Female Intern Awarded $18 Million Because Her Boss Asked For Sex And Wrote Mean Things On The Internet

Hanna Bouveng, a mere former intern of Wall Street CEO Benjamin Wey, has been awarded $18 million in compensatory and punitive damages for both defamation and sexual harassment. One of the key findings of the court in relation to the claimed sexual harassment is that Wey “panted over” Bouveng and requested sex repeatedly.

Keen to dig her ex-boss’ social grave further, Bouveng made a point of mentioning that Wey lasted a grand total of two minutes during coitus. Interestingly, the gargantuan $18 million figure is much more than the standard or even above-average settlement given to those contracting terminal cancer due to negligence or other malfeasance, those permanently paralyzed by the actions or omissions of others, or those who lose a limb and thus have their whole life and mobility turned upside down.

The defamation aspect of the case is the most surprising part, as most people usually predict that the sexual harassment component would provide the bulk of the judicially-sanctioned award. In this climate of “lose $5 million just for touching a woman,” that’s what would make sense in a nonsensical sort of way.

Nevertheless, $16 million was awarded for punitive damages concerning the defamation, the worst of which was Wey smearing Bouveng in his webzine publication and sending her father correspondence about finding her in bed with another man. The CEO of New York Global Group told Bouveng’s father that the second man was homeless, drunk and potentially on drugs.

If the harassment went on for so long, why didn’t Bouveng just leave? Harassment is wrong, but women are pathetically not expected to have any responsibility for extracting themselves from these difficult situations. Are they automatons or human beings?

Let’s be clear: Benjamin Wey grossly crossed the line here. Although I’m not convinced that everything he said about her wasn’t true (after all, how can you prove or disprove anything that’s he-said-she-said?), him resorting to attacking her in his webzine was spectacularly stupid. It plays right into the hands of any half-aware and remotely savvy woman who wants to take a former male lover and employer to the proverbial cleaners in a courtroom.

The different avenues for jaded or otherwise revenge-seeking women to seek redress nowadays are beyond numerous. In addition, female plaintiffs, or complainants to the police in the case of alleged crimes, are held accountable for vexatious and unfounded (or blatantly false) assertions so rarely that their numbers should be considered insignificant.

If a man miraculously “proves” his innocence (at least a third and typically more than half of society always regards him as guilty), his name is indelibly tarred with the original allegations. In civil cases across a range of jurisdictions, many legal costs are not awardable to the defendant a judge rules in favor of.

Moreover, most plaintiffs usually have far less money than the defendants they are going after, and so in a great deal of instances the latter group have no real chance of recovering any of the substantial fees they spend trying to defend themselves, let alone counter-suing for defamation or via some other method.

Screw the boss and then get a massive fortune that people who are maimed for life never get

This woman lost her legs due to medical negligence. Would she get $18 million, even if it were a private hospital? Of course not.

If anything, Hanna Bouveng’s massive financial windfall demonstrates the hypergamy, both romantic and socio-judicial, that woman can freely seek nowadays. You can screw your multimillionaire boss and it’s largely impossible for a court to find that any subsequent suit pertaining to sexual harassment is either frivolous and savagely opportunistic or mendacious.

And that same court is apt to come to your rescue, presenting you with millions, while the lazy bludgers and battlers (the amputees, the war veterans, those struck by incurable tumors and cancers because of someone else’s oversight or greed) are endowed with a pittance of Bouveng’s $18 million despite the lifetime of suffering or imminent death that awaits them.

You would be foolish to think that this happens only in America. In Australia, Kristy Fraser-Kirk tried to sue mammoth Australian retailer David Jones for AU$37 million over alleged sexual harassment by one of the company’s male executives. She eventually found her way into a AU$850,000 settlement based on claims not fully tested in court, including the executive supposedly pulling her bra strap.

I don’t condone such behavior, when it is fairly and vigorously proven, but $850,000 is more than many Australian workers got after contracting mesothelioma (a devastatingly brutal form of cancer) from the brazen negligence of the corporation James Hardie.

A famous politician falsely accused of being a pedophile on NATIONAL television was awarded just $300,000

Lord McAlpine was falsely accused of being a long-term pedophile. $300,000 is all he got from the woefully culpable BBC. Why? Courts and society need more sex crime convictions, so McAlpine was just collateral damage and not worth the sort of money doled out to a precious Hanna Bouveng.

Disgustingly, men falsely accused of pedophilia, the most socially reviled crime in our society, never receive anywhere near the sum that has landed in Hanna Bouveng’s lap. Similar injustices greet men wrongly labeled as “regular” rapists. The best contemporary example of this farce was that of Lord McAlpine, the late respected British Conservative politician. He was given a paltry £185,000 (less than US$300,000 today) over a BBC program that referred to him as an historical pedophile.

Unlike the Bouveng-Wey debacle, this was across national television in the United Kingdom, stoked by the flurry of child sex allegations that had been recently thrown around about the dead British comedian Jimmy Saville. Given Lord McAlpine’s prominent profile over many decades as a leading politician and member of the nobility, people knew who he was and his reputation suffered disastrously as a result.

His plight may not have been the subject of litigation, but it is beyond safe to assert that this represented the maximum amount he could expect to extract from the BBC via the legal system.

It’s worth noting that, irrespective of whether Benjamin Wey’s statements about her were defamatory, Bouveng was not accused of a truly deplored felony, let alone one that frequently results in entire communities hunting down and shaming purported perpetrators in a manner like with allegations of pedophilia.

Where is the balance?

Kristy Fraser-Kirk wanted AU$37 million and her final settlement of AU$850,000 was still ludicrous.

Sexual harassment does exist, but the threshold for proving it is so painfully substandard nowadays that the flimsiest of accusations amounts to a verifiable conviction in the eyes of public and judicial opinion. Consistently as well, sexual harassment, which is often just a variety of bullying, is considered so heinous a “crime” that it outranks the suffering of those who are deprived of their literal lives or limbs. If this is not the case, why do the court settlements perpetually reflect this?

Balance must be restored. Hanna Bouveng deserved something closer to $18, not $18 million.

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232 thoughts on “Female Intern Awarded $18 Million Because Her Boss Asked For Sex And Wrote Mean Things On The Internet”

  1. Remember when women had to actually have sex with you before the State stole your money and gave it to her? Good times.

    1. I do not give one fuck about women anymore. They make me laugh and that’s it! When i’m not working i spend all my time in my cabin in the mountain. No tv,no women-no drama! Just me and my chainsaw getting on just fine. I’m not rich anymore, but i have a good feeling inside. I’m me!

    2. and no shaming for her part (being the man’s paid for or on demand hooker)…only her being the strong, brave woman for surviving it all.
      It’s this kind of bullshit that needs to be called out.
      Whore’s don’t get sexually harassed…it doesn’t make sense (or good business for them).

  2. Tell me again, feminists, about that sweet male privilege? Women are oppressed by the Patriarchy? Did plantation slaves get $18 million when their master wanted to come get some?

        1. because I haven’t seen 12 years a slave. Just making the point that slavery probably iinvolved more than low level BDSM slap and a tickle.

        2. women don’t want 100% consent. The law hasn’t caught up with that paradox.
          Or are you still talking about planation slaves?

        3. The weird thing is that with all the bondage, torture and sodomy going on in the BDSM community, they largely have a good grasp of “yes means yes”. I spent a few years milling about there. There are safe words, code words and a lot of communication that you don’t typically have in a vanilla encounter.
          It is so extreme that you have to be clear about what you want, what you intend and what will be the result. Kiss a girl on the cheek without asking and receiving permission and BOOM, you have raped her. Tell her flat out that you are going to hog tie her and throat fuck her until she gags, and when she says “Yes Master”, then there is your affirmative consent.
          The problem is that submissive chicks tend to be crazy and there is a chance that they will lie, fantasize or invent new memories of what actually happened.

        4. The fuck of it is that if you follow the law of “yes means yes” your chances of getting laid are cut in half or more by the simple fact that women do not want you to behave that way; they find it to be a turn off.

        5. think i’ll actually go with the advice to film everything. kinda annoying practice, but so many advantages. plus, you can make money with the footage if you perfect the process.

        6. I, once, attended an underground BDSM scene,… some newbie dude went up to a naked girl who was all tied up and touched her without her “consent” and the naked girl’s boyfriend got enraged and started beating him up while he, too, was naked. The crowd untied the naked girl and the naked girl went on top of the poor guy and started beating him up until he was all bloodied up. The guy who was being beaten up ended up having a boner. The crowd threw the guy out for not knowing “no means no”. When I realized the true atmosphere of BDSM, I too left and never went back again. It was some party from fetlife, BDSM underground website.

        7. I do think that’s part of the calculation on the part of those who are advocating this law. They know what makes heterosexual relations between men and women tick and they want to put a spoke in the wheels. Its kind of evil

        8. I contemplate the same conclusion. If fat, ugly feminists are not getting laid then nobody should.

        9. There is a weird honour and respect system among BDSM types. You get submissive girls saying shit like “I love anal and facials and spankings. . . but nothing humiliating”. WTF?

        10. In my experience, most women will consent to being photographed or filmed as long as you don’ show their face. Personally, I don’t think that is any fun. So my private porn collection is rather limited.
          However I recall seeing adverts for a series of porn films where all the girls wore a paper bag over their head: two eye holes and one for the mouth. It was so weird that I followed some links and found reviews that said it just proved how fungible sluts are. They have an ok body with tits a cunt and an asshole, no personality and no face: TA DA! Most females are little more than cum dumpsters.

        11. it is about time to invent a contact lens with filming capabilities. it will be called crapcam, short for consensual rape cam.

        12. “Consensual rape” is up there with “business ethics”, “military intelligence” and “feminist thought”.

        13. hahah exactly. What could be more humiliating than having a man cum on her face and spank her while she is guzzling with multiple loads of cum and they say they want men to respect them. LMAO. Respect my ass. Women don’t even have ounce of concept such as Honor and how da hell do they expect men to honor them.
          I rather honor a life of a grub trying to eat and scavenge on fungus than I will ever do to a whore just because she has a gaping hole called vagina.

        14. A good submissive woman gets the same respect I would give a good car. You keep it shiny, show it off to your friends and such but when ever you want you drive it hard, red-line it, abuse it off-road, then maintain it. In the end you have the keys in your pocket.

        15. No means no is not well rooted in reality but it is not bad public policy. Yes means yes is fucking insane. Everyone knows the punctuation game, eh?
          No, don’t, stop!
          No don’t, stop!
          No, don’t stop!

        16. Rape fantasies repeatedly come out as being among the top female sexual fantasies. The difference between men’s sexual fantasies and women’s sexual fantasies is that guys focus on the fantasy and pretty much any woman who is a 6 or better who otherwise meets the criteria and are good to go will do (although some guys will go for 5s, or 4s or even 3s to get their kink on).
          For women, every sex fantasy comes with a fantasy guy. Almost universally the guy will be an 8 or better, both AF and BB (Sir Stephan or Christian Grey) and he reads minds and she can “top from the bottom” (Christian Grey wouldn’t do that so she left him).
          It’s the standard shit but turned up to 11. A guy eyes, cat calls or hits on a girl: if he gives her tingles then it is fine but if he doesn’t give her tingles then it is harassment. For every woman with a rape fantasy, apparently there is a right way to rape her and a wrong way to rape her. The latter can get you reported to the cops. As discussed elsewhere, if you try to discuss this ahead of time, it bursts the fantasy bubble.

        17. it’s logical that you won’t give tingles to every single girl you try it on. the problem is that it is made into a crime to make people uncomfortable.
          you are offended by words? gosh, i wonder what you will feel like when you see the thing these words represent. and pc is all about lying, too. catcalling is condescending, sure, but so what. the idea is in the mind; holding it back doesn’t make it less real. just like with any concept. a girl in a pc world is only living in the illusion that men don’t think the things they do. what worth is that?

        18. Part of that is that women are simply too sensitive about shit. The annoying part is that they expect you to read their mind. In a perfect world, I could just read the bitch’s mind and know ahead of time any IOI’s or not. But in reality it is a bit of a crap shoot except that you don’t just get hosed on 2, 3 or 12.

        19. if it doesn’t succeed it has the potential to kindle public revolt though, but that would probably require for women to object as well

        20. the most annoying part is that most of my life, i actually did believe i can read their minds. i was somehow convinced that emotions and thoughts transcend personal experience and can be magically shared.

        21. With sane women, they emote enough that you can pick it up with enough experience, but the more insane they are – and that includes the cultural insanity of feminism and other ideologies – they don’t register until it is too late.

        22. I’ve seen this comment somewhere presented as a proof that RoK readers are a bunch of rapists.

  3. Had I been McAlpine, I would have done everything possible to run the BBC into the ground after that. “Great British Institution”? Watch me care. As someone with a title of nobility and presumably large amount of financial power, would that have been a feasible response for a guy like him I wonder?

    1. The BBC is a massive pile of shit that takes your money whether you watch their bullshit shows or not. They have no place in a free society.

      1. Well, I hope if they’re gonna crash & burn at least do so after I’ve completed ALL their online foreign language lesson content, hehe. At least that’s free for a cheapskate like me.

      2. Oh come on… I’m Canadian and I download a lot of BBC science and history documentaries.. because BBC are the best at making that kind of stuff. Nobody comes close… just from the top of my head, here’s some excellent BBC documentaries I have watched:
        – The Ancient World
        – Atom
        – Everything and Nothing
        – The Secret Life of Chaos
        – Wonders of the Solar System
        – Human Universe
        – Jonathan Miller’s A Short History of Disbelief and The Atheism Tapes
        – BBC’s Planet Earth

        1. The point is not whether you enjoy it or not. The point is having a choice to purchase the content or not.
          You have cherry picked a few items. In my view the bulk of BBC programming is awful.

  4. If it was so frickin’ intolerable, why didn’t she leave? Why’d she have sex with the dude??

    1. Basically, the new feminism is a path to financial freedom. Still at the expense of a male somewhere, without the icky part of actually having to have sex with him.
      The black-widows of the world rejoice at what little effort they have to put out in relation to their more ancient counterparts.
      That difference is the real patriarchy if ever it existed!
      Essentially, patriarchy is the amount of dick these hateful bishes had to put up with to get their divorce theft funded.
      Now, they can just trap the most wealthy man, and hold his reputation hostage like never before for huge payouts.
      I get it, I feel for these idiots on top. They have all these material resources, and no real way to find the one “special woman” amidst all the very sexy gold diggers with feminist poison tipped clitorises.
      Even if you stay a virgin, marry a “good girl,” and go through the whole nine yards better then a captain america boy scout; she can change her mind and turn into a government funded black widow who will destroy you and your life.
      When rich men wake up, or more likely, get steel-nuclear-bunkered-anti-divorce-theft-proof-pre-nups, then false accusers start getting real jail time…maybe women will wise up. And the beta boy stooges they abuse.
      But I for one am not holding my breath.

      1. A buddy of mine told me once that if a rich guy is that desperate to have a family, he should pay about $20K to a surrogate, give her her walking papers once the kid is born, and hire an au pair. Meanwhile, he can establish a harem of sorts akin to what Charlie Sheen had with those two blondes he moved into his house (except it would be a rotating harem rather than a static one). That way the guy’s got easy access to sex minus the commitment and minus the chance of divorce rape. The idea sounded crazy years ago when I first heard it, but now it seems like the only way to go if a man wants to establish a legacy, get his sexual needs fulfilled, and still keep all of his material possessions. I bet if Tiger had it to do all over again, he’d have taken that option.

        1. Man, great point.
          But who wants to do that to their offspring?
          really, who wants second best because it is the best, most safest option you can get?
          You will always feel like you are missing out. So they take a huge risk, load that nuclear armed bullet in the divorce grinder gun, and say something in Russian.
          What do you tell that kid when he/she is old enough to ask where they came from? And when they are old enough to actually grasp what you did, and say WTF?!
          Basically, it is the safe bet, have no kids and never marry. Or take the plunge with an likely plunge into the divorce grinder.
          Woman, those oppressed wittle princesses have it soo haaaddddd.

        2. That’s a good point, but look at how kids suffer when they’re being shuffled between two different homes, and the ex-wife is bad-mouthing the dad in front of them. Elliott Rodger was a product of that kind of upbringing. As messed up as it sounds, it might be better for a kid to never know who his mother is (just say she passed away in a tragic accident or something) than to know he’s got a mother who didn’t care enough about him to try to make things work with his dad and keep the family together. Like you said, this may be too difficult an option for most everyday men to pursue, but men with millions or billions of dollars at stake have to take drastic measures if they want to survive in this system. Just not having kids isn’t the answer, because a king’s kingdom isn’t worth much without a legacy.

  5. She’s quite pretty. The prettier the face the higher the award. Male judges always do this. If someone did a study to rate the physical attractiveness of successful complainants (according to some objective rating scale) against the amount awarded it would probably be impossible not to conclude that these judges were simply jizzing their pants at the prospect of white knighting for a pretty face. We already know that their sentencing discrepancies between men and women, but if systematic bias in financial awards could also be demonstrated it would give companies ammunition for challenging such insane judgements.
    Another thing though is that companies will look at prospective female employees and just see them as trouble.

    1. Quite right Double M. Also being pretty means a woman is more likely to get a job. After all, no one wants to look at ugly women at work. For this reason though, perhaps there is something to having an all-male workplace. When we want to look at pretty women we can just look at the posters on the wall.
      Or CNN “News” whatever works…

      1. men hire women because of sex appeal but then get into trouble if they act on that same reason. Its no longer safe for that happen. Pretty women have ‘privilege’ that needs to be checked….maybe the better looking they are the more insurance they should have to pay or something. That way women would be competing to get penalised

        1. Women in the office have politics amongst each other over who gets the most attention from the boss. If a prettier girl gets hired into the workplace the second prettiest girl will get knocked down a notch. Men will lose their jobs for saying this kind of thing but women in the workplace know this is how it works.
          It was interesting watching these female politics play out in my previous workplace. A younger, prettier, more dainty girl was hired on and the other girls had to get used to not holding his attention all the time. It’s no wonder this employer has zero men in his workplace now. He amogged his male students in front of the girls constantly, I guess to make up for being a fat nerd who regrets his life. He told me himself he regretted being married. Now at 60 he is trying to get something back I guess.

        2. Yeah that worries me. I work in the finance industry and the receptionists are constantly making eyes at me.
          Do I take the risk? So far, no.

        3. I think you’ve pretty much described in microcosm the society we live in. Workplaces are often very effective vehicles for producing hypergamy. But as the guy in this story found out there can be a cost if they stop bitching with each other for more than a moment

        4. for some I guess its the risk that is the point. I doubt its worth that risk though. women in the office affect your judgement

        5. frankly, back when i had a regular job and messed it up with a girl by trying to get some, my problem wasn’t so much the fear of losing the job as having to work together with a girl that spreads aggressive negativity whenever i was around.

        6. “Do I take the risk? So far, no.”
          Not just no, but “f*ck no.” If one of them gets cross with you, she could do a “boo-hoo” in front of your supervisor and you will find yourself in for a hard time. You have a jumpy HR manager? Well, they are now aware of an issue involving you and it is much easier to hand you a pink slip than face a potential lawsuit.

        7. I have worked with pretty girls at my jobs for years now. I have always made a point not to fuck with them and I rarely if ever attempt to game them the way I would girls I dont work with.
          The result is I’ve had to deal with way less drama than the other idiot males who shit where they eat.
          Fucking with co-workers was always a sign to me of weakness.

        8. my boss once had a female representative from another company for visit . she was very cute and i called her and asked her out. didn’t work, but when i told my boss about it, he told me ‘never put your stick in the company’s dip.’
          i told him i wouldn’t listen to him, anyway. to which he replied that he had to at least try.
          still, the experience i mentioned earlier kinda approved of the point. i merely couldn’t accept it from an altruistic standpoint (serving my bosses interest).

        9. I’m glad you guys are making these points. Recent success with hot chicks has made me weak. I need to stay away from those chicks on reception.

      2. I.leatmwd this lesson very early in my career. I was working in the MF trading area, and we had this one kind of chubby blonde girl, nice girl but average university grad. One day we had a bunch of high roller portfolio managers on our floor taking a tour. Every single one of these dudes tried to mack on this girl, didn’t pay the rest of us any mind, but they all Zeroed in on this chubby five. Not too long after she was hired as a trading assistant by one of these dude, like the rest of the young hot girls at investment firms, where she got fast tracked up the ladder and got a percentage of the book, for being no more than a chubby blonde girl with no other talents than some sloppy titties.

    2. Trying to compare a legal case to another is difficult because nothing is the same. However, it is rather obvious that having an attractive client is always a bonus if you have to take that shit pile to trial.

      1. that’s a fair point, there would certainly be methodological (and ethical) issues. But I imagine records are mined for meta-data all the time – if those records should include photo records what’s to say some such bias couldn’t be established with some confidence

        1. Red pill guys worship STEM and knock social science, and yet we are all little social scientists at heart. Academia is so totally infested with leftists and Marxists and SJWs you almost never see social science asking and answering questions that guys like us find interesting or think is important. Freakonomics, evolutionary psychology, economic anthropology, the Bell Curve and a few others stand out but most PhDs spend their time trying to prove various forms of victimhood and shit.

        2. its a tragedy that the social sciences are being taken over by progressives and red pill men are I think quite literally being squeezed out. However ever risible the social sciences may be they more likely than STEM to be setting the terms of the debate, public policy etc, which is why a retreat into STEM by men is strategically worrying.

        3. My first choices were psychology and philosophy but it was my father who cowed me into studying business for 4 years. He was against me going to law school.
          As it turns out, it is all farts in the wind: I teach ESL overseas and design games in my spare time.

        4. my father wanted me to study science but I ended up doing history and in jobs completely unrelated to the subject. It doesn’t hurt to have a plan sooner rather than later though

    3. These courts are as kangaroo as they come with their pre-emptive biases and emotions overruling facts. When you can predict the outcome before a ruling even happens you know damn well they are all a fraud and illegitimate.

      1. Its interesting that someone like Ellen Pau, the Reddit CEO lost her case. She comes across as shrill and feminist. I don’t think the judges are necessarily feminist, just thirsty white knights who want to demonstrate their power by taking down a rival alpha. Result: super rich bimbo.

    4. A jury (comprised of four men and four women) awarded her punitive damages—not a judge. The ~20:1 punitive-compensatory award will be cut on appeal as excessive. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the trial judge reduced it on his or her own, or after a post-trial motion.

      1. ok the devil’s in the detail – but the relation of perceived attractiveness to award size might still be worth investigating

        1. Oh, I agree 100%. I don’t think it’s limited to attractive women either. I tell my all defendant clients, male and female, to wear a suit and glasses (even if they have 20/20 vision) to take advantage of the Halo Effect.

    5. You make a good point. It’s important to recognize the profound ignorance of the average man. If a man is not actively seeking truth, then he is given to his animal nature. His logic and reason in service of those primal instincts.
      For savages, this is less of a problem. They act like beasts, but they are consistently beastial. With “civilized” men, this is a bigger problem. They are beastial but have all the tools of civilization at their disposal. And I am referring to more than just vulgar weaponry or engineering. They have access to logic, reason, poetry, inspiration, law.
      These tools in the hands of a savage are a far greater nightmare than nuclear weapons in the hands of an ISIS fanatic.
      Hence, utterly insane judgements, completely justified by men completely enslaved by their own ignorance fo their own savagery.

      1. are you saying the judge is savage or who? Intriguing post, but I’m not sure I understand it

  6. Here the respective pics he published of the slut and her drug-dealing fuckfriend who likely the fund manager found screwing in his bed. It’s not even revenge porn, just some kind of wildly concocted slander that really no one saw much except for a few people who knew her and her family. She was just a private assistant and not the pillar of the nation. The sentence is total abject misandry and beyond crazy. Most of the stuff just concerned her fuckbuddy instead of her. It probably would not have impacted her “career” as an office slut anyway.
    Also the stuff she told would not even constitute sexual harassment since she fucked him later on quite often. The fund manager just went nuts when he found her in bed with a cocaine dealer. The wealthy guy just needed better Game and the Red Pill to sail the waters and not be bitter about a hoe doing her hoeing.

    1. She looks pretty Classy, definatly a Virgin in Need of $18 million to help her Trauma and Restore her Reputation.

        1. Yeah, Millennial women Mentality= I’m taking Slutty and provocative/scumbag Pictures to post on FB, Respect me as a Lady in the Work-Place and in the Real world!

        2. plus: my parents have saved twenty thousand dollars for me. since i only live once, now is the time to spend it all and have fun before i actually have to start working.

    2. Should have just eliminated her job, canceled her work visa. Let her turn tricks for her big black cock to pay for her lifestyle.

  7. I’m torn on this one. First off the guy seems like a waste of male space and almost hyper beta if that’s a thing. But blaming him really is victim blaming, sure he is a simp but in no way does that qualify this award/his punishment.
    Onto her.
    She demonstrates, almost perfectly, why the West is eroding. Was she harmed? Nope. Was she embarrassed? Yep. Did she potentially attempt to sleep her way to the top? Good question and possibly yes. We need to view “sleeping your way to the top” as what it is. Promiscuous women utilizing sex and thereby discriminating against otherwise qualified women (and men) for said promotion. If there were any women (or men) who were passed over for promotion in favor of Ms. Bauveng they need to seriously consider a lawsuit against Ms. Bauveng for utilizing deceptive practices. Rumor is she’s a bit flush with cash…..

  8. He should have placed hidden cameras where he was banging her. I’m pretty sure she would shut the fuck up and stop her bullshit. First she uses her pussy to go up in the company and then complains about being abused, that hamsta’ is crazay’

  9. What’s stopping these harrassed women from just walking away? Or standing their ground? As the author mentioned, women are not expected to do anything to extract themselves from these situations… sometimes they stay there for long periods of time and even concede to be sexuallly harrassed (of course, I’m not talking about the use of physical violence here, I’m talking about when a person is just asking for sex repeatedly and then she eventually gives in and then cry harrassment later, like the case in question) instead of going away. So, the “strong independent woman” that feminism wants to force down our throats always needs patriarchy and the cis male shitlord to come for her rescue, because she just can’t do anything to protect herself because that’s blaming the victim…. wooo hoooo…

  10. As much as I would like to solely blame Bouveng I have to lay more responsibility on Wey. Too many of these men think they are invincible! He was ripe for the raping! I think any man in any position of power needs to be aware of these gold diggers. Everything was fine while he was in control. See, hypergamy has a side effect. These women will cheat on you! They are leeches! They will use you, suck your dry (no pun intended), and send you to the cleaners. I have no sympathy for Wey. Maybe now he will have a clue on how it all works. Gents, if you are in a position of power or have a fortune, make sure you protect yourself legally before you get mixed up with these women. And, don’t start crying when these women wind up in bed with the poor, struggling, starving artists who are half your age.

      1. They should stick to business for that urge.
        Don’t shit where you eat.
        That will be twelfty million dollars for the advice.

        1. ah. money can’t buy the joy of creeping out a female colleague at work. but, generally, yes. pleasure must be had in moderation.

  11. Pussy Pampering, Pussy Pedestal……..What’s interesting is that most women have lowered their SMV by sleeping around, but are being Defended as Chaste Righteous Virgins, $18 million is not worth what happened, Bouveng has probably been slammed out 1 million times, yet saw an opportunity and now her honor as a Chaste Righteous Virgin has White Knight Society clambering for $18 million worth of Social Justice. Something is wrong when the parents of dead Soldiers receive $100,000 and SnowFlake Bouveng Gets $18 million for “WorkPlace Inconvenience”.

  12. Bet she didn’t have to suck a dick and got $18 mil. Look at her face and how happy she is that she’s not gonna work again in her life.
    Her SMV went up and with that money she is gonna marry someone with 4X her money.

    1. Wrong, her SMV plummeted…. as if being a toothpick wasn’t bad enough.

      1. I expected this kind of comment but in reality her SMV grew since she is now in the league of millionaires. She is still young and in the mind of a beta rich dude she doesn’t need anything more than love and a relationship now. Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she will divorce and treble her earnings.
        Common sense would be that her SMV is low since she shows more flags than a royal regatta.

        1. Your opinion vastly differs from mine. She has no SMV for her toothpick figure now coupled with the fact that she is a fraud…. I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick.
          “Her money” is worthless to me, same as her looks, same as her actions.

        2. In your eyes and mine her SMV is beyond shit but she got where she wanted to be. I share your opinion about her character,however, I’m merely portraying what her situation is in regards with her surroundings.

        3. Where I disagree sir is the fact that men with Money will not regard her in a positive light monetarily speaking, but will instead treat her like the two bit con artist she is.

  13. There can be no balance while people play, ‘civilization’. He doesn’t know how to pick women. She deserves to lose a hand for her greed. The Judge should be disbarred and shamed for life.
    There should be harsh repurcussions for human beings behaving this way. This is the result of unchecked Mob Mentality…. or Democracy as some would label it.
    “Society” is mind boggling.

  14. The Biggest Mistake Western Man Made, was convincing himself to take women Seriously instead of Viewing them as Sex objects.

  15. women in the workplace are a complete and utter DISASTER, like i said previously. These blue pill faggots simply will never learn their lesson.
    A penny saved is a woman not hired.

    1. IN positions where there are a large amount of sex hungry beta males, Hiring the most attractive females possible seems to stimulate productivity as the beta males work extra hard to impress the women

      1. Let the little pansy shits go out to find women instead of giving a productive job to some slut.

      2. I worked in a major bank for a few years. I generally keep to myself so I was the quiet guy. At one lunch break, for reasons I can’t remember, everyone decided to announce to the others what they had packed in their brown bag that day. “I have a tuna sandwich”, “I have lasagna”, blah blah blah.
        We got to the side dishes and somebody said they had an apple and other said then had an orange. As I walked by my supervisor’s desk – a pretty blonde a few years my senior – she said ” I have a pear”. I looked her in the eye, I glanced at her tits and then looking her in the eye I said “You certainly do.” (Best James Bond delivery, up there with “Of course your are.”) The office went crazy.
        That was 25 years ago so I was not hanged from a tree by my nut sack.

        1. Solid, I would have spoiled the mood with a serious observation though…. I’m an asshole.

  16. It appears that in the west being born with a pussy means you can’t do any wrong. And you’ll be pedatalised by society and the courts nice and highly.

  17. Don’t date women in your work place period. I used to have sweeties from the accounting pool swing by my office after hours. Door woud be never closed and I would politely decline any offers about going out for a drink. A couple of them would even point out that they do not report to me, so it’s ok, but I still declined as I was a part of the management team and it would be inappropriate.
    After you leave the company, it is a different matter.

    1. Right on. One way to ensure you’ll never shit where you eat is to see these broads at a house party or at a dive bar, when they’re not all dolled up in makeup and wearing pushup bras. That’s a rude awakening for your ass.

  18. From the actual article:
    “Also in court was the other man she’d been in bed with, James Chauvet — a sharp-dressed club promoter. The pair shared a long hug after the verdict.”
    Two things going on here…
    First, even a multimillionaire with a successful business can still be beta when it comes to women.
    Second, this guy had an epic case of oneitis, only to lose her to a “sharp dressed club promoter” who probably has some game. You don’t have to be rich to get girls.

    1. to a “sharp dressed club promoter” who probably has some game.
      He’s black.

        1. She was essentially a female sex tourist. From SJW-Eden.
          As a black man, he didn’t need game, aside from “don’t be too obnoxious”.

        2. I don’t follow your posts, sorry. Since when do black guys not need “game”? From my experience, black guys need more help than others.

    2. This guy was foolish to get jealous and then slanders her. If he just shrug his shoulders and let it go, he probably wouldn’t stir that beehive. The best would’ve been for her to find another company to whore herself to before the inevitable wall hits. Gives a new meaning to Wall Street.

  19. did some research around the character Hanna Bouveng from Vetlanda, Sweden and ex-boyfriend club promoter James Chauvet. I am not posting anything of what I found because of possible copyright restrictions. please do your own research, check online newspapers and her tumblr etc… but do not waste your precious time on this. it’s just so that you can verify once again how screwed up and stupid this culture has become. we live in the age of the apology of idiocy.

  20. Skimmed through the article. Rich beta Asian with a thing for white wimmenz apparently thought he could be like Tiger Woods. Both the intern and his Czech wife are apparently disgusted with the thought of having sex with him.
    And when women are disgusted in that manner, ka-ching! sexual harassment law$uit$ forthcoming.
    Also, as the girl is from SJW-Eden, I’m not at all surprised that the “club promoter” (whatever that is) turns out to be black.

  21. Since she is 25, estimate she might have worked for another 40 years. Divide $18mm by 40 years, that’s $450,000 per year. No way she is worth that in the labor market.

    1. Another way to look at it is $180,000 a year for 100 years. Not only is she not worth that kind of money, chances are slim to none she will live that long let alone work that long.

  22. This serves as an excellent warning to all men in the workplace, especially the bosses….

    1. Damn. It’s Rishi Bajaj and Justin Mateen all over again. Guys from other countries and cultures (especially Asians) never learn. They don’t seem to understand that once they get over here, whatever rules that were in play in their home countries no longer apply. They either need to learn the game, stay in their home countries or cultures, or not bitch and moan when they get taken to the cleaners.
      Truth be told, if you’re not a white, game-savvy guy with money in America, you need to wake up to the fact that the most you can be is an exotic “experiment” that gets old after awhile. Look at Tiger and Elin. Look at Rishi Bajaj. Look at Seal and Heidi Klum. Look at John and Kate. These women were all okay with taking a brief walk on the wild side until it wasn’t novel, taboo, or fun anymore, then went right back to dating white guys.
      I bet you dollars to donuts that the real reason Ben Wey lost his shit is because he thought he was gonna dump his wife, who, like most wives of betas, looks like a dude (think Charles Barkley’s and Mark Zuckerberg’s wives), and marry the intern. But the intern knew that she could stay single and continue to date and game white guys with even more money and pull than him. By the way, what’s up with rich guys having such a piss-poor taste in women? I just found out that Wey’s wife, in addition to having a face for radio, used to be a waitress at Denny’s. I guess that’s where we are now. An ugly bastid like Lil’ Wayne gets to have threesomes with certified tens, while schmucks with enough money to buy a small island marry warpigs and get taken to the cleaners by the nubile mistresses they WISH they could’ve wifed up years ago.

      1. Most asian guys do not work out and most tend to have some sort of submissive behaviors ranging anywhere from kissing and looking up to white people (not all of them do; but most do) TO being a “yes” man to lack of taking risks. It’s rare to meet an Alpha Asian dude.
        If you go online, you will see so many pathetic asian guys asking beta questions like “do white women like asian men” or something similar. Putting white women in high pedestal in addition to their default beta behaviors; it’s no wonder why most women (with exception of asianized asian women) do not find asian men attractive.

        1. True. And they really don’t have an excuse, because in the 60s and 70s, you had plenty of Asian alphas. Look at the late great Bruce Lee. Not a Beta bone in his body. He kicked major ass AND he got the girls on screen, and had a hot wife in real life to boot. A lot of the guys in those Shaw Bros/Black Belt Theater movies epitomized the badass playboy. Granted, now all they’ve got is Jackie Chan and Jet Li (who never get the girl), but maybe that’s just in America. In any event, they’ve got a rich Alpha past to look back on and draw strength from. If they looked hard enough, I’m sure they could scare up some semblance of Asian Alphaness to pattern themselves after in the present, too.

  23. Drawing a distinction between the judgment in this case and settlements or damage awards in other cases is irrelevant. Every jury is different and they are the ones who decide the damages. Regardless, a punitive damages award this large will probably be overturned on appeal.

  24. Benjamin Wey was a thirsty idiot. He’s a valuable object lesson about the consequences of letting the little guy in your pants convince you it’s ok to shit where you eat. What gets me isn’t so much the fooling around with the intern bit but the Mars surface level thirst of Mr CEO.

    1. YES exactly the point. as readers of this site, we can’t just focus on the girl and what she did (even though that is very relevant). as someone who values intelligence and cunning, I can applaud the girl for hustling this dude out of $18 million. it’s true that she had the support of a feminist strengthened court system backing her, but still, she went from being an intern to getting a check for 18 million fucking dollars. hell, good for her. but what this article’s and our focus should be on is to warn other guys to NEVER ever fall into this sort of trap, no matter how tempting it may be.

  25. Why did she accept the apartment that he rented for her, if she thinks he was sexually harassing her???
    I bet she won’t get hardly any of that. She is pure trash, she knew what she was doing. Instead of ending the relationship, she kept sleeping with him and living in the apartment he paid for.

  26. Man, when did this site turn into a freaking SJW paradise lobbying for the rights of the disabled. Enough of that beta cr*p.

      1. This loser author is basically advocating that freak*ng cripples should get more money for being hurt. Total beta move. Life is for the able-bodied. If you get crippled you should be humanely euthanized. End of story.

  27. Well this is why we are in the Financial Crisis we are in, the money keeps flowing to worthless females.

  28. Alright so moral of the story: don’t hire women and if you do have to because of AA bullshit make sure to put nice big warning signs all over your office advising men to bring a witness or a video camera every time they have to interact with a woman there.
    Of course you’ll probably get sued for that too.
    On a side note, I’ve been thinking. Since they’re letting fags get married now and traditional marriage is off the table for everyone here, why don’t we all just pretend to be fags and get gay married to our friends and then enjoy all the tax breaks and free shit that comes with it. Then after you guys walk out of w.e govt building you just got “married” in you can then go about your normal lifestyles except now you keep more of your money earned AND you get all the healthcare and other benefits that married people get.

    1. Novel idea: we might as well exercise Revolution if we’re going to contemplate upsetting our lives for any noble cause though.

      1. What do you think were doing by milking the govt dry through gay marriage fraud?

        1. I’m actually curious to see how far this Fraud will continue to go before someone does something about it..

    2. I had a friend who did that years back.
      An illegal immigrant from Cuba that moved from Miami to Toronto because we legalized gay-marriage before you guys did.
      He married a Canadian born Indian dude (to get citizenship) who was active in the underground art scene of the city. I don’t need to mention that neither of these guys is gay.
      Anyways… This Cuban dude was a professional artist in Cuba but had no opportunity there. In Toronto he opened up an artsy nightclub/jazz-bar and now has his own little enclave just outside the city centre.
      I met him when he was broke-as-shit living in a crampy basement downtown. Played in the same band as him for a few years and watched him gradually build his empire from scratch. His professor from Cuba moved in with him and combining their connections became successful.
      Unfortunately the other bandmates couldn’t see that this guy actually had a larger vision and completely detonated the friendship on bad terms. Honestly they were just being jealous blue-pillers and their egos couldn’t handle it. I’m still on ok terms with my artist friend but the disrespect put a bad taste in his mouth and I don’t blame him for wanting to just move on.

  29. This was just a straightforward wealth transfer from the Asian beta male boss to the Black alpha male boyfriend. The pretty Swedish girl was simply the conduit.

  30. this bitch gets 18 million$ yet Paul Nungesser who was accused of RAPE isn’t awarded anything and Emma Sulkowicz is still free

  31. OK Let’s play devils advocate and give her the benefit of the doubt–I just don’t understand how the VICTIM is eligible for a cash payout! In what other arena does it work that way? We don’t charge rapists money and then turn the cash over to the victim. We don’t even do that to murderers. What the hell?

  32. Punitive damages are completely out of control in the USA, particularly when you give it to 12 idiots otherwise known as a jury. There was a business case fighting over a $12 million contract where there was maybe a few million in issue, but the jury awarded half a billion dollars in punitive damages, sending the company into bankruptcy.
    There was a case where a truck tire came loose, jumped off the wheel and struck a car in the oncoming lane, severely injuring the driver. Compensation is compensation but the jury awarded BILLIONS in punitive damages and that actually catapulted the victim into being one of the top ten wealthiest people in America before an appeal judge figured out that it was fucking nuts.
    “Punitive” means “to punish”, but because these awards go to the plaintiff rather than being forfeit to the state, there is this vested interest in going after them. And juries are willing to go along with it because if you have a billionaire or billion dollar company, a few million here or there does not cramp them, so the only way to really get vengeance is with a ridiculous punitive damage award.
    It’s different in Canada where, for the longest time, punitive damages were capped at $100,000. That was upped to an even million when an insurance company completely dicked about a family that was burnt out of their house ($100,000 would have been less than a slap on the wrist for a company of that size). I think they index the maximum award based on inflation, but it is still seven figures rather than 8 or 9 or 10 or more.
    A famous case where punitive damages worked how they should was with the Ford Pinto.

  33. Hiring a woman is a massive liability, plain and simple. If I were an employer in the US, I would never hire a woman.

    1. In the US, you are almost legally obligated to hire women if your business is large enough. If you must hire women, just hire ugly, older, married women. Nobody will bother hitting on them, and their husband by default will surely take most of the emotional abuse that would otherwise be directed at your business. It’s not a sure thing, but statistically it’s a much safer bet than hiring hot chicks and trying to achieve the low probability dream that you will be the boss fucking the hot intern. Also, ugly women generally don’t do well in court. It’s just basic human psychology that attractive people are deemed more trustworthy, even if it’s blatantly untrue. So if you find yourself in a legal predicament, you may still have an edge.
      Don’t mix business with pleasure. Having attractive women working at your business is a major distraction and a net loss to your business. Hot, young, unmarried, childless women have far too much time and energy to develop and act on their devious machinations. There are a few exceptions of course; if you’re strip club owner.

      1. yea. some older hag married, grandma-types can be decent employees. they know theyre not attractive and so they don’t really get bitter or jealous. A younger woman whose either hot or hitting the wall is going to have a lot of pent up bitterness and anger towards men fresh off her divorce or something. Hiring a young woman is a loaded gun

      2. From what I learned, the girls in strip clubs are not hired by the club. The girls are self employed contractors. The girls have to pay the club a fee to dance there and the club gets a cut for each lap dance. The girls also help the club profit by getting patrons to buy the overpriced drinks. The girls get to keep the remaining amount from each dance and any tips they get. The club offers them protection and a safe place for the girls to whore themselves.

  34. Rule #1: DO NOT FUCK THE INTERNS! It is the simplest, fastest, and surest way to get your ass in a sling. The age of the Intern makes no difference. Because they have the label “Intern” it is assumed they are helpless and thus the victim.

    1. Some female interns might be outraged if they were neglected as sexual objects by their superiors, which could also lead to rape allegations.

    2. She had back office support job that got her $2500 monthly pay check, not an unpaid intern. She also got rent free apartment paid for by the company. She also got work visa through the company. She also admits to consenting to sleep with the boss 4 times, with knowledge that he was married. She then decided he didn’t have what it takes to be her lover and began fucking the black “club promoter”. If he was genuine club promoter then he she was fucking him to get into clubs without cover charge, free drinks, and party invites where there was always somebody doing coke if she wanted it. She basically has made her life about using men for what they can provide her. The boss allowed his beta male personality to make things worse and retaliated against her for fucking the black guy. That’s when it went legal. He should have just had the HR manager terminate her job at the end of the first year of employment so it didn’t look personal. Then he only would have been screwed out of 1 year salary and rent, not $18mm. This is why Charlie Sheen says he doesn’t pay hos for sex, he pays them to go away.

      1. “She basically has made her life about using men for what they can provide her”
        Isn’t this how majority of the females are???

  35. At university I was taught by my economics professor that there was “no free lunch”. He was obviously wrong.

  36. this white girl did not find this asian dude attractive which is why she yelled “harassment”. Even having money doesn’t save this poor asian dude.
    Hate to break it to asian guys but majority of white girls do NOT find asian guys attractive; doesn’t matter if you learn game.
    That’s just how it is; accept it and move on. The whole asian men’s obsession with white girls reek of desperation and pussy pedestal from watching too much porn is something white girls are aware of.
    This asian dude could have saved himself a large doses of trouble if he stuck with asian women who are more softer and feminine.

    1. man you’re full of shit. As a white dude, I can confidentally say that Asian guys with game can pull plenty of good white pussy. Brown or yellow, you guys are fine. I’ve had a few Asian buddies with harems that would make this incel cry.
      Edit: Just don’t be subhuman, aka black.

      1. you should have cockblocked your asian buddies…. you would rather watch your asian “buddy” fuck your own women like that?

        1. That was some weak stuff you posted up. Buck up man, there is plenty of pussy out there.

        2. it’s not weak stuff. It’s cringeworthy whenever I see asian guys try to hit on white girls. It’s like I feel like they are trying so hard to prove something or try to stick it to us (white guys). We get it. We get that asian girls love us white guys but asian guys should know their limit and not try to compete with us. They should know their place and stop trying. Makes them look pathetic.

        3. so what was the deal with you you then? Do you like white women belonging to non-white men? Some racist…Some man for that matter…

      2. Sorry man … But in general he is 100% correct. You can Focus on how game even works for the exception to the rule for focus on the rule in general. And in general, white women are NOT, even in the slightest bit, attracted to Asian men. It jut is what it is. They will find far, far, far more success with their own women. I get you want to espouse the virtues of game and cry racism to anyone who disagrees to prove your point…. But come on buddy…… Get real.

        1. um, no.
          I’m a BIG racist, duber. blacks are savages, race is real, etc.
          But game works. It’s just that Asian dudes: 1) are genetically born with less game (which can be overcome with training, as I’ve observed); and 2) come from cultures that discourage game.
          But asian dudes who learn game do just fine with the ladies.
          Game is a learned behavior.

  37. This worthless slut was also caught in bed with a black guy.
    A “club promoter.” AKA an unemployed homeless black.
    No doubt some foolish beta male will end up putting a ring on her, or at least shacking up with her, despite her bestiality and her gold-digging, man-hating, whiny lawsuit.
    But I feel like the pool of men who will fall for her is getting smaller. Thanks to the manosphere, the PUA and MGTOW-aware dudes (such as ROK readers) would only use such a debased whore for a pump-and-dump.
    As the years go by, such slutty-career-girl-barbies are going to be shocked that fewer and fewer chumps are available to them. Thank goodness for the internet and the manosphere.

    1. She would only marry rich guys. Otherwise, she might be the one demanded to pay for her ex-husband in case of divorce due to her wealth.

      1. Rich, powerful guys are often beta with women. Even those alpha in their jobs collapse in the face of women. For example, look at Tiger Woods or General Petreaus’s texts and emails to their mistresses: total whiny, clingy betas.
        Many guys are driven to get money and power because of their insecurities with women; they think that by getting big powerful jobs and/or getting rich and famous will solve their betaness—-only to have it follow them to the bed room. Those guys whose FB profile is them in an expensive car? Those are the extreme cases.
        I ran with some I-Bankers back in my younger days, and they would often collapse into little beta-puppies when they got involved with a girl. Such a sight to see: some Master of the Universe dutifully following his lady around like a trained cur.
        So she’ll find some rich/powerful guys to beta-up and marry her. The pool will just be smaller than she thought, thanks to the manosphere.

  38. If those two stay alive past Christmas I’ll be surprised. If I had that much money, the State would fear me….

  39. sexual harassment has always been a cash cow first, ethics issue second
    i’m surprised the judicial system still hasnt realized this

    1. Why would the judicial system put a stop to this? They need more cases like these to collect the court fees and make the law profession profitable.

  40. He should come back by telling her that he mistook her vag for her anus.

  41. Look at the smug smirk on that whore’s face. This story really makes me angry. Sure this guy went a bit over the line… but in what reality does she deserve to bring down a man and get that much money for being a fucking whore? Really?? If women want to cry about sexual harrassment, they shouldn’t be allowed to use their pussy and their pretty looks to get ahead at work and to get any advantages whatsoever. Jail and fine these corporate bitches who use their pussy or just the promise of their pussy to get ahead in environments with mostly male bosses and superiors… which is pretty much every corporate environment, and which is why the workplace is hypergamy unchained for women: usually there’s an alpha male and boss who gives them tingles while she is also surrounded by “creepy” beta males rushing to do her favours.. but who need to know their place and never try to hit on her or else it’s “sexual harrassment.”
    This is the state of feminism and the West now: whore females getting cash and prizes for being whores. And having no shame and facing no repercussions whatsoever to their reputations for being whores and sluts. And the entire apparatus of the State, the law, women in power and their white-knight enablers, the culture and media.. are all out to destroy men and extract resources from them to enable the sluttery and whoredom of women.
    This is feminism. Understand it. Accept it. And try to use it to your advantage.. or at the very least, understand it well enough to not end up as the beta schmuck in this story.

  42. I started my career as an intern working 40+ hours per week for free just to get resume experience. I had to start my own business from scratch. Nobody would help me. I had to work 10 years out of a tiny studio apartment, 60-80 hours per week living check to check, with an air mattress for a bed, just to hit six figures.. TEN FUCKING YEARS.
    I had to keep my embarrassing car parked for 6 weeks once cause I could not afford gas. Once I went almost 4 days with no food waiting for a clients check. I was literally starving. I had to post an ad on Craigslist to sell my rickety old bowflex just to get some food. I didn’t have any welfare stamps.
    I constantly got water and electric disconnection notices, paid $$$$ in late fees. I had no TV or cable. I had nothing. I got all my things from Craigslist and yard sales. I barely made my rent payments.
    This young female intern gets 18 million USD…. for banging her boss…. then suing him for sexual harassment. Honestly how the FUCK has this country not IMPLODED on itself yet?????

    1. The world is fucked man, but don’t worry society is on the verge of collapse from the economy. Everything will balance, all useless eaters like her will know the true meaning of poverty.

      1. Once the US $ collapses when Uncle Sam defaults on the debt obligations, that $18 million would be worthless. Doubt that she would invest that in anything. She’ll just buy all that expensive worthless shit and nothing to show for it.
        I do believe that she has to pay income tax on that $18 million to the IRS.

    2. That’s the power of the pussy for you.. and the feminist culture and with the feminist women in power and their white-enablers.
      But to be honest..it has always been so. Men have always had to struggle more than women.. to make sacrifices.. to literally risk death and risk everything just to make something of themselves. No other man is going to give a man free handouts and help him.
      Women on the other hand could always use their pussy to get ahead and benefit from that shortcut. They could count on some thirsty beta or man to cut them some slack.. help them rise up the corporate ladder and get cushy jobs and promotions based on simply the promise of pussy or for just being a pretty girl.
      And of course, women could always marry the men who made the sacrifices and hard work and automatically benefit from a man’s hard work. But now in today’s feminist day and age, women aren’t interested even in going through the marriage step. They can steal a man’s wealth by using the courts and the State against him. This is what feminism is really all about at its rotten core.

  43. Wey should have spent some of that money to hire someone to make that cunt disappear permanently.

  44. LOL, was he asian ceo? No surprise. Punished for being a beta. Can you really get punished for asking a female intern for sex, what is the point of female interns if you cannot fuck them?

    1. True Bill Clinton didn’t get punished (except maybe by Hillary) you have to wonder the class of these interns if having “sexual relations” with management is part of their career aspirations.

    2. Fucking female interns? How about not shitting where you eat instead?

      1. All white men love to shit where they eat, it is why Homer simpson put a toilet in the living room and why we eat sandwiches when taking a shitter

  45. Feminism is self-destructive, it destroys what makes it possible in the first place, man-created private wealth.

  46. Stupid american culture of compensations.In the Netherlands I was wrongly accused by an ex employer,won over them in a court and got back only 400 euros court fees. When I asked my lawyer about possibility of suing them for moral damages (I spent over a year fighting that case,lots of money and time)-he just laughed and asked whether I watch too much american tv.

  47. “In Australia, Kristy Fraser-Kirk tried to sue mammoth Australian retailer David Jones for AU$37 million over alleged sexual harassment by one of the company’s male executives. She eventually found her way into a AU$850,000 settlement” from what I understand she still had to take her legal fees from this amount. This was apparently her second “harassment” claim her first was against the New South Wales Police Service there was NO financial settlement but another staff member was forced transferred apparently all her so called fellow employees said the other staff member should not have been disciplined in anyway – another words it was a load of BS.

  48. I witnessed a supposedly “rape/sexual harassment” process. It is totally devastating for men and rewarding for women.
    It happened at my former workplace. I call “the victim” Ashley and the “offender” john. Ashley was the accountant and john was a software dev at our company. Ashley was the kinda slut that would let a guy creampie her on their date and let another guy go down on her on another date , an hour later, without taking a shower. (True story) she always talked openly about her sex life which almost resembled that of a prostitute. John was a total nice beta guy. This happened at our Christmas party. We were out for dinner and drinks. John’s buying Ashley shot after shot. Ashley’s enjoying the free drinks until she’s drunk. They’re making out, john calls a cab, they go home and none of them show up to work the day after. 2 days later Ashely files a sexual harassment charge against john. she claims he had got her drunk, fucked her while she had passed out and she had woken up just to find herself naked and covered in puke in her appartment. John got fired. managment offered her a raise and a position in HR just because this slut claimed she got raped! i talked to john afterwards(still close friends) and he said that she initiated the whole sex thing that night. That covetous cunt was a alpha fucker so when on an odd night while being drunk she fucked john aka the beta, she felt bad about it so filed the charge against that poor beta. Was he an alpha, she would have bragged how he had creampied her loose hole. This whole sexual harassment scheme is a scam for the female to boost their finances and ego in case they fuck the nice beta.

    1. next time a women claims sexual harrassment….I won’t give her any sympathy until charges are proved

  49. Of course she gets a lot of money! She’s a pretty and white girl. The other person that got maimed has darker skin while the dude is an older white guy. We like to talk about how our society accepts everyone regardless of race, gender etc etc. Articles like these are made to prove these delusions wrong. Those 18mil could go anywhere else… But no.

  50. So,
    1. be a hot white girl
    2. be badly raised by her parents
    3. intentionally put yourself in unnecessary and avoidable situations
    4. PROFIT!!
    Would be interested to see how these cases break down by race.

    1. I am sure in a few years feminist will put a step by step method like this in cosmopolitian and other chick magazines

  51. There’s lots of evidence that this woman was a “sugar baby” as in “Seeking Arrangement”. Smh. Also there is a lot of targeting going on of Asian / Indian guys as betabux.

  52. Just found out that this bitch lived just 20 miles from where I live in Sweden. I will lobby for a Hanna Bouveng memorial with the local politicians. I suggest a monument of the shape of a giant gold nugget.

  53. that’ s ridicoulous, that what a big tits big ass whore would get ? 100 mill! Anyway I don’ t think that she would be able to collect much of that awarded sum either!

  54. So Miss Bouvemg claims Wey only could last two minutes?
    That means she got a $18 million pay day for her two minutes of “work”???
    Where do I get a gig like that?

    1. This is why it’s smarter to just get an escort. They only cost around $200 and will do whatever you want without complaining and without ever taking you to court.
      This guy’s rich as hell, he could be partying with hordes of hot escorts and strippers for much less than $18 million.

  55. This is insanity! 18 million!? Most people don’t earn that much in their entire life

  56. And this gentlemen is why you should never ever ever hire a woman for your business.

  57. Not sure how it is even wrongdoing if she ended up having sex with him???

  58. dumb ass juries with no concept of money. no one thought “hey, i have 100,000 in the bank.. but this teenager deserve 200 lifetimes of my value because she slept with her boss and he said mean things about her.”
    she asked for 800 million dollars.. ive worked for companies that employ 1000s of people that are worth less than 800 million. too bad i wasn’t on that jury.. after some 12 angry men shit by me she’d get $5000.. and that would be totally fair.
    and holy crap the smirk there.. looks like she won the lottery.. hardly a victim of a horrible crime,

  59. The UK is NOT the USA and Australia! In the UK they cap child-support payments at $5000 MAXIMUM a month! Prenups are not valid documents in the UK either. They also limit how much one can seek in punitive damages in the UK, in addition in the UK “Loser Pays” so if you file a fraudulent lawsuit, and lose, YOU pay lawyer fees for the person you accused. Also in the UK they JAIL WOMEN for false rape accusations! In Australia and the USA they do no such thing.

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