5 Things I Learned From Becoming A Father

There are a lot of articles in the manosphere that discuss what it means to be a man. Some think that it means learning game. Others think that it means making gobs of money, developing a muscular body, becoming a martial arts badass, or hunting.

All of these are very good—and they are things we should all be working on. But what really made a difference for me was becoming a father with the birth of my son two years ago. Here are some of the things that being a father to a boy has taught me.

1. Newborns are exhausting


My son was born a few weeks early, just after I had started a new job that had an hour and half commute. The timing couldn’t have been worse. I didn’t have any vacation or sick time so I went back to work a day after he was born. I was exhausted.

Newborns wake up every two or three hours to be fed. Even if your wife is breast-feeding, you are going to end up waking up too. My wife and I are both rational people but the sleep deprivation really had a bad effect on us. We started to overreact and have arguments over the silliest things.

Things only calmed down once we figured out a schedule where we took turns and allowed opportunities for naps. If you are not a parent yet, this is golden advice. Learn to sleep whenever you can. It will save your marriage.

2. Boys need to be outside


First, I need to tell you a little bit about my son. The picture above shows boys faces based on the amount of testosterone that the baby received in the womb. The picture on the left depicts the more feminine face of a boy who received less testosterone while the picture on the right is of a boy who received a lot.

About a year ago I sent this picture to my wife and we had a good laugh because our son most resembles the picture on the far right. We’ve nicknamed our son “Brawny” because he is a stereotypical boy. He likes tools, cars, trucks, chainsaws, swords, and guns.


We have not consciously encouraged any of this behavior. It just happened. The whole male-female binary thing is real. It is not a cultural construct.

Probably the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that my kid could stay outside all day. It doesn’t matter how cold or hot it is. He’ll even stay out in the pouring rain if we let him. While he is outside, he can amuse himself for hours by throwing things, digging, jumping, and climbing.

When he is inside, though, he is less likely to play by himself even though he has plenty of toys. When he is inside, he needs more one-on-one attention.

My son’s love of the outdoors made me realize why so many boys end up being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. Our feminized public school system, where even recess and PE are frequently eliminated, is not conducive to the education of boys. If we don’t end up homeschooling, we’ll probably put our son in an all-boys school.

3. Raising a boy is more difficult now


When I was growing up, the path was pretty clear. Get into a good college, get good grades, and find a job. We could take the security and stability of the country for granted.

Times have changed. We live in a feminized society that treats boys as if they were defective girls. Anything masculine is frowned upon. There is even evidence that men are less masculine than they have been in the past. Studies have shown that men’s testosterone levels are down 20% since the 1980s.

Now, the future of the United States is no longer so clear. The US has never recovered the jobs that it lost after the 2007 financial meltdown. The jobs that were created are either lower paying or they are part of the fracking boom.

Unchecked immigration has made it difficult assimilate new arrivals. This has weakened the commonalities that bind us together as a people. Meanwhile, racial tensions have been fanned to a fever pitch to benefit certain political groups. It’s not hard to imagine that the US might begin to break apart in the coming decades.

It is no better in Europe. Large-scale immigration from Islamic countries combined with the Europeans unwillingness to be bothered with reproducing cannot have a happy ending.

For these reasons, I have to prepare my son for a variety of possible futures:

The Mad Max Scenario



If society breaks down, the skills that our sons will need will include survival skills and proficiency at self-defense and firearms. They’ll also need to know how to rebuild civilization so leadership, farming, military tactics, and engineering will all come in handy.

The SJW Police State Scenario


The more likely future is a complete takeover of society by the SJWs. This will result in a police state where the necessary skills will be proficiency at the Common Core and the ability to not let on that you are guilty of thought crime.

My current plans are to try to give my son a classical education. That is, I want him to read the Greek and Roman classics as well as their Christian successors. I want him to have at least one foreign language as well as Latin. I will train him to appreciate literature and poetry and not just parse New York Times articles.

Following the Latin phrase, mens sana in corpore sano, I will try to balance his intellectual development with physical activity such as fencing, martial arts, swimming, hunting and fishing, and any team sports that he may show interest in.

4. Fatherhood cramps your lifestyle


Before I got married, I worked hard, trained martial arts, dated women, read a lot, and traveled. Getting married didn’t change my life too much (apart from the dating women part), but having a kid did.

Since the birth of our son, I no longer do martial arts, I read a whole lot less, and my television watching is nearly non-existent. When I get home, I spend all my time with my son. I don’t regret it though because it has allowed me to witness so many “firsts” like his first steps. I’ve also developed a tight bond with my son that I would not be able to have otherwise.

I think the trend in our culture is for parents to try to “get back to normal” after having a child. What this means is getting back to doing what they did before they were parents. There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, but if it is taken to an extreme, the children become accessories.

I am not a big fan of Pope Francis, but he once told parents to “waste time with your children.” I think it is excellent advice.

5. Fatherhood has focused my career

Magnifying Glass

I wish I had had children sooner because having a child has really given me incredible focus. Before having my son, I would go in cycles. Sometimes I would work really hard and make great strides, but there were also periods of coasting where I made no progress.

Since becoming a father, I have really started to focus on career in a good way. Now, oddly, I have become less risk averse and more entrepreneurial. I even notice that I have more concentration. There is some evidence that becoming a father actually makes men more intelligent, at least temporarily, so maybe that is the reason. Whatever the cause, I like my new business drive and focus.


Overall, becoming a father is the best thing I have ever done and I highly recommend it to every man. Don’t wait until you are “ready” as conditions will never be perfect to have a kid.

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282 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned From Becoming A Father”

  1. Being a good father is entirely contingent on having a good mother present for the children.

    1. dissagree. my brother and I were raised by our father after my parents divorced.
      we are both sucessful men with Families of our own.
      also do private schools or home school. public schools get more Politicaly correct crazy with every passing second. they are a lot diffrent than when we were there, and they were bad then.

  2. I got a girl pregnant once but she miscarried. I wiped the sweat off my eyebrows and thought, damn, dodged a bullet there. That’s the closest I’ve ever come to being a father.

    1. I’ve had 3 of those moments with 3 different girls, and still refuse to wear a condom. I just figure, when it happens, it happens. I’m not afraid of being a father, but I’m also not so quick to dive into it.

      1. Hefty child support payments for mothers of bastards can really kill your own plans to have a family down the road.

        1. The majority of kids now, at least in the U.S., are “bastards”, but if they are your kid (biologically at least), then they are still yours and as inconvenient as it may be and as much of a hosebag as their mother may be, I would recommend being there for them if you had a kid “by accident”, i.e., the mom lying about being on birth control, etc.

        2. When the police come to your door to haul you away for missing child support payments, I don’t care how “strong” you say you are.

        3. Don’t give me that…The only way not to make money is if you are a loser. A man has to make money. If you don’t make enough money to pay for your child (regardless we don’t like the way the laws are), then you must find a way to make more money, and more money. If you have a child it’s your responsibility to provide no matter what the situation is. Simple as that. Stop being a loser.

        4. I pay over 2K (net) a month and I have no problem with that. My life is still good enough for me with what’s left.

        5. In a normal family, if a father involuntarily loses his job or takes a pay cut, then that cut has to be spread out over the entire family. Child support should reflect this too.

        6. “The majority of kids now, at least in the U.S., are “bastards”
          True. Most kids born today are unwanted: the mere result of a broken condom or drunken unprotected one night stand.

        7. ” A man has to make money. If you don’t make enough money to pay for your child (regardless we don’t like the way the laws are), then you must find a way to make more money, and more money. If you have a child it’s your responsibility to provide no matter what the situation is. Simple as that. Stop being a loser.”
          Do us all a favor and fuck off, cunt.

        8. I am not a cunt (i.e. woman), but I know you are a fucking loser. World full of your type.
          But hey.. OK, I’ll talk to a pig.. Why do you think I’m a cunt? Please explain.

      2. It’s not a fear of fatherhood man, it’s an awareness of how damn fucked-up a situation can get when the woman you’re using as a cock-sleeve suddenly is the mother of your kid and every legal entity in the damn country is real concerned with making sure you’re shackled to her and her whims for the next 18 years. Being a father with the right woman would be fine. Being an unwilling dad with a woman whose only virtue was spreading her legs on the right day…eh, not so much

        1. Agreed, and I have the same concern. In my case, I am quite comfortable (by experience) living in other vastly different countries. If the woman of my child (from any of those countries) decided to fuck me over with the law, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to simply go live in another country. It’s not a fear of her or her stupidity, but rather, the countless beta males that would support her stupidity to the death.

      3. “I’ve had 3 of those moments with 3 different girls, and still refuse to wear a condom. I just figure, when it happens, it happens I’m not afraid of being a father…”
        Man, you’re a fucking dope.

        1. Do fresh batches of these betas pour in by the week here? I’ve noticed a significant increase in manginas like this guy in the last few months here at RoK. Even so, in my beta days, I never bashed any of the alphas I was learning from when I started down the red pill path. Or perhaps I was not as beta as I thought? haha. Or maybe this is one of those Gammas that Vox describes.

  3. The way boys grow up today is borderline child abuse. They can’t play alone with other children. Children playing alone is critical in their development (social and otherwise). Today everything is done under the supervision of the helicopter parents, in specially designated parks that have the ground covered in rubber. Absolute bull shit. When I was a kid (even before I was 6yo), I was home alone, roaming around the neighborhood with other kids and a pack of stray dogs. Our favorite play grounds were the construction sites. And no, nobody got hurt. Ever. This completely sanitized society destroys boys (and girls) childhoods. Very sad.. Here’s a very good article talking about this.

    1. Fear of sexual abuse is why. Cannot blame them. Your boy gets sex abused by some gay pedophile and guess what, your boy willl be sexually confused and likely turn gay as an adult.

      1. What sexual abuse? Same number of gays were running around when I was a child. I don’t think the numbers are much different today, proportional to the population… So for some (unfortunate) cases, let’s cripple all of our children…

        1. Alot of these kids are sex abused by priest, adults, older kids. That is where gayness comes from, kids who are sex abused b y same sex people.

        2. This is ancedotal, but in my experience its most definately true. I have three gay cousins (one who has undergone a full sex change) as well as gay aquiantences – both male and female – and with the males especially; there is ALWAYS some type of abuse in their childhood.

    2. This. Let them be, kids will come up with their own games anyway, no need for TV and other bullshit entertainment.
      If anything happens, they will come crying to mommy anyway. If nothing happens, more free time for you.

  4. I cannot emphasise on how important it is for men to be able to ensure that they play a pivotal and important role in the upbringing of their son. Men need to ensure that not only do they provide love to their son, but to also ensure that they raise them to become a real man.
    Unfortunately, with the insane divorce statistics in this Western hemisphere, more single mothers are raising their sons without a father in their child’s life because after all, big daddy government is the replacement. And the sick fact of life is, that this is now considered to be the norm and is even celebrated and embraced with open arms. If this is not proof that degeneracy is being praised, then I don’t know what is. Boys are now being raised into complete pussies, where they are not able to develop a spine and be able to withstand and fight against the many challenges that life will bring them. Hence, you now have a generation of effeminate, emasculated men, who simply do not present or display any physique or characteristics of being a real man.
    The softening of today’s boys can no doubt, be traced back to what is being taught in schools such as everyone being a winner, and banning competitive sports. Also factor in the medications being prescribed on a regular basis by a corrupt medical industry and kids witnessing first hand, the marriage of their parents erroding, it really is not surprising to see a generation of wimps being raised into men who need a “mommy” to marry and take care of him.
    Its frightening to be living in this day and age, where I see more manginas and white knights growing by the day, where they proudly proclaim to be feminists, even though they have been completely brainwashed and manipulated. Fatherhood must play a significant role in the upbringing of boys. Everything, from teaching them how to fix cars, pipes, knowing their toolkits, teaching them the value of perseverance and the hurdles of life and what to expect, can attribute greatly towards the rearing of a child, which in turn, allow him to be able to develop the skill and tenacity to be able to tackle life with an open and sharp mind.

    1. “… single mothers are raising their sons without a father in their child’s life because after all, big daddy government is the replacement. And the sick fact of life is, that this is now considered to be the norm and is even celebrated and embraced with open arms”.
      You’ve nailed it. I’ve seen a lot of Hollywood films, which portray a teenage child and his/her mother as the protagonists of the story. The father is clearly out of the picture. We’re never told what happened to him, whether he has been divorced or dead. He’s never discussed, as if he never existed. What these films show is that single mother is the norm, the new kind of family.
      What’s even funnier, that these moms are portrayed to be super mums, who fill the roles of both father and mother. She provides like a father and cares like a mother. Whether it’s an action, suspense, comedy or a romantic movie, a red pill man can always spot the feminist message in the movie. We live in frightening times when the masses are brainwashed with such delusional ideas.

        1. There’s 0 commercials on Mother’s Day saying “Happy Mother’s Day” to Single Dads. Femininity and the physical role WOMEN provide as Mothers is still honored, respected and celebrated.
          I’ve said before the Western World — courtesy of feminism — no longer values the physical role MEN provide as Fathers. The only role MEN now provide is to be a financial resource for Mother and Baby while being removed from house and child.
          However, it’s not just feminism. From what I’ve read and heard the Church routinely shames men on Fathers Day and turns it into a celebration of Mothers. Another reason why I refuse to enter a Church.

        2. Couldn’t agree more. Government aka Big Daddy has succeeded in completely emasculating the western man to the roll of a foot stool

        3. I dunno if you saw it: Emma Watsons speech at UN regarding this and Feminism. She of course cited the Text Book Definition of Feminism while then proclaiming that for some reason people think Feminism has reduced the role of fathers to nothing but financial providers.
          She then extends her hand asking MEN to take up Feminism in a campaign called “He For She.”
          You can’t make this shit up.
          1) People have seen Femnism in action which HAS made men nothing more than walking wallets. No mater how many times they cite the text book definition, people have seen feminism in action and know the reality/ actions speak louder than (hollow) words.
          2) Its called “He For She.” So she’s welcoming MEN into a ideology which the majority sees as Hating Men by telling them to again be a disposable male for the best interest of women — He for She.

        4. Byzantine Catholicism did not shame fathers this Father’s Day nor has it any time in my presence. I can’t speak for Roman Catholicism or the Protestants, but please do not think all Christians have turned against fathers (even if some have).

        5. “However, it’s not just feminism. From what I’ve read and heard the Church routinely shames men on Fathers Day and turns it into a celebration of Mothers. Another reason why I refuse to enter a Church”
          That, and the church also allowing female Pastors.

        6. Unfortunately traditional feminism has been infecting the church since the 19th century. Although seeds of it comes from the bridal mysticism of the 12th century where women started to be considered morally superior as a result.

        7. “Byzantine Catholicism”?
          Almost all Byzantine Christians where orthodox. And you are right, Orthodoxy definitely has not turned agains fathers. Or mothers, for that matter.

        8. “However, it’s not just feminism. From what I’ve read and heard the Church routinely shames men on Fathers Day and turns it into a celebration of Mothers. Another reason why I refuse to enter a Church”
          Get your facts straight. There may be American style protestant sects, (and protestant sects in Europe for that matter) that are anti-family, but the original church, the Orthodox church, is most definitely pro traditional family, pro fathers and pro mothers. In fact, it is not an understatement to say that the Orthodox church, together with the Catholic church (but to a slightly lesser extent) are the only major institutions that stand against the destruction of family and the general decay of society. (Islam also plays this role in Islamic countries, but it has serious problems and is eminently unsuitable for Europeans).

        9. One might think so, but there is actually a variant of Catholicism which practices Eastern traditions similar to Orthodoxy. Different liturgy, uses icons, priests can marry and a few other details but otherwise similar to pre-Vatican II Catholicism.

        10. Yes, I know, but the eastern rite catholics are pretty few in number, and pretty obscure, so I presumed that “Byzantine Catholicism” was a mistake…

        11. Do you recognize Glenn Beck is even saying the same thing? That his church on Father’s Day turned it into a celebration of Mothers while shaming father’s. ON Father’s Day !
          Father’s would love just ONE day where their role is celebrate and valued. The endless -hitting on DADs is getting OLD. In an era where feminists have devalued the physical roles of fathers so much, the least your precious veneer church could do is celebrate the positive roles of dad’s on father’s day.

        12. I have no idea what ‘church’ Glenn Beck goes to, but it definitely isn’t the orthodox church. Most likely it’s one of those american protestant sects, evangelical, episcopalian or something even worse.

        13. Its relatively new to me having been raised Roman Catholic, but this is what they are referring to themselves as in church.

        14. I never in my life heard of christians turning against fathers. On the contrary, christian faith always enfatized the importance of fatherhood, and motherhood too for that matter.

    2. As I say, you will need to get married because a bastard child is not a good thing. And so it is important to develop your exit strategy. This includes not buying a house, accumulating portable assets and learning the language (and useful job skills) for the foreign country in which you have right to abode. Eliminate her ability to take your assets and income and she won’t even try.
      I know a guy who did this very thing and he filed for divorce. He was a top banker and she was admin. The bitch got nothing.
      When the playing field is tilted make sure you have multiple cards up your sleeves.

      1. Wise advice. Unless you are in the military. Then you are fucked, fucked, fucked. Like I was!
        Look up attorneys advice to women on how to trap a man. When in the military, you practically trap yourself.
        Everything you can hide, is easily calculated for her by the government that owns you.
        And you can’t fight her because you can’t run away.
        And after several deployments, coming back to a judge stating that my service was reason enough to wipe her ass with the Constitution, which means absolutely nothing to family court mind you, that I would not be allowed to have joint custody! Because…reasons. I was not really told.
        So Captain America, bad ass Navy SEAL gets the woman of his dreams, and marries. He gets deployed, she loses the nostalgia and becomes disenchanted with being with a man in uniform who is so brave. She then cashes in on his re-enlistment bonus of 90k, and guaranteed payments on everything else he makes for the next (up to) 26 years in some states. She can move, he is stuck.
        Her service, if she is in, will be praised!
        Yours, will be utilized against your seeing your kids, and keeping your wealth.
        Feminism is societal cancer. So too will be anything resembling maculinism.
        It is what it is. We have a natural state of being as humans, and it is gone.

        1. That sounds pretty awful man. I often say, military service today is a form of slavery. An open-ended contract that you have no control over.

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    6. I never in my life heard of christians turning against fathers. On the contrary, christian faith always enfatized the importance of fatherhood, and motherhood too for that matter.
      American christianism might have become even more cucked than I thought…

    7. In the 1950s there was tons of traditional married couples where the wife was dressing her husband. As you can see men back then had second mommies. Marriage in itself is bad for men

  5. When it comes to literature – if you’re European in origin – have him read the eddas too. Nothing like a bit of ancestral wisdom to make you a man I say!

  6. Congradulations! , I have 3 grown kids(youngest is 18). Beware of the tube. when mine were young, i tried to watch what they were exposed to on TV , it was impossible . The ammount of SJW crap on cable, all cable, is terrible. They will have your son flying the rainbow flag by junior high. I would recomend you cancel your cable or dish. It will seem strange at fiirst , but you will find lots of other things fill that time . You will need to use netflix or something like that for you and your wife.
    your son will learn to play , enjoy books and have a longer attention span if he doesn’t see too much TV.

  7. Lord be with you Michael, it’ll be a miracle if you get to stick around and be a genuine father to him in this diseased society. I would never advocate having children in the West, the dangers are just too real.

  8. Your sacrifice is at the beginning. Make sure the boys don’t get cut (http://anticirc.wix.com/anticirc/ ) and make sure the children do not get Thimerosal-laced vaccines (www.traceamounts.com), make sure they are brought up in a place here food, air, and the environment in general are free of toxic chemicals, added hormones, fluoride, antibiotics, genetic engineering, and electromagnetic pollution, and make sure they stay away from TV and other brainwashing technology as much as possible. Make sure they are home schooled and make sure they learn to notice what goes on inside and outside of themselves, and that they learn to observe their mind, and to notice how it works while staying in Being. For doing all that they need time, silence, and absence of distractions. Let them grow like a plant grows in nature, and let them blossom like a flower. Avoid trying to pry open the petals, lest you destroy it. Respect the Being that’s the child of Life. Life is more valuable than ideologies, philosophies, religions, and the workings of mind. Make sure the Mother is a Family oriented woman, that she will breastfeed and that she will stay at home with the kids. Good luck in today’s world and enjoy being a Father.

    1. “Life is more valuable than ideologies, philosophies, religions, and the workings of mind.”
      You advise going to great lengths to avoid the branches, but then you embrace the root. If you think life is more valuable than “ideologies, philosophies, religions, and the workings of mind” then you’re only fit to be a submissive slave to men of a traditional culture who would rather die than compromise their beliefs.

      1. What is the premise? What do you think will continue after death? What is there while you are living? What do you really know out of what you call “yourself”? The question has to die now to find the answer, and I mean your own answer; not my answer or anybody else’s.

        1. Sounds like classic solipsitic BS to me.
          Anyone who has no values will inevitably end up a slave to the stronest idealology in their enviorment. Via passive Assimilation or through force

    1. Lol, how are you going to “have” children when the woman can divorce your ass take full custody of your kids and have you pay for all of it? The only way you have kids in America is like Michael Jackson did. You rent a pussy, buy an egg and stick it in their and make sure they sign away all their rights.

  9. The author has it right on pretty much all counts. Despite the dangers of raising boys in the West, the guys on this site, with their Red Pill knowledge, et al, would certainly be a better bet to have and raise kids than society at large, especially raising sons. After a while, banging sluts gets old; it certainly did to me, and after having two sons with the wrong person (to put it mildly), I care 1 million times more about my boys and trying to be the best example for them than I will ever care about a woman. Women are for recreation and cooking babies for you, just don’t marry them – the traditional family is indeed dying a slow death, but you can have and raise boys to be masculine young men despite the current climate and numerous obstacles, believe it.

    1. Unless you can isolate them from the general culture, it will be a lot harder than you think to raise them the way you want. This is especially true if they go to public school. When they become teens, forget about it.

      1. Unfortunately, I think you are right, that is what I worry about. Once your kid(s) are born, however, then it is kind of a moot point, you know? Fighting the tide, but the next generation of kids can only be an improvement on the unfortunate millenials.

      2. this can be worked around, as long as you are in your child life. a lot if not most of the problems today stem from single mothers, if your son has a picture of real manhood from early on this is what he will become minus a teenage rebellious stage

      3. This is probably due to the fact that biologically during their “teens” they have effectively become young adults. Hence this is why they are striking out on their own.

  10. My daughter was born six years ago. At the time I was what could be considered an “under-achiever”. Without conscious effort I was able to go from making $35k a year to $100k plus. The relationship with my wife improved tremendously and most of the things that used to be major life obstacles to me have become little more than minor annoyances. Plus, the opportunity to give of myself 100% at 100% of time to my little angel is the best thing ever. She adores me, and I her. Life couldn’t be better.

      1. I thought about his and I decided that I can’t be happy doing shot for myself. Mabey that’s just me. Most of my motivation come from wanting to satisfy my sexual need and to protect and provide for people I love. You can look at it as being a slave or being a leader. It depends where your mind is at.

        1. I agree. Men want to provide, but in the same time they want to be appreciated. Appreciation and sex is our currency.
          The problem is today’s women take our provisioning as entitlement and that screws it all up for us.

        2. Being appreciated is just validation. For me, A man provides for his family even if they hate him. If they are there or not. Because that’s what love really is. That’s where I find my happiness. Choose your poisen I guess. All this being said, I’m not a 24/7 workaholic super serious, I enjoy chilling and messing around, I just know my responsibilities. I’m still in my late teens in trade school so what do I know.

      1. Focus mostly, and some putting my neck on the line at work. I found ways to make myself and my projects (I’m a design engineer) indispensable to the companies I worked for. Then I would give notice, whether I had another job lined up or not. Then my salary would be re-negotiated. I did this at two companies and it has paid off.

  11. Probably the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that my kid could stay outside all day.
    When I was a kid, during summer vacation, Christmas vacation, and all the other breaks we had from school, me and my friends would head outside at 7:30AM or 8:00AM. As early as we could. We’d be outside all day, only exception bathroom breaks (unless we were way out in the middle of nowhere and we just went in the woods), or occasional breaks to get something to drink and maybe eat. We’d even skip lunch a lot of the time if we were way out in the woods.
    Outside all day until our parents made us come in. Hot and humid, rainy and crappy, windy and snowy…didn’t matter. We were outside and didn’t want to be anywhere else.
    Boys absolutely need to be outside running around burning off their energy.

    1. Letting your kids outside now will probably get you arrested and potentially have your children taken into custody for the rest of their childhood.
      For their safety of course. And you? Well fuck you.

      1. I was raised by my grandparents in a village. When I was 4-5 , I would wander on my own several kilometers away from home , playing in the fields or smth , the whole day. Nobody knew were I was or what I was doing. My grands would maybe go look out for me if it was way post-sunset and I hadn’t returned home yet. I don’t know if this is normal nowadays. Damn , I don’t even know if I would let my own kids grow up like that.

        1. Yeah it was the same for me in those days. I would be gone the whole day. Nobody worried. But now “safety” trumps liberty.

      1. The same people who bitch about ADHD in boys spend most of their time at work slacking off on Facebook or some shit because, holy shit, their job is boring as can be.
        But when boys do it because the public education system is raping their soul it’s suddenly a disorder.
        Take these boys out into the woods and teach them how to use tools responsibly by building a treehouse together, you’ll have their undivided attention for hours at a time.

      2. ADHD is indeed bullshit, back in the day a boy would wake up at 4 am and and spend 2 hours working on the farm, milking the cows and doing farm work. He would then eat a large breakfast made up of an entirely “organic” diet aka real normal human food, and then walk 1-5 miles to school. After that he’d go back home, work for another 1-4 hours depending on the season, do homework and then go play and go to bed.
        Now a boy wakes up 1-2 hours before school, is driven or takes the bus. Is pampered and is given all kinds of stimulants like coffee, sugar, high fructose corn syrup and things to MAKE YOU HYPER. He is given almost no time to be active once he hits high school. and then he is labeled as being hyper active? Are you kidding me, you are giving a kid drugs like sugar, fructose corn syrup and caffeine to make him hyper and then deny him any activity, how the hell else is he going to act?
        Isn’t it funny how normal male rambuctious behaviour is classified as a “disease” or ADHD in the exact same book where homosexuality was removed as a mental disorder/disease in 1973 for political reasons. The DSM will say being gay isn’t a disease JUST because of politics, but will say being a normal male is a disease why? Politics. so now the roles are reveresed, normal healthy males are diseased, and homosexual disease males are healthy. this is a true distopia. The roles have been reversed.

    2. Wow well it’s a huge contrast to kids these days. Running around on Minecraft is as close as most get to going outside these days.

  12. Unchecked immigration has made it difficult assimilate new arrivals

    Please do not promulgate myths. The US is one of the hardest countries to migrate to. Also, if you check the facts in Europe, speaking for England, immigration from Islamic countries is an almost unnoticeable fraction of the net immigrations (200k) per year. Most people migrating to European countries are from other European countries.

    1. On the situation in Europe I have to rely on news reports as I haven’t been there in the past five years. For example, check out Prince Prospero’s article on Sweden. Do you think this is overblown?
      When I visited Paris a few years back, I recall walking into a neighborhood that was almost completely Muslim. When I walked into that neighborhood, people literally stopped and looked at me as if I was trespassing. I didn’t experience this in any other neighborhoods.

      1. I can’t speak for Europe but the statistics on UK immigration are published monthly. When you look at them you won’t find many Muslims. Most of the Muslims in Britain today are here as part of the legacy of colonisation and have been here for decades. But this picture of Muslims pouring over the border is false.

        1. Actually, according to government statistics, the muslim population has almost doubled in England and Wales in just 10 years.
          It’s around 5% now – which might not seem like a lot, but that’s the percentage in countries like the Philippines and Thailand, where the Southern muslim parts have been at civil war with the rest of the country for decades and demand secession, and where most countries officially advice people against going because of the unacceptable risk of getting murdered or kidnapped.
          Basically the muslims bunch together in one part of the country just like they bunch together in French, Dutch or German neighbourhoods, and then start acting hostile towards everyone else. They just don’t demand independence in the West because that would mean they had to stop leeching off welfare states funded by predominantly white, working people.
          And while it’s true that most European immigration is (still) European, that’s a red herring. European immigration doesn’t have disasterous employment rates, disasterous crime rates, people usually travel back, and when they don’t, they integrate. Muslim groups haven’t integrated or started performing at a European level since the 1950s, they’re not moving back, and they largely choose to import spouses from their home area/tribe, which further increases the problems.

        2. But you did speak for Europe… in your comment above. Now you’re walking it back. You need to walk the whole thing back Bob. Stop stumping for Islam. It’s futile. The truth is out there.

        3. You have to consider endogenous increases in Muslim populations (i.e. Muslims born in the country). It is unlikely that the increase is due to immigration because there are scarcely any Muslim immigrants. That most immigration is European is not a red herring but an important fact in light of the fact people are screaming about all these immigrants pouring over the borders. When you know that its Europeans coming to town you can be less concerned for the reasons you mention.
          Also note that high crime low employment is not a Muslim issue but a poor immigrant issue. The poor immigrants arrived decades ago (Blacks, Non-Muslim Indians, Irish, etc.) and most are still poor.
          You cannot compare the Philippines and Thailand to a First World country like Britain for obvious reasons.

        4. Ever heard of English language courses (aka visa factories) run by and for you know who.
          Sham marriages are most popular among Muslims as well.You won’t find all of this in statistics.
          Have you ever been to East Ham or Upton Park? 2 or 3 white faces you may occasionally spot in the crowd will be east european immigrants.

        5. I live in East Ham. Not sure what English language courses or sham marriages have to do with legitimate immigration.

        6. You said “Most people migrating to European countries are from other European countries“, you didn’t say to England.
          And anyway, read the horror in the story linked below and tell me England doesn’t have a problem with Islam refusing to culturally assimilate. 1,400 children sexually exploited in Rotherham and the police and local authorities wilfully ignored it out of fear of accusations of racism… but it’s nothing to do with Islam, right? This isn’t soft jihad planned out by the Muslim Brotherhood, right? like the Wizard of Oz said, there’s nothing to see here, right? Bullshit Bob.

        7. OK Mr Pedantic. That’s my opinion based on the nature of the EU and my travel around these countries. Every European can travel around Europe freely, if you are not European you can’t. You do the math.

        8. The USA used to have this freedom to travel as well. Then we got the TSA, internal border checkpoints, and REAL ID is coming.

        9. I´m with Bob. You call someone wilfully ignorant and then quote your sources as Russia Today and the Daily Mail. Absolutely pathetic.

        10. Do you dispute any of the facts? Are you even aware of the facts? Do you even have an argument? Slinging ad hominem attacks at news sources in an effort to distract from the facts of the argument is just so… how shall I put it… SJW. Bob’s a big boy. He can look after himself you pathetic little white knight. Make an argument or piss off.

        11. Do you have facts to back that up? In any case the vast majority of immigrants come here to work or study, not get married.

        12. In 100 years the majority of europe with be Muslim, and Sharia compliant. What that means is that there will no art allowed (im talking all art – the brilliant classic paintings of the old masters and sculptures, not just the contemporary shit) and no non sharia architecture (goodbye eiffel tower and all the great structures of classic roman style) and no traces of other cultures allowed (goodbye to non muslim cemeteries and goodbye to non muslim grave sites) and you can expect all libraries to get a sharia compliant overhaul…
          All this because the immigration policies allowed the criminally insane through their borders and to reproduce like houseflies, thus taking over europe by a simple means of demographics.

        13. As I said, illegal immigrants are a separate issue. In any case, those people you mention are seeking asylum. Asylum seekers make up a tiny category of immigration. Few of them make it to England and even fewer receive asylum. Not exactly an example of immigrants pouring across the border.

        14. A few years ago,Home office stopped processing applications from certain parts of India.They found out those coming here to “study” used bogus colleges to obtain required papers.
          I met a few people from new EU states who are in a sham marriage,
          student visa holders working full-time,asylum seekers etc…
          I have yet to meet a legit qualified migrant from outside EU.

        15. Europe would go crescent a lot sooner than 100 years at current rates, actually. But you’re discounting the possibility of radical changes. If you look at history, changes and events often unfold very rapidly.
          Hopefully Europe will do the only sane thing: Publicly execute a few thousand of the most active traitors to set an example and show everyone the seriousness and consequences of betraying your people, without wiping out masses of quality genes khmer rouge style. Double/triple work weeks in the hardest and most profitable industries for public benefit a few decades for lesser offenders, and confiscation of all property and assets from politically correct activists and profiteers. Then forgiveness and reintergration after time served for remorseful sinners. Problem solved, everyone happy, mankind improved, time to move on.

        16. Illegal immigration is part of this same issue we’re discussing. If and when he obtains asylum, the illegal immigrant becomes legal, so you have to consider him Bob. And this is what is happening on a massive scale in the U.S.A. right now. And when a guy like Trump tries to criticize “unchecked immigration”, like the writer of this article did (and got criticized by you for), he gets accused of hating Mexicans, which is an SJW distraction tactic. Trump isn’t even focusing on Mexicans, he loves Mexico, does a lot of business there. The most dangerous illegal immigrants to the U.S.A. right now are MS-13 gang members from central America. I have a friend from Nicaragua who tells me about them. These guys will stab you just to see if their knife works. But SJW’s don’t want you to think about that. They want you to think about how much Trump hates Mexicans. Nothing to see over there in central America.

        17. It is part of it but you have to distinguish between the two. Reason being, is that politicians deliberately conflate the two to create fear. Illegal and legal immigration work very differently. Point of fact, there are far more legal immigrants from the USA coming to the UK than illegals getting asylum status. Should I be worried? Not about the Americans.
          Btw I met some of these American immigrants last night. Female law students. Dude, these girls don’t know the first thing about behaving like ladies…
          Trump isn’t making sense. The US Border Patrol is very hot on illegals as is the Border Force here. There is nothing “unchecked” about it.
          As for stabbings… I grew up in a white English town. Regular stabbings were a normal part of life. I don’t think the Mexicans have a monopoly on it.

        18. That’s anecdotal. Not saying you are wrong but its not indicative of a serious problem. I know plenty of legitimate migrants. Sure fraud will always be a problem but I really can’t see as being a priority next to our more serious problems.

        19. So… them not knowing the first thing about being ladies was a GOOD thing, right? Lol… I have some experience with women lawyers and all I will say is… dirty. And God bless ’em.
          Trump is making a lot of sense to me. Trump can speak truth that most of the other candidates won’t because Trump has “fuck you” money. Univision and Macy’s have already dumped him, but Trump doesn’t give a fuck, he keeps on roaring. Trump, right now when he is in front of the cameras, reminds me of Roosh on Dr. Oz. And that’s a compliment Roosh.
          I think you missed a key detail in my story about stabbing… I was talking about MS-13 gang members, who are primarily from El Salvador, NOT Mexico. And I hazard a guess that these MS-13 boys would make your white English hometown seem like Dorothy’s Kansas. Immigration from El Salvador has been extremely UNCHECKED recently. Maybe you heard about the child migration crisis last year?

        20. They seemed pretty dirty to me. Got them locked in for next weekend for me and some boys. We’ll see just how dirty they can get…

        21. I will. Hey check this out. I just met a sexy, sexy, sexy Italian chick with “YOLO” tattooed on her wrist.
          Bad sign you think?

        22. Depends on your perspective. Bad for prospects of marrying and procreating with… good for pump and dump. Use at your own risk. 😉

    2. You guys are just catching up to us in Canada where Muslims are almost untouchable and in my home city their are store signs in Arabic. This was unimaginable even 10 years ago.

    3. Why do you call it ‘migrating’ and not ‘immigrating’? WHY is the US ‘hard to migrate” to? Legally or illegally. Yeah, most people are coming in from other European countries, but they’re not much a problem. Muslims, on the whole, are.

      1. Why do you call it ‘migrating’ and not ‘immigrating’?

        Have another read of my comment and re-consider your comment.
        Legally, yes of course. Illegal immigration is a separate issue but rarely involves Muslims.
        Some Muslims are problem people as are some White people, Blacks, whatever…
        I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here by responding to you. Don’t disappoint me again.

      2. The US is hard to migrate to primarily because it only has 2 borders : Canada and Mexico, and 2 vast oceans. Compare that to something like Spain where it has thousands of miles of coastline and open borders between its neighbors (what’s that? freedom to cross borders freely?!?)
        Also the US has a large and powerful federal government and it’s difficult to transact business (open bank accounts, use credit cards, work for corporations, purchase housing, borrow money) without a social security number. Most other countries if you can get there, and you bring or can earn money, you can find a way to live there. The US not so much.
        Bringing these comments back on topic, I’ve found that most immigrant families are FAR, FAR, FAR more likely to have a father in the picture than the standard western household.

    4. It’s so rare to hear any rationality concerning immigration. Net immigration from Hispanic countries to the USA has been NEGATIVE for the last few years (meaning they are actually leaving as our economy has gone in the shitter) yet media prostitutes and bimbos and Donald Trumps act like they are flowing down the streets and going to overthrow our elected government any day.
      Somehow immigration went from the thing that made America the powerhouse of growth to something awful and destructive. All the talk about immigrants on welfare ignores the fact that immigrants use social services at rates lower than the general public. Not to mention undocumented workers are ineligible for the biggest benefits, like social security pensions, EVEN THOUGH THEY PAY PENSION TAXES through payroll taxes.
      I think it stems from people not wanting to own up and fix shit themselves. Always easier to blame the problem on others and throw up your hands. Remember, it was white men who gave white women the vote, and allowed every other “reform” change to happen.

      1. These immigrants often have stronger family values and are appalled by the slutty behavior they see in our countries.
        The reason you see all this irrationality is because too few men have the discipline to prevent themselves from being ruled by fear. As such the politicians find it easy to divide us with scary stories of monsters swarming across our borders.

  13. My current plans are to try to give my son a classical education.

    Good, but make this a hobby. Your son will need hard skills that get him a job. Finance, Law, Accounting, Computer Science, Tech, Real Science (Physics, Chemistry, etc.). With these skills your professional son will never, repeat never be out of work.

    1. Comp-sci and tech, not so sure.
      Trans-pacific pact is going to be signed later this year, opening up this country to mega H1B style worker visas. Tech can be outsourced easily, and a millions of people from India and China will be willing to do the tech jobs for less money.
      He may never be out of work in IT, but he won’t be gaining ground in the IT industry like you would expect.
      The TPP will affect more than tech, though. Lots of industries will be flooded with cheap labor from crappy countries willing to work for peanuts.

      1. Good point. Honesty, I can speak confidently only for Finance, Law and Accounting as that is where I have most of my experience.

    2. Except when the feminzais drive him out of his job, you need to start your own business, working for others is a fools way.

      1. I don’t agree that starting your is the best way to move forward. Half of businesses fail in the first five years. That’s a high risk strategy. Think you can avoid feminazis? Not planning to hire women? Sex discrimination. Not planning to have women or homos as clients? They will shut you down.
        You have all the risk of a high risk strategy. I cannot recommend something like this. However, as a professional with years of experience in your field, in your early middle-age years you can start working as an independent contractor (i.e. your own business with no overhead), to the highest bidder at three days a week. I know people that do this. No risk, well paid.

        1. Businesses fail usually because the owner is doing a half assed job. Alot of people aren’t taking it that seriously, they aren’t looking at the numbers they aren’t doing the right research. Of course you could still fail anyways, but how many people fail in the real world too? Not everyone is cut out to run their own business but lots of people can.
          O and who is going to sue you for sex discrimination when no women work there? I’ll take a homos money but he cannot work for me.

        2. The women that don’t work for you will sue you. They will come up with something.
          I’m not saying that you shouldn’t start a business. I’m just saying it’s not the perfect solution people seem to think it is.

        3. You are missing the point. Running your own business does not insulate you from charges of discrimination.

    1. If she is screwed up enough, get a junkyard dog lawyer and crush the “mother”/egg donor in court. Trust me, if you hold their feet to the fire, a large number of the utterly selfish and self-centered women will fold like a bad hand in poker and you can actually win residential/primary (if not sole) custody of your child(ren). Am speaking from experience here.

  14. Glad the writer pointed out that the male-female binary thing is real and not a social construct. I, too never encouraged my children to play with certain toys. I was too blue pill then, and bought in the social construct theory. Whenever I took my children to buy toys, I would tell them to buy whatever they wanted, and my sons always went for boyish toys, while my daughter for dolls, tea sets and he other girly toys. I never encouraged them to do so. It just happened.

  15. “The whole male-female binary thing is real. It is not a cultural construct.”
    Look at the people that try to forcefuck society into thinking this-and-that are “social/cultural constructs”. Absolutely bottom-of-the-barrel, beneath the bottom of the totem pole ugly, fat as Hell, fucked-up fashion-wearing and otherwise degenerate and defective scum. They try to rewrite history and biology to over-overcompensate for their personal defects and shortcomings (many of which are self-imposed anyway!).
    Tell me, why should I bother listening to the moronic psychobabble that they spew, let alone have an iota of caring for their well-being?

  16. I’ve done this kids business … many times… too many. You’re doing some things right, some things wrong. Here’s what you’re doing wrong.
    1. You do not involved with the newborn in any way at all. This getting up in the
    middle of the night to feed the baby is women’s business not yours. You are the
    bread winner and you need to be fresh and full of energy when you go to work.
    You think your wife will have any sympathies with you if lose your job? Think
    again. You sleep in a separate room for the first two years. When you want sex your
    wife comes to you.
    2. You’ve sacrificed your own pleasures and habits for the sake of your son and
    your wife. That’s wrong. If your wife moans that she had to sacrifice a lot of
    her own old habits, just avoid her and don’t get into an argument.
    3. You’ve only had one child, do not think that you know it all. Siblings are quite
    different from one another.
    4. You said the fatherhood made you focused on your career. This sounds like you want to be a provider. You know your wife is not likely to appreciate this, although she might say otherwise. Focus on yourself instead.
    Good luck!

    1. Here are some advices when it comes to your wife, as the future of your son depends A LOT of your ability to control the woman:
      1. Do not let her know exactly how much money you make or how much you have saved. Keep her on a tight budget. Always pretend that you’re skinned. Do not buy her presents. Do not buy a big house, best do not buy a house at all. If you do, put it on your mother’s name or other close person you can trust.
      2. Keep her busy. If you want a large family, keep making babies, it’s the best way to keep woman busy and content.
      3. Do not let her go back to work, instead make her come up with a home business where she can earn a little money for herself. The internet is great for that. She can make things and sell them online.
      4. Watch what kind of women she socialises with. Do not let her spend too much time without your kid. Girls night out and all that business, forget it, she stays at home.
      5. Fuck her regularly. If she’s argumentative go anal. But at the same time, from time to time refuse her sex if she misbehaves. Make sure she does not control you with her pussy.
      6. Do not let her spoil your son. Once he’s 5 he does not need to be kissed and hugged too much, especially by his mother.

      1. this is very good advice, in addition make sure he is not coddled don’t accept him crying because he skinned his knee ect. I never have and my son got stitches at 4 and didn’t even cry he sucked it up and dealt with the pain like a man

      2. This is advice my father gave me, and is an intrinsic part of my Latin American upbringing. I am happily married for almost 20 years and a proud father of 4 thanks to this advice. Western culture has suffered immeasurably from having common sense rules and old traditional patterns stripped from it. Thank you for putting it into print for the young men Krum.

      3. #1 great! I knew 2 people who had joint title with parent(s). One of their wives flaked so bad she turned full on vagabond street lady in her late 50’s. It was as if she was programmed to divorce rape and keep the house like in all the fairy tales. She kept going through the instinctive motions of the preying mantis but it was riotous watching her try to ‘bite’ when there was no estate for her to devour. No lawyer could give her that house without the mother’s quit claim. The dumb bitch withered on the streets and went from a 7.5 to a 3. Her shit was partly psychiatric and part femicunt brainwashing. They had grown kids but it was still kind of sad seeing the dad with his hands somewhat still tied to where he couldn’t have just spanked and dominated her back straight like she needed. If the estate were in the husband & wife’s names only, the guy would be on the street or dead by now. He now has a girlfriend in the home half his age and two kids by her but not officially married.

    2. involve your son in you activities is good to, I started teaching my son martial arts and how to do pushups ect as soon as he could walk

    3. This is a joke right? When you make the choice to become a father, you give up certain things for your child. When you make the choice to get married, you give up certain things for your wife. That’s how it works. If you want to live however you want and do whatever you want, don’t get married and have kids.

      1. You teach your kids by example. If you become their slave, they’d be slaves too. I’ve got four kids who feel honored when I give them my attention and they cherish it.
        But I’ve got my own life. MGHOW with kids.

      2. “When you make the choice to get married, you give up certain things for your wife. That’s how it works.”
        No that’s not how it works, that’s how *they* want it to work.

        1. “Nathan” won’t answer you, because he’s a beta white knight or a chick, either way, full of crap, neither married nor a parent.

    4. Yup, women don’t appreciate males sacrifices, so its best to not make any. The more shit you dump on her, and the less you do in the relation, the better it will work out. See now you need to occassionally do a nice thing. Like once or twice a month you do a thing she’d normally do, could be cooking dinner on a weekend, or washing a dish or feeding the kid. But if you make it your habit to giveher free time it will end poorly. Treating women well is always a bad idea.

      1. Work smart. I’ll wash dishes only after I’ve worked on my car. The time spent in the soapy water is sometimes the only thing that gets the deep grease residue out of my hands.

    5. The guy is already held in the balls if he’s married, she divorces him just for one thing she doesn’t like and that’s it for his life

  17. I couldn’t recommend homeschooling enough. Private schools are definitely better than public. But they can still be a problem. If you do choose to put him in a school, I recommend keeping your eye on exactly what they’re teaching him.

    1. Homeschooling is good idea but difficult to pull off. Who’s going to do it, his wife? I wouldn’t recommend that. If the father decides to stay home and do homeschooling then the mother will have to bring the bacon and we all know what happens then.
      Unless you have got any other ideas?

      1. What’s wrong with the wife homeschooling the kids? Don’t trust her? I would hope if you’ve gone through all the trouble of marrying someone, you at least trust them and consider them to be capable of holding up their end of the parenting bargain.

        1. Marriage doesn’t work without trust, and neither does raising kids.
          You have plenty of time to figure out if she’s trustworthy before you marry.

        2. And I would say you seem like both. I recommend not hating women so much. We kind of need them for reproduction.

        3. THIS…
          As much as I appreciate the time honored dicipline of real man discusion and idea exchange; there is a serious deficit of info exchange when it comes to sucessfully maintaining traditional options. Like finding, creating, or maintaing a good woman in your life.
          Or what DOES work in a longlasting marrige, or successful father/family relationship. The reality is most men will go through the whole traditional relationship cycle. Its whats natural afterall. Talking about MGTOW principles and maintaing harems aint gonna change that. Like Roosh has stated with his neomascalinity proclamation – game and cracking the woman code are elemtary/beginner principles.

      2. And what’s the alternative? Stick the kids in a public k12 school where they will be indoctrinated into being feminist drones?
        If you can’t trust your wife, you shouldn’t have married her.

  18. Good article.
    What scares me is the affect SJWs are having on education. I have a degree in classical philosophy, with minors in economics, theology, and cognitive science. When I was in college, we studied concepts like ethics, naturalism, utilitarianism, virtue, etc. The words of Aristotle, Camus, Plato, St. Augustus, and Thomas Aquinas still resonate with me to this day. Classical philosophy was not written to keep the delicate feelings of SJWs unhurt. Quite the contrary.
    Education today seems focused on that which is useless, but feels good. “Privilege”, “gender identity”, “feminism”, “consent”. College nowadays leaves young people not only unprepared to handle the workplace, but worse off.
    The other night I was out at a bar with my current girl and one of her beta orbiters. A blue haired SJW came in, who is friends with the beta orbiter. She kept spouting her “educated views” about the patriarchy, white males, and how conservatives are ruining the world. Orbiter is eating it up, nodding in agreement.
    I sat there brooding, looking bored and checking my phone. Finally, I’d had enough. This was the conversation:
    SJW: “So then I had to quit my waitressing job today. One of the cooks kept using the word ‘faggot’. I can’t believe they’re allowed to say that word.”
    Orbiter: “That’s terrible!”
    Hank: “Did you tell him to knock it off? Was he saying it to you?”
    SJW: “No. But I shouldn’t have to. I quit. I should not be subject to that kind of hostile work environment.”
    Hank: “Ok. So what are you going to do for money?”
    SJW: “Collect unemployment for awhile. I think I’m eligible for welfare at this point.”
    Hank: “Look, you’re obviously smart. You have a masters degree. You’re not disabled. Maybe someone with your level of education should consider finding work outside the service industry?”
    SJW: “Fuck that, and fuck corporate America. There are no jobs out there. They should have to pay a living wage.”
    Hank: “You could start a business…”
    SJW: “No. All small businesses fail. It’s impossible.”
    Hank: “I’m a small business owner, and I do pretty well for myself.”
    SJW: “But that’s because you’re a privileged white male and had everything handed to you.”
    Hank: “I’m a high school dropout. Look, you do understand that people like me who start businesses have to work hard and pay taxes, so that people like you can live off the government until you find a job where no one says anything that will offend you. All I’ve heard you do tonight is rail about how everyone is a victim of the white male patriarchy. Yet I was in my office yesterday at 7:30am, and finished work around 8pm. Working hard so you don’t have to. You want to talk about a hostile work environment? Consider my military buddies who get shot at. Consider the business owner who puts their home on the line. Consider the construction worker who has to wear a heavy tyvex suit to avoid getting electrocuted. Yet your job is so difficult because someone said a word that upset you.”
    SJW: “You can’t talk to me like that!”
    Hank: “I absolutely can. If you don’t like it go somewhere else. I’m not your college professor, and I don’t give a shit about your feelings. Quite frankly, I think you’re…”
    SJW: “You’re just a privileged white conservative…”
    Hank: [looks at her directly in the eye] “Do not cut me off. I sat here and respectfully listened to you for an hour. If you can’t converse like an adult, this conversation is over.”
    SJW: [practically in tears, she gets up and leaves]. “You’re such an asshole!”
    Orbiter: [I look him in the eye. He looks down at the table]
    Hank: “Aren’t you going to go give her a hug? She probably needs her girlfriends to console her.”

    1. How ugly was she? Did she have Skittles hair that was cut like a man? The usual tells of a SJW degenerate who will eventually give this country a Holodomor.

      1. She was about a 5. Not fat, tall and kind of lanky. A smoker, nose ring, hair was actually normal other than being dyed blue. I might fuck her and lie about it…
        “Hank, did you fuck that annoying SJW? Dude…”
        “Nah. I just gave her a ride home.”
        “Aren’t those her earrings on your coffee table?”
        But probably not.

    2. i have a special snowflake gay cousin who is in his forties. he is a true artist/muscian who won’t stoop to doing art/music that people actually want to pay for, so he lives with his mom and dad and doesn’t work. the extended family pretty much buys that he’s oppressed because he’s gay, and disadvantaged because he’s supposedly bipolar (although he doesn’t seem to be doing anything to treat it).
      granted i would die of shame if i were living with my mom and dad at his age, but i look at him sleeping in and partying all night while i’m in the office all day and wonder who is really being oppressed. i’ve known a few gay men who are responsible, work, and take care of themselves, but watching my cousin in action has made me think about it, and it seems like a good 50% of the homosexuals i meet are still living off their parents well into middle age.

      1. I’m self-employed and earn decent money, but I still live with my parents. Don’t know why some people hate it so much, it’s really convenient.

        1. the fact that you are working and not leeching off them makes it vastly better. i wouldn’t want to live with my mom and dad as much as i love them, but as long as you’re not a moocher, i say to each his own.

    3. Good day mate. Seems like you always pull some experience out of your hat corresponding to the article. No offense but are your experiences real or just a figment of your imagination. I thoroughly enjoy your comments though. Your writing is succinct and enjoyable. Always looking forward to your deviltry in the comments section.

  19. Michael – You are my favorite writer on ROTK. I read most of these articles and I wonder what good is it to be the best man in the world if you don’t have a good woman to share it with and children to pass on what is best about you and make the world a better place. When I learned game back in my late teens the name of the game was: “How to get all the women you want . . . and then learn to want one woman.” In my day it was “learn which women to bang and at the same time, learn which women to give your heart too.”

  20. I wish I had had children sooner because having a child has really given me incredible focus.
    Amen brother. I had to rescue my daughter from her mother in a fierce custody battle, but I always say that my daughter saved me.

    1. Good for you and enjoy your time on this earth with your child. And don’t ever be afraid of red pill conversations with your daughter.

      1. Thanks, I won’t. I look forward to watching her grow up into a beautiful, intelligent woman who will infuriate feminists with her libertarian conservative values for the rest of her damn life.

        1. It’s been two years since you’ve left this message and I don’t know if you’ll see my comment but that was an absolutely amazing story. I’m really glad for you and your daughter.

      1. Actually, I sent an article in to ROK on Monday about the story of my custody battle (as per the request of some other commenters here on ROK). If you can put some pressure on Black Knight, maybe it will get published soon. 😉

        1. Great story. Man, you hooked up with one crazy woman. Thank God you got your daughter out of that environment because it would have destroyed her.
          Your application of Sun Tzu is classic. We talk about this, but rarely see it applied in real life.
          I bookmarked your post and will be sharing it with men who are entering custody battles.

    2. I was a traveller and a drifter teaching English and studying overseas until I met my foreign wife.. Started working on an M.A. in teaching just to impress her and show her I had a future.
      However, I was not really interested in any job security until my son was born. Came back and worked to get tenure and have a retirement. Got a mortgage , paid it off real fast and all that.
      Want to spend about 9 more years as a teacher and prepper gardener. Get a small farm homestead established and turn it over to my son. Hopefully, then I can give everything to my son and be a drifter again. This time here in America.
      My retirement dream is to go out west on route 66 and be a cheap motel drifter, conspiracy investigator and UFO chaser. With some camping gear, rifle, binoculars, telescope in the back of a van.
      But bury me not on the lone prairie. Wanna go back to the homestead for that.

      1. That’s very cool my friend. You have a similar goal to Jules in Pulp Fiction. You just want to walk the earth.

      2. Good luck with that. Homesteading is all fine and good until the shit hits the fan economic armageddon and major property taxes are levied on everyone.

  21. Having children is good for a man. I would advise a surrogate route to avoid the wife taking them. As good as having children is the reality is a wife with the assistance and encouragement from an armed government can make having children the worst thing that a loving man can do.

  22. Some good advice. I didn’t experience the sleep deprivation but I knew it was coming and took steps to prevent it. I am very involved with my child but I didn’t try to share every single task with my wife. Choose what you want to do and stick to it. You’ll catch shit at first but it will work out in the end.
    I’ll repeat what the author said too that you must not wait. Get a decent job find a good female and start the family. And you want a younger woman so ie.get on it in your 20s.

  23. Interesting in a lot of respects. I am glad my son had a forest to play commando in behind our house. But I remember how I had to tone it down when he would run through 100 yard drainage pipes as a 13 year old. Going across a very wide interstate underground to construct an encampment in the forest on the other side.
    I finally figured out what he was doing after him coming home waste deep in filth every day after school for a month.
    He is now an excellent marksman and in ROTC. He will be a fine cadet. He helps his old man out more at the shooting range than vice versa.

    1. “He is now an excellent marksman and in ROTC. He will be a fine cadet. He helps his old man out more at the shooting range than vice versa”
      Jesus Fuckin Christ — your son then gets to be shipped off to a bogus war fighting for corporate self interests and he will come back with either his face burned off, or and artificial limb, or wheel chair, or all three.
      Learning firearms is great and should be learned, but being a dispensible stooge for the military is a big mistake

    1. This was an amazing show, and season 2 is looking to be excellent as well. This from a guy with no tv 🙂

  24. I can’t yet bring myself to raise children in the west. I’m sorry, but the society today is just too corrupt and sick for me, much less for a child, to handle. And it is spiraling out of control.
    If you would have told racists 50 years ago that the very blacks they were taunting and harassing and lynching and killing would be soon running their cities, their police forces, tearing down their flags, upending their monuments, and disinterring their civil war heroes, they could not believe it. If you would have told a student from the 2000s like me that “gay” would stop being a derogatory word, and would become an accepted way of marriage, I would not have believed it. If you told almost anyone 5 years ago that switching ones sex is to be normal and celebrated and a “brave” thing to do, I think it would have shocked most of us. Heck, I remember how crazy it seemed that Idiocracy had a black president. Sinead O’Connor used to be controversial because she was anti-religion and had short hair. She’s got nothing on Miley Cyrus!
    Now I don’t care if gays can marry each other, and I am not a racist (I actually volunteer for a group that works on poverty issues in a majority black area, and think state marriages should be expanded, am fine with a black or Hispanic or whatever president), but the point here is the RAPID change that took place in just a few short years. I really can’t imagine where society will be in another 20 years. If I had a kid today, by the time they go to college, I don’t think I’ll recognize the society we live in.

    1. It’s amazing how far westerners’ heads are up their own asses. In East Asia and in Africa people know that some races are superior and others inferior. Koreans treat whites differently than they do phillipinos or blacks. Even among the inferior races, north africans regard blacks as being inferior.
      Only the hypocritical whites bleat “I’m not racist” while fleeing inner cities to live in the suburbs.
      The world is going to shit precisely because the wrong people are having kids. You seem relatively intelligent and altruistic. People like you need to breed. The future belongs to those who show up for it.

    2. There has never been a “good time” to have children. Even kids born in the 50’s were born with the Nuclear Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads.

      1. so you abandoned your career and goals as well?
        typical feminist marriage
        husband servant leads to do whatever the wife wants
        the husband naively thinks he is the leader…

        1. Have you ever done a three hour commute twice a day? Fucking A man, that’s horrible shit right there. Where did he say he abandoned his career? You can leave one job of a particular trade and pick up the same kind of trade job closer to home.

  25. Of course men in the States are less masculine nowadays after drinking that bovine estrogen cocktail they refer to as milk for years on end.
    This is just how the corporations want it to stay.

    1. How do we know that though? Who the hell was measuring testosterone levels in the 1940’s? Nobody that I’m aware of.

        1. Isolated does not mean “taking large samples from the population at large to establish a base for research”.

        2. I’ve read the research about it before, youll have to trust me or look it up yourself.

        3. “You’ll have to trust me” and the moniker Jim Jones Koolaid go together like peanut butter and jello.

        4. At least Im not taking it up the ass like you. Is that the trendy way to get your T injections?

  26. How to wreck a civilization in four easy steps:
    1. Attack the women of the civilization by attacking their minds, social behavior, and reshape the rules of society around them.
    2. Attack the family unit. By attacking the women in step one, it helps break the family unit which allows for step two of the malevolent scheme.
    3. A broken family unit produces broken children, as each generation progresses, it becomes weaker and weaker as a whole than the original source generation.
    4. Since the family has been broken, weak society is more susceptible to the ideas of the Khazar inspired Communist superstate. Use the superstate against the civilization, import destructive elements such as unlike immigrants to further erode the existing civilization, and then use the civilization’s money/power against it by paying existing members to not be productive and produce more broken children internally. The civilization should be unrecognizable in four to five generations (or 80-100 years at 20year/generation).
    So 1960 to now? Right on schedule:
    “New population projections released by the U.S. Census Bureau show that whites will become a “minority” by 2044, replaced by a “majority” of minority groups, mostly blacks and Hispanics.
    The new projections, analyzed in a Brookings Institution report, show the huge rise of Hispanics, projected to make up 25.1 percent of the U.S. population in 2044, double African-Americans.”

  27. Great article sir. Interesting to me was your second point. My father often told us growing up how much different it was raising sons and daughters.

  28. lol
    instead of your wife supporting you
    you work all day to provide for her
    and she makes you look after the baby at night…

  29. “Overall, becoming a father is the best thing I have ever done and I highly recommend it to every man”
    No. Fuckin. Way.
    Not for me. At least it looks as if you have a good direction to take things with your son.
    You are correct about the ‘thought police’ in America. The ‘thought police’ is real and not imagined. And Child Protection Services (CPS) is one of the most evil of government agencies out there and are very eager and willingly to take your child away at the drop of a hat.
    I would be too concerned about the tin soldiers busting down my door with some excuse to take my child away to ever enjoy fatherhood.
    Home school the boy until it becomes illegal and maybe try to keep a low profile as possible.
    I wish you well, but I do not envy you. Godspeed!

  30. the most important thing that this article missed was……DO NOT CIRCUMCISE YOUR SONS…..your son is born with a foreskin for many many many good reasons.
    it is rape and mutilation to rip off his foreskin aka circumcise.
    it’s one of the chief reasons men are turned into pussies here in America.

      1. if by better look you mean:
        missing half your penis
        missing 20,000 nerves
        missing natural lubrication that the foreskin provides…thus your penis goes from moist with foreskin to dried out
        makes sex worse
        your pee hole shuts to compensate for the lack of a foreskin this is to protect yourself from infection which the foreskin would do
        and of course there is nothing sexier than the stress induced trauma that damages your brain when its done to you.
        I could go on….but no your penis is not better looking, its worse. your natural beauty is with the foreskin that you were born with, without if you are as hot as a 1 armed man as both are just as natural.

        1. you would be the troll.
          its an undeniable fact and I know its uncomfortable to admit, but the fact is you are missing half of your penis, and the fact is taking a knife to a new born’s penis does count as rape and mutilation. but feel free to tell me how cutting off half of your penis isnt mutilation. i ask because i know there is no way to defend except with tired lies.
          see i know why you7 dont want to face this, because its difficult, its hard, and quite frankly paints a very very ugly picture about society, and not just society but your “loving parents and doctors”

        2. seriously….go look up circumcision one day….and be amazed. you’ll see everything I’ve just written is true

        3. ”MAMAS DON’T LET those doctors chop the end of your baby’s dick off when they’re born”
          Anyone who breeds dogs, horses, cattle or barnyard animals knows that whenever you remove any part of an animal’s genitals, that animal becomes more broken and tame. You can take a raging tiger and, depending on how much genitalia you remove or chop off, you can make the tiger so tame it will curl up in your lap like a kitty cat.
          CIRCUMCISION IS A TOOL FOR WHIP CONTROL. It’s about control and circumcision affects tribal order greatly. On a larger scale, promise 80 virgins to a circumcised jiihadist and they become a ‘yes man’ bitchwife or beta whip to their theocratic state. YOU ARE YOUR IMAM’S BITCH ACHMED!!
          Or on the smaller scale, domestic matriarchy is reinforced. Every circumcised Jew is an uber beta whip to his domestic princess. Now you have a lot of princesses but NO KING for the Jews. When is the last time the Jews had a king? No king can come forth from a bunch of chopped down men and from their school of princesses have emerged some of the most wicked despots to mankind, the most rabid feminists in history.
          The circumcised man rarely makes the booty call. Game helps but the dominance simply isn’t there and is what is needed for long term tribal stamina and long term family cohesiveness and order.
          The downside of being fully sensitive, and this is legitimately the only downside, is that an uncircumcised youth may run the risk of becoming an obsessive masturbating failure in the bushes, but this is a result of his lack of being taught game by his dad THE PATRIARCH. Every man needs to learn game like the abc’s and 123’s. Circumcision like illiteracy are the primary chains of slavery.
          NO CHOP (PLUS) GAME is the rule.

        4. Im glad someone else on this site gets it
          the only part i disagree with is:
          “The downside of being fully sensitive, and this is legitimately the only downside, is that an uncircumcised youth may run the risk of becoming an obsessive masturbating failure in the bushes”
          the reason I disagree here is because the modern circumcision known that was invented was originally to curb masturbation….the hilarious and sad irony here is by removing the protective foreskin, the penis head(glans) are constantly exposed and rubbing against clothing, as a result the man is constantly getting stimulated and is more likely to become a chronic masturbator. also depending just how much is cut off, they may find masturbation enjoyable, but not even be able to have sex.
          I do agree with your other point that being taught correctly by dad is key….but if Dad has been mutilated he wont know any better. well this isnt entirely true, the first generation this is done too might survive with less damage because they might know men that are whole, but two generations later like we have in America? such men are dead and all the fathers are mutilated and there is no good man left to teach the sons.
          “NO CHOP (PLUS) GAME is the rule.”
          this really is it….but circumcision is such a hard subject that isnt brought up on this site and others like it near enough. I know I’ve been openly laughed at in public because I’ve dared to say circumcision is mutilation and rape and that Im a bit pissed that someone cut off half my penis. speaking with the theme of this site the double standard is female circumcision is always seen as evil but the male counterpart is healthy. its absurdity.
          and you are right…neutering tames animals, its not unreasonable to think it tames young boys. they lose half their penis, suffer brain damage, fail to bond with mom as a result, and will actually have sex differently and in some really bad cases wont have enough nerves and/or penis left to even have sex.
          neutering is a whole other topic in the same vein…..if you cannot handle and tame THE ENTIRE ANIMAL….do not get it. if you do not want a clawing furballing hacking machine, do not get a cat, if do you want a dog with balls, get a bitch instead.
          take the whole baby home and take your whole pet home.
          Im glad someone else gets it….so few do.
          yeah a long reply to say i agree with you lol

        5. Absolutely. ”End circumcision” belongs on the protest signs right alongside other virtuous slogans like ”stop fluoridating our water” and ”throw all goddamn family court manginas and skirts into a motherfucking meat grinder” . . heh. Circumcision is the cornerstone of matriarchal bitch slavery. Old legend is that the saying ”she’s got him wrapped around her finger” wasn’t referring to a gold wedding band but rather a PIECE OF CIRCULAR SKIN in ancient times. The gold wedding band was only symbolic and came much later. But HIS SKIN? Known as the ‘hoos-bahnd’ or HUS-BAND (husband?). Now if that isn’t voodoo control then I don’t know what is.

        6. “Old legend is that the saying ”she’s got him wrapped around her finger” wasn’t referring to a gold wedding band but rather a PIECE OF CIRCULAR SKIN in ancient times”
          havent heard that, but wouldnt surprise me….though to be entirely clear the circumcision of today is a lot worse than 2000 years ago(this version kind of died out 100-200 years after Christ), which is still nothing like the Abraham version 2000 years before that.
          but on the topic of wedding bands….I’ve always thought them to be unmanly. men don’t wear jewelry wtf should I suddenly stick a ring on my finger after all these years?
          “Circumcision is the cornerstone of matriarchal bitch slavery.”
          it really is the reason America is so touched in the head….Europe sadly has no excuse for falling for feminism…..well I guess Europe is just following Americas lead.
          “Absolutely. ”End circumcision” belongs on the protest signs right alongside other virtuous slogans like ”stop fluoridating our water” and ”throw all goddamn family court manginas and skirts into a motherfucking meat grinder”
          absolutely….though it gets worse, so many food and even shit like plastic containers contains estrogen, all secretly designed to kill testosterone levels. it’s crap like this that is where the real war on men is taking place, ms. flaky bitch is truthfully just a distraction

  31. Congratulations on a red pill and aware man getting a western woman domesticated and properly belting out a child and male at that. Another glimmer of shine indicating that the resurrection of the patriarchy is on the horizon. Now it’s time to USE THE GEARS MAN. Put that baby machine in high gear now. BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT. Her eye candy youthful beauty served its purpose and now you keep her stuffed like a turkey. Remember, a wasted egg becomes egg on her brain.

  32. Great article.
    Large-scale immigration
    Suggestion. Let’s stop using the Left’s words. They are not immigrants. They are colonists.

  33. I’m afraid to have kids. After taking the red pill I noticed my hatred of women went up and my respect for them went down. Sometimes I look at my mom with disdain eventhough she’s never done anything bad to me. What if I have a daughter? I may look at her as a moron and unintelligent. I’ll just stay single to avoid that headache.

  34. How does one determine how much testosterone a baby is exposed to in the womb? Have there been studies done following a fetus’ development and how “feminine or ” masculine” the children are? This is such a bizarre assertion.

  35. Thank you for this. The fact is that is we take our own advice we move forward through the facts of current times. There needs to be more articles on ROK with solutions and less about “problems”.

  36. I’ve a question: if you have a girl, you will explain to her she has to wash her brother ‘s clothes? You’ll tell her she has to married with a husband full of testosterone? You’ll learn her she can’t become a “working woman” and just become a wise housewife ? It’s just a question.
    (Sorry for the bad English I don’t live in a English-speaking country)

  37. If you have a daughter, do you also think it’s okay for a man to rape her so long as it’s done on private property?

  38. feminized society? no, i would say its becoming more of a balance than anything. 30 years ago women were discriminated and no one called it a emasculated society. now that more men are beginning to recognize the efforts women put in its becoming a feminized society? sorry, if you can’t deal with sitting down at your desk and learning math then maybe the problem isnt with society but with your son

    1. Women were never descriminated against. Employers merely took into account the actual increased cost of hiring women and factored that into their salary. Sorry if you can’t get that biology matters and that women are not equal to men in most of the ways that matter to most employers (porn and modelling excepted of course). Maybe the problem isn’t with society 30 years ago but with you.

  39. I was always organized and focused. That increased to even higher levels after having kds. It was almost a defense mechanism. 😁

  40. Regarding #2 not only did our parents encourage us to go outside, they actually made us stay outside. Better that than letting kids run inside.

    1. My parents would have had to lock me in.
      Helicopter parents don’t let their kids out because “something could happen!”.

      1. And yet they’re ok with sending their princess to Cancun or Aruba on a harmless “school vacation” where she will get wasted. Following that, inevitably she will hook up with one of the locals, get wasted some more, then die. And in the case of Natalee Holloway, presumably be fed to the sharks and be turned into shark manure. Or in the latest case, 20 year old girl dies of “alcohol poisoning” in a pool in Mexico. Unfortunately, having been part of the Mexican club scene, I can say there’s a possibility of a roofie slipped into a drink or of bad alcohol being sold. I wouldn’t insinuate an epidemic like the media would say, but it happens. However, the helicopter parents just jumped to conclusions about it, instead of maybe, you know, princess drank too much and couldn’t handle the alcohol. And people wonder why I stay away from white girls. Too much fucking drama
        Also, in both cases the girls are white. And they get all the coverage. Wonder when they’re going to check THEIR white privilege

  41. “About a year ago I sent this picture to my wife and we had a good laugh
    because our son most resembles the picture on the far right.”
    Good for you!
    And I mean that sincerely.
    Train him well.
    I mean that sincerely too.

  42. I agree, have kids as soon as you can. I wish I had done it sooner. It gives more meaning to life and increases my focus

    1. Same here. Sad thing is, the older you are when having kids, the less chance that you will ever see your grandhildren. Sad!

      1. I’m going to marry off my kids early and encourage reproduction. Most people do see grandchildren but few see great grandchildren unless they start early.

  43. Boasting badly disguised as an article. There’s nothing special about having a kid; millions do it and millions will do it a lot better.

    1. Except that it wasn’t boastful; it was insightful. It isn’t statistically special, but neither is thinking, talking, waging war, etc. Just because it isn’t some freak occurrence doesn’t make it less significant in an individualistic sense.

  44. Actually I would recommend not having a kid if you’re unemployed. That is the definition of being not ready. So.

      1. The way out of poverty is enterpreneurship. If you have a business you need kids though. Can you imagine running a restaurant by yourself for example? You have to hire everybody and worry about witholding taxes. With a big family you just tell everybody to do the shit. On a family farm, having 12 kids is absolutely justified. And a great big farm needs 2+ wives with 20+ kids. The more business minded you are, the more you need horses pulling. If this is your mindset at the beginning, then you run your family like a ranch and you look at your young fertile wife like a plot of fertile soil. On honeymoon night, you can’t wait to finally take the plough and rip some lines on that clover budding dirt cake. But you need some idea of building something, a business empire small or big, doesn’t matter, before you fire up the baby machine. A single paycheck job for the boss man is shaky ground. The big dick man has bigger dreams.
        It boggles me to see working fathers with a single paycheck or salary job having large families where the kids just do whatever they want and he houses them and maybe he throws a pool in back. Then he lets the woman do as she wants so she cackles in hen’s clubs or church lady cackle-a-thons. The kids rack up hours in little league circus sports and dad saves for everyone to be sent away to state colleges, even the daughters. They all want some frivalous roo-de-poo degree. – – But hey – – WHERE’S THE FARM?? And where’s the independent family business??
        I’ve known a few Christian families like this and yeah the kids are decent enough, but I’d like to see enterpreneurship and indepent business incentivized for these large families. The state has better control over a single paycheck breadwinner with a single woman at home. And the woman does nothing but consume if she isn’t kept dickwhipped and working as an integral gear within the grand plan of the daddy man. A large family where the house is not kept mentored by the man under his patriarchal law and rule becomes an expendature where the man has to negotiate for any loyalty and is in whole a great expendature without return – it becomes a sacrifice if you let the woman run the house. No woman animal can run an entire house without patriarchal rule. She’s either a caged animal or a wild one. Still she’s still a workbeast animal, companion to man and tit feeder to his offspring and she has specific duties. The best words that come out of her mouth are echos of the voice of the patriarch.
        Then at the bottom tier of large broods are the welfare breeding hive complexes that are fatherless. Their purpose is to bolster the size of the populace who live under the system of ‘state husbandry’. ‘State husbandry’ (bastardy) is unnatural. These are real people being born, bred and incubated for the sole purpose of being used as a political weapon.

  45. I find it hugely offencive to say “waste time with your children”. People would never say this in my community. Spending time with your children is not a waste, on the contrary, you’re most likely to waste time when you’re focused mainly in your own pleasures.
    I also find this american way of thinking about marriage and parenthood really disturbing. In first place, why do they desire to come back to their old activities after they got married? If you desire the comodities of the life of youth, you aren’t ready to get married, much less to have children.
    Being a parent is both a burden and a blessing. This means that you no longer live for yourself, that is both a burden and a blessing. Sure, it is natural to miss the old times of little responsability, and this is a burden, but no man can find better fullfillment than seeing their children grow to become adults, and to get old with your wife, and this is a blessing.
    Lack of moral values and unrealistic expectations, that I think are the main reasons for the decadence of the family unity in the west.

    1. America is the epitome of materialism and individualism. Can’t wait for these folks to lose the money printer. The damage they are doing to Europe is insurmontable.

    2. American fathers didn’t so much ‘waste time’ with their children or see it as such. I’m generalizing with the Xers-millennials here from what I see the new fathers would respond like a fireman at the call to provide. Career advancement was 100% justified with the father for this reason.
      IT WAS THE BITCH MOTHERS who nagged and got restless to venture out and work even if it wasn’t necessary. “I just have to do something” or “I’m going crazy in this house” were cries from spoiled mothers with household machines to do all the work for them. On top of that, there was a commercial consumerist blowout for each child that the mother would demand for each child caused by watching hours of garbage television. Christmas $5K and birthdhys $1K. You HAVE to do it or else you’re a worthless male bastard that doesn’t care. The women were being corrupted from many different fronts. And a 100% providing father was subject to surprise divorce rape at any time. The work grind prevented the man from detatching from the system even for a moment to flank the enemy entering the back door of his own home. If the man only spotted the passive agressive forces around him and within his community and what they had in store for him, he and many other men would have quickly banded together and realized there’s a war being waged against him and against the pillars of his culture. He would have taken preemptive snipe shot to the encroaching forces.
      The churches today preach nothing but tolerance, peace and foregiveness. No preparedness is spoken, just fat dumb sheep lulled before slaughter. It breaks my heart to see a productive family man be taken down so mechanically and butchered. It’s every day I see a broken man stumbling out of the goddamn feminist family court with the mangina uniforms guarding the doors. For all the days he sat there oblivious after work, after serving the system and paying his taxes and he was oblivious that in the security of his home which he pays taxes on, the predators still held a knife centimeters from his throat at all times, ready to slice when prompted. If only he banded together with red pill bros sooner to flank the enemy. It is a hot war like nothing conventional that we are accustomed.

      1. Dude, I don’t know how to respond to this. Never in my life I have seem such a dire situation.
        The only thing I know is that, if it was me, I would do something. I would kill someone if necessary, but I woudn’t stay still waching my people and my values die.
        “east said than done” I know you will think this, but I’m not joking.
        I live in a violent country, I’ve killed people and people tried to kill me. I think you guys are too passive. Isn’t the time to use your guns? Declare war against your enemies, enslave your women and force them to behave like they should. Your ancestores did it in the past, you can do it today. All you need is guns and balls.

  46. The public school system has certainly been feminized. My mom, who was a teacher, told me years ago that the schools favored girls, and I saw that myself as boys were generally ignored and baby sat. The best teachers that I had for us boys were men, who come to think of it, put demands on us that most women teachers didn’t do. I recall wanting to do the work that they expected from us in an effort to earn their approval, which was a huge influence on I’m sure all of us boys. Their lectures (ie. the advice they gave us) was golden.
    Anyway, congratulations on the son and I hope he’s doing well! You’re giving him a great start.

  47. Many of the root causes of America’s problems lie in the lack of young people getting married and raising kids. And yes America is very feminized today. Masculine role models are frowned upon and everything is about female empowerment.
    When the barbarians come let see how the empowered women fare. It won’t be pretty.
    Just see how things look in Western Europe or in America’s inner cities and border towns, its only a preview of what is to come in the future.

  48. Good article that just scratches the surface of this subject. In the 4th grade I was good friends and sat next to another boy in school who was a genius. As a result school bored him and he would jump out the back window of the classroom and play on the swing sets and disappear. Today teachers would have medicated him into oblivion. The elite deeply fear strong men in the future. This is why they want to turn little boys into little girls as fast as they can.

  49. Marriage is a death trap and it feminizes men further. Birthing and raising a child, caring about the future of humanity is a female imperative. How you can say it’s true sign of manhood makes me laugh. I suppose cutting your genitals off is also a true sign of manhood as well right?

  50. men need to show their boys how to be men, not be the slaves of their wives, men of the past did not engage in domestic activities or nurturing of babies, but then they also married actuall women not the current deformed females that men have.
    I have little sympathy for men who complain about being tired- eh hello, why do you have a wife?

  51. Today college is indoctrination not an education. Especially for males. Learn a trade and keep you mind sane.

  52. If we didn’t have 2 beautiful daughters, I would only be the husband of my lovely wife and we would be lonely. Our girls define who we are.

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