The Rise Of The Brony And The Death Of The American Man

The birth of the “Pajama Boy” meme, part and parcel of the debate over the government takeover of healthcare in the United States, underscored an important trend in our nation.  This trend was NOT the increasing “juvenilizing” of the American male, a trend that has seen expanding numbers of grown men return home to live with and leach off their parents.  Rather, it was the increased AWARENESS of the trend—a growing understanding that “Pajama Boy” and his ilk represent a category of male one will encounter in day-to-day life. But “pajama boy” is a feeler, a tendril, a probing tentacle of a greater mass of cultural foolishness.

The nucleus of the cancer is found in the “brony” phenomenon (and movements like it). The reason it is a problem is because it facilitates the deconstruction of necessary social gender roles.  Stated another way, there are (or were) social rules for how men and women are to behave.  When men adhere to these rules, when they conduct themselves according to these social guidelines, they enjoy more success overall.  They appear and behave as if they are worthy of respect, of treatment as adult men, of female attention, of reproduction and families.

If they fail to conduct themselves according to these rules, which have been established over centuries of social interaction, males become “unworthy” in the minds of other adults and in the perception of potential female companions.  To be branded unworthy is a self-fulfilling, self-perpetuating cycle of behavior, for once rejected by the sphere of adults, adult work, adult tasks, and adult responsibilities, the “juvenilized” male retreats into a world of fantasy, play, and diversion.  Cultural analogs can be found in the “grass eaters” of Japan, to cite just one example. These are males who have given up on female companionship, on productive work, and on adult responsibility, not because (as they may or may not claim) they are happier that way, but because, having forsaken adult rules of behavior and conduct, they have found that no social community of adults (or adult women) will tolerate them.

Giving Up Childish Things

First Corinthians 13:11 reads, “When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I became a man, I gave up childish things.” It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, an atheist, or an agnostic; this verse is the centuries-old acknowledgment of a societal norm that itself developed over centuries.  Children grow into adulthood.  Adulthood requires a casting off a childish things and ways.

What characterizes children? They are impulsive.  They are irresponsible.  They break the rules and then try to avoid the consequences for their misbehavior. Left to their own devices, they will not be productive. They do not or cannot support themselves.  We accept these traits as perfectly normal for childhood.  A six-year-old who was obsessed with the practical realities of starting a business or overly concerned about questions of personal honor would be either a genius or a psychopath.  Adults do not expect children to behave according to adult rules.  The process of raising children is the process of introducing them to grown-up responsibilities and rules of behavior on a gradual basis, encouraging them to drop “childish things” and childish ways in favor of responsibility, productivity, and maturity.

What Characterizes An Adult Man?

What characterizes a functional adult and, in this specific case, an adult male (a man)?  A man takes responsibility for himself, his well-being, and his sustenance.  He engages in productive work to his own benefit and in support of his family (if he chooses to start one).  He understands that a man is judged socially by how well he keeps his word and how consistently he meets his obligations—in other words, he understands and operates according to personal honor.  He is capable of defending himself in a sometimes dangerous world and understands this “warrior” function of the human male.  He takes pride in himself and in his possessions and in the upkeep of both.  These qualities make him “worthy” to the human female.  When he displays these qualities he is understood to be a worthwhile investment by the opposite sex. He enjoys the corresponding attentions of women to the degree that he demonstrates his value.

These are arguably subjective guidelines, but they are also readily observable as cultural facts.  This is how adulthood and childhood work and compare. This is what one observes when one takes the time to analyze either in the context of modern society and its evolution over thousands of years. But to acknowledge these realities is also to acknowledge a cultural blight growing within contemporary culture.  “Pajama Boy” is a waypost on that highway to pussified male hell.  The fast lane on that route to juvenile waste could be no better represented than by the “brony” phenomenon.  We will therefore refer specifically to this particular tendril of cultural blight (while understanding that many others exist).

It is not normal for a grown American male to celebrate, exult in, and proudly promote a love of entertainment intended for little girls. There may well be functioning adult men out there, particularly fathers, who aren’t bothered by (and who may even be entertained, in passing) watching programs like “My Little Pony.” A rational adult man does not tell the world how much he loves My Little Pony, however. He does not indulge in this kind of childish foolishness for two reasons. First, this is entertainment very obviously intended for children and females, geared toward female sensibilities, and to revel in it betrays a lack of manliness on his part. Second, over-indulging in children’s entertainment is a diversion that facilitates shirking adult responsibility.

The Wretched Man-Children Of Popular Culture

In other words, a brony is a wretched, immature male who engages purposefully in behavior and entertainment that should have been left behind when he transitioned from childhood to manhood.  His devotion to a children’s television show calls into question his ability to function as an adult and to adopt and maintain adult responsibilities. All adults are, wisely, suspicious of age-contemporaries who exhibit inordinately immature personality traits.  If you work in an office where the shirt and tie are the norm, you don’t give big projects or bigger responsibilities to the guy in the pink “Friendship is Magic” t-shirt.  If you are looking for an adult to babysit your children, you do not select someone your children consider a playmate, who shares their interests and dresses as they do.  If you are a woman selecting a mate, you do not choose a “man” who behaves and comports himself as an overgrown child, an immature man-baby exulting in entertainments appropriate to preteens and tweens.

A superb example of how this attitude affects one’s function as an adult was recounted recently by Aja Romano in The Daily Dot.  On 24 April, 2014, Romano reported on a disturbing incident at the Bay Area Brony Spectacular Con, described as a fandom convention for the television show, “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.”  Staffers at a vendor table for Sacramento’s “Sac Anime” reportedly struck up a friendship with an 11-year-old girl.  When that girl reported that a grown man in a brony t-shirt had tried to grab her and take her to his hotel room, the staff of Sac Anime apparently allowed the girl to hide in their midst.

Supposedly the staffers felt they were “prepared to physically attack the human trashheap [should he try] to [mess] with her”—as if a grown man and would-be kidnapper would be at all dissuaded by the bared teeth and ridiculous posturing of a group of anime fops who cater to a customer base of stunted, sexually confused child-men.  Worse, the staff of Sac Anime never alerted security to the presence of a potential sexual predator in their midst, apparently because they felt their readiness to leap upon the brigand in question was sufficient to resolve the situation.

Bronies, Furries, And Their Ilk Are Children, Not Men

This is a single example among many you’ll find wherever this type of juvenilized mind congregates.  This is the type of thinking that children exhibit.  An adult would alert security and the authorities because an adult would understand the dangers. A grown, functioning man, if alerted to the presence of the predator in question, would likely attempt to apprehend that predator and hold him for the authorities, on the idea that this is what grown men do to keep safe the public at large.  Children, by contrast, believe they and they alone are sufficient to contain such a situation. Children misunderstand the danger to the public and don’t bother to alert anyone else to what they perceive as their localized drama. Children are more concerned with telling the Internet about how brave they were in protecting their new friend. They want the story and the credit that comes with telling it.

Children aren’t concerned with overarching issues affecting people in general, because children are self-centered.  We expect them to be because that is a natural facet of their mental and emotional development at that age.  It is these qualities that must be discarded as children mature.

The brony and countless other related indulgences—“furries” again spring readily to mind—represent the arrested development, the derailed maturation, of the American male.  A male who embraces childish things, who cannot adopt adult dress and behavior, is telling you he is not ready or able to accept adult responsibilities.  A population comprising such incapable, weak-minded man-babies would collapse in short order.  As our own culture sags under the weight of these useless Pajama Boys, it is no wonder, then, that our own foundations are beginning to show serious cracks. The brony and his ilk are the horsemen of an adult apocalypse.  The brony’s rise presages the extinction of the rational, responsible, grown-up men who once formed the backbone of our society.

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364 thoughts on “The Rise Of The Brony And The Death Of The American Man”

  1. Why even give bronies attention? Sick minded people love the attention and negativity.

  2. It’s amazing what can happen over the course of a single human lifetime. In this time, I’ve seen a man’s prospects at having a decent, loving family and wife, a modicum of job and financial security, and a respected place in society crumble and turn to dust. Some men accept being turned into little bitches. Some don’t.
    The only thing I can do is sit back and watch this idiocy. The macro situation I cannot change. However, I can go somewhere the macro situation isn’t so shitty.
    It gives me great pride to be taking as much money as I can out of a system designed to fuck me in every way possible for the crime of being a man, and send it somewhere else.
    This is my reason for being. I want to be a man who, in my own small way, peacefully finds ways to help take down a system designed to turn me into less than a man.

    1. the fact of the matter is that, TV, Movies, Computer Games and the general whimsical ‘party, party’ society… that is egged on by popular music and ‘look at me’ egoism….. means that almost everyone on some level is sucked into the matrix…. it’s not just the odd man child that likes my little pony… what about batman, ironman and all that shit….
      we’ve got to the point where we need some TV shows like running man… or worse….. judges on X factor give you thumbs down, so you lose an arm… or a big black man comes and nails you up the ass with his 12″ cock while the audience cheers on….
      there are no consequences to bad actions any more…. everyone lives their lives in an inflatable bouncy castle, where every drop results in more fun and games….

      1. Funniest thing I’ve read all day
        A common theme I see among guys I’ve met from all walks of life (athletes, club hustlers, top salesmen) with high notch counts is they all don’t give a shit about women- all those kind of dudes believe m.o.b (money over bitches). Roosh or someone in the redpill zone should discuss this idea in depth.
        Having a wad of c notes that’s like trash to you is alpha that’s not the life of a lower echelon slave (ie wage slavery) but a boss.

      2. There have always been circuses for the plebs RE X-Factor and movies…
        Do you really think there are no consequences for bad actions? I think the opposite is true. There are punitive consequences for good and harmless actions.

      3. The oe thing I have to say is that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic isn’t like the rest of television. It’s a show that has a sense of morals that can be used by anyone. Even Lauren Faust (the executive producer who brought back the show and who worked on many of the 1990’s cartoons including, but not limited to the Powerpuff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and many others) said that she made it so that fathers could actually watch the show with their little girls. Still, in all respects, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is an underestimated work of animation that really brings back morals into our moral-deprived society.

        1. By whose standards? I’m a man, and I like a well animated television show, what’s the big deal? I’m a Christian, I’m a Conservative, I have a job and I’m going to college. Don’t tell me what I’m allowed to watch and not allowed to watch. It’s a well made television show and might be one of the last shows on television to have even an ounce of morals.

        2. I’d rather a man watch this than that Family Guy crap. At least My Little Pony stands for something good. Heck the season finale this season was about personal responsibility, and loving everybody, even those who have wronged you.

        3. We should be making our own paths. If these guys want to like My Little Pony and form a community around that, what’s the big deal? I’ve met a lot of bronies over the past couple of years. Some disagree with each other politically or theologically, but they can all put aside their differences and agree that this is a well made show, with creative talents behind it incorporating messages that mean something. Why is that a bad thing?
          I was watching Glenn Beck one day on TheBlaze. Glenn is a man I’ve respected since I was around 12 or 13 and I was watching his show a couple months ago and I noticed he had My Little Pony plushies on his desk. I was fearing, at first, that Glenn had found out about bronies and he had the wrong idea about who bronies were and was going to have a negative reaction. Man, was I wrong. That wasn’t the case at all. Glenn talked about an 11 year old boy who was bullied for being a brony. This kid, his name is Grayson, likes My Little Pony, and needed a backpack for school and so he goes and gets one with a pony on it. He’s, quote “punched, shoved, and called names” by his classmates because he likes My Little Pony.
          So here’s Glenn Beck, a man whose show I’d been watching since I was 13 years old, talking about a show that I liked and how a kid was punched, shoved, and called names just because he liked a show. Glenn said on his show, ” We’re not aficionados on My Little Pony. But I am an aficionado on what it takes to be a man in today’s world. And just because you like little ponies means nothing. You having the courage to be who you are and stand up no matter what society says, that is worth its weight in gold.”
          My point in referencing that story is that having the courage to be an individual and having the courage to just do your own thing and make your own path in life. Standing up for what’s right and loving with malice toward none . . . loving your enemies. That’s what makes you a man. Explosions, and tough guy, stereotypical “manly men” stuff doesn’t make you a man. We shouldn’t conform to what society tells us we’re supposed to say, do and like.
          Love. Love with malice towards none.
          God bless and laus Deo

        4. Disagree. You’re not evil for being a brony or liking My Little Pony but I think it is improper behavior for boys and men. Your time do what you want . Free country. But boys/men are gravitating toward this brony stuff cause it is EASY. It is an escape like video games and anime and porn. Don’t have sex with the real thing but watch porn or anime vid. Bronies/My Little Pony stuff is FEMININE and is an effete activity for a guy. Not saying you have to be a loincloth wearing- battle ax toting barbarian but c’mon this?? Sparkleponies for fucks sake??

        5. It’s easier than drinking beer, watching football, and doing the same dead-end job day after day, with obedient wife taking care of children and household? The life of these “real men” is more shallow than life of an average brony. Creative hobbies, active contributions to the community, learning new things, resolving conflicts peacefully – tell me please, what alternative does this MASCULINE life offer?
          Look at your average “Real Man”. No, not at celebrities who climb mountains or appear in TV shows, look at your next-door male neighbor, and tell me how his life is more rich, more creative, how his work and hobbies are better from hobbies and life are better? What does he offer that bronies do not, and what does he take from life that bronies do not?
          I’ll tell you what: These “real men” in dead-end jobs with decades of mortgage on their heads and no time nor desire to do anything creative, feel threatened. They try to convince themselves that their choices were right, that their dull, boring lives are not a failure. They hate seeing people who made a very different choice and appear to be happy with it. That’s not how men were supposed to act! It’s horrible, they should suffer and grow fat and senile like us! They should solve their problems with violence and should treat women as warm holes and servants! How dare these freaks prove my choices were wrong?!

        6. Can’t argue with anything you’ve written. Just that Brony/Sparklepony etc seems ,I don’t know , unseemly in a growed up person. It would be like if you saw a 34 yr old playing with Tonka trucks or Hot Wheels. Odd. Out of place.

        7. Those who are masculine don’t need to engage in elaborate condemnations of the feminine in order to be masculine. Instead, they embrace femininity — in every sense of the word.

        8. Not everything has to have a moral to be good. Sometimes I just want to laugh to stupid crap rather then have pretentious morals shoved down my throat.

        9. I just enjoy a TV show… that’s it. I’m into this brony stuff is because I think MLP has entertainment value and because I’ve met some really cool people through it. If you’re not into it though, it’s cool.

        10. Understandable reaction. I’m not saying it’s out not out of place. I thought the whole brony thing was odd at first. Then I took the time to get to know these guys and actually watch the show…. MLP: FiM is the perfect example of don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I could be wrong, but i think the majority just enjoy a well made TV show… I’ve yet to play with a pony toy, and don’t really plan on it.

        11. You’re wasting your breath. Phil Elmore’s problem isn’t with grown men liking a program intended to target young girls. It’s because a Brony once identified Elmore as a manchild.
          Why do you think his Tweet promoting this article has “@Terastas” at the end of it? It’s because that’s the guy he’s raging at — the guy he wrote off the entire MLP fanbase just because that one person he hates is a part of it.
          Ergo, Phil Elmore is the biggest fucking manchild of them all — a man whose hatred is so great that he has it, not just for anyone who dares to disagrees with him, but everyone on the planet who has anything in common with that one guy who dared to disagree with him in turn.

    2. Need a hug?
      Rewritten by not a chick: A soft environment has bred soft men and I do not approve.

    3. “When you’re born in the world you’re given a ticket to the freak show, when you’re born in America, you get a front row seat”. George Carlin.

        1. George Carlin’s all-time greatest quote. No contest:
          “There’s a reason…There’s a reason education sucks, and it’s the same reason that it will never, ever, ever be fixed.
          It’s never gonna get any better, don’t look for it, be happy with what you got, because the owners of this country don’t want that, I’m talking about the real owners now, the REAL OWNERS, the big wealthy business interests that control things & make all the important decisions.
          Forget the politicians, Politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice, you have owners, they own you.
          They own everything, they own all the important land, they own & control the corporations, they’ve long since bought & paid for the Senate, the Congress, the State Houses,
          the City Halls, they’ve got the judges in their back pockets, & they own all of the big media companies so they control just about all the information you get to hear.
          They’ve got you by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying to get what they want. Well we know what they want – they want more 4 themselves & less for everybody else.
          But I’ll tell you what they don’t want…they don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking..they don’t want well-informed, well-educated people, capable of critical thinking, they’re not interested in that, that doesn’t help them, that’s against their interests, that’s right. They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around a kitchen table figuring out how badly they’re getting fucked
          by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago. They don’t want that.
          You know what they want? They want obedient workers, obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs, with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.
          And now they’re coming for your Social Security money. They want your fucking retirement money, they want it back, so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall St, and you know something? They’ll get it. They’ll get it all from you sooner or later. Cause they own this fucking’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. You & I are not in the Big Club..and btw it’s the same big club they use to beat you over the head with all day long when they tell you what to believe, all
          day long beating you over the head in their media, telling you what to believe, what to think, & what to buy.
          The table is tilted, folks, the game is rigged, and nobody seems 2 notice, nobody seems to care. Good honest hard-working people, white collar, blue collar, doessn’t matter what color shirt you have on, good honest hard-working people, these are people of modest means, continue to elect these rich cock-suckers who don’t give a fuck about they…they don’t give a fuck about you, they don’t GIVE a fuck about you, they don’t CARE about you,
          at all, at all, at all…and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.
          That’s what the owners count on, the fact that Americans will probably remain willfully ignorant of the big red white & blue dick that’s being jammed up their assholes every day. Because the owners of this country know the truth…It’s called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.” – George Carlin

    4. The welfare system is built on the backs of hard working men. It’s another means to take from those who contribute and give to those who don’t. While the people who defend the system mean well, their fundamental flaw is that they assume people aren’t naturally lazy and entitled, but they are. People need incentives in order to make them productive members of society. You only deserve that which you’ve earned. The death of the American man is closely tied to lack of ambition and responsibility.

        1. Well of course. Would you prefer to date a an annoying feminist who has looks you have to hold your barf in or a willing pretty girl?

      1. And taking away resources from hard-working people is the job of the managerial class (corporate/factory supervisors and managers).
        This is why we owe no respect to them. The members of the managerial class have bought into the idea that they can become wealthy and powerful by controlling and extracting resources from those who actually contribute to society: “The construction/factory workers, the engineers, the educators, the farmers, the drivers, the nurses, etc..”
        But the truth about them losers is that they only get to fight each other for the right to transfer political power and resources to their bosses, the capital owners.
        It is a challenging task to spy and expose the capital owners at the top of the hierarchy. So, why don’t we fuck with their appointed managers instead?
        Don’t let those motherfuckers breathe. Find out where they eat, how they entertain themselves, who their friends are, whether they are alcoholics or cocaine addicts. And the list goes on.
        We have to break them down. Being a manager/supervisor should become a feared job for the managerial class. Just like becoming a prison guard.

        1. A Boss in Heaven is the best excuse for a boss on earth, therefore If God did exist, he would have to be abolished.
          Mikhail Bakunin

      2. Throwing the dogs some scraps – or in this case some food stamp money on their EBT cards and some money for cigs and beer – Helps keep the racial riots a la Watts in check and keeps animals from running wild in the streets.
        Also puts America in a slightly better view as less people starving and dying in the gutter.
        Welfare is just the lesser of two evils. Gotten pretty out of hand now with outsourcing tho. Most 3rd world countries people will travel to other countries to find work.
        Our unemployed figure since they are US citizens its the “gubmints” job to keep their bellies stuffed and cable TV and cellphone bills paid.
        It is cheaper than hiring security guards and building electrified security fences around all of our houses I guess…

        1. I actually agree with this, to a certain extent. Welfare is basically a “riot tax.” It’s a form of extortion. I don’t think it’s justified though. I think there are more than just two options.

      3. Please don’t stop at this sentence, but I’m fifteen. My mom has arthritis in her lower back and can’t work and my dad is the only one who has been consistently making money for our family, in spite of the fact that he also has arthritis in his wrists. He has to walk to work nearly every morning because we aren’t willing to pay the ridiculous expenses for gas when our budget is already airtight. That’s the context of the situation.
        If not for our welfare check, we would have nothing to eat right now. My dad’s job refused him payment because the higher-ups were taking a break over Memorial day and we couldn’t pay for food for days. That was the first time I can say I had ever had to go more than two days without any food and it was awful. I would still be in this situation if not for the check we later received.
        My dad deserved that money. I’m still a kid and my mom is physically incapable; she and I shouldn’t be obligated to work in our current state. The fact that people are so scared of welfare because they’re uncomfortable with the idea that some lazy people will be unfairly getting money pisses me off. The system certainly needs to be ironed out to take the genuine lazy fucks out of the equation, but there are quite a few people who both need and deserve the money they get from it.
        I will concede that I’m still young and fairly ignorant, but your perspective is literally implying that I should still be hungry right now.

        1. Dont feel like you owe any of these pussies any explanation, poverty is forced upon the population , I would say less than 10 percent of the people who post have ever had to go without mommy and daddy, because if they knew how tough you need to be to survive poverty without light at the end of the tunnel, most american males seem to have some tendency to reduce life to a slogan, we are here as a species nothing more, we live on a hostile planet and everything else is just made up shit to fool yourself and those like you or those around you, all of this bullshit about pull yourself up by the bootstraps is a big assed lie, they never remembered to tell anyone that they had help along the way..

        2. And this is why people who are “anti-welfare” are always from at least the middle class, or higher. It’s easy for people who have never needed welfare or never even seen poverty to criticize the system.

      4. I have to agree. I see people using welfare as a means of primary income rather than assistance in hard times. It pisses me off.

    5. I’ve lived in three countries and consider myself an American. I’m a male. I’m a trial lawyer. I don’t think the American male is dead by far! I believe the American male is now smarter than he has ever been. He is waking up to many things that consumed and wasted his time burning energy with no outcome. sending soldiers out everyday that die. get married. have a kid. make money. get divorced. the system then takes his energy and time and gives his soldiers away and they die at the Chick filet drive through. they do not bring back more soldiers. they are killed by the system. so he spends his energy elsewhere…leaving a woman to cry that the real man is gone as she sits on her degree and awaits her support. God I wish he made more!!! she thinks.sitting in her office….yeah..he woke up ladies!!!

    6. A man doesn’t complain and bitch about reality. He does something. RElampago deserves respect for recognizing the situation and milking it. A man responds in two ways to a negative and deteriorating situation like this.
      1. He becomes a revolutionary. Instead of focusing on the faults, he finds solutions, a new way of doing things. And he starts by himself, gradually convincing the disenfranchised of his ways. He takes an existing anti-culture, makes it his own by understanding its plight, and then takes positive action to making his vision a reality. If he is a part of the disenfranchised, some will follow. And that is how a revolution starts.
      2. He becomes an opportunist. He sees how things are, and understanding the laws of cause and effect, he takes action that will allow him to profit.
      Both courses of action will bring a man riches. In personal and societal influence or in monetary influence. All action this man takes will increase his satisfaction in life.
      For this reason, what a man needs to cultivate more than anything is hypervigilance. it is only by seeing, that a man can take appropriate action.

    7. What baffles my mind is how American men put up with this system, I guess it’s because they’re well fed with junk food. The best slaves are the well fed slaves

  3. A fat dude in a fedora who writes action novels and salivates over Tactical Knives Magazine sounds like the epitome of adult masculinity.

      1. Yes, it’s true that many American men have chosen a life of arrested development. My comment relates to the fact that the author himself is basically an overgrown kid who writes “actions novels” and plays with knives. Take a look at his website.

        1. Bollocks.
          Weaponry is the height of adult male technology.
          The 1689 Bill of Rights says every Englishman should be able to bear arms.
          Paedophiles and Maniacs ruined that right.

        2. I have no issue with weapons, and can field strip an M9 with my eyes closed. But why is it that all the gun nuts preparing for the apocalypse are fat beta dudes in fedoras and goatees? They’re basically just comic book geeks who are into guns– and relating back to this article– certainly not a portrait of stolid masculinity. The author, who describes himself as a freelance (i.e. unemployed) writer of action and sci-fi novels, needs to comb the cheetos out of his beard before picking on the wimps on the rung below him.

        3. I’ve wondered about that as well. Novels written by men who have had real action careers display more of the ring of truth than ones written by Walter Mitty types.
          For example, the science fiction novelist H. Beam Piper worked as a railroad cop and detective, collected firearms, went shooting, hunting and camping and knew a lot about military history. He even lived in Europe briefly in the 1950’s and visited the sites of some historical battles. So when he describes lowlife characters in his novels, portrays hunting and camping and shows characters using firearms, all of these elements have a high degree of verisimilitude because Piper based them on his own experience.
          By contrast, the science fiction writer John Scalzi, who lives mostly in his head, tried to write a novel in homage to Piper, and he just couldn’t pull it off. Has Scalzi ever even fired a handgun? The result reads like the effort of someone who read some how-to books about novel writing, even though Scalzi had already published several allegedly successful novels before he attempted to “honor” Piper with a special one.

        4. This. Fucking know a dude exactly like it. Has furry clothing, talks about how IF he went to a bar he’d “totally fuck up anyone who looks him the wrong way” apparently by just by slamming his fist on the top of a guy’s skull. He also brags about how good he is at throwing knives and knife play. He’s insanely skinny, (5’9 120lbs TOPS) but definitely owns a fedora and has numerous childish tendencies.

        5. Yes, but he has a website and obviously makes money from it, like a man who supports himself would do. Do you have a website that generates money for yourself, or do you just criticize others who have a good gig set up?

        6. No, unlike the author of this article, I do not have a website selling self-published fantasy/sci-fi novels to generate my income; I go out in the real world to work.

        7. You have a valid point: who gets the right to determine what is “manly” and what is not? Why are Phil Elmore’s opinions of what constitutes masculinity more valid than Donald “Dusty” Rhoades (google him)? Do you create yourself or do you follow what others (be they Roosh or the mainstream media) tell you that you should be? Even the terms “red-pill/blue-pill” originate in a shitty sci-fi movie from over a decade ago.

        8. I think that the determination of “manliness” is derived from biology. Its an objective skeleton wearing subjective flesh.

        9. Pedophiles and Maniacs were the reason for having that right. Perhaps you could rethink your statement.

        10. Creative writing is not a vocation deserving of respect to you? I enjoy sci-fi novels and so have no issue with a producer of such entertainment. I appreciate that it is not your cup of tea but why attack the man and not the message? With respect, you sound envious.

        11. My issue is not with this man’s profession, interests, etc. And yes, writing can be a noble pursuit. The reason I’m criticizing the man is because his message is essentially telling a subset of adult nerds to stop acting like children, while at the same time he himself is an out of shape gun geek who spends his time writing fantasy novels about the zombie apocalypse. Essentially, he needs to practice what he preaches before he criticizes a group of equally regressed men who happen to be interested in a different geeky pursuit than him. He basically is a “brony” or whatever other terms he used, with a different focus of interests. In other words, the difference between the author and the guys he’s railing against is pretty slim, and I don’t like hypocrisy.

        12. I wonder how many guys here know about Duke Nukem? Would they consider him as the epitome of manliness or douchebaggery? Moreover, how many macho guys here would develop man crush on him?

        13. In the UK Dunblane. The shooter was a Paedo. That attack on the room art school snuffed out gun rights in the UK.

        14. More or less. He’s right about guys not growing up though. Perhaps a lesson learned in self-reflection?

        15. Most of the American pols who advocate for gun bans seem to be. Feinstein Boxer Lieberman Bloomberg. That’s just one brainstorm.
          In the UK the pols who pushed for disarming civilians probably fit a similar profile. Front benchers like Gould Milliband Brittan, Lawson, Hodges, Rifkin, MANDELSON.
          Armed rednecks are not what the Aristocracy like.

        16. “I go out in the real world to work.”
          Maybe you do but we only have your word that you do.
          We should only trust facts and reason, know or not know, not just believe what we are told.

        17. You too would pretend to like cartoon ponies if there was a chance of getting dime pussy from it.

        18. You’re right– next time I post a comment I will attach my CV and two letters of recommendation.

      2. You should also read what he’s written.
        Phil Elmore’s problem with Bronies is not that they are adult men who watch a show intended to target young girls. It’s because, back in April of last year, Phil wrote a column in which he insisted liberals and gays were going to “murder” conservatives, and one of the many columnists elsewhere who pointed and laughed at him for it was a Brony.
        FYI, he takes a moment to bash furries for the exact same reason. He’s not mourning “the death of the American man.” He’s continuing a year-long temper tantrum against one guy who dared to have an opinion contrary to his own.

    1. This article is a TradCon attack on MGTOWs and Galts disguised as a critique of bronies. TradCons should fuck off. They are not the bosses of us. We should be taking advice from this chubby-chasing guy?

      1. Both of these people are contemptible. I stopped at 2:31. Obviously this guy has no game and this woman is deranged. This guy’s voice and tone of laughter is as irritating as this woman.

        1. The guy has game, check out his site, he promotes an extremely aggressive style designed to identify dtf girls within minutes. He is the first to say it is simply a numbers game and he figures out if a girl wants to fuck him or not really quickly. Believe it or not he is actually a fairly smart dude and the whole “bro” act is by design. He really does have some interesting videos that break down pickup on the most basic level; really helped me understand rejection on approaches is no big deal at all. If you are bored sometime it is definitely worth a look, the guy is as redpill as they come (although he has stopped being a player and settled down with a girlfriend).

        2. How exactly does he have no game? He is clearly trolling her 2 minutes in. His opener was fine.

      2. It’s not as bad as it seems. He’s got skill. Watch the same guy go from kino to escalation to relocation in seconds:

      3. It’s all bullshit and set up. Someone was filming this but not one of these girls even asked “who’s the guy filming us” Odd, no?

      4. He’s trolling in this video and having some fun. The GLL guy is the real deal. And a sponsor of this site I believe.

  4. This article fails to regard the economics of the situation. What do you get for accepting “Adult responsibilities”? What are the chances of all the effort necessary to live up to these responsibilities to pay off?
    I laud the grass eaters and bronies and their escapism, for they produce less for the parasitic welfare state to mooch off of.

    1. When Ayn Rand imagined “going Galt,” I doubt she had Bronies in mind. They have a similar effect on the economy, however.

      1. Rand has had a very corrosive effect on American politics.
        It’s possible to ditch the error of Equality without the drop out Galt syndrome.
        What monster slouches from the pale?Ayn Rand

        1. When he got pissed at the Senate hearing Howard Hughes dropped a reminder that he could leave the U.S., which would have made “Wyatt’s Torch” look like a candle.

        2. > Rand has had a very corrosive effect on American politics.
          Like very, very strong antibiotics.

      2. I doubt Rand actually imagined reality in the first place. Galt’s little utopia would have lasted a few months at most in the real world.

    2. What do you get for accepting adult male responsibilities in our modern culture? Take it from someone who has accepted them in spades for many decades: nothing, nada, zip. Actually it is worse than nothing: you get recognized as a chump by the takers – who now outnumber the producers. There used to be some perks to becoming a responsible, male adult producer in recognition of your sacrifices and contributions to society. The perks are all gone: only the responsibilities remain.

    3. Maybe, but this kind of mentality allows the left to take over society with their feelings and equalities and whatnot. You need a constant threat of male ambition to keep society grounded in reality.

    4. This article also fails at self-reflection. Frankly, all I’m seeing from many of the people commenting on this article is a lot of pent up rage over the fact that women have options in this country. All of the rage I’m seeing in these comments is not about men not acting masculine and all about women not putting out when they’re single and not disappearing altogether after they’ve been divorced.
      Bronies are less an indication of “the death of the American man” and more about how the mindset of the millennials is so greatly divorced from the baby boomers.
      Baby boomers like the author of this “article” were instructed to do two things: Cram themselves into a mold, and consume, and the millennials who watched them do these things as adults while they were growing up were subsequently put off by them. Millennials place far more value in honesty and individualism than in proving that they are the manliest of the men or the most desirable of the women, and define the American dream as being debt-free and liquid as opposed to having a lot of junk that they are still making payments on.
      The irony of it all is that, from what I’ve seen, being a brony can actually make a man MORE desirable. A man in a pony shirt is guaranteed NOT to be a muscle head, gun nut, couch commando, wife beater, or sex-crazed Glenn Quagmire type. Much the same way Gabriel Iglesias said he always wore Hawaiian shirts growing up because nobody thinks you’re gang banging when you’re wearing floral print, nobody thinks a guy with Rainbow Dash or Pikachu on his shirt has any ill intent.
      So I’m not seeing a “death of the American man” so much as a re-imagining of the American man. And ironically, all these baby boomers who spent their lifetimes trying to cram themselves into the mold can do when they see the new generation rejecting it, and living better for it, is whine like babies about it.

  5. Why the fucking is everything is got damn backwards now a days were masculinity is so how “wrong” or “evil”. Sometimes i wake up in the morning and wonder rater or not I’m a fucking alien for something.

    1. Yes, it seems as if Pajama Boys are inhabiting our once manly and thriving culture. They are best served with blue collar jobs (either as workers or business owners), the weight room, and a dose of red pill. When their lives evolve around go-girl mothers, passive (or absent)fathers, and employment options in cubicle-hell, what else do we expect?
      Cut off the welfare (both government and family welfare) to these men and watch them change for the better. No, this is not a “man up” argument. It is intended to motivate men to make money, develop their lives more fully, and leave the matrix on their own terms and with power in their own hands. As another article said: Life Will Teach You.
      Thanks to ROK. Again.

    2. It’s called psychological warfare, and it’s being waged against you. Find out why, and who is doing it. It will blow your mind.

  6. This reminds me of Kay Hymowitz’s “Child-Man in the Promised Land” article. It essentially talked about how you have men who were entirely comfortable with small apartments (so at least they’re not living with mom), waking up at noon, playing video games, and having jobs that did a little more than allow them to work for the weekend.
    At it’s core, this article seems to be about manning up. The question is “in what sense?” I don’t think of it in the sense of do whatever women want in order to make you more marketable to them, so one can snag you of out of the SMP and proceed to leech off of you. I do think it’s more along the lines that these chumps stop being effeminate little bitches that women use as emotional tampons while they spread their legs for men who know how to get off the computer and be social with real live people.”
    Anything to help expedite this upcoming collapse, however, I’m cool with. The more broken a society is, the more patriarchal is becomes so that things can get unfucked.

  7. I was at a car and pinup show yesterday and some of the pinups actually had fedora-wearing orbiters. Now I have friends who do that stuff and if any of those ladies asked for an escort, then that’s OK with me because I don’t mind the scene, but I’m not walking behind her and I’m not wearing a fedora. These guys are so lacking in knowledge they don’t know how exactly they “fit the bill” of looking and acting like a beta orbiter.

  8. Meh, this has shades of “man up” shaming language.
    You are somewhat incorrect about the “grass eaters” of Japan – you have the cause and effect partially backwards. I encourage you to read up on them. It is not the case, in bulk, that they first gave up grownup responsible masculine traits and then women rightly rejected them. Rather, the timeline is that first the women of Japan, or at least a critical mass of women, rejected that segment of men (preferring instead to remain single while seeking out more alpha and/or rich men), so then the men stopped exhibiting responsible adult male behavior due to lack of incentives. As many commenters here have pointed out, if a reasonable wife and family is put out of reach of many men, they will lose a major incentive to work hard and contribute to society. Why should a grass eater care about building a career and maintaining a masculine image when he has been put seemingly hopelessly outside of the sexual and marriage marketplace?
    I can’t claim to know anything about the brony subculture, but I have read some about the grass eaters, and it seems to me that they are the inevitable result of hypergamy run amok. It is coming soon to a country near you, and it isn’t the mens’ fault.

    1. “Meh, this has shades of “man up” shaming language.”
      Yes! Something was niggling in the back of my brain as I read this article. You’ve hit the nail square on the head.
      As uncomfortable as it might make some guys to admit, perhaps these “pajama boys” and “grass eaters” are a subgroup of the MGTOW trend.

      1. Well yes and no – Pajama Boys expect other people to support them in whatever lifestyle they choose. The true MGTOW is self reliant and doesn’t expect others to support him.

      2. “Pajama boy” is the reason that I do not wear pajamas anymore. Thanks Obama, thanks.

        1. That’s unfortunate.
          Don’t let the Democratic Party, or their PR lackies, or even a bunch of chest-thumping, self-proclaimed alphas influence your decisions. Wear whatever you wanna wear to bed. Wear a fire engine red union suit and let ’em call it a “onesie” if they want. Ya know? Fuck ’em. : )
          That’s right. I ended with an emoticon.

      3. As far as I currently know, the “grass eaters” are hardly comparable to pajam boy, bronies and comic book guy.
        Former are not that keen on girlfriends and wives, not because these are unattainable for them, latter categories would love some female attention.
        Thanks Providence these things doesn´t reproduce (be it with women or with their pets).

        1. The irony of your statement is that, some day in the future, one of these people might end up being your boss. According to several polls done on the Brony Fandom, the fandom, on average, has a higher intelligence rating, the average age is between 19 and 25, and a large portion of these people are attending college. Guess what? All three of these check out for higher-living material. So, don’t be surprised if you find out that your future Boss might have been a Brony at some point because all of the information gathered is pointing towards that direction.

    2. A generation of men raised without fathers because the government steals money from men and gives it to hypergamous women. -As the women search for the next sucker. So, is it right to kick these single-mother raised pussies around so much?
      My opinion: We need to say something, to show them their mothers made just as many bad decisions as their fathers. Their mothers are just as big pieces of shit, in many cases bigger. Then we need to show them how to make their lives better. Otherwise, it’s like shaming a just-freed slave for not knowing where to get a job.
      If you are one of these boys, take Leykis’ advice. Go buy your biological father a beer and figure out how he got your mom so turned on that she spread her legs to him. Aspire to be as big an asshole as he was, and you will get to have sex with women like he did.

        1. Women need to make smarter choices when it comes to who they choose to sleep and have kids with. It is as simple as that. It is not my damn fault if the thug who knocked them up doesn’t want to suddenly be a daddy and play house. What did they expect. With contraception, abortion, and adoption programs that a woman can give away her baby readily available to western women there is no excuse for having a child that you can not afford. Yet these women expect everyone to pay for their kids or for a man to suddenly swoop down and take them in.

    3. Thanks for the comment. It was very informative. I have wondered what this trend was all about.
      I have noticed a LOT of betafication in the manga and anime coming from Japan (yeah, yeah, the article was about not doing child stuff but I used to be into manga until about a year ago).
      People here have mentioned that households have been traditional in Japan, but in reality, the girls in Japan are supposed to be very studious, while the guys…well, look at the anime culture. I wonder if the ambition of the girls, which also manifests in hypergamy (as is the case often with Asian women), has made the traditional masculine/feminine roles irrelevant, and has made most of the men losers in the sexual market, and the males have responded by simply giving up. I’m just speculating, here.
      These “grass eaters” are very sad people. Supposedly, if they are asked what they want in life, they say “nothing much.” They simply have nothing to live for.

      1. You make a good point.
        I’m a fan of some anime (aka Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Wing, DBZ, Samurai Champloo, Ghost in the Shell, stuff by Miyazaki) and I have to say some of it is pretty redpill….
        I don’t know what these grasseaters are watching but quite a bit of the anime (and japanese film) that I like has themes such as the hopelessness of humanity, dystopia, future-tech, male virtues, politics, broken relationship btw men and women…
        I wouldn’t be surprised if the Japanese are just like a decade or two ahead of us en masse in terms of cultural awareness of how fucked up humans really are… no ideology or religion to shield their minds from the abyss… so they turned to pornography, frivolousness, and technology…
        I wouldn’t be surprised that their grass eater phenomenon is the culmination of a group of factors such as economic crisis, feminism, redpill depressing media and art (as I described), and other factors… I agree with the author that the bronies are quite reminiscent of the grasseaters… although I feel like the bronies would gladly take a girl if one actually offered themselves…
        Thing is… if enough bronies get together and get attention… chicks will dig them..

        1. Are you aware of the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000?
          I tell you, the darkness and dystopia of that setting got nothing on western society. At least that setting has a pretty damn masculine society, we don’t have even that.

        2. Japan has feminism? Your post is full of problems. Intelligent people have more problems with women.

      2. The grass eaters are not pussy beggars, they just apparently (can´t trust the critics too much) finds that having a wife and/or girlfirend is too much of a hassle.
        There is the anime pussification aspect, I think the Japanese gov should crack down on that and promote anime that is badass and cool (oxymoron in our era).
        But there is also that traditionaly, as an earlier article showed, the Japanese man works hard, most of the money he makes doesn´t go to himself he and doesn´t have much time for himself, wrecking his health and look in the process.
        The grass-eaters sounds a bit faggy, no objectives and soft-spinned but they are not at all comparable to bronies, furries, otherkins and other such vermine.

    4. I thought the same thing. Definitely some shaming language bullshit going on here.
      The author’s picture says everything, really.

    5. I’d say it’s both ways. The men don’t grow up and the women aren’t expected to get hitched, then the two things feed into each other like a vicious cycle.

      1. that’d be nice to believe, but it just isn’t so. the feedback loop has little input from boys not growing up. they are irrelevant, and they know it. that they choose morbidly acceptable gender dyscrasia (which is what MLP embodies) doesn’t help, but should they choose otherwise, their prospects by in large won’t fare better. the article should have focused on the fact that attempting to imitate girls out of desperation can’t ever make you a girl, nor will it make you able to mother a man’s children, so choosing imitation is but a suboptimal exercise in shortsighted pointlessness. men don’t fuck t-girls, nor their predecessors. but i digress.
        you can give all the dicks in the world to women, but they won’t work, they won’t toil, they won’t build, and they’ll just stuff themselves silly, trying to imitate life, men, and honor while actually selfishly devouring entire economies. but give but one used pussy to a single brony boy trained to ignore that pussy’s shockingly duplicitous mileage, and they’ll work as long as the pussy doesn’t betray them.
        too bad the pussy will though, and the bronies know it deep inside. i don’t blame them for stalling, i blame them for making my eyes bleed. that, and for making it politically incorrect to call them what they are: unsightly imitators of little girls.

    6. Masculine image? The “grass eaters” take care of their look and health.
      It isn’t that they can’t get a family, that just don´t want to be anyone’s bitch, be it to wives or jobs.
      Working is necessary but wrecking your health because you have too little time for exercise and healthy food is not.
      Masculine behaviour is its own reward and incentive, really.
      The “men” who grows fat and infantile because they cannot get a wife and family should not breed in the first place.
      Would you lick a dildo or betray your true friends if that made you more attractive to women or got the approval of society?

  9. Great piece, although it’s some pretty low-hanging fruit.
    One question though, did you intentionally choose to omit “gamers” or was that an accident? Because gamers certainly fit the bill. Living in a fantasy world, excelling in imaginary realms at the cost of working for potential greatness in the real world?
    Now, I might have left them out to, had I written this piece. After all, who doesn’t love the occasional round of Call of Duty, a good game of Madden, or a trip around the world of Grand Theft Auto? But there’s definitely a point where people spend too much time playing video games, and that’s something that should really be discussed. Games are so commonplace in our lives now, they even have their own TV network. But I can tell you, as a reformed gamer myself, in the end all they get you is fat. And possibly the passing respect of a community of other losers. It’s time to look that much more real problem in the face and get it the fuck out of our lives.

    1. Good point. My most financially successful male friend has barely any interest in girls at all… He is more of a Gamer.. Makes lots of money and just does his own thing.
      He is masculine in one respect… he takes responsibility for himself and works hard… but in other respects such as approaching girls he is a no-show.
      I think Bronies, Gamers, Grass-eaters, “artists”, grad-schoolers can all be examples of these males that essentially quit on the idea of starting a family..
      Straight up the only reason I bother is kuz maybe I’ll want to start a family someday… Otherwise really.. why would I bother? IS there a reason?

      1. Why is it that so many guys here insist that you are not a real man unless you are married have kids?
        That’s pretty obnoxious, because i for one would never even consider marrying, much less starting a family. Only total idiots marry anyway, The whole marriage institution should be abolished.

        1. I for one intend on reproducing at some point in my life… I’m too in love with myself to not see myself propagate into the future… But that’s just me.

        2. You don´t.
          Thought, you do not need to get married to have children, at least not yet.
          In fact, if you want to be a father in these childrens lives, avoiding marriage is by far the better option.

  10. You live in a socialist society, with massive wealth distribution from those who work and sacrifice to those who don;t.
    YOu degrade and disrespect the male role and mens right to independence and protection from being robbed in marriage.
    You provide every form of subsidy to women possible and enable women to use the state as husband or enforcer any time they please.
    Its no wonder many men say to hell with it.. Just wait till they start pushing back.. Which will come.
    When done with cunning you wont recognize it till it is quite advanced.

  11. I really don’t care what these guys want to do on their own time; no one promotes being a “brony” it is pretty much ridiculed by everyone including the media. There is no conspiracy to turn men into “bronies”. Some guys are just more feminine and weak than others and for a lot of these dudes the dream of meeting some weird girl at these events is probably the underlying motivation for attending, seeing as that is the only kind of partner that makes sense for them. It’s 2014-America, not all the males have to be “warriors” we have replaced them with bombs and such. Enough of these articles needlessly picking on the undesirables of society, they already know they are wimps.

    1. True, but it is not as if these bronies are masculine and just have this vice. From what I have seen on /co/ in any case (before they got their own board).

      1. The point is they don’t have to be masculine, no need to force it on them. It isn’t like there is some campaign to turn all men into “bronies” so why focus on the .000000000000001% of weird dudes and act like it is some kind of epidemic?

      1. Yes, we have. There are drone pilots bombing Arabs all over the middle-east; it is their day job and they go home and eat dinner after a putting in the ol’ 9-5 right here in the US. I’m sure those Arabs wish they could throw a knife halfway across the world but unfortunately for them, technology wins.

    2. Even the Weaboos look down on Bronies. That’s how sad Bronies are.

  12. This websites depressing. I’m a 15 year old girls and today I learned I should give up all career aspirations because of my general inferiority and just please someone else for all my life. I honestly did not know men thought I’m impulsive and incapable of rational thought. In an acronym: wtf. I don’t want to get married if we’re not going to help and support each other and I’m just going to be a live in cook and maid of all work. This website quite honestly convinced me today to never marry! Guys are mental nowadays. What happened to everyone respecting each other.

    1. Kathrine:
      A cook, maid and a “pleasure assistant” to your husband – and Mother to your children, is what God created you to be. It`s as simple as that.
      You as a girl were created as helpmate to your husband. To love him, obey him, serve him and fear him.
      And if you don`t like it:
      GO TO HELL.
      Because womens rebellion against her husband is by extention, a rebellion against God.
      God has decreed that you are to obey and submit to your husband as unto God. And believe me, Kathrine, you do not wish to argue with God.
      All feminists will burn in Hell forever, Kathrine. Every single one. Forever.
      Ephesians 5:22 says “Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands, as to the Lord.”
      So save yourself for marriage, remain pure and untouched for your future husband and never, ever be a whore.
      Don`t even kiss a boy until you are married.
      Because the moment you become a Fallen woman (i.e loose your virginity outside of marriage), you`ll never get back on your feet and any respect any man might have had for you is gone. Forever.
      So keep your hymen intact for your wedding. It is your most prized asset in life and any hope you have for a decent life.
      Your virginity is your honor as a woman. Guard it with your life until your wedding night..
      Better to be a Virgin in Heaven, than a Whore in Hell.
      And a woman who`s had another mans dick inside of her, will get the same amount of respect as a used condom lying in the gutter.
      Always remember this.
      Always remember this, Kathrine.
      Always remember this, Kathrine.
      Take care now.

        1. Go fuck yourself mcg.
          And take your little faggot-friend, – “Clark Kent”, with you.

        2. I agree. Feminuts will burn in Hell, all of them. I also believe that great majority of women in general will end up there.

    2. Phil Elmore’s problem is that cramming himself into the masculine mold never got him laid. Now he’s watching Bronies coming together with Pegasisters and starting families, and all he can do to respond his rage his worthless ass off about it.
      As are all of the other losers peddling the “women are inferior” tagline. They’re just sore because the only ones who don’t still have their virginity gave it to a hooker in exchange for a really bad itch.

  13. A few months back I saw a young man working at Sam’s Club who wore a Jake hat from Adventure Time. Does that show have a Bronies-like following among loser guys?

  14. This is happening because of things like giving up in Rhodesia and South Africa.
    Also gifting the savages places like Detroit.

  15. The incentives of being a “full gown man” have gone away in our culture. You can do “right”, work hard, bust your ass and provide for a family, and one of our crazy women can take it all away from you on a whim. She can lock you into slavery via child support and alimony and there’s nothing you can do about. The “bronie” phenomenon is not entirely divorced from the MGTOW phenomenon. This culture doesn’t not reward good men, so why bother trying to be one? Do whatever you want and work as little as possible.

    1. I agree – being one of the responsible, adult, male producers in this country for several decades (small business owner), I can tell you for certain there is little incentive left to become an adult male responsible producer. Either your wife and/or the government confiscate the majority of the fruits of your labor. Going Galt is definitely the way to go for modern young men.

      1. This conclusion is pretty much inescapable for most thinking men. Truly a sad state of affairs that humanity is currently dealing with.

      2. No, for modern men it is decide what they want to do, which may include getting married.

      3. “Empowered” women have fucked men over in the West. But they’ve also killed the goose that lays the golden egg.
        We men will have our revenge. Unfortunately, a civilization will fall and a race of people may go extinct before that happens. But it’s the only way things can be corrected because the pile of shit is just too deep.

  16. Everytime I see pajama boy on my computer screen, I literally have to fight my inner mass shooter from emerging and taking over me…

  17. Because growing up to find that you are rejected en masse by women, who behave extremely badly, have to work in a corporate culture that metaphorical gelds you with behavior codes, have to give a huge chunk of your hard work over to the government in taxes to pay for people less responsible than you, and being hated and blamed for everything by the culture at large is SOOO alluring. Do you really wonder why we have so many “man children”?
    Also, how exactly does a lot of this change for some of the guys on here? I mean these men stay young, play with toys, and idealize female archetypes exemplified in ponies with tramp stamps. Many guys even ones on here work out, play with toys (motorcycles, bourbon, cigars, gambling), and chase real women with tramp stamps who fit your own standards.
    Do you really think that we’re that different. They’ve chosen childish form and substance, but its rational and you can alteast see why they’ve done it.
    Temper your righteous anger with mercy my friends.

    1. I don’t have anything against these guys man… they’re doing their thing… hell, if they keep it up long enough and they get enough media attention chicks will start flocking to them… think of those anime conventions…
      I’d just like to think that a year of maui thai training would help me charlie-horse them with a swing kick if necessary… thats how I’m different from a bronie.

    2. I did not like your comment when I first read it yesterday – but today it seems to make sense to me.
      In essence, a man needs to do whatever helps him get through the day.
      Whether game, bronies, gaming, fapping and porn help its about your health and well-being.
      Females for the most part – unless you are a male in the extremely small percentage that are desired by females – are consume far too much of our thoughts and are deleterious to our well-being.
      Focus on career, Nutrition, exercise and supplements to keep up your energy and mood are important for us American male to try to navigate this horrible nightmare and barren wasteland. Keep what makes you happy and enriched in the forefront of your lives – tune out the females and their shaming language and put them behind you.

  18. Well, as a 56 year-old male virgin that’s never been
    with a girl, I can attest to the wisdom of your comments.
    For all praticle purposes. I retreated to my room at the
    age of 12 and was given no incentive to be an adult.
    I recieve the contempt I desrive, particularly from the
    fairer sex.
    The summer mounths are sheer torture. To know that
    I am soon to enter that vast black void without ever
    being loved is tragic indeed. Watch a movie entitled
    “Once Before I Die.”

        1. You kidding me? Are suggesting a 56 year-old virgin man shouldn’t see a hooker? Why not?
          This is a much bigger problem than “bronies”, up until, oh idk, ~80 years ago it was standard for men to see hookers and now we have men so ashamed at the thought of paying for sex that they die 56 year-old virgins! Talk about putting pussy on the pedestal…

  19. ” . . . the juvenilized” male retreats into a world of
    fantasy, play, and diversion . . .These are males who have given up . . . on productive work,”
    You write pulps.

    1. But its manly because knives or something. Even though I bet he’s only used a knife in fantasy land. Hilariously his profile pic looks like the brony stereotype and makes me wonder just how familiar with the opposite gender he really is. I mean a Fedora? Really?

    2. Well, at least he WRITES pulps. That’s a productive, rather than consumptive, act.

  20. Aren’t “bronies” just the end product of socially atomized and stressed out whites? When you take any and all incentives away from an already directionless and feminized group of males . Alacazam and Viola!! Bronies.

    1. Voila even.
      I might also add this strange phenomenon is only going to grow until of course the wheels finally fall off.
      Enjoy the decline.

  21. I’d like to see an actual interview or group interview with any subclass of people who are deemed as useless to society. Bronies, Gamers, Table top role players, etc who spend an inordinate amount of time in fantasy land. The question to ask is why they have gone down that path rather than real-life accomplishments. I wager a part of it has to do with the reality that the path to getting ahead is not crystal clear.
    I agree with some other posters that the overall theme of this article is shaming language from a freelance writer. Where are his accomplishments? More importantly, where are the incentives for the Bronies to not be Bronies? Do the majority of these people have jobs or have they literally dropped out of society?
    I challenge that Bronies are not actually problem in themselves, but rather a side-effect of a toxic society that shuns masculinity and competition.

    1. what exactly are we “getting ahead” of? is the objective to die with more money than everyone else?

    2. I fall in to all those categories at once.. And it occupies most of my spare time. Especially the ponies.
      Oh and also I’m a Master of Science in Engineering, I have and will do more for society then most of the people in this comment section combined, from solar farms to water treatment plants. And heres the kicker, a lot of the people you are referring to fall in to the same category with a host of brilliant educations from good universities all over the world. Its just the media and bloggers oh so love to shine a light on the extremes and as even our colleges normally don’t know what we do in our spare time the wast majority of us fall under the radar completely.
      Question: “Hey John, its Friday what are you doing tonight?”
      Answer: “Naaaaa just chilling and having a few beers with my friends”
      Reality: Spend the evening happily drawing pictures of ponies and playing video games.
      Also I shouldn’t have to say this, but yeah I’m straight, I have never had issues with women and I’d rather be dead then vote for socialists.
      I just happen to like to to laugh at cute ponies being silly and discuss them with others when I’m not working my ass of, could I please do that without being seen as a toxic cancer in society? That would be nice..

  22. “The nobler and more perfect a thing is, the later and slower is it in reaching maturity. Man reaches the maturity of his reasoning and mental faculties scarcely before he is eight-and-twenty; woman when she is eighteen”
    -Arthur Schopenhauer
    This is why it is a absolute disaster for men and women to be “equal”. A 20 year old male dating a 20 year old woman, for example. The woman will already have reached her full mental/physical development, whereas the man will still be a boy.
    In many ancient cultures or eastern cultures, men were not even considered a man until age 30. Funny how the eastern culture lines up so perfectly with enlightened western philosophers like Schopenhauer.
    Any man over 30 that watches brony or anime? Yea, they got a serious problem, I’d say.

  23. Bathing males in femininity only causes them to become infantile narcissists. Useless to everyone.

    1. If you want disturbing, check out some of the more insane elements of the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase…

      1. I agree with you. As a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, I am very ashamed at the way some Sonic fans spazz out.

        1. You are hardly alone. I have seen a few rant videos by Sonic fans about the new fanbases, especially with their creepy rule 34 art…

  24. While I’m no Brony myself, just for the sake of being a devil’s advocate I think it’s worth leaving this video by Jordan Owen here.

    I used to be hard on the Bronies, and I still look at some of the more extreme, and yes autistic segments of the fandom with disgust, but I’ve mellowed on my opinion on them as a whole. I just have a hard time judging a man because he likes a cartoon. Personally as long as you’re hitting the gym, learning game, trying to better yourself overall, I say go ahead and enjoy whatever little distraction, however childish, that takes your mind off Rome burning all around you. As Aaron Clarey says, Enjoy the Decline.

    1. If you think Bronies are bad, try Weaboos, who spend all day telling everyone who great “Glorious Nippon” is.

        1. Weaboos aren’t into zombies, they’re into all facets of Japanese culture, including, but not limited to anime, manga, tokusatsu (shows like Power Rangers, Godzilla, Giant Robots, etc).

        2. Newsflash: even Japanese entertainment companies like TOEI and TOHO have a stronghold in both Continental and Pacific Asia, long before American companies like Comcast started getting involved in Japanese animation.
          Under YOUR logic, ALL of Asia are weeaboos, even when stuff like those are rather commonplace.
          Yet, ironically, just like “weeaboos” have this obsession towards anything Japanese, the Japanese themselves have an obsession towards anything Western. Even Disney has a huge ADULT fanbase in Japan, if you’re asking for a case in point. And guess how Japan learned NTR (cuckoldry), Imperialism, and Colonialism? Yup.

        3. It’s sublimated racial awareness.
          See Jean Zombi, Haiti’s serial killer who killed and ate Frenchmen.

        4. Thanks for the little history lesson; I’m not gonna find it hard to believe if that was Jean Zombi’s preferred method of psychological warfare.
          Also, what is up with you Anglos and your paranoia (read: “US AGAINST THEM” mentality)? It’s already bad enough Yellow Peril became an excuse for Anglo men to turn colonial women into cum dumpsters, because they were NOT getting ANY at home.

        5. Ironically, they are; even Japan caught on to the stereotype “Americans are necro for zombies”, to the point Capcom will switch its mascot from Classic Megaman to Nemesis and two of the most popular animated shows from Japan that made it to the USA are “High School of the Dead” (originally a Japanese comic book series) and “Is this a zombie?”
          If you don’t believe me, even Namco Bandai made an arcade game where idol pop group AKB48 became zombies and the premise was to shoot them with vaccines to bring them back to normal.

    2. “as long as you’re [doing X] go head and enjoy yourself”
      well as long as we have the permission of some random faggot
      also el oh el at “learning game”

  25. Who is this new writer? This is a decent article. The manosphere must be growing…

  26. I would recommend reading Gavin McGinnis’ takimag piece on bronies. He Is certainly red-pill material and points out how many of these fanatics are really aspies who are lacking in the social dept.
    I understand the point the article gets at but men and the battle with autism is one women simply can’t understand. Many of the greatest male geniuses were on the spectrum and we in this sphere need to try and understand how difficult it is being a 21st century male with these limitations.

  27. LOL, you fat, old sack of shit! You have no idea what furries are! We’re laughing at you, old, fat bastard!

    1. Yeah normally I hate furries with the intensity of a million suns but I’d have to agree with this gent. That story about the brony pedo was fabricated BS that was debunked. Christ you guys are worse than hysterical soccer moms shrieking about violent video games

  28. Sigh. DSM would technically add this definition to “zoophilia”, just like how it should add obsession with zombies to its definition of “necrophilia”.
    Remember folks, sex is 90% mental.

  29. The author looks like a brony, fedora and all. And since when do grown men rely on the ‘authorities’ for protection. And stuff the shaming up your arse, while the feminisation of men is a little disturbing (unless you like easy pussy), it’s more a reflection of the fact that it just doesn’t pay to be some other fuckwits caricature of a man. Better to wear a fedora and watch my little pony, or write crap on the internet.

  30. Im a nurse – I saw the movie on the Bronys – these boys are autistic. They are trying to crack the code of social interaction as they have limited abilities to read people. The watch my little ponies as a means for their own social scripts. Autism is a profoundly debilitating mental health issue. They deserve compassion, not scorn.

      1. Apologies, and I did clinicals, but its not what I do now, but I saw a lot of systematic behaviors with them all.

      2. Apologies, but when I watched the movie – I did see a lot of bronys that really had problems – mental ones – sure there were some others that were perhaps being childish, I just hope some thought is given to the ones that aren’t – after the movie, I genuinely felt bad for the guys, and at the same time that they did find happiness and “friendship” or at least some socialization with the silly activity.

  31. What a clueless asshole. He obviously doesn’t even know what bronies or furries even are. How I choose to live my life is no one’s business, especially not this guy’s. He looks like a closet case to me.

  32. The author whines about guys watching a cartoon, and quotes a fucking violent fairy tale book called the bible. The observable universe can not contain the magntiude of absurdity and cognitive dissonance that must have gone into the composition of this shit article.

  33. “Adulthood requires a casting off a childish things and ways.”
    No it really doesn’t.
    This is one of these brillaint “Ur a child cuz you like things I don’t like” screeds.
    Aren’t you ashamed to devote so much effort and verbiage to point out the very obvious fact that Bronies are strange people with retarded tastes?
    Take notice people: when somebody writes drivel such as “A Real Man does x” or “A Tr00 Alpha does y” or “An Genuine Adult does Z” this is a classic sign to disregard pretty much anything he says.
    Who gave you license to define what “adult” does or doesn’t mean you faggy little Udolpho clone? People who whine about muh MACHURITEEE are usually strange people who exhibit a strange amount of pride over liking “adult” things. The lady doth protest too much.
    Btw, what about “cartoons” that are drawn, but feature mature content? Is that verboten as well?

  34. As a man who has a decent job (six figures), owns his own condo, car, and motorcycle, Has 3 black belts, and goes to the gym pretty much daily… I have to say, I am thankful I found this article. It means me hugging my Rainbow Dash plushie is clearly causing someone in the world some anger and resentment toward me.

    1. Agreed. I can’t imagine the girls are all over him, or impressed by his work on Knives weekly (its manly because you can kill people I guess? Even though you’d only be using those knives “fantasy lands”.
      One presumes if he had a girl she’d tell him Fedora’s went out decades ago.

  35. “My name is Phil Elmore, I like guns and knives, and I am a MAN! Can’t you tell how maly I am? Can’t you? CAN’T YOU?!”
    Fucking know-nothing hack faggot.

  36. Becoming a man means discarding childish things. Like the fear of being childish.

  37. Friendly reminder that a true alpha doesn’t need to circlejerk on the internet like a woman

  38. #YesAllPonies because wanting to cum inside Rainbow Dash is seen as a mental illness

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  40. What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

  41. Are you serious? You’re either projecting like mad or overcompensating–either way, you’re definitely really insecure about your manhood (assuming you have it, at least).
    “Men” are intelligent and don’t associate one insignificant, superficial behavior with an entire persona that everyone follows. “Men” aren’t fucking scared of liking cute things, and “men” who do aren’t always people who yell about it, like pic related.

  42. Haha what a bunch of sad fucks on here. Sounds like a bunch of old men on a midlife crisis.

  43. Funny you refernce the bible, you familiar with CS Lewis?

    “Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.””
    Incidentally what makes your articles about weapons you’ll likely never get to use outside of fantasy land and pulp sci fi so manly?

  44. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄▄▄░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄▄▄▄

  45. “a trend that has seen expanding numbers of grown men return home to live with and leach off their parents.”
    Uh oh we got ourselves another shaming “alpha”.
    Amazing. “Alphas” sounds just like feminists now.

  46. Marine 0311 here. I’d love to see a fat neckbeard keyboard activist tell me how sad I am because I enjoy a cartoon in the privacy of my own room.

  47. Part of being a man is standing up to society and saying this is how I choose to live and I’m willing to accept whatever the consequences may be for my behavior.
    Part of being a child is saying this is what I’m comfortable with and so I demand that you all do the same.
    Personally, the life I am comfortable with is driving my new car to my stable factory job of over 10 years, working my 8 hours then coming back the the home I own to greet my wife, Crack open a cold beer and watch My Little Pony.
    Why? Because that is how I choose to live my life. And it is nobody’s place to pass judgment on me for it.

    1. So what’s the appeal to my lil pony? Never watched it.
      Is it intellectually stimulating or is it more of just a visual emotional treat?

      1. It actually has friendly females represented by ponies somehow to is an extension of the Madonna comples. But one can scarcely learn masculinity from it.

  48. I was reading up about the histories of various warrior women and one thing I’ve noticed is that the women were strong and SUPPORTIVE of their husbands. Doesn’t matter whether it was the Vikings, Spartans or Samurai. The warrior women had their rights and privileges balanced with responsibilities to their families and to the society they belonged to. Fast forward to the modern age, we have feminism removing all the responsibilities of women while simultaneously putting down men. No wonder we have bronies and pajama boys coming about while women behave more and more like feral beasts. Of course even back in the ancient and feudal era, we had sluts and misbehaving women but not to the sheer extent that we have now. Modern life is getting more and more ridiculous with each passing day.

  49. “Grown men returning home to leech their parents” I don’t think you can explain this because of subculture. It’s more about the high cost f living and unaffordable rents than anything.

  50. How about you just let me watch what i want on TV without overthinking it as an attack on patriarchy/whatever buzzwords is trendy at the moment and just sod off,dude ?

  51. “Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval,
    instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To
    be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is
    grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are
    the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence
    they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want
    to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood
    this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development.
    When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been
    ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them
    openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the
    fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” -C.S Lewis

  52. I’m not gonna lie liking My Little Pony is pretty gay. I remember being a kid and My Little Pony was always marketed towards little girls, not GROWN MEN. Heck even when I worked in a Toy Store, all the MLP toys were in the girls aisles. Enough of this, I’ll do whatever I wanna do childish attitude. I’m not one of those guys with the whole bully those less than me attitude, but when I see Bronies, I just feel bad for them. It is not normal for Men to like those things. Only among white people, are such things acceptable. You wanna know why black men are perceived as being more masculine….it’s because they don’t let their little boys play with pink/purple pony dolls. Can you imagine Spartan warriors raising their sons to think playing with dolls was acceptable. Believe it or not, shaming sometimes has an important purpose in societies.

    1. Blacks are responsible for the general spread of AIDS from their cage prisons to the vagina of their brood sow.
      Down low scum.

  53. I have the same attitude towards Furries that ‘Animal Mother’ from ‘Full Metal Jacket” had towards the African-American community.

  54. As a former furry and ‘kinda’ bronie I can comment on this: My Little Pony FIM is popular with males because it features six distinct highly desirable female personalities, while having very little of the negative qualities one would find in real-life of any chic-centric form of entertainment (think Gray’s anatomy, Eat Pray Love, or any other ‘strong woman’ character that men would rather stick their privates into a hornet’s nest than have sex with). In other words it’s pure escapism for men who have been told all their lives that they need to appreciate a woman’s inner beauty, but have found none.

    1. Yep, couldn’t have said it better. I can totally understand why so many guys like MLP Fim, as the females in it are what they should be, not what they really are like.
      Shit, bronies maybe more red-pill than i thought.

  55. I admit to being a whatever floats your boat kinda guy for the most part. As long as it doesn’t cause harm to some one else. this whole brony nonsense doesn’t deserve our attention. At worst, grown men playing with toys meant for five year old girls is pathetic.

    I have a big pink & purple dildo for the hoes holes. Can I shove up the ass of a brony’s that crosses my path?
    Nah, it’s probably a hate crime in this fucked up society.

  57. Why is the author wearing a fedora? We all know exactly who these types of people are with regards to fedoras. There are literally thousands of other more masculine choices for clothing and style that keep up with the trends and make you look good than a fedora which is mostly some kind of banal half witted attempt to define ones own self perceived masculinity through extinct patterns found in shitty 1950’s movies, which are just as fantastical and meaningless as any other era of movies; movies being movies and entirely made up.
    Secondly, in society we’re always going to have a large group of undesirable men for one reason or another. Say what you want about NAWALT but unless you’re 6’0″ and up you really have no idea about the power of women when it comes to gene selection. There are men who are pretty much destined to either just go through life undesired or they will realize that even if they supposedly do find a wife they know the woman will cheat because women’s desire for alphas is so strong. Not to defend bronies but pretty much anything we do with our time short of turning ourselves into perfect specimens through genetic engineering or making ourselves into a race of androids that will dominate the universe as the foreseeably ONLY sentient race of living beings is a waste of time. Drinking, motorcycles, shooting shit, in the end it’s all a waste of time. Lots of soldiers go over and fight historically because they don’t value their lives because in one way or another they all realize the truth about female sexual selection.
    The only case I can think of is the asian case which seems to prefer money and reward decent hardworking guys with a wife and family by even that is going to fall as we can see with the out marriage rate where a manlet white guy is better than a jacked tall asian guy but I think genetically whites and blacks are pretty much screwed with the advent of unleashed female sexuality. For every time we sit around beating our meat a woman is willingly banging a 6’2″ natural and nothing can ever change that. So be it bronies, video games, sports, etc., we can kill time and or improve ourselves as best as we can but the one in changing thing is female sexual preference whether you got it or you don’t. Of course not all women like alphas but as you can see with females in the US bordering on monstrous in size recently and with huge jaws and chins to boot, they’re obviously sexually selecting for height and it’s only gonna get worse as these goliaths demand bigger and bigger.

  58. Why are you pinning all of these social problems on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the adult fans of the show? If you actually watched the show ONCE in your life, you’d see that it just isn’t some show about talking colorful ponies having tea parties all of the time. It’s a show that actually has morals, UNIVERSAL MORALS, that can be applied by anyone, young or old, male or female. Just about everything else on television today is nothing but sit-coms and cheap reality TV, which has ten million sexual references and horrid stereotypes that only leave people ignorant of the world around them.
    Another thing I would like to touch about your article is one very simple thing? Do we ever truly grow up and cast our childhood to the curb? No! We’re all still kids on the inside because, deep down inside of all of our hearts, it brings us joy, a joyous feeling that is so often clouded by the evil and hatred in the world around us. In other words, it’s good to keep some of your inner child left alive because, without it, we become heartless and dead to the infinite possibilities around us.
    Finally, and most importantly, most of these “Pajama Boys” out there aren’t Bronies at all! Most of those “Pajama Boys” are lazy freeloader who are on welfare. They’re sitting down at their Obama homes, using their Obama phones while smoking their weed, which they bought from their Obama money. THEY are the ilk of the world! Also, it’s not my generation (the Y-generation/Millenials) that screwed the world up. It’s the Baby-Boomers and the X-generation, the hippies that were doing LSD, smoking pot, and killing their brain cells that screwed everything up. They were the ones who created the welfare situation, they were the ones who aren’t raising their own children in the right way, so that leaves the Government to raise most of these children, and they are the ones who are causing the slow degradation of society within the United States, not some fandoms, which inspire creativity and imagination in our society that is so engrossed in ignorance and conformity.

  59. Caring whether other people judge you as “manly enough” or “worthy” is the true weakness. MGTOW: always right, all the time.

    1. Ah, so social commentary, from criticism of trends up through the very depths of philosophy, is a weakness. Got it.

  60. Good article. There is not enough scorn and ridicule can be heaped on this weird Brony/ My Little Pony madness

  61. “What characterizes children? They are impulsive. They are
    irresponsible. They break the rules and then try to avoid the
    consequences for their misbehavior. Left to their own devices, they will
    not be productive. They do not or cannot support themselves. We accept
    these traits as perfectly normal for childhood.”
    I dunno. Sounds like modern women to me.

  62. I’ve spent lost of time in Asia and I’m japanese. Those men you talk about are shut ins mentally unstable. Japanese men still marry, as long as the woman’s traditional

  63. I never seen a brony (glad too haha). Then again I live in Texas (Not feminist oriented like NY, Cali, and Florida) so I imagine most texans have no fear of shaming a Brony. But ive seen plenty of beta dweebs obsessed with Pokemon.
    You shoud do an article about man-children that play/watch Pokemon.

  64. When you run events that raise millions for reputable Charity’s, and create things that rival half of what the MLP and Fur fandoms have created. THEN you may judge.
    Why is there such a worry of this idea of “Loss” of masculinity, what does masculinity do other than destroy, maim, and fuck up the world harder. Are you so afraid to treat your fellow man with kindness and respect that you think you must always be an alpha male? That any tiny thing that threatens the status quo of “Masculine GOOD” is a “childish” thing?
    Your way of thinking is actively dangerous, it’s the kind of thinking you engage in that actively causes harm to those around you, that is more likely to snap and take out “those fags” in a blaze of “glory.”
    Perhaps, instead of passing judgement on what is masculine and properly Male, you should step back and realize that what matters is that you 1: Take care of you and your own. 2:Take pride in what you like. 3: Be a good fucking human being.
    Or you can just keep writing crap like this, either or.

  65. The bronies sure are proving just how mature they are by posting “funny,” immature pictures and trolling. They’re just like women. Dare to insult them and they throw hissy fits and ruin the conversation that grown up, rational thinking people have.
    So I think I’ll reiterate what this article’s writer said. Bronies are disgusting, mentally ill man-children who need to work on improving themselves rather than masturbating to animated horses.

    1. We just provide lulz, to this boring and autistic article.
      Also, >implying i call myself a brony

  66. A couple of summers ago, I was in a garage on my way to the LA Fitness when I walked past a 7 foot tall man in brony costume. It looked like one of those professional done full body Mickey Mouse costumes you see at Disneyland. The man wearing it nearly touched the ceiling. It looked disturbing and scary to see a dude the size of Shaq parade around, with his entourage of pasty, dough boys surrounding him.
    Turns out that Bronycon 2012 was taking place at the nearby convention center. Curious, I passed by the convention center. Outside was a gathering of 4000 omegas both male and female. Last year in Baltimore it was said that number doubled. God save us!

  67. So you believe that any man who isnt afraid to like childish things can in no way be succesful at all. Because you like cartoons, video games, or anything else you can never be productive? I don’t see how that’s so because if you want your video games, TV, internet and other things you would need money right? meaning you would have an incentive to obtain money, meaning you will have to work. Are there sponges? yes of course but there are plenty of “men” who despite being masculine cool guy normal-fags, still stick with their mothers to go buy drugs or even just because they want to do nothing all day. Interest and hobby do not “cause” laziness and greed, because in reality interest and hobby are what drive people in the end. This article was written by a normal-fag, for normal-fags, to promote normal-faggotry.

    1. The point I believe that the author is trying to make is that moderation is a very good thing. It is never a good thing to be SO into these things that you do not ever better yourself.

  68. Yes, because obviously we need more competitive and combative males around, banging their chests like rabid gorillas in desperate attempt to gain the attention of the opposite sex.
    Ah, conservative tears: nectar of the gods and the spice of my miserable little life <3

  69. Was listening to Dennis Prager on the welfare state…this kind of disturbing perversion is a consistent with our entitled, something for nothing and narcissistic society. My advice, we need to start policing our own and shame these worthless cretins.

  70. So…. why is it impossible to have both? You act like enjoying certain things, and having any adult sensibilities are completely incompatible. You’ve done nothing to support this theory outside /one/ anecdote. I believe your intense dislike of these people narrows your vision.
    You express concern, because the ‘men’ of this generation do not resemble the men of your own, and I understand and respect that concern, but I cannot agree with the utter bile spewed throughout the rest of the article. This isn’t a thoughtful piece on the decay of society, this a hack job. You’re no better than internet user #142667 saying “You are everything that is wrong with the world” to an individual you disagree with. For someone extolling the virtues of being an adult, you’re setting a terrible example.

  71. Cool story bro, now I’m going to sit around my house, play Call of Duty and watch MLP and Spongebob. What ya gonna do about it?

  72. RoK preaching about Bronies and Furries is like an evangelical alter call to the Omegas; we can only hope that a few of them heed their societal destructive ways and turn back to what is true manhood. They need to recognize that they are a huge part of the problem of how men are perceived by women in life and, worst of all, portrayed by the media. All we need now is to have MSM start using Bronies as examples of the Modern Male and the Men’s Movement will have died in childhood from a faux-horse-borne disease.

  73. These quotes are from a counter-post by the fine folks over at Horse-News. I’ll link their article at the bottom of this.
    Horse-News said: “Isn’t it a little harsh to call an entire fandom cancer? We all know there are some bad seeds out there, but that doesn’t mean the entire crop is spoiled. And societal gender roles? They’re slowly deconstructing themselves as time goes on. Things change, and this includes our views on how things should be. What the author is essentially saying in this paragraph is that a group like the bronies can’t function in society because they don’t follow “social rules”. Just because they don’t fit Elmore’s definition of societal rules, doesn’t mean they don’t know how to behave and act in public. I can’t recall the last time a brony made the news for not following such guidelines and being a public nuisance. Maybe because it’s never happened.
    Phil said: “What characterizes children? They are impulsive. They are irresponsible. They break the rules and then try to avoid the consequences for their misbehavior. Left to their own devices, they will not be productive.”
    Horse News said: ”Zero productivity/responsibility here folks.
    Yeah. I’ll just let that last line speak for itself. Those military bronies sure aren’t productive. I bet they run amok on base all day long. And they’re probably too scared to even hold a gun…. How did they even get through basic training? This is just flat out disrespectful to those serving. Even if you don’t agree with their purpose, it still takes balls to do what they do. And let’s not forget the artists, the musicians, the animators, the writers, and movers and shakers who’ve made our fandom what it is today. The author has clearly done no research or fact checking on us.”
    There are military bronies, conservative bronies, Christian bronies, liberal bronies…. these guys come from many different backgrounds, a lot of them have jobs and are in college, just like “normal” people (whatever the heck a normal person is). If you hate on a person because they like a TV show with actual morals and values I think you’re the one who needs to re-evaluate things. I really don’t care if you do or don’t like the show, it’s not for everyone and that’s fine. Don’t tell me that I’m less of a man because I like something you don’t.

  74. Ahahahahaha! You’re going to tell me I’m not a man because I like a show! That’s funny, man, wow. I’m secure enough in masculinity to not care what you think, I just like a show.

    1. I’d hardly consider the disbarred-from-practice Dr. Phil and his wide selection of sheer psychobabble a reliable source. ;

    1. Bronies are manchildren. ROK readers are either men or manchildren on their way to becoming men.

        1. Just give it up with the brony trolling already. I’ve heard you guys even believe that the MLP characters exist in real life.

  75. “Critics who treat adult as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” – C.S. Lewis, “On Three Ways of Writing for Children” (1952)

  76. I think another mature adult says it the best ”
    Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval,
    instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To
    be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is
    grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are
    the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence
    they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want
    to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood
    this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development.
    When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been
    ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them
    openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the
    fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”
    CS Lewis
    Dear sir it is not the brony than needs to grow up it is you. By the way you misquoted 1 Cor 3:11: lest put some context around it
    13 If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 And if I have aprophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, bso as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3 cIf I give away all I have, and dif I deliver up my body to be burned,1 but have not love, I gain nothing.
    4 eLove is patient and fkind; love gdoes not envy or boast; it his not arrogant 5 or rude. It idoes not insist on its own way; it jis not irritable or resentful;2 6 it kdoes not rejoice at wrongdoing, but lrejoices with the truth. 7 mLove bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, eendures all things.
    8 Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. 9 For nwe know in part and we prophesy in part, 10 but owhen the perfect comes, the partial will pass away. 11 When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways. 12 For pnow we see in a mirror dimly, but qthen face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as rI have been fully known.
    13 So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.
    In context it verses have to so with the role of spiritual gifts not human maturity.

  77. I wouldn’t mind the bronies if they didn’t go around showing off to everybody.

  78. The main argument that nearly all bronies seem to use is “it teaches you good morals,” this is not the job of a tv show to teach grown adult men morality, that should have been learnt through proper parenting and social interactions, and a sense of morality should be well established by the time a boy is becoming a man. Neither should that argument work when applied to children watching It, you shouldn’t sit back and let a tv show raise your children and give them its set of morals as nice as they may be you should raise your own child.
    All the Bronies I have met are incapable of functioning cohesively in society, this article sums up Why, children don’t belong in an adult world, you cannot start making decisions because a pony would approve of it, I’ve seen people do it an almost all the time and its affected their relationships and their work,

    1. >implying that everyone practice the moral of the show religiously
      >implying that people dont watch the show just for its entertainment values
      >generalizing a group composed of lets say ,thousand of people, based on a handful encounter
      0/10 TRY AGAIN

  79. As an adult you should be able to enjoy both child and adult things as a famous author put it. I don’t think you should necessarily follow a strict gender role. The ones obsessing over the show are problematic. However, for the people who casually watch it? Who cares.

  80. Publishing Phil Elmore? Welp, there goes at least one frequent reader.

  81. This is all coming from a fat guy wearing a fedora. Welcome to the real world, dumbass. Bronies are most often more masculine than you’ll ever be. You have no right to comment on the Brony culture, or the Furry culture for that matter, without actually having been a part of it or knowing more than one person in it. They are hundreds of times better than you’ll ever be. Bronies are one of many groups that are trying to break such stereotypes as “masculinity” and “femininity”. They are doing their best to merge the sexes into one in pretty much any way except genitalia. The fact that these bronies like a show originally pushed towards little girls is no less masculine than anyone who has ever watched a cartoon in their life. They understand that society has a very skewed view of what is right for men and women. I guess in the end what I’m trying to say is that in pretty much every aspect you are incorrect and should go shove you society-formed opinions where the sun doesn’t shine.

    1. Q: What does a brony do when he gets “offended or “diskerminated” or otherwise pissed off?
      A: Punches his own computer screen….the pic says it all.

      1. And you are an MRA scumbag with no life other than to pick on those who help others out of sheer kindness. Go fuck yourself. Grats!

        1. And you can go beat on some poor defenseless kid because that’s all you’ll ever be able to win. Fucking dipshits.

  82. The author clearly does not even lift. How can he call himself a man, much less an expert on masculinity, if he does not even hoist weights?

  83. While I completely disagree with your assumptions, I can still respect your opinion. Although I find it interesting that the traits you assign specifically as male characteristics are those that comprise (or at least should) any moral person. It would be interesting to see what characteristics you would deem permissible to the average woman. (It is also worth noting that those characteristics are ones that are highly preached in the show)
    The one thing that I take issue with is the rather stilted view of culture, and specifically its temporal and individual characteristics. The view of cultural definition and characteristics as wholly perpetual is fictional. The definitions assigned and defined in any culture fluctuate as time passes and the culture itself adapts, evolves and matures, over time resulting in once accepted delineations between gender roles, or even of simple linguistic definitions, to become modified to reflect those changes. For instance, the general characteristics of current male stereotypes date back to the 1950’s; the notion of the white picket fence home and the mono-nucleus family permeated American culture as the country found itself in the boon of post war living. However, just 100 years prior the definition of a man was defined by the amount of land owned and affluence, a southern land owner was judged by his acreage and count of slaves. In each case the once current view of cultural supposition was reverted and redefined to meet the the relevant challenges and ideology of the new emerging generation (What is deemed childish to one generation can become iconic to the next and vice versa). Overarching themes that are argued as perpetuals stem from cultural layering and not specifically a consistent grand set of rules and definitions (There is only one thing that makes a man and a woman and biologically it is located below the belt).
    American culture, as well as any other culture, is adapting to the current times; a time where survival is no longer the primary director of actions as humans have moved beyond the point of simply surviving (we could argue that humanity moved past that point the moment society began to emerge with notions of self protectorates but survivability for humanity has always been tied directly to technology and innovation) . With the advancements in technology, communications and infrastructure a person is no longer dependent on finding a mate and having kids to caring on the human species. While these biological traits are still present they can take a recessive quality over the aspirations of the soul. Now that is not to assume that there is no correlation between the
    economics of living and survivability, that is still a factor of lesser
    quality, and one you do not acknowledge. The upswing in subcultural popularity is a clear indicator of this shift, as well is the infrastructure of society itself; where whole markets and free trade have boomed reflecting the individuals drive to pursue life outside of the strict confines of survivability. Now in that pursuit of living, iconography is often utilized to ground oneself in the physical, and often times past images and icons are utilized. Childhood images evoke a deep connection between us and the world, as they are some of the things that we remember the fondest. Thus childhood images, or those that can be correlated with childhood, are re purposed and become the backdrop to meaningful action. What was once childish is reborn as adult, through the subtext of new meaning now associated with it, the only link to any childhood association is the pretext of societal dogma. However, it should be noted that is action is a purely adult construct, as children lack the internal vernacular to actively shape metaphysical meaning into physical iconography. The line you used from Corinthians is evidence of that (All that Catholic teaching was good for something). As an adult we no longer think as children, we have grown beyond the point of simple rational and instead have developed a deeper understanding of not only the world but of ourselves. Notice in the quote there is only talk of metaphysical principles, (I thought, I spoke, I reasoned) there is no mention of actions, or any talk of the relationship between childhood activities and likes and adult activities and likes (Language in the bible is often handled as a extension of soul wherein internal beliefs where made physical and known). To be an adult means to look critically, think for yourself and fight for what you believe in, all themes that are carried throughout the bible and especially the new testament, and that is what these subculture fans are doing.
    The fact is that the Brony phenomenon, as well as others, is changing the American definition of masculinity, neither for good or for bad; it instead represents a microcosm of cultural and societal shift. People who identify themselves as bronies (which I am) as well as other subcultures do not choose to be fans because they are lazy, childish or because they wish to shirk what some people believe are the defining characteristics of their place in society. In fact it is quite the contrary, fans often take alot of time and hard work utilizing, adult level talents and skills, creating unique and original content on top of completing their daily activities; some even parlay their efforts into careers doing things they love and things they believe will be (and are) beneficial. They instead are fans because the material means something to them, something they can resonate with and use to impart themselves onto the world and thus discover their place. Hillman stresses that life is a constant search for ones place in the universe and to find your own place is to know yourself completely. People find places in society, society does not find them places nor does it assign them any definitions other than the ones they place on themselves. And the actions of those perceived as children are often the driving force of human spirit.

  84. …I seriously had no fucking idea what a brony is until I just googled it. That is some weird shit. Seems more like just something to pretend to be into as an excuse for being a fucking weenie in every other aspect of life.

  85. My boyfriend – who served in Afghanistan and a personal trainer – came across MLP while we were babysitting our niece because she wanted to watch “my favourite horsey show”. There was about three episodes on in a row before he asked her if she had them on DVD. He now has the songs on his iPod.
    He just finds it a fun show, like I have all of the 2003 TMNT on DVD. I love TMNT. I also love horror movies. He likes the Horsey Show and also killed people for a living.

  86. I have to greatly disagree with this article because saying that all bronies are evil because of a certain few is like saying the entire world should burn in hell just for the actions of a few criminals. Sure, there are certain people, such as the R34 artists and perverts, who we would rather forget, but let’s keep in mind the artists, the musicians, all the great people who enrich the fandom as a whole.
    There are several other points that I don’t agree with. First and foremost, he states that it is absolutely wrong for men to enjoy something so “feminine and childish”, when in reality there is no one fixed point that a certain group should stay in. Rather, our perceptions of “what is for this group” and “what is for that group” change over time. For example, the color pink was once considered masculine and good for boys. But over time, our ideologies changed so that pink is now regarded as girly and feminine. Another example is how in the West, cartoons were originally regarded as entertainment mainly for children, while in countries like Japan the target demographic was often adults. Like before, our beliefs eventually shifted, which is why we have cartoons for both children and adults(think Family Guy). Yet do we see people complaining about pink and cartoons nowadays? No, because we’ve already adapted these changed ideas. Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable to change them again into something else. However, bronies have not been accepted very much because they’re an extremely radical change in our way of life. Since we as humans regard almost anything that incurs change as harmful, we’ve rejected these men for changing their one-sided views and expanding their line of sight.
    On the topic of harm comes my second point. Besides these extremely rare situations, what harm have these bronies done? Isn’t it just as likely that the other thousands of people attending that one conventions could have done the same thing? And why are we ignoring the fact that these cases happen hundreds of times every day? Are they all caused by bronies? Does being a brony force you into a life of pedophilia and filth? No. In fact, becoming a brony can actually create a better person. Focusing on a show based around friendship and happiness can and has made people more friendly, outgoing, and polite. They’ve also raised thousands of dollars for charitable causes, such as cancer research and antibullying programs. In fact, a child who tried to commit suicide a few months back because of bullying caused by his interest in the show recieved tens of thousands of dollars from supporters. And as mentioned before, the fandom includes artists and musicians. These artists and musicians are extremely skilled, creating art, animations, games, stories(several hundreds of thousands of words long), and music. All of these are created with skill and professionalism.
    It has been estimated that there are 7-12.4 million bronies in the U.S. alone. More conservative estimates suggest 1-3 million. That’s 1 in 300 people. But when’s the last time you saw someone wear a My Little Pony T-shirt? Probably not very recently. Elmore states that these men are “childish” and never learn what’s acceptable in today’s society. These people don’t wear those shirts every day because they actually know that work is a serious thing and that without work, they can’t enjoy their “girly, feminine show”.

  87. I could easily point out how non-objective this viewpoint is and how strongly I disagree, but I won’t. If you want the real cause of the “death of the american man” you need look no further than this article. It clearly is hating something for the sake of making you feel more masculine, despite the fact that stabbing a group of people when they can’t see you is stupid, to say the least.
    The “death of the american man”, as you say, is the result of using blind hatred to get a point across. It is the result of hating people for enjoying something. I’m sure you have some form of hobby that not everyone enjoys. The only problem arises when it starts affecting the outside world.
    You’re objectifying bronies and furries to all look and act alike. And yet a quick google search indicates mass variety, even so far as a charity that is still active. You clearly did the bare minimum amount of research required, if any, and only represented your view point. You should know by now that this will get you no help in the real life.

  88. Demographically speaking: bronies are frustrated white “progressive” men. They are simply a product of anti-masculine society. In EU those loons are practically super small, but in America – it’s a growing group. You americans will not even have soon the luxury to ignore those autistic manbabies. All bronies talk about “how bad is masculinity”. How evil being a Man is. They are castrated (masturbating 24/7 to horse porn or any other porn can’t be beneficial for your sex drive), ugly and unfit little bastards. Perfect tools for feminists.

    1. Good luck with that, numbnuts. You’re so pathetic you had to upvote your own post.

      1. “Good luck with that, numbnuts.” There are many channels where already the identities of bronies were revealed. MLPAutism on YouTube for example.
        When you have counter-culture to masculinity, the only way to deal with them is with shaming and physical abuse. It’s not that hard, considering the status of genetic ugly trash which all bronies have.
        #inferior; #garbage; #spit; #toilet; #deadmeat; #morguedweller; #neckbearddeadfaglets

        1. Like I said, good luck with that. I’m sure the military bronies will just sit there and let you try to hit them. Frankly, if you do try I rather expect you will end up with broken bones, shot, and/or sitting in a jail cell with ‘Bubba’.
          Heh, no, you won’t try a damned thing. You’re nothing more than a so-called “internet tough guy”, so you are most likely a bullied adolescent that is looking desperately for someone or some group to try and insult to make your insignificant little life more bearable. Frankly, I’m more concerned with the weather than a little piece of bilious, impotent rage like you coming after me.

        2. There are no guys with names like Bubba in EU. Especially in the balkans.
          I don’t have a rage towards you. I simply said the “formula” for crushing anti-masculine culture. Bronies are counter-culture, originally the transexual manginas started as fringe counter-culture now in USA they are very influencial group.
          You brony faggots are problem of America, but there are still real men in America (i had trouble believing it too, for me America was state similar to Sweden… and over there the things are not pretty) who attack you (verbally for now).
          You work against the interests of men, and that’s an issue. Just like with the gays, you work against the interests of men. Criminalizing masculinity, romanticizing being sissies, some of you even openly advocate chemical feminization and chemical castrion (i support that for u xd), fetishizing women rights and privileges. Disgusting

        3. And you prove my point beyond a shadow of a doubt. Hell, you didn’t even understand that ‘Bubba’ is just the amalgamation of the abusive cell-mate and not literally the name of the guy.
          Keep talking, you amuse me.

  89. A short list of other centuries-old established things that we’ve given up as a society–
    Slavery, inquisition, monarchy, antisemitism, religious persecution, seppuku, crucifixion, racial and gender based segregation, manifest destiny, iron fisted rule of the catholic church, torture, witch burning, hippies, taking s hits in the street, starvation, hundred hour work weeks, etc, etc, etc, etc,
    Yeah, the very fabric of what we know and love is surely going downhill. The bronies will be the end of it.

  90. “Ask not what my country can do for me, but rather what I can do for my country”
    THE WORST speech of our lifetimes. When your country abandons you, you must abandon your country. If your country has deprived you of economic opportunities then you cannot do anything for your country.
    The country has gone to the gutters. Politicians, bankers and corporations have destroyed all prosperity and opportunities for the middle class which has eroded.
    This is the REALITY of America:
    -Over 100 million Americans out of work
    -Over 100 million Americans on food stamps
    -Over 40 million Americans without health insurance
    -Over 1 trillon dollars in student loan debt, surpassing the nation’s credit card debt
    -Over 1 bllion dollars funnelled into the military industrial complex
    -Over 2 billion dollars given as foreign aid to Israel
    -Corporations owning our government and politicians
    -The most corrupt poltical, legal and economic system
    -The death of good capitalism and the introduction of fascism (too big to fail banks)
    -The highest incarceration rate per capita (the prison industrial complex)
    -The dollar losing 90% of it’s value thanks to the Federal Reserve
    -Since Clinton, Bush and Obama, we have seen NAFTA, Patriot Act, NDAA, corporate bailouts, deregulations, bonuses for the rich, tax breaks for the rich and industry written laws.
    -Over 8 million jobs outsourced to other countries
    -Technology advancing at a rapid rate and replacing and automating more jobs
    -Violation and errosion of our Constitutional rights
    -The decay and collapse of society and culture ( hipsters, the gay agenda, the attacking of religions, the reversals of gender roles, the decay of Hollywood and the music industry, the dumbing down of society.)
    And despite all of this, most Americans choose not to care. They care more about the Kardashians and American Idol. Its no wonder that the traditional gender roles have reversed and we now see more boys and men liking My Little Pony.

      1. I’m guessing you’re a communist who never did well under capitalism.

  91. Are you that disturbed that other people watch a TV show that you don’t like?
    stay butthurt

  92. TL;DR
    Stop liking what i don’t like
    Also you are only masculine when you fit within my definition of it

  93. This degeneracy is truly a sight to behold. Once closeted and shamed (and rightly so in this case), it has now gone mainstream. A freak show indeed if there ever was one. Might as well get some popcorn and gape in awe as these specimens and their ilk assist their entourage in circling the proverbial drain.

  94. “A male who embraces childish things, who cannot adopt adult dress and behavior, is telling you he is not ready or able to accept adult responsibilities”
    News flash, fucktard: There are thousands of Bronies in the US military.
    herp a derp derp, you fail.

  95. What a crock of hypocritical shit.
    This entire site is basically dedicated to decrying the state of society, nature of women and the horrible deal family represents for men today and yet here we are with an article attempting to shame men who reject all of this.
    You speak of behaving according to social guidelines as to be seen as worthy of respect, treatment as adult man, female attention and reproduction and families, but all of these things are utterly worthless. Are we to seek the respect of decaying society? Are we to seek to be treated as adult men when we know adult men are treated like shit? Are we to seek the attention of the females as if today’s females are worthy of ours? Are we to seek reproduction and family despite seeing what happens to men who are stupid enough to get those things?
    You speak of productivity, but an average single man that knows how to
    handle his money doesn’t need to be all that productive to survive or
    even flourish, so for whom is he to be productive? A family that can be
    taken from him at moment’s notice? A society that doesn’t gave a shit
    about him? Is it perhaps productivity for productivity’s sake?
    You speak of adult responsibility and maturity, but when you look closely at these things you find something very interesting. When people speak of these things to a man they almost always mean self-reliance, obeying social norms, family, productivity and “warrior” function of the human male (essentially protection and aggression). Curious thing about this stuff is that the primary beneficiary from these things isn’t the man himself, but the society around him and especially the females. Society benefits immensely from having a self-reliant member instead of a parasite, while a man actually suffers from this as parasitism is essence just free resources. While society obviously benefits from its members obeying social norms, the individual necessarily suffers from having his options constrained by them. Family is lifeblood of every society, but puts considerable strain and shackles on the man that has it. As I mentioned before man doesn’t need to be all that productive to survive or
    even flourish, so take a guess who gets to benefit when a man works like an animal. I don’t think I need to explain how the “warrior” function of the human male fuck the male while benefiting everyone around him.
    In the light of all of this I wonder where in today’s world is the glory and the inherent goodness of masculinity and “maturity” that we should be seeking?
    Hell, where is the glory and the inherent goodness of masculinity and “maturity” that we should be seeking in general?
    The necessary social gender role that has been assigned to men is to be a beast of burden and war; now I don’t know about you, but to me escaping from it is not irrationality, but heigh of rationality.

  96. I have a friend who is intending to buy a fur-suit. The funny thing is, he criticizes Bronies! This guy is going to spend a couple THOUSAND on this suit. What’s not surprising is that although he lives in an apartment by himself and holds a semi-steady job, he tends to destroy valuable things whenever he becomes irate over something, so Daddy gets to send a check from several states away to help buy him new expensive stuff. He also has a real dog, but carries around a plush toy dog with him, even when he’s walking around his apartment. I always find myself thinking, ‘God, why am I still friends with this guy?’

  97. I tend to agree with some of the general comments regarding this phenomenon. On one hand, Batman is a children’s character (Search your feelings, you know this to be true) and still many adult men are fans of his adventures dressing up as a Man-Bat beating up other men on a semi-nightly basis… so a fairly compelling argument can be made that the horse cartoon is not as devastating to masculinity as is often stated.
    But on the other hand… I rarely meet fans of the Batman character that have the same level of borderline zealotry that the horse cartoon fans have. Fans of Batman see the character as an amusing form of escapist storytelling with an edge whereas the horse cartoon fans seem to take the show as some type of life-defining philosophy. So I have to agree with the people that say that the horse cartoon fans are the epitome of faggotry.

  98. lol This is fukin pathetic. All this is is the typical “macho man” syndrome of guys who are insecure about their sexuality.
    Necessary social gender roles? Really? You try to pullthat shit?? How fuking dumb are you? Do you still think women should stay at home make you a sandwich and be pregnant at every opportunity as well? Idiots…
    I’ll have you know I have worked since I was 16(15 yrs and counting). Had my own place for many yrs, and am perfectly socially accepted, and respected. As a brony. YOU may not like the idea that others are secure in their sexuality and can express the fact that they like something that is not promoted as “masculine”, but that doesn’t matter. Just remember, back in the 1930’s-40’s is when pink went from being a masculine color to being a feminine color….
    Necessary gender roles…someone has no fuking clue what century they are living in….hilarious.

  99. ha i agree on the *bronys are bad, gay and childish* part, but going on about the furrys? really? why would anyone want to speak bad about them when bronys are far more gay and girlish furrys are cool!

  100. MOST Bronies don’t engage in the sexual proclivities illustrated by the author, ie: escorting an underaged female off the convention grounds. As for me, I’m a fan of MLP: FIM. Sometimes ya gotta have a guilty pleasure, most adult men and women do, it keeps them from going insane.

  101. Phil, I hope you don’t mind if I play devil’s advocate. The dorks you characterize as “anime fops” (I’m a little old for that kind of thing myself, but I have some dear friends who are big into Japanese culture–specifically custom knives and handmade Japanese swords–so I’ve been to a few conventions) tend to be japanophiles as well as anime watchers. That very often leads to cross-training in various martial arts. I have the privilege to know a whole bunch of ex-soldiers and marines (including a highly decorated demolitions engineer, a combat veteran who quite literally threw himself on a hand grenade to save his men’s lives) who were huge anime fans.
    Further, those anime fans were getting laid, by young, sweet beautiful (if tattooed and pierced) girls. I realize it runs counter to the PUA lifestyle (inner game aside, as taking ownership of one’s self-concept is admirable), but these guys didn’t need to game these girls–they had a shared interest, and thus a community that provided them with many, many sexual partners. And if you think pretty pierced girls with crazy hair prancing around a hotel in skimpy outfits isn’t hot as hell, you may want to check yourself for a pulse.
    I realize this may be counterintuitive to some, but it’s my experience. Thank you in advance for permitting me to comment on your article.

  102. I am a 19 year old guy in college, and I am intrigued by this article. What is the definition of a man? I bet you can come up with something like strong, firm, mean, etc. I have always aspired to be different. Soft but strong, Kind but firm. I am a brony. I am not an obsessive brony. I am generally clear headed, and I listen. But I believe this is wrong. This is the so called “man” that supports/supported slavery, or beats their wives. Maybe SOMETIMES there are a few nut bars out there, and SOMETIMES they may be a part of something questionable by society, but not all of the people part of the same thing are bad. In today’s society, in order to be a man you drink, smoke, and curse. This is after reminding you children not to drink, smoke, or curse. Really? THAT is childish. The fact that you expect your child to do what you say, when you’re not willing to do it yourself. I had a HUGE thing going before I accidentally deleted it, thanks to the internet, and the fact that it’s 2:00AM! So I will have to shorten my argument. A real man, isn’t afraid to be different. That is something a woman wants to do. She wants to be normal. Well I say, to heck with normality. We live in a world with war, starvation, and obesity. Of pride and sin, and we are so blind! A world where suddenly, falling in love and starting a family at 20 is normal. A world that supports underage drinking and drug use, but shuns people because they like a show for a younger female audience. If men put childish things away, where did Disney come from, if not the mind of a man? This article is entitled: “The Rise Of The Brony And The Death Of The American Man.” it sounds like something a High Schooler would write. A High Schooler with an attitude problem. I may be young. Foolish even. But even I can see change is coming, wether you like it or not. There are bronies in the armed forces for crying out loud! These are real men. People who want to see a time of peace. Not just kill people for new territory.

    1. Now. I’m going to take the time to work at this a little bit today, and try to make you see through my eyes. I am not a coward. I simply don’t trust a lot of people. That’s just how I am. How I’ve managed to survive. The American man and the Brony are not that different. Besides their beliefs and what they stand for, they are pretty much identical. You could make the argument that Bronies are fat and lazy. I would say that America is full of fat and lazy people. People that never exercise, and drive everywhere. America has the highest count of obesity in the world after all. All this, despite all the dieting and weight loss formulas. I don’t bother with either of these. I prefer the old fashioned way. I go to the gym and work out for 2 hours every 2 days. When people say they don’t have time to work out, this is never true. It can’t be. Saying you don’t have time in your day to do physical exercise for one hour is crazy. My Aunt has actually started a weight loss program. I’m very proud of her. For years she’s been plagued by her weight, but now she’s finally done something about it. I have never had weight problems. I only weigh 145lbs. But I work hard, and train hard so I can become strong enough to protect those close to me. THAT is what a man should strive for.

  103. When I first read this article, I was pretty mad. This guy had no right to call me either a “pajama boy” or say I had emotional or developmental issues. I even e-mailed him after I read it over. I don’t necessarily like the guy, but it’s whatever. I had a very mature conversation with him and he answered some of my questions. I have no idea whether or not he knows I commented on his article. Neither do I know if he knows that I am a so called “brony.” But what he said made me think. Now don’t get me wrong, I am in no way mentally disabled, gay, bi, or any less of a man for watching this show. At least, I’ve never thought of myself as such. But these past few years, I’ve been through some serious emotional stress. That could explain how I could come to enjoy a show like My Little Pony. I felt shattered, broken, and depressed. I found out about the show by complete accident, and by some miracle just happened to be really sad at the time. Maybe I just needed a little hope. Or a little magic. Whatever the reason, I was drawn to the show. I kept it a secret until I found out there where other fans of the show, most of them my age. I’ve only told my most trusted friends. But it’s not about the show. It’s about the fans. They are people too. It’s also about the immature people that go out of their way to hurt others because they don’t understand. I may not be able to help myself, but I can try to help those that get messed with. It might be pointless, and they might have it coming, but that doesn’t make it right.

  104. I love watching Mlp make grown men cry about how they are losing their holds on gender roles and their roles in the house hold. Well, guess what? You are! Its a woman’s world now boys so sit down and don’t speak unless we tell you that you can. You men need to accept that fact and stop bellyaching about the way things used to be. We left those days in the past for a reason you know. As for the young boys who may watch this show I say power to them. They are learning how to be real men not redpill popping assholes.

  105. You’re hysterical, you are. As you can probably tell by my avatar, I’m one of those incredibly non-manly bronies that you’re discussing here.
    I’m also a married 28 year old man with a full time job as an industrial mechanic. I repair and ride motorcycles in my spare time. I got my current job after 7 years as a Apache (attack helicopter) mechanic in the US Army. While I was in the Army, i deployed twice to Afghanistan, and ran night shift maintenance for a third of the Apache fleet in Korea for a year or so.
    When I got out, I found a house on the foreclosure market, bought it myself, and spent 2 months working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, repairing the damage it had due to neglect and unoccupation. Once it was liveable, I moved my 7 months pregnant wife into it, and we’ve been living here ever since. My son is rounding 18 months now. My time these days, when I’m off work, is split between taking care of my son, powerlifting in the substantial garage gym I’ve put together, and hiking with my buddies.
    Oh, and when there’s a new season out, I watch an episode of My Little Pony on Saturdays. Damn, I just lost my man card huh? Or at least so says the fat guy in the fedora who writes articles based on his own insecurity, insulting people he doesn’t know and quoting stories regarding bronies that have been proven several times over to be falsehoods. Rock on with your bad self, neckbeard. You look more like the stereotypical Brony you’re mocking than I do.

  106. “What characterizes children? They are impulsive. They are
    irresponsible. They break the rules and then try to avoid the
    consequences for their misbehavior.”
    In other words, Phil, they are just like you.
    If you’re curious to know, Phil’s hatred of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has nothing to do with “the death of the American Man.” It’s because, a year ago, Phil peddled a conspiracy theory that liberals and gays were plotting to murder conservatives, and someone who just so happened to be a Brony wrote a column elsewhere poking fun of him for it.
    Ironic, therefore, that for all of his rambling about what it is that separates children from adults, that it’s Phil Elmore himself who needs most to grow the hell up.

  107. This article makes zero sense. Every brony I know is either married with kids or in some sort of relationship living on their own. Every brony seems to have high paying jobs or are in the trades or military. I’m not seeing anything matching this guys article in the fandom.

  108. As much as I hate bronies this article has lots of holes in it.
    One reason I hate bronies is that it seems to stand as a culmination of all that is beta, mangina, feminist and white knight men have gotten.

  109. I’m training to do carpentry, I have my own place, I am a veteran, I have a functional car, I’m clean and well mannered…….And I love Dragonball Z. Bronies are weird, but then, who isn’t, Mr Fedora.

  110. Is the author serious?! Do people like this actually exist??? Any man that behaved like that and then asked me out– well, I’d kick the shit out of him.
    This doesn’t seem like immaturity; it seems more like mentally ill. Sorry, but behaviour like this shouldn’t be tolerated. It’s crappie like this that is making our society weak, laughable, and pathetic.

  111. “Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”
    -C.S. Lewis

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