Why Solidarity Really Is For White Women

I wrote a while ago about the nature of feminism as a general expression of white western female privilege. In short, modern western feminism is a movement of well-off white Western women, by well-off Western white women and for well-off Western white women.

I was not the first to make this kind of claim, but such critiques weren’t as common as I’d have expected given how obvious these realities have been. Recently (and to my great pleasure), this has been changing.

The most recent shake-up began during a debate about a certain dysfunctional hypocrite/male feminist and his recent “retirement” from the internet. A black feminist by the name of Mikki Kendall accused supporters of this retired hypocrite of being dismissive toward women of color. Said hypocrite had engaged in open attacks on women of color because of their race, but had not been reprimanded by supposedly anti-racist mainstream feminists for this. Instead, he found support among them (he was allowed to write for some of the largest feminist publications in existence), and still finds support from them even after admitting his behavior.







#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen was born then, and it exploded globally online as many women across the planet began to empathize. Many of the best tweets from this viral episode re-state some of the critiques I mentioned in my earlier article, but also add some interesting new ones:











As I noted in my discussion on the limits of Western feminism, Western feminists are in some ways their own worst enemy. They argue endlessly from the perspective of downtrodden victims, but few can fail to notice that they tend to disproportionately be white and well-off. It is also not easy to overlook the fact that their interests as well-off white women tend to take precedent over the interests of others who are non-white, not well-off or both.

It is also hard to miss their partaking in some of the very eurocentric/prejudicial behavior that they claim to want to avoid:






One of the biggest issues that modern western feminism is going to face in the coming years relates to its own links to racism. As many of the tweets have shown, feminists have been tied to racially insensitive positions. This, among other things, is a problem for a movement seeking global influence in a world that is primarily nonwhite. Why should nonwhites support people who have shown a tendency to support and occasionally praise those who engage in openly anti-nonwhite behavior? Whether it’s through the support of hypocrites like Schwyzer or open eugenicists who have not hidden their desire to actually eliminate non-white populations, feminists will have a lot to answer for.

As I noted in previous articles, cultures vary across the world. White Western (primarily Anglo) feminists dominate the feminist narrative, but the reality is that their goals differ substantially from those of many women across the globe. Not every group of women is going to have the same views on acceptable dress, the worth of traditional gender roles (which are, in some places, held in much higher esteem than they are in the West) and how to deal with issues relating to work-life balancing. Western feminists haven’t done much to acknowledge this or to work these different visions of female “empowerment” into the mainstream feminist narrative, and they will pay a price for this as some respond by simply refusing to associate themselves with the movement.


The long and short of all this is simple: the affluent white Western women leading the feminist movement aren’t going to be able to accomplish all that they hope to accomplish without non-white women firmly by their side. Numbers are crucial, and they are not in the wealthy white feminist’s favor. As things stand, however, neither are many of the non-white women she most needs to accomplish all that she hopes to accomplish.

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115 thoughts on “Why Solidarity Really Is For White Women”

  1. Bizarre. It is as if the internet amplifies otherwise mandane human behaviors, in this case a bunch of women becoming unhinged because a male clique-member starts a hysterical meltdown and they all react on cue with much wailing and hair-pulling. This is why working in an office full of women is absolutely insufferable for any normal man. After all, women’s menstrual cycles often mysteriously synchronize when they congregate in groups, so hormonal instigators of agitated behavior are experienced by multiple women simultaneously.
    So now the #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen group hysteria is a catch-all for every female’s ill-defined complaints and delusions, much of it in fact based on black women’s obsession with white female hair qualities.

    1. Yep. Search for #blackpowerisforblackmen and it will be even more obvious.
      While I applaud and encourage a civil war within feminism, it really all goes back to people competing with each other over who gets to be the biggest victim, and this article actually reinforces that poisonous narrative, which is why I’m a bit disappointed seeing such things here.

      1. I’d agree, but as with the Minter affair, if you see the whole thing as rubbish, you aren’t going to write an article about it, and Roosh gives a wide berth to vetted contributors.
        For the time being, there’s very little editorial control over the established contributors. It’s up to them, so unless it’s really out there, established contributors have pretty free rein.
        Like you said, it’s just a pity party competition. Under leftism, plight makes right, and non-white women are using the trump card of their race to elevate their perceived plight and thus their right.
        Non-white feminists are playing Kanye card and saying ‘white feminists don’t care about black people.’ But when have you ever known a feminist to care about someone besides herself and her clique? It’s garden variety solipsism.

    2. This is just a minor estrogen spill, like the Exxon Valdez.
      Next up #SolidarityIsForCisGenderedWomen then #SolidarityIsForEarthWomen
      BTW, strong, independent black women had no time for “scrubs” so they destroyed the black family. The original followers of gina tingles deserve no sympathy.
      It’s movietime, time for some popcorn

    3. But Elmer. you gotta love Hugos meltdown being so public. And I loved the one about how Jessica Valenti could not bring herself to denounce him just because he was a male supporter of feminism.
      The women are spinning and can’t do “damage control” for nuts. And then something like THIS happens. Just to let the young men know exactly how “responsible” women are.

    4. Uh…
      Is Athlone, or anyone else here aware what #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen is actually for?
      It started out as sarcasm, but now it serves a completely different purpose.

  2. All you need to do is look at the economic situation many single mothers are in. Feminism didn’t do them any favors. Many are in poverty and if the government goes belly up, will simply starve. And with 70%+ black single mother rates, yeah they are going to be the ones impacted the most. Yay upper class white women. Tell us all how unfair life is again?

    1. Agreed. Let’s look at the flip side. When black men were battling feminism, no one cared. In fact, many of the people here supported laws that elevated black women, crushed black “deadbeat dads” and denied black men the right to lead their families.
      Now that the destruction of the black family is complete, and the termite hordes have started undermining other family structures, we have an awakening. Now feminist termites are a problem. Finally, Houston, we have a problem.
      If your neighbor has a termite problem, so do you.
      The rot has spread quite far. Is it too late?

      1. black men battled feminism? Black men were the first ones marching with the women holding the signs. Gotta know your history.

  3. But seriously, this is exposing an ugly rift. White feminists will be taken aback by colored women’s lack of appreciation for all they do in the name of diversity and sure as hell are going to be pissed if they are publicly criticized for preceived lack of racial sensitivity. They won’t say much after that but may well take revenge in the voting booth. Savvy Republican operators should turn the Democrat’s idiotic “Republican War on Women” branding to their advantage.

    1. Steve Sailer’s article today explains why we have all the hysteria over scary white men. They need to keep the diverse coalition focused on a monster under the bed, else it fragments into white women vs black women vs gay men vs Hispanic women ad infinitum.
      “whipping up fear and loathing of white conservatives is the only thing that keeps the diverse Obama coalition from splintering into ethnic camps warring over spoils”

  4. The sneaky cowards who dreamt up of and continue to fund feminism, designed the agenda, which the female sheeple follow. The uber-rich throw tons of cash at their useful idiots so the women can help take down the independent men. Then they will enslave everybody to the state (currently well in progress).
    I lament at the divisiveness of the men’s groups such as PUA, MRA, MGTOW. There is no all-encompassing ideology to combat feminism, especially since feminists receive massive funding and entitlements; and the men don’t. Consider that most women in Western society are to a greater or lesser extent, feminists, whereas the men have no large group to combat this and many end up going along with feminist ideas.
    Feminism is a political ideology to consolidate power in the upper class, not one meant for REAL equality and deservedness. It is itself divisive and dangerous and was why in all of human history, it was not enacted upon by the few who considered it. I am not interested in oppressing women, but feminism is not about equality and ends up destroying men and the family unit. In time it will lead to womens’ downfall as well. But the dumb cunts won’t do the logical thing by working towards a properly equal society. As proof of the idiocy that is feminism, consider that since this dogma of ‘equality’ was foisted upon society, that more of the gains have gone to the rich, resulting in a more unequal society now.
    The only tactic left now is that men en masse need to say “no” to their women when they get challenged in the biggest shit-test in human history, otherwise, we’re all going to suffer. Unfortunately, red pill men aside, I doubt that most other men are going to meet the challenge.

    1. “I lament at the divisiveness of the men’s groups such as PUA, MRA, MGTOW. There is no all-encompassing ideology to combat feminism, especially since feminists receive massive funding and entitlements; and the men don’t. Consider that most women in Western society are to a greater or lesser extent, feminists, whereas the men have no large group to combat this and many end up going along with feminist ideas.”
      Absolutely. This is more or less the downfall. Not that men are no longer men etc.
      Its our strong ethnocentric beliefs, prejudices, and political and ideological and even moral stances that keep this from happening. Yes we have a lot of blue pill men out there. But I don’t think it’s as many as we believe. It’s the other things that I mentioned that keeps us fighting separate battles even though in most facets of life and work, we are literally side by side.

  5. Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn about the struggles women of color face, for I can assure you they don’t give a damn about my struggles.
    Black women in particular are some of the most hypergamous and selfish beings on earth. That is a fact. And any black man who supports their struggle is, without a doubt, a genuine castrated beta of the worse kind imaginable to the human race.
    These cap’n-save-a-hos are the black men who are used by black women and insulted regularly by black women. These are the black men who were raised and brainwashed by single black mothers; these are the men who were ignored in school by black girls meanwhile these vey same black girls were fucking the unproductive ghetto thug. And now these girls are raising the children of these thugs complaining how life is unfair.
    My point is this: as a black male, I do not and will never take the complaints from black women about anything, especially the unfair treatment they get from the feminist movement, seriously because they are where they are as a result of the choices they’ve made. And any black male foolish enough to come to their defense will hang himself with the help of the people he’s defending.

    1. “…seriously because they are where they are as a (direct) result of the choices they’ve made.”
      This ALL women, bro. Not just women of color.

      1. I will agree with the “all women,” but as a fellow black man, I certainly see where he’s coming from. When self-defining, the phrase “strong independent black woman” often gets thrown around. Of course the litmus test of their strength and independence is how much bullshit they can put their men through. There is a serious disconnect between black men and women and there is a smorgasbord of articles and youtube videos regarding why black men refuse to date black women (and normally gravitate toward white women).
        I really do like this article, though. I certainly do not see non-white women trying to get nearly the same traction with the feminist realm, and with whatever wave we are currently on, it seems like there is an obsession with identity and trying to squash anything white hetro masculine male while trying to promote all these new bullshit sexualities because people want to grasp any sort of myopic idea of identity. Serious, pansexual, cissexual, polyamorous, sapiosexual, gender queer, etc. Whatever makes you feel like you’re a special snowflake so that you can escape the idea that you’re a social outcast. All the while ignoring the fact that there are bigger issues than the watered down definition of rape culture, your imaginary pay gap, and there aren’t enough women in that video game you played one time.

    2. Absolutely! And as a recovering Cap’n Save-A-Ho myself, it was a long fucking journey for me to get here, and my de-programming involved living overseas and learning two foreign languages (Arabic and Turkish). This is why I encourage “Brothers” to spend time overseas. Something happens to you mentally when you learn a foreign language. In addition to gaining access culturally and linguistically to other races/nationalities/ethnicities of women when you return to the states, in a way, you kind of “leave” the Black community. That’s the best way I can put it, honestly. Its like I left a cultural prison, and I’m NOT going back! Black Nerds who can speak foreign tongues know what I’m talking about.

    3. Stopped readign at “Black women in particular are some of the most hypergamous”
      I have a rule of not reading comments with HYPERGAMY in it, and it is working pretty damn good so far.

    4. This is true, and should be said of all women.
      I take slight issue with the article in the sense that seems to imply feminism is something desirable, and that thing is not being shared by white women.
      Truth is, if universally applied, feminism would harm all men the way it does white men now. “It’s not my problem” or “I don’t like whites, screw em” are really, shortsighted mindsets that’ll end up biting everyone in the ass.

    5. “Black women in particular are some of the most hypergamous…” How is this possible when the majority of black women date black men and black men have the tendency to make the least amount of money, liter the earth with children they can’t care for, and receive a college education far less than black women? If they were hypergamous wouldn’t they be dating someone, anyone else?

  6. “In short, modern western feminism is a movement of well-off white Western women, by well-off Western white women and for well-off Western white women.”
    This actually isn’t true. Many white women, if left in their natural state, tend to be rather conservative. The feminist movement, to be more precise, is/was a movement started by, for, and is largely maintained by Jewish women. A large majority of the most influential leaders were and are Jewish. It would be interesting to know why this is.

    1. Isn’t Judaism a religion?
      So how can you tell if a white woman is Jewish, without knowing their name or their religious background, and why are they separate from other white women?

        1. Ethnic identity is not a race. As in, there are no genetic features.
          Besides, when I google Jews are not white, the first result links to Stromfront. That is all I need to know.

        2. A Religion is an Ethnic identity.
          Ethnic identity is not a race. As in, there are no genetic features.
          You can literally walk away from Judaism and no longer be a Jew.”
          No you can’t you moronic piece of shit. Ashkenazi Jews are basically an ethnic group You can tell by their noses.
          “Besides, when I Google Jews are not white, the first result links to
          Stromfront. That is all I need to know. It invalidates comments like the
          one above.”
          You are a narrowminded marcissistic piece of shit the kind that Hugo Schwyzer is. Every argument falls and stands on it’s own.

        3. Yes you can.
          Because its a fucking religion. Which goes to show how screwed up people like you are. Why the fuck would anyone listen to people like you when your blatant ignorance interferes with your logic.
          Dr Laura did it
          She IS an old white woman. I bet you think Spaniards are not white either.
          THIS is why the manosphere fails.

        4. So, in other words…
          …Ashkenazic Jews are only prone to genetic diseases such as Tay-Sachs, Canavan, Niemann-Pick, Gaucher, Familial Dysautonomia, Bloom Syndrome, Fanconi anemia C, Cystic Fibrosis and Mucolipidosis IV simply because they follow the tenets of Judaism?
          Wow. Learn something new every day.

        5. All those genetic diseases are a result of INBREEDING for 5,000 years. Inbreeding for 5,000 years does not a race make.

        6. sigh

        7. LOL The people in reference to the original comment the “Jews who run America” Are WHITE! Sorry bro. A religion does not proceed race.

        8. You have a fundamental lack of understanding about the nature of tribal nations before the advent of the modern nation state.
          Until you grasp such an understanding you can have nothing of value to add to the conversation. All you can do is arrogantly assert your own ingnorance.
          “Why the fuck would anyone listen to people like you when your blatant ignorance interferes with your logic.”
          Oooooooooh, the irony.

        9. 2500 years; and there have been sporadic periods where a significant amount of new “blood” has been brought in.
          “Inbreeding for 5,000 years does not a race make.”
          Don’t raise show dogs, you’ll just fuck up the breed.

        10. You lack the understanding of the differences between ethnicity and race. Hence my comment. Believe what you want.
          Substitute any “Jews are ruining everything” With christians since it’s the same category. You can’t correlate a religion and a race. They are not the same. They (Jews) are only considered a race BY LAW in the US since 1980 for anti discrimination purposes ONLY. The fact that they had to make a law means that the people who made this legislation possible know that Judaism is a religion and they had to make it otherwise for people like you.
          And to make matters worse, it seems a bunch of white people don’t realize they are white or they refuse to acknowledge it.

        11. You guys are being PLAYED for straight up fools.
          “To keep poor and working class white people near the bottom from establishing relationships of resistance with people of color, white people are constantly given the impression that they are in danger, in danger from people of color below them who will take away their jobs and anything else they have, and in danger from Jews above them who will exploit and control them. This makes many poor and working class whites feel squeezed between Jews and people of color. Stereotypes of Jewish bankers and welfare mothers feed these fears and are part of a common economic strategy which intertwines racism and anti-Semitism.
          The second thing to notice is that racism works by keeping people of color the center of attention and white Christians the center of power. Whenever there is national discussion of any issue we are encouraged to focus on people of color rather than on the economic and political leaders who are making the decisions which most affect our lives. If we happen to look up towards the centers of power we are encouraged to see Jews more visibly than white Christians so that our attention never quite focuses on the white Christian leadership of our government and corporations.”

        12. eh
          That depends on your definition of white.
          They are pretty caucasoid. (ACTUAL caucasians, like Armenians)
          They may be “white” but they aren’t the same kind of white people that most white people are.

        13. A kike shill trying to dissuade me from believing that Jews have a disproportionate amount of influence in some of the key institutions of America (and by extension, the world) and use it in way that I cannot agree with. Yawn.
          White “Christians” (you mean goyim/gentiles) Are the majority in the US (for now) Them being in positions of power is as suprising as Han Chinese being the leaders of the PRC.
          However, Jews pretty much OWN the media and they spread the message that white people are “oppressing” everyone by making Trayvon Martin into a martyr and deliberately ignoring all the hate crimes comitted by blacks against whites (“youths”). They are responsible for feminism. (Gloria Steinem, Andrea Dworkin, Hugo Schwyzer, Sheryl Sandberg) Some of the worst anti white speakers are Jews. (Tim Wise, Debbie Schultz-Wassermann)
          Their propagation of sexual degeneracy, (David Rosenberg and the trap camp) etc…

    2. Because of our history (I am Jewish) our cultural/ethnic group (which is not exactly homogeneous) tended to be urban, and intellectual. Those characteristics only became more sharp after the Holocaust (where non-urban Jewish could not escape, where lots of intellectuals saw the writing on the wall years before).
      So, part of those intellectual women will be feminists. Is not “the Jewish”, is being part of a social/cultural class (field in Bourdieu´s terms) that has an over-representation of Jewish people on it compared to their part in the total population.

        1. Because the assessment of Marx as an economist of capitalism is correct. I disagree with him about what to do, but he did not wrote too much about that subject (that is more the area of Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, Marx was long dead by then).
          I study a system called Market Socialism, which is kind of like the “libertarian” version of Socialism: cooperative companies (meaning, companies where people that work there also own the shares of said company) compete in a free market of good and services. An example is the Mondragon Corporation, the sixth biggest company in Spain, an umbrella for 256 cooperatives with more than 30.000 members (80.000 employees total) from automotive industry to high-tech, financial services, University, retail, and a lot more.

        2. 1. Have you read any critics of Marx as an economist, for instance Ludwig von Mises, Hayek, and George Reisman?
          2. Do you agree with the exploitation theory? Am I “exploiting” you if I pay you a market wage? Do you consider the work of a businessman – investing, planning, coordinating, etc – productive work?
          3. Cooperative companies are okay – as long as ordinary companies are allowed to exist.

        3. 1. Yes, I am aware of Von Mises. He had a discussion with Lange about the possibility of an efficient central planning economy. In theory it was possible, but I am against central planning. And after came the Cambridge capital controversy, which supposedly the neo-marxists won (Joan Robinson, Sraffa).
          2. Yes, there is exploitation (surplus value being extracted from workers). A businessman also works, but you need to separate the amount he receives for his work as an entrepreneur from the amount he (or somebody else) receive as owner of the means of production. Entrepreneurs work, capitalists don´t (they offer capital).
          3. The idea is that cooperative companies in theory could be more efficient than their capitalist counterparts (it is called the “X inefficiency”) thus they could win in the free market. Market Socialism does not imply the disappearance of capitalist companies by regulation, it depends on the author and the model developed.

        4. The most important thing is always follow a set of principles, (1) the system that creates a better life for all or most people win, and (2) the system which implies a greater extension of democracy (including the workplace) win. The second point is very important, since most of our lives is spent at our jobs. The final objective is to have a great quality of life while having some power on the way our life is spent.
          Also: less inequality means less materialism and competition to form families (since women marry up).

        5. 1. Ok, good.
          2. In what sense is there “exploitation”, if there is market wages? – Why do you need to make that separation? – Capitalists need to work in order to know to whom they should offer their capital.
          Would you consider reading an essay by George Reisman, “Classical Economics versus the Exploitation Theory? Anyway, here it is: http://www.capitalism.net/excerpt/1-931089-06-X.pdf
          3. All right.

        6. My set of principles are individual rights, limited government – the original US system.

        7. Sraffa and Robinson were not Marxists. In fact, a Sraffian economist named Ian Steedman destroyed Marx’s theories using Sraffa’s method just as effectively as had the neoclassical theory been debunked in the capital controversy, aside from other…numerous problems.
          There are some that try to say that this is not the case, but they are a diminishing minority.
          The good news though is that it isn’t necessary at all either for what you’re saying or for what Marx actually wanted. I agree with a more cooperative company economy, because I want to see more people owning capital- an ‘entrepenuriate’ to replace the traditional ‘proletariat’, if you will.
          Although I think that in industries that require more innovation, they’d be more hierarchical.

        8. I wrote a long answer but DISQus does not like me (does not like anyone, damn DISQus). Yes, you´re right about Sraffa and Robinson.
          About innovation, that is exactly why I favor the model I´m studying. I´m a supporter of Veblen, the crazy.

    3. Perhaps because Jews have always put a premium on intellectual skills and persuits. So they read a lot philosophers (and other intellectuals). And since the Counter-Enlightnment was started by Rousseau and Kant, most of the major philossophers have been against classical liberalism, which is for economic and social freedom for all (at least in theory).

  7. This whole debacle proves something ive thought for a while now: feminism, far from being the monolithic oppressive force we seem to percieve it as, is actually very fragile. I think this is due to a lack of cohesive ideology. Feminism doesnt have any central tenets and seems to be whatever a woman feels is best for her at the time of speaking.
    If we could figure out a way to pour fuel on the fire of these class/race issues we could sit back and watch feminists at least at the ‘internet activist’ level shoot each other.

    1. Feminism never recovered from the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearings, and especially the OJ Simple trial of the mid 1990s. White Women saw the bloody murder of a woman by her psychopath alpha male husband, Women of Color were divided by what they recognized as 1) behavior of a racist, corrupt LAPD playing with evidence, 2) stereotype of the “Black Gorilla” in the media/modern-day lynching 3) and no acknowledgment from the National Organization of Women (remember them?) about the history of Black lynchings from false accusations in the US. Many women of color left white feminism after the verdict when white feminists denounced what they saw as the Black community rejoicing at a murderer going free, as opposed to a “message” being sent to the police departments across America to “STOP FUCKING WITH EVIDENCE” and due process. That’s just my take.

  8. Yay popcorn. Like I give a shit. My “white privilege” means I get to compete on equal terms in my field with all of Asia and Europe. The black guys I work with are competing on the same playing field and they don’t need any special favors. Why is Athlone writing for RoK while I’m in the comments? Because he’s a better writer than me (this piece is BS in factual terms, but it’s better WRITING than I’m capable of, and he usually gets the facts right too). Guess my white privilege musta malfunctioned there, huh? Or more likely WP is bullshit. Even in the notoriously racist manosphere, Athlone seems to be getting judged by the quality of his work.
    Put all the race and gender pimps in a mineshaft and let them eat each other. I don’t give a damn about the competitive grievance olympics. Earning a living is hard for everybody.

  9. Men are a dying breed, a species on the brink of extinction. Scattered, outnumbered, and surrounded.
    We can’t call on most males, they are no longer men. They have been domesticated, castrated and enslaved. They have become docile. They would rather stay home watching television and eating unhealthy foods.
    We can’t call on women. They benefit immensely from the system that is destroying men. They care only of themselves and would never give away their precious privileges to help men.
    So, who could we possibly call on?
    The PUA’s? Their lives are are encompassed by the pursuit of pussy and nothing else. Would they come?
    The MRA’s? They’ve been taken over by fat, old, bitter men who do nothing but complain and nag like women. They see other men as outlet’s for their anger and frustration. Would they come?
    The MGTOW? They have already thrown the towel in. They’ve given up and are denouncing society. Would they come?
    In the end, maybe the best course of action is to simply move on to greener pastures.
    To watch from the sidelines as civilization, and everything that our forefathers built, burns to the ground.
    I never would’ve thought that I’d live to see the end of Man.

    1. It’s not the end of anything. Decentralize the government and watch things fall back into place. As the elites push for more spying on us, that should be a wake up call that things are not going according to their plans. It’s going to crash sooner than most think. The housing bubble is already back and talking with a mortgage broker yesterday, he’s already planning for the next pop. There will not be anymore bailouts simply because who’s going to finance it? The Fed? Maybe but that will only result in more inflation. Which will make everything worse than they already are.
      Give me liberty or give me death should be every man’s motto. And these days death comes from our own government. In more ways than one.

      1. If you decentralize government you will never be free of the wolves. I live in a country with 20% annual inflation, and the world has not only not ended, we live a lot better than before (wages go up some points more than inflation).
        What you need to do is NOT destroy government, but take it back from the corporate thugs that changed it in their favor. A strong government done in the right way is the sign of a strong people.

        1. Ha, well, I am supporter of this government. Is a capitalist Keynesian policy, with redistribution (transfers) to poor families as children assignation (which is blended with the employment assignation for families once those people get a job) and has as the obligation to send the children to school and also have all the vaccinations. It is also somewhat nationalistic, and they follow the Industrialization by Imports Substitution model.
          6% of the GDP is by law geared to education and science, which is the biggest amount ever in this country for that. Also, the government gave a netbook to each child and teen in public school (the objective is to create a computer-literate generation) and if they continue school at the end they can keep the computer.

        2. Similar programs are being followed in Bolivia and Uruguay. I don´t know the effects that will have, but if at least a small portion of those low class children become programmers and scientists, the program could be considered a success. Still, public free internet is a dream, but there are lots of small towns with free wifi spots, and cellphone ownership is very high. I know, this means lots of Facebook users (and Argies love FB), but what can you do.

        3. Also, the following is the yearly Science & Technology Fair, it is a 133 acre Fair with free entrance:

      2. “Decentralize the government ”
        No. The answer is to rescind your consent to be governed and tell the guvment to “pound sand”. I have done that since October 2009. It works fine.
        Now..I admit that you guys in the US have got a bigger problem because your guvment is more criminal. But that is only because you sat back and let it happen.
        You have a choice. Stand up and defend yourselves, your life, your liberty, your property. Or beg your guvment not to hurt you too much.
        Now…remind me..how did that second option work out in China, Russia, Germany, Cambodia, Uganda and any number of other countries I could list? When you beg your guvment to not hurt you? They will generally kill millions.
        Here..my friend larken rose talked about this the other day.

    2. You want to know why it’s dying?
      This whole comment is in part why.
      Because men love to join in with women and shit on other men and essentially all men.
      Oh men are no longer men.. myself included so I guess I’ll just WALK AWAY!!
      Is this how we cope with quitting? The mysterious “others” are failing so why bother?
      Son of a bitch. Literally.

        1. Maybe so. But shitting on your own on the way out is a bitch move. I get that people don’t want to be involved. If that is the case just walk away quietly. Because you don’t want to be “that guy” who basically made it known that he would not help once the building is put back up.

        1. Does anyone truly think to themselves “oh man, I better not be a man today, I mean everything is just stacked against me! Where are the PUAs, MGTOWs, and MRAs when you need them?”
          This guy (Padbox) sounds like a self-defeated victim-card playing chump, generalizing massive groups of people to fit his pessimistic world view. The worst part is that, apparently, 34 people agree with him.

        2. I couldn’t give a rat’s backside whether I stand alone or with a phalanx of like-minded men. It is my journey, my life, my battle. Support makes it easier, provided your are of the same mind but it can cause confusion if there isn’t unity of purpose.
          Adversity builds character. Bring it.

    3. Padfoot,
      “Men are a dying breed, a species on the brink of extinction. Scattered, outnumbered, and surrounded.”
      Dude. What a wuss you are. Look. I don’t care HOW many men are pussies. I am not a pussy. And so I am creating the second economy. Now. You might want to just be a whiny she-bitch and drown your sorrows in your own hyperbole. But those of us who are REAL MEN are creating the new tomorrow that will be worth living in.
      And yes…there are only a few of us because most men in the west are whiny she-bitches. But I would rather be in a small band of bothers that are REAL men than be with a million whiny she-bitches.
      Really. I just can’t stand me who are whiny she-bitches. That is one more reason I left the west and settled in Germany. Men in Germany still have their dignity and their self respect.
      So….all men who want to create a world you would like to actually LIVE IN? Get on board with the program.

      1. Going to Germany because of the real man? Cmon I live in western europe aswell this is the center of feminism and probably one of the places where you find most of those non masculine soft man you are complaining about. Or where did that transgender hipster hype come from? Or that femen movement? or to just bring it down to the point look at angela merkel.

    4. “Men . . . outnumbered, and surrounded.”
      The poor bastards. They can’t get away from us this time.

  10. Leftists cannibalizing each other. I love it. In the circles of the Left, questioning the dogma is not tolerated at all, so it will be interesting to watch how the spoiled white women who “lead” feminism today react to such an obvious challenge to their legitimacy.

    1. Why blame it on white men of course. We be racist ya know keeping blacks down putting them in section 8, keeping them away from education and jobs. It’s why HUD is now going to push for housing equality in neighborhoods. And why the housing bubble will burst yet again as the single black mothers who can’t afford jack are given loans backed up by the government. The left is in control no doubt and their micro managing of society will be the sole reason for the crash. There’s not enough money to pay for people who can’t succeed because they’re re-enforced with the notion their internal decisions do not impact their lives. That it’s external qualities that do. That applies to everyone.

    2. I was discussing linguistics with a group today, and I pointed out that language naturally degrades over time, as the refined speakers in a peer group pick up the lazy habits of the less-refined speakers due to the mouth and tongue being lazy and favouring shapes that are easier for it to make, as low speech usually is.
      The men found it interesting. The one woman in the group lost her shit. I was making a moral judgement with the word ‘degrade’, and being judgemental meant I was an entitled arsehole, she said judgementally.
      I pointed out that of the nine transistive and intransitive definitions I could think of for ‘degrade’, I was simply using the most applicable: to impair function, particularly as the discussion started due to her bitching about people misusing your and you’re.
      She wasn’t listening. She said she was going off to complain – (to who?) – as I was ‘obviously racist’. I can only assume her inherent racism kicked in, she assumed I meant people of lower IQ, then attributed it to minorities, then tried to pretend her racist line of thinking didn’t exist by trying to prove she wasn’t racist to the peer group. I don’t honestly fucking know.
      These people are insane. They’re responsible *for* dumbing down language and the value of a university degree to start with. They’re part of the problem, yet they all think they’re the solution.

  11. Anthlone, I’m not sure of the purpose of this article. Is it to point out the hypocrisy of feminism and therefore discredit it?
    Do you think that feminism will be strengthened by its inclusion of a minority perspective or lose influence as it loses a clear purpose?
    As the minority population in the west grows, and the white female population proportionally declines, it might be likely that traditional feminist concerns such as equal pay (mostly concerning office jobs), sexual harassment, and women’s studies programs in colleges will be replaced by minority concerns in general.
    I don’t know whether or not that would be good for men in the West, or whether white or minority men might be affected differently. Its possible the gender wars are contributing somewhat to the relative racial harmony we’re now enjoying.

    1. “Anthlone, I’m not sure of the purpose of this article. Is it to point out the hypocrisy of feminism and therefore discredit it?”
      It is to point out the existence of a very real racially (and economically) charged rift within the feminist movement that is likely to impact its future prospects.

        1. They don’t “handle it”, they just continue to split into subgroups: Transgendered Muslims of Color, or whatever.

  12. “People of color” have launched yet another campaign to bitch about how difficult their lives are. In other news: water runs downhill.

  13. #solidarityisforwhitewomen: kate gosselin get a T.V show for having eight kids, and my mother gets sterotyped as a welfare queen for only having two.

  14. “Iraq, Pakistan, Uganda and Afghanistan have a higher % of women in the government than the US & UK.”
    The dumb wench doesn’t realize that these are some of the worst governments in the world. Thats a great argument against having women in any position of power.

    1. I didnt get how that was an example of WOCs being worse off than white women. Doesnt that show that those “non white” Governments are more Feminist in the area of public sector hiring? Or am I just expecting too much from these Feminists by assuming that their arguments should make logical sense?

    2. Yes, but I don’t think that’s what she was getting at. She brought those nations up because they are frequently cited by feminists as polities in which oppressive “patriarchies” are in full force, examples of anti-feminist states.
      She is trying to bring to light the ironic fact that these states, despite being so “patriarchal” and “anti-feminist” in culture/practice, still seem more open to allowing women into positions of power than the US and UK, where “gender equality” is supposedly more established.
      Other states that may also have made her point are The Philippines, Jamaica, India and Sri Lanka, among many others.

      1. I see your point.
        I bet that the women in these governments are supporting laws and policies that uphold the evil “patriarchy.” I haven’t seen any movement in the direction of women’s rights in those places.
        On the other hand, the women in these governments probably don’t have positions of real power; otherwise, if they wanted to, they would have managed to change laws and policies in their favor.

  15. No matter, I can’t get rid of them all fast enough I don’t care what skin color they have. I hate all American women equally, and can’t wait to replace them with foreign hot chicks with firm bodies and traditional values for my sons fast enough.
    When their SHTF, I won’t be there to offer my body as a feminist ritual sacrifice (READ: Sacrificial Lamb/White Knight). I can’t care about them.
    WOC women in this country are often worse than white women, I should know, had a kid with one. She will pull the race card whenever I get close to winning an argument. She had to go.
    My point is, undermine and date foreign if you ever move beyond the need for merely ass, and pass. Treat American booty like the American Indians treated the “peace-pipe.” Ass and pass gentlemen, ass an pass! For when they see that if men marry at all, they marry from overseas to a traditional woman; they will cry like if they have ever given birth to the conception of pain of being alone, and being aware of it at the same time.
    Good Riddance. American women have gone from the pin up goddesses our grandfathers adored and would die for literally, to the professional-victimhood sisters who are merely looking for a man to destroy. Shame, forever shame on the baby boomers of our country, and our women.

    1. I agree the type of American woman you mention is quite widespread, but rest assured there are still traditional women here. Just not many.

  16. In general I cannot stand any woman who has “strong opinions” on anything. I don’t care if it’s FEMEN, the Antigones, black women bitching about discrimination, muslim women complaining about their right to wear the veil or lack thereof. They rarely have a true understanding of the issue, never nurse a healthy skepticism and especially they assume whatever issue they’re pushing is at the absolute center of the universe.
    In short, 99% of the time, a woman who “fights” is just an attention whore at best, a potential interloper at worst.

  17. Don’t think that this is going to lead to white feminists abandoning the movement and going Red Pill. Quite the reverse: the way the liberal mind works, they will now have to work even harder to show how progressive and non-racist they are. That means they’ll be even more stridently leftist, even more stridently anti-male, and even more obsessed with white guilt and compensating dark people for the “sufferings” of their ancestors. NOW and other womyn’s groups will scramble to find black, Hispanic, or American Indian women (no Asians need apply) to be their leaders and spokeschicks. They’ll be frantic to outdo one another in how anti-white they can get.

    1. True. But then they will sound like ordinary leftists, and ordinary white women won’t necessary love that.

  18. It is good the the hairy under-armed beast is starting to eat itself
    I wonder which betas they can call upon to white knight

  19. Feminism is imploding. It’s going to be fun. I think I will get a beer and watch the show, eh?

  20. This article assumes that the anti-white radical egalitarian
    project of white dispossession and white moral perversion will continue ad
    infinitum. It’s taken as holy writ by the author because he himself is a
    radical racial egalitarian, so his bluepill conclusions do not surprise me, nor
    should they surprise anyone emboldened by flame of redpill truth. The author
    discovered the obvious: feminism is a white liberal enterprise.
    He speaks truth with a lowercase t.
    Unsurprisingly, the author fails to grasp the obvious subtext
    that the male feminist hypocrite and his white feminist enablers evince: White people, by and large, including the majority of liberal diversity perverts, feminists and assorted misfits, have not, and will not, internalize the eternal non-white victimhood narrative, spun by those same disingenuous white bastards, because it is farcical with only the most rudimentary understanding of racial realties in Amuurica.
    The id will emerge like runaway flatulence. It cannot be contained. What these white charlatans do, then, after they queef hate truth, is pay a manufactured moral penance to the gods of political correctness as they fall over themselves begging favor and/or forgiveness from their pet non-whites. As long as black and
    brown are fashionable, white feminists of both genders will only need non-whites, superficially, in their mission to undermine patriarchy and the white woman’s natural, traditional, noble and sacred role of wife and mother.
    But truth with a capital T, like runaway flatulence, cannot be subdued forever. Even white women are waking up:
    An aside: I read an aphorism once that I’ll share … If you study white liberal mating and migratory habits, you will discover they are indistinguishable from the Ku Klux Klan.
    Love love love it.
    The viral outbreak, then, does not prove feminists’ need to recruit non-white feminists to win this war, it only demonstrates what non-whites and disingenuous
    guilty white liberals do best: spin the eternal victimhood narrative of the eternally downtrodden non-whites.
    Listen: Feminism will lose because it’s buttressed by the lies of a billion willful liars, not because white women need “WOC” to perpetuate their anti-civilization campaign to a fantasy victory that will never arrive.
    What you bluepill fucktards need to realize is that feminism is but a single liberal anti-civilization organ that must be destroyed. Heartiste astutely observed the two greatest evils of our time are: feminism and equalism.
    You can’t destroy one without destroying the other, both are animated by the same tower of lies, the same preponderance of evils and so they must be eviscerated by the same Sword of Truth.

  21. Feminists fighting feminists is a WIN. Also another example how the Progressive coalition isn’t as solid as they like to claim.

  22. This is more on the american racism trauma than actual feminism. People trying to see racism where there is none and covering/toning down real racism when it happens.

  23. What’s being unsaid: a lot of the resentment of white women from “women of color” is sexual competition.
    In virtually every office in which I’ve ever worked, the black women had issues with the white women because the black men paid more attention to the white women. This happened enough that I don’t think it’s anecdotal. What you’re seeing here is that resentment being put into socially-acceptable and taking a political shape. This is because most black women can’t just come out and say this. Some of them do, but when they do it’s like an admission that they’re losing on the sexual battleground.
    This is an interesting write-up. I’d like to see a follow-up if this explodes any further into the mainstream.

  24. Ive been really enjoying this little saga, not only because of the “hoist on your own petard” aspect of mainstream Feminists being cast as rascists, but also because of all the new ammunition it provides me should I ever be in the mood to piss off a Feminist.
    On the scale of victimhood rascists are more bad than misogynists, and this provies us an “in” to continually remind any white feminist of this fact. Any whiny bullshit a white feminist raises can either be reframed as a “white chick” issue, thus raising the spectre of rascism; or made to look trivial by comparing it with some horrible-way-worse feminist issue that non white chicks have. Divide and conquer.
    If conflating Feminism with rascism reduces the ability of Feminism to be used as a vehicle for personal power, prestige and authority, those white chicks wont be able to drop it fast enough. Lets keep this meme alive!

  25. i wish people would stop lumping white women in with jewish women. feminism is a jew invention for the benefit of jews, and for the destruction of the white family.
    there is no white female solidarity, the jew has “liberated” whites from race and family, whites have embraced (been forced into) the destructive jew mantra of individualism.

    1. This is a little silly. I’m part Jewish (ethnically, not culturally or religiously) and white. I agree Jews/whites are not the same thing, but I am probably the least feministy person I know, and that’s including women from a lot of different backgrounds. I’m the only girl of all my friends who cooks dinner every night, wears high heels to the grocery store, etc.
      Feminism (at least the gender-interchangeability, unfair, double-standardy form) doesn’t benefit me or anyone on the Jewish side of my family. Where did you get this notion?

  26. In my opinion, feminism free’s men. The more women take on social responsibilities the freer men become. Men are no longer bound to societies rules and expectations. A man today has never been more free because we can literally be any kind of man we want to be. Society used to pressure men into narrow roles. The provider, the soldier, the worker drone etc and if you didn’t conform you were ridiculed as a boy or man-child or whatever. In the past if you didn’t go to war you were seen as a coward, today you could live your whole life without seeing war(if you live in the west).
    In the past having a family was expected and you were pressured into it but today you can say no and that’s the end of the conversation.
    OK, white men might not see things this way but if you’re black you’ve never been more free.

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