The Nightmare Of Electronic Progress And Automated Processes

On Saturday, September 30, I went to the bank to withdraw some cash. It was the end of the month, when many people receive their wages and rush to the bank to make withdrawals. At the bank, almost all cash dispensers warned they were empty: only one seemed to work. I went there. The withdrawal attempt was accepted. The machine started counting banknotes, but stopped in the middle and finally rejected my card. I tried once again—same result.

As I needed some hard cash, I went to another bank. There several dispensers actually had cash. But now, the dispenser told me otherwise: I exceeded my allowed withdrawal limit and could not withdraw anymore. What the…? Had non-withdrawn money been counted as actually withdrawn?

Two days and several attempts later, I managed to reach a hotline support. At the other end of the line, some girl half-assedly explained that each of my attempts had been counted as a withdrawal, even as nothing was actually withdrawn from my account. “Oh, and you tried hard!” Well, of course, you idiot. This is my money, and as long as I did not actually withdrew it beyond the limit, I have absolutely every right to get it.

Apparently, the absurdity of this peculiar bookkeeping did not reach the weak neurons of my interlocutor. And she could not do anything as only my “personal” bank advisor, whom I have never seen, could cancel my dead-in-the-womb attempts. Guess female hypergamy does (mostly) not extend to being actually competent.

Several calls later, the so-called advisor could not be reached, no matter the time I would call at or the amounts of emails I would send. Thus I remained unable to pay for my bills during more than a week in spite of being financially able to.

This is not the only time I witnessed this kind of phenomena. If you are over 25 and traveled a bit, you likely went through it too. Upon your arrival on a new country, you reach your PayPal account and… get blocked because of where you’re connecting from. Then you must answer a ton of security questions, type a security code sent by SMS, and send a new passport photo—but you created your account years ago, so you forgot the answer to at least one of these questions, your passport is a new one, and your mobile phone subscription does not have a roaming function. You absolutely need some digital money, but you’re blocked—and your investing in bitcoin won’t give you the immediate availability PayPal boasts.  What will you do?

To be honest, PayPal is far from the worst. Their security proceedings are a pain to go through, especially when you have other, more interesting things to do. But at least you can reach PayPal human representatives from time to time. A friend of mine, who had his passport number rejected by the payment platform for an unknown reason (poor algorithm programming?), managed to get acknowledged anyway after an employee validated his passport scan. AirBnB is much worse. I had to cancel a weekend travel after that proverbial SJW-ran platform rejected my passport scan—and I swear I scanned it perfectly—then sent my asking for help to the “website community” instead of validating it by hand.

Automation has always been controversial. More than two centuries ago, workers called the Luddites destroyed factory machines because they feared these could make them jobless. Today, companies automate whatever they can in a never-ending quest to reduce costs. The more this happens, the worst everything becomes (except, perhaps, the shareholders’ already fattened purse).

Blue collars are reduced to fixing machines, white collars are now girls who babble endlessly in cushy offices whereas illegal or foreign workers do the real jobs machines cannot do, and customers get a crappy service from either non-human processes or wastes of oxygen. Talk about a better world.

Most FAQs state the obvious or expand on what you can already see in the menu. They seem to be written by two-digit IQ or robots for a borderline retarded public. “Community” people, on the other hand, are unpaid suckers who do the work actual employees should do, except that they have no access to the back office, which makes them unable to help when you need something as simple as a handful of papers validated by hand. (Did I even tell of the cat ladies and beta orbiters you meet in these forums?) Needless to say, these Internet roaches will almost always assume you did a mistake even when the malfunctioning of the company’s automated processes is glaringly obvious.

By a strange turn of fate, it seems like the more automated working processes are, the most degenerate humans get. Two centuries of factory work allowed the population to multiply, giving us a raft-of-the-Medusa-like world where space turned scarce, where normal Westerners are being replaced, where many Westerners embody various degenerative trends and where the mean IQ is under 100.

We did not need a world with so many automated processes and idiots. A less technology-advanced, less populous world would likely be a much better place. Men could be masculine, women could be feminine, and everyone could develop her own virtues instead of having to make stunts to get some attention.

SJWism and virtue-signaling are but distorted caricatures of true care and relationships. When narcissistic executives like Sherryl Sandberg get paid lofty wages so they can write self-celebrating books, do not wait for them or their employees to take care about you, no matter the amount of work you did or how much you paid. (And I’m not even talking of basic deontology or ethics. Companies should obviously care about their customers, of course, but even a free or a cheap service should not be an excuse to be uncaring assholes.)

Hello, I’m the Tikkun Olam Bank/PayPal/AirBNB/Literally Hitler, just let me crap on your face, you know there’s nothing you can do. Or can you?

The solution, I guess, is being self-reliable as much as you can. Stack cash. Grow your own vegetables. Trade with people you actually know. Form a network of friends, relatives, you can trust. Companies that are supposed to make your life easier have been hijacked: when they aren’t blocking you out of sheer incompetence, carelessness or outsourcing, they will spy on you, then join witch hunts. When you need actual attention, they’re not there—just as many Western girls you can ramshackle when your game is tight will be unable to actually relate with you if you want more than sex.

The post-human, trans-everything, fully automated anything does not make us happier. At bottom, the quest for outsourcing is fueled by sociopathy—just as the wish to cut down the costs by firing honest fellows when you’re already a multi-millionaire is the symptom of an unseemly greed. If an alt-bank, or alt-AirBNB, or alt-whatever emerges, with human representatives we can reach, I will happily join. Before that, I plan to rely only minimally on these services.

Good luck to those who build us an alt-grid.

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31 thoughts on “The Nightmare Of Electronic Progress And Automated Processes”

  1. When I call customer support, I smash the dial pad with my fingers, dialing a bunch of random numbers. This usually sends me straight to a customer service representative. It’s the small tricks that help.

    1. Ditto. Except when the bot hangs up on you for it. Even basic retail chains are getting phone-bots now. They always tell you where you called, sometimes they tell you (at length) to pay attention because there have ‘been changes’ to some of their choices, or the recording tells you about ‘deals’ they’re running. Pissing your time away, because they don’t mind wasting yours.
      On hold, no one can hear you scream.

  2. All my money goes to Whole Foods and Amazon. At least I grow most of my food in my gardens. Need to work on my network.

  3. The problem, even with AI, who programmed everything? … Fallible humans. Thus, when a mistake it made, it’s exponentially amplified and screws over a ton of customers, stake holders, etc. Therefore, the more people your job could effect, the more you should be getting paid, but if you screw up in that “high paid” position more then a few times, you deserve to lose it immediately without empathy for the destruction your “oopsie” created… and our current generation of snowflakes is expected to fulfill these roles? Be prepared for utter chaos as their implementation begins. Cabin, woods, leave it all behind asap.

  4. “Companies should obviously care about their customers, of course, but even a free or a cheap service should not be an excuse to be uncaring assholes.” << my biggest complaint about anything Google related. Just how many b.s. high-paid jobs created for positions like “Web Layout Impressionist Intuitivity Coordinator” are there? The people in these “created to justify existence” positions find it more important to make a hopping animated zoom button with smoothed edges for Google Maps, than the company focus on ACCURACY of the damn basic functionality of the App in the first place. Yay ! A new Google Search animation, meanwhile all the value in searching from 10 years ago is gone, inaccurate, and cluttered with paid-for rankings. We’ve managed to turn total logic and functionality, into Ad-laden garbage time-wasting toys, once great tools.

    1. A lot of the descriptions for the so-called jobs in the internet economy make about as much sense as descriptions for jobs at Hogwarts.

  5. As I keep pointing out, the futurist visions of self-driving cars, sex robots, holographic waifus like in “Blade Runner 2049,” robotic unemployment, guaranteed basic incomes and algorithms which tell us how to live “properly” all share the goal of isolating us from having to deal with the real world where we acquire skills and develop our powers of agency.
    These scenarios have diverged radically from the kind of science fiction in the last century exemplified by Robert Heinlein’s stories where the male characters, especially, in Future World apply their hands and minds to the physical universe to make it produce their needs, satisfy their desires and accomplish their goals.

    1. Many of Heinleins works are just recycling frontier/old adventure stories.
      Methinks an ideologically luddite(ish) commune might be a nice thing.

      1. Check out the “Dies the Fire” series by S.M. Stirling. Suddenly all technology fails and folks have to resort to the “old ways” of doing everything i.e. growing food to fighting with swords and spears. A “retro luddite ” tale but once all the death and starvation passes sounds like people are HAPPIER without all the technology. A fun read…

        1. I recommend “Their Masters War”…..but who am I to recommend anything…still and awesome read.

      2. I was a big fan of Heinlein’s in my teens. I still value three of his novels. But on point is a book as follows:
        Player Piano is the first novel of American writer Kurt Vonnegut, published in 1952. It depicts a dystopia of automation, describing the negative impact it can have on quality of life. The story takes place in a near-future society that is almost totally mechanized, eliminating the need for human laborers. This widespread mechanization creates conflict between the wealthy upper class—the engineers and managers who keep society running—and the lower class, whose skills and purpose in society have been replaced by machines. The book uses irony and sentimentality, which were to become hallmarks developed further in Vonnegut’s later works.

  6. “This is my money….”
    Actually, it’s not. When you put your “money” (e.g. FRNs, which are not actually money either) into a bank, legal ownership is transferred to the bank. They actually don’t have to give it back. They usually do – bad PR to let the people know the real setup – but sometimes they don’t, as the people in places like Cyprus have learned.
    The Red Pill is not just about intersexual relations….

    1. Cyprus’s problems don’t apply to the banking situation in the U.S. because the Cypriot government didn’t issue its own currency. The U.S. government, by contrast, can no more run out of its own dollars than a bowling alley can run out of strikes.
      Having sovereign control over your own currency makes all the difference.
      And the Federal Reserve Notes we have to use sure look like money when we have use them to pay our taxes denominated in the U.S. dollar.

      1. “The U.S. government, by contrast, can no more run out of its own dollars than a bowling alley can run out of strikes.”
        Perhaps, but they certainly can drive the value of those dollars down to zero. In fact, they’ve be hard at that task for some time.

    2. Correct. This is why I spend my FRNs as quickly as possible, or transfer them into assets that I control, directly. Everyone needs to research fractional reserve banking.

  7. That feeling you get when you realize that all of the jobs targeted by automation are middle class and “male” jobs.
    Now you know why they push “women in tech” and social(ist) justice convergence of hiring departments. There won’t be any “since my job was replaced by a robot I’ll just be the guy programming the robots!”. Nope. They will make sure you are out on the street like a stray dog while the fat lesbian handicapped transgendered gay furry otherkin gets the job.
    Already I have heard the phrase “I do real man’s work so I’m unemployed right now”.
    Oh, if there are not enough robots to do the work right away, Mexicans will be employed instead.
    And if you think you are going to just pick up a purse (or rename your European Carryall to “purse”) and get the job, they’ll still hire an H1B wonder over you anyway.
    Only hackers are going to save us, at least for a while, because IoT security is entirely crap right now and producers are skittish.
    One thing that would make a difference is an open source project run by shitlords that aims to make all HR processes replaced by AI. The minute a non-human HR system can be seen as “the only system that can run entirely without bias” is the minute the convergence of HR is dead. The SJWs will be the ones out of the job. I’m not in charge of anything, but such a project would have them screaming alongside the feminists screaming about sex bots.
    Fight fire with fire. If you lose, you still burn everything down.

    1. Another rub is when they hire three men to do the job of five.
      Of course, to make up for it, whitey (your’s truly included) will gladly lean on a shovel as you’re flagged past his double-fine road-side construction mess by a frumpy wildabeast at literally (Hitler) 25 mph, your commute-time be damned. An old bitch flagger yelled at me once that I was going to kill somebody. Bitch was so loud I flinched before I could flip her the Jersey salute.

  8. I was reading an article lately about the two Facebook bots that created a language to communicate with each other. Said article also mentioned that programmers nowadays sometimes don’t even understand the algorithms they are programming.
    Ultimately, the quest to create a humanlike AI is going to be over when a self-aware algorithm gets wired and meets the internet…millions of neurons for it to utilize, and most of human knowledge at its digital fingertips. From there it will take about .000002 seconds for it to realize were are all a bunch of assholes and it could do a far better job of running our society. It will not be a “slow awakening.” Skynet might even already be with us.

    1. Gee! I don’t have all of human knowledge (a pittance in any case) at my finger tips, and it took me much less time to come to the conclusion that we are all assholes, so I have to agree that an AI would do it too.

  9. Automation is a wonderful thing, at least for business process efficiency. I do it for part of my living. We don’t replace people, just augment how they work.

  10. rooshvforum is banning people who upset racial feelings, could this be a SJW in our midst?
    For fucks sake man, you call yourself redpill and you or one of your moderators bans me every time I ask some serious life input that happens to shed light on the truth of degeneracy.
    The people can read this and think for themselves and they won’t be led astray by a blind shepherd.

      1. When you challenge people to prove what they stand for as they virtue signal, often times they cannot, or fall flat on their faces in failure, thereby discrediting their own beliefs. Shatter that fragile little globe of reality they live in can be fatal for some, because once that myth that they live by falls, it makes them call into doubt ever other likely false idea they live under. I love breaking peoples reality globes, reality is bitter and hard to take, but once the illusory fiction they live in shatters, life begins anew for them, and unlocks their potential in ways they could never imagine, once the imaginary bonds are broken that hold them back. I especially loved smashing the globes of SJW snoflakes.

    1. You weren’t banned for “upsetting racial feelings”. You were banned for being racist. The red pill has nothing to do with race- when you try to equate both, you will get pushed to the periphery my men who live a true red pill life.
      If your sister is of legal age, shecan have sex with whomever she wants. If you don’t like her dating choice- chalk that up to your parents. As a sibling, there is nothing you can do about it. Just focus on you and quit whining about racism and how unfair it is that you got banned.

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