5 Ways To Not End Up Homeless

Homeless Man

In today’s unstable economy it is a very real threat for many men that they could lose their job, lose their savings, and end up living on the streets. According to a CNN Money article published last year, 75 percent of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck. All it takes is for them to lose their job or to experience a medical emergency and they are screwed.

90 percent of homeless people in America are men. This makes sense because, after all, there is no shortage of thirsty beta males who would be willing to take a woman in and provide for her. Homelessness for women is a choice. For many men it is a very harsh reality that hits them suddenly if they lose their jobs and then can’t afford to pay the rent.

Let’s say that you are a man who just lost his job and you had used all your savings a few months prior to deal with a medical emergency, and now you face the very real threat of homelessness if you cannot get another job soon to pay your bills. What can you do?

There are actually a lot of alternatives to becoming homeless, especially if you are willing to become a little humble and lower your expectations and standard of living.

1. Teach English

If you have a four-year college degree you can easily get a job teaching English in China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, or Taiwan. You won’t be making huge bucks but you’ll live a relatively well-off lifestyle compared to the average person in those countries. Five years ago I met a young American male in Seoul, South Korea, who was working as an English teacher and he told me he was making about 1000 dollars a month. Another benefit of working in Asia is that you are living in a pussy paradise.

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2. Work on a farm

There are tens of thousands of organic farms you can work at worldwide, listed on websites like WWOOF.net. As long as you are willing to put in four to six hours of work daily they will provide you with a bed and three meals a day. Some places even pay you a small income, but most of the farms are for volunteer work. I’ve met people who have travelled all over the world doing just this. If you can cover the cost it takes to buy a ticket to get there, everything else is free. This is one way to travel the world and meet lots of very interesting people—Americans, Israelis, Europeans, Australians, South Americans, or people from any other country.

Organic Farm pic

3. Couchsurf

You could live off of couchsurfing.org or other couchsurfing websites, which cater to people worldwide. I knew a guy who used couchsurfing in Asia and he got 3 bangs within his first 2 weeks of living there from different women he stayed with. You can travel worldwide and stay for free at people’s places using couchsurfing websites, and it’s a very easy way to meet women and immediately get into a new social circle.

4. Join a monastery

If you’re into spirituality, you can kill two birds with one stone using this option, living for free and practicing meditation at the same time. The average arrangement for monasteries is that you agree to do four to six hours of volunteer work a day in the monastery, and in exchange they provide you with a room and three meals. The only downside is that you can’t be openly sexual, as they will usually make you take a vow of celibacy.

Another benefit is that many monasteries allow you to enroll in some kind of trade school. During the day you can be learning a trade such as plumbing or electronics repair, so that eventually you’ll be able to get a normal job and live on your own again. But who knows. You may enjoy the serenity and peacefulness so much that you may very well decide to remain as a monk for many years.

Monk pic

5. Become a naturalist

Build a cabin in a very rural area. Hunt and gather your own food. If you really want to put some hair on your chest this is a good option. Giving up all the comforts of modern living will turn you into a manly man and help you grow balls of steel. This is also a very peaceful way to live, as you are living in nature and there isn’t constant noise pollution from cars and people.

Many great men in the past have done exactly this, such as Henry David Thoreau. He wrote a book that was published in 1854 called “Walden; or, Life in the Woods,” in which he talks about the two years he spent living in the middle of the forest away from civilization. He was one of America’s first great philosophers.

Mountain Man pic

The most important thing is to not blame yourself. Millions of jobs have been outsourced to China and India, and millions of men are suddenly finding themselves unemployed through no fault of their own. In today’s economy there are many things which we have no control over. What we do have control over is how we react to such hardships. Do we become absorbed in self pity and depression, or do we start looking for alternatives? I’m mentioned a few alternatives above and I hope it inspires a few men who are going through hard financial times. Don’t lose hope.

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      1. Be careful indeed. If you read ancient books and live an isolated life away from society, you may very well attain enlightenment.

  1. Ways to not be poor:
    1. Graduate high school. – You can get good jobs without college but most good jobs don’t hire high school dropouts.
    2. Obey the law and do not associate with criminals. A criminal record will destory your chances of getting a good job.
    3. Even if they are legal, do not do drugs. Companies drug test for any little reason now.
    4. Never have kids with someone to whom you are not married.
    5. If you really want to get married, wait until you are at least 25 years old.

    1. If you are to stupid to graduate from high school just say that you did, nobody ever checks that anyway except government agencies.

        1. Fuck. I truly feel like an ass now for actually paying for that shit. Where was the manosphere 10 years ago when I needed it?

        2. He got s some marketing gig in Israel. I doubt it would be easy to a fake civil engineering job…

      1. I have a buddy who has a mid 6 figures job who has lied about his college education for the last 10+ years. He never finished college. It was never checked (and he’s changed employers 3 times). Shit, I’m about to tell people I have a PhD in Comp Sci from Harvard. 😉

  2. 6. Go “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo”. There will be plenty of aging cat ladies with money and in need of some male companionship LOL

    1. No joke… there is a documentary on this… there are brothels in Japan that hire males to listen to women and their stupid shit… and they get paid mint.
      I was thinking if I was in Asia I’d sell the Euro Experience 😉

        1. Japan’s ahead of the USA alright … in societal collapse, but the USA isn’t far behind.

  3. I would love to do #2(Wwoof and Helpx are a great option but they are not truly free), but I can’t even afford the subscription to the country’s farm list.
    On the other hand #4 seems like a good option for neets like me, do you know a website that list monasteries or something like that?

    1. I could suggest a few monasteries, yes. Get my email off of my personal blog, it’s listed in my Biographical Info section at the bottom of the article.

  4. How to not become homeless- SAVE MONEY.
    Here is how you do it:
    1) Don’t go to university for a stupid degree. In fact if you can avoid university all together, that would be the better option. A degree does not offer a guaranteed job (unless you go to an top 10 school or ivy league school.) Moreover, with the ridiculous tuition fees, you will never be able to pay that debt off. Instead, look for a job you can get into without experience, such as sales. If you are good at this, you can make big money and good commission. Plenty of people make excellent money in top sales companies in New York and London.
    2) Invest your money into top growing mutual funds, investment schemes, but also be willing to take a risk. Consult with a top stockbroker and read the news on financial matters. You cannot make progress unless you are willing to be a risk taker. Also have a fall back plan.
    3) Avoid relationships. In many reports, men are wasting away thousands and thousands of dollars on maintaining a relationship. Bad idea. You want sex badly, go and pull tail at a bar or club. Plenty of whores available. Also, consider getting a vasectomy. Women in this day and age know that having a child is a winning lottery ticket for them (government welfare and child support) and have for a very long time, ruined men. Raising children in this day costs over $250,000 (women don’t care about this) and not to mention, children do not have a future.
    4) Never invest in company pensions. As tempting as this looks, NEVER do this. When a company goes bankrupt, say goodbye to your money. Create your own seperate pension fund, away from the private sector company schemes and government public sector schemes.
    5) Learn new skills: Learn new skills and more importantly, APPLY IT! Build a successful internet marketing company, write and self publish books, learn the art of advertising and marketing and more importantly, use your skills and knowledge to build your own company/business. This can possibly be one of the best way to fuck the system over and escape corporate slavery.
    Most importantly, keep building new skills, knowledge, take reasonable risks and never deviate from the above points.

    1. #3…if a man can pull this off he is rich beyond measure. Sex drive is expensive…either you can put your money into a woman’s wants, or your own.

      1. I prefer a different path. Sex with women that costs you virtually nothing. You only have to spend money on women if you want to.

        1. That is what game is, right? Instead of being a stupid beta provider and trying to BUY women’s affections, you become a better person through following self improvement and thus women are attracted to you as a person.

        2. Yes absolutely. I think some of these guys are halfway there. But they make the mistake of withdrawing from women completely. This is borne of fear. Instead, withdraw from poisonous women. As you say, improve your mind and your body and the women will pursue you. There will be no need to purchase their affections. If anything, they will try to purchase yours.

    2. please don’t do number 2 unless A) you’re out of debt B) you know what you’re doing

      1. Thats why I recommended a stockbroker. These people are specialised in this field. Here is a great video to watch:

        1. stockbrokers to use a nassim taleb antifragility term do not have “skin in the game”. that is, they don’t go bust if you go bust. that’s never a good position to be in.

        2. Nonetheless, people have still made plenty of money on the stockmarket using legitimate stockbrokers. Legitimate stockbrokers- that is the key to look for.
          Me and all my friends invested in the stockmarket with the help of great stockbrokers, and made brilliant returns. It is possible, but it is a slow process (long term process) and requires a high degree of risk taking.

        3. Investing, as with anything, timing is key. If you had invested in 1999, and sold in 2001, you lost. Same with 2006 to 2008. The key is to wait until everyone is selling, then buy. Anytime someone talks to you about dollar cost averaging or buy and hold you had better realize that your holding period needs to span decades.
          As for risks, you’d be taking a badly judged one investing right now. If you hear “it’s never a better time to buy”, sell.

        4. Stock brokers, on average, are horrible. You do realize even professional mutual funds lose to the market average 70% of the time? You are much better off buying index funds. 100 – your age = Stock % +-20% for risk tolerance. Put 70% of your stock money in an S&P index and the other 30% in international indexes. 70% of the rest should go to bond index funds with the remaining to commodities and land.

        5. Can u make money with stocks? I have friends who do, but when u factor in capital gains and inflation their return isn’t worth the hours of research.
          Certain periods of history allow a smart guy to beat the market. But there are few smart guys and few of such periods.
          Must of it is luck and timing. No one saw 2008 unfolding the way it did, nor did they see the dot com bubble.

        6. but it is a slow process (long term process) and requires a high degree of risk taking.

          Therein lies the rub. You have to be comfortable with taking risk and this is not for everybody.

        7. Most of these smart guys have inside information. That’s how it works. I don’t think stocks are worthwhile outside of a diversified portfolio.

        8. The broker I occasionally used actually did see 2008 unfolding. He got all his clients to bonds in late 2007.
          You don’t need to do that much time to research. Just buy index funds with < 0.25% load.

        9. That’s why you buy indexes and expect the average. It’s called the efficient market theory BTW

        10. On average, people who use legitimate stockbrokers have made the same amount of money as people who invest by putting on a blindfold, toss darts at the S&P 500 chart, and invest where the dart lands, minus the stockbroker’s fees.
          And that’s averaged over a long time. Nowadays, with asymmetric advantages to the wealthy written in to the law, the only reliable edge so called “brilliant” hedge fund managers enjoy, is that they get to front run the publicly known investment strategies those advising common people have to follow in order to steer clear of lawsuits.Hence reducing the earnings available to the latter even more.

        11. All periods allow smart guys to beat the market. For exactly the same reason that every week allows smart guys to win the lottery. And every weekend in Vegas, some guys are smart enough to beat the house at roulette.

    3. Middle class men will never recover (financially) from having a child with the fucked up state of society. Think about it, you’re buying a Ferrari with an 18 year payment plan. Does that sound like a good idea for someone making 50-75K a year? Oh, and when that Ferrari hits 18, it’s going to need some serious maintenance (college). Figure at least 50K and probably more like 100K 18 years from now. Who the fuck in the middle class looks at that and thinks “Yup, I can afford that”.
      Yes, people make it work. And yes, children bring a lot of joy to some men. But not most. Most men with children are fucking miserable; not because of the kids, but because their wife has become a fat asexual harpy (at least until girls night out, when she’ll find some thug to get fucked in the ass by.. She’ll still be fat though). 😉
      I would add “Be interested in shit”. Don’t be the guy who calls a plumber at the first sign of something wrong; try to fix it. Figure out how it works. Apply that all over your life. Want a new piece of furniture? Why not learn how to build it? This, of course, doesn’t mean that you have to know how to do everything, but have interests and learn about other trades/skills. Don’t be one dimensional. Having varied interests and being well traveled is what separates the guys making 50K from the guys making 150K in many fields.
      And finally, on the first point. If your going to go to college, make sure you know what you want to do. Don’t go there to find yourself. If you want to be an electrician, don’t go. If you want to be a mechanical engineer, then, by all means, go to college. I generally agree, if it’s not STEM, it’s probably not worth going. Unless, of course, you want to be a lawyer or a teacher. In both cases, you might be better off shooting yourself, but, since both of those jobs require college degrees…

        1. Having kids today is a recipe for disaster unless yur combine spousal income is over 150k, may be more.

        2. It truly is. I know several quality men who do well in life who have kids and are struggling, mostly because they let their wives control the money.
          My brother’s kids have thousands of dollars worth of toys they never play with. The only reason the kids have the toys is because the wife thinks it’s cute.
          It’s sad. Not sure what else to say about it.

        3. It’s more the fact that u are now obligated to do what ever it takes to bring yur family through the coming shit storm.
          One could say it is immoral to have children right now. If u care about kids, don’t have them.

        4. Once again, totally agree. It’s cruel to bring children into this world in it’s current state. Then again my grandfather ( born in 1908) said that same thing to my dad right after surviving WW2. He saw the war coming from miles away. Very few of his relatives survived.

        5. I wish low income people would stop producing children, because all they are doing is creating future parasites.
          End welfare NOW!

        6. Yes, having children nowadays IS an act of child abuse. Glad to see others are realizing this too. How can anyone be so selfish as to bring children into such a fucked up world?

        7. mostly because they let their wives control the money.

          This is the problem. Why let your wife control the money?

        8. The whole reason the US won the revolutionary war is because the
          Brits’ best admiral got punished for going public for having an affair.
          His wife refused to bang him for exactly the reasons you’ve stated. No
          one can argue that we live easier and longer than the guys of Nelson’s
          time. Defeatism is why we’re in trouble. The folks who should be having
          kids aren’t.

      1. Having children is NOT a human right or an entitlement. If you cannot afford to have children, you have no business having them. Problem is the welfare state which rewards people for having bastard children.

        1. Can i triple up-vote you? THIS^^^^ is why the current system is unsustainable. I know “womyn” who are nothing but baby making machines. Do they pay for their sluthood? No we all do.

        2. Having children is pretty much the entire purpose of life. They’re cheap, too. In fact, so cheap that the poorer people are, the more children they seem to have. At least in the dystopian era we’re stuck living in.

        3. And that’s the problem: We are paying. Because we are forced to.
          Which is why the most important thing out there, is getting rid of those forcing us. Period and completely. Damn the torpedoes and without any concern at all for what will supposedly happen then. Things can’t get worse, so all change is either neutral or for the better. Just get rid of them. And them ain’t slutty womyn.

        4. Bullshit. I can have as many children as I want. It’s actually the best retirement plan anywhere in the world. Your thinking leads to gov’t stealing children, which happens in the world. And there will always be someone who thinks they need to remove your child from you.

        5. Agreed, after reading this article and the one about permanent unemployment however no here is looking at the IQ problem. The jobs being created require an IQ of at least 100 if not more. A lot of what is being said here is only useful for people with at least average IQ’s.
          People with lower IQ’s are putting their “bastards” at a severe disadvantage compounded by low skilled 3 world mostly male illegal immigration. My solution: Welfare benefits for anyone with IQ <100 for not having children. This way you only have to pay for few generations at most.

    4. Hate to break it to you, but I run a sales force. My top producers all have solid degrees ranging from Chemistry to Accounting. I even have a good producer who went to the Merchant Marine Academy.
      I’ve had reps who made a modest living without a degree, but the overwhelming majority of top producers have real, non-BS (Womyn’s Studies for example) degrees.
      I’ve supervised about 200 producers over an eleven year period.

      1. I can’t see myself going to college for a degree for something useful so I can sell stuff (used cars, ladies footwear, or anything). I better put that degree to good use.

        1. That is the proper way for a young man to think. Especially if someone else is paying for your degree. For most young people, including myself, the degree would never be finished if viewed any other way.
          When the degree is still in your future it appears much harder to obtain than it really is. For most people getting that degree is the most difficult task they have ever undertaken. By the time you are 30, especially if you have gone into business for yourself, you will have accomplished several things considerably more difficult than earning a degree.
          Before I had my B.S I saw it your way, but as I aged, and different pressures were put on me, I adapted and changed my outlook. This has happened to many of my friends and acquaintances as well. I know a man in OKC who had just completed a medical degree when his father unexpectedly died. Pops had a chain of grocery stores. The prudent decision was to take over the stores, enjoy the immediate income, and to realize that Dad made more money than most Physicians in town. That is exactly what the young Dr. did.
          I have only spent a small portion of my working life in my degree field. The BS helped me to organize my thinking and it opened other doors for me. I am glad I finished.

    5. 2) This is a colossally bad idea. Retail investors are on the wrong side of the information barrier and past fund performance is no guarantee of future performance. The vast majority of managed investments underperform the market on average. Unless you understand capital markets very well you will likely lose money. Stockbrokers will not help you.
      If you want to invest learn about financial accounting, corporate finance, quantitative methods and macroeconomics, and pick your own companies otherwise you’ll likely lose money. In other words, take a commerce degree.
      1) This is bad advice for most people since additional earning potential for the right people with the right degree far outperforms the cost of the degree (eg engineering, finance/economics (and get into investment/institutional banking), and NOT medicine. Better yet, do your degree in a jurisdiction that is far friendlier to students than the USA.

      1. 1) In an era of reckless credit expansion, the best investment one can make, is to get on the equity side of the field one is in. Meaning, own ones workplace. The cost of money to banks and big investors is virtually zero; hence the only game in town for them is to invest in “something”, anything, with even the most remote chance of being worth something. If you manage to find a way to correctly spell your name on the internet more often than not; start spellmyname.com, and ther’s an even chance some third tier VC or angel will throw you some bones. Then you’ll fail. But do it enough times, and the expected return is still plenty higher than working for someone else; for a salary that the same credit expansion is debasing ever closer to zero every single day.
        This is really, really hard for smart people to grasp, since they simply seem incapable of understanding that they don’t have to create any value whatsoever, in order to bilk off the money flood originating with Yellen. All they have to do, is be minimally eligible to partake in the flow. Stupid guys tend to have a much easier time with this, since they are so impressed by their own creativity for having “invented” a way to spell their name on the internet, that they believe they have genuinely done something great. And are hence much more convincing when doing the rounds to get funding.
        In general, the defining characteristic of an inflationary, financialized economy, is that creating something valuable, takes a distant second place to creating something that can be passed off as having even the most miniscule shot at creating value some time in the very, very distant future.
        1) With the ease of obtaining scholarships for any and all reasons these days, I suspect those that have any real business going to an expensive, non-Ivy school, are already in a position to get a fairly well subsidized ride.
        3) Marry a rich girl. They’re quite common these days.
        4) Having X wealth tied up and known to the government, just measn making it available for confiscation. By sluts whose fat kids are starving to death. Or so army generals can pretend to be useful while banging cougars married to other guys.
        5&6) Absolutely. Two of the absolute most valuable lessons “discovered” in Silicon Valley, is the incredible value inherent in having a low burn rate. And in being flexible. The image of big spending dot-coms is pure, 100% selection bias. Nothing correlates with success better than being able to keep working on your project for longer before having to waste half your time begging for outside funds. And noone ever made money off of a “great idea.” Any idiot on the planet, has great ideas. And only idiots think they matter. What counts is execution. And execution benefits from the ability focus 100% on doing what you want to do, not what you have to do to make more than you minimally need to sustain life and sanity.

    6. 1) Agree.
      2) investing in mutual funds is a mugs game. I’m not sure of the wisdom of dealing with a stockbroker unless you have a lot of money to invest and you know what the hell you are doing.
      3) a man without a woman is a sad fellow. This is the wisdom of the have-not. Better would be to advise not to get into a relationship with a slut or a gold-digger. Just use your head and learn to assess women rather than run in fear from all of them. In fact, this advice applies to assessing men as well. Not every man is your brother.
      4)Agree – although many companies offer defined contribution pensions, which are separate from the fortunes of the company
      5)Yes! and 6) yes!

    7. “Don’t go to university for a stupid degree”
      Really wish people here would stop using this as some kind of guaranteed “good idea.” Some degrees can help you get your foot in the door in several good industries.

    8. This is a strong candidate for stupid question of the day but how do monks keep their little shindig going without reproducing?

    9. I agree that investing is one of the most important skills that one can learn. Start investing early. The sooner the better. Read and learn as much as you can. There are plenty of resources available for those who want to know about how to generate wealth. I started investing in my 20s and it was one of the best things I could have done. Learn about real estate, stocks, bonds and exchange traded funds. (avoid regular mutual funds as they have higher fees and expenses) Let the markets make money for you.

    10. 1. Teaching abroad in Asia usually requires a 4 year degree from Public University this seems the best plan B option for men who want a normal life so a TEFL Certificate with a dual major or minor in a useful world language.
      While I agree with much of what you comment on ( and lived it.) Also Bachelor Degrees are sadly often the entry level requirements for many of the sales jobs you mention in many cases carries a higher value then experience.
      2. Saving is not easy in the USA, think about it are those 75% men living from paycheck to paycheck many simply cannot save due the high cost of living here in the USA.
      3. Looking the part to attract decent looking women in night clubs isn’t cheap especially here in the NYC area unless you prefer a sexless life you have to go out. Prostitution being illegal in must states in the USA presents another problem namely a criminal record if caught.
      I agree men have it a bit better in countries with a legal sex industry but with that option off the table I have found having a steady girl friend is cheaper and far less time consuming then trying to meet / game new women every week.
      Game is simply getting what you want from women while keeping your own goals a priority.

  5. Young men, before you go to college, get a trade (or work summers in construction). That way you know what the real world is like even if you don’t want to make a career out of your trade. This will prevent you from majoring in something worthless, because the real world hits your upside the head.
    A lot of men will struggle in the coming decades because they have no skills or hunger to succeed … avoid being in the situation at all costs!

    1. number 4 and 6 can be combined. We can become monks on a crusade. A crusade against cultural Marxism, against feminism and liberalism, and against degeneracy. Onward spiritual soldiers!

  6. As someone who’s been there, be careful of the homeless and poverty industry trap. There were a lot of social services available where I had to go to ground for a time, but just remember, it’s all about jobs for them, the ones supposedly helping you. If they truly solved homelessness and poverty where would their jobs be?
    Take what’s useful when it’s there and you need it but don’t turn it into a lifestyle. It’s easier than you may believe.

  7. Being a long dead king and all, I can’t hold a common job and so I live in a small castle. I had to build it myself though as my commoners now only work for money – buggers! Stones are excellent and free building material, not very popular with the naturalists nowadays. Hard work but the building is solid and it looks the part. It took me five years to complete it all.
    I haven’t given up the comfort of modern life though. I have solar panels, wind turbines and satellite internet. I collect rain water and purify it with reverse osmosis processor. I hunt and forage. A geodesic dome garden with eternal spring conditions provides fresh vegetables. There is a small hot spring near which I use as my central heating. For money, I offer the experience to live as a modern and modest Bulgarian king. People pay as much as they wish. Usually they are more generous this way actually and I don’t need to declare an income. But there are some that don’t pay at all. It’s ok.
    I don’t keep a queen as they don’t make them to my specifications any more. Some guests offer me their wives/daughter/grannies instead of a payment. I can’t be choosy up here.
    It’s all word of mouth, so don’t ask for my www. – there isn’t one!

    1. Such a lifestyle will put hair on your chest and give you balls of steel. Glad to be of your acquaintance, brother.

  8. I’ve known my share of homeless guys, and the common factors seems to be: mental health, alcohol addiction, and fucked-up childhoods. Probably doesn’t apply to many of us. However, i’ve known a few guys who ended up on the street by getting hurt on the job while being an independent business owner, not being able to work and having no safety net. This is something that can happen to many of us. Live within your means, plan for the future and try to have a nest egg set aside, especially if you are self employed.

    1. I absolutely agree, but you now have to live “below” your means. That is the real way to save money in this hyperinflated economy.

    2. There are quite a few homeless men out there who just couldn’t handle the financial, social, and emotional destruction of their marriage and family as well. Society insults homeless people but I agree that quite a few of them started out as normal hard-working people.

      1. Indeed, more than a few of these old guys have schooled me in the knowledge department. Street and book knowledge. Just goes to show that wisdom is where you find it.

      2. Well, there are alternatives. In the past, when men became completely burned out from society and the rat race lifestyle, they could join a monastery and at least find some inner peace.
        Last time I checked there is still freedom of religion in America, so the satanic liberals have not yet completely succeeded in destroying religion and shutting down all the churches, temples, monasteries, etc.
        Problem is most men cannot think outside of the box and thus they truly are slaves.

      3. Who the hell wants to live in Korea? The grass is not always greener on the other side. Asian countries are not all they are cracked up to be. Try living in one. There’s a 50/50 chance you will absolutely hate it and want to return to the West in less than 6 months.
        Asian societies are extremely xenophobic for a reason. They are vastly different than the West. You may find that Asian culture and Asian people will wear on you very hard. They are not fun to be around, and you will ALWAYS be ab outsider there. They will never accept you. The Asian nations are not friendly and inclusive like the Western nations.
        Look before you leap.

    1. Well it’s a legit solution. No one is entitled to jack shit. You aren’t fucking entitled to marriage, a traditional wife, house in the suburbs, etc. Such things are almost impossible to achieve nowadays anyway. Might as well just become a monk. There’s much more to life than just fucking women. But most people are animals who have no higher sentiment.

  9. If one is polite, dresses appropriately, and is honest and hardworking, one can get at least a minimum wage job, and with the current welfare state that is more than enough to keep a person off the streets.
    These ideas are all interesting, but seem as if they wouldn’t be all that accessible to those most at risk of homelessness, such as poor people in the inner city.

    1. Do you honestly believe there are enough min wage jobs for every unemployed underemployed person in this country? . McDonald’s a few years ago had a national hiring event for 50,000 jobs and got 1 million applications. It’s a myth that anyone can just get a min wage job. There are not even enough of those jobs much less enough good jobs.

      1. if you have access to internet (library etc) can find work via odesk, fiverr, buying and selling junk on craigslist. fleamarkets, you name it.
        its never impossible, you gotta take the macro shit off the table. stop looking at the economy at large and start looking at how to increase whats inside your own wallet

        1. none of those things are pyramid schemes. odesk is freelance work. fiverr is a microjob site.
          maybe you should google a few things before crying fraud

        2. Those are actually not bad ideas.
          I know this Russian woman who lives in the apartments near my house… she makes quite a bit of extra change reselling antique furniture from Craigslist. She buys it for cheap, fixes it up, shellacks it, replaces glass components, and resells it for multiples of the original price to rich people who want good looking furniture… She also sells full body massage and she is trucking along fine…

        3. “sells full body massage”
          as the economy gets worse and worse, prostitution is gonna become cheaper and cheaper.

      2. Just applying to McDonald’s or sending out mass resumes like many people do isn’t enough. Finding a job involves planning, networking, persistence, and may take time but can be done. It may be a job that sucks, but it will be a job. The fact is, most people today are not as hardworking and dedicated as possible, and if you are, that makes you valuable.
        There may be a tiny portion of the population who cannot find a job for whatever reason, but by and large it is possible.
        Also, I’m not saying there’s enough minimum wage jobs for every unemployed person- I’m saying there’s enough minimum wage jobs for every person who works hard, is dedicated, plans ahead, etc.
        A great book on job-seeking is “What Color Is Your Parachute?”

        1. wrong, there are not enough jobs. I respect your opinion, but it is smelling alot like the glass half full Pollyanna worldview that people who are succeeding like to throw at anyone who isn’t meeting a certain level of success. If you are doing well fine, but to not see that there is a fundamental change in the economy that has occurred since 2000 is being blind to facts.
          By tiny portion do you refer to people you deem disposable? I understand why people who have been screwed by the economy have such anger now. They bring facts and try to reason and explain whats happening to them and they have people use that Dr. Phil glass half full bullshit. Networking wont get a job that doesn’t exist. I hear people who used to have good jobs start bitching about being outsourced and i feel no sorrow for them. I know full well 5-10 years ago these same highly paid people were calling anyone who made under six figures lazy and stupid Which is odd considering 80% dont make that. You reap what you sow. You like others clearly think the world is so fair and that the only people fucked by the economy are lazy and stupid. Enjoy the fall, people are tired of this shit

    1. Wish I took that one seriously while growing up. Trying to mend broken bridges is hard. It’s easier to play to fake nice than serious angry cunt.

      1. I know a few solid people who would put me up if I ever (god forbid) fell on hard times and make a point to avoid anyone who can’t say the same.
        Hopefully your brother finds his way back home but I’ve learned from experience that the unfortunate really do draw misfortune on themselves and others.

  10. Ways to become homeless
    1. Rack up student loans Majoring in liberal arts or anything not stem
    2. . Get divorced and ass raped for child support
    3. Get divorced and ass raped for lifetime alimony.
    4. Have kids. Who the fuck can afford kids these days. It’s a huge suck of money. You will. Be left broke and destitute for kids that might not even be yours. .
    5. Wasting money dating and entertaining women and chasing pussy
    Don’t get married, don’t have kids and don’t major in some bullshit scam degree that won’t get you a job.

    1. Except STEM is not a guarantee anymore either. So many programming jobs have been outsourced and Americans replaced by H1B visa migrants.
      Thats why college should be avoided altogether. The debt you take on is simply not worth it.

      1. STEM is not a guarantee, but, if you want to work in that field, you’re going to need to go to college. And yes, a lot of the work has been and is being outsourced. The best paying jobs in STEM are all in “customer facing” roles today. Customer facing, for those who don’t know, is basically a code word for “non-natives need not apply”. Especially if you enjoy being around people (which I don’t, but can do well enough to hold this kind of job) sales and sales engineering pays really good money in STEM. You don’t want to be the guy writing code (in most cases) or the guy drawing the plans. You want to be the guy taking the customer requirements and giving it to someone who writing code or drawing the plans. Because the customer doesn’t want to talk to Gopi or Sandeep when he’s spending millions of dollars with your company, he want’s to talk to Tom, Mike or Jeff. Sorry to say, but that’s just the way it is.
        I have a good friend at a company that I left a few years ago (a huge tech company, household name) who told me that of the 15 or so reps they have in CA, 5 of them are already over 1M in commission this year. Yes, it’s sales, but, let me tell you, that shit pays big. Those sales reps you see running around selling enterprise software (VMware, SAP, Oracle, etc) aren’t making 50K a year. In most cases, they at least 200K and a lot of them are 500K+ if they are doing well. And of all the people I’ve ever met who hold that position, 95% of them are men, and 100% of those men are native English speakers (some of them are Asian or Indian, but they were born here).

        1. I’m an engineer, soon to be in sales.
          It’s not all its cracked up to be, which is why very few engineers want the increase in pay that comes with moving to s.e.
          1) zero job stability compared to regular engineer
          2) constant, never ending travel to the ends of the earth
          3) you need at least 5 years experience on the tech end… And if u don’t know yur shit u will be exposed (and ousted never to return)
          On top of that, I have to get an Mba to be taken seriously. Another 70 to 125k in loans on top of any undergrad. Company may pay half.
          So yes, 100k salary sounds nice until I find out it requires med school level of hoop jumping.

      2. Totally agree. College and other expensive official credentials should only be pursued by those who are absolutely sure of their career path and need the offical training to go forward. 90% of kids considering or attending college should quit that bullshit ASAP. Calling it a scam is an understatement. College is almost as big a scam as an unpaid internship. My generation is so fucking stupid and misguided, mostly because they listened to the older generation who told them to pay for school, then go and work for free.
        College is the biggest generational scam in a very long time.

      1. If you can’t afford to raise kids, you have no business having them. Don’t create future parasites.

        1. Naturally I agree jews are parasites and shouldn’t have children, however to call White people having White children ‘raising parasites’ is an Anti-White attitude furthering White Genocide.

    2. 6. Buy stuff. Who can afford possessions when all these businesses just want your money?
      7. Travel. You’re only throwing your money away on foreign governments.
      8. Live anywhere other than your parents’ basement. Paying rent is a money trap, and real estate’s the worst appreciating asset you can own.
      9. Do anything with money other than bury it in the backyard and plan to be entombed with it upon your death. Anything else will take money out of your hands and put it into others’
      The world rotates on taking your money away from you. Only with vigilance can you ensure that you are buried with as much of your earnings still in your bank account as possible.

    3. The anti-marriage movement is the salvation for men. The more young men who we can educate to the realities of what a shit deal modern marriage is, and thus prevent them from ever making the mistake of getting married, the more men will be free. At this point, you should boycott marriage, especially to American/western women.

      1. I do not considered a state-sanctioned piece of paper, marriage. Our modern state mandated garbage is an abomination.

  11. I was on board right up until the last paragraph. “The most important
    thing is to not blame yourself,” is where I get off the bus. Who do you
    blame? The people who, apparently are supposed to hold a job for you,
    even though it makes more sense to move it elsewhere for them? The fat
    man can’t blame Chef Boy-Ar-Dee for his condition.
    At some level,
    personal responsibility becomes a thing. Anyone with a room-temperature
    IQ figures out at 15-16 or so that they must be able to do something of
    value to be paid for it. Who’s fault is it that you don’t know how to
    frame a house, how to weld, how to code, drive a backhoe or cut hair?
    Each of us can chose from a wide range of primary and secondary
    skillsets to develop, with a mind to stave off homelessness should the
    unexpected happen. The fact the most Western men can’t drive a nail
    properly is NOT something to be proud of. We are not single-stream
    sources of productivity, and if we choose to be a master buggy whip
    maker, who is to blame for being unemployable? You or Henry Ford?
    2 minutes’ thought, we can all assess whether or not our primary means
    of supportcan be outsourced, made redundant, or replaced with an
    automated system in the short- and -medium term. So what’s your fallback
    career? Short-term, I keep a CDL and hoist engineer’s permit, so I can
    drive a truck or run a crane. Medium-term, I can teach high school
    biology or math. My actual career is that I run ships, which requires
    good physical health and a clean record, which can disappear with no
    notice in an accident or error of judgement.
    So what’s your plan?

    1. Ok, when your job gets outsourced to some 3rd Worlder I won’t mind if you blame yourself….

    2. Always have a back up plan in case your main job fails. That’s the main point of this article. Now if you’re too lazy to have a back up plan, then yes, you should blame yourself for not planning ahead.

  12. realistically its basically impossible to go homeless unless you have some kind of drug or alcohol addiction or mental problem. there is a long way to fall between broke and homeless. james altucher elaborates on this quite a bit on a couple of his podcasts

      1. runs a few mega hedgefunds. made bank and lost it more times than you can shake a stick at. super nerd, but also really bloody clever. just google ask altucher or james altucher and look at his podcasts or website

      2. He’d a little “red pill-ish” but not entirely so.
        A while back he wrote an article on how he snuck into some corporate party and some angry feminist got her panties in a wad over it. The butthurt was entertaining.

  13. “#5. Become a naturalist
    Build a cabin in a very rural area. Hunt and gather your own food. If you really want to put some hair on your chest this is a good option. Giving up all the comforts of modern living will turn you into a manly man and help you grow balls of steel. This is also a very peaceful way to live, as you are living in nature and there isn’t constant noise pollution from cars and people.”
    Much, much easier said than done. Do yourself the favor of reading Into The Wild or rent the movie. True story about a young guy who went off to live off the land in Alaskaand starved to death.
    I saw a very interesting documentary about a man who went to Alaska and built his cabin, hunted, fished etc and he knew what he was doing. After some time he said “fuck it” and donated his house to the national park service, and relocated to florida to live off of his retirement.
    I’m not saying living off the land cannot be done, but you really have to know what the fuck you’re doing. This means actual in real life training with someone who is himself living on his own in the wilderness and who is willing to show you the ropes. No amount of reading or keyboard jockeying will substitute.

    1. ” . . .a young guy who went off to live off the land in Alaskaand starved to death.”
      He made one critical mistake that ultimately lead to his death.
      In that same time period approximately 40,000 Americans got into their cars, every year, to go to work or pop out for a quart of milk, made a mistake, and came home dead.
      You might want to consider why you think of that single death as a cautionary tale, yet hardly think of the 40,000 at all.

      1. Hmmm. Good point. A huge part of me would rather take my chances out in nature than having to exist among these urban animals.

      2. You have a better chance of surviving a trip to to buy milk then winging it out in the wild, pure and simple.
        You also have to figure out how to manage your recreational time; you really have to be comfortable being isolated and away from any form of entertainment. If you can do this, I almost envy you.

  14. People today are so lazy. I’m a white man in construction in ca. And I’m a dying breed. I have hired plenty of men looking for jobs and most don’t last the week. The excuses range from this is hard, to I don’t want to get up so early but it all boils down to just fucking lazy. Bunch of mommas boys that don’t wana sweat for their money even if they desperately need the job. A whole generation of men raised by entitled women and fed their bull shit without a father to tell them any different

    1. My dad was the sort of fellow who never missed work except when in the hospital but even after that he never took pain meds. He’d even work outside on a winter’s day (high rise construction) while sick because he didn’t want to miss a day’s pay.
      Because of him I had a good work ethic but where my dad was able to raise a family, have a car and a boat and a house, my work ethic got me screwed.
      I think these days they put up a lot of safety nets while taxing work and driving wages down such that there is little difference between someone who busts his ass on a “hard job” and someone who stays home and collects checks. It used to be if you were on welfare you were poor. Look at how rich America’s poor are – they have cable and cell phones and even cars too. And it used to be that if you busted your ass you had a lot to show for it but those days are gone too,
      At the end of the day the slug is playing video games and the hard worker is also playing video games because he can afford to do little else but he’s more tired and still has to get up the next day.

      1. Most opiate pain meds give you horrible constipation. If you take them for longer than 3 or 4 days, you will be shitting once every 3 or 4 days. I’d rather be in pain and be able to shit daily.

    2. Society is indeed on the breaking point now. America has been collapsing for years but it is about to escalate dramatically in both speed and intensity. Just look at the latest economic data. It is more horrifying than anything I’ve seen in the past 5 years.

      1. Yes, the decline (collapse is a bit dramatic) is accelerating. The decline will have many phases and be ongoing for years.
        Society is not going to collapse. We will not all be living in ghettos in the US. America is failing horribly, but it’s not going to look like Thunderdome overnight. America for the middle class will look more like France in the future; some property ownership combined with massively subsidized socialism and staggeringly high taxes leading to an apathetic and lazy population. The situation for the poor will be much the same as it is now. More and more of the US will look like Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore, Atlanta, etc.
        Expect lots and lots of white flight from the cities.

    3. Who wants to wear their body out doing construction day in and day out? Who wants a methed-out co-worker accidentally shooting them in the head with a nail gun?
      The turnover rate for construction is high because the job sucks at the lowest levels. Just because you like doing it, doesn’t mean anyone else in their right mind would do it given the other alternatives in this country.

      1. If you have an alternative that’s great. But if your choice is work hard and have money, sleep on the street or sponge off friends and family I’ll take work hard any day.
        Also in the more physical jobs there is almost no women or sjw bull shit to put up with

        1. Yeah. Good points. If given only the option of working construction and working in ANY FUCKING office building around fat middle-aged women, I’ll take the construction gig any day hands down. Office buildings smell like dank shitholes for a reason. They’re full of fat broads eating cake all day, then running to the restroom to clear their colons. My girlfriend works in a large office building around the scum of the Earth. She never goes into the bathrooms between noon and 3PM because the stench will make her vomit.

        2. Working in an office will turn any man into a homosexual faggot. Better to get your hands dirty and do some real work, and grow some balls. Men who work in offices are mostly very low-T betas.

      2. I hired a “beaner” recently to install a custom interior door for me after the locals did not return my phone calls. He arrived in “huaraches” and told me he was from Mexico City. Did a great job. He had to retrim the door because the door company (which had sent a sales rep to measure the opening) screwed up the dimensions. He had the necessary tools and was a real craftsman. Fine carpentry seems like decent work if you have the skills and work ethic. The next day I returned to my job at Encorpera where I study the effects of wax on burning cardboard.

        1. Interesting story. Although I’ll bet that for every good Mexican worker, there are ten others who will fuck it all up and take a shit in your backyard. Happened to friend of mine.

        2. The combination of your name and this comment have caused me to urinate spontaneously. Damn you.

    4. What part of construction are you in? Civil? …Perhaps Industrial? Anyway, so long as the pay is reasonable, Id have no problem sweating, working early shifts, putting up with fuckhead leading hands, supervisors etc.
      Tell me. Do these mommas boys get payed shit money considering their skill sets? Ive no idea what its like over in Ca (Im assuming california) and I’d like to know if you would be willing to tell me.

    5. I understand you. As a Black man from the Indian Ocean, I was raised in an environment where people went farming every week-end. In Western countries, that would be considered as “backwards”. Crazy world!

    6. I worked construction in New Jersey for a short while (1 month). My boss told me I was doing a great job-until I dislocated my shoulder moving sheetrock. Then the calls to come in to work dried up and I got smart too. $10/hour is nowhere close enough for that shit, I make more money delivering pizzas and even the mexicans wont work for anything less than $15/hour. And they’re right too, so if you want us white men to follow your path, pay us what it’s worth, compared to the alternatives.

    7. Amen. I can’t recruit middle class white kids to work on my company’s
      tugboats in New York. Pay starts at 50k/yr and goes up fast, for easy
      work and phenomenal job security. I recruit rural southern kids instead.
      They’re willing to work, and once some 22 year old kid sees his buddy
      making 120k a year and only working 2 weeks out of the month, he gets
      jealous. Northern kids whine because they can’t smoke weed if they want
      the job. They’d rather fuck the dog than do actual work.

  15. I was homeless last year before joining army. This was due to 20 years of my single mother making the.stupidest choices possible that eventually caught up to her. She got out of it by remarrying my deadbeat stepdad for the.sake of financial stability

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you are alright now.
      Single mothers are a parasite to society. They are the reason why boys grow up to become effiminate, emasculated manginas and henpecked simps.
      Our mothers may give us love, but it is our fathers who are meant to make us men.
      If there is one thing that men can learn from broken homes that consist of a single parent, is that it is recommended that as men, we opt out of marriage. It is only a response to a hostile environment that is designed to crush men.

      1. Single mother homes produce both simps and thugs but never a complete and healthy masculinity.

      2. Another thing that can help turn you into a man is by embracing a truly conservative religion. Not pussy ass shit like western christianity, which has for the most part because a religion of manginas. If you want to be a christian, there are east orthodox and other highly conservative sects of christianity.

  16. I swear some of these articles are written by a 12 year old
    I love how the oil field isn’t included in this wonderful list. I just landed a job that houses me, feeds me and pays $120,000 a year

    1. yes, it is a bit weak and certainly unfinished… if you take an amoral stance, insurance fraud, drug smuggling, drug dealing, burglary, armed robbery, pick pocket, pan handling and many others are all options…. there was a famous beggar in Hong Kong that died and they discovered he had a Rolls Royce and a water front apartment…. more than a million cash in the bank….

      1. He was a Famous beggar which means he had the right personality and was amusing and engaging enough so that people would give him money. I read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories as a kid and there was one, The Man With The Twisted Lip, that has to do with a beggar who sort of accidentally got into the business and discovered that he could make many times more than working.

      2. That’s fucking awesome. A few weeks ago, I saw a relatively attractive woman begging for money on the side of the road. I would’ve banged her if given the chance. Although, she was talking to herself.
        I wonder if we will see more hot chicks openly begging for money in the future.

        1. Damn. Things must be getting pretty bad if even women are becoming homeless. Or perhaps the antifeminist backlash is having an effect, and younger men are no longer will to act as retarded beta male providers.

    2. I disagree that this is a useless article. While you’re right that there are going to be jobs for the taking in certain fields that no one is really thinking about (i.e. oil fields, merchant mariners, etc.), the options he points out are more or less actionable immediately and worldwide.
      What would also be good though is an economics article pointing out job opportunities like the one you’re talking about. Where are these 6 figure jobs that the average person can go nab up?

    3. Does the job require experience? Is it dangerous? I want to learn more about these oil field jobs.

  17. Join a monastery?
    Huh, and where in the U.S. would a good Buddhist monastery be if one were so inclined?
    You can do like Rambo after part two if you’re in southeast Asia but stateside back in the world there are mostly little blue state yuppie-hippie places, not large institutions that’ll give you a trade in exchange for some labor and praying to their whatever.

  18. Sorry, this is an idiotic article. If you really have “lost your job and used up all your savings”, you can’t be accept to teach English in Asia immediately, or pay for a plane ticket in order to WWOOF. Long term solutions are far better.

  19. If you’re only making $1000 USD teaching English in Korea, you’re either barely working, or straight up getting fucked.

    1. You’re right about this.
      A couple of my friends are living in Korea now… they put 15-20K in the bank and don’t lead particular frugal lifestyles…
      I’d say of all the options in the article… if you have a bachelors, that is a good place to be.
      I’m considering going there myself… only thing stopping me is I’ve become interested in getting into User Experience Design… and I wanna make sure I can crack into it before the field becomes saturated. It is a fairly new discipline in industry right now.

      1. …………
        Who the hell wants to live in Korea? The grass is not always greener on the other side. Asian countries are not all they are cracked up to be. Try living in one. There’s a 50/50 chance you will absolutely hate it and want to return to the West in less than 6 months.
        Asian societies are extremely xenophobic for a reason. They are vastly different than the West. You may find that Asian culture and Asian people will wear on you very hard. They are not fun to be around, and you will ALWAYS be an outsider there with a target on your back. Out in public you will literally be the only white guy (Im assuming you’re white) in a group of thousands of people. You will likely never get used to this. They will never accept you. The Asian nations are not friendly and inclusive like the Western nations.
        Look before you leap.

        1. I’ve heard otherwise. I’m not going there to try and take over their country or something… well… nevermind…
          I think I could handle it for a year. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only travelling teacher there and I have traveller friends who tell me I’d be a rock-star in Asia. I am pretty sure I’d regret it and consider myself a pussy forever if I didn’t force myself to go on such an adventure… if the only reason was that it would be lonely…
          I think I would get something out of it… if it turns out I don’t like it then whatever… I come back home with 20K to buffer me while I find something new to do.

        2. I felt far more peaceful in Korea than I ever felt in America. The lifestyle and culture is just so much more relaxed. The people are more relaxed. The women are absolutely awesome. Korean chicks are pretty hot.
          Korea is no where near as bad as you portray it to be. No one attacks or kills foreigners in the developed Asian countries. It’s more in the undeveloped 3rd world shitholes that you have to worry about your safety. Korea is not a 3rd world country. It’s very developed, at least in Seoul.

    1. Yep unless u want a movie made about you I wouldn’t recommend it. The Unabomber said its now virtually impossible anyway. You’ll find a nice patch of dirt to call home and they’ll start mining.

    2. Just more reason why you should work at a minimum and thus pay as little taxes as you can, so that you stop funding the fascist government police state. Go galt.

  20. 1 way to not end up homeless is to committ a crime such as theft. It’s win win. You don’t get caught you get something to Sustain you.You get caught you get a roof over your head and 3 square meals a day in the last all male sanctuary.

    1. I would prefer to be an exploited masseur tending the needs of nubile young women, as described in “It’s Time to Shut Down Women’s Day Spas”.

    1. My uncle lived in America for a year driving farm tractors. He said he didn’t pay for a meal once. Just wore good clothes and had American leftovers at fast food restaurants.

    2. Where do you find all these leftovers? Literally in dumpsters or do the food places give them out for free at the end of the night because they don’t want the food to go to waste?

  21. A monestary life sounds like a chill idea. I lived in an ashram in Colorado for about 6 months. There was chicks coming in and out, travelers and such. It was cool just chillin’ and doing work around there. I’d also go for the naturalist idea as well. Both those I’d do without being broke.

    1. For some reason, women go nuts for monks. It’s like when you decide to no longer give women ANY attention at all by becoming a celibate monk, they go batshit crazy and start trying to harass you and make you break your vows.
      One time I told a girl at a music festival that i was a monk and she replied “would you like me to help you with that?”. Works double well if you do not masturbate and are truly celibate.

  22. I’ve pondered this question lately as I refuse to buy real estate and mostly rent, this allows me to keep my situation semi mobile in terms of job prospects, however this leaves me and my family at risk should I become injured or unemployable in some way. My job prospects are mostly in urban areas where corporations have their headquarters or big tech centers, have not wanted to buy real estate in these markets for a myriad of reasons.
    I’m considering buying a mobile home and land in my native New Mexico, the combo can be had for as little as 15K in rural parts of the state, property taxes are about 50-100 dollars a year and electricity is about 60 dollars a month year round, gas is around 100 in the winter months and 30 dollars in the non winter. It’s rural New Mexico but I grew up there and I’m comfortable with it, no fuss non materialistic lifestyle and good place to raise kids and teach them to learn more about themselves. Schools don’t get A+ ratings in these parts but that’s not a deal breaker for me as I plan to try to pass on my values to my kids I don’t need the school/government to do that for me, it could be a good option for some, a good hedge against the bad times with little to no carrying costs.

    1. Nowadays buying a house is pretty dangerous. In Communist America, no one owns anything anymore, the government and banks can take away your property on a whim. We can transcend this by simply not buying into their game and refusing to take part in it. If you don’t have any assets, then you have nothing to lose.

      1. Buying a house in this day and age is financial suicide.
        Unless you have bought a house with straight up cash (which is very rare) than most home buyers will need to take out a mortgage.
        I must emphasise heavily, that paying a mortgage is one of the most stressful things a man can go through in life. If you happen to have bought a house in a city or area where there is high unemployment, and you happen to lose your job, you’re screwed.
        In this day and age, you must be mobile. Which means it is recommended that you do not buy a house. You need to move wherever the jobs are, and sellng property in a city or area where there are no jobs, leads to further stress.
        I blame the bastard politicians and the predatory banks for selling the idea that home ownership is a must. Fuck those bastards.
        Do what you have to do to survive in this hell known as Earth.

        1. Another option than mobility, if you’re so inclined, is to have a trade/profession that is required across all industries. Computer programmers, for example, can move from one industry to the next without ever giving up their trade, hence they are imminently employable without having to be terribly mobile.

        2. Plus, over the long few of a 30 year mortgage, you actually pay double. For instance: $200K house. With interest over 30 years you will actually pay about $400K.

      2. True but this is only a 15K investment, these used trailer homes and land can only be bought cash for the most part.
        No mortgage, but yes property taxes on the order of 50-100 dollars must be paid every year, but you can go a year or two before paying.
        I have two kids in my family and if I was to become unemployable for whatever reason, the rent we pay would not be feasible for long. The trailer home would be the enjoy the decline home.

  23. I live alone in an old stone farmhouse in Spain where I farm almonds and olives. There are about half a dozen people working in this valley during the day, but by night I’m the only human for a mile or two. Wild boars pass through at night.
    My electricity comes from solar and my water flows down the hill through water channels for 14 hours every 14 days into my own reservoir. Most of it is destined for the trees but I draw off the house supply to a smaller reservoir where I treat it and it passes through filters. My internet connection is by microwave to a tower on a mountain a few miles away. My income is mainly a naval pension and money earned from teaching English in a local night school. Royalties on my book – The Divine Sea, published last year – almost keep me in Spanish brandy. It’s not riches but I survive well enough.
    I find that the teaching expands my social circle and provides a lot of mental stimulation. I especially enjoy spending several hours in the classroom company of female students, for this is a place where men are men and women are feminine. The commute to town is interesting: country tracks and then a bumpy negotiation of a dry river bed before hitting tarmac. It’s a peaceful and fulfilling life.

      1. I agree. Having lived both very rural and in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the US, I can say that most people who are living in the city seem to be far more stressed/miserable than those living in a rural area. Especially the men. Men are not made to live in boxes (cages?) in the sky removed for all physical labor. Men are made to live on farms and “work the land” (whatever that means to you). Think about it, how serious can you be about any real male hobby (other than, of course, being a PUA) if you live in a glass box 100 floors up? You think a lot of those people are doing much hunting/fishing/outdoor sports/hiking/boating/biking?
        What happens to you in a city is, IMHO, you become more feminine no matter what you do. If you insist on playing sports (which most don’t, they just run on a treadmill) you play low impact/low danger stuff (Frisbee in the park, for example). You wind up shopping a lot because.. Well, because that’s kind of the only thing to do in the city. And, if you’re not married, you wind up spending a lot of time at bars trying to bang new pus.
        I feel sorry for men who live in the city and don’t have massive incomes (which let them enjoy what the city has to offer and still have solitude). If you want to bang and be drunk a lot, by all means, spend a few years in the city. But when you want more from your life, try to get out and see how you like more rural life. It’s much easier to connect with being a man in those areas than it is in the uber-feminized shopping utopia that is a modern city.

        1. Living in a rural area and doing hard work, such as farm work, will boost your T-levels dramatically. You’ll start growing some hair on your chest.

  24. Don’t worry, unless you are mentally ill or a substance abuser, you are not likely to become homeless if you lose your job.

    1. Mental illness is something that has never been proven to even exist. Google “antipsychiatry”. Psychiatry is a bogus science used by Big Pharma to brainwash people into spending tens of billions of dollars a year on psychiatric drugs, thus making Big Pharma rich.

      1. True but “crazy” certainly exists!
        My point is, I have had personal dealings with homeless people. On an individual level I would talk to them and try to help them out. Very quickly I realized it was futile. These people were helpless because they were “broken” in a deep sense. However, they still survive, and in some ways are happier than the guy with a big job, big house, big car, wife and kids. It is not unusual for a successful banker to throw himself off a tall building but I never heard of a homeless person killing himself. They are survivors.

        1. If you practice kundalini yoga, you will quickly experience that there are many energetic blocks in our bodies caused by deeply repressed emotions.
          Yoga is about bringing all of the unconscious to the surface and then letting go of whatever attachments no longer serve your better interest.
          The only way to help such “broken” people is to encourage them to engage in a process of spirituality which will heal them on a mental and emotional level.

        2. I like that.
          A friend of mine is about to do something similar. He is going to walk away from his job, smartphone, money etc. and travel around Asia. He will help people for food and shelter. This is his beginning on the journey you describe.

      2. Mental illness exists! whether any study can accurately detail its mechanisms is another issue. If you enter a psychiatric ward there are people that are certifiably mentally ill.in that whatever their malaise is not good for their health and is due to another cause other than the physiological system. Big pharma however has packaged the most severe cases of mental illness and depression which is hard to quantify to be the norm. Most people with mild depression would improve with exercise, meditation and counselling. This we know. However this doesn’t sell pills.

  25. The problem with the teaching idea is that unless you have a recognised qualification only the backroom places will look at you. Given that they only pay a pittance, you might want to avoid them.
    The best qualification to get is the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) which is validated by the University of Cambridge, but can be taken in many countries. It’s a tough, five week course and costs about £500 the last time I checked.
    The problem you then have is that the world is full of young graduates with CELTAs, so competition for good jobs is fierce. International House do guarantee you a job if you take the course with them, but you might end up working in some sewer of a country.

    1. Better to have a job, pay your rent and bılls (and most defınıtely benefıt from your western status) ın a “sewer of a country” then be washed out and homeless ın Amerıca.

  26. Rename article to
    “Alternative ways to cope with being homeless”
    Beyond that, sound post.

  27. Build a cabin in the woods? Are you serious? In these united States, that is impossible if you’re broke. You have to own the property to build on it, to own the property you have to buy it. At a minimum, if you’re truly skilled, you can probably create the cabin materials from trees you cut down, but that’s extremely hard work when you’re alone and need immediate shelter to, say, not freeze to death at night. A “cabin in the woods” only works if you already have a large savings account ready, not if you just lost your savings to some kind of medical expense I’m afraid. And we haven’t even began to discuss the entire tax impact of land ownership.
    If you meant do it on the sly in a national forest and hope you don’t get caught, good luck. It can be done, but your length of stay is limited and you’re always waiting for the ranger to show up to evict you. And they will, without hesitation.

    1. Henry David Thoreu on that “into the wild” guy that died were all from wealthy highly educated backgrounds. The Unabomber – Said its near impossible to build a life in the woods these days. It would be honestly easier to book a 1 way ticket to Africa and live a moderate to humid climate. In fact that the African solution is one that has not passed my mind and is often my if shit hits the fan plan. I think it’s time to give Africa multiculturalism. Lol

  28. Another option is have the state pay for you to get a Class A CDL license. They pay for your training and so do some schools. But be wary of them.

  29. 6. Never put yourself in a position where you have to rely on baby-boomer parents. All of my guy friends who are broke/struggling (I live in San Diego with its high rents and middling wages, so over 50% of the peeps are struggling) have significant parental issues and *hate* their boomer fathers.
    Somehow the fact that an average job with a high school degree will no longer enable you to buy a house (with multiple kids and cars) is completely lost on them.

    1. Yeah, they had a lot of things handed to them and fucked it up. As a result, they just don’t get it.

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