The 7 Prettiest Women In The Democratic Party

It is indisputably true that women in the Republican Party are significantly more attractive and more feminine than their counterparts in the Democratic Party. Considering that the Democratic Party is the home of feminism, it makes sense that women who embrace the choice of androgyny feel right at home in the party.

Democratic women — by and large — believe instituting a reign of androgyny will end sexism. Not only are they wrong about that approach, but they also seem to think that men and women are carved out for the same roles. They seem to think ending sexism rests in governmental intervention and deconstruction of “gender.”

Democratic approaches ignore the real issue — that women still think of themselves as inferior to men. That is why they spend so much time thinking about male privilege. In their mind, if they were a man, their problems would go away. In 2013, they don’t realize that the only thing that holds a woman back is herself. No amount of government intervention can convince a woman to truly want to change. Furthermore, men and women are different biologically. God or evolution didn’t give women ovaries so they could slave away in a cubicle. No, it is because women are designed to give birth and care for children. Everything else in the human experience for women is secondary.

Why should we even consider their ideological opinions? They take no strong stands, spearhead no new policies, expand no boundaries of political debate. They are followers of the supreme order. Just like their personal lives, their political lives are constructed around safe decisions cloaked as brave ones because they are terrified of losing social approval. Now without further ado, the seven ugliest female Democratic politicians:

Tammy Baldwin


Tammy Baldwin is a Senator from Wisconsin. She is famous for being one of the most liberal members of Congress, wholeheartedly supporting ridiculous ideas such a single-payer healthcare system and increasing police authority in addressing the already over-addressed issue of male domestic violence against women.

In true female form, she reinforces female inferiority by treating women as a special class of victims that need incredibly high levels of governmental intervention to save them from their own choices. She routinely votes against resolutions honoring the victims of 9/11. She is also famous for being a lesbian. She is the first gay member of the US Senate and, as such, she wastes her time complaining about the need to for governmental sanctioning of gay relationships. Legalize love and all that ridiculous rot. Unexpectedly, she left her “life partner” in 2010 and is currently looking for a new box to munch.

Claire McCaskill


This warhammer is a Senator from Missouri. Yes, the state in which Todd Akin was running for Senate, in which he uttered a phrase that Democrats used to troll the nation and ensure Osama’s reelection. McCaskill went to the University of Missouri, a mediocre law school that regularly produces lawyers of middling competence that would impress Roman Hruska. She ranks as a moderate Democrat, but her lockstep movement with major Democratic initiatives, such as Obamacare, betrays her true ideological feelings. She has been embroiled in scandals in which she used taxpayer dollars to fly her family from St. Louis to D.C. As if her looks were not offensive enough.

Ann McLane Kuster


Kunter is the freshman U.S. Representative from New Hampshire. Apparently all those voters fleeing the monstrosity that is Massachusetts politics take their voting preferences with them, not realizing it is their big government voting patterns that are the problem. She is minorly famous for snapping on Americans, telling them they need to have patience about Obamacare. You know, be patient about Obama’s presidency-defining initiative that affects every single American. Be patient, government bureaucrats have only been working on this project for multiple years.

Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth Warren is yet another liberal Senator from Massachusetts. She came to national prominence as a special advisor for Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She wouldn’t have made this list if she had stayed a Republican, but she turned to the Democrat party, as she felt that strong governmental intervention into the marketplace is what is healthiest for a free market.

She defeated the charismatic and much more qualified Scott Brown in 2012. She is regarded as a serious thinker, but she chaired the TARP implementation, supports merely only lowering student loan interest rates and supports Obamacare. For all of her professed worry over the middle class and the poor, her career shows a woman supremely interested in upholding the system she claims supports inequality and discrimination. Imagine that — the powers that be are using women for maintaining what feminists would term the “patriarchy.” Genius.

Janet Napolitano 


2/10 would not bang.

Debbie Stabenow

Non-official headshot

Stabenow is a Senator from Michigan. She is famous for….nothing. She is a completely lock-step Democrat, with absolutely zero personal charm or unique views. She represents the modern female: a robot, an automaton who simply just does what she is told. She is known for her insistence on a “Fairness Doctrine.” The “Fairness Doctrine” refers to a US policy that required those who hold public broadcasting licenses to address important social issues and present them in fair, balanced ways. Imagine that! Liberals would have to stop trolling America with their insistence that everybody in America (read: white males) hate them.

Somebody might have to be called up to address the narcissism in that. Further, imagine a world in which feminists would have to present fair and balanced arguments. I don’t think feminism could survive with a Fairness Doctrine. Of course, Stabenow doesn’t know that. She just does what she is told.

Maxine Waters


Maxine Waters is a long-time US Congressman from California. Just look at the picture. Those frown lines can only belong a perpetual victim, a self-possessed woman who thinks everybody (read: white males) are out to get her. She is a long-time race baiter who is supremely interested in the story of Maxine Waters as told by Maxine Waters. She has a long list of inflammatory quotes that she gets a pass for because she is a woman, not because she is black. A black man would not be able to run their mouth like this battleax does.

This is by no means a conclusive list, but it’s indisputable that ugly and disgusting women are drawn to the Democratic Party like the plague.

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146 thoughts on “The 7 Prettiest Women In The Democratic Party”

  1. Interesting choices………personally, I think I would’ve put Senators Barbara Mikulski and Diane Fienstein on the list; but, that’s just me.
    FWIW, the female Republican legislators are no beauties either. I would sooooooooooooo NOT fuck Michele Bachman. LOL

      1. Good point! Funny thing is I think her Omega-husband Marcus could take the whole kielbasa down without a single gag. LOL

  2. To be fair, all of these women appear to be over fifty years old and really, how many 50+ hotties are out there? I’d hazard a guess that at least three of them would have been doable in their twenties.
    Maxine needs some fucking Visine.

    1. Stacy Dash may as well be fifty and she is still hot and a conservative… Just saying. I don’t consider myself either conservative or liberal, but I strongly feel liberals are far worse now that my eyes have been opened. If it came down to a choice of two women to make my hypothetical-with-prenup wife, I’d pick the conservative woman over the liberal feminist promiscuous self absorbed pro-baby-killing and I’m-an-independent-woman-so-I’m-hyphenating woman each time.

        1. I bet the conservative woman. She oughta be happier because she has the overall better attitudes, especially when it comes to catering to her man.

        2. She is recently divorced fellas, can’t be all that great. Look at her greater-beta-schlub ex in photos carrying her shopping bags.
          Just reiterates what men here have been saying for a long time……….AWALT. If maybe a few exceptions.
          I’m not saying we don’t have similar issues as men, but our “issues” may be the one thing that might save us as we have to combat fire with fire.
          Don’t let a pretty face fool you. If she is that hot, and you can’t force yourself to put her heart through the ringer for her to prove herself, then just don’t play.
          Stop pinning your hopes and dreams on a pretty face. No matter how good looking the ass is that’s attached to it. Bang, get out. It is what it is.

        3. Bang, get out. It is what it is.

          Well, you guys can do that. But I can’t. I’d know, and it’s against my morals and religion.
          Still, it’s rather disappointing. A part of me feels like I’ll end up being (somewhat) chaste forever.

        1. And this grin just stayed on my face for like 30 seconds. It’s still there as I type.

    2. girls in their prime should look daily at these old hags to remind themselves how they will turn out over time..
      maybe they will start to appreciate a good man that will stick around when they look like Miss Doubtfire..

    1. Agree. Older women aren’t nubile young things. No one expects them to be such. What is this article — Grandma bashing? It seems pointless and trivial.

  3. May I add: The 7 Ugliest Liberals under 50
    1. Sandra Fluke:
    Butch haircut and a square jaw. And a demand that you be compelled to pay for her birth control.
    2. Ellie Boldman Hill:
    A 38 year old Democrat member of the Montana Legislature.
    3. Lena Dunham. No picture necessary.
    4. Jennifer O’Malley Dillon:
    Obama political/election advisor.
    5. Debbie Wasserman Schultz:
    Beautiful hair like steel wool.
    6. Samantha Power:
    Current US Ambassador to the UN.
    7. Rosie O’Donnell (she’s 51. Close enough.)
    Butchest of the butch. Humiliated herself in front of the great Tom Selleck.

      1. Ain’t that the truth.
        Makes me question whether she really couldn’t afford birth control during her time at Georgetown Law. I know law students get desperate, but she isn’t even law school hot. No way she was getting that much action.
        And fwiw, Fluke graduated from Cornell with a major in Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Makes perfect sense.

      2. Oh that’s cute. Any motherfucker who walks around saying that they possess a dick is usually the pussy that was scared to shower in gym class. Tell us about your pain sweetheart.

        1. Your inane, adolescent attempt at an insult bears no relation to anything that I’ve said. How ’bout we start here: you know how to make an old fashioned, sweet-tits? Yeah? Well, get back into the kitchen, make me a drink, and then maybe I’ll consider entertaining your childish feminine blather.

    1. Ahhh, you beat me to Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I was shocked (shocked, I tell you) that 2Wycked missed that one.

    2. This entire trolling effort has been a failure. An attempt to troll the most powerful female politicians in America… only ~109 comments. Hours later, a post on the loaded word “gender” has 95 comments.
      Verdict: TROLL FAIL
      When feminists insult us with “you have a small penis” and “you live in mommy’s basement”, we laugh at them. This post had the potential to be so much more. Instead, it focused on juvenile and petty insults. A scattershot effort from a scatterbrained “narcissist”.
      Next time, the author should add compelling content and a little logic to his trollery. Having a clue and more than a little chin-fuzz is a base requirement.

    3. She complained about the Catholic Church’s Georgetown University refusing to pay for her birth control. Why on earth would she need birth control? Yes, DC’s bad, but it’s not that bad.
      She would need birth control in Toronto though …

  4. I think you can limit yourself to under 45. In the Senate that is Kelly Ayotte (R – bottom) vs. Kristen Gillibrand (D – top)

      1. with the possible exceptions of fucking her just to get her pregnant in order to slutshame and abandon her and to perform a dirty sanchez on her, i would not.

      2. Actually Hillary Clinton looked pretty descent before her Yale years. Also she was a Republican before 1968. When she was 17 she
        worked for the Goldwater presidential campaign. Also she was a member of a Young Republican group at Wellesley College. The photo above is from her time at Yale. This photo in my comment is from h er Republican years. The differences are notable. Not saying Republican Hillary was a 10, but she was far more bangable when she was a Republican. Also Republican Hillary was still liberal, especially compared to dark enlightenment standards. However, she still had personal standards when she was a Republican.

      1. Agreed – there is not a single shred of evidence of her possessing Cherokee blood. In fact, there was at least one story indicating her great grandfather (or great +, whatever) rousted Indians on the Trail of Tears.

  5. I have nothing but contempt for any and all politicians. I’d call them prostitutes but they offer nothing in return for the pay they receive.

  6. 2Wycked, please explain how this article make me a better man. I came to this website wanting to become better in certain aspects of my life, but after reading recent articles like yours and raywolfs, I’m disliking the site day by day

    1. Here’s a tip, bro. Click on my name in my signature and read the archives of my articles.
      Amazing, isn’t it? I didn’t see you comment on my articles aimed at helping men overcome psychological issues, yet you felt the need to comment on this piece?
      What does that say about you?

    2. Here’s a clue stevo…. if you come to a website looking to become better you have no dick.

    3. perhaps because you are addicted to cock and your major ambition is to drink jizz from the navel of young boys.

  7. So biased…I actually like Elizabeth Warren; she is a ‘New Deal’ type Democrat; smart and tough, and wanting basic level headed changes in the law to eliminate ‘loop-holes’ and ‘lawyer-speak’…she is pro capitalism and pro efficient law. I hope ROK doesn’t turn into a less funded version of Fox News…

    1. Elizabeth Warren is not pro capitalism, nor is she interested in eliminating loop-holes with common sense regulations. She spent her entire practicing legal career consulting for large corporations and organizations with lots of money.
      Answer the following questions
      1) Do you believe in limiting liability for corporations?
      2) Do you believe in requiring corporations to negotiate with workers or prospective workers that organize a union?
      If your answer to either question is yes, you don’t not believe in capitalism

      1. Well, in fact if you propose that workers form unions, you are in favor of capitalism, since you are accepting the capitalist´ rights to take a share of the fruits of production while negotiating wages, but with a group instead of each worker individually. An anti-capitalist stance would be to propose that the workers form a cooperative that takes over the business, or that the State expropriates the business and made it “collective”. Capitalism does not mean free market or any market, it means that one guy called the “capitalist” (owns the means of production, the capital) can take a part of what is produced with those means.

        1. It also means that capital is at risk. When you start limiting the capital’s risk exposure. So called privatized the profits, socialize the losses, you are no longer in a capitalistic system.

  8. Wash your mouth before speaking crap about Elizabeth Warren. I´m not even from your country and I admire her. Obamacare is crap, because it is not a real universal health care system (guess the US is not advanced enough to have one of those). Hey, maybe she was pretty in her 20s, who cares? Is not like I want to go to bed with her, but I for sure would hear her talk over a beer.
    Look at this:
    Not bad, uh?

    1. My arguments against Elizabeth Warren – 1) Lawyer, 2) from Harvard, who practiced law in Massachusetts without a licence, 3) fake Indian, using the minority race card solely to advance her ‘career’, 4) leftist of the highest order; 5) only elected because of four cities in Massachusetts pushed her over the edge –
      Not buying your argument, mate…

      1. warrent gets a pass from me on the woman front. She was a babe in her youth and she still looks good in that pic at 60+. also — from a poor working class family, married at 19 to her high school sweetheart, paid for her education while raising kids. not exactly one of the spoiled privileged sluts. her politics is another story.

    2. You like what you hear from Elizabeth Warren because you haven’t bothered to research anything that she has actually done. She has worked for Big Business when she wasn’t up in her Ivy tower her whole legal career. And she raised gobs and gobs of money from Big Law, Wall Street, and Women’s issue advocates.
      The only thing she has broken with the Democrat party line over is that she favors handouts to stupid millennials that borrow $80,000 for a degree in victim studies. No doubt to shore up her cred with the under 30 crowd if she runs in 2016.
      I am so sick of people believing in politicians. The media is going to tell you what they want to you to know, but all this crap is available for you. Its like anybody that has buyers remorse of Obama. All you had to do was read Dreams From My Father and you would have know what an incompetent tool he was. Or look at how he did in the IL state legislature or US Senate. The guy had been phoning it in his entire life.

      1. I’ll add that despite her supposed populist cred, she has represented large corporations against blue collar workers in asbestos litigation. She isn’t a friend of the blue collar worker.

  9. If were are going to criticize politicians, let’s criticize them for their
    policies, corruption, cluelessness, cravenness, etc. I would rather have ugly
    politicians of substance than a bunch of dumb, feckless cuties.
    In America, there’s far too much focus on appearance. Ever since female
    suffrage, our presidents have gotten prettier and prettier. In today’s
    America, Lincoln would not have been nominated let alone elected.
    Let’s not have “presidential” looking morons, let’s go for capable, constitutional, liberty-loving leaders instead.
    I don’t care about these women’s appearance; I care about their policies.

    1. their appearance says a lot about their priorities. ugly on the outside, ugly on the inside

        1. “Lincoln was a typical example of the humanitarian with the guillotine: a familiar modern ‘reform liberal? type whose heart bleeds for and yearns to ‘uplift’ remote mankind, while he lies to and treats abominably actual people whom he knew.”

        2. No, you missed my point. Honest Abe perhaps wasn’t so honest and it can be argued he fits the mold of ugly on the outside, ugly on the inside.
          Abraham Lincoln is not terribly ugly, however.

        3. Of course he wasn’t honest; he was a politician. You took my comment too literally.
          What would you say about someone born with a facial deformity? Ugly on the inside?
          So how’s your own exterior looking, buddy?

        4. People born with facial deformities can fester inside with resentment and feelings of inferiority. It takes a strong person to overcome a facial deformity and develop their inner beauty.
          Of course there are always exceptions.
          For example I am very, very good looking but inside I harbor a rotten, decrepit personality.

    2. I care about both their policies and their appearance.
      Their appearance EXPLAINS their policies. These are bitch women that are angry because men have ignored them their entire lives. The reflect that anger at men in the policies they advocate or vote for.

    3. I absolutely hate Fienstien and Boxer both don’t give two shits about our rights and on multiple occasions have proved that. Remember Soppa? I doubt any of them care about our liberties.

    4. Here here, I’d still sport fuck these women just for having the common sense not to worship Reagan.

    5. Quite. We blame feminists when they use ad hominem arguments so that they don’t have to actually address the points made, yet instead of focussing on weaknesses in what they say articles like this just insult their femininity. OK there may not be much of the latter in evidence (it is so hard not take a cheap swipe) but so long as there articles like this which stoke anger and ridicule there is simply no high-ground to claim

  10. I’m offended by this list. You should not be allowed to damage the self-esteem of women this way! Besides, you forgot Debbie Wasserman-Shultz…

  11. Scary yet hilarious yet disturbing yet telling yet a boner killer. I’ll take Sarah Palin any day

  12. Rosa Delora (dem rep) ….ooff…
    I’d try to find a pic but it would turn you into stone…

  13. I present, for the purpose of comparison with the fuglies in 2Wycked’s article, 7 Random Conservative Women Off The Top of My Head:
    1. Monica Crowley
    2. Michelle Malkin
    3. Patti Ann Browne
    4. Town Hall columnist Ashley Herzog
    5. Twitter conservative/podcaster April Gregory
    6. Lila Rose, from pro-life non-profit Live Action
    7. blogger Katie Kieffer
    Bonus: another of Stacey Dash, who I’ve posted elsewhere in this comment thread:×720.jpg

    1. #2 is fake.
      but stacey… *whistle*
      Lila Grace Rose-she does amazing work and I read her site often. And you KNOW with a name like Lila Grace Rose, you won’t find her twerking in the club. She’s too classy for that!

        1. Yes, I frequent her website twitchy (in fact, twitchy contributes to why my family thinks I don’t look at any news, when I just get it from the internet). Somebody posted that pic to a tweet and it was revealed that picture was fake. She’s still quite attractive though!

  14. Pointless.
    Who gives three fucks about how someone looks if they can govern well? A person’s facial features or body have fuckall to do with how well their brain works or their understanding of government.
    I am quite fine with having a masculine ugly woman in power if she has the moral and intellectual chops to get the job done. The only time I care about looks is when the question of “will i stick my penis in this” arises.

    1. “I am quite fine with having a masculine ugly woman in power if she has the moral and intellectual chops to get the job done. ”
      His point stands though; the country is going to shit and they’re responsible for it. As I read the article, i noticed that he was pointing out the correlation that their ugly mugs are responsible for a lot of the crap that is making this country a shit hole.
      It stands to reason: feminist policies are insane and are often championed by gorilla women. No surprises all around.

      1. “the country is going to shit and they’re responsible for it.”
        You are pretending that those few women (however ugly they may be) are somehow tipping the balance of power away from the predominantly male (who are also ugly IMO) congress, supreme court, and presidency.
        No, its not a matter of gender, its a matter of overall competence (which all of our elected officials are lacking.)
        Oh, and one more thing – if you’re gonna dig, dig to the heavens.

        1. I would argue that gender, whether that of the elected officials or the constituents which go along with these policies, is at the heart of the direction this country is going. If you look at the crazy statements of these officials, however, you can see their hamster in full spin.
          I absolutely think gender is at the heart of this, but you are correct: without their white knight champions, none of this would be possible and it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge that.
          Let’s, make our words into a metaphoric drill which pierces the heavens!

    1. Yikes. Thank god that’s a post op. If that was an actual woman, I might not approach anyone for a week out of the trauma.

  15. Pretty dumb article. I know it’s mostly for LOLz but common, no shit these women are gonna be ugly. They are all like 50 or 60 years old. No women is hot at that age. I’m sure most women in politics are ugly period, no matter what party.

  16. I honestly do not know how in the world you did not put Patty Murray in this list of 7.
    Yes, all 7 on your list are butt ugly. “Have not been laid in 20 years” ugly. (That explains why they are so angry as well). But, my God man! Patty Murray is the ugliest of them all.
    OK, maybe you just did not want to pick on a retard. Patty Murray does seem to have Downs Syndrome.

  17. Well… while all these are ugly, only 2 of them are Janet Napolitano levels of hideousness. I know for a fact that there are WAAAAAAY more hideous and feminist examples of Democrat women.

  18. Does Debbie Wasserman Schultz get a whole blog posting to herself for begin so ugly? I mean, I can understand if her ugliness is just too much to be shared with other lesser uglies….

  19. Nothing here but a bunch of dudes who have been jerking off to Palin…
    Oh and for the goddamn record, I am not a fuckin’ broad. My dicks bigger than most of you hipster fucks.

  20. You think you got it bad? This lady is the daughter of the President of Ireland. She just got appointed to the National Wimmins Council of Ireland, “a state funded feminist organisation.” I’m not sayin another fukin word…..

  21. RUSH was right about Sandra fuck. she is a liberal slut who wants free condoms!

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