The Language Of Feminism

A feminist police state is upon us in the UK, with the latest installment being an attempt by the organisation UKFeminista to ban men’s casual magazines from being handled by female staff, on the grounds it may cause “offence” or worse still, harm to female workers.

Yes, you read correctly – not because of protecting children or another cause with at least some level of rationality behind it to prevent it from being rubbished by any level headed person.  This solemnly considered notice of intent is almost laughable in its foundation, yet I quote;

‘…displaying publications in stores or requiring staff to handle such magazines could amount to sex discrimination or sexual harassment’.

SEX DISCRIMINATION and SEXUAL HARASSMENT are actually the terms being wheeled out here.  I’m surprised there is no mention of ‘sexually abused hands’ or ‘eye rape’ as well.  The worst part about this is its likely retailers will have no other choice but to succumb to this, in light of there being no organised opposition.

The Usual Double Standards

Kat Banyard, the founder of UK Feminista, recycled the oestrogen sodden terminology from the feminist shed for the following quote;

‘Lads mags aren’t just a bit of harmless fun. By portraying women as sex objects they fuel sexist attitudes and behaviours. It is a national scandal that the ‘big four’ supermarkets and high-street shops like WH Smiths stock these sexist publications. By selling lads mags, companies like Tesco and WH Smith are normalising the idea that it is acceptable to treat women like sex objects’.

Are you sure Kat?  If so, perhaps I should take offence at the Diet Coke adverts currently on mass rotation across all popular mediums, where a bunch of women leer over a barely dressed man.  This is normalising my idea of how women perceive men with perfectly sculpted bodies and how it’s perfectly okay for men to be treated as sex objects, as long as they dare not act on it without explicit (perhaps written) permission first.

If I were more of easily influenced man, I might even become so insecure from this ‘normalised’ imagery, I’d go and take some illegal supplements to enhance myself to the level of what would be expected of me.  This could result in massive health complications, even premature death but… I’m a man, right?  I am a beneficiary of the ‘patriarchy’.

A Disjointed Front

Perhaps if the female gender were to present a unified front on this matter, these claims could be taken a little more seriously.  Even applying the same argument for sexualised imagery demeaning all people might give your exposition some weight.  These ‘sexist’ publications require models to portray the imagery you find offensive, of which there is a huge selection jostling for the opportunity.

Or is this attack directed on beleaguered UK retailers, because they are aware of the magic words below, quoted directly from the press release of this campaign;

‘There is legal precedence of women working in other industries successfully suing their employers after being exposed to pornography at work’.

So really, shouldn’t Kat be attacking the women who expose themselves for money?  One of the central tenets of feminism is the self empowerment of women; free to apply themselves as they choose.  This is also one of the benefits of living in a democratic, Western country.

No, she instead chooses to adopt language feared by image conscious retailers in a massively imbalanced society.  ‘Suing’ is included in all publicity to shift potential support focus from the absurdity of your claims, much in the same way as the word ‘rape’ is included in the majority of feminist literature to make it appear more legitimate amongst your peers.

Abuse Of Terminology

The very fact the majority of feminists use the word ‘rape’ within their literature with such an alarming regularity, is a disgusting insult to those women who have genuinely undergone such an atrocity.  Likewise for overuse of the word ‘exploitation’, which I’m sure both men and women working in for example, a typical Bangladesh clothing sweatshop would be happy to comment on many issues where white, Western women claim they’ve been ‘exploited’.

Under the same principle, to leverage and encourage workers to sue their employers in a struggling economy, only ultimately serves to drive businesses away from employing women, which will no doubt result in another wave of protest.

You can’t have it both ways Kat.  Educate your own gender first, figure out your end game, then perhaps you’ll be taken more seriously.

Men and Women; know your real enemy:


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114 thoughts on “The Language Of Feminism”

  1. This has happened before, during prohibition. Women were largely responsible for driving all the betas to go after men and alcohol. I specifically remember seeing an advertisement online of a woman saying “alcohol will never be able to kiss these lips.” Something like that, but it was from the 20’s.
    Now they are trying to ban everything male by using professional female victim advocacy. And I am all for it!
    Solely for the reason that I want them to dig a huge miners sized hole a mile wide and deep. So that we can watch them all dig to the bottom, and when societal attitudes change, bury them all there.

      1. I’ve seen this before and I’m 99% sure this ad was actually a parody of the prohibitionists.

      2. LOL, similar, but not the one I was talking about. Same era though, but the fugly faces make it funnier.

    1. Don’t hold your breath for “attitudes to change”. The belief in prohibition never wavered, the strategy just changed (it was also a woman who founded the repeal movement). The focus was shifted to put men in jail for underage drinking, unauthorized distribution, drunk driving, and drunk sex. The UK also is raising the price (that men pay) for alcohol. Men’s alcohol use today is more controlled by the government than ever. Women drink free.

      1. Why don’t you fags get the hell out of the UK and America and go live in non-feminist countries in Asia? The standard of living there is much higher anyway, and people are much nicer, and the women are like goddesses compared to western bitches.

        1. yea bunc of goddamn cocksuckers who love getting fucked up the ass by a femnazi with a strap on.

        2. there’s only two types of men left in the UK…. queers and steers…… I don’t see no horns on you boy……

        3. If I was a fag, I could sure spend my time in the Western bars you hang out in. Cry much?

  2. You know, I always lament at how the U.S. is in such bad shape right now.
    And then I read about the UK and it’s always even worse.
    Notice also how it was brought up that men are often portrayed with perfectly sculpted bodies and your immediate response is to think of yourself as a victim (to try and even the playing field or get one over on these cunts by claiming to have equal or greater victimhood to appeal to) without even consciously thinking about it.
    Man, fuck that shit. We really are in a bad way.

    1. He did that to demonstrate that feminists aren’t really about equality, or else a) they’d be protesting against sexualization of the male body, or b) allow women to be equally sexualized without protest. I don’t think he genuinely feels victimized any more than I do.

      1. I know why he did it, and I’m not saying anyone here feels victimized. Rather I was merely commenting that it’s an unconscious reaction until you say to yourself “why the hell am I thinking this bullshit?”
        Basically that the pedestalization of victimhood is so pervasive in our society that you get the thoughts anyway so you can call others out on their bullshit even if you genuinely don’t feel that way (because as we all know, victimhood is currency in polity these degenerate days).

        1. I think I misinterpreted your initial statement as a framing of the author’s personal thoughts, rather than an abstract “you”.

  3. If you western men weren’t such pathetic weak faggots, your women never would have gotten so badly out of control.
    It’s amusing to me that there’s this whole alpha/beta obsession amongst western men, but the fact is, there is not one single alpha male in the entire West. I’ve been to India and Asia and the men in those countries are ACTUALLY real men, hardcore, strong, tough, have values, etc. And they aren’t pussies who let women control them.
    Seriously, drop the whole alpha/beta bullshit. 100 fucking percent of western men are pathetic subhuman faggots who should be killed off. You faggots should visit a Muslim country. Then you’ll see what an actual MAN looks like.

      1. Let me rephrase it. The typical guys who read this site are white males. 90 percent of white males are nerds and weak. Isn’t this what feminists are saying? It’s true unfortunately.
        White men used to be powerful and strong. If any niggers or jews came into their neighborhoods, the whites would beat the shit out of them.
        Somewhere along the line, probably in the communist 60s, white men turned into fucking faggots. Hence, why women are going for blacks and other men who haven’t been so pussified.
        Become a strong white male again. Give up all this white guilt bullshit. Do not be afraid to call out other races for their bullshit. Who cares if people call you “racist”?
        Look at Breivik. That guy was fucking bad ass, a real alpha. I’m not suggesting that you go shoot up people but all I am saying is, that guy actually stood for something, he actually had values. Read his manifesto and grow a pair of balls, you fags:

        1. So I should not care what people think about me but care what you think about me?

        2. Cause I got 5 years of hand to hand combat training, and living in India for 5 years made me grow some real balls and learn how to be a man and actually have real integrity, real values.

        3. Indian men are not really known for being Alphas. However I have heard that they like to throw acid in the faces of women who get out of line, perhaps this counts as Alpha behavior.LOL

        4. “Cause I got 5 years of hand to hand combat training” which means you can give advice on hand to hand combat training.

        5. haha. it all depends on what you mean by alpha. Indian men may not be the super-muscular Rambo types, but they defitenitely have a good sense of pride in their culture and a pretty decent set of morals.
          How I define alpha: I define it as a man who is not under the control of a woman. That also counts for men who are in relationships with women, but are not controlled by the woman.
          All this other bullshit about alphas, “having tattoos”, “thugs who just got out of jail”, etc, that’s all horseshit. That’s “alpha” in America. If you try such “alpha” shit in Asia, people will laugh at you and spit at you. The way to be an alpha in Europe or Asia is to be refined, have good behavoir, and not be an arrogant rude fucking Americunt.
          Now I suppose some faggot is going to call me out, saying “but you behave like a jackass, John Rambo”. And to that all I have to say is, “Where’s my boy Steve McQueen? We’ll hit the clubs in Thailand together and get a 12 out of a 10 hotness quality Thai woman and bang her from all holes”.
          Stevie, hit me up, dawg.

        6. I’ve heard Thailand is very cheap to live in. What has been your experience there?

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          Gay fucking pussy cunt.

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    1. At least someone’s not afraid to say what they believe. Keep it coming, John.

      1. Number 1, I don’t live in America, so I am not afraid of the SWAT team coming and kicking in my fucking door for merely saying something politically incorrect on the internet.
        Number 2, I did not leave America with the intention of meeting women. I was a celibate Hindu monk at that time and getting married or meeting women was the last thing on my mind. I left America for the purpose of FINDING FREEDOM!!!!!! America has become a fucking full scale fascist police state during the past 10 years.
        The real reason to get the fuck out of America is to live a much happier, less stressful, and more free life. America truly is a hell on earth. China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, these are all good countries you guys should check out. They are fully modernized, they are definitely not 3rd world shitholes.
        Anyway, get the fuck out of America before it’s too late. Why would you want to live in such a shithole fascist police state to begin with? America is literally one of the worst fucking hellholes on earth. I just cannot understand why anyone would voluntarily choose to live there. If you are unable to leave America because of financial difficulties, I can understand that. But if you actually believe America is one of the best countries on earth? You need to fucking kill yourself, because the world would be a far better place without such ignorant dumb fucks like you in it.

        1. >>much happier, less stressful,
          Judging from your writing, it sounds like neither has happened yet.

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        3. No one here is trying to single you out so I fail to see why you have to be angry and defensive in your writing. Seriously. I for one admire men who blaze their own trail in life. Would you be willing to tell us about your life in India?

        4. You’re right. America sucks. If I can get a decent income going from the internet I’m leaving, no question. Not sure where to go to. I’m only attracted to white women and most of those countries aren’t much better.

        5. “tell us about your life in India”
          I pumped and dumped lots of sexy village girls. I got erections just listening to their voices, their voices just oozed feminine submissiveness.
          Why am I so angry? Because you’re all a bunch of cocksuckers. The only good one here is Steve McQueen. That guy is a God on earth. I’d gladly buy him a beer and me and him can go to an Asian massage parlour together.
          Stevie, hit me up at [email protected]

        6. Yeah, the women are nice. I’m more concerned with the day to day stuff. I’m planning a trip but I don’t know to where yet. I want to tour some of the asians countries. But the thing is that vacationing and living there are different things.

        7. Ok I’ll listen – there’s more to life then pumping and dumping women, regardless of where you go. What do you do for work? And which country do you prefer to live in? India? or some country in asia?

        8. I am in Asia but I ain’t saying shit more than that. I don’t want someone tracing my IP and then stalking me to my apartment and putting a bullet thru my noggin.

        9. I prefer latin women over asian. Not sure why but asian chicks simply do not cut it for me.

        10. Nobody other than yourself calls you John Rambo. Bedtime little boy, time to stop playing with your army figures.

        11. when you’re derisive with people it helps to show wit and not become a parody of what other, better men have used before.

        12. “I’ll wipe the pavement with your ass”
          Is that before or after you’ve eaten it out?

        13. You never know, they might let you eat their assholes for breakfast. Win-win for you.

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        15. i hear you, i also prefer the latina/arab/indian woman over asian. Latinas, Arabs, and Indian women all have the same basic bodytypes, skin color, etc.

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      1. I am from America and I am not giving out any more personal details than that. The last thing I want is for some feminist bitch to dox my ass and get the entire feminist legions to crucify me for my Boycott American Women blog, which they are still very pissed off about.

    2. I guess I see what an actual man looks like every time I walk into the damn Valero to pay for my gas, then. Why don’t you come to Houston, Texas and talk some shit, you smarmy little punk-ass bitch?

      1. Unfortunately yes, that raghead brownskinned Arab/Indian Pakistani dude in your local gas station has more balls than you fucking faggot white men. Otherwise, why is it that Indian men are so good at controlling their women whereas your white women are acting like a bunch of out of control animals?

        1. I’m pretty sure you’re whiter than me, since I’m mixed race, but that’s not really the point. It’s not just white women that are out of control. It’s American/western women in general. Social programming works wonders on stupid people, of which there are an abundance. Fairly fucking simple.

        2. that’s true but white women are by far the most brainwashed by man-hating feminism.

    3. Pretty funny Johnny R.  Poe’s law is making this difficult – but I think you’re one of those 12-year-olds from 4chan.  Thing is, my husband is actually FROM a middle eastern Muslim country. He comes from a village of very macho men – the big thing was to go down to the river in the evening, get drunk and fight with knives. YES YOU CAN GET ALCOHOL IN MUSLIM COUNTRIES. Also you can get stabbed to in the neck and bleed out before you get to the nearest hospital. He and his five brothers always had each others backs  – it was the only way to survive there. Its not some masculine paradise. There’s a reason immigration flows westward.
      Now try to come bitchslap me you silly little twat.

      1. oh how cute… poor wittle baby is upset. I guess i really rustled your dongles, LULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. thanks for the pussy-eating offer, but i could go to jail for merely discussing it with a 12-year-old on the internet.
          my sweetie was not 18 when he first saw combat, so its been a while, but he doesnt remember that it involved a lot of talking about what an awesome fighter dude one is

        2. “I’d eat his ass for breakfest,”
          Um, okay. Not into rimming and feltching myself, but if that’s what gets you off, who am I to judge.
          P.S. It’s spelt breakfast.

      2. I plan to move out of the U.S. as soon as possible. There IS too much bullshit to put up with here, but I sure as hell won’t be moving to any middle eastern country. Dude’s just trolling, then if someone fronts him, he gets their comment deleted.

        1. Asia is a fine place to go, people are very civilized and polite there. And the women are probably the best girls on earth. Southeast Asia or Far East Asia, take your pick.

        2. “And the women are probably the best girls on earth.”
          Hahahhahaha. Oh god. Hahahahaha. Please go on. HAahhahahaAHAHAHAHAhahaHAHaAHAHAHaHahahahaHa.

      3. He and his five brothers always had each others backs
        was he sad when he had to leave brother’s behind?

    4. I partially agree with you, western men did indeed bring this crap upon themselves by letting women control them

    5. What a childish rant. You can’t shame men into clarity if that’s your intention.

  4. I’m sure women will treat this subject with much thought and logical debate weighing and judging both sides of the argument and coming to a reasonable decision. And the fact that you read that first line knowing it’s bullshit shows most women are overly emotional and illogical because you know it’s total bullshit and that there will be no debate. There will only be emotional outrage over a perceived affront against their insecure ego.

  5. Feminism started in reaction to Victorian values about sex, but now they’ve come all the way around to being what they started against. Now no displays of women’s ankles are to be permitted.

  6. “Yes, you read correctly – not because of protecting children or another
    cause with at least some level of rationality behind it to prevent it
    from being rubbished by any level headed person.”
    But women are almost like children in adult bodies.

  7. I’ve actually heard “eye rape” as an actual thing, not like as a metaphor. The degrees some people will go to claim they’re being victimized.

    1. I heard that too. I also heard of this term, “slavery.” Not sure if it’s real or not, though. Maybe you could give some insights on it.

      1. Still sore from the other post?
        Not being american just means you’re already inferior. How that feel? Face it, you will never be anything more than white.
        But here, cry into this jug.

        1. Is that jug your mother’s urn after she killed herself from desperation by jumping off your apartment block and you cremated her?

        2. We should start a fund for Weiyuan so he can buy a proper urn. It’s kinda sad him keeping her ashes in a jug and all. Maybe that’s just the Chinese way? Dunno, heard they’re cheap but, fuck, that’s fucking cheap.

        3. No, it’s the one you’ve been crying into for several days now, remember?
          Every person of color has a white tears jug, but I’ll have a collection by the time I’m done with you.

  8. This “objectification” argument is as old as feminism itself.
    BREAKING NEWS: Physical sexual attraction IS objectification. What else could it be?
    Every time you look at someone in a sexual context, you’re objectifying them. This is somehow interpreted by feminist as ONLY seeing the sexual appeal, as though finding someone objectively sexy means you don’t notice or appreciate anything else about them.

    1. Never mind the fact that women also sexually objectify men by how much they experience masculinity from him.
      In a sense beta males are punishment for women deciding to not look sexy.

    2. Yup, and turning it around won’t do us any good.
      “If so, perhaps I should take offence at the Diet Coke adverts currently on mass rotation across all popular mediums, where a bunch of women leer over a barely dressed man. This is normalising my idea of how women perceive men with perfectly sculpted bodies and how it’s perfectly okay for men to be treated as sex objects, as long as they dare not act on it without explicit (perhaps written) permission first.”
      Just… don’t. A lot of feminists will just be too eager to say, “Yes, it’s also objectification when it’s done on men, so that should be banned too!” Believe me, I’ve had this discussion. It’s no use.
      Especially, considering that male and female sex drives are vastly different, this argument just plays into the hands of feminists who want to eliminate all gender differences. It’s best just to point out the flaws in their arguments, not counter with a male perspective (which they won’t understand anyway).

    3. Physical attraction IS NOT objectification. The reason the “objectification argument” is as old as feminism itself is because they invented it.
      The first and biggest mistake people usually make when speaking out against feminism is to go along with its lexicon. “Objectification” is part of that lexicon. As soon as you go along with it, you already give it more credibility than it deserves and are caught in its web.
      Think “sex symbol” instead of “sex object” and you avoid this.

  9. The reason is quite simple IMHO.
    If the standard feminist (read: ugly, overweight, sexless something) is forced to work near such magazines it might force the realisation upon her, how ugly she is.
    The natural solution – slim down, self-improvement until she meets at least basic female beauty standards – is of course out of the question. So the next best thing that comes to feminists-hamsterized-mind is to ban these pictures.
    When she is not constantly reminded how ugly and un-sexy she is, maybe the men will start seeing her inner beauty and bend her over.
    Thats why they write so much about rape – its many feminists daydream to be raped by a real man. Did you know that women actually DO have orgasms (sometimes) during rapes? Even group rapes? Interesting, isn’t it?

  10. the most laughable point about this kind of feminism is that if they really want equality and to stop the objectification of women, then they need to go back into a Muslim or devote Christian type society, where all sex is off the table…
    i think it’s actually more demeaning for a man to handle a Cosmo and the utter tripe that is in those magazines, is far more offensive, not just sexually, but intellectually and emotionally as well…

  11. Er…I can see one big flaw with the feminzazi plan right off the the bat…the Internet. same reason why no one buys actual skin mags anymore. They may get it out of physical stores, but they can’t police the Net.
    Not yet anyway…

  12. What’s with these pics. Is this some basement dwelling video game playing little boy’s idea of a “hot” girl with fake inflatable boobs? You nerds need to develop some taste and a sense of proportion.This 5 is probably your idea of a 10 lol

  13. Fair enough article. But it misses the real fem motivation of reframing things as harassment/objectification/oppression etc.
    It’s a matter of incentives. It has nothing to do with logic or what’s “right.”
    Fems hurl these accusations because they are rewarded for doing it with more power, control and/or resources. It’s really that simple.
    They have everything to gain from these accusations/reframes and nothing to lose. If the reframe works they get stuff. If the reframe doesn’t work there’s no cost.
    Fems will become more and more brazen with their reframes until the pendulum swings too far and society calls a collective bullshit on it. That day seems far away.

  14. Nothing new to me on fisting-plus mindset and tactics but being silly optimist I can’t help but see a silver lining in this. You can only repress men’s sexuality so much before it rebels. Benefit would be is men will stop elevating women and seek out advice from men. Negative aspect it might increase rape. Naturally feminists are too stupid to consider any of this.

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