How To Convince A Girl To Get An Abortion

Let’s face it: sexually active people have accidents. Shit happens, that’s life. But we know that men have no reproductive rights in opting out of a being a parent. With only two birth control options available to men (a condom and a vasectomy) the words you use to get your girl off the fence about having an abortion must be well thought out. If you are not ready to be a father, the following arguments may help you convince a girl to get an abortion. The first two methods I describe below have worked for me in separate instances for the two abortions I have paid for. I know other guys who simply did not say the right things or trusted her to “make the right decision.” Well, now they are stuck paying child support for children they barely see.

The first method is most applicable for a girl who is a long term booty call or girlfriend; basically, a girl who believes there is an emotional element to your sexual relationship. For these situations I recommend the “Hail Mary,” a term referring to the end of an American football game when a team attempts a difficult play in a last ditch effort to win. The concept of a “Hail Mary” has been popularized by radio personality Tom Leykis who created this strategy based on his own personal experience with convincing past girlfriends to get abortions.

How The “Hail Mary” Works

You need to bring up the subject of abortion with every ounce of verbal finesse and situation-appropriate sensitivity. You should sound as sincere as possible and tell her that you want her to be the mother of your children one day, but that now is not the right time to start a family. Explain you want to wait until you are further along in your career/life goals and you can afford to give your future family all the comforts of life you cannot deliver today. Finally, explain if she has the abortion now, you will be able to plan your lives together so that everything is perfect. Then, after she agrees and has the abortion, dump her. It’s called a “hail mary” in part because of its difficulty to execute, so if you stay with her post-abortion and she becomes pregnant again you’re really fucked.


The second method is best used on girls where minimal emotions were involved in the sexual relationship: infrequent booty calls, ONS girls, or as a secondary method if the “hail mary” does not work on your girlfriend. I call it the asshole method.

How The Asshole Method Works

You need to channel your inner cold, unforgiving, unapologetic asshole nature, as nothing less will suffice. You must not ask, but rather tell her to get an abortion because if she refuses this child will be a bastard. Explain to her in no uncertain terms that you will not be a father to this child. I would avoid personal shots of telling her she is unfit to be a mother because this could backfire on you, but make it clear that if she keeps the baby you will be opting out of fatherhood. Explain that while she may end up collecting the minimum in child support that the state can take from you, in no way will you participate in raising this kid or being a father to it. To instill the seriousness of your message, add that you will refuse any efforts in the future to include you in the child’s life.

Once you have laid out your position, get your car keys and tell her you will drive her to the abortion clinic, pay for it, and have her take care of it today so you both can move on with your lives. Explain that since it is early in the pregnancy she only needs to take a pill (different from the morning after pill) to trigger the abortion. The most important part in executing the asshole method is that you keep your emotions in check the whole time. If you budge on that, she could doubt your sincerity and be swayed to keep the kid.

The third method has not been tested by me but it is worth mentioning as a creative way of convincing a girl to get an abortion. I call this method the wildcard method.

How The Wildcard Method Works

Think about what causes normal couples wanting to have children to get an abortion. If an ultrasound finds that the child has a developmental problem like down syndrome, many couples choose to abort. You can use this knowledge to your advantage because you can tell the girl that a rare genetic disease is common in your family. You should tell her you would love to have children but it would be unfair to risk the possibility of this disease (ideally use one which causes an early death and/or horrible lifestyle conditions while alive) being passed on to future generations. To add color to your story, bring up a nonexistent sibling and tell her that you are still recovering from their painful passing a few years ago.

To help convince her that this is a family disease, take pictures. This might require you to spend an afternoon volunteering at a hospital or center for developmentally disabled people. Take a picture of someone who could pass as a relative (similar skin tone is probably all you need). This is just an example, but do whatever you think is necessary to sell the seriousness of this genetic disease to her.  Explain that having a kid with your DNA would be like playing Russian roulette with someone’s life. If she is still on the fence have her watch the film Tiptoes with Matthew McConaughey and tell her what your siblings, uncles, cousins have lived through makes dwarfism seem like a walk in the park. While this method could require some acting on your part, if you sell it well enough she will be offering to pay for the abortion.


Obviously some demographics (young, college girls with career on the mind) require little effort to convince, but not all women are as easily swayed. Getting inside a woman’s head to convince her to get an abortion might require you to be very persuasive and creative in your approach. My hope is that if this advice helps just one man to convince his future baby’s mama to spare him from becoming a parent against his will, it was worth the writeup.

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  1. Personally I recommend having children as they are a complete joy.
    Feminist reaction to this essay should be interesting, given their advocacy of abortion.

    1. Having children is a complete joy -if and when-
      * you have a real role in that child’s life, not “1/3 physical custody” on a date scheduled by the court-appointed mediator
      * you determine how your hard-earned money is spent to better the child’s future, instead of some shrieking harpy who legally uses the child support check to finance her purse and lingerie purchases for her next lover
      * you don’t have 1/3rd to 2/3rd of your paycheck garnished to support the lifestyle of some skank you banged in the early 2000s for a few months
      * you don’t have to explain to every girl you’re dating after a few weeks that you already have a child and a “baby momma”, only to have them walk away because of your baggage
      And that child is even less of a complete joy, if his/her existence drags you into a marriage with that skank you were banging for a few weeks. So if you do “the honorable thing” and get married, now you get to be in a shitty marriage with a rapidly aging 6 you were only talking to for sex.
      Oh, and all the commenters who hate this article but complain about “frivorce theft”: yup, do the honorable thing and marry the bitch and now she’ll take half your earnings when she gets tired of your ass (on top of the money spent on the children and her luxury goods during the marriage). All the Alpha Relationship Game in the world won’t save you from this medusa who has you by the testicles.

      1. If you’re that worried about one or more of the above, how about you learn to keep your penis in your pants or, if you really lack the self-control to rut in whatever sinkhole you fall into, wear two small sized prophylactic, in case one slips off.

        1. Condoms are not 100% safe Djuro, so until men get reproducive rights, we must learn ways to go around the problem.

        2. I sincerely wonder why nobody has ever used that argument to shut up these deranged femcunts.
          You moronic piece of diarrhea.

        3. Men do have reproductive rights. They can chose to have sex which is intended to result in pregnancy. What you are citing are erroneously assumed rights to stop being a father once his child is conceived from said sexual intercourse. As for your comment, “we must learn ways to go around the problem,” it is not a problem it is a child, YOUR child.
          Keep it in your pants if that’s not appealing to you.

        4. Well don’t you have a lovely sense of entitlement. You already have so much yet you won’t be satisfied until you get to control other people’s bodies.
          How about this – if you’re not in control of your own body enough to prevent a pregnancy (and it’s not hard), you probably shouldn’t be allowed to exercise any control over anyone else’s until you do.

        5. Well, where some people are coming from they feel it’s unfair that a man has no say as to whether or not the child can be killed, which absolves the mother of responsibility, but the man does not have any opportunity to absolve himself of responsibility. Now I agree to a point-I agree that it’s not fair that a man who wants to take care of his child can still lose his child to an abortion and he has no say. However, there’s no such thing as “forced motherhood” or “forced fatherhood”. If you have sex and you have a baby, then it’s your responsibility.

        6. An unwanted whild is a problem, and here we’re not talking about a child but about a fetus, big difference.
          Men won’t give up sex simply because there’s a risk contraception will fail.
          When I say reproductive rights, I’m saying the same rights as women, the right to chose to become a parent or not.

        7. That’s it, *if* you have a baby. Abortion is there to keep the option not to have one.

        8. Never wanted to control a woman’s body, but I’d like the child to legally have only one parent if she decides to make this choice alone.

        9. ‘if she decides to make this choice alone’ ????
          You mean ‘if she decides not to do exactly what I want her to do and makes the choice that is best for her’.

        10. so a human life is an option? So if I see you in the street and I have a gun, I simply have an “option” to keep you alive?

        11. Damn you’re stupid, femicunt.
          Having sex has nothing to do with reproductive rights. A woman can have sex, get pregnant, and then do whatever she wants. A man has no control of anything after having sex.
          This is unequal rights. Of course, you and other femicunts spin it to shame men. We currently live in a matriarchy and men aren’t allowed to have reproductive rights.

        12. Making a choice against the will of the father is making the choice alone. If both can’t agree, the one making the decision make it alone.

        13. No need for equivocation – you could have just said ‘yes’.
          In any case – tough – you already tacitly agreed to become a daddy when you had sex. Risk/ reward.l

        14. And contraception fails and final decisions on abortion aren’t in your hands. Ergo – yes, you do agree – because you should be aware of the consequences. I can’t imagine that anyone who is idiotic enough to not understand this is having sex with anything other than his own hand, so it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.

        15. Have you ever even had sex? Sometimes emotions and passions are so animalistic you dont wear protection. BTW suggesting wearing 2 condoms? Know I know you have never had sex.

        16. Given how ugly you are Linda Heilman (via your Avator pic) how can you pretend to be an authoriy on sex?

      2. Well if having unprotected sex is more important to you that all the reasons above, then go right ahead. But know the risks you are taking. Especially now that all the women you may date in the future will have access to this post.

      3. If you don’t want a child than don’t “bang that skank.” It is called self-control- try it sometime.

      4. I’ve never seen so much disrespect towards women in one comment. War on women? Look in the mirror.

        1. Sorry, hon. There’s a war on men in this country, not on women. That poster is 100% correct.

        2. I agree. However I don’t think using derogatory language to refer to women makes you a “man”. I don’t care what mistakes they’ve made. Though when I see men objectified as much as women are and men in stirrups with vacuum cleaners shoved up their penises, I’ll be right there in your corner.

        3. Traditional gender roles no longer exist. A “man” is simply a person that has male reproductive organs. A “real man” is the same thing. Men no longer have to be responsible for being the traditional definition of a man.
          Personally, I don’t know what happened in the 1950s. And neither do you. We only have other sources to rely on. Was it as bad as feminists make it seem? I’ve heard both side of the story, so I’m doubtful.
          Either way, the men of today are not responsible for what men did 100 years ago. I am not responsible for men that beat their wives or their children. I am not responsible for men that LEGITIMATELY leave their children. And I’m tired of being held responsible just because I also have a penis.

        4. You must still be in college Joe. I don’t think i’ve heard “traditional gender roles” used in a sentence before or since undergrad. But glad to see you’ve studied it.
          I’m not sure where you’re going with your argument or why you feel you have any other responsibility in life other than to be a decent, respectful human being. That’s what society expects of you, or at least most of society. You can be a decent, respectful human being with a penis (aka a “man”)…or you can choose not to be and I’m sure some people (not me) will regard you and treat you as the animal you choose to be – often without you even knowing.
          You can choose to disrespect women all you want and throw around any excuses for your disrespect all you want. When you hurt others, you’re really just hurting yourself. Every selfish act comes at a price. That’s not feminism speaking…that’s just life experience. The world doesn’t need men (or women) who act like animals. It doesn’t need men who place women in boxes like…
          “Sarah is a slut like the sluts I see online. I can call her a slut, i can treat her like garbage, I can use her for whatever I want, and treat her like she’s disposable because she’s not a human being like me and she doesn’t respect herself. So why should I?”
          “Linsey is a great girl. i grew up with her, she’s like a sister to me and if any guy messed with her I would kick their ass. She’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s got a lot going for her. Any guy would be lucky to have a decent girl like her who’s not a slut or bitch.”
          And that’s where guys need to change…and that’s why I was completely disgusted with the comment from Mr. Anonymous. Call it old fashioned, I don’t care.

      5. Stop sleeping around and you won’t have to worry about pregnancy in the first place. Men use women for their sexual fantasies and their manhood. Sex is not a game. It’s MEANT to create children. So, the best thing you can do is keep your pants zipped and stop thinking sex is “all that”. It’s not! Yes, we need it but it doesn’t make a relationship. Awesome sex belongs in marriage where it is safe for the child AND the parents! It wasn’t invented by you so stop trying to make it into something cheap!! It’s not there for you to use it to “own women” as your personal slave and or to destroy children.
        Until you figure out that there is more to a relationship than sex, you will continue to live the cheap and disgusting life you have. Good relationships are built on trust and mutual respect. Abortion requests destroy that trust! And that child will have a thing or two to say to you when you die and find out it got to live in heaven! Remember, it takes two to make a baby. (the woman doesn’t just “wish” herself pregnant! you helped it happen too!) Stop making it look like it’s HER fault…it’s not!! If you don’t want a baby, don’t have sex!!! It’s that simple!

        1. You are forcing your opinion on us and spreading dangerous demeaning thoughts against women. Keep your sperm to yourself and you won’t have to worry about convincing a woman to get an abortion! It takes a sperm and an egg to make a baby and the woman only has the egg!! (or have your forgotten your high school biology course content)
          Besides, I’m not forcing my opinion on anyone. You posted your comment and I posted mine! That’s not forcing my opinion down your throat. That’s disagreeing with your scumbag opinion of men being allowed to use sex for a sport and then, when things don’t go their way, they want to get themselves out of responsibility by killing the child. My advice to you is a dare: Go watch an abortion…go ahead. Don’t just PAY for it! Watch it happen! Bet you will throw up when it’s over too! (There’s a Youtube video you can view as well)

        2. So it’s just the man’s fault that they had sex? The woman has no part in it? Ha ha I love feminists. Always the same predictable response.
          If they’re BOTH having sex, then they should have EQUAL choice over the fate of the child.
          But no, feminists just want equality when it suits them.

        3. So, if you’re BOTH having sex then you have EQUAL responsibility to raise any child you CREATE!! So the fate of the child is in BOTH OF YOUR HANDS…That means you better be a good father to that kid b/c you both took the time to set up for pregnancy to happen. Like I said, It’s both your faults but you should be the one to protect the child…not kill it!
          Men of honor don’t sacrifice the child THEY helped create for their own selfish convenience of “hey, get the abortion so I don’t have to pay child support thing”. If you DON”T want to make a child….don’t have sex!! It’s that simple. b/c There is NOT Such thing as safe sex..even with birth control. Sex makes babies! Duh!! So if you don’t want one, don’t have sex until you can have one so you don’t have to live your life knowing you murdered your own child. Ask any father who regrets abortion. It isn’t pretty once you get a conscience and realize you killed a human being!

        4. “Besides, I’m not forcing my opinion on anyone. You posted your comment and I posted mine!”
          I’m not trying to impose my view on a christian website.
          “Go watch an abortion…go ahead.”
          Why would I? Heart surgery is harsh visually too, that won’t prevent me from having one if it’s needed one day.

        5. Heart surgery FIXES a broken heart…it doesn’t kill another human being. There is a big difference between heart surgery and abortion!!!
          Abortion tears a helpless human being limb from limb into pieces when it already has organs and a heartbeat and all the body parts still in development! Abortion in later stages, leaves kills the baby with burning saline solution and at even later stages, they are birthed and left out to die. These babies feel pain. real pain. it is child abuse in the worst form.
          Abortion is not a surgery to “fix” someone, it using medical instruments to KILL someone. It’s not a root canal or an abscess or a disease to be cured. Abortion takes a tiny infant and tears it apart limb by limb with no anesthesia and it is very painful. And it’s not safe for the mother either. Most doctors who do it have preferrated the uterus and the bowels and women have died from both chemical and surgical abortions. Abortion is NOT a cure for “pregnancy”…it is the killing of another human being.

        6. Heart surgery fixes a problem. And unwanted pregnancy is a problem, so better fix it before it becomes more than it. Because yes, an embryo isn’t a human being yet.

        7. The way to fix an unwanted pregnancy is not to trick the girl into getting an abortion…it’s to NOT get her pregnant in the first place. And Yes, Scientifically, an embryo IS a human being in a stage of development. It is already a human being. (please learn about DNA…b/c it only has the DNA to BE a human being so it IS one!) Embryo” is just a stage of development..just like being an infant, a toddler and a adolescent and an adult. Is is NEVER anything else but a human being. (and btw, you WERE once an embryo!) So, no you are dead wrong on that point. An embryo is a human being. 18 days AFTER conception, it has a heartbeat. Soon it has arms,, legs etc…all it needs to “look” human.
          I have an idea. Why don’t you watch some videos on fetal growth of humans and see that it always IS a human being. And at the stage that most men “order” that abortion, their offspring already feels pain. But since the stages don’t matter to you. perhaps we should make it legal to do to you what is done to that embryo. Let’s tear off YOUR arms, and legs and crush your skulls with forceps WITHOUT Anesthesia and see how you feel!! Ouch!! Nothing you say will EVER convince me I that abortion is necessary to “fix” an unwanted pregnancy. The solution is to NOT be so busy spreading your seed that you have to protect yourself by killing a human being in it’s most helpless stage of development.

      6. You shouldn’t have had sex with a woman you didn’t love in the first place. Casual sex leads to these types of problems. Sex is not a fun game that you can do with whoever you like. Things like this happen if you treat it like a game. Medusa only has you by the testicles because you let her in, mate.

        1. I am sure guys have fucked you who didnt like your personality. In fact take sex away from the equation most men have no reason to be friendly with women.

        2. I have only ever done that with guys who I have been in relationships with, so they must have liked me. Please don’t speak to a lady like that, thank you.

        3. People like you Richard and selfish, hedonistic and immoral. You probably attract women who are bad people because you are not a nice person. I am not that type of person and I do my best to stay away from the wrong crowd. Maybe that lifestyle is alien to you.

    2. Oh anonymous… you are missing out so much :-)…
      having sex with someone you don’t really love (missing it all) and without worries of having a child…you poor thing…
      for you sex is prior to a person – a girl or a child…
      you will never get enough because you don’t give enough to others…

  2. The chances of a woman having an unexpected pregnancy are very low if you always use condoms and she is also on a reliable birth control method like Depo or the pill (when used properly). The fact that the author had to pay for two abortions seems to indicate that he wasn’t serious about using birth control to begin with.

    1. Women are sneaky. Can’t always assume that a girl will reliably take her birth control. If your entire plan rests on trusting a women to not play you a fool, then you have another thing coming.

    2. Shit happens. Women forget to take the pill, or lie. And its nice to think that we’re always careful and prepared. But in the heat of the moment, would you really pass up sex because you didn’t have a condom? You think either you or your girl would have that much self control when you’re horny and drunk and want it? I’ve been doing this for years and still fuck up every now and then. Many girls don’t keep a stash of condoms because they are pretending to not be slutty hoebags.

      1. Would you really pass up sex because you didn’t have a condom?
        Of course I fucking would, it’s like playing Russian roulette with your life nowadays. No sex is worth the destruction of your hard earned lifestyle.

        1. We would all like to think that we would make the right decision.
          When a cute girl with big tits and seductive look in her eyes looks up at me and licks her lips and says “fuck me already, I’m on the pill it’s OK!” my brain just shuts off. Good for you if you’re stronger than that.

        2. You didn’t get what Maigo said. It goes beyond self control when you can contract a disease that can kill your dumb ass.

        3. So a kid is a disease now? I can’t fathom why you would think such a thing.
          Knowing that, I could fathom why you might be over 40, fat, childless, and single.

        4. Making the claim such as you do, in the fashion that you do, is a foolish proposition.
          There are two reasons why you would make such a claim with such conviction:
          1. You are lying just to make some point you believe to assuage an ego.
          2. You know you’d never be tested like that and therefore can say with certainty that’d you pass up on sex every time when no condom is available. You probably don’t even carry condoms in your wallet, do you?

        5. Making the claim “of course I fucking would” with such conviction is a foolish proposition.
          There are only two reasons I can think of, as to why you would make such an argument with such conviction.
          1. You are patently lying to make a point. You believe in this, but are human and too weak actually live up to this lofty ideal. You assuage your guilty ego by trying to convince others that they are stupid for not even trying to live up to a standard you hold for yourself.
          Who is dumber? A man who does not live up to a standard he does not set for himself? Or a man who does not live up to a standard that he indeed does set up for himself.
          Who would be better prepared in the case of an unwanted pregnancy? The first man, for he would be trying to solve his dilemma. You, on the other hand would kick yourself endlessly for not living up to an impossible standard you set for yourself.
          I say impossible standard in the context of your inability to reach it.
          2. You will never be tested on this claim and therefore can claim certainty that you’d never have unprotected sex because you simply do not get sex.

        6. Making the claim “of course I fucking would” with such conviction is a foolish proposition.
          There are only two reasons I can think of, as to why you would make such an argument with such conviction.
          1. You are patently lying to make a point. You believe in this, but are human and too weak actually live up to this lofty ideal. You assuage your guilty ego by trying to convince others that they are stupid for not even trying to live up to a standard you hold for yourself.
          Who is dumber? A man who does not live up to a standard he does not set for himself? Or a man who does not live up to a standard that he indeed does set up for himself.
          Who would be better prepared in the case of an unwanted pregnancy? The first man, for he would be trying to solve his dilemma. You, on the other hand would kick yourself endlessly for not living up to an impossible standard you set for yourself.
          I say impossible standard in the context of your inability to reach it.
          2. You will never be tested on this claim and therefore can claim certainty that you’d never have unprotected sex because you simply do not get sex.

        7. Wow, so a kid is a disease you can contract now? I cannot fathom why you would think such a think.
          Having said that, I could fathom why you’re over 40, childless, with a barren womb, fat, and single.

        8. Wow, so a kid is a disease you can contract now? I cannot fathom why you would think such a think.
          Having said that, I could fathom why you’re over 40, childless, with a barren womb, fat, and single.

        9. You’re very smart and responsible. Other people are stupid and worthless. Do you feel better about yourself now? Pat yourself on the back and feel self-righteous about it.

        10. What a cop out! Just because he has more self control than you, youb assume he is lying! just because YOU care more about sex than self preservation doesn’t mean all men do!

        11. You really are an idiot. There’s a little thing called AIDS that can kill you.
          Married 23 years. Two kids. Fabulous and 50!

        12. Just pointing out that a baby can be the least of a guys problems if he can’t keep his junk in his pants. When getting laid trumps the concern of contracting AIDS, you deserve what you get.

        13. We’re talking about babies and abortions. If you don’t say different, then don’t get surprised when people come to conclusions.

      2. Wow. Congrats on lacking self-control. I guess you are an animal and not a human. Please consider a vasectomy.

      3. I love how you consider women to be “slutty hoebags” and then go on to say that “big tits and a seductive look” is all it takes to make you lose your self control and your “brain just shuts off”… I think all your statements here just did was make it debatable whether your brain was ever on… or existent in the first place. way to go.

        1. You respond like men are animals and unable to control their own actions. I have never seen a more pathetic attempt at justifying being irresponsible. At least have the self respect to admit honestly that you do what you do because you want to do it, not because your penis made you. You are not a slave to your bodily desires, you can say no anytime. If you cannot control what you do when you want something, you are a danger to yourself and others. after all, a woman could lead you one right up until you are about to do the deed, and then just change her mind. If you couldn’t help yourself, where would that leave you? Likely in jail for rape. Men are not animals, and sex drive is not a reason to act like one.

        2. Newsflash, shnookums: Men have a stronger, less discriminating sex drive then women.
          We, unlike you vaginahavers, actually are capable of recognizing our shortcomings as a gender.
          If you still don’t know that men have a massive sex drive which makes them skip the condom sometimes, you should go back watching Disney cartoons.

        3. No, “shnookums”, what you don’t seem to be able to comprehend is this. Whether your gross generalization about men and women is correct or not, there are a large amout of men out there who either wait until they have protection (it’s called using your brain), or IF they don’t wait, they take responsibility for the child by being a father, or putting it up or adoption, or allowing the mother to raise it herself and renouncing all paternal claim to it. Nothing can “make” you skip anything if you have a shred of self control, which most men have… you, sir, are a tool with a poor excuse.

        4. most feminists are just as bad in my opinion as the man who wrote this article. that being said, I am not quite sure what you are getting at. Both men and women should be accountable for their actions.

        5. It’s hard for people to step outside themselves into the experience of another, especially when subjectively they have no hint of what that experience is like. Unfortunately “most males are dominated by their sexual impulses” (Schopenhauer). “We’re not masters even in our own homes” (Freud). Whether that is good or bad is irrelevant objectively, and labelling it good or bad is to say as if by magic, the bad will disappear or is no longer true subjectively…

      4. Well that kind of thinking really went badly for the Gay community. AIDS is a horrible disease and when you let your libido override your need to save your own life, bad things happen.

  3. Low chance or not, it’s always something to keep in the back of your mind. I, personally, had dodged a bullet. I couldn’t convince her to get an abortion, but she ended up having a miscarriage. At any rate, I do think these tips -are- worth having in your arsenal.

  4. I’ve always through, this western culture is so bad. I’m a woman raised in traditional,eastern european family and I was ok with everything that came with that because we all were happy. It made me feel that everyone has own rule in the family, it’s natural and doesn’t need strong expression. I was reading some posts here from time to time because I understand why it’s so flustrating, that western women forgot about what family is about.
    And now, I’ve read this post and it just made me sad. Not because I’m pro or agains abortion. It’s just because everything you’re saying here makes me believe you’re a bad person. And that’s awaful.

    1. You seem nice.
      The thread writer probably wrote this after dealing with years and years of feminist nonsense being thrown down his throat. Many people do not realize how bad it can get for a man that has a child in this kind of situation in the west.
      If the man goes through with having the child, their life will most likely be ruined financially and their child taken away from them. It’s sad, but true in many cases.

  5. Usually don’t have to worry about pregnancy scares. Just wake up early after a night of fun, dig into my stash of morning-after pills, and hide one in a piece of cheese. Woman eats it and I’m in the clear.
    Other foods work well too; lunch meats, sausage, bread, etc. Applied the same method to my dogs when giving them medicine. Works surprisingly well.

  6. Would rather not fuck about volunteering at a hospital and instead wear a condom.
    The fact that you needed to pay for 2 abortions (1 close call would be enough for most) doesn’t say much about the authors common sense.

  7. Let the tough talkin’ bullshit fly!
    I’m fully expecting someone to post “I just pushed her down the stairs and that bitch dropped the sprog!” or sumpin’ like dat.
    Don’t disappoint me, fellers!!
    (however, but, seriously — I support all the method listed in this post; 50-60% of the population really should not be contributing their defective DNA).

  8. The Hail Mary works.
    There was a Canadian billionaire who would have owed millions and millions per year in child support, who convinced his mistress to get an abortion by telling her that the pregnancy was going to ruin their special bond and canceling a planned trip with to St Bart’s so they could be together. The girl aborted the baby so she could go on a Carribbean vacation and then got dumped. Afterwards, she tried to sue claiming that the guy tricked her into the abortion, but got laughed out of court.

    1. I’m surprised it did get laughed out of court, usually such an accusation would be thoroughly entertained by the courts with a judgement being granted to her.

      1. Not so fast. Back in the 1940s, we had “Seduction” laws. Frank Sinatra was arrested for banging some virgin chick (promised to marry her!). Those white knight laws are long gone, but “once upon a time….” How do you explain that?

        1. “Seduction Laws” ? Is there any documentation of proof such laws existed in the 1940’s? Bowing out on a marriage proposal could be simply seen as not following up on a spoken agreement, as opposed to some kind of seduction laws. I could see anti seduction laws becoming a reality today only because the USA is becoming a socialist dictatorship.

  9. “Sexually active people have accidents”. There is nothing accidental about conception. Sex= babies. Concieving means that you have done something right during sex

  10. I have two preferred methods of birth control.
    1. She swallows my load
    2. It goes in her ass. If she wants to have my kid bad enough to try and scoop my baby batter from her ass, she’ll give herself a bacterial infection. Then I’d let her know how much she’d fuck up the pregnancy with a self inflicted STD.

  11. QUOTE: “Let’s face it: sexually active people have accidents. Shit happens, that’s life.”
    I suspect that before the 1970’s a majority of couples made a conscious decision to fuck for the sole purpose to get pregnant. Most people born from the 1970’s and up are probably accidents, the “Oppsy” pregnancy, the unprotected romp in the sack that some skank had with some ex-con after only knowing him for two hours. Think Garbage Generation.
    The other “accidents” are in fact not accidents at all. If a man has a lot of money and a chick gets pregnant, she owns his ass. These “accidents” are in fact seen by the mother as biological annuities. Once she has legal custody, the child is the gift that keeps giving financially all year until he turns 18 if he is male, or indefinitely if the child is female.

    1. True, but women strongly support abortion so they have an alternate plan after they’ve made their move to force their boyfriend to commit. “Pro-choice” means free not be entrapped in her own snare. The post here provides some necessary counter-moves when threatened with commitment-rape, similar to how women are advised to pretend to cooperate, determinedly fight, or to say they have HIV when forced to have sex.

      1. Agreed this is good info article. Getting a chick knocked up is the last place any man wants to find himself, and there are not too many articles out these such as this to help him on how to proceed,

        1. Except now that you’ve made it public, I suspect many women will be out for vengeance. If sex without consequence is what you really desire, you’d take this post down and pray to whomever that it is not passed into the viral category anytime soon. Alas, it is too late for that one. We are making sure women from all walks of life are getting to read this one. Even the feminist are going to be pissed.

        2. I agree this is good advice that couldn’t be found anywhere else, that’s why RoK’s so great. What we need now is a massive ban from Roosh, all those stupid comments and upvotes are getting annoying.

        3. I thought you were men, “KINGS”, if so, our comments should be easy to refute.
          Only wimpy betas would complain about the negativity.

        4. 1.) Not men. Men don’t behave this way. This is the work of an idiot man-child.
          2.) If your position and speech is so fucking ABHORRENT that even conservatives AND feminists are going to hate you for it, it’s pretty fucking bad. Be proud! 😀

        5. Ahh….might I suggest you direct this toward the author of the article not a commenter, or has your syphilis progressed to the point where you not aware of what you are doing?

  12. Why so much hate towards bacon? Some men just don’t want to have children, it’s normal…

    1. Because the TradCons passed around the link. A lot of these commenters aren’t even regular readers of ROK.

  13. I once convinced a girl to make an abortion.
    It’s a decision that haunts me till this day (15 years have passed)!
    To suggest an abortion to a girl is a major BETA attitude and it shows lack of character and manhood.
    I know it…I’ve been there!

    1. Amen to that. The writers and readers of this site continually ridicule women who use social and legal structures to absolve themselves of responsibility for their actions, and yet that’s exactly what this article recommends for men. At least beta males still behave like males in some loose sense of the word.

        1. So that makes it OK, instead of standing up and saying that abortion is murder? Your temperamental use of foul language to argue some moot point claims you are an idiot.

        2. But this whole website I thought was bout changing that attitude!
          You can’t whine and complain about the death of Western culture and manhood and at the same time publish articles explaining ways to get a woman to abort your own child!
          This is madness!

        3. first of all abortion is not murder. because until the fetus is around 7 months old it doesnt even know it exists so all you do gooders and femenists and religious fanatics need to get a grip on reality and realise that there is always a time and a place for abortion especially when there is risk to the mother or to the livelyhood of either person involved in the end its all about the people involved and their opinions not yours so gtfu you sicofantic freaks oh and btw the bible and all that religious bs is just tha bullshit te bible says that childeren are gods most prised possesions and that he would never let them come to harm. to see the contradiction just look at this article or at what happens in third world and developed world countries how many childeren are slaughtered or stave to death every day. how many wars have been started over this pointless bullshit you call religion show me one shred of proof that your so called god or heaven and hell exist huh thats right you cant.

        4. You are sadly mistaken if you honestly believe yourself. But then again…seems a common theme now-a-days for people to convince themselves that there is nothing wrong with murdering the unborn and most defenseless. You cannot, without a doubt, find any proof that a baby in the womb has to be 7 months until he/she knows of it’s own existence. And to come up with a number like that is just ridiculous. And if you want to try to pull out “scientific fact” then realize that scientists have, on very numerous occasions (I can and will find proof. Remember the whole “Earth is flat” concept?), gotten things wrong and had to reevaluate all they initially believed. As for your ignorant “feminist” remarks, most extreme feminists are all for abortion. As for your “insight” into religion, that is for you to find out when your time has come. Someone like you would not listen to any kind of reason…you’re just looking for an argument.

        5. I honestly can’t read or make sense of any of that. Learn how to spell and use full stops. There is no translator on the internet for gibberish.

        6. Obviously you are not american. I mean an american might mispell children once, but not over and over. I also like how you spelled syncophant, nice one! BTW, ‘cant’ means ‘industry slang’, I think you mean to use the word “cannot”, huh? As for ‘staving’ childeren to death, I think you meant ‘baby seals’, right?

        7. I agree with your feminist comment, because it has annoyed me for DECADES that the stinkin’ perverted lesbos hijacked the word ‘feminism’ to mean ‘hater of men’ when in fact it means ‘identically different’ from men.

        8. Particularly since no man can EVER KNOW for SURE that a baby is HIS anyway (unless he’s one of those weirdo guys who keeps a woman chained to a bed in his cellar and she doesn’t have the baby till, hmm, 10 months after he first enslaved her. (giving a little ‘wiggle room’ there on the timeline.) 🙂

        9. Someday, it could be tonight or some time extremely soon that you eat those words… as you stand pathetically before HIS White Throne of Judgement… begging for the mercy that is not to come!!!
          Know that everyone in Hell and soon the Lake of Fire are there for at least one reason… and that is believing the words of heathen, like yourself, over the eternal WORD of GOD!!!!

        10. Um, baby’s born at only six months survive birth all the time, going on to be completely normal children and adults.

        11. A very simplistic mentality they show, devoid of moral reasoning.
          Notice that its well known – and especially in the manospphere – that abortion rights are a feminist weapon against men.
          Bacon’s stupid post, unless it was satire, is down with all that damage. Just to get selfishness and carelessness off the hook.

        12. The Christian God is one one of the biggest abortionists of all time!

          Samaria shall bear her guilt, because she has rebelled against her God; they shall fall by the sword; their little ones shall be dashed in pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open.
          Hosea 13:16

        13. The Bible does not promise a life without pain here on earth. God does promise life everlasting once have left Satan’s domain.

        14. The Bible does not promise a life without pain here on earth. God does promise life everlasting once have left Satan’s domain.

      1. Beta males aren’t men. They’re walking ATMs, and beasts of burden. If that’s your definition of manhood then I feel sorry for you.

        1. An “ALPHA” is not a lazy butt who thinks that working as an electronic book seller it`s the way he is going to be rich…just saying, everybody knows that a strong, determineid and studly bluecollar stallion it`s the true definition of “alpha male” good luck little miss america! in another life being a bald asshole like matt forney would be seen as a “desireble man”

    2. …is a “beta” attitude…
      eugenics ftw,
      pass the alpha semen ftw,
      honor for character and manhood ftw,
      fuck having money and fun in life
      it’s better to take care of my accidental son, cuz imma alpha and son must see the light and redpill before Agent Smith from the F3mM4trix makes him a feminist obese.
      Oh yeah, before I press enter, just think about your beloved “asshole alphas” getting your girls pregnant and running away. That can be also fucking alpha no? I’m telling you this just to make you feel better without having to write to yourself that you are beta for having done some fucking normal thing.
      Also maybe you should stop filtering every fucking action in your life as alpha/beta, just my non-nevrotic advice. But yeah, do th efuck u want. Ciao

      1. My husband has fathered 6 children with me thus far and we have plenty of money and fun.
        But you wouldn’t understand. To be a man like him requires no whining, controlling your urges, marrying smart, and getting a good job…in short, being a human, not an animal.

        1. I feel sorry for him after 6 kids there must be no tightness to your pussy(hot dog down a hallway). I bet he is getting younger side ass you dont know about.

        2. Wrong. C-sections. Is that the best you got? A red-herring?
          Children are a blessing and a good marriage assures that mother and father give children the best possible outcome.
          Work hard, marry smart, and welcome the children God blesses you with and you with have joy untold.
          Worrying about women’s genitalia and its tightness, wondering how to get a one night stand to abort, and aborting your own flesh and blood- that is a recipe for a shriveled existence.

        3. Any man who does not understand the joys of having a child in marriage and how children are a real blessing, watching them and knowing that they are part you and part the woman you love and care for (Which make for far better intimate life) really does not know how to live. The man who does not understand this is who could well be described as a “fool”. And by the way I have 9 children, and there is still a very much active and pleasant sex life!

        4. Understanding-
          Why can these men not see the possiblity of what you and I present? They cannot imagine a joyful, chid-filled, sexually active marriage. Was it never modeled for them?
          I don’t know, but I will continue to pray that my daughters meet men like their father and grandfathers.

        5. Most can see the possibility. The probability, on the other hand, has gotten vanishingly small, due to feminism, near universal public indoctrination, and progressivism in general.
          When all there is around you is whores, and the entirety of America and the West is nothing, as in really nothing at all, more than a gaggle of asymmetrically well armed scum pushing said whores in front of them as an excuse to rob, rape and enslave you; what else is there left to do but go with the flow? If you can’t beat them, join them. And joining whores and scum surely resolves to treating whores as whores, and being all the scum that one can be. And what could possibly be scummier than ruining some whores life, and killing some kid, just for one’s own convenience? Heck, if a guy keeps that up, he may be President one day; and the ultimate alpha for every progressively indoctrinated whore in the entire Western world.
          Or, he could choose to attempt being a good man, like Tim McVeigh (perhaps a bit clumsily) did, but see how well that turned out for him.

        6. And surely no need for their money they are required to pay in taxes either! So glad to see fellow libertarians here.

        7. you obviously know nothing about vagina or have been with women who take little to no care of themselves. Vagina is meant to stretch and tighten back up after each birth u retard. they never would have made it to 6 if that was not the case. i have a child of my own and my current boyfriend cant tell the difference.

        8. Amen to that, eight kids and now eight grand kids… Happy, healthy and full of joy!

        9. Why even attempt to address this slug? Now you’re going to have to explain to him what a red-herring is.
          He obviously knows little about a woman’s anatomy/body and its ability to return to its pre childbirth state within fairly short order. Maybe once he moves out of his mom’s basement and actually finds a girl who will have sex with him, assuming he’s even interested in girls and can afford one off the street, he’ll be a little better educated on the subject. Maybe.
          Judging by his name, he’s obviously got some serious issues to deal with and work through. You’d think with his background he’d at least assume a woman’s genitalia can return to its former state of tightness just as a man’s rectum can. He no doubt is very familiar with that phenomenon.

        10. Really, you are pleased? No post on this site expresses true joy. In fact, most of the posts are angry. And the comments, well, those are seething.
          The life presented by RoK is empty.

        11. When you see the main topic of this website, speaking about how happy your are would be off-topic.
          Howerver, taking conclusions about one’s general happiness based on the comments is stupid.

        12. It will be tight enough to make it to 6, but not as tight as it was before, so less pleasure (physical and visual, since she’s also aging) for the poor husband.

        13. Not all of us consider sitting in Church all day, turning ourselves into a beast of burden for a woman, and running around after whiny brats “fun”.

    3. +1. Really messes up the girl, too. Want to fuck a girl’s head up and leave her a complete mess? Just knock her up, and then have her get an abortion.
      I’ve since had a kid with another girl… but will always have that hanging on my conscience. There’s a special place in hell for those of us who’ve stamped out our own seeds.

      1. Amen Brian. I’ve been on the other side of that argument, and it never goes away. It ruins so many lives. Not just the unborn.

        1. Could be a hell on earth scenario. Some people become so consumed with the guilt of having aborted a child of theirs that it haunts them.

        2. You don’t have to believe in a hell to acknowledge that killing your own offspring is a shitty thing to do.

        3. You don’t have to believe in a hell to acknowledge that killing your own offspring is a shitty thing to do.

        4. Keep screwing up like the idiot you want people to believe you are and you can answer that question for yourself. You won’t be allowed to tell others about it but at least you will know. How’s that for starters?

        5. The only proof I need or will ever see is the word of a Man Whom never told a lie in His life. You on the other hand, if you maintain this attitude, will have all the proof you need one day, and it will be too late to do anything about it.

        6. “The only proof I need or will ever see is the word of a Man Whom never told a lie in His life. ”

        7. Uhh, No. Muhammed was the worst of liars. The One I was thinking of never raped a child, never ordained polygamy, never ordained a man could beat his wife, never ordered the wiping out of every religion that did not follow Him, never had people killed for mocking or insulting Him – And the list goes on and on.
          Muhammed was a deviant, perverted pedophiliac murderer who is burning in hell.
          The One I was talking about is seated at the right hand of God, and His name is Jesus. He is King of kings and Lord of lords.

        8. The “worst” of liars, you say? How can he be the worst of liars if he ordains right morals like polygamy, wife-beating, and the wiping out of every religion that did not follow him?
          Religion is a tautological mess.

        9. I sent all my money to a Nigerian prince for the same reason. I just couldn’t risk feeling like an idiot if it panned out…

        10. I sent all my money to a Nigerian prince for the same reason. I just couldn’t risk feeling like an idiot if it panned out…

        11. You are either deluded or a troll just making ignorant comments to stir things up. I tend to think you are a combo pack – Deluded Troll.
          It is time to move out of your mom’s basement and get a clue.

        12. He wasn’t a prophet, he was a pedophile who had no teachings worth accepting. He was a lying, cheating, thieving, murderous child molester. The only thing the koran is good for is tearing the pages out and wrapping pork sausage in them before putting it in the freezer. Dweeb.

        13. You DARE doubt the prophet Muhammed? You reject Allah! If you do not accept the teachings of teh great prophet you will burn!

        14. You DARE doubt the prophet Muhammed? You reject Allah! If you do not accept the teachings of teh great prophet you will burn!

        15. Aha! I didn’t really need more proof, but thanks for validating the fact that you are an idiot.

        16. Satan has tricked you into believing that his future home will not exist!!! I understand why he is in denial… what excuse are you using???!!!!

        17. Feel pity for him… his pathetic soul could be required of him this night, or some time very, very soon!!!

        18. Where does it say that in the Ku’ran? Do you know this or is this just shit you hear online. lol

        19. You are aware that the bible condones: wife beating, child beating, slavery, polygamy, rape, and murder of infants right?
          I can provide you specific bible verses if you wish.

        20. Uh, no – I seriously do not need someone who claims there is no God to try to explain to me what that “mythical” (to you) person has to say about anything or what is written in His Holy Word. I am certain I have read every verse you can come up with time and again. Because the instances happened does not necessarily translate into their being condoned.

        21. The American Heritage Science Dictionary, 2002, Houghton Mifflin: “fetus: The unborn offspring of a mammal at the later stages of its development, especially a human from eight weeks after fertilization to its birth. In a fetus, all major body organs are present.”
          Note particularly the use of the word “offspring.”

        22. I bet you had to search a bunch of dictionaries for that one. Here’s what I got:

          noun, plural fe·tus·es. Embryology .
          (used chiefly of viviparous mammals) the young of an animal in the womb or egg, especially in the later stages of development when the body structures are in the recognizable form of its kind, in humans after the end of the second month of gestation.

          Apparently if a woman has an abortion in the first two months of her pregnancy she’s not even destroying a fetus; let alone her “offspring”.

        23. Jhon Deo, without doing much research, this is what Wikipedia has to say about the definition of “offspring” and I quote: “In biology, offspring is the product of reproduction of a new organism produced by one or more parents. … Offspring can occur after mating or after artificial insemination.”
          So in fact a fetus (we could go even further and say an embryo) is an offspring as it is the product of reproduction. It might be in the early stage of reproduction but it is still an offspring.
          So you can call the product of reproduction by any name you want, embryo, fetus, clump of cells, baby, mistake, unwanted thing, accident, it is still your offspring. When a woman has an abortion she is destroying or killing her offspring, and if you were the man that impregnated her, she is destroying, killing YOUR offspring.

        24. Well, at least you admit that a fetus is “the young of an animal.” While we’re on the topic, consider the following:
          offspring: 1. The child or young of a particular parent or progenitor. (
          young: 10. young offspring (
          young: idiom – with young: pregnant (
          child: 1. an unborn or recently born person (
          child: 4. a human fetus (
          child: idiom – with child: pregnant (
          child: 3. an unborn baby (Collins English Dictionary)
          child: … An unborn infant; a fetus … (Stedman’s Medical Dictionary)
          Listed synonym for young: offsrping
          Listed synonym for offspring: young
          Listed synonym for both: child, baby
          baby: 5. a human fetus. (
          baby: 2. an unborn child; fetus. (Collins English Dictionary)
          According to the major dictionaries of the English language, a fetus is defined as “offspring,” a “child,” a “baby,” “human” and a “person.” Clearly you are not using the word as it is defined. Outside of your peculiar subculture, you can generally expect to have considerably difficulty in communicating with other English speaking people in the future.

        25. I hear you. It’s a tautological mess b/c it’s based on faith. Look to faith to make sense of it. I tried that. It helps soooo much. Just a different species of logic…

        26. Your post has nothing to do with what I just said. Also since you obviously failed anatomy 101 so allow me to educate you. Men don’t have a uterus so we can’t “create” babies. Women do that.

        27. I don’t know if Esther failed Anatomy 101 or not but Jhon Deo, you definitely did fail it. What is sad is that you do not realize it. A uterus only holds,carries, nourishes and nutures the baby, it does not help in the “creation” at all. To “create” a baby you need an ovum AND a sperm, neither can “create” a baby alone. So yes a baby is “created” by BOTH the mother AND the father. The mother’s body carries and protects the baby until he or she is born.

        28. Hell is real. Consider spending an eternity of deep regret w/out hope of a repreave. Especially for those who are stubborn and choose it. It does not need to be a place to go. What dwells in a persons mind that is where real hell will exist.

        29. jhon I don’t think you see yourself as anyone’s offspring the way you think. It must be you never were a fetus in fact you are inconceivable. I wonder if you exist. I can’t for the life of me can consider you a fact of life? How pathetic. But I have faith in you lol.

        30. jhon as I wondered earlier. Where you ever conceived? your attempt at being an intellect eludes me. But you are most definitely a hateful troll.

        31. Jhon actualy women do NOT create anything. they carry to term that which God created. According to the bible, a very unique history book. written by people inspired by the Holy Spirit that we are wonderfully made or knit in a womans’ (wonderful creatures they are) womb. The problem w/transgender folk can never posses those wonderful organs. They pay dearly to have topical stuff done to make them look like the gender they choose. Have you ever seen the end result of those operations? IMHO grotesc I could never consider poking myself in such a gross looking result. I like the real thing. I’m a real guy.

        32. Yes the bible is truly an unbiased book. It tells all! But then came Jesus and grace to set the truth straight. Religious men always got it wrong! If you “study” scripture you will find God never condoned anything unless it was to protect a civilization as a whole. It most certainly did not include rape, murder and the like. Yes early civilizations had its growing pains. That is where Jesus came in to set the “religious” people straight. It sure is funny how atheist who do not claim to not believe in a God find these tidbits in an attempt to discredit the bible. Amazing how diligently they study it. all out of context of course. GO FOR IT jhon. Give us some. Really I mean it!! Where God directed Rape, murder, especially infants. As I recall He condemned that practice as “evil in His sight” He allowed certain things as it was expedient at the time because men were weak in faith and the desires of “the flesh” many a man today would and do practice these things today as an expediency of “the flesh” When you say the bible condones, it is more like the bible reported the behavior of people. You like to use it as a reason to discredit God. God NEVER condones evil behavior. Keep it all in context and be accurate! Religious people were attacked heavily by Christ Jesus, specifically on these matters you claim “the bible condones” As Jesus said “even looking w/lust makes you an adulterer. and with anger, murder is in your just around the corner in the heart. Please if you must be accurate and in context. and remember Jesus set it “all” straight. Mankind has always made a mess of Gods’ plan. And you are one of them kind!!!

        33. Dear Jhon Doe: Were you absent in sex ed class? Did you miss out on the fact that a child is created at the moment that sperm and egg are united? That child has dna that is unique and separate from the mother. You convince a girl to abort your child, and you become eligible for a Darwin award.

        34. Actually he single handedly destroyed an entire civilization by drowning them slowly. Literally let them not only drown but made sure that the water would rise continually at an incredibly slow rate. Most of them probably developed multiple illnesses before they drowned.

        1. If there is no God then why are you alive? You have nothing to live for….apparently. You really are a mess.

        2. WOW!! Why do you have things to live for? It does you no good in the end. Thats what you believe.
          I live for the FACT that I will meet GOD ALMIGHTY face to face. You, na, you play act but have nothing to live for. Just being good has no reward if there is no one to reward you. Why bother?

        3. @Millard Kinnison
          I apologize for the typo. There are many little gods: The god of weed, the god of good music, the god of grappling and wrestling, the god of weightlifting, the god the god of the mutants and the brother of the god of weed, which is commonlyknown as the god of roots and dance hall reggae.
          I happen to obey to all of them at the same time. It is like a corporate job where every boss asks you to do the same thing and there are no conflicts of interests.
          I have a pretty good time all the time.
          Jah is the one and only God. Lord have mercy.

        4. @ Psychonaut:
          I fell sorry for you!!
          You have been very well indoctrinated!!! Look at yourself in the mirror… how complicated you are!? Do you really think that you happened by chance??!! Look at the sky, at night, do you think that that happened by chance??!! In the event that you do… just whom/what factor maintains that order???!!!
          What year is it… is it not 2013 A.D., the year of our LORD; which means a little over 2000 years ago GOD, HIMSELF, entered the human realm to ‘seek and save that which was lost!!!’ I would sincerely suggest that you take HIS hand quickly; before that offer is withdrawn, and you will have to live with that mistake for an eternity… and in an unspeakable place!!!!!

        5. Please tell me; which of those little gods will rescue you from the hand of ELOHIM????!!!!
          Also, you forgot to mention the other little god that you answer to, too!! And that would be Satan!!
          Please be advised… Satan is not able to rescue himself nor his minions from the hand of ELOHIM!!! You better consider a better choice… the right choice… while the blood still runs warm in those veins that ELOHIM gave you!!!!

        6. There’s no more evidence of god being real then there is of: fairy’s, unicorns, or Santa Clause. If you want to base your life around a fairytale of a: 2,000 year old, Jewish, Zombie, Carpenter; then go crazy. But don’t ruin other peoples lives by forcing us to live by your insane beliefs.

        7. Just being good has no reward if there is no one to reward you. Why bother?

          Atheists actually believe in living moral lives because it’s the right thing to do. We don’t need some invisible man in the sky to threaten us with eternal torture in order to coerce us into being good people. Apparently sociopaths such as yourself do.

        8. Its hard not to look intelligent when debating a man who bases his life around a fairytale whos main character is an invisible man floating around in the sky.

        9. Really? How does an idiot look smart when they are completely ignorant of facts staring them in the face? God is not a fairytale or some invisible man floating in the sky. Your ignorance is astounding. You don’t believe in God but you try to believe in being good. Being good isn’t good enough. You lose. You will have nothing to show for anything you ever do. What a shame. But….you have a nice day anyway.

        10. You are a narsissitic self centered person. You only live for yourself. If you claim to love, where does it com from. You think yourself a god. where does any love come from?

        11. Atheist believe that because somewhere along the way as you were growing up, someone taught you that. It is not inate! Look at babies. They scream, give to me or I will make your life miserable. Also God does not torture anyone. Having to spend an eternity alone w/your regrets eternally is your own problem that will torture yourself! He never coerces anyone. You chose of your own FREE will. Now that is real pro-choice! I really think atheist think they have a corner on opinion, the only corner lol.

        12. I have listened to your guru Richard Dawkings. All he has is to offer you is to have faith in him and his ilk! There is no provable things in any of your beliefs. Things that happened millions of years ago or longer. what a joke. Or science has no evidence for this or that but someday they will?? then you people laugh at our faith? Most of it (99%) is faith based, but you can’t seem to admit that! Amagine it. The universe just popped into existence (poof) out of nothing because it is someone’s theory that a professor (atheist priest) taught. And the student says “well I’ll just let the “experts” tell me. Do you really think you are people of reason? It is still called Darwin’s theory of evolution. In fact he also said if we were to discover the contents of the nuclious of the cell to disregard his theory. Well after DNA and it’s complex instructions miles long. I think he was right.

        13. Speaking of 2013. Try and redo the calendar. based on what? It used to be BC (before Christ) now bce, before common era. Just to get rid of histories’ stumbling block Jesus. He himself prophesied that He would be The “Rock” the world would stumble over. Well here we are! He is in fact a proven historicle figure that walked the earth. As has been said make a choice. He is either a lunatic or is whom He claimed to be. This is real pro-choice! Again try and redo the calendar, based on what?

        14. jhon then by all means stop your crazy ranting. No one here nor any Christian is forcing anyone nor attempting to ruin lives. Choosing Crist is PRO-CHOICE! We celebrate MLK day as a choice. He Martin Luther King represents the struggle of people of color. Jesus’ birthday is the same for us. Then why does it bother you so much? If we were to use such derogatory words to describe MLK there would be an uproar heard round the world! And Oh how PC we must be concerning Mohamed! You might get your head literally cut off! Muslims stone gays, but lets not talk about that! Us Christians are an easy target. We are taught to turn the other cheek but Richard Dawkins Americas’ atheist guru, teaches atheists to belittle, mock and ridicule us Christians. Now that is real atheistic expression of your natural inclination to love your neighbor.

        15. yeah but still we’re allowed to beleive what we want and latica was trying to be honest cause even though he did a bad thing he felt remorse over it

        16. yeah even darwin admits in the orgin of species that the big bang could not have possibly happened

        17. You’re either lying or know nothing about religion. Look up Our Lady of Guadalupe, it’s obviously not the only proof there is but it’s my favorite and I think you’d find it very interesting.

        18. Like using deceit to pressure women to abort against their will doesn’t ruin people’s lives?

        19. What are right and wrong to an atheist? Without an absolute standard, there are only differing opinions.

      2. Not if you have truly repented – and it looks like you have! Don’t believe the lie that you have a special place in hell for what you got someone to do! Repent and forgive yourself – also helping out or giving money to a Crisis Pregnancy Centre helps as well as a physical demonstration of your repentance!

        1. Nope! Just saying that if he really is sorry for his actions 15yrs ago and he has repented for his actions, he needs to physically demonstrate his repentance – do things that might help other women or men about to make the same mistake as him! I would consider that the most humane thing he can do for his fellow man!

      3. also, abortion can be associated with symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress… that is much more likely when you’ve been coerced to do it.

        1. Only if the woman been brainwashed by bible thumpers. But seriously who gives a fuck?!
          As a man you’re looking at 18 years of child support, and a probable jail sentence when you fall behind on payments. If a woman who gets an abortion gets a little depressed afterwards then she’ll just have to suck it up!

        2. you’re an idiot. I’d, personally, rather have all my limbs amputated than accept support from a person like you. I am an atheist and highly independent. people as ignorant and unfeeling as you just need to disappear. I just don’t think any man has the right to try to emotionally domineer and manipulate a woman into doing something against her values, instincts or desires. I consider it abusive. & you sound like the abusive type to me. personally, I think men should have the legal right to some sort of theoretical abortion, where they can say: I would rather this fetus be killed, but since it isn’t going to be, then I will not emotionally, financially (etc.) support it & then get the heck out of the woman’s life, for ever. but, nobody needs callus abusive types around, ever. then they don’t even have to worry about their misogynistic deluded schemes on how to force a woman to have an abortion.

        3. I actually agree with you. Men should have an opt-out option. A financial abortion of sorts. But since that’s not an option for men; if one of my chicks get knocked up then I’m pushing for an abortion.
          Truth be told I’d rather the kid be born, and adopted to a loving couple. But there’s no guarantee that she won’t go back on her word and keep the kid; making me financially responsible for 18 years of child support. Also many women refuse to go though a pregnancy only to give the kid away to someone else.
          At the end of the day I have to look out for #1. No one else is. So until I’m given a better option I’m pushing for an abortion pronto!

        4. Here’s a better option: exercise some self-control and learn to keep your penis in your pants. Stop making messes and expecting other people to clean them up for you. You want to be treated like a man? Behave like one. Real men don’t allow their penis to lead them around.

      4. Bless your heart, also, Brian.
        Just repent — as you obviously have and are. Don’t worry about Hell. God’s mercy is infinite.
        There’s a website called Silent No More. It’s for men and women who have experienced abortion.

      5. amen man i never would do this but yeah that is pretty much 1 of the most despicable things a so called man can do

    4. Having children you don’t want is extremely irresponsible. You’ve possibly ruined some kid’s life and you’ll forever be shamed as a deadbeat dad. I have enough buddies who have fallen into that trap.

      1. POSSIBLY ruining someone’s life, is still definitionally preferable to CERTAINLY ruining it, by killing the poor schmuck. At least if born, he has a shot.

        1. I think I understand your line of thought.
          It depends on who I accidentally got a non-western girl pregnant and what country we were in. If I was in a non-Western country, I’d probably do what I could to make it work or put the good in an orphanage.
          If I was in the West, I would push for abortion as much as possible. At the end of the day, I look out for number 1 first. If the pregnant girlfriend can ruin my life using my own child against me, I will do everything in my power to have her get an abortion. I also consider most Western women crazy (until proven otherwise) and therefore I do not worry about the psychological harm experiencing an abortion would cause.
          As for my future unborn children, I wish to be nothing less than the best father that I can be to give them the best lives I can. If I cannot do so, I consider it unfair to the child to raise in a world, handicapped by circumstances of birth, whether born in a fucked up country, a fucked up mother, or a lack of willingness to be a proper father on my part.
          I do not claim to have any hard and fast rules. The above is where I stand at this point and time.

        2. Wald, you are a disgusting human being. Perhaps the reason that you think all Western girls are crazy is because no sane woman would ever want to have sex with you.

        3. If you think she is that f-d up…. Why are you having a sexual relationship in the first place? Most women trust that when she lets a man inside her body that he at least cares about her a little bit. Otherwise she is just a hooker.

        4. As a man, in the dystopian West, you cannot decide to kill a kid (at least via the abortion route.) All you can really do, is put together a test designed to determine whether some broad is worthy of being a mother; not simply some useless whore that would voluntarily show up at some clinic, to have her own kid ripped apart and tossed in the trashbin.

        5. You’re missing the point of my post by focusing on the semantics of why I would or would not date a girl I think is “f-d up”.
          I’m forced to conclude you have no actual argument other than debating a detail in an example I provide to make a point.
          Still, to humor you – it takes a while to get to know someone. You cannot fully know someone in a matter of days or weeks. But you could have sex with them. Crazy girls, if identified, get one night stands – not protracted relationships that could give them many opportunities to bear my children without my consent.

        6. So, I assume you are perfectly okay with raising a children in a toxic environment, dooming it to a life of melancholy and mediocrity.
          Perhaps that is the reason you are above 40, single, fat, childless, and surrounded by cats.

        7. So, I assume you are perfectly okay with raising a children in a toxic environment, dooming it to a life of melancholy and mediocrity.
          Perhaps that is the reason you are above 40, single, fat, childless, and surrounded by cats.

        8. “If you think she is that f-d up…. Why are you having a sexual relationship in the first place?”
          ……you’re kidding, right?

        9. How can you possibly measure the potential of a human being? You are opperating under the flawed premise that a child is 100% the product of their environment! Look at Carol Burnet, wildly successful, funnay as anything and the daughter of two abusive alcoholics. Look at Dr Ben Carson who’s actually illiterate mother married at age 13 to get out of her abusive home and was divorced from her cheating husband only a few years later. She raised her two boys in a crappy neighborhood in detriot and Ben grew up to be the best-known pediatric neurosurgeon in the world -and fought rampant racism to get there! He was the surgeon who was able to solve the problem of separating cranial siamese twins without them bleeding out, and in recent years has been working with a company that is making huge strides in treating cancer aind AIDS.
          So congratulations! Your kid might have been the next Einstein! Your kid might have solved the problem of clean energy or been the president. But you were so selfish that your refused to give the kid a simple chance at LIFE! And instead subjected this possible genius to being brutally dismembered by his poor, very afraid mother whose biggest mistake was thinking you are worth a single dime.
          DO NOT pretend that by brutally ripping a baby who can FEEL it inside his mother’s womb is some favor to the kid because you are too horrible to be anything resembling a human being and provide for the kid. Call it like it truly is: you murdered your kids because you are too selfish to be a human being. you use women for sex (you literally care for nothing else) and are a deeply self-centered boy-child who is incapable of a single emotion resembling compassion.
          Being the sex-crazed jerk that you are is bad enough, but you push these poor girls into this horrible choice. This will come back on you. Don’t think for a moment that there won’t be consequences. It will coe back around and you’ll answer for this. You are intentionally damaging women too. that alone is bad enough. Can’t even call yourself a human being, much less a man!

        10. Taking more time to discriminate instead of jumping into bed seems like a more reasonable solution to killing your child out of some fucked-up sense of compassion.
          Maybe all the Western women you tend to mingle with are screwed up because you’re the kind of screwed-up person who thinks killing your child is doing them a favor? “Birds of a feather…”, right?

        11. I do not operate under the flawed preposition that a child is completely formed by their environment. I never said those words and never implied them either.
          I believe that the environment has a militant affect on a child’s growth and well being and I wish to provide the best environment for my future children as I can.
          I notice you picked Einstein as an example. What if he had stayed in Nazi Germany with his smarts? He would have been used and then sent to concentration camp and executed. Is that what you want?

        12. “I believe that the environment has a militant affect on a child’s growth and well being and I wish to provide the best environment for my future children as I can.”
          Great, that’s admirable. But you’re acting as though the flip-side being presented to that ISN’T having your actual, already-here child killed by abortion. There’s your problem.

        13. You cannot possibly know how a child’s life will play out. Many people rise from bad circumstances to make much of themselves. (See thinker below.) Everyone will experience suffering in their lifetime, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to murder them. Fyi, I am a 20 year old college student. I am single and totally okay with it. I weigh about 110 lbs, and enjoy distance running as a hobby. You are right in thinking that I do not have any children, but unfortunately I don’t have any cats either, so I have to be content with wasting time looking at pictures of them online.

        14. Thanks.
          What do you mean by “your actual, already here child killed by abortion”? I have no child.
          And no, I am not acting as if the flipside does not kill the child. It does. But I will not bring a child into this life if I think he will grow up wishing to take himself back out.

        15. Who says I am jumping into bed? How do you know I am not descriminating?
          What if I don’t jump into bed? What if I do descriminate. I am not infallible. I am prone to making mistakes. Girls are too. Sometimes one person wants a baby and the other doesn’t. Like gold-diggers and the like. That’s why I have a contingency plan.
          I don’t think of killing a child that would be mine is doing them a favor. First and foremost, it is in my best interest not to have a child. I would be doing myself a favor. Call me a monster if you want. So be it.
          However, that is not the only reason. If I could provide a child with a good environment and could afford the time and money to raise him, I would not get an abortion, even if it was an accident.
          And it is true – birds of a feather do flock together. But I am getting better every day at discriminating between women with whom I involve myself with. The fact is, sometimes, you don’t know what kind of woman you’re with until it’s too late. Because there is a chance, even if remote, that that could happen, my contingency plan stands in place.

        16. How gallant of you to hand over a death sentence to an innocent child because you deem his/her life not worth living just because you wanted to get your rocks off one time.

        17. Wald, you are one of few men that are pro abortion that actually admit that your “Killing” a child….thought I would point that out to you…just in case you missed it! That means you are a confessed Murderer…how do you feel now?

        18. Just go get your TESTICALS cut off Wald…you are seemingly an Idiot, that thinks himself wise. DILLUSIONAL!!!!…and a CONFESSED MURDERER!!!!!!! Your argument is like Piss in a toilet…the longer it is allowed to sit , the smellier it becomes….I think we should just stop trying to enlighten this fool.

        19. You are openly advocating murder of a child.
          Your view of humanity, from all I have read here, is extremely utilitarian. That would put you with the likes of Stalin and Castro.
          Wald, I weep for us. This site is the underbelly of humanity. I will be praying for you, specifically, for a long time. I want Jesus to flood your heart with His love.

        20. As for my future unborn children, I wish to be nothing less than the best father that I can be to give them the best lives I can. If I cannot do so…
          I kill them.
          Wald, who taught you to be such a monster? Wow…

        21. Wald,
          This is why you should get to know a girl before you jump into her pants, but in our society, 3 dates is a normal time frame for a sexual relationship. Whatever time frame you’re working with it doesn’t seem to be long enough. Why would you even consider having sex with a girl if you didn’t want to care for her and love her?
          What if your dad had pushed for an abortion????? Why do people never think of this point? Is it because you are so self centered that you don’t care, or that you don’t value yourself as a person enough to know your own dignity? Either way, I want to tell you that you are valuable, and all human life deserves love…including those girls you don’t get to know well enough before becoming too intimate with them.

        22. Hope you have no unborn children. They would deserve better than a f*****d up asshole than you!

        23. Love your observations & comments. Such human sense. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

        24. Abortion is murder. There really is no way around it. Look at the court cases where men who have murdered a pregnant woman are charged with double murder. A Fetus is a LIVING human being and not just a mass of cells. The mess this world is in at the moment is caused by peoples in ability to control themselves and use proper LOGIC. Im not only talking about moral issues but also economic and social issues that we have. We were never meant to kill our children. This article is sick and shows the animalistic and inhuman side of this person.

        25. Wald, no one knows what a child’s environment will be like beyond the first few years. Some people who have the happiest lives started out in misery, but rose above it.

        26. Crazy girls are liable to murder you when they realize you think of them as one-night-stands. Why would you mess around with crazy?

        27. “This site is the underbelly of humanity”
          Nope. It is simple the inevitable result of a humanity that is no longer (98% accurate) anything but an underbelly. You may live in some isolated bubble amongst the remaining 2%, which is good for you, but puts you in a very poor position to give advice to those stuck on the other side. And, farfetched as it may seem to you, the only hope you’ll have preventing the walls of your little Catholic wonderland from being smashed down, and you and yours too being dragged into the dirt for the convenience and entertainment of the scum that has already destroyed the rest of a once decent place, is that more levelheaded people, like many posting here, manage to show the unwashed drones what an utter hellhole they really live in.

        28. We’re salt and light, or at least we’re supposed to be. Ancient Rome was at least as messed up as the world is today, but Catholics overturned the Empire.

        29. But hooker is all that these women are. It’s basically all that is left after 100 years of near universal progressive indoctrination. A woman that truly cared about who she let inside her body, would practice habits that ensured this was true. And then stick to them.
          As this, and other game sites so thoroughly have documented, that is not what Western women currently do. Instead specifically selecting for men who give no indication of caring about her, when it comes to deciding who has access to her innards or not.
          Hence, as you said; nothing but hookers. Virtually every one of them. And utterly undeserving of ever being treated as anything whatsoever different. Pumped, dumped, discarded, taunted, humiliated and, as quickly as possible, left to die to make room for someone presenting the possibility of being something at least a smidgen more.

        30. Perhaps, but when you “pump and dump,” you lower yourself to their level. Think about it, what does it make you when you do a baby-making act with a woman who has no scruples about killing your baby? You become exactly what you hate when you do such a thing.

        31. As a person who lived in a toxic environment with several awful physical and psychological disorders, I can tell you one thing: I love my life. I am so glad I’ve had the chance to become the person I am. Wald, I’m sorry you don’t understand that a person’s worth isn’t measured by how perfect their legs are or their family situation or their economic background.
          By the way, just so you don’t think I’m a “drain on society” or something, I work at a nonprofit full-time and take evening classes in college. I might not have graduated high school with my class or have begun college on schedule, but I am loving my life and my education.
          Would you say that my life wasn’t worth living, just because I came from a broken and abusive home and suffered under several “dis”abilities?

        32. what a dad. so glad to know my own father wouldnt kill me for his own self gain. your descusting and i hope if you ever have children that they see this.

        33. As the current empire will be overturned as well. To be replaced by, who the heck cares. Thank goodness.

        34. You are already being dragged down to their level. “It’s the law,” as the stupid people say.
          As for baby making with babykillers; in the first approximation, impregnating a woman who then turn around to kill your baby, gets you to pretty much the same endpoint as not impregnating her at all. Now, if you by doing the impregnating, manage to ruin the whore sufficiently that you block some progressive drone from being able to procreate, you’re actually ahead. But yes, compared to impregnating women less beholden to the current baby killing fashion, is definitely the preferred way to go.

        35. Your examples of people that turn out much different than their upbringing are outliers.
          Most people turn out exactly the way they are brought up.

        36. They don’t always seem crazy at first. They can seem normal for a while.
          I don’t go searching for crazy girls. My point is that, as soon as I find out a girl is crazy, it ends there. That point can happen at any time. Luckily, I’ve never “experienced” crazy girl before.
          The closest I’ve got to rubbing shoulders with crazy women is right here in this comment section.

        37. If me and mine are “dragged into the dirt for the convenience and entertainment ” then we can live forever with the crowns of martyrdom. I pray that we have the strength.

        38. I wasn’t going to bother pointing this out at the time, but Ben Carson is a product of his environment. I’ve listened to him speak and read one of his books, and from what I’ve seen it seems he channels his aggression, pain, and inadequacies into surgery; a positive pursuit/sublimation.

        39. I was going to comment earlier but decided against it. I actually agree with your position Wald. I do think abortion is murder, but I’m not morally outraged by murder (just a little saddened), especially when viewed through the lens of history (as an aside, I’m always suspicious of those who are morally outraged by murder since they tend to be hypocrites (the most likely to burn you at the stake when worked up into a frenzy), or at the very least ridiculously passive aggressive). I, like you, look at life as a garden. The good gardener prunes his garden for the sake of his garden. That being said, many people have abortions (in my view) for the wrong reasons. The difficulty lies in knowing whether we’re pruning the sick, or the healthy, and that debate can be approached from so many different angles, especially when often the sick has a temporary “benefit”, or the healthy a temporary “cost”. It’s been my experience that in the long term though, the “sick” will always infect everything around it, just as the healthy and vibrant always raises up everything around it. The trick is to adjust the scale: take a step back to see the big picture. Think long term.

        40. Easy. Then don’t get anyone pregnant and keep your genitals to yourself until you’re committed to raising a child. Once she’s pregnant, you’ve already brought someone into the world.

        41. You say that at the end of the day, you look out for number 1 first…. So, you’re admitting that you’re selfish?

        42. As for me, I’d be more okay with raising a child in the circumstances you described than I would be with murdering him/her.

        43. Thanks for your level-headed response.
          I tend to be suspicious of anyone who expresses moral outrage and uses that as a tool in furthering their arguments.
          I agree with your reasoning. Not only do I wish not to raise a “sick plant”, I do not wish to raise a “healthy plant” only for it to get sick, wither, and die.
          Agree on last point – most people fail to see the forest for the trees.

        44. Yes, I am the most selfish person in the world. More selfish than Bill Gates and Donald Trump combined.
          Now – why don’t you try actually responding to my arguments. To do otherwise, would be selfishly detracting from the debate that is taking place here.

        45. Think of how many lives he influenced while in Nazi Germany though? I mean who knows how many lives he may have influenced by helping people and such? Would you want to deprive a child of a life spent helping people by doing small things for them? Also, how do you know that the environment any child you conceive with a woman is going to grow up in a horrible environment? How do you know that the mother won’t just simply give the child up for adoption and then the child will be raised in a wonderful environment?

        46. Says the man who can’t get his point across without emphasizing certain words with all caps and too many exclamation points.

        47. You advocate that I should be stupid, man up, and take care of a kid that I cannot care for, when I get my rocks off and a pregnancy occurs?

        48. Raising a child on purpose in terrible environment is akin to child abuse. Should the child wish to take its own life because of such, then you’ve committed murder.
          An aborted child dies in that they never get to live. The child you raise dies a slow, painful, death, and to add insult to injury, have to end it themselves.

        49. Well, yes, raising a child in a terrible environment would be considered child abuse if by that you mean the parents are doing drugs and such. But there’s an alternative to that. The mother can always give her child up for adoption as soon as the child is born and then the child will be raised in a loving and caring home and will likely be provided with a college education and everything else he/she needs to not just survive but to thrive.
          Also, I cannot even imagine the pain that an unborn child goes through when they are dismembered limb by limb. Would you really want to impose that on an unborn baby?

        50. Are you proud of being selfish?
          Also, I am sorry if you felt like I wasn’t responding to your arguments but when someone is being selfish I think it needs to be pointed out. Selfishness is not exactly an admirable trait in a person to say the least.

        51. You’re right. The decision to kill the child – at the end of the day – is ultimately the woman’s.
          She is the one killing the child.

        52. Being selfish does not make me wrong. Discussing my selfishness is to debate the merits of my person and not my argument.

        53. I am not a confessed Murderer, for I have killed no one.
          I have merely confessed to what you consider as thought crime.
          And confessing to such does not make me wrong. It’s nice to see your skill at deflecting actually debating the points I make.

        54. I was not addressing your argument in that post I made. I was addressing a character flaw that you have. One that you ought to address.

        55. I wanted to illustrate a point.
          Say you have children. Two boys. They grow up to be strapping young men with bright futures. However, war looms. Your government wishes to send them to Iran or Syria to search for Chemical Weapons or destroy Nuclear Reactors that may one day be capable of making Nuclear Weapons. Would you willingly send your sons to get deployed when there is a good chance they’ll die by gunshot or worse? Sure – they may survive – but I imagine you wouldn’t like those odds.
          Does that sound reasonable?

        56. No, it makes you the father of a dead baby, and you’ll be changed forever by it. You’ll either deeply miss your child or become even more callous.

        57. I used to take sides with gamer sorts because they were manning up young guys to start mating, but the comments in this thread are appalling. Ugh!
          Its like an abuse of men’s rights arguments, to justify selfishness and irresponsibilty enabled by feminism in the first place.

        58. Gender politics, like other identity politics, is easily abused as an excuse for bad behaviour. That’s why people like these bitch about feminism – statements about the unfairness of reproductive choice are merely a convenient cover. This is what psychologists call a rationalisation.
          The cover hides that the unfairness of society against most men actually works in their favour, and they would be pissed off if a government sympathetic to men’s rights came and abolished the feminist’s cop out.
          Other mens rights don’t come into it.
          And MRAs link to sites like these as part of some artificial ‘manosphere’, then they wonder why they’re so easily accused of double standards and misogyny.

        59. Society is complicit. It aids and abetts abortion by normalizing it and trying to make it free for women by getting men to pay for it.
          If people would actually believe men when they said the child was not theirs, this post would never exist.

        60. True and I guess after seeing the rest of the site that the OP was likeliest dark humour. Nonetheless too many people think like this because of society.
          At the end of the day there are people who are part of society and those of us who are not.
          Anyway there are DNA tests.

        61. Because of the society we live in, we have to adapt in order to survive. We know on this website that society does not hold our best interests at heart and yet expects us to man up and keep things running.
          Sure – there are DNA tests. Sometimes they can be too late. There are so many variables to go through that could mitigate the mitigating factor of the DNA test that I think it is not worth the time to go through them all.
          I simply wish to say, instead, that we’ve thought of it before. There’s a reason why this piece is only half-joking.
          If it were so simple, this post would not exist.

        62. To the extent its humour, though, it fails because there’s no obvious irony in it.
          Everyone has bad thoughts, so long as they don’t act on them. But the real life morality (of anything) really is simple, that those who consent to risking new responsibilities are consenting to consequences.
          I don’t object to anyone walking away if there’s ever reasonable doubt though. Just tell them they’re a child murderer if they threaten to do it and get them doxed.
          (Future partners have a right to know what they’re sleeping with and the risks if there’s a pregnancy – and this works both ways…)

        63. Hate to break it to you hun. But the ancient desert scribblings you base your life around are a work of fiction. There’s no more evidence for god then there is evidence for: fairies, unicorns, or Santa.
          If you get dragged into the dirt; then you just die in filth. And as a married soccer mom you are the least able in our society to endure suffering. How many: married, middle class, soccer moms do you see patrolling Afghanistan waiting to get their legs blown off; or working on oil rigs? The question answers its self.

        64. Will Jesus blow me and swallow my cum in heaven? Because the women I bang on the regular will. If Jesus isn’t willing to at least match their offer, then I’m not interested!

        65. You cannot possibly know how a child’s life will play out.

          Maybe not. But I’m not willing to bankroll that baby against my will; with the threat of imprisonment looming over my head if I fall behind on payments. So all of that is irrelevant, and the woman should get an abortion.
          If you’re willing to take my place, and shell out the cash to raise the kid then feel free. Otherwise mind your own fucking business.

        66. This is why you should get to know a girl before you jump into her pants…

          Most men like pussy, but we don’t like responsibility. That’s why we push for abortions. Give us legal equality and let us unilaterally abandon our parental responsibilities like women currently can using abandonment laws, and this whole problem goes away.

          Why would you even consider having sex with a girl if you didn’t want to care for her and love her?

          Because sex with someone you barely know is one of lifes greatest joys. Seriously, never go full retard.

        67. Good. Have fun in Hell and hope you don’t catch herpes.
          Also, we’re ending abortion. Clinic workers are quitting and our side is shutting down abortion clinics left and right so you’ll have no place to take the women you so clearly despise.

        68. By the way, just from reading all of your comments, you sound like an angry little boy who got cheated on by your b*tch. Sorry it didn’t work out…but don’t take out your aggression on women who don’t need your immature sh*t,

        69. I hope I don’t get herpes too! 🙂

          For the second time in two weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court has let stand a ruling that strikes down a major abortion regulation from Oklahoma.

          The justices on Tuesday turned down the state’s attempt to reinstate a law that would have required pregnant women to undergo an ultrasound test and hear about the size and possible heartbeat of the fetus.

          You call that ending abortion? You’re getting your asses handed to you. Nearly half a century after Roe vs. Wade abortions are: cheaper, easier, and safer to obtain then ever.
          My local abortion clinic is doing just fine. No protestors and no hassle. Now women don’t even have to get a minor surgery done. They can just pop a pill that causes a miscarriage and have an abortion in the privacy of their own home. It’s no more of a hassle then having their period. I know because I had a friend that did it.
          I had another fuckbuddy that was freaking out because she thought she was pregnant. I offered to let her stay at my house so she could go to the local abortion clinic. If I helped her out it would be a win/win. She would have a place to stay, and I’d be able to bang her with out a condom. Anyway you’re pretty cute Rachel. We should hang out sometime and see if we can talk out our differences. 😉

        70. Here you go…

          Also check your state law, pro-lifers like me have made it ILLEGAL for women to be coerced into having an abortion.
          Also since you clearly have never seen an unborn child being murdered…here you go…
          So sorry you clearly have no conscience and care for no one but yourself while thousands of people who do not have a voice have their limbs torn from their bodies like the child in the above video.

        71. i think it would not be worse than to be…white, american, fat, bald, and hairless…like you must be…omega babe

        72. I`m a lawyer, and what if we promote an according where the woman accepts having the child, but, IN ALL LEGAL CIRCUNSANCES, she sings up a letter that forbbids her to force you to attend the baby? im talking about giving money and all that shit you are so busy trying to make in your mediocre lifestyle?

        73. DAY NUMBER 45, we still searching for the so-called argument from our little boy wald…no signals

        74. For god`s sake! it is beacuse you do not have any fucking argument!!! justifying your philias and demons it`s not an argument!!!

        75. Yes. You owe it to your child. If you don’t want that responsibility, keep it in your pants.

        76. “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it entered into the hearts of men what God has ready for those who love Him.” There is no sex in Heaven, but there is such joy that sex will seem like a baby’s toy in comparison.

        77. Now this may surprise you, but you’re not really an atheist. You worship yourself as God, asserting your own right to arbitrarily give and take life.

      2. NEWS FLASH:
        1. It’s irresponsible to have unprotected sex!
        2. Your comment about “ruining a life” is almost laughable considering you are talking about MURDERING a person because YOU don’t want to be responsible!!! Don’t want kids? Get yourself fixed! Better yet, get a conscience.

        1. NEWS FLASH :
          1. Having protected sex isn’t 100% safe.
          2. Vasectomy often isn’t reversible, so it’s not an option for most men.

        2. Actually Vasectomies are reversible. Time is the determining factor. While a man can have a reversal of the procedure to restore his sperm, The longer he waits after having a Vasectomy can be the obstacle in which to overcome.

        3. Not “are” but “may be”, the difference is important, it isn’t a dependable option.

        4. 1. Having protected sex isn’t 100% safe.

          And that’s EXACTLY why you should be prepared should you have a baby. You don’t get to kill somebody just because you wanted to stick it down a hole.

        5. If you are willing to kill a child then you should not need a reversal on the vasectomy that you obviously need.

        6. If you are willing to kill a child then you should not need a reversal on the vasectomy that you obviously need.

        7. If you are willing to kill a child then you should not need a reversal on the vasectomy that you obviously need.

        8. How many children do you want, and how much sex do you desire? Bank your sperm and get the cut. Even with the cut, you still produce sperm that can be extracted in a procedure not more invasive than abortion. Do you really want to risk your entire life by creating children you don’t want?

        9. heres an idea. if you wanna have kids then have sex with a girl u wanna have kids with, if you dont then either dont have sex or get the vasectomy. most guys willing to convince a girl to get an abortion should not have children imo and probably dont want any, anyways.

        10. They are about 99% reversible. If a skilled doctor performs the surgery, there is very little problem reversing…it depends upon when the vas is cut. Simple anatomy lesson for the say. Idiot. Educate yourself. I’m sorry…that’s simply to much to ask of you obviously.

        11. Having the vasectomy reversed doesn’t mean you’ll be able to impregnate a woman again. The more you wait, the more antibodies prevent it. So like I said, not a reliable option.

        12. Don’t know yet, if one day I’m sure I won’t want children later, I’ll sure get the cut, but until that I’ll stick with condoms for me and pill for them.

        13. NEWS FLASH:
          It’s irresponsible to have sex outside of marriage. Wait, that’s not news, that has been believed for centuries.

        14. I think you meant ‘castration’ not vasectomy, right? That’ll really cure the unwanted baby issue and make the guy ‘kinder, gentler, more like a WOMAN’ (and easier to saddle too).

        15. No worries. Most women don’t want sex with little boys like YOU anyway. As for girls, I guess they just need to learn the difference between boys and men, but that only happens when they themselves are WOMEN.

        16. I always say that the only good thing about abortion is that some people ought not be allowed to procreate.
          If we take that observation to its conclusion, that conclusion is not pro-choice.

        17. You don’t get to kill somebody just because you wanted to stick it down a hole.

          Well I am, and there isn’t shit you can do to stop me.

        18. And there’s isn’t shit you can do to stop the comeuppance you’ll get and will thoroughly deserve.

      3. I know plenty of men and women who weren’t wanted as children, some were abused. They grew to be happy, well adjusted adults. This excuse is a cop-out and quite frankly, a lame and desperate stand for abortion. This topic comes up a lot lately, my guy friends who have dated girls that got abortions are either disgusted by them, or very, very sad because it was their child who was destroyed by that decision. my girl friends who have gotten them, and there are some, deeply regret their choice and have battled years of depression, nightmares, regrets… and so much more. my husband and I are low income, and our two children are very happy and very loved, even though one was not planned. There was a lot of nervousness at first about our ability to provide for our first child, but we adjusted.
        Oh, and when I have asked my friends who were unwanted or abused or had an effed up family life for whatever reason if they would have rather never been born, but rather aborted, they said NO, they enjoy and value their life and have overcame their difficult upbringing.

        1. It must be nice to have your husband and a nice stable family. Would you feel the same way if you were single and much younger and not ready for kids?

        2. It’s still a work-in-progress, as it is for most people. But a lack of stability is a shitty excuse for killing your child, I’ve found.

        3. Absolutely. Because what you didn’t know before you made your assumption, is my husband and I weren’t together when I was pregnant. I was 18 years old, and going through a very rough time in my life. Upon finding out I was pregnant, I realized I had some choices to make. My husband, the father of my children, realized the same thing. At the time we were unsure of whether we wanted to be in a relationship, but decided to try to make it work. Obviously not all women are as lucky as I was to end up with the man who fathered their child, and have him be a decent and loving man, but I was single and didn’t even know how things would turn out for the first couple months of pregnancy. One thing I did know, it wasn’t the child’s fault, and even though I had never interacted with children before, I would do my absolute best, because abortion was never an option. I told my future husband, not looking for his commitment, but wanting him to have the same opportunity I was going to have; to raise a child.I was blessed in the outcome of that situation

        4. Don’t you pity whichever girl ends up with my spawn? I’m neither loving nor decent. I’m despicable and selfish. Her life is going to have a very different outcome. Would you seriously wish anyone to have someone like me bonded eternally into their life? You think any child deserves the punishment of having me as the baby daddy?

        5. Heather..I appreciate you courage as a young woman. All to often in our society young women are coerced into believing that they are not capable of being mothers and you never let that stop you. That is something to be admired. I know you wouldn’t label yourself a Hero, but your child certainly does.Thanks!!!!

        6. Adoption. If mom wants to keep the baby; take financial responsibility. Be a man, not a cowardly wimp. I pity you, you have no human dignity perception whatsoever. Banging and bashing is your apparent motto. You must be an angry person as well. Dude, get some help. Read Humanae Vitae, learn about NFP, religion or no religion. Learn something beautiful about human life and sexuality. This culture is killing you.

        7. How many unwanted children have you adopted into your loving home? I believe every child deserves a family that loves and can take care of him/her.

        8. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about your problems. Forget about the past and focus on being a good man from now on. Jesus will fix whatever afflicts you, if only you let Him. Jesus has made great saints out of murderers; He can do the same with you.

        9. Well Tiger, don’t you know that the first step towards any healing process is accepting and admitting that you have a problem. You’ve just done that. So yes I believe that in the end you’ll most probably make a great dad.

        10. I kind of did the same thing. I was 21, not ready for kids, but obviously having a good ol’ time and participating in the things which create them. The only options for me when I found out I was pregnant were #1 marry my boyfriend and do the best I could to create a great home for my innocent baby, #2 give her up for adoption #3 keep my baby and have a go at life single. I chose number one because I believed that being in a loving home with a mother and father is an inherent right for any child coming to earth and the safest place for any baby to be. We’ve now been married for 14 years and have 5 awesome kids, and a really amazing life. Heather – you are awesome!

        11. If mom wants to keep the baby; take financial responsibility. Be a man, not a cowardly wimp.

          We don’t like responsibility. Hence abortions for everyone!!!! Now start sending me 23% of your pre-tax income, against your will, under the threat of jail time if you are unable to pay due to: illness, injury, or unemployment. Be a woman, not a cowardly wimp!
          What? Doesn’t sound like a good deal? Welcome to our world. I doubt you or your pussy christian friends have enough balls to call me a coward to my face though. If you did things would end with an epic beating.

        12. But you are forgetting something my beloved imitation of a man, you will get older, and all your money, and all your “status” will be worthless beacuse you will need someone else to take care of you, beacuse, you know, i haven`t met a single man of your doomed white american race that can stand tall after the 70`s (neither the long lived dr koop) they even need help fromg od! and that`s what i enjoy the most of all the radical feminist and MRA`S when they are all alone, with their stupid kittens and pride respectivly, repentig of absolutley everthing they have done.

        13. I`m starting to believe that the only thing you recieve from a woman is a very friendly and humoristic laugh (of pity of course)

        14. As you said, you don’t like responsibility. Therefore, I have no sympathy at all if you are stuck paying child support against your will; you deserve that fate.

        1. And your shiftiness obviously extends to your competence at picking women, since she is ultimately the one making the decision to kill her own kid. Not you, who is just some dude with no say in the matter.

        2. Solution: Only date feminists – no guilt, they’ll jump at the opportunity to express their freedom. And you’ll be powerless to say otherwise.

      4. Killing is killing. If the child were allowed to live and given for adoption they would be ALIVE. Dead is dead is dead. How about you just don’t be a deadbeat dad and don’t be the dad of a dead baby either?

      5. Then those buddies should have not been having casual sex. The intended result of sexual intercourse is pregnancy.

        1. Pregnany is only the intended result of sex if the participants intended to be parents. If not, it’s an accident.
          A dictionary should be enough to prove it to you.

        2. Humans average 1 pregnancy for every 1,000 sex acts. People who: are infertile, not ovulating, don’t desire children, or are past their childbearing years all have sex. Obviously producing a baby is not the only purpose of having sex.

        1. Nope. I wish you people hadn’t stopped my mother from going into that clinic years ago. My life blows.

        2. Your life doesn’t have to blow. Pick it up and learn. You know for a fact that what you are doing is Not Making You Happy. Stop buying into the things that blow and start respecting life and respecting love. You will be a new person. Read, research. Help others, it takes your mind of yourself and you will see what love is like.

      6. have you ever heard of adoption??? just because you don’t want a kid doesn’t mean that there aren’t THOUSANDS of couples who CAN’T have kids but desperately want one…. I’m SOOO glad that my birth mother was unselfish enough to have me and then give me up for adoption instead of killing me! How about someone write an article about how to convince your girlfriend to give up your unwanted child for adoption??

        1. Most of the women who will be okay to let the child be adopted at first will change their mind once it’s almost there so it is not a reliable option, abortion is safer.

        2. You can’t rely on adoption. Women change their minds all of the time. Which is why you have to push for an abortion.
          I’d actually prefer adoption if I could guarantee my own safety by legally and unilaterally abandoning my parental rights like women currently can by using safe haven laws. But until men have legal reproductive equality I’m not taking any chances.

      7. You’re right, having a child you never wanted is irresponsible. So maybe, instead of having to correct your promiscuousness with another despicable act (murder), you should keep it in your pants until you’re man enough to handle the consequences of your actions. (Btw, you will not be man enough until you have made the commitment of marriage) Sex isn’t a sport, it isn’t meant solely for pleasure, it is most certainly not something to be taken lightly – sex should be held in high esteem because it CREATES LIFE. It is unfathomable to me how this reality is not apparent to you, and others like you. It’s disgusting, how you disregard something so sacred as life. What if your mother had done to the same to you? What if your father had been a lying low life and used methods like those above to convince her to have an abortion when she had your precious life in her womb? Think about it.
        I can sympathize with your fear of being a deadbeat dad, no one wants that, but what is the alternative? Being a murderer? Use common sense, I beg you.

        1. “Btw, you will not be man enough until you have made the commitment of marriage”
          Thanks, but I’ll stick my definition of “man enough”. And it is only murder in your book, live by it if you want but as long as it is legal in mine I’ll be fine.

        2. Go ahead and tell me I’m not a man to my face pussy. Christians are the biggest cowards, always the first to run away from confrontation. I on the other hand love a good brawl!!

      8. Ever heard of exercising self-control and not having sex until you are married and able to care for a potential child as well as respecting the woman you love? This is why sex outside of marriage is irresponsible.

        1. Thank you but most of us prefer multiple partners and no mariage. To each his own I guess?

        2. Sex is fun! You should try it. I like it and it makes me happy. And it’s not premarital sex if I have no intention of getting married.

      9. I had an abusive and neglectful childhood and I believe I was generally unwanted as well as barely cared for. However I do not wish that I had never been born.

        1. My mom has always told me I should have been an abortion as I ruined her life by being born. I could be a poster child for the pro-choice movement.

    5. Fine, don’t suggest it. Just slip the morning after pill in her coffee. That’s alpha.

    6. I hope you can get the healing you need. Please keep telling what you have gone through to help educate other men that there are serious consequences to killing a child.

    7. I don’t regret my abortions. Neither does my husband. If our birth control fails again, we abort again.

      1. Poor children. I’m sorry they were hated by their parents who then had them killed. And I’m sorry the ones that were allowed to live had to lose their siblings and then be raised by such barbarians.

      2. You can’t complain or cry victim if someone decides to harm you or kill someone you love. You know, you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. If you like killing it will come back to bite you in some fashion. Me, me me gets very old and boring. You have no passion for life, just material crap that quickly fades, then on to the next crap that fades. Selfishness doesn’t satisfy because you find out the world doesn’t revolve around you. Your selfishness doesn’t shock anyone any longer. It just makes people pity you.

    8. Getting a girl to do what you want is never BETA faggot. How is getting what you want (in this case an abortion) not ALPHA? BTW only a little bitch could me haunted 15 years later from paying for an abortion. You made the decision for your girlt to get an abortion at the time live with your decision.

      1. He has a heart my friend.
        Anyway, it’s like saying “you decided to pull your pants down, now live with the consequences (pregnancy)”.
        Are people thick? Do they not know that sex may normatively lead to pregnancy? A grasp of basic philosophy and biology is sadly lacking these days. Pregnancy is the objective purpose of sex, it’s not a coincidental affect of it. The whole reason we find it pleasurable is to motivate us to procreate. If you use the pleasure for an end in itself, it’s not natural sex in the same way rabbits do it. But nature doesn’t care if you’re doing it for pleasure, if it can, it will get you pregnant.

    9. you are right and good in being haunted. it’s really traumatizing to be pushed into doing something like that, something that intense and heavy, when you don’t totally want to. it can ruin a person.

    10. Fuck you! I was unable to convince a girl to have an abortion, and the negative effects still haunt me to this day. I’d rather stab a pregnant woman in the belly and go to prison for assault with a deadly weapon for a decade or two; then deal with more baby mama drama.

    11. Bless your heart, Player. I hope you can find some local pro-life groups to join up with? God bless.
      You are absolutely correct. It shows lack of character and manhood. Thanks for that.

  14. I’ll happily sign up to be the turd in the punchbowl. Having or not having kids is OUR responsibility, not theirs, and that’s the principal reason I skimmed this. The whole existence of the manosphere is predicated on our need on a visceral level to reconnect men and society, and that’s where personal responsibility comes in. If you don’t want to knock a woman up, either bag up or choose one of the other two holes nature oh-so-thoughtfully included. For my part, while I’ve had a close call or two from being young, dumb, etc, that’s the risk we take. Further, with all the advice given here, the one constant truism is that we must judge women by their actions rather than words and intentions. Why in the name of St. Thomas’ sphincters would you trust your future to anyone but yourself?
    tl;dr: article tries to justify abdicating personal responsibility. Includes useful tips on how to be passive-aggressive. Alternate title: Weasel Words for Men Lacking Self-Control.

    1. Such a courageous position to take preaching “responsibility” to the niggers. Responsibility to what, for what? Ah, duty to your feminist masters, you pussywhipped beta fool. Men have no parental rights: they have zero responsibility, and it is in fact their duty to resist by all means necessary

      1. Responsibility to yourself; and for yourself. To live deliberately and well. I have no idea what you’re ‘resisting by all means necessary.’ Maybe critical thinking? I wish it was writing.

      1. For what? Saying that if you want a good life, you do what’s best for yourself, even if it means developing some self control? Yeah, that sure sounds dumb to me, but as I noted above, I never let someone else control my fate with her vagina. Who’s the greater dope? The man who has to plead and beg some cum dumpster not to carry his legacy of poor life choices into the world, or the one who never gets into that situation because he completely refuses to gamble a lifetime of unwilling servitude in exchange for an 8 second orgasm?

        1. No, for saying something that is 1) demonstrably false, and 2) pushing for greater inequality, namely that it’s our responsibility entirely whether children are had or not. And women who make the actual decision itself? No, of course not, why would we hold women responsible for their own choices? Obviously it’s better to find a guy to hold responsible for her decision, right?
          Then, for compounding it by saying:
          “The whole existence of the manosphere is predicated on our need on a visceral level to reconnect men and society, and that’s where personal responsibility comes in.”
          While apparently forgetting that men are already held to a ludicrously high standard of hyperresponsibility in matters of reproduction, namely pay or go to jail. What more responsibility did you have in mind?
          Yes, our society needs greater personal responsibility, but the need exists in women, expanding male responsibility won’t fix the problem, it will only compound an existing problem, pushing the pendulum further in the wrong direction.
          Look at some of the people who gave you thumbs up, maybe that should give you a hint whose side you’re on.

        2. And again, you’re completely missing my point. I don’t give a shit about assigning blame or shared responsibility for an unwanted pregnancy. I care about the fact that only a dumbass gets into that position in the first place. This article was not talking about father’s rights, entrapment, or anything like that, just unwanted pregnancies. Sure, both people have skin in the game, but it’s our lives we’re worried about, so the only way to mitigate that is by controlling OUR LIVES. Attempting to control others doesn’t work anyhow. Of course it’s not right or fair that once she’s pregnant our lives are no longer ours, but that doesn’t make it any less our fault. We CHOSE to bang her and gamble that everything would work out fine. Once the load is dropped, the consequences are no longer in our power to control, so prior planning is that much more important. I say that gambling like that is asinine and stupid. Any time a man is a position where he has to get on his knees and ask someone, man or woman, to help make his mistakes go away, he makes himself into less of a man.

  15. Honestly, the 2nd and 3rd suggestions are just horrible. Your first suggestions seems like the noble way of doing it. In the end though, if she does go through with it she’s going to resent you no matter what. It could be her idea to get rid of it, but she will not take responsibility for any of it. It will be your fault and only your fault.
    After the deed is done, never speak to her again. This type of things puts bad mojo in the air between the two involved parties.

  16. Enjoyed the post, like a 21st century iteration of what would Machiavelli do.
    Flag waving and social responsibility aside, have some people forgotten how much more enjoyable unprotected sex is? Seriously, by divine design, it’s a man’s favorite place to put his favorite thing.
    Getting what you want without compromise is power. Author proposes good ideas over a taboo topic.
    Plan 4; I have two passports baby, do the right thing, I’d prefer to stay here.

  17. Another shitty RoK post for dumb closet homos over-Googling PUA terms after a failed first date with a 5. And it’s even morally shitty, too. A two-fer.

  18. You forgot that after the Hail Mary you’re supposed to take the girl to McDonald’s for an egg-mcmuffin. This is, presumably, where you’d break up with her.

      1. Carl’s Jr / Hardee’s for the French Toast Sticks …. it lets the girl fantasize that you took her to a nice place, like a Denny’s

    1. Yeah, and where’s the author’s fucking credit to Tom Leykis, eh?
      He coined and popularized the Hail Mary and probably saved tens of thousands of west coast American men from 18 years of child support hell or dismal marriages to wall-victim banshees.

  19. Shit, abortion is how we got stuck in this feminist rathole in the first place; now we have a writer on the web’s best mens’ site telling us to bow to the feminist overlords? Yes, shit happens, but life is unfair. Sometimes you have to take responsibility for your actions.
    In just about any other situation, if you killed someone to cover for yourself you would be (deservedly) sent to the electric chair. But, if you’re killing an unborn baby, well, then thats cool, and hey, you can get a college degree out of it. That is the sign of a truly fucked society–a society that chooses to kill the next generation merely because they are inconvenient.
    Oh, and that tagline underneath the article name on the homepage is retarded. “Her body?” No, its the child’s body which is in question. The mother’s body is not the one thats gonna get its brains sucked out with a mini vacuum cleaner. Congrats for regurgitating feminist bile.

    1. Agreed +1000. See my comment from a previous RoK post:
      We have ended over 50 million young lives since Roe v. Wade. Adding more to this number because some people are less loving parents than others does not make sense. Killing people because those people _may_ grow up unhappy or poor or not cute or tall or… is only a few steps away from aborting humans because they may grow up to be human.
      I have noticed that the more strongly a person supports abortion, the more likely that person loooves animals. Here’s a quick abortion consistency test: if animals were aborted as frequently and as callously as humans, where would you stand?
      Before you decide, look at these graphic pictures of aborted humans and ask yourself what your reaction would be if those were puppies or kittens:
      If life begins at 12 weeks, there should be no need to terminate it before 12 weeks. IF IT’S NOT LIFE, THERE’S NO NEED TO KILL IT.
      The ultimate goal of feminism is to remove blame from women. Supporting the taking of inconvenient life supports this goal. Where do you stand?

      1. I’m a strong supporter of abortions. I’d gladly strangle 100 puppies to death with my own hands, if it meant I wouldn’t have to deal with anymore baby mama drama!

  20. you forgot to mention to verify that she is actually pregnant before your fork over the money for the procedure

    1. Don’t fork over the money. Take her to the clinic to make sure it gets done — and that it’s not a scheme or that she doesn’t back out at the last minute.

  21. Just an aside for the all people giving it the “man up, take responsibility” bit: condoms are only about 80% effective when used normally. When men don’t have the reproductive choices or rights that women have, why wouldn’t they turn to Machiavellian schemes to counterbalance?
    Also, introduce a male pill and watch the pregnancy rate plummet, and the feminists and conservatives rage about Peter Pans. LULZ would be had.

    1. Advocating for the killing of children because “we don’t have as many opportunities as them”, is getting awfully close to the kind of post hoc rationalizations many here revel in chastising women for. Just saying….

  22. LOL at all the guys talking about ‘taking responsibility’. we aren’t responsible in any way for our kids unless we are given authority over them. whoever heard of being responsible for something you have no power over?

    1. Can’t speak for the others, but when I wrote about it, I was talking about taking responsibility for ourselves- not for our consequences, but for choosing the best solution every time, which means harder decisions and better lives for us.

    2. Can’t say I disagree with that. But even so, doing the best you can to see to it that some random kid gets to die violently, in order to save a few bucks, is pretty far into murky territory, as far as morals go.

    3. Then make sure you don’t hook up with someone who would keep your children away from you. And if your partner *does* get pregnant, then be a man and fight for your child’s life, not manipulate to kill them. For despite what our bad laws claim, not only to you have a right to protect your children, but a responsibility!
      I hate this society which has sissified our men into weaklings! Us women want REAL men, so encourage your brothers to be REAL men and only then will you find REAL women. Because real women won’t give you the time of day if you aren’t the type to respect and protect them or your children.

        1. Someone with a dream for the future and the will to do his part to call it into the present. Someone who will put two people instead of one in his pictures of the future. Someone who feels strong when he makes himself a place of protection. Someone who takes pride in providing for the people that he invites into his present and his future. That’s a man. That’s what a boy that has reached adulthood looks like.

      1. Uh oh….and here we have the feminist shaming all over again.
        “Real man” this and “real man” that. Remember that we don’t have traditional gender roles anymore. So men can do whatever they want. I am a “real man” as long as I am physically male.

    4. Yet another person wanting rights but not willing to take responsibility.
      You’re responsible (or should be, if you’re a decent human being – I make no assumption) for the outcome of your own actions. If you can’t see how that translates into taking responsibility for your kids I can give you a quick run down of how sexy time usually works.

  23. I think this article belongs in the forums instead of ROK. Some heads will explode when feminists find out the manosphere is actively promoting their favorite pasttime.

    1. I am glad you posted this. Feminist treat men as subhuman, the manosphere treats women as subhuman, and both treat the unborn as subhuman. Evil loves company.

  24. im surprised by the copious butthurt in the comments here.
    if men had the choice to unilaterally opt out, as women do through abortion/adoption, these measures wouldn’t be necessary. of course, if men could opt out, women would have to be more careful about which dick they allow inside them. while this would produce a better result for society as whole, it would reduce the market supply of pussy.

      1. Vasectomy has been thrown around a few times. Having a vasectomy is (emotionally) not a easy thing to do. I doubt I would ever want kids and yet I would never want a vasectomy. I feel “whole” and the thought of mutilating myself in such a way would make me feel “not-whole” (I opted out of having my wisdom teeth pulled for the same reason!). You can right this off as selfishness/neuroticism/etc., but as far as I can tell, much of the “evil” in this world comes from people who (given my use of the term), don’t feel “whole”/they feel “empty/castrated”. Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer, is an extreme example of the point I make here.

  25. This has got to be the easiest one in the world. Just spoon-feed her all the feminist drivel Western girls love so much. You’ll have more free time… you could get a job… it’s your body… etc.

  26. Think really long and hard before trying to convince a girl you have knocked up whether or not to have an abortion. The convenience of not having a little bastard child running around may haunt you mentally for years, if not decades, or even the rest of your life. I’m not saying it will happen to everyone, but I know more then one man who deeply convincing an ex-girlfriend to have an abortion. Just something about it really messes with your mind.
    If the girl does not or will not have an abortion, you still have two viable options. The first is marry her if you think something half decent might be made of it. Even if you do later get divorced at least you were able to have some control over the part of your paycheck that will go to child support after the divorce.
    The second is to get yourself a lawyer and inform her that you want no legal paternal rights to the child. Depending on the jurisdiction, this can minimize child support payments. The more you are involved in the child’s life the more you pay up till the point where you have primary custody. Even then, as a man, you will still probably pay something even if you have primary custody. If you have a lawyer and she is in a situation where you not having any paternal rights is desirable you can probably settle with her for limited monthly payment or a lump sum. (A judge will still need to approve it because the test is the “best interest of the child” and not that of the mother or father). It will not be cheap, but still cheaper then paying for a kid you do not want and never see for the next eighteen years.

  27. “With only two birth control options available to men (a condom and a vasectomy)”. What about pulling out and blowing your muck on her tits/face?

      1. I followed a link. It’s not like this is a secret group, and it’s not, as far as I can tell, a particularly offensive question.

  28. Most of you have several abortions in your file. You just don’t know of them because she swallows the pill without saying shit. This is especially true if you are traditionalist conservative.
    Apparently ignorance really is bliss.

    1. Even assuming you are correct; You, as in men, do not have abortions (Abortion clinic workers aside). Since you, the man, do not get pregnant. And the law prevents you from forcing a woman to have an abortion against her will. Hence, abortions are something women have, not men.

    2. I don’t use oral contraceptives for this very reason. My husband and I welcome the children God gives us.

  29. You had to pay for two abortions? I can’t believe any woman would even sleep with a cretinous fuck like you.
    If you can’t take responsibility for your own actions then you shouldn’t be allowed to have a dick. I bet your parents wish they’d aborted you. I do.
    I guess the only positive from this post is that we now know you have at least not reproduced. Thank fuck for that!

    1. Paying for abortions to ensure a girl doesn’t get stuck with a kid she can’t afford to raise is not “taking responsibility for your own actions”? DOES NOT COMPUTE

  30. It happened to me once I was on holiday. She was 19 and we were in Madrid. It took me a whole night to convince her and I told her “your father will kill you if he finds out”. The next morning I went with her to the clinic and in 30 minutes the “situation” was solved.

  31. Murdering innocent children because one or both of their parents were irresponsible pricks – genius. /sarcasm

    1. A fetus is not a child, in the same way that the 3 year old bag of cake-mix in the cupboard is not a cake.

  32. Your writing depicts women like they are nothing more than seminal commodes . WHo is to say that if you do become a father that you will have to pay child support or that you will never be allowed to see your child ? Stop listening to your friends who are telling you this . Dads have rights . If you know a man that is paying child support but does not see his kid he isnt telling you the whole story . This is so easy . Why fork out the money for an abortion ?? Fix the problem for good . Look in the mirror, now say to yourself ” I dont want to be a real man , I dont desire a relationship with a women , I just want to use them for sex. My penis was meant to be a wonderful thing , i do not deserve it . ” Then take a knife and chop it off . You will never face another unplanned pregnancy or pay for another abortion. Also you can not detect autism on an ultrasound . Secondly the pill abortion is only effective before the 8th week . The cost of an average early abortion is around $500.00 . After about 11 weeks it can cost more than having the kid . I sincerely hope that you grow up . This is no way to look at women and no way to live your life .

    1. “Your writing depicts women like they are nothing more than seminal commodes .”
      But, women who would voluntarily go down to an abortion clinic to kill her own child (The decision is hers, and hers only, after all), IS nothing more than a “seminal commode.” I’d honestly argue that she isn’t even fit for that, and am pretty darned sure that those with the sense to demote such whores from seminal commodes to rock throwing targets, are the ones that will inherit the earth; but that probably wouldn’t fly on a game site. So seminal commode she gets to remain. For another decade or two, until she hits the wall and become completely useless.

      1. What does that make the males who have sex with them? HINT: What goes into a commode?

    1. Grow?
      You mean like the innocent CHILDREN would GROW were it not for the persuasion skills OF you and your FLOCK.

      1. Fine. I’ll have the kid if you can guarantee 1000% that you or someone else will care for it properly, that I will never, ever be bothered and that the mother cannot do anything about it.
        You give me the legal protection, I’ll give you the kids. Women get plenty.

      1. They are too many of them!
        It’s just a hit-and-run from this post going viral on Twitter. They’ll be gone in 2 days.

        1. You should shoot an email to the mods at Jezebel and ask them what they do in this situation.

      2. They are too many of them!
        It’s just a hit-and-run from this post going viral on Twitter. They’ll be gone in 2 days.

      3. Banning people you disagree with is the ultimate beta. If have the truth, then we should be easy to deal with.

        1. Uh oh! Let’s not ban anyone, it might make us beta in the eyes of aging catholic housewives.

  33. Next up from Return of the Kings: “How to convince a girl to have sex with you! (and how to get away with it if they say no) ;D”

  34. It’s not about the family you are not ready to start, it is about your son or daughter that you already have in this world. The question isn’t whether or not you are ready to be a dad, it is– what are you going to do with the son or daughter you already unintentionally brought into this world? Preventing pregnancy is one thing, but being pregnant is another. If she is pregnant, it’s too late for preventing fatherhood, you already are a dad. The question is what kind of dad are you going to be? Shit does happen but that doesn’t mean you have to be a shitty dad and take the life of your kid. And no matter what your pro-abortion response is now, your outlook will change when/if you ever grow up.

  35. If you actually follow this advice you’re not a man, you’re a selfish, ignorant, woman using little boy who needs to highly consider getting a vasectomy to avoid even having to think about pregnancy being a possibility for his partner. Abortion murders an innocent child and often leaves one or both parents with life long guilt and regret.

    1. Just so everyone here is clear, this MirandaElizabeth slag thinks that fatherhood isn’t even based on DNA, it’s based on who she thinks should pay. To quote one of her previous idiotic drawls,
      “I firmly believe that DNA doesn’t matter, it’s who is there
      for the child day in and day out that does. My ex is not in the picture
      for a very long list of reasons, my fiance is the only dad she has ever
      Just another tradcon child-woman dullard who thinks the nation should be a lineup of men forming around the block to man up and take care of her bastard spawn.

      1. My son’s father died when he was a baby. I guess my son would be considered illegitimate, but I am now married to the love of my life. He is the only father my son has ever known, and they are not related by DNA. Do you have something snarky to say about that one?

        1. Were you married to the kid’s father at the time of conception? Or is the poor kid simply a whoreson?
          As harsh as it may seem, no society survives to provide sustenance for it’s citizens, if it is composed of whores, cads and bastards. While you in your little rationalizing bubble may feel that judging you this way is mean and cruel; men abstaining from doing so are why the West is on it’s last leg, to be conquered by societies where the men are not so cowed.

        2. I suppose you speak of the East as the forward thinking society that will conquer the West? Lemme guess you speak specifically of the Middle East? Like, Syria perhaps? Or Libya? Iran? Perhaps you mean the Far East like China? China is not interested in conquering the West. They rely on American wealth to fuel their own economy, so either you are not very intelligent, or you are just trying to troll with silly claims.

        3. People capable of organizing themselves such that they manage to both give birth to, and raise, healthy children in their own image; will inherit the earth. Kids benefitting from paternal involvement are better off than those that don’t. Men are more interested in being involved in raising their own kids than some whore’s bastard. Combine the above. t ain’t rocket science.

        4. He’s not a cuckold; he’s a stepfather. The difference is that he married her knowing that the kid wasn’t his, but chose to act as his father anyway. Adoption is to be lauded, precisely because the love given to an adopted child is wholly voluntary.

      2. If she wants a good father for her kids, then she needs to be a good wife for him. That means that she has sex only with him, does not undermine him in front of the kids, and gives him the honor due his status as her husband.

        1. And, and this is a biggie; neither directly nor indirectly support anyone bent on challenging his ability to lead and provide for his family as he deems best. For those of slower minds, that in practice currently means government and all those deriving their authority from it.

      3. Yes, I do 100% believe that DNA isn’t what makes you a dad. What makes a man a dad is when he takes care of a child whether they share DNA or not. The thing is that I do not think men should just line up to help me with my daughter. I didn’t even think about asking my now husband for help until the day he looked at me and told me he wants to be the one my daughter looks at as daddy because he loves both of us. He volunteered to step up to that role of daddy. So maybe you should think before you start using such idiotic and degrading stereotypes.

        1. Cool.
          Well I 100% believe that DNA isn’t what makes you a mom. What makes a woman a mom is when she takes care of a man’s children.
          FYI, as we define biology out of motherhood, your parental rights will slowly wither away, sound good?

        2. I do take care of my daughter, she is either with me or with her daddy 24/7. I do everything for my daughter as she is my life, I have been with her since day 1 and she will always come first. My parental rights will go nowhere because I’ve earned the title mommy unlike my ex who has not earned the title daddy but has instead earned the title of sperm donor.

  36. I would like to add a fourth “failsafe” option. After you try one of the above mentioned methods and cannot convince her an abortion is the best option, then you are left with only one more out, but this out can do the same thing as the abortion. ADOPTION. You must convince her that the best option for the child is to be put up for a adoption. There are plenty of American couples on waiting lists for American babies that cannot reproduce themselves. It has just enough altruistic angles you can play that it may be convincing. This saves you from having to either raise the child or provide child support. If you choose to be a part of the 9 months leading up to the adoption then that’s up to you……

    1. A girl near her 9th month will be very likely to change her mind about adoption, so it sure isn’t reliable. But it can be a “plan B”.

  37. This is not pro-choice. This is pro-abortion. You dont want her to have a choice at all. In fact you want to take her choice by forceful manipulation if you have to.

    1. Why is her having a choice superior to him having it? Or are you truly equally appalled every time a woman is the one using the choice you so highly laud, to choose abortion?

      1. The stupid are immune to reason, it’s best not to bother. This ridiculous female has spent the last two hours attention whoring all over the thread talking about herself, her decision to abort, and how much she’s grown (as if anyone here should give a shit), while telling us we’re boys for not having a purely matrifocal view.
        Are you really interested in what she has to say?

        1. Such a kind and caring soul. Any woman would be proud to make your acquaintance. This is what I love about these conversations. Bringing out the best in the opposition.

        2. Oh, Mrs. “Male is inferior in intellect,” forgive me if I don’t recognize your towering moral stature. I don’t argue with your kind because you’re total fools, and no other reason.

        3. You certainly seem to fit the bill. And I think you are arguing with me…. Fool.

      2. It’s not superior. I just call it like I see it. Pro-choicers are really not about choice. There is only one choice. Abortion. So call yourselves what you are. Pro-aborts. We all know that, but it is nice to have it proven every once in awhile.

        1. OK. I’m pro abortion.
          Actually, I’d like to see mandatory abortions for all ugly chicks; cause ugly chicks just have ugly babies which leads to more ugly chicks.
          Where does it all end?

      3. How about because she’s the one going to have the procedure or the pregnancy? At the end of the day if a man and a woman disagree then the person who actually has the foetus inside them is the one who will make the choice. Only the deranged would try and argue why the opposite should be true.

      4. It’s her body. Ergo it’s her choice. It’s really not that hard to get your head round.

  38. This is satire, right? I mean, it’s just too bad for words.
    If anyone is considering using this advice, please make SURE to tell your girlfriend that autism can be detected in utero. If she has even a sliver of brain, she’ll realize you’re an idiot and will hopefully parent her child or offer him/her up for adoption.

  39. How about an article on what your friends said/did that failed to convince the carriers of their seed to “make the right decision”? I’m curious.

  40. This wasn’t even funny. This piece of douche-baggery is insulting to men and women everywhere. Abortion isn’t something to crack jokes about. Men need to “man up” and take responsibility for their penises. Coercion isn’t manly, it’s cowardly.

    1. There is no coercion. The oppressors on top of the pyramid has taken that option away. The decision is hers and hers only. If all it takes to convince her to whack her own child is some silly drivel, it is her, and only her responsibility.
      I do agree it is quite distasteful from a moral standpoint to run around arguing for killing kids violently, just so you can save a few bucks; but that is still a long way from actually making the final decision to have the kid killed. A decision that is only a woman’s.

  41. Had a friend who successfully accomplished the Hail Mary. Until the girl went off the deep end because of it. Started out as simple cockblocking, then stalking, then she tried to cut off his dick. You don’t want to mess with that shit, wrap it up.

  42. So to sum it up, the methods are…
    1) Lie to her.
    2) Be a deadbeat dad.
    3) Lie to her (the alternate way).
    This…. This is a joke, right? This has to be. If it’s not, then this is the absolute epitome of scum. You, sir, need to examine yourself very, very carefully. This is just pathetic.

    1. Yes. This isn’t what I come to manosphere blogs for. I thought these were about being better men, not dickheads.
      Is wrapping it up when you’re having sex with a woman you’re not serious about really too much?

      1. I support a woman’s right to know that the people she is closes to are not treating her like a blow-up doll. Anyone who believes the contents of this article is a danger to the best interests of any woman they are involved with.

        1. I realize it doesn’t matter to you. That is why anyone is foolish for spending/wasting any time on you. You are possibly the poster boy for my viewpoint.

  43. As a mother of several young, beautiful and smart women, I am proudly married to their father, who is well-armed and quite willing to defend them from criminal males like you.

    1. Ah, they haven’t the sense to stay away from ‘criminal males like us’ on their own. That info will come in handy…

      1. No woman ever did.
        Which is why in civilized societies, they are handed from dad to someone at least minimally vetted by dad, on their wedding. Only in dystopias like our own, are they handed from mothers’ womb’ to massa govermnent on the day of their birth, to waste away as concubines for the state and it’s lackeys.

  44. The problem that you fail to realize is what an abortion does to a woman, and how it changes her entire life. We’ve been raised to think it is easy and nothing more than a choice, but they are wrong. You think it is no big deal, but you wake up one day and realize you will never ever forget what happened no matter how hard you try. And every year after it happens it comes up again and again. You stuff the feelings down because the pro-choice crowd does not want to hear you cry, and you are too embarrassed to admit to the pro-life crowd what you did. It is not exactly something your boyfriend wants to console you about either. Usually they take off. So you are left alone and depressed without a soul who cares about you. So while this man is fulfilling his dream of unprotected sex, he leaves a trail of tears and brokeness behind that is only a symptom of a society that no longer values the life of anyone. It has been said we have lost an entire generation of people through abortion, and it is the reason there is so much decline in our world today. Now every child doubts if they were wanted. And reading stuff like this does not help.

    1. Noone should care about a whore who kills her own kid. After all, every mortal man and woman is born with a finite amount of care and compassion. Why throw it away on someone unworthy, in the process logically shortchanging someone more worthy?
      Jesus did, and still does, care; but then again, he didn’t suffer from that finite problem……

    2. I have no problem with the two abortions I had. If my birth control fails again, I will abort again. With a quickness.

    3. Beautiful dog, and well said. An acquaintance of mine wanted to get an abortion. I asked her questions to explore why she wanted to since it seemed she was doing it for the wrong reasons (she was afraid no one would want her anymore). Ultimately, she decided to keep the child. If someone reasons through the decision properly, there is very little emotional fallout, and most of the emotional fallout from a well reasoned through decision is better traced to other events in the individual’s life. If the decision isn’t well reasoned through, and one has an abortion, or keeps the child for the wrong reasons, the emotional damage is profound.
      There is another way women suffer damage from an abortion. The rejection they feel all their lives is bottled up deep inside them and compensated for through a variety of behaviours. When they abort the child, they reject the child – committing the crime they have been victims of all their life – and they reject themselves – because the growing child is experienced as self. This event sets of a series of reactions and recollections that allow all of the suppressed and repressed emotions to bubble up to the surface in their raw form. In effect, the act of having an abortion acts as a “movie screen” on which the women are allowed to relive and work through past traumas. In most instances, they fail at this working through process and the emotional damage is increased.

  45. Why did the fetus cross the road?
    Because they moved the dumpster
    Doctors have a new cure for downs syndrome
    -its called abortion!
    I’m not quite sure what my opinion is on abortion.
    On the one hand I support it because it’s killing children.
    On the other, it gives women a choice.
    My wife had an abortion three days ago and can’t stop crying. So I thought I would compliment her and cheer her up,
    “Darling, you look great!” I said, “Have you lost weight?”

  46. The act of murder is wrong not because one is killing a living thing, rather, because one is depriving that living of a future. Murder rids the individual of his/her potential. The individual is not rid of his past living rather, his present and his future. Thus, when auguring about abortion, the fact that it is a living or not is not relevant. The real question, is whether the fetus will, in the future, grow into a being capable of making choices. and if by abortion, one would deprive the fetus of a potential future; of which I believe it does. Also, that last meme doesn’t make since because no one argues sperm is a child. Sperm has no potential to become something ratiaonl. It’s when it’s fertilized that it would be cannibalism.

  47. I do find it amusing that the effect of this post will have the opposite affect that what is intended. Women are not dumb. We know how to use the internet, and we talk to each other. The post is quickly becoming viral. Hopefully that is what you wanted to happen. Or is it? Once again we have proven the male is inferior in intellect and will often shoot himself in the foot. It is amusing to say the least.

      1. I would agree with that. Sorry I did not clarify. It was a guttural response from this inappropriately cruel article. I’ve dated men like this and it brings up some very bad feelings. My bad.

        1. Oh trust me, I know the feeling. This article shows that there is a true, unwarranted arrogance among certain males who consider themselves ‘alpha.’

        2. Of course, being a “modern women”, dated is code for having been fucked by……
          So, if the various drug concoctions you imbibe in to prevent the poor kid that could result, somehow failed, you’d either kill him as per article, try to shame/sucker some other guy into providing for you and your bastard, or do all you could to get massa gommiment to rob other people to pay for the result of your looseness. Each and every choice and good and clear illustration of why those that simply stone the whores in their midst whit no more ado, are the ones that will inherit the world; unchallenged.

        3. She already gave him the validation he craves, he’s gone to bed. It’s therapy bright and early!

        4. She already gave him the validation he craves, he’s gone to bed. It’s therapy bright and early!

        5. When you can no longer defend your point intelligently, you rely on acting an a-hole and the only rebuttal you have left is to belittle others. Which is at least validation for my own points. Boom. Winning.

        6. I saw your facebook you have a really ugly kid. You should have got an abortion to spare my eyes.

        7. My goal was not to get a random woman on the internet to have sex with me. Nice try though. With a little practice, you might actually do more than just petty insults!

    1. Should abortion in cases that are not rape, incest, …etc be illegal then politicaljules?

    2. Oh, so common, a man who doesn’t share your mindset obviously need to “grow up”.

    3. Absolutely. It is because my mum was friends with someone who was coerced into having an abortion that I am alive today. If more women knew how men like this think, then they would resist a lot more.

  48. All these right-wingers using feminist shaming language to attack Bacon are proving Jim Goad’s argument that abortion shouldn’t simply be legal, it should be mandatory. Just saying.

    1. No shaming language needed. You seem to be doing just fine on your own making an ass of yourself.

    2. Ironic that they use the shaming language that democrats use to spank them to try to cow the people who have more in common with the right wingers than they’ll ever know.

  49. First, I will point out that autism isnt diagnosed until after the age of 2, and it is NOT detectable by ultrasound. Second, these women u convince to have abortions r weak. If a man were to speak to me in such a way, he would be off the hook, not a daddy. But no dead baby for me. I would cut off all communication and contact. Because that is no man. That is a heartless piece of flesh, just walking around, wasting space and air.

  50. Once upon a time Bastards were a thing and you could fuck a slut and it was understood that you owed her nothing. Now you get some girl pregnant and she has the power to make you pay enforced by the State. I think the real solution is stopping the single mother train by making it a reality that they won’t just be able to force child support. Also no welfare. This would make women more like women again. I’m against abortion for moral reasons. I also think it’s helped create a one sided power in women and is what also helps create the current culture.

  51. You got two girls to abort your own children? Did the girls have aids or problems with drugs? Did they have any kind of hereditary disease?
    Children are a blessing from God. I really mean it. I would crucify Jesus again If he returned to Earth the second time with a smile in my face, but aborting my own child when I know that both his mom and I are healthy… No fuckin’ way.
    Money, social status and all those things that make you feel powerful are nothing compared to the happiness that a healthy son/daughter can bring to one’s life.

    1. My husband and I chose abortion twice, fucknuts. The ability to plan our family rather than be enslaved to failed birth control worked out much better for the children we wanted later on.

      1. You should get off the computer and spend some time with your kids who are still living.

    2. My husband and I chose abortion twice, fucknuts. The ability to plan our family rather than be enslaved to failed birth control worked out much better for the children we wanted later on.

  52. Hopefully I won’t find myself in a position where I’ll have to convince some broad to abort. Mighty uncomfortable place to be in I’d imagine, since it gives the woman all the power at that point. You’re literally at her mercy.
    Exercise caution when fucking away; wear a condom fellas, especially if you don’t trust the slag you’re banging. Going in raw feels great, but you’re playing with fire, and it’s not worth getting shackled financially for 18 years to some dumb, narcissistic slut. If you insist on going in raw, pull out quickly, blast all over her face, and make sure she swallows every last gooey drop.

    1. Hey shawty. lemme holla at you right quick ya know what im
      sayin. checkin you out over there you lookin kinda good, ya know what im sayin.
      so i was wondering ya know how about you and me go back to the place, get
      comfortable, probably sip on some of this henney, you know what im sayin, and
      after that, you know what im… sayin, we can do the grownup and you can let me
      clap on dem cheeks, ya hear me?

  53. This article is disgusting. Any “man” who thinks this way isn’t a real man; he is an irresponsible little boy. The author clearly just sees people in general as playthings and has no consideration whatsoever for who he hurts. For all of you saying that it is cruel to bring a child into this world when you can’t support it- grow up and stop making pathetic excuses. There are hundreds of thousands of people who want to adopt and it is incredibly selfish to convince a girl to kill your child because you want to have fun and ignore the situation you created. The problem with this generation, and yes I am 20 so I am a part of it, is that no one wants to take responsibility for their actions. The worst part is that you guys could easily educate yourselves about the life that exists in the womb, but you are all to blissfully ignorant to look into what is right in front of you. It makes me sick that so many from our parents generation, our generation, and the future generations are being slaughtered so that the idiots who wrote this article, and those that support it, may lead their lives without the inconvenience of a child.

    1. You’re right, Rachel, this post is shameful. I thought this blog was about being better men… you know, “kings”, not bottom-feeding cads. I guess I was wrong about that. I’ll be going back to Vox Day and Dalrock now…

    2. Then why are there currently <400,000 children awaiting adoption in the US alone? I am not a broodmare for the infertile. I refuse to breed an unwanted pregnancy just to absolve your conscience.

    3. Then why are there currently <400,000 children awaiting adoption in the US alone? I am not a broodmare for the infertile. I refuse to breed an unwanted pregnancy just to absolve your conscience.

  54. Everyone take notice that every feminist rambling comment has “grow up” somewhere written in it.
    “Grow up” is their only true argument here….

    1. Oh and what is the caveman argument here? I just wanna drink beers with my bros, fuck a lot of girls and be an irresponsible asshole? Yup sounds really bulletproof… educate yourself, although I’m sure you’d rather remain in the dark- it helps keep the guilt at bay.

      1. Much rather do that then spent my life with a bitch like yourself and be on legal hook to give you half my earnings if our ‘lifetime commitment’ doesn’t work out that well.
        Your feminist fantasy is not my reality and i will not ‘grow up’ or ‘man up’.

        1. I certainly don’t consider myself to be a feminist, just an intelligent, educated woman who knows far better than to even think of getting involved with scum like yourself. You will reap what you sow asshole- an STD ridden piece of trash similar to yourself, I’m sure.

        2. Rachel, I’m sorry you never got fucked by the guy you liked in high school and that you were generally ignored by men most of your life.
          Work on getting skinnier, prettier and more feminine. Things will work out Ok

        3. She did get fucked by the guy she liked in high school. She’s mad because he ended up with someone skinnier, prettier, and more feminine.

        4. Ah and the pettiness ensues. That’s usually what happens when people don’t have valid points. I don’t need to validate myself to men who clearly can’t sustain short term relationships let alone long term ones. I think it’s hysterical that you idiots think that agreeing to rip children from their mothers wombs makes a woman feminine. Nothing is more feminine than the instinct to protect children. But alas, those without argument assume and make baseless judgments.

        5. Because you gave valid points yourself?
          Live your life and don’t tell a man how to live his.

        6. To be fair – suggesting that the feminists only argument is ‘grow up’ and then coming out with the ‘you fat and ugly’ schtick so much beloved by those with an inability to think beyond the schoolyard only really proves one thing. They’re right. You do need to grow up.

        7. We present our arguments and get the “grow up” argument back. Clearly, dialectic conversation with feminists and women who use such stupid arguments is not possible.
          The only thing left to do is shame them and fight fire to make them shut the fuck up.
          I want to debate, not argue. All they know how to do is argue, defame, and character assassinate. And of those three, their argue skill was always the most lacking.

        8. Do you not see the irony in your first sentiment? Really? Pettiness ensues?
          You started it with, “caveman argument”, “be an irresponsible asshole”, and “you’d rather remain in the dark- it helps keep the guilt at bay”. Then you continued it with “who knows far better than to even think of getting involved with scum like yourself. You will reap what you sow asshole- an STD ridden piece of trash similar to yourself”.
          He wasn’t even talking to you. He was talking about “feminist rambling”. You said it yourself, “I don’t consider myself to be a feminist”? Why are you even speaking? This is not about you. If you are the “intelligent, educated” woman as you claim, you’d never have replied to Mike because you’d know he was not talking to you.
          You give women a bad name. You may have a few extra brain cells to rub together to form coherent setences with fancy words but it makes you look like a dumbass, trying your best to argue your point of view when you couldn’t even argue your way out of a paper bag.
          Between your ugly arguments and your ugly appearance, I am sure your appearance is the worse of the two.

        9. Do you not see the irony in your first sentiment? Really? Pettiness ensues?
          You started it with, “caveman argument”, “be an irresponsible asshole”, and “you’d rather remain in the dark- it helps keep the guilt at bay”. Then you continued it with “who knows far better than to even think of getting involved with scum like yourself. You will reap what you sow asshole- an STD ridden piece of trash similar to yourself”.
          He wasn’t even talking to you. He was talking about “feminist rambling”. You said it yourself, “I don’t consider myself to be a feminist”? Why are you even speaking? This is not about you. If you are the “intelligent, educated” woman as you claim, you’d never have replied to Mike because you’d know he was not talking to you.
          You give women a bad name. You may have a few extra brain cells to rub together to form coherent setences with fancy words but it makes you look like a dumbass, trying your best to argue your point of view when you couldn’t even argue your way out of a paper bag.
          Between your ugly arguments and your ugly appearance, I am sure your appearance is the worse of the two.

        10. Debate what? I saw no form of debate between you and Rachel. You resorted to ad hom first.

        11. As for your actual argument – let me demolish it in addition to discrediting it completely.
          Your point about people not having valid points? That is you when you started the pettiness parade. Case closed.
          No one is asking you to validate yourself. You feel the need to validate yourself because nobody is taking your or your childish arguments seriously and no one should. Your point about sustaining short term and long term relationships is mostly projection. Had a good time on the cock carousel eh?
          Here’s a secret – the cock carousel is like Hotel California – once you get on it – you never leave.
          Ripping children out from their mother’s wombs? Really? No one is advocating that their girlfriend takes children out of her mother’s womb. If can’t even form sentences that make sense, why argue? Because you’re stupid and because you can.
          And no one is equating having an abortion with being ‘feminine’. The word ‘feminine’ is not mentioned once in the article. I did a quick word search and found the word feminine a total of 4 times. Two of those words were used by you. So that just means you’re arguing against a point no one is making. A sure sign of someone who frequently finds herself out of place in intelligent conversation.
          You may stop talking now.

        12. As for your actual argument – let me demolish it in addition to discrediting it completely.
          Your point about people not having valid points? That is you when you started the pettiness parade. Case closed.
          No one is asking you to validate yourself. You feel the need to validate yourself because nobody is taking your or your childish arguments seriously and no one should. Your point about sustaining short term and long term relationships is mostly projection. Had a good time on the cock carousel eh?
          Here’s a secret – the cock carousel is like Hotel California – once you get on it – you never leave.
          Ripping children out from their mother’s wombs? Really? No one is advocating that their girlfriend takes children out of her mother’s womb. If can’t even form sentences that make sense, why argue? Because you’re stupid and because you can.
          And no one is equating having an abortion with being ‘feminine’. The word ‘feminine’ is not mentioned once in the article. I did a quick word search and found the word feminine a total of 4 times. Two of those words were used by you. So that just means you’re arguing against a point no one is making. A sure sign of someone who frequently finds herself out of place in intelligent conversation.
          You may stop talking now.

        13. Debate the article and its merits. What else is there to debate here? Is anybody here talking about anything unrelated to abortion?
          And no, I did not resort to ad hominem first. Rachel did when she called a “caveman” and an “irresponsible asshole” when he wasn’t even talking to her or about her in the first place. She just inserted herself into the conversation, with guns blazing. Do that and don’t be surprised to get shot down.
          I jumped in because I wanted to call her out and expose her lack or concrete arguments and stupidity for all to see. As soon as she jumped in with her “ad hom”, all rules or courtesy and politeness are thrown out along with the insults her tongue threw out.
          Notice how I reply with a post to you with no swear words directed at you or your person. I cannot say that I like what you say. I disagree and dislike it.
          I can say, however, that I like the way you say it. That is, politely.

        14. OK, I’ll bite. A human dies with abortion. If you don’t want to raise that human then don’t have sex.
          Please debate this.

        15. Well now – let’s examine your comment. You *claim* you want to debate (now, to be honest, I’m not sure that there is much to debate under an article instructing people how to manipulate other people into having a medical procedure they may neither want, nor require just so you can shirk your responsiblities)
          Yet as soon as anyone tells you to (rightly or wrongly) grow up you claim that conversation is not possible. It’s therefore highly likely that debate is not what you want – you simply want your viewpoint heard – and are not interested in anyone else’s. Especially women’s who you happily admit you wish to shame and silence.
          Personally, I think ‘grow up’ is a wholly appropriate response to attitudes such as yours.

        16. Having decent grammar doesn’t make you a human being. And you can’t batter her on her actual arguments. So in true “house of cards” form, you attack her personally. these women saying “grow up” and “man up” are right -and you KNOW it! You ARE foolish and immature! You are infinitely selfish (a clear sign of immaturity and childishness) and have no ground to stand on against her arguments. Your personal attacks say show your inability to defend your position.
          Haha! What a loser!

        17. Sure.
          You see, my position on abortion is not a matter of black and white. I do not live in terms of absolutes.
          I have two positions on abortion:
          1. Individual
          In the individual sense, I am pro-choice. If I get careless and knock up a one night stand or a long time girlfriend without meaning to, I would want her to get an abortion. It is my interest for I cannot support a child and are in no position to raise one. I would prefer to give the child to an orphanage rather than kill it, but I believe it is easier to convince a girl to get an abortion than to convince her to give the child up for abortion. Say what you want about that, but if you think about it, who does that say more about? Me or the hypothetically pregnant girl?
          2. Societal
          On a societal level, I am against abortion. I think abortion is largely responsible for declining birth rates around the globe and I think it mentally damages a woman to get an abortion. I think most women do it because society says it is okay and has since the Supreme Court Case, Roe vs. Wade.
          As for you point to not have sex. I consider myself human and fallen. I cannot deny that I have sexual urges and fulfilling them is an unrealistic proposition – sexual urges manifest themselves in one way or another. I prefer the manifest themselves in sex and not something else.
          I understand the risks to having sex – so I take certain precautions. I either make the girl swallow or I release my seed up into her backside. Under no circumstance do I let loose in, on, or around her frontal nether regions.
          Having said that, I realize I am human and fallen. Maybe I might make a mistake. Maybe I was careless. Maybe I trusted the wrong girl. The fact of the matter is, I have a plan in my head should things get to the point where I want a girl to have an abortion. Of course the simple answer is to never get there in the first place.
          But still, it is foolish to have no contingincy plans for worst case scenarios. Oh, how many people shared the famous last words, “It won’t happen to me.”

        18. Grow up is no argument. It is the voice of a person to lazy to argue at best and the voice of shame at worse. It is an implied insult, that the person who should grow up and mature is young and stupid compared to the person saying, “Grow up”.
          With experience, I have learned that arguing with people who use grow up goes no where. So now I don’t try.
          I wish to debate, discuss, or talk about anything and everything to do with abortion and this article.
          Saying “Grow up” because you disagree with someone’s worldview or find it abhorrent resembles no such thing as conversation or intelligent debate.
          I agree it seems silly when feminists pose the “grow up” argument and that the opposition comes out with “fat and ugly”. But you’re missing a part of the big picture. Because they respond to our arguments with insults to shut down our debate and thinking, it only makes sense to respond in kind. I would wish to shut up all “grow up” arguments that I may spend more fruitful time talk with people who can discuss the issue even if they choose one side and find my position distasteful.

        19. Wald – I guess it depends on whther that person’s viewpoint is chilish or pureile, in which case, grow up seems wholly appropriate. In the case of Mike here, it’s really the only appropriate response I can think of. And frankly – I’m struggling to find an example of ‘grow up’ earlier than young mike’s here. It seems he found a straw man to attack and now you’ve happily taken up the reins.
          I’ve read your comments and you’re not exactly immune to insults yourself. So, I find it interesting that you think that grow up is an insult. So I can’t help but feeling that the excuse that you’re not going to debate with people who tell you to ‘grow up’ really is just that – an excuse NOT to have your viewpoint examined, or challenged. And honestly anyone infantile enough to say ‘if you tell me to grow up I shall call you ugly’ really does need to grow up!

        20. My irony meter just went off the chart. You’re telling a woman not to tell men how to live below an article telling men how to manipulate women? Waaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha

        21. How do you tell if someone’s world view is infantile or puerile? Who are you to decide?
          What if the person comes from a different culture or way of thinking? Just because you don’t understand them doesn’t mean they are automatically wrong.
          The only person who should tell someone else to grow up is either a parent, a teacher, or a mentor. Otherwise, it is in the wrong context. It is a cop out of an argument. Instead debating the points you dismiss it out of hand.
          Why don’t you think there’s any other appropriate response to Mike’s comment?
          Why do you disagree with it?
          Are you a feminist?
          No one is immune to insults. But that is besides the point and you and I both know that. I don’t like insults but they don’t bother me. You can call me a misogynist. You can call me a racist. You can call me a homophobe, intolerant, or whatever. I just want you to think. And tell me why you disagree and what is, exactly that you disagree with. Tell me what you agree with too. That, is debate.
          It is not an excuse that I do not wish to debate with people who resort to using the “grow up” argument in lieu of any argument that is a concrete argument. If the only ‘argument you have to offer me is, “Grow up”. then you are not arguing with me. You are merely dismissing me and my arguments.
          Not debating with people who use the “Grow up” argument is not an excuse to not have my viewpoint examined or challenged. On the contrary. The “Grow up” argument is simply an excuse not examine or challenge my argument because you’re too lazy to think of a rebuttal or are afraid of understanding because you think you may agree with somethings contrary to your current worldview.
          I take to arguing with people infantile enough to resort to the “Grow up” argument like an adult to a child who acts a teacup calling the kettle black. If anyone needs to “Grow up” it is you.
          Time graduate pre-school and learn how to argue.

        22. Wald – it’s fine – I appreciate you trying to defend Mike against the raging hoard of evil feminists and their grow up weapon but if you think that telling someone they are ugly is an appropriate response in ANY situation, you’re probably going to struggle with this.
          Frankly – to some arguments on here the ONLY appropriate response is ‘grow up’ – there are several comments on here where I can’t see a better response than ‘grow up’. Comments telling women they are whores, bitches, sluts, speculating on the size of their vaginas or when they last had sex and with whom. Do you think that these comments are are worthy of any other response than ‘grow up’? Do you feel that telling a woman she must have a huge vagina because she has had 6 children is an adult way to behave? Comments like this are only worthy of a handful of responses. One is ‘grow up’.
          I find it interesting that there are numerous insulting and offensive comments on here. Yet the one that appears to offend you the most is the fairly innocuous, though apparently feminist, ‘grow up’. Says a lot about you.

        23. Wald-
          So is abortion the killing of a human or not? For a real debate, you need to answer that.
          If you answer yes to this, then reason #1 boils down to the fact that you are selfish and you justify murder to cover up your fear and selfishness. Reason #2 shows you know he/she in the womb is human. You know it causes great societal harm, yet you run from it. Again, selfishness.
          If you don’t think the unborn are human, then what do you think they are? When do humans in the womb get rights and protection under the law?
          Yes, we are all fallen, but we are not animals. You have the ability to reason, which animals do not. By saying that you have to have sex, you are agreeing that you more resemble a tomcat than a human.
          Furthermore, the sex drive is controlled by the pituitary gland. That gland also controls hunger and anger. So are you overweight and do you go around striking people? If you can control your urge to eat and lash out at people, you can control your urge to have sex.
          If you don’t want to impregnate the wrong woman, then choose a good woman, marry her and then have sex. That is the life of untold joy.

        24. Thanks wald – but I’m perfectly aware of how to debate properly without any lessons from someone who throws their toys out of the pram anytime a woman dares to tells them to grow up.
          Calling people dumbass (which I note you have done to people on this thread) speculating about the size of their genitals, how many people they have slept with, calling them ugly, a whore, bitch, slut and other charming names is infantile behaviour and the authors of those posts really should have a look at themselves and grow up. ergo – I imagine that a lot of the instances of ‘grow up’ on this thread are perfectly reasonable. If you think that this behaviour is appropriate then I’m afraid you too are part of the problem.

        25. A child affects the man’s life, it is also his decision.
          But you’re here to impose your views even if our choice doesn’t affect your christian lifes.

        26. Uuuuummm, ‘Christian lifes’? I think you’re having trouble keeping up sunbeam. I’m pro choice and atheist.
          Having an abortion – or a baby – doesn’t affect a man’s body in any way. It affects the woman’s body. Ergo, it’s HER Decision. It’s pretty simple – the person who will carry the child, inside themselves – or have the abortion – has ultimate say so. It can;t be any other way.
          What men do get to decide is whether to have sex, and whether to leave contraception to the woman or himself. You absolve yourself of that responsibility you really shouldn’t start whining and crying when your partner gets pregnant.

        27. LOL. Oh, man, LOL.
          I grew up with a verbally abusive father. He was *far* better than you at this. I was a child prodigy (and my father is pretty smart himself) and I could see through the structure of his “arguments” at age 5. Abuse damaged me emotionally, of course, because I could not understand why he would say such hurtful things to people that love him. However, intellectually it did not make one bit of a difference; when you can look at someone’s speech and replicate the machinery that originates it, well, there’s not much to say to that. Abusive speech does not require much in the brainpower department: all it takes is knowledge of a few building blocks, familiarity with a ridiculously small number of mechanisms and the need to hurt another.
          For years I have watched my father try pushing people’s buttons and I just felt sad for the squalor and emptiness in his internal life. Recently I started seeing his attempts at verbal abuse in a different light. It’s hard because I do not want to burst out laughing in front of him, and yet I am seeing the humorous side of this so clearly. I consciously remind myself of the squalor to counterbalance the tendency to laugh.
          The disproportion between how self-important he’s trying to sound and his actual personal power is majestic. If you keep in mind that disproportion is one of the sources of humor, I think you will see that at a certain level, my reaction is not only understandable but also inevitable.
          Please keep in mind some eyes actually do see. Maybe you’ve gotten used to dealing with foggy people and you have forgotten that this tactic cannot be effective indefinitely. Spend a moment to visualize the shame my father feels when he’s caught in his futile attempts by people with clear sight. This same devastating shame is the hurdle life will present you with, sooner or later. It’s a shame that comes magnified a million times, because it calls up the childhood shame that robbed him (and, in all likelihood, you too) of personal power in the first place. Please, please, help yourself and build something on solid grounds — lest the time to face this sight comes for you while you still lack footing; drowning in that shame I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
          Best of luck to you in your journey towards emotional wholeness. You’ll find the Living God along the path as well.
          May you taste the deep joy that comes with living a wholesome life. May God bless you and defend you as His glory and His prize

        28. “Having an abortion – or a baby – doesn’t affect a man’s body in any way. It affects the woman’s body. Ergo, it’s HER Decision.”
          Cause the body is all that counts, right? So even if a child affects a man’s life very potently, it doesn’t matter?

        29. Hahaha ha hahah wot about teh menz?!?
          Dry your eyes.
          NOTHING IN THE WORLD matters enough to trump someone’s right to choose what to do with their own physical body.

        30. I don’t care about the body since I don’t ask for a right to make the decision, but I think that if a woman does the decision alone (against the father’s will), he should be able to deny any paternity duty, including child-support.

        31. Yeah – you don’t quite get this. Unsurprising seeing as you appear to be one of those weak people more concerned with their rights over their responsiblities.
          It’s ever so simple – when you have sex there is a chance that the woman will get pregnant. Unless you are a complete moron, you know this. If you’re not prepared to take responsiblity for your actions, you aren’t mature enough to have sex.
          If the father willingly had sex – he has already made that decision to possibly become a father. Only a manchild would then try to absolve himself of responsibilities for his own actions. And if you’re too weak to take responsibility, you really haven’t earnt yourself any rights.

        32. I am a married Bulgarian woman, and I’m afraid that I agree with you.
          Manipulating is disgusting. So is killing, babies or not babies.
          But I fail to understand who is that much… sorry, bad English, don’t know the phrase… mentally feeble? – to be convinced to get an abortion. If a woman cannot support a baby for life, surely she is able to support it for mere nine months until adoption. And yeah, a man should not have a say, nor a responsibility, but rather a choice whether to be involved or not.
          I am a feminist. I have a doctor’s degree in pharmacy. It’s hard to get it, but the main reason to obtain it for me was its value as an ultimate insurance policy. Accidentally pregnant? Oh, well, a woman with education is able to cover that. Without the male having any responsibility for payment. His choice would be: get involved and be a dad or not be a dad? If yes, I appreciate his choice. Maybe it will be tough, maybe we will get together well. Good thing is my kid will have a daddy, just like I did, and will be better. If not, he’s not a daddy. That means total, 100% cut off. No responsibility, no money paid, but no contact either. in my book, my kid has no father, and I’ll raise him alone.
          And it’s not just a policy for pregnancy. Say the future husband is not that well off? A degree insures a woman can be free to choose her man by personality, not to “marry up” for money. The husband can die, get sick, be sacked, or whatever – sheesh, women, if you are feminists, surely you are up to supporting your husband need be?
          But I digress. A woman shouldn’t get sexually involved, unless she is 100% sure she would be financially able to raise the child alone, or at least support her pregnancy. This IS what feminism is about. About being able to get education, get a job, and stand on your feet, regardless of your genital shape. And a woman who is sexually active is supposed to be mentally strong enough to fence herself from such Machiavellian ploys. If she isn’t, she has only herself to blame. Sorry.

        33. What feminism means to most women in the US and what you think it means are two different things.
          By what you say, you don’t sound like a feminist at all. Just a woman with a healthy understanding of reality.
          Thank you for your comment.

        34. Wald, you live in a country where making a goddamn sandwich is a political statement and results in civil wars. I much prefer to stick to the more… traditional feminism, shall we say, ya know, jobs and votes, and being elected kind of stuff. Oldie, but goldie.
          it’s especially important to be a firm feminist now, provided that Turkey is the only territorial shield between Bulgarian women and burqas .

      2. The problem is your focusing on the things in life that don’t really matter. When I was a kid I had hopes and dreams. We all did. But over time, the daily grind gets in the way and you miss the things that really matter, even though they are right in front of you, staring you in the face. I think the next time you should ask yourself “Am I on the right track here?” I don’t mean to be rude but people like you I really pity. So maybe you could use the few brain cells you have and take advantage of the knowledge I have given you now. Good luck Rachel.

        1. Ha the important things in life to me are people and the relationships I have with people. I don’t know what else could matter more. I know I am on the right track, so thanks for the “knowledge” but you can keep it.

        2. Honestly, that’s what I call a cool story bro. Such a riveting tale, I honestly copy and pasted it to word, saved on my hard drive, backed it up on a jump drive, drove to the bank, put the jump drive in the safe deposit box, and will leave it there until my kids turn about 12 (when they can actually state their age, and ask what it is I’m showing them), when I will pick it up, put it in an old USB drive reader and relay this cool story to them and tell them, “kids, this is what a cool story should look and sound like… not like the stories your generation tells.”

    2. Because anyone who wants to have sex and shirk the responsibility of parenthood needs to grow up. Want to have sex? Get a job, get married, and accept, if not embrace, fatherhood. And when you become a father, accept that the kids come before you. Be an example of manhood to your children, so that your sons will learn to be men and your daughters will learn what a real man looks like, so that your sons will grow up to be real men and your daughters will know what to look for in a husband.

  55. Why would anyone take advice from a man so stupid he thinks autism shows up on ultrasounds?

      1. Did you know that name calling is a typical reply for anyone who is too stupid to think of anything smart to add to an argument? And yes smart and educated people do know that autism does not show up on ultrasound.

      2. Actually, if he’s publishing an article that all these people are going to read and comment on, you’d think somewhere in his convoluted brain, it’d occur to him to check his facts so he doesn’t end up looking like the moron he is.

  56. “RoK aims to usher the return of the masculine man in a world where masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favor of creating an androgynous and politically-correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men.”
    A “masculine man” does not deceive. Does not cheat to get his way. Does not disrespect a woman. Does not abuse or belittle the disabled.
    Does not aid or abet the killing of his offspring.
    Even as satire, this is the supreme antithesis of anything approaching a scintilla of authentic manhood.
    You are the androgynous and politically-correct society. No “men” here.

        1. That’s what I wanted to read, it’s not THE objective truth, it’s just your idea of it. Then stick with it but don’t try to convert us to it, RoK members don’t come to your christian blogs to convince you to change your opinion.

      1. I read it and now I understand. You’re a juvenile. You don’t know anything about history or how a well-ordered society functions, and you don’t care about anything except your next sexual experience. That deep pit of despair infecting your heart is not going away until you realize that something matters more than your pleasure.
        It’s fitting that today is the feast day for St. John the Baptist. “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” He was a *man*. You, not so much.

        1. i dont care what you think of me. I just wanted to inform you that whiteknighting can have consequences

        2. You should care what YOU think. What YOU think is wrong. The fact that you’d rather not be bothered with treating others as human beings is a telling example of the consequences that await YOU.

        3. Who are you to say his thinking is wrong? To each his opinion, yours isn’t any better than his. And calling someone juvenile to then try to force your ideas in his throat is ironic.

        4. I am no one. But this is not a matter of opinion.
          Abortion is the intentional killing of an unborn individual of the human species. Lying to a woman you had sex with to induce her to undergo an abortion (resulting in the death of one’s own unborn child) is an objectively and gravely evil act.
          It’s a sign of the demonic to be so blinded as to not see this reality.

        5. Specifically, today is the feast of the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist. He was beheaded because he stood up for truth in the face of a tyrant. Though more than anything else, Herod’s (son of Herod the Great) character flaw was caring too much about what other people thought of him. He actually liked John the Baptist and was intrigued by Jesus Christ, but he ordered John beheaded and Jesus returned to Pilate because of what other people thought of him. John the Baptist knew exactly what he was getting himself into when he called out Herod on his affair with his sister-in-law, and her reaction was to demand Herod give her John’s head on a plate.

        6. I could say that the sky is green, that it’s not matter of opinion, without argument it’s worth nothing, just as your claims.
          But go ahead, I’m a demon.

    1. In your list of traits common to the masculine man, you forgot to include “does not get laid.” And given this is a game site………

        1. My guess, is that your are a doormat and you name your description as “masculine man” to feel better about yourself.

        2. In your world, I’m a doormat for being against (1) deception and dishonesty, and (2) the intentional killing of my own offspring.
          I’m a doormat. I’m a doormat. I’m a doormat. I’m a doormat. I’m a doormat. I’m a doormat. I’m a doormat. I’m a doormat.
          I’ll lay down and you can walk all over me.
          Abortion is still murder.
          Call me another name.
          Abortion is still murder.
          Call me another.
          Still murder.

        3. Very mature from you.
          Still, it’s subjective, it’s murder for you, it’s not murder for me.

        4. Adding “Doesn’t know definitions of commonly-used words” to “Things about Anonymous”. Get back in touch when you graduate 8th grade.

        5. It’s your car to you, but it’s my car to me. It’s your savings to you, but my savings to me.
          Two can play this game.
          Psst…abortion is murder to the one who matters most…the dead child.

        6. Nope, I don’t consider an embryo can be “murdered”, as it isn’t a person yet.

        7. It is an embryo till 8 weeks. And I don’t consider it a person in early fetal stage either. The law doesn’t either, I’m not the one having problems with definitions.

      1. If what you say is true, then I’ll be a eunuch for the sake of the Kingdom of God, and I don’t care how painful it will be to endure a celibate life. But as it is, I know from experience that what you say is not true. My father fits Mr. Barque’s description, and I don’t need a DNA test to know that he really is my father, because I look in the mirror and see the resemblance.

        1. It ain’t so easy. The Kingdom of God (nor anything else) will not be sired by Eunuchs. Good men committing self satisfied genetic genocide simply reduces the armies of good, leaving the bad less opposed.
          And your grandfather was even less likely to recognize that description. That’s being on the road to hell (and extinction, thank goodness) with the gas pedal mashed is like. Things just getting worse and worse. At the current rate, by the time your daughters are your age, they’ll be “liberated” enough to spend their entire youths servicing politicians and Goldman Sachs drones. While your sons toil away in labor camps to fund the whole party, including the bastards spawned by the practice; who the Goldman Guys will fund a study to “prove” is genetically better off being a Goldman fathered bastard, than your own biological grandson. Such is Dystopia.
          Unless our brothers and sisters to the east get hold of some nukes by then, and reset the whole race to the bottom, that is. God works in mysterious ways, after all.

        2. The Kingdom of God was built by martyrs. Some of them were childless, and others were martyred together with their whole families. Regardless, for every one the enemy killed, three more converted. We will win; we always do. We take heavy casualties, but we always win.

  57. Too bad the internet didn’t exist 2000 years ago. Joseph could have really used this advice.

    1. St. Joseph, who could have had Mary stoned to death on account of her apparent adultery, but instead believed that this child was the Son of God and took her into his home? What use would he have for this?

  58. Are there any other articles on this site abut how to manipulate people into have medical procedures they may not want? My sister is trying to persuade her husbamd to have a vasectomy and he ain’t playing ball.

  59. Before quoting a condition such as autism try doing a little research so you don’t display quite so obviously your level of ignorance. Just one of many reasons to move away from your “advice”.
    As for a feminist’s view, yes they may well defend a woman’s right to an abortion but they are also likely to defend that woman’s right to make her own decision and to do so without emotional manipulation at such an emotional time. I’m sure they would also have issue with advocating that a man should behave like a dirty liar. Just as well the majority of men would be as equally appalled by your actions and suggestions.

  60. Let’s face it: sexually active people have accidents. Shit happens, that’s life.
    I’d have a problem viewing my offspring as a piece of shit that just happened. That’s a feminist’s prerogative.

  61. Let’s face it: sexually active people have accidents. Shit happens, that’s life.
    I’d have a problem viewing my offspring as a piece of shit that just happened. That’s a feminist’s prerogative.

  62. If you are unprepared for fatherhood, then refrain from having sex. If you cannot refrain, then you are no more than an animal. You are like the tomcat wandering the alley.

      1. So, your a woman? Well, if that’s what you and your husband have agreed to , then fine. It’s quite another to be manipulated into have an abortion.

        1. I agree. No cild should be killed due to a manipulative man or woman. If the men who follow the “wisdom” on this site don’t want children they should not have sex. If they are unable to control themselves, then they are mere animals.

        2. I agree. No cild should be killed due to a manipulative man or woman. If the men who follow the “wisdom” on this site don’t want children they should not have sex. If they are unable to control themselves, then they are mere animals.

      2. So, your a woman? Well, if that’s what you and your husband have agreed to , then fine. It’s quite another to be manipulated into have an abortion.

  63. So, lie to her and deceive her. That’s your tactic. What a fucking coward. How about this? Earn the balls that you were born with and accept responsibility for your actions. If you don’t want a kid, then wrap it up or keep it in your damn pants and stop playing the victim. Seems like someone was told by mommy that they are better then they actually are………..

  64. So, lie to her and deceive her. That’s your tactic. What a fucking coward. How about this? Earn the balls that you were born with and accept responsibility for your actions. If you don’t want a kid, then wrap it up or keep it in your damn pants and stop playing the victim. Seems like someone was told by mommy that they are better then they actually are………..

      1. Again, if you don’t want a kid, then keep it in your pants. Also, how in the fuck does a woman trick a man into getting pregnant, when having sex in itself is a risk you take in reproducing a child? Besides, are you telling me that you would be dumb enough to trust someone you just met that she is telling the truth? That’s like a woman believing that a man that tells he has fallen in love with her on the first date and wants to marry her.

      2. Again, if you don’t want a kid, then keep it in your pants. Also, how in the fuck does a woman trick a man into getting pregnant, when having sex in itself is a risk you take in reproducing a child? Besides, are you telling me that you would be dumb enough to trust someone you just met that she is telling the truth? That’s like a woman believing that a man that tells he has fallen in love with her on the first date and wants to marry her.