6 Behaviors That Are Making Men Unemployable

Social Justice used to only have an influence on the internet, where the weird kids who never had a voice could share their ridiculous opinions. The bathroom wall has now moved to the web. From allowing a bearded man named Jennifer inside of a woman’s bathroom, to blatantly throwing all science and logic away for feelings and safe zones, the web has become a festering nest of absurdity.

Who would have thought it would ever leave the wild west of the web and enter reality? Who would expect that politicians would begin to take the beliefs of the misfits in earnest?

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I didn’t. Nor did I foresee that this kind of child think would invade the workplace. Now that it has, if you’re a man you’ll likely be unemployable. If not now, certainly in the future if things continue the way they’re heading. Below are six actions you’ll be ousted from the PC workplace you live in. If you don’t leave on your own accord, you’ll be removed at a time most unexpected. Take these as warnings.

1. Having a non-mainstream opinion


Disagree that Caitlyn Jenner is a beautiful, strong woman? Better keep your mouth shut. Having different opinions results in conflict. Conflict, while promoting growth and innovation, is frowned upon in the workplace. Differences of opinions reminds people that they aren’t in their safe zone, and that bothers them. They feel shame, and don’t know how to use it. Shame is actually one of the most powerful emotions at your disposal, if you know how to use it correctly.

Social cohesion is required when menial tasks are needed to be accomplished. Such is 80% of most general office careers. Bothering a social justice warrior will result in doxxing, and those Facebook pictures from high school being brought directly to HR. A simple disagreement can trigger another to bring all of your past conversations to today’s light. Keep your opinions to yourself. Focus on extracting as many assets as you can while preparing an escape plan. Freedom is the only safety.

2. Speaking your mind

Return of kings | Andreia Thoughts

Your friend at work is just that: a work friend. In a corporate setting everyone around you will do anything to cut their way to the top. Telling Mike and the cool girl “Jenny” about your one night stand this weekend will eventually reach every other person in the office like a viral infection. Anything you say, can and will be used against you.

People need to feel important. Outrage culture has taught us that you don’t have to be remarkable anymore to be special. Whining and complaining will create the same affect. Keep your head down, smile, nod “my weekend was nice thanks.” Anything more, you’ll risk losing your job.

3. Expressing masculinity

Return of kings | Andreia Thoughts

Doing almost anything masculine is a guaranteed way to make someone in the office feel uncomfortable. Think a few decades back—men would wear tailored suits, drink hard liquor, and work was done. There weren’t emotions in the boardroom, there was action.

Now, everyone’s feelings and thoughts needs to be accounted for. If anyone feels left out, or dominated, complaints will rise. The workplace isn’t about getting things done. it’s about casually moving towards a direction while carrying the slack and baggage of those below you. Now speaking of this would offend someone. Even if you think you’re being safe, you still need to turn it down. Just existing can offend and trigger. If someone has a terrible idea, you can no longer say as such. Feelings must be accounted for.

4. A want to become wealthy

Return of kings | Andreia Thoughts

Have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur by creating a startup or app that becomes groundbreaking? Dreams don’t belong in the workplace, compliance does. Having dreams in the workplace is like dousing a forest in kerosene. While nothing will inherently burn up, with one spark everyone catches on fire. Your employer does not care about your dreams. They care about your compliance with their own dreams. Having a job will not guarantee any of your dreams to come true. Large corporations do not want outside ambitious individuals; they want inside ambition.

What does that mean?

They want you to work for them, and achieve all of your goals within their ecosystem. Not yours. They want you to believe that the peak of your greatness is 70k a year when you know it’s millions a month. The worst thing that can happen in a workplace is for employees to realize there is life outside of their cubicle. That their control can go beyond copiers and happy hours. Your goal, according to your employer, needs to be promotion. A dream of becoming self-employed is the owner’s nightmare.


It may motivate others to achieve their dreams, instead of their bosses. Having a purpose is a threat.

5. Being Conservative.

PC culture is here, regardless of whether you want it or not. Don’t agree with gay marriage or the Quran? Say a word of it, you’ll be fired faster than you can say “but I respect your views too.” Social media allows everyone to have a voice, even those that really shouldn’t be speaking that often. Having conservative views has now become a liability in the workplace. Companies now fear a triggering. They fear a blue haired vapor gender becoming offended, then crawling to the Tumblr boards to flame.

Any conservative views you have can and will be used against you. Hilary used to oppose gay marriage. We can see fatal beginnings of PC culture here. If she muttered “no” in today’s regime, she’d be falling from the polls like a comet hell bent on restarting the earth.

6. Having higher standards

Return of kings | Andreia Thoughts

Co-workers don’t want to hear how you spent your Friday night working on a project, reading philosophy or learning how to woodwork. They want to hear how you went to some dive bar, got way too drunk and slept in too late. People who you work with do not want you to accomplish your goals. They want you to stay the same. They want to keep you in the exact position they are. A vicious cycle.

Why would someone do this?

Fear of being left out

Fear of being left out comes from tribal thought and primitive grouping. Since being seen as weaker than the rest of the tribe often ended with being excommunicated from the group. This would result in a loss of assets. Food, water, shelter, safety in numbers. It reminds those who want to pull you down that they have failed or, are in the process of failing their purpose.

The only way to be safe if you are in a hostile environment such as this is to shut your mouth. Remember this adage: “loose lips, sink ships.” If you’re working for another as your primary source of income, you do not want to sink your ship, regardless of how hostile it becomes. That is, until you find a new vessel that’s more suitable for your tastes.

Stay vague. Kill your ego and don’t bring it into an environment as destructive as this. When you’re ready to jump, stay even more shrouded. No one leaves for something worse, and that target on your back will grow larger.

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311 thoughts on “6 Behaviors That Are Making Men Unemployable”

  1. One of the most important elements that makes men unemployable, is intelligence. The reality is that intelligence and meritocracy is not seen anymore as a valuable asset by many employers and corporations. Yes, having the basic skills required for a job is necessary. But that does not necessarily equate to intelligence. The world feeds on stupidity and ignorance.
    I was watching the movie “Idiocracy” the other day and as entertaining as it was to watch, the frightening reality for me was the fact that this movie mirrored more of an actual documentary than a film. The sad truth of the matter is that we are indeed, living in a real life idiocracy, where the intelligence level of the average person is incredibly low and is reflected in the kind of world that we are living in. The average person has no sense of how to think independently or with common sense that they have completely lost touch of reality. A perfect example of this is the fact that people
    need to resort towards Twitter to find out what is “trending”. That’s right- in order to watch and understand what is happening in our world, someone must be informed of the latest world developments through the use of hashtags. How about this generation of asinine millennials and even older generations, who are going around using all of the latest internet lingo such as “selfie” or “yolo” that these words literally make up their daily vocabulary. People now use these range of bizarre words to speak and write with that it leaves to you to ponder how much more ridiculous it is going to get over time. This reminds of the scene in Idiocracy where Luke Wilson tries to explain to Justin Long’s character about his situation that the only responses he receives are “tarded” and “fag talk.”
    Then to make the situation even worse we now have a generation of absolute idiots who seem not to even care about the simplest ways of enriching their own personal lives such as reading a book or getting some fresh air. For example, we are now a society that binge watches all of the latest television shows thanks to the contribution of Netflix and other such video platforms, that if you were to ask someone about a television show, they would be able to provide you with a vast amount of information like a personal encyclopaedia. But if you were to ask them about Shakespeare or the latest developments on medical science, then you would hear the sound of crickets. The reality is that people are addicted to junk food and television, that they can actually be distracted from their own personal surroundings. I remember reading a story of a man who held everyone hostage on an underground train that most people around the assailant did not notice there was a situation like this happening as they were distracted by their smartphones. This was also accurately depicted in Idiocracy where Luke Wilson smashes into a man’s home, but the person was not disturbed and was too busy eating and watching television to even bother paying attention to the situation.
    Technology without a doubt has its benefits, but let us not forget that by consuming too much of it, it can result in us to become addicted and develop bad health problems in the future. For example, people are becoming so lazy to even complete typing an entire sentence on a search engine, that they go insane without the autofill function. Can you really convince anyone to go out to the local library in an emergency to seek out information or to even bother hand writing? The situation of convenience has grown out of control that we now have a dumbed down populace nthat require finger swiping, pictures and “emojis” to communicate with one another or to understand what someone is saying. Remember how ridiculous the Windows 8 operating system was when it was first released with the silly symbols and finger swiping nonsense? Eerily enough, all of this perfectly resembled the scene in Idiocracy where the hospital receptionist couldn’t understand what Luke Wilson was telling her that she was dependant on the emojis of her computer.
    The movie Idiocracy is indeed, a gem that was brought to us by Mike Judge at a time where the world was oblivious as to what was happening. But who would have thought that the stupidity of society and the actual scenarios displayed in this movie would actually occur in real life as time passed on. The average idiot now goes around parading the worst kind of attire and hairstyles like the everyday hipster we see, that to compound the matter even worse, this is embraced by the general public. People are obsessed with reality television, social media, Kim Kardashian and taking pictures of themselves that the sad truth is that we are beyond saving the masses. These are the very same people who are now the gatekeepers of employment and indeed, do not like the idea or concept of someone having intelligence which is one of the primary reasons why men are no longer the majority in the workforce.
    Only we as individuals can choose to continue to develop our minds and bodies by ensuring that we do not indulge in the atrocious pop cultural trends that continue to permeate and contribute towards the rise of anti intellectualism and ignorance of our world.

    1. Do I remember correctly that you own rental properties and work for yourself? If so, why don’t you submit an article on how to get started doing that?
      I don’t remember seeing an article along those lines here, and it would fit nicely with recent themes in ROK about anti-fragility and developing a masculine economy.

      1. I agree. I’ve thought of the idea of renting building and renting some small houses in my area, but wouldn’t know where to start. I would like to build some tiny homes and rent them very cheap (600 sq ft homes for something like $300-400/month) and make a whole subdivision out of them but wouldn’t know how to gauge if my local market would support that.

        1. I heard from a landlord that subdividing an apartment generally isn’t worth the effort, because the kind of people who live in smaller apartments are irregular and irresponsible renters.

        2. Correct! Smaller apts are for single losers, often on welfare.
          Bigger apts are more in demand in markets where incomes are stagnant but home prices are rising fast. This gives one better choices for tenants and higher rents..

        3. Sometimes you inherit tenants so your stuck with them I find key is to manage and sometimes manipulate them.
          Employed is better though as they have more to lose if they’re evicted..

        4. Yeah, I am thinking of trying to market to the hipsters that are going crazy over the tiny houses right now. It’d definitely be a quantity over quality situation, but since each tiny house would only cost a fraction of a full house/apartment, the turn around for making a profit would be pretty quick. Plus, if some idiot burns their house down, you’re not out a ton of money. As with everything else, there’s pros and cons.

        5. Totally, in my experience a 1,000sq ft bugalow with finsihed basement can be adequate for a lifetime and be very efficient, energy and usuage wise with the right upgrades.
          I’d say tiny houses are only good for couples at most but obviously have appeal in areas where land and housing costs are high..
          Coverselty oversized mcmansions are good for big famillies but I often find that only childless couples or singles are living in them..

        6. That may work in some areas, but here in Los Angeles, its expensive man. Prices for 60 year old 1500 sq ft homes are up there. Houses on my street are selling for over $500k, & for the past few years, investors have been buying them cash & renting them out for $2800-3000/month, some to Section 8 too, which sucks. About 20% of the homes in my tract are rentals. Bought this place in 2010 for $325, another 100k to remodel it, now it’s worth close to 600, but more & more rentals are popping up, so it’s like apartments. I’m kicking myself for not buying another 6 years ago, but without a huge down payment, the rental income would not cover the mortgage, taxes, etc.

        7. I guess it depends on where you live, Swedens house prices have skyrocketed (my guess is the mass immigration by our leaders). My parents bought a house a few years back costing 1 million kronor, today it’s worth 2.9 million >_>.
          A fairly central apartment here would probably take maaany years for people to pay for here. Most the people on welfare are homeless. (Gotta keep those bearded kiddies fed and housed).

        8. In many places in the USA the taxes and fees to build homes are so high it is not profitable for builders to build small homes. If you’re building them to rent you could be starting in the hole because you couldn’t sell them for enough to make back the investment.

        9. Until they’re a shade of brown, then you’ll likely be forced to take them or face legal action. I’m talking out of my ass here. I’ve never been a landlord, but I would tread carefully before diving into it.

        10. You’ve got to take back your country. Next election vote for the right wing parties.
          You may have to form local self defense leagues as well.
          Your leaders have betrayed you don’t be afraid to oppenly call them traitors.
          These muzzies are like locusts, they destroy any green pastures they come upon.

        11. Take his country back? Dude we have a lesbian premier and a Prime Minister who looks like he is a homo boy band. We got our own problems.

        12. No shit, hoping he fucks shit up enough so that we can toss next election.
          But we don’t have the muzzie problem, bombs going off, yet but just wait.
          I’d like to think events like in /France and Germany would wake up Canadians but who knows..

        13. We have a Jewish Zionist party that doesn’t recognize race and constantly do anti-racism commercials, and it’s a left-wing party politicially.

        14. Well, they aren’t less racist than Trump or Danish People’s Party are. Nazism is no hit anywhere in the western world.

      2. This is something I’ve said before that is one way to “extract” oneself from the “system.”
        I’ve got a few rentals and combined with a small business am doing well.
        Looking to retire early as well. Fuck working like a slave until you’re 65! that’s Blue Pill Mangina shit!
        Truth if you do have those rentals write away! An article could help a lot of men break their bonds.

        1. I was thinking of being a landlord. Then the county passed a law mandating taking section 8 people that passed the credit requirements. There are so many laws regarding turning away renters that one can very easily end up with someone who doesn’t pay or trashes the place or both.
          Oh and if that section 8 person that passes the credit check comes along the landlord has to take all these section 8 classes. No compensation for it. He may even have to pay for them. I can’t remember now.
          When I got into the regs the whole landlord thing really turned me off.

        2. That’s the first thing I think of: dealing with the renters. You’re already looking at either young or generally low-class people. Both of my parents have dabbled in rentals and they have had to deal with idiots quite a lot. It seems like it could lead to constant conflict and stress.

        3. They have simmilar laws here in Ontario and I’ve never rented to anyone on welfare. Besides most welfare people will fail a credit check just be ultra strict and always tell them there’s one applicant in front of them.
          These regressive laws have actually forced out a lot of mom and pop landlords in my area and left it to small time landlords who can adapt and the big box buildings and REITS..
          This is good because we used to have too many of these “affordable” places and now we don’t.
          One welfare tenant I have (inheritted) is actually well behaved and earliest rent payer pays day before 1st.
          She realizes that if she gets kicked out with her kids she is fucked..

        4. Yes and no. I find it’s all about establishing a professional relationship with them. They pay rent I take good care of the places. We’re in no way friends.
          Rents late you get a notice of eviction.

        5. That’s the main reason my uncle who is a property investor sold most of his houses and bought shops to rent out instead. A business owner has a vested interest to look aftrr a shop but a renter doesn’t. If you have a bad tenant it can cost you a fortune.

        6. If owning rentals is your thing and you enjoy it, you should do it. In my opinion, actually owning property puts you squarely in the system rather than extracting you from it.

        7. Agreed, I do enjoy it.
          Collecting rent is the easiest thing I have going. It generates almost the monthly sallary of your average Canadian worker before tax, after all expenses for me.
          In fact if things go the way they are I’ll retire at 52 with an ever increasing income. To me this would get me out otherwise not sure how I could do this…
          Fuck working until 65 to have the government then tax my savings! Now that’s supporting a system.
          I could write a book on this topic Bob

        8. Myself, mostly by email transfer. I do keep a close eye on things though and the tennants know it..
          It’s difficult to find good property management but I find most are simply lazy or dishonest..

        9. You are absolutely right about PMs. As I a tenant I had a terrible experience with one with the result that I was forced to sue the landlord. In court it was clear that the PM had lied to him and hung him out to dry. He had no idea what was going on at the property.
          He lost the case but we were able to shake hands and part as gentlemen.
          I gather that your tenants can be difficult at times?

        10. Yes, but it’s all about how you handle it.
          Have two sets of tenants at new building that really don’t like each other in new building but have told them to ignore and leave each other alone. Have treated both fairly and told them I’m there to manage the proeperty not take sides that’s all. Once visit of the police, buy quiet since then, It’s worked.
          Key is to be fair, maintain the places, and don’t take sides and display no emotion even when tenants get upset. Once they calm down and realize your unphased and dealt with all parties fairly they respect you.
          The key is also to spot tenants that are absolutely no good when you buy and have them chucked before you take over. Drug addicts are a prime example.
          Your description of property managers (especially realtors acting as) is true to my experience also watching new landlords, often my customers in business, get absolutley screwed over and sometimes even losing the property.

        11. A lot also depends on local conditions. In this area the economy is in rough shape but sothere are lots of empty commercial spaces.
          But, housing costs are high and rising pretty fast so that tempers my decision to focus on “residential.”

      3. I do own real estate. But the reality is that this industry has been glamorised to the extent that people have actually bought the delusions sold to them by real estate moguls and property developers through workshops and other false forms of advertising.
        I would be willing to share my knowledge and wisdom on how to get into the business and survive but the reality is that there are too many logistics, rules and regulations to be explained that it would not be reasonable for an article but rather, be better off being produced in the form of a book.
        I could do this, but the other reality is that there would need to be a sufficient demand for it. Therefore, I would only commit the time to write it, if enough people were interested in buying it.

        1. Click like to this comment if you want “truth” to write an article.
          PS: truth, it does not need to be an extensive article, you could write one like “5 things you need to know about owning real estate.”

        2. <<o. ★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★:::::::!!be830p:….,

        3. I’ve been working in real estate for 20 years. Frankly, I think you’re mad to actually own it.

        4. Bob – lots of folks get rich via real estate. I’d probably count myself within that group.
          For somebody that doesn’t just inherit wealth, I’d say the choices are either – start your own business, climb way up the corporate ladder, advanced education then a high salary (surgeon, wall st. banker), be an ace stock market investor, or real estate. What else is there?

        5. Lots of folks got rich selling soap, lots of folks lost their shirt when the real estate market turned against them. I’m not saying that you can’t get rich in real estate if you have a gift for it but the average person does not. Its the same in any growing industry.
          Some people seem to have this idea that real estate is a money making machine. It is not. Like many things if you don’t know what you are doing you will get fucked.
          Congratulations on your success though.

    2. “I think we have a mistrial here”
      “I’m gonna mistrial my foot up your ass if you don’t shut up”

    3. Wrong.
      Nothing is valued more than competence and intelligence. Work IS a meritocracy.
      If it appears otherwise, then you’re wrong about who and what you think you are.

      1. Actually, you are wrong.
        In today’s world, corporate America does not care about meritocracy and intelligence. That is why you have human resources departments carrying out the most atrocious forms of hiring practices that have no relevance to what should be required by a candidate- meritocracy and intelligence.
        The reality is that the job market is not governed by logic and rationality. That is why people are now hired based on irrelevant factors such as gender, nepotism and looks. Furthermore, to stand a chance for promotion or even keeping your current position, will require you to engage in the world of deceit, lies and playing the blame game when and if required. That is how the corporate world operates. That is how office politics works.
        Either you have not worked in enough corporations to experience this or you are living in denial. As I have said, corporations do not care about meritocracy and intelligence. I stand by that statement.

        1. The sour grapes argument is BS. I have no intention of moving into a managerial position at work, so I’m not competing for one, but if I have to be micro-managed it should be from a competent person with good communication skills and sound knowledge of the field. So far that hasn’t happened. My previous boss was a fucking moron and his successor is even worse. She only got the job because she was sleeping with the boss and knew the CEO’s daughter.
          The corporate sector is a big joke nowadays. Anyone who believes ‘hard work’ alone will get them ahead is delusional.

      2. Yeah, work is a meritocracy & nobody gets ahead by kissing ass or sucking dick. Sure.

    4. I’ll only disagree with one thing:
      “But if you were to ask them about Shakespeare”
      Shakespeare sucked….he always sucked. he was never good. no not ever. he was boring then and he’s even more boring now.
      but to be fair I will blame my k-12 teachers of which every single last fucking one of them thought shakespeare could cure cancer and made us read Romeo and Juliet at least 20 times a year and read it outloud too(I think I’ve also seen every movie version too)…..and they always picked the people that couldnt read to have the big parts….and by not being able to read I mean this would be a sentence they would struggle on for 4 minutes
      “That is a big cat”
      would take 4 minutes of intense effort.
      so yes I hate shakespeare….and yes it can burn in hell forever and be stricken from all history books and I would do every happy dance and throw a bigger party than superbowl and xmas combined at such news.
      but as we can see i have an irrational hatred for shakespeare but otherwise solid comment.
      speaking of insane teachers or perhaps effective ones….I had a summer school algebra teacher….she was the stuff of legends. a black somewhat fat southern old woman who in retrospect was sick and tired of this world and what it had done to everything….now we didnt do much math in that class….instead she absolutely hated black people with a burning passion. and said it. She started by making us all read outloud the introduction of the algebra text book(the preface before chapter 1 stuff)….if she saw we could read? she gave us simple grade 1 level math to do and we didnt do anything else….if we couldnt? and it was usually the “dumb ass negro children” that couldnt read….oh holy hell she let them have it.
      everyday…..she scolded them without any fear of PC reprimands. smacking hands and desks….and putting the fear of God into them and told them they were no good illiterate negroes and God help them if they laughed. she’d scold a child for an hour if she had too….she made time for everyone though unless you could read and write.
      we didnt learn math that summer(passing was based on whether or not we could actually read)….but a few illiterate dumbass negroes can now read thanks to her.
      dont even think we made it past the preface of that algebra book….I’ll never forget her. truly her philosophy was…..these fucking dumbasses are failing high school math, but fuck math, they cant even fucking read stupid ass negros and ungrateful advantaged whites.
      we asked her about math and she cursed us out saying you fools cant even read and write.
      truly a glorious teacher….hope shes doing alright…we need more like her. yes this was probably 1999ish…cant remember exactly when

      1. The Merchant of Venice was somewhat good at exposing the jew, though not as good as Christopher Marlows Jew of Malta which it is kind of based on.

    5. it depends on industry. i work in banking as an accountant, and you simply couldn’t do the job without some intelligence. Sales, i can see how high intellect would be a disadvantage,

      1. Sales in most professions are a bunch of whiners, a step short from special SJW snow flakes, I am a IT / Tech engineer, never blow my horn, if someone else is singing my praises I down play it.
        I do growl at idiots every once in a while just enough so I don’t get bothered with everyone’s shyte and nobody at work is a friend or knows what goes on outside work, except that I go to gym, which is obvious from my physique.
        My response to what are you doing this weekend / how was the weekend or holiday?, nothing much, more vague than a politician you won’t find.

        1. yea but they kind of drive the business, atleast thats how they are seen (and rewarded). Alot do work hard and long hours.

        2. You are correct , Kind of and that is how it seems, if you are selling a product like a Motor Vehicle, Bio-Medical equipment or software, which requires the dreaded after sales support, then it does not matter how good your sales rep is no or shitty tech backup or after-sales support, your sales rep can work as hard as he wants to he will not make his sales targets.
          The industry I work in our Sales Division knows it and they hate the Service division for it, the one reason, service is more profitable than sales, grinds them all the way..
          Everyone in Service knows that if they don’t do a good job, noting gets sold, sales don’t seem to get the message. In this case the sales force are more like woman and needs to be treated as such, the service division acts more like a real man should and does not need the constant praise and glorification that the sales division seems to indulge in, almost like a bunch of batsmen in cricket…

        3. It didn’t use to be like that for sales. I had 17 years in the car sales business. I got out before sales was replaced with whiny bitches. It used to be if you don’t produce, you don’t eat. I hustled to build a strong customer base. I made sure that I took care of the tech by buying them lunch, and sharing my smokes. In return, the cars belonging to my customers were taken care of first when they came in for service. The only whining we did was when we got clobbered in the casinos, or on the bets we made with the weasel who ran the football pool.
          Now we have sales reps instead of salesmen. They have no clue how to handle customers, or build a referral network. The sales chick at dealt with when I bought my last car kept on going on about the safety crap and the fuel economy. I had to tell her, “Lady, I don’t give a damn about that stuff. All I want to know is does the car go fast and how loud is the audio system.” Needles to say, I bought somewhere else.
          Alas, we do have too many snowflakes in sales who have no idea how to handle a hostile customer, satisfy his wants, or follow after the sale. Sales departments are losing the big swinging dicks who knew how to close and keep the people coming back. maybe it’s because many sales departments
          are being taken over by chicks. Sigh.

    6. I’m not so sure. I don’t think that there was ever this grand time when everyone was intelligent and cultured. I don’t think that we are more stupid now than before. We just have new toys to play with.
      The ruling powers always see intelligence as a threat because it can cut through the lies that they rely on. The average person sees intelligence as a threat because it reminds them of their flaws.
      Anti-intellectualism is everywhere and always a powerful force. In the long run, intelligence wins.

  2. A+ article: spot on analysis.
    The environment in corporate America is so fucking toxic for straight, Christian, white males. If you don’t subscribe to the “Borg” of PC, kiss your career goodbye.
    And the “intelligencia” wonder why Donald Trump is doing what he’s doing.

  3. Start your own business. Seriously. There’s a reason professional investors live so well.

    1. Buying an existing business is another option. I bought mine off a marketplace and it’s been going well, mostly seller financed too.

  4. There are no careers anymore, just jobs. Even if you are in the STEM fields. And we are all costly overhead ‘human resources’ who’s work is not valued anyway. Of course, none of the high ups who think like this consider how their fellow higher ups in the corporate heirachy will have jobs when most of us will never make enough to buy a $250k cardboard box that passes for housing or one those fancy pick-ups or sports cars.

    1. That can’t be right, guns are banned in Germany for the most part. How can there be shootings when there are no guns, I ask you, sir?!
      I can already guess as to the basic demographic of the shooter(s).

      1. Pistol fingers gestures and pop tarts in the shape of a pistol are just as dangerous I have you know my dear sir.
        The shooter was indeed a peach full bhudist monk.

      2. Basic demographic of the shooter(s)? White, Christian male(s) until proven otherwise. And if it is proven otherwise, eh.

        1. Good call. As GoJ previously stated, guns are banned in Germany, so we can’t blame them, right? Or can we?

        2. They actually tried to in the German media! Just briefly but yeah it’s sick

        1. I doubt she has the mental capacity necessary to understand this. She probably think the migrants are just pissed off because the Europeans have been so mean to them. What they need is more migrants and less European meanness. Luckily for Europe, Merkel is the right person to make that happen.

        2. I agree. She will not ever show any sign of accountability. It will be all; “Where have the men gone?”

        3. From a freaking lamp post, hang this barren east German communist hag.

        4. Don’t forget that Merkel was an EAST German (aka, “communist”) before reunification.
          Once a communist, ALWAYS a communist.

        5. She is jewish and admitted she likes the author of the book ‘Germany Must Perish’.

      3. Well it’s not like that 1.5 Million opportunists who walked accross the border last year were asked to show their passports or go through metal detectors like we do at the airport.. Perhaps it wasn’t just clothes and linen in their bags..

    2. And this is one of the few reasons I still have Facebook, to get breaking news.

      1. Heard it on the radio but Paul Joseph Watson had it on Facebook in 2 minutes.

    3. Here in Australia the media are saying the killer was a German/Iraqi with duel citizenship. They now will spin it anyway they can think of to avoid saying ‘muslim’.
      Time for another candlelight vigil, flags at half mast, facebook profile overlays, etc.

      1. Time to invest into a candle factory! Making a fucking killing this and next year.

      2. What the fuck was he if not a muslim? Iran’s a muslim country isn’t it… When that guy started swinging an axe on a train in Germany a few days ago all they could do was write about the “junger Mann” like oh how much sympathy we should have for these murderous characters. Even in this one so much carry on about “trying to work out the motive” It’s all an attempt to distract the public from a wave of anger they might otherwise feel. Probably will come crashing through one of these days soon though can’t fool the people forever..

  5. The days of marching in, dressed sharp, brimming with confidence and charisma, stating your desire and enthusiasm to join the team, making the case for your employability, are over. “Sorry, you have to apply online”.
    You are forced to be another nameless faceless nobody hiding behind a computer screen. Many online job seeking services simply extract data from your resume and populate the data into a generic form, removing any unique flair you have and removing your individuality and any characteristics which make you stand out from the rest. If your resume looks slick as hell, too bad for you, no one is ever going to see that you stand out from some hack who made theirs in notepad.
    The playing field has been arbitrarily leveled to remove competition and remove the incentive to excel and be the best. I believe this is a grand conspiracy to coddle those who have no social skills and neuter those who do. It is a form of affirmative action designed to prop up losers and punish winners.
    I see this in schools now: give everyone on the team an award, instead of just the MVP and runners up. Put fatass heffer chics on the cheerleading squad, not just the fittest and hottest babes. Put the drooling retards and disruptive low-intelligence losers in the same class as the brightest and most creative and brilliant, because we wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by segregating them based on their merit or lack thereof.

    1. The online career portal is the worst and most frustrating aspect of it. They demand that you spend your time setting up an account and filling out a lengthy form which gets dropped into the abyss. The true purpose of the exercise is for them to collect diversity data for compliance with equal opportunity requirements. The stock photos of happy black folks, gay dudes, and pony-tailed Mehgyns loving their jobs only exacerbates one’s sense of alienation and psychic fragmentation.
      My book explains how to make HR your bitch and use her to satisfy your needs, not Encorpera’s.

    2. I mostly agree but for different reasons however. We live in the world that 1910 created. That is what we have today reflects the values of those who started managing society a little over a century ago. People are evaluated as fungible human resources for actually doing work. Hence merit doesn’t matter because its all considered fungible work. They could hire someone from Pakistan do it just as well in their minds. They being those with the socials skills who have risen in the ranks.
      Corporations do value social skills because they are institutions. Social skills are about playing the institution. It’s for institutionalized people. Creative people, thinking people, money making people are going to feel stifled and frustrated by the environment. Not only are their social skills weaker the environment itself hinders them further.
      Judging people on social skills is part of the problem because what happens is that those who know how to play things socially to advance but they often actually drag the company down with their manipulations, their lower skills everywhere else, and doing what is politically correct and so on. They’ve usually sacrificed real skills in business and product to be more skilled socially. People with great social skills spend their days using those to advance. Which is fine for those in sales and such but somewhere along the way everyone else has to create product and get the jobs of business done but now they are judged socially instead of by the real value they bring the company. The result is those people are slowly purged because they don’t do as well inside institutions and usually don’t stick to political correctness. The result is the talent that made the money is hollowed out. Bankruptcy is inevitable.

  6. Offices have doors. When I talk to the former Naval Officer in the next office about how screwed up stuff in the world or at work is, we shut the door and lower our voices.
    The rest of the time, I keep my mouth shut and talk about work – or growing vegetables in my garden if bosses ask what I did last weekend.

      1. one place had “offices” – 3 sides were glass, back wall at least was solid. whats the pt? Your underlings can see you all the time, and your peers on each side could see you too…

        1. I cant tell how many times I got caught scratching my balls, and not by my officemate, by the peeps on either side of me. Milton’s spot in the basement would have been preferrable

        2. You only referred to privacy sir. I’m with you on that one. Close the office door. simple. cheeseburger, that office needs some blinds man.

        3. I been there, now the only glass in the office I have faces midtown. Thank God for small blessings

        4. I think you would make for the most level-headed HR director on earth

        5. “Well, why were you staring at his cojones? He has elephantitis, thats why he wears quadruple- pleated pants. Cultural appropriation? Why? Because I used the word “cojones” and Im not latino? It doesnt matter to me, I was a physical education major in college, thats why I wear this whistle around my neck. You are now on double not so secret probation. Why? Because Im the HR Director, thats why. Go apologize to cheeseburger.”

        6. all HR directors should be failed gym teachers. All grievances would be settled via one on one basketball

        7. Those cock-hungry fuglies are guilty of “prolonged glaring” at your crotch. Add this to your list of sexual harassment complaints (along with the documentation of other abusive treatment you got) to take to the EEOC the day you take early retirement.

        8. Well, you could get some brownie points and even advance your career in the office-space by initiating a campaign to condition the workers to respect others’ privates.
          The above long-winded bullshit used to be more concise, and was usually learned in young childhood.
          It used to be called, “Modesty”.

        9. Caught? How can you get caught for something entirely natural? Unless your version involves taking them out and scratching with some serious enjoyment sitting on the floor?

        10. All men should wear whistles! #Whistlesmatter. Im having my wife call me coach for the weekend. Thank you sir, this is going to be amazing.

        11. suicides followed by squat thrusts followed by nookie. enjoy your weekend coach!

    1. Same here, I talk “weather, food and travels” by the most part. Makes me feel like a complete fag at times

      1. Giving an impression of a fagtastic “Eat, Pray, Queef” lifestyle might be a form of defense against persecution in the workplace

        1. More likely, untill I get my exit strategy straight, I gotta keep my profile low and my mouth shut

    2. I have a big mouth. And when I open it, women are invariably eavesdropping and filing the tidbits in their database for later deployment.

      1. Show me one fucking woman who knows how to operate even an access DB and I’ll show you Elvis alive and aliens among us.

        1. I’ll go even further and I’ll have Tupac Shakur, Jimmy Hoffa, JFK and James Dean show up too.

        2. I wish I would upvote more than once, you made it poetic, and for that I thank you.

        3. Your words honour me-I reciprocate the sentiment and was only building upon your initial masterstroke.

        4. There sre plenty of women who know how to do that. Irrelevent. There purpose is to aid a man in marriage, not work for some office. If she is very smart, its all the more reason why she should be giving birth to very smart chldren and raising them.

  7. Man is unemployable by definition. Men work for themselves and cooperate with other each other.

    1. I guess the Industrial Revolution was fiction, eh?

        1. I was under the impression that men employed other men during that time period.

        2. Wait, so I can just go home right now? Im the boss so I guess im giving my self the rest of the day off and fuck it, Monday too.

        3. Not to mention men were still *men* during that time period. Not noodle armed, toothpick legged, blobs of estrogen.

        4. Apparently, by definition, you’re correct!

      1. The industrial revolution is in fact directly responsible for the decline of art & crafts and real masculinity.

  8. (Sorry) Try again:
    How true this all is, and how it makes me so grateful that it’s all behind me and I’ve been retired for five years.
    About six years ago I interviewed at a large company for a job I thought I was perfect for, although I wanted to make THEM want ME. I was interviewed by a black bitch with an attitude who clearly telegraphed that she was going to put this aging pasty white guy in his place. She asked a series of scripted questions (NB: this is how all interviews are conducted these days. To avoid lawsuits or EEO complaints HR has to make sure every candidate is subject to the exact same process) most of which focused on “what do you plan to do to combat cynicism in the workplace?”
    And there you have it in a nutshell: in our cuntified society, what matters is not whether or not you can do the job, but that total bliss prevails all the time, and that no one EVER has her pwecious widdle feewings hurt. Not good for going up against China in international trade competition.

  9. I left the corporate environment where I had to work with insufferable women and the most supplicating beta men. Now I work in a small satellite office (construction work) with six other men, no women. My stress levels have never been lower.

      1. I know the pain. If it weren’t for fear of lawsuits, most of them would be fired. They don’t get anything done. I accomplished more in one hour than they did in an eight hour day. It’s insane.

        1. I retired from a fembot-infested job 2 years ago. People are always telling me how cheerful I sound. Who wouldn’t be?

      2. I work in an office with 27 men and 3 women. Its whisper quiet. Its fucking awesome.

      3. Women in an office is just the worst. They stand around in a gaggle alternating between gossiping in hushed tones to squawking like hens so everyone around hears it. You have to crank up the volume on your headphones to drown it out.
        When are women going to realise that standing around gossiping, backstabbing and spreading lies about others doesn’t count as actual work?

        1. Do you ever say “when are cows going to realize that shitting in fields is annoying”? They cant help it. We are the ones who need to realize they do not belong there.

    1. Allmale jobsites are great. It’s reality. Men built, are building and will build all physical spaces in society forever. This won’t change.
      Handouts and accomodations for women have failed in construction because end of the day you need the strength and male DNA to get the job done.

  10. These factors certainly constrain a man’s opportunities in our increasingly feminized economy. Yet they open up possibilities for those who understand that the same hurdles that keep them out of the workplace can be turned on their head by finding and contacting influential men in a target industry while the competition is awaiting instructions from HR.
    My book explains how and you can get a free unabridged copy here :
    The promotion will start shortly and last two days.

    1. This review definitely makes me want to read your book! You triggered her so hard LOL

      1. Hmmm, she edited out the part where I claimed that I was irresistible to women and that was the source of many of my employment woes and hence my bitter attitude.

      2. It’s funny. You can spot the sex of an online poster with high precision by their choice of “insults”.
        “Male-chauvinistic”, “embittered” = CHICK.
        “Douchebag” is also one of these key words.

        1. I was about to write a response to that bitch, but then I scrolled through the Wish List and the Reviews, and I found out it’s actually a fag. He reviewed hard disks, earbuds, a charger, cables, a remote controlled toy helicopter, GTA IV etc. What woman would focus on such things? It’s a fag, which makes the review even worse.

      3. My modus operandi on such things is that if fags and women hate it you know it is bound to be fantastic.

      1. Thanks for the feedback Johnny. I designed the cover so am biased and think it’s awesome. That is often the case for my creative ideas; I think it’s the shizz but other people are baffled by my message. Maybe it looks too 60s-era pulp novel.
        Do you have any suggestions for a more enticing cover? Thanks again.

  11. If men ever gain back their position, through innovation etc., some kind of insurance has to be made to prevent slackers from benefiting.
    There is no rational explanation for the current state of affairs, humanity can not afford to lose the best and brightest from contributing.

    1. humanity has always* been hostile to the best and brightest. They are a threat to the rulers and masses want them brought down to their level.
      Collectivist systems play to these instincts of humanity. The ruling class cements itself on top and the masses shackle and pull down the best and brightest among them. Nobody gets ahead. Nobody works harder. Nobody is better than anyone else.
      *For the last six thousand years at least.

      1. You are indeed correct. Rome’s Caesars often killed anyone showing excellence.

        1. The Romans were making breakthroughs in air compression and were close to making steam power (they had the theory), and that was shut down by the ruling class for 1500 years till Denis Papin.

      2. Well, yes, my home country would be an example. Everybody would like to see a new Nokia to emerge, but nobody would like to see people behind it succeeding.
        People just want success stories out of nowhere feeling they were behind them.

  12. I work in one of these feminist hellholes, and really appreciate reading articles like this. Best advice is to just keep your mouth shut (hard at times I know) and fly under the radar as best as possible. I think of myself as an actor, just playing a role until I can be myself again at 5:00. Never forget who you truly are, a savage primal heart beats inside of us that these SJW feminists fear and will never understand.

      1. I’d settle for a constant focused message of strength, independence and responsibility, and stop glorifying weakness, over the course of the next 4 – 8 years of his presidency. Reward courage, hard work and discipline. Start shaming people looking for handouts and safe spaces. Do this on a national level and make it a continuing narrative. Trump can and should use his bully pulpit in this regard.

        1. You will settle for gay marriage? Transgender reproduction? Teaching kids that boys and girls have same right to become mothers?

        2. You bring up 2 separate but similar issues regarding LGBT.
          Transgenderism is a mental illness. There is still time to halt the SJW nuts on this, but we need a strong leader like Trump to lead the way.
          SCOTUS has already ruled on gay marriage. That Pandora’s box has been opened. Teach your children well, or make the conscious decision not to bring them into this world – this destructive, backwards culture.

        3. And we need strong conservatives to be strong conservatives and not give up on marriage. We weren’t wrong, same sex couples don’t have a right to procreate together and we need to say so. Boys don’t have a right to be pregnant, girls do. Girls don’t have a right to impregnate, boys do. Marriage is for couples where one has the right to impregnate the other. We must void all same sex marriages to protect the reproductive rights of marriage, which are the basis of equality.
          The fact is, males and females have equal, but different rights. The right to be pregnant is equal to the right to impregnate, but obviously not the same.

        4. “And we need strong conservatives to be strong conservatives and not give up on marriage. We weren’t wrong, same sex couples don’t have a right to procreate together and we need to say so.”
          nail, hammer, head.
          too many “conservatives”….you know Hannity, Rush, Beck, and 90% of the big radio names will cry foul about immorality but then say “a woman can do whatever she wants or the wife is usually smarter than me” or “I dont care if you’re LBGT just dont infringe on my rights”.
          few if any will say….no bitch your place is at home with kids and no LBGT people go to hell with your master Satan.
          speaking of….pastors….you are weak sacks of shit pretending to be conservative. Satan has you by your balls.

        5. “speaking of….pastors….you are weak sacks of shit pretending to be conservative. ”
          Indeed. Churches are singing a different tune now for corporate self preservation – welcoming gays and endorsing gay marriage and tryanny culture, etc. I was raised under traditional family / cultures as laid down by the bible in the traditional bible.

        6. yep….i believe in CHrist and God….but finding a church that doesnt teach about the girly Jesus who has a beard is like finding a needle in a haystack.
          i just dont go anymore.

        7. Are you one of those niggers that think they need Massa’s permission to merge your assets and have a celebration ceremony?
          I get so sick of the whole marriage debate. What, your “Sacred Vows” aren’t legit unless Sally Mae down at the county clerk’s office approves it?
          Statists are so fucking ridiculous sometimes.

        8. So you value the “legitimacy” of your local mafia more than you do to actual God that you make this sacred vow to? If you are athiest, I get it. But if you are a believer, yet you hold the county clerk’s permission in higher regard than your vow before God, then you are not only a sinner for bowing to down to a false god, but you’re a spineless one at that for licking the boots of those that would oppress you.

        9. I hear ya – and worse when the pastor starts referring to Jesus as female, eg “give thanks to the mothet Jesus and…” usually it’s female pastors that push this shit. Even if a church is not openly accepting of progressive nonsense but has a female pastor is reason enough to avoid.

        10. The purpose of marriage was to restrain a woman to a man in exhcange for his provision. This meant if she strayed she’d be thrown out with nothing. Originally, it went so far as to give the children to the man in the case of divorce. This was all part of the legal code, as such it has an effect, women typically stayed loyal and marriafes were strong.
          Then someone felt bad that divorcing mothers were leaving marriages without their children, and decided, in contrast to any evidence, that the best place for a child was with the mother.
          Afterwards, someone else noticed that these single mom “families” were broke so they insisted on mandatory child support payment
          Then smoene else noticed that the men couldnt make the arbitrary child support payments, especially when they were broken and depressed, and so decided to start jailing men when they missed their child support payments
          Then they noticed that some of those women were adulterous, and because they didnt want any woman anywhere to ever feel bad about anything, they decided thwt even women who were alcoholics, beating their children and banging a train of guys on their wedding nights should still get the benefits of divorce
          Then of course, they noticed men werent getting married, and so now some geniuses has decided to enforce declaring defacto common law marriages. Which means if you dont throw the stupid bitch out the door by a certain point in time you are 100% obligated.
          So keep on talking about “statists”. There are a lot of people having a very good laugh at your expense

        11. So when a couple makes a sacred vow to God that they will hold a life together in honor and loyalty, it isn’t legit until Sally Mae at the county clerk’s office rubber stamps her approval? That is just plain stupid. God did not invent a monopoly of coercive force over a particular geographic region. That is a man made delusion. We do not “render unto Caesar” because Caesar has a legitimate right to the fruits of our la or. We render unto Caesar because he will kill us for resistance. Which God do you really worship? The one that sets you free or the one that violates your rights?

        12. government can try to regulate marriage, but really it can’t regulate paternity.

        13. well i havent run across that….but even if it isnt mother Jesus it is Jesus who is the lover to my soul or who loves us all so very very much….while this is probably a true that He loves us…..rarely do we hear about the same Jesus who tells His best friend peter “get behind me Satan” aka the warrior Jesus.
          and even if its not a female pastor….lover girl Jesus is shown in many other ways. charity and kindness take priority over action and challenging things. Jesus told us to cast out devils….no room for such bold actions of war because Jesus of 2016 loves everyone and accepts everyone just the way they are!!!! God made you perfect you know sins and all are welcome here in the 2016 church.

        14. I’d lastly add its hardly a thing of just female pastors….which in and of itself shouldnt be a thing. male white knight beta pastors push this crap.

    1. I did too, exactly why I left corporate, all the political
      correctness, ass kissing, equal opportunity (for all but white men), liberal feminists, sjw’s, etc. Six figure salary was great, but with no deductions, once the state of California & federal government got through with it, over 30% was gone, which is like working almost two 10 hour days, with a 1 hour commute per week for free. Been self-employed for 6 years, write everything off & pay little taxes. Best feeling is not supporting the parasites: mostly being single mothers & illegal immigrants…

      1. No equal opportunity for white men? Hah. I got a story. My boss (not a minority) was relocated from a high cost market to a moderate cost market at company expense. His peer, (a minority) was also relocated from a very high cost area to a much lower cost area. Per the boss, the other guy was asked to take a pay cut because of where he was moving!

    2. It’s easy to get angry and spew venom. That’s what they want; anything they can to use against you. Anything that can be used to start the sentence “he made me feel uncomfortable because he said…”. Great job keeping tight lipped. I wrote this because I’m terrible at it and need to practice more. I constantly want to fight about how wrong others are. I know it’s a waste of time and only gets me into trouble. Most of the world is in bed with lies, they don’t want to see the beauty of truth.

      1. Who wants to work with such people? This is the result of working with women.

      2. Precisly where I was, just start by cutting your news intake. Read, watch less politics, hit the gym, bike, get out. I know its hard sometimes to keep the mouth shut.

    3. Same here – I see myself acting till 5 pm, talking about nonsence like the best coffeehouse around, travelling plans, the weather…..but inside I dream of a long march through the institutions toward grear patriarchy.

  13. These problems will go away when Trump signs the law that ends gay marriage and rules out male pregnancy and female impregnation. Being proven right will make things much easier.

    1. Trump signs the law that ends gay marriage
      You should probably lower your expectations somewhat.

      1. Why? Transgender women don’t have a right to be pregnant, and same sex couples don’t have a right to reproduce. If Trump thinks we should let men gestate babies I will be shocked. It’s way too expensive and divisive.

        1. Trump will not be signing any laws ending gay marriage. There can be no law to sign, as there was no law legalizing it. It was legalized through court decision.

        2. The court decided the way it did because there are no laws against same sex couples procreating. Once we prohibit males being pregnant and females impregnating, then same sex couples won’t have a right to procreate and we have to void all same sex marriages.
          It absolutely has to be done and done fast.

        3. An insignificant number of queers adopt children that were swindled or stolen from hetero couples by marxist state feminazis. Trump espouses nationalistic Vlad-o-nomics for the US which it needs. American working families are ready to rock the shit out of the place like never before. It’s either Hillary in an insulated safety bubble or Trump who will likely listen. Trump can’t single handedly make America great again. Americans must raise the banners and continue the march. Will the US gov pay or give incentive for US families to crank out kids while slamming the borders on the refugee hoardes? That would be Vlad-o-raculous for campaign Trumpspeak to de-globalize and re-nationalize the federal boards. Proud Americans must continue breathing fire on the irons and Trump will remain our good fellow in the oval office. The fleas and bloodsuckers will flee and jump ship.

    2. I have to hand it to you, you fully deserve the price for stupidest comment I have read today.
      First off, there is no such thing.
      Secondly Trump would be an idiot to even take a single stand on the issue. And an idiot he is not.
      Please do come back and add a reply when I’m proven 100% right.

      1. And there never will be such a thing, because Trump will sign the law that rules it out and voids all same sex marriages. Do you want that to happen or not?

        1. I’m wondering if you just skipped biology or what the hell is wrong with you.
          You do realize a baby needs a womb in a well generally taken care of woman’s body to grow? Women don’t produce sperm?
          I frankly don’t give two shits about gays or transvesties one way or another, and honestly I hope Trump doesn’t go for that because there are a million more important issues than the feelings of or relations of a minute 0.2% of the population.
          You are a fuckig SJW troll shithead trying to turn it into a fight about shit that matters to no one except 0.5% of the population.
          For shits and giggles go out on a street and ask people about this and post the video here of what their responses are. I fucking dare you to.
          Now if you can’t focus on something that actually matters then seriously and my eyebrows are lowered to show I’m no longer much amused, FUCK OFF AND CHOKE On your bullshit. Get it now?

        2. I’m wondering […] what the hell is wrong with you
          OCD, or some similar variant. He is extremely fixated on something he thinks he learned some time ago. I don’t think it’s intentional trolling, based on his history and my earlier interaction with him.

        3. So what do you think, should transgender women be allowed to gestate a baby in the future, if and when a doctor develops a way to give transgender women a womb?

    1. Don’t shit where you eat. Unless you are the boss and fired the female prior to bang.

    2. You can get away with this maybe in the service industry (thinking back to my days as a bartender). Once in feminized office/cubicle life however, you will find yourself shit up a creek without a paddle very quickly if you try this.

  14. I keep my personal and professional lives separate, period. My co workers know some of my hobbies, i.e. lifting weights, but they don’t know that much.
    They certainly don’t know I frequent this site, nor will they ever, since I use a burner email for my Disqus account, which is separate from my personal email, which itself is separate from my work email.
    I kinda like the double life aspect of being neomasculine, it has a fight – club feel to it.

    1. Yeah its amazing once you take up the Red Pill philosophy how strange it is to hear people talk.
      They really don’t understand that they’re caged monkies increasingly forced to tow the party line like in 1984..
      But this same knowledge is power..

      1. There’s one co-worker of mine who might be purple pill, given that he was divorce raped.
        Other than that, I’m my own island. Thank God I can sneak away during lunch to lift weights.

    2. My sentiments exactly. People I work with only know some facets about me and I provide only minimal details-they know only I enjoy soccer, lifting weights and reading literature/philosophy. Beyond that I am tight-lipped about my political conviction, world view, and other particulars. I compartmentalise everything and never allow one sphere blend into the other-my credo being ‘don’t shit where you eat’.

    3. Yeah, and considering that I got the full feminism powered corporate strap on right up the arse today, it’s even worse when you’re a contributor to the site and in need of fresh material, heh.
      The nice thing is they screwed me so blatantly the entire department noticed and is pissed. I may not have to do anything besides watch the circus.

      1. Corporate elites float around and boast resumes (chair of this corp, vice chair of that corp and pres of another corp). It’s like a caste system. Middle mgrs live like dogs eating each other and the corporate culture perpetuates the atmosphere of thirst. It’s hell on earth. Lower blue uniforms eat from the lunch machines and talk the dumb corporate bread and circus but lower their heads or do the ‘Rochester’ ”yes boss” when the group of higher hats walks by. Now many hats wear skirts. How can anyone bear it?

      2. Depending on the wiretapping laws in your state, mini recorder, female lawyer on speed dial. It has worked for me more than once.

  15. Yea, yea. Got all 6 in a row… Looks like I gotta go “sole proprietor” in the long-term till I can “grow and expand” from there… Amen.
    ~ Sincerely,
    Bro. Jed

  16. i work in tech sector in CA, and altough company is filled with lgbt must be cool now stuff , I don’t feel article is correct. i would even say most people here are white males who don’t give a shit about political correctness.

  17. I have never talked about any of these in the work place. work is for work and at 5:00; it doesn’t exist.

    1. I’m not going to click that been enough about that in the German media recently, 60 houses were raided by the police recently. It’s all sick and its days are numbered.

      1. WHAT. THE. FUCK!
        Alright, I have decided. I am never going to work again in this shit land. I am going to sit comfortably on my welfare and exploit the people, cause these idiots fucking deserve it.
        Fucking. Incredible.

        1. Good start, but not contributing products/services or taxes is not enough. Destruction of public infrastructure financed by worse than useless sheeple is also necessary as well as throwing boot parties for rapefugees.
          The only good thing about living in a cold cUntry is nobody looks at you funny for wearing a ski mask so it’s almost impossible to get caught. Even if you do the “punishment” is free meals, rent, cable tv and gym at inflated public sector prices creating an even more massive drain on cUntemporary “society”. Do your part to bleed the beast dry.
          If you are married you even get the benefit of regular conjugal visits without having to do all the other couple crap most pussy whipped married guys do to get poon less often than you do!
          Seeing as how you have made the admirable decision to never work again you don’t need to be worried about a record/conviction/incarceration making it impossible to ever be hired as a wage slave in the future.
          Con college is also a good place for networking opportunities and where organization$ with much better benefit$ scout new talent. Ability to feign PC faggotry is not an elligibility requirement either, quite the opposite in fact.

  18. That’s a long way of saying:
    “The stake that sticks up gets hammered down.”
    Been there done that and lost. More than once. My current boss wants me to do it again. I don’t.
    When I fought the system and made my employers millions of dollars the corporation didn’t reward me and some of the people I had to work with became obstructionist tattle tales. So why should I bother?

  19. Most of these points apply to people who work in education like me. I get complaints when I set the bar too high for students and teachers around me find my interest in arty things odd at best and objectionable at worst, especially since the novels I read tend to be by white men.
    It is truly a race to the bottom across the board.

    1. I agree with you brother. I too am in education, and unless you are a standup clown circus, they want nothing to do with it.
      Today my wife and I were observing how there is no humor in the classroom anymore unless it is the most visceral, in your face kind. When I was in my late teens, early 20’s comedians like George Carlin had you laughing until you hurt. Not anymore, now there is just an eerie silence.

    2. That’s why I got the fuck out after 10 years. The money is better outside of education, too.

      1. What can you do after educatuon though? Did you get a new qualificafion so you could work in a different field?

        1. I went into law enforcement. I took medical retirement a couple of years ago and now work as a shooting/self defense instructor.
          Ex-teachers are pretty in demand because they have transferable skills. Others I have known have gone into Sales, Real Estate, Insurance Sales, Insurance Adjustment, etc. One or two became plumbers or electricians. What interests you? Not everything requires a degree or certification in that field.

  20. I remember working at a Target years ago. The entire staff was sjws and post wall cows. Im glad i had the non social position as a janitor.

  21. In the corporate world you won’t survive being conservative, you just wont. Don’t post to social media, don’t voice your opinions. Just shut up and keep your head down. it has been totally infected by SJW PC culture. That photo of you dressed like a Mexican in college? Congrats your unemployable.

  22. If you are competent, nothing else matters.
    Y’all talk game and frame with wives and side pieces, yet you cringe like bitches when work comes up.
    I’ve worked at the most left wing of jobs imaginable and women are women. Be an alpha at work and you can get away with nearly anything.
    Too many boys and not enough men are trying to write about things they know NOTHING about.
    Seriously? This article is the business equivalent of those relationship articles telling guys to “be themselves.”
    You are killing me with this shit.
    It’s WORK.
    Why are talking politics? Are you confused? Do you think you’re at a country club? Are you an SJW seeking attention?
    Here’s how you don’t get fired:
    1) Be a mutha fucking beast at what you do. Grow up. Take the drive you’ve thrown at working out, gaming, women, sports and focus on your job.
    2) Understand that work=SURVIVAL. It should be second only to your children, and then only sometimes.
    3) Be a company man. Be loyal. Be sincere. Your company is the ship keeping you alive. Don’t try to sink it or mutiny.
    4) Expand your responsibilities. If you are GOOD at your job, you’ll do more work and better work in less and less time.
    5) Always be a little underpaid. Be THE bargain they are greatful for.
    If you’re worth anything, your job is secure. Failure at work is like failure at anything else.

    1. If you are competent, nothing else matters.

      1. Whatever junior.
        If you ever get a job, or a family, come back and then weigh in.
        I’ve been reading your bullshit comments for about a year. You do realize, right, that in any given thread on ROK, most comments are yours.
        You spend more time on here than you spend on anything else.
        I can’t believe no one sees through you, you unemployable bum.

    2. alpha is great, but really most of us want to get fired. who wants to actually work? slaves???? yea that’s who!

    3. Decent advice except for #3. Loyalty is a two way street. Company loyalty died long ago. These days, we’re all free agents.
      #5 is also ill advised. Know your worth and demand it. Otherwise, you are a chump.

  23. Women being the weaker sex and having to take care of and protect children, safety is their number one concerns. No surprise if you put them in charge they will make laws to that effect. Men have a different nature, to go out and kill a buffalo is both a dangerous and a necessary thing. You put women in charge, and no one is brave enough to hunt the buffalo.

    1. Women are risk adverse which is hard wired into their biology so that they can carry out their maternal duties. A woman can’t conceive, give birth and then raise offspring if they become injured or killed. This is why why women don’t belong in front line policing or front line combat.

      1. And to boot they desperately want support during that period…which they had to negotiate/deserve. Now they can just vote to steal money out of your pocket.

  24. Herdthink is detrimental to a competitive spirit. My house is paid off so that I could advance in life with other things. I don’t want to be like everyone else and pay for it until I’m 60.

  25. The bottom line is that most men, if they can’t be the super rich dude banging models sniffing coke in a private jet all day, are most happy living a minimalist lifestyle…..it’s women who are into the consumerist/corporatist dream….it doesn’t matter how much money a woman has or what her income, she will find a way to spend it all and leverage herself into debt for thngs she doesnt really need…..
    Free yourself from Mammon, and then you can focus on working for yourself or taking whatever job suits your lifestyle and sense of pride.

    1. Best advice yet. You are 100% correct. Dudeism is the way to go. Google it. A Lebowski lifestyle.

  26. No one at work needs to know your political beliefs. If you work in a male dominated field and you do something that requires little time for social chit chat, for example, engineering, it should be fine. However, if you were working in an office setting with a group of bitchy gossiping women you might be in trouble,

  27. One gentleman I met who I’ll call Bill, was good at what he did and told me a story of what he did in the company when he first got there. There were two flights QF95 and QF96. QF95 brought you into the country, QF96 took you out. So he says to the factory manager something like “This place is beginning to give me the shits, I think I’ll hop on the next QF95 flight out of the country”
    The next day Bill was talking to the general manager about something and the GM though he would correct Bill and said “By the way its QF96 not QF95”
    Bill’s response, “I knew that! I just wanted to find out who talks to who around this place”

  28. I have to say, where you’re working makes a world of difference.
    For a little over a year, I’ve been working in the corporate headquarters of a company and it’s basically been as you described. I work with a few people who are outspoken lberals at work and openly hostile towards anyone who dares to disagree (I made that mistake once and learned to keep my damn mouth shut). There are minorities who openly make “white people jokes,” which I don’t really give a shit, the thing that bothers me is that if the shoe were on the other foot, I’d be fired. Our latest crop of new hires (in engineering, mind you) was recruited more on “diversity” than on qualifications for our job, and HR has been completely open and unabashed about it. They have mandated that 50% of all new hires in engineering must be women. A coworker of mine dared to ask a question “Why don’t we just hire the best people for the job? Wouldn’t it be less discriminatory to just look at experience and talent rather than ethnicity or gender?” and was basically told to sit down, shut up, and that that was a narrow-minded and discriminatory approach.
    On the flip side, I’ve recently been sent to a plant in the middle of nowhere to work for a few weeks, and it could not be more different. The men still talk like men, speak their minds, make crude jokes, talk about the young, female intern’s ass, etc. Kind of reminds me of the barber shop scene from “Gran Torino”:
    The place isn’t all men, but basically all of the women work in the office attached to the plant, where it’s clean, there’s AC, and no physical labor. If you want to have some sense of freedom in the workplace, you have to find one of the areas that women haven’t permeated, which these days is basically only where they don’t want to go: somewhere it’s dirty, hot, the work is physically demanding, and you actually have to deliver physical results to show that you’ve been working. Somewhere like a plant, a machine shop, a construction site, a garage, a rig, etc.

  29. If there was a way to make marriage legally be a man and a woman again, if Trump could sign a law that would end gay marriage in every state, would you want him to? Or do people here prefer that men can marry men and women can marry women?

    1. I would like to see some restriction on gay behaviour in public places. Probably undoing the marriage thing would be good as it gives it societal endorsement it shouldn’t have and sends the message that something abnormal is normal. I still don’t care so much about them having a piece of paper together and even a street parade once, but no more than once per year. In some ways I would like to see it banned from the media and public life but on the other hand they are not doing that much harm walking down the streets holding hands etc. There needs to be some restoring of the sense that it is abnormal and unfortunate to be gay. We can respect them but by no means hold up their activities like some kind of message of what is good or normal.

      1. “Probably undoing the marriage thing would be good.”
        Come on of course it will be good, and it’s terrible what it is doing to society.

      1. It was a mistake, an assumption that same sex couples were infertile. But it actually said they had a right to be fertile, men to be pregnant, women to impregnate, etc.

    2. The feminists and their “Useful Idiots” of the female population have made marriage too risky and expensive for any sane man to seriously contemplate it. As far as I am concerned, the Gays can have marriage all that they want…which they likely will; that is, until the Divorce Industry is turned loose on them like it has been on us men for the last fifty years.

      1. That’s why politicians legalised such a travesty in the first place. Imagine how much lawyers, courts, and divorce industry have made with all the havoc homosexuals have created with suing christian companies for not catering to their lifestyle. Look at how many people have lost their jobs, how many have been imprisoned all because they refuse to accept gay marriage. Recently a Christian website was sued $100,000s by gay activists because their website didn’t cater for homosexuals. So much for “love”, “freedom” and “equality”.

  30. Commons sense dictates keep your mouth shut in the work place. Put skid chains on your tongue. Keep your opinions, religion, politics, and private life just that – private. Anything you say can and will be used against you.
    This applies to men even more than women. Men, particularly white men are now deemed to be second class citizens because of hateful PC and feminist culture inflicted on society by the Marxist left. A nasty office bitch who wants a male coworker out of the way so she can get promoted, or simply because she doesn’t like him, just has to utter sexism, or harassment and he’s finished.

    1. Or you can do what I do. Keep a micro recorder on you, have a lawyer on speed dial, and successfully use their own tactics against them. It has not only been lucrative, but has saved my ass more than once.

    2. For sure, even more so for men. I have witnessed women making inappropriate comments about guys, and it’s always written off as a joke, where it would never have been tolerated if it was the other way around.

  31. What a fantastic article.. Dreams don’t belong in the workplace, compliance does… …Co-workers don’t want to hear how you spent your Friday night working on a project, reading philosophy or learning how to woodwork. They want to hear how you went to some dive bar… I’ve also noticed that and there is another manifestation of it, if they are all eating pizza and drinking beer, you are supposed to as well, even if they all have fat guts etc. If you eat a salad or say drink protein powder there’s so many fricking comments that fly around and peer pressure. The article and mention of everyone’s feeling and safe spaces prompted me to listen to this again, what happens when Reality tries to enter a safe space, very funny.. 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXQkXXBqj_U

  32. Something else you left out: You must take your social cues from the media. When is the last time the dominant media made a stand that could have cost them their livelihood? In this century they have succeeded in reshaping the culture into the form that they want. If you disagree with anything that goes against their desires or norms, they will attack you. If you think I am an alarmist, just look at this image from the Ann Arbor News. It was a posting to an article about the poor in A2 and the editor of that rag actually responded to the poster:

  33. it was a meritocracy. TOO much who you know still exists. Some people can gossip their asses off (some of my bosses) and no one says diddly. Some are f’n hypocrites to the extent I wanted to out one to REALLY mess up the management hierarchy. I still think of sending his peer the BIG newspaper article I googled that shows how much of a two-faced person he is.
    Unfortunately, they don’t work in the same location so I could see the disdain and feel the figurative knifing every time they sit across the table from each other.

  34. This is why I don’t to work on office jobs. My relatives and mother keeps on telling me, get an office job. They have no idea of these PC bullshit that is going in the corporate world. I want to avoided as much as possible. Right now I like my current job as valet.

  35. Here’s another point of view: Give less fucks.
    The less fucks you give, the less any of this rubbish matters.
    If you are in a position where it does matter, work on turning the tables.

    1. Fate also sees to it that getting fired for being unpolitically correct ends up landing one a better (paid) job. I’ve had this multiple times; Jung would probably say it’s the unconscious helping one upgrade jobs.

  36. I once asked an older gentleman (about late 80s) what the secret was to long life. He said the secret was keeping your bowels open and your mouth shut. Good advice, but hard to implement.

  37. From being in my current corporate work environment, I can say that all these points are quite salient. Wear your poker face. Others, especially that bitchy and domineering project manager(why are they always female??), are very good at reading body language.
    That being said, find allies. Generate trust slowly via communication; go get a coffee in order to step away from the cloistered environment. Even with individuals that you have some more trust in: over and above your expected work performance, trust no-one. In group settings, give up information like a poker game; be quite measured in your words and when in doubt keep your mouth shut but listen intently. Sounds terrible but it’s the only way to survive.

    1. “Others, especially that bitchy and domineering project manager(why are they always female??)…”
      Why are they always female? Because of “Affirmative Action” and “Equal Opportunity” — otherwise, they would be working at low-level, government jobs like file clerks…where they belong.
      Remember, “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”.

  38. Working in a corporate Enviroment for many years I have seen and experienced every single reason above. When you are young you do not realize what trouble your mouth can get you in.
    But as time progressed and I learn how to navigate through the corporate Enviroment I learned that the best thing you can do is to keep your mouth shut! The less you say the more easily you are able to move around. Now it does not mean that you should not be social with your work mates. It is just that you have to choose what you want people to know and what you don’t want them to know.
    Stay from talking about two things! Religion and Politics! It will start a shit storm that might end up with you seeing the Human Resources person! The coporate Enviroment is a battlefield everyday and you must be a soldier ready to deceive and fight if necessary albeit secretly.
    I cannot tell you how many times I have done things behind my higher ups backs and have gotten away with it! Sometimes I got caught and would be written up or reprimanded for doing it.
    In the end though it’s best to just keep your opinions to yourself and play the game! Even if you do not like it! The game is played in all corporate environments so no matter where you go it’s the same game just different players.
    The only way to get out of the rat race is to be your own man and start your own business! That is the only way you will get out of this bullshit!
    Great post!!

      1. I’ve been myself in the office for 30 years, and it hasn’t hurt me yet. But I never push my opinions. When asked I give them, but I don’t go around looking for arguments.

    1. My guilty, white liberal co-workers have no problem talking politics, as they assume they’re just reasonable, and of course everyone must agree! I usually either leave the room or change the subject. At another job, one time I did respond to the VP of diversity, but at the time I had little to loose. Currently, I’ve become a big fish in a little pond with some flexibility, so in retaliation I do push some of my co-workers on occasion. I also have pro-gun stickers on my car, and have pictures in my office of John Wayne and Reagan.
      But yes, overall, I’m still careful. At my last job, when I was interviewing for it, I parked my pro-gun car at the next building over. Haha!

  39. People are like jealous vultures, and angry hyenas that can’t suck up enough intestinal matter to satisfy their hypocritical emotions, so they constantly feed off of your energy.

    1. Nothing breeds hatred and jealousy and envy around you faster than your success and nonconformity, and your surrounding peers failing to figure out how to be successful too.

  40. I don’t know about this.
    I have been working or Wall St firms for 30 years.
    20 as an independent consultant.
    1) I am a very conservative libertarian and will explain what that means without hesitation if a coworker asks about it.
    2) Have spoken my mind on countless occasions. Only once (in 2016) was I reported to HR. And management squashed the complaint against me like a bug.
    3) I have never hit on a girl at work (or any other non-pro), but I certainly have voiced my opinion on things like maternity leave and affirmative action.
    4) I am EXTREMELY upfront with coworkers & mgmt about my reasons for staying in IT and my refusal to convert from consulting to full time — $$$!
    5) See (1)
    6) For the most part I keep my personal life personal. I see no reason to broadcast how I spend my weekends. It’s non of their business.
    I have always been able to get work, a 3 month outage last year non-withstanding. I realize this is Wall St and is still a somewhat male realm, but even if I had to look elsewhere for work, I would not change. And neither should anyone else.

  41. ‘Who would have thought it would ever leave the wild west of the web and enter reality? Who would expect that politicians would begin to take the beliefs of the misfits in earnest?
    I didn’t. Nor did I foresee that this kind of child think would invade the [real world]’
    Only read thus far.
    However, I can see where this is going and if this subject interests you, you should see this……

    ‘n stop whining about it being 50 minutes long.
    Have you got to rush off and do your hair?

  42. OK read it.
    Ha, not bad.
    I’ve worked in a 95% female dominated field for 15 years and it’s right on (2 & (3.

  43. Find an all male workplace. I can’t stress this enough. Yes, they exist: I work in one. You may have to get your hands dirty, sweat, lift things, burn, freeze, spend time alone, invest money, buy equipment, study hard, get degrees, put in long hours and other tough shit. It’s worth it. Business and pleasure only mix if you’re a pimp. I don’t approve of prostitution (despite past patronage), so monkish professional life it is. You avoid a lot of PC bull that way and have more time and energy to spare for more pleasurable pursuits during your time off

    1. …an unchallenged man is a complacent one who becomes someone elses tool….Todays boys don’t know what it means to BUILD their own character, they just want to adopt and easy no effort one, and the current feminist controlled society will be more than happy than to give them they one they deserve and can handle..

  44. Unfortunately all true. Ironically, however, I felt more at home in my last job before retirement which was with a state government where almost all my colleagues were quite right-of-center, than I did in the large private corporation I where I worked before that.

  45. I thought this was supposed to be a website for MEN? This attitude of keeping your mouth shut is pathetic, and if we all simply continue to follow it, then nothing will ever change. I have a rule that I never initiate a conversation about politics in the office, but if someone else does (and it’s usually the same old bullsh1t PC BBC-approved views that get aired the loudest), I will have no hesitance in making my views known. It feels great every time I do it and would rather be speaking freely than spending my life tip-toeing around others. YOLO.
    Fvck em – if I lose my job over my valid opinions then I’d sue, and I’ll get a better job as have more than enough of a financial buffer to see me over.

    1. “as have more than enough of a financial buffer to see me over.”
      See thats the point. The majority of todays young do not have this option.
      Weak at heart.
      Have no real education other than turning paper.
      NO MONEY
      semi-castrate and terrible with women
      No life mission
      Live life day by day and drown themselves in pot and video games
      They never had a fight, never tasted their own blood.
      worse. never bashed someones head against the floor and tasted the sweet, sweet taste of victory.
      In short. A lost generation ..or two.
      Why? Because the now 60+ generation and the next never made plans that went past “I, me and mine”. Nothing left for the young to claim. World is already beeing owned.

      1. What is there to lament if there is no MALE competition around you? SO what, unless you missed the real challenge of at least having some decent male competition around you, it can make you complacent. Being surrounded by cucks, manginas, and the like would make me pretty despondent too. Too bad for them that they don’t know what it takes to be successful in the real world save for their participation trophies…

  46. Sad, but gotta play the game. But there are ways to speak without being spoken to. For example, if everyone is bashing Trump, just remain silent at work. Just accept it. There WILL be retaliation, and YOU WILL NOT be able to prove it.
    For the time being, you are only safe in the anonymous troll-o-sphere.
    To fight back, you have to learn the art of subtlety. And find a way to support the small minority of people who CAN stick their neck out.

    1. Why should you remain silent if everyone is bashing Trump? He’s the elected President for God’s sake! That should surely give them less grounds to attempt to discipline you for having the “wrong” opinions – you are hardly alone and time to stop being silent!
      I actually love all the Trump-bashing even here in Europe. It gives me the perfect opportunity to respond by saying I agree with him though he doesn’t go far enough, and unleash many un-PC opinions to their shock. These people only have their opinions because they think they are being fashionable and have never thought about issues in much depth nor have even seen the statistics on many issues – they are easy to destroy in an argument. The fact that Trump is now President means that they can’t now make you out to be some sort of oddball outcast. The election of Trump has improved our freedom of speech even here in Europe!!

  47. Majoring in shitty useless majors in the number one source of unemployment. Major in something difficult and in high in demand and you’ll always be employed.

    1. A guy I met one time, he had gradated from college with $70k in student loans, was making $6 an hour, and had a major in something like medieval poetry. I asked what was he thinking, and he replied, “My professors just kept telling me to sign the paperwork.” Haha!

  48. Only way out of this dilemma is to work for yourself, many immigrant groups like Asians had value systems that made them unemployable in American corporations, they wound being the richest ethnic group in America anyway. How? Self employment. Working in an office for a boss is for cucks, to stay employed you will have to play a charade to keep your seat at the cubicle and get your biweekly check.
    How far you think Trump would have gotten in life with his personality and his opinions if he went to work after college as an employee of some company? He would not have gotten very far, he would just be another angry old slob, but he became financially independent, and with that he was able have a voice and express his views. He went into the family business, he was and still is defacto self employed. Trump has been making controversial statements for years, way before he ran for President. Main reason he got away with it is he is his own boss. What is he is going to do, fire himself?
    By the way, all the things you mention apply to work culture in America, Britain, and Western Europe. Its not so much the case in Eastern Europe and Asia. Though everywhere you have to go with the flow when you work for someone else.

  49. “People need to feel important. Outrage culture has taught us that you don’t have to be remarkable anymore to be special. Whining and complaining will create the same affect”. Most excellent and succinctly put. This whining will be followed by time off work to recover, and don’t get me started on criticism leave.
    This article rates up their with, “How to survive a modern day witch hunt”.

  50. I have 3 co-workers I trust with my actual opinions. Other Veterans, shooters, hunters… and obviously men. And it was only gradually that I came to trust them.
    it would never occur to me to start sharing my honest opinions with a wider group of co-workers. I have nothing in common with most of them and want nothing from them except my paycheck.

  51. At the very top of this article you mention folks that abandon science and logic in favor of feelings and safe spaces. Are you talking about LGBTs or folks who subscribe to creationism and deny the fact that we are polluting the shit out of the planet? I’m asking for a friend.

    1. I could answer your question 2 ways:
      Long answer: The author is referring to the LGBT crowd that espouses gender is a social construct. While somehow race is a definable quality based on genetics which nobody can change, gender is not. This defies all science and replaces the facts with an illogical construct based on how a person “feels”. This is not like creationism which is an idea revealed by God which symbolically describes the process in which our Earth came to exist in it’s present state. It is described as thus in the Bible; Light (Big Bang), Land and seas separated (collection of earth materials from gravity), light separated from darkness (Sun shines), creation of plants (Beginning of simple lifeforms), creation of animals (diversification of life), Adam (beginning of man)…….I don’t understand why you mentioned pollution. Go to any third world country with a destroyed economy, and you will see a destroyed environment. A person who is starving will not care about the environment, they care about feeding themselves. Only when a society is prosperous enough, will it spend the spare resources on the environment. It has been liberal throw away policies that has caused more damage to the environment, whether abandonment of nuclear energy in favor of wasteful sources like wind and solar, or burdensome manufacturing restrictions and trade policy sending work overseas. All of this for virtue signalling and feel good policies.
      Short answer: Tits and/or GTFO, faggot

      1. You did a pretty accurate job of laying out the evolution of this planet and life on it. It’s just too bad you preceded it with “idea revealed by God”. Fruit from the poisonous tree…
        Pollution is another thing that people who deny science tend to deny because it gets in the way of them (or the folks they worship and cuck for) making money. The truth is you’re right… in 3rd world places, they don’t care about pollution because they’re too focused on what they’re gonna eat. They also live inches from their own shit too.
        As for your short answer: “tits or gtfo, faggot”? I think you have the wrong impression of me. I’m not coming to defense of lgbt. I’m just pointing out how they are no more delusional than people who believe in a sky fairy. And if you were calling ME a faggot, it’s simply because you know for a fact you will never have to back your words up in real life.

  52. So glad I work in engineering in a conservative-majority office. I still keep my views to a minimum because some are rather extreme, but there are no lib-tards or SJWs here, or women looking to put men “in their (new) rightful place” with trips to HR, trivial or otherwise.
    STEM is awesome. Get a STEM education guys.
    Screw the offices the author describes above. You don’t want to work in such a wretched vagina-fest anyways. They talk about masculinity here all the time, yet the author suggests you have to completely emasculate yourself while at work.
    The last thing I said to an HR lady was 20 years ago: “Well, then I guess I won’t be working here anymore.”
    I packed a box, and walked out the door.
    Boss said “Where you going?”
    I said “Ask [email protected] in HR.”

  53. Nothing breeds hatred jealousy and envy around you faster than your success and nonconformity, and your surrounding peers failing to figure out how to be successful too. Personally I don’t understand why successful businessmen don’t fire any employee that doesn’t share the owners common goals of business success and profits, after all, why do employers HIRE people that do share in their corporate mindset and goals if NOT to achieve them. Good/SMART businessmen don’t keep employees and mind-setted individuals who you don’t put those goals first always, because they are not an ASSET to the company if they are not working towards that goal.

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