Will There Be Riots In America The Day After Donald Trump Wins The Presidency?

The above photo was snapped in Ferguson as thugs burned the city down. Could we see a repeat of that fateful event and perhaps a worsening of it soon to a city near you?

The election is the focus of every news channel ad nauseum. But few people are focused on the day after the election. No matter who wins this year’s presidential “selection” the possibility of civil unrest the day after election day and beyond is a real possibility. Are you ready for chaos if it develops?

The nation is so divided we are likely to run into problems.

The ugliest scenario for the day after election day plays out if Trump wins. If Trump wins, get ready for Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers, The Race (La Raza) and other racially motivated anti-white groups to come out and possibly start burning cities down again. After all, they have been given carte blanche all year long to do so in Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte, and San Jose. A worrisome precedent has been set.

Of course, Trump won’t be in power the day after election day (we have to wait until Inauguration Day for him to clean up any potential messes) so Barack Hussein Obama is likely to give the racial hate groups the green light once again while the media whips out their collective Stradivarius, plays my heart bleeds for thee, and sympathizes with the devils destroying the nation.

If The Bitch wins conservative groups may clash with leftists over rights being stripped away

If The Bitch wins conservative groups may clash with leftists over rights being stripped away

If Hillary wins, there’s the real possibility of protests the day after the election, and the social conditioning of whites to be polite and docile even as they’re railroaded in what was formerly their nation may not hold this time around. A Hillary win means the chaos and possibly violence could wait until she starts stripping constitutional rights away. Then, we are likely to see conservatives finally come out and start raising some righteous hell. There could be racially motivated clashes on the horizon as white people standing up for themselves goes against a long-established narrative that they’re all evil racists.

Few people think of the effects civil unrest could have on their livelihood and well-being. It’s time for a little education on just how thinly stretched the American supply chain is, and what could happen with only a short-term disruption in it.

Here’s a scenario – just one of many possible scenarios. Video of rioters stopping and then looting a semi tractor-trailer in Charlotte is worrying because if trucks stop, America stops. If attacks on truckers happen often enough, truckers may decide it’s not worth the risk to their lives to continue moving freight around and stop driving. Within a day, bedlam could ensue as the supply chain runs on a razor’s edge in modern America and everything from food to medication to gasoline starts running out.

Supply Chain

Rioters broke into trucks on I-85 and burned cargo in Charlotte

Rioters broke into trucks on I-85 and burned cargo in Charlotte

According to the American Trucking Association (ATA) a disruption of 24 to 48 hours means hospitals and nursing homes would run out of food. Fuel supplies at gas stations would also run out in that time frame. Garbage would start to pile up. Most grocery and retail stores would start to run out of food and merchandise. ATM and bank cash supplies would also run out.

The tight rope the corporate system walks quickly breaks when merchandise stops moving.

As an example, the ATA tells us this is what happens during a hurricane. Imagine what would happen with days or weeks of rioting in major cities.

In a hurricane situation, supplies that would normally last a few days, such as water, powdered milk, and canned meat, typically disappear within one day. Given these inventory rates, this means that perishable goods could be depleted in a matter of days and non-perishables in just a few days. Runs on food and non-food staples during hurricanes, and even before big winter storms, provide a good example of how fast some retail inventories can be depleted during panic buying. The same quick depletion of inventories could occur if trucks stopped making deliveries for any reason.

Panic buying means no food on the shelves. When people don’t have food at home and then the grocery store doesn’t have food, rioting will intensify. Things could get ugly in a hurry as one small disruption leads to a domino effect, after which Bedlam ensues.

So, it is best to be prepared with non-perishable items just in case things get out of hand. Have at least several weeks food supply on hand. But, how do you stop people from coming and taking your stash?

Be Armed

The police won't be around to protect you if Bedlam ensues

The police won’t be around to protect you if Bedlam ensues

Contrary to gun propaganda from the media, you absolutely want to be armed in the event the election and its aftermath don’t pass peacefully. What happens when stores no longer have food and gas stations no longer have gas? Gangs form looking for homes that do have those items.

They’re going to pick out the weakest home in the neighborhood and pounce.

A home with guns is a safe home. Just as this YouTube video shows, armed thugs may bust into a house looking for money or food, but they started jumping through plate glass windows and scrambling like cockroaches once the homeowner came out with guns blazing.

Several handguns with extra ammunition are advised. Know how to use them. Be steady with the trigger. And don’t be afraid to use them if looters come to your house.

The police will NOT be there to protect you as they’ll have their hands full with the chaos.

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

The idea of an intact nuclear family may be a trite memory, but protecting your loved ones is still key

The idea of an intact nuclear family may be a trite memory, but protecting your loved ones is still key

With the meltdown of America happening right before our very eyes, we are entering an unstable period in the nation’s history, to say the least. No matter who wins the election the nation we once knew and loved is passing away. Trump may be able to turn things around temporarily, but even if he does the country now has so many immigrants it will be impossible to assimilate them all.

We are entering a period in which America will resemble a third world country more and more. The demographics of the nation are being changed on purpose so white people are diminished at the ballot box and Democrats will gain a lock grip on the levers of power in the nation in the coming years. Divisions between rich and poor will grow, and the evil media will be there stirring the pot with racial, class, and gender division every step of the way. Peace will become a thing of the past as squabbling factions compete with each other for dominance.

In this transition from prosperity to despotism, it is best to be safe than sorry. The day after election day will be telling in that it will set the tone for the next four years. It may be a somewhat peaceful turn towards Communism if The Bitch wins, or it may not be.

But my money is on a steady degradation of civil society in the coming years. Tend your own garden, as I know I will be tending my own. My military friends are already discussing what will happen in SHTF scenario. You should be thinking about it, too.

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318 thoughts on “Will There Be Riots In America The Day After Donald Trump Wins The Presidency?”

  1. I was going to make a post that we should stop assuming that Trump is going to win, but then I realized that it basically doesn’t matter: while anyone with a brain would say that we should not be declaring a winner before the votes are counted, it is largely irrelevant: We will deal with a Trump victory or loss on November 9th, 2016.
    The ugliest possible scenario is that Trump wins the Electoral College but loses the popular vote. In that scenario, I believe riots to be highly likely. The second most dangerous scenario is that Trump wins the popular vote, but loses the Electoral College.
    What I am hoping for is a scenario where Trump wins both the popular vote and the Electoral College. The chances of riots and unnecessary violence go down significantly, and the legitimacy of Trump’s Presidency will be harder to challenge.

    1. Whether there will be violence or not to a large extent depends on the calculations of George Soros, and how he thinks violent protests might affect his goals. He’s certainly willing to pay folks to cause trouble.

      1. Everything in public policy and government revolves around how people like Soros think it should go down.

    2. You aren’t even close, assassination, bombing, they are considering crazy shit. Remember the head of the FBI gave HIllary a pass after likely seeing the exact same emails that we are seeing(treason isn’t a crime??). Oh and what are the odds of two planes catching fire on the same day without sabotage being involved? Right around zero.

    3. Of course if T wins the EC but loses the popular vote, he wins the election, but the low info anti-Trump voters will riot claiming he “really” lost.
      I’m much less concerned about disappointed pro-Trumpers rioting, for obvious reasons. In their case, I would however expect more long-term low-level nonviolent disobediences (gumming up the works type stuff.)

  2. Something tells me that video won’t be showing up on CBS nightly news.

  3. Al Sharpton said he was leaving the country if Trump wins….that should help.

        1. I wasn’t a regular follower of any radio shows but the clips people have sent me of some of their parody songs have. Even pretty damn good

        2. I only know them from Patrice Oneal clips on youtube that ROK introduced me to. They had Patrice on their show pretty regularly. To my ear, they were always boring, obnoxious cunts that got in the way of Patrice making interesting or hilarious points. I never knew why they were famous. Howard Stern does the same thing but is 1000x better. But I dig this.

        3. I didn’t really listen to them or Stern on the regular but people send me YouTube clips when soemthing is funny.

    1. Fortunately, he’ll probably find a way to stay on television, even if it’s from a foreign country.

        1. That’s 1 of 3. Make sure you watch the other two. I almost died at “Thigh military”.

    2. Oh thank God, I hope he really does. Please say its true. Hope he goes to Cuba.

    1. No, Trump supporters have a higher-than-average rate of unemployment. That’s why they’re willing to burn down the system that has failed them …. by voting for a man who has zero interest in preserving or even understanding our Constitution.

        1. I support and join him in contempt of the 14th amendment. Should momentum build enough to draft an amendment changing it, I would contribute to the cause.
          As far as his ignorance of the 5th, he has no power to actually change it or the process it affords those he wishes to deport. As a practical matter, it’s a non-issue. Although I do wish he understood it enough to avoid making the comments he has.
          I don’t have enough time at the moment to get in to the issues surrounding the first. It’ll have to suffice to note the 1st doesn’t require us to commit suicide, and waiting until something becomes an existential threat isn’t a good idea.

        2. 14th Amendment is complete crap that shouldn’t have been in the Constitution in the first place. Some would say it actually isn’t in the Constitution right now.
          Idiot Reconstruction Republicans in Congress hastily tried to lock down the black vote for themselves via the 14th and they royally screwed that one up.
          Pick an awful Supreme Court ruling made after the 14th was passed. Odds are it was made based on the 14th.

        3. You came to the wrong place my friend “We’re going to open up those libel laws,” Trump vows, “so that when The New York Times writes a hit piece which is a total disgrace or when The Washington Post, which is there for other reasons, writes a hit piece, we can sue them and win money.” You know they called Roosh the “rapist blogger” AND it played everywhere, even local TV when guys were going to meet up.

      1. Jammy, I say this with love, truly I do but..
        For hopefully the last time, what the fuck?
        Hilary is going to actively destroy this country and Trump isn’t perfect. I voted for Cruz in the primary too, so I understand but cmon man Trump is not the threat.
        He has a list of constitutionalist judges.
        Pence is his VP.
        You want the Constitution?
        You want Trump.

        1. What do you picture “actively destroy[ing] this country” looking like? Seriously, both sides keep spouting this nonsense.
          To me it looks like neither actually give a damn about the Constitution, but they are both rich so the rules don’t apply to them.
          Also, Pence is a blowhard who talks a big game about freedom assuming its freedom he wants you to have.

        2. Immigration from third world countries until the Democratic Party is the only party in this country. Tax policies and financial policies that will impoverish this country. Open season on law abiding Americans through destruction of local law enforcement and gun control.
          Hilary WILL do those things. Trump PROBABLY won’t.
          I understand the whole “they both suck” line, because they both do. However seeing these outcomes as equally evil strikes me as a kind of willful moral blindness.
          Both sides say the other is destructive. Doesn’t mean one of them isn’t right.

        3. There’s a SCOTUS seat up now. This isn’t a normal election. Trump is a doofus, but his nomination list here is solid libertarian Constitutionalist, even if he doesn’t realize it. Hillary will nominate the person who will authorize raping your family.

        4. “However seeing these outcomes as equally evil strikes me as a kind of willful moral blindness.”
          It’s moral posturing and pride, plain and simple.

        5. Libertarian? That’s a disturbing assessment of Trump’s choices as libertarians love all things amnesty and open borders.
          Trump’s list isn’t all that solid, there are quite a few losers on there. Hopefully said losers are only there for political purposes and would never seriously be considered.

        6. Recent SCOTUC rulings show that the conservatives are the ones that no respect for the 4th or 5th amendment. How do you rationalize the party that supports BLM, hates cops, etc. will be authorizing the use of force against your family? That’s logically inconsistent.

        7. What you say logically makes no sense. If there is open immigration, immigration is no longer a political issue, and immigrants will be divided among other lines. You don’t think that if an immigrant comes over and makes his nut, that he isn’t going to instantly turn fiscally conservative?
          What specific tax or financial policies do you think will impoverish this country? Our job loss is due to technological advances and international trade. Just what will Trump do to counteract that? The left can point to the housing bubble crash as deregulation not working just as much as the right can point to any number of socialized nations.
          As for gun control, as I stated above, I thought Obama was supposed to take away all our guns? It’s why I couldn’t buy .22 ammo for two years. Also, I thought Hillary was bringing martial law, wouldn’t that mean more cops?
          Hillary sucks but so does Trump. Supporting either is a fool’s game.

        8. You don’t mean logically. “Logic” has turned into a catchphrase. Turn my statements into symbols and run it through a logic daemon; then tell me it’s not logical if it’s not. That’s just a bugbear of mine.
          Housing crash was govt demanding banks make bad loans.
          Obama tried gun control and lost. Hilary will be trying with an eventual democrat majority and the Supreme Court. Not the same.
          Educate yourself on immigration. It only works like that when you don’t let in more than you can assimilate.
          If you see Hilary and Trump as equal, I just don’t know what to tell you.

      2. Spouting the typical left wing idiocy. I have seen zero violence or rioting from Trump supporters. Only an idiot would support a corrupt system that favors the elites and lazy

        1. “Only an idiot would support a corrupt system that favors the elites and lazy”
          That’s pretty much both parties so far….

        2. IF you think Trump represents the Republican party as it has existed in this country for the last 50 odd years, you’re dead wrong.
          She (the cunt) is a better Republican than Trump will ever be.
          Fuck the Republicucks and the Demoncrats.
          The fact that the cucks (RINOS) are all against Trump would, to a logical and critically thinking person, indicate that he is not the status quo.
          Of course to an emotionalized and propagandized blue hive dweller, the fact the Trump is a big meanyhead means far more than any of the Cunt’s crimes.

      3. Employed, senior level programmer, own 50 acres, 40 of which are prime arable land in Ohio and 10 of which is wooded hunting land. 401k bursting at the seams. Personal investments out of this world. No debt. From blue collar roots, rose above my “station”.
        Now what?
        “You’re the exception!”
        Except, I’m not.
        The Left has no interest in our Constitution. Talk to me about the 2nd Jammy. The 10th? The 4th? The 5th? Talk to me about ALL of them.
        Trump has his problems, but he’s a whole lot better than Hillary.
        Which reminds me, if you’re against both, where are your anti-Hillary posts? Just curious, I may have missed them.

        1. Feeling defensive, I see. I applaud your success in life.
          Trump’s winning 80% of Republican votes. He’s losing 20% of Republican votes. Guess what line that split runs along? College education, almost exactly. Seriously, if you’re a college-educated Republican still voting for Trump, send a photo to the Smithsonian. We need to record you for posterity.
          And before you pull that lever for Trump, be sure you shift some of that money out of your 401K.
          Interesting fact: Democratic presidents have overseen a 7.0 % return on investments for the Dow, while Republican presidents have overseen a 3.0 % return on investment.
          BTW, there’s enough anti-HRC material on this website that I don’t need to add my little marbles to it.
          Last word on the Orange Menace: If he walks like a fascist and talks like a fascist, don’t complain when he governs like a fascist.

        2. College education and employment status are not synonymous. Many Trump supporters are hard working blue collar types, the hardest hit demographic in the country.

        3. 401k bursting at the seams.

          I wouldn’t trust that to last too long under Hillary.

        4. Not all college education is created equal. On my campus, there’s a clear split: STEM is voting heavily Trump while the liberal arts majors are voting for Hillary[of course]. Guess which demograph will make a greater contribution to society upon graduation?

        5. Economic policies take years to take effect. Small government politicians get in, cut spending, eliminate deficits, and tighten belts. The population says “wheres da gibsmedats!!!???” and votes in socialist lefty loonies. Meanwhile the economy recovers just in time for the lefties to ascend to the office and take credit. They then immediately start spend spend spending and killing the economy so that the cycle can start again.

        6. I was GONNA say you’re the exception….
          But really, people who own the most tend to vote republican anyway, since protection of assets is a major tenet of theirs.

        7. “7.0 % return on investments for the Dow, while Republican presidents have overseen a 3.0 % return on investment.”
          no shit? can you bak this up?

        8. STEM is voting heavily Trump while the liberal arts majors are voting for Hillary[of course].

          It’s sad that you’re even having to point this out. I assumed it was common sense.

        9. College educated engineer voting for Trump. I don’t buy that “uneducated blue collar whites are voting for Trump” for a minute. Sounds like a smear tactic.

        10. Someone sure is proud of their wittle college degree. Voting based off which candidate will make you money is a shill move. With Hillary’s known backers and record, Id vote for Che Guevara if he was running against her. The college educated will be the biggest suckers in twenty years when their America plays out. When they finish paying off their debts, everything around them will be third world-including their wages.

        11. Education? Let’s call it what it is: Indoctrination.
          Another college educated Trump supporter here, Industrial Engineering degree, IT manager.
          Seems like to me that people grounded in FACTS are supporting Trump. Like Mr. Ghost, and many other professionals outside ‘soft’ fields like HR, marketing, education et al.
          Looking at the majority of degrees, sadly it seems to me that: more women than men are graduating now, and most degrees are not going to STEM majors, but rather useless liberal arts degrees based on social justice ideologies.
          That’s this election in a nutshell: reality/nationalism versus ideological fictions/globalism.
          I live in a county that was gutted by NAFTA and open borders. Mothballed factories sit everywhere. Lots of former factory workers who couldn’t retrain for medical or get affirmative-actioned into government jobs here.
          What I also see is that the Hillary camp is a bunch of people with their hands out, asking for government to give them things. The Trump camp, on the other hand wants no handouts, only a government that will give them a CHANCE. An opportunity to participate in the economy.
          Not a handout.
          The fact that you’re parroting MSM talking points about Trump supporters shows your true (((colors))).
          Here, have a red.

        12. Dude sounds like a broke liberal that talks down to, “blue collar uneducated” types.

        13. College educated through PhD. Undergrad was in Mechanical Engineering. Currently employed in finance as a analytics consultant. Voting for Trump No he isn’t perfect; I’ve never voted for a single perfect candidate in the past 41 years. Hitlery is a walking (barely) disaster. She will destroy the country, what little is left after 8 years of O’bummer.

        14. Do you know what a fascist is, the origins, the manner of government and economics involved in a fascistic system?
          BTW, I have a masters and beyond on my resume, as well as having worked legitimately with the American immigration system.
          Trump gives me freedom. Hillary offers tyranny and the stripping of my rights.
          With Trump I at least have a chance to retain my freedoms, as well as not having to suffer the indignity of line jumping criminals being amnestied, where I did things legally and obeyed the law.
          Hillary is the most corrupt, despicable, criminal, two faced, hypocritically diseased candidate that has ever come close to the POTUS. While Trump might be uncouth at times, he is mountain tops better than that disgusting shrill criminal.

        15. The world isn’t that simple. It is a fact that in times of crisis and not prosperity conservative ideologies become more popular and vice versa.
          As such people that are on the downside of society and that can’t play the victim card will also likely be conservative.
          That being said finances aren’t the problem.
          Fun fact: All leftist societies throughout history failed.
          All successful societies were built on conservative principles.
          So, just tell me what’s your problem with trump?
          Isn’t it naturally better (assuming he is as bad as you make him) to throw something away instead of having it control and corrupt you?

        16. 401k???
          I fully plan on cashing mine out soon and starting a side business. Young guys like me see the way our country is going, our 401k and ira accounts will be seized by the time we are 65 to help those who were “oppressed”, who never had an employer that matched up to 3%.
          Heres the debate over the future of my 401k….
          “I mean, how much retirement money do you reeeeeally need??”
          “I mean, its 2050.”
          “Come on.”
          “What do you think your employer would think of your unfair views?”

        17. Love how you drop “college educated” as if that means shit in this day in age. If it aint STEM, then your degree is pretty much an exercise in worthless credentialism.
          If anything degrees just make it easier to tell who has been indoctrinated by the state.

        18. Got a background in atmospheric science and will be voting for Hillary. Trump wants to defund the green technology sector. That is where I work in as a atmospheric scientist. Cutting jobs in any field is not good. That is not putting Americans to work that is putting them out of work.

        19. I’m Liberal arts (psychology, though its sometimes considered to be STEM) and I’m a huge conservative and Trump supporter, though I get what you mean. I’m in Louisiana, but many other state’s universities’ liberal arts programs are infested with SJWs.

        20. so glad my girlfriend got a degree in nursing. Always in demand, great money, promotes her nurturing instincts. It’s a win win.

      4. 1) The Constitution died in 1860.
        2) Name me a modern president, Congress, or SCOTUS that hasn’t pooped on it.

        1. Seems to me the only POTUS who even tried to abide by the Constitution between 1860 and now was Silent Cal.

        2. Ridiculous….w/o Lincoln, our ex-country would be a handful of banana republics in debt to England.

      5. Republicans are the unemployed ones? Pass the crack pipe you’ve hit it too hard.

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      2. Mostly the BLM, etc etc.. if they riot they tend to damage their own neighborhoods and communities far more than they do their supposed enemies.
        They likely don’t really give a damn about the election. Many are just looking for an excuse, any excuse, to riot, loot, burn, and otherwise entertain themselves through destruction and mayhem.
        The problem is the aftermath where they want those that did not participate in the rioting and burning to rebuild their homes and businesses FOR them.

        1. The most important set up has been to put a divide in the people, so they fight against each other rather than the people who rigged this whole damn thing.

        2. With BLM they’re mostly fighting themselves, that is, the ones that aren’t executing cops.

        3. I wonder if were going to find out that soros hired people to kill cops. You know just to get the ball rolling.

        4. He wouldn’t have to. He’d just need to hire the right charismatic dweebles to whisper in the right unhinged crazy ears to push them over the edge to go do it.. like that one activist that shot those cops in Dallas at a BLM rally.

      3. 14 days later, you called it. Though any five years old could have seen it coming, but still.

        1. With a Hillary election comes amnesty, and a quick naturalization. That means one party rule for generations. With a stacked SCOTUS that believe themselves to be super legislators, tyranny will be the norm of the day. So Chris is correct. Trump is America’s last chance.

    2. You mean Hillary supporters. The vast majority of them depend on public assistance. trump voters actually have blue collar 9 to 5 jobs

      1. With the possible exception of Milo, gays seem to have a difficult time refraining from pushing their agenda, even when they’re advocating other center-right ideas.
        eg: Peter Thiel, the Log Cabin Republicans

  4. Never seen anything close to a riot from an election in the US. Riots are incited by the media running false/misleading stories. It will take some time for the media to ramp up peoples emotions on some decision Trump makes.

    1. Riots are done by cohesive people who organize themselves for a particular goal.

      1. agreed, but it is coordinated with the media in order to cause the sheeple to sway their opinion. That takes time and coordination. It takes some simplified emotional story repeated for several weeks and coordinated with these organizations. It takes time.

    2. Soros paid Black Lives Matter to try to incite riots. Dallas was exactly what was supposed to happen.

      1. yup, and he also paid (or blackmailed) the network media to coordinate stories with BLM

    3. I think we were headed for it, Both side had a legit belief that their candidate should have won. And both sides harboring a deep hatred for the other side.

  5. I hope Trump authorizes the “removal” of some of these old globalists. They’re useless tired old men who’s days have been borrowed for a long time now and the balance is way overdue.

  6. people are mostly exhausted by the nonsense.
    riot-oriented types don’t care about either of them really…
    Nothing will happen drastically/immediatley…

    1. Any kind of “race war” in the United States would most likely wind up being the blacks vs. the remaining 87% of the country.

      1. funny how racial tension has increased lately, Looks like Johnson’s “Great Society” and the resulting destruction is backfiring. Black men are deemed useless because of welfare, and become useless. The war between the sexes is stronger than ever because of favoritism. Women are deemed useless as they neglect the homemaking duties, and become useless.

        1. Its been engineered. Blacks actually had a higher employment rate in the 50s than whites. If you can’t get work, welfare and crime becomes the other options. Feminism..the woman who said, “Women need men like fish need bicycles” got married. I guess she was lying. How many other lies were told? It goes so so deep.

      2. It would be limited to a few US urban centers and frankly blacks never venture far from their neighborhood. Once they loot the liquor stores, you simply wait 48 hours and it’s over.
        I would be more concerned about government agencies enforcing policy on an unwilling populace. From my polish acquiantances from the old days, they told me how the communist government cut food distribution and power supply in order to subvert the 83′ uprisings. And yes, the police shot protestors.

  7. Nothing is going to happen. This election is proof that people just want entertainment, not politics. It has gone full game of thrones soap opera – rape, conspiracy, but no fucking substance. Regular old jack offs will just go to go back social media and television and get way too outraged about something else.

    1. When extreme communism won’t get what it wants, the mob will simply resort to snatching it, all the while claiming that you deserve it. You have yet to see the animal side of a loser tyrant.

    2. How you going to hunt when Hillary’s LGBTSWERWESSBBQ court appointee outlaws guns and then bows? Harshly worded petitions don’t fill a freezer.

      1. I thought Obama was supposed to take away all our guns? It’s why I couldn’t fucking buy .22 ammo for two years. I’m surprised that there were any left after that draft dodging, dope smoking, intern banger left office.
        Sarcasm aside, the government/SCOTUS will not outlaw guns… or bows.

  8. Its not like black crimes matter have jobs to go to the next day.

    Reminds me, someone said before if you , stupidly, find yourself in a riot, just wait it out in the nearest employment center. You should be safe.
    Greentips for the zombies if they come.

    1. Green tips aren’t good stoppers. Ask the guys who fought in Somalia, they went right through the skinnies. FMJ tumbles.

    1. I disagree. This is a very real concern, and I’ve discussed it with friends in law enforcement here who share the concern.

      1. Black lives Matter was engineered to cause a deep rift between blacks and cops. Funded by George Soros with half a million cash. Don’t think for a second he really deeply cares about blacks.

  9. Who drives the trucks. Men. Who keeps the peace? Men. Watch the ladies piss their panties when the shit hits the fan. Dis gonna be fun….

    1. I don’t want bloodshed. But at the same time, if the really dangerous criminals band together and start attacking people, it becomes both morally justified and convenient to wipe them out. That’s what high capacity magazines are for.

      1. Soros is actually discrediting honest decent Black Americans who don’t want any part of the shit the people who fell victim to the manufacture “gangsta culture” and BLM. I give a lot of credence to the idea Zionist Jews are at the root of this shit. Why? Because they are openly condoning immigration, open borders, free trade, destroying white culture, backing BLM.
        It’s a fucking crime what Jewish Liberals have done to Black and White Americans. What’s particularly insidious are Jews presenting themselves as white. The real Colonizers are Jews.
        I want as much to do with black Thugs as fucking White Liberals. Nothing.

      2. Standard capacity. The term you’re looking for is standard capacity.
        The high capacity magazine term was brought into vogue by anti-gunners attempting to demonize standard capacity magazines.

        1. I kind of prefer the term. It makes it clear that these guns have a military purpose, and I am not ashamed of owning a military rifle with a large magazine designed to allow suppression of enemy troops.

      3. I think we are going to need assurance from the state, the current protector of these thugs from justice (real justice), that they won’t prosecute us.
        Sort of like Duterte’s call on Phillipinos to take matters into their own hands and do what’s right.
        Without that, I think most Whites will sit out because they fear prosecution and losing everything they’ve worked to build.
        Meanwhile the other side, subsistent on handouts taken by force from the productive minority, has nothing to lose.
        Until that changes I don’t think you’ll see the ‘good guy’s fighting back en masse.
        This despite the sentiment of “enough is enough” and “lets get it on” shared by millions of us.

  10. Get a RIFLE. If you have to defend yourselves against armed gangs of thugs, you’ll want to do it from a safe distance.

    1. In almost everyone of those riots, the majority of the folks burning things down are bussed in by Soros. Seen the arrest statistics for how many are from out of town- 70-80%

  11. I’m in a food exporting small town area. And energy exporting area. Let it burn. I’m not happy about it but at some point justice must dominate.

  12. Marxism started violent, it became peaceful due to Gramsci, Trotsky and the Frankfurt School it became peaceful only to enable entryis, (entryism is the basic conspiracy, that involves the slow undertaking of a country’s institutions by a maleficent entity), now entryism imploded so they will try to turn back to violence.

    1. As far as I can see, Entryism has been successful beyond all imagining. It’s basic infiltration and goes back to the Trojan Horse days. Ancient Rome was rotted from within.
      Lenin established the use of terror as a basic method of mass control. Stalin, Beria mafia really ran with it. These men were master murderers. They murdered on a truly industrial scale, quotas, etc. The Nazis were pikers compared to these guys.
      It amazes me that the N. Koreans do it still, and nothing is done. Their leaders should be utterly destroyed. I suggest kinetic strike from orbit. Apologies for rambling on.

  13. There also might be a false flag attack. Some faked massive cyber hacking or a bomb or something, enough reason for Obama to declare martial law. One of the crazier conspiracy theories that I mention is just possible is they have some tech to throw up holograms to look like an alien invasion. Check out the Blue Beam program. Sound like BS? Then why is yahoo putting up alien stories like they are legit. https://www.yahoo.com/news/aliens-really-just-94-light-141628664.html

  14. I am voting for Trump, but you have to remember that election and voter fraud will give Hillary at least a 5-10% advantage. That is a huge handicap for Trump to overcome.

    1. Yea it’s funny, Google pops-up this “you can now early vote in Ohio” ad in lower right every time open Chrome… yea right, last time I voted early, to vote out Obama’s 2nd term, which was mildly shocking he won to me, it was all fat black women running it from the ghetto out of my normal voting jurisdiction and in the city. I should have just pissed all over the voting machine and walked out.

      1. I don’t think those fat black women will be running with such gusto this time. This time it will be the illegal aliens and the Soros owned voting machines.

  15. “We are entering a period in which America will resemble a third world country more and more.”
    I just read that 1 out of every 7 US births last year were anchor babies. So you might have something there.
    These were not the anchor babies of a two-parent family from India with PHDs and stem skills. Quite the contrary…

  16. Calling in sick and keeping your kids home the day after the election might be a safe bet.

  17. Ray-lam-PAH-go Foo-ree-OH-so (I like saying that name.) Sure there will be riots…all part of the scheme. The Donald will bring the stormtroopers into U.S. cities to crush the riots, and keep them there for good. Stay tuned and you’ll see. (You: “So it’s like, that, huh?” – Me: “Yep. It’s just like that.”)

      1. Have to wait and see…but I strongly suspect he’ll do a hard about-face after he gets elected.

        1. So if you can work remotely(esp in a densely populated city like NYC) it might be the smart play in the short term post-election?

        2. I think we’re going to see major unrest during and/or right after the elections, all through next year, and well into 2018 and beyond on an accelerated level, which will utilize the problem/reaction/solution scenario (create the problem: mass unrest – get the reaction: “Save us!” – offer the prepackaged solution: first federal troops, DHS police, Homeland Security police, and/or National Guardsmen, and they will eventually be replaced by U.N. Troops). Being mobile is a very good idea. Traveling light, and taking only what you need, while having access to a ready supply of cash. I don’t think we’ll see the gloom-and-doom of hyperinflation to the point of starvation quite yet (as is happening right now in other countries), I think they will gradually work their way towards that one, most likely. But one of the long-range goals of the NWO is to have U.N. Troops occupying all major U.S. cities as “Good-Guy Policemen”. I’ve known about that plan for at least 20 years. Trump has already talked big about how we need law and order. The police unions around the country support Trump. That’s a big clue right there. But I’m just one of those dastardly “conspiracy theorists”, so take it with a grain of salt. And after it happens, well, everybody will just accept it at that point…heh.

        3. Don’t worry, Bob. The invention I’m working on has combat potential and uses hardware store parts.
          When it hits the market I’ll be sure to give the nice folks at ROK a discount.

        4. Means nothing. When you’re like Trump and own hotels and golf clubs you meet and pose with a lot of people. Like those girls who claim they knew him just because they have a pic with him and that he felt them up. All bullshit.

      2. Jesus, I just had a dark, dark vision of Levi’s Stadium being put to an entirely different use than disrespecting the US Anthem (and playing football). The ocean being right there handy for those heli “deliveries”. Shudder.

        1. Heaven forbid. I would build a re-education camp somewhere on the aleutian Islands and transport progressives, democrats, etc.. up there to reflect on their sins. They would need to bring their own blankets natch.

        1. I would not be surprised if the insane, white, SJWs, along with certain unnamed minorities, were the first ones dropped from aircraft…

      1. careful. You don’t want people voting for her because ‘being pres’ is on her bucket list of things to do before she pops her witches clogs

  18. There needs to be riots if Trump DOESN’T win, because it will mean that the election was rigged.

        1. Insiders are going to rake in a hell of a lot of money from the bets made on Hillary to win. They are already taking big cash on the stock market’s ongoing dive. The fix is in. For Trump. But it’s not really a fix, as way more people are going to vote for him than will vote for Hillary. They’ll make it look really close, to keep that “your vote matters” bullshit in place. (Great entertainment.)

        2. Hah, alright, but I won’t breathe easy until the official announcement is made. I don’t even drink alcohol anymore, but MAN am I ever gonna get drunk on that day.

        3. Drudge Report had a link a few hours ago mentioning the stock market was signalling a Trump win. I didn’t read it though.

        4. Hey between my Chicago Cubs being in the World Series, and Trump’s impending victory, I think I’m just going to stay drunk much of the time, for the next eight to 10 days…

        5. We’re just getting started. We’ve been the underdogs this whole time eating away at the rotting corpse of the establishment

        6. Oh man bob this is the definition of cubs fan misplaced optimism.
          That said: no matter who wins the other side will do what the other side always does. Grumble a bit, post stuff on line and do exactly fucking nothing. Ask all the dems who were moving to Canada if bush won or all the white supremisists that were going to kill Obama. No one is doing fucking anything.

        7. This isn’t that kind of race. An open SCOTUS seat hangs in the balance. This isn’t impartial observer season, man.

        8. My prediction of business as usual is the safe bet. I’ll let you know if I see anything change

        9. Exactly, because most people are just too fucking lazy! They talk about change, but never make any real effort.

        10. No offense brother, but you have no idea what rights means outside your bubble. There is a SCOTUS seat up for grabs. The impartial shit, the “it doesn’t matter” shit, which I normally do, does not apply now. Scalia is dead. I don’t live in a police state and I don’t have ten cops per block to protect my family, we have to fend for our own out here. This stuff matters.

        11. If you say so. But my bet is that after hilary wins absolutely everyone is going to do exactly fucking nothing about it above bitching and moaning for 4 years.
          We shall see. Election next week. Then we will know who wins and we will see the reaction.

        12. If I say so? The fuq? My entire county has a small Sheriff’s office, no police. This cunt will appoint a LGBTQQBBQ to disarm us, not just from criminals, but from normal farm predators. She’s said as much.
          This is not a normal election. A SCOTUS seat is vacant, this is a historical thing. Being all “sitting on the fence, disinterested” does not apply any longer. The Ivory Tower of indifference no longer applies, walk out of your university mindset. We have nearly 100 million unemployed adults out here angry as fuck, and most of us are armed to the teeth.
          Let them eat cake? Seriously?

        13. I’m going with let them eat cake. I really am. I know that it is an unpopular opinion here but that’s where I stand on this one.

        14. I really honestly want to spearhead a movement to castrate big cities. No offense, I know you’re ultimately on my side. But the FF really didn’t account for that.

        15. The FF also didn’t account for internet shopping. The world changes. Trying to make 2016 conform to what people accounted for in the 18th century is absolutly absurd. You can’t castrate the big cities. The big cities are where important things happen. The quaint country life has its charms to many people and that is great but the world is run from big cities.
          In the meantime, people are too far and too lazy to rebel against anything. A whole lot of business as usual.

        16. When I heard the Cubs were going to the series I wasn’t sure what was real for about a day.

        17. Plus don’t lump cities in entirely. I live in a big city and work for a big industry. Whole lot of right wing folks.
          Manhattan is the epicenter of a lot of foolishness because if you have it great in Manhattan you have it realllllly great. Which means you’re insulated from a whole lot of reality. Anesthesized.
          Honestly both you and GOJ are kind of right, paradoxically. I’ve seen both sides firsthand, if you’re well employed you’re going to keep your head down, things are good but you know you’re vulnerable.
          If you’re poor childless and fucked? Temptation to go feral is going to get strong.
          It won’t look like the revolution. It’ll look like a few men going mad, then a few more. Then a slow nasty slide to Brazil style corruption and violence, with political themed violence seeming more and more prevalent combined with federal overreaction. Or hell maybe that’s just my imagination.
          Plus be honest knee, if you really didn’t give a damn you wouldn’t be here.

        18. I agree with GOJ on so many things that I feel even our disagreements have bits of connection.
          What you said is probably true. However, one thing is wrong. I really don’t give a damn and I am still here. I like the folks here and I like a lot of the articles. Most of the issues that people get up in arms about here are total non issues to me.
          Despite manhattan being a bed of foolishness as you correctly point out it is also a very segregated city. The vast majority of people I know tend to be very successful professionals most of which are apathetic to politics and socially lean toward the right. I know where all the faggots and leftists are and I avoid those areas.

        19. As long as they don’t try bustin’ into MY crib to try ‘n’ eat MY cake, I’m good with that.
          And yes I actually wrote ‘crib.’ Deal with it.

        20. Could solve that problem right quick: just have Congress shrink the court. Been a while since they’ve done that.
          Maybe we’d be better off with a spate of 4-4 no decisions; the fewer laws SCOTUS “writes from the bench”, the better we seem to be.

        21. IMO FF did account for big cities.
          SCOTUS took away their accounting in the 1960s with Reynolds v. Sims, yet another terrible SCOTUS “law” based off the 14th Amendment.

        22. Yep. Hope they don’t find Trumps SCOTUS judge dead with a pillow on his head too like Antonin Scalia.

        23. The #1 most immediate affect on US citizens IS the SCOTUS. Period. They are the most damaging people in high seats. Bam, Poof, gay marriage legal across the county.. you get the point obviously.

  19. I really hope the anti-white groups riot because there will be no bullshit agenda protecting them from retaliation. It’s about time we got rid of these sewer scum.

    1. It’ll be like the youtube videos where BLM thugs get run over by cars while standing in the streets like morons (glorious justice). but times a thousand.

      1. BLM is a political front group paid by Soros and the Ford Foundation. They have nothing to do with most black Americans.

        1. uh, yeah obviously…? I wasn’t talking about black people in general, just BLM.

  20. Boy, I have been getting glares from black men lately. Death stares. Just because I’m white. Sometimes I break out in song and sing, “Mammy!”, like Al Jolson…shakes ’em right up. They don’t know what the fuck to do. The good thing is, they are easily confused and frightened. But in packs, they can be bold. However, they all punch like girls, notice that? They fight like girls. They slap and throw wild punches. And they can’t hit what they shoot at, because they shoot with their arms cocked 90-degrees-left-of-center (gangsta marksmanship). If you have a big dog with you, they won’t bother you. Push them into a swimming pool if one is around, most of them can’t swim. And of course I’m being facetious about that last part. Kinda…

    1. Is it seriously so bad that you get nasty stares in the US just for being white?
      As a Montreal guy, I can’t even imagine that. Seems like everyone gets along fine here. It really goes to show how badly Obamape f* cked it up for everyone.
      Talk about sh*tty choice for the first black president. For shame.

      1. Death stares, not just stares. Black children have given me that look, very young children. Yes, it was a deliberate mindfuck of the black people, and it’s been going on steadily since at least the 1960s. Black children are taught that all white people are evil. Muhammad Ali used to push that one, when he went all Jihad Muslim. That’s where it really got started. Now, the media is actively promoting it, along with the government. The weird thing is, once the ethnic cleansing begins, guess who’s going down first? You probably guessed it. (Hint: it won’t be whites.)

        1. I have but, oddly enough the last few years it hasn’t been quite as bad. I still won’t recommend walking around in the wrong neighborhood around here though, night or day.

        2. They’re kind of like the Palestinians, raised on a diet of propaganda so deep it’s in their souls. Some break free, but it’s a level of psychological conditioning that’s insane.

        3. Don’t show fear and walk with purpose. Can you get an open carry license in your state?

        4. Im 6’4″ and have gotten that shit every day of my life from the whole spectrum of blacks… must be because the ones mean muggin know whose a physical threat. I just laugh it off with ascription of stupidity.

      2. Not just stares, shot and killed like two of my friends just a couple blocks from their house in the artsy tourist section of Atlanta. Shit, when I cross the street a block from my place they think it’s fun to swerve at me as they make left turns, twice in the last month.
        That’s in one of the last mostly white neighborhoods in the county – which went from 93% White students in 1970 to 11% today. They call it “ethnic cleansing” anywhere it isn’t happening to Whites. Those “students” like to play the knockout game on Whitey, too, heard some of them bragging about it in the McD’s, talked to a victim, both within a couple blocks.
        I had my car stolen from in front of my apartment and totaled in the ‘hood. My parent’s place in the country was burgled for $20,000 worth of stuff – they had a shootout with the Black cop who tracked them down, the Black “community” later tried to get him fired and prosecuted for busting guys with warrants, cop got a year vacation, his accusers got perjury and false report charges.
        We’ve already got a one-sided race war down here in “the city too big to hate”.

        1. Eventually you either move away, or you’ll become a victim, no matter how vigilant you might be.

        2. Moving won’t work anymore. Now they’re shipping the Section 8 hoodrats everywhere under B.O.’s “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” executive order. They think they’ll sew up Congress permanently that way, but all they’re really doing is backing the most heavily-armed demographic into a corner where they’re forced to fight.
          Unlike the African Whites, we are still a majority and we don’t much care about or depend upon world opinion. In a matter of days things could change drastically – if just 10% of businesses stop obeying the “civil rights” laws, they become unenforceable, and quickly another 30% join them, then you get a cascade. I think it could take only a week or two of having the TV be as nationalist as it presently is globalist to get most Whites on board.
          It’s like a supersaturated solution that could instantly crystallize with the right seed or just a jostle or even spontaneously. Faced with a breakdown in government with Black mobs an immanent threat, Whites and a few trusted people of other races will link up with friends and neighbors in small groups that will then self-organize into larger associations, with minimal coordination needed, for the same reason little coordination is needed in the media – they have aligned interests so aligned thoughts and actions. It hasn’t already happened because it is actively prevented and the propaganda is total, but that will change.

      3. Take a trip down to New Orleans or Baton Rouge if you want to know what it feels like. Hell you could probably just go to Philly or Detroit for that too but I’m definitely sure you can find plenty of racist blacks down in Louisiana. Blatantly, in your face, overt racism.
        If you’re not used to it, it can make you uncomfortable.
        I moved to a majority white area because I was sick of the racism, the crime, and the squalor present wherever there are large concentrations of blacks. Even decent black people get the hell away from their urban cousins.
        I get along fine with individual black people in general but the urban thug culture is absolutely repellent to me.
        I live in Appalachia now, surrounded by ‘hillbillies’ and other assorted poor and working class white people. It’s much safer, nicer, and crime is about non-existent other than cops busting people for meth possession, driving with license revoked, and petty larceny.
        In 10 years not one thing has been stolen out of my shed or off my property.
        And I don’t miss the murders, rapes, home invasions, kidnappings, car-jackings, drive by shootings, and store robberies so common in diverse areas like my former home.
        Be glad you don’t know what black racism and crime looks like. It ain’t pretty.

        1. I have a place in the country and I have enjoyed meeting the locals. As you said, a lot of working class white people and it is safer. People are also just friendly and very family oriented.

    2. Just keep a few large grasshoppers in your pocket to throw on them if they get too close. Hopefully they won’t hurt themselves running away.

        1. For some reason almost every black guy I have ever known is terrified of the really big green grasshoppers…..well all except one who would grab them and eat them,go figure. He did say though that they tasted like fresh cut grass smelled…….he wasn’t wound too tight.

        2. Same. Bugs, it always comes down to bugs. I don’t know squat about Africa, but don’t they have bugs?

        3. Isn’t that where those B.A. bees came from? You would think that people who could get honey from them would be absolutely fearless.

        4. Half the shit they’re afraid of is some black-bitch attention whoring for a stage-dance performance and TADA honors. This is incidental observation naturally, a few decades worth.

    3. I don’t get any of that. But I’m in Whitetopia. Outside of Cleveland there’s not much friction.

      1. By singing something silly or acting the fool causes them to think you’re crazy and they be scared of crazy folk. For whatever reason a lot of black folks (at least around here) are really scared of the water along with large insects of any kind. I’ve worked with and been around black folks all my life and some of the funniest things I’ve ever seen has been their reaction to some really silly(to me anyway) fears.
        Nothing racist or messed up about it, it’s just personal observations.

        1. Fear of water might explain that unique nog-stank that heralds their approach and remains after their departure.
          I don’t do the crazy act much (it’s interpreted as rather beta) but do tend to smile psychotically for no discernible reason which may have the same effect.

        2. I’m workin’ on a That Guy Who Goes There Mindset book and podcast series.

      2. In NY they won’t even reach the suburbs because the hispanics who don’t like them will do most of the dirty work :o) You also have to go over bridges to get anywhere and it’s easy to block a bridge.

  21. na. Americans are too lazy to protest. However; liberals will riot and call it a protest because their is “free” stuff at the end. Ferguson was never about the guy who died; it was theft and then burn first and foremost.

    1. Speak for yourself, bro. Protest isn’t a hippy thing any more. If this protest hits, we’re armed.

      1. Yep. For my entire life, gun owners and conservatives have NEVER gone on offense. We’ve always played nice. Played defense.
        It’s the other side rioting, burning and looting, and trying to take our rights — playing offense.
        When or if we go on offense, look out. We own the guns. We keep this country running. We pay the lion’s share of the taxes. We grow the food.
        Not them.
        They cannot sustain themeselves without us. Much less fight effectively when they’re outnumbered and outgunned.

  22. If truckers start getting accosted they’ll probably just start carrying guns and/or avoiding city streets.
    Thank god I’m nowhere near a city.

  23. Who cares? The inner city ferals mean nothing to me.

    1. Agreed. But there’s the very real possibility that they will begin to venture out of the inner cities.

      1. No worries. We’re heavily armed out here. Propaganda to the side notwithstanding.

      2. Inner city thugs fear nothing more than an armed populace. The Koreans waited outside their stores during the Rodney King riots with shotguns. Lesson to be learned: none of the Korean stores were looted.

    2. I hear that Kasich wrote in John Mcain, is Kasich eligible for another term? Sounds like it’s time to put him in the road.

    3. Until they go to a white suburb or exurb and TRY to riot…until they get shot by a rural homeowner who fears looters.

    1. A lot of them were saying they’ll kill themselves on Twitter. Too bad they probably won’t live stream it

    2. They will have to get the government to buy the poisoned cool aid for them because they aren’t going to pay for it themselves.

  24. Man, that picture of Hillary with the fucked up eye….everytime I see her on TV I expect her head to start turning all the way around…..GET BEHIND ME,SATAN!

  25. Man I really hope Trump wins, but I am thinking the fix is in for him. I’m getting black out drunk on Tuesday night and am going to wake up to here who our next President is going to be. Then I will either continue drinking in celebration or go to my neighborhood bar to drown my sorrows.

      1. I really have to laugh at you pussies. It’s the Trump supporters that they as a minority have to fear and who outnumber them but yet you sound afraid.

      2. The anti brexit propaganda campaign just called and it wants its fear mongering propaganda bullshit back.

      3. Well I’m voting for Trump, because for once, it’s probably actually a good bet for the health of the nation. Remember though, EVERY company trying to import into the US, Headquartered and registered in US will be paying a 30-35% import tax. THUS, IF he wins, there has to be a massive assets geographical shift, which alone in that lag-period, will stomp the US economy for a while very likely. Here’s the reality, a vote for Trump is a vote for your kid’s future IF we can keep the gravy train rollin.
        So to correct an economy propped up on fiat falseness of 20Trillion debt, will HAVE to crash somewhat just to make the correction. However, after the smoke clears, keen economists know the countries with the best manufacturing base, not service base, will be asset-rich, not debt-leveraged into negative interest rate territory. The most amazing thing Trump could ever accomplish after said correction, is force transparency of the privatized FED, but that would mean all out war against the elites.. not gonna happen.

      4. trump already know this, he should have a plan for it. it’s like the brexit they want to destroy UK economy, but the world is big and there is many opportunity.

  26. Good piece, but the firearms advice is seriously lacking, and could get you and your family killed. A pistol is fine and good, and should be on your person at all times, but it’s no subsitute for a good rifle, and the skill to use it well. The AR platform is economical, and ammunition is readily available, but realize, you could well be fighting alone. A good .30 caliber rifile should be available for every able-bodied adult. .308 is preferred, (my choice is the civilian version of the M14) but a 7.62 x 39mm (ie, the “AK-47” ) will suffice.
    You’ll need a shotgun for the house as well. 12 guage, with an assortment of ammuntion: slugs if you need to punch through, say, a car door (even rifle rounds suck at this), and a selection of shot to either put food on the table (No. 8 birdshot would be a good start), or repel a group of boarders (00 or 000 buck).
    And don’t forget a .22 to put small game on the table as well, in the event food supplies are disrupted. .22 Ammo is pletiful and cheap, and has killed more game than probably any other cartridge.
    Be safe! Be prepared!

    1. I realize this isn’t a firearms discussion but, a shot gun isn’t going to go through a car door better than a rifle. I’ve shot up a few cars before, a .223 will go through both doors and keep going unless deflected by something like part of the window mechanism. It can also go through the windshield both seats and out the trunk. Car doors offer zero protection.

      1. Well, to each his own. We’ve had quite a few junkers out on the range and interrogated them with .223, .308, 00 and 000, and slugs. Not to mention pistol rounds. My experience differs from yours, in that the only thing that reliably penetrated with substantial mass is a shotgun slug. Sometimes the rifle rounds penetrate, sometimes they hit one of the more solid things, and are fragmented and disrupted. Pistol rounds are almost always degraded to the point of denting the interior finish panel. Rifle rounds will be deflected by windshields in the direction of spin.
        That said, your experience is yours, and appears to differ. It’d be interesting to see if there’s any published data, but I’m not aware of any.
        Anyway, my point wasn’t to turn this into a firearms discussion, but to point out that having a couple of pistols around if one is contemplating substantial civil unrest, as posited by this piece, just isn’t going to cut it.
        To paraphrase the late, great Jeff Cooper, your pistol is what you use to fight your way back to the rifle you so foolishly left behind.
        Stay safe! Molon Labe!

        1. The only place that car doors offer protection from center fire ammunition is in the movies..

    2. do you know how powerful a desert eagle is? with such an hand gun you don’t need a riffle.

  27. when hilldog wins get ready for a full-on tyranny. the leftist machine has already shown it is ready and willing to censor all dessent. Revenge will be the order of the day on all of the most effective trump supporters. The globalists are NOT playing a game, sadly shitposters and alt-right types are going to get their bubble busted.
    She has the media, Wall St. military industrial complex, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, at least 10 million dead voters, 30 to 40 million illegal voters, 51% of the nation became dependent on the big tyrannical gov, and the black, hispanic, & asian voters who come from and want more big tyrannical gov. not to mention global marxist armies ready and willing to fight the evil white “racists”.
    Do you really think Americans will be able to stand up to that much power, they’ve been planning just situation for years. Your best chance is to get out now while you still can. just get on a plane to a place that has never been to war with the US and isn’t Latino. NOW.

    1. “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude
      better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.
      We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which
      feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget
      that ye were our countrymen.”

      Samuel Adams

  28. I do not expect rioting in the event of a Trump loss because I expect a more intelligent response than that. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to expect non-violent disobedience, not the so-called non-violence that the media portrays BLM as engaging in but the sort of stuff that probably wouldn’t even make the news and could go unnoticed for quite a while.
    Bleed the beast … If you’re already on the lower end of the economic scale, consider how you might reduce your reported income just enough to qualify for more benefits from dot-gov. Take what you’re entitled to. (Take that to which you’re entitled, for the grammar nazis.) The effectiveness of this strategy will only be known as we read about the gummint gradually tightening up on qualifications for various types of aid … this is a sign of success, but it might not come for several years.
    Ride the Tiger. Read your Evola, folks.

    1. Ok, we’ll pretend that the Left does not have groups of thugs out starting riots and burning down towns. Sounds like a plan!

        1. What you call fear, many of us call reasonable assessments and preparedness.
          Cities will be the worst place to be when it all comes down in my humble opinion.

        2. Well, the shit that used to be “a conspiracy theory” five years ago is now openly known. Such as the govt monitoring ALL phone calls, the globalist George Soros-who funds BLM-is stirring up dissent between blacks and whites. Etc. Wake the fuck up, dude.

  29. Pretty sure Clinton Foundation and Soros already have plans to make Trump’s presidency a painful experience using groups of terrorists to thrash the streets so nobody can trace them to those leftists. And eventually an unknown gunner kills Trump like Lincoln

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  31. Your predictions are too dire.If they burn down the hood they’ll be no place for them to live and the weather is getting cold, they’ll also have no food too. The government just needs to select some property in an empty area of the state and set up some emergency quanset huts where they can live. Tell them some bullshit about rebuilding their area but in reality just clear away all the debris and leave it empty for a while so they get used to living in the emptier area where they can’t do any harm anymore. Rebuild with better more gentrified housing so they can’t come back.
    Food deliveries won’t be a problem in most areas of the suburbs because few of them live there.Any shortages will just be short term and things will be back to normal fast in white areas so keep a supply for a couple of months to be safe. The city may be effected but in a place like NYC they’ll control any intrusion into better area with the cops and national guard if necessary.Once you’re past the few crappy towns near the city it becomes too spread out for any invasion of suburbs and besides they won’t have any fuel to travel either.In NYC there are all sorts of ways of bringing food in if it became acute either by trains or boats in the river and the cops can easily protect it.After 9/11 they got all sorts of armoured vehicles and other equipment.Keep a shotgun and a pistol just to feel safer anyway.

    1. In what world are we obliged to help feral idiots who burn down their own homes? Fuck “property in an empty area”, let them suffer the consequences of their stupidity for once in their stupid, stinking, pathetic lives? Winter’s coming? Then don’t burn down your slums. Burn down your slums anyway? Fine, die in the cold.

  32. I tell ya, nothing will happen, you hear me ? Sheeples want their tv shows, their superbowls, their iphones and their malls. They ain’t giving that up for a politician. I say let them have their blue vs red paradigm and build parallel networks you can trust not unlike the mafia. Do you think the mafia overlords would care about who’s the actor running the white house ? They don’t give a shit because in difficult times, people consume more, drink more and take more drugs, they also gamble more. Being red pill is also cutting through the false dichotomy bullshit we’re offered.

  33. Was just reading Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s speech to Harvard in ’78, even then he touched on what a thin film of stability we have on these looting fuckos.

  34. You sound like a hysterical chick.
    The US has 320 million people and spans across a massive continent.
    Anybody who thinks they can be controlled is paranoid.
    If you hate brown and black people, move to white New England and Upper Midwest, which is over 90% white and relatively crime-free outside the heroin and meth epidemics.
    American white nationalists are so dopey that they could change the electoral map in their favor if they just moved to the places which can shift the political map.
    All the white nationalists would prefer to whine in the blue states about their oppression instead of moving to places where they will feel at home among their own ilk.

    1. We don’t hate them, we hate that their culture creates shitty 3rd world conditions. They aren’t self-aware enough to admit this so they must be removed by default.
      For example, I don’t hate Somali muslims, I hate that Somali muslims create extremely barbaric, stupid, and uncivilized society.
      Racial differences are real, white people should protect our greater societies.

      1. What country do you live in? What great society has the US produced where the city or community is on par with a place like Vienna? That place doesn’t exist in the US.
        What is this white culture you white nationalists keep harping on about?
        Do you see it in the grotesque fat chicks walking around? Do you see it in the family? Do you see it in the schools? Do you see it in the politics? Do you see it in the commercial and community activities?
        Tell me where this white paradise exists.

        1. Vienna is a white. All great European cities were created by whites. all modern civilization was created by whites. Japanese and Chinese are the only exception.

        2. You sound like a brainwashed white nationalist.
          Tell me where all the white paradises exist in the US.
          Tell me about the state of your white paradise where you live.

        3. then why do all these non-white people want to come live in white USA? ours is still better than the 3rd world dark sh1tholes they create.

        4. What does that have to do with the present?
          There are plenty of places in the US that are over 90% white.
          Name one place that would be considered an economic, social, and cultural paradise.

  35. It seems they are still going forward with the Hillary won(even Texas!) meme. Its very easy to win an election, when there wasnt really an election. I should mention that there are regular elections in Cuba(not kidding). Its good for moral to let the population think it has made the choice. They also try to keep assassinations of high people like Supreme Court Justices to a minimum, above all its important to keep up appearances.

  36. I really don’t see things ending well if Clinton somehow gets in. With all the things that have come out about her corruption and how corrupt Washington is/how embedded it is I just don’t see this a good scenario taking place should she find her way in. At this point people are so angry already and it shows in nearly every facet of society.
    In the case you haven’t noticed (I’m sure you have), the military has been deployed, all week, on a “national training exercise”. So if you have spotted fighters, helicopters and the like (it’s all being done at night so you can’t miss it) it’s due to that.
    Now why would such a training exercise be conducted at this current time unless they are expecting something to kick off. I have a bad feeling about this.

  37. Whether Trump or Hillary wins the election, I see gun sales rising no matter what. I would tell rich stock investors to invest in gun companies. The stock price will go up after Nov 8th.

  38. Hey after reading I just want to share a thought I’ve always had on zombie movies, the walking dead and the like.
    Historically cannibalism is a choice all cultures have expressed in times of extreme famine. Some have even justified and glorified it.
    Next episode of the walking dead you watch might be a lot scarier!!!!

  39. Americans are simply not that stupid !! Donald has already won by helping to wake up America to the Zionist pollution problem and the ensuing Caucasian genocide. We will stand with this guy all the way because he is righteous and not some larcenous bitch who thinks she can rob America blind and get away with it, murdering wench.
    Go Donald ; we are with you ALL THE WAY !!

  40. So far, it looks you are WRONG, you hand-wringing fear-mongerer.
    Enjoy your night alone in your bunker.

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