason the decline shouldn’t be enjoyed.

      1. Typical millennial bastardette: has no idea who her father is because of her slut mother, so who knows what genetics could be causing her to look like crap so young. Whoever breeds with bastards and bastardettes is taking a genetic gamble — this should be an article.

  2. Sigh.
    Women are mobile public toilets with internet access (via iPhone).
    Don’t shame these men for making FULL use of the facility.
    And no, if you dig deep within an American Standard a wife will not plop to the surface.
    Sorry, but these “women are corrupting themselves” articles are borderline “white-knightery”.
    What do you care? Who cares!

    1. Sigh.


      Women are mobile public toilets with internet access (via iPhone).


      Don’t shame these men for making FULL use of the facility.


      Sorry, but these “women are corrupting themselves” articles are borderline “white-knightery”.

      This. White knighty and moralfaggotty and bluepilled. Still trying to save women. Still implying that men’s sexual wishes are harmful. Still trying to protect women.

      1. Cheer up, bloke.
        Letting someone shit on you is fucked up.
        Paying someone to let you shit on them is fucked up.
        Conclusion: Today’s gene pool needs some serious chlorination…

    2. Call me Jerry Seinfeld but I refuse to kiss a face that’s been shitted on by some sleeze.
      It’s because of articles like this that if I meet some aging hotty looking for LTRs and has evidence of having “travelled” a lot, then I am prepared to seek out evidence that might save me from being the chump who end up with this garbage.

  3. 1. A dog is a man’s best friend.
    2. A woman is a man’s best toilet.

    The physical and emotional toll it takes on them is a cross they are ill equipped to bear.

    Waaaaah, waaaaah. Poor women. Waaaaah.
    Why are you protecting women, white knight?

    1. PREACH!
      I am getting tired of these guys nowadays claiming we need to help save women from themselves.
      Let the bitches BURN!

    1. Or just servicing the needs of another market demand.
      Madonnas and Whores are all the same women.

  4. It has already been stated many times before but it bears repeating: women are DUMB animals that, when left unchecked, will completely destroy themselves. They do not know what they do because they are DUMB, pure and simple. All the more reason they should not be allowed to vote, but that is a whole other issue.
    And I agree that today’s contemporary female has no virtue. Forget marrying even if you think you’ve meet the ‘one’ because there is a good chance she was once a public body-fluid repository.
    This is why even with over 30+ chicks who have managed to stay reasonably fit and attractive are a put off: just imagine the amount of piss, shit and cum she has had on / in her over the past 10 years. No thanks.

  5. This is what happens when generations of women choose to be cum dumpsters for decades to spite patriarchy, now that men have adapted to women being nothing more than sperm toilets, women have decided to take things to the next level and become actual toilets. This phenomena is actually interesting on a psychological level as some sexual fetishes can be an indicator of mental illness. There has to be a huge, almost pervasive level of self hatred to allow random men to shit/pee on you, I don’t care if their getting paid. These bitches could have been conventional whores and would have made the same amount of money albeit they would have to work longer hours.

    1. “There has to be a huge, almost pervasive level of self hatred to allow random men to shit/pee on you, I don’t care if their getting paid.”
      I was thinking the same thing. This kind of sex is the fetish of the criminally insane.
      And as well, this will mentally fuck themselves up big time… even a female who is a high class whore who engages only in cnventional sex, eventually that takes a toll on them psychologically. But scags who engage in all the crap (no pun intend) in Dubai have major screws loose, but I also agree let these garbage females rot in hell, do not try to save them.

      1. “There has to be a huge, almost pervasive level of self hatred to allow random men to shit/pee on you, I don’t care if their getting paid.” As opposed to what? The scads of other women who knowingly hook up with abusive men for free? I don’t see any self-hatred here. I see the true nature of women a lot of commenters are trying to avoid.

        1. Look out the window to see how they shaped your mind.
          Scads of (western) men DO NOT abuse women – women do equal or greater abuse.
          Normal womenn (even some fucked up goldigging bar slut) shun ATM and getting deficated on, not to mention having animals fuck them…
          BOTH these women and those men are sick and disgusting.

        2. A woman – ANY woman – will do anything with the right guy. Don’t kid yourself. I still regret conducting the personal “experiments” that confirmed it for me…

        3. ANY woman (or man) with certain weaknesses can be exploited by any other (woman or man) as long as the exploiter is sufficiently dark triad.
          What we’re discussing here are a man and a woman, who transact getting shit, pissed and who knows what else on, insertion of foreign objects, animals, etc. In advance, at a distance, for money., not some ‘stud’ like you convincing some young bimbo who’s ‘crazy about him’ to let him pee on her in the shower.

      2. Getting a high class hooker and crapping on her is nothing new. When a married Hollywood mogul was asked why he hired a hc hooker his reply was: “because my wife won’ t let me piss and crap on her”. These women are damaged long before they embark on this lifestyle.

      3. I’m just speculating here, but I’d imagine the psychological effect is lesser for these girls because, given the depravity involved, the career half-life of a porta-potty hooker is extremely short.
        They make their Sprewell money, then after a year or two they exit stage left, whereupon they most likely downshift to conventional escort or trophy wife (to a dutiful, provider Beta who’s none the wiser), and they sharpen their long game.
        Contrast that with the conventional hooker who has to ham-and-egg it for multiple years doing half-and-halfs in the back seat in an alley somewhere, all while competing on price with every other whore on the block.

      4. “But scags who engage in all the crap (no pun intend) in Dubai have major screws loose, but I also agree let these garbage females rot in hell, do not try to save them.”
        The CHRIST-ian response to this statement is to LET CHRIST SAVE THEM! It’s no personal involvement with the women but you let them know of the SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST and His Gospel (KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4).
        All humanity is FILTH is in His Righteous Eyes regarding our SIN. That’s the “Red Pill” there. Amen.

    2. ‘Stuff’ hs become indiscernable ‘stuff’ to a ho that’s hit rock bottom. Her only concern as usual is to wipe herself clean and she thinks that’s all you have to do and be fresh and clean ‘like a virgin ”arf arf” ‘. She’s only concerned about being ‘marketable’ again like a re-usable wrung out chamois cloth.

    3. Women will always try to outdo themselves in terms of depravity – once it gets them noticed. ANYTHING to get attention

    1. ha, what was the first thing they voted for when first given thr right to vote? Prohibition.
      What did that do? Local crime suddenly became national and international.
      Way to go!

      1. the destruction of liberty began on that fateful day and it is almost completely dead in these United States.
        2nd worse decision was to let people who get $$ from government vote.
        That’s like letting your kids vote on the family budget even though they don’t contribute — they’d vote for new iphones and new cars and fuck the mortgage because they don’t understand and don’t contribute to the household economy directly.
        This is what has happened in this country by giving women and tax feeders (all of them, from BOA to Shaniqua the welfare queen to Billy Bob on disability, to GIJOE in the Army, FBIAsshole, and any other tax leech) the right to vote.
        Fine, take your leech’s toll, but no vote.
        Voting is power. Immense power. Giving power to the wrong people who do not understand its magnitude or its use has gotten us here.
        And the only thing that’s going to reverse this doomed course is violence.
        The tree of liberty will be watered again.
        Bank on it.

    2. Don’t be crazy. Voting is the perfect exercise for them. A totally useless and meaningless gesture which makes them feel empowered while have literally 0 effect on anything.

      1. Voting is useless because it has been watered down. It would actually be useful if voting was restricted to 35+ year old men that owned land or a business.
        But now that every useless moron can be persuaded to vote using emotion, it is so much easier to control the outcomes.

        1. That is one change that might help, but it is far from exhaustive…it isn’t even 1% of the issue.
          Power itself is simply a scenario. I advise not wasting your time participating in the scenario of power.
          From POTUS on down there is no one with any real power so even if the voting had some kind of effect on the outcome it still wouldn’t matter. I am not saying voting doesn’t matter because your vote doesn’t count (it doesn’t) or that any idiot can have a vote and that means you and the second string left fielder for the special olympics baseball team have the same influence (you do), but that even if none of this other stuff was true it still wouldn’t matter because you aren’t voting for anything.
          It is just a mild sedative to keep you from noticing that the the world doesn’t need you and it expects the same in return.

  6. Can WW3 please start already?
    The human race has always cycled through stages of chaos (war), peace, prosperity, decadence, decline, collapse, then chaos again. I think we’re just starting to enter the collapse stage.

  7. What is funny is that some spineless beta male will still wife them up later on

    1. Spineless Beta: Honey, did you have asparagus for lunch
      Whore: no, just the residual piss on my gums from that time when 30 men cleaned a german shepherds cum out of my mouth with their urine. On an unrelated note, please don’t ask about the corn kernels in my hair.

        1. I don’t remember where I heard it, but my favorite line was always “my grandfather had a man cave….it was called “the house.” He was a nice man though, he let my grandmother use both the kitchen and a small room with a sewing machine whenever she wanted.”
          A return to this mentality would be nice.

        2. Extremely happy Friday, my friend.
          Donovan has provided us with the term “Toilet Whore”,
          – for slut-shaming purposes.
          He he. It`s like finding Excalibur.
          How are you my friend ?

      1. so if we corner the asparagus market, we can trade it for oil?

    2. Beta Dude: “Honey, everyday I wake up I cannot believe you are with me. I cannot believe I am with such a Goddess. Even when I had to wait 8 years since I met you it has all been worthwhile. I just want to tell you again that I love you and I will be counting the hours until you come back from your business trip”
      Porta Potty: “Awwww…honey! You are so sweeeet and supportive! You have no idea how much I have missed you 🙁 Hold on there baby, I’ll still be here in Dubai for another two weeks since my client got me into another small project. Wait for my pics on fb…Miss you :* :* :* “

      1. When an american woman says “you’re so sweet” it makes me flinch. It feels like she just put me in the friend zone. I know some females use that expression as a way to say thank you, but it feels wrong.

        1. Of course it is. She’s talking down to you. In no healthy relationship does the woman tell the man he’s sweet and pretty and all of that. What she does by that is make you the woman in the relationship and her the man.
          Once that happens, the relationship is practically over already and the odds of her cheating have increased tenfold.

        2. Its only acceptable for a woman to say that to young children in my opinion. Even if a woman isn’t attracted to a man, she should still say thank you to an adult male.

    3. Absolutely. These girl’s Instagram accounts are replete with comments from hordes of thirsty, delusional guys who seem to think she earned that Ferrari by ‘working hard’ at some normal job.

      1. Get real. Even the thirstiest beta knows full well how she got what ever she got. SDaying it on Instagram will not get him even a second of attention, but being a good ego reinforcer allows him to at least hang around.

        1. @mikediver:disqus
          There’s some incredibly naive and gullible men out there. Anyone who’s ever served in the military will tell you.

        2. They know perfectly well what these girls have done, they simply do not give a shit because they just want pussy. It is very shortsighted of you to expect them to think and have the same priorities as you guys have. You have been getting pussy all your life, most of these guys have never gotten laid before and would give anything to be with a slut that looks good regardless of her past. You might be perfectly happy with not getting laid for the rest of your life to preserve your “dignity” but if they put dignity above pussy, they’ll live a long torturous sexless life unlike you sitting on your pussy throne telling them how evil pussy is while you drown in it. It is equivalent to to lecturing a man dying of thirst in the desert about water purity while you’re swimming in a spring. Your reality is not theirs and you will never understand what a desperate sexless life does to a man unless you have experience it yourself.

      2. These guys dont give a shit where the money came from.
        They are thirsty. They would sell out their brother for a used panty of such a beauty. It is pure weakness of body, mind and soul.
        It is the western MEN who have fallen first.

        1. Western men have fallen in large part because they cant afford to raise a traditional family anymore. It is emasculating. Two people working these days just to stay afloat, nevermind “getting ahead”

        2. Western Men, if one could call them (our fathers/grandfathers) that after they grew up during the sixties, threw in the towel.
          They then allowed us, their sons, to be systematically brainwashed by women who hated/hate them.
          Now, they expect us to fix it for them, and still pay taxes and our future livelihood to pay for their future retirement condo in Florida.
          They stood by and watched as we wasted under the tutelage of butt-hurt, washed up vaginas, who poured their hellacious hatred of men on us in our youth. All under the euphemism of “equality.”
          The reality is, they can now mold us and our future as they see fit. At least they think.
          That is the real reason they hate sites like this, AVFM, and anything resembling traditional values, and real masculinity.
          They fear it’s power. They just recently alluded it’s grasp. And now they can feel it’s icy cold embrace enveloping them.
          We have to speed up the process.
          About this Middle East thing. France has been allowing their women to “empower” themselves this way for years.
          America is turning into France.
          In the words of Samuel Clemons (AKA Mark Twain):
          “They are virtuous, according to their lights, but I guess that their lights are a little dim.”
          A French man in SF during Twains time on French “Maidens.’
          “If the poor fellows had known what these women had been in Paris, how one could pick them up on the boulevards and have them for almost nothing, they might not have been so free with their offers of $500 or $600 a night.”
          That money in today’s terms would be about the same these Arabs are paying.
          they are losing more than they know Forney. Both the girls, obviously, and those using their orifice like receptacles.

        3. They should all be strung up and hung on some trees. A man so thirsty and so needing of feminine approval is no man but a souless gollum.

    4. Yep “her past is her business” one of the most ludicrous blue pill beliefs. If you are gonna spend time, money, energy and emotion on a girl you deserve to know what you are dealing with.

      1. If I’m going to even just fuck a random girl, I don’t care how many dicks have been in her: just don’t have AIDS, herpes, or a deadly STD, and please don’t be a porta potty.

    5. Marrying the average high-earning beta office worker won’t do for porta potty girls. Even 300k a year won’t get a couple a lifestyle of private jets and trips to Dubai/French Riviera. Only Arab Sheikhs can live like, well, Sheikhs.

      1. The dentist down the street making $200k per year is just too middle class these days. She might let him take her out to dinner if she’s got nothing else going on.

    6. Let’s also be honest, these girls aren’t really that good looking. It’s pretty obvious most have had serious work done, and they’re still young women! Who the fuck wants to wife up a shit stained barbie doll?

    7. With a huge smile and raging hard on, too! I’m sure they would still show these walking diapers off to the world even if they knew about all the Dubai gang bangs. Pathetic.

      1. And it’s not just average joes:
        Kanye West?!?
        Wiz Califa (or however you spell it)
        Cats bragging about who banged a slut first. Wife’ing up video whores (literally) and having babies with em…SMH

        1. Good point. Kanye actually went after Kim AFTER seeing her in a porn, that’s fuckin pathetic. You see a slut getting railed on the internet, and the first thing you think is ‘man I gotta meet this woman’, you’re a fuckin simp. Wiz must love the taste of cock cause that’s all he’s getting from that slut.

  8. It is the definitive ‘shit test’. On a saintly person, shit repells and rolls off their face or hide like water rolls off a windshield treated with Rain-X t.m. or like an egg slides off a new teflon frying pan.The real question to ask the person is: ‘did the shit stick whatsoever?’

    1. I’m going to use this. If a woman is willing to let me shit on her for money, I’ll immediately throw her out.

  9. Is it possible that this whole story might be a bit blown out of proportion? I mean, it’s a fun read and all and I understand there is a certain pressure to create new content every day. But this feels like the manosphere version of a tabloid article. I might be wrong but girls getting shit on by sheiks can’t be that huge of a phenomenon.

    1. They’re not paying round trip, first class Emirates flights and week long 5+ star accomodations for a simple pump and dump. The orgasm isn’t what these men are after, it’s the power of making a Western, free female ( aka not some Ukrainian prostitute in a Saudi brothel ) do whatever you want for, in their eyes, chump change.

    2. True or false, you’re absolutely right it’s a tabloid article and one of many recently in result of Roosh’s new year resolution to heavily monetize the site.
      RoK is turning yellow in line with its yellow fever. LOL

    3. Getting shitted on by a sheik or being flow out to hawaii to get fucked for 3k. Does it matter? Instagram models, materialism, and social decline is destroying women.
      I know lots if chicks that clear 6 figures getting fucked. Most of them started to die off around 28 years old.

    4. The mistake is in thinking it’s just a small, select group of Instagram whores who engage in this kind of debauchery. Them eagerly offering themselves to be used as a toilet in exchange for material goods is examplar to how deep they are willing to sink, but it’s just the top of the iceberg.
      If you’re living in a city, any city, whether in the US or in Europe, I say look around you. You’ll see plenty of girls who are living the high life, walking around with their Hermes and Vuitton bags, driving around in a Mercedes or BMW, with their small dog/child substitute on the passenger’s seat. Where do you think the money is coming from? Stocking shelves? HR clerk?

      1. The smart phone has made it easy. Women go into the most expensive store, try on the $5000 dress in the changing room, take a pic with their smart phone in the mirror. Then post the pic online, next to their other pic standing next to some porsche they saw parked on the street. Then they sit back and watch the offers for dinner at expensive restaurants come in, from which they further screen for deeper pockets.

    5. Yeah I’m just not buying this notion that there are that many women willing to be.. well.. toilet whores. It’s a disgusting and revolting act.. and most women, even the whores in Instagram, are just not going to do it.. especially when they can still get a lot of money from other sheiks for just sex.
      I think this whole thing is blown out of proportion.. and it’s easy to understand why.. It is a revolting notion and it pushes a lot of buttons for men here, i.e,. those dirty, Arab foreign man stealing their white women and having access to the vaginas of these women simply because they have money… No amount of Game or peacocking is going to substitute for a man with resources and money. And of course the actual act is revolting and men are reacting with understandable disgust at the thought of it.. but it sounds like a hot of emotion and hot air.. and not enough data and facts. Where is the data and actual numbers of how many of those Instagram women are whores for Arab Sheiks.. and of that group, what percentage are wiling to allow an Arab Sheik to actually defacate on them? there is very little information and data in this article..

  10. Generally speaking, women become irreparably damaged the day they are born.
    In this type of society I mean – a society where they’re put on a pedestal for being absolutely worthless. A society where their betters are systematically brought down at every turn.
    Somewhere in their confused pea-brain bird-brains women know that men are better and when they’re given free reign and their behaviors go unchecked and unpunished, this fucks with them and damages them.

  11. Trading in your vagina for material benefits from men is normal female behavior.

    1. Yes. Agreeing to have somebody shit on your face however indicates something seriously wrong with *anybody* who would agree to it in the first place.
      Men like tools. Men like to fix things. Men who like to use their tools in order to hit their balls and get some kind of pleasure from it are psychotic. Using tools or liking tools at that point becomes irrelevant.

      1. Yup. That is one of the reasons I never joined a fraternity in college. Not that they defecate on you, but something degrading like getting your head flushed down the toilet. The pledge in my freshman year had this done to him and said it was worth it to have a sense of belonging. I said Fuck that!

        1. That pledge friend of yours, despite the ovaries in his scrotum, is a woman.

        2. I’ve heard of a lot worse initiation stories. More homo-erotic and depraved. Same here though. I had no interest in that stuff and didn’t understand why guys wanted to live together. Found out later that the girls valued frat guys over independents about twenty fold. Oh well.

        3. Girls valued frat guys more because that’s where the party is at near campus and accessibility of alcohol. A young freshman male is typically 17 or 18 years old has no legal means to get alcohol. Frats are a form of higher social status so girls are naturally attracted to.
          Guys go through all that degrading bullshit just to chase tail mostly. I didn’t know of the homo-erotic shit going on, but it doesn’t surprise me. They were very secretive about their initiation procedures anyways.

      2. I have had the misfortune to know some of these men, without naming names, in this article that do this. I’ve even met some of the girls but I never have been interested in some cunt who’s idea of “the good life” involved collecting material possessions.
        These men, though. They aren’t really men at all. They are the lazy, idle spoiled scions of wealth and privilege that have no more than a passing basic idea of where their money comes from and even less of an idea as to how the rest of the world works. Yeah, they have a fancy degree from a University somewhere, and that university probably took a nice “donation” to make sure the kid ended up with some pointless piece of paper.
        The idle wealthy the world over have always been debauched. They have always paid to bring in things of aesthetic beauty and then defile it. That has usually included young women and often enough young men. Now, it’s just that they can bring it from anywhere in the globe they want it.
        It took great self control when I dealt with these men. Had I said the wrong thing or offended them, they could have had me killed and it never would have been more than a passing thought to them. I was merely a guy that was installing a communication system at five times the cost anyone else put out bids for. After three trips I decided not to take any more contracts from them.
        What they, and a lot of other people that didn’t earn the money they have, are is a walking, talking billboard for confiscatory estate taxes. I’m not worried, when they run out of oil in the next twenty years, the Arabs will promptly be back to humping their camels.

        1. Let’s donate to/invest money in Elon Musk’s SolarCity then. It’s projected to take over the world’s energy in the next decade or so. The faster we get the world off oil, the faster we can end this debauchery.

        2. It will then be somebody else. Have you ever dealt with the kids of wealthy bankers? They don’t like people that work for a living. They are generally as debauched as the Saudi’s but they are restrained by the thought that the American people mostly don’t like them either, and are close enough and well armed enough to make examples of them.
          Solar has it’s own unique set of problems, we need to make the technological leap to create fusion energy.

      3. Though to be honest I’d use my ball peen hammer to pound my nuts flat before I get married again.
        In the end the results are the same but with the hammer I’ll still have money and the pain won’t be so “literal and ironic”.

  12. I don’t think this is a particularly intelligent question. It seems fairly obvious that they were irreparably damaged to allow it.

  13. Okay the girls want money and are making a mistake. They’re losers and are in some kind of state of sociopathy. They’re empty and their hamster skills are really working against them on this one. “It’s just 30 seconds” Ouch.
    But where’s the vitriol for these shieks who want to act like this and do this nonsense? Is it me or is there a kind of, “Ha ha, yeah dude. Score!” And these shieks are the biggest losers I’ve ever heard of. If a guy hates women so much that he acts like that then he’s so far beyond gay that Liberace seems like Conan in comparison. Sand fags. Look at the homosexuality pedophilia phenomenon in Pakistan. Deucing on a woman is gayer than anything the gayest man in the Castro has ever done. At least a typical gay is man enough to admit what he is and what he wants. Who cares? But the sand apes are trying to work around their gayness with this depravity that’s worthy of the death penalty in my book. If you can act like that then just leave the planet.

    1. “But where’s the vitriol for these shieks who want to act like this and do this nonsense?”
      Why would there be any vitriol? These girls use their assets to get what they want and oil billionaires make them work for it.

      1. Because what the shieks are doing is sick. I’m not talking about a general whore/john tradeoff. Hell, I’m all for that. I’m talking specifically about the scat play in the article.

        1. And? If two adults want to engage in a transaction that involves sucking on K9 anal glands in exchange for money, more power to them. These hoes could just stay home and get a job, if they prefer being shat on so be it.

        2. “And?” he says. “So be it.” You’re really taking a stand on scat play here. WOW.

        3. I don’t have to take a stand on consentual sexual relations between two adults.

        4. Ha ha. Keep digging in on scat play, man. Hilarious. Fighting the good fight, yeah?

        5. The creators, instigators and producers of this type of depraved shit are kissing cousins to the Arabs.
          Just another dune coon, but worse.
          Weimar republic 2.0

        6. I get the impression the Germans did, or at least they were among the first to put that fetish on flim and video.

    2. You are white knighting without realizing it. You can’t deflect blame away from women who do this. They will take the money from anybody who offers it. If it wasn’t arabs with money to burn at the moment, it would be somebody else. Its like the cuckold husband trying to defend his cheating wife by blaming the other man. If you never require women to take responsibility for their actions, then you’re just enabling the whorish behavior.

      1. Oh man this is getting hilarious. I’m not deflecting blame at all. I never did that at all. Both parties are depraved and shouldn’t be on earth, imo. I didn’t know that my comments were going to draw out the closet coprophiliacs like this.

      2. “If it wasn’t arabs with money to burn at the moment, it would be somebody else. ”
        And it is. These girls aren’t being “sponsored” solely by wealthy arabs in Dubai, there are customors around the globe.

      3. I called the potty girls ‘losers’ and ‘sociopaths’ and strongly hinted that they should be dead. Not exactly my definition of white-knighting. Could be yours though. Who am I to say?

    3. The Arabic or whatever who are paying these women are sick fucks in my view. Bassicaly it’s an interaction between two sick fucks.

  14. The only way this could be relevant is if you’re looking to settle down with one of these hoes. As long as she cleaned the shit and vomit out of her mouth by the time she sucks my dick I don’t care what she did with that mouth before it got to my dick and I don’t give a fuck if she guzzles down a gallon of Burj-Al Arab piss right after I ejaculate.

  15. “Regardless of how many golden showers she’s taken, these idiots will turn a blind eye to her deplorable past and continue to be safety nets for these toilet whores.”
    ” …Toilet Whore..”
    ” …You Goddamned Toilet Whore “.
    Well Donovan, as angry as I was with you for promoting the banging of other dudes wifes, I`ve forgiven you now, since you`ve now provided us with the latest and greatest weapon in slut-shaming technology:
    “Toilet Whore”.
    Gentlemen of ROK, never forget the term “Toilet Whore”.
    In the fight against Feminism, which is The Whore of Babylon, the term “Toilet Whore” is hands down state of the art in slut-shaming..
    Once you`ve labeled a woman as a “Toilet Whore” it`s game over for her.
    Use it wisely and not in vain.

  16. What makes you think that only princes crap on them? They take shit in the mouth from anybody who pays them $10k. That’s the going rate for a porta potty.

    1. yeah, thanks to social media, betas, and the sjw/media/feminist brainwashing, i foresee that being a “porta potty” will raise to be the way to go for all young idiotic western girls of this century.

    2. Because most gay men (what these princes are, 100%) just admit that they’re gay and pursue cock and balls. Only sand fags trying to circumvent the acknowledgement of their gayness with this kind of extreme woman hating.

      1. They’re not gay. They’re shitting on the West. I, as a Christian, have come to terms with the idea that maybe this is the hand of God punishing not only the women, but us, for lack of restraint over them.

        1. I get you but I still think there is a whole lot wrong with guys who want to do that to a woman. It’s a naked woman. If they’re thinking in terms of East, West, Koran, Bible or whatever when the woman is naked then I still think they’re gay. I don’t care. It’s so ironic that they can be a shiek worth 200 million or whatever and they have to resort to that kind of ugliness to spark some emotion in their life. Depraved. I need to get away from this thread. This is the exact kind of subject that doesn’t move my life forward at all to think about or talk about. But you’re right. All of this degeneracy has happened before and it could be God trying to show us something. I think he’s showing me that I need to pick my battles with more thoughtfulness.

  17. well all this shit doesn’t bother me in fact. It’s just another proof of how goes this sick world : rich men can afford pretty girl thanks to their money, pretty bitches get laid by these filthy pigs because of money. Nothing new under the sun, gentlemen !
    but the thing that makes me sick the most is all these social media beta motherfuckers who give their “like” and praise to these whores.
    I can add that viewing ugly feminist/sjw being in these shit-gangbang with these pigs could be, at least, an hilarious show for red pill guys.

  18. …the memories of the sick acts they’ve committed will haunt them for the rest of their lives. – -Matt Forney. Wrong. That implies women have more intellectual and moral depth than they really do. Women will bop along oblivious. They’ll rationalize what they do. As we discuss on here all the time, there is a reason they were once not allowed to vote or participate in the justice system. Look at it this way: woman have abortions and go on to live successful lives. It doesn’t get worse than murdering your own child, so don’t expect them to sweat this.

    1. So dead on right here. Not only will it not haunt them…..if they feel anything other than numb indifference it will be pride and, during argument one with the simp who wives them up, they will bring it up and rub it in his face.

      1. They now throw “divorce parties” replete with custom-made cakes. In ten years, expect “pee parties” to celebrate their newfound wealth.

        1. In all fairness, I always thought the best bachelor party was the one after some simp found his sack, stopped playing captain save a ho, stopped being a beast of burden and kicked the cunt to the curb.

        2. “Shit, I’m late for my friend’s baby-shower!”
          “But this divorce party just got going!”
          “Darn sorry Roxie… Hey I know why don’t we just meet up at the pee-party later tonight?!?”
          “Hey yeah Okaie!”

    2. Its a kind of wishful male thinking that there is going to be some psychic karma that’s going to haunt women.

    3. It will damage them subconsciously even if they hamsterize a justification for it on a conciouse level. You can’t lie to your subconscious.

    4. It’s true. If anything, once they’ve married the beta provider, they’ll think back wistfully to “that 9/11-y guy and his friends who made poopie on me heeheeheehee!!”

        1. I was just imagining how a girl like that would refer to an Arab. Probably Louie subconsciously.

    5. I think this is why, on some level, so many women are atrracted to serial killers. They see something of themselves in a Bundy, Ramirez, or Ridgeway. (i.e. the complete absence of remorse).
      There is almost nothing that women can’t sweep under the rug.

      1. I posted a link about this a day or two ago. That “hot” con whose mug shot went viral and had the ladies swooning just landing a modeling gig. Cant make this stuff up…

    6. You know, you’re right. This is nothing compared to murdering their own children.
      Wait, who was behind the push to legalize abortion?

    7. PREACH!!
      Anyone who thinks this will have the slightest affect on the women is merely projecting their own remorse upon them.

      1. Let the bitches reap their rewards and avoid them. Don’t hesitate to tell them so if necessary. The cultural traitoresses treat Western men the same way and deserve their pain.

  19. I don’t think anyone gets it that this is called “empowerment’. “More lib, less judgment, please. We’ve got shoes to buy!”

      1. Wouldn’t it be wild if this song gets bigger than Rick Rolling was? Neva gonna give, Neva gonna give, Neva Gonna Give U Up!
        Edit: Come to think of it, a collage parody video of sheik’s, poop, and instagram women would be the ultimate way to shame this behavior right out of existence.

        1. the shieks should play this on loop as they do the deed.
          for the ladies, they should play CREAM by Wu Tang while they are in the green room. Amp em up

  20. I doubt its anywhere near the majority.
    Anyway, sluts and whores and strippers are practically worthless. They exist only for a mans enjoyment. And theres nothing worse than a culture and race traitor whore, fucking mid eastern muslim scum, disgracing white men in their own countries.

    1. These girls are pigs, no man no matter how far down the social economic spectrum should ever wife up any of these pigs. In fact if you are married to such girl and find out years later she was a Dubai toilette whore, divorce her immediately, assume she has already cheated on you. The fact that it bothers you that they banged Arabs is beyond my comprehension, it’s not as if it would be any better had the men been white.

        1. Is that so? German males and females are notorious for potty fetishes (really get off on it); aren’t bestiality bordellos legal there?

  21. It should be common knowledge that whores will never be wife material. That’s why any guy who suspects he is dating such a woman should make use of the websites above to find out as much about her possible past as feasible before he wifes up someone who’s already lost 95% or more of her long term value.
    I have no doubt that any of these middle eastern patrons would never in a million years dream of making these women wives. They are just for fun and nothing more.

  22. In truth a woman becomes irreparably damaged the moment she loses her virginity (to whom she better hope is her commited husband). After that she is never the same.
    To ask this question of women who have been naive enough to leave the overly protective western world to prostitute themselves to strange men who could’ve easily gotten away with chopping them up and throwing them in the desert beggars belief. The horse has well and truly bolted at that stage; it’s completely out of sight.

    1. Hi Me,
      I think you are right. But I must add that if you take a girls virginity it takes a strong alpha to keep her as sane as possible, if you desire (and I hope you do) further use of deflowered girl. A strong alpha is needed again by a girl when she has her first child. Girls must be kept busy during their most fertile years to prevent decay in a LTR. It takes a strong alpha to walk girls through the valley of shadow so they fear no evil 2X, except for being without you.
      Add a strong pimp hand to an alphas arsenal, makes these things easier in my experience.
      What do you think?

      1. I agree with you but I think in the long term it’s nigh on impossible to expect to have a healthy long term relationship with a woman in Western society no matter how alpha you are; you’re swimming against an overpowering tide. If you desire a devoted, feminine wife and a functional family it’s not going to be easy and it never has been, but it’s downright impossible in our society of insidious cultural manipulations such as feminism.
        Giving your wife a series of love taps is a certainty in the long term but if you ensure you’re family is part of a society that understands and respects traditional gender roles you’ll probably be able to count the times you had to resort to that course of action. Contrast this with the same woman in a western setting and she’ll likely be punch drunk before the honeymoon has even ended.

  23. How long before ISIS has seven or eight of these whores in black hoods? Michelle Obama will have to start a #BringBackOurToilets social media campaign.

    1. Sorry, it’s worse, ISIS will have these women cutting off guys’ heads and shitting in the hole, without hiding their faces.
      Then the newly-minted ‘mujaheeda’/holy-warriorettes will spew on about Western depravity ruining glorious, pure, holy Islam.

  24. I was with you until this:
    But the scarcity of beautiful women in the U.S.
    Oh come now. Plenty of landwhales, but there is no shortage of pretty women. Maybe if you live in some backwater swamp or something, but I can’t walk ten feet down the sidewalks of downtown Columbus, or Cheyenne, or Fargo on a hot summer day without walking past more pretty women than you can shake a stick at.
    Otherwise though, yikes, scary stuff man.
    I wonder if there are any real life examples of this destruction *after the fact*. Like one of those confessional websites where these kinds of whores from, say, 5 years ago now go to spill their emotions all over the internet and beg society for forgiveness (or whatever)? If not, I wonder if one will appear soon, if this phenomenon is a bit too new to see the damage yet.

    1. Someone’s been watching his Shawshank Redemption. That’s one of the best lines in the film.

  25. They agreed to this shit in the first place because they were damaged. What they have to live with is having their greed and lack of morals put on display.

    1. Yeah, my thought too. I kinda get it if they didn’t quite know, but if those texts are valid and accurate they went in knowing. Anybody who can take a shit to the face and mouth knowingly for cash is highly psychotic to say the least.

        1. No sorry, this isn’t a justification, I’m saying these people have serious psychological problems. Or they’re pure evil. This is not normal behavior by any stretch of the imagination, for any normal person regardless of his or her sex.

        2. This is the delusion of alpha, that alpha is the top of the pyramid, that all women desire alpha more than anything else, that if a women doesn’t put alpha first then she must be insane or evil. Women will gladly flush themselves down the toilet for beta bux, and the price isn’t really that high. That red pill is hard to swallow.

        3. First, you comments would hold a lot more weight if you’d put a name behind it instead of being anonymous. This has fuck all to do with “alpha” or “beta”.
          Second, it’s not a delusion. Take women out of it entirely. If a man wanted to be shat upon for any reason, money or not, he would to me be touched in the head and likely in need of some kind of serious psychological examination and treatment.
          Crazy people exist, and we define them by how far they deviate from the norm AND the way they deviate.
          That is all.

        4. What, so you think that some oil sheik with super yachts, private jets and golden Ferraris who they allow to spray diarrhea all over them, is ‘beta’ in these whores’ minds?
          ‘Beta Bux’ applies to something else altogether: a former slut who marries a normal hard working dude to scrounge off him as much as possible, while giving him the least she can when it comes to sex and most everything else.
          The arabs who hire porta potties are not in the beta bux category. They pay these degenerate whores to degrade them in every sick way they can conceive, then send them the fuck home. That’s final boss level pump and dump, not beta bux.

        5. You’ve got to realize, these dune coons are so cashed up that the money is like pennies to them.

  26. The most frightening part about all of this isn’t how damaged these girls become, but the secondary damage done to the girls who don’t do these things and are looking at these girls with jealousy.
    Even when you find a nice girl who has done things right in her real life, in her imaginary life she wishes she could be doing these things and becomes just as emotionally and sexually unavailable.
    In the long term, it doesn’t matter if they are eating scat or ersatz scats, either way the result is the same.

  27. “Every Anglo-slut’s dream” — again you forget to mention the thousands upon thousands of Russians and EE women doing the same thing, but I guess that goes against many of your assumptions that the Former USSR women are unicorns.
    Nov 27, 2013 – With more and more visitors coming to Dubai, the prostitution in Dubai. … When you walk in this club, one side is all blonde Russian hookers”

    1. They don’t come to prostitutes a lot of times. A lot of these are girls from small villages and farms and were contracted to do some “work” as a cook or a maid at a hotel making four or five times what her family is making on the farm. She gets hooked up with these traffickers who run her into the middle east and a good portion of them are never heard from again.
      Humanity unchained is completely and utterly depraved.

  28. You guys realize those princes don’t actually get off shitting on women right? You think they treat their own women like that?
    They’re shitting on Babylon.
    They’re shitting on all of us.

    1. This.
      They`re shitting on Babylon and then send her back to us.
      “Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!’
      She has become a dwelling for demons
      and a haunt for every impure spirit,
      a haunt for every unclean bird,
      a haunt for every unclean and detestable animal.
      3 For all the nations have drunk
      the maddening wine of her adulteries.
      The kings of the earth committed adultery with her,
      and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.”
      4 Then I heard another voice from heaven say:
      “ ‘Come out of her, my people,’
      so that you will not share in her sins,
      so that you will not receive any of her plagues;
      5 for her sins are piled up to heaven,
      and God has remembered her crimes.
      6 Give back to her as she has given;
      pay her back double for what she has done.
      Pour her a double portion from her own cup.
      7 Give her as much torment and grief
      as the glory and luxury she gave herself.
      In her heart she boasts,
      ‘I sit enthroned as queen.
      I am not a widow;
      I will never mourn.’
      8 Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her:
      death, mourning and famine.
      She will be consumed by fire,
      for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.”
      REVELATION 18: 2,2 – 8

      1. I’m not a religious man but I gotta admit the Bible might be as red-pill as it gets.

        1. Yes and no. Religious conservatives are drawn to red pill theory because its anti-feminist. But its agnostic about lots of stuff.

        2. Red Pill Theory tends to be rooted in biology, evolution, and an amoral analysis of reality. Some conclusions overlap but the underlying justifications are far apart.

        3. No, they are drawn to it because they want to have “holy sex” but sex none the less.
          They just want to be better than all the rest in their hedonistic desires.
          Liberals aren’t any better. They want this brand of debauchery. But they will get just as “puritanical” on you if you disagree.
          The God of the Bible is as Red Pill as it gets. Both testaments.
          Hard to be His messenger though. You wind up dead more often than not.
          The Greatest Alpha of all certainly forgives quite a bit.
          When the forgiveness runs out, that is one righteous backhand of a pimp slap I won’t want.

        4. What do you think God does? Sit in bed just making stuff poof out of nowhere and making random stuff up to troll people? God created this shit (our universe), the Bible’s just the use manual for humans. Amoral analysis will just uncover the secrets that God already wrote in a form plain enough for simpletons to understand. It’s like tinkering with a car to figure out how to drive the first time when there’s an instruction manual sitting in the seat next to you.

        5. Doesn’t matter. Biblical observations were made by old guys who’d seen everything life could dish out and that’s why they lasted, unlike the religious teachings that have fallen by the wayside. Don’t fault those guys because they had supernatural beliefs — the only overall explanations available to most for the bulk of human existence — because their pragmatic observations were correct.
          Notice, for example, that people brought up with religion have more realistic appraisals of individuals and politics than those brought up as leftists who can’t make judgements (except that they’re right and everyone else is wrong).

        6. I’m not faulting anyone, just summarizing the stuff I have been reading about RP theory.

        7. I’m largely agnostic about God and the Bible. My point is that a scientific analysis can never tell you what to do with the knowledge you glean.

        8. The universal structure is not chaos, it is an intricate system that requires harmony and balance. Just as you can’t have vehicles in an intersection going both ways at the same time in different directions, that are at times rules or morality if you will. The female people of the so called advanced western nations have chosen to ignore the rules and their roles and now we have this chaos. I don’t blame some men who say fuck it and GTOW whatever that may be. However some day in some way the balance must be restored and that means rules and morality. Yes, the bible is very red pill, too much for almost all of us.

        9. The forgiveness is never meant to run out. That’s from the orders of God, and His forgiveness is infinite if you sincerely wish to repent and be forgiven (key word is repent).
          Anyway, Christians believe that sex is sacred- the ultimate expression of love -and to sleep with any woman a man is not committed to for life is a defilement of the great and holy act of reproduction. It shames and desecrates both the man and the woman.
          The Bible uses the metaphor that a man and a woman “unite as one flesh” during sexual intercourse. To “unite” with any woman that is not joined to the man for life is to cheapen and degrade the holiness and sheer importance of sexual reproduction.
          In other words, cheapening and degrading sex, which is the ultimate expression of love, is essentially what sluts do every day, and Christians are called to oppose it however they can.

        10. Women only have one role, and that is to care for and provide for the family they elect to create.
          How to do this is up to them. They can get a job and work like the husband, or they can be stay at home mothers, but either way, their most important responsibility is to care for their family, and the man’s most important responsibility is to care for the woman.
          It is a fundamental duty of all men to care for and love their wives and children, and a duty of all women to care for and love their husbands and children.
          A woman’s “role” is to care for the family, just as is the man’s. In the absence of the family, the purpose of a man and a woman is irrelevant.
          We cannot tell women they belong in kitchens or don’t belong in kitchens. What we need to focus on is that women need to understand the utmost responsibility of caring for others ahead of self. This is fact we should grind in to MEN AND WOMEN from birth.
          Our self-centered, death-obsessed society of abortions and skirting duties yieled from sex has yielded the destruction of the West and the family in a spiral of decadence known in Revelation as the “Whore of Babylon”.

        11. Most people make jokes about believing in a “narrator” but statistically speaking athiest dont have any moral based foundation. They have no beliefs. The only belief that they have are that all religions are wrong. Since atheist dont believe in anything because doing so will make them unsmart because they would be forced in joining the spiritual(real and scary) battle that most unsmart people dont understand. The truth is the same science athirst worships doesn’t make sense by itself. Every subject needs the core breakdown from the bible. The bible (1611 KJV) is one book that can’t be denounced by all the modern theories and philosophies combined.

        12. Agreed. Its a spiritual, mental and physical act that is sacred and is especially designed for creation. Creation (men) was createdcreated to praise The Most High. Also most common Christians dont read the old testament because THE PREACHER says not to when there’s very important laws to follow. A lot consist of being clean. Food. Sex. Menstrals. Etc. So porta potties would be out of the question even if sex wasnt involved..

        13. Wow. Exactly. Well said. People are used to associating biblical history with religion. They fail to READ the book for themselves first of all then worship their pastor instead of The Father because the pastor creates the illusion that makes it easy for everyone to get to heaven. Its no wonder pastors dont pay taxes and live lavish lifestyles. Pimps. The problem is by the time most people figure out the pastors game they give up on the bible all together. And that is strategically planned. Babylon. The scape goat.

      2. Its too bad Christianity does not preach stuff like this anymore.
        Modern Christianity is been fully conquered by feminism for the most part and is extremely anti-male.
        Take a look at this white knight Christian asshole shaming men in front of their wives and daughters.

        1. This is classic. I’ll yell and scream and insult you, but give me some cash and we’re all good.

        2. I was waiting to hear about his several affairs on his wife with these “horrible husbands” whose wives he had to “save” with his “scepter of judgement.”
          Instead he just got fired after he became the beta bait we all knew him to be in the eyes of his church.

        3. This dude is not “Christian”, he is Satan.
          This motherfucker is not “Christian”, he is a Godamned feminist !
          And all feminists will burn in Hell. Forever.
          Gentlemen of ROK. Brethren.
          Hear me now:
          God does not allow bitches speaking in public.
          God does not allow bitches to teach or have authority over men.
          God does not allow bitches to walk hauty.
          God does not allow women rebelling against their men.
          God does not allow bitches who do not save themselves for marriage, but play harlots in the house of Israel.
          God does not allow filthy, cheeky whores.
          God does not allow ONE SINGLE BITCH SPEAKING IN PUBLIC. EVER.
          So in the Name of God, Brethren:
          SO BRETHREN:
          Give all Feminists as much torment and grief as the glory and luxury they have given themselves.
          Pour double in their cup. Give the Feminists pure Hell at every turn. Make their lives miserable on every occasion.
          A true servant of God.

        4. The Salvation Army is pulling that crap too. They will never ever see another cent from me. Any charity or company that craps on men or manly activities is dead to me. I won’t support them in any way.

        5. It is my observation that the Salvo’s do more for men than just about any other religion I’ve ever come across. Even the horrible men.

        6. Christianity condemns domestic abuse because domestic abuse is a sin.
          Any one so cowardly as to beat women and children belongs in Hell or on Death Row, whichever comes first.
          The Churstian Church explicitly forbids those such actions and it is NOT anti-man to do so.
          The Bible calls Christian husbands to “love their wives as Christ loved the Church” and to protect them and keep them pure from evil and hate, such as domestic abuse.

        7. It is not a “manly activity” to beat or otherwise harm your wife and kids. The Bible explicitly forbids abuse in marriage and demands a husband to love and treat his wife “as he loves and treats his own body” and to love her “as Christ loved the Church”.
          Any man who beats their wife is no man and should be put to death.

        8. I wouldn’t call a man “not a man” in a “conditional tone” to express the point. I do agree with the point however, that certainly a man (especially a Christian man of Faith) should not beat his wife (or anyone for that matter). Amen.

        9. “A true servant of God. ”
          I agree with entirety of what you were preaching but take a step back and see: why CURSE and use GOD’S NAME IN VAIN?
          Instead of calling women “B*tches” you could simply have said whores and harlots in the Biblical tone of voice. But to get all cursing and talking as an angry “raging heathen” one gives in to exactly the wicked way feminists or any “leftist folk” as they are called in the world are.
          As Christians we are NOT to curse or use profane, vulgar profanity to express our thoughts, feelings and emotions. You gotta CENSOR that stuff if not completely avoid using it.
          Shoot, I can understand in real life when people get into strife and contention a few swear words and cursing may come about but when you are online on this computer screen, one can reasonably CONTROL what and how they respond. You can “edit” out the foul language.
          Believe me man, it ain’t me talking. I just couldn’t truly picture God looking down on me saying “Well done my angry, cursing servant who can’t control what he says in private behind the computer screen.”
          We falter yes. But… can do better than that. Amen.

        10. It is not anti-male to oppose women in the kitchen or certain gender roles. As I wrote earlier, the ONE duty of a woman is to help raise a family and care for the children. Anything else is up to the woman.

        11. Ass hats like this make me want to go Rambo
          Feeling bad yet? Good, collection time.
          SHAME ON YOU if you don’t give me money

      3. Finally someone who gets it. America was only allowed to stand because it protected christians but slowly and surly we are turning away. At a rapid pace. I hasten the day.

      4. To be honest, I never really thought of this verse in that regard. That said, now that it has been put in this manner… I would have to agree this is pertinent to our current social structure.

    2. Yes, good point. And to take the analogy a step further, these women are sort of stand-ins for war brides.

    3. Just as the Arabs were behind 9-11.These pieces of shit are hitting America once again in the form of devaluing some of the women from America.This is no different than the residual effects of P.T.S.D when soldiers come back and society has to pay the price in the form of psychological toll and the after effects on society. It’s akin to an act of war.

      1. “These pieces of shit are hitting America once again in the form of devaluing some of the women from America.This is no different than the residual effects of P.T.S.D ”
        Yeah well it takes two to tango — these bitches are going willingly to be crapped on…

      2. I think a woman that consents to being shit on so she could afford a nice purse has already devalued herself. These women aren’t doing this to feed their poor kids…They’re getting shit on just to have money to buy some designer clothes.

      3. When women are given the right to vote, without being required any kind of national service, they don’t think the same way as men.

    4. Well to be perfectly honest here, we too are shitting on western women. We’re just not dropping trough and actually doing it.
      Since I’m not freaky enough (thank God I don’t have fetishes) to get off on taking a shit on a woman, what reason then would I have to take a shit on anything? Physically? Verbally?
      To belittle it. Nothing would say more how I think of something or someone than to take a shit on it or pee on it. Remember Mel Brooks’ History of the World and the First Art Critic peeing on the cave painting? I would not bet against that not having ever happened in human affairs.
      As for shitting on us… well they have every reason to. Imagine how we must look to them with our out of control women. No wonder they think they can beat us.

      1. (thank God I don’t have fetishes) I know what you mean bro, Thank God!!! And I don’t know which was better, Jews in Space or Hitler on Ice!

        1. That tractor beam only searched your vessel for spare quarters though. Probably should have thought that one better?

    5. Damn straight Clark. Imagine the discussion among the Sheiks and princes;”Hey, let’s get some more clone bitches from the U.S., pay them with the $$ their country pays us for oil, and shit on them again !!!”
      Soon the day comes when ISIS poses as Dubai Royalty, picks up some direct imports from the US for $10k+ a pop, and beheads their stupid bimbo asses on youtube.

        1. And we’re all funding their escapades, under the boot of oil tycoons and US ‘diplomats’.

      1. “pay them the money their country pays us for oil”
        God damn man. Aint that the truth. They are basically shitting on these bitches for free when you look at it that way.

      2. This is why the United States of America must drill its own oil and extract its own resources (oil in particular) and pass the Open Fuel Standards Act.

    6. I’ve said this before when someone asked me why do Arabs shit on women. They would never shit on their wives, the mother of their kids. They shit on these women simply because they can, because they know these women are trash. They’re not getting off on shitting on them, but more so getting off on the extreme degradation of these western girls.

      1. still pretty fucked up though, why get off in degradation in such a way, what does it offer them?

        1. It’s called the wealth effect. When you have so much, you spend more, and so you buy this stuff just because it’s more expensive and because you can. Unless we all switch to hydrogen cars, this will continue.

        2. Or The Feds let’s us use our oil reserves. Remember Oil is not only used as car fuel

        3. You mean unless the petro dollar collapses. That’s how they keep the game alive.

      2. Exactly they see these women as the whores, they are not marriage material and while they wouldn’t do it to their own wives (at least i don’t think they are) the women they do shit on come back to The West an have an army of suitors willing to wife them up. The West glorifies slut unfortunately.

        1. I take it they would never shit on ANY Arab or Muslim women at all for that matter, am I right?

        2. Good thing they pick these woman out for us. That way, we can see them coming from a mile away. Any hot girls you know who disappear to Mauritius for a weekend and start posting photos of themselves on yaught parties with a bunch of strangers… yeah. they’re the ones. Most of these people who go and work there as support crew know just what goes down, but the money’s good so they keep their mouths shut.

      3. So what Surah of Allah, most merciful, allows for such depraved behavior?
        I take it this makes them just as bad. If not worse right?
        I’m sure there Holy wives just absolutely love hearing the stories of toilet making of western women when encouraging their kids during Ramadan?

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        2. You don’t think they really eat their own bullshit do you? It’s all an act, to keep the peasants in line.

      4. I take it they would never shit on ANY Arab or Muslim women at all for that matter, am I right? @disqus_bjRQP77l7N:disqus

    7. I’ll say it again: I thank the heavens each and every day that I am a man.

    8. ”They’re SHITTING ON BABYLON”. Even the author didn’t pick up on that one as lengthy as his brainstorm lasted. Mr Kent can see! Now let’s get busy cleaning up all the slug trails smeared around. It’s been a hard winter. Anyone got a jar of kosher SALT laying around? . . heh . .

    9. no theyre shitting on women…we are not them and they are not us. in short: fuck them hoes

    10. pretty much. They are basically kids having fun with money.
      THose women are way damaged before getting crapped on and they know it. They were damaged somewhere in between high school feminist propaganda to starting an instagram account.

    11. Yep, it’s just one fuck-you to the west. And yet they hire westerners to design their buildings and get their shit in order.

    12. mm… what is the point of discussion here?
      Women selling their virginity for the highest bidder?
      Or you being jealous that those princes are fucking your women with their consent?
      does it matter which nationality fucks your women?
      on the other hand, this happens in your countries as well..look around .. rich people, incl. Arabs come to your home countries and fuck your women for money and you know it too..
      so perhaps you should talk to your women about it .. perhaps teach them not to be gold diggers!
      as for you, take it easy, go watch some porn.

      1. Does it matter which nationality fucks your women?
        In the current context yes it does. When nearly all Western countries are being overrun by African and Arab invaders, too much miscegenation will have an impact on the health and stability of our nations.

  29. This article reads like it is written by a 10 year old who goes to church every sunday.
    The real world is far darker than that.
    Let me be very clear about that grasshoppers.
    Know why women “are damaged” after such a dubai event?
    This is life. This is the life young and hot women are made for.
    Get fucked by a prince. That they get money on top of that is a nice extra.
    But the treatment, the luxury and the simple fact a PRINCE is going to make with them whatever the hell he wants – that gets women off.
    After that, no beta, greater beta or lower alpha will cut it. They will be dreaming of this even for many years.
    Many men have trouble getting that. Maybe i can make it easier for you to swallow.
    Think it like that: You live in a town where only 5s are. You do your very best to be a top male catch but all there is are 5s. So you marry one and have 3style sex and every morning when you wake up you see your very own 5.
    Somehow you are never really happy, but you do not exactly know why. It just does not feel “right”.
    One day, you take the wrong turn and you end up in a foreign city.
    This city is called the city of 9s. It takes you some time to get that jaw back up.
    Holy SHIT! So women can look like THAT?
    Much to your surprise, these woman smile at you. They even invite you to spend the night there as a guest of honor. Well guess what you have the best sex of your life. The next morning you wake up next to a 9s and you have an instant boner, morning sex and a grin on your face.
    Then you get back home. There she is, your wife. The five.
    Now try to enjoy your life again after having tasted the real thing.
    Thats how these women feel when they come back from their princes in the desert and home to Mr. Beta, Mr. Niceguy, Mr. political correctness, Mr. I obey the law, Mr. I have a career etc. It just sucks.

    1. Agreed. Except its incorrect to use the word ‘princes’ in the headline. Most of the time they aren’t royalty, its just high paid business people. They are just getting crapped on by businessmen. It blows the minds of some “alphas” to think that all their “self improvement” doesn’t mean shit in the face of $10k. Puns intended.

      1. ” It blows the minds of some “alphas” to think that all their “self improvement” doesn’t mean shit in the face of $10k. Puns intended.”
        Up 1000 votes if I could. Wheras self improvement is indeed the best path to take as it improves a man’s life in many other ways besides just pussy. But the fact still remains that there are certain things that will always and I mean always trump “game” and that is : resouces females want, such as drugs or money or status, or other tangible things. I am quite certain the females in question are not into the fetish that they engage in, so something has to motivate them.
        Thius is excatly why articles on ROK that discuss themes along the lines of “Why money can no longer save the beta male” is misleading. There are wealthy guys who can’t get laid, but they are in the extreme cluless minority. Any guy who starts to make good money will notice chicks sniffing him out in the same way that when adolescent teenage girls tits pop out she knows the score.

        1. The one thing ROK hasn’t touched on until now is the fact that women can and will literally sell their souls to you if you are rich enough. There are ways a normal man can get that rich without selling his soul. I know a few. If one of you is an SEO guy or growth hacker, I have something already coded up that just needs users that could potentially make you that type of money. However, if you do make that money (as a partner with me), please just promise me you won’t shit on women with it.

    2. No Maldek aka “Dr Phil” :
      Shit is not “the real thing”
      These women are degenerate Toilet Whores.
      They have not tasted “the real thing” .
      All they have tasted is shit coming out of the asshole of some Saudi.
      That`s not “the real thing”.
      Its shit.
      That`s what it is.

      1. do i sense envy?
        All women are like that – get that into your head sooner rather than later and accept it. Will save you a lot of trouble.
        It is the first step on your long journey to quality pussy.
        Understand why beeing and asshole and a criminal gets you laid while beeing a “good and honest citizen” leave you with an ugly wife who despises you.

        1. You talking to me Maldek ?
          Listen, – you little snot-nosed kid,
          I`ve fucked much, much more than a hundred girls.
          I lost count after a 120 , 130 or so.
          One of the last Girls I fucked was 17.
          I was 36 at the time.
          And in addition to those, I`ve fucked around 10 – 15 virgins or something like that.
          And I didn`t even use “game”.
          So spare me your bullshit, you little snot.
          I`ve banged bitches from here to Kingdome come, so cut your bullshit.
          To the rest of my Brothers here on ROK, I`m out for today, see you later, Fellas.

        2. Fuck of “guest”.
          You`re just making a complete joke out of yourself.

        3. What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in PUA,, and I’ve been involved in numerous orgies, and I have over 300 confirmed lays. I am trained in gorilla gaming and I’m the top alpha in the entire PUA community. You are nothing to me but just another beta. I will wipe cuck you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of PUA’s across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that cucks the pathetic little thing you call your sex life. You’re fucking cuck’d, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can make a cuck of you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in kino escalation, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the PUA library and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

        4. Dude, there’s a serious flaw with all of this: if given the choice, these women would obviously just become concubines on allowance with equally rich princes who don’t shit on them instead. That’s being with a 10 instead of a 9. The problem is that in our society, men aren’t allowed to have concubines or multiple wives, while Arabs are, in addition to being allowed to fuck whoever they want to alongside their wives. Wanna know where this legal discrepancy comes from? The way societies hold to their religions. Muslim countries try to follow the Koran to the letter – and the Koran says that you can have concubines and multiple wives. Western/Christian countries at one time said they did this, but in truth never have. The Bible also says you can have concubines and multiple wives, although there is a limit, namely that you only take wives and concubines you can provide enough for, and that you don’t take pagan wives or so many wives that you don’t have time for God. Polygamy, therefore, is perfectly fine. The problem is that ancient Rome outlawed it, and so Christian countries never embraced it, or the awesome social results of it. There are many benefits to Biblical polygamy. The first is that female sexuality is completely satisfied, in all of it’s hypergamistic lusts, without women turning into sluts or degenerates. The second is that it is awesome for the men who are at the top. The third is that it prevents feminism from forming, because satisfied hoes don’t ask for shit, and when a woman gets the best man she can get, and be latched to him forever (as that is what the Bible mandates – that divorce is only allowed in the case of sexual immorality- that is abuse or adultery of one party), she’s not going to complain about equality. The richest men get tons of wives. The middle class gets one wife. The lowest of men become monks and eunuchs, who dedicate their lives to God and the sciences. Everyone’s happy. All problems are solved.

        5. Your post is a beacon of hope in the desert of dumbness.
          What you write is EXACTLY what I have been say for a long time. This indeed would be the solution to a lot of our problems.
          Women want such a world, they long for it. It is the (lower) beta males who fear it because it would exclude them from the marriage market. What is a good thing. Not every dork must have children.

        6. how did you bang the youngins without “game’? you offered cash and/or drugs i assume…

        7. In God’s Word (KJV Holy Bible) … in marriage a man can marry only one woman to have as his lifetime wife.

      2. Sounds like the delusion of the religious conservative. You can’t shame them into changing. If they were shame-able they wouldn’t already be doing it.

        1. Change them ??? Are you insane ?
          Dude, I would be happy if someone decided to stone these “Toilet Whores” to death.
          Now fuck off the both of you,
          both Maldek and his little bitch, “guest”.

        2. Firewing, don’t let these “alpha males” get to you. They just basically admitted they would wife up a toilet-whore. If that’s alpha, then call me the most beta loser in the universe. I wouldn’t even screw these disgusting women, so I guess that makes me the most beta loser in the multiverse, and happily so.
          I’ll just keep on thinking of my dad as the model of an alpha. Married to the same woman for 50 years. She was definitely a virgin when they married, and he not far from that. Hard working, responsible, nobody’s fool, built a great life from nothing, raised three successful kids. Ya, men like my dad barely exist anymore, and maybe they aren’t even allowed to exist. But he’s the definition of a real alpha man, and the toilet-whore chasers are about the farthest thing from a real man I can even think of. They’re barely human, much less men.

        3. In agreement with everything you said until you got to this point of “But he’s the definition of a real alpha man, and the toilet-whore chasers are about the farthest thing from a real man I can even think of. They’re barely human, much less men.”
          Accurate expression in detail but can be taken “less tactfully” as “demeaning to the intended subjects”. Gotta be tactful and “sensitive” to the hearts of the subjects being addressed; although I know what you mean.
          In all honesty man is pure EVIL that’s what’s in the heart of man. Can’t call something “less human” that what “human actually is” EVIL in the Sight of God because of the SIN (curse)… Amen.
          May God’s Blessings abound to your father, mother and family. He sure sounds like a good man indeed, truly. Amen.

    3. Why do you feel the need to bring yourself down and make Gods out of others? Are you seriously so self-hating as a male? Do your manhood issues run that deep? Maybe you would enjoy letting go of your inhibitions and having a dude stick his dick up your ass. Oh, I know, I’ll get one of those princes you fetishize to give you a big fat cleveland steamer. I’m sure at least one or two of them is gay.
      What I’m trying to say is that you’re fucked in the head. But don’t worry, it’s normal for liberals to be fucked in the head, because you were coddled as a kid and then suddenly exposed to the world, and not everyone was immediately nice to you, so you thought the entire world was made up of assholes.
      So now you hate everyone and have a distorted view of the world. In an effort to get back at everyone, you became a HUGE asshole – a way, way bigger asshole than you think – and now try to justify your actions.
      But you don’t have to be that way. You can be a person with an actual moral compass and not a shit-stain on the fabric of society. It’s not too late.

  30. This is the problem with society. When women are allowed and even encouraged to only fuck the top 20% of men society collapses. . Why in the hell would a man bust his ass just to get leftovers? Either women start respecting beta men or society is gonna have to install shock collars on men to make them work at 100% to pay for bastards womb turds from single mom’s. I’m betting more blaming and shaming since no one cares if a beta suffers. He is just an atm machine, but the machine is running out of money.

    1. yes you got it.
      But there is more. Do you understand the full meaning of the word “globalisation”?
      Let me make it simple: The overpaid beta male in the west is no longer needed. The chinese produce most and much cheaper. The western beta male has had his peak ~1960 and if heading for the cliff fast.

      1. “The overpaid beta male in the west is no longer needed. ”
        Unfortunately you are correct. You guys ever check out the automatic earth blog? One thing has always stuck with me:
        “The post-war period from the late 40s to the early 70s was not only the best time to be an American, it was the best time to be alive in human history, never to be duplicated.”

        1. I disagree with that time span actually. The tax rates sucked ass, hard, during that period. It was only our superior production due to the rest of the world going tits up that gave us any disposable cash once you paid your exorbitant tax bill. I recall when Reagan’s tax lowering hit it was like mana from heaven, the rates were like not being taxed at all compared to the previous 70’s.
          The best time in my view was around the 1880 to the 1910’s. Fucking rock hard freedom, no taxes to speak of and every man a dignified individual with his fate fully in his own hands.

        2. 1880s started with the collapse of the railroads, ushering in a depression over a decade long. 1907- fake banking panic engineered by the same folks who concocted theFed. Carnegie and Rockefeller(or was it Morgan?) bought the 1898 election for McKinley. It was a big-monied time…

        3. I’m read in history. Every time period, every year, every day had fucked up shit going on. From a perspective of individual liberty and the ability to control your own destiny though, without all of this militarism bullshit and taxes, that time period is my go to time preference wise. I really don’t care about big money as long as it’s leaving me alone, if they’re having fun buying islands good for them. Politics at the time was nowhere near as pervasive nor taken as seriously as now so buying an office here or there was just good sport (not excusing it).
          Not that there’s anything any of us can do about the past of course.

        4. Just admit it- you chose that era bc you always wanted to rob a stagecoach.

        5. Well duh, who wouldn’t?
          Naw. In reality, being a rancher out in the old West is more my speed. Cattle Baron has a nice ring to it.

        6. When I watch HBO’s Deadwood I think to myself “Damn! What a time to have been alive!” Thanks for the inspiration, think I’ll change my avatar.

        7. Interesting point, GOJ. I have to admit that I tend to over-romanticize tht period in America, but i do so with my limited perspective having been born in the 1960’s and grown up in staunch feminist households. I didnt realize the tax structure from the 1940’s to the 1970s was so bad. Where can I find a chart or database of the tax structure in the usa from 1880 until now?

      2. If the overpaid beta male of the west is no longer needed, then we clearly no longer need a welfare state. Otherwise, he’s needed; to be a wage slave for the government.

        1. The beta-male is still needed, but we’ve done a great job of dismantling his right to his own stuff.

    2. From the prospect of sloppy seconds, we fast degenerated to sloppy 900th shit stain .. LOLZ

  31. Instagram has only accelerated the arms race for the “lifestyle” look on social media. With this article, as well as reports coming out of girls renting high priced brands to use in their photos and/or using beta males cars in their pictures, we have 3 camps of women on social media in the arms race for best “lifestyle” pics:
    1) The ones getting paid for it as seen on this article. What is sad is that 99% of these women will blow through this money quickly and not invest.
    2) Girls renting high price purses, cars, and “posing” like many do in rap videos, but in reality, their net worth is near zero due to them drowning in credit card debt trying to fake having a real lifestyle
    3) Girls who have nothing, but use rich friends or acquaintances to pose for pictures acting like it is their own property. Case in point: I know 3 girls on Facebook posing on boats, near cars, and airplanes none of which are their own. They weaseled their way into the picture.
    In summary, 99% of these girls are faking a lifestyle, and they are drowning in debt or a false sense of riches. It’s incredibly hilarious to watch.

    1. Sometimes it boggles the mind how 13 men who created instagram have done such irreparable damage to humanity in just a few year’s time.
      A product created by 13 people slowly but surely destroying millions of lives.

        1. Agreed. It’s just a damned shame that we don’t know who actually wrote Facebook in order to lay the blame on them. Heh.

        2. Facebook has real uses though. As in business. As far as I can tell, Instagram is just a site of whoring.

  32. Fuck the Arabs but it seems to me this site is starting to become a little like Rush, Hannity and Fox News. If I wanted to hear how evil Arabs are I can just turn on the radio or tv.

    1. These things are happening. Pointing them out is not bashing them, it is simply presenting the facts and evidence. If Arabs, or anybody else doing something fucked up don’t like it, then don’t do fucked up things. Besides, the article is about the women going over to satisfy these fucked up requests, the who could have been anybody, in this case, it was simply Arabs.

      1. I have come to realize that facts and evidence don’t mean shit. Bezmenov explains it all here but especially at time-marker 4:30 Americans are de-moralized, meaning they have lost their morals. Taking the red pill does not bring on enlightenment or increase IQ, it just rips away the blinders…

        1. I don’t disagree and have actually seen that back in the day. Just saying that to men truly into truth and hard reality, facts do in fact mean something. As I said, the “who” of the toilet dumpers (not dumpees) is actually irrelevant and rather glossed over in the article. These could have easily been Russian power brokers or South American drug lords, the end result is that some seriously damaged bitches who, in any other time would likely have been burned at the stake as a witch, are today showcasing their mental illness and utter base depravity on social media.

        2. “the end result is that some seriously damaged bitches who, in any other time would likely have been burned at the stake as a witch, are today showcasing their mental illness and utter base depravity on social media.”
          And being praised for it.

  33. Still have to read the article but I wanted to say this first .. only ROK can bring us headlines like “are women damaged after Arabs defecate on them” LOLZOLZLOLZ

    1. Mainstream media won’t touch it, and if they tried it would be in a white knight editorial bias, like the women are victims.

  34. This hot 10 from Instagram went to Dubai once…she said it was the shit.

  35. Conceivably, a porta potty girl may save large amounts of money, create a network, plan an exit strategy (once she gets tired of being anally penetrated with salmon-coated billiard cues), and then live off the economic rents of her investments/businesses. A minority, the smart ones, do it. Or become madams.
    However, most women never develop the neuronal synapses for long-term, strategic planning. Most porta potty girls will spend it all, take more pictures and suck more dick until, around 28, the money flow slows. Panic will ensue.
    Remember “If it flies, floats or fucks, rent it, don’t buy it” . The Sheikhs know it damn well.

  36. I wish the Saudi Princes would take pictures of the models wearing the curry turd lipstick. Post them online. I wouldnt even care if it were to “shove it in Americans faces”.
    Use the equal opportunity quotas to go to college and get in debt so you can be shit on for life, or get a gig being shat on twice a year. Sounds oppressive. lol

  37. “I’m pretty sure I’m not the only man who doesn’t want to swap spit with a woman who’s been served a shit sundae. Proceed with extreme caution and do your due diligence by asking her what countries she’s traveled to. If Dubai is on that list, vanish like a fart in the wind.”
    Gold. LOL

  38. Do they become irreparably damaged afterwards? Definitely, but they are probably damaged beforehand as well. You would have to be to take a turd on the face.
    Of course the Feminazis are nowhere to be seen on this issue. They’re bitching about women being “exploited” by a “rape culture” that doesn’t exist, but when they get shit on by rich Arabs for cash…..well, its all just fun n’ games. They’re not going on about “sex worker rights” here!
    “to actually live out what they see in the music videos”
    I remember the rock and glam metal bands of the late 80s and early 90s when I started listening to music. As kids, myself and the other boys thought the songs were totally entertaining, but we never took it seriously because we realized it was just entertainment, and our parents made damn sure that we knew railing coke and banging whores was a really really bad idea. The parents don’t give a shit anymore, now look what you get.
    “their only valuable currency”
    Not that long ago cooking skills would have been super valuable as well. That’s all gone out the window now because most people would rather stuff their faces with shit from McDonalds or the TV dinner aisle in the grocery store.

      1. You mean buying international tens for sex/companionship in general or delving into this depraved act? There is about all the difference in the world to me.

    1. Not me. If you’re holding your anus over another person’s face and shitting, you’re a loser. They may be doing it for some abstract philosophical reason (I think some are giving them a bit too much credit with that), but that doesn’t change the fact that in degrading another human being like that degrades yourself in the process as well. I have far too much self respect to degrade myself over some brain damaged whore.
      Now arranging orgies or threesomes? All day long brother. All day long. But keep the scat at home.

      1. “If you’re holding your anus over another person’s face and shitting, you’re a loser.”
        Jesus Christ. Thank you. I couldn’t believe how many comments are on this thread that didn’t address that angle right away.

    2. I would have a…not a harem…a FLEET of beauties. But they would not be shit on. That’s just gross, mmmkay.

  39. In Arabia, if a woman gets gangbanged and wet poo squirted in her face for cash she’ll be stoned to death by her peers.
    Here, if this happens she’s empowered.
    My question is where the fuck are all these women’s fathers? and their brothers? Why aren’t they stomping the shit out of these women?
    This is why the arab world looks down on the west – too many weak-willed weak-kneed beta men running society and allowing horse shit like feminism to run amok

    1. “My question is where the fuck are all these women’s fathers?”
      Their mother got dvorced when they were 3 years old.
      “and their brothers?”
      Why would brothers risk prison trying to stop their strong, independent sisters from being sat on for $$$?
      I have a sister, she can do whatever the fuck she wants.

  40. Feminism is simply a well defined statement of the female reproductive imperative. That is why even before Feminism and long after it is gone that gyno centrism will remain. To paraphrase what others have said….”feminism is female hypergamy weaponized”
    Alpha fux/beta bux paradigm is an integral part of this female mating strategy.

    1. I’ve been thinking about that for a while. Perhaps they might not really have a fetish for defecating on women. Maybe the real reason is that they are giving men everywhere a big middle finger to show how they have so much power that they can do whatever with these women. They want to show that they are the creme de la creme and no one else.

    2. It’s about power and dominance. They’re using a miniscule portion of their oil dollars to literally take a shit on The West and its pride and joy — their young women.

    3. Simple, everything they have ever wanted in their entire lives, no matter how trivial or passing has been given to them. Vehicles, Cars, Drugs, Women, all of it. They have literally never been told “no” in any way that matters to them. So, taking in account deep psychological factors they all have along with the way their drugs have warped them and you end up with guys that get off on the notions of scat and gangbangs. Which face it, to get off even thinking about either points to having some severe mental issues, the money just makes living the fantasy possible.

  41. The author is bitter and vindictive.
    These girls are way out of your league. The only thing you could come up with is an article about how damaged they are (an utter triviality if there ever was any), and that you will never ever “swap spit” with them.
    On a side note, could the ROK editors stop posting articles dealing with Instagram/Facebook/Twitter as well as the “Oh have you read what feminist xxx posted on her blog /said on the TV ?!?!?!”
    Most of the manosphere has moved on and nobody gives a shit anymore.

    1. To each is his/her own. These girls aren’t out of anyones leagues, anyone who lets another human being defecate on them isn’t out of anyones leagues, lol. Its just self respect goes out the window for them and they are exposed for being the gold diggers they actually are when they are offered 5 figures for a few days/weeks of being an arab mans property. Anyone who holds the power of finance can control them, even if it is a nasty, sweaty genie looking mongrel.

    2. Im sure the author of this article could muster up the $5-10k it takes for these girls to take a dump to the face. Anyone with a stack of cash is within their league.

      1. He can’t and it shows. You have to be worth $500K in cash alone to be able to splash 10K on one hooker with such insouciance, as if you were throwing $20 on french croissants for the average Joe.
        He can’t game them and he can’t buy them. Pointless article.

  42. The scat thing sounds over the top. Are you sure you’re not just falling for rumors like the typical media.

    1. If you don’t believe it, just create a fake instagram account and message women like you’re an arab with private jet. Its like creating a fake dating profile with male model pics, those “nice” girls will say yes to anything.

    2. I’ve done extensive business in the region – it’s not. If feminists want to do good in the world they need to visit a Quatari brothel – they’ll find some genuine victims of Patriarchal oppression and rape culture.
      Of course there’s also no doubt in my mind, none whatsoever, that many, many girls would suck shit right out of a mans anus for the right money. Money Arab businessmen and oil tycoons have in nigh unlimited amounts.
      What, given their easy access to highly attractive, young Eastern European girls would compel them to pay vast amounts of money to just pump and dump an American bimbo? They wouldn’t. Trust me these girls are earning their money.

      1. I’m doing a book for a client out of Dubai. A full length graphic novel. Will probably take me a year to do. Knowing how well off they were, I charged them nearly 10x my rate and they were like “okay”. It was no big deal to them. What would take me years to make on my own they just forked over in a minute.

        1. Why not? After all, you already gave it to them at the fuel bowser, they’re just giving it back to you 🙂

  43. I really, really, really love kissing and caressing the skin of a chick who has had the cum and diarrhea of 8-10 guys rubbed into her entire body. Daily. For a week.
    Ditto at french-kissing a girl who has eaten a bowlful of said cum and diarrhea mix from the same 8-10 guys. Daily. For a week.
    Yum yum.
    Hang on while I get an expensive diamond ring, gonna wife me up that Dubai Porta Potty hoe.

  44. This is the seediest shit I’ve ever heard of.
    Talk about damaged goods. Yech!

  45. That’s a stupid article. These women are small in numbers and deserve what they get. Why do you care? Let them drop out of the pool. There are enough other women.

    1. I think its indicative of what women at large are capable of. I’d love to usher in an entirely new nihilistic brand of slut shaming saudi style. I’m also glad to learn never to leave a plate alone in the same room with my German Sheppard. AWALT

  46. Duly noted.
    And Muslim men have it right in covering their women from head to toe. I’ll give them that.

  47. While its true that high value self respecting man would want to be with a woman with this kind of baggage, there are way to many high value men who have no self respect.

      1. Why no self respecting man would be with one of these skags or why someone would?

  48. It is great to know the $8 trillion we spent since 1976 securing Persian Gulf transport lanes so other countries can sell oil on the world market is being put to such good use. No better reason for the US to assume massive debt than for Saudis to go poopies on girlies heads.
    Another great idea for the Saudis would be to fund religious schools called Madrasas teaching Wahhabi-ism to create a generation of NUT JOBS that will fly planes into our buildings.
    Our relationship with the Middle East is sooooooooo good for this country. Who needs Asia and South America, let China have that.

  49. haha i was waiting for content on that crimson pill thread to be posted. still shocking

  50. Do they file tax returns like the rest of us. Huge back taxes, interest, and penalties would be hilarious.

  51. I hope we never let this go. The debauchery of these women (and the men but we cant shame them) needs as much exposure as possible.

  52. I’m surprised that with all of the “Red Pill” knowledge supposedly being pumped on this site, that no one has yet to click on the fact that for woman – SEX IS MERELY A COMMODITY.
    Don’t get me wrong, you can really F#ck a woman’s mind in many ways – but sex ain’t one of them. It’s the mental context that will trigger the damage for the female psyche.
    It’s why they make just about all sexual interaction with males a tit – for – tat calculation. Yes, they do have sex drives and desires, but never think a woman is not giving you sex without some ulterior motive behind it. She ALWAYS expects some type of compensation. Be it a child, a relationship, of you paying that electric bill, a bitch is always keeping record on the outlay of pussy.
    If any one of us ran across these girls and gamed them into a night of debauchery such as described – if she considered us “alpha” and we had the right frame – she’d mentally twist it into being “empowered” and couldn’t wait to do it again. If we went dark with it and dumped the fantasy and made it clear during the experience that she was indeed a worthless “toilet” she’s be scarred for life (maybe even report it as a rape – or live in fear of us doing worse and keep her mouth shut).
    In short, it’s never about the physical for females, yet always about the emotional.
    When you realize this, you realize there is no level of debauchery a woman won’t sink to. Have we all forgotten the classic “sleep with and fall for the invaders who just killed your family” or the female propensity for Stockholm’s syndrome, or the love of wild sex with bad boys.
    These girls are no more affected by this than the college slut who just had the train ran on her. The next day it’s as if it never happened. She got what she wanted; be it a few orgasms, perceived status, money, or some twisted form of self empowerment.

    1. most of my early sexual experience was just seeing how depraved i could make girls behave. not to say i wasnt depraved myself. after coming to the conclusion theres NOTHING a woman wont do (and i dont just mean sexual – if you have a girl enthralled strong enough she will kill for you), i became somewhat apathetic towards them. then i just accepted females for what they are.
      thats the cycle of human psychology. first you figure out what makes them tick, then realize all humans are disgusting animals and finally just accept and appreciate humanity for what it is. we know that it doesnt take much to stir up our primal behavior. “the people” that influence our society know this.
      i wonder when we will spend our energy attacking the source of all this instead of complaining about the symptoms?

  53. And could this be the last article we have to read about women getting shit on by Arabs, please?

    1. Why? Western men have been getting shit on by women for the past thirty years or so. If we have to outsource payback to the Arabs via petrodollars, oh well…

  54. Dubai is the new Rome reincarnated, we pay for those things from buying gasoline at higher prices. Many cultures during their peak built great learning places and inventions, but Arabs earned a lot of money during the last 50 years from petroleum, about 50 trillion US dollars, but has nothing to show other than buildings and whores.

  55. The rich Arabs who hire these women have to be damaged goods, too. This stuff is just too kinky for them not to be abnormal. Maybe they’re just deranged, or maybe they’re psychopathic. I lean towards the latter, given how often wealthy Arabs (men and women alike) beat the shit out of their maids, retaliate by reporting them to the police for witchcraft, and the like. Among wealthy Gulf Arabs, it’s considered appropriate to brutalize the poors. Really, as sick as these guys are for group-shitting on high-end call girls, what wealthy individuals and well-connected companies in their countries do to menial laborers is much worse.
    Right now, an American former aircraft technician is awaiting trial in the UAE for criminal libel over a Facebook post that he published from the United States. He was arrested after returning to the UAE to resign from his employer (which had reported him) and clear out his apartment, and now he’s facing up to five years in jail because a UAE court is claiming universal jurisdiction over a noncitizen.
    It may be stunning, but porta-potty rentals are a minor form of depravity among wealthy Gulf Arabs. When they really want to degrade someone, you can bet that they don’t get her consent.
    As far as the porta-potties themselves are concerned, even their public posts from Dubai are proof that they’re hardly marriageable. Anyone who takes up with someone so vacuous and high-maintenance is asking for trouble.

  56. The Arabs are showing Babylon what these so-called “modern, sexually liberated” whores are good for:
    They are using them as toilet-paper, litterally wiping their asses with these whores.
    That is what this is about.
    Why are they shitting on them ?
    “L`Oreal – Because they`re worth it !”
    “Modern, sexually liberated” whores have the exact same value as a roll of cheap toilet-paper.
    Nothing more.

    1. and they fuckin know it, which is why feminism was created to shield them from our natural backlash. this shit is being proliferated from the very top of the world scheme. a total war against the north american continent on all fronts. for the last 500 yrs

  57. “The physical and emotional toll it takes on them is a cross they are ill equipped to bear.”
    That might be true with the good portion of them, but the ones that keep doing the most extreme sex acts are sociopaths, they don’t give a shit as long as the money keeps flowing.
    That is until they hit the wall. I don’t pity these women at all, they put on a modeling facade, lie to everyone about what the did to get the money, and are so shameless that they voluntarily go back and do it again.
    Who I really pity are the men they settle down with, kissing a woman permanently with the shit of richer men on their breath, giving life and limb to a woman who has no sense of dignity whatsoever.
    This also happens with strippers too, they will fuck you if the price is right and the club is seedy enough.

  58. if you think the average western girl has not done worse for fun never mind money you live in la la land. I have always treated women like slave whores and treat them that way in bed and the shit i have made them do would make your eyes spin out of their head especially when the next day they go back to their bf or husband

    1. Explain. I’d like to hear what you’ve done that’s worse than shitting on them and making them fuck dogs.

      1. See these guys pay for that. When you make them ask you to do that and to cut them and to paint them with their blood and have them beg to drink your piss and lick your toilet bowl clean.

        1. Stranger than fiction, many feminists want to be degraded. They are the ones who want to be collared and led around by a leash.

        2. Hahhaha I know your words are true.
          I have said something similar here and was called soulless.
          The truth is the truth even if nobody wants to believe it.

        3. did that before she was into porn really. I just thought of the most degrading shit i could think of to make them do

  59. Princes or not – Arab men are the pits. Pretty much like the moderators at ReturnOfKings(shouldn’t that be Queens)

  60. I never know this shit was so big, so Western women really have become the lowest of the low then, it’s official.

  61. Think about it, $10k is like real estate agent commission for selling one house, and she’s licking shit off her bleached white teeth for that.

    1. Run to the rescue of your pure snowflake like a good white knight. She really loves you more than $10k.

  62. listen, let them chicks be them. if they wanna be a toilet…i say let em. i dont care cause im not tryna find a bride out of these bitches.
    i do feel bad for their kids in the present or future. i do feel ZERO empathy for the men who essentially put a ring on these chicks’ fingers. its hilarious.

  63. This is only the beginning, I do believe in God and this is the fruit of our ways. We are eating of the grapes of wrath, the promotion of fools shall destroy us, shame shall be the promotion of fools. It’s all in the bible, the book of Romans 1:21-32, I’ll We profess ourselves to be wise but we are fools. God is giving us over to pure wickedness so vile affection is the name of the game if the truth is in you your a idiot made a prey. All you can do is turn to God to pray I repented of my sins and accepted the blood of jesus. It’s so simple your either with God or your against him, your either of God or the devil. There’s no gray area none whatsoever, even this website pushes a bad agenda it is of the devil. You either talk of God or your talking of the devil.

  64. Didn’t read the article. Not cause I don’t like your stuff. It’s really cause I have such low expectations of women now that I was all like “Yeah, I pretty much knew this in the back of my head already.”
    What I find funny is these women have these things done to them for such low amounts. 18k-40k is nice, but is it enough to get weird objects put in you, gang banged by some fat saudi bastards, and then shit on? I wouldn’t.
    I have pride. I know most men may not but that is why they are BETA and I’m not. I hope to God I never encounter one of these hoes. What is sad is that women keep secrets well. I may have to go all creeper status and keep tabs on some highschool girls and snatch one up when she turns 18. No telling where these 20 somethings have been.

  65. Am I the only one who thinks these stories might be a bit embellished. Don’t get me wrong, I know women (actually people in general) will do just about anything for the right price, but this is an Internet rumor that has been floating around for a while now. I know all about the sultan of Brunei’s exploits and I have no doubt that many beautiful western women are whoring themselves out to rich foreigners for big money but I think most of the shit, piss and blood stories are just that, stories.

    1. They’re trying to make it seem like every woman goes there and has this done to them. I bet the number that actually do is few and far between. One of the posts I read sounded like a compilation of every awful, taboo internet porn out there. Come on, these guys would see so many hot women back out as soon as they told them that they wanted to do that. Most of them probably just bang these guys and leave.

  66. We pretty much knew that this goes on already, it doesn’t surprise us. Women will do anything for an easy pay check. Women are whoring themselves on Instagram, Twitter and almost anywhere they can. Sugar dating is huge also, especially in the States, with sites like they are hooking up with wealthy, generous men.

  67. Hell if i had that much money to burn i’d shit on women. I’d also have a destruction derby with nothing but audi’s and lambos. Women of all types do this and most for much less than this. Remeber when “Is anyone up?” was around? That guy got loads of ass completely degrading women. He even through parties to celebrate it. Who gives a fuck what this women do anyway? If you have the money or the game fuck em and leave em and be done with it. They are nothing but life support systems for the hole between their legs. If they value material things over their own self respect that much there is no saving them

  68. Can’t blame them for shitting on western cum dumpsters, they are just putting shit where it belongs

  69. who cares about these women? i don’t. they bought it. stop feeling so sympathetic..

  70. Only a damaged whore would allow a man to shit or piss on her in the first place. The damage was there before the Arab princes got to them.

    1. Are women irreparably damaged by letting Arab Princes shit on them? Um. Yes. I don’t need to experience this to know that, as a woman, I would be psychologically scarred if someone ever pooped on me. As disgusting as this behaviour is, I really don’t think these perversions are new. Many, many years ago I had a summer job working for the precursor to Lavalife. My job was to screen calls for users making sexually explicit requests. The users of course were aware of the screening practice and came up with “cute” terms to explain what they were looking for. Needless to say it was an eye opener. And these people were sucessfully soliciting all kinds of disgusting behaviour from others for FREE. After this many years, I’ve still never lost a game of “what does this mean in urban dictionary?”

      1. I realize that perversions are not new.
        I just think that a woman who is going to allow herself to be degraded in that manner has no respect for herself.

        1. Well yeah. I’m not 100% sold on this rumour though. I have no doubt wealthy Arabs may be soliciting expensive Western call girls, and I’m not suggesting being a ho for hire to some oil magnate isn’t reprehensible, but where’s the proof all of them get shat on? Sounds like a highly embellished story to me, despite my call screening experiences.

        2. What’s so hard to believe about that? Women get shat on right here in the USA and in western countries for far less.
          Besides, these arabs already have access to quality eastern european whores in their own countries, they aren’t simply after a bang with these western princesses.

        3. Yeah I guess. It’s just this story is starting to sound a lot like “Richard Gere shoved a gerbil up his ass….it’s a fact!” Really, how do we know this?

  71. But being a gold digger, somehow, magically, doesn’t ‘damage’ them, for the rest of their lives? So much for ‘equality.’

  72. Plenty of women accept money to be shit on, pissed on, gang banged, have everything inserted into them etc. right in the good ol US of A and they they’re getting paid to do it over here too. Is it only news if Arabs do it to Instagram sloots? Please.
    The degredation has been complete for years. We’re just now finding it all out.

  73. So, the deadly sins are having a comeback. Maybe Fincher should do a remake of Se7en. The tragedy of our era is that were are not allowed to point sins out. We are not allowed to be religious and ‘oppressive’.
    I count Greed and Sloth on the side of the potties. On the side of the Arabs, no let me correct that, sandniggers, I count Lust and most of all … Pride. Pride will be their downfall. Or maybe it won’t. The universe is not just.

  74. This is absolutely going on. These asshole-sucking women go to Russia, Saudi, Kuwait, Saddam and his sons were doing this back in the 80s. I guess you had to be around the DC area to have heard of all this. Guess who draws the biggest fees? Like, 75-100K? Jewish women. Need I state why? Broads would jump out to Dulles by the dozen ten years ago and catch an Airbus A380 party wagon for Saudi for these “parties” and everyone heard the stories. These countries all have embassies and word gets around town. Guaran-damn-tee ya Roosh heard of all this going back to the late 80s, he was in DC (well, the region). Roosh?

  75. “I’m pretty sure I’m not the only man who doesn’t want to swap spit with a woman who’s been served a shit sundae. Proceed with extreme caution and do your due diligence by asking her what countries she’s traveled to. If Dubai is on that list, vanish like a fart in the wind.”
    Well, thanks…… I certainly will no longer view Dubai in the same way, and definitely any skag who tells me she’s visited there, I will be a put off, because there will be, envisioned in my mind, an image of her covered in excrement.

  76. It’s pathetic. A measley 18000 to let someone shit on you? Fucking shit. And for what? Some fucking clothes? Literally some instagram likes from people who don’t actually give a fuck about you? It’s a fucking disgrace.

  77. friendly reminder: it isnt a magical coincidence that our society is fucked up. what force is behind shaping our society?

  78. It must be true ’cause I read it on the internet! F*ck outta here! >:I This just sounds like a racist article. No different than the crap written during the early years of America, about Jews, Blacks, Irish! Bullsh*t! >:I

  79. I haven’t seen pics of these women receiving poop for clothes in Dubai. However, a look at the Woodman Casting X or Backroom Casting Couch porn websites shows you how far lots of women go for money and attention. Even Woodman is tame compared to the Dubai stuff, and at least Pierre Woodman shows a bit of caring for the girls before and after. As for Backroom Casting Couch, a girl must be nuts to do porn with no condom. But again, that pales. To misquote Animal Farm, all animals are perverts but some animals are more perverted than others.

  80. It also brings question to the behavior of our “allies”. Culturally, it does explain the mentality of those in ISIS, but also of those so called “moral” and religious authorities worldwide.

  81. Even Sacha Baron Cohen in The Dictator satirizes this behavior but having his namesake character pay Megan Fox for sex.

  82. Had an ex gf who was an elementary teacher that did this after I dumped her…and she really wasn’t all that…get fucked by a prince for $100k, yep. Told everyone she was going to ‘teach in Abu Dhabi’… When the person you’re in a serious relationship works in the Intel community for the fed, ya don’t tell a lie like that.
    This just screams ‘come be a slut’ bc the young women in our society have been corrupted, no accountability…and this was a ‘good girl’, fuck that…she showed she’d do anything for $$$, didn’t want her, fuck it

  83. These wealthy Muslims want to defeat the West and Christianity. They fantasize about it. They don’t have the cultural influence or the military to do it. What they do have is massive bank, even beyond that of Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. They realize that you can defeat a culture by ruining the women of a society, making them unfit to be mothers. So, they bring western women over and pay them to let them shit on them and inside them. Everyone of these women they defile in such a way is ruined for life as are any off-spring these women produce.
    Remember that with these Muslims, one of the worst offenses is to show them the bottom of your shoe. So, shitting on a woman is worse in their mind than even killing the woman or cutting off her legs.
    That western women volunteer for such degradation and defilement is the worst betrayal possible. They should be considered traitors and exiled permanently to the Middle East. After being shit on by a Saudi prince, no man in the Middle East will have them. So they will be forced to work as prostitutes, sucking the dicks of Filipino men working there as day laborers.

  84. When I see things like this, it makes you wonder, are men as a group, superior to women? I mean, would any straight guy sell himself to wealthy homosexuals to use and abuse in exchange for money? Most straight men would rather do without, while lots of women would sell their body in an instant.

  85. um, who wrote this? because on the dirty site, its just all in fun ITS A JOKE! but whoever wrote this is blindsighted. yeah, you do not like women. what a terrible article!

  86. This article is retarded. Most men in Dubai pay for beautiful women to Brown Shower them! That’s the fetish you fools. Return of the fag kings..more like it.

  87. I don’t know why are all of you westerners are hating on these rich arabs. Im from the capital and I understand your anger but how is it the guys fault. These guys don’t represent the country as they are a tiny minority and the don’t represent the culture. The definitely don’t represent the religion. The article repeatedly says that the women take up the offer, they’re not forced into anything. And you’re sobbing on these toilet whores while they’re the ones who made the choice. Tell me who molded them into that form? Is it arab/muslim culture or the depraved western culture that says people can do whatever they want. And what about Dubai itself that unwittingly took in these women on the pretext that they will have normal jobs. What about the residents who have to live next to these depraved toilet whores?

  88. Interesting article, no nudes though. I like a woman who can cook and clean, not too ugly.

  89. LOL, white women are so degraded. The worst of the worst. “Hanging out costs $30,000 and the sex is free” “I’m not a whore you know”. typical women.

  90. Since a lot of commenters seem to be skeptical about this article, I actually looked into it and checked out its sources and it seems to be pretty legit. However, one interesting thing I noticed was that when I was browsing through tagthesponsor, I noticed the women who offered themselves up for this all tend to come from poorer countries (most of them were mexican or colombian or from some Latin American country, not all, but most), so they weren’t necessarily all white American girls. I’m guessing since they come from such poor countries, they were probably raised to believe money is everything so they are desperate to do anything for money. I’m not defending them, just explaining why they’re doing what they’re doing. Of course, this is all a guess,

  91. Personally I would rather be crucified on a cactus than have any dealings with a woman who allowed some desert rat to… well, see above.

  92. “It’s a travesty that the best looking girls in this country are being used up like cheap gasoline.”
    But y’all do not connect this to your PUA work? Instead of trying to turn this around, you just teach each other tricks and traps to take the SAME advantage (with possibly somewhat less damage to the young women) as these arab fuckers?
    “The entire culture tells them it’s okay to whore themselves out for designer sunglasses and shopping sprees rather than finding and locking down a man who can provide them with a solid lifestyle for years to come.”
    “Girls with high notch counts have a shitload of mental issues as it is.”
    If you guys are lining up to ADD to the “entire culture’s” showing young women their lack-of-value in this (pathological) society, what do you expect!? Do you think the “good girls,” who see their friends and peers being screwed-and-chucked by you “big men,” somehow escape concluding that THIS is the value you PUAs (and thus, western men) place on all women?! If taking advantage of women is what “men” seem to want from them, why would women conclude otherwise? Women are designed to fit into their milieu (genetic, as it was a survival requirement in proto- and early human species: fit in with your tribe or die!) — so they will meld themselves into whatever pattern their society seems to require of them — because standing out/alone means death.
    What pattern are you creating in their social order to lead them to be the women you want to marry… oh right — you’re NOT; you just want free sex whenever you can get it (and then/thus devalue the girls who think this is what they’re supposed to do to find a mate and protector). And to top that off, you then hope to someday find a woman worth marrying?! You PUAs are pissing in the punch bowl, and then complaining that you can’t find anything good and pure to drink!
    “If most American women were in good shape the ruining of a few of them wouldn’t put any substantial dent in our meat market.”
    “Ruining a few of them” is somehow supposed to NOT have any effect on the ones you’re hoping to marry and produce healthy babies with? There’s an old saying; “no man is so insignificant that his example means nothing.” Or do you guys believe you really are that insignificant and/or helpless to change society?
    MEN are supposed to have the protection and ‘suppression’ of women, and y’all gave it up! As long as you can screw some pretty young thing, who cares if you’re setting a pattern and destroying the civilization that could provide the marrying-women you claim to be looking for! Where MEN used to shame and shun men who mis-used women, now you applaud them and ask for tips to help you join in mis-using women. (You cannot deny it’s mis-use: you refuse to marry and provide the security and future to these women you’ve mis-used. “Ruin some” doesn’t ruin all? I doubt that.)
    Why should women NOT conclude that “there are no good men out there” and try to masculinize themselves and ‘get’ as much money (apparently equaling security) as they possible can? Their OWN men do not value them, and will happily pump-and-dump if they can just trick the girls into it. What is the difference between you “western” “men” using young women as cum-buckets, and arab men using them as shit-buckets? How do YOU differ from these arab men — except they have more money than you?
    (And no, I’m not a feminist: I do not think women should have the vote (unless, maybe, property owners); they sure as HELL should not be in the military (except in the medical fields); I have lots more anti/ante-modern ideas not germane, but if you males want to have more marrying-quality women available, quit ruining the pool they grow from! Start protecting your “seed corn” instead of pumping-and-dumping it! Sheesh! And you call yourselves MEN!)

    1. I know. But these PUAs are either too stupid to understand this simple dynamic, or their REAL issue is that THEY aren’t the ones getting the pussy – hence they are lashing out.
      They write day and night about how to trick women into having sex for a one night stand with them and how to lower her self esteem in order to do so, and then they turn around and whine about how women have such low self esteem and are such sluts.

  93. Nothing good comes out of Islam…. It’s true women need men to protect them. Good men.

  94. A culture infected by an ideology that dictates the societal defilement of females, that’s helmed by a “prophet” who himself was an overt paedophile and warlord rape-slave proponent, can only produce such kind of abject grotesquery.
    Arabs have been degenerated by Islam and its cancerous credos over millennia. Thus we arrive at this point in our species’ history where we must make a choice between blind, imprudent humanism -or- the eradication of a disease that, if left to fester, will surely mean the end of our kind by and by.
    There is no ‘happy medium’ when it comes to fundamentalist ideology. To believe otherwise is effective self-immolation.

  95. Soooooo, obviously no women have brains as a resource? Like…getting a job or something. I honestly have a better degree than my bf (accounting with honors vs filmography) and I seriously want to be a sahm…but I’ll prolly have to support us for a few years…and if I stuck with it, I could prolly easily get a better paying job than him. Tell me that isn’t an asset. I should know, I’m an accountant.

  96. Sounds like one of the most ridiculous urban legends I’ve ever heard of. I can’t believe people fall for this crap.

  97. Stfu u son of a bitch. These dudes are fucking scumbags that r complete shit themselves. These young and pretty women definitely shouldn’t be doing this shit at all. However, no, women shouldn’t depend on a man and should be a self-made woman. U skanks are intimidated when women have jobs, but yet call them gold-digging whores when they do depend on a guy for resources. U pigs call women hoes when y’all r more sexually active. If women r “hoes”, then y’all r megahoes and shoudn’t get a free pass to not be slut-shamed just ‘cuz you’re a man. You swine sluts r the ones who thought of these vile, unimaginable, degrading acts in the first place. Don’t act all innocent you cunt-ass thot

  98. You do realize that lots of European guys hire gals here to do the same thing (check out the sex ads in the Netherlands or Germany)… but I see there are a lot of white supremacists on these red-pill sites so guess it’s okay when white folks do it… it’s the idea that a group “beneath you” is having a far better and more interesting sex life than you (e.g. non-whites… though white supremacists are always a huge pile of genetic sludge).
    Oh and if it’s consenting adults then it’s none of your f’ing business… just because you’re sexually repressed (maybe due to child molestation from your priest?) doesn’t mean everyone else is disgusting (though the author really does seem hung up on the poop thing… clearly some latent issues)

  99. The world has been screwed up since monotheism took hold thereof and it’s all Akhenaten’s fault.

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