If SJWs Were Comic Book Characters

You are no doubt aware that Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are turning the comic books of your youth into Marxist propaganda. Thor is now a girl. Marvel has a character that was created specifically to demonize Trump (and, by association, his supporters) called Modaak. The only thing that prevents the SJWs from turning every comic book hero into a transsexual is economics—no one buys degenerate cultural Marxist comics.

But what if money was no object? What if Marvel could create the SJW comic book characters it really wants to create with no thought of losing money? This article takes a look at the kind of comic book characters SJWs would create if they had no limits.

Ideally, I would have provided drawings of each of these new super heroes and villains. Unfortunately, the Muses have not blessed your humble correspondent with the ability to draw or paint so I’ve provided pictures of real-life people who could play these characters in a movie. By the way, EYE BLEACH ALERT. Proceed at your own risk.

Heroines and Heroes

Emperor Sauron


Emperor Sauron is a male so he is not your typical SJW hero. But Sauron is special because he has funded virtually every cultural Marxist cause known to man. Whether it is open borders, felons voting, abortion, defending planned parenthood, or encouraging the Islamification of the West, Emperor Sauron is behind it.

Super powers

  • Ungodly levels of wealth.
  • Concentrated evil.
  • Highly intelligent.
  • Complete absence of good.


  • Mortal, we hope.

First Woman President Woman (FWPW)


First Woman President Woman can be distinguished by her lack of ability to coordinate colors

First Woman President Woman is historic because she is the first woman who wanted to be President. She has spent a lifetime keeping lists of her enemies. The goal of FWPW is to become President so that she can sell political favors to corrupt individuals and amass more wealth than God. To do this, she is willing to completely drop US borders and turn the US into a third world shithole. She will also take your guns away.

Super powers

  • Woman.
  • Expert in Saul Alinsky societal destruction tactics.
  • Pant suits with long jackets that obscure catheters.
  • Extraordinarily vicious and vindictive. Her enemies die mysterious deaths.
  • Completely devoid of mercy or ethics.
  • She meticulously tracks all her enemies.
  • Unbelievably wealthy. Her “charity” takes millions of dollars of “donations” from backwards nations and corrupt individuals in exchange for political favors.
  • The Media is completely in the tank for FWPW and will viciously attack anyone who stands in the way of her quest to turn the U.S. into the next Brazil.
  • Favored daughter of Emperor Sauron.


  • Cankles.
  • Incontinent so requires a catheter.
  • Prone to seizures.
  • Falls frequently.
  • Low energy.
  • Unable to stand for extended periods without a stool.
  • Being opposed by a racist, anti-Semitic, shadowy internet Nazi organization known as the alt-right.
  • Her sidekick has a raging sex addiction.

Degenerate Sex Woman (DSW)


You were warned

The mission of Degenerate Sex Woman is to kill off any particle of traditional femininity that remained after the onslaught of the HBO show Sex and the City. She does this through a combination of popular cable television shows, books, social media, and politically liberal social causes.

Super powers

  • Portray the vilest degenerate sex acts as normal and healthy.
  • Portray grotesquely out of shape bodies as normal and healthy.
  • Portray degenerate, slovenly lifestyle as normal and healthy.
  • Similar to Medusa, but instead of turning men to stone, her visage is able to destroy men’s ability to reproduce.


  • Can be stopped with a large pizza.

Empowered Beautiful Black Woman


Empowered Beautiful Black Woman (EBBW) is beautiful. If you disagree, you are a racist.

Super powers

  • Comic genius. Or so I am told.
  • Beautiful. If you disagree, your social media accounts will be banned.


  • Nobody went to see the feminist ripoff of Ghostbusters that she starred in.

Super Cuck Man


Super Cuck is a true conservative. He will fight heroically to preserve the status quo of ten years ago. The mission of Super Cuck is to sit in his watching chair as western civilization is destroyed. His primary weapon is to call his enemies racists.

Super Cuck Man receives his livelihood from wealthy donors. He doesn’t realize that he is just being used by the elites to provide the appearance of a real opposition. These wealthy donors despise Super Cuck Man, but find him to be a useful idiot.

Super powers

  • None


  • His whole life is nothing but weakness.

Peaceful Muslim Man


Peaceful Muslim Man is for peace. Islam is peace. Implement Islam and there will be peace. Submit and there will be peace.

SJWs think that Peaceful Muslim Man is their staunch ally, but as soon as he has the upper hand, he will slit their infidel throats.

Super powers

  • Skilled at bomb making, knife fighting, driving trucks over toddlers, flying planes into buildings, raping.
  • No matter what he does, it is not in the name of Islam. Even if he says it is.


  • Would be removed in an instant if Western men had any balls.


There is only one real villain in the SJW universe…

Toxic Masculinity Man

Yes, I know Henry Cavill is probably an SJW in real life. But he would be my choice to play Toxic Masculinity Man.

Toxic Masculinity Man (TMM) is the arch villain of the SJW comic book universe. TMM lifts weights and eats meat. He knows how to defend himself. He is physically fit and has a body fat percentage that hovers between 10 and 15%. He has high testosterone levels. He reads Return Of Kings. He has traditional values.

The SJW pantheon fears Toxic Masculinity Man most of all. To stop him, they use many forms of attack:

  • Distractions: sportsball, movies, video games
  • Financial and spiritual drain: porn, consumerism
  • Physical attacks: High carb foods, corporate food, chaining TMM to a cubicle.

Super powers

  • Impervious to SJW programming.
  • Does not allow thirst to turn him into a white knight or a beta orbiter.
  • Able to focus on his mission.
  • Able to father strong sons and virtuous daughters.
  • Born to lead.
  • Decisive.
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • Ability to think independently. Unplugged from the Matrix.


  • TMM has a tendency to overestimate the power of SJW forces.
  • Tendency to being passive.


These are only a few of the super heroines and super heroes of the SJW universe. I am sure that readers will be able to provide additional ones. And if we are lucky, we might even have an artist lend us his services.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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138 thoughts on “If SJWs Were Comic Book Characters”

    1. I can’t really understand how people can mock being against ILLEGAL immigration. It’s ILLEGAL, hence it’s a crime. Being in favor of illegal immigration is being PRO-CRIME.

      1. The left has done a really good job making illegal immigration an emotional issue where they act like they’re saving these poor people out of the goodness of their hearts. In reality, they’re wanting to bring them in and use them for their votes.
        If they come in legally, it poses 2 problems:
        1) You can’t get as many people in as short of an amount of time
        2) You run a greater risk of them not voting Democrat
        There is no end-game for the left. It’s all about staying in power as long as they can. If they were to actually take a serious look at effect their policies are going to have decades from now, they’d probably hang themselves from their ties.

        1. You know, I’ve made the point in other threads that we can’t win battles with logic because SJWs don’t speak that language, and so we have to find emotional ways to argue our points. I wonder if one of the emotional arguments that should be made against illegal immigration is the human trafficking angle? If you look at what these people go through to get here, it is a gauntlet of danger, rape, murder and thuggery. Support for illegal immigration effectively supports one of the most brutal human trafficking rings in existence. It seems to me that we ought to point out that support for illegal immigration is not compassion – it is victimization on an industrial scale, all so that these urban, well-off, SJW douchebags don’t have to pay an extra $.25 per pound of fruit.

        2. So, basically, the US government is stuffing its nose into the private affairs of its regular citiziens, enforcing useless security measures at the airports, while illegal immigrants fuck up with the voting system.
          Wow, and here I thought my country was fucked up.

        3. They have it better than a lot of citizens. No healthcare? Walk into an emergency room (they have to be treated, no or little money to pay? no problem, these costs get passed along to actual citizens) free education for their kids in the public schools, they pay no taxes but so what? All the loser citizens will foot the bill.

        4. That kind of emotional appeal wouldn’t actually work with SJW ideologues because they really don’t have any sympathy or empathy. The ’emotion’ in SJW ideology is they emotional reward the SJWs receive, the emotional-based ‘thinking’ they use. It is all about how the SJW feels, not where anyone anywhere is actually suffering or anything.
          SJWism is basically an orthodox pseudo-religion. They devoutly believe they are “good” if they hold to certain tenets and as long as their intentions are in line with the SJW dogma. The real world consequences and outcomes absolutely do not matter at all. That is why they are so unabashedly hypocritical. They call their enemies evil Nazis and literally Hitler, and then suggest they should all be rounded up and incinerated.
          If you try to show an SJW the damage that their actions are actually having, they cannot see it, because it will break their belief system, and they might have to face the fact that they are special, perfect snowflakes who are always pure and always do good no matter how much destruction and suffering they cause.

        5. Exactly. Between a gristedes, trader joes and the shitty pathmark or associated, my fruit prices are raping me.
          Literally hitler

        6. That would backfire. They’ll argue that because of human trafficking we should send them first class plane tickets to come here.

      2. It’s simple if you just remember that Marxist Revolutionaries are DirtBag Supremacists. Marxist Revolutionaries always support the more degenerate, the more deviant, the more perverted. Notice, for example, how the Marxist Revolutionaries support psychotic transgenders who mutilate their genitals over the merely neurotic homosexuals who do not surgically mutilate their otherwise healthy functioning genitals but only stick them in improper locations.

        1. My point was that I think it’s more mentally deranged to surgically mutilate one’s healthy genitals and turn one’s self into a eunuch based on the psychotic belief that one is the opposite sex than it is to merely stick one’s genitals into places that were not specifically designed to have them stuck in. I think of the latter as a neurosis and the former as a true psychosis.

        1. But… why? What benefit could possibily come from that?
          More importantly (and I ask this sincerely) is it proibitively difficult or expensive to get a temporary VISA to gain entry into the US? Is it not possible to renew it?
          Why to people immigrate illegally?

        2. You’d think this would be one issue the Liberals could stand with us on. We want a society where everyone shares a common language and certain core values. They like gay marriage, equal rights for women, et cetera.
          In theory both should want to make sure emigres from less advanced nations are those who want to integrate, have a certain education level, etc. I read somewhere that 52% of Muslims in the UK think homosexuality(just being gay, not gay marriage) should be illegal.

        3. Are you asking me what benefit would come from having actual borders? I should not have to answer that question.
          Why do they immigrate illegally?
          Because its quicker, easier, and you get more benefits. I almost can’t blame the immigrants, but more so the government for allowing this to happen for decades.

        4. Liberals love open borders. How else are they going to get more votes and stay in power? Bring in more low skill, low intelligence, bottom feeding parasites and give them benefits. Seriously.

      3. These anti Trump fucks say they will go to Canada if he becomes president. I know they won’t and just bitch the whole term. But why don’t they say they will go live in Mexico when Trump becomes president? There’s no mexican criminal in their mind, and jumping over to Mexico would be a stronger statement are they racist?

        1. Some Canadians will fight along side Trump supporters if they have the balls to kick off the second civil war when Hellary wins the rigged election. They would deserve US citizenship when the good guys actually win this one, unlike the Mexican border jumpers. After that everything between the Mexican border and Alaska should become US territory.

      4. It’s because almost all laws are fucking retarded. Preventing wet backs from invading is not one of them however. The same mongoloids who are pro illegal immigration support the retarded laws.

  1. Serpentor was def SJW. He is basically Trigglypoof with a flying scooter instead of a rolling one

  2. actually, the entire COBRA structure is reminiscent of SJW mentality. Check out the COBRA economic plan….it is essentially what the liberals have been doing to the economy for years including the blaming of shit on others

      1. Not a huge fan. However, after seeing the 5 part episode ARise Serpentor Arise I was convinced there was genius in there. To this day I use “serpentor” as a verb meaning to combine any number of things unnaturally. Like when I see some new plum apricot hybrid in the supermarket (there are about 5 different ones now) I will think, shit they serpentored another new fruit
        My favorite was Superfriends. Most hilarious thing that has ever been on television.

      1. Baroness was that crazy bitch that would fuck you till your toes curled and be crazy after and lady jaye was more the marrying type. Like the Italian saying goes, every man needs two women in their lives; una donna per suscitare suio lombi e un altro essere una scrofa razza e render la salsa

        1. btw the translation of that is “one woman to arouse the loins and another to be a breed sow and make the sauce”

        2. I can’t play your side for you Monsieur. Someone needs to lose so make your first move. I now have only 24 minutes to beat you.

        1. Well, which version? The version with the long blond hair was hot (relative to a ten year old). But the version with the dyke-ish bob style haircut didn’t do it for me.

    1. Also… The GI-JOE Public Service Announcements were some of the earliest viral internet memes in case you’ve never seen them.

    2. Uh uh uh uh, we were warned and yet we did not listen. Sniff, sniff now I’m gonna cry in my beer – while it still lasts.

  3. I wonder if Marvel had to do away with the Blob, might trigger someone. Maybe changed his name to Body Positive Guy?

    1. Eh. I’d be in favor of it if they switched this one’s gender too. Codename LandWhale.
      I bet they’d get a truckload of shit over associating the body shape of most SWJs with a villain.

        1. fuck you shit lord. Blob has changed name to strong independent woman. She doesn’t need you to tell her that she needs a gastric bypass to conform to the patriarchy and its idea of health and beauty. She is “curvy” and that is what real men like.

    1. Here is Emperor Hillary and Emperor Merkel
      Have a look at this….. PS. Feminism is a Huge Shit Test
      Feminist Dike VS The Patriarchy
      [video src="http://cdn.efukt.com/2016/08/feminist-dike-vs-the-patriarchy_1471995061_efuktcom.mp4" /]
      The Duke University Feminist Pornstar
      [video src="http://cdn.efukt.com/2014/03/6a7622cb6073_efukt.mp4" /]

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  4. I like the idea of Neoreaction Woman, a superpowered woman who accepts the value system of her patriarchal society and lives like an ordinary mortal woman in a traditional marriage. She hides her superpowers and uses them only sparingly and reluctantly when the supermen in her world can’t stop the Big Bad on their own. She does this because she doesn’t want to set a bad example for the mortal women, who might get delusions about their own “empowerment” and become feminists. Just because Neoreaction Woman can fight superpowered villains on an equal footing, it doesn’t follow that mortal women should aspire to compete with mortal men at what men do well.

      1. There is no way he faps to High Society. He took that italian saying to heart except instead of a woman to arouse his loins he has a Syrian fag with GRIDS from the Pride parade. Poodeau’s crazy whore of a mother would be spread eagle on the desk using the Great American Challenge dildo while proudly watching her boy take it in the butt.

  5. The recent shitting up of comics is just baffling to me. It’s sort of like a parasite that kills its host because it hasn’t evolved to the point where it can achieve a state of equilibrium and linger unnoticed. You can diversify things a bit without shititng all over your target audience(the recent Netflix adaptation of Jessica Jones is a good example: all the White guys are either pure evil or complete wusses).
    Without straight White guys the whole industry would collapse. The Shitlibs are good at kicking up a fuss on Twitter, but are they really dropping their dollars on comics? I would wager that the people who whined about the alternate universe story where Captain America is a Manchurian Candidate or that creepy Batgirl cover are movie-watchers who skim Wikipedia articles and fancy themselves experts.

    1. Comics have been slowly dying since at least the 1990s. This is just rubbing salt in the (likely already fatal) wound.

        1. I’m talking more in terms of sales than in quality of content. As I’m sure you know, the comics industry suffered a big crash in the ’90s from which it never really recovered.

        2. Yep, just like Star Wars went to Hell after Disney bought it from Lucas. I saw the possibility of something like “The Farce Awakens” with a feministy bitch lead character almost immediately after Lucas sold.

        3. Yeah I remember the edgy 90’s. However it was also a time when the comic books were introduced more into mainstream (after all those years I am still not sure if it was a good idea).

        1. Yep, my kids didn’t read them. Well, my oldest read some Deadpool when he was in high school, but that didn’t last long. Kids know the characters from the movies and games now. Comics are a SJW Millenial ghetto now.

        2. It really is sad, how comics have fallen. Comics really were an art form in their own right. I think so, anyway.
          There’s always the reprints from the Golden and Silver Ages, I suppose.

    2. Not that I’m a huge comic book fan, but I also find it strange that you would try to reinvent established characters as something they are not instead of just inventing new characters that appeal to whatever whackadoodle you want to sell to. It’s not like you can’t just write story lines that introduce new integral characters without affecting the core of what the popular character is.

      1. It’s twofold: 1. no one cares about Captain Homo, they care about Captain America (some, even if he was gay) and 2. They take great pleasure in subverting symbolizes of masculinity, strength and patriotism.
        See “Truth, Justice… and all that other stuff”

        1. I think that’s from the perspective of the SJW though. If I’m a guy like Stan Lee, why the fuck would I want to make Spiderman an xyr transdoodle just to sell ten more comics while it might result in a net loss of 1,000,000 readers? From the business perspective, it doesn;t make sense.

        2. Lee already has more money than god, and he’s gonna die any day now. He’s long out of fucks. He built his money on conservative values, whether or not he agreed with them, but now that it’s irrelevant, he’s free to be as liberal as he desires.
          Comic Sales have been surging over the past 15 years due to spillover from the superhero franchises. Perfect timing to press your brand of values into the young people gulping them down.

    3. I grew up reading comics and I still read and collect them as an adult.
      All those “popular” girls ať highschool made fun of me for reading them but these days they are drooling over the actors and can’t wait for the newest comic book movie.

  6. The backstory of Emperor Sauron. There used to be nazis long ago, and as a young jew Emperor Sauron helped the nazis locate other jews , and in exchange the nazis let Emperor Sauron and his family alone. Emperor Sauron betrayed his own people so he could live. When asked if he regretted any of it ES replied “someone would have done it ,so why not me?”(paraphrased)

  7. Trigglypuff
    A fat acceptance feminist activist.
    Powers: Excessive fat gain. Makes fat out of thin air. The more stress she gets the fatter she gets. Trigglypuff smash!
    Weakness: Is physically disabled and has hard time breathing

  8. Lust: Cock carousel damaged women, gay pedophile agenda, transgender, male castration
    Greed: Neoliberals and their corrupt businesses, nonprofit orgs that aren’t nonprofit, lobbying useless interest groups getting funded
    Gluttony: Fat acceptance, fat is beautiful
    Pride: Fag atheist and liberals thinking they know facts but just echo what the con liberal elite lie about, good guy liberal vs. Bad guy non-liberal syndrome, stand for humanity disguise syndrome. Blame it on something else never their holy ass fault
    Sloth: Self-victim syndrome. Instead of making life better through studying, training and socializing people whine about their weak selves and blame it on others
    Wrath: salty angry SJW, death threats towards peaceful folk and their opinions, anger emotions over reason, ad hominem on all arguments, Muslim rapefugees
    Envy: Betas jealousy of successful men like Trump, his wealth and beautiful family. Ugly feminists jealous of beautiful feminine women.

  9. Truck Rider
    Muslim hero that kills infidels by running them over with weaponized trucks. Has a flaming skull and eyes that can damn the infidel.
    Affiliation: Allah Boys
    Weapon: Trucks and firearms
    Weakness: A gun

  10. Let’s see…
    Safe Space
    Powers: Create forcefields where it completely filters all hurtful language
    Weakness: Since they create forcefields in public anyone can step into them

  11. (((Coincidence Man))):
    High IQ, high verbal fluency, excellent in making money and a member of a clanninsh and nepotistic ethnic group of similar superbeings. He can also induce irrational guilt in his enemies.
    He and others of his people can infiltrate and subvert white societies in plain sight.
    If you identify publicly his damaging activities, he calls you a hateful anti-coincidencist.

  12. Knockout Man (also known as Captain Drive-By or Didn’t-Do-Nuffin Man or Every Masochistic White Bitch’s Dream)
    – Sucker punches old and weak white men in the street, whom he refers to as “Snow Men”
    – Constantly claims all white people are “rayciss” while blathering on incoherently about SJW topics and frequently inserting the phrase “gnome sane” into his unintelligible dialogue
    – Benefits from affirmative action by frequently getting jobs for which he has no qualifications, shortly before robbing the place
    – Wears pants at mid-thigh level to attract bitches while making the body-cavity search at the jail a lot easier
    – Easily programmed to commit crimes by the music/private prison consortium in order to fill up the private prisons
    – Travels every time he runs down the court with a basketball
    – Receives government checks monthly for faux disabilities or for doing absolutely nothing (EBT payments)
    – Knocks up malleable white bitches by the truckload while skating on the child support payments
    – Sells illegal narcotics to preteen girls whom he tricks out to his homeys and fat white betas
    – Proficient at shooting firearms by rotating his hand at a 90-degree angle from the vertical
    – Listens to really terrible music that makes babies and domestic animals cry and howl
    – Blocks grocery aisles with his shopping cart to cause trouble for shoppers while yammering at homeboys
    – Sprays random gunfire out the windows of hoopties at anyone who happens to be on the street
    – Can be heard from a range of 50 yards while running game in a loud voice on any female with an accessible hole, or shouting at someone who “disrespeck-ud” him
    – Threatens to sue every white person who looks at him
    – Aspiring rap star with a half-octave range
    – Lowers the population of white men in North America at a rate of several thousand per year
    – Often seen carrying stolen television sets and stereos while wearing gaudy bling

  13. Fantastic Four fought the U-Foes back in the 70s and 80s who represented the elements.
    My suggestions for Elementals:
    Earth: Environmentalist/money launderer
    teaches by day, fights pollution by night (pollution in their mind being whatever their sponsors want it to be)
    Water: the Kardashian-faced hydra-monster. Her laugh is used to cause volcanic fissures
    strengths: infect the youth and spread vulgarity and materialism to deaden their minds
    weakness: something breaks down
    Air: the Spirit of the Bank that swoops in unseen and filches off some %s.
    strengths: invisible to the naked eye
    weakness: visible to the red-pill eye
    Fire: Witches Brew and their cat posse
    strengths: just pure pity I guess
    weakness: a slow and steady immobilization

  14. Haha, I LOLed at Degenerate Sex Woman.
    “Powers: The inverse of the classical Medusa, rather than turning men to stone, her gaze turns hard penises into noodles.”
    Anyhow, introducing her sidekick:
    This skinny-armed wretch is powered by the eternal hope that, by constant fawning over DSW for her “beauty and courage” and incessant oily flattery, he’ll catch some crumbs falling from her table (both literally and figuratively).
    – Armored kneecaps from constant kneeling.
    – Special arm crevice for carrying DSW’s handbag.
    – Able to subsist on pats to the head and “you’re like my brother” comments.
    – Able to go without sex for years, even while DSW rides alpha cock the whole time.
    – Able to pull icecream and kleenex out of thin air, to console DSW after she is dumped by latest alpha.
    – Impervious to cries of “all men are bastards!!!”
    – Finally gets everything he’s always wanted (marriage) when DSW hits the wall.
    – Often grows facial hair as a desperate subconscious expression of masculinity.
    – Highly susceptible to Red Pill persuasion.

  15. Thanks fucker
    Just double teamed everyone with Dunham, then Harambe
    Going to need the steak mallet to get some feeling back in my bellend now

  16. The Power Puff SJW’s only they can’t fly
    I stand corrected. Flight is possible
    I stand corrected again. That feminist hambeast would never fit in a circus cannon. You have to be in shape.
    That looks like fun. The bang is acoustic only and the propulsion is not black powder since it would rip the person to shreds. Circus cannons are air jet propelled cushions which quickly accelarate the performer up to 65 mph and at 7 g’s like a catapult.

  17. So you look at that Shillary pic and your first objection is the lack of color coordination? The first thing I thought “What in the FUCK is that she’s wearing!? Is she being fumigated?”

  18. Democrat’s can’t figure out why health care cost are sky rocketing well promoting
    unhealthy lifestyles as normal and even making things “fair” with having men and
    older people pay for it. Proof you can’t fix stupid.

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  20. Girl Power
    Girl Power is the quintessential superwoman capable of defeating all in the Woman Boxing circuit but when she fought a man for some unexplained reason she loses
    Power: On her period her strength increases.
    Weakness: Men

  21. I don’t even care about girl-Thor. Didn’t he basically lend his godpowers to his girlfriend the paramedic so she could play at the human-rescue he toyed with as an unbearded godling teen while he takes over managing a multi-planetary empire as the bearded Odinson?
    I feel like everyone getting pissy about the mere fact they did a girl-Thor doesn’t even read Thor. He’s lent powers to horse-face Bill before so why not Jane who is brave and he knows and trusts?
    Guessing the tranny top pic (FTM?) may be from the recent run of Batgirl? I’m not Mad about that, but rather DC resetting too often. You don’t just uncripple Oracle by rewriting the universe… Or bring back Terra.

    1. I don’t care what sex or what sexual orientation newly introduced characters have. My only problem is when they are butchering already established characters.
      All I want is to see people in spandex beating the shit out of each other in epic fights and enjoy awesome storylines. I don’t read them for bullshit storylines which try to force leftist crap down my throat.

      1. I’ll need some examples though. I don’t think girlThor fits the trope. The original character remains intact and harass as ever. Thor Odinson IDs as Odinson and is defending a multidimensional empire. He grew into the man Odin wanted him to be.
        Jane the paramedic is fucking around on Earth wearing a mantle to honor her boyfriend with powers he lent her. Zero problems with this.
        This is like getting mad at Dick Grayson becoming Batman in Gotham while Bruce protects the whole planet. Or girls taking over as Robin after the original becomes Nightwing.

        1. Here you go. And if you want more examples than Google sjw bullshit in comic books but be warned! After that shit you will see you are going to stab your eyeballs with something sharp.

    2. Ironically enough, there actually is a girl-Thor in Norse mythology they could have used: Thrud.

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