5 Reasons Why Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity Will Never Happen

Ray Kurzweil is famous for promoting a very optimistic vision of the future, at least among the hip urban globalists. His core idea is that we will fuse with technology.

Our abilities will be multiplied! Life duration will be radically extended! We’ll be free from the limitations of our bodies, from diseases, from our narrow identities! We’ll be able to choose our gender, experience anything, know everything—and turn post-human! One definitive change inclusive to all other changes! Yay!

The end of individuals. Of genders. Of families. Of nations. Of identities. Only minds that have been crammed through years of propaganda perceive this endgame as “cool”, “edgy” and the like. Getting tattooed and pierced already means treating one’s body as an external commodity. We know it is a sign of degeneracy.

Fortunately, Kurzweil’s well-marketed dream shows impossible. Just like Communism, it is bound to fail ignominiously.

1. Diminishing returns

According to Kurzweil technology follows a pattern of accelerating returns. When technological development goes on and on, more and more discoveries are made, more and more power is harnessed. Thus the improvement rate always goes up until the Omega Point or “Singularity” is reached. (Actually, the latter is but a tech-washed rehash of the former.) Kurzweil devotees like to point out how computer science went through a series of always closer breakthroughs since the middle of last century as a prime example of accelerating growth.

In truth, development follows a pattern of diminishing returns. Sometimes a breakthrough is made, big changes are reached, but soon after the same technology starts to give less while asking for more work to be done. Going from 40 to 80 mph thanks to improved cars was a revolution in transportation, but going from 80 to 100 mph means only a small advantage in earned time, a much higher fuel consumption and an increased accident risk. Facebook was awesome but having a thousand Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and their alternatives is just noise.

Remember the infamous F-35, a useless fighter jet that has cost $1.45 trillion ($1.450.000.000.000) for advantages that are negligible compared with the much cheaper F-15?

Diminishing returns mean that, after the initial breakthrough euphoria, researchers run up with limits they may surpass at an exponential cost for a negligible gain. Try to fuse the whole world with that.

2. The fakeness of the blue-pill world

The world we were born and raised in is full of it. When we were blue pilled, we tried to balance the necessity not to be “sexist”—and the sincere gentlemanly desire to be “respectful”—with the natural need to get laid. Our equilibrium was ruthlessly blamed as hypocritical by uncaring loud mouths. Later, when we took the red pill, we started seeing much more shams than our innocent teenage shyness:

  • Seduction is about selling oneself or a picture of oneself, every man becomes his own salesman
  • On the negative side political correctness entails a lot of taboos and unsaid truths, for example about female hypergamy, non-white crime and welfare free riding, Western demography, and so on
  • On the “positive” side PCness tells a lot of lies and goes with a lot of double standards
  • People pretend to be free while accepting all this without a word, following the latest craze, virtue-signaling, and the like
  • The media is biased and systematically deceiving
  • The streets, TV, and Internet are full of illusory appearances thanks to endless advertising
  • The corporate world and personal improvement fields are riddled with New Agey quackery
  • Unimportant parts of the Hive create BS events for self-congratulatory ends
  • Many jobs are useless, women who get there thanks to sheer pussy pass affirmative action spend their time gossiping and paper-shuffling, their male counterparts become faggy and effeminate or must lead a double life

And so on indefinitely. The academia is full of sophisticated noise. The corporate world is full of BS-selling gurus and SJWs. The media has always been a manipulation tool aiming at shaping the public opinion, and today, media insularity has reached bias. The unemployed get redundant, useless jobs, like being a traffic cop at a red light, repeating what the automated light already says. Most of all of it is for the sake of appearances, and those who pretend to be creative or inspired are essentially rehashing stuff already told elsewhere.

Is all that BS a temporary ailment before the awesome singularity, or rather a sign that something is very, very wrong in the crowded cities? Can urban areas that systematically produce a degenerate culture and degenerate beings usher in a fantastic new age? Allow me to doubt it.

3. The fragility of an interdependent world

Cities thrive within globalized capitalism at the expense of rural areas. Basically, anyone who produces a good very cheaply and in enormous quantities will be able to inundate these places with his merchandise. Now imagine that a new crisis happens, perhaps a crash in food production or a power shortage. How many time before urban dwellers start fighting each other for food? If you stay there, you’d better be bulking, on a budget if needed.

Resilient or antifragile systems are able to sacrifice some of their parts and learn from their mistakes. They must be able to avoid the typical contagion effect, so that if an anomaly spawns somewhere, it is promptly dealt with. By contrast, an all-together system is prone to fatal accidents that will sink all of it. The Titanic was entirely sunk by one single iceberg because it couldn’t resist the overwhelming pressure of the water no matter how protected the hold was. A set of smaller boats would at worst have lost one of its members, and the survivors would have boarded in safety on the other boats.

The economy, because of its excessive reliance on the State-corporate-finance octopus, is hugely vulnerable. So are the cities. They depend upon complex, artificial routes for everything which is in—and they are overburdened. Recently a little Italian girl died of malaria because of a sub-Saharan immigrant who contaminated her. Innocents and do-gooders are exposed whereas the losers and leeches who put the whole system at risk are systematically bailed out. This unfair, fragile system is bound to fail.

Needless to say, the resiliency or antifragility of small, independent units ultimately flies in the face of one-world-ist arrogance. Empires that outperformed postmodern West in virtue and masculinity ultimately fell. Perhaps our Fukuyama, Kurzweil and the like are merely into make-believe about the supremacy of their West—which is definitely not our West. And perhaps their West needs to fall.

4. Fragmentation and limitless wars

Kim Noble, “Caged”

Modernity went hand in hand with individualism and atomization. Postmodernism, far from interrupting the trend, intensified it by making individuals think of themselves as abstract units able to choose their gender as they could choose their outfits. Now a globalist could say this augurs well: nations, races, families, were all blunders on the road of the One Perfect Unified World. Atomized individuals are indeed more prone to follow the trends, to obey peer pressure, and to remain forever trapped into a relation of dependence towards the system. Isn’t that perfect to lead them towards some great unification?

Facebook enjoyed a tremendous success because it made people able to connect with like-minded individuals. Millenial girls are famous for their complacent narcissism, autism, and lack of proper sociability. If a trend is going on, it is communautarianism, networking, getting back to a tribe—not fusing with the entire world.

In France I noticed a strategic media bent as EU integration fell out of media fashion to get replaced by more chauvinistic references. The Bolsheviks spent decades telling Russians their identity resided in socialism, yet when the WW2 broke out they had no choice but to pay respect again to Mother Russia.

People need palpable identities and, aside from half-autistic techies, no one derives his identity from fantasies of technological fusing.

People also need a minimum of recognizable conflict or difficulty in their lives. Otherwise they become bored and start indulging in shameful pleasures like collecting beta orbiters. Reality shows, trashy stuff attract attention for a reason. Any narrative needs antagonists. 90s’ movies used aliens to create a feeling of human identity. Unless people undergo unimaginably radical changes, they won’t become mere cells in a Gaian superorganism.

5. The mind is not a computer

Originating from behaviorism and cybernetics, cognitive science starts from the assumption that the mind is built like a computer. Just like its intellectual ancestors, this model was a cherished tool of the elite. It allowed to reverse-engineered the mind as if it was a computer: that is, as a set of modules processing information. Such model tends to deny agency, willpower, even consciousness. It makes individuals soulless, at mercy of being rewritten or reprogrammed.

As for singularity, computers only have a relative individuality because they were built that way: the Internet of Things is already replacing it with an indefinite set of interrelated objects. If people are like computers, they can be fiddled with until they are in such a state of interconnection they won’t be differentiated anymore.

Real minds are not like that. Individuals are conscious. They have faculties—powers, something cognitivists loathe when they cannot represent them as a pure result of dead processes. They have vocations. They have identities that cannot be completely rerouted and resolved into empty fashions, virtue-signaling, or fleeting pleasures. They have spiritual needs that New Age baloney won’t blind forever.

When you acknowledge that individuals, the sexes, cultures, populations… are different at bottom, pretending they can merge with technology and fuse becomes much harder. Nature made us more complex than arrogant techies will ever understand. Which is quite a good thing.

Will postmodern West crumble?

I have no crystal ball. Still, a general urban collapse seems far more likely to me than an extravagant hope in high-tech. The only thing that matters is that we do not fall with the wicked world. Untold numbers are already living the crowded areas for the land or at least middle-sized cities, where one can live around relatively trustworthy neighbours, have space to own supplies, perhaps own a garden and live far from the gangs of roaring criminals.

Singularity and related globalist myths only exist because urban leeches are able to extract wealth from the real makers. Which countryman could have invented behaviorism, Keynesian economics, singularity and other ideas that seem to come from a void? Kurzweil’s idea would turn the entire world into a giant New York. It would also be a definitive victory over the good people, a sealed denial of the red pill truths. On the other hand a collapse will be painful, chaotic, but it will let room for the true light to come back on Earth. Those who keep living into a blue-pill dream machine may have a rude awakening.

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50 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity Will Never Happen”

    1. Transhumanism and transsexualism go hand in hand. Kurzweil also appears to be some trans weirdo as well…. just like his pal Zoltan Istvan.
      See video “Futurist transhumanist Ray Kurzweil on his female alter ego Ramona” [email protected]:00 mark

      1. Zoltan, the son of Catholic Hungarian immigrants, has a wife and a couple of daughters; so despite his weird pronouncements, when he goes home, he lives like a regular guy. I haven’t run across anything to indicate that he suffers from confusion about his sexual identity.

    2. Kurzweil was the principal inventor of the first charge-coupled device flatbed scanner, the first omni-font optical character recognition, the first print-to-speech reading machine for the blind, the first commercial text-to-speech synthesizer, the Kurzweil K250 music synthesizer capable of simulating the sound of the grand piano and other orchestral instruments, and the first commercially marketed large-vocabulary speech recognition.
      sounds like a Jew.

      1. there are a fair few anti-semitic canards out there but I’m not sure ‘jews are a bunch of thickos’ is one of them.
        That aside I would say transhumanism is fairly –
        or potentially – compatible with a lot of progressive jewish thought. Couldn’t it be seen as part of ‘repairing the world’, insofar as the latter could be seen as ‘evolutionary’ or would you disagree?

        1. so the downvoters, are they disagreeing with the reflection on intelligence or the compatibility of transhumanism with tikkun olam etc? I’d be interested to know if its the latter

    3. @Roosh,
      “Probably not relevant, but Ray Kurzweil is Jewish.”
      Jews, especially Ashkenazi Jews, have always had an inflated sense that all problems can be solved by theorizing, as opposed to actual trial and error and learning from experience (too much work!). That is why they are so drawn to the theoretical sciences rather than the material sciences.

    1. As a lover of Star Trek… I understand this reference. Also, as someone who realizes how quickly technology is advancing… I’m a little fucking scared that this could very well become a reality one day.

      1. The whole point is to AVOID this result, while getting the benefits. Personally, I’d like to see the possibility of “mirror-image Borg” – Augmented beings who display the beauty of the human form, as opposed to clunking, pasty, monstrosities. Instead of being a hive of mindless drones (the end-stage of the Communistic view of humanity), anti-Borg are radically, almost militantly, individualistic; seeking dominion over none, and resisting dominion over themselves with the full strength of their forms. Anti-Borg can work together, but only by mutual agreement by equals. Instead of living longer to simply run in place, escape reality, or toil on behalf of another, the anti-Borg faces outward to seek new challenges against which to test himself.
        That would make a great story. It’s too bad the writers of Star Trek are a bit too mired in left-leaning philosophy to see it.

  1. I’m pretty ignorant on the topic of transhumanism. Hasn’t Moore’s law been consistent so far wth computing power? I know our understanding of how the brain works and consciousness is very limited so I wouldn’t be making declarative statements one way or the other about what possibilities lie ahead.

    1. It has started showing demonizing returns, now their capacity doubles every 4 years not 2. If you want to know more about philosophy of mind check chinesse room argument, philosophical zombies , Mars thought experiment and the paper “what is like to be a bat”. Kurzweil believes that we will be able to upload our minds to computers which is very unlikely, our mind is deeply rooted into bodyly feelings, VR designers face some problems with this part of our selves, it cannot be easily emulated. This is the reason why the psychologist Thomas metzinger does not believe computed uploaded selves is even possible.

      1. Simulated thought is the same as thinking.
        But the problem is the sheer volume.
        Billions of neurons with trillions of discreet connections.
        And just how accurately does this simulation need to be to duplicate (for lack of better word) your ‘soul’?

    2. I think he (Kurweil) is somehow confused as to the difference between “data” and “information”. Technically they are synonyms but with subtle differences between them. Data could be simply longer and longer streams of “ones” and “zeroes”; no question we have an exponentially increasing amount of that. Look how much “data” stored on your first computer versus how much you no doubt have on your current one. The “data”, that is computer games, porn, video files etc. probably have greatly increased between the two, but are you really getting exponentially smarter? How much data was there on the world’s computers circa 1990’s about say cancer, vs the aggregate data about such currently? An exponential increase in data about cancer of the 90’s vs today as in much more bytes and bits but is there really a comparable increase in effective “knowledge” about cancer? As in like a cure for instance? He Kurzweil seems to think that if “computer power” keeps increasing according to “Moore’s Law” (yes I know it is already dove-tailing) that at some point the machines will “wake up” and become “self aware” all by themselves. This solves the problem of the fact that we don’t really know what consciousness is; but if it (the computers) just keeps getting “smarter” it won’t matter; it will just bridge the gap on its on.

    3. I own but haven’t read the singularity is near, so I might be wrong, but my understanding of Kurzweil was that he predicts what he calls a singularity – a massive exponential leap forward – based on the development and evolution of AI & technology more generally. Again I would be happy for someone who’s read it to correct me as necessary, but my understanding is that this wouldn’t actually require the artificial creation / reproduction of consciousness but merely something akin to intelligence i.e. something that could potentially be emulated. Consciousness is something which as I understand it philosophers / scientists etc still do not fully understand or at least agree upon, including in terms of how the brain produces it. I seem to remember a lot of talk about ‘qualia’ – instances of subjective experience / consciousness that science at least can’t really as yet get to grips with. AI could outstrip us in terms of learning and intelligence but could still remain arguably without any kind of genuine consciousness, or meta-cognition / self-awareness etc.
      Transhumanism makes things more interesting here, as it doesn’t require building consciousness from the ground up as in generating true AI and / or genuine consciousness but can involve us as human beings reflexively improving upon ourselves, that is evolving ourselves technologically so that we effectively become Humanity 2.0 – post-human, part natural with feet of clay, part cyborg. Lots of ethical / philosophical issues here to consider including the fact that a lot of it is associated with occult ideas of becoming our own Gods or whatever, but in a sense we are already partly upgraded insofar as we might have things like pace-makers, bio-technology, bionic arms and limbs (probably not but quite possibly) etc, or wear google glasses etc. As someone below alludes to, it would be quite possible to imagine us presenting something like the Borg from Star Trek in the future. If you remember the Borg the most frightening thing about them was they were no longer really individuals as they were all connected to the Borg Queen as part of an expansive networked consciousness. Our post-human future will probably be more rather than less hive like

  2. In modern Greece, with massive unemployement due to their Socialist-government-wrecked economy, more and more young Greeks are leaving the cities and rediscovering rural life – and apparently loving it. (http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2017/04/young-greeks-turning-farming-170417123546814.html). People aren’t meant to live in huge, anonymizing hives like bees. Tribes were small units for a reason – an optimal balance of small enough to be intimate but large enough for collective benefit.

    1. This is great news. Across the whole West the young are getting back to the land. Toil it, guys, for it is yours and no one else’s!

  3. Don’t piss in the Wheaties of the techno triumphalists.
    They think the great leap forward meets borg world is just around the corner.
    Foward! Yes we can. Umm…umm…umm.

  4. aubrey de grey has been predicting extended senescence for a while now….about a 1000 years (that’s how long he’s been predicting it…and I remember when he first made the claim so he must be right)
    If he’s right of course, that depopulation agenda is gonna go right up to the top of the agenda. Although it would probably only apply to rich people so may that would militate against the killing fields

  5. The whole transhumanism thing is bunk anyway if you’re a card-carrying leftist. If all these people suddenly start to live forever, isn’t that going to further warm/destroy the planet?

  6. I grew up in a city. I really appreciate being in one as it has shown me the depths of human depravity that I NEVER got to witness when I lived in the country. Country folk are distrusting and therefore keep their fences up. Even if they engage in degenerate shit, they are good at hiding it.
    That said city living is terrible for retaining one’s masculinity. Either you are masculine and are literally killing off all your male counterparts (like a Black man in Chicago), or you’re an effeminate White man who acts like a woman because of how scared the environment makes you, so you succumb by letting it overwhelm you.
    Rare are the old salt of the Earth city men. The have actually left cities. Even they knew the fight wasn’t worth fighting. But they only moved out to the suburbs. But their city equivalents are rare. They do exist but are rare. They didn’t suffer from a bad combination of hyper masculinity and low IQ. Keep in mind I don’t view hypermasculine traits as negative. These after all are the traits that continue mankind. They are the virile traits of a procreator whom multiple women want to share genes with. It is this COMBINED with low IQ that is what begins to endanger not only the subject but his species around him.
    We hate on goat fucking Levantines not because of their patriarchal culture, but because they are dumb as shit and thus are a danger to us because of this. They are a backwards people. Being hypermasculine is NOT enough. It makes you a liability when you’re a dumbass on top of being a threat.
    Black men in the US have the bad combination of overly aggressive with being overly stupid. And why? Genetics of course BUT would you rather deal with country Blacks or city Blacks? The city will basically bring out your weakness but it also won’t suppress your strengths. White men in general don’t really thrive in cities. Well no man does honestly. Cities bring out your worst even if they don’t suppress your best. Your worst can get the best of you unfortunately.
    So city White men are soft when the city reaches a certain density. Their relation to their fellow man seems impersonal so they forget how men act. In pursuing women they invariably end up spending TOO MUCH time with them and then little by little become softer and more womanly.
    Women then actually develop bitchy attitudes because no good men are around to lead. The men who are high T enough were either smart enough to leave the city OR they are the remaining stupid ones who kill people (gangsters and thugs). But this isn’t toxic masculinity. Far from it. Many of these men were raised by single mothers. These men are just stupid and need ways to prove themselves. Meanwhile the smart men left decide to become soft out of fear and so they become more womanly.
    As these bitchy women are allowed to exist, male frustration intensifies and leads to male thirst. Male thirst then in the weak men group leads to beta orbiting. Thirst in the strong men group leads to them becoming a danger to women (like the third world shitheads are to European women). Thus, both strong men and weak men are left unchecked. Why? Because the men who had a good combo of masculinity and IQ decided to leave the sinking ship.
    Women then run the show. Men either are emasculated or killed off. So again. Women run the show in cities. They use their pussy privilege to bait weaker men into being their protector, and then they just sleep with the stronger men. Women’s position of comfort leads to promiscuity, gives women the advantage in sexual markets, and women’s SMV plummets. However in their hey day these women succeeded in getting the strong genes to knock her up. And thus the offspring have a bad combination of hyper masculinity (from the genes of the strong father) and then being raised by weak fathers (the beta step father since high SMV men wanted nothing of her) so the cycle continues to get worse until the city begins its downward spiral. A city only expands so much before it collapses. It happened to Detroit. To Baltimore. To New Orleans. To Memphis. Hartford.

    1. a most insightful post that shows the real world cause and effect in action. so thats why cities tend to be leftist blue bastions.

    2. One of the best posts I’ve ever read on the internet. I’m archiving it for my personal files. After I read it again.

  7. Depends on how you define human thought. If a machine is capable of making decisions based on learned information and persuading others to their side, is it exhibiting human thought?
    Or does it also need to experience emotion, which is biased?
    You can program both (I know, it’s what I do for a living). However, the value of the machine declines with the introduction of biased feelings.

  8. personally i see the largest problem in men downloading themselves into machines to get longer lives. there is one aspect of humans that simply cannot be replicated through machines. not just the maintenance of sentience, but all the sensory inputs required for the memories and emotions to be complete. i am sure that mankind will never be able to occupy mechanical bodies because it will be completely absent of every single sensory input which is enhanced and understood through human emotions and then retained as a value in memory of varying strengths. man in machine will quickly g frustrated by being cut off rrom all that makes us human, leading to psychotic or suicidal cyborgs, living brains attached to incapable of feeling bodies for extended lives…sounds like a pure hell to me. ill take my time and go, whenever that may be. the rest who want longer cut off from reality lives, enjoy your hell, you deserve it if your fear of death is that strong. death is an evolution of sorts, one should look forward to rather than fear. it is a new beginning of something you cannot fathom. who doesnt live for an new adventure?

  9. If you ask me this is the issue of our times. The left, perversely, laments about democracy all the time. Well, controlling the entire fate of humanity and dictating where it goes is one big fucking huge deal that needs proper vetting to say the least. These technologist get together and presume what is best for us. Ah, NO fucking way! I have ZERO desire downloading myself into a machine. And who the fuck says that is the logical end state here? After all these people think the future is “genderless”, when “gender” doesn’t even exist. Technology is becoming incredibly powerful and we MUST regulate it otherwise perverted asshats like kurweil will make decisions he is completely unqualified to do.

  10. While there are a few problems with Kurzweil’s predictions (he is usually 75% correct and 25% incorrect), this article misses a huge opportunity to point those out, and instead exposes the ignorance of the author.
    Above all else, not once does Andre point out what year Kurzweil’s expected Singularity is (2045), and when Andre’s alternative prediction is. Andre just says ‘there will never be one’, which is something NO respected Futurist says, even those who strongly disagree with Kurzweil.
    Other rookie flaws in Andre’s article is the lame ‘saturation point’ narrative, supported using cherrypicked anecdotes. This is where Andre is completely wrong, even if Kurzweil is somewhat too optimistic.
    The other points are weak too. Sure, society is a blue-pill matrix, but exponential technology will indeed break that (VR Sex greatly devaluing real women, AI that removes low-productivity jobs the fastest (aka woman jobs), etc.). Kurzweil is somewhat wrong, but Andre is even more wrong.

  11. It may have happened if white people (who invented everything) still ruled the world, but we’re on our way out, down from 30% of the world population in the 1960s to under 15% in 2015 (and that 15% now includes Jews and Hispanics).
    No more advances, and as the west goes ‘Sharia’ it will become more primitive.

    1. JOHN
      The tiny minority of Pakistani businessmen in New York or some Gujarati Muslims in New Jersey “Forcing” Italian-Americans or Hispanics who historically belonged to Mediterranean groups who hated their guts to adopt sharia law.
      Yeah, right. That’s Europe, where far too many Pakistanis immigrated for far too long to UK or North Africans to France.
      There is no way that Muslims will “take over” the US and Africans cannot get across the Atlantic.
      Hispanics, Jews and Italian-Americans (And the lesser Greeks) who form the biggest proportion of urban whites on the East or West Coast have a long history of detesting Arabs. Particularly the Hispanics whose European roots are most from Grenada.
      Finally the Muslims are ragtag groups with no Air Force, Navy whatever. They are not even as organized as Italian mafia.

  12. I disagree. If you take a look several strategies currently being used by researchers, a breakthrough is imminent.
    However, I would say that because of the degeneracy of our culture and other western countries, it could possibly affect this progress.
    But I think the outcomes are more likely than we all want to realize. With massive and consistent improvements in hardware, algorithms, and software dev it’s bound to happen. A massive intelligence explosion for machines.

  13. the point of the F-35
    JSF was never about
    transitioning from
    air superiority to
    air dominance.
    It was always about
    making it as mega
    expensive as all hell
    to make maximum
    money from it while
    adding a few touches
    of polished abilities
    and maybe a different
    wing planform and a
    little bit of stealthiness
    to the radar signature
    to differentiate it from
    the already perfect F15.
    Not unlike Japanese sportbikes.
    Their 600’s and liter bikes are
    pushing numbers that remain
    virtually unchanged since 2004.
    600’s still make roughly 120 HP
    1000’s still make about 200 HP
    They haven’t gotten any lighter
    despite having newer designs
    newer metallurgy and more
    racing experience to utilize.
    They haven’t gained any gears;
    unlike cars which in the same
    time frame have gone from 4
    speed autos to 9 and 10 speeds
    They certainly haven’t gained
    any efficiency like cars have.
    But their prices have certainly
    What with more electronics,
    multi-stage intake runners,
    and complicated exhausts
    accomplishing absolutely
    nothing to show for it.

  14. I believe what science(quantum physics, astrophysics), is revealing is that there an infinite amount of universes with an infinite number of different outcomes. So there will be universes where the singularity occur, universes where life become extinct. In fact all imaginable outcomes would occur.

  15. New Age isn’t necessarily so bad; in fact quite the opposite if practiced properly. NA is an umbrella term for a lot of different elements of which self-admiration and syncretic religions are but some of them. If New Age can lead people towards meditation, healthy food, interest in religion and philosophy, and a variety of other positive features then it is something to be cherished. Satanic some say? Well, not those things.

  16. If you look at transhumanists like Kurzweil, Eliezer Yudkowsky and Martine Rothblatt through the lens of atomized individualism, you might see them as visionary thinkers.
    But if you look at them after absorbing the implications of the JQ, then you might wonder if these Jews have some kind of scam going.
    I can’t see Yudkowsky’s “career” as anything other than that: Give me money so that I can prevent Unfriendly AI from killing us all! The guy turns 40 in a couple years, yet he dropped out of high school, he didn’t go to college, and he has never held a real job.

  17. I don’t think women could handle radical life extension, from the simple fact that sexual experience enriches men and impoverishes women. If we see women with “Thousand-Cock Stares” now, just add an order of magnitude to that number for rejuvenated women who live for centuries.

  18. Most people have no issue with death and accept it when their time is up. They have nothing to hide; their spiritual destiny is resolved and they are ready to move on.
    The only people who want to live forever are the carnal and depraved degenerates such as the child-killing pedophile elites of the West and self-indulgent avaricious materialist atheists. They betray their fear in these empty and naive aspirations to live forever. As if the whole point of life is to endlessly stimulate the impulses.
    Stimulation produces fatigue which causes atrophy and death so these transhumanists are fooling no one. You can be like Jacob Rockefeller–shriveled up fossil with four heart transplants. How inspiring.
    Nah, the material plane is abrasive and crude. It’s just a testing ground for your soul. Who the fuck would want to toil in this filth forever? I’m just here to do my duty and move on.
    If you’re fucking this course up then running around in circles isn’t going to hide it.

  19. This article was honestly so stupid, that I felt it is my duty to actually comment under it. Absolute and utter load of BS. To the author, whose name I don’t want to go back and check as it will make me feel bad to even remember it – please do not write! You’re making a fool of yourself. I know this is the internet and idiots can freely express themselves, but there should be a limit even to that! Please, go find a low end job and never, ever write articlea on things you have absolutely no clue about!

    1. And never once did you specify exactly why the author is an idiot, or exactly what it is he stated that was wrong.
      Instead, like a SJW little bitch, you substituted self-righteous indignation in place of an argument because you’re too butthurt to articulate yourself.
      I wonder who the idiot here is who should not be writing?
      If you value free expression so much, then why are you so bad at expressing your grievances? I wonder who is making themselves look like a fool now. Why are you such a little bitch?

  20. The singularity is inherently immoral. Like a herd animal craving a predator, because they just don’t FEEL right unless a predator is defining their existence.
    Doesn’t make it impossible.
    (An AI that has little in common with human minds, is much more likely to occur than an AI that can do everything a human can. Consciousness is also not required to build a human beating AI.)

  21. As with anything, though, the good can be taken while discarding the bad. Increasing the resilience of individuals makes it very difficult for power-seekers to hold sway-by-force over them. As long as the enhancement technologies are kept from centralizing, governments seeking dominion are going to have a very hard time stomping on those whose individual strength outweighs theirs. Let Colt’s Maxim reign. Use the tools, but use them while remaining yourself.

  22. As another comment states this is a ‘keeper’, not as an end state though, that is for sure.
    Notable is that some now believe the singularity came in 2015, as did I then, and AI growth is well underway thanks to financing being arranged through Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies.
    I agree in that: fiat currencies have financed the entire industrial revolution, obviously including warfare, but the deficiency was their, the govern ‘mints’, inability to actually tax every transaction, and, to fully accelerate the velocity of currency. Those deficiencies are now overcome with hyper-computers and crypto-currencies. The physical limits of transaction speed are now, almost, removed. Currencies can move faster than light.
    Speculators, anybody owning Bitcoin et al, are supporting these crypto-currencies through their greed for capitalist (non self-produced) earnings.
    The earnings of Amazon, Apple and others are going hyperbolic and will continue albeit with a few hiccups. Tesla is now teetering due to their battery defects/deficiencies eclipsed by others! Get your deposit back while you still can.
    Using cryptos to actually conduct commerce, which so far we are not really doing but only getting ready to, will explode the earnings and therefor developmental capabilities of the entire AI community.
    This is not to say you will be able to earn more from hi-tech or pure-play AI stocks; you can only move their manipulative value from one to another or liquidate and henceforth forego the ride. Either way, the sham of Capitalism, or its final manifestation in AI, will be exposed for what it really is; modern slavery of the entire human species. The power (currency) support for AI development, and movement towards encompassment of all humanity, will become exponentially unleashed; detached from human control or supervision.
    What would have taken a decade pre-crypto will now will take 3 – 6 months or less. How do I know this? I ran the exercise in real time 15 years ago using 500 alternative barter currencies; I went from zero dollar input to a million dollars earnings, and conversion to physical assets, in under 4 years. The limitation of that exercise, currency velocity, is removed with cryptos and AI which now exist.
    Indeed, we do now live in a Matrix modeled as the movie. You are a copper top. All that you see is in deed (document) and fact (physical form) actually a Simulacra as you were told in the title of Neo’s book-safe in the opening act. You may have something but it is definitely not what you thought.
    You should expect the collapse of one sector after another of the currrent(cy) industrial productive model to be immediately replaced by another. It will be unrecognizable as the same yet will fulfill the logical extension in development according to the AI meme.
    Prepare your tribe accordingly or perish.
    The future is here!

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