Sex Denialism Is At The Root Of Our Cultural Decline

There are many ways to describe the “essential difference” between men and women. You could refer to it as “yin and yang.” You could refer to it as “left brained vs. right brained,” which is to say “analytical vs. creative,” and you could even call it “order vs. chaos.” In all cases, you would be correct in describing the essence of the difference.

An understanding of this difference, and the proper roles for which each sex is best suited, has guided the success and extraordinary achievement of our species for many millennia. This understanding was unquestioned, common sense, and easily observable to the naked eye. It still is.

However, as all red pill-inclined men surely know by now, asserting the obvious can quickly invite the foul flak of any nearby brainwashing victims. To comment on something that every single human being knows in their heart now causes stress and anxiety and can cause you to lose your job.


Before I answer that, we need to have a clear understanding of the mechanics of the enemy. Listening to liberal politicians talk on the TV or on the radio, it’s very easy to conclude that they’re just very ignorant people who tend to think with their hearts. And on lower levels, this is absolutely the case. The kinds of liberal puppets you see blockading Wall Street buildings or setting things on fire in Ferguson to combat stereotypes about mindless violence…yes, those people are just very dumb and easily led.

However, it is of the utmost importance not to forget that the people organizing those protests and the groups funding them are not dumb; they are consciously and knowingly misleading the public and causing mayhem in an effort to agitate the masses over various issues.

Every movement gets astroturfed

Professionals are going from one group to another, stirring them to violence—and they get handsomely paid to do so. The world is not being run by morons, it’s being run by competing genius-level sociopaths who use the morons like puppets and tools and then dispose of them once they are no longer useful. The entirety of human history is one elaborate example of this principle.

Groups like the KGB spent decades specifically designing the contagious mental virus that is modern progressive ideology. There are no parts of it that are an accident. The gay rights stuff, the feminism, the open borders, the demonization of white men and heterosexuality…it took some of the world’s smartest idea-crafters to design the virus.

By the time Reagan became President, it had already taken so deeply in the United States that the course was set. It wasn’t public knowledge, of course, as it sadly still is not today; the point is simply that it’s been entrenched for a long, long time.

Advancing the agenda

In order to achieve their agenda, the Powers That Be rely on the stress and misery and utter dependence of the populace. One of the many ways in which this goal is attained is to convince the people to act in ways that are extremely hazardous to their well being—and of their own volition. Chunking down, one way to do this is to convince them that the role they are best suited for is bad, and something they are completely unsuited for is good and should be pursued instead.

Obviously this would never work on men, who would immediately see the long-term danger and silliness of it, so it was crafted for women instead. Since the vast majority of women are not capable of thinking in terms of cause-and-effect, particularly when it would interrupt their feelings of immediate gratification to do so, they were easily convinced of this while simultaneously overlooking all the hypocrisy in how they were actually leading their own lives. The fact that they can do this without cognitive dissonance, is itself an illustration of the Essential Difference at work.

So, we are now living in an era in which women are being convinced that they can do anything men can do. Then they join the military, and the minimum number of required pull-ups has to be lowered so they can pass the tests. The fact that the rules changed so they could prove “they could do it too” does not strike women as odd. The fact that the entire military was weakened to give them good feelings is irrelevant.

The same recently occurred with a local fire department, which lowered physical requirements to be a firefighter so that more women can do it. The fact that this directly endangers the lives of other firefighters, as well as those in burning homes who rely on the strength of the firefighters to lift heavy hoses and axe down doors and carry them to safety, all takes a backseat to the fact that feminists got to make another meme about how “they can do it too.” Appallingly, stupidly dangerous.

Modern feminism embraces sex denialism

Sex Denialism, a denial of the Essential Difference, obviously leads to less happiness for those who buy into it. All of life is a game of learning how to maximize, tame, and utilize your own nature to live closer and closer to a state of harmony and congruence. Denying one’s nature and spending all day rebelling against it is a very quick path to unhappiness, so it’s no surprise that sex-denying transsexuals have some of the highest incidence rates for drug abuse and suicide.

I would guess that it is working even better than planned. The sheer number of people who have been trained to parrot rhetoric about the “gender binary,” somehow having buried everything they know to be true, real and good somewhere inside of them in favor of a pat on the head and maybe a treat, is staggering and absurd. The damage this causes on a global scale, and the way in which it has altered other groups’ perception of America, is just as important as the damage it’s causing internally. That is a topic for another time.

It is also playing out in schools, but in the context of education it benefits women in the short-term (though as always, not the long-term). Males are inherently seen as having a profound weakness in “non-cognitive skills,” so schools are now designed to help males get in touch with their feminine side by threat of medication and therapy for ADD.

Of course, men do tend to perform worse at most “non-cognitive skills” than women, but it is equally true to say that women have a defect in “cognitive skills.” In a sane world, men would teach boys male skills and women would teach girls female skills. But we do not live in a sane world, do we?

Instead of the obvious solution—teach men to train their minds and teach women to learn the art of femininity and home care—our society’s solution was to punish men for not being women, and to artificially inflate girls’ grades so they could see how much smarter than boys they are. To an alien looking down on the United States, our situation would doubtless appear to be a cosmic joke of some kind. Like maybe the leaders in America somehow lost a bet, and now they have to destroy their own country in the most obviously stupid possible ways.

Broken schools, broken marriages, and broken families. Only one of three things can happen at this point:

1. A strong, moralistic and traditional leader is fairly elected into office, and he strong-arms the country back into sense and reason. This outcome is highly unlikely, and by far the most ideal option.

2. An enemy who is already poised to attack and hiding within our borders will strike when the time is right, attempting to topple the government and impose their own rule instead. This is a fairly likely outcome, as there are groups here right now who would love nothing more than the opportunity to take down everything America stands for. Whether they would succeed is anyone’s guess, but they will certainly try.

3. An enemy from outside invades and conquers. This is also fairly likely, as if the weakening of our military and wide-open southern border are any indication, we are a nation and a culture that has largely given up without a fight. T

he fight was carried out so insidiously that most had no idea they were in the middle of a war, and yet our ranks are decimated and the people have turned on themselves and each other. A weak military, weak family bonds, and weak tribal identity make any culture ripe for the pickings.

Will we shoot the vultures out of the sky, or let them fight over our bones?

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267 thoughts on “Sex Denialism Is At The Root Of Our Cultural Decline”

  1. The elite program of stirring up resentment in a group that perceives itself as “disadvantaged” (women) against another group (men); divide and conquer. And you’re right, they do this by telling one group a total lie about themselves. Everyone knows men are better than women at some things and vice-versa. Our society was based on that truth. But women conform to the culture, which sells them absolute equality, and now they’re trying to prove a “equality” that never existed and doesn’t exist.
    It’s creating obvious turmoil everywhere – at work, at home. So congrats to the demented elite who rule from the background- you’ve create a massive clusterf*ck and I suppose you should hope that the men in the society you’ve damaged become dejected or pointlessly fight “feminists” for the rest of their lives instead of looking for the people who poisoned the well.

  2. “Professionals are going from one group to another, stirring them to violence—and they get handsomely paid to do so. The world is not being run by morons, it’s being run by competing genius-level sociopaths who use the morons like puppets and tools and then dispose of them once they are no longer useful. The entirety of human history is one elaborate example of this principle.”
    That needed to be said. Don’t forget the arts of “black propaganda” and I’m not talking about skin color.
    “. An enemy who is already poised to attack and hiding within our borders will strike when the time is right, attempting to topple the government and impose their own rule instead. This is a fairly likely outcome, as there are groups here right now who would love nothing more than the opportunity to take down everything America stands for. Whether they would succeed is anyone’s guess, but they will certainly try.”
    You see here’s the problem. “Everything America stands for” presently is not what America was founded on. Taking down the present America is to take down the cathedral.
    Let every pro gun control moron end up begging for a gun and then not know how to use it because golf courses were more important than shooting ranges. Let every “oppressed” female screaming rape every two seconds learn what real rape culture is in a war zone. Let every snarking urban douchebag statist be put into a position where their effete manner gets them killed (or they get cured of it – either way). Sloth and plenty and people who always had it easy pretending to be oppressed (I’m looking at you, SJWs) is what got us here, and it’s what America stands for now with its mass stupidity and weaponized democracy. If you think our “leaders” are bad, go out and meet the people who vote for them.
    We know how this ends and in the end, nothing really gets away.

    1. If you think into it logically a demand for equality that is driven by legislation is already prejudiced…. we can’t employ another white male, we MUST employ an (add ethnic minority here) _________ So now a company must hire according to race, color and sex which is already prejudiced….
      Where does it end ?
      You can’t get on that L train there are too many white people on it, there are only places for Black and Asian people left……. sounds familiar doesn’t it ? Sounds like exactly the segregation that Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela etc. campaigned against. Sounds like the exact opposite of equality.
      I’ve noticed on TV lately a growing number of well paid career sluts (women and ethnic minority males) have moved in as presenters (probably sucking gay boy cock to hold their position), while white men are no where to be seen anymore… Tune into Bloomberg for example and you will see what I mean.

    2. “Let every snarking urban douchebag statist be put into a position where their effete manner gets them killed…”
      This eloquently states what I’d like to see happen to most of the people I’m surrounded by. Their smug but bitter, snarky, vivisecting, judgmental attitudes make me hope they’ll be the first victims in a true SHTF scenario. I’ll just watch as it unfolds. Even the “men” whine and complain and vivisect like bitches.

  3. Our elite has accomplished one thing: they’ve cured “penis envy”. Girls used to want to be boys, but now that we dote on girls and treat boys like garbage, boys want to be girls, e.g. Leelah (born Joshua Ryan) Alcorn.

    1. Yet feminists still try to gatecrash their way into every single male space that’s still around.

    2. They still suffer from penis envy, they’ve just managed to teach boys and men to be ashamed of the one they were born with.

    1. If women want to be firefighters they should do it the same standards as men. There are some women out there that could do it but they are few and far between.

      1. nope! here in nyc, they dont have to carry you dont the stairs, they can drag you down…..your head banging each stair on the way, you head slowly catching fire lol

        1. and no, sorry, there are no women who can carry a 200 lb man down 3 or 4 flights of stairs

        2. thats sexist bro. This short, chubby chick failed the physical 4 or 5 times, still got the job (they were gonna let her keep taking it until she passed) if the other fireman didnt put up a stink, she d still be there, setting a record in failure.

      2. That’s truth. I know a few outlier women who could be a firefighter to mens’ standards. Heck one I know is very strong. Farm girl actually. She has thick arms and short thick hands. When I first met her I was thinking “could this be a tranny? Them arms be thick… ” but that was years ago and I find instead she was raised on a farm doing hard work and even had some arm heft as a youth from it.

  4. Keep in mind too that a woman’s natural vice is envy (for men it’s lust). It is real easy to manipulate women when you use their envy against them. Most PUA know this even if they don’t put it into words.
    Essentially, most counter-cultural movements were Game tactics on a massive scale.

  5. I hate to say this, but feminism has won- in destroying society. While the manosphere helps to encourage our preservation as real men, the feminists are winning in destroying our society in social and political ways.
    If you take the time to read some of the labor market statistics (which you should be careful as well) you will nonetheless see that there are apparently more women in the labor market and workplace than men. It is this disgusting ideology known as feminism, that has contributed towards this. More men are now becoming stay at home trophy husbands, and are in turn, becoming emasculated, effiminate in their ways and mannerisms and sadly, submitting to their bossy wife’s demands. It is sickening, because as long as this continues, masculinity is going to die and as a result, lead towards the final collapse of our society.
    No longer are men, real men. I no longer see Steve McQueens, Gary Coopers, Sean Connerys, Clint Eastwoods, Arnold Schwarzneggers, Sylvester Stallones, James Gandolfini and other masculine men. I simply use these as examples of what I believe to be real men, even in the fictional characters that they play in their famous movies and television shows. Men used to always, take the lead. We were the breadwinners, the champions, the ones who would leave the cave and bring home the meat and provide for our families.
    Now it is the woman, who has taken the role and attempts to play man, only to fail miserably. I can’t tell you the number of stories where women fail at trying to juggle their domestic and professional roles simultaneously, thinking they don’t need a man, when in reality, they fail on a grand scale. Let’s not forget, being brought up by single mothers, or in an environment with an absent positive male role model, has proven to be psychologically destructive and has led to this epidemic of men who are castrated and turned into henpecked simps and manginas.

    1. But you see that’s the thing about ideas: if they destroy, then other ideas or looked for to restore. Most people do not want to see our world collapse. As things get more and more destructive, more people will look to the ideas that worked.

      1. Agreed. When everything starts to collapse (which it will), people will naturally return to the ways that worked in the past.
        Hopefully, this can somehow be reversed before we reach a societal collapse, but if not, we deal with that when we have to.
        One way or another, this unnatural system of men being women and women being men will not be tolerated by Mother Nature for too long.

        1. Bart: A problem with returning to ways that worked in the past is that people forget how it worked. Someone needs to keep the traditions alive. This is why I’m not MGTOW despite fully understanding the benefits of MGTOW.

        2. The more dire the situation, the more easily men and women will fall back into their natural roles.
          When a bridge collapses and it needs to be rebuilt or everyone starves, there won’t be any confusion over who goes to rebuild it and who stays home with the kids.

        3. Looks like our “dire situation” will be a mushy socialism where everyone is equally unhappy but not quite enough to do anything about it.

        4. People dont forget. It’s in the DNA. Lions dont forget to be lions, tigers dont forget to be tigers.

        5. That is what the Manosphere is doing. Preserving and disseminating traditional wisdom for the inevitable day of reckoning.

        6. Not a stupid example at all. I think it illustrated your point brilliantly.

        7. If and when things collapse, women will run to men for the answers (they always do and they always will). Some may be stubborn or resist (at first) but once the cushy lifestyle starts to fade they’ll come back to reality.
          You have to remember…women are not logical (it’s all about the feelings). Feelings don’t keep the lights on and the water flowing. Feelings don’t erect buildings, planes, highways, etc…
          Men do….and without the feelings.

    2. If feminism won, we wouldn’t be growing and the mainstream wouldn’t be hearing about us more and more. Winning is absolute, you either win, or you don’t. If you win, you crush your enemies and make dissent impossible, either by force or by cultural shaming. Yet here we are, growing and taking hold in ways that they never anticipated.
      We’re the wrestler thrown on the mat bleeding while the crowd boos the “victor”, who then staggers back up and beats the living hell out of his “victorious” opponent as the crowd cheers and chants his name.

      1. But lets not forget. It is the backing of Government that allows feminism to continue to destroy the nuclear family, continue to abandon traditional gender roles, continue to financially ruin men, continue to psychologically destroy boys, continue to displace men from the various aspects and institutes of society that accomodated and catered to men such as the workplace.
        I appreciate and respect your wise words of wisdom. And while there are exceptional winning circumstances, it does not ignore what is happening in our society- the destruction and chaos committed by feminists. How much longer are we going to continue to go downhill socially, politically and economically?
        I suppose one can only guess.

        1. Ah, but lets not forget, Government is dependent on the wealth that men – not women – generate.
          And as ever larger cohorts of men disengage from women – and therefore society – that wealth is not being created.
          Big Daddy Government is as subject to hypergamy as the lowest man. And as the money runs out, it will share the same fate.

        2. Because the Sisterhood votes as a collective. Politicians would throw their moms under the bus to get the Sisterhood’s vote.

        3. There is an excellent video by Karen Straughan on Youtube called “Fempocalypse” that talks about this very thing. It really was an excellent video.
          Men on the whole, put money into the government.
          Women, on the whole, take money out.
          Men only need 25% to 30% of their capacity to support themselves. Men used to put 100% in to provide for their family which provided excess money to the government, but as that incentive disappears and men can subsist on a meager 25% of their capabilities, that money is drying up.

        4. “Big Daddy Government is as subject to hypergamy as the lowest man.” — That is a very profound truth. Thank you for stating it so clearly. When Big Government fails to save women from the disaster that is coming, they will turn to to whatever Alphas are left to take charge. Hypergamy doesn’t care.

        5. Bingo. The bankster jobs are not producing. US debt at $18 trillion. EU debt at $12 trillion. When hyperinflation hits get ready to buckle up.

      2. I dont know. We are blogs here and there. Feminism cant forbid blogs, if they could, we would not be here. Dont be fooled into believing that we are not defeated just because we are alowed to speak.
        Not saying we ARE defeated though.

        1. If you can speak, you can spread ideas. Ideas cannot be killed.
          Everytime I hear some normal Joe say “beta” or “alpha male” or “white knight”, even if he doesn’t realize the root of those phrases, it makes me smile. It means we’re going the organic route, which always sticks.

        2. I also imagined their masters didnt mind too much if they overheard them. After all, they couldnt do too much about it..and a little hope is good for the morale.

        3. Doubtful. They were kept institutionally illiterate.
          The ones that created the real rebellions and resistance were lettered.
          We’re all lettered.

        4. The slaves were whipped harshly, or even killed, for even whispering about wanting to read most of the time. Your view of history does not accord with the reality we experienced over here across the pond (You’re Danish, right?).

        5. Maybe but look at the facts. We’re still slaves. We cant talk openly about these issues without facing serious consequences. I cant really see any progress.

        6. Well my point is, give slaves a little hope and they might calm down. Just like we’re calming down a bit, just because there’s a few more blogs and gamergate. Dont forget, there’s something called the google bubble, You see what google wants you to see..and what YOU want to see.

        7. Because whether I use my name or an alias is inconsequential. My IP can readily be tracked to my internet account with ease by the government if they so wished. Since nobody in my family is as windy as I am when writing, it’s no small leap to being able to find me within 25 seconds by any half way competent government computer hack.
          Mainly I use it to prevent real life stalkers from the internet from bothering me. From the government I know precisely what they’re capable of. I could give two shits about them.
          And they’re not knocking at my door, yet we’re speaking openly.

        8. We’re calming down? heh Hardly.
          GamerGate, the backlash from Metal say we’re not. More manosphere sites are popping up. More unattached (to the manosphere) men are using our terms without even realizing it.
          Defeatism only works if you assume you’re defeated. I do not cotton to such notions.

        9. Noo ne will arrest you, dont be stupid. I’m talking about losing your job (and never get a new one because of google), losing your friends etc…
          The threat of being homeless and pennyless is every bit as grave as if gestapo came knocking on your door.

        10. My friends know my views, I do not associate with pussies and wimps or feminists.
          My house is nearly paid off and could be tomorrow if I wished, but I’m getting a better return through my investments than I would if I lump summed it off for the note. Push come to shove, I’d simply lump sum it. House, retained.
          Job? Who fucking cares? I’d have another one within a week, and failing that, I can afford to spend a few years off on hiatus if I wished, or I could easily afford to buy/open a bar.
          Defeat? Fuck defeat. Join the battle to win, or go home and sulk, I say. If we’re not here to win, we have no value to the movement. (not directed at you personally)

        11. Its good that you talk about yourself an how fantastic and well off you are. But im talking about the ordinary man, who is not as great as you. He cant talk about these issues without fearing consequences.

        12. I also cannot prove that a giant dragon ignites the sun from the side we cannot see and keeps it alight.
          Since you can’t, you know, prove a negative.

        13. I’m not “great”, I planned out my life. You can do this too. Any man can. It is not friggin’ rocket science.
          Maybe it’s something to consider instead of sulking around fearing feminists? Make yourself immune to them and suddenly they become humorous idiots who are easily mocked.
          Or, you know, sit around convincing other men that it’s hopeless.
          Your choice.

        14. You miss my point. My point is, we’re still defeated. The majority of us men are. The average women can say what she wants, do what she wants, it dont matter. The average man cannot.

        15. Nuts ? Are you actually so unrealistic as to say “do not sit around fear feminism”..yea you should most defo fear it. It can put you on the street in a heartbeat. I dont convice anyone that its hopeless. Im saying it as it is, right now. And it might change.

        16. It’s impossible to ‘defeat’ men without destroying male productivity. And it is impossible to maintain a safe, advanced society without that productivity.
          Women have a low tolerance to danger and hardship. Pretty soon they start selecting for strong, productive men. And they select them by submitting to them.
          The checks and balances between the sexes are hard wired.
          Unfortunately, whilst the transition from male to female primacy is often gradual and gentle, the correction in the other direction is often abrupt and disruptive. It has to be, for whilst men will provide women with the formal with the best of intentions, women will never voluntarily relinquish what they have been given.
          I suspect we will find out exactly how disruptive in the next few years.

        17. “yea you should most defo fear it.
          The hell you say.
          To the U.S.A. Commander of the encircled town of Bastogne.
          The fortune of war is changing. This time the U.S.A. forces in and near Bastogne have been encircled by strong German armored units. More German armored units have crossed the river Our near Ortheuville, have taken Marche and reached St. Hubert by passing through Hompre-Sibret-Tillet. Libramont is in German hands.
          There is only one possibility to save the encircled U.S.A. troops from total annihilation: that is the honorable surrender of the encircled town. In order to think it over a term of two hours will be granted beginning with the presentation of this note.
          If this proposal should be rejected one German Artillery Corps and six heavy A. A. Battalions are ready to annihilate the U.S.A. troops in and near Bastogne. The order for firing will be given immediately after this two hours term.
          All the serious civilian losses caused by this artillery fire would not correspond with the well-known American humanity.
          The German Commander.

          To the German Commander.
          The American Commander

        18. Hmm..anwyay, remember there are millions of “normal” men out there, who are not like men on this site. Some of them have kids, wifes, etc. They cant talk aloud of how they hate feminism and want to return to natural gender roles and stuff like that.
          Or that most women today are cunts and dont deserve respect. ITs the muhammad drawings of feminism to talk like that.
          IF they do, they will get fired. That is wrong of course, but THAT IS HOW IT IS. And it hasnt changed last 20 years.

        19. And yet I hear men in bars and on job sites saying a lot of what we’re talking about here more and more, even if they don’t know the root.
          Defeated? Horsefeathers. We’ve only just begun to fight.
          EDIT: No need to further belabor the conversation. We’ve both said what we’ve wanted to say, I’ve no need to continue batting around the topic, if you don’t mind terribly.

        20. But OK we’re not from the same country. Here it’s beyond hopeless. Its magina land.

        21. But it’s not too early to detect trends.
          I’m not sure how long you have been red pill, but I discovered it about 6 years ago. In just that short time I have seen a sea-change in the way misandic and feminist articles are received in the MSM.
          Six years ago you might see a handfull for red pill responses to such articles which would immediately be shamed and shouted down. Now I often see a sizable minority, sometimes even a majority, of reasoned, thoughtful, pithy and articulate red pill responses almost every time one of these articles pops up.
          At work red pill discussions happen ‘in the clear’ and at least one of my colleagues, previously resistant, has now opened up to the red pill as a result of Gamergate (he is a keen gamer).
          And the dynamic seems to be accelerating.
          Sure, these are just anecdotes but I would advise against dismissing these manifestations as inconsequential. Even just five years ago these things were not acceptable in ‘polite conversation’.
          Some men (and women) are realising after 50 years that when it comes to feminists, polite doesn’t work.

        22. It’s understandable to desire a saner world where men and women assume their traditional roles.
          It will happen. ‘Female empowerment’ has been tried before. Many times over the millennium. Not every society that has fallen has had female empowerment, but every society that has embraced female empowerment has fallen.
          No society that has embraced it to the extent ours has has ever come back, has ever survived. Ours will be no different.
          The thing is this dynamic plays out over generations. It takes as long as it takes.
          We happen to have been born into one of the ‘end times’. I used to think the reset would be after my lifetime and have / am trying to prepare my kids.
          The way the dynamic has sped up over the last couple of years though, I’m not so sure.
          Interesting times we live in. Don’t rage against them – prepare for them. Learn to be the man you were born to be.

        23. He’s not championing defeatism. He’s realistically pointing out that feminism/Team Woman controls ALL institutional power in America, and has for decades. I dunno what country you live in Ghost, but any male that actually stands up for himself against a female here WILL get a knock on the door . . . at the merest accusation that she feels ‘afraid’. Most of them sic their hounds out of mere spite, hate, and vengeance. And they’ll probly send three or four cop cars to do it, so the message in driven home about getting uppity next time.
          In the U.S. hundreds of thousands (millions?) of men already have been forced from employment, from education, from their children, and hounded mercilessly, and quite often tossed into the mancages based on NOTHING but the depraved will of ONE almighty female. That is reality, and confronting the fact that America is a totalitarian gynarchy isn’t defeatism. Yes there have been small inroads recently in online commentary to MSM/fem media-prop, but this is a drop in the bucket compared to the enormous governmental, legal, academic, and economic power of Team Woman and her hired males.

        24. Very good point. We’re allowed to talk on the internet, where we’re faceless. However, make some remark in public that comes even remotely close to saying women aren’t demi-Gods, and you’re likely to be lynched on the spot.

        25. Its best to use an alias online nowadays, even when I had a facebook I used a fake name. Kinda common sense, keeps nosy employers from randomly finding you.

        26. Actually your wrong. I have regular conversations with young men (16-18) and the message is clear. The majority of them already know marriage is a scam, false rape allegations are real, and unless your tryin to play a sport stay away from traditional universitys. True this generation might be fucked But our youth know better and that’s reality.

        27. Proxies are your friend GoJ. No Such Agency is gonna get you if they want but its all the lesser thugs I’m more worried about.
          Can you imagine in the future… ah Mr. Jefferson we see here you frequent gun and “right” wing websites. We feel you are a threat to your children and we are taking them…

    3. I would say yes they won, but out of the wreckage comes new ideas. And what we have now is a remnant of men who are capable of thinking shedding off the hordes of women who cannot. Women collectively went to base values and “took the deal” that feminism offered them.
      If civilization collapses, they are going out with it. This is how stupidity is weeded out.

      1. All of this is very heartening; however, it may be overly optimistic. I don’t mean that I deny that what can’t continue won’t. I just see that it is entirely possible that it could all come crashing down and the human race cease to exist. We need to keep in mind John B. Calhoun’s mouse utopia experiment in 1968. In every case the groups of mice in controlled environments did not just have population crashes, but became extinct. I am of the mind that when this all comes down about the shoulders of our current oppressors we will all go down with them. And I mean all of us; to the last man, woman, and child. In past societal failures there were always outside societies from areas that were so disconnected from the failing society that they were unaffected and could come in and repopulate the ruins. Today because of technology we live in a completely worldwide interconnected society. For the first time we might see a worldwide extinction of humanity.

    1. No, it’s done it to some men, that is, pajamaboy. I’m not like that. You’re not like that, right? My son isn’t like that. My cousins are not like that. The men my nieces are marrying are not like that.

        1. Indeed. But it’s true, think about it. Head out to red state-ville, flyover country. Even the “blue pill” country boys I know would crush pajama boy under their dirt caked boots before heading out to hunt.

        2. Unfortunately, a large number of men in society have turned in to pajama boy and the result can definately be seen in cities like New York, where a large number of men are effiminate, emasculated, metrosexual hipsters, with no sense of integrity or purpose.

        3. No doubt. I tend to ignore the big cities, they are toilets which contain the worst of society, even if they have “hotter chicks” according to some. Sure, maybe, but at what price?
          I can’t imagine my 6’4″ brother in law, a giant burly man who works on electrical transformers in the field, taking shit from a pajamaboy.

        4. That only works in areas where other real men are willing to build and provide an infrastructure so some fruitcake can sit around in his jammies all day.

        5. I had the misfortune of spending time in Williamsburg(the locals call it Billyburg! neat!) and man, how this hood has changed in 15 yrs(it was filled with cool people, not posers, back then).
          Virtually all of the men and women had no shape, not fat, not skinny, zero muscle tone. If you stripped them naked, shaved all body hair, and gave them black eye contacts, they would look like larger versions of the grey aliens you see on tv.
          Its as if parts of the city have become a no T zone…

        6. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but there’s a article on ROK about the “Mice Utopia” experiment, and how overpopulation in rats lead to extreme crowding and a listof social disorders which closely mirror modern societies, particularly in those crowded areas.

        7. And that is the real problem, today. Things in our western society (especially larger cities) have gotten to the point where people are too comfortable. Too much is provided and not enough is earned. Too many of these type of “men” live an easy life because other men are out working to make these little things in life possible.
          They have no idea what they are missing out on in life and it’s the very reason why they buy into the progressive “lifestyle”.
          Feminism and these little boys would all lose out if they actually had to work (daily) like they had to “back when”.

        1. She was on Bill Maher a few years ago. Nick Gillespie of asked her twice- “Name one time you havent supported the progressive agenda. Twice she made a face, rolled her eyes and said “Dude you dont know me!”
          Crowd went nuts of course 🙂

        2. I watched a video of Rachel Maddow going on and on about the failure of the F-22 program. Her tone exuded such moral and intellectual authority and shaming of those at Lockheed and in the government who failed. It was appalling.
          While I did agree with a lot of what she said, the point is that, if she were put in the position of the decision-makers at the Pentagon, Congress, the engineers, or the executives at Lockheed, she wouldn’t have been able to make a clearer decision or manage such a politically and technically complex project as the F-22 program at the time each decision had to be made.
          For both conservative and liberal alike, I’m getting really tired of the rampant armchair quarterbacking that has infected our society. If you think you know how to go out and do something better than someone else, then, well, go out and do it better! And, if you fail at doing it better, keep your damn mouth shut!

        3. Fuck him. I never saw a pseudo Libertarian turn into a Statist so quickly as I did with Maher. Let’s see if we can get Sheen to give him a transfusion.

      1. god help you if you put a foot out of place when dealing with these parasites though…..

      2. This is definitely a good amount of young males along the eastern seaboard. It’s always funny when they talk about guns being bad and I tell them I own an over under. They; of course, know not what this is so I say: “shotgun”with a smirk.

      1. Unfortunately, probably not. He’s the poster child for one of Obama’s Obamacare ads targetting Millenials.

      2. Just emasculated probably and living with his parents after graduating college with a useless degree.

        1. that guy is someone who self identifies as an African-American lesbian. I’m referring to the guy in the picture, not myself, by the way.

    2. Both men are part of a massive government machine. The first was forced into a draft, the second was drafted into a healthcare program. I daresay neither has any more control over his life than the other. Food for thought.

      1. True. But the message stays the same: first one had masculinity, second one- effiminate, emasculated, most likely raised by single mother and brainwashed by liberal indoctrination.

        1. I agree. But the qualities of both – the patriotic altruism of the first and the altruistic progressivism of the second were both qualities that served the powers that be at the time. And both, arguably, were the result of indoctrination. My point is that the each is just the opposite side of the coin to the other. If you depend on the government for your values and ideals, you might start off with a coffee drinking GI, but you’ll end up with Pajama Boy.

      2. Good point. You could even argue, to a point, that both are (or were) being used by the “powers that be” of the time. My only fear is that the earlier ones could hold it together while the latter ones would just run and hide.
        It’s our job (I think..and with the help of ROK) to get these young men back to where they should be as men versus pajama boys.

      3. Straight out of ‘The Masculine Mystique’ by Andrew Kimbrell. A worthwhile read.

    3. The problem is that: The first one was drafted so he could go and get his brains blown off in order to make the world a safer* place for……pajama boy.
      A very RAW deal for the first guy if you ask me.
      * and inclusive…and multicultural….and (insert whatever SJW nonsense term here).

      1. True. But he didn’t know it, he was working on the traditional understanding of standing up and beating the crap out of Hans and Jurgen to secure his home.
        Had he known, I doubt you could have managed to draft ten of these men even with Japs crawling up the shores of California.

        1. The Russians beat the crap out of Hans and Jurgen. We just cleaned up after the party.

      2. This is why I always consider military service to be more beta than ever. Just look at the typical Army wife (and the other branches too).

    4. Realistically, you don’t want to be either one of those guys.
      The first guy spent his latter formative years as a man watching his friends die to enemy fire, under threat from superiors to carry out the mission or face a firing squad.
      The second guy is just a fag.

      1. Pajamaboy is the 2nd. He probably still lives with his parents after majoring in something useless in college. His girlfriend is a stupid hipster. Epitome of the omega male.

        1. Sadly, he could be straight. Some straight men these days can look as gay as a guy who actually is.

    5. that soldier’s commanding officer needs to give him permission to invade the right-hand frame and bayonet that little prick in the head

  6. This is exactly what’s going on now. The cultural marxists traitors are destroying western society from within while Islamic jihadism attacks from without. We are living in very dark days indeed but as I said before in an earlier post, we cannot surrender one inch of territory to internal and external enemy without a fight. For every single step we take backwards, we must make the enemy pay very dearly for it. Ultimately though, we cannot win this war by retreating. We must find ways to advance our cause or we will lose and the unthinkable will truly happen.

    1. “The cultural marxists traitors are destroying western society from within while Islamic jihadism attacks from without.”
      Those two facts are connected

  7. I’ve said it before…
    Are women going to feel responsible for taking care of the economy when quality of life begins to steadily decline?
    They have all the jobs (especially the public sector jobs) and education (3/2 male/female university graduation ratio), but what are they going to do when all the money runs out? Are they going to employ their careers to the best of their ability and re-create the North American economy???
    “Where have all the good men gone!?”
    And any man who questions why the women are not working as much as tax dollars paid for will be ostracized. And round and round it goes.

    1. It would be fine if most women majored in something useful (STEM fields in particular but not too many women are interested in it) and productive rather than the stupid liberal arts, women’s studies included. But unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Heck if Marie Curie was still alive, she’d be laughing at all the stupid women in college these days. And also, college is a big scam. Better to stick to a trade. I think the women who are more productive are women that just got out of the military and went to school to major in something that would benefit society than all the stupid women’s studies majors. Why is that even a major?!

    2. Worked at a firm in the late 1990’s that made it a point to give women jobs, even at the expense of company efficiency. They had one chick that they hired to be some kind of VP level executive. She flubbed her job and a competent male had to take the reigns from her. So ok, great, happens all the time to men and women both, so what? Well, she was not held accountable and was “promoted” to “Vice President of Spreadsheets” instead of fired.
      I shit you not. Vice President of Motherfucking Spreadsheets.
      The company is no longer in business.

        1. Yeah, that’s the only conclusion I could come to as well, though if so she did hide it well.
          The company was owned by a competent business man with decades of managerial experience, who unfortunately allowed his 20 year younger wife “Co-President” with him. Ergo, she basically called the HR shots. And we got a VP of Spreadsheets, where a man would have been immediately canned.

        2. Well yeah, clearly. You can’t tell that to the owner though without committing a CLM (career limiting move).

      1. IBM, Xerox, HP, Yahoo, Pepsi – all run by women, all sinking rapidly into complete irrelevance. IBM was the worst performing company in a year the stock market went soaring. How does a company lose it’s dominant position and respect in the market ? Simply hire a woman CEO, there is not one example, that doesn’t tank. I reckon a trader could reliably short sell any company with a female CEO…
        Watch while faggot Cook retires in a minute and installs the Burberry handbag bitch… bye bye Apple….

        1. It’s always about “how it appears” and never “how it performs” when making this kind of move to promote a female leader.
          These companies are pandering…plain and simple. But, in the end, they lost (or will lose) their asses because of these stupid decisions.

        2. It generates a ton of short term positive press if you install a lady ceo.

      2. “Vice President of Motherfucking Spreadsheets…”
        Damn…I applied for that position…I remember it well. I submitted my resume to the company and I was very qualified to fill that role. After all, I had many years with another company as Vice President of MS Word Documents (lol).
        I had to hit you with that one, Ghost (it was too easy to pass up).
        You are correct. That bullshit was going on in corporation after corporation (many places that I’ve worked). They were gladly making room for female VPs or any “executive” position to show how these corporations were so modern with fucking diversity. It must be nice to come to work, drink coffee, fuck up, get paid a nice salary and go home.
        I watched it time and time, again…but didn’t say anything…..or it’s a trip to HR. HR is the former Soviet Union.

    3. As it starts to get worse and worse they will do what comes natural…they will look to men to fix the issue and lead the way.
      Even the big, bad, feminazis who think they can do everything will realize they cannot, and will look for leadership in it’s natural realm….men.
      Jessica Valenti is a pre-eminent feminst voice now. She’s crying about wrapping Christmas gifts and buying tampons. Do you think when things get tough, she can lead anyone through adversity to a better time?
      The worse things get, the easier and more desirable it becomes for men and women to return to their natural roles and resume the ways that worked in the past to build civizilation.

      1. And then we are supposed to forget about the generations of men being brainwashed and castrated so Ms Piggy could walk the runway?
        I hope this feminism BS continues… just long enough that its absurdity becomes obvious even to the most blue-pill man.
        I don’t want the manosphere to “win” just yet… I want red-pill wisdom to become common sense… And I think this place has to continue to reach a boiling point for just a little longer.
        Like Ghost said, men are continuing to join the manosphere. Once the “manosphere” grows to a certain point, the average person will gravitate to what they perceive as the herd… to what seems “normal.”
        Of course… things wont end there… Things could tilt too far in the other direction… And at that point you gotta set your footing one step ahead once again.

        1. And then we are supposed to forget about the generations of men being brainwashed and castrated so Ms Piggy could walk the runway?
          Depending on how dire the situation is that we reached, the answer is yes to some degree or another.
          The species has to go on. This means men will revert to being men, and while this generation will be mentioned in the history books as the generation that got screwed, men will not hold it against women forever if both sides revert to their natural roles.
          In bad times, men will do men things. Lead, build things, impose order, and make their world better and safer. Women will do women things, support, nurture, raise the family, and assist with what work they can. Both sides will again realize they need each other, they will work together, and things will move on as they should.
          At least until history repeats itself (which it always does) and a point is reached at which life is pretty easy, and that generation goes through this all over again.

        2. Makes sense…
          I wonder if it will just be forgotten as you say… or if there will be some kind of backlash though… Even if short-lived.

        3. Had a neighbor with cows a few years back.
          One of the cows got in some trouble with the fencing. So I called him up and he comes out to rectify the situation. Or he tries.
          Shortly after he shows up, here comes middle-aged big fat pantsuit-wearing wifey who starts “injecting” her ideas as to what a solution should be while this poor (obviously beta chump) man tries to get the job done the right way without telling her to fuck off.
          I call this “pantsing”.
          Do you think these women, all “empowered” and thinking they run everything, and brainwashed into thinking that men are the problem, are going to go back to doing womenly things?
          I doubt it. The fall of civilization is on the back of people failing to to the right thing, going against nature. So they are not going to shift gears then as surely as they need to shift gears now.
          This is why we need to stock up on shovels. Every woman, devoid of her office troll public sector/makework job, and no longer having an entire “system” empowering them, should be given one. And that’s all. No food, no protection.
          You see the shovel will be handy when it’s time to bury her. No time lost going about looking for a shovel when there is one right next to the body.

        4. Do you think these women, all “empowered” and thinking they run everything, and brainwashed into thinking that men are the problem, are going to go back to doing womenly things?
          If things get hard and they want to eat, yes. The harder life gets the easier it is for everyone to resume their natural roles.
          Worse case, we end up in a Mad Max type world (thanks Napolean). At best, women can barely provide for themselves. Throw in reproduction and they become unable to. Humans have very long gestation periods and babies are extremely helpless for a very long time.
          In that type of situation, women will readily trade reproduction rights for a mate’s excess labor capacity; they want to eat, they want their baby to eat, and they cannot make this happen without help.
          In many ways, that was the basic contract between the sexes that drove civilization for thousands of years.
          Unfortunately for many feminists, in a world like that, if they don’t already have a mate and are past breeding years, they will have it tough. They will essentially be a waste of resources. They’ll have to hopefully find friends or family to help them.
          If it’s a gentle decline followed by a relatively gentle turnaround in society, then you are right…some of the old school feminist nutjobs will have a very hard time giving up their pantsuits and bossy attitude. But who cares at that point? A young generation of women will be coming up that don’t share the feminist view and are already naturally inclined to follow the traditional roles.

        5. In a apocalypse I’d have no room nor time for any woman pantsing. In fact, I doubt most women who were wise enough to want to survive would put up with harpies.

        6. “The Fate of Empires” by Sir John Glubb examines this cyclical pattern throughout history. Empires are founded by hardy pioneers overcoming tremendous obstacles to establish order out of chaos. And then the empire becomes rich, fat and lazy and eventually collapses, to be replaced by the next group of hardy pioneers who build a new civilization out of the ashes.
          Glubb’s research suggest that every empire goes through a predictable 250-year cycle of rise and fall. As an Englishman, he noted that the British Empire rose in 1700 and was done by 1950. If we date the beginning of the United States to 1776, its collapse seems destined to be coming by around 2026.
          Looking at current events, Glubb’s thesis appears to be right on the mark.

        7. That’s a great read and very short so it’s easy to digest. All Americans should read it to see the parallels to former empires. The scary thing is, he wrote that in the 70’s so imagine what he;d think today.

        8. Exactly. In a situation like that, any chick bitching about how she should lead things or tell people what to do because she was Director of TPS Reports at MegaCorp will be left to starve.

        9. Or dispatched without prejudice. The world has no place for dead weight, let alone weight that actively tries to stop recovery.

        10. Save yer ammo though. Of course she might use knowledge of your whereabouts to “sell” to some other gang or marauders so you might have to make a command decision.

        11. One thing you can count on: when disaster happens women immediately revert to traditional sex roles. It’s the only way they can survive.

        12. wow. getting old sucks. she cant be older than 45.
          also see lara flynn boyle (and all the other pretty chicks from Twin Peaks for that matter).

        13. It’s not about only getting older…it’s about taking better care of yourself (i.e. exercise, eating right, etc….). She, obviously, has attained many resources (aka married life) so she can sit back, relax and eat all of the time.

        14. Garbage was recently on an anniversary tour and I bought the VIP to meet the band. While the overall experience was very memorable and well worth it, I was shocked when I got to see Shirley Manson up close. Her body is still in great shape but the years of touring and hard partying have clearly left their mark. I mean given the chance I’d still fuck her because shes Shirley fucking Manson and all, but lets say my enthusiasm has been tempered by a dose of reality.
          Now if I could just the flux capacitor up and running, whole other story…

      2. “As it starts to get worse and worse they will do what comes natural…they will look to men to fix the issue and lead the way.”
        And the men have every right to say “Fuck you”.
        Best to just watch the rape gang in the rifle scope but save your ammo.

      3. “The worse things get, the easier and more desirable it becomes for men and women to return to their natural roles and resume the ways that worked in the past to build civilization.”
        That’s the hard truth right there… destroy and then construction takes care of itself.

      4. Of course. I see this on a daily basis at work. We have one female manager who always looks (and runs) to a male manager to make decisions (and call the shots) whenever we are in a tough spot.
        It’s hilarious but at the same time it reinforces everything that we talk about on here, daily.
        Women like to think they are equal, they like to think they are tough and independent. But when the shit hits the fan, they run, hide…look for a man.

    4. TBH, I think the choice for women NOT to take care of the economy in the absence of men has all but disappeared.
      The ‘option’ for women to ‘work like men’ has now reached the point that it has become an obligation.
      It’s the ONLY way that the feminist illusion can be maintained.
      All the time women could displace men in the working world whilst men, as a group, continued to generate the wealth necessary to keep things ticking along, no one much cared if they gave up after a few years to have kids, or went part time to care for them, or switched to a lower paid, lower pressure job when things ‘got hard’, or retired early.
      But that’s over now. Too many men have been displaced, dis-incentived or impoverished by feminism for men, as a group, to keep the show on the road. They tried using huge amounts of debt, but we’ve reached the end of that road.
      It’s on women now to keep the edifice from crumbling. But more and more women are discovering that when you ‘work like a man’ you can expect to give birth to the same number of children as a man, and still more (especially the plainer women who in the past would have been wifed up) are starting to discover that trying to live like a man gets you about as much attention from the opposite sex as a man.
      Women, as a group, will buckle long before they ever reach a point of sustaining a modern, advanced society. When it falls apart, men will be blamed, of course.
      Just before women, camelion like as ever, start assuming traditional roles, whilst denying they ever believed in or supported feminism.

      1. Exactly…
        But I don’t want that to happen…
        The Bible used to be the Tome that discussed these sexual/moral/economic truths… But now that we are living in a post-modern secularized world… Religion is too easily cast aside as fanatical or outdated.
        Someone needs to create a modern day Tome with the rhetoric of our day… A body of work that outlines what we’ve witnessed in a way that people can understand, so we don’t keep going in circles. I think the “manosphere” most broadly might be beginning to accomplish that… but it doesn’t have that specific kind of mass marketability… It doesn’t have any kind of central official work that people could organize their lives around.
        Do we even have enough wisdom to dictate how the masses should behave? Who knows… Probably not… But I find it interesting to think about.
        I know I’m delving into cult-like thinking here… I think I drank too much coffee this morning…

        1. you would be hard pressed to come anywhere close to the bible for a moral standard – everywhere you look, from single mothers, corrupt politicians, welfare, legal systems and personal ethics I can not find a better guide.

      2. “Women, as a group, will buckle long before they ever reach a point of sustaining a modern, advanced society. When it falls apart, men will be blamed, of course.
        Just before women, camelion like as ever, start assuming traditional roles, whilst denying they ever believed in or supported feminism”
        This pisses me off

        1. As I told my wife when she said my looking at other women pissed her off: be prepared to pissed off a lot.

        2. It used to me as well. But that is because we, as men, treat women as we would other men. As rational, responsible and resilient individuals.
          Once you understand that when something occurs that they do not like, the vast majority will not stand by their principles, will not accept blame and will always take the path that ‘feels’ good rather than actually IS good, then interacting with women becomes much easier.
          Think about it. Some men behave in this way as well – how do you treat them? Well, most honourable men will disassociate from such characters, because in ‘acting like a woman’ they have shown themselves to be weak.
          But for women it is, IMO, slightly different. They too act in this way because they are weak. But this is not a failing in the way it is with men. Men need to be strong. Women act this way because they are not able to be strong in the way of men. Very few are able to act with honour – in the way that most men understand the meaning of the word.
          The problem is that the whole of society tells women, and men, that women are men’s equals in all things. So we end up with women unable to behave honourably and men increasingly disappointed that they continually fail at doing so. When the core of the matter is that women simply aren’t capable of behaving in the manner men have been told they would. Holding women to men’s standards in this area is asking more than they are capable of.
          Whenever I see a women behaving in a confusing, contradictory way I try ans imagine her as a frightened 12 year old school girl. You’d be amazed at how often this trick suddenly puts her actions into the correct frame. It allows you to understand what she is doing.
          It does give some clue as to why, across all countries, all cultures and all times women have been regarded as ‘childlike’; more than children but less then adults, with privileges in some areas and restrictions in others.
          I suspect our ancestors were wiser men than us.

    5. “Are women going to feel responsible for taking care of the economy when quality of life begins to steadily decline?”
      Women have never taken responsibility for anything, why would they start with this? Women literally rationalize murdering people as being the fault of someone else.

  8. It makes my skin crawl to see how education treats boys today. Its so perverse. “They” said school was centered on males and therefore it discriminated against girls. This was the bedrock of their justification for “them” to insist on “reforms”. First, back then schools taught stuff like, oh, math, English, grammar…123’s and ABC’s. Today, we see schools insisting that 2+2 can equal 5 or 305 or whatever so long as the student can emote a good reason why. ??? Right, so, this implies that actual education was anti-girl? Seems that way. What matters most is the hypocrisy. The reforms that were put into place did exactly what the feminists said were being done to them, specifically, they created a female centered school and an anti-male school.
    All this mind you was done under the pretense of eradicating discrimination and making things better for everyone. Sickening.

  9. There is a fourth possibility, which I think is the most likely. Civil war. I do not believe that an internal or external enemy can secure control of this vast country. But I do believe it can and will break apart violently. Within one century, I believe the United States will no longer exist and will be broken up into competing regional alliances.

  10. People have been saying that culture is declining since the beginning of time. Somehow the world keeps on spinning and life goes on.

    1. That doesn’t change the fact that cultures ascend, peak and decline. Your statement is a non-sequitur.

        1. They were probably right. This was the beginning of second wave feminism, no fault divorce, the destruction of the male homosapien. Cultures can take a century to capitulate and we are seeing the final curtain call come to realisation.

        2. People have said so throughout history, because it’s true. Cultures rise, peak and fall. Noting any specific phase the culture is in does not mean that life does not go on.

        3. I believe someone on this site claimed no fault divorce started in Russia post- Bolshevik takeover. Fast forward a few decades, and it was done away with, because IT WAS UNDERMINING STABILITY IN RUSSIA.
          So why did this slowly take over, starting in the 70s??

        4. So love you some kids, Scottie. If they’re old enough to bleed; they’re old enough to breed, eh Scottie? I’ll wait for you answer while you go watch an old Shirley Temple movie and jerkoff. You the man, Scottie. All the little girls just love you, again.

    2. Read Sir John Glubb’s “The Fate of Empires” for an analysis of the 250-year cycle of rise and fall that every civilization goes through. Life indeed spins on, but with a new group in charge after the old one self-destructs.

  11. Culture can’t be changed by a strong elected leader in america. He would only get a 4 year term, and he would be continually blitzed by a hostile feminist/gay coalition that wants to destroy traditional culture for their short term gain.
    More likely outcome is america slowly becomes a third world country, as white family life disintegrates.

  12. It seems the content of this article is relatively accurate, however, i don’t think any of the three outcomes listed are are even remotely possible. Far more likely are the following three:
    1. Progressivism runs so rampant and creates such disincentives for men and family formation that the US experiences demographic decline and lowered productivity, collapsing our preferred social system (i.e. SS, Medicare, welfare, etc.).
    2. Conservatism regains the upper hand (politics is cyclical), but being the white knight emasculated losers that they are (at least in those in the mainstream), they don’t fix anything. Kind of like how Bush was a “conservative” yet put us in a mountain of debt.
    3. The USA experiences a slow decline like the Roman empire and British empire, which takes 100-200 years to play out.

    1. If it goes for the cure by a political route, I suspect it will be from a rising of libertarians who are just conservative enough to close the borders, who have no fear of political correctness and flip the middle finger and laugh at every attempt to reframe the nation into the feminist mindset.
      Just my two cents.

    2. When the Barbarians were at the gates of Rome the Politicians were debating wether a new law should be penned in purple ink or gold, The Legion over time lowered their standards because the troops complained the armor was to heavy, so they got rid of their armor. Everybody thought someone would take care of the Barbarians so no one did anything and the barbarians just came right in. In it’s youth Rome was Unconquerable but at the end Rome conquered itself, the discipline wasn’t maintained and the structure rotted . I believe liberalism Is the rot in the structure of this country.

      1. Suppose it is the natural course of all civilizations. Upon attaining power and unrivaled success, complacency and degeneracy set in. You know what is very interesting is that early Romans despised actors, as they provided very little utility to society. Artisans, mothers, and soldiers were highly valued, because they provided critical services to advancing their civilization. Over time, the Romans became just as decadent as America today, and their love of mindless entertainment led them to worship actors and gladiators, while devaluing the contributions of those critical to perpetuating their civilization. Bread and circus, as they say. Paradoxically, that was the height of their power, but it led to perverse incentive systems and a rot that destroyed their society.

  13. This is a great article an all the things in it are happening in my Country Australia as well. Although most proponents of Liberal politics are simply ignorant or stupid someone has to profiting off their stupidity. Unfortunately the west is doomed in my view, western countries gave up on all the things that made them powerful in the first place.

  14. The longer that people deny that men an women are different, the longer these same people will be unhappy. In this sick society, masculinity (except for when women do it) is shamed, and called “patriarchal oppression”. If a women wants to stay at home with kids, and be a good wife and mother, she is shamed into choosing a career over a husband. There is little hope left.

  15. Politicians thrive by exploiting the differences between people and not representing them. They will never be instrumental in resolving differences as they will then be out if a job.

  16. America’s fall, exactly the same as Rome’s. By the way, the arcticle is superb.

  17. “2. An enemy who is already poised to attack and hiding within our borders will strike when the time is right, attempting to topple the government and impose their own rule instead. ”
    Um. This has ALREADY happened and is the reason we are in the current predicament. In 1913 the international banking cartel bribed congress into creating the Federal Reserve and thus took over America’s money.
    Almost from the get-go they slowly started to implement mass brainwashing, pushing America into two world wars, then implemented Cultural Marxism via the Frankfurt school. All of present-day western civilization is run via think tanks that trace back to AngloZionist banking families. The politicians are just stage-managed puppets.
    The men behind the curtain run the show – crony capitalism for them and socialism/Marxism/feminism/fascism for the masses.

  18. People always talk about “The American Empire” and its inevitable collapse. Certainly the comparison to Rome is apt, so long as America is about to just fall apart and dissolve.
    Of course, people forget that it was the Roman Republic that annihilated Carthage and took over the Mediterranean. What for most people is unthinkable is the possibility we are not “The American Empire,” but simply the very powerful American Republic. Maybe a new Caesar has already been born, and somewhere his Rubicon is waiting for him to cross it.

  19. “Groups like the KGB spent decades specifically designing the contagious mental virus that is modern progressive ideology. There are no parts of it that are an accident. The gay rights stuff, the feminism, the open borders, the demonization of white men and heterosexuality…it took some of the world’s smartest idea-crafters to design the virus.”
    I’ve been wondering over the past couple of weeks if leftism is caused by a pathogen. It very well may be. Leftism makes people operate in the interests of leftism instead of their own interests. I recently read demographic research that shows that liberals are more likely than conservatives to end friendships (virtual and in real life) with people they disagree with. Why? Perhaps it is part of the pathogen’s defense strategy. Just a hunch…

    1. socialism replaced religion quite some time ago now…. people with religious beliefs are usually rather pig headed about anyone opposing them… just google for Galileo

      1. That can certainly be the case. However, I’m a Christian reactionary myself. I don’t care what others’ religious beliefs are. I especially think it important for the right not to fragment over religious or other differences, particularly in the face of relentless leftism that seeks to destroy us.

      2. Look up why Galileo was actually tried, instead of the Leftist narrative. Turns out, he was a snarky bitch to the most powerful man in the world, and he STILL got off easy. Nothing to do with science actually.

    2. liberalism and narcissism tend to go hand and hand. Forney had an article on it recently, citing a book called “how to deal with narcissists.” Its kinda sad because you cant reason with these people.

    3. I do believe that liberals have a mental disorder, or cluster of mental disorders. There is no other way to explain their words and behavior.

    4. egalitarianism now works to ensure that the productive work to hand over their wealth to the less productive – in a way analogous to marxist economics, except it is the re-distributive function of egalitarianism that permits that to happen (rather than surplus value for instance). Egalitarianism achieves this by persuading the productive classes to yield up their own vital self interests to those of the beneficiary class (particularly women, but also think welfare). In nature some parasitic organisms manage to achieve something similar with respect to their hosts, although here we have a very dangerous line of thought. Beyond parasitism, there is also the idea of the virus – a biological phenomenon that might have an analogue in the social sphere – as in something – an idea for instance – that ‘goes viral’. So yes, I think you’re quite right when you speak of leftist or feminist / progressive ideas being spread like a pathogen: the speed with which these ideas have spread suggest a delivery mechanism analogous to some kind airborne pathogen gone epidemic. To speak in terms other than the pathological though, some scientists also came up with the idea of the ‘meme’ which I suppose would function in a way analogous to a gene within the biological realm. Having said that I think memes are often said to go viral.

  20. Society was changed to encourage women to work for money, rather than work in the home doing domestic duties while her husband supported her, because of capitalism. These days it’s hard to live, pay off a mortgage, or ever have kids, unless both partners work and earn money. Women can’t be encouraged back into traditional roles until society makes it possible for an average wage man to support his family or wife on his own.

    1. ” . . . because of capitalism.”
      No. Actually, it was expressly done in emulation of the Chinese socialist model.

        1. “Most countries have elements of both.”
          I used to engage in minor bits of capitalism across the Iron Curtain. Without it the Soviet Bloc would have fallen much sooner.
          I also handled some Bamboo Curtain goods, but I myself did not actually cross it. I acquired the goods at a neutral vector and crossed the “Capitalist” Barrier with them.
          “The US is largely capitalist.”
          Even if I were to stipulate the veracity of that, which I will not, it’s entirely beside the point. The point is that those who have enough money and power to drive society in directions they would prefer are not.
          And what they would prefer is that China be open to trade with the west and that the west adopt a more Chinese social structure. Over the past 50 years they’ve been remarkably successful in achieving this.

  21. “However, it is of the utmost importance not to forget that the people organizing those protests and the groups funding them are not dumb; they are consciously and knowingly misleading the public and causing mayhem in an effort to agitate the masses over various issues.”
    This point and much of what follows is monstrously stupid and overreductive. If I wanted to read someone mindlessly spewing Republican talking points, I’d be reading the Fox News website instead. Bad form, RoK. You are veering into paranoid nonsense with this stuff. Don’t become my crazy chain-email forwarding uncle. Stay above the fray.

  22. I would say that #2 is more likely than #3. The third one is not workable unless the invaders are willing to kill tens of millions of people.
    However #2 looks like it is already in play.

  23. there are no more GM jobs. brute strength is no longer being selected for, now it’s intelligence.

  24. The purpose of education of the masses is to bring them up to parity, not to create excellence. Excellence is left to create itself. The societal goal is to strengthen the weak areas of each one. Hence, if boys need extra help to socialize effectively and girls need extra help to think logically, that is what public schools provide. A democracy is strengthened by an educated (able to participate) electorate. Thomas Jefferson’s public schooling was designed to raise the floor, not the bar. You put too much emphasis on perceived differences between the genders.

  25. I must add to this, there is the system of Chkara called the sacral chakra and that is the sex chakra. This is connected with the Hormones that we produce that activates “Alpha mode” so the manly beast in us is awakened. NOT HAVING SEX IS LIKE BEING A DEAD ZOMBIE WALKING!!
    Having to cope without a girlfriend is like a drill being skewered into your God-damned sex chakra – the pain is horrible. I fucking feel like my Sacral being pierced with a spear…. FUCK!

  26. This is BULLSHIT! For some reasons you these people think that women aren’t capable to wiping their own ass, but lest talk facts. Women do not do the “minimum requirement of sit up in the military. In facts a military report from last year talked about a study that women are just as capable of meeting the same requirements of men in the physical aspect. As for “the vast majority of women are not capable of thinking in terms of cause-and-effect” Women averages IQ scores actually suppress the men and are on the rise while men on averages tend to have lower scores, and is slowly declining. This comes from this over bloated ego that says the extra lose in between your legs that you call a dick some how makes you better. Even if you look at the human body biology, science has concluded that women have a more advance body, because it does more, and takes more stress better than the man. Intellectually or psychology women have out done man. All this “real man” is stuff is just cultural b.s., that holds no ground in the real world. Go read a book or something.There’s no real definitions of a man other than they have a dick. Which you guys happen to be.

      1. I’m sure I already speak English, but if my vocabulary are too advance for you to comprehend, please feel free to use the free online dictionary.

        1. He was referencing your grammar. You remain blissfully ignorant of your comedy vale. This is a good thing.

        2. Comedy is a matter of opinions. anyway I don’t care to bash each other with stupid comments, instead explain to me how the “problems” listed above are due to feminism.

        3. You sneered invective, unfounded observations and facts taken out of context. Now you want me to explain how your comments are due to feminism?
          Later lil fella.

        4. I’m sure this will go over your head, but not once in your three permutations of the same insult did you use proper English. Please keep going though, I’ll be at my computer all day and could use further entertainment.

        5. eh, I never did properly learn all the places I should place my commas, but that does not make my point any less valid. I gotta say though, if pointing out misplaced comma to yourself is entertaining enough for you to sit in front of your computer all day, then your life is just flat out boring.

        6. I am creating and providing value to other people, often with no external reward, for a sense of positive contribution to society and a certain code of values. You, on the other hand, have been attacking and commenting on the value I create for over 3 straight hours now without having a single intelligent or useful thing to say. Whose life is boring again?

        7. 3 hours? Time fly when you’re having fun I guess, and I can now understand your fascination with commas places now. however on a more serious note. I understand your anger on the count that someone is disagreeing with your work, which I do. I don’t think it’s fair how you misrepresent liberals or feminist. Calling us uneducated, or demeaning a person does not sit right with me, however a person who lives by logic and reasons I’m always willing to hear a person claim if they can logical explain their point. However all I’ve gotten from you was insult about my grammar errors, naturally I’ll respond in a troll like manor.

        8. Your idea of fairness is of no consequence to me. Education is free online, so I have zero respect for your ignorance of your own language and inability to read and process articles above your intelligence level. Get a job and stop wasting my tax money.

        9. In that case neither does your. I attend college, have a job, and ever volunteer my time at the homeless shelter. I explore these site to learn why people like you feel this way, but instead of discussion anything you guys get offended and insult people You don’t want to respect other people right of being, but you want respect for your very opinion. You sounds like the typical selfish conservative. If this is the furthest I’ll get on this site then I’ll be happy to leave.

      2. I’m sure I speak English seeing as it is my native language, but if by English you mean, my choice of vocabulary are too hard for you to comprehend, and need me to dumb it down for you, then I would recommend the online dictionary. It’s free.

    1. Ashlar, I’m sure I speak English seeing as it is my native language, but if by English you mean, my choice of vocabulary are too hard for you to comprehend, and need me to dumb it down for you, then I would recommend the online dictionary. It’s free.

    2. I’ll bet your feminist person-friend will give you pussy tonight for making an approved post. Good for you, sir knight!

    3. Just out of curiosity, you believe men and women are physically equal as far as strength, speed, toughness and ability to withstand stress?

      1. I said physically advance, in the case that their body does more, and handle stress better (i.e. birth). so ability to withstand stress sure. speed that’s debatable. We have the Olympic women who time were in the area of men, and they question her gender because of that. The one thing we can say men have over women is physical strength. btw this is not what I believe, this is what study show. I’m speaking facts not opinions.

        1. Giving birth doesn’t make them more capable of handling stress. It makes them capable of giving birth.
          Speed is not debatable. You’re using one woman as an example that across the board women are equal to men in speed? That’s funny.
          You have no facts. You’ve cited nothing to back up your ridiculous assertions.
          I’m sorry your feminist friends have conned you into believing they are physically equal to men. Maybe in your case that is true, but on the whole men are physically bigger, stronger, faster, tougher, more durable, and more capable of dealing with harsh conditions. If you don’t like that, I’m sorry…blame Mother Nature.
          Anyways, have fun with your self-loathing.

        2. Giving birth actually does as it’s a stressful expression. Birth takes a major toll on the body and the fact they are capable of popping out more then one is a clear cut sign o high stress capability. I will admit that I did not clearly state the type of stress. Mental stress is another field. As who can handle more is unclear because both gender deal with a vast amount of stress unique to their own gender.
          Speed is debatable. true that I used on example. I can only give one well known example, but an athletic female are very capable of out running the majority of man, simply because the Moriarty of men are not athletes. However like you said I have not backed my claim with any source so I will not press on that any future, but I can say the same to you. It’s debatable till someone provides solid data.
          and regardless of any of that you never explained how any of these make man superior and more entitled to life than a women.

        3. “Giving birth actually does as it’s a stressful expression”
          And you know that how exactly?

        4. “Speed is debatable. true that I used on example. I can only give one
          well known example, but an athletic female are very capable of out
          running the majority of man, simply because the Moriarty of men are not
          athletes. However like you said I have not backed my claim with any
          source so I will not press on that any future, but I can say the same to
          you. It’s debatable till someone provides solid data.”
          That’s simple enough. The solid data is the men’s and women’s Olympic track records, conducted every four years since roughly 1900 or so. Please tell me where, over a century in which social dynamics have roiled and rolled, women ever were faster than men at track. Or weightlifting. Or discus. Or shotput. Or anywhere you compare a physical statistic. Olympic athletes can be fairly regarded as the apogee of capability in physical development or indeed specialisation for such quantities as speed or strength. Consistently, even at the top of their ability, women can’t outrun or outpush men at the top of their ability. And that’s as good as they get.

    4. You actually believe that women are as smart as men? You are brainwashed my friend.
      I’ve been around the smartest in many different facets, and though women may appear, sound or be tested/judged as smart, when the rubber meets the road, they just do not have it. Every damn time. So what’s going on? Maybe these tests, societies “new” expectations and “new” perceptions have been perverted.
      Let us start with a simple and proven evaluation. A basic test for any intelligent creature for intelligence is “new and novel tool usage”. Who excels at this in society? Doesn’t matter the tool, could be a stick, a welding machine, a program, a formula, a theory or even our understanding of human nature. You will find men innovating and creating new and novel tools and uses for tools, and then creating examples and instructions for women to follow and/or profit from. That is how life works, look around you and judge this world honestly and give up your spoon fed notions.

  27. Believing in something unnatural like a god has been replaced by believeing in feminism and equality.
    Witch hunts has been replaced by false rape accusations and “hate-speech-hunts”.
    The underclass of Jews or blacks is changed to now being an underclass of males, especially the white males.
    The overclass of white women keep fighting for more benefits for themselves while the poor and unprivileged get nothing.
    We humans think we have come so far with our equality and the death of God. The truth is that our overall consciousness is still the same, just the targets for our way of thinking has been changed. We haven’t progressed at all, might even have gone backwards.

    1. Very much so. I would not be surprised if white Americans end up in prison camps somewhere down the line, arrested and corralled there by a regime which is already explicit about seeing such people as the root of all evil–despite all evidence that whites are, in Roissy’s words, “pathologically humanitarian.” Straight white males are the only group in American’ society you are allowed to baselessly hate, threaten and attack with near-impunity. Are gulags really that far off from dehumanization? Let’s talk a stroll through history to find the answer to that one…

    2. God may be dead, but religion is alive and well. The battle’s centred around progressivism could be seen as proxy wars between religions.

  28. “The world is not being run by morons, it’s being run by competing genius-level sociopaths”
    Some may be genius level sociopaths but there have also been many who have been genius level, but whose sociopathy has effectively been unconscious. Progressivism has tended to be espoused by most of the last centuries intellectuals, a fact that requires explanation in itself. I am inclined towards the belief that some also had unconscious or less than explicit motivations that were far less altruistic than the surface beliefs they were able to propagate on account of the appearance of altruism. The “what is to be done” question / exhortation – which still functions as a leftist algorhythm for the production of a socialist solution just as much today as was the case with Lenin, Chernvyshevsky, Malatesta (?) etc., appears as an altrustistic motivation that seeks the benefit of humanity but I believe disguises personal or group interest beneath the surface.
    Indeed I think a century or so of practise of “altruistic speech” has taught people today to think always in terms of putting forwards ones own personal interests in terms of univeralistic principles of altruism. The inherent hypocrisy and deceit here though is essentially unconscious. Therefore its worth questioning the nature of the sociopathy in question. People are in other words better sociopath’s when they believe they are the exact opposite.
    One good thing though, is it appears to me that the ascendancy of ‘left think’ may be on the wain. It has reached its climax intellectually – that’s not to say it doesn’t have more evil up its sleeve – I have no doubt that it has – but intellectually, spiritually, it is now all used up, bankrupt, and it is the critique of the critique that now beckons

  29. Why would any country want to spend money to invade a nation of morons? The US really has nothing the rest of the world truely wants. You have sucked everything dry yourselfs; there is nothing left anyone wants. Besides that everyone can see the US is committing collective suicide, so open a bottle of wine, bring the popcorn and sit and watch is all we have to do to see you bring yourselfs down. The US is an empire in decline but you seem to be to delusional and full of yourselfs that you still think a foreign enemy (which one? there are none you idiots! nobody cares about you or is interested in you) will come and attack you. You people create nothing, the business model of your nation is WAR. All you bring is oppression, exploitation, death and destruction upon the rest of the world. You are a bunch of leeches and parasites. The only valid reason to declare war on the USA would be to nuke all of you from the face of the earth.

  30. I’m glad there is a cultural awakening and I could even say synergy of thought. I’ve talked about and made same comparisons few years ago. After first paragraph I don’t even need to read the article because I know I agree with every word.
    99% of troubleshooting is identifying the problem.

  31. I agree with most of this article. However, I guess I’m lucky to have found a woman who is comfortable in her role and comfortable with mine as well. We both work and generate income but we both appreciate the manly and womanly differences in each other in just about all other aspects in our life.

  32. 4. We are already taken over by those that do not love America or its founding virtues. People don’t care and society and individuals slide further into never ending chaos.

  33. “To an alien looking down on the United States, our situation would doubtless appear to be a cosmic joke of some kind. Like maybe the leaders in America somehow lost a bet, and now they have to destroy their own country in the most obviously stupid possible ways.”
    So apt.

  34. There is ONE issue for the next century and the PC Marxists have been pushing it for 50 years.
    White Genocide by immigrant invasion. AFrica for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone is Genocide.
    Until that is addressed, stopped and rectified nothing else will matter much. These people have sought an evil agenda.
    They must answer. NEVER forget…..

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