How Teaching English In China Can Improve Your Game

First things first; this is not a ‘How to get laid in China’ post; to get laid in China, you need just five things;

1. Be foreign. Black, White, Latino, Indian or Middle-Eastern, it doesn’t matter. Order of race attractiveness: 1) White/Chinese, 2) Latino, 3) Black, 4) Middle Eastern, 5) Indian (just because they’re Chinese doesn’t mean they can have a race ladder)

2. Have enough cash. A teachers’ salary is more than enough.

3. Have entry-level game. Entry level meaning that you aren’t afraid to approach and make moves.

4. Shoot for the middle. Especially as a first-timer with limited language skills. You have to accept that many of the top-end girls in China are either a) locked down by the ballers with ca$h, or b) prostitutes. Not that the middle is bad—the ‘average’ Chinese girl is about 1-1.5 points higher than the ‘average’ American girl because she knows how to dress herself and is skinny. But understand where your aim will be at. It doesn’t matter if you look like an H&M model; if you speak no Chinese, are broke and have less game than a Fijian hockey player, it’s not going to be easy for you. Skip this step if you have solid Chinese or cash.

5. Speak at least rudimentary Chinese. This is the hardest step.

6. Money (optional). For hookers, skip steps 1-5.

No, this post is about something else entirely: how teaching in China can help you grow your game back at home. Beautiful concept, isn’t it? When you get past all the routines and the negs and all the calculation of it all, game is just like everything else—one thing flowing into another.

I have just returned from a shade over 13 months teaching English in China. It was a whirlwind adventure full of chaos, mystery, intrigue and the love and attention of a handful of beautiful Chinese girls. It really offered me something different, something that not many people I knew had done, considering that almost everyone who teaches English in the Orient goes to Korea or Japan – highly Westernized, first-world nations with access to most of the same amenities we have back at home and larger by comparison English populations.

I wanted to go where the talk was the loudest, the heat was the heaviest and things were changing the fastest, and so China. Since I have returned, I have noticed a few things different about the women, and how they react to me in my home, the United States of Canada; not just in a the sense of ‘Oh, he’s well-traveled and speaks an exotic language!’ [Ed. note: to 30% fluency], just stuff that pertains to the basics of game and the way I carry myself.

I’m no spring chicken and chances are, you aren’t either. You know the routines, you know how to act, you know all the material that’s covered in the first semester at Game University. These things I’ve picked up, barring a change in my appearance (there hasn’t been one), I’m led to believe have originated from the basic essence of what my job was; teaching the most impatient people with the lowest of attention spans (children) how to speak English. Here are the things that help me get laid over there (and ‘over there’ doesn’t mean just China; it can be any country where English is a minority language).

1. I speak in a slower, lower and more clear voice and use smaller words

This adaptation took me a few months. In North America you can speak fairly quickly and get the point across, but just what point are you trying to push, especially to women? It hit me about five months in; ‘Whoa…slower, deeper voice, fewer big words and more deliberate pronunciation…I speak to my kids almost the exact way I speak to the girls back at home!’

For all we often rightly deride women for their emotion-based decision making, short-term ‘I don’t care if it’ll be worth $1000 next week, sell because those shoes will only be $100 for one more day!’ thinking and the Grand Canyon of dissonance between what they say they want and what they actually pursue. In much the same way a man sees a girl with her slim waist, shiny hair, big tits and warm smile and instantly thinks ‘I have to fuck that’, a woman runs a similar algorithm evaluating you in her mind as soon as you open your mouth. They pick up on the small stuff; a guy speaking quickly will be perceived to be nervous and inexperienced, and the guy who uses too many big words will be assumed to be socially maladroit or eager to impress. Nine times out of ten, these perceptions will be accurate.

But the man who speaks slow and low, without ostentatious wordplay, like you need to speak when teaching English to children who speak a completely different language?  That man knows what he’s doing. Rhetorical: how many players do you know who ramble on quickly and incoherently?

Yeah, me neither…

2. The respect

Men as a rule tend not to need a constant stream of respect, validation and gentle taps on the ass to feel good about ourselves or properly do our jobs; that is why your paycheck has a line that reads how much money you made, and not lines that tell you how super-awesome and fantastic you are as a person.

That said, receiving respect definitely helps. We work for money, but it’s also nice to know that your work brings value; we men are at our best when we know that we’re doing a good job. The Chinese word for teacher, Lǎoshī, is derived from the name of the Daoist philosopher Laozi (second in reverence only to Confucius, who you may be loosely familiar with through the classic ‘Confucius say’ jokes) In addition to ‘teacher’, it means ‘master’, ‘old’ and ‘venerated’.

North America is funny in that way. Despite there being at least ten female teacher-male student controversies to every male teacher-female student story and the belief that ‘Prescribed gender roles were manufactured by the patriarchy to keep us girls in our place!’, whenever a woman wants to teach children, all is right and well in the world, but whenever a man wants to teach children, ‘He’s probably a pedophile’.

Even then, over here teaching is really not that respected a profession (North American teacher = babysitter with holidays off and a pension), and if it weren’t for the frequent time off and favorable compensation-to-difficulty ratio, I’d question why anyone would want to do it.

Fact is, at my job, the parents and my kids loved me. I’d get invited out for dinner or into their houses frequently, and if I ever ran into them on the street, they always said hello and asked how I was. Stop me if I sound like a bitch at any time here, but there’s something to be said about how a man feels when he knows that he’s providing value.

3. There will be blood

In my first few months, I lost 25 pounds. I was let go from my first job while my VISA was in traction. I had to live in a filthy hotel for almost a month. I had to uproot on a dime for 5 weeks to teach in a town I knew nothing about. I had to weather an STD scare (negative) alone with no one to translate. I struggled daily with the more esoteric aspects of the language (a spoon has more in common with a space ship than Chinese does with English, and it’s spoken at machine-gun speed). Advice: if you come to China, learn some Chinese first.

But I’m thankful for all of this. In our lives we seek to avoid struggle, we want to live free from pain and difficulty, but struggle is essential; a man is at his best during the struggle because it helps a man grow. For all the bad shit we see happening to men in North America, it’s still the safest, easiest place in which to live anywhere on the planet. Where else can you just shut up and do what you’re told and still land a decent job? Where else in the world is it nearly statistically impossible for a competent adult to die of hunger? Where else can you live where it’s actually illegal for your landlord to fail to provide heating and hot water, or for your boss to choose on a whim to decide not to pay you?

Not China. The streets run red with the blood of foreigners who the naturally insular and xenophobic locals have little to no interest in helping. Sure, I took my course and bought the lines, ‘Oh yeah, there’s always someone to help you!’. If you take a TESOL course like I did, no doubt you will hear this, but let me tell you something that they won’t; there is no cadre of Chinese people willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you’re sufficiently comfortable. I’m not painting all Chinese people with such a broad brush as if to say none of them give a shit about you, but just do this thought exercise; if someone came from a wealthier, more prosperous place to your country to receive three times your salary while working half as many hours, would you jump over yourself to ensure their maximum comfort? They’ll likely provide some degree of help for you, but for the most part, it’s up to you to navigate this strange place on your own.

Everything I accomplished in China, from adjusting my game (China is all about World Game), cultivating a few good future connections, and learning the language, I had to do without the benefit of a broad support network. Is there anything more man than surviving, thriving, even, by your own skills and guile? At least once a week, when I’d wake up in the morning that old limiting voice in my head would say, ‘Fuck it all, just go back home, take some shitty office job, make your 40k annually and continue to fuck soulless, unfeminine girls until it gets boring and then get married. Sure, after the ring goes on she’ll expand faster than the universe and one day out of nowhere she’ll probably just decide it’s easier to ruin you than to actually work at the marriage, but at least your family will be happy and you’ll be safe and comfortable…’

But I shut that voice out, and I grew and evolved because I did that. It’s much the same as getting into the game in the first place; you’ll read Roosh or Roissy, think ‘That sounds so easy, I can do that!’, go out and see very little results and want to give up, but only through struggling and learning, can you step your game up. In China, be prepared to struggle, and anticipate many learning opportunities.

4. On your toes

In the standard North American office, we have meetings, memos, automatic email reminders and schedules, for better or worse—worse in that this type of constant supervisory ‘remindering’ seems menial and time-consuming, but better, in that you always know when the shit you need to get done needs to get done. Things can be very easily and effectively prioritized in the North American office.

Over in China, I had to throw all that out the window; I can’t even count the number of times I devised a lesson plan based on a certain number of students (say, four) appearing, only to have just one or two show up. I can’t even count how many times I’d have a random Chinese helicopter parent wanted to ‘sit in’ and watch my class. I can’t even count how many times I’d arrive at the start of the work day, two hours before my first class, and hear ‘Oh, you have to pick up an extra class, it starts in twenty minutes…’

While this aspect of the Chinese office drove me batshit insane at times and I hated it, I can nonetheless see how it applies to game. I couldn’t do jack shit about any of it, except adapt and be flexible to the situation. How many times when you’re in the club do you see a girl you plan to talk to, and in your head you have exactly how it will go down, from your opening line to her reaction to the quick segue into the banter stage? I bet its more times than you can count. How many times did the interaction go exactly as you thought it would? I bet you can count these times on one hand. But you still got laid. Why? Because you’re loose, flexible and know that you have to adapt to things in order to maximize the situation.

5. Practice, practice, practice…

Contrary to what some might think, game is not merely a tool we use to sleep with more women; game is a discipline that teaches you how to improve your social skills, outlook, and appearance, from which sleeping with more and higher-quality women flows. Learning game may also increase your pay, secure you more clients, earn the respect of your friends and improve (or kill) your relationship with your family.

However, game, like any other skill, is only effective as long as you use it. This is one thing that keeps guys from getting into the game, and that’s how in your first year, you have to basically eat, sleep and breathe the game, and only after that can you pull it off. In spite of this, things come up; busy at work, an LTR, family responsibilities. All of these things can take the edge off your game, which is why you need to stay sharp.

EVERY SINGLE DAY, I used some well-known game tactics in class to help me control my students and enhance their education.

A student is teasing me and joking around? Playfully tease them right back.

A student thinks they have it all figured out and don’t want to pay attention? Qualify them.

A student acts out because they desperately want your attention? Aloof indifference.

Some Chinese MILFS are going to sit in and observe their child’s class? Run the classroom equivalent of nightlife generalship—dress sharp, get a fresh haircut and command the attention of all. Wingmanship plays here as well. Engage the mothers and involve them in the class as well as their kids.

There are a ton of guys who read about game, half-assedly dedicate themselves to it, see little or no results and so easily debunk it as witchcraft and bullshit. The reality of it is that game is like learning to play the guitar, learning Spanish or deciding to hit the gym to add some muscle; if you want to get good at it, you have to work at it, and working at it entails practicing it every day. You must also  think about it when you aren’t practicing it. The amount of practice I got on my game in the classroom is the equivalent of at least 1000 approaches and 50 dates.

6. Ramble On

I got my certification mainly to teach children; not because I’m a closet pedophile, but because I like to have fun, and have been told in the past, mostly by women, that I’m a giant child (‘Hey Pot, this is that girl Kettle I told you about…’).

However, because my school later tried to diversify its education, that means that I inevitably had several adult students that I had to teach. Teaching the kids is fun, but it can drain you; they’re cute and they like to laugh, but they also run around like idiots, hit you and can only learn the most basic elements of the language.

The adults are a completely different wheelhouse; they can sit still, they ask tough questions and they want to listen to everyday conversation to improve. The result of this? For adults, my lesson plans consisted of a few dialogues, a few writing exercises and at least an hour of chatting and rambling.

The speaking was slower (in tune with point #1) and the questions were more basic, but the sheer amount of time I spent, just me, talking, was mind-boggling. So many guys out there struggle because they just don’t know how to talk to women, failing to realize that talking to women is just like talking to anyone; you ask and answer questions, and you evaluate and calibrate based on their answers. I have always been a sharp ranter and an engaging raconteur, but returning from China has stepped my ramble game up into God territory; an ugly man (who has been window-dressed with wardrobe enhancements and gym time) with confidence and tremendous ramble game fucks 3 points above his gradient. Roosh once said that if you want to get laid, you need to be able to talk non-stop for twenty minutes, and if you can’t do this, then to practice. What better practice is there then often having to talk for 90 minutes at a time?

 7. Crazy insane, maintain frame…

One of the most important elements of game, and one of the hardest elements to stick, is the frame. What is ‘frame’? Your frame is the boundary you set through which you seek to control your interactions with others. In layman’s terms? It’s making a person reveal what you want them to reveal when you want them to reveal it. Say you ask what she does and what she likes about it and she answers for five minutes. That’s good frame, keep it up and the notch is yours for the taking. You ask what she does, she counters by asking what you do and you talk for 5 minutes? Poor frame, enter recovery mode.

With women, they like to try to break your frame with that most-common of female tricks; the shit test. In order to pass a shit test, you have to maintain your frame. I was lucky enough to learn how to hold frame by a good family friend; older cat, business connections, 46 at the time of this writing and regularly dates girls 27 and younger…seeing him in action was insane, but not everyone out there has been so lucky.

Young players often have a hard time with this; before they arrive, they’ll be out and chatting up some girl, and he’ll say something hilarious and offensive, and get swept away in her reaction in a feeble and pathetic show of back-tracking and apology-making. Seasoned vets of the hustle know that (at least 95% of the time) she isn’t really ‘angry’; she’s testing your cred to see if you’ll back down from your assertion, and as soon as you do that, the legs snap shut. The ability to keep your cool under fire is paramount.

I’ve had kids throw up on me. I’ve had kids shit their pants in my class. I’ve had kids punch me in the balls. I’ve had parents yell at me in Chinese. But, I kept it together, and maintained my frame. If you can keep frame (the Chinese have an expression ‘to keep/lose face’ that is almost analogous to ‘to maintain/lose the frame’) during any of those situations, then the tests that pretty girl at the club throws at you will be like shooting a glider out of the sky with a Stinger.

8. Generalship 101

The last point is going to be the shortest, but ask yourself this; what is game? You can throw out all sorts of answers and questions this, but bottom line, it’s being able to keep a girl’s attention long enough to convince her that sleeping with you is a good idea—no more, no less.

I feel no need to elaborate further on this, so I’ll just say it; if you can keep a child’s attention for 90 minutes, you should at least be able to keep a girl’s attention for 30.

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114 thoughts on “How Teaching English In China Can Improve Your Game”

  1. Friend of mine is teaching over there – if you’re a white Westerner, you live like a king!

  2. Not to nitpick, but those schoolgirls in your photo are Japanese.
    We all envy you. Just wait until you set foot back on American soil. Will be a major letdown.

    1. >Not to nitpick, but those schoolgirls in your photo are Japanese.
      Except, of course, for how they’re not, since (A) it’s only 1 girl, Hwang Mi Hee, and (B) she’s korean.

      1. OK, I went by the lovely “schoolgirl” outfit, a Japanese specialty. I am such a bigot.

      2. OK, I went by the lovely “schoolgirl” outfit, a Japanese specialty. I am such a bigot.

  3. Great article! As a teacher, I have to agree with a lot of things you said. It also worked the other way around for me, learning Game improved my teaching.

  4. I hated China. China is dirty, the Chinese will cheat
    you every chance they get, and the sex ratio is like 7 guys to 1 girl.
    Skip it.

    1. Not even a bad thing.
      China is alive, growing, and Chinese people are good at sucking money from gullible non-Asians. That drive and greed is what will put China on top the world, again.

      1. Nah dude, it’s the slave wages. That’s it. Slave wages. Nothing to do with brains, skill, knowledge, entrepreneurship; just slave wages.

      2. Dude, I100000% agree with you.
        Having lived in China for years and dealt with Chinese through business…..the West doesn’t stand much of a chance as we are too naive.

    2. You were evidently in the wrong city. 7 guys to 1 girl is inaccurate as a lot of those guys are stuck in the farm lands or are non entities anyway due to no education or no money.
      Big cities are a great opportunity to meet girls and there are more girls than you could even pick up.
      You’re kinda right about China being sorta dirty and the Chinese cheating people…..but that’s part of the fun!
      Once you learn how they do it it’s a lot of fun to play them at their own game.

  5. Why would anyone put even minmal effort to get chinese women?They are hideous and even more inbred/degenerated than your avarage british islander,and that says something.I just cant get this asian fetish…

    1. I know, right? Yeah, they’re more slim on average that westerners. But if you put the prettiest asian next to the prettiest American, or South American or European or Russian, the asian loses every time in my book. And that asian smell from their food – hard to describe, sort of like mustard. Plus terrible, grey-yellow, crooked teeth. Then the cultural barrier – yeah, karaoke sucks.
      I mean, to each their own, but I don’t get it. Well, that’s a lie, I do get it. The friends I know who have yellow fever are all into I.T. and are uber omega’s (sounds like a cliche, but seriously, they’re all IT nerds). They’re smart enough to know that they have more chance picking up a chick who rates westerners highly and who doesn’t speak great english.
      Yeah, I know, John Rambo and Unkle Elmer will chime in saying how Asians are the best and I don’t know shit… bring it. I’m living in an Asian country and it sucks. I’m moving as soon as my contract’s up.

        1. “Ooh, look, 56 year old white guy. Must be rich. I fuck him good, he pay me good.” and so say all of them.
          Don’t delude yourself. Money talks. Yeah, okay, in the west too, but it fucking talks in Asia.
          P.S. I have zero trouble picking up asians. Blond hair, blue eyes, slim. Piece of cake. I just don’t want them.

        2. I am living in the U.S. right now. American women of all ages and races are attracted to me. Honestly you sound like a western female living in Asia and seething with rage that no white man will even look at you. Sour grapes.

        3. Hah. That’s a laugh. First Carlson D was trying to say I’m a fat lesbian, now you’re trying to say I’m a chick.
          Is that some sort of comeback at me for saying you’re an old fart who chicks just see as a cash cow? If so… come on dude, hit me where it hurts.
          I swear this board needs to learn the art of trolling. I couldn’t be fucked writing an article on it, but I sure wish someone would.

      1. Different parts of Asia value dental work differently…..
        Which country are you in?

    2. I can’t get this Caucasian fetish, either. If you like burned up, bleached hair, half a foot of makeup caked on, obesity, an obtuse, self-absorbed personality, mannish behavior, and sterility, by all means you can pick one those. (With the rare exception of some Eastern Europeans.)

      1. Good point. But I blame American media for the makeup, tan and bleached hair fetish.

      2. Absolutely, R.
        I find it amusing when people use the word “fetish” whenever a guy talks about his experiences in an Asian country. Because the person using it usually has no idea what he’s talking about. Nobody ever says a guy has an “Ukrainian fetish” for going to the Ukraine, or a “Polish fetish” for banging girls from Poland. And the word is usually used by people as a put-down, or as Americhick shaming language.
        I like women of all nationalities, and happen to have spend the most of my abroad time in East Asia and South America. It doesn’t mean I have a “fetish”. This word coming out of a guy’s mouth is inexcusable. It should be verboten, like the word “creepy”. It’s chick shaming language, unbecoming of an urbane, well-traveled man of the world.
        Anyone who has traveled and lived abroad knows that there is something to be appreciated in the women of every country. Naturally, every man has his own inclinations and sexual preferences for certain female traits.

        1. The “fetish” and “Yellow Fever” memes are negative reactions from the feminist powers over men having agency in the sexual marketplace. That the average Asian woman makes them look like fat, hairy cows and are available to “uber-omega IT nerds” drives the feminists to defining “yellow fever” as a pathology to be criminalized.

        2. Yes, it truly is about shaming when it comes to Americhicks and men who are jealous of you here at home. I don’t like the term “fetish” either. I happen to like women of all ethnicities, too, and I’ve sampled as many different flavors of women as possible.
          One of the main reasons I started liking Asian women is this: Many of these women are the definition of class, and they’re feminine. They see forming a family as an important milestone in their lives. They don’t hate men. They don’t want to be men. They can be breathtakingly beautiful, without the hair bleach, makeup, fake body parts, etc, etc, etc that are so common here at home.
          In fact, the girl I spent most of my time with on my last trip wore no makeup at all.
          I felt like a starved tiger that had been given a steak while I was there. Everything lacking in America when it comes to women, I saw in spades in SE Asia. It truly changed me.
          That alone is enough to make someone have a “fetish” for Asian women.

        3. It’s nice to have a thin, sexy, well-educated, feminine woman who cooks, takes care of me and buys me gifts. Doesn’t happen too often back in the USSA.

      3. Then stay away from Asian women.
        We don’t need foreign genes polluting our ethno-states. It’ll just turn us into fractured, plural identity, multicultural, infighting, victim-mongering, oversensitive, unnationalistic shitholes.

      4. Hah. You would be surprised at how many Asians think the opposite, and that white girls are goddesses.

        1. I was poolside at “Le Royale” in Phnom Penh. $400 a night but you could get a monthly pass to use the sauna, gym, and pool for $50. I was staying nearby at a $12/night Khmer hotel. A beached White Whale had washed ashore at the Royale pool. A bunch of Khmer workmen walked past and ogled her profusely, talking admiringly among themselves. Later, I was getting a massage, and there was a Britney Spears poster on the wall. I tried to explain to the girl that in America, there would be a poster of her (the massuese) on the wall.

        2. I try to explain to my Chinese friends that Western women aren’t all Victoria’s Secret models, but it doesn’t sink in.

      5. caucasian [women] mix quite well though, brazilian and dutch, german and spanish, basically any south american country and a bit of germanic/eastern european in them and they look beautiful. same with french and morrocan.
        even japanese and american. though its hit or miss whether they keep the best of both traits or get the worst of one.
        for example there’s a chinese/welsh girl i know, absolutely stunningly beautiful, welsh eyes, nice symmetrical small facial features, good rack, a great blend. her brother on the other hand looks like a chinesefied caucasian, and subsequently very weird to look at

        1. WeiYuan means that mixed blood children are very popular in China and essentially anyone who has big eyes and white skin (chuck in a tall body) and round face is gonna be considered ‘beautiful’

    3. Then stay away from Asian women.
      We don’t need foreign genes polluting Asian ethno-states. It’ll just turn us into fractured, plural identity, multicultural, infighting, victim-mongering, oversensitive, unnationalistic shitholes.

      1. I bet if a white would have said that,everyone would have gone apeshit by now,crying racism,calling the swat etc…just saying.Btw,I have never been to the US or China and I never said anything about their ability to cook and being a good wife,I just stated that they are degenerated/inbred(fact) and for me they look much uglier than an avarage european(my humble opinion).I’m sure some Asian countries havent been poisoned by the western “way of life” yet,but believe me,in 10-20years they will be,and then you will have a second America,with even uglier girls.Eastern Europe is getting worse too.

        1. True… but I actually agree. Whites shouldn’t be diluting our gene pool, and asians shouldn’t either.

        2. Well I’m not white and I don’t give the slightest shit about emotionally based Western beliefs.
          You’re entitled to your own opinion about the appearance of Asians, but there is nothing “degenerate” or “inbred” about us.

        3. Asians like mongols,japanese,koreans,and minorities in china like uyghurs,kazakhs,tibetans are not inbred or degenerated at all but the avarage CHINESE are.I have seen a lot of chinese tourists here and they seem to me like they are all suffering from a subtle form of down-syndrome or smth.

        4. That is retarded. You can’t consistently tell the difference between East Asians.
          How do I know? Because even East Asians can’t. Anyone who tells you they can is either A) Not Asian or B) Full of shit or C) Both.

        5. The Chinese are not afflicted by a subtle or non subtle form of down syndrome….its just a massive cultural difference.
          Chinese people (not all but a very large amount) are more focused on themselves and their families rather than anyone else and this sometimes comes through in ways that Western people would perceive negatively.
          I.e if you saw an older person fall down on the street….what do you do?
          Help them?
          Not help them?
          As westerners I would like to think that the majority of us would help, the woman would appreciate it and we would be praised for doing a good deed.
          In China (and this isn’t ALWAYS or even that often but it does happen) what happens is that an older person falls down and either someone helps or they dont.
          If they help they run the risk of the older person saying that the person helping them actually caused their accident (therefore forcing them to pay for their hospital bills and perhaps even suing them for more money) if they don’t help then they have zero risk.
          Now If you are a typical Chinese then you’re working pretty damn hard to save up money to look after their parents, buy a house ect ect….so risking all of that to help an old person who may or may not scam you isn’t such a great idea, regardless of morales.
          As for Chinese tourists……sadly there are lots of First Generation Rich Chinese (or 2nd) and some came by their money honestly…some via other means, the point being that they go a bit nuts about having that much money (because it equals massive status and power in China) and that leads to them having quite poor behavior and thinking they can do whatever they want….which means they vandalize thousand year old egyptian artifacts and the like.
          Having said that though…if you haven’t been and lived in China for at least 2 years and gotten to know a lot of locals…then your perceptions of China are pretty off as the Chinese you see overseas are only a small part of a big whole (also you have to take into account almost every province in China is a bit different)

        6. You mean you think it’s not possible to tell the diff between Chinese, Koreans and Japanese?

        7. I can tell the difference between a Japanese,Korean,Chinese,Mongol,Uyghur,Tibetian pretty easily,dont tell me that theres none because then you are clearly a troll.Genetically they are different so that means pretty much Phenotically they are different too,surely there have been some intermixing but that doesnt change the fact that you cant mistook a chinese for a japanese for example.

        1. If you arrange your child’s marriage with whoever contributes to maintain the status quo, your grandchild will pay the genetic price.
          You can carry out a revolution and fuck over all of those who oppose you, but you cannot fuck with nature.

        2. That’s a map of where those language groups can be found.
          In nearly all those regions, Mandarin Chinese or another Chinese dialect is by far the most spoken language.

        3. Yes, you are correct. The only thing not everyone is equally fluent in Mandarin Chinese. This reflects cultural and ethnic differences that Weiyuan fails to recognize.

        4. Differences are either intra-Han or only represented by tiny minority groups.
          Mandarin Chinese is by far the most common native tongue spoken everywhere except in Southern Cantonese areas, which is just another dialect of Chinese anyway. The ethnograph you presented only represents a tiny amount of speakers, far overshadowed by Mandarin speakers.
          And even with regional differences, most of China is underpinned by a collective and assimilated Han identity. This is our defense against multiculturalism.

        5. China is beautiful because it is culturally Chinese in essence. I believe all foreigners should exert their best efforts to 入乡随俗. As far as minorities in China are concerned, you cannot always force people to assimilate Han values because the only ones who benefit from it are the Han themselves.
          The Xinjiang ren receive special treatment in China not only because they occupy a large portion of China’s territory, but also because the Han have been unable to bully them into submission. The story is different for Tibetans since they are much more peaceful.

        6. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. We have problems wit Uyghurs and Tibetans precisely because they’re not assimilated enough. This needs to be fixed. Love and tolerance rarely solve anything in real life.

      2. Wrong answer, Chinese beta.
        You of all people should know better than to spout such billingsgate. China itself is a deeply multi-racial society, and has been for thousands of years. You had Turkic invaders, Mongols, Tibetans, and many other strains in the Han Chinese makeup. That may be part of its resilience. One of the positive things about China is that it places economic achievement above racial purity, in contrast to a few of its neighbors.
        Such comments make you sound like North Korean government functionary, from whom I would expect such an opinion.

        1. LOL
          Han = ethnic identity, not race
          China is 92% Han, and that’s a low estimate. All the invaders have been assimilated into the Han collective. Even the alleged minorities are indistinguishable from most Hans, they’d have to tell you or you wouldn’t know.

        2. Someone with the last name Ma or Ha is most like a descendent of Muslims. Got that from a Oil executive who’s last name was Ma. Learn your history.

        3. Stupid.
          Ma is a surname that far predates Islam. It was only adopted by Chinese Muslims afterwards.
          Look up any Chinese phonebook. There are many Huis named Ma, but most people named Ma are not Muslim. See the difference?

        4. I don’t think you know what multi-racial means. Virtually everyone in China is of East Asian race, even the minorities.
          Han is an ethnicity. That the people identify themselves as such is what’s important, not their actual genetic lineage. Multiculturalism would destroy this.

        5. She said that they are most likely DESCENDANTS of muslims (like she is), not that they are “currently practicing” muslims. See the difference? Ha, sorry, but I will take the opinion of an educated, general counsel to an energy firm who took the time to learn her family’s history and genealogy, than some butt-hurt, dick-weed omega-male with a racial ax to grind. I’m glad it keeps a mangina like you up at night knowing that niggas are banging “your” women.

        6. And I’m going to take historical fact and government census statistics over one person’s anecdote. See the difference?
          You spoke on a subject you know nothing about, and got burned. Get over it.

      3. Haha. You sound really butt-hurt and beta, weiyuan. Not gonna happen. Your sister is probably fucking a Black Brother as you read this!

        1. Very, very few Asians date blacks, male or female. You know this.
          And isn’t it strange that people care more about my response than the openly racist things said about Asians here?

        2. you are being racist right now you dumbass, no actually its more like racism is already in the chinese culture. Like whats the problem of a chinese girl fucking with a black dude? how are you any better than a black person?

      4. As a Chinese man, I’m going to tell you and others like you to stop being a disgrace to my race. Stop being a Bitch. Are you so insecure in yourself and my people that you would post such embarrassing comments? People like you are always on the defensive, why is that? I guarantee these Asian women that you aim to protect could care less about your life. And what is wrong with foreigners creating mixed race babies with Asian women? Go tell a beautiful young Hapa girl she is polluted, hear what she says. Before you dictate who should bang who, go build yourself up. I’ll even buy you a copy of Bang and tell you to read Success mag. If you are a Chinese male, realize everything is out there for you to conquer and enjoy. The westerners helped you build so many opportunities so you can live quite comfortably anywhere in the world, and bone bang breed all types of beautiful young ladies. That is up to you if you choose to do it. The Chinese Male is the future of game, so don’t miss out on the opportunity for this international come up.
        Now tell everyone here you are sorry for your comments B.

        1. Isn’t it funny you choose to attack me instead of all the people saying racist shit about Chinese people?
          I’m not talking about who bangs what in other countries. You can bang or breed whatever you want outside of China, male or female.
          But mixed race children will bring an identity crisis and pluralism to Chinese society, and this has not worked out well in Western countries. How would you like it if Chinese people are called racists all the time just for being the majority? And all the politics in China messed up with racial issues?
          Multiculturalism is a failure and I want no more of it in China. Whether or not this sounds nice or “embarrassing” to Western ears is irrelevant. The interests of the Chinese nation comes before face, even if those interests are morally ugly.

        2. LOL!!! You guys should stop invading other nations then,leave Tibet if you fear so much becoming multicultural.Give atleast autonomy to the Uyghurs!Whole China is/was one of the most multicultural nations on this planet,even multiracial,so stop spreading your bullshit you ugly yellow midget.

        3. I didn’t see any racist comments when I posted on here last night; otherwise, they would’ve been smacked. What’s happening in China is natural, some girls want a taste of what they think is exotic. Who cares? Whatever offsprings a mixed couple produces will be bred by the Chinese eventually. Your society will remain.
          Opposite of holding back the Chinese, I’d like to see the doors open for the Chinese, especially all those poor undersexed Chinese men in China. Imagine all these horny crazy competitive men roaming all over the world with game knowledge. Your dreams of preserving your society will be surpassed. Thats why I say Build yourselves up Physically, Sexually, Mentally and Internationally. Don’t stop Building.
          You are a Chinese with all the opportunities ahead of you, and I’d like to see you do something more productive than hate on something so minor. Got it?

        4. Really? You don’t see any racist comments here? Look at the timestamps. Most were posted before my comments. I don’t see you responding to any of them. Why? And is it your society or our society?
          So, are you actually Chinese?
          Chinese people are building ourselves up while choosing not to go down the path failures like Western societies. The two things are not mutually exclusive.

        5. Invading? Xizang and Xinjiang are Chinese land. Who’s invading anything? Both regions are already autonomous. Their separatist activities are simply put down as police action.

        6. I understand westernization has failed in some areas, but why are there the very few like you who are so defensive if a man or woman wants to breed or bang someone in China? It’s none of your sexual business, who are you to play God? Don’t be that Beta white guy who cries because black men are banging blondes in the states or the Middle Eastern men who seal their womens Vcards from outsiders. Whoever other people decide to fuck is their choice, not yours, not ours. I would never try and stop you from going out to the nightclubs in China to gamebang foreigner tourist chicks or gogo dancers. In fact, I’d probably help wing you or even set you up with some of my pretty Latin, Hapa and Euro girls just to help you get a feel of what you are missing out on. I suggest you step up your game and seek the treasures that you are holding yourself back from. Don’t be one of those cockblocking overprotected insecure Chinese Beta Males, that generate bad stereotypes making Supreme Men like myself look bad. 我不怕你给不给我面子,知不知道? The racists are 傻屄. Don’t sweat it and go get yours Brah. I just want to help better you and those like you.

        7. Are you autistic?
          We’re talking about the fate of Chinese society, not who can bang what.
          Mixed children = multiculturalism = pluralistic shithole. Just look at Western societies. Even if all the hybrids came from beautiful foreign women with Chinese men, the result is the same.
          No, you’re more afraid of being called racist and losing face than you are concerned for the stability of Chinese civilization. Because what, the westerners taught you those things are so important? Go back to China and ask people if they want the country to be filled with foreigners and minorities. See how they respond.

        8. My original response was to your comment about not wanting Asian women polluted by foreign genes and this happens to be a site about banging. Therefore, we are on the topic about banging. And how is the country preserved? Look at the poverty, look at the simplification of the language. Look at the pollution, look at the food quality, look at the water quality, look at the business quality, look at the levels of trust in people.. Again, look at the gap between the rich and the poor. Control freaks are usually the few at the top, but times are changing brah. I’d like a better future for the Chinese, but what you are promoting is to hold individuals back.. taking away their freedom to make their own choices.
          You have no right to tell two individual lives they can’t hook up whether its for love or for the bang. It’s none of your business.
          Answer me this, if I put a nice young feminine Russian model chick who cooks well inside your China apartment that wanted to bang you, you wouldn’t bang?

        9. Why do you keep derailing with irrelevant points? We’re talking about important things, not who you can/can’t fuck.
          Do you think multiculturalism is a positive thing? Y/N
          Do you want it for China? Y/N
          If yes, do you really believe a lot of people in China think the same?
          If not, how will you prevent it if there’s mixing with foreigners in China?
          Look at the west. Racial division. Racial politics. Balkanization and constant guilt tripping. I don’t want that shit in China. If I have a mixed kids I’d try not to raise them in China.
          Get rid of your frat boy attitude, “bro”. Some idiot calling you a “hater” is not the worst thing in the world. Every bit of racial oversensitivity is a product of emotional whitethink. The interests of the Chinese people come first, then face and feelings after.

        10. What are you doing on this site brah? I think you are Non Chinese trying to gain more comments. An English teacher perhaps? Or a Wannabee PUA instructor imbecile holding bootcamps in Asia for picking up Asian girls when little game is required? Are you afraid of the ROK fellas swarming in?
          If you are a real Chinese, builld yourself and go get some. I hope you and others like you aren’t out there beating the shit out of expats in big groups at the nightclubs just because they hit on a Chinese girl. I hear this is getting more common nowadays, but very Anti Game.
          Either way, I’m done with you.

        11. So your argument is nothing? I can “get some” while not advocating retarded western policies in China. Deal with it.

        12. Multiculturalism and Pluralism has worked perfectly fine in Brazil, Persia (before Islam invaded), India (same story), Russia and southeastern Africa. I myself, right in my very own physical body, am heavily multi-background, and I for one am all for people mixing. Chill out, bro

        13. Okay, now I take that as a personal insult. I’m mixed Rajasthani, Mongolian, Turkish, Persian, Kurdish, pan-North African bedouin Moor, and Siberian-Russian, and I think I’ve done perfectly fine. Go meet some cross-breed people and then talk about how mixed-blood children create a “shithole”, as you call it

        14. I think what your country man is try to express is that you being on the defensive makes you a target for other peoples opinions, stupidity and/or racism.
          I don’t think you can or should dictate what happens in China simply because its pointless.
          I don’t bitch about what people to do Australian women or how they treat them as it’s not my problem, it’s their problem.
          Mixed race children may have identity issues…..or they may not, I can tell you right now that normal Chinese people already have identity issues, so it’s not like mixing with a little foreign genes is really gonna make it that much worse, if at all.
          Chinese people aren’t being called racist because they are the majority, they are being called racists because they are racist, Chinese even discriminate against themselves more than the rest of the world.
          Politics in China is messed up because there is a lack of real culture, morales and standards and a massive focus on status and money.
          This is pretty typical of any country that has undergone massive cultural changes within the last 100 years, also changes of government and acceptable religion affect this.
          You are Chinese, the interest of ‘face’ comes before everything as it’s a personal thing and Chinese people rarely stand up for the face of China as opposed to the face of themselves.
          Things are changing though and hopefully China will become a lot like Taiwan within the next 20 years (at least in some areas) as Taiwan has the Chinese culture that existed before the revolution and anyone who has been to the major cities in the main land and then travelled to Taiwan can attest to the differences and the benefits of Taiwan.
          Although i’m saying this, keep in mind i actually like China and have lived here for 5 years, and will continue living here, so i don’t mean to come off as negative but more realistic.

      5. Hey 委员,I admire and respect many aspects of the peaceful rise of China. It has brought balance to international politics and directly/indirectly contributed to the strengthening of anti-imperialist movements in Latin America and other parts of the world.
        One of the sad things about it, though, is the empowering of Han government bureaucrats and businesspersons, who do not care about the unprivileged Chinese (the majority of people).

        1. You think and express yourself as a privileged person. Please keep present at all times that privilege can only be maintained through violence. Planet Earth belongs to everyone and no one.
          Long live anarchy!

      6. 请别再丢中国人的脸。你要感谢中国工人为你吃苦以便你能够受好的教育,每个周末去唱K,喝白酒且去按摩店放松。
        Privileged momma’s boy
        You can’t get decent women and that is why you come to foreigners for advice.
        Chinese people are dear to me, but I am making exceptions with losers like you.

        1. Psychonaut, loser.
          1. Please don’t pretend to be Chinese when your Chinese sucks so much
          2. You are not entitled to decide what Chinese do with our reputation.
          3. I dont drink baiju
          4. I’m not rich
          5. I don’t get massages
          6. I don’t go to KTV
          You done making stuff up?
          Even if I were privileged, all privilege should be defended and upheld as a form of competition. Please don’t pretend the world is about love or sharing or some such hippie bullshit.
          “Chinese people are dear to me”
          Obviously not. Go on any mainstream Chinese forum. Even with your shitty Chinese you should still be able to tell who the average Chinese agrees with when it comes to multiculturalist infiltration.

        2. I hurted your feelings, right? Now go home and cry to your momma.
          This is funny. No one respects you now. Change your IP and register a new account.

    4. I love Asian women AND Caucasian women. I got love for the haters, cause the way I see it, it just means more options while having less competition for me! UUYEAHHH!!!

    5. Not sure where the OP taught English in China, but in the Tier I cities, you won’t find many / any beautiful prostitutes. Maybe a few are high class escorts. But most beautiful women have plenty of suitors. The prostitutes aren’t terribly attractive, and are transplants from Shenzhen, Chengdu, or Inner Mongolia – the poorest parts of the country.
      As far as Chinese women being hideous… the Chinese women in China and the ones that expatriate to Britain are very different looks-wise. Pretty girls rarely leave their hometowns, and almost never leave their home COUNTRIES…. I wouldn’t want a Chinese woman in Britain either; ugh.

    6. To little GG, I bet you’re a tiny ugly little manlet with a microdick who couldn’t breed a pussy even if you bought some that belonged to Jenna Jameson. Before you say others are hideous, take a look at yourself in the mirror and count your number of bangs and number of flags. You know its Zero and below you scrawny munchkin vegan.
      To Weiyuan, are you happy now?

    7. I guess that you didn’t see the picture at the top of the article.

  6. Some comments on your bullet list above:
    #1 Generally, Chinese dislike dark skin. Even other among native Chinese, the darker skinned ones are generally treated less favorably. In particular they don’t like Blacks or Indians. There are exceptions but I wouldn’t recommend going to China looking for sex (or work) if you’re either of those. If you’re Latino you may be mistaken as Chinese. White westerners are sometimes mistaken for Chinese as well, as strange as that may sound.
    #4 This is absurd. The idea that most of the better girls might be prostitutes is laughable. Maybe in the particular place you were in in China, but that’s just a very skewed perspective and I think belies an inferiority complex.
    #5 This is correct. However, there are so many dialects in China that just knowing Mandarin, even at a basic level of fluency may not be enough. Having a local to take you around is the best bet.

    1. I know about the dark skin. Filipinos, especially, I remember hearing when I was in East Asia last, were bottom of the heap, and usually got the shit jobs that the locals didn’t want. But, with blacks, there might be a chance if the girls are into something “exotic.” No dearth of girls interested in black men in Korea or Japan, unless that’s changed in the 15+ years I was there last.

      1. Yeah, that’s changed in the last 15 years. Young Korean and Japanese women love black men. They’re all over television and the media. As long as a man is good looking and carries himself well, his race doesn’t matter as much as you’d originally believe.

        1. I wouldn’t say that. There WERE young Japanese girls into brothas during the 2000s, but int he 2010s, Black is out of style in Japan, and all over the world. We will probably never be in style again, especially in East Asia.

    2. #1 is entirely incorrect. Darker skin isn’t preferable for native Chinese, but that goes out the window if you’re foreign and attractive. Attraction isn’t logical and it’s easy to perceive.
      In fact, I’d say that the race hierarchy in this post isn’t correct either–it’s a generalization based upon the experience of an observer. But as an experienced participant, let me tell you that a darker skinned man would have no issue pulling beautiful women in an Asian country as long as he is the alpha male.

    3. You’ll need to separate African from African American and possibly Black British decent. Unless the individual is an African Mining or O&G executive who will get a little more respect. (ie Natural Resources).
      Anyway …. here’s the pecking order.
      “In Beijing this is the general pecking order in terms of a company’s recruitment (by Chinese managers):
      1. White Americans/Canadians
      2. White British
      3. White Australians/New Zealanders and South Africans
      4. European Nonnatives/Black Americans/Black British
      5. American Asians/Black Aussies (Australians) and Kiwis (New Zealanders)/Filipinos/Africans”
      But I’d still argue that African American males in China are still more Alpha than Caucasian eg. exotic, perceived sexual skill, black endowment myth or blessing… 🙂 Plus the popularity of Blasian Porn from Korea and Japan. The black myth still holds strong. But if you can perceive cultural nuances and act accordingly then you’ll “bang” to your hearts content no matter the race. Balanced game.
      If you’ve become an expat just to “Bang” “Pickup” “get laid” or “Mack” then you’re wasting opportunity. (damn i sound old) Use the time to balance out you’re game beyond the simple pursuit of puss and add some sophistication in. (it’ll pay off later)
      Sorry guys I proof this but I’ve gotta turn off all electronic devices. (Flight)

  7. Some places you have to fend for yourself. There is a running joke over at worldstarhiphop where there is always some footage from China of someone falling into a manhole, getting hit by a car, getting electrified, or some crap, and bystanders doing absolutely nothing and casually walking by unperturbed. With all the stereotypes people have about the Middle East and Africa, it was overwhelming how people went out of their way to help me and other strangers and foreigners, of any race or nationality.

  8. I hear English teachers have a bad reputation back home, are you one of them?
    Either way if you land a Chinese girl, please take her out of the country and have your hybrid kids elsewhere. Don’t want none of that.

  9. Too bad this didn’t exist when I was in East Asia in the mid-90s. It could have broken me of my blue-pill tendencies back then, despite getting laid a couple of times.
    I never could deal with the kids that well, and always welcomed the adults. The main thing was competency in English, which the kids don’t have. (Save for one very sharp little boy I had in an intermediate class. His father was a professor and spoke near-fluent English, so no surprise there.) The adults just needed more practice, and my method was to cut out articles from the main English-language newspaper and use that as the basis of discussion. I then hit the ball in their court often, asking them to define, by using context, what unfamiliar words mean.
    Just remember one thing about Asian women — though they usually blow away the average Americhick in terms of looks, maturity might be lacking. (That is, if you want relationships and not just casual fucks.) Also, vindictiveness. I heard that Thai girls are some of the most vindictive. Not sure about Chinese as I’ve not interacted with them much in my life.

  10. What the fuck, dude? There is still some part in you that considers marrying an American woman? Damn man. You can’t fix stupid, as they say.

  11. @EastAsianNationalist,
    Hey man, let me reply you back here. I advocate the socialization of education and information. Love and tolerance are useless when you have someone pointing a gun at you, when a government is promoting unfair policies and when a corporation is getting rid of its toxic waste on the shores of Somalia.
    The moment you use violence to get something is the moment you prove that it does not belong to you. And never will.

  12. @Weiyuan
    You have embarrased yourself to the point that other Chinese don’t want to have anything to do with you. They have already started complaining with the ROK’s moderator about you. Publicly. They suspect you are not Chinese.

    1. You mean the “Chinese” who doesn’t say anything when people say Chinese are inbred degenerates, but attacks me for responding? That Chinese? How about you? Did you speak out against racism towards Chinese?
      No. You just made up some shit about me then cried when you couldn’t prove it.
      I suggest everyone take a look at Psychonaut’s posting history to see what a joke this guy is. The corporashuns! Marxism #1! Rich ppl are mean! Long live anarchy man! How did this underage stoner get in here?

      1. Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.
        -Master Yoda-
        P.S. Angry Chinese man. Please comment. I like.
        P.S. Stop drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco cigarrettes. They make you violent. Smoke cannabis and drink banana milk shakes instead.

    I kno, generalizations aside,this2b true.
    Sex is better.
    Can u flip that chunky n2a standing 69? How bout grabbing the skinnys hips n
    tossing her around a big bed, is it effortless and an example of ur
    ability2lead a woman? How about grabbing
    her wrists, is the chunky or skinny gunna b easier2dominate n therefore leading
    the girl2hv a more OMG sex experience? No wonder so many chunkys hv bad sex
    lives, they r not trying as hard as an in shape beta who is tearing up that ass.
    Skinny girls get
    drunker. Weather it’s the smaller portions that eat that don’t soak up the
    alcohol or that they hv less clogged arteries4the alcohol2race through, a skinny gets hammered. And it costs ur wallet
    less than2 dump endless drinks down the already heavily traveled gullets of the
    chunkys. There is a reason it is the skinny up
    on the bar dancing cuz shes shitfaced, n not a chunky who is only getting
    a buzz on the same amount of shots that got skinny up on the bar.
    To paraphrase
    kate moss “skinny tastes as good as skinny feels” think about the taste of ur
    current girls mouth. Odds r if she is
    chunky her taste leaves a little2b desired, but the skinny will b
    sweeter even if given similar smoking and types of food. I culd list another way2taste
    ur current gf, but I read on rooshv that sir roosh doesn’t swallow girlcum. Fyi,
    all u chunky eaters, u now hv my permission2 drool as ur imagination pushes all
    the thoughts of how good skinny must taste.
    My name is capitalXD. I am ur average overachiever who owns his own
    businesses, cars, houses, acreage, n the list goes on. I hv background n behavioral psychology study n I travel,
    espically2SE asia, @least1x a year.

  14. If you’re a Black man, East Asia is off limits really. That’s a white man’s paradise, Latinos can do pretty well (especially the lighter ones), and pretty much anything that isn’t Black will do OK. If you’re a Black man, you’re not going to do well at all, especially since hip-hop is falling out of style, even in Japan.
    Black men with yellow fever are fucked, and not in the good way.

  15. Face attractiveness: (1# white 2#Black 3#latino,4# Asian, 5#Indian )
    Just thought I’d correct you on that .

  16. >I got my certification mainly to teach children; not because I’m a closet pedophile, but because I like to have fun
    I have never seen a woman volunteer a disclaimer like this. I see disclaimers like these volunteered by men all the time.
    It is a reflection of our culture but it is sad as help every time I see it.
    A disclaimer is not owed and doing so validates female attitudes towards us in roles like teaching.

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