Embrace Your Local Sausage Fest

Whenever I went out for some social time with my boys, it almost always seemed there was an objective. “We gotta get ass tonight,” one of my boys would say. “If I don’t get chicks’ numbers tonight, I am going to be pissed the fuck off,” said another. “This better not be a sausage fest. If there is one, I am fucking leaving!” said the third anxiously.

It seemed to me that having fun was based on getting with a girl. Out of all the many things that could exist at the party, be it good food, cocktails, a good DJ, free prizes, a chance to get on stage and do an impromptu performance, and overall fun, they believed that their happiness could only occur if it was female-based.

I say, whenever you are at a party or social event, gentlemen, embrace the chorizo sausage fest. Stop running away from it because you may miss out on an opportunity to learn from those who will help you advance in your life.


It takes men to understand and help out men. The great Quintus Curtius from ROK stated in an article, “There is no better school of instruction for our own lives than in learning about the lives and trials of great men.” When I have attended events where there were majority men, instead of run out the door, I embraced it and saw it as an opportunity to network and learn from them.

I have met CEOs and entrepreneurs of all ages. They have all brought something interesting to the table. They have taught me the power of belief, how to start a business and be better resourceful with my money, or how to be a leader, learning the mannerisms of the wealthy. It was these men who I learned alphadom.


I started to frequent male dominated places. From barber shops to Bourbon tastings to members-only cigar clubs, these places gave me the opportunity to meet some top brass people of America. A great time to sample some bourbon to add to your home bar, taste the array of cigar types, and converse with men about serious to not so serious things.

These are great places to unwind and enjoy bonding with fellow masculine men. Some of these places only asked for a $10 fee, while others allowed entrance provided you bought a cigar in-store.


What I learned

Through these interactions I have learned camaraderie and self-improvement. I learned self reliance, confidence, how to converse better, starting and maintaining a business and learning to deal with women. You get a global sense of knowledge when interacting with men, especially men of high caliber.



If you find yourself at a social event with a bunch of guys, don’t leave, but rather embrace the chorizo fest. See it as a time to learn from other men, maybe their flaws, insecurities and strengths. You might have been chasing women too often, leaving at any sign of too much sausage. Maybe you have had your fair share of ass for the week.

Take a break, and see the situation for what it is. Stop and embrace those who represent you, which is your masculinity. Hanging around women too often will only socially reinforce you to decrease in your masculine nature. Sometimes you need a change of pace to recharge your masculine essence. So go ahead, bond with a group of men.

You need to maintain what you were born with. Plus, you might learn a thing or two.

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126 thoughts on “Embrace Your Local Sausage Fest”

  1. I used to post on the forums on bodybuilding.com in the Misc section, and then later joined a Facebook subgroup called LA Misc (which is for members from the bb.com Misc that live in SoCal)
    I’ve gone to many meetups and became good friends with these guys. These are all guys with the same outlook on life, all about being alpha in all aspects of life. It’s honestly a great feeling hanging out with other masculine men. When we’d go out to a club, it wasn’t about chasing girls or getting numbers. It was just about going out and having a fun time. If anyone hooks up with a girl, that was just a side bonus.

  2. It is now, more important than ever, to find your space where you can bond with other men. The reason why is simple: boys are being raised by single mothers, men are growing up to become effiminate and emasculated, everything we see, from the garbage pop culture, to everything in the mainstream media, is designed and catered for women and women only.
    Men are now starting to forget what being a man is all about. They have lost their sense of dressing up appropriately, to not knowing the dominant traditional role a man is suppose to have over a women. Just today, when I was shopping for a suit, I was told by the assistant that slim fit is the new style, to which I responded by telling him, that I do not wear slim fit, nor is it appropriate for a real man to wear one. He was slighty stunned, probably because I had the guts to tell him straight to his face what a real man is suppose to be like.
    Men no longer even have the confidence to speak up or to stand their ground. Always moving around with a woman, expecting her to do all the work. Which is why men need to find a group of male friends to hang around. This kind of male only bonding environment, helps men to find themselves, to build their confidence and self esteem and more importantly, to understand their traditional gender role.
    The feminist movement have destroyed these kind of environments, under the guise of “equality”, patriarchy, glass ceiling and the other nonsense that they invent. If women keep interfering in men only environments, then expect more men to become cowards, emasculated and effiminate henpecked simps. The feminist movement is on a crusade to destroy any male confidence and masculinity in society.
    Which is why men need to protect and preserve their masculinity. Even the most simplest tasks can help you to ensure that your manhood is attached- from knowing how to change the oil in your car, knowing your toolkit inside out, learning how to dress up right, staying in shape, reading real books on great knowledge etc.
    Always maintain your masculinity, which is a big component of your self respect and dignity.

    1. The men in the last picture of the article are all wearing slim fit suits. I understand some mens distaste for it, but for me, at 6’4, anything other than slim fit makes me look like a god damn sail boat. If you’re short you can get away with it, plus it can hide some guys guts. But for me at 220 lbs of muscle at 8% body fat, I fill it out damn well.
      So yes, men can wear slim fit suits. Just not the semi homosexual J-Crew suits that are skin tight on lanky ass men and high water pants that show off the rainbow socks they wear. Those are bad.
      I don’t like to call it slim fit though, it’s more so nicely tailored.

      1. Sorry, but I disagree.
        No slim fit is worth wearing, in my opinion.
        The slim fit is one of the, as I like to call it, “propoganda pieces” which is being forced on the male consumer and sold heavily by the gay fashion industry in an attempt to spread the homosexual, metrosexual and gay agenda.
        Take a look around at today’s young men- no meat, no muscles, slim as a girl, very soft looking. They are now wearing tapered slim chinos, horrible looking shoes, have slick back hipster hairstyles etc. Its as if men have given up, and don’t even care about standards anymore.
        Regular suits are incredibly difficult to find now. Even the current “regular fit” suits that are being sold, all have slim fit arms, and not the regular standard arms that suits used to have.
        Very frustrating to find. But the hunt continues…

        1. If you have broad shoulders and a narrow waist tailors will recommend a slim fit. Regular fits will look boxy even when fitted on a v-shape torso.

        2. I understand your frustration about “skinny” fit clothes (which is what I think you mean by “slim” fit). But a good “slim” fitting suit looks excellent on a slim guy. If you are slim, you do not want a “regular” boxy suit. It will hang on you like you’re wearing your Dad’s clothes.

        3. Absolutely right. Obviously, if you are a fat guy no tailor in the world will recommend “slim” fit.

        4. Absolutely spot on-I’m built in that v-shape fashion having the broad shoulders and narrow waist and the suits I had to tolerate looked absolutely absurd on me. I insist on having everything I wear tailored to my body but I fill the suit out so I look powerful/imposing.

        5. Right but like I said I’m far from the no meat no muscles soft looking guy. During my days of modeling (very short) they wanted me to be 175 pounds at 6’4! I was signed with a top 20 NYC modeling agency and within three months I quit. It was nothing short of disgusting how they tried to make men into these emaciated fag looking fuck boys that I wrote a long letter to the agency saying how it’s a disgrace to men and masculinity. So when you’re a tiny emaciated boy putting on a slim fit suit (like the J-Crew guys I mentioned) it’s gonna look disgraceful. But for me with my build and frame, a nicely slim tailored suit shows off my masculinity, it doesn’t disgrace it. Then again it’s tough to discuss fashion amongst men because some men just have no sense of style when they think they actually have it right. But I can’t make accusations because I don’t know what any of you look like or wear.
          As stated by John below, I have VERY broad shoulders and a 32″ waistline. A 185 pound shoulder press will do that, so I’m not concerned when someone “thinks” my suit is for fags, when I could kill them with my bare hands.

        6. “I wrote a long letter to the agency saying how it’s a disgrace to men and masculinity.”
          -If you don’t mind me asking, did they respond?

        7. 6’2″ 190 with broad shoulders and a 33″ waist and I have generally go slim fit and then have to get it taken in even further in order for it to fit right. And it looks nothing like the effete models in the fashion magazines – it just looks like a grown-up in fitted clothesm

        8. I agree with most points man, however as a tall muscular guy- I need tailored suits. However slim suits never fit since they’re always small in the shoulders and sleeves.

        9. Agree, the brooks brothers catalogs always got some kind of skinny fuck sporting their blazers or sport shirts. It’s disgusting, you never see any muscular guys in men’s clothing. It’s always skinny toothpicks.

        10. Ha, this is so silly. There are lots of different “fits” for suits, and some work better than others depending on your body type. Slim fits look good on certain body types, while they look ridiculous on others. Just wear whatever the fuck looks good on you.

      2. It used to be tailored fit. Now tailored fit is a euhorism for “fat” fit. It is now called “slim” fit to distinguish it from the tents that older men wear to hide their girth.

      3. What do you think of the suits in the second picture? Look elegant to me. None of them are slim fit. The problem with slim fit is that (some) men look like they’re wearing clothes they outgrew when they were sixteen.

    2. I think this comes down to the “objective” which the author brings up and then puts aside. Look when I go out to get some female company, I want some female company. So yes I will be disappointed if I don’t get it. That said, I would not let it ruin my night.
      On the other hand, if I want to hang with the guys I will hang with the guys. But ultimately, the pleasure I get from hanging with the guys does not compare with the intensity of enjoying a good woman.

      1. You’ve mentioned the desire to start a family someday as I recall. If you end up living with a woman to do so, over time you’ll come to find the company of men much more enjoyable than any intensity you get from her. And more rewarding, to be honest, outside of the children of course. Sex is great, but after a while you kind of get the urge to hear more than her words and views on things, and a regular weekly night of cards with your friends (or whatever pursuit) is like mana from heaven to you.

        1. Does it become preferable because it is a break from the routine? Imagine if you played cards with the boys every night…

    3. I agree with you when you say that nearly everything in the medias is designed for women. One of the few exceptions is the world of video games, and look at the vicious attacks it receives from feminists these days. Feminist writers have been writing smear articles and negative propaganda about gaming for over a year now. This is the price to pay to have entertainment designed for men.

    4. I don’t think slim fit means what you think it means. In clothing it doesn’t get much more masculine than a well groomed man wearing a properly tailored slim fit suit.

      1. “In clothing it doesn’t get much more masculine than a well groomed man wearing a properly tailored slim fit suit.”
        -I disagree.
        Slim fit is perhaps the ugliest looking suits I have seen in my life. I understand that there is a percentage of men who prefer this, but what really pisses me off is the fact that the fashion industry is forcing this style on men, and it is to be seen as the “standard” for all suits (regular fit suits now have slim arms)

        1. Are you an advocate for plus sized models or something? Slim fit is the “standard” in suits because it is flattering on the most desirable male physique; a v-shape torso. In most any quality collection, it has nothing to do with the arms or legs and everything to do with the jacket. If you don’t have a V-shape then it won’t be an ideal fit. Given the rising obesity rates, it’s a positive that slim fit is the fashion standard.

        2. Why would I be an advocate for the plus sized model?
          I think I touched the nerve of a lot of people here. But nonetheless, I stand by my opinion. I do not like slim fit, or the appearance of a slim fit suit. Just my opinion and my opinion alone.
          The appearance of a slim fit is something that a lot of men cannot pull off, nor do they look good in one. That includes me. And no, the slim fit was never the standard once. There used to be options for a variety of different men, based on different preferences and styles. Now that is gone.
          It is becoming increasingly frustrating to find a good suit of my choice, but I am coming to the conclusion, I will have to continue wearing my old suits.

        3. “Why would I be an advocate for the plus sized model?”
          Because you are disparaging slim fit which fatties can’t wear. It’s literally the exact same argument fat cunts complain about with designer dress sizes.
          “The appearance of a slim fit is something that a lot of men cannot pull off, nor do they look good in one. That includes me.”
          Then alter life choices to change your physique. You’re on a site that is very anti-fat acceptance while disparaging fashion industry model standards that are decidedly anti-obesity. That’s why you have touched a nerve. You sound like a fat girl complaining about unfair body standards.

        4. I am not fat. Very well built and strong. My physique is fine.
          I just do not like the slim fit. It is not an appropriate style for me. A lot of men like the slim fit style. But then again, there are a lot of men that do not like it.
          And no, I am not going to alter my lifestyle choices because the fashion industry wants me to. Why should I? I have my own personal choices and whatever freedom I have left, I would rather take that than to conform to the standards that the fashion industry wants.
          This will be my final response as I do not want to engage into a pissing contest. You have your choices and styles, I have mines.

        5. Instead of crying about slim fit suits, how about being a real man and getting a bespoke suit made for you. Save up a little dough and get a suit made how you want it. With the variety of made to measure options that have come out in the last five years or so, you really have no excuse.

        6. “Instead of crying about slim fit suits, how about being a real man and getting a bespoke suit made for you”
          -The ability to speak out the truth is something that any real man should do. Whether its about feminism, politics and yes, slim fit suits, an opinion is an opinion, and should be expressed.
          I have enough money, but am trying to find a tailor. Any recommendations would be great, but what I want to know, is if there are any online tailors that would alter the sleeve of a regular fit suit. The tailors I visited yesterday told me that they do not do it, so am now resorting to looking online.

        7. You just should have posted some pictures what you mean is „slim fit suit“ and what you mean is „normal fit suit“. Maybe we just call the same thing differently. Those pictures would let us figure out if it’s true or not.
          For example, suit on the right looks way better. It’s not „slim fit“ per se, it just has well tapered waist and not so baggy pants.
          One more decently looking suit, which would be considered „slim fit“, is below.
          However, when the suit gets extremely slim…

    5. I think it pertinent to point out that if one is amongst a group of men they just met in lively conversation at a bar or club, keep a safe emotional distance, and observe their reaction as women do enter the sword fight you are drinking in.
      If they are too thirsty, they are probably not going to be the type you want to befriend. If they either look perturbed because they sense these women’s potential predation of their livelihood for free drinks, or they steer the women into the group with artistic flair and gamesmanship, then stick around.
      Otherwise, they are betas, who will bring you down.
      Or perhaps you are a sucker for charity, and feel like getting worshiped by some new disciples as their new poon king.
      If they scare obviously gold digging motivated women away with real alpha’s fortitude, then you found some real drinking buddies.
      Potentially new business partners.
      My $.02.

    6. Oh the irony…all you so called butch, masculine men talking/giving fashion tips. Hahahaha.

  3. Hear hear!
    Some of the best times I had in my life were in some sausage fests that we had no control over. Like in the armed service for example where it’s pretty much a given that there are no or few women around but it’s nobody’s fault.
    IMO I think that a lot of guys are conditioned to think that if they didn’t want to put vagina first and foremost in every prospect of a good time, they will wake up gay the next day or “turn into a loser” or something. I see this is just about every implication coming from mainstream media.
    They do this on purpose, “the system” because women have become so intolerable that if it were suddenly OK to decide to eschew them, that they are not needed, the bottom will drop out of this structure of fake empowerment given to women as provided in the feminist driven model and the false pretexts of what they define a woman as.
    Meaning that men should man up and stop allowing themselves to be chased by the ghost of “you don’t want to give all to getting a woman/laid? Oh you must be gay.” (then the spirit or judge or whatever waves a magic wand that looks like a huge penis and the subject shouts “faaaabuloous” and starts sucking cocks left and right while crying and miserable the whole time because the rules state if you don’t put the pussy on the pedestal it means you are gay).
    And if that happens, women, lacking the attention and value/validation they (were conditioned to) crave will start to wonder why and then look into what happened and realize they were turned into horrible creatures that no real man would want and that would be the path to discovering they were lied to. The cat ladies’ names would not even be remembered in a year or two.

    1. Men in the past were hunters an went out an hunted while the women stayed back. It’s part of the male psyche to do activities with other males but there’s no real modern equivalent in our feminized society we have to make our own.

        1. Yea but as a hobby not a necessity. Many men would benifet from having a masculine activity they do with other men but they don’t seek any out or don’t know off any.

        2. Yea but as a hobby not a necessity, men in the past hunted an did things as group coz they needed too. Now days they don’t need to but many men would benefit from the camaraderie of doing something masculine with other men but don’t.

        1. I may get flamed for this but I don’t consider playing a video game a worthwhile or masculine pursuit, got nothing against gamers coz a few of my mates are, I just thinks there’s more worthwhike pursuits

      1. You can still hunt, you know. Seriously. Assuming you live in the states, or some Scandinavian countries (I think you can still hunt in Sweden actually, somebody correct me if I’m wrong of course).
        So grab a shotgun, or bow & arrow, and get to it, and bring your buds.

    2. hahahahaha this whole spiel was hilarious!
      He said “a magic wand that looks like a huge penis and the subject shoults “faaaaaabuloous’ and starts sucking cocks left and right….”
      This. Site. Is. Awesome.

  4. I spent my formative years in the punk scene and am so glad I did. Punk used to be a place where fucked up young men who didn’t fit in had a place to bond and let out aggression. A bunch of boys made music, art, records and merchandise and put on shows and did it without parents or government and without women. The few chicks hanging around were well known head cases. Then riot grrrll took off and in came the women and ruined it. Goodbye mosh pits because some cunt who fancies herself a photographer wants to stand at the front and dear fucking god she gets kicked while standing in the most violent spot in the shithole Elks Club (looking back now, the women brought out the white knights of the scence, e.g. those fucks who stand there at the front of a show wrapped around a girl “protecting” her). Grrrrrrrrrrr….

    1. yeah…. there’s a big difference between hanging with men that are being men, and sitting in a bar full of thirsty betas that are all hungry for pussy and only too happy to show their evening depends on getting laid even though 99% of them go home with their right hand….. that’s what is meant by a sausage fest… .your average sports game is a sausage fest, but because men are not out to get laid but to enjoy the game, it’s all cool…..
      even if the bar is 70% women, a large percentage of guys can only gawk and occasionally waste money buying a chick a drink….. only a few actually get anywhere…. so the options are a sexually frustrated, chick dominated, baiting fest or a sausage fest…. I’ll take the sausage any time….
      this is most certainly one area of Red Pill / PUA that has a hypocrisy and incongruence to it…. if you’re a man of the world and the bar is full of men, isn’t that a good thing….. ?
      isn’t that a chance to enjoy masculine company and socialized and connect with other men ?
      it’s definitely a chance to broadcast red pill, set an example, create influence and god forbid change the world….

  5. Every male needs an activity that he can do with other men without women, you can be yourself around other men an feel camaraderie you don’t get from being around women. I recently formed a pool team an entered in a comp with some other mates an it’s great giving each other shit before a during the games an in practice an just having a good time. There are women who’s company I enjoy but being around your male friends an participating in something is different from doing it with women an necessary for the male psyche

    1. Not ‘society’. You. Me. Individuals. We can start these clubs and there’s not a flying shit anybody can do about it. So a few lesbians and gays protest outside with signs, who gives a fuck, hell, use that as advertisement fodder to make it clear who isn’t welcome.

  6. From my perspective, any guy who gets too antsy about a lack of women in a location he’s in, is far too thirsty for his own good.

  7. In my small town we have a most-weekly “Thirsty Thursday” where between five and thirty men sit around between 8 and 12pm and drink very good quality home brew beer. The venue rotates, but there is a firm “no chicks” rule in place. We’re all married with kids, but everyone is pretty red pill. We tend to talk about ideas rather than gossiping about people. I have discovered it is a vital way to re-calibrate my brain after lengthy contact with feminine thinking. If you are married, you need to hang out exclusively with men regularly, just as women need to hang out just with chicks and talk about hair and tampons.
    Women do not care about a man’s doubts and fears, except so far as they impact on them. Such talk will diminish you in her eyes. You know how women always say they want men to be more vulnerable? My suspicion is that this is similar to a man playfully asking a woman how many dicks she’s had and what she did with them. They want to know, but hate us for it when they do know.
    I used to absolutely hate sausage fests myself when there was good pussy to be had, but being married changed that. I also used to think I had female friends who were more or less equivalent to my male friends. As I have gotten older the scales have fallen off my eyes about the nature of women. They are never your friend in the way a man is your friend, and when they flake on you, which they will eventually, they don’t even think it’s a big deal.
    Before any of you younger guys start pulling out the herd animal beta calls, let me just say: I’m 42, I felt the same as you when I was your age and racked up close to 400 different women from 28 countries. There comes a time when you want kids and don’t want to be the oldest guy in the bar. I enjoy being married and I love having kids. The red pill and game are just as vital if not more so, but there’s more to life than pussy.

    1. Bro and it’s not even the kids, it’s the change of perceptions each decade of your life. When I was in my 20s my priorities were different. I wanted to fuck, fuck, fuck, and who I was impinged on what women and women’s associates said about me, because I was afraid, god forbid, that whatever rumor, whatever I did/say was inappropriate I would lose out on getting Vag or my harem would deplete. Now I am on the new decade where my health and happiness impinges on what “I” think and do for myself, then secondarily, perhaps tertiary, the women.

    2. “Women do not care about a man’s doubts and fears, except so far as they impact on them. Such talk will diminish you in her eyes. You know how women always say they want men to be more vulnerable? My suspicion is that this is similar to a man playfully asking a woman how many dicks she’s had and what she did with them. They want to know, but hate us for it when they do know.”
      It’s not that this concept has not been talked about many times, and has been explained in many different ways.
      But this is one of those times that it’s worded very concisely.
      Spot on

    3. “I also used to think I had female friends who were more or less equivalent to my male friends…”
      Same here. I used to think the same way about female friends. In fact, before knowing the red pill all my friends were females..no male friends. I know, it sounds like I’m a fag, but I just like to be alone,I don’t really enjoy company of other men, but I’m trying to change that. Anyway, now that I understand more about the real nature of women, it’s amazing how quickly you spot them when they are toying with you or just using you in a way that a man would never do..

      1. Its not really true that you dont enjoy the company of other guys.
        Why else would you visit this site? Its practically a male only site.

        1. That’s why I said that I’m trying to change that bit. When I first started reading manosphere sites( I started with Alpha game and The Rational Male) it was just intellectual curiosity. But slowly I began to see the connection between what the blogs said and the reality as it is where I live.

    4. Yeah. Think about it. Imagine two different men: one that you only ever see hanging out with women, and one you only ever see hanging out with men. Who is actually more likely to be gay? That’s right, the guy who only hangs out with women. Girls love the company of eunuchs. It’s exactly the opposite of what the feminized culture brainwashes you to think.

  8. Two cars burning, one with a man, the other a woman. Im saving the man. When Im caught in a burning car, the man I saved might pull me out. Should I save the woman, She’d likely complain about the smell of my burning flesh.
    Thats the kind of shit I say at sausage parties.

  9. The negative backlash of the sausage fest come from the fact that guys are going to places they normally wouldn’t show patronage for the express purpose of finding tail. So you have twenty or thirty guys thinking the same thing and going do a place where there are no girls or the ones that are there are beat. Dudes get pissed. No one likes a night of trying to get poon foiled by the fickle hand of fate and ending with a jerking off session. If you are hanging at a choice whiskey bar or a microbrew joint and there is no vag to be had,no biggie. I guess it’s all location.

  10. The best place for male bonding are in 12 Step meetings. I actually only go to men’s meetings for the most part as it seems feminism and radical egalitarianism has attempted to take hold in mixed meetings. I’ve read women advocating for a new Big Book which would contain more “egalitarian” language which is only a ruse for furthering the feminine imperative. All in all, feminists hate the Big Book because it contains truth that is antithetical to the feminist line.
    Feminism is in direct contradiction to the will of God which is why AA is so despised by feminists. Go to thefix.com and read the comments written by women and obvious betas/manginas. Constant complaining that the Big Book is “outdated” and promotes patriarchy. If feminists hate it, it means its correct.

    1. I ADAMANTLY disagree there Biggs.
      AA the very EMBODIMENT of Feminism in our society. It is one of Feminism’s taproots and a fine example of group-think propaganda. AA Denial is 100% Institutionalized in our society, and very intentionally so I may add. AA will keep you the bluest of the blue pill betas and you will be forever be one of Feminism’s pet eunuchs. There is only one sentence in that Big Book worth reading; in the Doctor’s Opinion: “The only relief we have to suggest is complete abstinence”. The remainder of the book contains a few amusing anecdotes and a whole big-ass buttload of self-destructive cult brainwashing.
      If alcohol is causing you problems, then Don’t Consume Ethanol! It is that simple. Period.
      If you are not Man enough to face Your physiological reality and stop hurting Yourself then YOU WILL pay the price. If you can’t stop drinking without going into withdrawals get to an an M.D. any way you can and get some Librium to detox..for comfort but mainly to prevent seizures…which you can’t predict. Darwin’s Law is in full force here physically…and intellectually, too, if you let other people and institutions like AA dictate your thoughts, emotions and nature of your self-respect. I advise to stay from them and march on with your head up. It is precisely this bullshit that was running through Robin William’s head last August….he had been struggling and even went to Hazelton…the most NaZi of 12-step treatment centers. It literally makes me sick to my stomach.
      Unfortunately, I am one of the 10% of human beings afflicted with this allergy. I also have 25 years of experience with AA, myself and both parents, who are not real people any more in many ways due to the pervasiveness of long-term AA groupthink. My associations with that organization kept me in a confused Beta state for many or the best years of my life when all I needed to do was be a man and stop drinking ETOH. My bad. I took the AA Red Pill a long time ago…just because it is popular and widespread does not mean it is a safe solution for anything. It just means it is popular and has infiltrated medicine and court systems.
      Bill Wilson was a contemporary of L Ron Hubbard…there were a lot of crazy cults starting back in those days. Bill was a member of Frank Buchman’s Oxford Group (later to become Moral Rearmament and Up With People). Bill took the Oxford group’s stuff and rewrote it to become AA, in a nutshell. Frank Bookman had close friends in a little cult back then which he tried to model his Oxford Group philosophies on…they were called the National Socialist Party…Deutschland Uber Alles, bro.
      The dated language of the Big Book is pre-feminism, and the confused feminists resent the language, but that doesn’t make AA a masculine place….far from it. That just shows you how stupid the Feminists are. Most people who end up there in AA these days are victims of Feminist groupthink influenced social policies and sentenced there by government at gunpoint.

      1. Thanks for those insights. Yeah I never got into the AA groupthink vibe, despite sharing your allergy. As you say, I just don’t drink anymore, except for a few controlled periods each year where I drink beer then eat.
        I found the key was to focus on how much happier healthier and more harmonious my life is without feeling the constant pull to drink.

  11. this is the 80’s pre-internet phase in terms of simulated relationships

    ^ sounds stupid now, just like the internet was supposed to be a “fad”

    But, in 2030-2035 i can see the end of the sausage fest is near
    Just be patient… The power of genius and the cawk will combine and we shall conquer this adversity
    virtual reality, nano techs, artifical intelligence will combine to create an abundance for all mankind, no longer will we need to jump through 1000000 hoops and risk financial and legal ruin just for our primitive blueprint fulfillment,

  12. Rule one: if the women give it a derisory title, it’s probably something they feel jealous of.
    Rule two: anytime a woman calls it a sausage fest, call one of her female gatherings a clambake. Or a fish market.

    1. I have a few married friends who would tell me why their wives would be like “why would you go to a party with other guys? Why does one grown man go hang out with another grown man? This doesn’t make sense”
      It’s all about controlling the beta and it makes me wanna vomit

      1. well that’s the whole gay gone mainsteam BS isn’t it…. men can’t be friends any more, they must be sucking each others cocks…. so men don’t want to go to a bar full of men, in case they accidentally find themselves with a cock up their ass and a mouth full of cum…. that’s the perception…. the whole anti gay thing which was created by insecure beta men, created a pro gay thing, which benefited the females by making men afraid to have any kind of real kinship with each other and compete like idiots for one bar hag after the next….
        look at the 19th century cowboy bars etc…. those places weren’t exactly men only, but the females in there were basically wenches only there to fuck…. and were treated as such….

        1. Those western seemd like a lot of fun, bar fights, etc 😀
          Lord, I enjoyed Sunday Evening Westerns or Bruce Lee’s movie with my dad.

    1. minervan owl or Moloch? Human sacrifice (no) or effigy. Sacrifice is interestingly written into rosicrucianism, which is influential in freemasonry. Freemasons deny bohemian grove is freemasonry.

      1. “minervan owl or Moloch? Human sacrifice (no) or effigy. Sacrifice is interestingly written into rosicrucianism, which is influential in
        freemasonry. Freemasons deny bohemian grove is freemasonry.”
        An owl within the owl:
        The owl is sitting on a giant pyramid, the tail of the owl is the capstone (all seeing eye):
        More of the surrounding area, see anything else unusual?
        Is Satan (and therefore: God) real? Place your bets gentlemen. Perhaps the US government did so already.
        Angela Dodson: Well, this has been real educational, but… I don’t believe in the Devil.
        John Constantine: You should. He believes in you.

        1. yeah, this shit is a bit odd, but hey… you’re building a capital in a new world, in an age when those symbols and secret clubs were a big deal…… why not have a bit of fun with the town planning….. and leave a message….

        2. Fascinating. There are some books around on the occult origins of America. I am aware of the ‘satanic’ idea. I think the reality may be more nuanced. Freemasonry can be many things though, including both christian and jewish influenced, and certainly many of those who tapped into the masonic / esoteric ideas probably thought they were also good christians. Its a complex tradition, and some of it does tend towards the dark side. The owl may reflect the Greek idea of wisdom. Whether that is only the exoteric meaning is less clear. There’s no need for it to mean sacrifice to ‘Moloch’ as Alex Jones alleged. Sacrifice does appear to be a part of the esoteric tradition but not necessarily as a sinister ‘blood’ sacrifice. Freemasonry certainly may have a dark side though, in which light is ‘trapped; as in the kabbalistic tradition. Personally I think its more than a simple case of ‘good’ versus ‘evil’, but it definitely has to do with power and its exercise

        3. they definitely had a bit of fun with the (masonic) planning. Whether its harmless fun though…..that’s a whole different question

        4. Take this time to understand every organization stemming from the Masonic/luciferian plot has created constructs such as state raised families, feminism, Marxism, moral disorder. Those at the bohemian grove as pictured above are worshiping Moloch which in most hermetic mystery gods of Babylonian pantheon were mostly androgynous. Sound familiar? The redpill stands against more than just feminism but the very philosophies of the anti-Christ whether you’re faith based or not.

  13. Wait just a minute. The gatherings described within are not sausage fests, but merely men enjoying masculine fellowship. Only when an attractive female enters the room does it become a sausage fest with men abandoning their male companions to give attention to female in hopes of having that attention returned.

  14. “Sausage fest”. Whenever I hear a man use that term, I immediately think of him as a thirsty blue pill dude who cannot grasp the concept of brotherhood, the greatness of the bond between men and cannot go a day without seeing a female. I feel ‘men’ like these need a woman around because they have a constant need to impress a woman, or in other words need female approval, by being the guy in the group who is the loudest or has the best jokes.

    1. So true. Brotherhood used to be considered a cardinal virtue. Think of the slogan of the French Revolution: liberté, égalité, fraternité. There’s a reason it’s called brotherhood, and not sisterhood.

  15. I turned 50 today. Plenty of better men never made it this far, so I call this Success…even if it’s leading by a chin.
    I have deep concerns for you younger generations of men. Blessed I am to have spent the first half of my life living in an analog world…and how cruel and disturbing it’s been to spend the second half watching George Orwell’s novel, 1984, manifesting…a self-fulfilling prophecy, almost to the letter. If you haven’t done so yet, this is required reading; Red Pill 101. Reading it now ain’t gonna save the world, but it might save you.
    In the analog world men actually had to figure things out, solve their own problems, get out of their own jams. We men did this together. All generations of men participated together in analog life. We tinkered and experimented. I still have my first Craftsman Mechanics Set; it and a lot of bloody knuckles has keep me rolling for half a century. In the analog world porn was only in magazines or peep shows in big cities…we had to figure out how to fuck by experimenting with fucking and picking the hair out of our teeth…a lot of it. Sex, Drugs & Rock-n-Roll. We also worked. We worked hard and we got our hands dirty. I mowed a lot of lawns, washed a lot of dishes, loaded a lot of trucks….then I went to high school only to drop out and learn a metal trade, putting roofs on skyscrapers. Fast forward and I am now a degreed IT pro, Dot Com vet and work Big Corporate running this Digital Infrastructure which is rapidly becoming Hell on Earth. My only saving grace is that I am not married, no kids and I don’t carry a mortgage; I carry a passport. In the words of Jim Morrison, “…I’ve never been so broke that I couldn’t leave town”.
    Man, I really need to get out to the range one weekend soon and empty some brass with the boys. It’s been too long, can’t you tell?
    Hope to see you there.

    1. yeah.. i remember 1989 – driving across London in heavy late night traffic, in a shitty old manual…… completely high on acid and speed, smoking a huge joint, with my friend practically passed out in the passengers seat, and navigating around run down parts of the city – google for Brixton ( think Bronx), I didn’t know all that well, using a paper map, I was holding on up the steering wheel…..
      that shit was real…… today you have leather seats, cruise control, steptonic and a GPS, and are constantly in touch with 500 people on your smart phone and you never really leave and never arrive either….
      by the time it does come to conqueror another planet, we’ll be such pansies we can’t even put a space suit on without mommie robot to tie our shoe laces….

      1. today you have leather seats, cruise control, steptonic and a GPS, and
        are constantly in touch with 500 people on your smart phone and you
        never really leave and never arrive either….

        Heh, well, some people do. I have cruise control. Otherwise, still driving a manual, no GPS, no smart phone and, surprisingly, all kinds of mystery surrounding me since nobody knows where I am at any given time. Which is precisely how I like it.

    2. Happy Birthday!
      If you’re in Ohio I know of one dude who’d love to burn through some brass with you, heh.

  16. Very good article..in fact it’s beta to even talk about how if there’s no women u outta there. As if worthless skanks actually have any influence on what you do or not.

  17. Ive got a couple of buddies who I hang out with semi regularly. Just this last weekend we all went up to a cabin in the woods that one of them built. We snowmobiled in, made dinner, drank a bunch of beer, talked about life, women, ideas and our work. We then slept soundly and got up the next morning and went on a long snowshoe hike. We then all packed up and went our separate ways. Talk about a refreshing time. Its important for a man to get out of his cave and hang with other guys in a healthy affirming environment. It does wonders for his soul and mental health

  18. I went out this past weekend at my local dive bar. I go there to drink cheap not for the women. Anyways, I start talking w/ this guy from the Ukraine. Out nowhere he says,”I’m no gay”. Apparently carrying on a conversation as a man w/ another man is gay. After that I just got up and left. Shit has never happened to me overseas

    1. I’ve never had that happen, ever, and I’m quite social at the ol’ bar.
      I hesitate to mention this, but do you dress in a “nice” way or in some way that would telegraph a different message than you intend? Unfortunately we’re being ghettoized as straight males, including taking away our ability to dress fashionably (“that’s so gay!” or “gay eye for the…” bullshit), or to even be well read and able to hold coherent discussions that utilize big words “gay!”
      The mold we’re being pushed to fill is that of the hooting moron who only cares about pussy and beer. Nothing wrong with pussy or beer mind you, but being a man must mean more than just those two things.
      Point being, maybe Mr. Ukraine has bought into the conditioning, if you were well dressed, or happened to converse in an intelligent manner that he was unaccustomed to hearing and has been told is a ‘sign of being gay’.

      1. Nah, I dress pretty nice and carry myself pretty well. I’m not gay either. It was just nice getting out the house and talking w/ someone other than myself for a change lol
        That’s kind of what I had in mind but after he said that I just left. I didn’t feel like socializing anymore

      2. Yeah. It’s happened to me. Ironically, in grad school, where you’d think people wouldn’t be so fucking retrograde.
        At a certain point I decided to start dressing like a fucking grownup, despite the fact that no one around me did: quality chinos and oxford button-downs, tucked in. At some point someone told me someone in our program said to them about me, “He’s always dressed so nicely…is he gay?”
        God that shit pissed me off. Just the assumptions that go into that, on their own demonstrate everything that’s wrong with society.

  19. Words to exorcise from our vocabulary:
    Sausage Fest: A term meant to reduce men to nothing more than a gathering of penises. The notion that anything of higher morality, virtue or intellect can occur through a gathering of men is thus short circuited.
    Bro-mance: The term which has purposefully been created to make having a true and boon friend seem covertly gay, in order to discourage men from engaging in anything more than superficial relationships with other men.
    Language matters, and the Left fully understands this, which is why we should focus on what precisely they are trying to prevent by injecting terms like this into the mainstream. These words would have had no place in any other society or culture in history, but somehow we find them perfectly ok here? I think not. They are meant to keep us separated and from comparing notes.
    The Founding Fathers were a group of men who gathered together in bars, formed lifelong friendships that were quite deep and significant, and plotted to overthrow their government. In today’s parlance we’d say “Those founding dads were like one huge sausage fest that had a lot of bro-mance going on that did a lot of conspiracy theory tin foil hat shit!” See the difference?
    To the article: Absolutely agree. As mentioned many times in the past, there’s a reason I hang with bikers.

    1. Another good point. I have wondered whether the in-your-face nature of the gay agenda is not to pull more men into homosexuality, but rather to drive them apart so they can not form that which is most dangerous to powerful ruling elites: groups of strong moral men, able to think critically, united by a common aim, and willing to take action to bring it about. As George Carlin said: “That is not in their interest!” How better to prevent men forming these groups than by associating such gatherings with homosexuality which all but a (growing thanks to porn) tiny minority find repulsive.

    1. You have bought into the feminist narrative. Keep men separated and from forming strong social bonds, keep us atomized and alone in our homes OR chasing pussy as an end pursuit of life. If you think that men hanging out together is “gay” then you basically must consider all history prior to your birth as one giant “gay” orgy. Men used to hang out in barbershops for hours on Saturdays talking to each other, or going hunting together, or going to men’s clubs (not strip joints), etc.
      But yeah, how dare they not spend time, even a few moments, not trying to fill the female hole. Totally “gay”.
      You’ll make a fantastic beta husband, dude. Nice and compliant and never leaving home to spend time with your former friends for fear of being seen as “gay”. Your dominitrix…er…wife will love having you under her thumb.

      1. Well said Ghost. Men such as this “guest” need to stop labeling anything male only as gay. It’s actually quite the opposite. And he has co-opted a all too familiar feminine shaming technique of painting men as queer if they don’t follow their imperative. Now that’s gay.
        It’s a shame that men’s spaces have been almost completely wiped out. I’m currently trying to get a guys poker night going.

  20. People always tell me how I should have more female friends. The common denominator is that all of those people are useless with women. They get laid through sheer luck or persistence, often with sub par women… If they get laid at all.
    Why would I want to spend time with women and their drama? If someone gave me the choice between social solitude and hanging out with majority women I would probably opt for solitude. I’ve had many periods of my life where I’ve hung out with large groups of girls and it’s never really advantaged me. Hanging out with men of all status’s benefits me, either by showing me what to do and not to do, or allowing me to help other men reach their potential.

  21. My friends and I used to do stuff all the time. Poker parties, drinking games, Sunday football parties. All male only.
    There’d be nights we’d go out looking for parties or clubs with women to hit on, but we had no problems just hanging out at the local dive bar drinking a lot and playing poker or drinking games, or getting together at one of our apartments for football games, etc.
    But that was back in the old days when women were simply part of your life, not your entire life.

  22. Pubs/bars used to be “no women allowed” areas, dedicated exclusively to male bonding. There is nothing more effeminate than spending all of one’s free time chasing women (except, perhaps, spending all one’s time chasing men). The society where the sexes mix, is a society where moral degeneracy and the softness of the “blue pill” attitude is certain to grow and flourish. It starts off slowly, at first, because everyone has been raised in an hitherto moral society and is basically a decent person. But as both sexes lose their moral restraint and escalate the manipulation on either side, the irrational instincts of both sexes slowly erode the foundations of society (albeit, women admittedly have a special kind of crazy going on for them).
    Men who could not restrain themselves in days of yore, would have gone to a brothel and gotten their orgasm out of the way in a brief while; they then would have spent their lives doing something more interesting. When I think of men spending all their free time chasing slatterns for a nut, rather than enjoying quality time with their pals, in recreation, hobbies or enterprise, I am baffled.

  23. Men go and socialize with other men in the absence of no or few women because they are interesting and fun, and women are not. If you spend considerable amounts of time working and socializing with men, you will find that women are very shallow in most respects.
    Women don’t like men who spend too much time clucking with them anyway, all that time cozying up to them, and they will leave with a man’s man after a few minutes of meeting him. How does that feel???
    Stop trying to understand their feelings or bond with them. They don’t really care about you anyway, just look at how they constantly back-stab all of their female friends.
    You want to know who you can trust when shit goes down? Good male friends, that’s it. Trust ’em with your life, just not your money or your wife 😉

  24. “They have taught me the power of belief, how to start a business and be
    better resourceful with my money, or how to be a leader, learning the
    mannerisms of the wealthy.”
    Too bad they didn’t teach you sentence structure, English, or grammar.
    Otherwise good article.

  25. Most men who say they feel more “comfortable” around women simply feel intimidated by other men. Trust me, I used to be that guy.

    1. I think I’ve figured it out. Coeducation and mixed company are an incentive to weak men: they enable weak men to get away with weakness. That’s where all the allies of feminism come from.
      Male company is always a test; it’s always a challenge, especially if you fall short of manhood. And some people can’t handle that. Today’s society gives those people a really easy out. And it’s no wonder they become bitter, resentful, diehard supporters of feminism and basically anything their new female protectors want.
      Again, I used to be that guy—at least, the guy who used to feel inadequate in harsh male company, and therefore decided there was something bad about it. Those days are long gone, but a lot of guys seem never to come back.

  26. As a man, first you must stand alone.
    Then you must stand among men.
    Only then can you stand among women.

  27. You’ll never learn anything interesting by hanging around women. Ever.
    Everything they spew is negative, hostile, emotionally draining, braggy, half-true, passive-aggressive, has double/triple/quadruple meanings, or is about nonsense like Pop 40 music or their sudden fake obsession with pro football. Really, you can almost predict what they’re going to say before they even say it most of the time. We don’t give a fuck your innumerable selfies, your favorite football team, the five-figure piece of paper your got at a McUniversity, your joke of a workout routine, or your trip to Paris either Daddy or Sugar Daddy paid for.
    Nope, all we care about is how good you look and how old you are, straight-up.

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