Are Transsexuals Who Sleep With Straight Men Guilty Of Rape?

Like a drag queen’s schlong popping out of his pantyhose, transgenderism has suddenly become the cause du jour of social justice warriors. Across America and the west at large, transsexuals are fighting for their “right” to be acknowledged as “female” just because they’ve had their penises flayed into leathery pouches. Not only that, trannies think they have a “right” to sleep with straight men without disclosing that they used to have penises, and that men who feel violated by this are “transphobic” bigots.

Unfortunately for transsexuals, what they’re doing might actually be rape.

Last month, New Jersey State Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D-Burlington) introduced a bill that would criminalize “rape by fraud,” the act of having sex with someone by lying about yourself. Rape-by-fraud laws not only have a long history in Anglo-American common law, they also have a strong amount of support from modern legal theorists. More importantly, laws such as New Jersey’s can be used to arrest trannies who trick straight men into sex.


A Brief History Of Rape By Fraud

While rape-by-fraud laws are rare in modern America—only California, Colorado, Alabama, Tennessee and Montana currently have them—there is a growing movement in American academia to expand their reach. Rape by deception is believed to have originated in medieval England as a way of protecting women who had sex with men pretending to be their husbands, a fairly easy maneuver at night when the only sources of illumination were fires and candles.

Rape by fraud first came to the attention of the public in 2008, when Massachusetts resident Marissa Lee-Fuentes cried rape after her boyfriend’s brother impersonated him in order to have sex with her; because Lee-Fuentes’s room was pitch-black, she didn’t notice the difference until he left. Because Massachusetts law requires that rape include the use of force, the case was thrown out of court. An attempt by then-State Representative Peter Koutoujian to pass rape-by-deception legislation died in committee.

Last year, California was forced to amend the state’s rape-by-fraud law because of a similar case. In People v. Morales, an appellate court overturned the 2009 rape conviction of Julio Morales, who had sex with a woman by sneaking into her darkened bedroom and pretending to be her boyfriend. According to the court, California’s rape-by-fraud law only protected women who slept with men pretending to be their husbands; because the woman was unmarried, Morales’s actions were not illegal. The state legislature quickly passed a bill to close this loophole, which was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on September 9, 2013.

Rape-by-fraud laws also exist in other countries. In the 1998 R. v. Cuerrier case, the Supreme Court of Canada declared that any instance of sex obtained through “dishonesty” is rape. A 2010 rape case in Israel drew international attention when Palestinian Sabbar Kashur was charged with rape by fraud after he slept with a Jewish woman by claiming to be Jewish himself. It was later revealed that the charge was part of a plea bargain, as Kashur had actually violently raped and beaten the woman.

Arguments in favor of rape-by-fraud laws have been advanced in American legal circles for years. One of rape-by-fraud’s most notable proponents is Yale Law School professor Jed Rubenfeld, husband of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother author Amy Chua. In his 2013 Yale Law Journal article “The Riddle of Rape-by-Deception and the Myth of Sexual Autonomy,” Rubenfeld argued in favor of rape-by-fraud laws with the reasoning that “in virtually every area of the law outside of rape, a consent procured through deception is no consent at all.”

Similar arguments were made by Daniel J. Slomnicki in Law Student Connection, a blog published by the New York State Bar Association. In a 2013 article, Slomnicki urged the New York state government to adopt a rape-by-fraud law:

New York does not have a crime of rape by fraud, deception, or impersonation. In fact, 27 states do not criminalize sexual intercourse obtained by fraudulent means. Furthermore, such a case has not been decided in a New York courtroom since 1994. Nevertheless, this paper argues that it is time for the New York legislature to act. It is time for the New York legislature to finally adopt an amendment that makes it a crime in the state of New York for a perpetrator who obtains sexual intercourse by fraudulent means. The New York legislature should act now and follow the leads of the many jurisdictions that already criminalize rape by fraud, deception or impersonation.

Given the feminist push to legitimize “date rape” and other forms of rape that don’t involve force, criminalizing rape by deception is the logical next step. However, social justice warriors have failed to realize how these laws can be used against them.


If You’re A Tranny, You Might Be A Rapist

The vast majority of straight men have no desire to sleep with transsexuals, because most men want to have sex with women, not dudes who’ve had their cocks hacked off with a rusty scalpel. Because trannies know deep down that none of the men they lust after want them, they resort to lying about their trans status in order to get laid. Indeed, many SJWs now argue that transsexuals don’t have to disclose their trans status to the men they seduce. Under rape-by-fraud statutes, this makes trannies into potential rapists.

Additionally, with the feminist idea of “enthusiastic consent” being codified into law, transsexuals find themselves in an even deeper pickle. California’s new “Yes Means Yes” sexual assault law means that anyone getting laid in the state is required to obtain enthusiastic, affirmative consent to avoid a rape charge. Any tranny who lies about his real sex to the men he beds is not obtaining affirmative consent, thereby making him a rapist under California law.

Despite this, most trannies are violently opposed to revealing their true identities to their sexual partners. Last year, a U.K. court ruled that it was illegal for transsexuals to have sex with others without disclosure, in accordance with existing rape law. Writing in VICE, tranny Paris Lees whined about the court’s decision, claiming “it’s all good if [transsexuals] can successfully ‘trick’ people.” Based on the writings of Lees and his peers, most trannies believe they should be allowed to rape straight men and get away with it.

We shouldn’t be surprised. What SJWs refer to as “transphobia” is a perfectly normal reaction to a social sickness. Men who wear skirts and get silicone breast implants have much higher rates of mental illness, drug addiction and suicide than the general population. The same mental pathology that leads men to get their scrotums reconstructed into clits also leads them to think they have a “right” to have sex with men who would otherwise find them repulsive.

I believe that people should be allowed to live however they want, but I also believe that two plus two equals four. No amount of “tolerance” re-education will get straight men to believe that having sex with a castrated guy is the same as sex with a woman. Until trannies learn to respect the sexual boundaries of others, I fully support any man who reports his tranny assailant to the police. If SJWs want to make rape by fraud a crime, they’ll have to live with the consequences.

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296 thoughts on “Are Transsexuals Who Sleep With Straight Men Guilty Of Rape?”

      1. I guess maybe if it was a great post op? I have no idea. There is no fucking way a tranny’s hole would feel the same as real pussy. Maybe virgins could fall prey…Or guys whom haven’t been laid in so long they forgot what it feels like.

        1. I agree. There is something that happens when a man gets desperate and horny. If men actually schooled other men or male relatives on the art of getting laid, I think the craze behind trannies would disappear completely.

        2. All men aren’t as shallow as you are and wouldn’t you think that guys that pursue transexuals pursue them for a reason, duh!

      1. (s)he’s better looking that many of the land-whales i see these beta simp faggots walking around with today.

  1. No amount of “tolerance” re-education will get straight men to believe that having sex with a castrated guy is the same as sex with a woman.
    To say the least. The more this nonsense goes on, the sooner the younger generations will turn to traditional expectations of feminine women as their way to rebel against all this relativist idiocy.

  2. I’ve always thought that trannies should have to wear badges or something indicating what they are. It could be a badge of honor for them since they are so proud and whatnot, and a danger marker for heterosexual men.
    And if it means that you are a Nazi and a bigot because you like good, clean, natural, and normal sugarwalls, well then by George let’s be Nazis!

  3. Answer – yes. But perhaps they get a reduced sentence because they are mentally ill.

  4. “Rape by deception is believed to have originated in medieval England as a way of protecting women who had sex with men pretending to be their husbands, a fairly easy maneuver at night when the only sources of illumination were fires and candles.”
    I’m not doubting the author. This is likely the origin of these laws. But this simply illustrates that white-knighting beta behavior has been around a long time.
    I don’t give a shit how fucking dark it is, a chick knows if she’s fucking the dude she has fucked a hundred times, or some new guy. But rape by deception keeps the beta pacified while allowing the wife to ride the carousel.

      1. Yuck. That is just low, and it’s even sadder that modern-day Anglosphere is de facto worshipping Gwenhwyfar like a SAINT!

  5. I feel bad for transsexuals. They have a mental illness that modern medicine won’t just acknowledge as a mental illness. They’ll never get the help they really need as long as society is dedicated to making their fantasies into reality.

    1. I agree but don’t worry. This age of nonsense can’t endure, human reality abhors it.

      1. I don’t know. Hormones have really taken off and they can make a young man into a rather convincing woman, at least much moreso than in the past.
        The sheer number of young men on hormones to “become women” is staggering and only continuing to grow. They are doing it younger and younger with parental consent.
        All I am trying to say is that things are getting weird and they could stay that way for generations. They are conditioning otherwise normal boys to accept trannies their own age and date them. This will only expand upon a significant homosexual undercurrent in the west.
        I believe it is by design that it is occurring concurrently with increasingly virulent, radical feminism. Women are less appealing, therefore create a third gender. I wish I could be more optimistic but this is happening before our very eyes.

        1. What statistics can you cite to support your argument that male to female transgenderism is increasing?

        2. Also, believe it or not, the better looking transsexuals have men taking care of them just like hot chicks.
          A lot of men out here are fucking trannys. Don’t ask me how I know…

        3. How could you not be aware of this trend?
          Nobody before the 70’s ever did this in the US

        4. cause it was illegal and quite impossible no information on it and scary. We are talking about humans who have feelings here. It’s not a trend. It is available all throughout history.

        5. No it’s a trend, a very harmful one and the suicide rates are extremely high. It is true that castration of feminine males is not a new idea, there is a certain brand of idiot’s logic to it. Talking people with severe depression into doing it themselves is new though.
          Despite what you go around telling people feminine males are not women nor can they be turned into women. They can only inflict hormone imbalances on themseves and live in the closet pretending to be a woman

    2. Homosexuality was considered a mental illness up until 1973, which isn’t long ago. Transsexualism is still listed as a mental illness in the DSM but this matters not. Lastly, Liberalism is also found under in the DSM under ‘Tic disorders’

        1. No, it was changed on an evidential review including over 120 papers. Medicine moves on. We don’t drill holes ins skulls to let out demons because evidence has shown that to be incorrect. Look at the draft version (free) which lists the references. Nor does it affect capacity for reasoning and rational thought, and indeed the growing body of papers showing physiological brain differences i.e. the brains of trans women most closely matching those of typical cisgender women is highly suggestive that their self-identification is based on their physical brain matching the gender they know themselves to be. You wouldn’t tell someone with a heart valve abnormality that they didn’t have one just because you can’t see it. Similarly you’ll happily accept someone with an intersex condition with ambiguous or both genitalia because you can see it. The brain is a physical organ, and like the heart has real, physical characteristics which are just as real as genitalia but can’t be seen externally.

        2. Duh, bad examples; a heart problem and a intersex condition can be medically proven. This condition is just like body dysmorphic disorder and anorexia, what they all have in common is what they believe to be true is NOT the truth.
          The reason for the change was due to a compassionate plea because it cannot be medically or scientifically proven yet.
          The brain is a powerful organ that changes with what we learn, what we believe, our likes/dislikes and what we convince ourselves to be true, if a trans person mind has similar characteristics to the opposite sex it may because they/we have convinced themselves of it.
          The word CIS is Politically Incorrect and derogatory.

        3. You mean proof like these peer -reviewed,published papers? And cis is an insult, you say, but trans isn’t? You really are a fool.
          Male-to-female transsexuals show sex-atypical hypothalamus activation when smelling odorous steroids. by Berglund et al Cerebral Cortex 2008 18(8):1900-1908;

          …the data implicate that transsexuality may be associated with sex-atypical physiological responses in specific hypothalamic circuits, possibly as a consequence of a variant neuronal differentiation.
          **Male–to–female transsexuals have female neuron numbers in a limbic nucleus. Kruiver et al J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2000) 85:2034–2041

          The present findings of somatostatin neuronal sex differences in the BSTc and its sex reversal in the transsexual brain clearly support the paradigm that in transsexuals sexual differentiation of the brain and genitals may go into opposite directions and point to a neurobiological basis of gender identity disorder.
          Sexual differentiation of the human brain: relevance for gender identity, transsexualism and sexual orientation. Swaab Gynecol Endocrinol (2004) 19:301–312.

          Solid evidence for the importance of postnatal social factors is lacking. In the human brain, structural diferences have been described that seem to be related to gender identity and sexual orientation.
          **A sex difference in the human brain and its relation to transsexuality. by Zhou et al Nature (1995) 378:68–70.

          Our study is the first to show a female brain structure in genetically male transsexuals and supports the hypothesis that gender identity develops as a result of an interaction between the developing brain and sex hormones
          A sex difference in the hypothalamic uncinate nucleus: relationship to gender identity. by Garcia-Falgueras et al Brain. 2008 Dec;131(Pt 12):3132-46.

          We propose that the sex reversal of the INAH3 in transsexual people is at least partly a marker of an early atypical sexual differentiation of the brain and that the changes in INAH3 and the BSTc may belong to a complex network that may structurally and functionally be related to gender identity.
          White matter microstructure in female to male transsexuals before cross-sex hormonal treatment. A diffusion tensor imaging study. Rametti et al, J Psychiatr Res. 2010 Jun 8.

          Our results show that the white matter microstructure pattern in untreated FtM transsexuals is closer to the pattern of subjects who share their gender identity (males) than those who share their biological sex (females). Our results provide evidence for an inherent difference in the brain structure of FtM transsexuals.
          Regional cerebral blood flow changes in female to male gender identity disorder. Tanaka et al, Psychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2010 Apr 1;64(2):157-61.

          GID subjects had a significant decrease in rCBF in the left anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and a significant increase in the right insula compared to control subjects.
          The ACC and insula are regions that have been noted as being related to human sexual behavior and consciousness. From these findings, useful insights into the biological basis of GID were suggested.
          Sexual Hormones and the Brain: An Essential Alliance for Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation. Garcia-Falgueras A, Swaab DF Endocr Dev. 2010;17:22-35

          The fetal brain develops during the intrauterine period in the male direction through a direct action of testosterone on the developing nerve cells, or in the female direction through the absence of this hormone surge. In this way, our gender identity (the conviction of belonging to the male or female gender) and sexual orientation are programmed or organized into our brain structures when we are still in the womb. However, since sexual differentiation of the genitals takes place in the first two months of pregnancy and sexual differentiation of the brain starts in the second half of pregnancy, these two processes can be influenced independently, which may result in extreme cases in trans-sexuality. This also means that in the event of ambiguous sex at birth, the degree of masculinization of the genitals may not reflect the degree of masculinization of the brain. There is no indication that social environment after birth has an effect on gender identity or sexual orientation.

        4. Cis is as politically incorrect as the word Tranny. You are the ignorant one if you don’t understand why Trans is used in front of the word woman or man, it’s because you TRANSitioned into the desired gender/sex. The majority of the world’s population accepts their born sex and gender so being called the proper pronouns is a birthright and you should understand & respect that and if you do not it makes you a bigot & genderphobic.

        5. So you have never heard of the trans and cis prefixes, such as used when describing isomers? What would you suggest as an alternative to cis if it is required to disambiguate? Love how you used that post to throw out a word you know many in the trans community dislike. I’d respect that, but then perhaps you’re one of those people who whine that you can no longer use the N word.

    3. So true. What’s even more sick is they cheer them all the way to the operating table to be literally butchered into something they never were or could ever be. And in some instances they’re doing this to children. When people understandably react, they claim some kind of ist or phobia etc. Yet can’t seem to realize that a young child is not mature and physically developed mind and body to make a permanent decision such as castration. You’d think our sophisticated, more intelligent and superior “progressives” would know that, especially since they mouth-off about nazis all the time (the nazis are a great example of how programmable children are). Its madness; science, biology, a fucking blood test can tell if a person is one sex or another, period. Yet, whats at work here is not fact its ideology and, worse, myth. You see, feminism and homosexualism, both need to have sex understood as some kind of artificial thing. Without sex being only a social construct, their ideologies fall apart. There is no better of an example of this than trannies, so, that’s why they promote them. Trouble is, these people are mentally deranged and need help and, worse, the liberals say they’re helping as a generous and compassionate human, but, they’re just exploiting them to further their agenda. The best thing for these people is to hold a mirror up and say you are a man (or woman) you can never be the other no matter how much you pretend or mutilate yourself.

      1. People need to meet some transsexuals to understand how disturbed they are. Twitter and Tumblr don’t count. Anyone “helping” from a keyboard doesn’t know what kind of damage they are doing by encouraging this behavior. A former friend came out as a transsexual, and that person has retreated into the Twitter and Tumblr hugbox while distancing himself from everyone who wishes to help him in a productive way. His twitter shows he’s suicidal and that he thinks getting SRS through crowd-funding is going to magically fix everything. He’s going to get that operation and probably still kill himself eventually.
        One can only help those who want to be helped though. As long as no one is able to step in and say he’s not competent enough to make this decision, he’s going to be cheered onto mutilation and then suicide as everything he’s being told is right fails to fix him.

        1. “hugbox” – interesting term.
          “real” trannies are probably people you walk past and not think twice about (ie: totally fooled?) but I have seen people who clearly were trannies and every time they had some serious “crazy vibes” coming off them.
          If I didn’t know any better I’d think some poor fellow lost a bet.

        2. Who gives a fuck?! Let them be! Plus, transexuals already have some brain structures similar to the opposite sex they were born as. In some cases, surgery and hormones is the way to go.

        3. Do you realize that your response can be applied to anything and everything? “Who cares?” can be applied to bestiality and pederasty. “Who cares?” can be applied to lynching and fag hunting. “Who cares?” is the battle cry of the warriors who wage war on themselves. I care about my countrymen killing themselves and mutilating themselves and trying to force me to go along with it and pretend I am ok with that.

        4. If it does not hurt anyone, then it is okay. Not all transexuals or homosexuals or bisexuals or whatever are harmful. If they want to be that way, fine. Just as long as they aren’t harming anyone, they shouldn’t be a problem. Whatever is done is the bedroom stays in the bedroom. Why so hung up about questioning how ‘straight’ you all are? If you didn’t know that her/him was once a man and saw what you saw was female, then you’re not gay or bi.

        5. Suicide. Problem, problem solved. No more taxpayer money spent to fund gender reassignment.

        6. No it is not fine. It hurts me and my children. I live with these people. They are my family members, my neighbors, my friends. They are sick and need help. Their mental illness spreads even when they are not actively working to promote it. It also hurts them. They live unfulfilling lives of angst, self loathing, and confusion. Suicide rates go UP post-op. The drugs, casual sex, and venereal disease are harmful to themselves and the public. Their constant worship of lies, ugliness, dysfunction, infects the public’s discourse and darkens our nation and the minds of our youth. People need to celebrate beauty, truth, and function. I have lost friends and family because of these mental disorders. My friend’s dad abandoned him and his mom as a youngster because he wanted to go play house with an Asian man. My other friend was on psych meds because he couldn’t make sense of his desires to wear women’s clothes and then he DIED in his sleep taking the meds. These people are sick and tolerating them only makes society sick. They need help and they need to be put in a closet until they are healed.

        7. I’m sure when they’re going for 3rd world surgery they were very carefully examined and not just taken for their money.

        8. You are lying. You’re a liar and it’s because of people like you that people like me are murdered at such an astronomically high rate. Suicide rates go DOWN when we’re given access to the treatment we need. Access to gender confirmation surgery has a more positive impact on recipient life expectancy than all existing forms of cancer treatment. You. Are. Lying. Trans men are slightly MORE common in society than trans women are. Trans women get more sensationalized attention because we threaten the conceit that masculinity is preferable to femininity.
          You. Are. LYING.
          Our entire lives we’ve been treated as sick so your lies are no surprise to me. Your friend was one of the victims of the lie that our lives are an illness. Had she been treated properly rather than been giving psych meds and shown the door. It’s thinking like yours that killed her.
          YOU. ARE. LYING.

        9. Calling people liars?
          I’m a feminist chick on a freaking MRA site and even I can relent to the freaking truth when I see it, even if it’s my proverbial “enemy” speaking it, because I give a shit about facts more than my personal agenda.
          The OP did NOT lie. The studies show suicide rates INCREASE after surgery:

          The OP did NOT lie, The studies show M2F out number F2M by THREE TO ONE

          Don’t even try to blame people urging mental help for a mental problem as responsible for the death of someone. No one gave your friend dysphoria.
          Finally: I agree with the OP 100% that duping someone into sex on fictitious grounds IS fraudulent and should be a crime. I have NO sympathy for trans people who try to trick men into the sack. Just like I have NO sympathy for the diseased who with hold the information to try to dupe others, or no sympathy for the married who try to conceal their status to dupe single people into a relationship they would otherwise not consent to. Lying to steal years, emotional investment and resources from someone is wrong, its psychologically damaging and should be punished.

        10. The idea that transgenders have brains similar to the sex they are trying to emulate is not a conclusive claim, at all. In fact, there is evidence showing the opposite:

          Not even after taking hormones either:

          Thats why so many clinics have chosen to NOT offer sex reassignment surgery anymore. Currently, there are only 50 doctors left, internationally, that are willing to perform it, most are now starting to believe its something they need to treat psychologically.
          Here, read why the famous John Hopkins Hospital is no longer doing reassignment:

          I’d like to say “who gives a fuck”, but these are people suffering mentally that I feel great empathy for. Secondly, their untreated dysphoria is causing a lot of problems for both biological men and women. They are attacking women in segregated spaces we let them into, trying to conflate sex with gender is compromising reproductive legislation hetero people NEED to protect themselves from unwanted children, they are trying to end the idea of separate bathrooms, something BOTH sexes require.
          I’m sure you don’t want my son to stand naked next to your young daughter while her pants are around her ankles, no more than I want you to watch me change my tampon. Their pathological need for validation is beginning to harm people because it comes at the expense of our protections. That’s why I can’t “not give a fuck”.
          Trans people are kind of like religious nutters, I would LIKE to not give a shit what they think, but that’s a hard thing to do when they keep cramming your dogmas down your throat.

        11. Clearly transition is not going to fix all your friend’s problems. However her dysphoria will most likely be greatly reduced. I find it disturbing that after someone has trusted you with this very personal information – something that would make most people feel honored that a friend shared with them what was likely the biggest secret they had, and made themselves vulnerable in this way, you would persist in misgendering and ridiculing them.
          Here’s a few studies showing that transition does greatly help, though aftercare (often still sadly deficient) is also plays a large role in a successful outcome:
          The Smith study from 2005 , for example, shows 91.6% were very satis?ed with their overall appearance, 8.4% were neutral, and all had greatly reduced Gender Dysphoria.
          Other papers reach similar conclusions, e.g.
          Quality of life of individuals with and without facial feminization surgery or gender reassignment surgery. Ainsworth, Tiffiny A., and Jeffrey H. Spiegel. Quality of Life Research 19.7 (2010): 1019-1024.
          A long-term follow-up study of mortality in transsexuals receiving treatment with cross-sex hormones. Asscheman, Henk, et al. European Journal of Endocrinology 164.4 (2011): 635-642.
          Etiological aspects, therapy regimes, side effects and treatment satisfaction of transsexual patients. Bazarra-Castro, María Ángeles. Diss. lmu, 2009.
          Transsexual patients’ psychiatric comorbidity and positive effect of cross-sex hormonal treatment on mental health: Results from a longitudinal study Colizzi1, Marco et al.
          Psychoneuroendocrinology 39 (2014): 65—73.
          Hormonal Treatment Reduces Psychobiological Distress in Gender Identity Disorder, Independently of the Attachment Style Colizzi2, Marco et al. J Sex Med 10 (2013):3049–3058.
          Sexual and physical health after sex reassignment surgery.De Cuypere, Griet, et al. Archives of Sexual Behavior 34.6 (2005): 679-690.
          Long-term follow-up: Psychosocial outcome of Belgian transsexuals after sex reassignment surgery. De Cuypere, G., et al. Sexologies 15.2 (2006): 126-133.

        12. Sorry this is nearly a year old. Hadn’t seen the response until just now. Did you even read the links you sent me? The study you cited DOES NOT say suicide risk after reassignment is higher than before. It says suicide risk is higher than for the general population, which is news to absolutely no one. If you’d like, I can provide you multiple studies that affirm that suicide risk is lower for individuals who receive transition-related care. Y’know, since you’re so sincerely invested in our health.
          Maybe I just wasn’t as thorough as you, but I didn’t find anything on that APA page saying there are more trans women than men.
          Finally, how and when trans people disclose intimate details is up to individual discretion and a matter of personal safety. The only ones advocating lies are you clowns. So take your “trans deceiver” myth back to whatever queer-hating corner of the internet you found it, and maybe try at the very least paying attention to your own words, if not mine.

        13. Trans individuals can’t simultaneously say to the world that gender is not related to or dictated by genitalia and then make any references to ‘gender confirmation surgery’ without being hypocritical.

    4. Consider that in order to wear pants and look like women they gotta tuck the old twig and berries…..
      but women didn’t always wear pants.
      So, in trying to look like women, they are wearing stuff that women who want to look like women should not wear.
      Try wrapping the old bean around that.
      Meanwhile, it’s probably the best time for trannies. Why? Because women look so much like men these days, with their stress-causing-hormone-imbalance induced masculinizing effect (from being an office troll playing drama games) giving them big thick man-jaws and thick square torsos, their wearing of flat shoes and boots…
      And then theres the feminized grass eaters too. I had a coworker who, for the most part, he could have put a wig on and raised his voice “just a little” and passed himself off for a fat chick – almost master of disguise level too. So we have a lot of feminized manboobs and masculinized fat chicks these days a tranny could be perfectly at home.
      Heck in Seattle a tranny does not even have to shave.

      1. Besides the obvious inability to accept reality and penchant for self-harm, I believe these people are mentally ill because they want to be something they have no idea how to define. The SJW transsexuals and their white knights seem to believe a woman is a moldable amorphous blob that can take on any shape any time at will.

        1. But isnt that what the white knights are fighting against? The idea that we’re supposed to love them for who they are and not because of physical attributes?
          Talk about blowing smoke up ones ass.

        2. If a girl dresses like a guy, then I treat her like one especially if she wants me to. Shit, why be a gentleman if a lady does not need one?! And that’s what the majority of women are becoming, especially feminists. If they want to be independent, then they should quit expecting guys to become White Knights and put them up on a pedestal. They ain’t a special, more superior human.

        3. just slap a pair of tits on him
          jennifer “hamburger” hepler on the development of mass effect 3 when demanding a female character model be made which would have entailed rippng the whole game apart rewriting and rerecording tons of dialogue and certainly more remodeling than putting tits on shep. there’s animation kinematics programming everything would have to be redone from the ground up.

        4. Is that how the default Femshep got altered? I hate to admit it, but the default of ME3 did look better than ME1’s default.
          Don’t get me wrong, I still think I could write a book as to what kind of total disaster ME3 was.

      2. I am using a public computer and the “twig and berries” made me put my head on the desk so no one would see the tears of laughter stream down my face. Thank you.
        The masculization of women into beasts is due to enormous weight gain causing a virtual tsunami of metabolic problems. The biggest one (no pun intended) is PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which every lardo on the earth has or claims to have as an excuse to look like a hairy sumo wrestler.

      3. Well, in biology the default state of all humans is female. The Y-Chromosome is all that changes that and it can only come from the father. Men have estrogen just like females, but in lower levels.
        Unfortunately, the Y-Chromosome comes with a big weakness. Since it can only come in sperm made via meiosis and there is only one per man, it has no other Y-Chromosome to swap DNA with. This means it is weakening in humans as time wears on.
        In some cases the Y is so weak in some men that it could account for them not looking so much like a man or feeling like one. And it’s why some men are never able to father sons. There Y may simply have become too weak.
        Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is a prime example. She was born genetically a man. She is genetically a man with an XY count. But in the fetus stage her Y-chromosome failed completely. Thus her phenotype was expressed as a woman. She has all the parts and appearance of a female. (No surgery or anything). And yet, since she is genetically a man, does that mean sleeping with her is sleeping with a man?
        Even though she has ovaries, a uterus, and all the parts of a woman. Just not the XX of a woman.

        1. Interesting video. However, I disagree with some of the conclusions. First off, it’s curious what traits are being so highly selected for that it’s causing such a rapid evolution process in the Y. It’s likely because women can get a mate and have kids (at least in primitive times) by just being there. Men had to prove themselves or obtain some kind of status or wealth. Perhaps a Y that had genes that helped in this allowed those men to outcompete and thus create progeny. This still can lead to a dead-end road. If certain traits are that favored, then the Y can become to homogenous and that will halt any more evolution other than what occurs by mutation.
          Thanks for posting.

        2. Jaime Lee has NEVER validated this rumor about her, and there has never been proof of it either:

          Besides, what you are referring to is a form of intersex, and transgenders are NOT intersexed, Intersexed people have a provable biological reason for their condition, trans genders do NOT. Intersex people tend to not like when they are confused with trans genders because their conditions are very different…

        3. It’s interesting then that it’s a rumor because it was actually used as an example of the condition in a biology textbook in one of my classes way back. It is an actual condition though.
          It’s strange how much importance you are putting on the “wording” and not anything else. I mean that’s a pretty a shallow feature to fixate on. You didn’t actually add anything substantial. Other than what you feel the entire “intersex” group must feel.
          You speak for them? That’s quite an honor to gain. Otherwise, the statement “intersex people *do* not like…” is merely your opinion based on a few you’ve read about or encountered. I think it’s unfair to stereotype the concern of an entire group and assume that you have the right to say what they tend not to like.
          I get tired when people try to act like their opinion on something is what is true for the opinions of diverse group. Just say, “I don’t like when intersex people are confused with trans genders because their conditions are very different”. That would be honest. You don’t like it. No need to pretend you’re protecting their sensibilities.
          But I appreciate you pointing out the difference. Also I did not mean that transgenders were intersexed. That was perhaps my mistake in terminology. I appreciate the correction. But it’s amazing how everyone has a term for themselves today. We have pansexuals, transexuals, transgender, intersex, ect.

        4. Jamie Lee Curtis has never admitted to being intersex so what you are saying is gossip and a assumption.
          You cannot compare intersex & transgender, intersex is a proven medical condition, transgenderism is a psychological problem.

      4. I’ve had a couple of transgender friends ask me how they look and I say, ‘Terrible. You’re wearing a ton of stuff that NONE of the natural women around you are wearing or would consider wearing. You’re just engaging in an act of ego and vanity.’

    5. The opaque nature of psychiatry has always made the field subject to shifting social whims. It is not unlikely that the rare individual does have some kind of sex-gender neurological “mismatch”, but it also possible that the desire to be the opposite sex stems from pathology. Both things can be simultaneously true.
      To deny one possibility for the other just to satisfy pre-existing beliefs is to think in black and white terms, something best left to liberals.

    6. In the western world it’s legal and considered ethical for a doctor to remove someones genitals; knowing its a request of someone with a full blown mental illness.
      It’s more socially acceptable to take male hormones for a “gender transition” than it is to use them to improve athletic performance, or increase the rate of recovery from a surgery at an older age
      Let those soak in for a minute.

      1. People’s views on Transgenderism seem to be culturally determined. In India a eunuch cult is accepted, and as for Katoey in Thailand…

        1. Castrating feminine/gay men is not a new idea
          There is a certain kind of idiot’s logic to it

    7. Their mental illness comes from childhood. I’d bet life savings kind of money on that fact. When I consider the significant disproportionality of MTF vs FTM along with the obvious anti-boy attitudes inherent in society and motherly perspectives on raising little boys… I am convinced that feminist attitudes are actually destroying masculinity from the inside, and trannys are the mental and physical manifestation of that destruction.
      Consider how early impressions affect a child’s outlook. Now consider the effect of significant, persistent, anti-masculine behavior from the women around a young boy. Consider the extra humiliation directed at young boys for simply being boys because their mothers have been taught that boys need some form of “correction”…
      It doesn’t take much. I’m almost positive that the rates of Tranny’s we’re seeing in the modern world (on both sides of the fence) are a result of the destruction that feminism has wrought on the culture.

      1. Go online and have a look at what the junk is like after surgery. Some of the puddy actually looks good, but you just can’t create a nice looking prick out of a clit.

    8. You just nailed it. Here lies the hypocrisy of it all…. in my country (Brazil, again…) psycologists who public aknowledge the fact that being gay or trans is a mental illness will get mercilessly butchered by almost every media outlet.. seriously…
      What makes me mad is that for these people it’s perfectly fine to go to a psycologist over trivial matters, but not a brutal mental disturbance like this..
      If a child can’t pay attention to things really well in class, let’s take him to the doctor.. if a dude has a problem with some obsessive-compulsive disorder, yep, take him to the doc! Now you’re telling me that if someone wakes up and then thinks he doesn’t belong to the gender type he was born in (ULTRA VIOLENT IDENTITY CRISIS) you just can’t treat him??? You just can’t tell him something is not right because that would be calling it an “illness”?? Oh to hell with that.. “No, we just can’t tell him he is wrong, we can’t try to talk with him and make him change his mind, that would be too horrible, what we should be doing is to allow him to mutilate his genitals and fill his ass with female hormones so he can feel better! YES! That’s won’t be traumatic at all!”..
      We can only feel sorry for them, they will soon realize that neither society nor themselves will ever view them as females.. oh and yeah, if they deceive straight men to bed into thinking they’re females then that’s rape, period.

      1. “and yeah, if they deceive straight men to bed into thinking they’re females then that’s rape, period.”
        Even if they don’t fuck, it is at least fraud. I don’t see how at some point during foreplay ending up with the freak’s prick in his hand isn’t a major sign something aint right, no guy is going to continue after that moment.
        The Kinks – Lola (Official Audio):

      2. you guys need to tone the hate down a bit who here real knows what these people feel,think is there a piece of paper say “All man are created equal and among these rights are Live Liberty and the pursuit
        of happiness and the golden rule do unto other as you would yourself
        be treated I know one she is a scatter brained but a good person
        and she knows the grs will not be the “magic bullet” but she is not looking for a magic anything for her self image she wants it and other reasons that i can see her point but will just say it is classified on a need to know and ya’ll sure the hell don’t need to know
        to lump all mtf as “sick” is judgmental petty childish pc crap yes i have seen a few people a few fries short of a happy meal (and those suckers are on the hill) but you chose to attack people that are not cutting off heads of innocence people, blowing up houses of worship or the feckless,inept,lame,impeachable leadership from the White House ???? oh he is for America (if you believe that i have some swamp land on the moon to sell ya’) you can not know what is going on in their heads “IF” this is so curable are you praying for them to “recover”
        for their souls ? for guidance on what the lord would wants you to do to help these people? your family and friends so on ?
        if not i say “Flag on play” and STFU if there is a problem go fort find a solution make one none of this “keyboard commanders” crap
        well i have said enough it more than not falls on deaf ears

        1. 1. None of what he said is hate, learn the definition of hate.
          2. Wtf did you even say? I’m guessing English isn’t your first language so I won’t judge your comment I’m just going to let you know that nobody understands a word you said.

    9. What is truly tragic is that the best that a transsexual post-op could be is a counterfeit ,at worst–a self inflicted disfigurement in protest to ones assigned gender. In essence, a monstrosity. Opting to dispose or augment ones genitalia poses the risk of infection or death, and hormone therapy is shown to shorten one’s life.
      The thing that I wonder it’s that when one gets the feeling that Mother Nature made a mistake and they were meant to be another gender, why hasn’t it occurred to them to speak with a psychiatrist. Maybe there is a hormonal imbalance or something, something that may rectify Some abnormal brain activity.

      1. switch those two. to an individual, protest > counterfeit, but are we talking about isolated people here? in the shared system, counterfeit > protest. this article describes deliberate permanent subversion by one group to exploit the expected/assumed behavior of the other.
        “stupid assumptions” is thus a better fit than the label “fraud” (violations of unspoken promises vs. violations of explicit promises), but 100yrs ago, i could assume that my courted bride-to-be was, in fact, a bride, with all that quasi-presumed femininity, sex, and fertility. in a not too distant future, get a test panel before the first dance?
        regardless, i’m not so sure these assumption exploiters want to be doing all this so boldly. the only way subversion works is if it stays a secret…

    10. That’s because this is a spiritual problem, not a medical/mental one.
      A Demon of Lust is guiding them.

    11. “They have a mental illness that modern medicine won’t just acknowledge as a mental illness. They’ll never get the help they really need as long as society is dedicated to making their fantasies into reality”
      Quoted For Truth.
      It should be noted as well that some of the sickest assholes to walk the Earth end up as a professional in the ‘psychology’ industry.
      Check out anti-psychology

    12. We’ve spent our entire lives being told we’re sick. It wasn’t until the 90s that gender identity disorder was removed from the DSM. Maybe learn even a single fucking thing about my life before telling me you know me?

    13. It used to be considered a mental illness but the LGBT community fought to change that.

    14. Except that the people who literally wrote the book on mental illness disagree with you, based on a
      review of the best available data and evidence. People who feel the need to put others down to make themselves feel good, however, often are suffering from sociopathic or other mental illnesses. You and the author of the article have much in common.

    15. A research confirmed that transsexual people have a part of the brain same as the gender they identify with. Prior to anything. Do some research before you make this condition politic, some sort of lobby or SJW material. Well I guess these aggressively idiotic posts arent helping much.
      Even if I tell any of these people they are bigot, I will bombarded with comments like liberal, brainwashed… bla bla.
      Well all of you are not bigots for not supporting this. You are in fact idiots for making it seem like something more than just a condition/birth defect/disease.

    16. Took a look at your previous posts. One particular caught my eye regarding your obesity and weight loss. I find it truly astonishing being transsexual is a mental illness in your eyes, but your glutinous consumption isn’t. This just goes to show there is something to be said about everyone.
      All the best to you.

        1. I’m not obese as much as you’re not transgender. However, surgery can play a role in obesity as I’m sure you know and activisim which is an encouraged practice so youth aren’t in your position. That is your issue and or problem. Progression for transgender people is mine. With that said it would be beneficial for both of us if you simply closed your mouth.

        2. Surgery does not fix mental problems. People who get their stomachs stapled sip on milkshakes all day and stay fat. Transgender people who get their penises cut off kill themselves in greater numbers than pre-op. It’s not a magical cure. Show me the people who diet and exercise to get fit that kill themselves in greater numbers. Change your lifestyle if you’re unhappy instead of thinking that modern medicine can fix everything.

        3. To address your suicide and depression opinion, happy people don’t mimic your type of pattern. It’s almost as though you think anyone who doesn’t agree with you is doomed. Halarious really! For example you stated I was going to kill myself not because I’m transgender, but because I oppossed informatively. Now I’m going to kill myself if I continue to transition? I’ve had the opportunity to encounter many people and your words suggest that you are most likely a single, gamer male who has difficulty in social settings, so you enjoy forums to mimic discussions you aren’t built for in person. People project the sort of energy they feel and it’s clear you’re not happy with yourself. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve considered sleeping with a transgender, but I digress. Anyone who can survive someone of your mental capacity is strong beyond belief, thus making it interesting you’d also like to discuss mental health. Very silly…

      1. You’re going to kill yourself if you spend your life hate-reading people who disagree with you.

        1. Very hypocritical of you to class your response as that, a response and mine as hate-reading.
          Don’t neglect your life and health, trying to police mine.

        2. Look harder at my post history if you think I’m neglecting my health. I’ll be fit before you’re a woman.

        3. Clearly you’ve neglected your health if there are posts eluding to the fact obesity and poor health are a relatable part of your life. Don’t believe those two have any room for argument of positivity.Lastly, I’m sure you will be alot of things. Misinformed comes to mind. As for you being fit, I think it’s safe to say your lips have a dependency on latching onto things such as topics above your understanding, high cholesterol foods and perhaps other elements which may explain why you’re so passionate about my genitals. I’d be dead and reborn again only to relive transitoning when fit would describe any aspect of you.

  6. Rape by fraud amusingly shows that sex is primarily a form of commercial transaction where a female has sex with you based on the resources and status she presumes you to have.

  7. ” California’s new “Yes Means Yes” sexual assault law means that anyone getting laid in the state . . .”
    Inaccurate. The statue applies to public colleges and universities, and private ones to the degree they take state funding. From the bill text
    “This bill would require the governing boards of each community college district, . . . and the governing boards of independent postsecondary institutions, in order to receive state funds for student financial assistance . . .”

    1. And people who try to explain everything away as social phenomena do so out of fear of harsh, unequal reality.

    2. I’m dying to see what they have to say about this shit though. They are basically protecting the rights of psychos like this to go on a women beating rampage. Because male on female violence is obviously acceptable if the men claims to be a women. Here is the equality they strive for. LOL. And then they call us misogynists, yet you don’t see us chopping our dicks off just so we can butcher women in a ring.

    3. Funny that if gender is a cultural construct, why does trannies identify themselves as women? Why would they identify with something that is a “lie”?

  8. If a bootleg does not tell a man it’s a bootleg then it is a rape of deception plain and simple

  9. Just FYI, the article about transphobia being a natural reaction has been removed due to “hateful” content. Color me shocked.

  10. Wishful thinking. This will NEVER happen. This particular group of persons is at the top of the leftist victimhood totem pole.
    Make no mistake, the only people who will be targets of these laws are straight people with XY chromosomes.

  11. Trannies are trying to turn humanity into a fucking create-a-player option. We gave them gay and it isn’t enough. Now they have to be able to reassign gender as well.

    1. A surprising number of Trannies are actually anti-gay, believe it or not, indeed even among those that are ostensibly allies, their current trajectory of trans campaigning would have the effect of wiping out sexual orientation identity. After all, once you’ve a established that a women ‘can have a penis’ (see autistic picture below), then what the fuck is the point in differentiating between straight and gay? While the enforced consensus is that ‘LGBT’ is good for all of them, there’s plenty of suppressed voices in both the gay and trans camp that would much rather break up the acronym and just campaign on their own issues and leave the others to do their own legwork.

      1. Whatever the fuck. I’m so disgusted by this stuff. They can do whatever they want but those disgusting fucks should be legally responsible for not disclosing their conditions just like someone with a dangerous STD.

        1. The HIV rate for Transfolks is 49%, I read it might be higher but some people refuse to be tested.

    2. Indeed, my friend… I myself define trans people as ultra hardcore gays who think that being gay is just not enough, they need to mutilate themselves in order to fully enjoy the big hard one…. sad.. and disgusting..

  12. Just ask Michael Phelps. A man can win EIGHTEEN Olympic gold medals, and have sex with ONE tranny, and he’s not known to the world as an Olympic champion, he’s known as a….

    1. Listen, you can just look at this one and tell something is a bit “off”.
      Not sure if Michael wanted to admit it, or not….but as a man I could tell.
      If you can’t tell by looking at her pic, then you need to start asking yourself a few serious fucking questions.

  13. Unfortunately the analysis in this article is flawed. If you look at the nj law it’s only rape by fraud to penetrate. Using fraud to be penetrated is specifically not addressed. So no these laws would not term them into rapists.

      1. It is always about criminalizing male sexuality. That is why John’s get arrested and whores don’t.

    1. Hell, it doesn’t matter. Right now, a man is fucked, regardless.
      This new law is just one more dagger to use against men.

  14. Trannies ought to be exterminated. That aside, yeah I’d say it’s rape.
    However who is giving and receiving?

  15. The real question is, If it is rape to obtain sex by lying, are there enough bricks in the world to build the necessary jails?

    1. Shouldn’t most (if not all) women be imprisoned at this time – based on this false rape concept?
      Haven’t all men been duped (or better yet, lied to) into shacking up or at least living with a woman based on her perceived appearance and behavior?
      SJWs and white knights are in for a real treat if they want to pursue this one. The outcome will not be pretty.

  16. While feminist man-haters and manginas are doing their best to destroy Western Civilization with “rape by fraud” bullshit…this is the news on Yahoo finance today:
    “China’s economy is now bigger than America’s? So what.”
    You American feminist cunts better get your shit together otherwise you will be fighting for the scraps of whatever is left of good-old-USA…and you will NOT get any help from us!

    1. And it might be the best thing to happen to American men is a serious war on home soil. Then we might have the choice on whether to fight for a society that marginalizes and oppresses us while defending masculine women, effeminate men and sexual deviants —this freakshow —OR take up arms of a ideology that supports sane gender roles and a shed of morality that is void in the good ol US of A.
      You think of the ideals our founding fathers fought , died and wrestled their independence from one of the most evil and oppressive empires ever—England. It’s they knew then that this country would’ve turned into what it had, that right and wrong is no longer objective but a subjective and the government is a self serving faction of frauds, they would’ve hung themselves.

        1. If you think of the ideas expressed on this forum, there is an unorthodox ,conservative vibe. It’s basically the concept that society, it’s laws ,etc. can’t be some free-for-all that oppresses men in a huge feminist and special interest snatch-and-grab for social rights and privileges.
          Amidst this deluge of media biased videos and printed propaganda pieces, it’s becoming ever so clear that
          men’s voices to defend themselves are both unwanted and unwelcome. We simply are to play the villain, the rapist, the deadbeat dad, the lecherous boss or whatever loathsome loser they can concoct.
          You know what? I’m fuckin tired of it!
          We’re here from all walks of life, trying to better ourselves, finding camaraderie amidst common experience and shared wisdom. How to be a successful man in a world that wants to beat you down and fuck you.
          But most importantly , it’s the idea of knowing that we aren’t alone, this is an actual group, and this can be a frightening thing to ‘the powers that be’ whose intent is to keep us confused and fearful. Not because of a threat of violence—because it seems this group hasn’t advocated that and I personally think that would only prove its to be the monsters they accuse us as— but because are more intelligent and we are organizing quickly. What will become? God only knows.

        2. I want to become Amish more and more every day. Or a crusading tyrant’s foot soldier. Either way I find it hard to feel sorry for the culture and what it’s going thru. As a militant Christian fundamentalist, this just ain’t my culture anymore, especially where it has gone and where it is headed. “That ain’t my circus and those ain’t my monkeys.”

  17. Yes, finally someone explains my revulsion to trannies. I never quite understood how to explain why I was against them, but it was something to do with “well what if I fuck one and then find out its not a guy”? Thats nothing less than rape by fraud and should be criminalized.
    The silver lining: we can use the progs weapons against them. Black knight all the way baby. Your company has an orwellian harrassment policy? Next time a fat chick at work looks at you cry harrassment. Rape laws that paint a target on law abiding men who just wanna get laid? Next hookup cry rape. Even better if it was a tranny. Cry rape.
    Take their policies to their logical conclusions.

  18. It’s all deception.
    What about a girl that has a padded bra? What if I fuck her when she still has the bra on? And then I discover later that she has basically “no tits”?
    Was that rape?
    What if she has fake hair? Or contact lenses? What if I didn’t know because it was dimly lit? What if I thought I was taking home a blonde haired, blue-eyed cutie, and in fact I was taking home a raven haired, brown eyed girl?
    Was that rape by deception?
    What if she blew me before she took her girdle off and I realized she was fat?
    Was that rape by deception?
    What if she said she only slept with 3 guys before I fucked her, and then it turned out she slept with 50?
    Was that rape by deception?
    What if she was wearing perfume, and then later I realized she has chronic body odor?
    Was that rape by deception?
    What if she had a nose job? What if her tits were silicone? What if she had hair removal on her body? What if she had liposuction? What if she had her labia reduced? What if she had her asshole bleached?
    Was that rape by deception?
    Women’s ENTIRE mating game is deception. It’s all about the simulacrum of beauty.
    If deception is rape. Then female sexuality is the ultimate rape culture.

    1. Dude, fucking a girl with a padded bra is not the same as fucking a man grimmed into a girl with padded bra.

    2. I don’t think the author intends to advocate for rape by deception laws. He’s pointing out the contradiction between two of the SJW talking points.

    3. “If deception is rape. Then female sexuality is the ultimate rape culture.”
      Isn’t that the fucking truth.
      Women are too stupid to even realize what they are fighting for (or against). Their entire makeup (or at least a portion of it) is fake and deceptive….all in an attempt to attract a better (and yet better) suitor.
      Most blondes are not true blondes at all (color jobs) but, yet, it’s another attempt to attract one of the “better” mates.
      This argument is the perfect argument any time one of these whack jobs starts to lecture a man about “deceptive rape”.

    4. Stop having one night stands and get to know a person before you get intimate with them.
      FYI: If a Woman has sex with you on the day you met you are definitely not the first or she is Transgender.

  19. A straight man unknowingly partaking in sexual relationships is a betrayal of trust worse than a man who fools a woman into bed by falsely claiming fame or wealth, and worse than a woman who artificially manipulates her figure to attract men. As the Asian woman who had kids with a man and the kids were born with different genetic features as the man did not know she enhanced her facial and physical features.
    Also it’s dangerous because an unknowing partner might retaliate with violence sometimes deadly.

    1. Hey, Third, expect a random friend request on FB soon. I have an idea I want to run by you.

    2. Tricking a man into Gay sex, should be a crime. This is far more serious than screwing a chick with a padded bra. If this does happen, I do not feel sorry for the Trans at all if he (cause he is a man) takes a serious ass whoopin. I hate the Trannies, that feel that this fear of suffering an ass beating from a man frauded into gay sex, is unreasonable, and another sign that are country is Intolerant, hateful….blah, blah,….

  20. “Like a drag queen’s schlong popping out of his pantyhose,”
    I think the politically correct phrase is “like a drag queen’s schlong popping out of HER pantyhose”. Its a chick with a dick

  21. Its no different from sleeping with a woman and then discovering she’s a feminist who think she’s got a dick

    1. As it’s said, ‘having balls’ is more of a mindset than anatomy. A woman can have balls as sure as a man can be a cunt.
      Women who act like they have a pair don’t give a feeling that they are real women either. I don’t tolerate it.

      1. I have a couple of this “type” at work (women). They love to intimidate the rest of the females at work but they don’t play in my area.
        They know what the fuck is up….so they stay on their side. It’s too funny to watch how they have “balls” when dealing with other women but don’t say a word to a me – a man.
        And a side note: both of these women are higher up the corp chain (my boss, and her boss).
        The real fear (in my opinion) is this: they know by approaching me that I have “real balls” and I’ll give them shit right back or I won’t let them talk to me in a certain way.
        The real fear and the real intimidation sets in when dealing with a real man.

  22. This is madness. The only solution is to break from the English speaking world. So if a man (cough, cough) told a girl he was, say, five years younger than his real age, and after a three month affair she discovered his real age (and that he had cheated on her), she can charge him with rape? Insanity! Rape by fraud is an extremely dangerous concept best left to the Middle Ages. Only a thoroughly Puritanical society could conjure it up. It’s like “hate crimes” – a legal mistake that should never have been introduced.

  23. >Wear a nice suit to a date, bang at her place
    >Actually live in one room apartment in the ghetto
    >Rape by fraud

    1. Agreed on the spectrum, if you shag a tranny you might have to check your gaydar. If he/she was that feminine well consider yourself a chump. If you retrospectively figured “big hands, deep voice” then you might want to check your senses

    2. That’s not true. Sure, sometimes you can tell, but I know one tranny that, in broad daylight, you might be able to pick out. But, in a nightclub after half a dozen drinks? No fucking way you’d ever pick up on it.
      Most, however, you’re right, you’d know.

      1. Ok, the nightclub part I’ll agree with…I actually had 2 close encounters with trannies in Vegas lol The first was a slim Israeli that I almost went home with until my friend’s wife came up to me and said “you know that’s a guy, right?”
        Second time was this Filipino…she (he) was fine as fuck though LOL I was walking through the club to the bar and she’s staring me down hard, so I go talk to her, and once I’m upclose I realize it’s a tranny. Not gonna lie, she was way more attractive than the average real girl on POF or Tinder

  24. The reverse can also be considered rape, a Man who was born a woman who now is legally a Man after undergoing hormone replacement therapy and using a prosthetic penis, the chick wouldn’t easily know it was fake, but even if she found out, I’m sure she wouldn’t care after seeing his (her) 12 inch dick.

    1. Yes a Woman would know.
      I read about a teenage girl who charged a transmale with rape by deception because she thought she was dating a boy and when she lost her virginity to him in the dark and realized it was a prosthetic penis she was traumatized because she wanted to be with a real boy.

  25. It is only rape if the sex is not consensual. I mean if an extremely passable tranny (very rare) had sex with me, I wouldn’t really mind if I found out afterwards because when I first saw her/him, my mind already registered her as a female. I just wouldn’t have sex with him/her afterward. It wouldn’t make me bi or gay or whatever because what I am attracted to was what I perceived to be a female, not hermaphrodite or tranny or whatever. There are some very passable trannies out there. Now if I knew about it before or found out he/she still has a dick then that would be another story. I don’t give two shits whether or not someone is gay or straight or a tranny or whatever but accusing them of rape is going too far. It stoops you down to the level of those feminists who like to redefine rape. Grow some balls, guys! A lot of you are starting to act like whiny feminists!

        1. its a loose definition of rape, for sure. but if the definition of consent is skewed for woman, this isn’t far fetched.

      1. This comment reminds me of the scene in a war film.
        “Was killing the enemy horrible?”
        “No finding out that I enjoyed killing horrified me.”

  26. This whole topic makes me wheezy. I know i’ve never slept with a tranny, because i’ve only slept with girlfriends or girls that I knew for a while. But still the topic makes me sick, just thinking about finding out after and the dirtyness…

  27. He/she wanna be
    Body and soul just don’t agree
    There’s an answer, gotta go for a
    Tijuana tuck-n-roll
    He/she just got a zipper job
    A zipper job
    It ain’t nothin’, it ain’t no thing
    It’s just changin’ face of yin and yang
    Ain’t no callin’ for alarm
    It’s just a different kind of charm
    It’s alright, on one condition
    Certainly before transition
    No one even need a clue
    Just pull the old switch-a-roo
    He/she done got a brand-new glistening zipper job
    Oh yes, a zipper job
    Flip, strip, zip, trip a talon-42
    Timing is everything
    For kings, queens, and in-betweens
    It’s a question of what to do
    ‘Cos what is what and who is who?
    He/she just got a zipper job
    An everlasting zipper job
    “A Zipper Job” by ZZ Top

  28. Keep in mind that a large number of feminists despise bootlegs. They view that they as uphold and reinforce sexist gender roles and the gender binary, whatever the fuck that may be. That is a natural wedge you can drive against the primary enemy, feminism.

  29. Personally I find fags disgusting and trannies plain vomit-inducing. Once met one pre-op. Never understood how anybody can be so out of whack that they’d have their genitals mutilated even when it should be clear to them that means a hell of despair for the rest of their life.

    1. I am also disgusted that someone who took the Hippocratic Oath would mutilate a man, knowing that the suicide rate goes UP post-op, and that gender “therapy” has never ever been clinically shown to be therapeutic.

  30. Can you post a few articles about where to buy a new suit? A good watch? Perhaps hobby suggestions?
    The rape thing is getting boorish.

        1. Nobody is forcing you to read the site. If you want different content, write some and submit it to Roosh.

    1. You won’t have to worry about buying a new suit. The state will provide you with a pretty orange one when that babe you took home 10 years ago starts to have buyer’s remorse.

      1. Nice. I told people at work that I was going to stop by one of the thrift stores and pick up a nice fur coat (plus matching hat) to wear to work.
        Reason: some of them need to see how strong the pimp hand can be “at work”…both men and women.
        I figured dressing up like a pimp from the 70s and displaying that strong pimp hand may help a few people out (set them straight).

  31. always look for hips with women, men aren’t born with child bearing hips so if your woman doesn’t have them then she might be a suspect

    1. Unfortunately, they can now have those too, if they get pills to avert puberty
      This creature is one
      The best way to tell is by their mannerisms and sexual appetite.
      Ultimately, they are gay men, they have the exact same voracious sexual appetite as gay men.

  32. I have a relative in Norway who was diagnosed with transsexualism at 12.
    Put on androgen-blockers and testosterone at age 14.
    Ended up looking like an attractive broad, but attempted suicide three times and is now in a nut-house.
    Being a fraud isn’t a healthy lifestyle.
    The transsexual thing is a bizarre creation of 10950s psychiatrists which SJWs have latched onto.
    This invented term creates misery for the diagnosed and the unfortunate men they may trick into sleeping with them

    1. Hope he doesn’t end up like John Reimer, the first victim of John Money, the man who invented ‘gender’
      Big thank you to John Money for giving us the concept of gender. And destroying that poor kids life

    2. “…attempted suicide three times…”
      Back then you could have already foreseen his ability for attention whoring.

  33. I have a really hard time with rape fraud. It doesn’t make sense from a personal accountability standpoint. But then beyond that how do trannies even commit fraud past giving you a BJ. I don’t know anything about their “vaginas” but I didn’t think they would self lubricate like a real vagina and they certainly wouldn’t have the musculature of one.
    But then there is the fact that the overwhelming majority of all trannies look and sound like freaks. Sure you can get a few still photos where they look attractive, but that all falls apart when they are forced to play the part.

  34. I once fucked a girl who led me to believe that she was a nice person with a sense of honour, but she was actually really annoying and untrustworthy. Does that count as rape by deception? Should I call Rolling Stone?

  35. Rape by fraud only applies to men right now. That said a better question would be “Is every sex act preformed after a man was a victim of paternity fraud rape?”

  36. i call bs on that israeli womans testiomony. bitches lie in court all the time. ive heard about this law tjat an arab man gets 1 yr in prision for consensully beddin a jew. in fact there are groups out there that payrol the streets to prevent such unions.
    this is like what happened to black men with white women back in the day.

    1. What that’s transboy did was so wrong, he deceived & traumatized that poor girl.
      Yes, I do agree that it should be disclosed in the beginning of the relationship. From things I have been reading trans people say they don’t want to disclose it because they will feel traumatized but some people are not taking into consideration that the person who was deceived will also be traumatized.

  37. I’ve tried to make this argument before and was given the following retort: “if you were attracted to the person, what difference does it make?” It’s still a false premise: attraction based on fraud. Luckily I seem to have a 6th sense about trannies and can avoid like the plague.

    1. “attraction based on fraud.” that’s what 90 percent attraction is to women when they’re out and about. strip them of their make up and high heels and that create the illusion of beauty and what youre left with is a very normal, average, insecure-looking girl (like the pornstars with and without makeup photos). funny how guys can be so afraid to approach women and yet if they understood deeply that without make up they look like shit, game would eliminate a lot of the inherent fear attached to it.

      1. Agree. This line is the best line to remember when dealing with women (especially if you have that “fear approach”).
        “Remember…there is always another man somewhere who is tired of putting up with her shit.”
        Or something along those lines. More or less…it gives you an idea.

        1. my dad is just too full of gems. his two favorite sayings:
          1) dont be a nigger, and
          2) show me a beautiful woman and i’ll show you a guy thats tired of fucking her.
          i think thats what you were going for. its a wonderful saying.

  38. Wait till trans____( gender/sexuals) want to compete in women’s sports. That will be a real puzzlers for the feminists/SJWs.

    1. That is already happening, and it is causing a bit of friction between the two camps, but sadly this ideological wedge is not broadening.

    2. Yeah there is an MMA fighter that is sending opponents to hospitals, and dominating right now who is a “girl” forget the name.

      1. Fallon Fox is an adult so she cannot be called a girl & she is not the best but she does win because she has a male physique because M2F GRS does not change your male DNA.

  39. What truly blows my mind about transsexuals is that if you, as a man, go to the Dr and tell him “I want testosterone for male birth control” or “I want testosterone to be more manly/have bigger muscles” or “I want testosterone so I have more desire for sex” or “I want testosterone to be better at sports” you’re going to get thrown the fuck out of his office like a druggie asking for a script for Oxy with unlimited refills.
    However, if you a woman and go into the office and say “I want testosterone so I can turn into a man” you’ll walk out with the fucking script the same damn day. I mean, what the fuck kind of bizzaro world bullshit is that? If you want more of the hormone your body makes naturally to be the best version of yourself, no fucking way. But if you want it to turn into something that nature never intended, using the opposite sexes hormones to get you there, not only will you get the script, you’ll be celebrated by the fucking social justice warriors.
    Sorry, that level of hypocrisy really takes some thinking to get my head around.

    1. Transgender freaks crossing over from male to female will be allowed to play on women’s sports teams, because anti-discrimination laws. This is wrong on so many different levels. Feminist ideology is flushing western liberal culture down the toilet.

      1. That’s, like, not even feminism any more. It’s moved to something beyond it, something far worse.

        1. Anything that dilutes straight male culture in any way is celebrated by feminists. Queers and feminists feel they share a common enemy, straight male culture or what they call “patriarchy”. You can see this most clearly in places like SF.

        2. Only when that straight male is available or present.
          Remove him from the equation and you have a bunch of drama queens tearing into on another.
          Funny, sad..but true.

      2. Liberals want PRE-OP high school boys to play on female teams and use their locker rooms. Yes, you read that right. I believe that is in Michigan. Parents are speaking out against it. I caught a blurb about it a week ago on real clear politics. What straight HS boy wouldnt claim to be a pre-op tranny to see naked HS girls? Seriously.

        1. He’s either:
          A.) A Homo,
          B.) A very good actor who wants to get physically close to chicks in a locker-room.

      3. And it’s something that all of these SJWs and white knights will have to deal with….since they created the mess.
        They wanted people to be “equal” so it’s going to be very hard for SJWs (women) to come out against transexuals joining the female sports leagues.
        Women dug the hole, so now……

    2. The jail I worked in kept supplying the hormone to make a dude a chick and vice versa.

    3. “you’re going to get thrown the fuck out of his office like a druggie asking for a script for Oxy with unlimited refills.
      However, if you a woman and go into the office and say “I want testosterone so I can turn into a man” you’ll walk out with the fucking script the same damn day.”
      Complete lie and reversal of the truth.

    4. That is true, it is also the case for Women. A Man nor Woman can go to to the doctor and ask for extra estrogen or testosterone but if you say you are transgender they will give you the prescription.

      1. You apparently don’t realize that the birth control pill is primarily comprised of estrogen:
        So, no, it’s not at all “also the case for women”. Not only can women get estrogen with no issues at all from their doctor, their estrogen is paid for (with 100% coverage) by just about every health care plan in existence.
        Now, I’m sure you going to say “Yeah, but that’s birth control, it’s different”. Well, I have news for you. Testosterone is birth control for men, just like estrogen is birth control for women. And yet, we have almost no access to test; it’s expensive, difficult to get, hard to write for (it’s a schedule III drug) and demonized by society.
        A cynic would say this is because we don’t want men to have control of their own reproduction. And that cynic would be me.

        1. You are incorrect that all Women can readily get a prescription for birth control pills, they do have restrictions (for example, health issues and smoking). It’s only been a few years that birth control (that has been proven effective for decades) has been partially or fully covered by health insurance and Women had to fight to get coverage.
          I have to admit I don’t know much about the use of testosterone as male contraceptive because I have never needed it and that is not something that is often discussed. If it makes you feel any better insurance covered the cost of medication for male impotence for years before it covered the cost of birth control for Women.
          FYI: Wikipedia is not a good source to get facts, use a real Medical website.

    5. Because if you take extra testosterone you just stop making your own and excess is converted by bodyfat into estrogen. Taking extra sex hormones will just cause an imbalance unless you are short of hormones to start with.
      Most of whats considered masculine cant be achieved with testosterone.

      1. “Because if you take extra testosterone you just stop making your own and excess is converted by bodyfat into estrogen.”
        True. But don’t obscure the truth here, it’s very easy to control the conversion of test into estrogen. There’s no reason that any man should have an excess conversion of T to E; Arimidex, Letro, and all the other AIs will stop this process dead in it’s tracks.
        “Most of whats considered masculine cant be achieved with testosterone.”
        No, it cannot. But it sure as shit doesn’t hurt, especially given the continual slide in test levels as our society becomes more and more hostile towards anything “male”.

  40. It is relatively easy to identify transexuals IMO. a) boner test under sobriety = fail; b) very low on secondary (non physical/behavioural) sexual characteristics; c) “strange illness” to justify ongoing comsuption of medicines that alter the endocrinous system, along with frequent visits to doctors/specialists; d) suspect social circle, mostly of the LGBT variety.

    1. Yeah, well, based on those criteria (except for “c”, which I wouldn’t know about), Amanda Marcotte is a trannie.

  41. As fucked up as women are becoming, transsexuals are looking better by the day.
    Fuck this gay earth.

  42. “However, social justice warriors have failed to realize how these laws can be used against them.”
    You don’t fucking say?

  43. This shit is disgusting. No, it’s fucking INSANE! The entire phenomenon is madness. Who the hell could hate their own wonderful dick like that. We should isolate and maintain apartheid from the dick haters. That kind of shit seems to be contagious and can spread. It gives idiots and nit wits ideas.
    Me, I’m PRO DICK and I ain’t budging. Hell I’m ready to go now and have TWO extra dicks sewn on. That’ll be something. I can raw dog ho’s with #2 which, being a faux appendage won’t shoot anything, not even duds and I’ll have a great big one, #3 sewn ONTO MY FOREHEAD!
    I could pull some awesome dickhead game in the clubs. Pull off my santa hat ”heey baaaabe”. What’ll they do, arrest me for having an obscene face? Dancing like a radioactive jigaboo on the dance floor with that rooster piece shimmering in the strobe lights. I’d have a ho train going in no time. You know it.

  44. “Rape by deception is believed to have originated in medieval England as a
    way of protecting women who had sex with men pretending to be their
    husbands, a fairly easy maneuver at night when the only sources of
    illumination were fires and candles.”
    Bullshit. Absolute rubbish. This is just another case of women fucking men they are not supposed to, and then crying rape.

  45. Rape-by-fraud you say? This is the natural next phase. Rape is being trivialized into oblivion. Pretty soon you will be convicted of rape if you use any sort of deceit to get into a woman’s pants. Lied about your height? Rapist. You’re actually spanish and no italian? Rapist. Wearing colored contacts? Rapist.
    I don’t support this law. If a tranny successfully tricks me and I fuck him and am none the wiser and find out after the act, then fuck it game recognized. As long as that deceitful prick didn’t give me a disease then I’m over it.

  46. Another forced sad and angry homophobic rant, albeit eloquently presented, rather hypothetical, you’d need to be off your head with booze not to pick up on the physical signs of even post op transsexuals. In which case don’t go whining to the courts that you were raped by your own stupidity.
    Transsexuals are heavily involved in prostitution,( Brazil, Thailand, Germany, etc.) interesting to note that they loose all market value post op. It’s a fetish for straight and bi types. It takes all kinds to make a colorful world. Get over it guys.

    1. I take this conversation to be an opening to attack SJW’s with their own weapon. The transexual part is not that critical. It is fighting back in every small way with every tool available.

  47. So hold on…
    If you say something deceptive in order to get someone to do something for you that they otherwise might not.. thats “rape by fraud”?
    So if i tell a woman i am a millionaire and she fails her due diligence to fact check my story, and she sleeps with me, i’m a rapist because im not the millionaire she thought she was bagging?
    Can i get my ex-wife convicted of ‘rape by fraud’? She promised to love me forever, to have and to hold in sickness and health, in good times and bad, yada yada? So she sexually, and monetarily raped me because had i known she would never uphold her wedding vows, i’d never have married her!!!
    Convincing argument no?
    Gold diggers, your time has come! You are now prosecutable 😀

    1. I know you are being silly because I am sure you understand that Falling out of Love is not considered fraud.
      Gold diggers are not the ones who would be prosecuted, it is the person who deceived them by saying that they are rich.

  48. I think we all missed soenthing else very important here: The Canadian Supreme Court said its illegal to have sex by deception, and labeled it rape. That, combined with an earlier case where a man was convicted of rape for intentionally getting a girl pregnant (holes in the condoms if I remember right) by deception.
    I wouldn’t want to be the test case, obviously, but maybe someone in a similar pickle:
    Girl, lies about the pill (whatever bc)
    Boy has sex with her
    Girl gets baby in tummy she wanted
    Guy gets girl to admit she lied about bc
    Guy then goes to the police / CPS and demands she be jailed for rape.
    Good for the goose, good for the gander. Sure, you’d still have to take care of the kid. By getting her convicted as the rapist she is, you might get custody and she doesn’t get her 9lb annuity. She has to pay you. She doesn’t get to fark with you seeing your own kid, and so on.

  49. Trannies are definetly raping straight men if they aren’t telling them their true identity, just like it would be counted as rape if you had a twin brother who pulled a houdini on your girlfriend (Real cases happened in canada, dude pretended to be his twn brother and slept with the girlfriend who willing had sex with him but later found out it wasn’t him)

  50. How many men have lied about things such as jobs or income just to get a girl into bed? I’ve told some whoppers in my time. If a man were to tell a woman he was for talk sake a Jew just to get a Jewess into bed, it would be the height of insanity to call him a rapist and prosecute him for a crime. Do women not lie about their sexual history or without it at best. I hope this will be considered rape if these ridiculous laws are ever passed.

    1. Moronic article, with an image of a negro transgenderite in a blond wig. There are men who like to pick up drag queens. Leave it at that. Don’t make a production out of it.

    2. It’s interesting, as a Palestinian man told a Jewish woman in Israel that he was Jewish, and the two went to bed together. He was jailed for it.

  51. Don’t get too excited. If the SJWs manage to get a law like that passed, they will likely also get to choose how it is applied. They could simply dictate that a man->woman tranny is by legal definition a woman, and thus, no fraud has happened. That is, unless the man explicitly asked whether she is a tranny, and who’s going to do that? It would ruin the sexual tension just as surely as affirmative consent requirements.

  52. Lol dishonesty through rape. Yes these women are unable to tell the difference between one man’s taste/musk/dick than the other.

  53. There will always be drag queens, really effeminate gay men who get off on aping women. But to support such mutilation is awful, they DO NOT BECOME WOMEN but rather some sort of plastic surgery monster like Michael Jackson. DO NOT HUMOR THEM BY CALLED HE “SHE” do not let them legally change their gender on their birth certificate and driver’s license. The tragedy for them is that no man will want them after they chop it off, neither gay nor straight. At least if they keep their piece and live life as a gay drag queen they can get some pleasure from jerking off while they get fucked in the ass (gays do that.) But as a dickless wonder they can’t even enjoy the pleasure of owning a penis anymore.

  54. Really. We are complaining about how people who are uncomfortable with what gender they are so to be happy again and for them to enjoy there life they become a man or woman. Its not considered rape at all, if you indenify as man or women and you both consent to having sexual relations, then its not rape.

    1. Can you even wrap your head around the fact that men want to sleep with natural-born women and that they might feel completely violated to find out they are sleeping with somebody born with a penis? No, you can’t wrap your little brain around that can you? How sad that you’re so concerned with how somebody with mental issues so severe they’d mutilate their body and turn themselves into something they can never truly be because of how they feeeeel but you can’t give the same courtesy to men and you think it’s okay for them to be mislead. You can’t consent to deception.

      1. Im sorry, but if you are sleeping with a transgendered person who has gone fully through the sex change, one they identify as a women, so they are there for a female. Second a man would have to be blindly drunk to not be able to tell the difference between and naturally born female or a transgender female.

  55. I recently had a discussion on a /r/sex on reddit. This was about a woman who engaged in oral sex with a pastor in the church. She neglected to tell him that they were a pre-op trans man to woman. She was debating on telling him because he is very anti LGBT and disliked his views. This was not the point I am trying to bring up but rather the debate that ensued after I commented that I sincerely hope that anyone I am dating or pursuing informs me that they are a trans woman before any intimacy.
    The debate was very heated for a while. I simply said that this is not a relationship I would want and that the intimacy is something I would not want. Since I am not attracted to trans women. Boy did people disagree with me. The comments ranged from “She is a woman no matter what you think” and how it is dangerous for a trans woman to tell people her status. That they shouldn’t have to inform me, it’s my job to figure that out. I even brought up rape by deception, citing the extremely broad rape laws feminism have fought for. EVERYTHING, I mean every point that feminism argues for broader rape laws to prevent morning after regret, deception, impersonation, and being violated were simply thrown away by them because it didn’t matter at that point in time. I was close minded and blaming feminism. Even mods from the subreddit were calling the debate transphobia. Nowhere did I ever say anything transphobic. I support their right to do what they want. I will address them as a woman and respect them. I have nothing against that. I went on to discuss how as a straight male I am expected to respect the gender identity and sexual orientation of everyone, yet a trans woman not informing me of their status violates my gender identity and sexual orientation. I am not attracted to trans woman. I am attracted to women with women parts. I am not attracted to women with male parts or a woman who was once a man. We can be open and progressive thinkers, however what you are attracted to does not make you transphobic, homophobic, or racist.
    It’s just another example on how being a straight white male in today’s society we have to change to accommodate everyone’s feelings but with little to no regard for ours. Because ya know…privilege and shit.

  56. This is a wonderful Christmas gift. RadFems are rubbing their sticky paws together and I suppose there is something that could be done about gold digging whores. Good info Matt.

  57. Yes they are, and just like other guilty of rape, trannies who rape should be shot on sight.

  58. Overtaxed, I agree with you because women go through that same bias. A woman i work with told her doctor that she didn’t feel like a woman because she is flat chested and has a boyish figure (and it is true she even has a mustache and looks like a pre-pubescent boy, even her pregnancy didn’t change that) and she too wanted female hormone and breast augmentation and thought her health insurance might cover it, well the doctor thought she might be a little insane so instead sent her to a therapist and psychiatrist. Due to recent changes Health insurance, Medicaid and Medicare do cover pay those services but only if you want to change from female to male or male to female.
    I for one do not think that is fair, why? because if you feel you are transgender the insurance will pay for the entire surgery below the waist surgery, breast & butt augmentation, facial feminization or masculization, elective cosmetic surgery of the face, all the medications (forever) and permanent hair removal but they will not cover those services for people who feel they just want to look and feel better but we have to pay for these surgeries (payments we make to our private insurance and tax dollars) to a select group of individuals against our will.
    I personally feel that if you exclude some people from getting those services (funded by insurance) and only provide it to transgender individuals it is gender bias against men and women and preferential treatment for the transgender; that is not fair.

  59. Several transgender people have been beaten up or killed because they did not tell the there romantic interest (or hook up) that they are transgender so now in fear of their safety more are admitting it but some of them refuse.
    Yes, the bill should be passed in all states, making rape by fraud a crime!

  60. -transsexuality is a mental illness,let me elaborate before you judge.During the early stages of mental developement when children become aware of themselves and their identity,sex/gender awareness is a key role.Those who do not accept their natural born sex have ‘gender dysphoria’ or ‘gender identity disorder’.There is money to be made in selling a dream that you can be whatever you want to be and this is in fact ,bullshit.Many transexuals turn to criminal means to make money to pursue a fantasy.Chromosomes,dna ,reproductive system (if you have one…shit happens,read up on intersex and other disorders) dtermine ypur sex.Inability to recognize one self is menal illness.The body and spirit are two parts of one.You can be a man with a woman’s spirit (rarely happens,trannies act like fucking men…really ,they honestly do) and vice versa.
    Also,lying about your sex is in fact rape by deception.I am a bisexual woman and I should have the choice whether I want to sleep with a man or not…MTF trans is man and an FTM is a woman.Mor importantly,if a man enters a relationship with a post op trans with the intent to start a family,you with your selfish desires wasted years of his life and robbed him of the chance.Though there are some people into it,transsexuals need to accept that there aren’t that many people into you.Stop lying to expand your pool of potential mates.Key example,I am black and overweight and I know their are a limited people into it,so I could just lose weight (doin it now).You could just NOT mutilate yourselves and be honest with people.
    -the trans hype is a money making system that destroys lives,don’t be part of the system.You can express yourself without the surgeries that are rarely sucessful.Put on some lipstick and a corset and go have a good time…just stop lying to peoples

  61. At the least, the tranny is getting bitch-slapped straight into the dirt with most guys. Then, they get the boot to the ribs and teeth, then afterwards, the dood that beat em down unzips, pulls out his cock and buys the tranny a drink;, ie, pisses all over him. Fuck those hoes.Those fuckers are on my “got no sympathy” list. They’re fags with phony cunts swindling anyone with a cock.

  62. I suspect Mr. Forney is woefully uneducated – the men’s movement deserves better. But in this article he makes a very good point.

  63. Firstly, society is not dedicated on making this “fantasy” a reality thus the plethora of negative comments by people who are trying to surpress the lives of transsexuals. You do this through many forms of abuse and discrimination. Media encourages positive stories about transsexuals because oppression and discrimination are both harmful and cruel. If being transsexual is so detrimental and damaging its only because those who make the decision to trasiton are subjected to people’s harsh options about their life on a daily basis. Further more what most people aren’t conditioned to do is to safely exrsize their free will. This affects all of us because the reality is tons of men and even woman admire us. Including couples, singles and and tons of married men. Lastly, I’m a young transsexual and college student, never can I recall tricking a man for a date or sex so dead that argument.

  64. If one of those freaks looked like a believable-enough woman, and managed to trick me, and later I found out, I promise you I’d go after the motherfucker and kill him.
    Trannies NEED to reveal their true gender to their victims- for their own safety.
    To tell the truth though, I’ve never really understood how people can fall for a trap like that… Do they even have a clit? And how do they even get wet? It makes no sense to me.
    …unless the victim was extremely drunk, I guess.

    1. oh die off already, if genetic women don’t want you do you think transgender women are desperately looking for bozos like you? lol

  65. This article is hilarious!! LOL! So ironically a law that is in place is based on only of cases with men and their testosterone making them desperately sneak into a woman’s room at night(yeah because transexuals are so desperate like these men for sex)….Transexuals make up the largest group living in poverty in America but somehow they are able to afford breast implants, GRS, facial feminization surgery which cost thousands of dollars. You idiots with your tin foil hats need to realize that the reason why Transexual porn watching has went up 5,000.00 percent is not because transexuals have to deceive ANYONE. Just go to Craigslist, Backpage, Eros, and countless transexual dating sites and see how many men “don’t want to have sex with transexuals” .

  66. Transexual “womans” so-called “vaginas” look like a mess. Any guy who looks at such a “vagina” should be able to tell. I don’t really how to explain what looks different about them but you know when you see it.

  67. The suicide rates alone are enough of a reason to consider this a mental illness. What to do about it?…..well that’s kinda hard to say. I wouldn’t encourage someone with depression to continue to stay home all day on the couch doing nothing. Until we start researching what is specifically causing it, and trying to treat it medically these people will die for no reason other than they were unhappy with their life and felt out of place. Seems like such a waste of precious life, you can look at the “successful” transgendered people who may very well be happier since they decided to do the surgery. But the overwhelming statistics of post-op suicide is horrifying.

  68. money can be made off transexuals,part of the pink dollar thing (money lgbt folks spend.its allowed because there is a market and this is capitalism)just google all the products they have for crossedressers,even fake vag panties !

  69. Just ask the guy if he likes transsexuals, whats the problem…?
    There are many of those, making this wall of text excessive.

  70. Hm, have you read Prof. Rubensfeld’s paper? Because it does not say what you seem to think it says.

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