Julian’s Empty Temples Mirror The State Of Modern Conservatism

From 361 to 363 AD, Rome was ruled by emperor Julian. If you know your Roman history, at the time, Rome had already converted to Christianity with the previous emperor Constantine, who had accepted Christianity on his deathbed. When Julian came to power, he brought with him an agenda of reforms that would restore the greatness of the Roman empire. In his mind, it only made sense to start with political and religious reforms. He blamed Christianity for the state of the Roman empire and he also blamed Constantine for the state of the administration and for having abandoned the traditions of the past.

Wikipedia summarizes this as:

He restored pagan temples which had been confiscated since Constantine’s time, or simply appropriated by wealthy citizens; he repealed the stipends that Constantine had awarded to Christian bishops, and removed their other privileges, including a right to be consulted on appointments and to act as private courts…

On 4 February 362, Julian promulgated an edict to guarantee freedom of religion. This edict proclaimed that all the religions were equal before the law, and that the Roman Empire had to return to its original religious eclecticism, according to which the Roman state did not impose any religion on its provinces. Practically however, it had as its purpose the restoration of paganism at the expense of Christianity.

To his surprise, however, he failed spectacularly in his efforts. This is all the more surprising considering that Christianity was not yet the predominant religion of the empire, but rather still another sect among many. The pagan temples were already empty, abandoned, or under new ownership by Christians who had simply moved in.

This is a startling story because it raises many parallels with the situation that we find in America. The old religion is dying; the idea of a liberal, democratic and prosperous society built upon the premise of the American Dream has disappeared. Americans more and more wistfully look at the past with its assurances of a stable job with benefits, a loyal and feminine wife, and an assurance that future generations will have it better than you.

Unfortunately, things are deteriorating, and have been for a while. Occasionally we get a pep talk from the emperor-in-chief about how we will revive the middle-class and restore American values back to their proper place on the bow of the HMS Progress. Jobs will come back and, with them, the white picket fences will pop back up. Illegal immigration will be resolved, Ebola contained, race issues in America cordially concluded once and for all. We may as well be promised that women will no longer be taught to be empowered sluts, and frustrated beta males will be able to find wives again.

The truth of the matter, however, is that Pandora’s box has opened and the toxic sludge of equalism with all its attendant derivatives (feminism, historical revisionism, racial self-abasement) continues to ooze out. It wont stop, and the old traditions won’t come back, even if a sympathetic emperor were to try and stem the tide. The nostalgia is not strong enough, the churches are empty, and the new visionaries continue to chant “progress” over a cacophony of equalist pablum that drowns out the old truisms and traditions and labels them heretical.

Feebly clinging to the moderate ideologies of the last several decades is a sure way of ending up like Julian’s pagans. Turning the clock back 10, 20, maybe 50 years is a sure-fire path to failure, as Julian found out. Reaction is not about trying to stave off “progress,” consigning oneself to fighting a rear-guard action against the forces of “reform” as they nip at the heels of a disorderly and retreating army.

Most American conservatism in this sense is just a reaction to whatever current trend of progressivism happens to be most prevalent. What good is it then to constantly dig one’s heels in, knowing that eventually and assuredly, the enemy will continue to press the advance and retreat will be inevitable? What passes for modern conservatism in America is little more than a knee-jerk reaction that continues to have a clear trajectory leftward and downward.

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    1. i was just gonna say this same thing. also constantine did not convert on his deathbed. he converted because he had a dream that he would win battles under the symbol of the cross.

      1. True again. See Battle of Milvian Bridge and the Edict of Milan which Constantine used to decriminalize Christian worship in the Empire. This later led to Christianity gaining favor and being adopted as the official religion of Rome. Later evolution into Roman Catholicism and here we are centuries later.
        Given the above goofs I checked out of the article…
        I didn’t get the theory either. So American conservatives are the new pagans? And the American degenerate liberal is the Christian moving the empire into progress? Me no comprehendo señor…

      2. Very good catch. The confusion is that Constantine received a Christian baptism upon his deathbed. This is because Christianity of that time believed that baptism was the only way to wipe away major sins, so many people/sects waited until the moment of death to baptize someone—thereby guaranteeing an easy passage to heaven. That didn’t mean a person wasn’t a Christian beforehand, but only the baptism came at the last moment.

    2. “American conservatism” (democracy, Constitution, whatever) may not survive America’s fall. But, Christianity will survive America. Christianity will survive time/space itself. Christianity is the only true religion, the reason everything was created, and (Eastern) Orthodoxy is true Christianity.
      All the rest of America can die, but as long as Orthodox remain in the nation, then it can rebuilt, rebuilt as it should have been even. Orthodoxy survived the USSR and genocide of 20 million or so Christians by the Communists in Russia. Now, just look at Russia and Putin, now there is a hope and a future, from complete collapse under atheistic Communism to burgeoning Christian empire with a de facto Christian emperor in twenty years.

      1. Religion always survives, because people are weak minded fools and cowards, always looking for a crutch, and someone besides themselves to blame.
        Christianity is the second most evil thing ever created.
        It has caused more wars and bloodshed than everything else put together.
        How can any with two brain cells believe that a god who loves you enough to sacrifice his son, will burn you in hell for eternity if you do not do what the church says ?
        Look at all of the horrors in the world, there is no loving heavenly father watching over watching over us. God is supposed to be better than an earthly father, but any earthly father that abused and neglected his children the way the Judeo/Christian god does would be given life in prison.
        It is just a story to brainwash children into growing up as as faithful believers who will not question anything.
        Look at all of the silly crap you read in the bible, virgin birth, raising from the dead, talking animals, flying humans, etc., if you read this anywhere else, you would call it a fairy tale, but if you read it in the bible, it becomes sacred, inspired scripture, the word of god.
        The bible says, by their fruits ye shall know them, well look at the fruit of christianity, it is obvious that “god” is not there.
        A christian emperor would a horrible thing to happen to those poor Russians, christians are just the American taliban.
        The only difference between religion and superstition is the spelling.

        1. The fruits of christianity, evil? where does the bible teach evil? huh?. When does the bible claim that God created a marshmallow world? it’s ne of the most open declarations of HUMAN incompetence ever, even God laments creating man, for his mind is filled with wickedness after the fall. Crutch? you sound like a whiny bitch, christianity promotes external discipline in order for people to have SELF discipline, all will have accountability at the end, you MISTAKE true love for giving you everything you want, what is actual love? punishing your son for crossing roads with cars around, or giving him candy and a hug for being a dumbass? you’re just another whiny atheist bitch who resents God and the FUNCTIONAL teachings of the bible because you lack discipline, you hate punishment. You will never know peace, because you do not submit to functional principles (the bible is so practical I don’t even need it to prove to you how valuable and firm it’s teachings are), you only wish to do what you want and expect to jump from a cliff and for gravity to not pull you down and crush you. This is pathetic, whining about “religion”, the whole point of the new testament is that God is not impressed by religion, you could be religious about eating waffles at 6 30 every day and start a war over people eating nachos at that hour, and not involve the bible or God or any other book, EVER, into your waffle religion. Also, how is it crap for God to do with his creation as he wishes (make a donkey talk)? these are direct interventions, placed thousands of years apart, some of them symbolic depending on the context, you probably believe in silliness like evolution and think “science” is a holder of truth, and not just a TOOL, only as good as the person practicing it.

        2. Also, leave the tough guy “people need a crutch, I DON’T, I’m a fucking badass!” act out there, man, you’re on an internet comment’s section whining about accountability before the Lord and others, that’s probably why you are at return of kings, you probably think women are evil because they didn’t like your nice guy act, when they respond to authority by nature (as told in the bible). Sad thing is, I LIKE ROK for it’s more philosophical articles, BUT many don’t realize women will fall in line to an authoritative man, they won’t back off with arguments or laws, they are not rational, men gave them power to step on them, and we have the power to take what is ours back from them in our personal relationships. Once again, men became pussies, they gave their authority to women, what does the bible say? that a woman in power is a sign of judgement, when you disobey the principles of life, such as man having authority over a woman, you make a MESS, and we are being actively punished for being weak, and not being what we were DESIGNED to be.

  1. There’s No question that paganism is the official religion of the west. Christianity took a fatal blow after the masses realized what mechanized warfare had done to a generation of young men in WWI.
    Now our values appeal to our more primal desires; idolatry, hedonism and love of self.
    The similarities between us and the fall of Rome is startling. As a civilization we are exhausted and morally bankrupt.

    1. You don’t know what paganism is, so STFU. Don’t critique what you don’t understand. True paganism is about self perfection, including wisdom, heroism, and asceticism. It is the ultimate masculine expression of power.
      Christianity is a false religion (a pleasing fairy tale for women, children, and betas) modeled on ancient pagan practice and belief. The solar king of Jesus was directly borrowed from Mithras.
      The modern west can’t defend itself until it reverts back to its pagan origins. Christianity must die!

      1. Paganism preaches the lie from the garden of Eden that through acquisition of knowledge we too can become God. Yet we didn’t create ourselves and he who did will deal with us long before technology is able to create a fountain of youth and fulfill the hedonistic imperative.
        Mystery Babylon must fall!

        1. The snake was wisdom (spiritual liberation), you fool. The wisdom the creators of your fake and contrived religion wish you not to have.

        2. Snake is symbol of lust, devil, deception and Jew 🙂 Half off price, conveert judaism next hour! Haha

        3. As an Eastern-influenced thinker (Hinduism/Buddhism) I agree with your views. However, it might be a bit harsh to say that “Christianity must die”. Tolerance a.k.a. not getting fazed by the opinions of others is also a strong part of Eastern thought.

        4. Christianity is the intolerant religion (it has destroyed every native culture and religion where it appears). Julian made the mistake of allowing this virus to incubate, when he should have executed every living Christian.

        5. “No one who is *properlee brainwashed* is laughing at your feelbe trolling attempts.”
          Fix it for you. don’t you have indoctreenation exam to study for??

        6. Listen, as one who is influenced by Eastern thought (Hindu/Buddhist) I have to say that I think you are confusing modern atheism with Eastern thought (which you incorrectly refer to as paganism). I’m not going to get into an argument with you about what you said in this comment (because I slightly disagree) but you have to know that both your “side” and my “side” strongly contrast with modern atheism.

        7. “The snake was wisdom (spiritual liberation), you fool.”
          The fruit was from the tree of knowledge and those that ate of the fruit would know good and evil. The serpent was neither wisdom or liberation.
          The serpent became a snake after being cursed by God.
          “So the LORD God said to the serpent, ‘Because you have done this, cursed are you above all the livestock and all the wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life.”
          It would seem silly of God to condemn a snake and all his progeny to live like….well like a snake. Big woo.
          What is really interesting about Genius is the mention of giants. Now that’s cool.

        8. Another Luciferian. Whether you accept it or not most of the World is heathen. If you don’t know that’ s because you haven’t travelled much if at all. Even Latin America, former christian land, is no more (most people is either protestant, agnostic or crypto-pagan). Now tell me how good the world is…By the way no pagan civilization has reached the heights of the former Christendom.
          By the way most pagan religions did offer human sacrifices to their gods including Norse ones…http://natmus.dk/en/historical-knowledge/denmark/prehistoric-period-until-1050-ad/the-viking-age/religion-magic-death-and-rituals/human-sacrifices/

        9. Yeah because other religions were so benign. I guess when one lives in a liberal atmosphere, contamination cannot be helped.

        10. Why hello there, the troll formerly known as “Jewmosis”. Nice job trolling there, you GCHQ troll!
          Don’t tell me that Gwenhwyfar over there in England was calling the shots to portray the animal snake; after all, she DID go to a monastery and even CHEATED, before going there. Oh hey, guys, does that remind you of anything contemporary?

        11. The native aboriginals here have stories about how the kangaroo came to have a tail. Those explanations are no more convincing than the one in the bible about why snakes don’t have legs.
          You don’t seriously suppose, Singlemalt, that any of that stuff was a thing that actually happened?

        12. “You don’t seriously suppose, Singlemalt, that any of that stuff was a thing that actually happened?”
          Good question (and asked like a gentleman) . I believe Genius to metaphorical and still we are created in His image.

        13. “No pagan civilization has reached the heights of the former Christendom.”
          You do realize everything great Rome accomped was during their pagan years?
          753 BC – 325 AD: Pagan Rome conquers the best part of three continents, establishes a 500 year republic followed by 500 year empire that peaks in the 2nd century AD.
          325 – 476 AD Christian Rome is a shadow of its former self and watches its empire dwindle piece by piece in a fraction of the time it took to build.
          The Greeks and the Vikings are two more examples of great civilizations reduced to garbage after converting to Christendom.

        1. I never watched Zeitgeist. There isn’t much source information available on Mithraism, because the Christians destroyed most pagan temples and literature. “Lord of the Cosmos” is a good book on this subject. As well as a number be of gnostic and Traditionalist authors (Beck, Evola) who emphasize the Platonic and initiatory aspects of Christianity.
          The solar myth is the tradition of the West, it is in no way unique… no ancient culture viewed the sequence of events as historical.

        2. The first 5 hours of Bill Cooper’s ‘mystery babylon’ series on YouTube explains the old religions and how it ties into Christianity

        3. Zeitgeist was debunked even by atheists. Dont buy into popular hype without critical thinking and fact checking.

        1. If you give me that many shekels I would surely disavow the gods!
          Free markets! Jesus! Murica kicks ass! Disneyworld and Vegas! Rand Paul Revolution! Multiculturalism! Diversity is wonderful!

        2. Rand Paul stand weeth Israel, already in pockeet 🙂
          Okay, but you promise take orangee out of medicine?? Intravaneeous vitamin C good for fight canceer, you must keep secret so we kill 90% of Goyim!! Haha

        3. You see Goyim, this ees how it work. We give shabbos goy 1 beelion sheckels and then print 1 treelion shekels more. So Dr Orange get paid peeny afteer inflation! Haha.

        4. Yoohoo, why won’t you just go admit the fact that part of the under-the-table agreement of the Balfour Declaration of 1917 means that post-WWII Israel has to answer to England?
          It’s really embarrassing how England is saving face from the fact it invented Social Darwinism, which Hitler embraced!

        1. non sequitur
          The person your are answering in place of established his own binary universe by using the word “false”. Your response is null.
          De nada.

        2. “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.”
          -Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 BC – AD 65)

      2. “Unless Christianity is wholly false, the perception of ourselves which we have in moments of shame must be the only true one…”
        – CS Lewis
        Rightness and shame were qualities placed in our hearts by God so that we might find him. You Orange obviously need to be right, a quality of yours on display quite visibly everyday.
        Good luck in your search.

        1. If CS Lewis said it, well god damn ! ! !
          Lewis was clearly a pedophile and an Anglo Saxon (a degenerate race of materialists). Two strikes. Christian apologist … he’s out!

        2. It is hard to like a religion that uses fear, shame, and guilt to keep you under control and paying into the church coffers so that the ministry does not have to work. Remember do not piss the christian god off, he will burn you in hell after you die,
          because he loves you.

        3. Off-topic, but is that what has become of the Angles, after so many of their own white knighted for Gwenhwyfar?

        4. And is God ashamed of all the babies he killed in the Genesis flood? Or is it ok to wipe out most of humanity if it is God doing it?

        5. “And is God ashamed of all the babies he killed in the Genesis flood?”
          You may have a chance to ask him yourself.

        6. You and I shared the same cynicism, once. It is hard to walk away from. The church as an institution is flawed just as the people within.
          “I am the way and the truth and the life”
          – Jesus
          That is all you need to know.

        7. They would have to be very wicked indeed to be more wicked than what God did in response.

        8. People go to hell according to christian doctrine because when they are held to account for the severity of the law and the exactness of it no man is perfect so a perfect God requires you to be perfect to survive in his presence.
          The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross means that him being god and also flesh has in effect stood in for a punishment you were just in receiving.
          Whether you like that or it makes you feel all tingly inside or not doesn’t matter. It is what it is and love means to hold you to account for the truth without mincing words or fearing it might sound offensive.
          The message of the gospel is offensive to the natural man. If it wasn’t offensive then Jesus would not have been nailed to a cross for preaching it and his disciples would not have been systematically hunted down, tortured and killed for it.
          Jesus said that he came with a sword and not to bring peace(on this earth). His peace was spiritual…the flesh is already cursed and will die away. He said he came to divide people from their own blood families because not all will believe.
          “For a man’s enemies will be those of his own household”
          So I guess you were hoping for a god that hugs you n tucks you in at night…….maybe sings a lullabye?
          I’d rather serve a god that has the power to destroy flesh and soul and makes no qualms about it. Does what he says and says what he does.

        9. You asked me what God feels. If you fail to understand that I cannot know the answer to your question, Google will be help to neither of us.

        10. The god of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob has been banished, and replaced by the god of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Fred Phelps.
          Jesus has been replaced by the Westborro Baptist church.
          Christians are no longer meek, humble followers of jesus, but have become the American taliban.
          The bible is no longer a roadmap to heaven, but a stick to beat your brother over the head with.
          Pride goeth before a fall, my christian friends.

        11. I googled that !! That describes christianity perfectly.
          Thanks for the latin lesson.
          I am thankful for this site where I can learn things like this from people who have more formal education than I do.

        12. “The god of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob has been banished, and replaced by the god of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Fred Phelps.”
          You won’t find any disagreement here on that. Nominal christianity in western civilization is for fags and spinsters.
          But you calling christians the american taliban makes no sense and sounds like you listen to CNN or the daily show for all your news.
          None of those charlatans you mentioned in the quotes ever tell people to go and commit violence. They just want your money.

      3. Why don’t you try sacrificing humans too while you’re at it. tell us how great that is

        1. Actually that’s Christian propaganda. Pagan cities in Europe sacrificed criminals, not innocents.

        2. look buddy, first i was joking. Secondly, you agree that pagan religions is not even worship, it is self indulgence. well you know what that leads to? you can see it all around you today. Lastly, how can Christianity be propaganda? what words of Jesus are false, misleading, or skewing the truth? “Man cannot live on bread alone” ? is that a bad thing ? or “he who hath not sin shall cast the first stone.” where in those words do you see propaganda?

        3. The #1 religion based on human sacrifice is Christianity. I mean – it was nice of Jesus to volunteer and all, and it’s cool how God’s umbrage only took the sacrifice of one truly innocent man; but at bottom, the Christian god requires blood sacrifice of a human to appease him. It’s just another primitive volcano religion.

        4. The sacrificial lamb of God . Gods purpose to wash and forgive humans . Humans cannot kill . Jesus knew his purpose . That’s the foundation of Christianity . Only God can decide who lives and dies. You will get old and die because God put that process in place.

      4. Modern paganism is nothing but the bastard child of free love hippies in the 60s. Modern paganism is the culmination of every social ill we face today.. Feminist centric, man hating, values destroying, responsibility dodging paganism is the religion of our enemies.

        1. I’m speaking of the patriarchal paganism of Rome, Greece, and Germania, not effeminate hippie crap that was never indigenous to Europe.
          Stop with the straw man arguments. You Christians are a bore to debate … intellectual infants.

        2. The fact you somehow surmise Im a christian, wrongly I might add, is the other great tell of your predilection to modern paganism. In fact, Im agnostic, not christian. So continue with your little “im going to get back at mommy and daddy for dragging me to church when i was a kid and be a pagan” rant. However, I dont have a problem calling out neopagan bullshit when I see it any more than I do calling out evangelical christian bullshit when I see it. Unless youre sacrificing humans to appease the gods dont try to sell me that youre a classical pagan either. Jezebel is down the hall and to the left.

      5. Christianity is a false religion (a pleasing fairy tale for women, children, and betas) modeled on ancient pagan practice and belief. The solar king of Jesus was directly borrowed from Mithras.

        Unmitigated nonsense. However, you’re free to believe nonsense thanks to the afterglow of the Christianity you loathe so haughtily.
        You’re welcome.

        1. Christianity may be responsible for how things are in the West, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Christianity also inspired modern liberalism and Marxism.

        2. Marxism it could be said is simply a materialists version of christianity. Now moreso than christianity, Frederick Engels is the main inspiration behind marxism.
          Really it was the structure of the religion that he copied.
          Marx Savior
          working class chosen people/christians
          bourgeorisie satans followers/vessels of wrath
          Marxism Method to achieve utopia/material salvation
          Ideologically the two are eternities apart. Christianity is answering a metaphysical question regarding salvation of souls and existence outside the material.
          Whereas marxism denies the metaphysical. If a man believes this life is all he gets what lengths will he go to preserve it?
          What lines will he cross to feed his will to power? History has piles of innocent bodies to attest.
          Some say that is strength to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal but if you gain strength and lose everything else what good is it?

        3. Gee. It’s almost as if there’s a very influential someone who’s eagerly invested in twisting all good things into perversions of themselves. And that certain someone could almost be described as a genius at spreading lies. Why, we could almost describe that certain someone as the father of lies.
          Imagine that. But it’s all purely fairy tales and boogieman myths. Nothing to see here. All is well. Move along.

      6. Neo-paganism lacks the sense of awe of & respect for the creation that classical paganism was based in. The cult of Mithras borrowed from a seriously misunderstood Christianity, not the other way around.

    2. I think we are playing a definition game here. Does ‘paganism’ mean ‘the worship of the Greek and Roman pantheon’, or does it mean ‘whatever I happen to not like’?

    3. I don’t know why you ascribe paganism to the fall of Rome, given the rise of Rome, from nothing to its heights as empire, occurred while it was throughly pagan.

  2. So I’m guessing the author is hinting that enlightened men in the US should look to European popular conservative movements for inspiration. Probably not a bad idea, with the caveat that we should definitely promote a more free-market angle than some of them.
    Of course, there’s always something to be said for the Ron Paul-style constitutional federalism. I would not characterize libertarians as reactionary.

  3. Julian was a great hero who fought the subversion of his homeland to the bitter end. He was a warrior, philospher, and statesman. Julian is a hero to me… he was Emperor of Rome, but choose to eat little and be celibate when he could have had every pleasure known to man.
    Hail Julian! Protector of Rome!

      1. Stop acting like you are correcting me.
        I’m well aware that Julian had a Grecian style beard, fresco above doesnt.

        1. so by you worshiping the picture above you actually worshiped Justinian Byzantine Christian Emperor.. LMAO !!

        2. Julian the Apostate = Beta male nostalgic/romantic loser.
          “Julian is a hero to me… he was Emperor of Rome, but choose to eat little and be celibate when he could have had every pleasure known to man.”
          Celibate. Was he celibate in order to obtain greater rewards in the Kingdom of Heaven? No, therefore: LOSER. Or, should I say triple loser, in that he failed to gain eternal life in Christ, failed at all his goals in politics and life, and failed to even enjoy himself along the way.
          Anyone who admires Julian and Pagan Rome admires losers and loserdom despite having the benefit of hindsight.
          Putin and Orthodoxy = Winning and making it look it easy. (Or as the joke goes, “The last time I saw a Russian beat a black guy [Obama] so badly, Apollo Creed died [Rocky IV].”)
          Orthodoxy = the people/religion/system that beat Julian and pagan Rome, beat Communism, and have beaten America and the “West” which is/was the best that Heterodox Christianity (fell away from Orthodoxy in 1054) could produce.

        3. Nobody really knows if he was celibate or not but even if he was that is his choice. An emperor who was willing to risk all by being present in the field of battle instead of enjoying the whores at home deserves respect. And please stop classifying people much less emperors with terms referred for animals.
          On top of that he tried to be the iconoclast to stem the tide of Christianity without being overtly oppressive and pushing religious tolerance. Overall despite his religious failings, Julian left the state stronger, more efficient and richer than before and a unique non sequitur personality for us interested in history to enjoy reading about. Thou has indeed conquered, Galilean!

        4. I don’t know much about Julian but if what was said about him here is true regarding willful celibacy and prowess in battle I can definitely respect the man for his self mastery.
          The irony here is that really Constantine was just another progressive. Another power hungry opportunist that saw a great opportunity and seized it.
          Constantine amalgamated the exact pagan rituals of rome and just re named them as “christian”. All the pagan holidays which historically contained ritual sacrifice of humans and mass orgies were kept and renamed christian holidays. We see a vestige of this in the eucharist which every roman catholic believes themselves to literally be eating the flesh of christ. This is why it is called the Christ-Mass on Dec 25th. The roman saturnalia. Natalis Solis Invictus the birth of the unconquerable sun. In the bible cannibalism is forbidden by mosaic law.
          So which God(s) are truly being honored here and which system is truly surviving? New boss, same shit.
          This is the height of irony because Jehovah God,(you know the same God of the christian) in the old testament killed his own people the hebrews for doing that very same thing, conflating His worship with that of the pagans. Jehovah also cast judgement on the worshipers of Baal whom the word cannibal comes from “priest of baal”.
          Also bearing complete historical witness to the indictment of Constantine being a progressive is the fact that he issued the edicts of tolerance.
          Tolerance huh?
          Now where have I heard that before?
          Prior to that the true christians were persecuted constantly which historically had the odd effect of causing the religion to thoroughly flourish. It seems when a true christian….one who has endured the fire of suffering for beliefs that completely go against mainstream collective thought and perhaps our very own nature he only becomes more steadfast in his faith and convicted of it’s truth.
          Now everyone has to get along and everyone just join this holy revived roman empire cuz hey….it’s not much different then what everyone is already used to.
          Constantine then set out destroying “pagans” which really meant anyone who resisted his new(old) system.

        5. Lmao do people still beleive this stuff? None of the assertions about the holiday swaps are true.

        6. Comrade Jones said it…therefore its not true!
          Why then do “christians” celebrate the resurrection of christ on a day named after a fertility goddess (Easter/Ishtar)?
          Why do they play with eggs and paint them? Another pagan symbol of fertility. What does that have to do whatsoever with christ’s resurrection?
          Why do the roman catholics call mary the queen of heaven? Certainly not because Isis mother of Horus was called the very same thing thousands of years before christ?
          You’ve been initiated into a mystery cult and your too stupid and too affluent to notice or even give a damn.
          Mystery Babylon mother of all idolatry is your teacher and to whom you give your allegiance.

        7. So you’re calling him a beta loser for being celibate when he could have whatever woman he wanted in the entire kingdom? He made a choise and stuck by it. It makes him much more of a man than some spineless psuedo-alpha who’s fucked 20+ women. Or are you suggesting Frederick the Great is a super beta loser as well? He was celibate as well and laid the foundation for a military juggernaut.

        8. you DO realize that Putin was leader of the KGB, right? That is, he was an active supporter and participant of a communist regime who has openly stated his nostalgia for the Soviet Union?
          You might not like Obama but Putin actively and openly stands for the opposite of what you supposedly support.

    1. I agree Julian was a pagan badass who was killed because he allowed freedom of religion in the Byz/Roman empires. Have you read Gore Vidal’s book “Julian” ? Great historical fiction.

  4. According to Edward Gibbon:

    The generality of princes, if they were stripped of their purple, and cast naked into the world, would immediately sink to the lowest rank of society, without a hope of emerging from their obscurity. But the personal merit of Julian was, in some measure, independent of his fortune. Whatever had been his choice of life, by the force of intrepid courage, lively wit, and intense application, he would have obtained, or at least he would have deserved, the highest honors of his profession; and Julian might have raised himself to the rank of minister, or general, of the state in which he was born a private citizen. If the jealous caprice of power had disappointed his expectations, if he had prudently declined the paths of greatness, the employment of the same talents in studious solitude would have placed beyond the reach of kings his present happiness and his immortal fame. When we inspect, with minute, or perhaps malevolent attention, the portrait of Julian, something seems wanting to the grace and perfection of the whole figure. His genius was less powerful and sublime than that of Caesar; nor did he possess the consummate prudence of Augustus. The virtues of Trajan appear more steady and natural, and the philosophy of Marcus is more simple and consistent. Yet Julian sustained adversity with firmness, and prosperity with moderation. After an interval of one hundred and twenty years from the death of Alexander Severus, the Romans beheld an emperor who made no distinction between his duties and his pleasures; who labored to relieve the distress, and to revive the spirit, of his subjects; and who endeavored always to connect authority with merit, and happiness with virtue. Even faction, and religious faction, was constrained to acknowledge the superiority of his genius, in peace as well as in war, and to confess, with a sigh, that the apostate Julian was a lover of his country, and that he deserved the empire of the world.

  5. The picture is of Byzantine Emperor Justinian, not Julian. I love it how you fools try to act smart when you’re clearly not, like many of you who claim to be getting laid a lot. Justinian ruled a Christian and prosperous empire. Yes Christianity can be prosperous if everyone acts with morals. Even this site promotes attaining greed and power, which is un-Christian like.

    1. Haha we bomb your funsheep like USS Liberty :)) Or like Gaza flotilla. Not like you have shiksa on your ship tweenkle toes

  6. American conservatism is limp. It only slows the slide down the slippery slope. All you can do is try to defend your own individual position.

  7. ” . . . a stable job with benefits . . .”
    Is the European dream which people came to America to get away from.
    The American Dream was to become landed and independent.

  8. Julian may or may not have eventually succeeded in pushing back Christianity had he lived more than 2 years; it is obvious that he knew that Christianity was pushed by a conglomorate of powerful interests, who used their money and influence to push it forward through propaganda and political acts. Julian was, strategically, countering this movement. As a Christian, even I can recognize and admit how there was a Deep State going on with Christianity, and Julian did too (he had been raised a Christian and was quite well-versed in it). He could have successfully organized a pagan Deep State that was self-perpetuating and could counter Christianity. The author here has it wrong; neither Julian’s plan nor goals were far-fetched; he merely died (or was he killed?) before he could lay the infrastucture down.
    It is the same today; we who oppose SJW’s need to recognize the Deep State aspects of it and counter with our own Deep State organizations. the SJW’s have done a marvelous job since the 1960s onward with smashing or infiltrating/running former anti-SJW Deep State organizations; how many of us are members of civic/profesional/social/religious organizations? Very few. And how many of these organizations have an overt SJW bent these days? Practically all remaining ones. Vox Day has talked about this often in his dealings with SciFi organizations.
    We can follow Julian’s lead and develop our own Deep State groups. Roosh has talked about how our recent victories are not cues to rush forward, but instead to retrench. He is right; victory will not come in our lifetimes, nor from one solid fight, but a protracted erosion of SJW power. And that requires self-sustaining anti-SJW organizations.

    1. Christianity being pushed by a conglomerate of powerful interests, who used their money and influence to push it forward through propaganda and political acts.
      That sounds just like christianity today, nothing has changed in 2000 years.

      1. I disagree; the Christianity of today is really “blue pill Churchianity” (see Dalrock for more explanation).

    2. ^^^Have you read Gore Vidal’s book “Julian”?? Great historical fiction and I can’t believe this remarkable figure isn’t heard of more. Could it be his story was suppressed because he was a pagan and worshipped the old Greek gods and tried to counter Christianity??

      1. Vidal, unfortunately, is little more than what I call “stunt writing”: start off with a “shocking” or counter-normal view point (Aaron Burr was a great man, Julian was awesome), then write various “shocking” (i.e. left of center) episodes into the narrative, and otherwise heavily play up to the mores of gay book reviewers. Voila, you’re hailed as a genius!
        Sadly, he was a mediocre writer who could have been better, but instead chose to be a bitter, misanthropic gay man.

  9. So… Now what? Do we simply catalogue the collapse? That’s not a bad idea, with the internet we can make te record of history very clear

  10. Throughout the decline and fall, the survivors will be primarily TRIBES AND KLANS of common countryfolk. Through even apocalypse the budding tribes now loosely united by hegemon and common interest or tradition will evolve in the upcoming times.
    And the churches?
    Large cosmopolitan mega church assemblies will probably disperse when their large warehouse tabernacles become like the super dome during Katrina.
    Strong family klans and tribes led by alphas who practice polygamy and develop ‘apocalypse game’ to conduct patriarchal family leadership will survive and carry a people and culture through ‘down time’ when remnants of state and rogue marauders fetter and finally die out.

    1. That’s a little optimistic.
      I see the opposite of what you do. The best people ARE NOT breeding and the worst are spreading like a lab rat colony with a swimming pool size block of cheese.
      No matter how alpha you may be, your kid doesn’t belong to you (unless you are wealthy), it’s a product of the state.

      1. Best you can do is if home schooling is not an option, the parent should educate the child beyond the ABCs and 123s.
        Teach them the essential life skills neccessary and have them not share the teachings to anyone not worthy of their company.

  11. Okay, we got it. You prefer the statism of the Democrats to the statism of the Republicans. I don’t believe that failure and retreat is inevitable, then again, I am not one for much retrenchment anyway. In fact, one way to view the history of the last two hundred or so years is as a foot race between engineers finding ever more ingenious ways to increase the productivity of one human against socialists, who want to take from that productivity and buy for themselves political power.
    In reality, this race has maybe fifteen years left. At that point robots are going to be doing most of the jobs and I have no real idea what most humans will be doing, though I suspect medical technology had better be looking into new ways to fight STDs
    The 1950s, the height of the American Middle Class, have always been little more than a historical aberration. The rest of the world was either in ruins, under communism’s boot heel, or yet to emerge as industrial powers. Life has almost always entailed hard work of both the man and the woman. Before the agricultural industrial revolution, most of that work took place on home farms.
    I don’t really have an answer to where it all leads, however, I know the values that have always worked, will work in the future as well. Things like personal responsibility, accountability, and personal improvement will always serve a man in good stead. I may be alone, but nothing I see is an indicator of a collapse necessarily happening. Alpha traits are going to become even more important to men in the future.

    1. even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, those who kept their families together and/or saved their money in Gold and had homes they kept up, survived after the fall. It’s all about how you live. “the meek shall inherit the Earth”.

  12. Conservatism is always backwards looking.
    Nothing cuts through the soft flesh of leftism like the sword of Nationalism.

  13. It is doubtful the USA will ever become a Libertarian government, but it definitely needs a strong Libertarian kick in the balls. If not, we’re heading down a path that will ultimately lead to secession. The Marxist strategy of divide and conquer is working.

  14. Julian was a pagan badass. Read Gore Vidal’s book “Julian” . Emperor Julian was a self taught military genius and polymath.

  15. The best approach is to go ahead and at least superficially agree with select trends while continuing the previously successful economic and legal ways.
    The purpose is to minimize possible divisions and criticisms. I don’t care if two men or women get married. I’m not going to be distracted from my economic position by it and you don’t have to be either. That’s one example. As it is the left tries to turn up the heat — convincing a number of black people they don’t have the rights they do and getting them to riot via trucked in professional agitators over what’s really a local matter — people will see through the self-destructive nature of their programs.
    Breaking down monolithic government organizations into local units will help but it has to be done in the guise of making things easier on government personnel.
    But don’t forget: don’t get upset and publicly pissed over matters that are essentially private matters like who you screw. Just follow your own interests and try not to bother the other guy, who’s likely too weak and manipulable to be a good enough friend anyhow.

  16. I feel like your article is correct… But, perhaps, incomplete? Are you suggesting that there is an alternative, or that we need to just accept that this is the direction our culture is heading in and that’s that? If the latter then I’d have to say this was a pretty depressing read.

    1. Yes, it does feel incomplete. You don’t expect an article at RoK to be so defeatist and hopeless. This is like Homer Simpson’s advice to Bart: “Let this be a lesson to you boy – never try…”

    1. Utter nonsense, friend. The type of Christianity that is being peddled today by most churches is Certainly is for women and deluded males. What the bible has to say generally is not beta.
      Modern churches, especially the evangelical are guilty of this, have a very fatalist view in that everything they should “leave everything in God’s hands for him to resolve as he sees fit.” That is so anti-biblical as to raise the question if the congregation or the pastor have ever actually read their bibles. While it says the lord does provide, it also explicitly states that the lord will help those who help themselves.
      There were a lot of alpha type Christians down through the ages. This modern Christianity is mostly just a cash cow for certain enterprising pastors. They cater to women because women want to hear that all their problems can be shifted to somebody else. The men mostly have no idea what real Christianity is and react to the real stuff like a puppy eating meat for the first time when it is shown to them.

      1. God placed the concept of free will to men and to have dominion over the Earth and its creatures . Sounds alpha to me .

        1. Matthew 10:34: Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword.

  17. This piece nails current American political discourse to a T.
    Most of the time conservatism has won politically only when it is “for” something, not against what the current leftist flavor of the month is.

  18. Most American conservatism in this sense is just a reaction to whatever
    current trend of progressivism happens to be most prevalent.

    This. Speaking in terms of physics, progtards are the force and conservatives are the friction slowing the force down but ultimately not doing anything. You can’t defeat progtards with friction. You have to provide force and direction of your own.
    And Julian is proof this progtardery is nothing new. It was around back in the 300s. “Religious equality” and “religious freedom” that somehow managed to discriminate against Christians.

  19. Cool story, except that’s a portrait of the Emperor Justinian, who closed the last Pagan academy in Athens.

    1. Justinian actually rules a prosperous Christian Byzantine Emperor. the atheists here and so called pagans aren’t acknowledging that.

  20. Modern Conservativism is doomed. It depended on the silent majority. It spent the last 60-70 years demonizing everyone who wasn’t. There are hardly any conservatives left under 30 who have college or higher education. The Republicans are just barely klinging on to power because they gerrymandered the districts. But once 2020 roles around the conservative movement is basically dead. They have lost virtually every major ideological battle they have engaged. There is not a single victory the conservatives have on a single social issue in the last 70 years. NOT ONE.

    1. It’s still up for debate among historians. The most popular theory seems to be that it just fell out of use. Not because people lost interest in knowledge, but because of economic and political instability. The works of Aristotle wasn’t much use for people who were just trying to survive.

  21. Religion is generally not very important to the status of a civilization.
    Rome was in decline, and even before Christianity, the Romans “tried” various cults thinking one or the other Gods would favor them. It didnt, because the Roman were declining due to other reasons (too large of an Empire, unmanageable, and also because for instance on the Western side, the German demographic was exploding, their technology was as good as Roman -as were their tactics by now-, etc etc.
    People put way too much faith in religion. Christianity, Paganism, etc…This wont change the essence of a civilization.
    However…Christianity like all Semitic religion (which is more or less the same at the root, which is MONOTHEISTIC FAITH), is a shit religion and shit belief system. Islam & Judaism are no better. In fact Christianity is still the better of the two.
    So Julian had the good idea to at least try to stop that religion from being such an important cult as the Roman cult. At least try to revert to a more open nature belief system, which is not as ignorant and vile as monotheism.

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