Groveling Confession Of Asheville Coffee Shop PUAs Shows Why You Should Never Apologize To SJWs

Back in September 2015, it was revealed that the two men who owned the Waking Life coffee shop in Asheville, NC were also running a blog that documented their sexual exploits with various women. They were immediately branded as being misogynists. Local feminists arranged a boycott and picketed the business. How the owners reacted and the subsequent fallout shows us the frightening parallels between methods of social justice warriors (SJW) and Marxist techniques.

The “Game” Blog


Jared Rutledge and Jacob Owens

Jared Rutledge and Jacob Owens, the owners of the coffee shop, ran a blog and a Twitter account called Holistic Game. A quick review of the blog archive shows that it provided advice on how to pick up women—pretty standard fare on any manosphere website. But it was apparently one post that was entitled “A Breakdown of All My Lays” that sparked the boycott and protests.

In the “All My Lays” blog post, one of the men recounts all of his sexual encounter after he had broken up with his long term girlfriend. Here are some of the entries:

11. K. – Business – 6/7/7 – Played
Late thirties MILF that I fucked in her basement while her kids were asleep. Slamming body for her age, and I’d never fucked a woman that old. We didn’t hang out again – I think she was only really interested in something serious. Her exes were abusive and I think she wanted beta comfort and stability. I still see her around – she’s single and seems to be doing well.

30. K. – Tinder – 5/5/4 – Bail
Chubby mid-twenties blonde in town for one night, so we hooked up in her hotel room. Chubby girls are easy. No clue what she’s up to but I’d rather not see her again.

34. N. – Tinder – 6/8/2 – Rejection
Skinny, trashy single mother in her mid-twenties. I fucked her ass, she shit on my bed, we went our separate ways and she never texted me back. I think she’s riding the carousel of bad boys until she can find a dad for her kids.

46. C. (Mexico) – Tinder – 7/7/7 – Bail
Early twenties brunette. Curves and huge tits with pierced nipples, fucked her twice. She was moving to Mexico within a couple weeks, so I didn’t take it seriously. The second time we fucked she told me that she felt guilty about sex and didn’t really like being promiscuous, which was really offputting. She also told me she couldn’t have sex sober. I didn’t text her again and I assume she’s drinking her problems away south of the border.

There are a couple of points here: First, all of the sex was consensual. Nobody is claiming that this man forced himself on any of these women. Second, he doesn’t give out any names so he is not deliberately embarrassing these women publicly. The thing that seems to offended the feminists was the fact that the author had the audacity to document his conquests.

The Apology


In reaction to the protests, the owners of Waking Life went into groveling mode. They issued a cloying apology on their website:

To Our Asheville Community:

We know many of you are very angry right now. That anger is justified. There is nothing to balm the wound for now, and we recognize that. We validate and affirm your frustration and disappointment. We’ve issued separate individual apologies, and those stand more than ever.

We’ve said terrible and demeaning things – things that belie unhealthy thought patterns that do not contribute to a stable and equal society. Things our mothers and sisters had to hear. We cannot and will not excuse these things. We grieve for the systematic and ongoing actions we’ve taken. We apologize to the women in our lives and the greater community for the harm we’ve caused, and the potential danger we’ve put them in with our attitudes and beliefs.

Rutledge and Owens announced that they were closing their shop for several days to allow themselves some time for silent reflection. Note their use of psychological mumbo jumbo words and phrases such as “introspection,” “accountable,”  and “commit to that process” that are loved by the left.

We’re going to close for the next couple days so we can have some room for introspection. We want to allow ourselves to be accountable to our friends, family, employees, clergy, and counselors for our actions, and give ourselves room to be silent and reflect. These attitudes were not grown in a day, and they will not be destroyed in a day. We want to humbly commit to that process. We’re not good people, but we want to be.

They even commit to providing the rest of the year’s profits to a rape crisis charity called “Our Voice,” even though their sexual encounters had nothing to do with rape.

The apology amounts to a complete capitulation to the SJW. Rutledge and Owens totally disown all of their red pill philosophy. They put up zero resistance to the SJW. This is ironic because they formally were quite bold at criticizing other people in the manosphere. For instance, in this Twitter post they called Roosh unmanly:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 12.15.02 PM

The Shutdown Of Waking Life


Hey, check out the plate in the middle.

Predictably, the cringing obsequiousness did not appease the SJW. Waking Life had to be closed in response to the furor. But rather than going down fighting, Rutledge and Owens prostrated themselves even lower to the SJW in their farewell posting, in which they again disown the manosphere and blame it for validating their “regrettable behavior.”

Two and a half weeks ago, blogs, podcasts, and tweets which we ignorantly assumed would be kept anonymous were linked to us. We had made an effort to stay anonymous because at times we used demeaning, harsh, and violent words that expressed hatred and fear towards women. This anonymity allowed our words to knowingly bypass the checks and balances of the community in which we live, and avoid the reactions of real people. The red pill community provided us with validation and adoration as we engaged in this regrettable behavior.

They even submitted themselves to the two minutes of public hate. It sounds like a modern day version of the pillory.

In the aftermath of us being identified… We felt lost, ashamed, and confused. A few key community members and friends showed up and gave us the opportunity to face the anger and pain we’d caused. To lean into it… We realized that we’d quantified and objectified living, breathing people. People who deserved much better. We’d used cruel words to belittle them and relieve our own insecurities and fears. We’d shared private memories that should have remained secret and sweet… We have discovered that some of it wasn’t about us, but was about a society-wide problem for which we’ve become the focal point.

They promised to continue to receive counseling to aid the “process” becoming model feminists and to become evangelists to the “red pill community.”

We’ve begun the long process towards being better men, for ourselves and for others. We both are actively involved in counseling, and continue to be open to friends and family who speak into our lives. The firsthand knowledge of the pain and destruction our words have caused has allowed us to cast aside beliefs we previously held. We have a lot of introspection yet to do, and we’re committed to doing it. We will continue to make ourselves available and support the community as we are asked. We will gladly take part in the ongoing dialogue if and when we are invited to do so. We can speak from our experience regarding the hurt we’ve caused, and more importantly, from where this hurt came. We are currently addressing the red pill community in order to illuminate the damage this philosophy can cause

Thanks for holding us accountable for our behavior…

Thanks for rerouting our lives from the way of power to the way of grace…

Thanks for giving us room to grow and change.

Thanks for helping us be aware.

Thanks for inspiring us to be better people.

Thanks for dashing our cynicism and humbling us.

Thanks for your big heart and showing up. Be well, y’all.

SJW and Marxists work in the same fashion


Roosh V forum member The Lizard of Oz noticed that the Rutledge and Owens confession is exactly the same as type of confession that Communists used to punish people who had committed “crimes” against the Party:

It’s worth noting that the mea culpa letter that these dudes wrote strikes the exact, identical tone of countless such letters of “self-criticism” and apology for “straying from the true path” written is societies like the former USSR, China, Vietnam, Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, etc etc. It is really the exact same thing.

The forced apology is indeed a well-known Marxist technique of brainwashing. Professor Robert J. Lifton, author of a seminal book on Marxist thought control methods wrote that demanding an apology ”is consistent with the whole thought-reform ethos, which focuses on confession, self-criticism and apology.”

And just like the present case where the offenders were forced by the SJW to issue multiple individual and joint apologies, Marxists used the exact same technique. The first apology was never enough. Instead, the “criminal” was forced to apologize again and again, with each apology being more groveling than the one that preceded it.

If there is one difference between the SJW and the Marxists, it is that after the accused had been thoroughly humiliated, Communists sometimes freed him and he was readmitted to society. The SJW, on the other hand, are never that merciful or high-minded. SJWs are never satisfied until their victims are completely ruined.

The fact that SJW techniques are the same as those used by Marxists should not surprise any of us given that SJWs are cultural Marxists. They may not call themselves Communists or Marxists, but Marxism is the intellectual root of the modern left.

Lessons from the Waking Life fiasco

The first lesson is that feminists are puritan hypocrites. Feminists encourage young women to engage in promiscuous sex as something that is empowering. But the logical outcome of women becoming promiscuous is that men are going to take advantage of the situation. However, when feminists see the natural results of their teaching, they recoil in horror.

However, instead of addressing the real problem, which is the relaxing of morality that resulted from the Sexual Revolution, feminists attack the men who write about their experiences.

The second lesson, at least for me, is that women are not happy with the brave new world that feminism and other leftists have built. It is clear from the “All My Lays” post that what most women really want is not to be sluts, but to be in a committed relationship. The slut world that feminism has built makes that very difficult. It has caused nothing but unhappiness, broken lives, and fatherless children.

The final lesson is that if you are ever attacked by SJWs or leftists, you should adopt the rule “Never Explain, Never Apologize,” because no matter what you do, it will never be sufficient to appease them. The coffee shop owners apologized repeatedly and bent over backwards to show that they were truly contrite. It wasn’t enough. They had to be utterly destroyed for inadvertently revealing the sickness of modern culture.

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277 thoughts on “Groveling Confession Of Asheville Coffee Shop PUAs Shows Why You Should Never Apologize To SJWs”

  1. if you are ever attacked by SJWs or leftists, you should adopt the rule “Never Explain, Never Apologize,”

    Quite right.
    Don’t think it’s been mentioned on RoK, so for those who don’t know about it, SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day is the bible for what to do when under SJW attack, and also has some long-term strategy ideas for how to reduce SJW influence in our culture. It backs up the “Never Explain, Never Apologize” mantra 100%.
    There’s also a 5-page “SJW Attack Survival Guide”, extracted from the book, available for free at his blog:

    1. Don’t forget Vox’s exhortation to “make the rubble bounce” when fighting SJWs and their allies.
      I think that was the best quote from the book.

      1. Exactly. If these guys had publicly made fun of the protesters and refused to apologize, they would have had their coffee shop flooded with cute, nubile young ladies just waiting to get to meet these confident, young, entrepreneurs.

        1. I’m really kind of disappointed how these guys caved so utterly. The top picture only show 8 people protesting. Granted, there could be more off screen, but that’s not really that many. To cave under such little opposition is unmanly. They should have gone out there and offered them all free cups of coffee. Kill them with kindness and watch them implode in a glorious fireball of cognitive dissonance.

        2. Their money backers were caught up in the frenzy and pulled financing for their planned 2nd location, and I believe their current landlord somehow fucked their lease, but not completely sure.
          I live near Asheville but don’t go there too often due to high per capita SJW/Feminst ratio.
          There are some cool restaurants and bars, and not much in the way of diversity (crime) so it’s a nice place to visit.
          The surrounding area is beautiful and an incredible stage for outdoor action sports. Hiking, mountain biking, off road motorcycling, kayaking, camping, and if you live in the country, a lot of liberty (assuming you can avoid the Nazi ‘road safety checkpoints’).

        3. The Biltmore Estate there is even better than what Crazy King Ludwig built. I had a relative who had another home north of Asheville in what is called the Cashiers area which comprises a number of villages and it’s a very elite area. You know it? Nice climate, although it does get cold in winter not as bad as the NE, but the Summer is rarely over 80.And it does have what you say plus a number of nice golf courses (I don’t play myself) The Adirondacks in NY are nice but it gets like the arctic in Winter.

        4. Fuck that. Charge them double and pu lacative in their coffee. Free coffee to others who tell those cunts to fuck off

        5. Young men are now frequently getting into trouble with feminists and the law. For instance in Australia a young men in an on line argument with feminists made an rape joke about how feminists that got raped were likely to still be tight since they weren’t getting any. It was somewhat vulgar but it was clearly meant as an insult not a threat and was in response to an infuriating flame war on twitter. After weeks of feminist lobbying he is now getting prosecuted for using a telegraphic device to make threat.
          The feminists have been doing this for decades and have organised gathering and groups. You better be ready for them because they are prepared. Mostly with 30 years of fabricated statistics and theories but these are now so well spread they ring true.

      2. It also only ugly girls and post menopausal women who worry
        about “rape culture”. These women need
        to believe there are roaming bands of (white male) rapists, because without
        rapists no one would have sex with them.
        It’s like a conspiracy theorist that lives in a trailer park but believes
        the CIA is out to get him.

        1. This brought a visual to mind that made me laugh more than it should have: I imagine a group of guys with signs that say “This is what a rapist looks like” standing behind the protestors just staring at them. Not saying a word, not doing anything…just standing there staring at them. They’d split the scene in less than 2 minutes.

        2. “It’s like a conspiracy theorist that lives in a trailer park but believes the CIA is out to get him.”
          HAHA! Too true.

      3. And the reason why this type of ‘outrage’ never gains any traction is because absolutely nobody cares what ugly, sexually obsolete women think.

  2. “Never Explain, Never Apologize,”

    This is step one. Step Two from the Karl Rove School of FuckYouism is to attack your critics whether they are right or wrong. Respond to every accusation with an accusation against them. Use ad hominem attacks. These are effective because the average person is easily taken in by them.
    Step 3 is to take actual action against your critics. In this case, these people are a public nuisance. Use city codes because they are a) disturbing the peace, b) infringing a public right of way c) disobeying zonal restrictions d) interfering with your right to run a business and so on. Nobody has an unrestricted right to protest. Use every legal option at your disposal to crush your enemy.

    1. Excellent advice.
      I have noticed this is what Trump is doing in the US and as a result nothing sticks despite multiple PC attacks. If he had apologised he would have been finished.

        1. Yup. Gotta love the Rovemeister for his insight, if not for his politics. It’s war out there and you gotta fight back, not wave the white knight, white flag of surrender.
          This would be an excellent time for these guys to excavate the sidewalk out front to install a new irrigation system, leaving the protesters no where to hold their $.75 poster board signs.

      1. Trump has all the money he’ll ever need. And at pushing 70 he neither needs or wants friends, or does he care whether people agree or disagree with him.Personally I think that grown men who need ‘buddies’ are rather childish and insecure.A buddy is for when you’re a boy scout and need someone for safety.Past a certain age and you’re on your own. Trump doesn’t care about looking good to some illegal who is there to disrupt his speech. he just throws him out lol Or does he care about some dingbat female reporter who he can buy a 1000x over.What are they going to do to him? Write or say something that he just ignores anyway?

        1. We need a conservative who DNGAF. A monied man like Trump who is at an age where chasing tail is not all that appealing might just be the guy.

      2. Good point. Trump is doing what many Americans used to do “back when”. They wouldn’t let others shame them because they actually stood their ground for their beliefs, principles, etc…. Today, it’s pandering to the almighty dollar (these two men had a business that was going to be shut down due to the SJWs).
        Never apologize…always double down on these fucks. They will not let up and you’ll be seen as a pussy for apologizing. If you meant it at the time (i.e. the journal that they wrote about their conquests) then they should stick to it…not back down. That was their big mistake.
        Trump is doing what many Americans used to do. He doesn’t apologize and his attitude is “why don’t you mind your own fucking business” or “yes, I did it, so what”. If you’re older, then you’ll remember those times of our elders.

        1. i always thought the scientist with the ‘sexist’ shirt should not have given comment or apologised following the successful Comet Interception last year.

        2. The problem is that not enough of these men “under fire” are blowing off these crazies (SJWs). You can’t take this level of crazy seriously and anyone who does is just feeding the fire. You ignore these people who are obviously looking for attention…that’s all it’s about. You ignore them and they will go away.

    2. Instead of apologizing, they should have reframed the accusation and say that they were just trying to empower women through the casual sex feminists insist women should have lots of.

      1. Not a bad ploy. Or you could simply put billboards outside saying something like “The ugly useless people protesting us are stupid and have no life. We have a business to run and have a life outside this business. We are open for business. All entrees 15% off, and anyone who says ‘fuck them, give me a coffee’ gets it for free”.

        1. “The ugly useless people protesting us are stupid and have no life
          That would be the truth.Think about it. if you read something you didn’t like would you try to get people together, make up signs, and waste time making a fool of yourself?

        2. That idea would be more effective than you think.
          Many years ago, libertarian and former radio host Neal Boortz had muslims protesting outside the station he was broadcasting from. He ordered pizzas for them, which they ate, and then they left, never to return.

        3. You’re right. Keep frame and spin the crowd any which way. With the right music and spiked punch, they’ll all be out there doing some wild jungle fertility dance. A hamster is still a hamster. Halloween is approaching. Those two neckbeards could have come out in grass skirts and kicked the party off.

      2. A little ole agree and amplify to the whole mess of them out the gate, might have gamed these clowns. “You’re damn right I fucked my customers, they wanted it more than I did, and even brought me their friends to fuck.”

    3. Total war indeed.
      Have a freind, or paid PI, find out who they personally and use it against them. No threats. “Isn’t time for you to pick up your Sally from daycare, Jill? She will be worried if you are late.” “Did you mother make it home from re-hab Sue? How is she recovering?”
      The (false) belief when people join a mob, is it grants participants anonymity. Take that away. Single them out. Freeze them out from their group.

        1. It comes basically from Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” — the little commie scrunt who Hillary Clinton wrote her thesis on.
          I think it should be required reading for all conservatives.

      1. I find that strategy quite interesting actually. These are cockroaches that flee when the kitchen light is turned on, rob them of anonymity and they scurry back under the fridge, post haste.

      2. Just make sure to record your comments, else they’ll over-react in public and claim you threatened them. When it comes time for court, the judge/jury will use their over-reaction (and those who witnessed it) as corroborating evidence that you did something wrong.

        1. Absolutely. I would employ 3 cameras – one obvious close to the group (decoy), one hidden and one several meters from an above angle that encomposing the whole group. It would be their word versus your recorded documentation of events plus testimony.

      3. That’s very personal and individually targeted. Surprisingly the SPLC publishes a magazine called ‘The Year in Hate’ where they do exactly that. Their formula is to snoop, data mine and then make dramatic negative personal profiles of featured ‘haters’ or non pc targets, life activists. Anyone not status quo and vocal or actionable against the left or against cult marx or anti sjw can find themself having a gratis bio done on them in the SPLC rag.

      4. I like. Or just post on the site that they “have no issues with the gay community, but worry because they learned that the Lesbian community is the one offended and spearheading the protests.” (And truth be told, the people organizing most women protest ARE lesbians.) And then offer a meek apology to any lesbians offended. Anyway, women hate being associated with lesbians, and will drop out of the protests. And nothing can be proved one way or the other, and no one can go back on them for it.

        1. Lesbians. Added on top of their inability to handle complex thought processes, anyone who’s worked around them can tell you about the psychotic anger and constant problems.

    4. There is something to be said about the plain old just kick their ass mob style and chase them away. Yeah it is illegal to beat someone’s ass with a bat, but it is also highly effective. How many times do you think hipster skinny pants wearing SJWs are going to come back after the get “the treatment”. It’s harder to get away with these days since everyone has a video camera in their pocket, but it is darn effective.
      Around where I used to live the Asian gangs used this tactic to keep the blacks out of their neighborhoods and it worked. You could actually see a black guy take a three block detour in order to avoid the Asian neighborhood even though the direct route would have been through it.

      1. “Yeah it is illegal to beat someone’s ass with a bat, but it is also
        highly effective. How many times do you think hipster skinny pants
        wearing SJWs are going to come back after the get ‘the treatment’.”
        Hire some black, Hispanic, and/or Muslims men to hang out at their protests and be all “rapey” with them. They’re a bunch of white women. Political correctness requires all such behavior by protected “minority” groups to be ignored and excused (especially when the females are white), so they’d all find something to else to do after a day or two of multicultural enrichment. The Left uses the internal contradictions of the West to destroy the West from the inside (as others have noted, Rules for Radicals), so use their own contradictions against them.
        “I’m Tyrone, just out of jail, unemployed and ain’t looking. I’m here to **** somebody’s wife.”

    5. Agreed. In essence use their own Alinsky tactics against them.
      * RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)
      Sad state of affairs to have to live this way but it is what it is.

    6. “Never Explain, Never Apologize,” That’s my motto as well… Sometime I do add “Get sodomized, you’ll enjoy it !”

  3. I’m struggling to see what they are apologising for? I used to work in a coffee shop, sunday mornings would bring the walk of shame group of “girls” in. And they were loud. They used names and they were far more graphic than the blog these men wrote annonymously.
    Oh, and to the woman in the fourth (?) pic, women are not toys. True.
    But a man is not an atm with a vibrator attachment. Grow up.

    1. Are you sure that’s a woman? Looks like a dude in skinny jeans to me.
      These guys should have employed a few of the 48 laws on these harpies. Easiest one being create a spectacle. I guaran-damn-tee you if they walked out there with their own signs saying random shit like “INSERT ANGRY WORDS HERE!” those cunts would have left. Mockery and ridicule takes the wind out of their sails quickly.

      1. SHould have paid a few bros a couple bills , to linger around the harpies with signs like that and occasional throw a “Yo, I like your boobs, you single”. It would piss them off and bring great satisfaction to the owners. For extra LOLs just keep sending 6-packs out to the boys ever hour to keep them buzzed.

        1. Fight belligerent with belligerence. It’s seems to be the only way. I mean it’s not like being nice to these nuts has worked in what the last 50+ years of cultural decline.

        2. Oh! I love it! Women need to back up their men on this kind of thing more. I will not have my daughter being a slut or sign holder for rubbish like this. I’d love to see a counter protest group of women there (no offense but that would make these females lose what brain cells they have left!)

        3. Wouldnt it just be great though.
          Better make sure there are plenty of ambulances ready that day! Lots of strokes and heart attacks.

        4. My daughter will have that understanding pounded into her head before she heads to college. If you take part in I Hate Daddy demonstrations, the spigot to my wallet closes and you’re done and on your own, no questions, no excuses accepted.

        5. I would have had a free coffee day for MRA’s. Since these two pukes gave up and closed shop they could have just as well given the stuff away. I’d also have a free coffee and food day for the poor homeless men just to make myself look like Mr Nice Guy. if the sluts didn’t like it I’d accuse them of being abusers of the homeless.

        6. Yeah, I think the best thing to do was distract the issue and do something else, like free food for homeless, something your opponent can’t disagree with you on.

        7. Nice to see a father who isn’t his daughter’s bitch. There are way too many ‘daddy’s girls’ out there. Great job GOJ.

        8. Many of these females really are mentally ill or are having a bad mental reaction to psych drugs.There’s a big difference between someone who may believe something and a female who is really showing signs of psychosis and since most of them are either fat or fugly, usually both, and can’t get male attention they are madder than hell. Females are addicted to DNA (dick ‘n attention) and when they are frustrated will go gaga.You boys like psychology. What do you think happened to females in more primitive times who couldn’t get a man and his attention and was pretty much ignored. Did she last long? So with these fugbombs it’s a matter of life or death to get that attention even if they have to make clowns of themselves.

        9. And make sure those girls are good looking and chaste looking.I’m no puritan like these femtards and they may be bitter but they know deep down which female gets the man and they go crazy since it’s not them.Deep down they hate it that only some omega mangina will even talk to them and they take it as an insult lol

        10. Wishful thinking. You’re still sending your daughter off to college where she’s gonna have her head, and pussy, pumped full of all kinds of bullshit. Don’t be so naive.
          When your daughter is getting plowed by some unwashed commie loser in a drab green coat, the last thing on her mind is going to be your advice. Be realistic. You are sending your daughter to college. You will lose her mind and soul.
          As a modern father, you are facing quite the dilemma. You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

        11. Good analysis. Back in more primitive times, few things were more deadly to a female than being invisible to the rest of the tribe. We are seeing the vestiges of that survival instinct on display here, grotesquely manifested in anti-social behavior.
          As long as she gets noticed…

        12. Not necessary.
          1 Photograph them
          2 Issue them with a legal injunction
          3 threaten to sue them for slander, their signs are clearly lies and carry through by seeing a lawyer.
          4 threaten to sue them for loss of business and restraint of trade and carry through by seeing a lawyer.

      2. You have to know how to do it and use something that really hits a nerve. Older men like myself are experts at this although I’ve never once had to do it.

  4. “I’m a woman, not a plate”
    Nope, you’re definitely a plate.
    Check out that fat white knight in the top photo. Perhaps he’s hoping to one of the feminists will let him touch their boobs.

      1. THat would make a great meme. It just needs a doughy hipster lad in skinny pants. An effeminate skinny bearded guy will also work.

        1. Man oh man. How can somebody let themselves get that fat? If you use something to block all the fat and get to just the plane face area as it would be without the lard, the dude would be passably decent looking if he were skinny. I do the same thing when I see pictures of fatty women, so many of them have so much potential if they’d just jump off the Heart Attack By 30 bandwagon. Such a shame how much this whole “acceptance” thing is destroying so much potential and so many lives.

        2. I didn’t used to. Fatties were once so rare that you really didn’t give a fuck what they looked like because everybody else looked great and the only visceral reaction they merited was contempt, mockery or, for the rare very nice and pleasant one (they used to exist, really), some amount of pity.

        3. No. But you can employ the use of napalm on them, if you have any handy.

        4. Or Claymores. Scottish or M18 variety. I don’t care which. Maybe all of the above would be the most awesome.

        5. Explosive propelled giant napalm tipped swords would be *even more fucking amazing*.
          I like where this is going.

        6. “How can somebody let themselves get that fat?”
          Terrible emotional problems coupled with a horrible upbringing. It’s actually rather common.

        7. Back when, fat women had to be very nice and pleasant to stand out. It used to be the skinny women who were the real bitches most of the time. Today, it seems just the opposite.
          Damn, times have changed.

    1. She wishes she’s was someone’s plate, but no one wants her. This is her lament.
      Like you never see a hot chick complain about beauty standards or objectification, but you always see fat and ugly ones do.

  5. They are actually angry about how easy it is for these guys to bangs sluts. Slutty competition lowers the value of the gold bar they think they have between their legs.
    I don’t think this is really anything more than business. These guys are bragging about the cheap deals they got at Walmart. These ‘retailers’ are really bitching about cheap gold bars are going for, but they can’t be honest, so they make up shit.
    Next time there is such a protest, men need to put signs in their face that say “Women were not so slutty, back when men were in charge”.

    1. Yes, I think I would rather puritanical church ladies protest outside my Biz, than this shaggy bunch. At least they were polite enough to let costumers in and not harass them.

  6. “To our Asheville community:
    It’s 2015, not 1615. Come on! Never before have I seen a more puritanically inspired rage fest in my happy little town of sluts and nu-males. Instead of oppressing everyone with your celibate privilege, unpack your knapsack. For a limited time only, if you bring a protest sign to my store you can exchange it for a coupon entitling you to one date/bang from yours truly.
    Love, Waking Life”

  7. Number four: if your business has to have a physical location, own the land it sits on. That way, when these fucktards show up with their signs, you can unleash the dogs and firehoses on them before you have them arrested for trespassing.

      1. That’s what my parents do to stop High-school douchefaggeries from walking all over the lawn and from picking crab-apples off the tree to throw them at each other.

      2. I agree, but I prefer to take it further. To me, this isn’t just about shitting on them, it’s about having them know that I am intentionally doing it. In other words, I want them to know that if they fuck with me, I will fuck with them. It won’t just be coincidence that they get fucked up when protesting in front of my shop – I will fuck them up.

      3. Yes. There are so many things these guys could have done. These guys should’ve subtlety goaded these loser protesters into doing something stupid like vandalizing the property or assaulting a planted antagonizer. Get these protester fucks to hang themselves, then the shoe is on the other foot.
        These social justice protesters are not smart, and they are certainly not in control of their emotions. Use all of that against them. Make them slip up. It’s rather easy to do with someone who is so mentally and emotionally unbalanced as to waste their time protesting. Protesting has NEVER furthered any cause. Ever. It does not work.

    1. Where was the police? Cite these SJW’s for disturbing the peace and disrupting business. Gathering without a permit.

  8. This is what you get for being a cuck. SJWs were going to attack them either way after finding out, apology or not. If these guys had stood by their beliefs, they would at least get a lot of support from websites like this one. Now that they apologized, there’s nobody to support them.

  9. The SJW’s never see it as making an INDIVIDUAL apologize for an INDIVIDUAL indiscretion. If they did then we’d never see the witch hunts ever get that bad.
    No, when someone offends a SJW, the SJW in turn takes away their humanity, objectifies them, makes them a faceless minion of the Patriarchy so that the SJW feels no remorse in turning the shiv over and over until their target is ground down to nothing.
    They don’t want to see an individual person apologize and move on. The SJW simply wants a battle to fight and a role to play as they LARP politics.

  10. I’m wondering if anybody has the contact information for these two guys. Maybe a link to this article could make them back track on their current ridiculous behavior and save themselves yet. I hate to see two guys who were doing good for themselves allow something like this to ruin them. Damn shame.

    1. Wow. The jezebel story is actually “hurtful, damaging, and expresses insecurity and fear” to quote the coffee dudes in their lame apology. This slut posted full profiles identifying every man she banged, in gross detail, and rating their penis, their personality, and their aggressiveness (which, of course, gets them a higher rating). The worst thing the guys did was say that an unknown “chubby” girl was “fat and easy”. Well, obviously she was if you banged her the first night!

  11. Apologies are bad when unmerited. Plus, to the sycophantic apologists, it shows that they “want” to change but don’t have the means to, or don’t know how – so this is largely perceived as a crude manipulative ploy that will be met with negative reinforcement. From here on, the pressure will be on them from every direction until they submit completely to the narrative.
    Better to say: Mistakes were made, but then again who hasn’t made mistakes? I am who I am, some like it, some don’t.

    1. But what ‘mistakes’ were made? No names or photos of women were posted. They were exercising their right to free speech outside of the workplace. The internet is filled with blogs by women about casual sex with more detail. Why is it acceptable for women to blog about sex but not men? This is a core principal of feminism, that women get to define what is or isn’t acceptable about sex. Why should men play that game?

      1. Who do you think sets the moral standard, hell, any sort of standard in any civilized society? Feminists?
        No. The only thing they can do is destroy the standards, because such standards hinder their dystopian “equality”.
        For those that follow the “enjoy the decline route”, if they can keep schtum about their business (at least in public), is a better outcome for all involved.

  12. Here’s the thing: they didn’t owe anyone an apology of any kind. These feminists claimed to have been wronged by their behavior, but they did not represent any of the women these guys banged.
    Apologies are between individuals, not groups.

    1. and that’s the problem. These two men apologized for something…but they didn’t do anything wrong (it was consensual) . If anything, they should have pointed out the fact that there are so many eager, dirty, trashy women out there in society just ready to fuck “at a moments notice”…even if they barely (or don’t) know you.
      That’s the strategy that many men need to take in this present day war with SJWs. Put the responsibility on the women in the scenario – to keep their pants on instead of being “fuck ready”…and willing or wanting to do it in a public bathroom.

      1. These men clearly didn’t treat or think of the women they had sex with (hereafter CTSP consensual temporary sex partner) as mere ‘holes’ they expressed concern for them and their well being.
        It’s likely that both the man and the woman connected at some level as human beings.
        It’s also clear that some of the women were damaged people and not safe to committing to and that some probably didn’t even want a commitment.
        Many would simply not ever have receive any sex for the rest of their lives if they required commitment.
        So what did the men do wrong? They had sex without giving a long term commitment either before or after the sexual act and they wrote honestly about it.
        These feminists are hypocrites and incongruent. If its OK for women to have sex without commitment then it is OK for men.
        The feminist hypocrites want their cake and to eat it as well. Now they have the sex revolution and their slut walks they can see the outcome and they want to blame men for their own stupidity.

        1. I don’t give a shit that these two were PUAs and I don’t feel sorry for the anonymous women they banged. But the fact that they posted these accounts is not manly. Its juvenile.
          Do your thing but for God sakes, STFU about it. Man up like your great granddaddy did.

        2. That is the way I see it. They weren’t all that manly to start with. What was the point of writing about everything they did, other than to brag?

        3. Some good points. Women can have a chart or “journal” like the men had and they would be considered “empowered”. It’s all in the language. I just call bullshit as I see or hear it. More men need to do it and society (as a whole) would improve. Too many people are giving in to crazy attention whores…that’s it.

    2. And five bucks says the women there protesting probably tried flirting with one of these two and were shot down.
      What’s the saying? Hell hath no fury like a feminist who needs to get some?

  13. I’m trying to picture the sad nerd chained to a computer constantly creating spamvertising accounts for promulgation here. They must not have had the stamina or hand/eye coordination to rate gold farming on World of Warcraft or something.

  14. The uncle that built the ark? How is he doing these days? Is he still naming his sons after various types of meat? I never could name my son “Ham”. Just seems like you’re begging to get him made into a breakfast side.

    1. I’m having a baby boy with the young GF in a few months and his nickname is “Bacon”, since the GF and I are big bacon fans. Maybe I should make it his legal name to further piss off the PC food police!

  15. The issue here is one of conviction.
    SJWs are nothing more than a modern version of a lynch mob.
    Consider someone harboring, smuggling or otherwise helping slaves 200 years ago in the American south. If they were disvovered, they were thouroughly fucked. No options there. Maybe if the infraction was small enough they would be simply ran out of town or osyrasized. People who stil went through with this knew the penalty. But they beleived they were right.
    Now consider being a PUA in the strict sense. It is not a moral high ground. It is something you do for pleasure. In a way it it is a perversion even, in the sense that it does not contribute to society.
    The calculation for these men was simple. And keeping their business and livelyhood came before picking up girls. They went into damage control mode. They did not have the conviction to fight.
    Unfortunately, they chose the wrong strategy. Keeping quiet, laying low for a few months. Then changing the name of the shop would have been better. Skipping town, also.
    People like Roosh moved past PUA into the general Red Pill. They have the moral high ground, they have the conviction. So they are willing to fight.
    People like Julian Blanc monetized their PUA skills, so they now fight for their livelyhood.
    These guys did neither.

    1. They are much like a lynch mob, but the funny thing is they have no pitchforks. They have very little actually backing them up.

  16. It’s a femtard false flag operation and these two guys are mangina femtards.That coffee shop cost them nothing to set up and they never made a nickel profit from it.The doctor can always spot the fakes.I’ll have to consult my assistant Dr Danilova who received her doctorate at 21 in psychology from the Pavlov Institute, and I can assure you that it’s a real science, not that pop psych crap pushed by the shyster and fake “Dr Phil”

  17. I’ve been to Ashville, and it’s a fun, hippy kinda place up in the mountains. It is home to several beer breweries and coffee shops. Hell, I think I even went into this coffee shop when I was there.
    There’s a lot of young people there, a lot of pot smoking, and guys with beards, hippie girls, lots of trendies in general. I can understand how having a blog on banging girls there would not be popular there, and I can even understand the guys thinking an apology was the best plan of action.
    I mean, the fake apology seems to work every time, right? Any politician or public person caught doing something embarrassing or speaking their mind in an un-PC manner, just mumbles a few “mistakes were made” nonsense and it’s all forgiven.
    But when I read the actual text of what they were saying, it sickened me. “said terrible and demeaning and unpleasant things” “the potential danger we put women in” “hatred and fear toward women” These guys were not strong, confident, masculine guys. They were dudes who were banging easy women. Period.
    I would have chosen a quick but snarky message like “we strongly regret that some loving tender sweet moments between us and the angelic pure women we love were shared with the outside world. We pray for the strength to continue on in the face of the prying into our hearts and most intimate expressions of love by members of the Ashville community. In the meantime, coffee this week is half price. Please join us in this celebration of freedom and individuality that feminism has granted us.”

    1. They might as well wrote that they actually raped women even if they didn’t really. Just like victims of communism “confessed” they secretly worked for the CIA before being executed.

  18. These guys folded pretty quickly but apparently no one came to their defense?
    One of these days backup needs to arrive on the scene whether deserved or not to get in the face of the SJWs. Things are too easy for them now.

      1. Patriot Riders. I’ve been in contact with the local chapter recently. Seems like an excellent group and excellent response to the snarling leftist pretend-Christians.

    1. Supposedly God helps those who help themselves. Did anyone have enough lead time and thereafter the inclination to support them when they folded as fast as a cheap suit?

    2. Don’t expect people to come to your defense when shit hits the fan. You have to prepare mentally to be able to defend yourself without any help from anybody. When you get singled out by the SJW fascist mob including the medias, those who are usually on your side will now hesitate to take the risk to defend you. But if you defend yourself well enough and show you are a real man, this will encourage people to publicly come to your defense. On the other hand, if you surrender by groveling, chances are that nobody will ever come to your help.

  19. If any of us were to asses the true colours of these men, it would be blue rather than red.
    “Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon. That’s always been the difference between us, [Jared and Jacob].”

  20. Article is nice and all but look at the picture of the bar owner dudes, seriously. That’s exactly how I’ve always associated the so called “players”. Their expertise lies in screwing drunk sluts and being shit drunk themselves every night. Congratulations, your grandparents would be damn proud of you.
    And THAT, gentlemen, is the difference between players and kings. Kings don’t do this and those 2 whimps are fucking manginas in my eyes. Thanks.

  21. Personally I think that the girl who shit in his bed owes him an apology. She didn’t even have the decency to do the laundry.

    1. It was bound to happen, coffee loosens the bowels for many. A little Colombian Supremo will flow the chocolate fountain. Nuck Nuck Nuck

  22. Because women recounting the stories of their sexual experiences never happened before. It’s only sexist when men do it. So tired of this bollocks.

    1. Don’t let it get to you. It’s just a natural double standard. The double standard will always exist, it’s how you deal with it that matters. Smart men can get around almost any bullshit that comes their way. The men from the coffee shop are not smart men.

      1. Anyone who apologises to SJW are not smart. What gets to me though is not the existence of double standards (men and women are not equal nor will they ever be so it’s just something you expect) but the absolute shit storm that happens when there is a double standard against women as opposed to the quiet acceptance of double standards against men.

  23. No such thing as bad publicity. They should have doubled down on it. They don’t owe these bitches anything. So women get fucked once a week on tinder like getting a ride on uber, and that makes them ’empowered’. But men are misogynist? Feminism is a fraud, call them out on it.

    1. The guy in the red shirt should have a sign that reads:
      “I’m here for female validation in hopes that it will lure them to have sex with me.”

      1. They really are a cult. The red shirt guy got sucked in to the group and believe me HE’S BLIND and CANNOT SEE. It becomes hard to define or even recognize the greater outside world when you fall into a clique or cult. When a cult zombie looks at a crowd, all they see and notice are other fellow freakazoid members. Other people become invisible. Outside the cult, the red shirt guy would be lost, unwired and unable to approach any women except for the tatted familiar butch or harpie. They shut down and exhibit selective mutism when surrounded by normal folks. Their comfort zone is narrow with people in general. Poor simp. Wild cunt mothers and feminist along with jewess educators did this to the guy.
        It is known that hard core goth’s can barely assimilate outside their clique. Within the clique is the only place where they find comfort and can find companionship. Same for the old hard core punks. The red shirt guy being an ‘in’ fellow with the ‘slut walk’ branch of the feminist cult thus limits his pool of pussy scraps tremendously. That branch is as rotten as the main branch is unsightly.
        He probably grew up in a queer bait college town and was silenced or shut up and emasculated by the local resident fems and jewesses henpecking the neighborhood kids and teaching man shame at the primary schools. Those elem school activist teachers fill every public school in a lib college town, and after work even, their job never stops. They spend their after hours emasculating and shaming on a daily basis.
        He’s probably FROM THAT VERY NEIGHBORHOOD that he’s demonstrating in since the fruit of matriarchy is too weak to venture out on its own. And it’s likely that he got his first hand job as a teen from some colored haired goth feminist jew neighbor girl. I doubt he’s worldly in the least bit like Roosh or like any globetrotting pussy hunter. He wouldn’t be trolling for those awful scraps pictured nor would he be doing it at his age for sure. Those neckbeards never stray far from their divorce rapist mamas nest.

      2. If the guy in the red shirt really wanted to have sex with them, he should take a page from the John Wayne school of Shrew Taming:

      3. Redshirt is mayor of the friendzone, but yellowshirt back there is someone’s dad, there to play enforcer. If someone tried to cross the hairypit line to get coffee, daddy would have been there to shove them. That guy’s there to fight.

      4. The rose petal T-shirt, black pants, and black sneakers combo is back? Look at the clothing of those degenerates and tell me we aren’t declining faster than a bullet train.

  24. I graduated from UNCA in 2003, and used to visit Asheville a few times a year. SJW’s like the ones in the pictures are everywhere. If it weren’t for the blog, people probably would have boycotted Waking Life for something else that offended them.

  25. I disagree with the OP conclusions. Women want to be sluts, they just dont want to be held accountable for it.

    1. Hence they want to remove the negative connotation of the word slut. Ironically, it’s the women that use the word that way.

      1. Replace slut with ‘unlimited sexual freedom’. What difference does it make? That’s what women want and they don’t want to be accountable.

  26. I love how in the picture at the top of the page all the girls are wearing sensibly warm fall attire, but the chubbiest of the bunch has her sleeves rolled up and she’s wearing sandals. Blubber really is a natural insulator.

    1. That’s a big part of it. The fewer the social options a woman has, the more she she feels the need for shaming tactics to try to control beta males.

  27. Just don’t give the manufactured offense crowd the time of day. It is that easy. Ignore them and treat them as they are irrelevant (which they are).
    Years ago I made a mildly offensive statement about a public official in my town (I called her a fat cow and said she wasn’t qualified for the office she held). A reporter called me up and asked me if I thought looks were a qualification for office for women. I simply hung up the phone. You know what came of it……NOTHING. There was a small mention of my quote in an article in the back of the local paper. I never heard anything about it except a brief statement from my boss that as a company exec I should be more mindful about what I say (and that was on the golf course, nothing official). If you don’t feed the animals they don’t come around. They need you to react and once you do they feed off of it like chumming sharks.
    These guys would have been better off just saying “Yes we have sex with women that are mostly chubbers or single moms. Would you like to have sex with me? Is that why you are here?”

    1. Very very similar to a certain MOTHER IN LAW of mine. Always prodding and trying to start WWIII, picking fights like some harpie pissed off hood rat female that you’d see on C.O.P.S. I just smile tightly and don’t respond to her. I replied with two syllables once to her fight picking, quickly learned that she had canned up inside of her a whole five munites of non stop threats and bitching that SEEMED SOO SCRIPTED. The way the bitch danced around foaming and spitting while pointing and waving her finger AND IT ALL ENDED with her . . and get this . . with her holding the phone after dialing 9-1 and staring at me about to push the final ‘1’. The drama of it all when she stood there like John Wayne pointing her phone at me like a six shooter in a draw . . and all because I replied one single sound to her tyrade. I got my wife to go ‘through the back door’ and get the old prune on some HEAD MEDS. Strong ones. The old bag is sweet as a pussy cat now. This only after the old bitch actually BIT my wife (her own daughter) during the next visit. Before her head meds, she could sing like a sparrow with ‘war whooping’ and she could instigate WW3 like a pro military man who’s been to the war college. How could she do it, start a war, like she had some gift for military command. War room generals could take lessons from the douchebag on how to decieve, subvert and escalate a situation to said desired conflict level. The bitch seemed to escalate instively like an insane loose cannon. HEAD MEDS were like THOR’S HAMMER going ”THONK” on her stupid head.

        1. Families in past centuries knew to keep a lid on those pieces of shit. Now the state pins medals on them for burning down the patriarchy. In previous centuries, large litters of siblings (6-15) usually produced one ‘black sheep’ male and one really crazy female who just wasn’t wound right in the brain and didn’t have ‘the nerve’ to deal with children or motherhood. They were spinsters or vagabonds back then and would be rightfully branded along with whores as ‘THE UNMARRIABLES’, not worthy or too stupid to breed by. The ‘dry hen’ or ’empty nester’ women can be similar to the ‘only child’ producers in that they are usually too neurotic to focus on nurturing a child. I’ve known mothers of an ‘only child’ who whine, bitch and gripe how awfully ‘hard’ it is to raise one single child. Well ”boo hoo”. Those shaking nerve whack meat retards need a little michelle duggar shoved up their ass. That’ll instill a little patience, geez.
          State assistance is largely responsible for the proliferation and compound multiplication of the ‘unmotherly’ trait in females. I think the cabal is trying to esffect the sexes to actually SWITCH INGRAINED TRAITS as well as learned roles. MY GOD!!
          When even the defectives and runts breed which never before happened before the rise of modern feminism, we now see an awful lot more stupid women that can barely boil water – – OR RAISE KIDS. We let the tards breed into two when formerly a large litter had only one runt or tard. Our race is done when the runt ratio exceeds 30% and the real breeders work in cubicles. I’ve known stupid girls. Some are so stupid, they can’t even remember who their spouse is.
          That old mother in law of mine WAS THAT INEPT TARD I believede. The best and brightest women go carreer and don’t breed and the moron bitches fill the gap weakening the overall culture with dependents. Beta’s will breed by a sped tard when the available pool has nothing else left that is willing. Feminism’s dual purpose is also to turn western man and woman into retarded meat-humans by isolating and then magnifying the weakest links don’t you know. Diabolical.

    2. Apologizing to these loons is akin to cutting open your artery while swimming with sharks. You put the blood in the water when you should’ve just remained still.

    3. Yes, they should have owned it and then asked “why are there so many willing female participants out here, today?”. Put the responsibility on them (the women) to answer why so many of them are ready to have sex with anyone they just met.
      I would hold them accountable for feminism and the advice that feminists have given them over the years. Remember, these are strong and independent women who are empowered.

  28. The whole rebuttal seems so scripted. Hey! What if the entire blog was a forgery and it’s sole purpose was to build up to the big smackdown punch to all that is red pill?? A lib themed business (although I eat my wholesome veggies myself, I’ll admit) but WHAT IF the blog was managed by a feminist cabal?? Maybe some posts were genuine and entered by unknowing adherents. A FORGERY like many I’ve heard claim of the protocols for example. A BIG WHOPPER of a forgery whose main purpose is to discredit the manosphere. They’ve pushed WHOPPING SHITCAKE bullshit stories on the public before haven’t they? Like . . 9-11 ”ding ding” . . or maybe NEWTOWN (has its own bullshit trail). Mainly consider this, what many speak of here is patently earth changing stuff. There’s some big chips on the table here. This ain’t no cooking blog.

    1. I wouldn’t put it past the SJW crowd and those two guys don’t look like PUA alphas. Although they were mostly banging single moms and chubbers and also just restating game advice that is all over the internet. Wouldn’t take too long to seed the content.

        1. Yes I have. The guy on the left has a stupid hair cut and beta look on his face. The guy on the right looks slightly more alpha but I still get a beta vibe from his body language. It is just one pic though so maybe I am wrong.
          The dead giveaway though is how quickly these “alpha” PUA caved and the language they used in their pathetic apology. I will give you that maybe they asked feminists to help them write it, but no self respecting man would ever talk about “journeys” and crap like that. That is the language that a woman would use.

        2. Agree with the 2nd paragraph entirely.
          As to my take on appearances, eh, they seem par for the course from what I can tell. Not that I have much real life experience with men who read manosphere sites, so perhaps it’s unfair, but Mystery did *nobody* any favors by dressing like a second rate faggot, except himself. That’s fine, but it doesn’t really accord with my view of what masculinity is, appearance wise. Just a “me thing” perhaps.

        3. I agree that PUA that dressed like clowns should not represent true masculinity. I think a truly masculine alpha wears suits, or at least dresses in a more classical style. I get why it did work for him and he did many men a favor by making game go mainstream. However, I do also wish that the “representatives” of masculinity did not look like clowns.

        4. Mystery admits he was a beta dork with magic hobby. He was only interested in pick up and game. He didn’t care about defining masculinity, mens rights, social change, red pill theory, or big picture stuff.

        5. I still think he deserves credit for making game go mainstream. Game led to men finding the red pill. The red pill lead to men questioning their station in society. That led to the birth of the neomasculine movement and guys saying there must be more to this then just picking up chicks. I would consider Mystery of one of the Founding Fathers. I consider Roosh to be our George Washington though.

      1. These dudes co-owned a coffee shop if I am correct? How many alpha males solicit coffee shops let alone go about operating such a business?

        1. Good point. Not just any coffee shop, but a coffee shop dependent on a feminist customer base or they wouldn’t give a fuck. They could be doing other things like get a permit to sell beer and wine, open a smoking patio in the back and sell cigars. Wonder if they are selling vegan gluten free organic brownies?

  29. Stefan Molyneux rips on Justin Trudeau and Canadian liberals.
    Discusses various special interest groups of Canadian democracy.
    I found his candid frustration entertaining.

  30. If I was the owner of that coffee shop, I would have had them arrested for trespassing, let alone getting out my shotgun and letting them know the serious consequences of it.
    No, I wouldn’t shoot them, but trespassing is serious.

    1. I would have called the local tv news team out and used it as a marketing opportunity. Free wifi with your coffee while you search tinder etc. You can invite your tinder sluts here for first date etc. This was about tinder hook-ups. Why are they apologizing for giving women what they want?

      1. Also flip the script. Accuse them to be against empowering men and the self improvement of men. Get one of them to say something stupid on camera like “all men are rapists”. Or pay your friends to stand next to them with signs reading “I’m with stupid” and an arrow pointing at the protester. People love that kind of counter-prop.

        1. “What do you have against single moms and Rubenesque women having sex?!? Do you hate women?!? Why are you trying to disemmpower these women?!?!?!”

        2. Lets face it. These guys weren’t alpha enough. The women sniffed the air and realized they had somebody they could push around. This was a really weak shit test and they failed miserably.

  31. “Skinny, trashy single mother in her mid-twenties. I fucked her ass, she shit on my bed, we went our separate ways and she never texted me back.”
    These lines brought a tear to my eye – a tear of joy, that is.

  32. My experience with PUAs has been pretty negative. They use game to act like an alpha, but when the sun comes up, they’re just weak people. It’s not surprising that two of these people would break down and issue this kind of sad apology when pressure was put on them. A King would have responded more shrewdly, with more confidence. It’s tough being in that kind of situation, but by preparing for it beforehand through stoicism and true masculinity, we can handle whatever the media throws out way.

    1. But why is that even a difficult situation? They are broken men not PUAs. If they were PUAs they would have singled out the best looking female and got her number and banged her a couple days later, and then blogged about it. lol

        1. I mean they do own a coffee shop.
          still banging chubby chicks and single moms.
          They could certainly do better.

      1. Yea, these guys got giddy because they read a few game blogs, and applied the staples to everything that walked in/out the door. Ironically, game probably works best on partially feminized cunts anyways.. they’re entirely driven by emotions, guilt trips, and dramatizations.
        Instead of “venue selection,” they decided the venue they’re stuck at all day they enslaved their lives’ to would do. I know a chode who owns a franchised coffee shop near me. Plays Mr. Personable, but his beta armour has many deep cracks… it’s obvious just by the nasty hipster fem-cunt’s he’s hired.
        Started off with a few doable cuties, now they’re all repulsive and giving each other the nod when I walk in, which irks me..

      1. I doubt this will save them. The SJW don’t just want them to apologize, they want to take livelihoods. It’s one of the reasons we need to stop even pretending to apologize to them.

        1. I agree, that apologizing was not the best option but part of being an alpha male is being smart.
          CH had written a post on what they should have done.

      2. But how do we know that? Half a dozen bored ‘feminists’ would have tired out after a few hours or days. With reverse marketing it could have increased receipts for the next 30 days.

    2. Except Roosh. When he was attacked by the SJWs in Montreal and Toronto, he stood his ground. He even ridiculed them in his videos.

  33. So my take away from this is ashville is a small town with ugly feminists with hairy armpits that cant get laid, and skanky single moms who crap themselves on tinder dates. You don’t have much to lose there. Why not do something different and be the first guy in town who doesn’t accept the status quo?

      1. when all is said and done, the entire feminist movement is made possible by the lack of sex had by said feminists. they are too ugly to get laid so they are attempting to get the next best thing, power over those who still have sexual value.

  34. I am not innocent in this respect, but you must never apologize when you did nothing wrong, because if you say you are guilty, you become guilty. The harmless thing you did becomes a crime. And then you will never have an excuse or a defense again. You are caught between toeing the line forever, or being seen as a liar and a hypocrite.

  35. What a couple of apologetic, weak, beta faggots! They should have told the SJW protestors to get the hell off their property!

    1. Not sure if they were technically on their property. Looks like they’re on the sidewalk (public property). Nevertheless, I wouldn’t have hesitated to make life miserable for them by watering my lawn with an oversized sprinkler effectively dousing them in the process.

  36. These two dildos deserve everything that is coming to them for apologizing for using free speech.
    They used the flawed strategy of appeasement, rather than holding their ground and counter-attacking. They thought they would go the easy way and apologize and this would all go away. Well, it hasn’t. Now they are being overrun. Look at the trash that is attacking them. Total nothing people. Now the flies have found their pile of shit to eat.

    1. How do we know if the stories they blogged were even true? The “victims” were anonymous so they could’ve been fictitious characters.

  37. Is the person in the third photo (under “The Apology”) a mangina or a butch-looking feminist gal? I honestly am completely unable to tell.

  38. They should’ve used the same buzzwords liberals use to defend sexual deviancy e.g. “We were born this way”, “Stop slut-shaming us”, etc. That would’ve really sent the protesters into a tailspin.

  39. What a bunch of utter pussies. They should have stood their ground, you dont get sent to jail for being a player. Hope these maginas throw themselves off a bridge.

  40. First thing,..Notice the Beta-Game of the male losers holding the signs, they are probably thinking, “If only I Support and Empower and help these women resolve their anger I May get Laid”.
    Second thing, Sebastian is completely right, never Apologize to these people (SJW’s) they will never be satisfied with an Apology and the point of never accepting the apology is to transform the Man apologizing, into a Beta, through continuous forgiveness denial the Man will become desperate for forgiveness and grovel for acceptance that will never be given, and the SJW’s simply control the Man through a cat and mouse game of requested forgiveness constant denial.
    Third, Maybe the Manosphere should boycott these guys as well, they are throwing us under the bus.
    Fourth, If Feminist’s can Organize for a cause, how come the Manosphere can’t do the same, though I disagree with these guys grovelings I think it’s time there is balance in situations where Feminists Rally, the Manosphere should Rally in response to help protect red pill interests.
    Fifth, Feminists are upset when These two guys wrote about their sexual escapades but what about “The Wild Oats Project” where a woman describes in a book her sexual escapades, didn’t hear any feminist Outrage over that, Feminists are selective in their Outrage on these topics depending on who (Gender) is writing these topics.

  41. I think it’s a FAKE closing of a marginal business. A false flag closing to set a precident for blowing the lid off of sites and then trying to usher in mass demonstrations, mass forefeitures, closings and firings. What on earth have those freakazoids been smoking?

  42. America is a giant freakshow nowadays. Nothing but fucking social FREAKS everywhere!!
    Rabid foaming-at-the-mouth leftists, neon-hair colored feminists, butch/dyke lesbos and bi women holding hands, metro-sexual skin-tight-jeans-wearing iPhone using “men”, obese sweatpants-wearing ham-planets, deformed people in those handicap chairs, ugly saggy skin middle-aged “permascowl” women, sloppy-dressed beer belly double-chinned football watcher manginas, stoner shaggy-haired rainbow-shirt-wearing kids, wannabe-gangster Mexican kids with pants down at their knees, bizarre-looking “social justice warriors” with that listless and empty look in their eyes, and the list goes on and on.
    Anyone else notice the general unnattractiveness of most Americans nowadays? A lot of them just look like FREAKS if you know what I mean, there’s no other word to describe it. Everything about them is just so….. unnatural.
    What happened to all the normal people? When did America turn into a giant fucking FREAK-show?
    That “walking dead” show was not far off from reality, a lot of people nowadays are almost on the same level as zombies. No intelligence in their eyes, and they are ugly as hell. They don’t look like normal people at all.
    Not sure if it’s the GMO food, or something in the water, or the culture or what it is, but America looks like shit in terms of the people.

    1. Yes, America truly has no more human capital left. All of the rugged John Wayne types that made this country are long dead. Now we are seeing the long slide to the bottom where the parasites feed off the rotten and rapidly dwindling carcass.
      Although it is interesting, it is also terribly frightening to be living in a Society’s down phase. All of my friends seem to believe we won’t see wide-spread violence until after our natural lifetimes. They are fools.

      1. I think even the US army has done studies on this.
        IIRC they concluded that within 2 weeks of a total collapse or other major disaster, 90%+ of people will turn to crime or violence in order to survive/eat.
        I believe the study said 8 days at the earliest, and 15-18 days at the latest before total anarchy.

  43. That confession was honestly disgusting, and especially how weak and pathetic they looked as they groveled repeatedly, over and over. Do they not have any sense of self-respect or dignity? I have a sick feeling when I think of those two “men”.

  44. So… fembots and social justice cultists are literally slut-shaming these two men?
    If anyone were to take an fully semiautomatic assault machinegun with 30 round magazine clip loaded with heat-seeking bullets and the shoulder thing that goes up – and were to kill every single one of these cunts… I’d refuse to convict on any jury.

  45. It’s hard to feel sorry for these guys first they documented all their conquests, then they posted it on a blog, when they got caught they apologized profusely. Everything about this was childish from the way the men documented the girls they slept with, to the over reaction of the girls who are protesting.

  46. An excellent article, thank you.
    This part:
    “But the logical outcome of women becoming promiscuous is that men are
    going to take advantage of the situation. However, when feminists see
    the natural results of their teaching, they recoil in horror.”
    Really hit home. I think we’re seeing that kind of thing in many areas as the post 1960s- liberalism has created so many problems however instead of facing them the modern left think they can re-educate human nature and alter reality to make it fit the ideology.
    I see this all the time in the idiotic “slut walk” type of “activism”. The hysterical way feminazis react when someone such as a father wishes to give common sense safety advice to his young daughter. They insist no, it’s never the woman’s fault, so she should be able to walk down any dark alley, get drunk out of her mind, go back to the bedrooms of men she doesn’t know – all just to prove a point. And obviously this sort of behaviour increases her chances of being raped but the feminist don’t care – they only insist that reality, that human nature can be altered to fit their narrative. It is just a little way to seeing how feminism is nearly always authoritarian.
    The kind of behaviour that feminists encourage leads to more women being in danger of being raped. This can’t seriously be doubted, indeed the statistics show that married women are the least like the be raped, but marriage is an oppressive patriarchal construct (that strangely more women than men end up wanting). Encourage girls to go wild, to get drunk etc and clearly they put themselves at risk. The law (still, for now) has the presumption of innocence so it’s hard to convict a man in those situation. So rape is gradually being re-defined away from what it always meant – a man forcibly having sex with a woman knowingly against her will to simply drunk sex that the woman decided several months later she didn’t give “vocal and ongoing consent” to. Again, trying to twist the reality of the law to fit the ideology.
    Western civilisation has been attacked in so many ways, as civiisation always is. But the virus of feminism might be the most dangerous thing we’ve experienced, a century of women voting has severely undermined out society and ideals and it seems to be gathering pace with every year.
    As final proof of the fact that most women and virtually all feminists can’t grasp logic or reason look at their target – the hated “white males”. That is the only advanced civilisation in history that has given women those rights and those freedoms, that has allowed feminism to exist and grow; so they respond by attacking it. I wonder if they will even remember when the west falls to Islam? To see them posting on twitter with “refugees welcome” signs one would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh, they are inviting in the very invaders who will one day rape them, all the while they scream abuse at white men who try to stand up for our civilisation and resist the latest invasion. Civilisation is built by men, it always has been and always will be – is it possible for women to vote and not to undermine it? I have grave doubts.

    1. And when they let Islam in and we see rapes and violence happening, these harpy feminists would then come running to the white men for protection.

        1. They will have no choice. You cannot expect protection from a class you exploited and mocked for decades. Besides, feminism truly is a western white female middle class phenomenon. The most pampered class in all of human history.

  47. So sad. It’s like the Gestapo just got taken over by the Care Bears. You will smile! You will put sparkles in your hair! You will not brag about your exploits! Sig Heil!

  48. That’s one thing I respect Roosh a lot for. He was at the receiving end of one of the worst SJW organised assault against an individual I ever witnessed, yet he never backed down. He never apologized on anything. In fact he even made videos making fun of them! He did this while there was rabid SJW mobs scouring the whole city for him. Unlike others who groveled and had their career destroyed, Roosh actually gained fans and got free publicity for his books. This is how you deal with them.

  49. I originally thought these guys were taking the piss with their first apology, its so flowery and full of sjw buzzwords.
    Question to be asked is where is the male support in all this? Where are the local guys/friends giving these femibitches grief outside the coffee shop? blocking their placards and all that?
    This is why they win everytime…they show up. sit home on your arse and you lose. …everytime.

  50. i can’t figure out which is worse these guys’ business acumen or the fact that they surrendered their nutsacks. So you set up a coffee shop, where the majority of your customers are chicks to begin with, in a small town, shit where you eat by screwing the chicks and then write about it on a public forum.
    If these two douchebags had an ounce of brains and a little bit of subtlety (Thank God I grew up before everyone felt the need to make every detail of their life public) they could have parlayed the coffee shop gig into a decent living and an endless supply of puzzy to fvck and keep fvcking.

    1. It’s funny, the very harpy environment they made (aka the modern coffee shop), and it’s culture (people who blab about useless bullshit and no-talent everything), came right back to bite them in the ass. Dumb fuckin move to begin with.
      Only a few close buddies of mine know about the girls I’ve fucked, even then, I always leave a few out, and many details. Their misguided DHV ego stroking just buttfucked their lives. And it surely extracted all the red, out of any purple pill they might have had going.

  51. If they were going down that easy, I’m glad the hairypits won. Nutless wonders. It’s crass to brag about your sexual partners, but allowing a bunch of hairypits to close you down? Get a refund on your testicles, boys.

  52. What a ridiculous and trashy string of ‘conquests’
    -A 39 year old mom who fucks guys while her kids sleep upstairs
    -a fat girl
    -a ‘trashy’, incontinent single mom
    -a fat, alcoholic Mexican with pierced nips
    The sad thing is that I bet this guy has decent pick up skills yet that is what he has to choose from. There is an element in the manosphere of ‘not seeing the forest for the trees.’

    1. Something doesn’t make sense. It was all scripted. A veggie friendly coffee shop draws bookwormy and skinny hip chicks. The scrap meat these guys ‘supposedly’ scored describes the marginally literate shit you would find at the planned parenthood lobby also known as #the worst place in the world to look for a woman. Also the guys apologized how their ‘words’ caused pain and harm, but not their actions. They made the shit up to slam game and feul the rape hysteria and to set precident for real male shaming, business forefeitures and firings to escalate. Those neckbeards must be in with the bitches. No real man o nothing would sign his name to statements like what we saw.

      1. Good point. They need to set up a Kickstarter to make a series of videos about how terribly they are oppressed, be given a quarter million dollars, be celebrated as heroes by the left, then be invited to speak in front of the UN about the dangers of Internet Feminism. :^)

  53. “It is clear from the “All My Lays” post that what most women really want is not to be sluts, but to be in a committed relationship. ”
    You PUAs are dumber than I thought. What women reallly want is to have their cake and eat it too. Their only regret is that they can’t. Women want the ONS And the committed relationship. Women want to be sluts And chaste at the same time.
    Their inability to grow up and make adult choices, take on adult responsibilities and make adult sacrifices, is why they should never be taken seriously and not be allowed to vote.

  54. I’m pretty sure these men had some Appalachian preacher chastising them. Those dudes are good. They’ll make you feel guilty for every swear you’ve ever uttered. That more than the bored yokels and business worries is what caused this massive epiphany. “Don’t you know these women had a soul!” Yes pastor, but just like the treadmill it was rarely used.
    I’m not an atheist, anti-religion, or misogynistic but it’s clear that religion can serve as a weapon to instill extreme obeisance before people who assuredly don’t deserve it.
    We’re all human and it’s important to rectify situations you may have caused to go wrong but stoking the egos of other fallible human beings via grovelling is just contributing to the problem.
    This was a classic tent-revival moment. That’s why I’m commenting. I think such things are dangerous because they undermine true religiosity or barring that true conviction and sound philosophy.
    The virtuous life is about discipline.
    It is not sudden realizations and outward displays of humility before the arrogant.
    P.S. I hope the SJW’s enjoy sitting in Starbucks and complaining about the lack of indie cafes.

  55. I wondered what happened to their podcast. As I listened I realized they had some decent game advice, but I can see from the fallout that they weren’t very Red Pill.

  56. I am kind of confused, the “all my lays post” is a handful which sounds rather short considering I know guys that have dozens if not in the hundreds of women to their credits, which after a point I have even asked them what are they looking for ? But in no way do I JUDGE them.. or their dates…..I went back and read the list twice and am trying to figure out what they did that was so offensive in their posting. It had to be something more. The thing that would startle me is all the judgement they heaped on these 2 guys. There was a willing woman in the bedroom or basement, by being critical of the men, they are condemning the women who were with them….. so what are they so pissed about. ? I thought this is what the feminists wanted. [Sex with no strings or commitment ?? ]

    1. The so called sex positive feminists are on tinder doing the same thing as the men. Women “share” more about their “relationships” than men on their chick blogs. Its ok when women do it but not men? I would have told them to fuck off. What if they were night club owners in a large city and banged a different woman they met at their club once per month? Who would care? Small town feminists think they have some unwritten unspoken authority to police behavior in your coffee shop? Fuck them they can go find a different coffee shop.

  57. I totally agree- all you can do in this case is apply amused mastery.They could have easily found high-profile allies and turned this fiasco into a cash cow, sold out and ghost written a book. It would have been ballsy and their perceived high SMV from all the attention and windfall of money would have set them up for life. But I digress.
    I gotta say though- the “Marxist” parallel stuff comes off as crazy RWNJ Fox News-y and that’s where you lose me. Sure there are similarities but it’s missing the broader scope. I’d switch out “Marxist” for “totalitarian” or “authoritarian.” Fascist and other far-Right governments come full circle in this sense of thought-policing. Have you seen the grovelling the right wing talking heads have to do (i.e. not towing the Rush Limbaugh platform)? Calling it Cultural Marxism is to miss the broader parallel.
    *Holy shit…C4 powder makes me write like this? Wow.

  58. The shutdown of the coffeeshop should scare free speech/intellectual freedom advocates everywhere. It is one thing to find the coffee shop owner’s comments deplorable/distasteful, it is quite another thing to organize to ruin their lives because you don’t like their opinions.

  59. The most shameful thing they should be sorry for are the apologies. Feminists are the most hideously insignificant people in the world who never got along with their neglectful fathers. Of course their appearance that falls below the guy radar definitely helps none as well. Pity how these two otherwise awesome dudes conducted their endgame.

  60. There is something frighteningly wrong with our culture when their is little capacity among passers-by to physically assault any male who would participate in this. In other cultures, it would be like a survival instinct, see a male who is a danger to the greater tribe, give him something to think about.

  61. I live in NC and you need to understand that Asheville is loaded with liberals which means SJWs by the truckload. It’s almost as bad as Chapel Hill which is the liberal capital in NC. This hardly surprises me. I grew up in Minnesota which is another liberal stronghold. What sucks is that many people from the NE and Midwest are moving to the SE to escape the ridiculous liberal policies only to vote for candidates with the same horrendous policies they are trying to escape.

  62. These guys are idiots for giving into feminist bullshit. Its like saying ‘im sorry for being a man.’
    They would lose business now where if they stood their ground they would have been given respect by the community (like Trump) but instead they have lost it!
    Never back down from your beliefs!!

  63. Let’s take a closer look at these protestors:
    – Ugly as sin: Check
    – Horribly dressed: Check
    – Inane slogans: Check
    – Unemployed (to allow midweek protesting): Check
    – Token thirsty manginas: Check
    Let’s face it.. the main beef of these harridans is they’d be categorized at “3’s or less” by any red-piller worth his salt.

  64. I would not even call theses guys PUA’s, just young men doing what they do. Of course feminists and the media call this “Hate”. When women do this it is called “Sex and the City”.

  65. I listened to some of their podcasts. They weren’t bad but I always had a weird feeling about them. They sounded like weak cucks. Lots of faggy uptalk, stuff like that. So I wasn’t surprised about this story. Just another example of: PUAs = larpers of masculinity.

  66. These two make me nearly as angry as the SJ wankers who shut them down. Did they really not have the nous to see that “apologising” would be perceived as nothing but blood in the water to those vicious SJW pathologues?
    Fcuking IDIOTS!

  67. Wow, way to just allow yourself to be completely defeated. I would have fucked up their lives as much as possible and moved.
    You can’t negotiate with people who want to destroy you.

  68. Those guys didn’t fully digest the Red Pill. Obviously they were afraid for their business, but they should have considered that when women feel a little power and smell blood, they won’t stop untill they’ve completely destroyed you. The better tactic would be to have ignored them. But never apologize and go so far as to claim you’re entering therapy to appease them. Anyone who’s had a female boss KNOWS that. These guys went from player wanna-be’s to manginas to the n’th degree. Also, women, even out-and-out lesbians, are paranoid about being perceived as lesbians. (Seen that over and over.) So a tactic they could have used would have been to put up a sign acknowledging their freindship to the Lesbian Community. That would have scattered those bitches fast.

  69. Don’t let any ho shame you!, grab your balls, get pissed and say I fuck when I want and who I want. One guy posted on the manosphere a week or so ago about fucking feminists! I guess a pump and dump would work if you are in a bind

  70. If you ever apologize to weaker and inferior beings, they will perceive that as “weakness” from you and try to climb over you and use it against you.
    Case point.
    Never apologize to women and SJWs.
    You must always show your dominance to the inferior beings and they must always know their place.
    MEN, do not and NEVER apologize to women and pathetic SJWs.

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