How To Train The Next Generation Of Men

If you were a parent in the 1950s, you had a pretty good idea of what the future held for your sons. The path to success was set: get good grades in school, go to a respected university, and get hired by a large corporation. But parents today have no such obvious path to impart to their children. We are living on a powder keg and we can’t predict if and when it will explode. This means that we have to prepare our sons to succeed regardless of what the future holds.

A modern agoge

The movie 300 gives a glimpse of the agoge (training) that young Spartan boys underwent to become full-fledged Spartan warriors. While we don’t know exactly what the agoge of the Spartans consisted of, we can guess that it involved learning how to fight as part of the Greek Phalanx, strengthening and endurance exercises, and activities that developed confidence and toughness.

The modern age did away with the necessity of putting boys through a strict agoge. The modern military is staffed by professional warriors. Everyone else in the society is a civilian with almost no idea of warfare. The only training most of us receive is training to become a cog in a giant corporate machine. The hamster wheel of the modern world is to get a job, overconsume and go into debt, and spend the next 50 years working to pay for the overconsumption.

But the current environment is not sustainable. Even mainstream pundits recognize that the neoliberal order is beginning to crack, and for good reason: it enriches a tiny elite while slowly eroding the living standards for the masses of people in North America and Europe. The only questions are when and how the neoliberal order will finally fall.

This uncertain situation makes it unadvisable to educate your children in the same way you were educated. The next generation of children, especially boys, must be trained in both the arts of peace and the art of war. In other words, we need to create a modern agoge for our sons. This article is my attempt to suggest a possible approach.

The basics

I don’t believe that our civilization will collapse into something like the Dark Ages where we lose the technology we have built up to this point. Therefore, it is a safe to assume that we cannot neglect the basics. The standard subjects that are taught as part of the Grades 1-12 curriculum–reading, writing, arithmetic, history, science, and grammar will continue be important for all children to learn.

Public schools in the US teach all of these things but I think they do a shoddy job of it, so I would not entrust my child to the them. First, public schools are constantly experimenting with a way to teach math that will cause all the children to “get it.” Unfortunately, there is no magic method of teaching math and the newfangled math curriculums end up being less and less effective. The result of this constant changing of curriculum is that most kids graduate from high school without a good foundation in math.

Second, the mission of public schools is to educate future employees for US corporations—not academic excellence. Thus, there is a lot of wasted time in the school day. After all, children must learn to spend a certain number of hours in the “office” regardless of whether they are being productive.

There is one part of the standard curriculum that would need more emphasis: American children are woefully deficient in knowledge about history, particularly European history. As a student in the public schools, I was taught about the Revolutionary War, slavery, the Civil War, racism, Jim Crow laws, almost nothing about WWI, WWII, the New Deal, and the Civil Rights movement. I also had a class in Russian history that was pretty basic.

I left high school with a poor understanding of world history and have had to spend much of my adult life remedying this deficiency. This should not be the case. A good understanding of history gives a person the ability to learn from the mistakes other have made. This perspective is necessary if you want your children to grow up to be effective citizens.

Additional subjects

While the standard subjects are important, they are not sufficient to equip our children for the unpredictable future. These additional subjects will be useful no matter what the future holds.


As I mentioned above, American education is aimed at producing employees, not independent business men. This is a bad strategy as the corporate employee model amounts to indentured servitude. A modern agoge recognizes that business ownership is a better path to financial stability.


Public schools teach very little about finance. That ignorance leads many people to make bad financial decisions. Our children should know about how to invest, different investment vehicles, and the best strategies before they finish their high school level education.

Qualities for success

In life, what you know may be worth less than how you react to situations. I am sure you know men who may be very educated but who are not as successful as business men with much less education and brain power. The difference is in the mettle of each individual. Perseverance, grit, self-confidence, and strong people skills must be instilled in children from a young age.


The ancients trained in rhetoric—the ability to move men by the power of speech. A well-rounded person should be able to write and deliver a speech that will sway his listeners.

Training to be a man

Up until this point, pretty much everything I have mentioned can be taught to our daughters as well as our sons. But there are differences between the two sexes. Here are some of the masculine qualities we need to instill in our sons.


Every man must be able to defend himself in hand-to-hand combat. There are many martial arts that could give your sons an adequate self-defense but the arts that have lots of sparring are better than ones that emphasize forms or partner practice that involves play-acting. Brazilian Jiu-jutsu, boxing, wrestling, and MMA training are all viable options. Skill with a knife and a handgun would also be included as part of a program of modern agoge.

Hunting, fishing, and living off the land

If civil war lies in the future, men who can live off the land for short periods of time will fare better than those whose only experience with food is going to a supermarket. Plus, hunting, fishing, and camping can serve as excellent coming of age rituals.

Military strategy

In ancient world, there were few professional warriors. The military consisted of able-bodied men who trained in the arts of war part time to protect their land and families from invaders. In early Rome, soldiers were responsible for purchasing their own weapons and armor. Thus, even farmers would know the basics of military strategy. Today, unless they have served in the military, most American men are completely ignorant of military tactics. Given the unstable world situation, it would be a mistake to let our sons grow up ignorant of the art of war.


These are my preliminary thoughts on what should comprise a modern agoge. We are in uncharted waters where the old pedagogy will fail the future generation. However, we can’t wait for the education “experts” to show us the way forward. It is up to us in the RoK community to blaze the trail.

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203 thoughts on “How To Train The Next Generation Of Men”

    1. The agoge, as it’s called, also included a whole load of important peculiarities – such as pederasty.

      1. Yeah, I agree. Also notice how this breaks the will of young men to the state. Men, taught from boyhood, to be willing to surrender their ass, literally, to the state. Do you think such men would ever question something retarded that came down from their rulers? There is much to admire in Sparta, but just like anything, it has its flaws that should also be kept clearly in focus.
        But my comment took the author at his word that he’s not seeking to replicate the ancient curriculum so much as the spirit behind it.

        1. Saying ‘agoge’ is as unqualifyingly vague and ambiguous as saying ‘army’ or like saying ‘pool’ where you could mean either private backyard pool or community multicult oil slick free watering vat. Or saying ‘correctional discipline’ meaning hand spanking across the knee vs 10 yrs of scared straight bung ape gang bang culture managed in a large petri dish farm-facility.
          With agoge, you need to customize the concept as tribal based or clan based. A clan with males that will scramble at the call of an elder to regiment and deploy against a threat must be reinforced by the clan’s women maintained at peak breeding and loyalty to their sires.

    2. ” I would teach women self defense” For what? Against other women?
      She should learn to steer clear of dangerous situations and rely on men for security as is natural.
      Sex is a trade after all and everything has been tilted towards woman’s favor.
      You’d be giving them the wrong idea.

      1. No, basic self defense is valuable against men and women. I’m not saying that I would teach women to think that they can kick ass and take names. But when I’m away from my house, I expect that if someone breaks in, she’s going to act aggressively to protect my family, not passively while she waits for the cops to show up too late. Also, if she and my kids are attacked, I expect her to be able to use the element of surprise to land a couple of hard blows, break contact and escape.
        Steering clear of a dangerous situation is preferable for both men and women. But sometimes danger comes and finds you, and in that situation, I expect her to have some basic understanding of self defense.

        1. Of course it’s valuable to an extent. A weapon is more valuable though and it would prevent her from engaging in all that masculine activities and thought patterns.
          How do you think women work?
          When they have once tasted something of the other side it strokes their ego in the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong of course it’s better for her to be able to prevent something if it does happen but preparing for the case is a masculine thing.
          There is a reason feminism primarily started with a correlation of women learning self-defense.
          Any such woman who has made that a part of herself doesn’t get a rise out of me that’s for sure.
          But maybe having it be mandatory would remove the “fuck all men/look at me men!” edge from it?
          I doubt it however as it would still be dabbling in the wrong side.

        2. Self defense is a tool. Just like any tool, it can be abused for improper purposes. I think a self defense curriculum grounded in reality – i.e., look woman, you aren’t going toe-to-toe with any man for ten rounds even if you are Rhonda Rousey – would be adequate to equip a woman with the tools and mentally prepare her for their proper application.
          But I have to say that it is somewhat humorous that the article proposes to exclude women from self defense based on a Spartan agoge model when Spartan women themselves were trained in various forms of self defense, including wrestling and javelin throwing.

        3. You know what I think of this.
          That being said considering how broken spartan society became it is safe to say that my point about women maybe not you-go-grrrlling about self-defense if it’s mandatory falls flat.
          At least it didn’t help.
          But when I think about it if you are married to a woman who has chosen it for herself to be traditional and only learns self-defense out of a need and not relishing it too much then I guess it’s fine somewhat.
          A weapon would be the better choice still though. Maybe not her own weapon but just a weapon that she could have access to.

        4. No offense but I think anyone with a brain reaches for a weapon if they hear a noise at night. I learned self defense as it is always a back up should I end up disarmed.

        5. That is clear but you are supposed to use the weapon before you have a chance of being disarmed.
          Simply put I don’t think it’s worth the time or benefit to teach women self defense.
          I mean what’s the gain?
          For men learning to fight is valuable far above mere self-defense as it forms character but women that engage in such activities are broken and are merely tearing themselves apart more the more they engage in it.
          That is observational truth and I am just sexist like that.

        6. I’ll be honest with you. I started taking self defense classes after coming out of an abusive relationship. Those classes were a catharsis for me, as well as learning a valuable skill. I’m a bit broken in the sense I’m reluctant to put my security in someone else’s hands, but I’ve managed to move on from the bad experience as best as I can.

        7. I do see your perspective on it. I will hold my hands up and say not every man is a woman beating pussy. However you can understand surely my personal feelings that I feel safer knowing how to protect myself. Handy too given I now live with my granny.

        8. Most things can have use in moderation and in the right time and place, sure.
          But I still wouldn’t recommend it to the average woman who doesn’t need a catharsis.
          Frankly, I don’t want to get too deep into this but I guess you do it out of a feeling of reclaiming power.
          If that wouldn’t be the case anything else could go for catharsis after all.
          Not that I am in your position but you should therefore use it only as much as it helps you and not turn it into an obsession.
          I hope that you don’t talk to me about your relationship because you expected sympathy.
          You could have just made your point in an impersonal manner after all.
          Albeit it can be the case that only one partner is the cause of destruction it still takes two to tango for the vast majority of all relationships.
          That being said you don’t strike me as a man so I don’t quite see what you’re doing here and I advise against it.

        9. I did the classes more out of fear it could happen again, rather than power. I got that back the minute I left him. I think more it helped me get a lot of feelings of fustration out of me, I was quite an unstable wreck in the immediate aftermath – snapping at the wrong people, taking it out on the wrong people, and it was a much healthier escape to learn to kick the crap out of people. I no longer train now, lack of time saw to that. As for sympathy? That was not my intention, I felt it was important to mention as I probably would never have taken those kind of classes if not for that relationship. He deserves the sympathy. Cuts and Bruises always heal, but he will always be an asshole.

  1. A lot of what young boys need they will create and deliver themselves.
    For this to happen, all they need are significant periods apart from females.
    Then they will naturally develop their own hierarchy and test and challenge each other.

      1. This is a great gem from that linked article:
        “When Sparta deteriorated in the 4th century BC, their fall from grace
        was blamed in part on the inclusion of their women in public life, their
        ability to own land, and thus their supposed ability to exert a certain
        amount of power over their men. It seems that the general consensus
        was, if you gave a Greek woman an inch, she would take a mile.”
        Ahh, the wisdom of the ancients, forgotten as we repeat history in the present day.

      2. Thank you for the link.
        My experience is that boys need to be apart from female logic and female sensitivity; or they cannot develop correctly as men.
        I have no idea how feminine the women of ancient Sparta were.
        No-one has…
        ‘Unfortunately, there is no real historical documentation that spells out the ways of the women of Sparta. ‘
        …from your link.
        Of course, boys need proximity to females as well, they just need time apart as well.
        Lots of it.

  2. great post – agree with all of it.
    While my expertise is more math based — most of these pounding in the ass federal schools require far too much math that is basically useless – 30 years ago… kind of like learning Latin. (which my kid is wasting her time with now IMO)
    extra important subjects besides what author mentioned – IMO:
    history, and history of inventions/scientific discoveries.
    finance: student loans? – cant be paid back? – then its slavery – lesson over.
    books: how to be an asshole and bang beautiful women, bang, Rollos rational male series. 48 laws of power and much of the manosphere redpill…
    a free ROK t-shirt for graduates
    and remove anything SJW –which is anti-white male
    and nothing will change — there is a reason schools are taken over first by the Marxists…

    1. As someone who took quite a few sociology courses in college, gotta disagree with you on including that horseshit. Aside from [insert victim group]-studies majors, you would be hardpressed to find a department more willing to push Marxist nonsense, celebrate deviancy, eager to learn how to control people, and willing to publish pseudo-scientific bullshit with zero academic rigor that they then stand on to advocate sweeping policy changes.
      Although I take this back if you are actually proposing studying how fucked up and wrong all of it is.

      1. well I don’t know sociology – that’s why I put it there.
        Thought it was something realistic and useful – combining Psychology and other people/society stuff…
        I suppose anything can be polluted by SJWness…and used to brainwash…

        1. Yeah, the theory behind it is facially interesting – studying groups of people to understand why societies function the way that they do. But it is used as a propaganda arm for every nonsensical idea that comes from the left. Sociologists discovered that they could engineer experiments to get specific reactions from the subjects. Guess what happens when they get reactions they don’t like? Guess what then gets used as the blueprint for how you roll out an idea like transsexual acceptance? Fuck that shit. It has power, but it has long been abused, and should not be studied as it is today.

        2. seems much of college is a fucking waste now…
          “the scientists agree…” usually means a big lie is coming

        3. “The scientist agree” is what someone who has zero understanding of science says.
          Once a few centuries ago, the scientists all agreed that the earth was the center of the universe. Then along came one man – Gallileo – and changed that.
          Agreement has fuck all to do with reality.

        4. All the sciences have been terribly politicised. Sociology to promote Leftism and gynocentrism; psychology to mark masculinity as a pathological defect; environmental science to grow the reach of government into business; pharmacology to redefine “normal” social and inner lives… The list goes on.

        5. My aunt was a psychotic lesbian Marxist whose final claim to fame before she drank herself to death was a job at HUD. Her qualications for a cushy government job? Why a PhD from UC Berkeley in sociology of course…

      2. The whole Red Pill is a study in sociology. The difference is that it happens to be on target.

    2. I’ve meditated a bit on how I would construct a K-12 education system that actually was worth a damn, and this is basically what I came up with.
      First, the courses.
      Elementary students would study English (grammar, spelling, reading, and writing using a demanding and philosophical/mythological primer), Arithmetic (not the common core math, but the useful stuff), mythological history (that is, history focused on events and stories that enrich the mind in philosophy and ethics, not merely rote facts), and core scientific concepts including basic computer use.
      Middle School would begin to differentiate students by aptitudes and teach more advanced mathematics, sciences, “philosophy, history, and literature” (as a combined course with emphasis on philosophy over reading books or memorization), communications (writing and speaking more professionally and cogently), and oikonomia (literally “running the house” – money management, cooking, cleaning, basic home repair, etc.). This is also where courses such as music theory, art, and linguistic studies would become more viable.
      High School would not be mandatory, but would be more specialized still. Aspiring engineers would study more advanced mathematics and sciences with applied projects; aspiring scientists would focus on theories and applications of scientific concepts; aspiring philosophers and teachers would focus on aspects of their particular crafts.
      Second, the style.
      Homework, with the exception of projects and essays, would be severely curtailed. If you can’t learn the subjects in eight-to-ten hours of schooling, homework isn’t going to save you. Let the kids play, go to after-school clubs, spend time with their parents, and so forth.
      Physical education would be mandatory before and after school, with ample calisthenics and recreational breaks to ensure kids can maintain focus and burn off excess energies while remaining fit.
      Third, the compulsion.
      Education will remain compulsory up through middle school (perhaps extending from 8th to 9th grade). The compulsory education system will focus primarily on valuable life skills and cultural education (ethics, philosophy, government, etc.)
      Starting at the high school level, around the age of 15, education will no longer be compelled. Instead, trade apprenticeships and direct working experience will be encouraged for those uninterested in long-term academic-oriented fields such as engineering, science, medicine, and the like.
      Unmentioned previously, education certifications will not be compulsory, and teaching will not be considered a career except at the collegiate and perhaps high school level. To take the Chinese characters for “teacher” on their face (lit. “Old person’s job”), those with experience will be encouraged to teach in lieu of retirement.

      1. Interesting. I seem to want to add another dimension of differentiation at an earlier age, because even at 5 or 6 years old high and low achievers can be identified. In all cases of differentiation, a large degree of mobility must be ensured, since it’s not possible to be completely accurate, changing circumstances, etc.
        Is there any room for homeschooling in this system? The way it is presented, it feels rigidly controlled by the state – an aspect which is less than completely comfortable.

        1. Honestly, I’m only thinking about how schools should be structured. Homeschooling should certainly be prized, and perhaps supplemental instruction establishments could be added to further enrich children with aptitudes their parents are unprepared to match.

  3. All this is good but lets not forget the need for boys to have an involved father, or father-like figure, in their lives to serve as positive role models and mentors. Men who go beyond academic niceties and promote character, leadership, and responsibility in themselves and in those to follow them.

  4. Can we stop jacking off to Sparta? They practiced pedophelia, slavery and homosexuality. And they weren’t really that good on the battlefield: it was the Athenian Themistocles whose naval strategy that stopped the Persians. Thermopalye was a defeat that actually didn’t do much for the Greeks.
    I’d pit a British or East India Company Army under Wellington against a Spartan Army under Leonidas any day, even accounting for technology. Or more fairly, Alfred the Great’s Saxons against Lenonidas’ Spartans.
    The Spartans contributed little to philosophy, art or science. And the Athenian Army was every bit as good, if not better. See: Marathon.

    1. Agreed. There is stuff to admire about Sparta, but when you read the history of it and the way it operated, you get a distinct sense that communism is its direct descendant, and I think you’d be hard pressed to find many here who would claim that such a society is desirable.

      1. It was basically slavery to the state, as part of a massive military-industrial complex. The same people here who criticize service in the US military are often the same people rubbing one out to Sparta, which was worse.
        Today’s American military is a professional force. I highly encourage men today to join, as it is probably one of the last bastions of masculinity in the West. Trump has shown he is willing to save the military from Obama era social experiments, which means much of the damage Obama did can be reversed.

      2. They did many things wrong, not the least of which was hard-limiting the number of “spartans” while massively increasing the size of the slave class (some sources suggest the ratio was as big as 1000-to-1 at the end).
        On second thought, that’s pretty much exactly how Communism works out – a few rulers for every million serfs.

    2. Yes.
      Celebrating these child rapists has always been weird.
      It’s not as though their society was a success.
      One theory is that homosexual British school Masters at public (elite) schools have created the myth of ancient Greek importance because they could shoe horn homosexuality into their ‘history’ lessons.
      From everything we know about Sodomites, that makes sense.

      1. It is not the perverted things that are important about the Greco-Roman/Hellenic cultural heritage. It is the myths, literature, philosophy, proto-science (atronomy, maths, logic etc), art, political science and a large nomenclature.

        1. ‘It is the myths, literature, philosophy, proto-science (atronomy, maths, logic etc), art, political science and a large nomenclature.’
          I know the theory regarding the importance of ancient Greek history.
          I teach it.
          I’m just not that convinced it is correct ie that these developments in our modern world owe their ‘Genesis’ to the Greeks.
          It’s a satisfying academic theory, it just might not be accurate.

        2. My point is mostly that (some) people here tend to always start to talk about pedos every time something Greco-Roman is discussed. The peripheral becomes the center of attention.
          Culture history can be complex. It is a simplification to say the least and the origins go deeper. Hybridization of ideas are also a part of the puzzle.

        3. Drop the Roman suffix. They are talking about greeks, specifically Spartans. Sparta might have had good qualities but all in all they were unremarkable and their society model was truly unsustainable.

        4. Reminds you of the US and Europe right now. You think Western civilization is going to last much longer???
          At least the Spartans died on their feet. We are dying on our knees.

        5. I know but it is often the case that the Greeks as well as the Romans are critcized for perversity; and the Romans, as we both know, got many of their core ideas from the Greeks. In the last phases of the Roman empire, decadence penetrated (pun intended) the elites. to an extent almost never seen before in Western history.

        6. No perverts in today’s West? They didn’t watch porn in those days. Homosexuality was there but it wasn’t out in the open like there is today.

        7. “Western civilization is a good idea”
          I think he really said something like that.

        8. ‘….(some) people here tend to always start to talk about pedos every time something Greco-Roman is discussed. ‘
          Perhaps, yes.
          There are those here who can’t avoid waving their racism or hatred of sexual perverts, in your face.
          They lower the tone and quality of debate, naturally.

        9. The Roman and British people both were founded by soldiers who escaped the fall of Troy. I submit that we owe much of western civilization to Troy, not Greece. I think the Greeks stole their “high culture” ideals from Troy

        10. Yeah, he did. Which I find ironic, since Gandhi slept naked with pre-teen girls to “test his willpower” /rolleyes. He hated black people, calling them the Indian equivalent of niggers (kaffirs). He was also the hypocrite-in-chief: when his wife was dying of a preventable disease, the British offered to cure her. He refused to let the British cure his wife to maintain her “spiritual purity” or whatever.
          Then, when Gandhi got the *exact same disease*, he allowed the British to treat him.
          So yeah, Gandhi, get pissed at the British Empire. You were an *actual* racist, borderline pedophile and a hypocrite that was possibly guilty of negligent homicide in the death of the woman you supposedly loved.
          Winston Churchill was right to ask, “Why hasn’t that shithead Gandhi starved to death yet?”

        11. Didn’t the Greeks invent or start Philosophy which then morphed into science ?? Wouldn’t you credit the Greeks with theater /tragedies/comedies etc.??

    3. ‘I’d pit a British or East India Company Army under Wellington against a Spartan Army under Leonidas any day, …’
      Like to see them take on our Gurkas.

    4. What they lacked in historical artifacts they likely made up for in spiritual development.
      A culture of glory and heroism counts for something.

    5. “spartan” is nowadays synominous with minimalism. which is not a bad objective.
      no great city center such as Athens or Thebes, they were a formidable land force at their peak — defeating the Persians at Plataea and the Athenians in the pelopanesian war.
      later they were whores to Babylon – mercenaries to the Persians.
      And many were captured/killed at battle of granicus river after Alexander defeated the Persians…
      but later on their demise was sealed by their women/socialism etc…seems where we in the West are at presently.
      Apparently Romans centuries later would visit to observe their quaint customs…(similar to Amish?)
      here is Aristotle’s take on it…
      “…This was exemplified among the Spartans in the days of their greatness; many things were managed by their women. But what difference does it make whether women rule, or the rulers are ruled by women? The result is the same. Even in regard to courage, which is of no use in daily life, and is needed only in war, the influence of the Lacedaemonian women has been most mischievous. The evil showed itself in the Theban invasion, when, unlike the women of other cities, they were utterly useless and caused more confusion than the enemy. This license of the Lacedaemonian women existed from the earliest times, and was only what might be expected….”
      “…Yet both practices lead to the same result. And nearly two-fifths of the whole country are held by women; this is owing to the number of heiresses and to the large dowries which are customary. It would surely have been better to have given no dowries at all, or, if any, but small or moderate ones. As the law now stands, a man may bestow his heiress on any one whom he pleases, and, if he die intestate, the privilege of giving her away descends to his heir. Hence, although the country is able to maintain 1500 cavalry and 30,000 hoplites, the whole number of Spartan citizens fell below 1000….”

    6. Few know about Spartan society, but from the little I read you are correct. Their habit of keeping young men and women in seperate accomodations during their prime kept their birth rates low and did have homosexual relationships — strange culture. They had some well recorded victories, but spent most of their time putting down slave revolts, and in the end the Macedonians finished them off.

    7. What are you talking about man?
      Pedophilia and homosexuality in ancient Sparta?
      Where did you read that nonsense?
      I’m sorry but you are irrelevant.
      The Athenian army was as good as Spartan’s army? Really? Then why Athenians were defeated in the Peloponnesian war by Sparta?
      Don’t talk about things that you don’t know…

    8. Hard to beleive they had time to fight wars with all the show tunes and interior design……

    9. They have a great free series about the Pelopenesian ( sp?) war by profs from Hillsdale College and this expert on Sparta talked about the pederasty of the Spartan warriors. Yikes. I forgot the age , think it was 7 yrs and up all the Spartan men slept in their respective “mess halls” and if you wanted to get it on with your old lady you had to sneak out at nite. Only at a certain older age could a Spartan man sleep at home .

  5. Get them off Talmudvision. Get them off Talmudeducation. The mind is the key.

  6. It isn’t that hard to raise kids that have their mind right. As soon as your son gets out of diapers good, don’t let him be mamas boy anymore.
    Take him out to do man stuff and don’t bring his sister or mama along.
    Take him hunting and fishing, show him how to clean game then let him do it himself. He will learn about camping and woodcraft along the way.
    You don’t have to spend a fortune to do it either nor do you have to go every weekend, just a couple of short trips a year is enough and he will always be looking forward to it.
    Don’t discourage him when he wants to wrestle or play rough with you either, you don’t even have to let him win and he will still come back for more.
    If you don’t have son it’s not a good idea to teach your daughter to be one. Yes, you certainly need to spend time with her but, too many men these days encourage their daughters to take the place of a son. Not good.

    1. Well said. With both sons and daughters, I can say they naturally develop into the roles they want. I take my oldest son and my daughters on this overnight backpacking trip. My son and I enjoy rolling rocks of the side of the mountain to watch the devastation, the girls enjoy picking wildflowers.

      1. Outstanding! Rolling rocks off the mountain would be hard to beat….. there aren’t any mountains around here, I wanna go too!

        1. Took them to the top of King’s Peak (elev 13,528) last weekend. We do a yearly backpacking trip with the kids, been doing that since my oldest was six. Good character building to push them a little and they have to deal with not being able to just quit when it gets a little tough.

        2. Arches is a neat place to visit, along with most of southern UT. Best seen in springtime when cooler and cactus blooming. Haven’t done much there except the drive by and snap your picture thing. Maybe next up.

        3. if you and your kids can actually climb that thing, ill buy you all a round of shirley temples

    2. You can share all the things to make them strong and independent, but you have to counter the entire breadth of societies brainwashing and controls the system brainwashes them with. That’s great everything you outlined, but your hardest most difficult task is undoing the programming they get all day every day from their peers the schools and other facets of the overall “system”. The system works against you 24 hours a day all of their lives, you get to influence them what 2 or 3 hours a day, maybe a few days at a time on special trips and holiday family activities, nevermind the fact that you also unintentionally reinforces the systems brainwashing by helping them to be better and more independent but still fully engaged players in society to guarantee their “success” within the societies boundaries. It takes a really special trusting bond to teach your kids to SEE the system from outside it so they can leverage their independence and exploit that society from within it.

      1. I think one of the classic Marxists – could be Marx or one of the others – said something to the effect that five days of government indoctrination will override two with their parents/church.

        1. 5 minutes of RoK, /pol/ and Chateau Heartiste will undo a month of school indoctrination.

    3. Your prescription is good. But there’s a problem with it.
      If I had a dollar for every damned boomer who lived “the life” you described and still turned out to be useless, I could buy a spaceship and get out of here.
      The ways of old are not enough. Hunting and fishing is not enough. For for fucks sake, endless fucking images of some teenager standing over dead duck or deer. Big fucking deal.
      It’s boomerish, self-centered. We don’t need outdoorsmen or hunters.
      We need warriors.
      We don’t need Elmer Fudd, we need John Wick.
      Tolkien hated metaphor but he made one thing clear: the main conflict of Aragorn was his desire to be running about in the woods rather than take on to being the king. The movies simplified it.
      Your way is not a bad way, but all you get is someone who “they will come for later”. And as another contributor in this thread as detailed, a “few trips a year” is nothing compared to the 24/7 bombardment kids will get. So for all you know, maybe when the “son” is 15 he does not want to go hunting because he wants to hide in his room and put on makeup and wear stockings because “the brain virus” got to him.
      (honestly at this point if I had kids I would be like a mad scientist trying to find a way to knock the world back to 1745 at least).
      The kid needs to be raised to be the one mocking the brain virus carriers on /pol/ when he’s not learning tactics with a gun (far different world using a gun for actual fighting than sport, and the latter is merely a means of keeping men with guns distracted from the real reason to have them).

      1. I’m not a boomer and neither were my parents.
        Taking your kid hunting teaches him firearm safety along with marksmanship which if he ever needs a firearm for anything else he’s off to a good start.
        If he has been cleaning game on his own, he won’t be as squeamish about blood and guts. Camping and woodcraft could also be very helpful in the unlikely event of something bad happening.
        I think I can teach him most all he needs to know without sending him off to join the fat guys in the Michigan Militia or whatever during the summer.
        If someone’s kid is 15 and hiding in his room putting on makeup it’s too late, they already fucked up.

  7. Before you do any training and toughing up on the young boy, first and foremost you need to get the woman (the Mother) out of his psyche. Responsible older men used to be available to initiate younger men away from this bondage to women. Without the mental breakdown that accompanies initiation men remain enslaved to female praise.
    Says Gilder:
    During initiation rights found in hundreds of cultures men
    ritualistically reiterate the processes of childbirth. The boys are
    brought into a great womb-like structure; they are ministered blood,
    as if through an umbilicus; they are fed, as if from a mother’s breast;
    all before being issued in great tumult of sound and movement into
    the world of men. The purpose of the ritual is to show that though
    women make babies, it takes men to turn boys into men. Because of
    their less-grounded sexuality, because men are not the fundamental
    unit of the human species, males must be incorporated in specific and
    exclusive tasks – not to accomplish the business of society, but to
    accomplish and affirm their own identities as males. If such roles are
    not given to them they disrupt the community or leave it.

        1. Normally I’d make light of something like this, but…I wouldn’t put it past ’em.

        2. I only have one organ that I’m willing to donate. And that organ is reserved for hot chicks. And I’m only willing to donate it for a while. (Ba-dump-crash.)

        3. I dunno how i feel about it, there have been cases of people whose personalities have changed after organ transplantations or blood transfusions- its very dr frankenstein, but i probably wouldnt look a gift lung in the mouth if i needed it

        4. Nah – I figure I’d go from “stable” to “DOA” if I’m in a car wreck with someone famous who needs my liver.

        1. what about the 3% “Other”? do they own the rights to your other-ness too?

        2. WTF? Wow, give me the names and phone numbers of the people who pay for this. I have a lot of ideas for things I can sell them.

  8. Yeah, but emphasizing that men should learn skills, become self-reliant and develop our powers of agency conflicts with what our futurist nerds foresee for us: A world where technology shields us from having to experience reality.
    Instead they want us to masturbate with sex robots, play games all day in virtual worlds, not have to get jobs because the robots will do all the work for us, and draw basic guaranteed incomes for our sustenance just from breathing. Also AI’s will tell us how to run our lives, if you could call this “living,” because they will know us and what we need better than we can know ourselves.
    And no, I did not make any of this up. Refer to Yuval Harari’s bestselling book Homo Deus, for example. The fact that our elites’ court intellectuals consider Harari an important and visionary thinker should alarm us about what our elites have in store for us men.

    1. its not a robot(yet) but you can buy a sex doll of a child. anything goes these days, Im sure some are rationalizing how these dolls will keep these fiends from preying on actual children

      1. Its a gateway vice!
        Sure its all well and good fukking a mannequin of a 4 yr old but then next week you’re cokkin’ the toaster, the VCR….where does it end..WHERE?!?!?

        1. the VCR
          I was always a little suspicious of people that still owned VCRs. Now I know why.

        2. Nope, just pray for most stuff. If it is something bigger, you talk with your bishop and if necessary, they will schedule counseling or rehab or what you need. If a violent crime or something of that nature, you could be excommunicated.

        3. Point of order. Suggesting hooking it up to 220V is not ‘creating innuendo’.
          (Well done, by the way!)

        4. Don’t try to walk it back. You crossed the line, and I encourage much more of that for the future.

      2. they’re in the process of being criminalized in the UK after a bunch of paedos have tried to import them (one was just sentenced for doing so). There is also a charity in the news today which is campaigning for sex offenders to have access to child sex dolls to prevent them (re-) offending. Anti-abuse campaigners aren’t having it fortunately, and it won’t get anywhere.

        1. youre our resident shrink- what do you think? would these dolls curb their depravities?

        2. probably not such a good idea, particularly as dollies, cybernetics / AI is improving all the time, and a time may come when such “dolls” are – westworld wise difficult to distinguish from the real thing. I imagine the argument – as with porn / child porn etc is that such a thing might provide an ‘outlet’ which would otherwise be unavailable to a horny paedo. So leaving aside the fact that such a doll is considered ‘ obscene’ or whatever (which is what it is considered in law I think) one would have to make demonstrate somehow that paedos were less likely to offend with access to such an outlet as opposed to without. The problem is not just that that would be difficult to prove (and undesirable / unethical as a research study possibly) but that it would presumably assume some kind of pressure cooker idea of paedophilia as a (natural? in born?) urge that builds up and somehow must be relieved, something which is arguably not the case. The argument against, beyond the fact that it is obscene / depraved is that it would probably both prove unsatisfying – it’s a doll, a simulacrum – and habituate paedophiles / potential or actual sex offenders to virtual child sex. It’s just a bad idea, however it wouldn’t surprise me if the arguments advanced start to get more sophisticated. Again, Westworld is probably a good example of hammering out ethical issues related to simulated sex / violence. I imagine if the issue doesn’t go away completely on account of public outrage it will get played out as a harm / harm reduction issue.

    2. Yuval is another Jew. Part of the tribe that engineered the white race into its current decline.

        1. They are masters at manipulating the feminine side of people. That is why Jewish propaganda is so powerful.

    3. Almost everything about modern society seems to be trying to teach boys not to be boys.
      Zero violence policy- it sounds good at first but, kicking kids out of school because one boy punched another in the arm playing around=foolishness
      I’ve not seen it myself but I hear tell of some schools having a policy of students not allowed to touch another student under any circumstances, that when they walk in a line they have to put their hands on top of their heads like POWs or criminal suspects.
      They basically get no recess or physical activity at school, what are boys supposed to do with all that limitless energy they have?
      They are taught from the start that violence is never the answer(it’s monopolized by the state) so no playful wrestling with peers, if you are bullied you should never ever stand up for yourself (tell a teacher or the cops, let the state handle it). How many times have we been told if you get mugged,carjacked,robbed,
      assaulted or whatever not do anything just let them have it?
      Every thing that should come natural to boys and men has over the last 30 years or so become “bad”.
      When I was growing up little boys while playing outside would kill all sorts of critters just for the hell of it. Now if they got caught doing something like that FaceBook users would be having a freak out day because “he’s going to grow up to be a serial killer!”.
      Edit; those little boys killing birds with a slingshot or BB gun or something similar is an entirely different thing than some weirdo kid torturing cats or dogs.

      1. And notice that our elites target mainly white boys for this sort of treatment. I mean, who knows, one of them might become the next Hitler.
        By contrast, black, Hispanic and Muslim boys can act out their aggression as much as they want because absolutely no one worries that one of them could become Literally Hitler some day; we all just assume their inferiority relative to white men.

        1. I never hear about the toxic masculinity of minority groups either.

  9. Training children to utilize discernment would be a wise move. If a child doesn’t understand that it’s their responsibility to decide what is true and what is not, based on all of the information and all of the clues at hand, all we’ll have is a new generation of meat puppets who run to the nearest state-sanctioned authority to get their minds filled with state-sanctioned crap. “What does the doctor say about this? What does the newscaster say? What does the teacher say? I don’t have a mind of my own, I need input from mindfuckers. Where’s Waldo?” That kind of thing. Most people give their minds away at a very young age, and their parents encourage them to do it. That has to stop. Otherwise, future generations will continue to rely on corporatists and special interest groups, who will lead them down the garden path to servitude and obliteration. (But other than that, hey, it’s all good – party on!)

    1. Quite right. We need to teach our young men critical thinking skills and logic, along with an emphasis on research. One of the most important things my parents did for me when I had a question was to make me look it up. I recall bem saying the same thing. I learned not to take anyone’s word for anything until I can independently verify it. There is little danger of being led astray by so-called experts when you can and will do your own fact checking. I strongly suspect that the abysmal failure of the public school system is intentional . The powers that be don’t want thinkers, they want mindless drones. What’s worse is we are being forced to pay for this.

  10. What? Kratos vs Leonidas, Kratos is a Demi God, He could kill alone the 300 spartans and the persian army

  11. One question this article didn’t address, how to achieve this? There’s only one way to do it, but you need two things to happen:
    1. Segregate guys and girls again, as a matter of law.
    2. Get women out of teaching
    Maybe do this by banning teacher’s unions, cutting down school to 4 hour days, and teach life skills/intellect only?
    Corporate America won’t allow this though, since school is basically subsidized babysitting/prison depending on the kid’s age.

    1. Agreed, schools are totally catered to girls now, from kindergarten though college. This “leveling the playing field” has ended up with 60% of college students being useless.

      1. I got lucky… catholic school/all boys high school/Marine OCS till I got hurt… made me a little more useful than those 60%

    2. And how to achieve what you suggest?
      Unless we move to another planet, I don’t see …

      1. Ban teachers unions by arguing that they hurt students (use the emotional argument “teacher’s unions hate kids” the stifle the opposition). Also cite costs and shifty performance.
        Alter teacher certification tests to emphasize logic and reason… not textbook knowledge.
        Shun and mock female teachers culturally by stating that they teach because they’re incapable of anything else.
        That would be a good start.

    3. Ain’t that the truth? They hardly get time out school now since mama has a job to go to also and that way they don’t have pay for daycare since there’s no one to keep them at home.

      1. It’s even worse in Asia… I might write an article related to that actually, not sure yet.

  12. The War Against Boys
    How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men
    Simon & Schuster
    In 1990, Carol Gilligan announced to the world that America’s adolescent girls were in crisis. In her words, “As the river of a girl’s life flows into the sea of Western culture, she is in danger of drowning or disappearing.” Gilligan offered little in the way of conventional evidence to support this alarming finding. Indeed, it is hard to imagine what sort of empirical research could establish so large a claim. But Gilligan quickly attracted powerful allies. Within a very short time the allegedly fragile and demoralized state of American adolescent girls achieved the status of a national emergency.
    I will be subjecting Gilligan’s research on girls and boys to extensive analysis in later chapters. She is the matron saint of the girl crisis movement. Gilligan, more than anyone else, is cited as the academic and scientific authority conferring respectability on the claims that American girls are being psychologically depleted, socially “silenced,” and academically “shortchanged.”
    Popular writers, electrified by Gilligan’s discovery, began to see evidence of a girl crisis everywhere. Former New York Times columnist Anna Quindlen recounted how Gilligan’s research cast an ominous shadow on the celebration of her daughter’s second birthday: “My daughter is ready to leap into the world, as though life were chicken soup and she a delighted noodle. The work of Professor Carol Gilligan of Harvard suggests that some time after the age of 11 this will change, that even this lively little girl will pull back [and] shrink.”
    Soon there materialized a spate of popular books with titles such as Failing at Fairness: How America’s Schools Cheat Girls; Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls; Schoolgirls: Self-Esteem and the Confidence Gap. Time writer Elizabeth Gleick remarked on the new trend in literary victimology: “Dozens of troubled teenage girls troop across [the] pages: composite sketches of Charlottes, Whitneys and Danielles who were raped, who have bulimia, who have pierced bodies or shaved heads, who are coping with strict religious families or are felled by their parents’ bitter divorce.”
    The country’s adolescent girls were both exalted and pitied. Novelist Carolyn See wrote in The Washington Post, “The most heroic, fearless, graceful, tortured human beings in this land must be girls from the ages of 12 to 15.” In the same vein, Myra and David Sadker, in Failing at Fairness, predicted the fate of a lively six-year-old girl on top of a playground slide: “There she stood on her sturdy legs, with her head thrown back, and her arms flung wide. As ruler of the playground she was at the very zenith of her world.” But all would soon change: “If the camera had photographed the girl…at twelve instead of six…she would have been looking at the ground instead of the sky; her sense of self-worth would have been an accelerating downward spiral.”
    The picture of confused and forlorn girls struggling to survive would be drawn again and again with added details and increasing urgency. In Mary Pipher’s Reviving Ophelia, by far the most successful of the girl-crisis books, girls undergo a fiery demise: “Something dramatic happens to girls in early adolescence. Just as planes and ships disappear mysteriously into the Bermuda Triangle, so do the selves of girls go down in droves. They crash and burn.”
    The description of America’s teenage girls as silenced, tortured, voiceless, and otherwise personally diminished is indeed dismaying. But there is surprisingly little evidence to support it. If the nation’s girls are in the kind of crisis that Gilligan and her acolytes are describing, it has escaped the notice of conventional psychiatry. There is, for example, no mention of this epidemic in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), the official desk reference of the American Psychiatric Association. The malaise that comes closest to matching the symptoms mentioned by the crisis writers is a mood disorder called dysthymia. Dysthymia is characterized by low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy, depression, difficulty in making decisions, and social withdrawal. According to DSM-IV, it occurs equally in both sexes among children, and while it is more common in adult women than men, it is still relatively rare. No more than 3 or 4 percent of the population suffers from it.
    Scholars who abide by the conventional protocols of social science research describe adolescent girls in far more optimistic terms. Dr. Anne Petersen, a former professor of adolescent development and pediatrics at the University of Minnesota and now senior vice president for programs at the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, reports the consensus of researchers working in adolescent psychology: “It is now known that the majority of adolescents of both genders successfully negotiate this developmental period without any major psychological or emotional disorder, develop a positive sense of personal identity, and manage to forge adaptive peer relationships at the same time they maintain close relationships with their families.” Daniel Offer, professor of psychiatry at Northwestern University, concurs with Petersen. He refers to a “new generation of studies” that find a majority of adolescents (80 percent) normal and well adjusted.
    At the same time Gilligan was declaring a girl crisis, a University of Michigan/U.S Department of Health and Human Services study asked a scientifically selected sample of three thousand high school seniors the question “Taking all things together, how would you say things are these days — would you say you’re very happy, pretty happy, or not too happy these days?” Nearly 86 percent of girls and 88 percent of boys responded that they were “pretty happy” or “very happy.” If the girls who were polled were “caught in an accelerated downward spiral,” they were unaware of it.
    Clinical psychologist Mary Pipher calls American society a “girl-poisoning” and “girl-destroying culture.” What is her evidence? In Reviving Ophelia, she informs readers that her clinic is filled with girls “who have tried to kill themselves.” And she cites statistics suggesting that the condition of America’s girls is worsening: “The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta reports that the suicide rate among children age ten to fourteen rose 75 percent between 1979 and 1988. Something dramatic is happening to adolescent girls in America.”
    But Pipher’s numbers are misleading. Insofar as anything “dramatic” is happening to America’s children with respect to suicide, it is happening to boys. A look at the sex breakdown of the CDC’s suicide statistics reveals that for males aged ten to fourteen, the suicide rate increased 71 percent between 1979 and 1988; for girls the increase was 27 percent. Furthermore, the actual number of children aged ten to fourteen who kill themselves is small. A grand total of 48 girls in that age group committed suicide in 1979, and 61 in 1988. Among boys, the number rose from 103 to 176. All of these deaths are tragic, but in a population of 9 million ten- to fourteen-year-old girls, an increase in female child suicide by 13 is hardly evidence of a girl-destroying culture.
    Contrary to the story told by Gilligan and her followers, by the early 1990s American girls were flourishing in unprecedented ways. To be sure, some — among them those who found themselves in the offices of clinical psychologists — felt they were drowning in the sea of Western culture. But the vast majority of girls were occupied in more constructive ways, moving ahead of boys academically in the primary and secondary grades, applying to colleges in record numbers, filling the more challenging academic classes, joining sports teams, and generally enjoying more freedoms and opportunities than any young women in human history.

    1. Love that scene.
      These days, a scene like that would involve the dad hugging his son and whispering soothingly that everything is alright, it’s the world’s fault not yours.

  13. Automatic props for using “The School of Athens” in your article. I spent an hour last night staring at that masterwork, and it’s still awe-inspiring.

  14. Whichever works.
    1. Disrupt the current system and be prepared to fight a mob.
    2. Escape the collapse and rebuild a better system.

  15. Why do globalists fear Trump? He is systemically destroying their propaganda outlets with Twitter and with pro Trump bloggers who are attracting more attention these days than the major outlets. A certain group in particular is alarmed about Trump’s attack on the media, I am sure you already know who they are, since they are the most ardent supporters of globalization, open borders for white countries, and corporate cronyism.

  16. So far I’ve only had girls so I’ll be teaching them all the manly arts and the ways to stay feminine while doing it. This way they will know what a masculine man is when they are looking for a mate and will not tolerate betas.
    If the women are better than the men in the future, them boys will have to up their game. Just like the women of Sparta drove the men to heights, fathers of daughters have the ultimate influence in making men of the future better.
    So far I haven’t met a parent yet that is raising boys that will be worthy of my girls – they are out there but slim pickings (They’ll probably be foreign and that was the goal of destroying western masculinity and femininity – miscegenation).

      1. The problem is there may be none and my daughters might be the only ones hunting jihadis with me. There will be people with XY chromosomes but look who their fathers will be. The women need to know the culture of masculinity to desire the man who has it.

        1. Well the first thing your daughters will have to learn from you (presumably) is that real men don’t like tomboys or wannabe amazons.

        2. I hear you and completely agree. That’s in the making.
          But they should be able to break an arm if they need to. Just because you train them to be able to protect themselves, play chess and start a business doesn’t mean they can’t have femininity.
          I’m not taking away dresses, arts, home econ, nurturing dolls, etc (I probably couldn’t since they are both girly-girls and I nurture that in them). I’m simply adding the things the Armenians may have needed while being rounded up.
          It’s a fine balance to strike but I won’t put them out in the world vulnerable to the heroic-masculinity of foreigners because it was deconstructed in our tribe.
          If I had boys it would be an easy scenario with no need to wrestle with the uncertainty. But so far, just girls.

        3. They will get you killed.
          What part of “there is a difference between men and women” that you are failing to understand?
          Look at it this way: say you kill 6 jihadis and you have 3 daughters.
          Now you manage to kill 6 jihadis before you get taken out, or perhaps the war ends. Does not matter.
          Because your daughters were raised to be “warrior women” in the cucked west, they get take out too. But if you had three, they each took out 6 jihadis. That’s 24 jihadis. Not bad.
          How many kids did the jihadis crank out before your “team” got them?
          Where are the jihadi women during this? Cranking out kids, that’s what. Assuming you didn’t get your 6 all at once and it was a longer conflict, chances are the jihadis already replaced themselves before your role was done.
          How many did your daughters, who died at your side and ended up in the same mass grave, crank out before their end?
          So, you still lost. See how that works?
          Heck, you don’t even need a war, with killing and all that, to get the same results.
          Say your 3 daughters grow up to be typical Cuntus Americanus. How many will they crank out? I think the average is “less than 2” if you use a per capita stat, like 1.7 or 1.8.
          How many will their sharia counterparts crank out?

        4. The math is sound, unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to get my wife to be polygamous so we can try to even the odds (I’ve brought it up a few times and it looks like a solid “No” – for now).
          But, in your proposed scenario, my daughters having some fight in them isn’t what got me killed. (It does speak to why we are losing in the first place so your logic is bang-on just applied against the wrong cultural or policy practice).
          Imagine it another way. I have three daughters that are more like Ann Coulter than Rosie O’Donnell (bad equivalencies for so many reasons but bare with me – I’m banging off an essay at work). They attract men at the rates associated with those archetypes and dispose of the ones that are inferior to them. Now, I am more likely to have three sons-in-law that aren’t pussified betas having three Anns than three Rosies (Supposing, of course, that the larger culture doesn’t win on the daughters and the sons-in-law but these are hypotheticals).
          The point being, that (In theory) my daughters will know how to spot better men, avoid douches with excellent game and attract said men for long-term pair bonding because they are already culturally aligned with a man who wants a woman that can raise children who can reject the state of the west as it currently is and be builders of the next system. (Since a young age I have focused our talks of the future about how wonderful it will be when they grow up find a worthy man and have lots of babies and I hear them playing little games with their dolls about this, on occasion. For instance, I will use The Paperbag Princess to show that Ronald is a weak man and that she goes off to find a real man worthy of her. Not perfect, but I’m not claiming to be perfect or having a perfect system all should adopt. I’ve also red pilled their mom and she is on board – All that to say, it’s a hard process raising girls to reject modern womanhood and accept their places as subordinates to their husbands in a patriarchially lead household, especially when our extended family and society is largely lefty nutters. I want you to understand the challenge many men are facing and if you have something better figured out I’m taking notes – literally).
          The alternative being, I raise them to sew and cook etc. and it makes them easy sniping for the SJWs, slouches that don’t challenge them or have ambition or men that aren’t building the next paradigm and are just playing it safe. Maybe fixing masculinity will require women who can push their own comfort zones and can spot how their femininity builds their spouses masculinity while supporting his ongoing training by participating in it. Fix the male by fixing the females, so to speak (it’s really the strongest contribution I can make at this point). We aren’t dealing with a perfect world and I can’t keep them in some Manor House away from the plebs until I marry them off. I am in a predicament.
          I’d rather stoic women that enjoy outdoors, philosophy and fitness than fems who don’t want to get dirty and can’t hold their own physically, intellectually, socially or emotionally. I can’t rely on society or community and in Canada just finding centrists is difficult forget about Alt-anything else. But, just maybe, if I do it right and the Lord blesses us, they could be great bait to attract the right kind of men into our clan.
          With that frame, their husbands become 3 more reasonable men and our clan can continue with strong leadership for one more generation on my watch. If their hypergamy kicks in, they should want a man who is better than them in these areas and know to look for it because they have a surface level understanding in each masculine concept.
          It’s all theory of course, so many influences are way out of my control. It will be hard to tell if the Krav Maga will make them atheist bull-dykes or if it would be the authoritarian lefties we are drowning in. I’m trying to recruit men, maybe like yourself, who want to build a community of influence in each others’ families lives outside of the mainstream, but it’s a slow row to hoe in these parts.
          Personally, I think it’s cute that the Heebs teach their daughters to shoot and break arms. I wish more good Christian families taught their women that as well. (I know Roosh believes otherwise but that’s a place where I disagree with him).

        5. Muslims rape their wives. They force them to have children. A civilized society doesn’t force women to have children.

        6. That, along with immigration, is how the war is being fought.

          One side needs to wake up and get to it.

    1. Funny (sad, really) story. We have this neighbor kid, 14 YO, single mother. I knock on the door and ask if he wants to go target shooting. I figured as much by how much he play shoot-em up video games. Nope, even with his mom’s insistence, he would rather sit on his butt in front of the TV instead of doing something in reality. These kids raised by single mothers are ending up a lost generation.

      1. My son would ask what kind of guns you have then be all over the offer if it was anything exciting. He keeps trying to get me to buy more – the wife thinks he’s a bad influence.

      2. Today’s kids raised by single mothers only want to create their own virtual soldier/football player/fighter/etc… and play with him, instead of getting off their asses and working to make themselves better. Truly sad and pathetic.

      3. Sounds like me in my teen years. That kid is going to have severe social problems when he grows up.

  17. A Dumb and ignorant populace is an easily controlled and farmed populace of Chattel, of mindless sheep that are worked to death and belive they are “free”. it is by design, and you will never get the system to change from what works for the elite that manage the farm. You have to destroy the system and the elite to get to freedom and realistic teaching. The system works hardest at weeding out those who are smarter and aware of the system, to prevent the system from being interfered with or disabled.
    End of story.

  18. Gentlemen, I hope you won’t mind me putting my two cents in, but I think one of the worst failings of schools is not teaching young men (and women) about finances.

    1. I would expand “finances” to the Greek “oikonomia” (that is, running of the house). Schools and society as a whole do little to help young people learn:
      – The value of a dollar
      – How to manage income and expenditures
      – How to make long-term plans
      – How to cook
      – How to maintain order (keep things clean and working, etc.)
      – How to choose a mate
      – How to care for and instruct children
      – The values of sacrifice for others (e.g. the family)

      1. But of course teaching these things would all be unacceptable to the pc brigade.

    2. TPTB elites demand that the “people” be dumber than schit and dependent. You cannot control a well educated and self thinking population. Western society has devolved into the easily led sheeple mass of morons in the last 30 years.

  19. The libertarian in me hates the idea of a draft. But… I can spot a fellow Veteran pretty quick. Most –
    certainly not all – of them (particularly those who were in combat arms units) have the above mentioned traits. I find them to be the most dependable people I know.

  20. “Publik skools” are certainly working for somebody. No shooting clubs or anything that could possibly create an independent person. Can’t have that for the powers that be.

  21. “Today, unless they have served in the military, most American men are completely ignorant of military tactics.”
    Recently I quoted Clausewitz online: “War is the continuation of politics by other means.”
    I was immediately ridiculed by about twenty writers who accused me of “going off the rails on a crazy train” at best. None of them were the least bit familiar with “Vom Kriege” or The Schlieffen Plan. When I mentioned A.T. Mahan and Choke Point theory, they assumed I was inappropriately introducing sexual preferences!
    I managed to get three to peruse the Cliff Notes version of Mahan’s classic. It was the beginning of an intelligent conversation. The others were hopelessly lost. Their concept of International Politics and International Trade ends with purchasing items from “overseas” on eBay.
    We have created an Internet that connects us to the world and our students have no concept of that world.

  22. Thank you, great insight. I have been brainstorming recently what I intend to teach to any future children of mine.
    For self defence they will be involved in a decent martial art, with a sound instructor and positive class mates.
    For military skills some form of military cadetship in their teens, probably army cadets would be best, due to my concerns about the coming civil war/mass civil unrest in Europe.
    I would encourage adult service in the reserves, as opposed to full time military. UK reservists retain a lot of personal freedom not given to regular personnel. I served in the reserves and enjoyed it much more than I did full time in the police. The police force took over my life. Never again.
    As it stands, I would struggle to homeschool any future children, unless I can pull off home ownership, decent enough income part time and being a landlord with a couple of properties. It’s a mission to reach my own personal financial goals at the minute, but getting there. This would need to be done in conjunction with the state schools unfortunately, and being adequately topped up, by me.
    Maths!!! Algebra can fuck off. Teaching life skills, such as basic pay slips, working out basic tax, decent income/starting salaries, budgeting, investment opportunities, saving – To the top of the list!!!!

  23. The boys of masculine men will automatically gravitate towards these subjects. Do your job as a dad, be a man and this will all happen naturally

  24. Mandatory JROTC in high school for boys. It was great for me. Just needs to be de feminized. Hazing. Hazing. Hazing.

  25. Men need to be real fathers again. Too many these days shrug their responsibilities. If you can’t feed and care for them, and commit to their mother by marriage , don’t have kids.

    1. How are you going to raise you childs when you are forbiden to see them, and only allowed to pay allimony.

  26. You forgot to mention: destroy MGTOW mentality, get rid of any possibility of it infecting young men.
    You can’t raise the next generation of men if they are going to become loners who gave up.

  27. Agoge was mind control, silly. Used to subjugate young people and conform them to the system.
    Exactly the contrary of what kids need today.
    Big #FAIL

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