Social Justice Warriors’ Updated Version Of The Seven Deadly Sins

Earlier this week I was walking through JFK airport when I found this curious, handwritten document, obviously dropped by another passenger. The document had no names on it, but I can only assume that a high-ranking general in social justice army was the author. I reproduce it below without modification except for the pictures, which I added as I felt they helped illustrate the concepts in the document.


Back in the day before there were iPhones, there used to be this list of seven deadly “sins” of things that people were supposed to avoid. Of course, people who lived before us were stupid so their list of the seven deadly sins is almost completely wrong.

While the old list of sins is wrong, I do like the easy-to-remember format, so I created a new list of sins that you should avoid. I’ll share those later, but first, let’s review the outdated list.

The Old, Outdated Seven Deadly Sins

Here is the old list. As you can see, most of these are not sins at all. In fact, most of these “sins” are things that people should be strongly encouraged to do.



Pride, or hubris, was what the ancients thought was the greatest sin as it was the sin of the devil.

Today, we call this “self-esteem” and you can never have too much of it. Even if a person is indolent and has no achievements to his name, he is still a special snowflake who should hold his head up high with great self-esteem!


Why was this ever a sin? Now, everything is permitted.

Everyone should be encouraged to be as promiscuous as a chimpanzee, especially women. Men should be encouraged to use porn. It keeps them occupied so that they don’t recognize that their rights are being eroded.



Healthy at any size

The old meaning of gluttony was overindulgence. It was usually associated with food, but it could really be taking anything to an unhealthy extreme.

Gluttony is still somewhat applicable depending on who you are. Women are incapable of being gluttons, because they are healthy at any weight. However, men who eat butter or bacon are gluttons. Encourage them to eat more tofu because it kills their testosterone. The less masculine they are, the easier they are to control.


Avarice, or greed, is a rapacious desire for riches. This sin is still in effect. People who want to pay lower taxes are guilty of the sin of avarice.



Sloth from The Goonies.

Sloth is a physical or spiritual laziness.

This is a difficult topic to summarize, but in general, we want to continue the policy of working the male undesirables until they drop dead. For more details, consult The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism.



Wrath is an uncontrollable anger. Wrath can be good or bad. An example of a good, wholesome wrath is opprobrium poured out upon the Duggar family after the molestation scandal.


Economists with Asperger’s Syndrome have figured out that envy is actually a good thing because it drives our wonderful consumerist society. Kim Kardashian has a Porsche, so you should have one too. We want to encourage the proles to keep buying products that they don’t need so that we continue to get richer.

The New List of Seven Deadly Sins 

Here is new list of Seven Deadly Sins. We won’t call it that of course, but it serves as a good mnemonic device. This is a work in progress, but I think you’ll get the general gist from what follows:



Harry Reid, who said that Obama, could be successful because of his “light-skinned” appearance and his ability to speak “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,” is not a racist because he is a progressive.

If you judge a man by his character and not the color of his skin, you are a racist.

Only whites can be racist. Just as type-O blood is the universal donor, whites are the universal oppressor.

However, whites can be cleansed of their inherent racist nature by reading Slate, Rolling Stone, and the New York Times, and by regularly watching the Daily Show and MSNBC. Also, they should be sure to vote for the correct political candidates. 



Healthy at any size feminist Andrea Dworkin: “Only when manhood is dead — and it will perish when ravaged femininity no longer sustains it — only then will we know what it is to be free.”

A misogynist is a person who believes in antiquated, traditional sex roles.

As enlightened, modern individuals, we know that all heterosexual sex in our patriarchal society is coercive and degrading to women, and sexual intercourse, by its very nature, makes women inferior and forces them into submission. In other words, all heterosexual sex is rape.

Misogynists reject this obvious truth, and consequently, they must be eradicated.


MIAMI BEACH, FL - APRIL 14: Juan Cuba Lorded, Teddy Fournier and Bob Micket (L-R) stand at the start line for the Azucar High Heel Race before the beginning of the Fifth annual Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade along Ocean Drive on April 14, 2013 in Miami Beach, Florida. The race participants according to the rules had to  wear high heels no less than 3 inches, approximatly 10 people entered the race to have a chance of winning the 1st place prize of $500.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A homophobe is a person who doesn’t care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their home, but who feels that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

Science Denial


Science consists of two great, unquestionable dogmas. If you deny either of these dogmas, or even question them, you are a science denier. The first great dogma is that there is no God. Believing in a sky god is a form of retrograde behavior that can lead to other sins such as misogyny or homophobia.

But the god of the Muslims is real because we are scared of those guys and hope they don’t hurt us.

The second great dogma is anthropogenic global warming (AGW). The correct solution to AGW is to only permit elites such as ourselves and Al Gore to fly in private jets. Some insolent people have the audacity to ask how AGW will be affected by the earth’s natural climactic cycles. These people are science deniers and should be attacked as enemies of the people.

Hurting Someone’s Feelings


People should always feel good about themselves unless they are retrograde persons who violate one of the new deadly sins.

Ugly people should be told that they are beautiful. Mentally slow people should be praised for their sharp intellect. If a man says he is a woman, call him Caitlyn. If Instagram girls fly to Dubai to have sex with Arab sheiks, men should be encouraged to play Captain Save-a-hoe and marry them after they hit the wall. [Editor’s Note: I was shocked by the author’s political incorrectness in the preceding paragraph.]

This deadly sin is one of the most powerful tactics we have in our arsenal to compel society to accept our social engineering changes. 



A small number of men have started to try to roll back the glorious progress of feminism in order to try to reestablish antiquated patriarchal forms. If these men are permitted to reproduce and raise traditionally-minded children, it could result in a demographic nightmare for our social justice project. Science forbid!

However, if we can convince men that masculinity consists solely of growing a handle bar mustache, drinking bourbon, and smoking a pipe, then this movement might serve as another distraction to keep men from the next deadly sin—thinking.



For decades now, we have done an outstanding job of persuading the public that they were daring free-thinkers all the while they were completely conforming to our indoctrination.

But now, a dangerous new trend has emerged where men are starting to question the very foundations upon which our society is built. These thought criminals are reading the old books and questioning things such as equality. They are even debating which form of government is best.

We are starting to see the glimmerings of independent thinking. This trend must be stopped at all costs. Fortunately, this is only a tiny group of men and we will soon figure out a way to divide them so that they do not gain critical mass.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.


Post Script

The document abruptly ends there. While it might be a ruse, I thought it would be prudent to share with you as it does contain a few valid insights into the mind of a rank-and-file social justice warrior.

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137 thoughts on “Social Justice Warriors’ Updated Version Of The Seven Deadly Sins”

  1. You forgot transphobia. You know how paranoid these whiners are with transexual issues. Can’t even joke about them.

    1. Transphobia: is that the fear of buses, electrical boxes or those robots that turn into cars and shit?

      1. I do believe the correct term is a transformer, loosely based on Megatron who was co-opted by the Israel army after the Korean War.

      2. Ah hell, now I’m going to be using that when I hear “transphobia”.
        “No! I’m not scared of Megatron!”

        1. I never understood how a giant robot transformed into a tiny handgun. Gotta defy some law of physics. And even if it didnt, how could you raise the gun? It would be as heavy as Megatron in robot mode.
          Am I overthinking this?

        2. Perfectly legitimate questions. I would laugh, but unfortunately we have an entire generation of adults who find this kind of thing high art. So I figure, eh, rip it apart at will!

        3. Even as a little kid, I didnt get how that other decepticon transformed into a boombox. Remember GI Joe? Both sides were the best of the best, yet no one got killed…always parachuting out of a plane, a helicopter…I think I saw GI Joe parachute out of a jeep once…

        4. Or given what is happening in Ontario, there must be a joke about the Toronto TransIT Commission. The song about The KKK Took My Baby Away is now The TTC Is Scaring Me.

        5. and where does the trailer go when Optimus transforms into robot mode?
          I’m having a couple of beers after work and I had to jump in. Some funny shit.

        1. Woah buddy. Don’t discriminate and flaunt your white male privilege in my face and the face of Supersonic Airliners.
          The Concorde has rights too. It shouldn’t crash but it HAS THE RIGHT TO if it so wishes.
          Guess you just couldn’t see how oppressive you were being with all that privilege clouding your judgement in this insane patriarchal society.

        2. Oh so now you’re saying French people don’t have a right to crash planes and kill people? Where do you get off you oppressive bigot?

      3. Hard to believe that a throw-away, tongue in cheek comment would pass two dozen upvotes (let’s go for 100).
        Thumbs up on the Pontiac reference. What exactly was the difference between a Firebird and a Trans Am?
        And what is with this joke?:
        Q: How do you empty a gino bar?
        A: Yell: “Hey Tony, your Iroc is on fire!”

      4. I got to wonder why Obama’s campaign slogan was change instead of improvement
        So he wants us to change our sex?

        1. I think his slogan was “change you can count on”, which I twisted after his various policy announcements into “change you never counted on”. That’s the beauty of using executive orders: they come out of left field and need no approval from congress.

    2. Bruce Jenner said he was gonna be late driving over to the party. Something about “tranny problems”

        1. The 80s guy muscle car. I am upset that the Solstice died too. Poor man’s James Bond car.

        2. My dad had the inverse colour scheme of the ’78 with the 403 Olds. Black chicken, gold paint.

    3. Bruce Jenner and Chad Bono are a perfect match for one another. They both should be a couple in Dancing with the Stars.

      1. Don’t introduce any new ideas. They’re already talking about giving Jenner a TV show.

      1. Is that comment satire? I’m pretty sure this article falls under satire. But, seriously, correct me if I’m wrong.

        1. Nope, I’m a man, logic is what we rely on. So, go on, logic me and, if the logic is sound, I’ll agree with you.

        2. The article is not satire. This is very serious. When we say feminism is a religion we are not exaggerating.

        3. The satire I’m referring to is the found letter, which perfectly sends itself up the whole time.

        4. Dude, he NEVER found that letter, he made the whole thing up. And the letter was entirely self damning through it’s own stupidity. It’s pretty much the same format joke as the famous Monty Python skit in Life of Brian, “What have the Romans ever done for us?”
          Don’t know why I’m having to explain this to you weeks after the article was written.

  2. But the god of the Muslims is real because we are scared of those guys and hope they don’t hurt us.
    Lmfao. Great article. Sharing virulently.

    1. No the Muslim God is real because to deny it would be committing racism which is a deadlier sin.

      1. Very true… furthermore… realizing that Islam is not actually a race would be to commit the deadliest of all those sins listed… thinking. Allah forbid.

        1. The first three countries with the most Muslims aren’t even Arab nations and there are millions of Arab Christians and other religions. Wonder if they can even wrap their heads around that little tidbit?

    2. But the god of the Muslims is real because we are scared of those guys and hope they don’t hurt us.
      Please Mr. Crocodile… eat me last!

  3. I thought privilege was going to be one of The SJW deadly sins since being privileged seems to be the most evil thing on earth according to them. Logic should also be a one of their sins since logic goes against all their arguments and talking points.

    1. Privilege is either or to them. It’s awful, say, if you’re a white male. Even if you’re a homeless white male on the verge of dying under a bridge, you suffer from White Privilege, and perhaps you should check it. On the other hand, if you are in the office of the most powerful human being on the planet and are black, and staff all of the secondary but also highly powerful offices beneath you with women and minorities who go out and beat down on white people on a daily basis, you deserve your privilege because you are oppressed and simply reacting to the oppressive privilege of the white guy dying under the bridge.
      So you see, it’s not quite so easy.

        1. Heh. I wish that this was not actually the standard we’re running under right now in these united States.

        2. The person pointing out the racism was elected with 99% of the black vote; which he “earned” by being black. Who is the racist again?

    2. True replace Privilege with “hurting people’s feelings” and Logic with “thinking.”
      This list definitely needs some work. “hurting people’s feelings” isn’t concise enough, I feel like it’s missing a better word. Privilege should definitely be on the list. “science denial” again doesn’t feel concise enough as these SJW’s are very selective about what “science” they deem acceptable.

  4. Of course such a writing would have no author attached… the guy would be crucified.
    But every word of it is true.

  5. “A small number of men have started to try to raise traditionally-minded children, it could result in a demographic nightmare for our social justice project. Science forbid!”
    This is actually the way of the future. The Dugars will own the West in time. SJW will all die off childless.

  6. Nice dig at teh Art Of Manliness. ‘Yeah let me buy some shit so I can look like some douchy traditional Catholic dude. The style promoted on the Art of Manliness was being used by a certain subset of traditional Catholic men who wanted to imitate G.K. Chesterton and the style of the 1920s.

    1. I don’t get the Chesterton thing, either. Catholicism since the Enlightenment has pretty much turned into something like creative anachronism, where Catholics imitate the forms of the religion, but they have lost the substance because the religion’s background conditions have long since disappeared.

    2. Though in fairness I can see the wisdom in why the Catholic Church created a celibate priesthood and celibate monastic orders. These provided a refuge for male sexual rejects so that their lives could have some dignity in service to an imaginary higher calling.

    3. Chesterton’s writing is the antidote to much of the modern stupidity, but I don’t see any virtue in trying to look like him.
      I understand the nostalgia for a more civilized age. Unfortunately, I don’t have a handlebar mustache, I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink bourbon that often.

      1. Lightsabers. You need light sabers if you want to return to a more civilized age.

      2. True, but I don’t think Chesterton would laud this passive reaction of “let me look like something, and then I will go off in this corner and let the world spin out of control.”
        It is like how in the 60s the Traditionalists and Conservatives abandoned the field of the culture war when they gave up and left the Liberal Arts for Business and STEM, thinking, “I’ll show them darn hippies with my money.” Nowadays it is the trades.
        Basically the American Conservative conceptualizes everyone as having the motives of a prostitute.

      3. True, but I don’t see Chesterton lauding this passive response of “being your own man on your own,” and hiding from the world behind some “cute” affect.
        It is very much how the Traditionalists and Conservatives in the 60s America abandoned the field when they gave up the Liberal Arts to the progressives for business and STEM.
        “We’ll show them darn hippies with our money.”
        I sometimes wonder if the problem with the American right is that they conceptualise everyone as a prostitute. Or maybe it is projection.

        1. Good points.
          Chesterton didn’t dress in some odd retro fashion, but as a member of the British upper class of his time.
          And, as you point out, he wasn’t a drop out from the culture. He was engaging the top progressives of his day. Although, in defense of modern traditional/conservative writers, the progressives no longer use reason to argue so it is a lot more difficult to engage them.

        2. I was always more a Hillaire Belloc guy. Think The Servile State
          And I think the ROK is more the type to engage the world, I was just referencing the traditional Catholics who played the sophist game of “in the world, not of the world” to avoid any conflict.
          I refer more to the rank and file, many traditionalists have said we need to more engage the culture war on a philosophical level, out flank your opponent. At the most many engage in a Rush Limbaugh-style reactionary critique, “oh well shit those liberals only want to work 30-40 hrs a week and get a living wage, my conservative friends we must then work 40-80 hrs a week and be content with shit wages…”
          And I do remember as early as the 90s some of the young men where doing the pipe and handle bar moustache thing.

    4. I fucking loathe this beard trend. The author nails it. Who wants to walk around looking like a pastiche of masculinity?

  7. However, if we can convince men that masculinity consists solely of growing a handle bar mustache, drinking bourbon, and smoking a pipe, then this movement might serve as another distraction to keep men from the next deadly sin—thinking.

    Yeah, these habits amount to more of the “develop yourself and wait” nonsense the elders tell their boys starting in middle school when they can see that girls don’t find these boys attractive in their given, youthful state. For some reason no one outside of certain blogs wants to emphasize young men’s real need: Sexual experience as an end in itself, and as its own training.

  8. Even self identified liberal college professors are getting accused by students of “micro-agresssions” by trying to stimulate debate. Anything that hurts another persons feelings is a micro-agression which is a form of violence. Any student at any time can complain to administration that a teacher was insensitive and it goes in the file. The use of the word “tinged” can be used to accuse anybody of anything. For example make an observation that most science was developed by white males, and that’s a shit storm. It might not be racist, but it felt racially tinged to some student. That’s going to blow up into a full investigation. The teacher is guilty until proven innocent at that point. Its not a question of right or wrong, its sensitive or insensitive.

    1. My current professor almost lost his job earlier this year because part of his course involves the fact that the human mind evolved in response to selective pressure.
      Perhaps you disagree with that idea and that’s ok. The problem is he was accused of triggering students and got taken advantage of by his blood-thirsty peers. Nowadays being white and educated makes you a target. The welfare must flow.

      1. does that mean SJWs are creationists?
        seriously though that’s fucked up

        1. The youngest generation of students is utterly retarded and everything triggers them. I’ve tutored them and I’ll take an international student who can’t speak English over a native born 20 year-old SJW any day of the week.
          There was an article on RooshV forum yesterday about this and it’s absolutely on point. Older liberals are starting to get bitten in the ass by the monster they unleashed.

        2. I feel for you. Can’t think of a worse time to be starting out in academia. These kids are so drunk with their own power to take offense lashing out is a reflex. If there’s no one with the wrong political opinions for them to attack they’ll attack those who shared their opinions.
          Here’s to the upcoming SJW cannibal holocaust. Let them eat each others brains.

        3. “Older liberals are starting to get bitten in the ass by the monster they unleashed.”
          One reaps what one sows.

        4. That’s the thing about liberals though… they’re gonna try and get someone else to pay for it.

      1. next up: “nano aggressions”

        “Earlier today on the 4th of June, 2015, a cis-white-heteronormal-non gendersoup-male was convicted of the grave crime of breathing in too much air within 300ft of the nano-triggered femizoid, Anteater Snarkessian. Anteater gave a passing comment about the issue while sipping a Starbucks’
        Double Ristretto Venti Half-Soy Nonfat Decaf Organic Chocolate Brownie Iced Vanilla Double-Shot Gingerbread Frappuccino Extra Hot With Foam Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended, One Sweet’N Low and One Nutrasweet, and Ice;


        The convicted has been sentenced to 10 years in San Quentin ‘Anal-Recorrective-De-Misognifying-Whitey-Gon’-Get-It-In-Dat’-Ass-Dry-Double-Plus-Goodest’ Institute and has been ordered for immediate castration.

        1. July 2, 2015? You are reporting from the future? Any stock tips for your fellow rok-ers? 🙂

        2. No got the picture off the internet and tossed it in my meme generator app.

    2. I remember I had this one art history teacher in college who didn’t give a shit about offending anyone, such as on the first day explaining the Freudian concept of castration fear. Probably explains why half the class dropped him the first day, then dwindled down to six students.
      Best professor ever. He actually wanted students to think about the class work. For my term paper, he disagreed with my thesis, yet still gave me the highest grade in the class of a B+.
      Sometimes I miss that college.

  9. Good heavens! Are there any clues to the identity of the author? Perhaps a slight whiff of arugula on the paper?
    Who was that mysterious masked SJW?

    1. Was there a stain from the kale martini with a splash of organic beetroot juice essence on the paper?

  10. People who want to pay lower taxes just want to keep their money……sorry bud that AINT a sin

        1. well I guess that makes my notch count higher then yours. Rather be a cunt getting pussy then be a faggot troller like yourself. Are you done?

        2. Shhhhhh. I’m a woman, but don’t tell anyone. That also means I’m never done.

    1. Of core people who want lower taxes aren’t greedy but it depends how. Those who want efficient accountable government that doesn’t waste taxpayer money and defaults to cutting taxes instead of spending the excess are NOT Greedy.
      However those who cheat on their taxes or use hidden loopholes put in by special interests to pay less than everyone else has to pay ARE Greedy.

      1. No, they’re looking out of their best interests and doing it much better than you. Why should I care about protecting your assets that you obviously don’t care about enough yourself to protect them yourself? Why the double standard?

        1. The double standard is in how our tax system is structured. For instance the difference in tax rates on income vs gains. There’s a reason why Warren Buffet’s secretary pays a higher tax rate than He does. Because She makes Income and he makes capital gains. The wealthy don’t pay the same rate as everyone else does. The Democrat and Republican parties are both corrupt cause all they do is raise income tax rates. Never bothering to look at capital gains taxes or loopholes opened up by big corporate interests. Income taxes are paid by middle class and raising them hurts the middle class.

    2. Well then if that SJW feels it’s a sin to want to keep one’s money, then he/she can send the money to me and absolve himself/herself of said sin.

    3. Agreed. For whatever reason many individuals have a serious problem with women stealing their income but not government employees.

  11. I was just speaking with some workmates about this very thing. Our whole society has been put on it’s head. Wrong is right, right is rude or unfair.
    Morality has been put to the wall for the firing squad, and masculinity is already whimpering in the corner from throat lacerations.
    We are legitimately the one wall between collapse and destruction of the very things our forefathers fought, bled, wept, and died for. All to make people more comfortable with their “feelings”.

  12. Their approach to Pride is two-faced
    Only people who suffer some kind of victim identity status can be proud of being a victim
    People with actual accomplishments can’t be proud because that’s mean and they must have gotten it through privilege, luck, cheating, etc

    1. They face the “struggle” of empowering themselves to be victims.
      Rather than work for something they want to take things from people who do.

  13. Yes. A good glimpse into the mind of a social justice warrior. However these people do not produce a message that adds up logically so they only end up going so far. As long as logically thinking men and women have a brain this drivel will be rejected as the “screwball” thought process it is.

  14. It’s an okay list. I’d say it’s a good start but I feel it could be better, more concise.
    Privilege is the deadliest sin. Merely being white, male, straight and able-bodied is the most worst crime imaginable. I’d put that in there and replace it with one of the others.

    1. That’s such a privileged thing to say. Typical white male. You know nothing of oppression. The Nile isn’t water, it’s a river of tears. Black tears.

  15. I thought the first season of “Halt and Catch Fire” was genuinely exciting tv- you cant say that much anymore.
    It was off the air for 10 months, so I forgot how it ended…well, it starts out this season in 1985, and the two female leads have started their own video game company. Two women overseeing a house full of male programmers. Did I mention this is set in 1985?
    I know this is probably a fairy tale designed to sell more mascara and SUVs to women, but are there any computer guys on this site from that era? Is ANYTHING about this remotely true?

    1. the whole concept is a joke. women programmers innovating something,…..the idea is hilarious

    2. Im sure there was one or two, but I doubt any ever started their own company. I know that Atari had a woman game designer that made “River Raid” in the early eighties. A great game I kind of got as a hand me down from my older brother at like six or seven in the late eighties.

  16. [Editor’s Note: I was shocked by the author’s political incorrectness in the preceding paragraph.] LOL keep playing it straight.

  17. Social Justice Warriors are everywhere in Australia. The funny thing is, they are all pampered little white suburban chicks who have never faced a day of oppression in their entire lives….

    1. Indeed. Which is why they feel compelled to invent it. Such types require the artificial stimulant of drama. It is as if they receive a form of drug high from it.

      1. Mate, most of them actually indulge in (soft and hard) drugs on a regular basis, which of course just feeds the drama.

    2. That’s what happens when you have nothing to do. You make shit up.
      Woman rally around breast cancer and use products that may very well actually cause breast cancer. The corporations that sponsor Susan Komen are generally the largest sponsors/culprits.
      Snake eating it’s tail. Ouroboros. Insane.

  18. Love this list. I think it does a very nice job juxtaposing the traditional 7 deadly sins with the new and showing how the mores that held society together are now universally excepted. My only complaint would be the picture used for masculinity….I bet when that hipster shit stands up his vadge leaves a slug trail.

  19. “If a man says he is a woman, call him Caitlyn.”(Ouch).Brilliant Article Michael! God Bless!

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